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96 - Negotiations

2016-10-15 | 🔗

Negotiations with the dragons have begun. Plus the reopening of the Earth Sciences Department at the Community College, what we know and don't know, and a look at the Community Calendar.

The voice of Dana Cardinal is Jasika Nicole.

The voice of Tamika Flynn is Symphony Sanders.

Weather: "A Trip Out" by British Sea Power (britishseapower.co.uk)

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you are statistically likely welcome today, the negotiations began between the representatives of these five had dragons led by Kedasa Mcdaniel central theme of lawyers in it
to save her brother and fellow five headed Dragon Hiram from execution. He is charged with the attempted murder of mayor, Dana Cardinal and the attempted overthrow of city government. We will keep you updated on the negotiations as they happen, but first, the community calendar on Sunday. We will be holding a parade to celebrate the fact that the world probably won't end in the next few days. Funding is Cloud Amnesty Day, one a year in which all night they'll citizens are allowed to acknowledge and talk about clouds commented discussion include what clouds are made of, what there tensions might be and why talking about them can result in fines in jail time. Today, I will end with the usual ceremony in which these sheriff secret police will do their best to arrest the cloud marking the
statement of the cloud band. Of course, The only exception to this ban is the glue cloud who was almighty and gracious in its cruelty. All here, as everyone in town says every day, at the exact moment of midnight, do day. Gino is italian, dining experience and grill and bar will be closed break. I event this private of It will be a celebration of Boardman ten years Sixtyth birthday borders. Two days old, so the I bet celebration will last just short of sixty years, GINO italian, die dining experience and Greenland BAR will be back to regular business once it's over the early sixtieth Bart. Wednesday is now only available to paid subscribers pleased in the days of the week membership programme to receive this member exclusive day thirty.
Day is take work to your daughter. Tat gather up all your coat workers, the furniture and appliances that make up your workspace, all the petty office politics and back room bickering, Contents of the supply closet, the structure of the supply closet, the entire rebuilding that houses, your work and bring it all piece by piece to your daughter and then reassemble it for her saying C C. Over and over is she gave mouth why? she's your work transplanted monstrously into a place. It was never meant to be be sure to send us cute pictures of her weeping over what you have died from aid, the museum of forbidden technologies will be opening its newest, exhibit lie detectors. Hands on interactive completely mandatory exhibition organised by a vague, yet menacing government agency. Remember if you
nothing to hide. The new haven't confessed. Yet we will break you. Children and anyone with an implanted government monitoring trip gets half off admission. This has been the community. He calendar the first round of negotiations over the fate of high remit. Daniels continues today at City Hall, not much progress has been made mayor. Cardinal called a press conference to deliver the following update. People of night fail. I entered these motions to represent here? so. Much of my job now is to bury myself my own feelings and thoughts and opinions and instead act as a proxy for all night veil citizens to do what I think you might want, or what is best for you. So here I am.
Night veil in one fragile body, entering into conversation with several towering five headed dragons. This is just seen setting. I suppose this is just we letting you know the situation, I'm in the argument from Gaza and her led negotiator Miriam is that Hiram is a sovereign citizen of their world, a world ruled by the five headed dragons, and so he must be taken back to their world for trial and punishment under their own justice system. It seems odd Davidson, Hiram sister, as a representative of that justice system. But what am I as we discussed before in many ways I am no one. I m all of you politely. I not now I will return to this negotiation. The ears at night the mouth of nightmare, the collective ahead of nightmare nodding and listening and talking
more soon for me from all of us, There were no follow up questions, as the reporters began kissing one another dispassionately at first, but with a growing claustrophobic panic, a few moments, or as they were, unable to stop many were heard grunting there. I bulging in terror, as their arms against their own desires, begin clawing and clutching one another in deep and braces their lips. Locked tongues pressing behind others. Teeth and noses smashing into cheeks. In Other news here is but we know the spacecraft it is ten miles in diameter. It floats three miles up here is what we know It is translucent blue lit from within it radiates heat, but is for
if a way that the heat is reduced to warmth. Here is what we know. The spacecraft is beautiful, beautiful, like industrial waste. Pouring me on over a barren dead landscape. Here is what we know. Our landscape is not baron or dad it. It's just dry. Here is what we know. The landscape around night veil is many landscapes different, depending on viewing angle and time of day now, a wall of seafaring, sunlight and hot sand. Now a carpet rolling away into an inviting distance. This is not any sort of mystical thing. This is just how landscapes work here is what we know the spacecraft s intentions here is what we don't know.
What those intentions are here is what we don't know what we will do, next, what anyone will do next? What next here is what we know the spacecraft his ten miles in diameter. It floats three miles up three miles below it: their results, knowing almost nothing at all. This has been the news In other news, local staff reader and commander of an armed militia to Mika Flynn turn sixteen years old today to celebrate too asked to redo statement to our radio audience and who am I to turn down such a bright young woman with such a powerful and violent army backing her. She truly terrifies me let throat to Mika night them, Today is my birthday.
In many ways, this milestone is meaningless time passes incessantly not annually, I'm all these older than I was always more knowledgeable inexperienced. Every day I have more memories than I did the day before, but our cause, sure tells me this they mean something and so on I'll make it means something I spent my morning in quite contemplation. We our cultures, great religious texts like there was of earth, sea and the collected fiction, abortions I know now the path forward from this hang on. I am no longer the team leader of an armed teen militia. I am the leader no adjectives of a militia with only one adjective armed, I no longer content with being a curiosity or a good boy.
Story, or even just a team, responsibility and respect, and I believe I have earned them. I do not ask for these in night feel hierarchy I demanded, or even more I take it with waiting for permission, and so it is with great pleasure and without leaving any room for at or protest that I hereby appoint myself it City Council, to the Tentacles body being or beings that make up the current city Council would like Scots disappointment. I leeway. For them with the full force of my militia out on the sand wastes if not Let the next meeting leave care open for me or else you can't see me, but I'm pointing at the librarian. I've had stuffed in mounted. It was difficult to get tentacles just right, but my Taxidermy Regina did an exquisite job
and to night veil from your newest and youngest city appointee. I will fight for you, after all, what an armed militia for thing we're all your birthday wishes. Happy they do you all is well on this day. All of us are older, Let us celebrate that with ache. Wow an unexpected development from two Mika Flynn. City council has responded by running up the walls of their chamber and yowling like cats, but they seem disinclined to take up her off of confrontation, so it seems now You have a new member of the City Council for the first time, the well ever my best, two council woman Flynn, so own rigour, dough, the transient who lives in the Earth Sciences building of the night fail. Community college is real,
when classes which have not been offered in that department. Since nineteen, eighty, three, the correct will be modified slightly from the original Earth Sciences Programme, remove courses such as elementary oceanography and Environmental geology, to make room for new course work, including nineteen. Eighty three the year. The world ended, question mark and clean. Or a distant danger- the terrible mysteries of the distant prince and one quarter that's title is the emergence of a silhouette of a woman and emotion. You have a map of ITALY, the emergence of an innocent human being living within a perpetual waking nightmare, never able to escape its goods education embraced once again in the earth. Science is building. You know, it's been a fair bit of time. Since I went to college, maybe I'll take it, those just for my own self improvement,
I mean education doesn't stop when you're a grown up. You know and re education. Never stops as long as you don't perfectly echoed the city council and world governments policies and dictates of date from City Hall peers that negotiations are breaking down, also pay simply City hall itself. Building a shaking and smoke is pouring from several of its windows mayor cod is the leaning out one of those windows and is giving a statement we go now to that statement. Not going great and obviously they were, as to send Hiram back to his own world to be tried. Didn't punished under their own laws, for attempting to violently overthrown ideals govern. So I asked them: well,
What's the punishment for that over in five had a dragon work and Miriam said nothing. That's just how governments change you don't punish someone for doing their civic duty by throwing a cool or assassinating a head of state. What you do is give the mystic over the flag on it and the words I overthrew, so that everyone will know that you are a good citizen, participates in important civic responsibilities. I told them. I wasn't about distant Hiram, back just gettin sticker and then Adasa jumped in and said that if I didn't send Hiram back, then she might be earning a stick. Her of her own, remember citizens in that room. I am not me, I am you, I am eyes and Adasa was threatening us, so I told her. You are not the first five had a dragon to threaten me. Wanted written my tat, it didn't go well for the last one. It will go even worse per year, which is all to say that the negotiations are going fine. I mean Adasa threatened the level the city, but I think that's just what is called a negotiator. I wouldn't worry about it overall, bringing home about most things. Distress
This job would be unbearable. Otherwise, not that off hold on a listeners. It appears that had also is making good on her threat. She is tat. At city hall and oh no City Hall has collapsed, The enormous dragons are cooking off the wreckage like so much particles of dust and north or now advancing on the rest of night Vale negotiations are going for, negotiations are going very poorly. The weather is nice, though. Let's hear about that,
May I thank you,
for your patience night veal. Things were scary, therefore moment but hope you held onto your trust in me. Adasa and dragons have levelled most of the city. Entire neighborhoods reduced to a smaller escape smoke and rock schools. Hospitals. Nothing was safe everything its destroyed, but, as I suspected old thing was just a negotiating ploy and I held firm. That's all fine we're back table and talking again, We are unfortunately no farther along than we were at the start. Now they understand that I am a formidable negotiator and not when they can scare with cheap tactics like destroying every building in our city. Anyway, z, local contractors, we'll get right, don't work, rebuilding everything I have a lot of practice since, of course, something better. The other destroys most of the town once or twice a month. In the meantime, I in view we are us and we
I'm going back to the negotiating table and higher the is going nowhere at a great statement from our great neighbour. I won T such a devolved is back and forth said only that It's not worried at all that everything is control, and then food out of five of his heads winked, the rest of us, the rest of town. He's gone with our lives Problem was involved, but most probably don't get solved and we generally, we just do our best to mitigate the problem and if it can't be gated, then it can be relegated to a background noise by pleasant distractions and a prioritization of interests. We live with hearts that can just stop working at any moment. Still lie in hammock, sometimes or watches. Sitcom
stare at a spot on the wall. Thinking of many things, none of them having anything to do with the spot on the wall, herds of grazing creatures are routinely attacked by predators but
The attack is over. You know what they do: they go back to eating grass. Let us all metaphorically go back to eating grass, or if you are a member of the road we club, you can go back to literally eating grass ass usual best to just ignore danger until it's too late. The end will be the same, but the experience along the way will be far more pleasant state to next for a pilot. Turning to her co pilot and saying, let's see what this baby can do good night night Veil goodnight,
what them tonight there is the production of night veil presents. It is written by Joseph Think and Geoffrey Greener and produced by Joseph Think, the voice of night veil, Cecil Baldwin, the voice of Dana Cardinal was to seek a Nicole. The voice of to meet a Flynn was Symphony Sanders original music by dispersion. All of it, including his brand new album palm in mirror, can be found at dispersion, dot info or at desperation, dot band camp dot, com, episodes. Where there was a trip out by british, see power find out more british see power. That Co Uk comments. Question email is that info. Welcome to night, failed dot com or follow us on Twitter at night, they'll, radio or catch a bird
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