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Conversations with People Who Hate Me: Episode 1, You're a Piece of Sh*t

2017-07-31 | 🔗

A new podcast from Night Vale Presents.

Dylan Marron makes popular social justice videos on the internet, so he gets a lot of hate messages. In the first episode of this podcast, he speaks with Chris, a man who called Dylan “a piece of sh*t”... among many other things.

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Conversations with People Who Hate Me is a production of Night Vale Presents. Credits: Dylan Marron (creator, producer, host), Christy Gressman (executive producer), Vincent Cacchione (audio engineer, mixer), Alen Rahimic (production manager). Theme song: “These Dark Times” by Caged Animals. More info: www.nightvalepresents.com

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I just think Here- and I am so excited and proud to bring you the newest podcast from night fail presents its called conversations with people who hate me and it hosted by Dylan Marin, who you might know from his family, mastic video work or you might know, as the perfect voice of Perfect Carlos. The scientist. If you enjoy this episode, please subscribe on Apple podcast, Google play or wherever you listened to podcast, and now I give you Dylan Man. I am Dylan Marin and welcome to conversations with people who hate me a podcast where I have tended conversations offline with some of the people who have send me the most negative or hateful messages online. Now before
you begin, I should let you know this. Podcast is not a debate, nor is it an attempt to ethically shut down the people who have agreed to speak with me This podcast is also not the search for common ground. On the contrary, some of my guests and I have no common ground other than the fact that work humans who have agreed to talk to each other, conversations with people who hate me is an experiment to see what happens when two people with very different views of the world, listen to each other. Now the final piece of business before we begin is: who is the me in the title? Well pay. It's me. I'm Dylan Marin and I'm a writer performer and video maker, and almost all of my work exists online. My videos, for the Sun Social Justice issues and have gained a lot of support, but also have attracted a good amount of hate in twenty fifteen created a series called every single word where a edited down popular movies to only the words spoken by people of color. The series was picked up by media around the world and cheered widely. In May
twenty. Sixteen, just as the Trans bathroom bills were picking up steam. I created and hosted an interview series called sitting in bathrooms with Trans people, where, just as the title suggests, I interviewed Trans folks in the very spot where they were being legislated against the thing that very happy it was. I would be in the women's room and get these double takes an I would see. Women was scared of my presence in there I do not think these imitating the dinner I know now. I see you are right when you walked in we all gas- I also makes the Turco videos like this one that celebrates the fictional holiday heterosexual pride day after a very vocal group of straight folk started, asking why they didn't have a pride day for themselves is Friday or Saturday or Sunday or Monday or on Tuesday or Wednesday or Thursday, which means it is heterosexual. Pride day, no, probably
Most controversial series is unboxing. You know the real unboxing videos where you tubers open up the latest electronic gadgets. Well, I sat arise them. I'm making a serious that unboxing intangible ideologies like Islamophobia rate culture and police brutality. Here's a product is all This is the country that made it today, I'm unboxing the mistreatment of native Americans. This one is an antique, the dates back to the fourteen. Ninety the work I do has gained many fans, but it has also found its very vocal detractors online, which brings us right now the very first episode of conversations with people who hate me where I speak to one of those detractors on the phone, and today I am speaking to Chris A little while ago, Chris sent me this message when the police Aren't there sensitive young men like you will be the first to go. I have to assume you ve, never checked your comments or like dislike ratio, because I've never seen one so poor.
I worry that you will blame this on White Sis men, but please look closer. It's the people that you are championing that hate you. I e you are doing something very, very bad proceed! Guy, I'm sorry one less! message, you are talking with those muslim women and you told them that there has been a lot of talk about a muslim registry, that there is a muslim registry with George Bush, so you set a total lie that could have me I'm scared and made you look like a social justice warrior and among chicken men as monsters. So that's why you are a piece of shit, good thing nobody watches your shit you're. So damn you regularly say things that one hundred percent makes the situation worse and you do it to signal how virtuous you are again good thing: nobody watches your shit, but hey you're, probably getting ten bucks, a video, so whatever ok bow awesome and we are going to call Chris.
Right now. I is this Chris. I encourage. This is Dylan Marin. How are you doing fine? Thank you. Ok day. I had to fix my corner to fix my watch me oh, let me get my dog scattered around ok kid I asked about you: ve got too much so press like I said to you before, I had had a couple cocktails limit, but let me tell you I stand by most of what I do stand by most of what I said not about you personally, but about social Justice warriors sought. So that's really where my issue lies and that they want to certain people want to turn over the whole country. In order to
who starve small problems like anyone to give an example, the algae bt, community algae. The key, whatever letters there eating, aren't you it now. You know, there's always been gay people, they ve always been fine getting along fine in life, and you know I, Mr Porto Gay marriage by the way, but I dont think that they need a whole list of rights. There are people with like saying, Redhead, right or left handed people rights. It just seems all syllable me, the whole social justice stuff stinks All right I mean so clearly. There is a lot that you and I disagree on die. No, this right, as you know, I'm a p of ship. So let me take up that. Limiting ok, was it you you had caught me at a bad time. I didn't mean to call you freeze, chili, Pologize call you. If I want to lovingly point out. You said I caught you at a bad time, but you mean
you saw my videos at a bad time right. For the most part yeah me and my wife for going over them yesterday. My wife, by the way, is a big fan of yours. Oh wow, ok, so one year in the liver household in alarm, surrounded by ok. Well, I'm sorry and your welcome, depending on how you want to tell her what was it about me and what was it about my videos that got to you so much that you had to send the message that you did. I tell you what it was one little thing you called it raises for somebody sincerity say that go black community ended. The minority community has criminality, proud black black rye and you said Can you imagine that was raised like how is it raises? These are the facts and an? U sign for your nice kid you're, smart kid! You young! How old are you by the way, the money? I know I don't mind, I'm twenty, eight, ok I'll! You look here:
given that my eye faded twenty two wheel Chris, I get raided our movies, so I think that sixteen. So I think you know you you your heart, you the right place and I just think that at the many ways, your misguided, I'm sure you feel the same way about data misguided, but you know that's. Why does this? She would dreams of the political spectrum so, I dont, want to her words in your mouth. So correct me. If I'm wrong, I was kind of like the image the social justice warrior right right right and how would you define a social? justice: Warrior, don't worry, I won't be offended, should meet social justice. Warrior is bay in it for the most part, a rich college student who has his pant mommy and daddy pay for everything, and they pick and choose these.
The subjects to be angry about in a world where people really generally Don't have that much to be angry about. I think you're, fine young man to check the wrong with you I have my problem is with social justice. I'm against things like black lives matter. I don't take. It helps anybody. I think it hurts, and I am a staunch conservative saying that black lives matter as a problem.
To hear only because I feel like that is a movement that is rooted in just saying a group of people's lives matter, and do you disagree with that now? Of course, I dont disagree with that, but I am saying that that what they concentrate on is that my news of the day, the killings, the problem with the police, in my opinion and my father's, a retired policeman inhale- tell you to Safety- is to think it is a lack of training where they don't receive the training that they need their dare put there for a couple months and then sent into scary situation. Couple months and instead into scary situations, but I dont think it necessarily a racial matter. There are some raised his cops, but let's look: let's look at the black fatalities at the hands of criminals, and I know that you think staying black criminality. The problem is raised, but I don't agree, I think,
That there is a problem with criminality in the minority community. I dont want to be speaking in circles because I feel like you, you could argue your side and I could argue my side, which is only in an attempt to be an ally to the black community, but I dont know that talking back and forth about this
will necessarily get us anywhere. I don't think so. You folks exactly like they were very far out on it. I think we're very far apart, but don't don't lay claim to carry more about the black community. I love my black friends. I know that saying that means embraces to say if I have black friends to use that, but that's another thing left dodges. They take away evidence of a white person not being racist by saying that all your black roads, because meaning a black while that meat does mean racist while making a very racist right so have have you ever been called racist sure what time online
I think of myself as racists, but you feel I think most people aren't really racist. I mean everyone has a little bill a little bit, but so how do you feel when someone calls you racist? It doesn't bother me because it happened so often, mainly because a lot of times when people don't have an answer for what you say they resort to your racists. If I am acting as a racist, then it may botany, in my opinion, at all how I feel about appeal on being racist, profoundest, been fact things that I know things that I've seen. Then I don't feel about its being racist. I think that one of the racist and strong man you're talking about when it
they all KKK fancies, USA, KKK, thirty guys down south, would pick up trucks. There is strong and didn't really exist. I mean, I think, it's a little. Sadly it's more than thirty guys. Well, maybe maybe, but I don't think it's. I don't think it's a situation where I mean did we have set aside and we have a programme of action for black people. Let me deal because we have favoured we had Jim Crow for the four decades and it was horrible. You think, back to what we would separate water founds. If I can be a breaking so ridiculous, so they got rid of that going fully and Ghana, we even things out, is not perfect, but we have set aside and we have affirmative action for those things and for those thinks you're saying,
colored water fountains! That is bullshit right. That should have done language right, There are things I asked, but I also think to be fair that, like decades from now someone future might be saying, while there was racist stuff going on and twenty seventeen, but now that's over. I just can't deal with this stuff right. Perhaps perhaps idleness selling disagree with that. We also have to acknowledge that now, there you nor I, our black. So we no, what I like first hand to be a black person, literary litter, very Tripoli structure- does not try to. Zero five black people, because their americans- actually, if you wanna talk about, if you forget talk about who have war bromwich at work, probably the weak with he'll be living. If I want you to give, my grandfather was a butcher from ITALY, so the black people more american than us.
I have no wish you were black people right, but I'm going you're saying you do have an interview with undocumented immigrants. Now I dont have an issue with them. Either there appeared in general, hardworking people. I have no problem with people who you want to be met. It's just that when we make, if we make everybody in American, then being met, It has got to lose its value, their value job to being an american citizen. Yeah. I I think a lot of undocumented immigrants see that value and would like to be. I now citizens and I think it's either. The path to immigration is so hard for people right. It is it is, it is difficult, I'm not saying it's not right I mean it is worthwhile to acknowledge that we, both your Emily and my family did were immigrants, one time and the people who actually were truly never emigrants to this land have been fucked over the most right native american guys. I totally agree.
I totally agree with you and I would argue that native Americans have been have industry. In the past ideal, a great another while Wretch now they're all casino on I mean I don't think that's true. I think there's extreme poverty, among native american communities, because as a very lonely Larry. I agree with you regret. You know there is so early. Stand on something like the Dakota Access pipeline. I'm a fan of fossil fuels. It puts the put people to work its aid aid, it energized this world. It gave us what we have it
it: was the industrial revolution call at all? If he does your revolution and yes, I I dont believe and global warming at Billina God, climate change. I dont believe that its as as celebrated as they say it maybe, but I don't. I think that the case is much. We can do to really start that unless we all go back to the stone age, I'm a western chauvinist. Our way of life relies on fossil fuels right now and has not that much we can do so. Chris, ok, it feels like we there's a lot. The we like so strongly disagree about right Now, how do you think someone like you and someone like me can keep having productive conversations? Well, I They grab a decent conversation now by barbarian civil. Why not say things like I said to you. What can I do when I taxes
Let me go about women out of Gaza, not daughters and also by not saying oh, you feel is why? Because your racist, and because because that kind of talk that that's use shuts down conversation, Ok, what you call someone a racist without really knowing them. I'm a thing! You did understand that when people do that, that's gotta stop because ended. Then there's no conversation. We have to be filled with each other, like you and I have been today so ok, so that the way to do it, I I actually agree with you about being civil, but I also just want to say I think, the the viewpoints that I have don't have a direct impact on your life right like they do. My viewpoints, don't change your way of life right, not at all no sir, but I would
So let's take one specific thing: you brought up saying that the algae B, Q, A plus community. Yes, those are the, words does already desire the letters in the acronym, what an arrogant give it you no more time. So I get him right. Oh wow, ok, great algae Ellen gee bt- oh my god, I'm getting aroma of thought! Either you gotta keep up. What do you got it? You gonna keep up with the Times Chris, but the acronyms. Now r l Gb Teeth Q, I a plus later I plus so what is the I and the aid and the plus great questions? Are you ready for it? Yes, ok. It's um. I is intersects, the is a sexual. As you know, our care and the plus is
of getting ahead of ourselves and knowing that there are other people involved in this acronym that we might not be identifying yet God you yeah, so solely I used to be man. Heterosexual mail address such a female homosexual male, almost at your female royal I'll catch up. Ok I'll catch up. Our learned, I learned a pronounced in the window. I don't have an issue with that. Thank you. I mean. The thing I wanted to point out is You said it used to be heterosexual, male heterosexual, female homosexual. A homosexual female, but the truth is right, even to just get home sexual male and female onto that for some or to add on to that too, I took a lot of work now. You said something Chris that I really want to talk because I'm truly interested, but you should do. You are, of course important issues, but we don't need to talk about them. What do you mean by that?
I mean if you like. I was saying before I mean gay, why it's like it's almost like left, handed right and right handed right and read it or is it something that we don't always after what white taught me. I understand why to marry and the operators about an issue I understand is about emissions, but you see these people and they are fighting for these rights, that they have the rights already. What rights are we talking about? I dont understand right, you're, talking about what rights to gaze need that they don't have. What I can tell you if you're yeah, so I think the reason why I believe that it is very important to talk about this stuff. The the very stuff you're saying we shouldn't talk about is that there are things that cannot be protected
Are these big laws, just because I have the right to marry, doesn't necessarily mean that legislation is leading the way in protecting me if I am the victim of a hate crime, if that state is saying, will hate crimes, dont really exist and hate crimes dont cover? crimes on the basis of sexuality, gender orientation or sexual orientation, gender identity or or anything else in the algae boutique you I plus acronym, so these are the. I think And I'm curious to hear what you say, because just a tie up what I'm saying I think it is important to in fact talk about these issues.
Is because there are issues that affect people based on their identity. Do disagree yes, but yes, it now and I'll tell you. I think, because crimes exist doing something to somebody, whether whether I see you on the street and and stuff, and somebody collars and punch you and a face, whether because you're gay well, because you call them a jerk, a crime is a cry, and as far as game and being able to her,
and in society the government can can, God did Kate, how that happens. Society has to change envies changing so Chris you're just said that people watching or listening to this, no you are not a gay man right now. I'm assist gendered straight now, married for twenty years, you're beautiful, liberal tree holding wife who I love was registered nurse and I'm a cat scan technologist crony five years I have two children so Chris that the only reason I ask, that is to say that I am a gay man aye aye under. Stand, that laws protect against crime, but my husband and I don't hold hands in the street because of the ship we get for it and and you're you're Europe?
It has much more validity than mine does exist in this area. I have no problem with that. Your experience. In this area. What that's interesting would you be willing to? Fly, the same generosity that just gave to me by saying that I might is more valid in this area when you're talking about things like black lives matter to a black person who is. I would accept that a lot of people not not definitely a good percentage of black people do not support likewise matter. A good support of a good portion of people voted for black. I voted for Donald Trump, maybe not allowed on baby, not half of them, but I don't feel that that the black lives matter has the eyes and ears.
Entire black community. I don't feel that way at all. So, ok, rather than speaking on these issues and again acknowledging that, even if this conversation, were ten hours long? We wouldn t necessarily. Start seeing each other side. We what'd. I tell you what we wanted. Ok, you decide to the argument. I would argue that there aren't two sides to the argument when one side of the argument is disrespecting human life, but I still think a conversation like the one we're having is crucial to understand how people think who might differently from you diagram. When did you start identifying as a conservative?
It happened later in life and and I'll tell you. I was a liberal. I was pro choice. I was very, very liberal and now spoken about it in two hours about thirty five years old, I usually very pro choice and I would look at it. Xbox for children were added the gestation when it begins and when you know the haughty begin, they went brainwaves begin and it occurred to me that the life begins at conception. Life begin the conception closer there. Any questions that you have for me now I take
I don't like you, I don't like you know my elder lazy. Like me, we can agree on a lot of tat. We disagree. I want to stop ratify that's. Why has this conversation helped you at all? I think so I think so just to show that the two people- I think there is a good day something good. There is a good one better than I thought. I would owe how did you think those gonna go contentious to Chris Is that a good that one better than I thought I would? Oh, how did you think those gonna go contentious Chris. This podcast is actually call The conversations with people who hate me. I'm dead. You do you hate me.
In order to pull on, do I have to say yeah? No, I learn it. In fact, I know no danger. I no longer hey! You deal with you, no longer hate me, so you did I no longer why don't you're nice guy? Why don't you hate me any new on you on? No wait? No, no, no it's not about winning, was well now you're willing to listen. We I'm listening to you, you listen to me and ass. The most important thing. We don't agree and that's fine, but these conversations. You could be out. You said you have a liberal wife and you said you'd disagree on most issues. Do you guys not talk about politics? We I had a difficult time when Trump one with I had a difficult life for about a week, just a week. He was not happy. I was banished from the bedroom.
Should you not ok, I was bad for the bedroom and I still we get or politics. We used to talk politics. All tied her, but ever since dollars, I don't know. Maybe she feels like. I got a leg up or something, but we cannot. We start arguing, so we decided to put politics aside for a while away, actually got bored up again yesterday, when I told her that I was gonna be speaking here when we started watching some you're barking. Videos answer me into view videos but I like him what I like you, maybe the next series I do is conversations with the wives of the people who have a good, and what about you got a lot of agreement there, but is there anything that you're gonna do differently? Now that we have this conversation, I tell you what I'm going to listen, because it's important all right will Chris,
Thank you so much we did. He was going to argue for opt for contact me reaching out to me please, and thank you for can't you I mean to give credit. You are the first one to contact me, and you said I'm doing something very, very bad, so I have to We are well keep up, keep up the bad work, I'll keep up the bad were, and I hope that you will keep listening. Ok, ok, we'll have a good one. Chris use your brow, nice Porfirio nice talk me into all right by Congress stations with people who hate me is a production of night veil, presents Christie Grass men as the executive producer, Vincent Kashshi is the sound engineer and Mixer Eleanor. He makers of the production manager, the theme song,
as these dark times by caged animals, and this podcast was created, produced and hosted by me, Dylan Marin, special thanks to night presents director of marketing, Adam Cecil are publicist Christine or Gaza, and all the destined Flannery Mccoy Rob Silks Mark Maloney and production assistance, Alison Goldberger and Emily Mauler, thank you to all of, those who give feedback and encouragement throughout this process, and thank you also to those who warned me against doing this project. I did it anyway and yes to those who wrote the hateful messages, comments and posts that inspired to turn one. We negativity into productive to weigh conversations thanks so much for listening, and we will be back next week with another conversation and remember there is a human
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