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A Big Special New Year's Day Announcement

2020-01-01 | 🔗

A big announcement about our 2020 World Tour from Cecil Baldwin! Get your tickets today: http://welcometonightvale.com/live/

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Cecil Baldwin here voice of the hit podcast welcome tonight there bombshell news for you guys, and that means is in twenty. Twenty. Wasn't I feel, is doing a brand new, fifty city, world tour, and that tour is gonna, be my last one I know don't get too don't get your feels too much, because the podcast is going to continue and keep on playing Cecil Palmer. As long as I am physically able to do so, and what can take some will continue to draw their just gonna. Look a little bit different shows you stories. We ve been doing NATO for over six years now, and I've got to travel. The world perform for literally hundreds of thousands of workers like fans, and its I mean it's change, Life in so many profound ways, not to mention the fact that we fought labour Prince government almost bought condo together for and then we
survived the murder, mystery dinner theatre together. I've got a chance to live out my dream as an actor not only doing on casting, Getting to do it every single month, new scripts shows getting to stretch my acting muscles, but honestly, the biggest it has been getting to come to your hometown performed, you live in the same room and a chance to just meet, see Herb Erika Cause play dread not scalp cause play. And listened to your stories when you find me after the show. So I hope that all of you come up for this twenty twenty like filter faster, and I hope that we make this the best when yet see that hey, Alex Jeffrey, greener, just a thing. So, as you heard, this will be Cecil's last life or point
a really special scrap. So if you want to see the classic like veil, live line up doing some of our best work. Yes, make sure you do not miss. This tour were excited the seawater get your tickets have welcomed and I felt dot com and asked me: we will be returning with a new life show in twenty twenty one that will be, a fundamentally new way of doing this shall live. So while you should not miss your last chance seesaw on stage he holds I've audience better than anyone I've ever seen. I do hope join us for a new era in a whole new way of doing night fell, live shows next year, see you there.
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