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The First Ten Years: Two Sides of the Same Love Story

2021-01-28 | 🔗

Joseph and Meg are here to tell you about their new memoir that they co-wrote called The First Ten Years: Two Sides of the Same Love Story. It’s a memoir about being two kids in love, and then suddenly having a touring live show based on a weird fiction podcast and traveling around the world together.

You can pre-order it now! Just go to tinyurl.com/firsttenyears or wherever you get your books.

Here’s the official synopsis if you want more info:

A sometimes hilarious, occasionally heartbreaking, and always entertaining joint memoir by Joseph Fink, cocreator of Welcome to Night Vale, and his wife, writer and performer Meg Bashwiner, chronicling the first ten years of their relationship from both sides.

In 2009, 22-year-old Joseph Fink, newly arrived to New York City from the West Coast, was juggling odd jobs to pay the rent and volunteering with a theater company in the East Village so he could snag free tickets to their shows.

Meg Bashwiner, a 22-year-old aspiring performer and playwright, was living with her parents in New Jersey, working a desk job and commuting to her internship with that same East Village theater company.

Joseph and Meg's stories meet when they both find themselves selling tickets in a cramped box office. They quickly became friends. Within a year, they were a couple. Within five years they were touring the world, performing on some of the world's greatest and not so great stages.

In this candid, soul-baring memoir, Joseph and Meg recount their first ten years together, each telling their story as they remember it, without having consulted the other. We hear both sides of their first kiss, first breakup, first getting back together, the death of a father, marriage, international fame, world tours, mental illness, and discussions about having children. Sometimes, they recall things differently—neither agrees on who paid for the morning after pill on their first date. Sometimes they remember the exact same details in the same way—but still have their own narrative on just what those details mean.

Poignant, funny, and real, alternately told in Joseph and Meg’s remarkably different, yet equally compelling voices, The First Ten Years is the story of two individuals finding their way in the world and becoming "adults" as they learn to become a couple.

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Hi, it's josephing! Here we are on our usual January break and we will be back with a new episode in just a few days on February. First, but today I have a special guest here to help make a really exciting announcement. We have been waiting to make for a long time and we are so excited to bring it to the special guess. It is make bash winner, I just have it's nice to see you love in our home. Yes, it's me MEG bachelor. I play the role of your favorite sentient, patches, haze, unwelcome tonight, male debt I also em. The m c of the wife shows, if you ve ever been to one of our life shows me saw a very attractive person in a very tight dress, telling you not to smoke or vague insider eater. That was me also. I talk to you at the end of this podcast to tell you about the credits and the proverb:
so make. Why are we standing in the basement of our house talking in front of objective because we love it nor basement super we're also its where your microphone as it were, using your microphone to tell you that we wrote a book. It's called the first ten years is a memoir that the two of Us Co wrote that comes out may eleventh of this year and its available for pre sale right now, that's right, the first ten years, the same love story from both sides. So it's about the first ten years of Megan Eyes relationship for each of those years. We wrote down how we remembered it entirely separately without consulting the other person. So it's the same offence, but we remember them very differently. It's also bring a very weird time in our lives in which I started, this podcast called weapon to night fell, and then we ended up touring the world together standing on stages in all these countries would never thought we'd go make. What are you
most excited about what this bar no my most excited about this, but the fact that it exists for firm for one thing, but it's really exciting to get to. With all of you out there already readers out there what the past ten years of our life has been like this, You don't know just and I are married and not to spoil the chapter about twenty fifteen, but Steve and I are married and started dating in two thousand and nine when we met as young feeder making up starts in York, city's east village, and so with a book starts there and it ends today in our basement. In upstate New York, we're together the two of us as a romantic gift just bought each other thirty one feat of new sewer line for our house? So it's a
really interesting. Turning to get from bear to hear, there's lots of great stuff about the making of night fail how it went from being just a weird idea into Josephs head to now weird idea and all of your heads also there's other things that go on in our lives. There's lost, there's gains, I have a mental breakdown and a budget rental car, the Burbank airport. You know life life so again that comes out on May eleventh, but human pre order it now and just to give you up behind the scenes peak here, pre ordering makes a huge difference for authors. I really actually cannot emphasize that enough, so if you think you're going to buy it, please consider pre ordering it really helps you can pre order it by going to tiny, U R, l dot com slash first, ten years, that's all spelled out no numbers and you can see the cover which I promise is super weird and has pictures of taxidermy.
you can pre order your copy. There see you soon with our next episode of night fell, make we have a book. We have it and for those of you that are looking at the cover and the squirrel in the back of the canoe again make. Where can we get it and also see that cover tiny. U R, l, dot com slash first, ten years, all spelled out no numbers all squirrels, all back. So, of course, that link is also in the show notes if you'd like that the first ten years, the same love story from two sides a new. My more by me make ok talk to you all again in a couple days by the by no idea or squirrel jerk. I guess I'll, do my squirrel Jack S Roger. Is that I'm this girl in the back of the boat on the cover I'll do it? I was manipulator, vulgar deadlier them
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