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It is Execution Day.

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calm. Those who remember history are also doomed to repeat it. Welcome to night, despite the best efforts of Adasa Mc Daniels and her team of five headed dragon lawyers, her brother Hiram, Mc Daniels is scary. Well to be executed today for crimes against state and city. City government promises that by the end of this broadcast Hiram,
Daniels will be dead. Well, like bills, executioner, Dale, Salazar, has one again been raised from the graveyard. When asked for a comment, Dale coughed, Through disused vocal cords for awhile before finding his soft voice, not used since the last public execution more than three decades ago, secret executions are much more common. I hope to provide a quick and humane death. He said, is it ass to happen, and I am told it does then I will have it happen with as much mercy as possible. He then lowered his canvas, executioners hood painted with a screaming monster, face and began marking his chest with the ritual signs of the blood stone circle. Adults. And her lawyer, Miriam were fuming literally
breathing fumes of fire in their anger about mayor cardinals, complete refusal to budge on the issue of the execution of adults as brother Hiram is a citizen of our world. Not yours, Miriam said to inflict on him. The justice of mere humanity is a crime against not just one dragon, but all dragons everywhere. Adasa added If you touch one head on my brother's five next, I will end you and your puny world Hiram himself has showed no worry about his forthcoming departure from our plane of existence. Let's just say I don't plan to be around when they want to make it so I'm not around his gold had said then his gold had winked and his wife but had rolled his eyes about the wink it's gonna role, grass roared his green head or Africa, up to now, but they will not so much longer. It seems
Despite the news of his escape plans being accidently broadcast on the radio. Recently I room is coming. And they will continue without a hitch due to his care. For planning and the help of an unnamed accomplice who He would only say was quite old and complete. Faceless Hiram, has worked his way out of more difficult situations, and so my worry isn't with him, but with old woman, Gypsy who can hip, has led to an infection and she has been most we confined to her bed for the last couple of weeks. She was not able to come to leak night at all and I'm worried about her ability to bowl ever again, her friends, Sarah Sultan took her place on our bowling team last week and was a surprisingly good, bolder, but not the same without Josie
She continues to be positive about it and says that it's just one of those things and she'll be out and about in no time, but I don't know just don't know well We will keep you updated about Hiram as the day moves on, but In the meantime, I will move on to the news. Every things fine with the water came in prompted announcement from officials, the officials emphasised that, despite what you may have heard, the water is safe to drink and even to let touch your skin in moderate quantities and for a limited period of time. The officials dip gloved hands into the water and brought the water up to their mouths. The official said clearly letting the water splash out of their hands without ever getting near their clamped shot mouths look at us drinking.
Delicious, clean water. Definitely It is safe and normal water and there is no need for testing or even Looking at it too closely those then disposed of the gloves and retired from the press conference without answering questions citing their need for an immediate chemical shower looted, and regimes of unit seven of the local National Guard station and K of Sea combo store said. He wasn't surprised at all something like this. Being due to happen, and it was only a matter of time Everything's a matter of time. He said we existing it time and space. He added box, then snorted and said, but of course Space is just the physical aspect of time in the same way that meat is the physical aspect of sentience. He laughed at his joke, though it was not clear to anyone else what the joke was or even which part of what he had said had been the joke.
The lieutenant was bearing himself in the sand wastes until he was covered to the hips. Just it torso sticking out of the sand for reaching out again. He said always stop to old friends. He smiled they'd finger guns at a passing cloud and began beautifully to sing. This has been the news. The countdown continues to the planned time of high rooms death. Dale Salazar has completed his bloodstained rituals and is now doing some preparatory stretching and light aerobics. He explained its import, that your body be literally warmed up in order to provide injury. We don't want any injuries except obvious. The fatal ones I will be inflicting, but no cramps, or toward muscles in May cardinal watched in solemn silence as everything was made ready for the death of her attempted murderers. Four out of five
Of the heads of Hyper Mc Daniels, the only one Not sentenced is the violet head, but in the statement violet shouted repeatedly from high rooms, prison cell. We are different that's, but a single we, we don't what will happen to me if the other had died. This is there was a follow up. Statement HI rooms, green head, saying, stop you're willing to help us with the wall then go a issued a statement saying will now you ve told them about the wall, it's all ruined and go issued a final statement saying he just man folks here, Let us examine how impenetrable and secured this wall is. No one could ever escaped from here, no matter how many extremely clever heads he has, later Hiram Racine wandering the exercise yard casually, leaving a trail of dirt and pebbles behind him ass. He walked meanwhile
she's and her fellow dragons have been moved to a designated free speech, cage which is despite reinforced and electrified for the protesters. Protection they will remain the free speech cage until they stop breathing so much fire at people. And in news I cannot help but focus on jobs. Been feeling lethargic all day the Erica's, whom she insists cycle angels, despite how deep the illegal it is and how that could get a good deal of trouble, standing up in her yard, their heads, bowed moaning, low and crying with isn't a good sign, obviously, I'm worried about Hiram, of course, and I am also worried about Josie. I am worried about my friend. And now with station editorial, there has been much talk, link
about the danger of dreams and, yes, we concede it seems, like madness that our brings force us to experience a pair realities that we have no control over and that are often confusing and frightening. We could be that time in our own reality that we have no control over, and that is often confusing and frightening, while the record, national use of dreams, is understandable in moderation, dream, The kids don't want to stop there. There are. Ports of dreams being given to young children or even babies. That said, we also cannot get behind the current push to ban dreams altogether. You'll of course, seen the fires in posters, pointing out alarming statistics such as that three and five dreamers do not even own a properly registered dream journal and that there is currently a loophole where anyone who sleeps can just have a dream
without going through any kind of background check, but dream he's all right. It is a foolish right, one that was instituted by people living in a different time and with thought as to be ramifications through history of their incomplete grasp of the world, but a right nonetheless, if dreams are criminalized, then, we criminals we'll have dreams. For this week, dreams should not be banned, but we do believe needs to be common sense, restrictions on dreaming such as better the more powerful and dangerous forms of dreams like night, terrors and daydreaming. And requiring all citizens to report their dreams to specifically programme satellites that will take those dreams and carry them whizzing around the earth
some day when all of us humans are gone, the satellites will continue to work in the cold vacuum above carrying the dreams of the long dead and in that way, with their time mechanical bodies we will live on. This has been a state editorial now it's time for the children spun fact: science corner, please you the materials we sent you to follow along at home. The first thing you want to do is make an incision just above the main artery use. The pulsing thing right, put a finger on that and then cut just above your finger great Now, there's going to be so, but isn't you're, always some oozing kids oozing is natural. It's what separates us from the machines O speaking machines now is when you are going to use those wires. We set in certain
in the incision up very good, you're having trouble getting them in there. Just push really hard. Ok, now ask for parents to help you with this next day. As it could be a little dangerous once you have pushed them. I urge all the way into your heart cavity, your I'm going to need to get any normal household car battery and attached the wires to that following the experiment you I have some side effects like a general movement outwards, a sagging of the insides or joust jaw. If you accept It's any of these. Please do let us know. As that data is helpful to us. It has been your children spun fact, science corner. We have reached it listeners. The time
a scheduled for high rooms, execution, the guards walk down the corridor to retrieve him they'll Salazar hops up and down and makes a series of soft grunts he's municipal executioners rifle held high above his head. The mayor still stands and determined silence a dust He says at the end provide bars of working age the door is opened and I represent there Instead, there is only a hole in the wall. Yes listeners. It appears that Hiram has been digging a hole in his wall, hiding it behind the poster of a hole in the wall that has been hanging in his cell this entire time. The face
old woman who secretly lives in your homeless, clearly able to smuggle him some simple tools, since the prison cell was technically his home, and so, according to the rules of our existence, she was already inside of it secretly living there. Whose these tools like a jack hammer and scaffolding and several metres of tunnel lighting and the generator out of night bills, grasp just as his tongue had come what level dragging the guards to the window to see him winging his way up into these searing blue sky truly free for the first time in over a year flexing muscles that have not seen use during his captivity, green howls with joy, blue and gold caught up in the moment joined him all. Thus in night veil followed this escape with rapt attention. I I can see him from my studio right now.
Even Josie at home in her bed, weak, but still awake, listens to high rooms escape and feels in his flight. Some since of rising some sense, of the possibility of escape for us all. Hiram Is a criminal, but in this moment he is also a kinetic monument to joyous, Annabelle freedom and, oh, oh. I. We take you now to the weather.
Yeah, you know is no day prey or we heard they pay for the item grabbing at my feet. I heard him say no. I just never watch him trying to pull me down with detailed download them the cloud. What can I say to you, my brain for use weighing my communique? You were once in Supreme Voice, TAT, shit living pardon. I see him back stab. I got no need, but on flooding the goddamn peace with every day that just found myself look. What am I gonna jump and under my coming down? I am now now now come down. You know you never know is never coming down all the doubters figures shot up from the towers. I just want to say a word await always hours wasting time now waste and waste and got no place pressing, come on lessons. I go right into it burn the brightest timid done right into the sun, Mordechai imprisoned it. They call me with some stretching my money in their turn down from the safe ground all day, braids out for me of cut me, a puppy fuck be appointed a really gonna, take a committed, the truth, a fair, so you would have been way my own far from perfect, but no person put him verdict on their way to reach such a beauty. I your monthly. I am living. Ok play your part now lying now now down right. Now,
you have come to expect from the unjust and I'm just so shocked. I'm just. Night Norville. There has been a death. Let's start there just start with the fact of it and still in shock. So I'm sorry. This would be up to the strict, neutral journals, equality have come to expect. For me, I'm just. I'm just so shocked, I'm just so. There has been a death. One who was once living is not. It happened Bring high rooms escape, he rose to the air and our hearts rose with him, and I listened from my booth in her bed. Josie listened to, We ass greed, no sound, can contain me
The least sad I've ever felt gray said. Physics is merely a mathematical expression of the joy of movement, said Blue. I was against this from the start said violet. Then he can see, but I was led and love Adasa and Miriam roared, enjoy mayor car, an old tightened her lips. Let him run the mayor said We will find him again. But Dale Salazar wasn't interested in that He had been raised from the grave to do a job and he did not let simple things like escape. Get in the way of that job. He began jogging underneath the flying dragon saying pop up ass. He ran he could not keep up with the power of the dragons wings. It's ok Shouted the mayor he's gone Dale, it's ok, but Dale did not hear
Dale Salazar began to fire at the escaping dragon. Know you who don't? He screamed his mask, had fallen off during his running and his face was his eyes were wide. He fired at Hiram now. Oh you don't. He screamed again your parents are useless against me. Said, and they were useless against him. They missed green, Lately it was violet who was hit bullet entering just beneath his jaw line. It only took one shot Don't think violet suffered at all The down stroke of a wing violet was alive and united with the food, or other heads that made up the whole of high Roma and, on the up stroke, violet was dead. And the other heads reeled at the loss. Of a part of themselves. There was a gap
in their being that they had never experienced, should never have experienced Hiram spot. Faltered, suddenly clumsy regaining only some semblance of flight. The Stop him continued on the dead violet swinging below Mayor Cardinal shouted no, but only what was done was done The no was not a command, but I regret She opened her mouth. She closed her mouth. She didn't know what to say said nothing about situational irony, she's nothing about unnecessary tragedy. She said nothing more about anything
Adasa screamed in impotent rage and despair. She Claude over and over at the bars of the cage, powerful electric shocks ran through her, but she felt none of them. She, Claude and Claude howling, with a voice. Even she did not recognize at home. Old woman, Josie put her hands over her face. She felt a plunging inside and it was this sorrow that gave her the energy slowly get out of bed to hobble. Out into the front yard and join the Erica's she put her arms around them They surrounded her in a deep glowing, blackness and together They share their surprise and their grief, Dale, Salazar, job, more or less done, or at least some one killed return
satisfied to his grave buried again until the next public execution is needed and I sit here, in front of my microphone, making useless, sounds with my useless mouth, discovering the weightlessness of stories before the heavy weight of the world stage, next. For I don't know, I don't care good night
Welcome to my pal is the production of night veil presence. It is written by Joseph Think and Geoffrey trainer and produced by Joseph think the voice Val Cecil Baldwin, original music by desperation, all that can be found at dispersion, dot info or at supervision, DOT, band camp dot com. This episodes, whether was Icarus by sims from his new album more than ever, is us Oh currently, encore by no more at doom tree dot net slashed since comments questions email, I sat info welcome to night vale, dot com or followers on Twitter at night fell radio or think about what it might mean to be a different person check out, welcomed,
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