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82 - Skating Rink

2016-02-15 | 🔗

Teddy Williams opens a new skating rink at the Arcade Fun Complex. Plus, a public announcement about flowers, an update on the strangers, and a phone call from the jailhouse.

The voice of Deb was Meg Bashwiner.

The voice of Hiram McDaniels was Jackson Publick.

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Music: Disparition, disparition.info.

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today is the grand opening the newest feature at the desert Our bowling alley and arcade fun complex, Ebay rig. Owner Teddy William said he has loved rollers getting ever since he was a child and it's been a dream of his to build a skating rink. In they'll William, said, skate, rentals are half off during this opening weak and there will be music by local dj every Friday night Willie
also clarified that there is absolutely no way there is any ground city living below the rank. I double checked triple checked. William, said there's no way a portal to another civilization could be under their because I built the skating rank on top of the old pet cemetery. No who confrontational nation will come from the ground and attack us. Teddy said he did hear occasional growls and he scenes and the few loud bird like shrieks, coming from the walls, but this is most likely just the ghosts of the dead animals whose corpses he disturbed. When building the rank it'll be. He added as Jones, I love Rock n roll played loudly in the background The city council announced today that flowers look
especially pretty Everyone goes go smell. The flowers they snarled wistfully in unison. Have you ever smelt, one of those things just so full of color and musk and fluffy dust here smell this and who daisies all over these surprised. Reporters the council act, If the sun looked like it was smiling. We too, Stare at that thing all day, sneered lovingly we It is the kindest thing in the sky. Look did he council then pointed up at the window? This conference rooms dropped ceiling? it's so nice to hear the city council in a good mood. I can think of a lot. They ve sounded so pullin cheery having ever been in a good mood, but you know
everyone here at the station to has been uncharacteristically friendly, the past few days, station management, who I only ever see a shadows and globally the orange lights in the corner office and who regularly screamin and caused the building to shake when the ad sales team does it make quarterly goals has been buying, don't nuts or the staff they also brought us a new claw hammer and a stone pounding board for making coffee shops this morning they left a court. On my desk thanking me: station management. Thanking me and giving me a raise I didn't even know I was getting paid with notes. So many people having a lovely day. I hope you're having one to no avail.
Our new sheriff followed up the City Council press conference with a report the growing number of strangers in night veil these. Strangers appear out of nowhere and do not. Visibly move other than their even deliberate breaths. Some once they are suddenly closer without any. One. Seeing them take a step, the sheriff that they think the strangers are just people from Desert Bluffs abandoned their wretched city to calmly the night veil, but that these secret? These are looking further into rumours that the strangers might be something else entirely when pressed about their opposition to Mere Dana Cardinals financial assistance of desert bluffs this year brought out several foot high, stone and sculpted and Intricate series of interconnected geometrical shapes each one, balancing the next be reporters watched. The sheriff for
hours until the sculpture was complete, the sheriff then did that they do not oppose the mayor on all issues. In fact, Mayor Cardinal is a good mayor we just disagree on the issue of how to fight crime. The sure said, still tightening being their stone carver, for instance, I agree with the mayor about needing to open the dog part, two dogs and people, I loved dogs and think it would be good if folks could take their dogs into the dog park, the sheriff then said that they saw the cutest beagle puppy other day really really cute. Leaned close into the MIKE and said so. A child. Good boy grew lizards
I'm getting word that these city council was just see in public walking across the front line of city hall, each of them carrying matching black cases, witnesses stunned. As these city council is rarely seen outside of city Hall, despite their constant vacations, Some reported that they heard the council whistling. Mariah carries always be my baby, but others reported that that, stability, bluebirds fluttering around just above their heads, some I witness accounts say that the council wasn't even walking. They were strolling, When has the city council ever strolled? didn't know their bodies were even anatomically capable of that someone. Said well that looks like skipper. To me, but that's just ridiculous skipping
Is the city council leaving town another vacation? What put them such a good mood more on this as it develops and now a word from our sponsor here? That is dead sentient patch of haze and also, I think our answer. Manager here at the station? Oh, I don't. Work for at the station You regularly provide me with copy for her life spots, and you also read ads from various companies on the air. Do you for an agency Cecil, please this is my show. If you dont actually work at the station or for the companies, your pitching, I kind of like to know who you work for not everything can be an emergency. Ok then human listeners today Shaw is brought to you by visor. What despiser do? What doesn't Pfizer do? Hoof all the things Pfizer can help you with. We can't even be-
into describe it to you, you know what, by users is indescribable. How can you in what Pfizer? Does you can't? You wouldn't know Absolutely would not you would not dare describe. What we do here, trying to describe us in your mind, aren't you maybe phaser wasn't articulate enough. Maybe Pfizer can't trust you. You have betrayed Pfizer, dont, say no did you just say no way he always argue with us. We give and give and give- and we never asked for anything other than money in return. We only for money and that you try not to describe us in words. And what do you do you give us lots of money for you? also try to describing in words visor. We can't even
with this right now, author. It sounds like you work for the pharmaceutical industry. Now, not you two Cecil. I can't be here any more the door didn't even move I'm not even sure how she slammed at listeners, I'm being I'm paying distract bid. Intern cream has been pestering me to allow him to go skating said station management seems to be out of the office. He thinks now is the perfect time to take a long break and go check out. The new desert flower Skating Rank I'm going. Let you go Karim, but only because it's a news story. I won a full report the new facility. Ok still your work time. Could you just skated away They need to sit down and talk to him about professionalism and where he, cool skates like those that law? both on em, but first we
you ve just received a call from a controversial figure, calling it from the jailhouse, I presume, while on trial listeners let's go now to an exclusive interview with literal five had a dragon. I remit Daniels, hello, Hiram Is Cecil I asked actually led me on your show. I just want call, win and clear up a few things. At this trial. We were: The court house did around. We want jobs, they already chartered AIDS. Other human jog judge, jury boy. We're standing is that the jury is not all human. It's a jury of peers Hiram. Well now, migraine here, the speaker metaphorically. We that's the drafters like that,
The thing is say so that they are using computers, dissimulate, five headed dragons on the jury, but now there saying that a single five had a dragon computer program, Kansas five separate jurors so there are only making one computer and then choose in seven human, Joe remembers. It That hardly seems fire. We back this at all. No, no. They don't gray head real doubt last El computer can recreate the complexities of sentient dragging its offensive. Oh, I know they looked for actual five had a dragons but their art. Many out there that the city confined Well, my sister had DAS is in town or other. She should be considered, family members of the accused generally aren't allowed on juries. But also one of your heads, the Violet one is going to be a witness against you at the trial, Howard.
Things going with in your own body, you put a whole. Some of violate head be outside of the jail since he is not charge with any crime gets, gets your trade Vernon stink. I will kill you is a green you're not allowed to do. Violent anymore. It would be witnessed tampering, we shouldn't even be talking to the media. Our lawyer said anything. We say it could be used in the trial and my blue. It is right that these are not just one use my phone call to get the word out about the unfair practice going on in this trial is so unfair Well, I'll, certainly look into this. Are you having an ok day otherwise, sure, am Cecil. At mass circumstances everyone's a good spirits. Today they are overall, I am in the mess hall and let us why
the whole hour, the Lee Marvin Marathon on the sea spans afternoon. They showed death and it was this this work as an think: Gorky work was one who is more interesting role of mere debts, hundredth birdie, good people lighthouse, Stormy, Euston about C silence. Without much a greener thanks for taking up ah see so no thank you Hiram We are getting good news from Teddy volumes down at the new skating rink that there are record crowns so Many people are showing up to skate, He didn't realize how popular roller skating would be here. Also getting bad news from I believe that all of the lights have gone out. He's hearing deep, how will this coming from? Not only the whose pets in the walls but lie
shouts and snarls coming from the skaters themselves. He could not see with is, but he can definitely smell the metallic briny stench of blood. You do not care, elaborate about how he is so familiar with the smell of blood, just that he sort of an sport in the matter, and it's definitely belied and No one else should come to the skating rink We all of this from underneath the turntable in the ported, seeing looming shadows in the mirror, black, the shadows of hulking figures with what appeared to be either antlers we're very elaborate hats. He could feel the floor trembling beneath them. If there were a stampede of beasts or a clash of angry gods. Williams reported but he just once just one time in his life once people to be able to play arcade gains and scape
bull and drink so does without fearing for their safety listeners, do not or to the skating rank and further. Have you already there take cover not come out from your hiding place, not even They put on Pat Benatar, as I would for further news from in turn, Karim at this getting rink. Let me take you now to the weather you're right right, which little sleep
then you're the best thing that cigarette thick skull still despite having eight
we're flying start the new scheme, having rink sounds like a huge success and everyone seems to be having fun again. It is clear now what has happened in turn. Karim said when he arrived at the skating Rick. He saw almost everyone from night veil, Leonhard from the Daily journal, John Peters. You know the farmer old. What Josie and the beings cream insists on calling angels judge, on as Dac even the City Council was there their black cases, were all opened, review, white retro skates with thick red and blue piping. It was a feel good, miss sphere on a feel good day career. Bought a soda filled it with every flavour from the fountain and put his bag in a locker electric lady by Jeanette Monet was on and he raced to the floor to have his first scape to his favorite song.
To see a group of hulking figures with elaborate hats, enter Karim, stopped dead in his tracks. Standing and shivering in front of this menacing group, he had never seen before, but he recognized. Them immediately by their sound and there smell as the management of this radio station Karim, stiffened up and prepared an explanation that he was. He would work to report on the new skating rank and Eddie, was dot slacking, but station management seem to notice him. They were gate single crossed the room at the City Council who, by this point, all dawned short shorts and had bands and were toiling. Spinning in unison, around the rank, It is beyond Sais Exo started playing the city
council and station management all made eye contact station management in City Council skated toward each other, and everything went dark. The record Her scratched and all went quiet, C4, horrifying growls Annabelle screeching career could smell something briny and metallic, like olives. While everyone scramble to hide in FEAR Karim himself. A young man in a new relationship knew exactly what was going on. He put on the night vision, goggles. We require every one of our internal security. At all times. He watched a station management and the city its met in the middle of the rink joy arms skating in slow happy circles enter
ITALY, placing head son shoulders wanting. Sneak kisses but uncertain of moments dozens of figures Hundreds of fingers, all intertwined in defiance of our understandings of physical dimension, sighing a hotly with Roma. Take need and burn in anticipation of the city, Council had brought live rodents and they held them up. Gingerly to station management mouths as management chewed off pieces of the screaming creatures station management finished devouring the last bites. The city council probably brushed pieces of tail infer from station managements face letting their feet or tips, or whatever
It is at the end of whatever those appendages are linger after us. You circles around. The rink management and the council left together. The after me, half of their budding romance is clear, brand new polished hardwood floor of the skating, rink, swirling hearts, strung together carved into the wood with their wheels. The lights are back on now. Everyone is skating again: Stereo lasting. Parliament's flashlight with Hansen's Bob coming up next the person in a long term relationship. I know how Fulfilling long love can be I also remember the days of being single, and that is also fulfilling, but nothing is quite so thrilling
so unexpected and uncertain. As that moment in between those two sittings single and in love, short fire burst of irrational passion for a person or people. Multi dimensional entities, you barely know, but with whom you may be want to be with all ways. You know. HU, the thrall of hopeless wanting were you, to hold the other so tightly as to become one. You think it is low, even when it is not. Love is patient. An understanding and turbulent and rock like Ever confident in itself, but this earth
The infatuation, these addictions to undo other are some of life's most fragile and ecstatic moments. While I'm so happy for city, council and station management, they make a cute couple greame said that he also saw a former intern Maureen, her new a b and c boy and a hoodie are breeding in the corner. Appeared to be making sardonic jokes at the expense of the new couple and at the expense The idea of dating itself green said, the dog was really cute but there was something about the site of marine and the who the boy and the puppy that upset him. I told Karim now, she's always like that state to next for the best it of the
These sixty seven bees abies nineties, do thousands twenty tonnes, twenty twenties and beyond and as always good night night veil good night. Looking tonight veil is the production of night fell, presents. It is written by Joseph Think and Geoffrey Cleaner and pretty by Joseph Think, the voice of night L is Cecil Baldwin. The voice. DAB was make the runner the voice. The pirates miss Daniels with Jackson, public original music by dispersion. All of it he found at desperation, dot info or at disposition band camp dot com. This happen doubts whether was thinking of milk. It haze, find
more at risk in haze, dot, band camp dot com, that's h, a c e commerce, questions, email and sat info at welcome tonight, veil, dot, com or followers on twitter. At night, veil, radio check out Welcome to night fell dot com for more information on this show, as well as all sorts of cool nightingale stuff you can own and why do their consider clicking that donate link? God be amazing. Today's problems Be careful what you wish for because it probably won't come true and life is most, play about exe, Station management.
They say you shouldn't meteor heroes and Joseph think, and I like to introduce you to. I only listen to the mountain goat. The show where I mean my hero and have conversations about songwriting, part and life this fog has is going to be weird for me because I'm proud of what I do, but I always try to change the subject of people. Tell me that myself, if I only listen to the mountain guts, find it wherever you listen. The pot casts x.
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