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Unlicensed Ep 2 - Lost Boy Found

2022-11-17 | 🔗

Unlicensed, the new show by me, Joseph, and my Night Vale co-creator Jeffrey Cranor has been out for a week. Thank you to everyone who listened.

We are presenting today the second episode “Lost Boy Found”, in its entirety. We didn’t write this series alone, by the way, we brought in some of our best Night Vale guest writers, including Brie Williams and Glen David Gold. This episode was written by Brie and it introduces the case that will become the main story for this season. And you might notice, along with the voices of Molly Quinn, Lusia Strus, and TL Thompson, the voice of Dana on Night Vale and Keisha on Alice Isn’t Dead, Jasika Nicole.

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Welcome to night villas brought you by progressive, were customers who save by switching their home and car, save nearly eight hundred dollars on average, quote at progressive dot com progressive casually insurance company in affiliates national average. Twelve months savings of seven hundred ninety three dollars by new customer surveyed who saved with progressive between June twenty twenty one and may twenty twenty two potential savings will very unlicensed. The new show by me, Joseph and my night fell creator. Jeffrey trainer has been out for a week and thank you to everyone who ass listen to it. We are presenting to day these second episode lost boy found in its entirety. We didn't write the series alone by the way we brought in some of our best night fell guest writers, including bree Williams and Glenn David gold, and this episode was written by brie and it introduces the case that will become the main story for this season and
might notice, along with the voices of Molly Quinn, lucia stress until thompson, the voice of just seek in the core who played Dana night fail and quichua on Alice, isn't dead. Again, all twelve episodes of a first season are available right now only on audible. There is a free trial. So please to use that to listen
however, there are a ton of really interesting shows on audible, so I will be sharing some of my own recommendations of other audible shows after this episode, if you want them, get your free trial of audible and listen to the entire first season. Right now at audible, dot, com, slash unlicensed, that's audible, dot, com, slash unlicensed, to listen to all twelve episodes of this show right now, and now here is episode to of unlicensed. I knew how it sounds. My mom thinks and not crazy, but she doesn't like me saying this. I can't pretend like nothing's happening, though he left,
was gone a day. He returned, he looks the same. He has the same voice, same smile, same everything except and I'm not crazy. But a green into him in the whole late at night. In the way his face. Looked in the shadow I had never seen that face. He looked just like my brother, but he was not my brother. I knew that he couldn't be. The boy who came back is not the boy he left
the boy in my house is not my brother unlicensed episode to last boy found. Forty thousand years ago, a sabre tooth cat ran across on mars, She landscape chasing something that looks like a large rabbit, the rabbit slipped into a refuge and thorny vegetation and the cat went hungry that night. Sometime long after that, a spanish priests,
had a vision in this very same spot on the banks of a stream, and it prompted him to go forth into the wilderness, a tangle of force that is now a tangle of factories to seek the meaning of his face. He was never heard from again later. This was a popular grazing spot on a booming cattle ranch before that it was a patch of dormant sludge beneath a sub tropical see today, it is a construction site for land redevelopment project in the city of industry. California and old bay of warehouses sits, have demolished excavators and back hose and bulldozers wait silently to be called into action. One area is cordon off with yellow team near the yellow tape. A bouquet of flowers has been left in the dirt. Three days ago, the lifeless body of thirty eight year old, Adam Griggs,
Brian city transportation, employee veteran husband, wildlife advocate Owner of a condo in their eyes was found crushed here beneath a chunk of concrete debris today, beside his deserted tomorrow, work will resume. Somebody died here. I don't want to look too hard at the ground because I'm afraid I'll seen, blood or something I try to look at other things, anything but the details of the area. That's been taped off by yellow police line, as if the tragedy can be confined to the borders of a neat rectangle. As long as I don't get too close to those magic borders, I'm safe
outside looking in. I am not touching death. I ask what are we doing here? Not because blue hasn't told me what we're doing here, but because I dont want to be doing anything here investigating she's, as then, she ducks under that yellow wine crosses that magic. And enters the realm of the dead, without so much as batting an eye. That's the peace that killed him mutters. She puts her hands on the trunk of concrete making my stomach role. it's not as big as I thought it would be. She looks up. At the crumbling wall, it fell from frowns I don't know what the frown means. I have a pat of paper, but I dont What to write down. She's muttering other things that I can't hear wears a contracting again on a mcgovern security case lose friend Grady,
Trying to help improve the owner of this property and client Mcgovern is not liable for the death. As far as we know. No one has even file the claim, but the insurance company wanted to get a jump on it. We take some pictures right up some notes make sure all matches what Mcgovern already knows. It's not an end. Orton to urgent case. That's why it's ours not important, not urgent, Only a man's life before I left the church we used to do baptisms for the dead. There was a: u group that would meet in the temple basement on saturdays, where we would Given a list of names, get dunton a tank of water and release each departed. toll from their spiritual prison. Afterwards we were given pizza, death. Hadn't seemed frightening to me in those days, but
righteousness and salvation are the drugs of religion. It still the hardest detox have ever done. A car pulls up to the curb its long and black and for a second I think it's a hearse, but that wouldn't make any sense. Not he I read an empty construction site days after the body was already removed. The car is a good distance away, but I can see the conspicuously plain Black and white government issue license plate. It remain We have those plain label, beer cans that were popular in the seventies, a man in dark sunglasses emerges a two large man two small suit ages stands there in front of his car staring at us. Maybe we should get out of here. I say to Lou she still pole around in the dirt. We have a concrete slab unaware of the man watching us. I can feel the
and eyes on my back police officer, health, inspector, mafia boss. Maybe he's a reform smoker who quit nicotine, but the ten minutes he gets to stand alone outside during a dreary work day. I walk a few steps closer to the rectangle of death, where Adam gregorian body was found. Its not play and but its preferable to being in the line of sight of that hearse of a government car in its hawking undertaker we're going to be late for that appointment and unseen, o brien sis loosened and wiping her dusty hands on her pants. Ok, ok, she says and ducks back through the tape re entering the land of the living nor thought mulholland tucked into the foothills past,
abandoned missile base lies. The man made encina reservoir. It once provided drinking water, but soon became polluted with algae blew it now, functions as a three billion gallon watering hole for local wildlife and on days like today, a place for fire fighting helicopters to dip their buckets. There is a brush fight, burning in the santa monica mountains is not a large fine. It's I already mostly contained and will likely be extinguished by nightfall, but it's important to catch small fires early. They don't stay small for long beyond the reservoir, a shopping district nestles against the hill, surrounded by a residential neighbourhood crowded with MC mansions.
behind one of these homes, a kidney shaped swimming pool shimmers in the heat a dead cockroach floats on the glassy surface to unlicensed investigators and a well dressed middle aged woman, sit on patio furniture, drinking iced tea. This is the backyard of the albrecht home. Kim Albrecht, I basically remember her face from real estate bus stop beds in the nineties. The odds had a theme. Some kingdom gimmick wizard of oz, yeah yeah. That was it. She had worn a blue gingham.
laser and how the small terrier in her arms the slogan red there's no place like Albrecht homes. There was something about the way she held that dog that always made me think it wasn't really hers, but she had only rented it for the photo shoot anyway. Now,
she owns coastal dreams. Reality, one of the largest commercial and residential development firms in the city. She also owns, among many other things, a plot of land upon which sits a construction site where someone was crushed to death under a chunk of concrete. She seemed surprised when I am form her up this, apparently no one had told her yet was it a construction worker? Miss Albrecht asks as if this isn't the first time something like this has happened. No, it was a state employee. I correct her worked in transportation. I think Adam gregorian, interim chief of system, safety, security and compliance, I knew assistant recites, looking at her note book. What will he do? Hunger, there did someone given permission to be there. Miss Albrecht asks me as if I'm the one running her company
Since he was thereafter hours, I tattler do you think he was trespassing? I wouldn't feel comfortable, accusing the man of a crime she draws out. The word dramatically. Miss Albrecht scan suddenly and walked to the edge of the swimming pool she niels down and snacks. It which, from the water, using the ends of her pearl manicured. Now, like forceps, flinging its little corpse into the square manager bushes. She back to us. Shading arise from the sun with one hand you're here about insurance. She asked in a tone that implies. We should get to the point. What is my point, I'm trying to find out how the guy died why he was wandering around a construction site. After our words? No, that's not it. I mean yes, I'm interested, but it's not
Why I'm here I'm here about the where beer about liability were here about liability, I repeat, after motley we're trying to establish that MR cook: koreans death. Wasn't the fault of the property owner, namely you fuck sakes, miss albrecht size, making the swear word sound elegant, like an ex held the path from long cigarette. Now comes the fun part where I convince her that taking partial responsibility for the death is a good idea for her. Most people have such a knee jerk reaction against taking responsibility for anything negative that they fail to see how it could actually benefit them in the bigger picture. I hope the new assist
It is ready to take notes, there's a boy watching us from his all bricks, upstairs window, a young teenager, maybe fourteen or fifteen his expression is. Syria when he notices me noticing him he moves away from the glass. It seems, like every One is watching us today, I dont like it. Maybe this whole private detective thing isn't the best lifestyle choice for me I get ulcers too easily, although the officers were probably from the drinking. I miss drinking. still, I remember seeing and add four laundromat technician. No experience necessary, have always found the sounds of washing machines to be soothing meditative. Even maybe I should give that a try. Instead, I don't know I dont have long to wallow in my doubts, Kim Albrecht, shouting
You want me to admit some kind of fault. That's insane shit. I must have missed something, not in a legal sense, louis saying trying to calm her. I stared at my notes for clues, as if maybe a part of me was still writing things down, while another part was turned out in my mental laundromat. No look, thankfully lou explains to come and I start writing. Mr Albrecht, your insurance company doesn't want to pay liability, that's why they hired us, but if they dont pay out, that means you came. Albrecht could get hit with a lawsuit later on, The deceased family then you're, paying out of pocket on a larger settlement when you could have just had your insurance company do what you hire them to do in the first place, it's my opinion that you should call your insurance agent start making waves now.
They're going to take advantage of your complacency and not pay out putting you in a very vulnerable position. Does that make sense can doesn't say anything. Neither do I. It does have an odd kind of logic, except. Why are you telling me this? Don't you work for the insurance company kim asks? The very thing I was wondering low shrugs technically is all she says. That seems to be enough for him rex, but I've already learned a few deductive skills of my own you're, just trying to keep the gregorian case open longer, so you can keep billing the insurance company right. The new kid accuses me as we walked down the street back to where I parked. I never liked to park at my exact destination, five blocks away as good minimum. Yes, I agree. That's true, but there are clients, she argues,
I can almost basically see her trying to wrap her mind around the idea. Remember this. I tell molly without slowing down, we don't work for the insurance company. We work for ourselves and if we don't extent cases it has work as much as possible. The office goes under and if that happens, we don't work for anyone. Mildly looks like she wants to say something, but she doesn't hungry. I ask shea nuts I'm thinking about what to get for lunch when I feel a hand on my shoulder. I turn around too quickly. I hate it when people sneak up on me. Sorry is the first word spoken by the teenage girl, her hand
still out stretched. It drops to her side, I'm cayley I'll brecht. She introduces yourself. You were just talking to my mom. I instinctively sweet my pockets to see if I left something behind that they all bracton keeps wallet phone. I do that. Sometimes I need to talk to you. Kelly says your private detectives right my hand holds its search for missing items. Her anxiety is so palpable. I can feel it triggering my own like contact high. Is this about the construction site death
Molly asks cayley, looks confused now she says it's about my brother, I'm not in the mood to discuss anything about anything standing on a hot and see no sidewalk with grumbling stomach. So instead of inquiring further, I ask her. same thing. I asked molly hungry. Kay looks between the two of us still confused yeah. I guess so. She says I opened the car door as an invitation to lunch. Mama springs and act. stacking boxes and files in moving things around to make room for the girl, because of course, there's no way any he's going to justify it into the back seat that I use as a storage it. I know guess: molly is actually organizing things ass. She moved them more points for the new kid fifteen minutes later overboard.
Ursus shakes at an umbrella table outside the winner net, so cayley all brecht, this seemingly average upper middle class college student, towns as one of the strangest stories I've ever heard a couple of weeks ago, she says my little brother preston when miss none of it Friends knew where he was, she tells us, and his phone had been turned off. Cayley undermine Kim were frantic eventually the cops were caught, but after twenty four hours pressed and simply turned home. He had a story about doing a solo, camping, tripping Griffith park claimed to have not to danny one about it, because he.
Was afraid that his mom or occasionally would have said no. He apologized for not calling, but his phone died and it was too late to hike back out of the park. He would accept the punishment. Neither Kim nor Kaylee really believed his story, but they didn't press him on it either. They were just happy to have him back and that he seemed fine, and this is where it gets. Weird Gately warns us. She looks almost ashamed. If she forges ahead I don't think he's my brother. I think my brother is still missing and I think the boy in my house is a totally different person. There is no appropriate response. I can think of, for what kaylie Albrecht has just said:
luckily no response seems necessary. Cayley continues on like a train, picking up speed, her half eaten burger long forgotten. No one believes me. Of course. She said not my mom and not the police, but precedent. are extremely close. I know him better than anyone. My mom's always been really busy, so I practically raised pressed I've fed him as a babe. It changed his diapers. I drive him to meet friends. I check in on him. If he's late, I go to his parent teacher conferences, but besides that we're friends the phrase besides, that is doing a lot of work. Cayley I say well, like we hang out she retorts confident
Even if we're super busy, we always leave sunday night open. So we can get take out and watch the new episode of kingdoms of the wall together, or at least we use to now. He locked himself in his room and barely speaks to me. It's like he doesn't even know who I am. He uses we're words and phrases that he's never used before he's just he's, not my brother, She stopped to see how loo and I are reacting an image,
is beginning to form in my mind, but I'm not sure of what like, when you fit a few pieces of a puzzle together, but it still doesn't look like any part of the picture on the box. What kinds of words and phrases lou asks: ideation kaylee supplies, stick ability, there's, others I've written down, oh and green beans. I he talks about green beans. I asked with a raised eyebrow he used to hate green beans. clearly clarifies but the other night he took to helpings at dinner. I can't understand why the police are taking the seriously, I think, to myself sarcastically
and then I immediately feel like an asshole, because I can see that kelly is in genuine distress. Did you talk to your mom about all this? I ask. Finally, of course cayley says she told me it would be good to talk to my therapist about it. I know Of course, honestly, I was worried. It was all in my head to cayley says lowering her voice. I even found this disorder where people are suddenly convince their close friends or family are impostors. Sometimes they even think they ve been replaced,
aliens robots. There was this one story where a guy attacked his mother in law, with a knife to try to quote get the batteries out. It's really scary stuff. She looks at me, I think, for reassurance. Do you think you have this disorder lou asks cayley shakes her head? No, she says simply partly because of swim practice. What about swim practice? I ask presses when coach called me and said, he's missed every practice and sees them back. He might get kicked off the team. The real preston would never miss practice. He wanted to compete in regional, sincere, but the thing is, he leaves the house a practice time and doesn't come home for hours so where's he go I think I've thought about following him, but he knows my car loo and I don't have an answer for cayley.
But I'm starting to see more of the picture that my mind was already putting together drugs, maybe or an addiction of some time. The behavioral changes the loss of interest and activities the unexplained disappearance. These are familiar symptoms. That's not really me. Many times that I think that, while looking into the bathroom mirror trying to fill in the gaps of exactly what happened the night before at what point did tommy look at me and say to himself: that's not the person I marry At what point did I know what addiction had done to me? I want, to hire you to find my real brother, cayley says breaking my heart and before it can comprehend. What I'm hearing lou has agreed to take the case pro bono, we'll just bills extra hours under the gory in case she tells me later. Sometimes we have to bleed the insurance.
This is a little to help the people who need it more I'm starting to understand moves business strategy on one hand, there is a real ben hood ethic that I can't help admiring and the other its messy and I'm trying to stay away from messy.
asia. We are once again sitting in a perked car outside the owl brecht home. It's three fifty p m, approximately twenty four hours after our wino schnitzel meeting with cayley preston. Albrecht is expected to leave the house in ten minutes and take a lift to swim practice. Our motor is running I'm trying not to let that bother me molly felt it was necessary to survival to keep the air conditioner going and to keep listening to some true crime. Podcast called small town, stranger. She even started it over for me at episode, one which was very sweet, but also incredibly boring, because by episode to it's completely obvious who the color is, I won't spoil it for her, but it's definitely the guy who runs the bank shop.
Personally, I don't love sitting in an idle in car. It draws attention, I dont mind the heat or the silent, but I'm learning to compromise. I think it probably won't last, but I'm trying three, fifty nine. The lift has pulled up in front of the all brecht house. Here comes preston, all brown,
wait on schedule, wearing basketball, shorts and slipped slops and carrying a small Jim bag. He looks like a prototype of a fourteen year old California boy going to swim practice. We wait until the lift disappears around the corner, then follow molly is concerned with waited too long. That will lose them. I tell her. Don't worry, I already know where they're going for twenty five, the lift pulls up in front of the high school. That's preston albrecht out. He immediately turns off his phone and walks around the corner to the bus. Stop
This is where things might start to get interesting. I think why did he come to the school at all? If he's going somewhere else, molly asks cases, families tracking him, I say absently his lift history, his phone gps, any average kid knows how to cover their virtual tracks. These days after a long drive through valley traffic, the bus lets him off near the end of the line outside a business park in cinema he's leading a double life is an account executive, molly jokes. Then we see the van its unmarked not even license plate, and it's idling, like I said,
I believe we have called draws attention preston. All brecht works too readily towards it. The sliding door opens by an unseen hand or in autumn attic button and without hesitation. The boy disappears inside Seeing a teenage boys get into an unmarked van is as alarming as you think. It is my mind jumps to a lot of places where that van could be going, and none of those places are good. I try to go. aid from lose face if she's is worried, as I am she just waits for the van to leave then follows casually behind we travel along the outskirts of summer smog. Orchards and barren dirt hills to our left and nineteen forties bungalow houses to our right. At one point we get lost on a street called kismet avenue, but then we see the van again and catch up what color,
do you think that is. This is the first thing Lou said, since we left the business bark, I know she's referring to the color of the van. I've been wondering about it myself. it's not yellow, I say not, yellow, isn't a color, she says tawny, I say: that's not a color either! That's the name of my hairdresser dead grass. I say: that's it. She says, that's it exactly and for a split. Second, I feel proud, like I've, cracked, the case we follow the dead grass colored van out of sohmer into the dead grass colored hills. This is cable. Canyon. Lou tells me I grant a sophomore gran and ask cato like the exercises different spelling. She says with us
that indicates she's heard the joke before at first their houses. We pass and people writing on horseback. There's a small bar with old west lettering on it set back in the woods. as we wine deeper into the canyon it significantly less populated the road becomes dirt, then it becomes a switch back with potholes like moon. It is. We have to slow down. So we don't pop attire. We ve lost the Van. We lost it a long time ago Almost a moment. We entered the canyon, but lou keeps driving as if it will the appear at any moment,. Maybe we should head back. I finally suggest after twenty minutes of aimless searching lou, doesn't answer. We occasionally pass. Smaller roads that diverge from the one we're on the van
could have gone anywhere on top of that. I've lost all sense of direction by check my phone, but there isn't any signal here either. No gps, do you really think will find it again? I ask Lou I she says what no sign of turning back, even though I'm disoriented, I'm sure we're going in circles now about to tell her. I really they need to be getting home when something large steps out into the road tawny where it again flashes through my mind, slams on the brakes, through the windshield I find myself face to face with a lion. Not an outline which untold rome these parts, but a giant king of the gene main blowing in the breeze lion here. It's me straight in the eyes, then takes a step towards the cart eleven miles away,
outside the super king market and van eyes, a dog stopped suddenly and bays into the hot afternoon sky. If he senses a primal threat on the wind, the dogs owner a man with a ball cap pulled low on his brow to hide puffy eyes waits for his pets commentary to pass this man's husband was killed three days ago on a construction site in the city of industry. He walks the dogs a lot more sense. It happened five or six times a day. Their home is too loud with silence, crowded with emptiness. Now it feels like living inside a giant stomach, constantly, gurgling hunger. The noise in the outside world is quieter.
The dog stops bang and they continue on past the drug store and cinema mega blacks. appearing around the corner behind them back near the market. An old real estate. Add on a bus, stop features the face of Kim all at twenty years, younger the poster, torn and yellowed, with age, beyond the bus stop and far to the south west, the last helicopter pours the last tank of water on the brush fire in the mountains, who wasn't even big enough to make the news the flames are extinguished. For now
This episode of unlicensed was written by bree Williams, with just the thing and Geoffrey trainer. It stars molly quinn as mali, lucius stress as loo and t I'll Thompson, as are narrator, which is seeking to call, as to hear the rest, get your free trial of audible audible, dot, com, slash unlicensed. Now I have been listening through audible, original, over the last two years and as promised here, three more personal recommendations of shows that I have enjoyed if you want to keep exploring what's an audible. No one asked me to do this. I actually didn't even get a free membership to do this. These are just some of the shows. I chose to listen to and personally liked. Okay, here we go
eminent domain is a cypher adventurer recorded on location in new mexico that dives deep into the history and culture of that area and has some great sound design. The vanishing negative is a beautiful monologue. Peace by the famous playwright and director Adam wrap, in which a successful site it has decided to record her memoirs, but all is not as it seems there are a number of ulterior motives at play. This one has a lot of great twists. The big lie is a historical fiction, starring jon, Hamm and bradley whitford about the very real attempt by the f b I to shut down the filming of a movie they deemed too communist. You won't believe that this all really happened, but it all really did here all episodes of enlighten. And a bunch of other cool shows at odd about that calm, slash, unlicensed and use your free trials
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