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Announcement: CONDOS Livestream on July 9

2020-07-02 | 🔗

A Welcome to Night Vale live performance of our 2013 hit show CONDOS… Thursday July 9 at 8pm ET

Tickets are pay-what-you-can starting at $5. https://noonchorus.com/welcome-to-night-vale/

The show features: Cecil Baldwin, Dylan Marron, Meg Bashwiner, Symphony Sanders, Mara Wilson, and Disparition. Join us next Thursday for a rare performance of a show that we haven’t ever toured.

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Hey, Jeffrey, greener here, so back and twenty thirteen, we wrote our very first welcome to night veil, live, show called condos and we haven't performed at sense. But seven years later here we are sheltering safely at home. Wanting to do live shows with you, our delightful listeners so or bringing you alive streaming performance of condos right to your computerized device. You can watch Cecil, Baldwin Symphony Sanders Mara, Wilson, Dylan Marin, mag bash when her and disposition perform this classic show. Just for you, watch from your couch or your desk or in your attic or your dungeon, or from the deck of whatever spaceship just abducted. You the shows at eight p m eastern on Thursday July. Ninth, you can get tickets. It welcomed the night Bilbil COM, their pay, what you can, starting at five dollars, if you can't make it following us on Facebook and at night fell radio on twitter for more announcements. Hopefully a future life streams, quick story by the way
In autumn of twenty thirteen Joseph Think, MEG and Cecil were in San Francisco, helping to launch the San Francisco NEO Futurists Theatre Company, and they had the idea since were altogether in the same town for several days. What if we found a venue and put up alive, show Joseph wrote the first draft of the script in two days and put the call out on Twitter for a venue book, Psmith Book Store and hate ash very raise their hand, and we did to back to back sold out shows in one night there. Meanwhile, I was back in the city working my day, job with no remaining vacation days to you. So I could not go but imagine my shock when I saw the photos of our actual fans pact tight into the book, Psmith adoring eyes fixed on sea. So I knew we had a big listener ship, but seeing.
Pictures of all of you and hearing Cecil, Joseph and MEG stories about this magnificent event was such an overwhelming feeling. One of my fondest memories of my life is an event I didn't even get to experience in person. I can't even imagine how great it was for those of you who are actually there. Needless to say, I am very excited to bring condos back to life. While we can't watch it together in the same room, we can still relive the touching stories of Cecil in Carlos here, the faceless old woman from just over our shoulders, and we ve even added a new part four to make a Flynn. I hope you will join us for our condos live stream next Thursday July night, at eight p M eastern pay. What you can take it starting at five dollars, are welcome to night veil, dot com and hey thanks for everything.
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