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2023-07-05 | 🔗

Cecil and Carlos take a special trip together…and a certain someone joins them.

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Music: Disparition

Logo: Rob Wilson

Written by Joseph Fink & Jeffrey Cranor

Narrated by Cecil Baldwin

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tool. You say how much you want to pay for car insurance and they'll show you coverage options that fit your budget. It's easy to start a quote: visit progressive dot com to get started, progressive, casualty, insurance company in affiliates pricing coverage match limited by state law summer vacation. It's what comes between sir eviction and autumn vacancy. Well, two listeners h rob the goals holiday. Is there any
sweeter combination of words in the english language. Well, it is why I said that cellar door is the most beautiful phrase in english. Interestingly, cellar door is also the leading cause of death among nightingale citizens. But we are not here to speak of the seller. P bull and their crimes. We are here to listen to me. Talk about the great vacation I just had you know the new who is Carlos and I had the most romantic trip for two to the dueling, palms, resort on the beautiful tropical aisles of baronne bow. We were, celebrating our third anniversary together and anyway, for years spent in the searing heat of the desert. You just want to take it. trip somewhere, nice and cool. Like the tropics, he was thrilled when I surprised him with the tickets. he said something about the two of us discovering ourselves: ores, like that, and I was like ok yeah. Let's do that with
worker readers buy up the doing palms was a jewel honour jewel within a jewel. three jewels being nice hotel, a beautiful island and crystal see, respectively, He said something about unpacking and I said start with bathing suit bunny, because we are getting in that swimming pool cecil. Came to me with the idea of a trip to baronne boat, which is home to the rare books and screening parent. Several tropical flavoured molecules tat had never been able to study in this desert climate. It sounded. We need rules, great scientific expedition. Yes, the two of us can make such discoveries together. I think already of the research papers, we could generate just on the parasites that feed on
screaming parrot, let alone the never performer structure of the island, ass, dick mangle, molecule. Okay, we, he said ok, sure Let's do then he's taken. Aback but I was bringing him even the scientific process, but, like surprisingly excited about it, the dueling pa was a first class resort, a third class supermarket and by the standards of a cunning and medical research centre. It was well, it was terrible since it had a few laboratories or medical equipment and mostly was made up of hotel rooms and swimming pools I'll just, I need to unpack my lab set everything up and then we can get right to work. I said he suggested we start with some aquatic research and it seemed as good a place as any. He never gets to do science, so I definitely wanted him to take the lead and research, the things that interested him most.
I am the faces old woman who secretly lives in your home. Yes, that was there to secretly. but they weren't home, they were in a hotel on vacation, Why were you secretly living with him on vacation? You might demand of me if you are very brave, or a foolish. I dont know I this kind of ended up: they're, not Why are how without worse places to secretly live for a bit de lounged, I read a cry I'm thriller secretly, reclining beach, chair sake. I got a tan and of course I saw I always see were several swimming pools, including a spell
you'll pool that only those who understood time well enough to definitely say how old they were for sure were allowed to swim in that one had a swimmer barred. Much view were more taxes than the less luxurious tools and these superfine underwater speakers that played the pitiful cry of all those who had previously died in the poor. We didn't just lounge and eat. Of course I mean that's mainly what we did vacation and that what we are who did activities? We zip lined, we re we see. Is we wrote horse? is on his zip line, which was complicated and terrifying, and I think the horses like did much at all We also went horse rioting where we joined a group of force activists
concerned about the structure of a society in which they are systematically displaced and often forced on capitalist, zip lines against their will and expressing those concerns by committing acts of property violence. It was great fine, the one thing I did it. Get, was cordless, kept asking us to walk around in the jungle or ills and stuff was tiring and not relaxing at all. I came here too away from it all not to work ground experiencing and learning things until my feet. A best part was definitely the hiking expeditions. We took in search of the irksome screaming parent, I warmly hiking lab code and plenty of water in various beakers, strapped to my waist cecil, along the portable broadcasting equipment, even though she wasn't communicating with anyone. He just doesn't like
to be too far from a microphone at any time. Isn't he had to work he is at. That was that there was the answer to that question like scientifically. She is horrible. I could show you charge like action. I should show you charge. Look, let me get the right, never mind, never mind you! You don't need me to show you charge. Just empirically he is adorable. Just know that I will be honest, though he's not the best research partner, we both went on this trip for the same reason, to make great scientific breakthroughs, but he let his attention wander, preferring to spend bunch of his time waiting about uselessly in large. In ground
hank of watered even after I had determined that it was filled with so many chemicals that there was some loosely nothing scientifically useful about it and then even more baffling we she would want to just sit by this off, for the lack of a better tournament pool of water and drink cold drinks. the tropical molecules, I would say we need to study them. Oh, wishes. He would say: are those under rum punches on the menu or somewhere else, and he was all it asking for timely paper umbrellas with his drinks, despite the fact that it would be totally useless against even the weakest tropical shower, we're lots of reasons to lever, relaxing tropical vacation But I think the biggest reason is that you are often pursued by huge venomous snakes, many snake acting in an unnatural, hyper, intelligent unison to hunt you
nothing reminds you more about how much you appreciate the one you love and when you take their hand deeply into their eyes, and then run screaming together as the snake converge upon your briefly human bodies across baron fields of love, her up black eyes so many couples get devoured. By the snakes, some by the sharks first by the unrealistic expectations they placed on themselves to be different people in a different couple, if only put into a different context as location was the same self, which it is not you are you, wherever you are only the quantity of deadly predators surrounding the changes it's like they say you can't run way from yourself, although a few are ever out one day and see yourself coming towards you something. airbus is happening in you should at least try to run this scientists and his radio boyfriend for fine? They had
experience with her life, threatening life is, and so hardly even noticed. All the things I could have killed them as they travel left for me to notice enter right down there every possible death and sharply in the insights of their tee shirts. We opted for the private dinner for two, which was an absolutely picture perfect romantic situation in We got a normal table in the middle of their crowded restaurant, but they draped both of us and the table with a heavy canvas, so that no one could see us and we could eat within that oppressively hot incompletely, dark bubble of romance it was just reading and the fruitless, fancy and by fancy I mean it was small. It was this. food. There was a p, so the size of a quarter, a cheese plate that was mostly plate and him berger so in that it contained no
at all of these. What these shifts can do with these romantic date spots careless and I could not stop talking about health roaming It was because the key to making evening, romantic is to regularly announced that it is romantic. He's just at a quick meal break from our studies and I agreed a fed. It is a useful mind. I will always be saying now that I've just thought of that. Well anyway, but The meal break went on for some time and he kept steering the conversation away from our science work and instead saying things like look. How tiny, the steak is isn't that just most fancy romantic thing: how little food there actually giving us I dont see much romance in eating
romance and work in research. Can you think of anything more romantic than working regularly with the person you love having your patient intertwined with your passion, you're and achieving both try to write this long where he vision on the scene chalkboard at the same time Frankly, though, despite his repeated statements that he has definitely verily into science, these days, cecil has never shown much interest in this subject, and that is ok our interests, Don't have to demands all of the time. I could show you on this other chart where I've mapped out, but basically it's
I mean as long as our interests include each other and a respect for what the other person does and they do, the the they very much do so this chart shows all of them. Can't. I don't know why I'm displaying a charge on the radio that was so silly of me any the meal Amy meal was ok also crouch under the canvas with them like to crouch in the darkness with people when they think they're alone. I often crouch right next to you. when you are alone in the dark Imagine how startled he would be to switch on a light and find a faceless old woman just next to you watching, waiting I enjoy imagining how startled he would be
talkative. One could not stop saying things like listeners. This is so romantic and community calendar time tonight will be the pinnacle of romance already is in fact this has been community calendar. The scientists just wanted to eat his tiny bites of food and get out from under the canvas is very hot and their partly because, I built a little fire and was ready the clipping away bits of their napkins and adding those bits to the fire then. After the meal they took a walk. And it was here that the target of one stop talking so much and the scientists stopped worrying about science and they walked hand in hand down the beach. We walked hand in hand down the beach, and I looked at sea. So I looked at Carlos an angel. Do it that, even though we were far from home, even though we were far from this distant place so
friend from our little town. Despite this, I was not distant. I was in a place, I know well a place. I know better than any because each other's arms, the arms of the one. I love more than any other we're not even in the arms. This is not only about touch, although It is also about touch, but just near each other place to living their lives that were separate lives but separate lives, live together, a hand and arm of laugh a kiss, a hand and arm a laugh. it's just the sleeping snoring and displaying of it the waking up together, bleary eyed and warm we were far from night fell, but we had never left home. We for whom the entire your time a home with no geography
a home that has no walls or roof a home that is not a place, not a place, not a place, but a person, but a person. A purse and so, no matter how far we ever go. as long as we go there together, we will still be home a home that is not a place, but a person. Ok, yet why I was there now because I was secretly living in there. You know Apparently I secretly livin metaphorical homes to let's get to know. Let's get to know the great way to get some free vacations. well, so anyway, there's a spider on your leg, and I think it can tell me valuable secrets about. You
I'm going to encourage it to have lots of children. I hey hey thanks for taking me on vacation. Thank you forget with me on vacation, see you soon, see you soon, bunny a listeners. It is great fun to travel the world with the one I love the world is terrifying and awesome and move in on it gives you knew exciting perspectives on what a dangerous and ultimately fatal place. It is but spite all the wonders of tourism, the roman survey, romantic get away nothing more solid and satisfying than a romantic. Oh, what's the opposite of a get away a stay here I don't know, but
Do you know the only thing better than travelling around with the person I love is coming back again with the person I love. We were turned with shared memories and they become part of our lives going forward, an ocean air and cocktail tinted waiver too. Steady home life routine, and each memory of it becomes a brief echo of that waiver for even a moment, and each moment adds up to an entire life made up of our The wing wavering memories, we had a good time, in bahrain, bo oh I am sorry that we accidentally sank it. I thought that was the large see. Shall I was picking up. That's ok, I'm not gonna, be myself up about it! Stay to next the sound of some strange captive bird flapping uselessly.
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