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Episode 1004 - Rob Lowe

2019-03-25 | 🔗

Rob Lowe had several revelations over the course of his life. One is that there’s more fun in sobriety than in being under the influence. Another is that he should have had a sex tape scandal later in life when it actually would have helped his career instead of nearly killing it. And the latest is that he needs to keep doing different things to keep from getting bored, including hosting a game show alongside a giant robotic arm. Rob talks with Marc about these discoveries and the moments that led to them, including his early Brat Pack movies, his turn to comedic roles, and his three recurring nightmares, one of which came true. This episode is sponsored by Tacoma FD on TruTV, Stamps.com, Stay Free: The Story of The Clash on Spotify, and Happy on SyFy.

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Hey folks, if you like the super troopers films, you're, gonna, love, true tv's, new comedy to call my f d, starring, Kevin, Heffernan and Steve, let me from the broke Lizard comedy troupe set. Because rainiest city, Tacoma FD, is centered around a firehouse house, elaborate He said: hilarious stunts, dominate the who's down time catch the premiere Thursday March 28th at one thousand and thirty nine thirty central on true tv right for the season, premiere of impractical, jokers, don't miss Tacoma Fd Thursdays on TRU Tv. Well, do the show all right? Let's do this! How are you what the what the buddies, what the stirs what's happening? It's Mark Merrin! This is my podcast wtf. Welcome! Welcome to it! Welcome back, hey! It's you again,
what's happening. I am, as you can tell, perhaps maybe maybe you can hear the difference I am doing this from uh. What we call it I'm on the road! got my a my zoom rig and my beta fifty eight and my little and I'm in a hotel room in both Colorado recording this on Sunday before the Monday that most you will here this. Maybe the people next room will before you. Perhaps the people in the hallway I heard some of them out there. I don't know it seems. Ok, it seems okay, today on the show I talked to Rob Lowe. He came. I, the new situation over at the house came upstairs, walked the bedrooms into the back. Bedroom there and we talked in the thing he was actually the first person they interviewed in that environment and I think it went pretty well pretty together,
that Rob Lowe, good talk nice to meet him. Yeah, solid dude. But I was in aspen and if you were following my story and my panic I apprehension about shows in aspen, I can tell it, turned out better than anticipated, and I learned two. I learned that the fears and I about the on the last show we're there. You have certainly the PTSD from several sort of strain difficult shows over the years at the Aspen comedy festival, but I actually realized it- went deeper. I went it went deeper and I think I might have touched on a little bit, but the PTSD my childhood and ski vacations with my family, I think, was more at the. Prove it and I didn't realize that until driving in just the only time, My family would really get together and spend any time together for any period of time was on ski vacations, and we didn't know each other that well we are
the same house, but you kind of self absorbed into our own thing and when we all got together in the car, it can get pretty gnarly yeah, listen to find music. You know my dad at eight tracks, yet Hocus pocus. He added that road. He had the soundtrack of american graffiti, yeah, buddy, Holly's greatest hits. That was all pretty good but really got down to it in hotel room for people, don't each other that well a couple younger. Well that really have to defer to the people who are also nuts and selfish. It could get ugly and I think, I'd forgotten just how bad those big stations were. Those days were ruined around the glove or perhaps a hacked word. We bring those socks that I, like my dad, would go crazy over things like that and. Usually before the ski day started. At least one of us was crying, whether it be my mother, my brother or me,
Maybe all of us were crying and then he'd find the socks or he find the hat or he'd get past it and we'd hit the slopes, but not great memories. I do remember one ski trip where I don't know me and my family and my brother wasn't on it. For some reason it was me and my father, and I declared that I wish they were more like my friend Eric's parents and then my dad the yelled maybe should go. Fucking live with Eric and then my mom was crying. My dad was and I was crying and I'm not or that ever resolved itself. Now that I think about it, but was the ski trip, but I'm okay. I got to ask, and I eventually made my way into town. Walked around and realize what a ridiculous fantasy land it is. Just the the the class stratum of aspen is kind of a I would say disturbing, but extreme I mean you, will you literally have some of the richest people in the world that have houses
They visit maybe six days a year so they're around, and then you, the richest people in the world. You go there to ski, and then you have locals in any of your kind of normal people that go there to ski, but the business. It is reason The price is not something that you hear in aspen. Very much is like nine dollars for a clif bar everything you buy. Even if breakfast is twenty dollars again, not cheap. Just noticing things. Here's the uh I actually was walking down the street in aspen. There was just a I sit in front of an office on the main street there, where the break in area is. And I walked by him as I'm walking by goes, you want to buy a house, he said that he was real estate agent on the street, like a drug dealer- and I turned to me- I said it- is that really an imposed by any goes a
sometimes sometimes it's an emotional moment. You never know you might it might happen and I'm like yeah. I did a look. I don't. I don't have my checkbook pal thanks for the offer. I wish you the best. I hope you sell a house here on the street this afternoon, but the show turns out it was good. It was pretty good folks, it was that you know I'd I'd forgotten, as I always do that how I freaked myself out once I get the sound check and I stand on that stage in whatever theater it is part of me is like yeah. Of course, this is what I do. This is where I live. This is the this. Is it there's some good press? I mean Aspen, I mean a guy for the the aspen times. Actually you know things have been. Written about me here in there, but this guy kind of kind of did a good job. He did a good job. This guy, Andrew Traverse, I talked to him.
And day- and you never know, but I got I was on the cover of the weekend section in an aspen. The nineteen people live there, so it actually means something and the the article was good, but yet still it they told me there's a big walk up crowd in the Wheeler Opera House, where I was performing, which I had performed in before at different incarnations, myself, I over the over the years at the festivals, it's a beautiful little old theater built in the eighteen, hundreds. It's got about four hundred seats and it's sweet and I had only sold about half day before the show, but they said there's a lot of walk up and ended up selling at seven thousand five hundred and eighty percent, and it just turns out. I get a text I got there that comic, I know was in town because he saw the article he texted me. I was going to go up cold and just blow an hour twenty hour and a half on my own, but Ahmed Ahmed was in town, so I said what you to man. You do ten before me, kind kind, get him into shape. He said sure that was kind of a nice coincidence
show was so it was great in a lot of ways at the altitude was kind of up a kind of screwed. With me a little bit. Can I get your brain? A little screwy did, I say screw twice. You want to buy a house, but to kind of clicked along it. You're always short at a breath there, even if you're, just walking up the two three stairs- and I couldn't sleep that night, because the altitude- because you kind of feel like you're, mildly drowning and you kind of wake up every twenty minutes, so yeah yep but dreams man. The dreams it was like you, it was like having a remote that you were flipping through man. I traveled man. Learned a lot about things that were percolating in the Back in my brain boy, things were coming up, it's sort of nice when have a fever or whether you're having trouble breathing because you're in it at in in humane altitude that you get the opportunity to take yeah get a closer look at just that.
What steaming about in the old id? What's kicking around in the lizard brain and attaching itself to your regular life where we at There- and you can remember, make some notes for when you get back but to show all good got up there kill and kill and went into some political stuff got one or two people, one guys right there. What happened in the jokes and like these are the jokes in your near can at you know I they everyone was laughing, but you but you're the only one talking. No, the guy goes yeah, which it we are funny before the political stuff, and I was probably more diplomatic initiative and I said, look it's going to be done in a minute. You can leave. If you want I'll, give you your money back, because I got in about one slash two hour into the set: it's going, pretty gnarly for you. You know going to get a little harder later in the show. I'm going to mix it up, but it's going to get a little rough I'll. Give you a heads up to let you know 'cause. I don't want to offend your delicate and or you're sort of foe victim Nis, but no one left
if I wanted to make it known that they were there and have everybody be a yeah not uncomfortable because right when they open their mouth, there was, of course, if I glue no boo and I'm like no, it's not you know it's not make that happen. I can manage this. I can bridge this gap. And we did- and I did it nice hour and twenty five minutes set left. I went back to the hotel. Couldn't sleep for about four hours watched american sniper with commercials until the very end which I don't enjoy, but I like when he kills the other sniper yeah I got to sleep. It was a good show, so all that belly aching. I might behalf to the other day, though it was true in the was real it worked out. You want to buy a house how about a house? No one really has time to go to the post office you're busy. That's why you need stamps dot com, one of the most popular time. Saving tools for small businesses stepped
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get dark like you. Just did on that episode with Tell will compel you scare the out of me dude. Don't please don't do anything stupid. Your show keeps me positive. Do please don't get down please don't stop doing what you do. Please add relax. I wasn't that down kind of an M path. 'cause I knew it was under there during that monologue. I knew there was a little tugging sadness, but I wasn't. I wasn't pulling power and I'll try to keep out of a tailspin, for you add just just relax. Add please relax Thank you for your concern and your email appreciate it. So I'm getting ready to perform here in boulder at the boulder theater it was a beautiful drive, DR, but my buddy Matt Sweeney hit me that this, like there was a link to an NPR thing of a record. There's a link. I don't know if I'm pronouncing his name right M to M D. O? U is his first name Mark Kerr is the second name
the album is called Allana. The creator in this is it's like. Sort of Sahara and Psychedelic yeah. So, like I hook the link on my phone and it's just music man, it's just it's like it's like a rock album. But it's it's. I guess the guy plays something called the Atari style guitar to see hair in style music. It's almost trance like, but it's definitely got a rock sensibility, it's just it's so rare that you hear something that kind of bands your sense of what guitar is of what you can or can't be rock music if it is rock music but I didn't know anything about it, but the album of this, a hair and kind of so I'm driving through the rocky mountains. Man and I got snow- cover the mountains all over all around me, I'm going through tunnels and mountains and listening to this kind of trance like I don't understand the language, the guys from a share- and I don't know
thing about him, but just driving through those mountains. It was sort of not counter intuitive, but ironic that I'm listening to say and kind of riffage. You know in the elevated snow covered Rockies, but you know space. Spaceman, and when you get into that poetic space. Where should just stretches out because of a of a groove or of a sort of riff that repeats itself, it's almost meditative just moving in my rented Chevy Equinox through the rocky mountains sin into music from a cat who's from a small village in Central NY share just on fire with his car, a guitar sound, bringing the same hair and desert to my car as I move through my own poetic mental state rocky mountains is pretty great and I think actually had a work as a commercial for a chevy
but that's not really where I was going. It did contain what was happening though, and it did keep us all moving. So that was my experience heading into boulder. Should here I am in the room talking to you a lot of times: people the best music Also, I some of the best stories behind that music wealth. The story of the clash is the story of a band that changed everything. Their music transforms punk in to protest. It stands up against racism and fascism, it fights for those who can't for themselves. It inspires a generation to join them and do it loud as hell the clash or a band that burnt, brightly they eventually burned out, but their light still shines today. Now they're fascinating journey is a Spotify original podcast called Stayfree the story of the clash hosted by hip hop icon. In my former AIR America, radio colleague, Chuck D and produced with the BBC stay free on arts, rare interviews that you, the clashes, legendary rise and fall and excel
why their music matters just as much in twenty nineteen, as it did in nineteen, seventy, nine, it's Ash in their words like you've, never heard them before. Listen to stay free, the story of the clash, it's free, and it's only on Spotify, you are buying a house, so Rob Lowe think what you will have your ideas have your your sense of him, but I was pleasantly surprised. He's currently posting mental samurai on Fox Tuesday nights on Fox it's got a one. Man show he tours around that in know about. Of course, they didn't know about his books, but yeah. He tells me he tells me I was actually a had nice time talking. This is me talking arrival out. We want our cans, yeah announcer sex, much sexier yeah, already like, like it's twelve different yeah right
yeah. It sounds pretty dead, you're, the first guy I talked to in this in this set. It's like 1970s album, it is just a you feel it right. It's it's there's, no presence at all, that's crazy! It took a it took a lot of these for a lot of these. Whatever you call him hello. This is like we could be doing a steely Dan album. You know, funny bring that up for your steely Dan fan, huge, really huge. I I know a lot of people don't get. I just I didn't for and now in now, like I for some reason, I'm fifty five and I put it on- and I was like this- yeah, you listen, hey! Nineteen! At your age and you're like yeah. I get that a young girl really hot. I have nothing in common with, but all that is very you know very clean sounding it's. It sounds like they they recorded it in like a face yeah exactly no one can hear you, sir. It's kind of relieving it now yeah I it's funny. I I am I
I saw this interview with Springsteen get hate. Those seventy songs is like the silence in I'm just makes me want to vomit. He said that yeah recently yeah likes he likes room as they call it sure aid. Well, that's right and I think those guys were anti room very, very anti room slash. Yes, they wouldn't hear like fucking spoons banging yeah. Sorry I like that, though, not for you give me dead and Darryl is viral environment of Flea MAC. Sure, well that I can definitely get on board with Fleetwood MAC. So what Happ he came down here from Orange County, a Santa Barbara's where you live yeah, but there for twenty five year now, yeah is it? What do you do? You have a large expanse? I do it's my it's! My only extravagance in life really as a living way beyond my means in my home, is that what so I tell you let's start here, though, because, like I watch the trailer for mental samurai right, I know that's why you're
promoting, and I don't usually pay much mind to prove to promoting thing. I'd like to do a longer interview a but I saying you get the offer for that yeah Van. What's the rations it? What happens? Is I get the offer yeah and had over the years I've had offers to do game shows are, as they call them now. Let call them competition series yeah uh, that's a little more dignified. I guess a little more dignified. It's like it's like when they didn't call sitcom sitcoms for a really long time. There were half hour of course right yeah. Now I love the idea and live for you from us, so yeah. I think genius at most of them are put in place so you'll do them like yeah, it doesn't sound so bad like like. Do you want to randomly and this person's life expectancy, yeah, murder them yeah right yeah, I wonder being about that fucking show I mean it may not be.
The game shows that we used to know because of the apparatus is involved yeah. I know that it's it's just it. It's an amusement park. Ride, dude you've got people winging around in a machine in them and the match the arm, it cost for half million dollars and it's a ride right, that's part of it. You could get sick and it's not fine. If you don't like rides in right. Well, let me because to your question the the the the pitch as we, the people who make american ninja warrior, I'm so down. I love that show ' except the one where they obstacle course is correct right so like well. We want to do an obstacle course for the mind Where is the physical? This will be for the mine. What does that look like? So? I was involved in developing the whole concept with them really yeah. Yeah, so you're you're there on the ground floor when they were talking about the arm percent all that that flies around that people are indeed totally yeah yeah, 'cause, I'm a producer on the show as well, and that's how it works
that's how it works and you got a stake. I got a stake baby and you know it also seen some of my pals like AL Waldman, doing, match game or MIKE Myers doing his thing or Amy Poehler doing her thing with I seem to be having so much fun. Alec Baldwin did Match game, Alec, Baldwins been host, match game for three years come on mark. Are you serious come on? I'm sorry man on Perot. I will go to get out of this cat. How but didn't room? Have you talked to him about how he feels about it? Yeah I mean you're, saying that they're having a great time, but he now it says it's the most funny hats, really it, and by the way it was every. I thought it's so fun set at least my spear. His game is very retro, 70s got the long reform. Gene Rayburn's Campinas to it yeah. There are things like this big amazing world and walking that set and get the butterflies of lead towers and deceit,
by going to times square, it's time square and it's your for me, like I hosted a game show once years ago, and and I was not into it at all- hey, you know, I had integrity, I was mad, but I was but I was broke just laughing at the idea of integrity. Yes, I'm laughing at the idea of you hadn't. How dare you you wait? Wait you in show business and you had integrity, still do look where I'm doing my job right now, I'm at home, the man- I'm not really not here, right now, it's true, but you know there was a lot of lean years, though, and when you do this is the pay when you don't work for the man yeah. I know I was fortunate in that the man they want to hire me anyway, so I did our but but I could not like rap my. I cannot wrap my brain around the fucking rules of the game, so I knew I was playing a game and that I had teams, but there was no stakes in this game. It was an improv game, so it wasn't a money game right, so it was just so, and so the rules had a little play to them, but your game
you know, answer the question: don't answer the question: you lost the money yeah, that's it and under a time constraint and and under a machine the trying to kill you so so you're excited about it really really listen at this point. In my life yeah there are fewer and fewer thing that I haven't done so when I have to do something. That's really knew where I literally don't know anything in in a- and I say this with all humility, yeah a lot times on a set on the smartest guy in the room, just giving doing it forever right in terms of activity. In all of it, direct all of it yeah and to go to a place where I literally know nothing right is fun is really fun. It's true. I because I was looking at the at the career. Are here and yeah. I mean you really have not stopped working now, since the eighties out, since one thousand nine hundred and seventy nine am. Fifteen years old, I did my first sitcom or half hour comedy really
a new kind of family, NBC and fifteen years old at the David Cassidy or go in here, and in was really the beginning of that yeah. Ok, there, it is. Seventy nine frightening you were fifteen were like the same age issue, five thousand five hundred and fifty five. This last weekend yeah. I turned fifty five in September. So but you didn't grow up here: now I grew up in Ohio, really in which part of Ohio Dayton. That's the whole time that you grew up in Dayton got two fifth till two hundred and fifteen til thirteen yeah and then what happened. My parents divorced when you were thirteen they. Yet I'm divorced twice once when I was five from my father and then from that my step father. When I was thirteen and then she came out to move this all out to LA yeah, and I was like any thirteen didn't want to go. It was just you and your brother, Chad yep. They only now like your real dad. It was he is he totally out of the picture,
he's no he's still in in our lives, but he's still in EL and Dayton, still practicing law and at eighty years old. So really so, both axes are in Dayton. Both your mind, your stepdad and your data yeah, and you like both of them yeah yeah, but all good. All good I've been very blessed in that way. They both lawyers, no My dad is a lawyer. My stepdad is long since retired. What was I what he do he literally invested in the earliest for like what was it called photo for. You know when used to get take your pictures to look up. Photo photo map is one of the early investors in Photomaton. Just took that money and like, and that was it that's it age is killing. Then he just now and he knows how to live life yeah is unbelievably cheap and and it you know, he's utilitarian in spartan yeah, so he's made it go along way. Oh, that's! Well, that's good! So your mom's, like she had enough of that yeah and
so I come on LA come in LA did not want. Even though I wanted to be an actor. What was her plan her? plan, was she I need to go somewhere. I mean she's done done with the Midwest right right. She still around. Now she she died. Young Thank you, I'm so the la for me was like a mixed bag yeah, because I missed my friends thirteen hard year to anywhere when you know, gets Adalat beginning what part of the town area we moved to point him in Malibu, which my mom shows, because it had the cleanest air quality in all of southern California. That's way out there, man, when and in those days living living in Malibu in the MID 70s, was like being in like the
storm, meets Lord of the flies meets Boogie nights directed by people one blow so you're just out of there with it. It's all like this. Is you and Bob Dylan and the people that are one Bob Dylan was secretly buying all of the tract homes. Here when I moved out there yeah a knock them all down and built his mansion, with, like in the dome and on and on the damage outside yeah. Exactly so, did you see Bob Dylan around Bob Dylan? Would I'm too my brother soccer games because he kid in the game yeah Jacob, the other one Jacob yeah? So that was just so you just Bob Dylan singing Bob Dylan. There eating smoking, a joint you'd, see David Carradine from Kung FU on acid walking the pacific coast. Highway hang around you to mix he at the train because,
that was the community that and then like firefighters and and and like dentists and accountants, and like really sort of upper middle class working people, so you're stranded there. With your brother and Bob Dylan and Mick Fleetwood neighbor, are you older, younger, I'm, the oldest right so and you're depressed I'm Ian slowly getting over it because, let's face in southern California, it's gorgeous the oceans there and- and I think I probably happy to be there within a year yeah when you wanted to be an actor from early on, for I think I did my first community theater. I was eight yeah you remember it was Oliver, oh really, with all the little kids in it or you all over Hell. No, I couldn't get the lead, yet he would just my first thing, one kids with a bowl! Please, sir. I want some more whatever was yeah yeah max in the still bad yeah. You can't do that one! I guess now, You can do a lot of other things, but that's not in english accent to know accents for you, not God,
now some accents in the past. But english accent are scary. It is a lot of different kinds problem. But what kind actions have you done? Well did Kennedy added Kennedy, and that was one of the big ones. 'cause everybody. That's such iconic access. You flack! No! I I actors guild Award for that baby. Oh, so that one went really well, but that's a tough one. That's that's an easy one really want you end up something like you're on the simpsons. You want to mango that. How are you yeah well, go get the car you know. So, did you have to study with a coat or do you just like a lock in? What's what's great about the internet yeah? Is there so much footage available of an of of a hearing? I just listened to hours and hours and hours and hours of him speak. Did you learn things I learned so much how still republican after that he would have been, or he would have been a republican today. I don't know what to
John Kennedy today, one hundred percent, his politics. He would've been a Democrat because he would have been if you think he would have been. What does the word? I'm looking for mentally ritually morally, he would have stayed a Democrat but his policies today, absolutely physical policies and his military and even listened. He was not Johnny on this. With civil rights Rhonda took him. No one was but to my thing, like Democrat Republican while to get there sure, but I learned a lot about a lot about Kennedy and little things that here's my pet critics talk about accents or be like. I thought it was inconsistent John Kennedy said the word decade, two different ways and his own life yeah John Kennedy was in right. We will go to the moon within the decade. Yeah, maybe and then, then he would say decade. It was decade decade.
It was just a bad day. I will brain fart I now. Meanwhile, you gotta pick one way to say it with your plan. Maybe you didn't have to Opportun Now you can see it both ways, but when how did you? and how what was the first sort of a? How do you enter acting? Did your mom? Take you to auditions. Was it that kind of thing? I saw a play I, remember which one it was and there were kids in it, and I told my mom I wanted to do that. I was back in Ohio that was back in Ohio and she was like okay and I think I'm sure she thought it was no different than the kids saying. You know I'd like to go to baseball camp this summer right, but the difference was. I was deadly, serious of and meant it from day one. I don't know what to attribute it to, and parents were, I think, the sort perfect mix of really support yet, but also not in any way stage. Parents right. They were just sort of drop him off yeah probably take the bus. Well for Malibu, you know how far I would take the bucket on their set thirteen yeah. I would take
the bus from Malibu. Hollywood and vine. They just let us do that when we were kid to audition one hundred percent, they take the bus yeah, it was I think today, three hours and then walking into like you know, Sodom yeah, walking into some guys like high yeah, and you know that you do the scene traffic deal with that, but now that Yes in no, I mean it was like the Hollywood. Oh thank God. Creepy dudes, creepy girls creepy. I think you had a window there where you were considered one of them yeah listen, if you, if you don't do your time in the barrel yeah, you know you're, not you! You don't have a long, a long career. The time in the barrel joke Hellboy yeah, everyone's afraid of their time in the barrel. It's coming for. No, no, yes come on. Yes, sorry so you're, thirteen and you're taking bus to Hollywood from Malibu, but no no one's teaching, you
no one is doing nothing you're, just going out on what casting calls. You have no agents, you just I got it. I got an agent, a really tiny commercial agent. Their big other client was Vince Ferragamo. You know good, looking quarterback guy and insist, you and him, and and young thirteen year old girl who originated the role of Annie, name, Sarah Jessica Parker. While we were that big clients and she about same age, exactly wow, so she came out. So she was the big star. He had big how'd. You get the agent through my dad had represented someone in a divorce yeah who have come here in in Dayton, yeah who would come to Hollywood and become an agent and he called called her, and she should be all meat raw. You know one thing led to another and it was sort of a fluke but didn't get her. You got someone, she knew. I got that agent zero.
He was working for Nick yeah, that's wild yeah, he start sending you out, didn't get you set up classes or anything um. No and the other thing is I wouldn't 'cause. I was thirteen. I would have really living in Malibu. I would have really had the time to come all the way in for I'm at the school pulling auditions and I'm pretty much one hundred percent self taught I mean I have. I studied. In the sort of middle of my career, my wife said to me: you know you might want to think about acting lessons as a great thank you. That's Really it's just a few years ago, wonderful written two thousand. It was a little bit of a little. It was like in the nineties. I handle my career and I thought you know it I'm I've never taken a proper, acting class via and I'll do it. It was great. I I really I look. I learned a lot I was. I was playing a deaf mute in Stephen King's, the stand yeah
to sort of really renowned book and a renowned part and I'll never forget going at it a plague book. Yes, me up which, incidentally, they're remaking, and I I'm deafened one here anyway, yeah. So my idea that happen, they think I had the mumps when I was a kid and totally undiagnosed. So as long as I can remember, okay, so my idea was to do something with the ear that I could here with yeah to you know go method. Never in the and that this acting coach and is like yeah sure you could do that. But if you want to me what you need to realize you do here and you can talk. So you need the the character as a person who can hear and can't talk and fools everybody into thinking that they can't wait. What I'm sorry, what is like the last lion you're doing as an actor. The better you'll be Jeanette all lying. It's online like he said he says I represent the guy who plays the dead body in what was the first, Tarantino Movie Reservoir,
so yes in reserve or does a guy in this body lies in the background right? That was his big client. If he has you will be alive, you're not dead. You can't play dead, that's impossible, so you have to play. Is a man pretending to play dead in this movie, our house like okay, it doesn't make sense to defeat server initial, the guys original argue, but the rest pretending you're doing but he's alive, or I can't pretend he's dead. Ok, so that was the exception and he said he got good. He actually got review. Does a dead body? Look amazing. Can you fix some in your ear? Now? Wouldn't wouldn't have it and you didn't do it? You didn't end up doing that. You didn't end up sticking something in your. I did not. I took his advice for that role and did it pay off? I got really good reviews. So when you start getting the movies that you're known for, like I don't even I can't even like with the outsiders, was the big one right. Yeah, probably I mean it was Coppola who at that time was probably the
most famous and infamous director around. Why was the infamous you think he is infamous, because he was coming have a moment where he was the first directory to some studio, yeah, that's right and he's doing that. We're technicolor thing and he's also doing what the movie one from the heart, which is on the cover of time, and it runs out of fish right. That was after right, outsiders right, but so it was you know he went Godfather one godfather to come, station, all these great movies and then one from the heart which was sort of a a a one of the big boondoggles via and so he's very controversial right. It is big idea and it failed to do it all on the on stage right right- and he was the first guy that you know to be able to add it on the spot, because yet tv monitors you lose that one hundred percent right, so you could see the shots over again immediate one hundred percent, first video mon hook up, I ever saw, was the auditions for the outsiders and but that
every kind define that you know the whole generation of you guys, totaly, like you, we all in it kind of told the spoiled us for I thought all movies were gonna, be made the way Francis made the outsiders. Why was it great because he's Francis Ford Coppola- and he does it his way in he had a vision, he's not a true or two army any what won an Oscar for writing. Patton yeah! So he's a real ought to our end and there really aren't that NER tours in our business anymore, yeah yeah personal loan with well, I mean there's a lot of Indiana, our tours, but big movies. They seem to be less about the autores right, but they were deaf if you around there still around yeah, but in those days everybody wanted to be right or he was with the guys right. He was one of the new generation of hot shots, but so working I could. I just want to look at that hold on that cast real, quick, yeah yeah. So it's C Thomas Howell, Matt, Dillon, Ralph, Macchio, Patrick Swayze,
Diane, Lane Estevez Cruise and Leif Garrett, Glaive Garrett Wave Garrett right there, they literally found out later. They literally cast a lot of by who was on the cover of Tiger, beat magazine the truth. That is, I just this out a few years ago. In your opinion, in an autobiography, I had been from a new kind of family. How many he did, how many episodes did you do? That was at a long running, show a new kind of thing. We did thirteen, it was opposite. Sixty minutes literally, it was like it was a death slot Sunday night Sunday night and we were we were. I remember there are sixty two shows on the schedule, because we were always 62nd, literally the lowest rated show on network, but learn some tricks. You kidding Maine yeah, I learned the whole thing and then you know the outsiders came along and the rest was history, and you were friends with those guys yeah really close with all of 'em like when I see, if I see Tom cruise. We were like it's like running into a fraternity. Brother
sounds like it doesn't matter how much time is going by. You immediately know them on a level that very few people do. So all you guys, I mean specifically we'll see Thomas how Dylan Ralph was Swayze older right. He was substantially older, yeah in you're all sort of on the same trajectory that was the momentum and then you started doing the the the big day in what became defined as those brat pack movie. Yes, now was like we just out of control, I mean quite I remember class, that's the other guy. What's that, what was that guys? Name Andrew Mccarthy would happen. He is around. I think he does a lot of writing of travel, writing or something somebody was telling me. Isn't it weird that people make do in it doesn't quite work ever listen he's got a it's true. Everybody yeah, but you had it like a pretty amazing run. Their of movies in class was good. That was what Jaclyn Bassett Right Hotel,
I'm sure who's in that one. Jodie Foster Estancia ski at her most beautiful area directed by Tony Richardson, a great director and beau bridges. Wilford Brimley Wilford Brimley was the best. I remember meeting him he's like we're. Driving to the yeah first time I never met a real, true character: actor right like a ringer yeah, in an never forget is like the sun. They call you in this movie. What do what do you like? What they call my character, yeah because you're now no will they call. John goes well, then that's what I'll call you John in he only read his part right. He dies like thirty pages into the movie, and I remember things yeah, and now I'm now fast for x amount of years later I get an offer on my part bucket. You do I think we were up for the same part. You should get. I
the rumor. I guess we could put it to rest right now. I tell me this rumor I was the I play the the manager and glow gorgeous ladies of wrestling and and I was told that they didn't know who they were going to go with, but they were thinking you did it make it to you. It did not the acting. Well, that's I would spicier calm now. I would love that I would have let you know the show. I do not force into the show yeah. That's me. That's! Okay! I'm going to I mean I I'm aware of it and I've seen the billboards and I know people love it. Yeah yeah, I'm the man Frankie. Lately sounds genius. Missouri jaded, downtrodden of GINO scoped out failed director guy down the sounds like right up my alley. I know you blew it yeah. You could ever turn things around you, you wouldn't be hosting the arm. Show
probably making a lot more money with the army giant ball the. What do you call the machine EVA Eva, like you, never ever bring the contestant up here. Do you do yeah talk to EVA talks? She talks. She asked the questions so, but what kind of right is it? What kind of device is it is? It was designed for NASA to test the astronauts? No, it's an existing machine? There was an existing machine that we found because the big struggle was if we can't find something to legitimately put players under duress. We show- and we did- we found this device, so that's so can get going pretty good. I think it go. Two too, like Spinal tap goes to eleven and we can't do it any farther than a two or kill someone so see you, people sign releases in no yeah hello. Yeah. Have there been any accidents with EVA know, 'cause we have like so many fail safes
the thing from going wild right. So you do these great movies that everyone loves saying almost fire. We all were you didn't get the breakfast club that wasn't you it's funny. You know mission for the breakfast club and I did not get it clearly. John Hughes had no use for me. I don't like you, I could have literally been. I mean how many John Hughes movies could have been in honestly. Probably everyone of am here as a slightly bad guy anything. Yes, I would tell you how about never mind, but my phone never rang from John whoever was at a resentment that you have I'm holding a deep seated, even even when he died. I just I was just resentful about night that was from the that was from the Nano play right. Yeah. That's that's! Probably my favorite of that era there's a big movie yeah. It was yeah all sort of like you. These were because we're the same age. He always seem to have been there, my childhood, but then like okay. So here I guess the big question is so all these.
How you start out with like Will Tom cruise specifically and other people kind of leveled. It became a huge star now did you feel you are on the trajectory of that yeah? I mean For sure, I think I I think we probably all of you to ask us and felt like. We were all on the trajectory even Judd, Nelson, but taking different paths. Oh, I remember vividly being on the set of see most fire in the studio president showing up and stiffen all of us. And going to Judd and taking him into the corner an offering in like this big movie and they're all like wow, that was the breakfast club. It was not blue city area that one done. It wasn't a new that I remember, but he was the guy that, like studio is like yeah he's. The man who are better he's got the intensity. The sad thing about me
out in bringing up these people and sort of a condescending or dismissive ways that they're all people- and they might listen to this and I'll probably have to talk to judge, think you've been very diplomatic and have I yes, like I've been in this along time, but I've sort of it's been a real slow build for me, and it was just the right speed and I might find, but I always wonder, like you know how people in shoulder the burden of of just sort of disappearing republic fell but did they never seem to go away? Well because nobody really ever, does there always working we're just not aware of it. Yeah, that's right right right, that's what it is and and what you have to learn is if you're, going to have a long career they're going to be periods for everyone. I don't care who it is. You name a person and I will you their fallow period yeah. Now I will tell you there big board at home yeah. I just compare yourself to.
I went down with that gag went way down. Initially, must not ever compare yourself to others. You know this, but but you had to learn that then you have to you, have to learn. Keep your head down. Do your own work and when did you learn these things will change? I'm Trevor really had an epiphany about it. I think it's just something. That's gradually become apparent, but let's like deal with this you're bucking, you know you're doing good. Things are, like you know, everything's going your way and then this videotape shows up in there you naked, and you know, fucking. Let me see if I get this right: twenty year old, I'm not judging you I well I'm. There was a little judgment. I thought no, no, I mean like who has made a tape exactly by the way hit my own. The the real up was that I didn't wait. Twenty years later, to do it where it would have helped my career yeah.
You are ahead of the curve man on public controversy over sixty billion percent ahead of the curve, but, like I have to That, like I can't even imagine the panic in horror and do stress that you must a went through, did you. I mean it by the way. It's thirty years. I know it's it's hard for me to remember a lot of it, but my my notion of it was. It was all like happening so fast MIA and that it sort of putting one foot in front the other right, but you felt the backlash did yeah. I turned on NBC nightly news turn right here in America, actor Rob Lowe is right and they do. That was like that's Tom Brokaw, leading the news and literary another nose and charming square violence is
and it was like the guy standing in for the tank. That was the second story, the first one of related. You yeah, I was making one hundred percent- oh my god like, here's. The thing is like between that and some other things that happened in my life. I would have no ma'am more right here. We have no one man show that I'd take out and have a blast with. Have you done any other without those without those things none of those? But are these uh? But I missed the memoir chubais. Where is baby yeah yeah? So you wait it out there times New York Times best sellers and then the one man show in the one man show sold out all over the world, I'm in the middle of doing it right now. So are you really yeah? I did. I just played Royal Festival Hall in London. I've done that room, yeah right, it's a big
two million four hundred, and it's beautiful right. It's great that the giant organ there, exactly I'm going back there in a couple of years kidding. No, I loved it. There love great that place, so the one man shows new. It's for about a year yeah, it's no I'm playing Vegas for the first time; exciting 'cause! It's like! I feel like this the notion that I would have a billboard over the over the Vegas Strip you never would've thought of a what's. It called stories only tell my life, because that was the first book. Okay, so so the a really so you just dishing with some humor back in touring. It's it's it's it's an evening of stories, one hundred percent yeah, but it, but it is read that we don't read the books because it's on, I feel, like I didn't, do my homework and then I'll eat you would love a bit, but just because it's like a style of of celebrity memoir that doesn't exist anymore. Like I was I, I was drinking stories and what I mean it's like David Niven wrote the like the
high water mark, Rite aid he's a very dirty one. Right owns a balloon right, yeah and at nights, but it's really a get. It's very insightful. It's Holly! Yes and like it. It gives you all of the insight behind the curtain. You want and yet no one gets hurt. It's not exploitive write an and it's also sneakily moving sure so that was what I what I wanted and in the books, because you got an arc, You did rise from the ashes to a certain degree, yeah and a certain degree still calling my way baby. What do I so did you wrote it all yourself yeah? n n is it. Does it build to like? Is there a third act? Is Eric A Dan you mall? Is there a story that you know kind of like you, you focus on? Is that the tapes or What's the story in the middle that in come out of it in and it's it's the interesting structure, because I just know what I like.
Is like. I don't want I want it to be. Linear cause a lot of times. I don't care what people were like before they were famous honestly. Just don't care just wanted to. Let me know about the famous part in like in other books like Quincy Jones's book, for example. His famous life is actually almost more interesting right, so I x it up, so it sort of goes through different time, and so no you know Dayton Ohio community thing, though that's in there one hundred percent Yalla, but it's now Blue Dayton, community theater, the you know, there's nothing that not in it because job one. If you're going do a one man show or if you're going to do a memoir as you better be honest, you better be authentic, yeah and not full of shit yeah, and you do that yeah. So now, when you decided to do this, along with the the samurai in this other stuff I mean. Is this that you've always wanted to theater or is it like? Like you know, I got it, I got to get some other cash flow comes. No it it it's
it's really as simple as you know, I'm in my fifth decade, yeah- and you know harder and harder and harder to get my adrenaline up doing being doing traditional acting stuff because I've been doing it for so long. So when I so I to go out by myself on stage alone and entertain people with something I've written for ninety minutes on in on the Vegas Strip, for the Royal Festival Hall that gets my adrenaline going to you know, try to produce and host and deal with did do a whole genre that I've never been in. Don't have any knowledge about in the game show world that gets my adrenaline going. So you re engaged yeah, because this month, five years old, I I gotta keep being re, engage in curious. Do you get bored on set a lot? It's brutal, there's nothing more brutal than the boredom ASA hey. It's not!
I find it all my life. I wanted these opportunities to act and then I get him and I'm like, oh well, that was a nice three minutes of work now how long I know two hours now. You know why everybody is doing drugs and everything else. It's hard to figure out what to do with your time. So what were you writing right? Exactly? Would never drug guy huh I mean I've been sober now for twenty get out of myself? It will be twenty nine years in May yeah, like active sober, no sober sober, one silver percent, the I coming up on twenty d d over a great yeah. I do the thing yeah. I do thing one hundred percent. So when did you so that's you at twenty yeah baby yeah, it's it's coming. Aug is twenty, so you got it. You did ten years before me so you're in your 20s, my company sucks yeah. I thought it was like. I was done dude I mean what it's like is like, but I don't know what it was like your level. I mean you're running around with that Judd, Nelson and and some guy named to we probably like what what what and I see I
know anything about Judd Nelson, but I have to assume that the access you had to the environments that you could get into and live with. It must have been a lot exciting than mine. It was I'm out on the road you know and and Minneapolis with some guy. I don't know with an eye patch. Yes, who brought the shit in the other comic yeah. No, we no I'm in I'm in the grotto at the Playboy Mansion, okay, and in twenty two twenty two, so it was great you're on coke. So not great! No great effort is we kidding It was an drugs and alcohol, our growth rate yeah until they're, not MIA, and it when it was not. It was not good and in took me awhile to figure that out. But when I did, I was truly well and truly done did did you.
People go down. Did you afraid for your life nope? Not yet, because I've since seen that time, I've seen more I've lost more and see more people go down in mice. Since I've gotten sober from the ship, then I did then oh yeah it was if it was I'd met my wife Anne. I knew I knew that He was the one for me and that if I couldn't make it work with her, I was probably doomed. Oh yeah end up, like my biggest nightmare, would be Warren Beatty, an in shampoo or you're. Like alone Christmas Eve, standing, Mulholland Drive watching the sun go down in all of your bimbos. Don't want to see you that's like that's sort of where I, the worst iteration of myself. I thought yeah and I thought the only way to make this work with this great woman was to get sober. She demanded no now she's great. She was, but she was also like. I love you, your friend a friend forever right, but I can't be with you
If you're going to be, if you're like this, and then I had also my grand just died. So there was like a lot of things that just happened at that moment they weren't mad. Simply earth shaking, but it was enough to get me to be like I'm done. That's that's quite across. Where are you I get your the project of what your life would be loneliness? Okay, you had no intimate relationships, really none and this realize that if I don't, if I don't lock into this with this woman and get off of this I'm going regret for the rest of my life. When I really felt like it was. It was like it was like the game free we are hearing that login like jump now. Do I jump now and the Lily pad comes. You know this is the last lily pad this? Is it you gotta get on this patio? Did you ever have any nights where you almost like died? No, I was, I was a very perfect. I was very professional out and I never I never you think it was. You know I was never stone on the sat, never
Zillow it was right mixture of blow food, love of below and booze likely getting that mixture right was heavenly, and it's a about an hour and that yeah and then you're just up on coke, exactly if you're awake with nothing, That's exactly what I was and then you know, but almost immediately found that my biggest fear getting Sobre was, I would have any more fun meals. My honestly, my biggest fear that become those boring people. One of those you know, Bible thumpers. About about server idea. Dude. I currently have a massive wine cellar. That's amazing it's for my guests, I want people to have fun and I love being. People, who can still do, what I used to do and it's still working form I have no judgments at all and it I, like wine, is a hobby
if you're going to be a good guest. A good house yeah good host host is women, but, like I found out very quickly that there's a more fun in sobriety than was getting high right. What's because once you not only do you you, you still have a good time but you're so fucking nuts for the first couple years that you're not really think fine, anyways you're just sort of like this fuct. What this but it is in the opposite. I had the I was like euphoric really for the first I was just angry I'd, go to I go to meetings and be like fuck, you people, I don't be here. This is bullsh. If I really yeah man 'cause, I just ran out of choices. It was undeniable that I was going to not live or be a productive person and do it, but I did it 'cause of a woman as well, but I got in there, but I was I knew I had to be there, but you know I wanted to fight it
So that's interesting, I was done fighting I was I was where they say. I was sick and tired of being sick and tired sure. So you were just sort of like relieved, but you got it later me to stand in the corner of my head for five hours a day to stay sober. I would have done yeah the sponsor people. I don't as much as I should. I don't either because it's weird sometimes forget it, and I know we should be talking about it, but I do on the show. So it's okay, you know, and I and I did it I but I'm a big believer in in you know the the program sure and but more than anything, it's given me the tools to look to lead my life in so many other areas. That's the real thing I mean well, that's the thing I say: if you put your sobriety first, everything will fall into line in in I haven't fall. I I, the notion of drinking a using visa. Is it as I would be as likely to do that as I would go to Mars? It's not. My issue is like living life on life's terms and using all of those tools that I've learned right and they just changed. It changed my life.
I never think about it in when I do think about it. Just it's so scary and exhausting, I know sit in front of a bunch of lines I mean. Can you imagine I do at our age, so I so I have a recovery of reoccurring dreams about it, because here's my ideational, I have three reoccurring dreams, one is it's junior high and I'm at school, and I forgot to wear clothes yeah and I'm going to hide. There's that I have it's opening night. I'm Stan backstage the lights. Go and I've forgotten to learn the lines of it. Yeah right and the other one is come to a realization that I've been drinking. I would have a tall and a long hole yeah and but didn't know I was drinking right and now I have the choice of do. I tell people right two way, the reoccurring dream. I have and have it a lot I've had. I've had similar ones like that, where, like I'm using and I told anybody and
living, this lie right, yeah, it's weird. Then it's all about it. By the way I love when I have the drain, because it's a little bit of experiencing what yes, what it would be like yeah, it's so funny this stage fright line that panic in that moment, it's crazy I, on on opening night of a few good men at the Royal Haymarket in London via can and are there it's in in the critics all come on opening night right in the in the? U k it's not like here, we never know. What is this? The first time it's there? This is of in this first time it's their first movie ever done the show oh yeah I'm playing Lieutenant Kathy, and I have somebody on the witness stand. This courtroom drama like it's like there's plot and I realize I realize I like that I've jumped two and a half pages ahead and MIKE this, nightmare. He has self correct and I had to figure out a way to weave it back, but that's my biggest:
Holyshit moment involving dialogue in lines with with here and did u pull it off, I pulled it off and no one was the wiser. The only person who would have known would have been Aaron himself and he'd gone out to smoke a cigarette and missed it. Thank God he must've been pretty excitable. Then too yeah he's in he's. One of the key is one of the great I mean I really. I interviewed him he's gross over two yeah he's real locked in yeah he's the best. Well, I so like, after the controversy, though I mean, doesn't seem like you stopped working, and it feels to me that, because of that, it gave you a order via opportunity to explore. You probably wouldn't have one percent, my name whatever the fuck you wanted want it removed. Under pressure in that way. It also coincided with a really awkward like time for like I don't like leading men, yeah you're mid to late twenties is usually it's changed now. Yeah businesses change a lot, but
this is. It was not a great time like you're, too young really to play parts distance right in it, and you were too old to play the young Entre news that you've been playing yeah. So it's sort of also coincided with the time that was going to be rough anyway and then, as I got a little bit older You know more parts of a little more depth than the more interesting started to come. My way, and I think Ng Saturday, night live the first time for sure open the door to the whole MIKE Myers Lorne, Michaels, Wayne's World Austin powers. Yeah me boy, yeah, sort of comedies that I did so yeah. You were able to do like you, you you're good, at playing some weird horrible version of yourself for comedic effect. One did you, but I remember that movie a bad influence. Oh thank you. I was I like that. One, it's a menacing movie. That's a really talk about a movie. That's before its time, and you were just over then
view now is right. At the the end. That's like that characters blocked up hello. It is the most demented movie demented character, and I mean- and it was right it- it was right When the video came out yeah it was right at the height of my craziness site. So, culturally you were sorted figure. Yes, I was a live in. I was living the character. Yeah and Nike, what was the the angle at the one scene. I remember that, like I can't get out of my mind because, like is when James Spader the character you play his brother comes to the door and he's just like yeah? Could you just tell him? I have the fear and you're, like God, Fuckjng fits when I have the fear, yeah 'cause he's high and hang up, and he just slammed the door in his face. But like remind me what the angle was, what you were it was. I was Indiana iteration of the devil right, no yeah yeah right. What was your? What we're doing is Spader like you. How do you met him? You guys were friends, or I mean
actor in the movie. I came up to him in a bar right and he was telling me his sob story, just charm, a charm myself into his life and the one thing that I that I get him do because he's in a relationship right be engaged in this like some yeah and and it's clear he doesn't love her yeah, but he should merrier insurance red sure right. He should do a big. It's really crew doesn't want to do it. So I I get in the some girl, yeah and I film it right and then I go to the Engagement Party. I think- and I put it on for the family- to see yeah and then he's like what are you doing? I go. I'm saving your life, it It's such a great. It's a David Koepp script to David cap. Yeah went on to write everything, Jurassic Park to Kerr leaders. Renowned screenwriters in our business, but this was his very I think, is first or second script. It's crazy!
yeah it's really right now, but now, but I imagine, oddly, that you know because of the Teresa surrounded you and then you play this iteration of the devil and there's a sex tape in the movie that must have re ingratiated you to Hollywood in some new way they were sort of like I don't know this guy. Maybe we can work with this. Well, the fallen. Ravalo wasn't you know, everybody loves a redemption story, and I also think that you know matter who you are. If you had, if Emily got it you're, always a threat, no yeah yeah, you can just do it, it always threaten. You would like to keep your looks. Your not all beat up and look at everybody like I said everybody has their time in the barrel, there's being in the barrel, for you know embarrassing in those being there for doing something wrong and that's that's a totally right totally different. You know thing is like you know, I I I you know I just have having put my kids through
through college and and all the mom done. Both of them are done, wow ones in law school now. So he's not really officially done. Well, that's great in like I was, I watch the the college admissions scandal from afar and disco, my god, it's close call madness to watch that command is because there's, like you know it's one of those things 'cause. You know how it happens. You know you operate in the rare error of privilege and you just go like this is what people are so I'm going to do it? I mean I I mean I guess I mean I, I would never dream of doing what these people are on wire. Doing, I would buy wooden nah I mean, look, might kids are privilege are lucky. They went to great schools, I was pay for the schools is able to pay for a tutor, so there already have such a leg up, but my kids busted their asses
and you and you make sure that they did that oh yeah, I was very early on very, very strict about academics and then it starts immediately. Were you that way you weren't that way. I was good in school yeah I like school. I worked really hard. I was good certain areas and not good in math and all that stuff right I was I was. I was serious about school. I was yeah. Well I mean that's, that's good. I mean you turned out to be a good parent. Somehow, thank God. You got sober, know for sure, MIKE is my kids laugh 'cause. They can't imagine Maine taking it. You know I really they've, never seen ever seen it, what a gift that is easiest! My you really got out young. That's like that's impressive. I mean it took me ten years more than you to in here's what you know it takes takes no. I know I know like it's like it's. You can't do it for the irony is we think we did it for girl. You mentioned the girl in growth. I mentioned my wife sure, but at the end
today. The only reason we do it is for ourselves and- and it you can't for your job, you lost your court case. You can't do it for no, no, you gotta be ready to do it and it's got it's gotta click in if it don't click in ain't, going to click in no, I lost it. Girl. I made her horribly miserable from drugs to just draining her of her life force and got out, and in retrospect can't blame are amazing, but I gunmen grabbed on to take what you need yeah, it's so all right now what do you? How do you decide? I mean you talk about kind of having a you know: you're the oldest the most knowledgeable on the said. You've been doing this a long time. You know there our deal do tv of the movies you'll do whatever
we'll do whatever, but I'll do. What? Where do you draw? The line I will do whatever I feel is gonna be an interesting experience or where what I feel like I can give will be additive. Okay, do you turn down a lot and a z? Usually small movies are just shitty parts. Are you don't know it's just project to project? Do I turned on Grey's anatomy yeah it can be so can be a monstrous the mayor and darker regular thing to Plymouth Dreamy. However, it is it's. It's a mine. Let's, I probably cost me. Seventy million dollars. Ok, but you're, not just money. You got thinking about. You know what listen at the end of the day. It was like. I wish it when it came out and when they started calling the handsome doctor dream it was like now, that's not for Maine right for me yeah, but, like you did, but the comedy thing that was one of the things 'cause
I mean you weren't really prone. That way, I'm not, but I was always a big comedy guy, but just people didn't like I from day, okay, member being third, twelve and thirteen and watching the the first seasons of Saturday Night live yeah, and then I would perform right catches for my parents would wake up on Sunday mornings. So I was comedy nerd right from the go. I just had never had a chance to do any of it until until into a host the show, which is a dream, come true, and what was that coming off of? How do you get that get in a few times? I've got three times I did the I did it in ninety offer bad influence, and then I was at a hit movie, no critic, critic loved it in the audience, just little tiny, released a terribly release yeah, I remember loving the the movie. It's it's really a good one. It's one of my it's for sure, one of my. If I to pick to
off the top of my head. It would be bad influence and about last night but Sir either you sir, when you that it all started with the relationship with born in New York, with one of MIKE and and remember working on on wednesdays, you going with the writers on SNL and walking into MIKE Myers office. We'd never met him. Do you want to do a Wayne's world sketch on the shower? Do you want to do a sprockets and he's, like I hate, wins or I think it's stupid? I want to do, let's see which we did and it was really fun and then the irony that we would end up in Wayne's world funny. So that's! So that's really what drives you, as you want to have a new experience in a good time totaly, but W wing that was, it was good and that was not comedy, but that was really a community. That must have been an amazing experience. That was three years I yeah. When I read that script, I mean they're very few
scripts that you read and just blow your doors off like that and also read character where you go, I'm the only guy who play this part here and which, of course, is not true, but that's what it feels like. I thought anyway about the wrestling show, because I so I'm glad they didn't make it to you that you were just an idea, because you know it another there. It's like that now I know I know I don't have the range that you do. Obviously. So, if the guys kind of like me, I'm good yeah, let's listen by the way that plenty of people made a great career in that in that gear yeah. But I don't really. I mean it's weird, because you think he I think I know you you do a lot of stuff that it's not really you I mean you can definitely not be you listen. And behind the candle Abrah that thing That was me crazy. That's me at the far edges of my range that I love that movie. I've watched that thing like four five times. Thank you you're great in it and Michael.
This amazing me crazy talking to mumbles, but just it's. But oh my god. I look like my father. I look like my mother and what no no Nanette he's just out he's unbelievable Damon was great, but your character was like inspired because it was almost like a David Lynch. Ian character like it was at a real guy is a real guy there, your real plastic surgeon who is notorious for giving one of the first big famous, botched ace jobs in LA there's, a very well known, realtor in LA who had a horrific face, job done he's dead. He blew his brains out. He did there are no real photos of them, so I imagined that character like what ' 'cause I got this offer, and this is what's great about this business. I don't know Steven Soderbergh of him. Yeah never met them, never at a general meeting, nothing out of the blue phone call
to do this part in this movie. Great and I've been tracking the movie. Just as a fan right is the notion of the movie sensor mental here, and so I sat there in like I'm a competitive yeah. My compliments ambles outsiders was an ensemble cinemas fire wasn't in Sambol, well winning wasn't ensemble and the keys and humble. Is you better bucking plant your flag or going to get eaten alive, really yeah? True funk, you need to be a team right, but you also need to get your numbers yeah kind of need to get your touches yeah as they say in my sports guy, giving you some sports fanatic will know. I like to know this 'cause, you know 'cause. I was recently in an ensemble movie, an I realized. Like you know, I had to figure out what my place was in it. It's an orchestra and what are you going to play right? Are you going by the way, sometimes you're going to lay under layer like I'm, going to just I'm just going to
do a low base? Ref right, you know just be in the pocket yeah the whole time yeah, I understand, he's not afraid or you're, like you know what I'm crime put enough squawk box on and I'm going to blast it yeah. So here I got Michael Douglas who's, a genius playing libero, she yeah n N and May Damon, who is also on the great actors in but velour, shorts and fraud and with frosting on his hair yeah like I get to bring my a game. So I concocted this character and this look yeah and you came up with that. Look the one under percent. Why called Soderbergh before and I said, listen. I think the tone is pretty clear from in this crap. But I just want to the ask you like. I have an idea, but it's a really big swing. Are you down for that and he's like oh swing away? Was it great
and you don't even have to pitch him? I just showed up like that with the hair. Imagine that had have weird teeth. I here. I had teeth and I also had they were. They had taped skin back like my eyes and for head and neck, so it look like at a bad face left right and you seemed drugged out a little drugged out in any looked very sort of metro, so I kind of wanted to cut against that because the other guys are so openly gay, so I is the voice from the guy I used to do the man member the men's was men's warehouse men's Wearhouse schedules I kind of guy and to me you like the way you look. That guy, yes, I just all that voice. If you like the way you look so there was funny to look like a woman. Basically right to have voice yeah, the California died yes, twenty pounds in ten days, and did you
the movie is not really a comedy, but it's not it's not it's hilarious. It is a a. It does have that tone. Yeah there's definitely moments where and that that carries so like out there that you know it definitely provided that it also. It also proved to me that the old adage that it isn't about the size of the part, because I, in all of the work that I've done in my career for my peers that part one billion percent was the part in terms of you walking down the street and Spike Lee runs across traffic to hug. You or whatever It really is very that it's our it's around that part. Yet people lost their minds, no kidding because they've never seen you do anything like that. I honestly think people didn't think it was me until the credits wow pretty sure, and I lot of people didn't yeah. That's the great. It was definitely an inspired part. I'm having that experience with. Have you watched any true detective yeah yeah, Dorf yeah? I thought I knock
I mean know, was him for half the first episode, my that this guy comes from great when you, when you see somebody like or like I'm in in stars born when you see you know, comic dice, This call yeah yeah your yeah. You like what I love. I listen when people reinvent themselves, it's the best thing ever and in who you are you've got to reinvent yourself like every decade I swear to God. You do tell me more these. These acting tips like this, so we're in an sambal you've got to figure out how you're going to stand out. You've got I mean it's, I mean finding the right nexus of being a team player parting, your other actors, the story. This is not about scene stealing, although it is it's, it's not about sandbagging, your other people, you're building them up you're there to support them, but your your it. We want to be steamrolled. You don't you don't want to sit there with. Michael gloss and Matt Damon and get my hat handed to me. How would I,
but how would that happen? Has that happened to you where in a scene and you're like I just got buried? I remember it happening to me once in on in class, and I did a scene with Cliff Robertson. Cliff Robertson's got an Oscar yeah. You know I mean sure and a plan half who he pulled over there was any great in that movie. That movie is that bad see a story's credibility that all my early with something like that, my favourites, I could quote every line from that movie. I love that movie, but no, he wanted for Charlie, where the guy who mental progress is oh based on the book, flowers for Algernon, I'm in the I had to tell him that I forget what is seen even was, but he was hearing that his mom, his wife, my mother, was going to go into a mental institution or something, and he just wipe-
the floor with me: oh yeah, I just sat there with him and got oh ok. So that's how it's done. I was twenty. And as I can ok, I'm not call it that happen again. He wasn't even breaking a sweat or not no yeah yeah those. This week I talked to Jeff Daniels about it. He said you gotta, you know those older dudes, those actors that big actors they have like. They know exactly what to do with their face. One hundred percent. At your face your eyes, I had a dinner with Michael Caine this year, who famously has a lot of great acting his book. If you haven't read it, he has a great at his new new book. Blowing the doors off via is all about this amazing, and his thing is all about where you look in there Your other actors, I think it's. Broken down into the into the technique of it, which is a big part of x,
This is a film acting real, acting but added there's also the same technique for for theater different technique, but you know very few act have the experience that talent and the technique yeah when you have that you're a monster and you feel like yours, is all tight but just look: what's the thing about fifty thousand hours, you're right, I'm way over that I'm way over ten thousand. Is it fifty now? I think it might be fifty. So what's the plan, are you going to? Are you going to shoot the one man show also I haven't the people of about it. I haven't decided yet again, maybe they'll be a residency in Vegas which would be really fun. You just fly out there plan. Do it yeah, I I love doing it. I mean it joins a hotel. You doing the first run doings, planet, Hollywood and then I'm doing so. I think I'm gonna do Caesar's after that sort of like a red, and he would be what three nights a week right. I don't know who you are you, like figure it out right, would leave Friday, just
which is so sad that sure you know, and then I have a new limited series called wild bill that I shot for v, that'll be probably on Hulu or Netflix. In western, it's is a western I play in american law enforcement. Analytics specialist takes the job, nobody wants to run the Boston Lincolnshire Police Department in Lincolnshire is in the middle of England, the home of Brexit yeah and British. Are you american shot, I'm America's fish out of water crime drama and it's awesome. I just finished doing it and you had fun doing that. It's yeah and it came up right and then what about is any movies? Let's see what's happening with me, I have a movie on Netflix Holiday movie coming out next Christmas, which is really fun shot entirely in Africa. It's really romantic
really and I am negotiating and likely to do a movie with the director who did Rudy. I n Hoosiers to my favorite sports movies, Hoosiers great right and it's the story of Carroll Rosenbloom. The who is original owners of the NFL is basically the story about the creation of the NFL, really as told through his eyes, who that's and I be Carroll. Rosenbloom yeah and then, of course mental samurai and then did you call it. The aren't deal is genius here. The arm show the arm show adarme giant. Did it's addicting sure people like yeah? They don't want to be, if you just changing them with questions and there's an amusement park ride. It's great, I mean that's what I want it's all. Anybody wants wrong. Anybody want thanks for talking man, great creativity
that was Rob Lowe. The show is mental samurai on Fox Tuesday nights on Fox. Also, this March, Christopher Maloney and Patton Oswalt are back in Scifi series seriously twisted series happy. The many stars as a whole degenerate Nick sacks who, with the help from happy legendary flying horse thingy voiced by patent, is trying to turn his life around that isn't: a familiar enemy and a demented psycho, Easter, Bunny Henchman, threatened saxes family yeah. The all new season of happy premieres March, twenty seventh at ten nine central on Sci FI, also go to W T, F, five dot com, slash tour for all those upcoming dates in the UK. I believe there's some tickets left for for London, Birmingham, Salford Dublin, but not many so go there. Wtf pot
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