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Episode 1005 - Phoebe Robinson

2019-03-28 | 🔗

Phoebe Robinson knows too well the feeling of being “the only one.” Whether it was being the only black person in her grade, the only woman or person of color on a standup show, or the only person being asked to step out of the line at the airport, the ongoing impact is exhausting. Which is why, as Phoebe tells Marc, she always wants to be doing her own thing on her own terms, from 2 Dope Queens to writing bestselling books to her most recent podcast, Sooo Many White Guys. Also, Phoebe and Marc compare notes on interviewing the Obamas. This episode is sponsored by the Broad City series finale on Comedy Central.

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Hey folks after five seasons, comedy central broad city is coming to an end created by and starring Abbe Jacobson Ilona Glaser Broad city continues to capture life in New York, while winning the praise of critics. Now that their approach in the final episode. How will it end for Abbe in a lotta bro? city series? Finale is a comedy event. You don't want to miss watch this Thursday March twenty eight that ten, nine central on comedy central all right. Let's do the show? all right. Let's do this: how are you what the flutters, what the fuck buddies, what the fuck stirs, what the fuck it down what's happening, it's Mark Mare, and this is my pod gas. W e f welcome what How are you carrying ok? You're doing all right, I'm going to talk to Phoebe Robinson today, since my prime, Very social life
your witnessing it I also want to tell you about my buddy Tom. Roads is a comic who I've had on the show a couple times we go way back. He was actually on. I've said one fifty eight and more recently in episode, nine eleven he's done this ep. comedy album are right. I mean it like crazy. It's a combination of him doing the international circuit for the past, twenty years, it's of Tom roads around the world and its three hours long forty tracks recorded in twenty four different cities, starting Paris and ending in Jerusalem in during the arc of this seeing his marriage fell apart. So it's it very personal, it's very global is very unique. and you should go, get it even get it on Itunes and Amazon, and the final version is coming out dead this summer, so that Tom roads around the world this be the most epic comedy record ever made so
bolder Colorado. Interesting thing happen nicely. If we show our and have two hours I got loose Scott Rambling- got Ricky and this I? U hasn't happened a long time. I can't say that these type of things don't happen. But Molly sort of astounded when they do boulders very little city and he was a great crowd. I thank everybody for coming out to the boulder theater I do enjoy going there. The The drive was great, which I already told you about last show, but I swear to you. I was on stage may be ten minutes. Maybe and I'm just do my shit trying to get a you know, get it a toe holder get out of will traction with the crowd. Get going and this young woman was complete. Composed put together. Maybe her twenties holding her phone just wandered all the way down the aisle after the liver, the stage and stood there looking at me with ear is holding her phone just
We are working at me and YO, obviously, the audience of eight hundred or, however many were in their took. No, the scene. It was awkward and I stopped a show and I said, hi. What's up, she does nothing. Why basically that I'm paraphrasing I'm like, while these are so my condition just now. I just wanted to talk and unlike I'm in the middle of of a show- maybe Maybe not! Now is a good time. She's, like I think, it's a good time and and she's Can I just come up that she was she went to get on the stage. She was looking at me as if we were the only to people in the room and there was a whole crowd there and I did feel them starting to do the thing that gives you a guy come on what the fuck get go, go go back to your she. Why? But I got there sent. I dont know what was up whereby there is there. dismal aware, like she's in trouble somehow because she's, not cognizant of
happening and she didn't seem drunk. She was in some way she wasn't swearing. Your speech, I know drunk vibe. So my my she's got reaction. Was yeah, she's offer as man and you know there there's something up in it might not be good. So I was diplomatic, a body out like I don't think, there's a good time to talk. I have to do is show she's like what I think is a good time and like you really have to make me. talk later, when we talk later, let's talk later and insecurity came down and might be nice said to them as it just you know, go go back did you see it or where we are in India will be overweight or in any way sort of like difficult to get her away? Did you need to be dragged or anything, but it is, because they get it through our heads. Why didn't I thought? Maybe a man, they break. I dont and I still don't really know, but the fact something about me like I was considerate, our diplomatic and here There is really part of me that was sort of like alright. Ok, what what do you need to talk about? What what is so? I like, I had to fight that lack of boundary and myself
in that moment? Where is, I think, a lot of comics would just be liking above this fuck off nobody ever made. Maybe I'm gonna put dead dirt, yo nasty. emotions into the mouths of other comics, but he would have you could have been handled differently, could have been a little more abusive butter. Add a fee for her sanity idea, and my own instinct. I just was like nice about it, but I do to admit that there is party like I won't weakening our now, which is get through whatever you need to get through enough and continue to show in a second but that did not happen in the idea. I guess she was fucked up. I mean that's a pretty strong we'd in Colorado, that's funny thing about Colorado was interesting. I would argue friend of mine and I was ensuring that Colorado, Yeats recently not read and its that boy when it's definitely a white stuff it s there. in a lot of ways and it's definitely dug in in a conservative way. I mean there
yeah I'd, believe focus on family. His headquarters in Colorado Springs in there's a air force. Academy need. There is definitely some serious. Conservative kind of mountain biking, white people, which is not judging, but the everything was when I was sort of like we are talking about Colorado in a broad sense. A friend of mine was like, while you other pretty progressive day, they get there at the legal we'd policy, and am I you know that that may be progressive policy, but it does not necessarily mean that its progressive people, like I guarantee you, there's, there's someone their who says man, I love we'd, but I Jews. Yet I mean in a wheat is weak, crosses all boundaries. The policy is progressive and pro active in good in the we legalization way, but there, let's not mistake. freeing the weed for making Everybody a decent person right right
Here's my other concern. What I want to talk about for some reason. I don't know if it gets enough lip service is a bit of video on the Washington Post, dot com and the title of it is G. O p legislator praised Jesus for forgiveness, before state First, muslim woman swears so a woman, a legislator in Pennsylvania, before a woman, the first muslim women in this state, I believe ya. It says right Air was sworn in when to the MIKE in the proceeding in the state wages nature and did a sort of rambling sort of prayer. About Israel about Jesus about the country's foundations in Jesus about Jesus speaking through George Washington. It was here it was like a it wasn't, quite speaking in tongues, but clearly Jesus Jesus Jesus, don't forget, Jesus did because Jesus is important and I need you to notice before this muslim woman comes up,
there's a lot of evangelical Christians in legislatures dead that have come through the republican move, and there's a lot of right wing christian activist judges. The judiciary, and they ve been kind of pushing along for a long time. You know there there are the regular issues of abortion. Which is by an issue in christian circles. and one that they have used for traction. over the years but day, but I think what sort of unspoken in what is kind of creepy to me, and I guess this commentary, I dont know if it's essentially political commentary and in the general ways at our president, to be honest, we doesn't give a fuck about policy or about anything he likes being given information that he can twisting used to start shit. You starting shit anyway.
It's the people that, like him and their shit starters and that's why they like. Maybe you push button pushers So is not really. I dont think on top of or is it not abreast of the? of the policies that he's being handed tat? He knows that they'll start some shit. Ok, so you know where I stand, but. The thing that doesn't get talked about. Much is how many Christians are in policy, making Britain positions and Evangelicals yadda one- I don't wanna, be condescending. I don't wanna diminish anyone's religion. I dont want to mark the myths that fine anyone, but, but there is strain of of Christianity, that your house, very specific agenda in the rubble. which I didn't realize until recently I believe that, in order for Jesus to come back the world, as to end, which means that means there is a lot of people that want the war. to end because
they want Jesus to come back more than anything this, just logic, so My question is always been. Is there a chance if that policy is in crafted accelerate the price? the sea of revelation. So this would be prophecy fulfilment policy. That's being undertaken by the evangelical wing of this administration, headed off by my pants and might, Ike Pontio, Andy and you can see it in a lot of different ways and is the reason why it's tricky and horrifying yeah environmentally, that, if their deregulating young at just sort of breakneck speed and not only for capitalistic intent, but also Fora, Armageddon intent, that there is this strange marriage yo, demonic, marriage and tailing of you know like
stage, capitalism and the evangelical Christian S, fatality prophecy- and I guess, the capitalist or hedging there better. They don't give a fuck by death but they're on board. So It's weird unification of like radical. Even jellicoe, end I'm prophecy, bakers and just sort of like let's make the world free for any kind of business, no matter what had fuckin does to the environment, and then you will fix it when the time comes? Maybe don't worry now that now sort of nihilistic, Annie, I imagine that the core of a lot- people that may not be religious. Who are you fuck? You trumps the best fuck regulation, fuck unions, vodka, the environment for new green deal that there that's the third arm. Of this momentum is that you have an tethered. deregulated capitalists and you have just complete fucking Nigh was you don't give a fuck innocent, I see it all burn for no reason other than that, and anyway,
a fair. We organised an dumb, driven contingent of of. since you are like yeah, then we'd like to end for very specific reasons, because we ve done we can here and I'm on one of the good guys and I'm right, for having fuck this noise so that was sort of it. I think that's away too, to sort of frame thee, sort of obsession with the right wing Zionism in Israel is that day upon PEO a year it is easy Nineteen Jesus India did. The reason in in that framework that Israel is so important is that they ve got. get their landing stir of cleared they got a you know, there's a temple mount theirs the dome of Iraq is built on it. The temple must be rebuilt, in order for Jesus to come back. I believe this is this. Is it It goes. I don't have it sitting in front of me, but either way. Israel is important to the evangelical right because it scattered stable and good for the landing.
The problem is obviously most rational people or up of setting but the nihilists frightened for the environment when it comes to the capitalist and completely terrified because of the religious fanatics I just and pay a little lip service to the road this fanatics to the prophecy fulfilment policy and the evangelical wing of the trumpet, restoration just say hello. Put that in your head roll it around its all connected, ok, sweet, so listen, Phoebe raw! Mention is she's gotta, podcast called so many white guys the available wherever you can get podcasting her books. You can't touch hair and other things. I still have to explain and everything trash, but it's ok, the other book in their available wherever you get books and, of course you know her from the two seasons. To delve queens and HBO their available. Wherever you get HBO night magic is still find that part. Cast around, but.
however she's great but data. Sure thing in this, station we do we can we can a breach, the sort of can white thing a bitten, and I were in a couple of things not not too heavy a mature. We solved any big problems, but the research, if on talking there. So this is me talking to Phoebe Robin As I see I see there, let's get into the college in issue Why were you out with your regiment, I so Vanessa? They turned me onto this because we did not just talk about her she's amazing. I love it faces and we shut this Netflix movie a visa and twenty seventeen and every morning to see her put this powder like in her like Oatmeal, MIKE what his ashes at all it's my college like it's, it's hopeless,
scandals? I should I be doing exiles black Phillip. We skins always gonna, be five issues like he'd, ecology and at all they do black people know we need colleges are now doing every morning. Have a green juice. The hour thing I have drawn up a bunch of cardinal, I don't love it working or what it. But what is the response from black people in general, with the college, I can't tell my parents and from the MID west. Secondly, who the fuck are you I knew you were fucking Turtleneck dickies in your walkin around cauldron powder. It is having taken college in four months and I dont know. Does my skin years looks good lawyer, ok, yeah, right with lotion onto. Yeah, I'm that on that kind of man yeah, how can you how you're so lately not ratify you'll gray. Fifty five yeah yeah. If you didn't look gray, I wouldn't I will breeze right past that Cotonou turning thirty five and September here, like a young person,
you know, I'm a baby. That's where I started to realize I've read your books has gone through stuff like I am out of the loop like do you will like myself I do. I was getting light ass. I am actually I don't know, I think, I'm an old man in the sense that, unlike what it can achieve, what is this? Who is this? What you really can people were not this letter interesting language used. Is this I didn't want to do that guy, I mean, but I get the rest of it. No, I think you're very funny thinking. Why hide? I appreciate that I was only show, but you are there. No, it. Wouldn't those like some kind of Amr. I was really bombed because I've been he's very years for a long time and I couldn't be their think. As I was shooting something like yeah and now just like this year, I was like I've, never gonna meet him. Now, then all we would like it it's funny, because I got like the first book awhile back. The ESA feminism is great pain. It feels like that was the one rewrite panties right yeah when that was
the last one I wrote, my cab pay off and I was I kept missing deadlines. Nose like I pitch this s, It is my editor in the publisher and they were like we're so excited for this now MIKE I'll fuck. I can't cut it right because in the past survey was like, I can't figure out some kind of from the book. My car, I believe, were so they kept me like. We can't wait to see the Feminism ass angels. I say I sped maybe three days Just was riding in writing and I got edges vomited on the page and it made sense and people allow people really like that. I sail out which I appreciate as I think you know it's one, those things where you gotta wrangle when all this stuff, you gotta, take a stand and its hand again, something that your within yeah an end and you ve got it. You have to be The argument has to be solid, MIA, or else you know
they're gonna. Call you out exactly yeah, and so are the response has been good. There's must be got me. I think you know feminism a letter read the book ways we, I just call a white feminism as being just as problematic, and it's always like the patriarchy. Whenever and you know that treat turkey or whatever there should be the next. Revalue Bang. The whole thing, and I think, what's been interesting now is like you know. Tito Queens, is coming now, and so let's get new people who like to know me before that or you do like the viewer or whatever and sometimes call out white feminist. There will be like so might really angry whether my Amazon be like I'm following your work- and I like see, if a share, would you would you think that's gonna accomplish? But that's, but that's all Like point, that's the point. Tat are proving the point here. You think I'm
I'm not gonna talk now, because I want to lose a white famines like it so stupid, it's so damn, and so people mostly get it, and I think it is its is based in fact that Iraq, you can't like argue your way out of it- is how I feel about why you like we did. We confer lighter but nobody can that's always been a problem with white people who even the call themselves progressive is, as you know, and when I did the talk radio on the left. It was like. I just got to the point where these people disc and eat themselves- There's nothing, there's nothing! Anyone can do about it because the personalities or show strong their boutique issues that Europe. This is what defines our progressive ness yeah and then it s sort of like a fucking. It's a clusterfuck and you just gonna. A chimney tear their own selves up and in their name. You not come together to do when they need to yeah. That's why we have eighty five people right democratic sire MIKE. What solo
learning I ran. Let me, but why not You can do it be a comical runs as always. There, One pitfalls him with his old duty used to run every year for you early a comedian. Will you take to run for president? I have no idea to fill out a form yeah. I think you just get nothing. We, like I, like you and you can run and where we find this now do run, do not show host a petition, a signatory thing, and then he put it out barons yemeni again, then you just have to follow yeah I have as it were. form the very. So how did I miss your stand occurred? early because the
and he was I not New York. Did I worry over different generation where where'd you grow up will happen from from Cleveland Ohio from in Cleveland the suburbs Cleveland? I'm I'm always. My initial reaction to Ohio was always he eyed idle I don't even know why. I think it's because of the republic in Swash, Opie, Lloyd, slash with conservative freak show sort of undermines what they certainly did in two thousand and four. I think it has in that year it, but I every time a merit like anywhere else. I go and white mothers is good people everywhere, yeah enters out, there's one street with the three restaurants on it and it's very good, bye club. I worked out I really do like Cleveland. I do think politically. Ohio is not on the whole like what I
the guy with the Eurogroup in the suburbs my parents have been married with. How does my brother she got married? My mum was pregnant with him thirty. I just revealed but anyone who cares thirty was an accident or if it was just like, I will happen here step up, yet one area that are you to advertise, guy. I am it ok, so we ve been together. Thirty nine years ever older brother, he married has caused his cause. We her lover gone there. They have two kids Wild Anna one, our kids, that's a big, the enemy boyfriend. I've thought about them. Both just go on our kids out. Hell, yeah boy from ruin. China be two years in July to tour manager for Iraq. Bans Yeah. What bans right now but the woman years last year he's with a legal case. Wouldn't oh, my god looming near their good. Have you seen my work? I am not
Finally, I would like to know if your bonnet now dude, that seems to be like just on a list of two representatives from the widest people working in music. I saw them open fear for bono. yeah, that's how I met my boyfriend yeah. I was Are you to answer in the limits are open for my boyfriend's from he's from Bournemouth, which, as I too our south of London, English guy yeah tat you're seeing his cool area yeah. This is the guy. Yes, the want Fisher, really the web you said, really like why I've been through many relationship of Yahoo marriages. I'd I too do not have children yeah it just because it was never. I never really thought about it here, I'm not the person for them yeah. I don't think it's a fine thing. Have you thought it or what was what you're thinking
I I just do what I see what I see my friends as you know my parents went through it. I'm like I, don't have the capacity to re so one that, like the day day, will hear devils advocate you ever get this. You know when you have one you show up to now, while I will resist I'll behest, Toby PATH now, for you, earthwards supportive in loving, and you know I've ever had yeah see for me. I just I I have anxiety about kids. I dont have like that one it could have now and in rehab unhindered twenties, the worry about them its current, you didn't, how could I think more people should not have to do. We have enough yeah, I honestly like there. I think, allied Tansy, parallel Oh you know, they'll tell you the whole thing and I've had some friends. We, like I love being apparent near by
It is really fucking hard and, like obviously like a doll, encourage people to how kids right but there's something they just want you to be a part of the tribe and unlike dead. It's weird onawandah like I'd better, not like there's something that there's this This thing that happens to be what they have kids and then they just sort of go into this. Weird alma zombie like state for at least a decade, yeah you. Then they come out of it. Now like what I miss you, it's true weird yeah and they're gonna hate. I imagine I get some emails, but I mean look. I like kids for a few days. Therefore, and I, like hang it on my knees enough you, but I like sleep. I I liked being able to have twenty different jobs. I like there that my boyfriend, I can travel to see each other. I just
like you. I like the freedom of the EIA, yet also it's like not having a horse in the race at this particular juncture and global history is not a horrible thing. Isn't like you, have a kid who is too now say like it's gonna be great. When you get older here, we're gonna be able to do whatever you want in the camp outside had our though So when did you see a brother he's living a normal life. You have niyazov nephews, that's a nice relationship tat! You can be an phoebean come over with as in the Navy tackling its part. What's he do? He is so he works a nonprofit city year, man, he just kind of politics and he ran for state rap, his district. Anyone really yeah they rep beyond this exact say he flipped did. It was read for six years exciting yeah, it's the first time while when you-
grown up. Are you we're parents, political or Dave, Lakota houses? You got what you wanted you my son, my mom is an encounter and my dad now he does real estate, but like they weren't super political, but my brother, when he would just sit down a watch c span like say when it was like the only thing that was there with two things on cable your brother. He is thirty nine! I would watch you know alley. Mc beale- or living color fucking watching C span life for pleasure before our where even when no was talking to three people of white papers and walking across the floor, I can I tell you the amount it. How do I saw that I make? What is this is like a shitty Truman, Shell, like what are we watching as I could so gonna make sure there were there their voting on bill, three o nine, the water related bill. you never got it by he. He just is a huge political junkie, always has a respectable
who really get off on the nuances of how the system works. Yeah does. Why did you read that that thing of all most people than who might fences and it's a sort of like it's kind of a really even it. I got up a large amount of people that even in the climate we live in their still plenty of people's right now get involved. You now just go to work, it'll work out. I'm you talk about that to an inn in that essay, which is the one I really studied, You're, like I read Wanna, say Musk invisible arrives. I read when I say it is like a black people. People, feminism? Ok, there's a little broader obvious falling. But how did she talks about were used here? No raise man, you do does a meal. I stand by making a race. Nobody knows it make it you answer to talk about. It are now really well when I do talk about the weird thing is is like and in terms of like the one I underline something in the book. Actually
to think now. Silence in putting your head down is flat out unacceptable and only makes more visible. The fact that you're trying to remain invisible in the face of atrocities yeah, the African wrote that you did yeah and in its an issue will be a lot of people. I talk to you IP or people who consider themselves progressive people, good people there, just sort of like unites, like I'm gonna write this one, yeah yeah I'll, be right, tromp, socks- and you know this bad, but you know: where do we stand? I try to talk about it. We have people want to talk about it. I don't walk up to people and the like. Are we good? Is hitting all right. You know, like I've been gay, people like I talk to you a deal hugely about it, but this whole idea of like black friends and knowing the black community, and so I have two friends period. The economy like so I am now out in the world. I work with people of all races and I'm like
hey what's going on, but it's in my day to day brain by Emma guilty of being nervous about saying some Like you said my nervous about things. What very easy do not know how to talk, it's not. I don't feel ass, though something racing right. I know not races yeah, but by their there is a point it sort of like the self consciousness is going to just here. Tone is going to be like you. Can I say that. Can I say we good like that. Yeah shit does happen my brain other by, but at you, but it's not a day to day thing, but I do they. Even now talking about, like I was trying to a joke like here ears, for instance, from the act as like. I'm not you know out there in the streets, you know you're, not too young and I'm not gonna walkin around trying to be an inclusive, but idea do I was trying to
the joke about is wrong for me to use the black thumbs up a movie. I will say this. I appreciate when my white friends deliver them. to me, do you yeah, but for me to do it is innate we ratio in sensitive for me to do it as like me doing it just to anybody if you like, I did it to just to a friend like just do the thumbs up right just shows the I'd, many color options and then land, Ray, you know, like a kind of now. I think I'm ok with that really yeah
I mean that because that's the kind of thing where I pointed out here, there's one right now know where this is go, I'm kind of blank, it's an option. Yeah I like that. You chose that option. Serbia, like white, the default that only one of many I like that you're like on these black items, are used to use the what you know one behind asian one to hear. I think it's a bigger question is: is the yellow in the asian ones? These questionable they gonna wanna make what what in disguise wise what's happening? Now one is weird yea I like that doing a user Athens and use all them due to bring everybody in the I'm very cited in the world. Is a good idea with me. So I don't know where you were my avoiding the questions. I think you're waiting, question. I think ear you answered it as a white person you, which is, I could tell you, were nervous I can tell you are like
got their new yeah. I don't think I think you know you're you're trying to do do what's right, like if I dont about it. I'm fine young here but a but I do like you. Even in your book and just out of a recently really thinking about the idea of white male privilege white privilege it. The truth is like I'm trying to work on stuff about being woke he outlined in and ignore during that. I am a fifty five year old White do yeah, so I needed to be woke and I can genuinely need to be woke and initiative process is not second nature. It goes like it's not so much that our thinking was bad, but it would, yeah. Do you know what I mean? It was not the element that needed to be woke in terms of acknowledging white privilege it just wasn't engaged. I was just moving through the life, the assuming that everything was ok right. This is everyone. Has this sort of any point in raw. You realize that's like natural
Why are you that you know that where there is always difficult for people of color, I was not now completed here like I find a year, they just don't like living in this neighborhood. You know I was was that we did, but I also knew about institutional racism, but I just don't think I really thought of myself as somebody Who benefited in a way at someone else's expense or or without unfairly yeah, here I just made assumption them middle class, jewish guy. You went to college. I wasted that time. In the light of day well, I guess there seem to be other people working harder than made by alike. I never you know there were up, for dollar around, but I never thought that day. I was somehow guilty of something I think it's a year guilty of me. I wanted. I want to remove that now that you're guilty of something. This is: u turn take a fucking college. That's arrest warrant, but I think it's more that lake in the day,
day, you have certain advantages that make your life easier. Mere like I fly business class here. I just do we're almost every time by the airport s where I get pulled out of line. Could they think I don't belong there? Really? Yes, but how does it unfold I wore when I went to every to iron out was flying in Dublin and an eye. Oh in the unity essay business liner whenever first, whenever an long I've put his excuse, what're you doing here knows like business class on might show him. I found his eye. Ok, I walk in another guy, pull me I'm alive, you like you, don't belong in this line and the other browsing honour, all she's business class and like yeah, fucking and said I would like this happen. All the time the export ally yeah images, daily sort of like little things were people just remind you that you don't
I dont believe, and I don't know if you thought about it, but I dont think that everybody is a neatly capable of empathy. I think most people are self centered self involved. and and not necessarily myopic bite, but in their own trip right there in their own world. So, certainly with I'm trying to talk about this, a bit too, I say certainly with gender with men and women, it literally impossible for a man to be truly empathetic with a woman. He has two aspects. I'm from respect in listening. You can't really walk and you can't ray you. I agree and I think it's the same with the white and black people in what you're talking about. So there is this other thing that you have to engage, which is understanding in what the struggle is in.
ordered to be empathetic yeah and then also understanding that this was because I started doing Stana put eleven years ago are in New York, and I was calm yourself. A greener like I was always in. I would go to shows no harm our right like I wish it would software that we can come back around to it. So you you grow up in any move to New York fruits. Seventeen. I want to pay density. Seventeen young. Why just map the wave that my birthday fell? yeah. I wanted to study writing. I was used to wash film on tv all the time I was a slacker in high school. I read the books like watch that she watched references. Am I like they're, so solid and I know their funding and, unlike I gotta go, we watch a movie. I whistle. I was lame like that's all I do is just like watching we watch stuff it was. It was movies you wanted to right, yeah. That was no right. Like serious asker.
These like I'd, never wanted. You comedy. I never watched stand out like I think all of this is was now plant right. I never wanted. What were you like? What were the movies at moved? You, the most, is the sort of probably seventy cinema, so eggs scores, here are the conversation that sort of thing, I really was dislike, yeah! That's what I! quantity and our watching Jean Hackney Terran walls out of its apartment in place, how can one yet Oliver I'll, go right back like it, but that's what I was. Why de, I was like warm, I feel like I. She moved to New York, I wash his show felicity and its wealth is white girl, curly, hair ass. She moved to New York for a guy wasn't only for a guy, but I was like I want to move to New York. I think they'll be cool, so I tried again and why you they were like your grades are fucking trash, so they were acting. I was like.
Maybe a sea minus student- I just didn't even kicking the gear in the last year that, right now I don't like I was like I care. I went to my brother and I went to the site predominantly white high school and I honestly I just went because he was goin now and I just like wine till I saw you do what he did and he was like The cool guy on campus, like every girl went to date. Have he was. I can jazz ban you d, like Sweden, a bit like he was just like the cool dead and I was like not cool. When I was just fill This step, which is like five by just totally, was insignia minister, like figure out myself like what I wanted to do so high school. I just sort of founded animals, and I was funny, but I was indeed never register as anything other than me just being sarcastic, but even there like the idea that you were one of the few black people, their yeah yeah, I was the only a girl migrate. So, like yeah, I see like either Ike. If I have to think about
what that would feel like yeah. It's got you just like every day. Yeah right, I am here. He no one is here and if you feel you feel different, like you fully feel different, we all attach yeah yeah on top of that you're you're, a woman yeah. So there's that far too yeah science is like double whammy, yeah and you know I think in the long run it was very good for me to go there, but I think I had to sort of personally work out mentally what that felt like to be the only black person in a room mere and if a weird- and I wish I would have had like another blocker- will migrate, stating that would have been like a good sort of lifeline
You know someone to be like crazy. What exactly are just like? I just I don't know like yeah was it like? I don't work. Study leg was like my parents were read, you know, I mean just like class wise race wise. It was not like on the same right, other people, so I just did you experience actual sort of racism. I people actually pretty sure mere, but also yeah people actually, for, I think its own. When I'm getting older and like being the adult world that were that Roman loosely or do you see, do you classify over, compensating, as you know, as it as an antidote to an individual racism, ordinary overcompensate as being. Is that more annoying in some? Yes, it is its ethic idle I'll make you don't have to be met if they give get into a car? You again to lift me like immediately like change until I fuckin grown Omar
it's not like you weren't, you are listening, I don't know mushrooms, men or whatever the band is listened to, that what you don't have to change into Jesse but in the cars you think I like yeah, I don't like I do. I Jesse you doesn't yeah, you can leave it on some. You know every folk, whatever yeah? So ok, so you're there in your funny, but you're. Not you not think you just why? Don't you just want to go to New York and rights, use movie and eye, and then I got two to private. I began to feel like a straight. A student like I really just is what I want two days ago, a lot array yeah and they did direct short films now. So I do like a lot of re, like short stories of short scripts and then a funnily enough I joined, I join my improv troop, maybe Sophomore year
We are like just like a random like informal, improv, pupil, campus and lake and think lay Chris gathered came to teach us wonder when daylight. It was really cool but It still never as if all this is a fun way to pass the time you Do you know about that world yeah? right, that's cool you under right, yeah and there is a whole teeming world. A funny people out there yeah that you ve just started to see yeah and then I remember, had Norway Davis, whose is amazing, Siano comic. He was like issue, you should do stand up and I like now I'll do that stuff. Where did you ever likes? Nanda? I saw before I start again stand up. I saw like a Chris Rock Special near an Ellen degenerate. One year, maybe Margaret Chow and now is it, and I was, I will say, was like into Dean Cook for like half a minute which I
people, I energy, why large energy I stand by the first album called out of an old, but we held out when I listen to it was excited. Yeah he's all worked up about little things. That's nice, I love the casual drag operator you You are really get out. My down there Please allow me, because he knows this blockade repeating it. As our you don't even realize it made its way. Yet what you have words that guy my boyfriend like that Brits are really good at that earlier. So good, I being condescending airline cause, you assume their doing it anyways by the way off so when they really do it is like. Oh, that's, that's that's enough. Yeah they're, always at three
There was a wounded me sort of cultural things, my boyfriend, I we first, our daddy. I thought he was always being condescending. He thought I was always yet at home- and I was like this my norm. This is like New York, like Everyone is really passionate, gonna, say everything we run. I say before you're allowed to talk again, but I'm not yelling run Jake. You didn't get it your person what he has to operate in the same frequency of the city? Yes, exactly so he be like Y all union fringes. Young tell them. I know we're having a good time. We love each other, but he thought I was like, believed screaming. Like I love you read failure. Yelling at I know things. Sometimes I will be like literally bahraini him with positivity, and I've got myself me like I'm just yelling at this man, yeah yeah.
beating him apposite job. You know what a horrible thing yeah you are so fucking, good God, dammit you or something you rate and that's what I do have buggy love you, man you're, so he really why're you screaming. I mean you think I don't know if you hurt me Rayner feeling a sub tat, yeah, my yes, I I Did I did improv and when I graduated like snow work, I couple film companies and then I worked out there Agnes. Had new life cinema and then I was like an executive assisted at picture house. I think that it was. I get production ass. It is and is a division, new line they folder and now they're back and I, as a liberal, I hated it what reason I don't want to be an officer. Ninety five like this is not here at all: its dynamics, just job judge a hologram. ok, then, every day worst yeah was like this small talk.
U S eye last night and it would be both experience dead and then back into. I beat without went away like a wherever we were just talking about nothing. People do yeah it's riddle and a friend of mine who, I think it was the San Francisco. Now she was gonna take a Santa class. I care lines in a vague now on a one. Do that and she's like you, get your job, and like ok when everyone yonder funny. At this point, we writing that, were you putting out stuffy rewriting were no nothing now I was so miserable my job like all eyes it I like start writing- and this is after college, after college others, twenty to twenty, wasn't right in here anymore and manage I'd inside. I think I did no one ever said to me, but I think kind of day room just like I guess this is it to worsen,
that has in all types of thing yeah like because if you dont know really what you want to do, or you don't have the courage to do it right, then you can render like relationships to making. I guess this is it you know, You get a little better idea. This is what most people do yeah and that's why I would like to cite work my way up. You know the corporate ladder and I guess I'll be like an exact. Nothing happened to shatter you're writing dreams. To that degree vice like jumped into I was just like. I just didn't think that I could perform like. I just was sort of like this is like the path people take you just give economic security yet again off his job. You work your way up and then that's just like what you do with your parents angle. I think my parents, they were pretty much like do whatever it is it you want to do here. I think I think there was sort of in an inkling that I wanted to performance. it doing improv, but I would never admit that anyone here images are all this stuff. I waited pastime or make friends,
it was never like, I enjoy being on state. It was just like friendship, binding, and as we like when I was coming up there, that wasn't sort of like we can take an improv class or stand of class just to learn how to be a better people out in the world and taught yeah you're fine intended do yeah yeah, but it was just like this is a fine escape from make your office jar and saw him unless he was. I just take this class. It's only eight weeks, Linda Smith, is a teacher she's great she's amazing. I go way back when she's ass. I literally did my first open MIKE's with windows. Smith Boston. Really, oh, my god. I remained in that's like Jesus, that's like nineteen at when I was college? Why, and I did a few open MIKE before I got out of college. She was like in the mid eighties, I wonder if she was great yes, so great and sounds like I'll. Take this done class its eight weeks and I'll go back to my office, job
and then the first, the first Sunkist like our first assignment, was so like right. Five minutes of like whenever yeah and we're like in a town like this. I felt like a room just have like in a meaning that lead our enemy put this data as a good future. like an a half circle was like in it, Donna Caroline it wasn't that airlines. It was like a small of like some random small, like Roma, and I touch the microphone mouselike. Oh, oh and I got my first love was like some dumb juggler, remember browsing citizen, Tuesday. There is interesting that the year will you take it granted now gather. First time are you, like you know, you hold thing, really not sure how to hold it, but it's like its power
you take it out of my leg. Oh, that's cool an edge. It was nothing that that special, but I just wanna go. I think this is this is what I should be doing. Is I immediately was like you start going over. Mike's writing again. Rain again sorry got over my eggs and then I got away so that was July. Two thousand and eight laid off in my office, Job October, two thousand and eight, and I'm a big league, the universe, I'm a pretty. I might not like religious, but I really do believe, like the universe is always talking to us and we just have to listen some always looking out for signs yet upset right now, yet spoken was secured in the foreground yeah and I was like a wall. I got laid off and I got the small severance package right when I found a thing also. We do have my wife,
the sign, also your I things happened, way disposed to come on. I just double down. I do like open my eggs and I like had shady tempt jobs in yeah, maybe like my weirdest, why? I attempt at MAC, cosmetics here em there. The whole thing is that everyone has a where all black you can't wear any color and I'll make a thousand even attempting to my you have to go and buy all black clothes and no one eight known aythur. I will say what the fuck is, this I call it was so weird and it was only three weeks and like all night I dont want now. This is insane, but I could not believe like I would go out like early twenties and I was like like, unlike still elections, I will go to win bees and bring back my she'll be fine we ve got to tell people alike were horrified that, unlike eating, still have what I did to you. I remember I was in high school India when the first Wendy Open like one.
The chain started. So as I go, I'm pretty sure yeah I was it like. It is wait seventies, maybe here and there is one we can walk to from my high school and justice- those greasy score her burgers, the Devil cheeseburger. They were so good, fell dead I remember when the puts alibis and Wendy whereas I NASH we're good yeah yeah. I think so time yeah inside we just eat, like my shady greasy food tab and then do stand over night here, and I will do likewise her bars and Staten Island. How the fact is that happen, but how and all the things. I can't I've done a lot of weird gigs river start now, but like a biker bar on Staten Island wet somewhat, some comic had that gay yeah, so he will make have like a bunch of us. I'd go with had many wishes curved sake and they did not give a fuck that were there was brutal
to me that you need to get it out of those yea need people not carrying at all. Remember that, like the feeling of right, the first time you gotTa Staten Island, you like it's kind of scarier like two people without here, because you here about them. I wanted this weird like on a masters and retired cops. Firefighters, there's a jump there. Look who lived out the anything suburban but then, There's no one on the streets ever likely wishes. Weird yeah yeah I did a lot about stuffing. I had so much tat, yeah. What's good, that's good that they don't give a fuck is opposed to give a factor in some level regulars we're when you do those one nighters that are not a comedy clubs and it's a comedy night here anyway again in their liking. It yeah just over there. If you were you vote the people, They'll come maybe you're right and he do it. weeping about enough. It was the same experience rear the weird thing about those gauges. Like you give me your oh yeah,
You think you're, like I'm gonna turn Umbria, exert Leah lack of eternal, but then I started like this Manchester problems a bar, mid town and I started Hosty like I think, twice a month show there we got paid and like chicken wing in beer and like that's just like, I was just grip, priming and haven't. When did you first work to get work? Might did you start doing which caused it? Let me end Benchley Ike, I'm now just slowly. Starting do clubs thing. I've just been doing like any share doing festivals and just like so you came up in the air. I'll, see ya require yeah. Ok, what's come back to where we were, which it has that feeling of of liking when you start doing comedy in New York, and you know in terms of being black? Yes,
in that world like the alive when I get isn't, it means different, but is still like a bunch of ideas. You think you don't belong what why, the audience is even on the eighth. We, OSHA yeah, it's like that's very diverse, now getting there with the first one with pretty way No! No! I I! This is what I will say. I think the way the ceding was done was to the limit. Why? Because it back there will be made in black holes in the back, but I think they wanted to feel like run their white people like this. That's where they were hopeful the thieves for everybody exactly. I think that sort of like what it was when I was, I guess it was pretty pre, diverse crowds for both seizes by adding of air thing I do stand up. Is the most nerve racking thing made in terms of the community. Yes,
and I've always- and so this is a word when I was a child say earlier that circle back too. So I e now so I beg of, for example, like I had a day job I go. I do like some of my colleagues and I go home array and they do like my blogging or- like I always have a bunch of jobs, because I like I got my my own- harmonizing by myself by one he three, their New York and I was just huskily thou. Just like my theo MIKE you gotta hustle, you throw aside in the river beds really exciting, but I was like so focused on, like I just gotta support myself in Europe. My parents can afford to help me out, like I just gotta make it happen, and I would notice where was doing like some open, MIKE's. Anxious was noticing MIKE how
toxic. The energy was alone, with the cynical bitter. Why do yeah and just flag everyone's rang? Everyone like, oh this person like bombs, you like, gets a fucking open MIKE like why. Why be like people just bein? So me two other animals like this is fucking Stew like. I don't need this eyelike sawdust, I'm going to open my exchanges. I started I own shows, and MIKE was trying to find other shells were brother Second, the restaurant or like in a big way. Scientists are doing that and I just can't incurring so white people would be like some white comics who we like think you're better than anyone else, and that common was only ever. so by other white comics and also, I don't think, I'm better. Then, everybody else like I just him mental leave me being a toxic environmental, was change like shit. I didn't like right and there is a lot.
Can we get comets Gazette I'll hang out like I'm, not a big drinker here I never drink before our gone stage in her eyes, I pretty sober anyone call myself a square that just like is everything geishas like now. My thing like I know my haven't like a glass rosy afterwards, but leg I'm just like when I get it. that's interesting observation in that you know in the sense that when I grew up when I came on yeah yeah, it was such a miserable fucking, dude yeah, who were you know who had taught behind each other's bags and Viking Althea secretly get excited when someone was tanking and I saw yeah and like I did. I do a bit about onstage. It's like you know like the EU when you hear that like at the comedy store. Like there's a laugh that comes out of the back when a joke tanks, and in its is very specific
We need a comic loud and I think it is not a real laboratories like that. Unlike in that's how you know yeah, they can't even lab buddy boy. There just excited it's a roads, railways and egg cell division of some sort of like a rush, but I mean I acknowledge night there's, I guess what I'm sayin is it there was a way. Of behaving in place that was essentially toxic and probably no ears and was just because we were all kind of like selfish roguish. You know angry dude who are dry. You'll get at this way by the EU. It did the pressure to fit into that yeah, I'm like white all want to see Court of rag on someone if they bomb. I come like what I want to be. The group heinisch
pity near like we're all figuring it out leg. It just became this weird. Like a will this person successful. Might we also mere like that's what you were all year for all suck strike me ass? You like this, persons garbage and I'm a me I like. I just want to do that, and also the intaglio over. I just couldn't get it. To the lake sometimes why do all Michel leg Commies, who taught me for him If I do on show sometimes a male comics when talk me or like they would ignore let me in and out I do well and showed them they talk to me and I was like this is all fuckin as it is terrible. Like I see. when a woman or a personal colored stops doing Stana Comedy, I always get it one thousand percent yeah. Oh, I got I yeah, it's it's it's hard because it The site you are so, unlike I wouldn't rarely.
I will you should be the only one of me on a show. I've had people say always, how like another black person, the joke that make a weird like full leg it fully just like its casual yeah we're MIKE. It's not. We are to have to work. People show what the fuck are we talking about, but just the sort of I got a mixer for white guys want me to black people than its having happened. It's fair, became a grove, anything a weird ethnic night and, unlike wife with that's like this shit, I dealing with an almost like a doll. I like stand a comedy, but I don't like Stana comedians and that's how I felt for a really long time, because there were just so much like, city behaviour in, and I would certainly like start talking shit about people, my wife and started infected. He and I was like now: don't do their thieves, don't don't be there yeah, I you know again like you because of how, because My part in the here and now
but I was always the most toxic anyway because of Jelly angry here, you know, and it is the EU just faster any like I start to rationalize it like back then even here in retrospect that you know comics are essentially people. They don't At least my generation did they? They fundamentally did not fit into society yeah. They made choices they like either they were in it for further work. Then, or they were in it, so they could be borderline criminals and just me I do smoke. We'd Aven wander around and sweep until new yeah yeah and can be on the road, so they we saw them as each new gypsies in robes who were just like misanthropic, freaks yeah. and in I thought, my head. What that's that's? What comedy is who we are they win just and I started Tito P s We start in part because I didn't improv nurtured in away
an Raleigh always run by why people were alike, but we know tons of funny people color here. We know funny queer people here who no funny Wemyss. Likewise only shows, and so we were just sort of like. I think what happens a lot of times. It's not about it's about. The fact that were does not seem right and so a lot of times those groups, our marginalize, just aren't even considered oh and if they are its on ethnic night. Yes, exactly run your alike. Will I could do stand about this club any united. The way right do you know new idea and it sort of like, like a man I was blogging for a while that any time anything something black happened. Hey! You wanna write about this. Am I do ask you fucking? about you to act. You fucking right about that to it in a field very much like you're, just putting me in a box,
that's my only value is to be this black person who can represent all black people and no, when just nice aren't you too. These were like what we just no so many hilarious people here didn't mind that that aren't they are mainstream or Lara represented yeah. hey, I thought I'd just have the mine and I think there is a way to go about inclusion. That is not condescending and I think people confused Everson an active inclusion, means O were bringing people were unqualified and signal. Inclusion means opening your I've seen that there are people who are just as valuable as you are really don't look like you, yeah yeah yeah, and I you know it's as I said, I'm guilty of. things yeah, you know I had a writers room. That was all goods from my show here and and you know it- was you know it's an it's like there was when that great
I dont know what it is, but it comes down to that same fear. We were talking about that there, the didn't the desire to not self check right so like when you asked me about race. I delight in EU gets yourself you kind of like do I. But what is the word? I'm looking for here, just sort of my check myself, my Yahoo. I talk an idea. The idea that, like I'm a writer room for dude, you know we can be like Whenever we're gonna be yeah, just fucking dude, you are talking about bullshit, making, jokes and then like the idea that if we had a woman in their early on- and we can't typewriter Dixon much like what is that they concern you shouldn't yeah it's not necessary, exactly that comfort zone might not be the best thing yeah, but I think their people to learn that. I don't think it's an ape everybody. I don't think anyone comes into a fully woke or fully perfect, and you know I just think now-
I try to be more aware of like everyone whose, because it's very easy for each you like I could just I remember I said mother passed- so many white guys like innovation- and I am one took Why gather in Vienna we each season and I remember- and I try to have a pretty good rarely have like women people kullak, where people just like a really big, makes and remember, had a couple people retreat at me who were awake. I am disappointed, like your gas are all black leaving, When did you like an all black show- and I was like well diversity to me- is not just only black people being Monroe, unlike there are hundreds of races and I feel like allow time to entertain the the race conversation just black white men if there are like You know India is Asia teenage. All those people sounds like. I want to have it be diverse alike, while they should just be like all black ass and unlike moving go,
That show, but it was his we're thing- were people just like your responsibility, and I was like why want to bring everyone alongside Anna? You think everyone has to find their own comfort level, but I think you for actively not preventing someone from a you know and opportune because they don't look like you. I think that you you now doing something right is not terribly yeah. I think it's on it, but I think you could have probably had a woman in the writing nice guy yeah, yeah, yeah yeah I hit living like so. Well, that's that's the thing. Is it your guys like me or people like me, you know what what with required is just to walk around. With a modicum of shame, about how you behave and try to correct that yeah and I feel like their partner things. Ways are behaving passer like aren't, pray and I, a correct that you know I mean that's everybody. Would you go
in from from doing that, show from that package, as one of the reasons why I started it is because I remember I'm really close friends Abbe alone, and I remember when broad city with coming now I have! The monarch gave them cereal. Yes, I remember that a bizarre. It was like the curious thing it was so see. I was like that to dad move it. That's a very cute dad move, hungry and when they were interviewed. Unlike a lotta shows, and he would be like so you're see a girl. Do you have your show that that's the question? That's the research she did so they vaginas, it may have a show, and I just wanna see like all these interviews. I was like them or JANET Mark and say so. You trans and I beg these interviews arduous other in them and, like the only thing that's interesting about them, is at their not the review by the interviewer area. Emphasising. Let me just talk to
people about just their lives and who they are not make your leg. So your agent right- rats wild Rosalia before you talking about you, give you yeah. You have dinner with me: Cyprus. Now but, like I learn weird lessened yeah yeah, I like the idea of men, the killing it because I'm I'm sorry, I just them so fascinated with indian culture in ITALY alone. I don't know much about its. I guess I assume that she would tell me what are you going a Google man. I know I didn't like in the moment yeah. I didn't anything railway, and I see in that you learn in those conversations yeah you do. There is a reason to be a little You no gun shy, Yo of what you're about to say the as you like you have to be like am I doing that?
then I am I of the ring them Amelia who seeing them is something is a representative of of of some mystical World. Did, I don't understand, is a white guy yeah, as opposed to just a person. You know who's got a life yeah yeah yeah. Why in I will you are Norway yeah? don't do that? If a huge that's I was like No, but I there's some parts of it where I think there is real curious I don't I don't think I can be misplaced, but I think that the nature of us all being people is one thing, but people do come from different lives and they are sometimes specific to race and there has to be. If your curious, Ok, you can google it everyone is a representative that of of that community by, but is it is an honest mistake, yes, to sort of way put people on their position. You're, like the five thousand.
A person to a deadlock to her dean. Any means like so every time I go into new space. It's like all eyes I mean it's like black people Do a class get out your books. then I ve had examined two weeks and I just like that gets tiring yeah. I guess, like the other cultural YO. Sort of Responsibility put upon TAT gets tiring by oddly yeah. However, you handle that he is going to be informative. the people that are ignorant of what their DOW yeah I'm after my customers, sir I'm so fucking polite. I have to visa because I can't be like that Fucking angry black woman goes fucking nuts in Verizon. Sound dislike. Excuse me now. I just need to speak to your supervisor like I am I don't this way of working say MA am, but that
I gotta be its tiring, yeah you're you're tired. Here I can see your face. You, like all man, that's what it's like all the time sucks here, but in those other ratings are above the black sounds like ok drawings, about Thank you, MRS area. You talk of theirs. Why there's another as in your book, about how to avoid being their black friend oh yeah, that sort of in the same area yeah? How do you know that's happening quo when it happening yeah, you sometimes you don't know, and they showed to shop to apart. You like, oh shit. We only one here. I gotta get the fuck out. There's a lot of bad you just like an old thing. People are going. This is my black friend like idea, but I think there is a sort of like while I may contact with one
um, I'm good you now and so anxious, it's ok! It's weird! I don't! I I think a lot of times- I don't know, but I imagine something or just insulated in their world and its ino. They they feel like they do need to make an effort. then innocence to it as well that like yes, ina if you're just a bit wherever you're, working or whatever you just around you life. It just doesn't white people here and you have that monetary, like I gotta, ask I gotta abroad in my ear, I know that one girl, yet they that they create a baby. I'll, give you this example. It was as I live in a broken with my boyfriend. We put our names on the list for this restaurant had awake, wait half an hour. She went down as you too, this bar and we walked in and usually why a prisoner- and I could tell
He got a little. He just got a little like way that I like. Ok, that's how he got and I was like d feel uncomfortable you, the only workers here his like yeah to arouse. Like that's my foot. in life dog, that's how was admirably his family. I went to the UK for FUCK it a day. NL the only fucking black person anywhere for Dave and those like. That's how I a meeting here, for I know these people had been. Because all these working, why people your life and, unlike Thou, that's me- have go. There was good but like I'm tired, as that guy entire noodle only see why people and they everyone came up any were touching my hair and eyes like yeah don't touch my fucking area and I was just and he started got it. He was like yeah, you like it. It just feels. Weirding is again,
you just know that you're, the only one, the roman- unlike that's, that's my life right. He got up like yeah. It's it's a rare event tee. I was half an hour and they had a. U have see match like two. Why people miss green? Oh, my dear you're, fine weather, why people are doing what they do exactly but yeah? and soldiers being I could I yeah yeah, I can be a good idea, is funny about. everything I I had one these mom like it's weird. They liked some little moments that you can have. Get hurt your feelings in a moment I will let you know you remember them. Yap, assertive, how I handled it. What do you do this woman? Who is a video working at the colonies right? Yet she was not communion of yet waitress and choose intense and liking out with an artist of it, but she had shaved her head, complete yea, like it was drastic.
And it was shiny, awe and, like you know, I saw her and I don't really know heard all yeah. I know, but I see her at the club here and I was like I wanted to put my hands hey, but nobody said came from a touch your head, she's like no. Am I ok good for her by the boy in that moment, I'm like a bright, but it's like. Worse. I'm glad I ass yeah have you had? Are you just like fuckin palmed off hand like a basketball, but people do that gas because they are like like you know, and I think sometimes a lot of this woke. She comes down to simply that respect of, like you know, this is ok, yeah right, yeah, yeah, don't touch me here, I'm not gonna yeah. I didn't think I appreciate it yeah. So what so, when's new season Start Tito, Queen fear area.
it is to get it yeah it's on the birth and guy had a whole generation of things happening. I just don't know where, and how did you hear me where I know from comedy- and I knew the book in that- I need a pike- ok, yeah, yeah, nice. I know You know who I don't either knows. Why meaning only mean yeah. I am most people don't know who I am saying. Its people know you. I think this isn't about all. This is a little like foe, humble moment. You're having I don't think so, I like it you think about it because of the media universe. We live in here in the big picture. I'm not Kevin heart vs. So there is, weird zone. I got all these things out there and, if you're not in, I don't know what they're walking into if their walking in any of em, but like I got, I saw a twitter today. People right, I just found your pocket. because I saw you on the Simpsons, and this is ten years in so
it's not your way, usually yeah. You know I gotta hit, show I want you know who I am you weren't? We don't do you walk round sort when people are looking at you there's that moment like that's me and then you rise again I've heard that I am. We went to a delicate girls weekend, her birthday in Vegas. For my birthday raw hanging out the pool and this guy came over. He like he came like he looked like. He knew who I was. They are fully leg. He was gonna like, say something nice. And then he took care of you, like of, were closing the pool in two minutes. I need you guys to get out of here and as like, you have no idea who, though far guy up our Europe as I could go, go go, go, go, go yeah, Tito, Queens, its jaws, yeah! Ok, gotta, love that They love the package to stop that the park. I wasn't hard because I
Oh, I never lead to do anything forever. Nobody I feel like there are an issue of like like some level it I get, reach it probably reached a whole there's pry, a good chunk of the people is in the back then you don't have HBO. Maybe your watch! Hbo or like, like you, had do really say that audience go: get HBO yeah, which yeah fuck. It helped me by my house. They did you guys help me by my apartment, Europe, but I just really just now just getting so busy- and ours is kind of like I don't like to half ass anything, oh yeah, when you're doing it when it's your job, it's your job, man, yeah you're, on a Sunday talking to you. I know that in the end, like I'm sure, you were rather be just relaxing on a sunday that I haven't you
got a record every Sunday issued out, I was shooting. I have to do your. Do the interviews outline I get it. I don't have a sense of days we yeah, but we just got to place an end. I know for me personally, I just like, if I can't do it, I just how to just kill it, and we want So I anything else bothering you have we handle this hurry. What you did the interview I think, with gray. I don't know if I like sad enough about what about I don't know if anyone knows anymore about even beforehand. What do you think's missing? Exactly? Is there a party that you were not discussing. Now I will I am really now. I will say I'm not that interesting like I'm, not like, I think you're. Oh, thank you. I think it has been a good journey, yams, smart another gear funny and your writings good and death, but like I guess what see, if I have any more questions that maybe I'm filtering because of what we ve identified-
is my yeah. What's it ask me something you think you are scared to ask me on every side Do you think there are people that I really don't see collar lines? Now? That's the craziest thing. That's ever been set what I just said. No one here like odyssey color am I talking about where of course you do you mean the idea. There might be a spectrum of how you judge yeah, but you unless you're like blind yeah or are you you do see it. What are you do with that? Initially, formation is the whole other thing exact right, but that sort of ETA. I guess I try a white person invention yeah. Of course, of course
What's a vulgar bags, NATO people Julia yeah man. It is just like you, I just I just want to be able to do that. We then I wanna do have people in the wrong word is different from like that's. My favorite thing was watching a comic who is so like. I love watching dignity, Carl I will never be like her. I will never tell commie like her, and I love I love watch people were so different from issues like our own timezone, its grey I've known forever. Like every time you around here, like my feeding in reality, he wrote me ass is so great. Am I love that ending their so many people what they just want to see themselves, and I'm always like I want to see people were differ from me-
The only do I get good story me am I like eggs, I ever a sort of the eye of a secret love of goofy shit yeah. I got why like people who are naturally Is it really funny yeah yeah yeah yeah and they know how to really work it like it to me. That's a fascinating and Nate ability, yeah of people that are just like either uncomfortable or even somebody like Kevin James, who is sort of like you just worked up in every part of him, like ie, just moves in he's funny, like I people who can just like physically just Bianti. I love that yeah, because Can such a heavy do you know I can be physically funny, but some guys just it's just so natural, and it's always. I always am impressed with the now hurry. Who do you IKEA them into I love watching Baron VON he saw. Like you know, we re we, I interviewed him. I guess I was hard on him for a long time why I think we talked about in the package
I didn't hear that because he knew a two year like you, he knew that I sort of put him in the actor who wants to become a category come on, that's not have no. I know you are yet. He turned me great on your show in your yeah he's very good with your voices discredit physically yeah, love him. Ah Michel Buteux haven't you like I haven't you, so long? I remember it. I remember when she was like. I think, the first time I met her, she was like must mean like a long time negotiations are run for. Why here right, yeah she's, awesome here she's a she always they re just like face time wherein sit cream and she just fucking hills me I'll, just be like screaming in my apartment with laughter,
either fully obsessive alley long and I tell her all the time she grew. I feel it sometimes. I talked to her like a fan like mosey. Could you just so green? I love you and I we watch is for em like these right together, but she so rightly so. Wonderful you road together were soon was you live in New York? We would just like me up. I, like a coffee shop. Is our home like work on beds, and then she will echo. Do Herschel Nygaard Uma anyway, just like she saw great, you guys are workers ya. A worker ammo worker Emma Grinder. I always have people say no, like that's part of the reason why I started up. Please is because I couldn't get a writing job No one would hire me for warm up. It's no one was just enemy at all. Animals, like I'm gonna, do mouthing over here near like I've been around so long, though you just sort of sea people's process and how we're going and then he wondered sort of like are they can evolve out that it yeah Khazars sort of steps to people coming into them
Yeah, you just sort of wonder like is that one gonna keep turning or Zack and stay there yeah quota, why some will find their voice, and I think it's amazing for a long time. It took me I'll find my voice and then I thing alive it was. I just had to get confidence lawyer who took me yeah like for twenty five years. Thirty three. You hide your voice way before then. Nor was angrier and it was defense- was angrier Yan, unlike at some point once we have people start to appreciate what I did like. I can walk on stage now fearless here He especially if it's my people by each other, like even more sawdust, just still starting to happen where what is, I think, a lot of the job A lotta years is just pretending not to be afraid until you you can really, but due to walk up and really be fearless yeah. I mean that's an amazing moment anything happen to me four year yeah. I think I'm I think I'm
was there I just really so when alone, and I we did our stand up tour in two thousand and seventeen we just like co headline together, because I was going to quit stand like I was like Augustine to the queen's thing on sphere rider, but I dont one of her mind. You stand up here and an eye when they did it, and I was like oh I'm good at this, and I think I was so hung up I don't know if I necessarily do stand up the way that now certain combat yearning me that I was at all my not go down to the way they are like eyes. Do it right in and it be like you don't have to do that way like it can sort of kind of look anyway that it wants. As long as it's representing I, U Billina. I I still do that myself. I am, I don't do it like certain, you guys do it and you know it, but it's ok. You know. When
see somebody who who kills all the time or who has a big success in their like their different than you. Primarily it usually comes down to it tat. They write jokes yeah Can I write Joe yeah, unlike after? in point. It's like you gotta, be like this is my process in. I do all right with it. It's not, maybe, if not the most disappointing toward the best way to go about it. Yet I it's what works arena in after you you in something like for thirty years. You are waiting in it. downright jokes, yeah like I love like I love losing a jury cycle. Talk about the process of Moscow leg. I'm not gonna. Do that you're not doing that I have to like. I have to wait till some hits me onstage and its aggressive, but that's like some sort of compulsive thing. I'm writing jokes. Is such a it's a beautiful thing and- and I were good dogs but the real control? Anything where, if you're up there and you ve, got an idea that you knows funny enough yeah to get the lad?
in other words, gonna go in that thing had nowhere, just comes in yeah, because in that moment you like, I got it yet again. One be funding that moment. Then opposite you got your tag. Bayonne aware came for yeah you know, came out, EU breaking out. Are you in a moment? You know that you know you had no control over its the best. That's the best I loved, I love doing their weight and I worked for a long time I was like. Well. Maybe I'm not go real standard because I don't sit down and write like two hours a day, then I had to be like now, that's not the way. I think that's the way I type here I am in no position to judge how people approach you know what they do on stage and really you stand up comedy as a job. You know is a thing that has a history and it is what it is, but you, in all honesty there been from the beginning of of modern stand up there, ve been plenteous storytellers have been plenty,
people at work in different ways: your how it became this sort of Seinfeld in or or your eat, this idea. Yet there have always been stick guys and joke eyes, but there has also been long form deeds yet far back fifty, even if you listen to any Bruce who people dont really listen to what they read and sound, but they don't have my army. I like it, was hit her Miss man and it was a long form, an odd an esoteric in it. Just at some point I accepted that you it's a very broad trip. You know in what year in either it's gonna be guys it or like that's, not real stand up. that is the yeah I'm up, thereby myself gettin laughed fuck off. You ever stand there, and the great thing about now. It's like hey, I don't have to be for everybody. By I'd- be for my people- knew fuck off yeah. You know I mean I think it's like you. You have to sort of talk to people who are quota quote different from you. I feel there
for me that, with its one saying later, when I went on the drive here was a little nervous. Holes like I've listened to the high flag he's really I'm like. I just don't know how we're gonna relate in an I got here not like. I was fucking vine college and powder like we were the say, do you don't mean that whatever the every interview I have my coffee? yeah. If you like, I will just fucking people. It's fine, we'll Maya, my big like it's like when you talk about preparing for Glory Steinem, your I've done that before yeah with certain people, yet you know cause. You want to afford them the respect they deserve or who they are. If they are, that type of purse yeah, I wanna respect everybody, but there's the people's right. I got some ground to cover has to be talked to
yeah. Well, I'm Michelle Obama that IP prep for two and a half days right behind. Did it what paid off from that process all of it or did you where you sort of like I didn't have this is easier than it was in way what I get did was there was no way that I was gonna fuck it up, because I was so prepared, even if her and I didn't hit it off as it there's no way. This is not going to be good, because I know this woman her book inside out. I saw it to me and made me a reinforced I think sometimes people who are slackers, nay Arousable, who worked really hard euros at all. You calm down you here, you are prepared to make And it made me, go now bitch. You should prepare like that, for everybody treat every violet Michelle Obama yeah. I think so about you, but sometimes I think that the though I believe that it is also the same, as is the joke, writing predicament. Yeah is
you know, if you already know the answer, you're gonna get, then you know the question and you know what the end the question. Is you know it? Isn't it a little lead in a certain way and email. You might deny yourself like some or gangway moments of like why we, just how can I go now when I interviewed Brok Obama yet I had to Pair, because I had an hour yeah, you know it wasn't going to be of a fundamentally political interview in like I was jammed up with that shit yeah he walks into starches bus. my balls, it's great pianos Ike. Here we go phaser yeah and worked out because you know you you make yourself available for that, but I don't think it's bad to have all that shit, in their yeah and then you know what I think I got really enjoy. This is a micro just hang out here and it's not like how did he do queens get started? An answer could no one cares. No one cares. Hugger started yet
you know people go watch is NEO yeah yeah. If I'm doing that, it's like not going well yeah yeah. So let's give every just sort of able to like to talk about. I don't hang out with a lot of. fifty five year old. Why guys yeah so like this is great? I've made contact yeah did it yet, but we had all the problems. our guy, I think I m glad you could with doing as thank you so much that, was a good. She asked that was fun. It sounds good in here. I keep noticing that maybe it's these new headphones, I dont know but yeah go to my my tour page Charioteer POD, dotcom, Swash tour. for those England dates that are coming up. The UK dates I'll, just all
go through all the dates can I would you read me April for but the Lowery insultingly Nike that might be so that royal, the more hall in London, England April, six very definitely tickets for the rapporteur in Birmingham England April ate their ticket Vicar Street in Ireland of April Eleventh Dublin some tickets were able aid the nineteenth and twentieth of the american Comedy company San Diego Comedy Club on state may, twenty third, twenty. Fourth and twenty fifth in Madison, Wisconsin Vermont many clubs June? Sixth, seventh and eighth in Burlington Vermont, those are sold out? Healy? in Saint Louis June, Thirteenth drew fourteenth and June fifteenth, I think, there's tickets for that and good knights, comedy carbon Wally North Carolina has been shifted. Cause and engage and I have to do so, Raleigh North Carolina is now August, one two and three. If there are still here,
God unwinding negative. At the end there I think I've got my guitar hooked up so now I will play for you here. guitar meditative.
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