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Excerpt: Behind the Scenes (September 2023)

2023-09-22 | 🔗

An excerpt from our most recent patreon Behind the Scenes episode, wherein Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor answer your questions about how we balance horror & humor, what Khoshekh's deal is, and what is Steve Carlsberg's actual relationship to Cecil?

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Hey Jeffrey kroner. Here I wanted to present to you an excerpt from our most recent bonus episode that we have over at our patriarch. We do these bonus episodes four times a year for weird scout level and above two of some are behind the scenes. Episodes like this one is wearing We answer questions from our patriots. Members about welcome the night fell and then the other two bonus episodes every year are fully fictional. Welcome and I felt bonus episodes. We do a lot other really cool stuff over on our patria, like directors, notes for each and every episode, twice: monthly essay. Is by me and Joseph they may be about writing. They may well be about the show oh about our lives, things like that, and we also do monthly, hang out on zoo me and Joseph with our patron member. So it's a lot of fun, so few about joining our patriotic for welcomed, and I feel it really is heart and soul switch what we what we need.
Keep the show afloat. So it's really important really helpful. We love our patron member, so very very much so give this egg serpent, let's see if this is your sort of thing you want to be part of these bonus episodes in the future, where, over at patreon dot com, slash welcome to night vale, that's patria, dot, com, slash welcome to night vale check out all the cool levels and benefits hope you enjoy, and hey thanks jack us says: caution was in the show for almost a decade before we found out his back story. Was that always part of his lore was something you came up with later along the way. No, we did we didn't when we introduced the cat and like twenty twelve, we didn't have a long meeting were like ok, let's figure out but a human being his cat used to be before about something that javary just brought, I do we have to remember. If we had a conversation beforehand, we might have, he might I have come to me with, like hey, I'm thinking of doing something with caution. I dont remember, but I discover that back story when I entered it
set up a sub committee have escaped. That was that was highlighted. That story- and I think I you know, two parts, her britain separately and sent me separately side had the exact cliff cliffhanger, as he I didn't see the second half of the story until schaeffer at it yeah that was kind of during apart, where I was really interested in having other characters do hold up, I would suggest, seemed kind of fun, and that was one I've The only thing I told you that I was doing was playing with back story of caution being something more than caution that we may have been the extent of our explained it. Ah, Lee asks what is your favorite rule? You ve come up with for the night universe and not necessarily a law of the town itself, but world building roles It's really good question. You know the over arching rule when we first start in writing the showed, together after Joseph written, the pilot we together and we're like yeah. Let's do this and we start talking about what we are writing and how to do it and justice
which is most important. In said, we could do any, with the show that we want it just right, the important that we followed, strict continuity in meaning characters, imagine if we say something happens and then this other thing has to happen. I mean that's such a broad rule, is such an important one and I love it cause it separates. What we do from something like the simpsons right, like were part, is, he sent forth Grady maggie is always a baby. You know every episode, the timeline resets and I love stuff like that. I'd grew group, loving the simpsons, but yeah. be able to have people each in a certain way is in a real world. Sort of way is really beautiful like it. It chisholm it makes writing it really rewarding when I get to think about how much to make a flint has aged since we started the show issues is really fun. To think about. yeah. I think one model for what
we're doing here is the comic serious love and rockets, specifically These side, a lot love rockets has to artists who write to stories, and so the site ridden by high may Hernandez is about these two women who, when they Introducing the eighties were like teenage punks in suburban, in california and but they've aged in real time with the comic strip and did not comic strip. Its third comic, has it like them about an issues and so on. this point. They are like well it their middle age, her working jobs, they like they ve, had blocked four disappointments: their bodies are different. You know they ve grown and aged, and it's really effective reading Levin rockets the way that you can really feel the time start away at them. It feels
very real and very interesting to watch these characters. Age, the save my way do inciting. that's something I really want to try it was. I want. I want the years to start away on these people on them, for them to change and that gradual way we all do
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