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Episode 1008 - Vincent D'Onofrio

2019-04-08 | 🔗

The last time Vincent D’Onofrio saw Marc it was at a standup show where Marc got tackled on stage by a disgruntled audience member. A lot has changed for both of them since then. You know Marc's story. But Vincent says in the decades since that night, he has improved his mental wellness and gotten his anger under control, two changes he thought would hurt his craft but wound up helping him become a better actor. Vincent also tells Marc about his first movie job being unadulterated Kubrick, why the real goal of an actor is servicing the story, and what went into creating and directing a full-on Western movie, The Kid. This episode is sponsored by Missing Link from Annapurna Pictures, OpenFit, and Capterra.

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Oh here, I'm still enough- I'm in London all right. Let's do this, how are you what the butter is, what the fuck buddies, what the plaster is, what the Balkan what's happening, mark Maranon? Here? Is my pod, w E, F how's? It going who man, I am I'm still in London and what a few days it's been even talk to you since what last thursday- and I courted that on the day before so I was just I just got here. I was hallucinating. I dont think I'm still
who's in aiding, but when you're in a different country, different side of the street different a personal products, different cereals, different people, they are different were all people, but the Brits and the tone of the city and the culture is different. It does feel like a bit of a hallucination, but it's not I'm here, I'm eating things, I'm engaging people with audiences I'll tell you about the second, oh, by the way, Vincent Enough Rio is on the show today always respected that guy welcome, as an actor seems like an intense guy. He as an intense guy, and it was a great talking to him. So that's coming up one or two My own show that you're here that in a minute here, if you hang out for this tour dates, say, may hang out, for that might want to hang out but I got tour dates. It's happening and holy fuck. I don't think. I even realised the number of days
I was gonna be doing, but I'm doing am I talking to read a mafia just sort of like so you can hear of yours, Is mentioned them, maybe it'll inspire you to go, pursue tickets August night, and when Oregon, it Revolution, Hall August, twenty second in Dallas, Texas, at the majestic theatre August, twenty third in Austin, Texas, at the Paramount Theatre August, twenty fourth, Houston at the Kohen theatre at were them centre September. Six in Vancouver at woke again September. Seven, in Seattle, at the more theatre September twentieth in Chicago at the VIC September, twenty first in Detroit at the Masonic Temple September, twenty second in Minneapolis at the pan, take is October, tenth in Philadelphia at the Miriam Theatre October, eleventh in Washington DC at the Kennedy Centre, Concert Hall wow. That's that's big October, twelve in Boston. At this uber theatre of an gonna be shooting especial there that night, so they'll be too
those air October, Eighteenth Nashville, at the James K, Pork Theatre October nineteenth in Atlanta, at the Tabernacle and October twenty sixth in San Francisco at the Masonic there will be a thin precept for tickets. This Wednesday April tenth at ten a m to Thursday April, eleventh at ten p m, just go to the venue websites, and use the password buster, the official on sale date for all venues is this Friday April twelfth, except for the candy centre. That's on sale April, eighteenth Lahti information by death. Come this week. You can always go to W p pod dotcom, slash too, for more info on all these dates and then and I would assume the links to the tickets. Ok, Wow man, that's good that's a lot of work. Why didn't I realise that why? Where was I wouldn't when I put these things?
just get on the phone, maybe cookin something going: yeah, ok, sure, yeah the disease Detroit. I haven't been there and forever. Ok, yeah, alright sure Houston, oh ok, yeah Dallas I don't feel like. I got people in doubt: ok, yeah, right! That's how that works now we are looking at it all, almost as if it a poem on this page lotta dates, and God knows by Boston by October twelve. I should have a very tight, very well groomed very together, our in fifteen minutes of material for a Netflix special, that's for fucking sure, ok, how's it going. Everybody all right so since Let's talk to you, I've done a show in suffered, which is within, Manchester, despite the fact that, right at the beginning of the show, when I said
I'd be a Manchester. Whatever version of that, I said, some guy went sulphur and was a bit of an argument, but apparently here I guess not. Like other places, there are kind of regional battles that are separated by streets, perhaps but yeah it. It added texture to show we did a lot of ripping it was I've never been to Manchester I'd. I get the sense in, and I know this is sort of a hack needs a piece of information, but I do but they demand Chester might be the birthplace of sad rain. I think that the rain was just in Denmark in it then imply much previous to appearing in Manchester, but the overtime it took on an emotional tone of its own. So I was in the birthplace of sad brain and apparently soccer or football, as they say here, and I knew nothing about it, but it seems to be woven into the culture in such a deep way that I
like I should know something about it, but I did not do any research into any research on soccer or football did not do any research on breaks it cause. I found that though I was a little panic coming into this about not knowing anything about breaks it. It turns out that neither the people here- lotta confusion. They don't want to talk about it. No problem I can talk about. Are our country slow drift to sort of evangelical authoritarianism, incomplete capitalistic chaos manner. By judiciary that there will sink this entire operation just my opinion, but you know good chose I get there. I get the places in its seems to me that if I want to go to a museum or something I'll, do it but TAT. I was tired of jet lag as you knew from the last time. So I got up. I tried to find a place that had healthy food. I ended up in the basement of a buddhist society the Buddhist Centre in the middle of Manchester and it would just as old style
strange little wooden table, hippy joint that looks had been there for ever, and it's very interesting about people is that the people working at the Buddhist Centre, which was sort of it, is paid gig mean to you by the food, but it had a sort of them kind of communal health, food, vibe, two innocent interest, the people that gravitate towards maybe Buddhism or the Buddhist Centre or whatever you think that might be you when you, go there and you see them. You, like ok, I'll, write you, I think you can. You need to be here not yet in to be. It seems to me that contemporary Buddhism or whatever that isn't? I'm not! I don't know much about it, but it's one of those options where you know the wheels
really gotta come off man and you know, and if Jesus would drive on that train, it didn't work out. So I needed something simple. You need something basic you needed, something that was pretty much not confronted in terms of deities and any just took your fragile self and you found a little place and he got a little piece and now your ear serving me some key moi and Cabbage Saladin and God bless. I'm glad you're doing ok, take care of yourself. I worry about you. I've known you for forty seconds so after that, the day of the year, the show I decide to go get a shave. Khazars D. I just walked by a barber there around their round in the states you figure, everybody knows how to give a nice close shave, keep the stash bring the sole patch back, get rid of
beard don't need it, but this guy was a symbol of tentative, not great experience. The tentative shave they like it literally felt like I e- might have even set it. When I said do you do shades is like I can do it. I guess I can do this. I yet yet a yes! Yes! Yes, we do shapes Andy It was very precise, but it was not comfortable. It was not usually wrote, relax into the ritual, you trust the guy. You get nice hot cream on your face. You get a high tower, is a sort of a mediterranean com to it is it's. Another form of Buddhism guess not really, but you do surrender and you relax, but not so much a sky was doing it in small patches. He put will dabs of cream mine and he was right up on my pace. Doing a very carefully to the point where I was very conscious of relaxing my face, because I was afraid if I type my face, he would cut part of my face
but I was I was. I was really cheering a man in my mind s eye come on buddy. You can do this. I want you to have this experience. He was so proud that I think that even cut me in that we didn't fuck up my side you're, my mustache it he didn't give me the full sort of aftershave lotion treatment in, but he was it. You know I felt like I helped them out and in that's what being a person is all about. It's like here, a risk my own face for you to have an input to have a new variants and get better at what you're doing not the experience I wanted by hope. I hope it went well for you and I think that sort of a theme I don't know, then the show in Manchester Great that Lowery Theater was beautiful small but for fifty packed it out, but very intimate. The acoustics were perfect and I love that feeling where you have that many people, but it can still be an intimate experience and I think everybody had a good time. I deduce
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I didn't think I knew the host I intended to day of. Unlike wait a minute, that's the guy Anderson is hosting this, the guy from whose line I remember that guy and made this staples made. This fact staples is on the show with me and what what an honored vat is. It was me maybe staples Judy Kramer who created the mama me yet music on Anita Unarmed who, at this book she wrote sounds amazing. I think he's got patient assassins he's a journalist and author here and she was great, but I'm sitting what may this Naples at a table and she's telling stories about singing for Martin Luther about Bob Dylan, proper wishing to entrust to meet her and tell her that I saw her years ago, the bottom line when pop staples were still alive and John Hammond Open for them. She's like oh. I remember that, like it's just sometimes into this business suggest very exciting, and very it's just a powerful come on man, I mean she she's amazing, but what
takes really get excited about a show just because I'm so sure it's going to be awkward. I mean I've played this place before Royal festival. Hall is a big space meant for symphonies. Yeah, and I don't I don't always remember exactly. I know the feeling I have when I do a space it seats over one thousand, eight hundred like if I'm in this space with seats from one thousand five hundred to three thousand. I attend not that I get nervous, but it's like willed, vessel, hold, will the so I am occupying hold by the time get to the very, unlike my God, not nice bed it used to be, but once I get onstage into the soundtrack. Unlike ok, I remember this place. It's big, it's a symphony space. It's it is It is- and I know man I just know you not get out there. I got my opening this kid jack. Berries doing all right,
I get out there and I'm like I'm just being loose, and I am like I can make this space intimate. I can pull them and I can do it, but it's weird man when you work in a spaces like there is nineteen hundred people in there and I'm on a stage that has its wide open, because a symphony should fuckin be sitting up there and I'm doing what I do, but like the it's hard to get on a role in I'm connecting, but it's like, I don't feel it coming back as much as I'd like it too. I know that in a bigger space, the tighter the bigger the better it's gonna be because can just land and eat? No. You can people no word ends. I know what the punchline isn't. Sometimes I liked it sort of neutral around a little bit to improvise, but I have to accept that. I think I have to accept that how I do shit and their digging it. You know, but I'm not feeling the connection as much as I like. A fuckin room is so big and it wants us many in it. Doesnt want just me sitting up there on a stool in the middle of where there should be a full orchestra.
Space doesn't want it. It's fighting me and I feel that after every bit after every arc. I'd there's a moment like look, I'm just a little guy, I'm just I'm just sitting on the stage in their sat moment worth sort of like you know the difference between performing and just being you like. I feel that when I'm sitting up there in a symphony space between jokes, unlike the patent, could fall out here, I could just be a guy talking to myself, onstage here in front of people like you, I could just feel that there is such a fine line between. Getting laughs and connecting in that way and just kind of being a guy sitting on a stage in nineteen hundred people. That's wider! and should have a symphony ongoing here I don't I don't know I just up here by myself. I ain't. No, it's like it's weird em up here by myself like that place that place and stop here by myself. I hope
now is there anyway. I can get out of here. I have to get out of here. Ain't like that was just right under it, and the show was great and people like but I got to the point at the end I done about an hour and forty minutes now is this I just wanted to like. I set MIKE aside the crucifix or purple MIKE. What are you guys need? We need to connect here? What are we doing and made me? I got applause breaks and it was. It was working fine great. But in that moment my own struggle was if you're, all alone, here's this thing I'm going to do. Here we go we're talking like this. You're like it God, I'm still by myself, appear. So I sought out at the end, is just really connect, and here I am, I took a couple questions. I improvise through a few things you a few questions they killed. It was beautiful. It was a real connection In the end. I closed on this weird thing, some weird
who, in the audience Gaza have. Why do you have which hands in unlike which hands? and somehow or another I physical ized, which hands, and I cast a spell of love on the entire audience and through a bad one right at him, and he just got this huge, laugh and I closed on What was essentially a improvisation on which hands was like a high point like that. You, after almost two hours up their mike- I thank God for which hands how much you remember from thirty years ago seems like a long time? Doesn't it night bet, you didn't realize it with thirty years ago, when the war, with wide web was invented, come a long way since then people, so why does it feel like the software you use every day at work is stuck in the past? Take a leap into the future her by finding the right software for your business, Uncap, Kara, dot com, the leading free online resource to help you find the best software solution for your business, with more than seven two thousand reviews of products from real software users. Cap Tara has,
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What else I want to thank the british audiences, just tremendous great people and in great time, and I am very grateful that they came out and experience that we connected we, gauged so now, Vincent Enough Rio. I had to remind him that that we met before he kind of remembered meeting me. It was. It was a fairly traumatic event quite remember it specifically the I did, but it was interesting to bring it up and it was great to meet him and talk to him. The film he directed called the kid starring. Ethan HAWK deigned to Han and Chris Pratt is playing and select theatres, its western, it's a sort of like a guy, wheat, western story. He inserted a coming of age tail into the the myth of built Billy. The kid you just sort of it was added in Ireland a kid deign to hand, man he's a mouse it ever.
Was pride even notice Chris Pratt anyways, but you know Vincent from full metal jacket from the crime. Are we resign from some other? I mean he's intense dude from the player anyway. This is me back in the garage talking Vincent enough for you are you play? I mean try a little bit yeah, I mean a little bit about that greater player, but I do have more. Qatar Zimmer deserve the you do not like the others. You buy em, I buy amounts. Would I but I feel like I've, how I haven't bought a guitar in many many years yet I feel, like I have the guitar said: I'm gonna have he asked and that's it now. I feel them way to like here, sometimes like. If I said, if I can get em like I've got a few, upstairs at ever acquired over time. I J Mass gave me his signature, squire
play it much by like Heaven it yeah. I will owe squire you do you like it you'd the ethical I announced. With their votes, or my may have like her ear me I'll. Try me yeah, yeah yeah yeah haircut rock. I know you like old that boy you have here now so you know, I know where we met. It was a bad night. Was it for you you. You don't remember me word Big, you met me. Oh, Do we dont? Maybe I don't remember. I was a friend of Jenin Graphic yet and sheet me too. I shall yeah and you performed ok, but what that the show where I was attacked on stay us, so the editor at night, idiotic gas at me, I didn't realize I didn't realize the extent of it right much control you really had of it, though
Oh, do as it was kind of tripped outright, so you were there. I remember because it became sorted dreamlike as you are you you're just or there, and I think it is an actor. You know Biogas is real. The guy lunged at me now because I was poking Adam right and yet he jumped out may be tackled me. Then a couple: do it's got up there? we're gonna get around the place and gave wrath manager. They pull them off me everyone and what was amazing, how quickly everyone dispersed at moment. Who else is there the dog? a player and from foreigner really Yeah to all people that were close to the stay. Ass moved out a fairly quickly here, but we had great seats for the whole fight It was really, moreover, wrestle it wasn't. Even really, I don't think the guy was a fighter. You just head of an emotional reaction because stood each other off. I knew the one thing I knew as performers, Viking. Number one on the last act, an end certainly not gonna puss out right now
have to take the heat or whatever I am in front of people write and, and I took it and then it got broken up and then everyone went outside. That's when I saw you, my shirt was ripped open a little bit. Came round and apologize. It was weird night exciting, giving those parts of the show Well, I didn't know the extent of it. You know, because Jimmy I haven't seen Janine for many years, but she doesn't top Susan Talk for no reason you achieve so I didn't really quite understand the whole deal of what was going on. Think I was probably stoned NEA and as well, let it and help and actually by actually do that, I actually thought you were funny. I was born the main thing. Ok, that's the memory. You yeah, oh yeah.
What it was. I was doing a job. I was about, Sir, when I was a kid so array like that. That wasn't like a big, shocking right right. It was a menacing right now I wasn't like a crime right rising like a cry. My son drunken bullshit yeah No, I was, I was doing a joke that had suicide in it and a guy got freaked out and then like you know, and he said something like you know. Don't you jokes about suicide? Yes, and I was like, why did you just lose somebody like a little callous but like as you know, something might like you know, maybe I added come in, but it turned out the fucker comes around in a year. He hadn't he had Has anybody, but I think someone was depressed. He was feeling I he popped. You're lucky. I wasn't like you, wasn't a guide trying to prove anything. I just like my tea own could be an could always be the most righteous moment of his life. I wonder I haven't heard I have talked about it a couple of times you right
but maybe he has good memories of it. Like I stood up in them, we made a man's and I don't know- The EC is, I remember, what will happen was outside whenever was outside and I'd walk outside people try and then the guy pulled up. He left and he pulled up in a car with his friends and got back there is a gay man, my I'll deal with a big hero with ninety people. Behind me, I worked it out Were you bouncer? At every stage of the chief, where was very young at the back door and then how old, how angry like eighteen you're a studio? Fifty four, the backdoor, though not the front door with over the backdoor, react: There is a lot of people bolting out to vomit and pass our you d, like the people were coming in from there too, and in leaving their buddy. I wasn't like the whole scene in the front, but this was at the heyday like in the seventies, now know that in time the sound farming. Ok, and then them
the rates on eleven street here for three and a half years, really three and a half years just give you a big boy. Yeah and did you have to get into how the type your fighter? Well I mean either. I may not like it's not like something I look for here Don't start shit now, Yo Yo Yo will deal with it. I can deal with it pretty. I've always been able to deal with it pretty good, and I don't I don't mind being punched now. What do they think they are important? I don't know the death on the resume for bouncer yoga. Why? Usually? I think you should know that going in you're gonna take them by on the regiment right, but they you usually where you have to transcend the punch and maintain order. Yeah. I always say this like this is what I say: ok, I'm ready take your time,
I, like the other day I was on twitter near and somebody asked me how Why do I handled? How do I handle the trolls so well rare and I because of this. If you can be hit multiple times in the face in the body near and now care about whether it might be doing to your face or what it feels like a still main and still contain focus here. Then trawls are nothing right. That's, a philosophy of life give punched up until you can't see straight yeah in there. Now. You may be sit down here and I am. I always thought that that was one of the things. I knew that the best the guys, the best fight step that I knew you were, that type a guy and what why do you get troll? Do I doing what you couldn't have, because on a liberal area as any revoke or on twitter cannot yet here
site that weird kind of like pylon of garbage people vs garbage people violent yet but the but did you grow up in New York? Now I was born in Brooklyn New York and then raise partially bear. But then my parents got divorced him. We moved to Florida will start to a small town called Hialeah which is outside of my Emmi. Oh ok here, so I went to Muslim going there, but I spent every some her with my family in Brooklyn yeah. My whole life like it was those like. Maybe up so I sort of yeah aunts and uncles and near I lived in my grandfather's house and so family, yes, very, very, very Brooklyn, attire, really I gold everywhere go. Oh yeah them were like extreme races, but most and were very might my group, Father had a lot of integrity and his side is coming at a whole. Lot of integrity was an upholsterer from like he made his weight
York from ITALY, the holster awhile and have a company in the Chaldean, oh yeah, so I couches chairs, ever drapes everyday, ever worthy from ITALY Yap. Why? So? You like third generation kind of deal, yet and I was on your dad's. Those are my I and my mom size from nobly through the both both sides, a family from nobly, but my mom's parents went to- New York began immediately, went to Hawaii and open the first time restaurant called Rocco's in Hawaii in Honolulu. Really that was smart very smart and they were they were dead. You sickly. My mom waitress in his restaurant and my dad was in the air force stationed in Hawaii. That's how they met Hawaii so you have like of childhood. In Hawaii. That's good man went to parse part of my elementary school. They actually, I think it does your brain to have that kind of space and yeah that kind of a quiet. I think it programs you in a good way
You ever of wine sensibility deep down, though it be. Nice uncle used to that the scammer uncle than I have which scam he. His first thing was he's too I like? It is entirely in Cuba, but he used the headlong brown curly hair finally cook passes and why and sort of reindeer plug knows and all that and he to get terse tourists to pay him to climb palm trees and get cocoanuts Aurelia make a bundle use like like ten things like honest, our, not quite a scam, Jimmy's, actually doing something delivering the goods. So ok, so are you d have siblings two sisters- yeah a bunch. I have three now I have to say, but there were if you start doing the right? Did you come with the acting king, but did you where's. Anyone in show business
you get him introduced a blow. My dad was my dad used to do theatre like Community Theatre, using actor yeah yeah Emma direct. And I'm gonna be always I took communities the inquired in flood like a little place people come in much show exactly yeah yeah Did they do? I get children show on the weekend at home, now they didn T children shows they would do like melodramas register. Dirty work at the crossroads now that as our little place that actually called melodramas, ok, so that it was primarily for the older people's subscription Yang and then they would do like to be really artsy, they add you like, like you know, view from the bridge Arthur Miller. All that yeah, yeah, yeah and people walk. I like, I didn't understand it yeah exactly m m. They would do
the rain maker in a place like the here- and you were you bad was always played always played the rain maker. Oh yeah yeah was broken and cast her part with eager he's good yeas K. I dont really remembered the details, but money for divorce. So I there was a lot of women that that he can the poor, lotta women playing array maker, oh yeah, yeah, so that it was that is the rise disturbing for me, but he had a great time oh yeah, yeah, so that it was that is his dries disturbing for me, but he had a great time like we ve, had slept battle now, really the mental exaggerate ways. Alzheimer's is now now. In our view, it would be so much easier for all of us if he was but these by power. It yeah yeah do you feel that you got it s a really man. I don't think I have the avalanche, anxiety, dread spent I'll, have the up and down thing. You got the wrong thing.
I have more of like the the but but the thing about these days. You can get it under control, but you're a spiral thing was big. When I was young, I rarely spiral down into the darkness yeah at nowhere. He asked wake up at the bar. But the whole year and then come out the, and, like you know, born bunny yeah, you got excited and then an heroic until the spiral starts again yet the the waves, the oxen valley, yeah, these days in my in my arm later adulthood year out under control, the added straight and controlling and relieved The or you want those people that found there was a hard data to give it up. The spiral, while the men in the minutes that I was truly convinced that it wasn't gonna effect, my art, so the eye totally into the isle to. Why did you take to convince you the actual going through
taking medication going through psychology psychology, adding in getting a shrink, India figuring out what No, it takes a long time to figure exactly what a shrink is sure how they can help you in and act as the so many different. Did you a bit about go into a shrink when you're older, you should basically just Walking and going look. I know. There's a lot of things were not gonna on fuck rag bag. Some problems? I think we can work yeah yeah, my my thing was I'm really good at manipulating and good luck, in a word around dance, I will figure out how to make you happy and get me more miserable by the kindness and there like great, ok, but you found a good one. Yap for many years are good, and that was so in any just started. Doing that
then doing the work and you realize the craft was in a way. I actually exactly actually realise that my motivation goes up, isn't it much more than it used to be an I'm so much more detailed in my work now then I used to be in a knot clouded over I'm not in the business for tat. Seeing women are all the wrong Rees, Reiner right, a minute because I'm actually an artist, and I have friends that artists and their legitimate can learn from them and be inspired by them and have loyal relationships that last for twenty thirty years that I'm almost sixty. It's like, I have Thirty years of like real immemorial fry of yeah real work, Thea, not that's great, you are you. Are you giving up? Is that weird kind of like just for the moment? Fucking? Let's do it lets with on the edge and then I can o crying to some woman from month year in some three, that you don't belong here with a reality I was never when I was at my worth that international travelled and frighten me
as I was, I was up for a really here, every country, that's great, just waiting for no reason. Man I get to play you're back when I was there. I get paranoid near anxiety when I get to places like where am I didn't have the right, cereals, Europe fuck me but when did you like it? So when did you start doing it with your dad traveling, no more authority acting now. So what happened then was. Is that I just I got I started running lights and building sets in running sound and that community here yet, so you got a handle on and then there was a big flux of Cuban. Entertainers, an artist that came into the Miami area from Cuba and a family. A couple open the magic shop near my house ray It worked like real magicians like they were. A group like lighting and kind of stuff were just everything they were like show. Magician are really end
dumb ice with visiting this magic shop. I didn't have any money or anything. I worry like nine or ten. Oh yeah, like that very exciting, yeah very exciting and dumb little did I now that later on in life, it's not sexy, since you know him and you don't have to stop doing it by magic, yet the magic of my sex. They gave us the desert joke. How do you know how he started up about magician, but I know the planned train is the other a card can I go now its acute need this slight. But that's not the point is this: is that they brought me out of my shell. They he taught me
magic here. He taught me he'd. He gave me pamphlets for free, so like a build, my own tracks, rather than by them from him. Ah, because they're, just metal welded together right, this. Guy had a neighbour that was a metal workers bill. I met, like rings and stuff rings, cans and wings. You know scarfs, like that. You have the pike make up a fabric near I felt felt dialect cheapest material in the world. Here, everything's made a felt. Imagine, certainly it's a nickel so I started doing magic and I got really comfortable state and I could walk Alan stages. Just do anything I didn't haven't. I didn't think about it and then one day, you know I got interested in girls and I thought you know this is not because not sexy, and this link and work out, and then I saw I thought what what what what can I do? I don't wanna be a thug near here was an option. Those options here,
You hang around with the wrong guy here, So if we want to do that because it looked it didn't look, I would always, you know at a very young age. I always look at myself where beyond that age Leah. What am I gonna be like when I'm like to an old, was thirty right. In a member looked good like it for some narrowed like them, I thought. Maybe I should be an active, because I can actually see guys that are that age and they look like they're. Ok, yeah yeah yeah there acting yet there are also in so. If I'm one of the places that you act as onstage and if I've come to, one states may rest to try to do so, then without anybody I didn't do it in high school. I didn't do it. I wasn't even like I never talked about it there, and then I move back to New York and went to the american stance. Husky he had a compliment, emotive back to Brooklyn, I moved
come for a little while with his family, with the very religious, not the Catholic, racists and yes, and then and then got out there as quickly as I could in black, but I was studying the whole time with this company called American Stanislaus. Keep your word. You end up with your first place in the city Downfall Street, yeah my sister, my best friend Steve I saw it We got a one bedroom and then I built partitions to set, right all the rooms and we lived in their city, american stance, wafts Ganis Institute, that's not the actor studio It's not like what what is it like? It is the method. Pre
Agnes Studio right, close actually add. I close the the first ten years of stance. Lofty is the method acting yeah and then his actors to make I'm being very short story or authority, but that yet interesting. Not is a bad, be Stanislaus key felt that his actors will become too indulgent, self indulgent and dumb. He changed system to eat, he changed the technique and then it was called from their call them. The staff ascii system of acting which hold different deal then really, but the method is the first ten years of finance landscapes like I never knew this, and I talked a lot of you guys. Younger actor fell as yet. That's the truth, because, like are usually you know, you get the near people. You got there actually you're all of his good, but, like I didn't realize that test as wealthy realise these. These self centered mine, he ran to real and Amsterdam. There, though,
monsters that he thought they were art me, the best actors out there, like hope, like want a clear failure. You know who else in many many many other. I from actors from that generation. Yeah yeah right, loyally, never saw ahead of their time so when You get the das. What is called the staff of afghan city, american stance, ASCII Theatre company, so you're like eighteen nineteen nineteen it I'm doing plays with them doing up classics It's so anymore who ran the school was actually a student. She was nine years old when she was teaching she's. Actually student Ferris losses and wrote all the books about stands. I don't know what one with wounded stance latchkey die. Emma was his guide on every year. By, like you, is it like this? or movies or Y know around that you can still go visit his his arm. His study in stuff in in Russia and eat any teach it that same place. Now now
So I I then, after that I give a tour with and the night, and I and I acted and learned the stance the system of acting ice? ill because of all my reading wanted to learn, method acting and so finally, a teacher from active studio here took me under her wing and taught me for six years how to be a method after her name is shared chattin end, she was of the actor studio my lifetime member now and of the steel and dumb, I also teach at the Strasbourg, Institute in New York, where teach and why you students, and which one would anybody you teach, which method I teach them nothing. You teach a method had not just ass dross pragmatism, but I do. I do talk, I do because I My own work off yeah, nicely just use everything in my own work. You not like on us.
Exactly like I talked actors. I try to isolate things that try to base. We get myself enacting education because I'm doing a little acting now and you know like I've talked to people about. And a lot of times? It's a little vague in terms like what you do you know do that you take some of those who take some of that new mash together, but the way you're talking There are tools. You apply every time. There are tools. I apply every time consciously consciously. And they would be very helpful for you. What are the especially for you. Ok, tell me why, make the podcast about that. No, I'm not going to make it about their couple. Pointers, yeah I can tell you and then we're going to that. You speak not from your head but from your stomach in your heart. Only you never speak from your head. Anything! That's going on in you nervous system right now, the second year, whatever you're feeling right trying speak well. Only through that
however, comes out here. Let towards this fall out of your mouth and, however, comes out. I feel I can be crying by, but that you use your crying for you don't cry anymore and then the menu define your fifty five years. Tears do that's. Ok, I taught last night till one o clock in the morning in your here, my teacher, my mentor, sharing chatterers told you about she now. Teachers here, and so when I'm in town, I take over a taught three classes. Since I've been here last week with a four hour jam sessions, one is the Saturday one is three hours and the rest is gone till, thereby dies yeah, when dies from crying feelingly pain, thumping self But when you apply to like a role here, the question in an we speaking just from like being on the job
when you're in character are you d have consciousness of yourself of core? Ok, if I don't drink, like I thought And they Louis everybody has their thing: ok, they do Not sure what he does, I only met him once very briefly, sure what he does that's method acting whenever, but whatever he does, it works and it's great seems like a lot of work. It seems Did you meet him as somebody giving me now known? I I I think I met him and because we came up at exactly the same time and so but there are other actors out there to that that do like there there are british actors that do version. Of I would say is: is this mass system and an end the method combined? The system is different. How just area this is miss is more physical Quite a lot of inner monologue, stuffed it's actually read.
Now you're saying under dialogue, while somebody s speaking like that so that you're thinking all the time and the cameras rolling. Bow and what you're, acting like the feelings of the motivations minute and triggers, and the things that have can that net, don't necessarily have anything to do with the story anthracite, but help tell the story, because it's the right, emotion, right and can you do do you find that you, it is impossible to be completely detached from the performance, is still doing good performance? Yes, that's it! I guess that's craft yeah yeah me show for work, no matter what I mean the the thing about extreme to explain how you work on on a set there is, I only know my version of you would have to ask somebody who's worked with me what it looks like to them. They have no idea to me. It just looks like a struggle to do the part right in struggle becomes my performance right. That's that's all it's right! So
when you do in place in New York, are you doing like the small ones? So I everything you can kind of deal what back then everything I can you and that's how you I ended up on Broadway and why, in in a play, open admissions, which ran for a few months and closed, and that was my first like real paying job were actually show up yet gotta check and everything else. Who is in it with you a guy named Calvin levels. It was about street kids, I'm a college student then run very long, but it was a good experience because I didn't happen agent at the time in what would happen was is I've. I won't be others that back? In the day there was a visitor was his paper callback stay gap, and so you got That's where you got your additions from her, and so I saw in so I put on a whole facade that, because I was from Brooklyn, I will get one abruptly, but I went into the audition with the Brooklyn Accede, lied my way through the whole thing I got the part they cast me
because they thought I was like exactly like the part yet and east have a low Brooklyn acts in a little bit here it comes out right bluebird, so he got the park. They believed they told. I told you I knew you were just like applying your craft grass and it was. It was the first experience it, I got paid for actually doing something that I felt like. I was control of that I invented and that it was then- and it was the helping- tell a story correctly. In that in that that, ultimately, is the job right now to me about the store service story, yeah yeah, you know I gotta I gotta realized. I guess what most people say here is not just about you Well, I mean I can imagine it's a difficult thing because of your stand up that if that's where your route of entertainment comes from one that that's about self conscious expert, who I times I'm sort of scene foreseen. Sometimes it's hard for me to even
you assess the whole arc of a peace. You know what a major like you kind of work. Like what do I do? What am I doing this seem so there, this sort of like in a really integrate the full arc of the shower the moving them shut with tee play or whatever yeah. I don't. I don't really know how to manage that to be a knowing the end and when we move towards while you probably don't read it enough for one year. I can imagine not read it the whole thing. The script You gotta read the whole thing enough, and not correct right. I have a few knowing that you're gonna be like that, I think I'm right, and so, you have to read. It over and over and over again until you realize it, you realize the whole composition of the store and its thing that you actually have to sit down and think about and not pretend like you, know it or not. Have all these wonderful ideas and choices, let those we have them. And take over your attention here and then
rely on that hope you get through it life. That's that's what happened it's only if he is not to say that here we have a way with a great seen that what he has a cat sure yeah. But how can we help? I think like to integrate the story somehow bite by you to think about it as an arc is. It is a kind of good to explain it, except that it's not really the way you should think about used to think about it. As like a painting, the composition of a painting, you need to know the composition of the story, the structure of the historic rights, and you need to know where you help tell the story interesting and how you do yeah, not just like on the cranky guy right yeah, as regards called servicing the story, no gas, what I a business also keeps you grounded in real right
because you know where it's does cause. It's not that that at that there are documents, not open ended. Yet you know this is a thing. Yeah visual hook, they're gonna come in and grab you out here, take it away and then it's over so on the ground before you get the movie parts years six or so years at all happened. While I was still studying and bouncing clubs, and then I I I a friend of my walked by. Where was I then how it? What you can you twenty years? Twenty twenty three and I was working at the front door of the Hard Rock CAFE New York and my body Matthew Dean, who I knew from additions and school how's. He doing he's awesome good is quicker and dumb came and his wife were passing by and they saw me at the front door and we talked to me said I'm off to in this thing, with standard cubic on equality, Does he said you know there's another part: they have cast yeah yeah. I know what it is
as he ass? He doesn't want to see it, but you should go up for now. He gave me the address to send a tape to so my friend and I Steve we went to- I was doing a play at the time and we went to US contempt Avenue twenty forestry and we rented one of these you're the cameras like huge back the here and had a deck. With a video camera cheer and how, like you, know the side bigger than your computer. I get an end, so we rented all that and I put on beta like three like three or four takes added three four monologues in a row and I the tape, huge in Burma the models that for the play on real, doing, ok, and then I set it to still Cooper wow, and then it me well, I got one yeah. Just then one day he calls me any ever communist. Send you some words, and I want you
we're on tape. I'm while you know it costs a lot of money to rent these cameras and stuff on your last Sunday, send you some mighty. So they Much like human, the guitar. I actually think it, maybe combining a cameraman alliance, easy to work it out, exec, I'm getting good, it does so I sent him he's a sent me words without punctuation or anything just do it did just shoot, do do it, and I, and I did it and he said: ok, we're gonna, bring you up wow, so words were just what were they pieces of the model of day were pieces and fragments of things that sort of ended up in a movie and then most in and how much of the character did you put him faced with what he had no conception of what you room auditioning for so what we are putting out. There too, sauce doubt that he was a weak minded individual and he and in any he told me without,
in with no detailing the kind of roundabout way. I was like a puzzleth put together with what he was saying to me, but he said that the guy's weak minded he is. He is. Oh, to be overweight. You have taken after proper weight and end he's struggling because it's an environment that he really didn't been this here in that making the marine corps is terrible. What, though, that the role was so painful yeah, mapping of war, Leonard here so by the time I sent him than that was ready to do the second taken he had sent me. The information is not knowing that he was near. Given me that information I put on we like five or six pounds. You know, and I did it without my shirt on so I could show him that I gave a little way and did another one and the same stoop same thing, then that's when it that's. When you hired me and then I went out there
he said before I q before you come out here. You know the draft, a game bunch wet yet private game like twenty thirty pounds, homelike, unlike ok, M M and so and Deniro had already had done it for raising boy yet, and so I said I can be of generic and you like India Fisher, and so one out there in a game the pounds, but then I just looked like a kick. It revise ass and I also learned a march into monkey patrols rifles and all that await went up to seventy something pounds before I looked like week here now and with their finer horrible. Now again, it was enough to eat or that terrible there was nothing much more fun now yeah, but what you have to two months to put on record fifty pounds had several months. I had homelike about six months. If even passed into an carbs him, you know half bread for breakfast, he just beyond it allowed. Yeah man. You know you're not year,
you know you. Romantic life goes to shit, like everyone gets to shit, but he's our look at you differently. You don't get. It serves the character of people, think you're, stupid, lurked, unbelievable weight of what the judgment people have a fat people yet working with covert. Was it like? It was an amazing those amazing here being out. There That's a cassette movie like even like we're. Ok, when you talk about story like yeah, what was the story? You wanna know we may live with that role. I have to assume you're like what this guy story is. What I got a focus on right there two sections, and that's that this guy story and and and Matthew, Jokers Matthew, joke Joker. Matthews characters is the point of view of Bacchus story an end so yeah it was about yeah him him transcending into the Marine corps, training backfired and just instead of making a
a lean dream fighting machine. They just made a fighting machine near a monster and who is it easier, get legal measuring good to have a friend their right to work with him yeah, like myself, is that what was it like you without? First, big movie re my first movie yeah and images I can't inured take shooting out overseas. I was there for thirteen months. In months, and what what are you recollections of covert, what impressed what he take away the director now that you're directing I mean what what did you leave him. Let's, like you, you you can't like you Once you ve worked with him, it's difficult to me: with a camera in unless it's, unless it's helping tell the story and you like. This is not just a moving moved. Not you don't move to care for the sake of moving of its hard big. It's it's almost like it's embarrassing. He like makes you feel it. Wait like he puts this fee,
being a cinema and acting in cinema this feeling of anywhere in a look, don't be pathetic enough, don't be a dick! Just do it right! It's all. You have to do. Dont show both just can do it unites like tat makes you feel bad about even having the notion he either of of, the voting a little better. When you doing any time, I would see the scene the eye, and I would think or wounded because, like with me and my with our that's constitute, but there is potential rights I you know so that when the camera only moves hell tell a story. That's that's what I remember mostly in it's kind of built in me. I didn't even know this until recently that it was. I know that my acting is very much. My film acting is very much because of the way that he directed me NEA. And obey, and he did he help you construct a character. Did he not know you won't? Let them talk about story, doesn't talk about characters and undermining just tells you to stand over there.
Now he just says: what are you going do and then you do it and then you do it again, and he said you guys have to fasten our better than that and it's like you think of anything more interesting than that to did he'll, say things like tat and that's so Matthew and I would go away and we come back with a scene and he go camel the camera here put camera here instead of going over their walk over there, because that's what the lights gonna come from and we'll shoot. Why now leave still find this many years later, the debts? What what people know you from A lot of people in the air and then the other people from the adversely Marines, oh yeah, do they want their movie? I think they show it in the marine corps- really gap, as well as an example as Wicker Bell. Belle, I think, and I said some someone thing that that lifers,
in a military, lifers and law enforcement lifers, it's it's a movie that that's the big with them. Because they see it as something that the eyes a cautionary tale, but also an example of the discipline necessary to do the job exactly because they always say to me that it's the most life like real version of of Paris, island method, everything, oh yeah, and I think I just passed away right- there lay yeah yeah. He was something it was trip. So so that starts doll role for you there, like a roll of bad word, outworking some. I know it's crazy. How many like, when I look at how many movies you ve done, do just like one we decide what to do? I just do it. You do well, I mean it's like of it. If it some that I haven't done before I'll, do it either
There is some like do. Fine, like, like Mr Pizza, that broken who was in there that was was at Julie robbers. Lily Taylor was a big movie fur. That generation for your generation of people in Europe are that cast enough now were at that time, in, a sense of your career. Did you have a thing you wanted to do and be a movie star? Did you want to have the true? I knew that they were making a lot of those brat pact films year. May they were HU, I gas. It wasn't. That's you know, that's not what I wanted to do at the time and I think about, It often, actually, I think that I might have been. I may have missed out on having some fine yeah. You know cause you got areas because those too serious Do you look at that in through the through the lens of of maybe your your mental issues? At this point, my it could then I think it was the I think it was this kind of yeah, this kind of-
killing of I I have to be this other kind of person. I am happy that the romanticism vision of the troubled artist yeah yeah, though I was so so that, MR Peter was like a big decision for me because I thought: okay, if I'm gonna do this year, to figure out a way to incorporate the way. I approach a care, and how would I think of acting into this little romantic comedy I just heard that literally. I just heard the phrase: rom com, yeah, yeah, my best I've never heard that before one of the students that one of the people and class at last night- and I so what's wrong kind, they fix. I thought I had no idea what's wrong on what has been abbreviation yeah, I'm not big, I'm working on it more. Rob coms. Now I get it. I think I think it's also apparent that you because you're Your presence and your talent is so specifically yours and
bring a lot to the lot of emotional and psychological life too, like even the most Dane parts they. I imagine it at some level that might have been a hindrance yeah that you know that you are sort of like what you're gonna do independent movies, because you that's how you that's that's what you're cut though you know your hired to be like, you know that guy yourself, they're, not gonna. You know you're, not the light. Hearted goofball, it's not going to happen now M M unit with with China we tried? I try me. I M have really good time. I would like Harold Rhamnus brought me to do first Stewart only Ojeda Frankenstein, the Frank asked me: I played his brother and now right in the two immature them taught me some stuff, yeah yeah Harold was like amazing, forgot, your yes exactly, and so that was like. That was like
way way far from anything, I'd die like way way far and I think Harold just enjoyed the fact that I was like a martian on his sack and they are, but I listened to everything they told me there will, I believe, quite killers played cops played. You know I mean what do you think it is like when you, when you have to do something, light, hearted or something simple or something that is ray is really about being funny. I mean did it it. Must incredibly limiting on some level. Yeah it doesn't feel limiting it feels farm yeah got limiting I mean I can I understand the idea of I my Now I just don't riff in funny ways I rifts in other ways I'll. I like the idea of of experiments, and I like idea being spontaneous. I like the idea of timing and and
wit to me how to make things land. I, like at all that stuff? Really interests me? A lot I mean the to record that I was in two. I had one I'm finally went when looking for care. They can have a lot of violent. I had I had gotten it at some point, but I can find it yesterday. There spoken word records the the US one bonehead, simpler, vault, stuff, quietly exact like. Is that what you mean by ripping sort of moving through words in and movement subconsciously, India in the autumn music that beatnik dish the words the words come first year and then is. It is composed by Dana Land afterwards, yet she seems like sort of genius usage in Asia Yes come amazing, the musical geniuses she's having Dana's in our name the instrument, cheese proposal, she's like the real issue. I guess avant me kind of like you, can play anything and it pretty much is only was she writes in composes music in such,
an enormous amount of it, especially to delivering her stuff constantly cause? I write these things kinder stream of consciousness. Here you know just wrote What about the frog? The other day I am in absolute she's, already written composer, you just sent him over. Thank you answer desiring to say what do you think she's trying to send something back to make us? She says I'm pissing myself laughing is fry fun for her. But it does you MIKE. I get you know like with the player, which is another of my own, that movie that to work with all men, but also the Abbe Hoffman movie with you Would you and then these characters are sort of like a raging correct here, he ain't? You d find that you. How is your anger situation my anger situation in the last. Years is really really. I don't think angry anymore, because a waiver
something about age to you, but I don't think I'm angry. It becomes like this weird phantom whim. Waking are you still have the trigger reactionary glad deal in right now and if I actually embarrassed myself of how sweet I actually memory of my sleep find it embarrassing, sometimes really yeah. I find it like a fuck. I sound like such a sweetie pie. Guy, so you see the re actually em like it's. My first thought these days is to be sweet rather than to be isn't that for marketing or that what had because at that you use your disappointing, your former self still resides inside the and the struggle is just shut up just shut up, I'm being nice net yeah yeah it's in there. Happens. Naturally, eventually, yet for all or the old sight of me- is still there and speaks up every once in a while back. Why you acting like such a dick you know I mean you such a day? This is my well when you being now you get when I'm being. This is my? U. Why would you say that
You were big civilize, yeah, yeah being nice, since when do you have to do on purpose. Exactly we have to kill us and I think I was at my worst when I was doing law and order really in forms of there was the end of the anger. Those are the Jethro anger ended by that. I think that there is a there was I there was. People on that show not actors MIA people who ran that show that taught me My the extent that the the the end of my anger like I took it all the way real at them at them now, so you are a problem while occur. To them. Well that manifests itself over the issues I was. I was that we were big. They they we were exhausted. Our you're exhausted and I was I
and I had this some key churn. Those out I mean you did like a hundred and fifty of the four contains an end and we we work. You know eighteen hours a day every day with wood Saturday off. You know with such I would Sunday off the young nor lie writer. You work until the morning and engine for three months formats, ten months, it's twentyth to episodes a year and its formulae to a degree. To completely degree like the degree of formulae like the number one you're like you. I can help you I can help you had the first, it's not a whole time, the whole time. The first few years as you get to develop this character nobody's seen before me up and that's fine MIA and then all this others should happens em. They start writing to the stuff. That you ve invented, and suddenly it's not an interesting anymore? Consider writing to the writing is as good as it doesn't.
Eel is good, is inventing right right right, so they're so, but then, then the fifth year kicks in and then the sixth year you know, and we can get out. I got you see, happy be out and it's your own fault being yeah yeah, but I mean jobs, a job and job and held out. I already got kids you I didn't do it now the grown up now so that cause working with you working without men are big deal. So imagine an rhamnus Emma can it be a belittle anybody, but obviously, as a film head that? Yet for me. Like the player, a lot of people think he's dead that is our movies. I love them. Let me too, and- How did he work? Where would you from him he is totally open. He loved actors, yeah he loved act, has come up with ideas. It was a very honest director like if you came up with something like the whole thing about my
character dying in the water, the like drowning in, like this much water. You like. That was something that I came up with it. On the night we were all worried. Weather is gonna work and lot kidding, Clun myself and then once we see saw that it worked here. He's like that will never be your idea again. Judges became just Bulgaria's idea- and I love that matters like eke out. Whenever you say you know, army was totally open. You know you walk around half a joint in his pocket. He he would Most of the scenes were shot on a bottom, a baby job yeah, like a small little waited crane with Amre one side weights on the other. They would put on a track. You'd have like five guys expected. It was cable everywhere, you have five guys reeling up, cable and the actors could go anywhere. They want, they could walk over the track doing and how you see the guy's, a cable running back and forth, deepen the cable I shot end, We need to do so as to it, which hopefully cassettes you might have
Many tightly scripted movie for some of his more lyrical things run pair to it so still employed. All that's not totally. Anybody any did give rare Fred that then we're back at me in tracking shouted the beginning, the collective ten minutes, so I watch your home. This is now the kid. Is this the first feature directed the fur some real feature. I've done a couple of expression film in my back yard and Upstate New York, a musical horror, yeah yeah in we shot like five days in this everybody sings, nobody dies, yeah yeah, they have occult following. I guess so. Really weird. The music is awesome, but why why Yes, my question is outside the fact: just in the magnificent seven? what is it about the western that that major make a western just cool movies. You know I've always liked the good ones and always thought that I want to make one, and I wrote one a long time ago that got kind of cod
in an lawyer, staffing and is now just not be not able to be made, and so- and so I am and then I started to start to think about coming of age these em and then I one night. I just said you know I I I just thought of a great idea to put a kid fictional, characterise and between the factual character, another the M the story of Packard, Bulgaria Billy the kid so that story tracks historically, yes, that and so you took that story. The other sort of poligized Billy kid. The reality ability kid this weird through relation here between Pat Garrick Billy, the kid packer play by youth HAWK and he thought, like linguistic, a kitten their somehow, here too. I have a right to passage, move exactly and learn two different men ha ha and you you came up with the story yes and you- and I hope- and I found a rider that I thought that was that was the right guy to write at the sky.
Elaine I am who in him and I get along fantastically, and so he came, shooting a judge at the time with Downeys and he came to Boston and statements. To tell you that I was in in dumb. He would it and then he would deliver pages in and we ve gone rim, we'd right out, structure and right out the whole thing allow YAP but Amman Andrew Screenplay, but the stories yet Mime yet and that it does get a job exaggerated. But with that first time you are involved in that process. In writing it outside. Oh, I had done it with friends or the b the thing I did in my back yard upstate, but but but like we, weeds. I knew what it was like to bounce stuff off people and right and what would the challenges like you so like this is like you got a little money here. This is in the back yard event. You know you crew yea twenty days to shoot a full out western states, coaches and gun. When I gave in major dramatic scenes- and Well, you got some power actors in there. You would think that you know it would be nice.
But they were all out of bed and just do it, but no, no, you like, but you I think you got some beautiful performances. Eta pm actors are great, yet actors, you and eat, and our friends for years you ve done other work together Yassin and that kid he seems to be some sort of like wizard or naturalists he's an actual ya deigned to hide the fur. Dame is amazing yeah, I mean do you like when your work, the guy like that they d relate, I can totally, he knows, both know what we're doing were peers and business secrets. The fact we use you know as far as I'm concerned just respect the hell out of here I mean it's like he, I can see moment to moment his performance. I can see where, when its common, when it's not, I see the whole thing and I just respect the hell out of it and I can walk up to I'm in the middle. But take or say something to many idle that or after TAT, say just whispered a couple of things in his ear and then
bring this whole other thing you know, these guys are amazing. What they do like I didn't even know, is Chris pray yet like half move. Curse was doing another show at the time in and he came in for five days. You know the ebb The EU is like he went to like that. That sort of eternal dark place of politely, morally, corrupt, p, a character, yeah, there's some people that tap into that, and he did it now is sort of like were anything you like you very controlled, but the salad. What you had to play, Backpack Pat care, I He had to do it. I kind of used our friendship, because there was nobody in my mind: I've always what he knew that I've always wanted them to play packer, because I actually think he is like the spirit of christophersen. Why are you- and I really think that it's like Ethan has that kind of quality in real life. Here I've got to talk to him, yeah
Tommy, like as an actor. He told you on the greatest things, because I watch him differently now, Does he said when he was in these are also like a very intellectually curious guy and he likes to engage in do stuff our total here. But he said when he was your big when he got the Roman training day like him who that his obstacle was gonna, be not to be eaten alive by Denzil, so he watched Denzil movies like football players watch your training fill the t so he figure out a way to not we are to hold a zone with that guy So now, when I watch human scenes, like I'm wondering you know, you know not, that he's been overrun by alike. We're going to step up. Even in the shoot out near movie, I knew there was a moment. There were like regular occurs. Chris Brad's gonna eat lunch anyway. Just builds up somehow, oh my god. Yes, the unity of him on peace one piece of good dialogue here.
He will he. It will spawn paid His and pages dial like you just He appreciates words so much yet and that you just have to give him if can put together somehow two sentences of really good words. The eyes inspire for weeks. That's great! Why me? I think you did a beautiful job and Andy. I gotta runny out here: can you gotta do a phone and but you feel good. I feel good. It's great target is great to finally talk to you there you go. I was nice is intensive, like the kid is. Movie Vincent new movies, during Ethan Heart deemed Han and Chris practiced. Playing and select theatres also take leap into the future cap: Tara, Dotcom, the leading free online resource to help you find the best software solution for your business with more than seven, a thousand reviews of products from real software users? Cap terror can help you make it
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