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2016-03-15 | 🔗

It's little league baseball season. Plus, an update from Hiram, an important new health study, and another edition of Hey There Cecil.

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welcome to night it spring again with apparently means its baseball sees my brother in LAW Steve. Steve I took his step daughter, Janis for Little League baseball trials. This weekend, Stephen JANUS play catch a lot together.
She really loves the sport is actually pretty adorable shouts things like go farther Steve. I want to see how far I can throw the ball, and I shall things like going Steve see how far away you can go. The tray read the haunted baseball diamond over near these shambling orphan housing development. There were a lot of kids, their say if you will about all the people from desert, bluffs moving tonight, veil and I've said many things, but created, enormous growth in youth sports. There are, eggs for kids, with all kinds of interests and abilities. Janus tried out for a wheelchair, softball League, the first of its kind to night veil. Plus. To spend time talking too little league baseball coaches, Betty, the zero and Lucia terrorists. Genco Lucia is
fascinating woman. So, despite having to be around Steve all day, I had a pretty good time more on that in a bit, but first the news. In a study released today. The greater night veil, medical community has found a statistical link between a high carbohydrate diet and the number squirrels on your lawn, according the study they found that people who take in a higher than normal number of carbohydrates have an average of four point seven, four squirrels somewhere on their long, but those with low where carbon take heavy slightly different now squirrels, a wreck Sensitive from the greater Nightingale medical Community said you can see from this pie chart, and here the representative pointed at an email, flag, that the data shows a statistical link between these things, another weapon
sensitive who was previously unnoticed, then emerged from behind the first representative and stated it is important that you would just your carbohydrate in And or your trust slash distrust of squirrels. Accordingly, the first represent then did a set of twelve for the kind were you your hands between each one believe us where doctors, a third representatives, as she lowered herself down head. First, from the ceiling at the back of the room as everyone turned to see her. She said just getting and then the three representatives begin juggling and doing Yo Yo tricks to Hiphop music, and now it's I am for another addition of hey they're Cecil, either Cecil thus moved into a new apartment, and after two months my landlord is telling me I'm behind on rent, but I've been pay my rent on the law,
stay of each month. I carry a twenty stone bag of courts chips and who pheasant carcasses and laid them. Outside his office. What am I doing wrong? Also? What is the current see these days signed in debt in old town? Hey there in debt I think, you're in the wrong here. Courts Dead pheasants are not currency, they have, been legal tender since the ninety nine these. So you are in arrears on your rent, here's what I would do right in I note your landlord explaining you didn't understand how money works then maybe find a different job where they pay you actual american currency, which has no physical form, he's just a series of arbitrary numbers printed on ATM receipts. Hope this helps pay their Cecil. I love dogs are locked,
the other day. I saw a young couple out, walking the cutest little beagle puppy. I asked if I could pat him they did. Couple out walking the cutest. Little beagle puppy, I asked if I could pat him, they didn't saying, speak or move she just glared at me. The boy was smiling and ass. The dog my hand? I asked the boy what your dogs name and the boy laughed it was a cruel, hollow, laugh and I pet the dog once more and they left, and I think that dog My head, I'm dreaming about it now terrible dreams, terrible dreams. Where I cannot move, I wake physically capacity did and crying when I finally move. I run to the bathroom leading to vomit but unable I am covered in cold, cold, sweat, but my base is on fire. I hung, over the sink spitting up small globs of black tar every single night. So my question is: should I, a dog and, if so,
Oh is a beagle a good breed signed dog lover in downtown, hey their dog lover. You absolutely get a dog you the to beagles, so maybe a bat instead either Cecil What are you doing Saturday night at say, eight p m? Would you be interested in? opera and drinks after signed only boy in the laboratory, hey there, only boy. Yes, I would very much like an opera, and whatever else after and now back to the tryouts coach Lou Terrorist Genco told me she been seeing more and more of those strangers lately and she does not like them then, and spirit the kids at the
she is at the pyramids just breathing not moving or speaking. Then I do not like Lucia said at first but they were from these desert bluffs. So many of those people coming tonight veiled but desert Bluffs families play and the baseball led. Now I need them. They are nice people. They are good people, they did stand and stare and believe Lucia said these strangers therefrom someplace else, not here not desert bluffs, they are not humans. They are not even ghosts. Believe me, I should know Lucia had been left to give. Because I am dead, I told you so I got it, but she continued I'm dead. The ceaseless fondly laugh. Ok, I am a ghost, and so I left
was genuinely funny, but then she went suddenly solemn. These strangers, they remind me of those terrible man on the train. I asked Lucia, men on the train, but just then apparently thrown baseball boats to stop at Lucius feet. She bent the pick it up, but the ghost her hands went right through it. Cecil some days. I can pick up the ball some days. I cannot fill you help. I picked up the baseball and threw it back to the file to nearly fell over running like caught it nonetheless and Lucia said you still have a good arm see. So you were a great shortstop. I told I don't remember, playing baseball and she laughed and said: well, you know what they say about growing old memory is the second thing to go. I ask: what's the first
relevance. She said quickly relevance listeners sorry. I have to interrupt my story, we're getting another call from Hiram Jack Daniels, litter Oh five had a dragon and former mayoral candidate irony in the jail house for attempting to kill our current mayor and he's. Our phones. Now I room hello. It's me aloo violet listeners. It was high rooms, violet head who courageously turned in his other foreheads for their crimes against the mayor violet. How are you home. So where are my body and our other partners are? My head is poking out above all limited afresh. Technically, I'm not in jail, but I am also that freedom. I think I made a mistake. You did the right thing, Let your other foreheads wanted to kill the mayor, but there is one other
I'm not sure I follow do. I contradict myself very I'm not. I follow myself. I am large. I very well my favorite line from die hard. Every myself I spend with my mother. I stand we ve been for myself. And it sure is nice to have you back purple. Sorry, you are not purple. You are violet, I respect were like scold Rosters, makes me sad. We're gonna do our best gray, we're gonna do our best We were by the court. We were. The judge. We would, of course, our joy without there they are. Tackling and Muslim us for our own. Try to see some, they think I'm green do serious in its threat my friends are lonely, menopause censured, pouches of future food Cecil? I cannot be separated from myself
I may disagree with myself, but I have been this altogether violet I don't know if lives and say so, if not Wyoming. Trouble, they re made, let us out so we can help by these strangers believe me Hiram. The new sheriff is working double time to get rid of the desert. Bluff sat desert, Bluffs people say so their hearts. Desert bluffs people say so. I'm are about the strangers ones. Folks, I'm about the ones, tell your mayor friend: I can stop we're not strong enough. They would be quite resistant to fire. Austin we were strangers to pink fledgeby, shreds and then drew them and then swallow them being I will fight with Ukraine. We could do this week, but Cecil we need out of this. I dont know what I can do about that. I room
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this a pair of lungs breathing autonomously on a white table in a white room with music playing inspirational music, mostly choir and keyboards. You know the drill dont to tell you about inspirational music. Am I right dove lungs, on a white table, little league Ouch, Lucia Terrorists, Genco told me the incredible story of her journey to night fail wins. I was a young woman. She left her home to travel west across Amerika. We need to find a new life for herself out of the How did smoke choked cities what four miles picking up work in roadside town She wrote in carriages when she had money and she eventually found a job making belts for an old tenor. Who worked Lucia Long hours for little pay the old times,
there was otherwise kind and treated Lucia like her very own daughter, because she never had a family, but the tenor grew ill and Lucia took care of her bathing. And fetching herb mixtures from the apothecary one morning. The old woman was no more. Lucia, ran her business for a while longer, but since the tanner had no airs and Lucia, not feel she had found her true home. She continued west. There was supposedly go. Then sunshine along an azure, see soon. However, She once again was in desperate need of money so that she could eat and could sleep in safety. She met some men, silent and men who kept their faces and shadows who kept their voice cs in shadows, who kept their guns in shadows and she wore for them, never knowing what her job was. Just that you,
to ride the train with them until the time was right. One afternoon The men stood up simultaneously and moved in different directions. One to the front of the one to the rear one I'm through the ceiling on the roof of the car to more droop storm on the passengers? They told Lucia to keep everyone com the train wine to a halt and the men heard the unloaded crates from the rear car onto a horse drawn court. The crates were warm words. Summer than the air around them. They smelled sharp and earthy like Shelly Ground Cinnamon, the apparent sheriff the little town they stopped in the town of night veil of plague. She'd never heard of soon arrived. He was wearing a welding mask and a cowboy hat, the sheriff, he's gone on the shadowy men being outnumbered. He was unable to do much to stop them so, while COM
the others on the train. Lucia crept behind one of the men. He had a kerchief Braun across his face not an actual kerchief tied in front of his face, but a simulation Rome of patterned fabric hand drawn on his face using one of her leather belts, Lucia whip, the gun out of his hand and deftly picked it up from the ground. She fired at the outlaws felling, both outside the sheriff felt to more, but as she climbed up the top of the car, she heard a shot, from just below her and then she was lying on her back. She couldn't. Her why she had laid down. She saw in the guy, just above her dark planet of course, size lit by no son, she no, how she had not noticed it before it was so clubs an invisible, tighten all thick black.
Forests and jagged mountains and deep turbulence oceans and then let me take you first to the weather
Wherever we go out will be lost to some final, countless north and follow the cross. Follow both compulsively two sovereigns call me off then, along the coast, rivers, the Linda leaves of a history. Thinking was no will need to be beaten back. No, I mean these words simple board your promise to pay for your ball. They wanted the bravest wash away, then my step for the true with the plague pretty that payment. You show your hundred years before this backing up pairing from a long trip. They may have some by many of the notice they were rather than and believed the global goals also sent. This is why we regret it all on hopeless swim against the tat until every bone is broken supercilious, you can wait till the crew is global goals, method by Mr Weber, region alone. That never has just been waiting for that. As well as I know from the lonely one thing I know her, things like where our last wish follow their survival back home or of a black sea will lag love. What we know now. I asked Lucia, if that's how she
I'd. Well, one moment I mean a gunfight she said, and the neck moment. I'm a ghost she asked. If I at a cigarette. I don't smoke so I said no, I couldn't hold it anyway. She admitted Why are you living in a baseball diamond? I asked her. She said this wasn't always a baseball diamond, did, was just a field, a field where train tracks used to run a field where a train once rolled to stop but right around this time the game of baseball was becoming popular and kids began, coming to the field, to play, Lucia watched and learned and grew to love the sports, simplicity and structured grace it's a beautiful game seesaw, so I started trying to coach the its. But since I'm translucent in hazy, they got scared and ran away. Calling this the hunted baseball diamond over
time the kids realized. I had some helpful things to say about batting stances and hitting the cut off man, so they came back. You should turn to one of them its eye on the ball. Manny shouted. I asked Lucia, so you think, those men on the train were related to these strangers in night fail now you do not see The evil like that very often she said, but no those Not the train perform their evil because they needed whatever was in those creates more than they needed life or peace. Said these strangers. They need anything they are evil for evils. Own sake, I looked over and saw Steve and Janis coming my way. Reply fighting and grinning Lucius said he's a good kid good arm. She's going to be,
great shortstop like her uncle. I told you so I hope we have a good baseball season and it was wonderful catching up with her Steve Janice and I turned to walk back to Steve's Van Lucia. Whispered to me, their past time for hope. Cecil there no longer coming they're here and we cannot stop something that wants nothing. Staring straight agendas, ignoring Lucia. I said You made the team congrats, let's get ice cream behind us. I heard a distant bark it was a sweet Dickens, Yelp and the reflection on the Van window. I could see a boy and a hoodie holding a beagle puppy and both of them were looking at us. I felt cold. Sweat we face was hot. My tongue was, sticking Dick Steve,
we get a dog Jonah said all strapped in. Let's get that ice cream. Okay, I interrupted the dog barked again and I did not look. I do not look at anything as I got my seat and shut the door felt like throwing up for driving Steve. They said putting my hand softly on his arm. He look momentarily amused, no, not amused concerned and we drove away as generous, told us all about her new team stay to next. Lurking just outside your window. Don't worry it's not a human and, as always, good night night fail
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