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Bonus Episode 4 - Pamela Winchell

2015-07-01 | 🔗

An excerpt from our new touring live show "The Investigators," featuring Cecil Baldwin and Desiree Burch as former mayor Pamela Winchell.

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The voice of Pamela Winchell is Desiree Burch.

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Produced by Night Vale Presents. Written by Joseph Fink & Jeffrey Cranor. Narrated by Cecil Baldwin. More Info: welcometonightvale.com, and follow @NightValeRadio on Twitter or Facebook.

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Here's what you are about to hear love, I'm Jeffrey think, and this is welcome to night fail and we are on high. It is this month you can tell were on hiatus because we released and episode. Support is very short, and here is what it is. It's an unreleased clip from our previous tor. Life, show featuring the incredible Desiree birch as night veil, director of emergency press conferences, PAMELA Winchell yes, this is finally the day where you get to hear one of her emergency press conferences for yourself and Desiree will be taking part in her life for this September in the UK and Ireland. So you can get a little taste of what that might be like it'll, be different words don't worry, but speaking of live shows. I have some big news for canadian and american listeners. We are bringing the welcomed he'll, live show your way this October and November. Where we are coming to Montreal. Toronto Winnipeg, our first ever show and Manitoba Edmonton Vancouver sack
many San, Diego Denver, Oklahoma City. The and Madison constant city so nice, they named it tickets for All these shows go on sale, Friday July, tenth at noon. Local time, the tour future life music, but dispersion special stars, whether by Eliza written and of course, Cecil himself by the way right at the top of the tour Minneapolis for the first ever nerd con October, ninth and tenth, and if you can get to this thing you This thing you should the lineup a It's fantastic baby: you don't live in Canada or America because or America, because you live or Linda or somewhere else in Europe, and you want to see a life shall will, as I said, will be there in September and tickets are already on sale, so check out, welcome, night fell, dot, com and click on live Click on live, shows for a complete list of dates and in the UK, Ireland, Canada and the Eu S happening this September October. Note Look chances are. If you exist, we will
this near you soon. Unless you have, do exist on any of the five continents. We are not currently going to one last thing. Remember when we said we'll be at San Diego Comic Con and we'll tell you the specifics of what we're doing later. Guess what it's later so Jeffrey and I will be hosting a panel on Friday July, tenth at eight p dot m about the upcoming welcome to night Vale novel then on Saturday, from one to four p dot m. There will be a welcome to night party hosted by tumbler, with a variety of night vale activities and also food, and you don't even need a badge to get in wow I. Finally, all weekend there will be night pill, giveaways at Harpercollins booth and at the tip at a caboose, a comic con exclusive poster and shirt designed by the f. Great Jessica, Hayworth. Just wait till you see these things. I was blown away when I saw them that's a lot tickets so go to welcome to night, fell dot com and click on I shows to get all those details. Finally, our website has links to pre order. That night fell novel I mentioned, which comes out October.
Twentieth were so excited for this book we ve never had. Wait so long to share something we wrote so please pre or now, so you too can share in our agonizing anticipation. This has been Joseph Cramer for listening in response to the murderer? on the loose situation mayor, Dana COD, nor has sent her official night veiled. Director of emergency press conference is to issue an emergency press conference and fortunately, the press, conference. Gazebo is currently on fire due to routine maintenance. So this press conference will be held right here in our study. Please welcome former Mayor PAMELA, when soul
Hulu members over the press corps pillow people of the public hello, visiting dignitaries. Wanderings spirits and hidden royalty disguised as local farmers due to troubles in their home country. I would like to start this emergency press conference with a joke. Okay. So what did the dog say to the bar tender Death is just a tone of soil, but My friends always live up any laughter for the end of the presentation. Please.
Citizens there is a murderer among us, striking at us from the shadows. So what This morning my wrist was sore, I woke up, I was so are. Does anyone know why if you know why please notify a town official. I think it's probably a joint thing maybe you'll all make it through today, maybe. You won't. Me. What am I some kind of expert on you? I'm not. I don't think It has been a long time since college and I don't remember what it was, but I studied plants are points a thing pure fiction: ok, not that It is important in times of emergency, to remain calm. This war
keep you safe, ever was going to happen to you will happen to you anyway, but you will be less irritating to those around you. As it happens, we people you We make such a fuss and a bunch of noise when in mortal danger- and some of us are trying to read right now. Thank you, Maybe the reading is why my wrist a sore. I should a stretch. Or before doing something that takes this much hard physical labour Mayor Cardinal asked me to come to speak to you. I have come to tentatively research. Mayor. Cardinal, although I maintain a slight suspicion that she may be a number of super censure, lizards, enemy costume. I have the same suspicion towards all people, including myself. Anyway, Mayor Cardinal asked me to lay some important emergency info to all of you. So here it is.
On the edge of the known universe is a campfire and around our three figures, indistinct and huddling. Refugees from the universe before our own They will never be able to return home. And metaphorically naive, will any of us we all metaphorically huddled, around a campfire at the edge of the known universe, but an little terms. Only. Those three figures are and no one knows their names and no one ever will an ideal municipal government hopes it? This emergency information was helpful to you. As always, if you are in need of assistance, please don't bother me
Thank you see. So I will now step into the circle I drew in the sand. With my big toe and vanish in a flash of green smoke will Thank you very much. There's a girl, Flash the green smoke looks like she's still Ass. A little bit of that may oral power left inside her luck. Tonight veil is the production of commonplace books. It is written by Joseph Thank and Geoffrey trainer voice of nightmare. Cecil Baldwin, the Voice of PAMELA Winchell was Desi. Re birch, her one woman show tarbaby this summer in New York, City and Edinburgh and see her with the welcome
Night veil live show in the UK and Ireland. This ball original music by disposition, all of it can be found at desperation, dot info or disposition dot, band camp, dotcom comments, questions, email us at info at welcome tonight, veiled dot, com or followers on twitter night Vale Radio check out welcome to night Vale com for more information on this show, as well as all sorts of cool nightvale stuff you can own and while you're there consider clicking that donate link that be cool. If you today's proverb Dodge ram good car, even better advice.
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