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Episode 1010 - Christina Hendricks

2019-04-15 | 🔗

Christina Hendricks can relate if you had a lousy time in high school. Between moving around a lot to her goth fashion style and music choices to her time spent with the school theater crew, Christina was a target of bullies and wanted to get as far away from school as possible. She tells Marc how this alienation led to careers in modeling and acting, and how her agents dumped her when she insisted on pursuing a role in a little show called Mad Men. Christina talks about growing along with the character of Joan and why she made the creators of her new show, Good Girls, make a promise to her when she took the gig. This episode is sponsored by Yousician, Ramy on Hulu, and Stamps.com.

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all right. Let's do this: how are you what the fuckers, what the fuck bodies, what the FUCK mix what's happening? It's mark Mare- and this is the view tat my pod cast, I'm back I'm back my house, I'm back in the temporary studio upstairs down the hall from my bedroom on back with, not quite a severe case of jet lag, but it's happening it's about to happen. I think it's about to happen. I think part of me thinks that we should be weeping. I now when accordingly in the middle of the afternoon parties asleep, I dont even fucking, know this is a dream or not. To be honest with you, that's where, on that, seems to be happening a lot lately on either side of this journey. I think I checked in with you when I to London. I wasn't sure what our whether I'm dreaming but I know I was in Dublin yesterday morning and I know I'm in Lausanne.
That's right now, oh by the way to continue the narrative for some EU asking the question before I forget. I did not heed the pastries. I did not eat them I got him out of the room if you don't I'm talking about catch up today, Christina Hendricks is on the show. You might know her from a lot of things. Mad man was a big thing, but she's on that show that series good girls it just got picked up. Third season and a new episode. Their Sunday nights at ten nine central on NBC she's gonna talk to me for a while I remember I was gonna say for those EU were like enough with the tour dates. Go fuck yourself too harsh I apologize and other kids in the car. Sorry, you guys sorry mommy and see that coming. I am it's the only way I mean I've got to tell you ve, no one listens to anything consistently. Nobody checks their twitter consistently. Things get lost,
the feed. I just posted a fuckin video Instagram, which I dont like doing in my bones. Fucked up, so it's got a buzz to it, but It's it's the only way to promote. I don't Have some sort of strange kind of natural cultural momentum, where right when I announced something itself out, because somehow or another people just breathe in the information I have to make an effort. In their some dates. It added at that. I added that. A lot of people, though, knows I got to say if you type, I dont who am yelling at exactly, but it might be you so up the site, a deputy of pod dotcom, Flash tour visa, the theatre dates. There are some club gates coming up like I'm in San Diego. This weekend. I don't know if it's all that I should know, but I doubt Thursday, Saturday at the American Comedy Club, so here that
The theatre dates coming up. Portland Dallas, that's Portland, Oregon, Dallas, Texas, not Dallas main Austin dearest. In Vancouver Seattle, Chicago Detroit, Minneapolis, Philadelphia, Washington Dc Boston, now Phil advantage San Francisco and I will be adding a Toronto date now the club dates come our Vermont sold out Saint Louis, San Diego this weekend, Madison sold out, but all dull I'm doing it is if any of these simple, the ball to you or your thing. Did, you might want to do, go to deputy of pod Dotcom, Swash tour and invite the gate. If you can come not do as for me, I'm due paper, everybody who tweets we or send me an email after I've announced this shit
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the eyes of a modern day, Muslim, American Millennial and his family, exploring how challenging it can be defined deeper, meaning in today's hyper connected world dullness the premier of who lose newest original comedy series Rami all epoch, streaming April nineteenth only on Hulu right. So love fucking, Ireland, man. I thought in Love, Ireland. Fuck in Ireland. I love it. The street of him to use the word fuckin in a compliment about Ireland, if that was part of the quiz can ease fuckin in three different this is Ireland. I did that. I did that next question next question: I Ok, I didn't tell you the story about my first day in Ireland. When I arrive there, I think I'll talk to you sir, the show haven't I, what data money
Maybe I have it so I haven't talked to you since to show her it was fucking, great, a Baker street. It was great, there's something about Ireland that I still love. I love the irish people and I'm not being I'm not even being sarcastic, there's some sort of kindred beautiful multigenerational centuries old hardy To Ireland I mean the Irish have been let down and left her. To dry and and sort of. Miss governed by several device. Institutions. Over the many years I've been around they in there, just a weight to it. There's a darkness, but it's beautiful. The darkness is theirs counterbalance man I went to a Grendel Lock Mean Jimmy rented, a car, and we drove it's great man if you Got old friends you haven't seen, while just
sure you see him. I Jimmy and I We don't see each other or not. It was coincidental that he was in Ireland and it was just great. You know we We see each other meet each other, maybe once a year once every two years in just one of those friends, you drop right and do it not at a distance between us who we are and its No time has passed. There's a consistency to that. Thank God for it, but so he ran to the car and we just drove up he drove cause. I was going to deal with the wrong side of nine. Am I make a moral judgment, the other side of the street thing, because I just I don't know, I don't think I was in the had the vigilance necessary, but we drove on our outside of Dublin two Glenda Lock and always beautiful man. There's a graveyard there there's an old building. I didn't get the history I didn't I wasn't in. I was just talking to Jim spend some time. My friend is a beauty all day, which I hear is rare. We took
long walk in there were sheep and hills and a bog, a bog. There's a bog see that's the thing is early, is by far one of the most beautiful places you can ever go yet. There's this darkness to the people. This is counter balance. What walk outside Almost everywhere is studying in an old times a beautiful rustic way. Even the modern cities have Elam. So that, but yet theirs is This is brooding, is thou comes, from the bog irony I can do and I maybe I can work What are you doing in Ireland? That's what the Customs guy said to me when I got there the customs guy What are you doing in Ireland on performing Vicar Street, looks at my passport?
I've never heard of you. I'm fine bank stamps the passport that was Welcome welcome to Ireland, but there is this idea right there thing about my heart that connects to the people there they're not gonna it just now take it down and not just in ITALY because they live there. Have forever and it's part of their perception there, their life, the lives of their grandparents, those very progressive there now, but there still that element. Don't look for com events in Ireland, where's that teacher, but TAT Glenda was beautiful. Had amazing food in Ireland. I just don't understand on some level heavy? How there is that, I guess it is the best. But I guess, if it wasn't so beautiful and it wasn't so sort of footing in grounding in and just get if a what,
that they'd be an incredibly existential, we dark people, but I'd there's. Just a balance has something to do with the bogs, the bogs against them the dining green, the bog people they found mummies perfectly preserved in the bogs the darkness is in the odds of the spirit of the heart, the Box of the mind, the spiritual bogs of the heart. That's an amazing food aid place called the why? Instead, there, which was genius at a place, called the pig. Dear in Dublin, which was king amazing replaced. Of EU eyes. Wine bar, which was great the fuckin, produce the fish, the meat everything about the stuff. There was just right, yeah, I've, great food in England to I think times of change. They ve come around. They realize, like we're sitting on a gold mine of really clean
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the top of the homepage and type in W e f right, I'm serious staff commenter, w e F, that was an experiment in tone. For the reading of an advertisement. Also, the show it vicars three one great idea. I had a woman open for me, I'm adoring and she was great and the people of industry were great. The crowd was great. I just I feel I just feel totally like comfortable, like barely like. I was bare we're doing and of comedy mark POW
We can t I'm drunkenness high end a sovereignty, Harare, golden tips or somethin spent some bread. I maybe that's why I'm Lupi okay so much time to wake up for me. Dream has been interesting Ike in this dream. What happens next is I talked to Christina Hendricks, is our weird, I know what's gonna happen in my dream, I know it is. How do I keep losing the copy for this show come on? You can get under way. So Christina is in new series, not that new. It's been around for what two seasons- good girls an embassy Sunday night at ten, central in their these. There is new up. So job. So this is me talking Christine Hendricks
So what I ve been running around doing the thing then do a little bit in the thing here. We are today to day. I've got a couple. Things today went to New York. Last week- and we are here today did you ever New York? Emma I lived there when I was nineteen, I moved there lived there for almost three years, and now I kind of go back and forth career has been show shit there, which up Madam secretary, but you aren't you didn't work. Where do you come from gripping IDA Oh, I do hope, enriching. We were again you're like way back in a violent. No one says IDA gets aware that no more kind, but I think I am such a weird, I have mixed they're, probably barons. Think about idaho- what is your instinct well that their my car of a white people in Idaho. In terms of what a literally I think there are some like white nationalist movements station up there.
There is also, but there is also the large tm community I know is an eye, but I also know it's beautiful In other words, it attracts off the grid. Whacked jobs, it is absolutely beta, it's very large state. You see her and I get a lot of different things. The other white supremacist situation a time out there, I know up north an item for a long time. There was a thing going on. I commented it you this funny story years and years ago I did a few episodes of e r yeah and in my interview when I just went to me them and hang out. They ask me, whereas from and I said, from Idaho. I said the man Men- part, not the white supremacist part they change when they use the line. Ani. Are they kind of like stole it, but they said I can remember what said, but it wasn't the Mormon part. It was the something part, not the waste premise and they got so many letters are really at e from
regular, Idaho, India that we're like very, very defensive about this. So I dont have the floor ex guys here, but you gotta feel a bit the rumor is. But I have no factors and bad news and nor yard and people are you, know, protective of it because it is a beautiful place to live in their amazing places, boy see and it is in. I lives right on the Snake River Canyon o r gorgeous so how why they're my dad in forestry workers of when it. What does it mean? Is title far scientist forestry and he was enforced planning. So by the end of his career. When we were in DC he would it was international forest planning, some meat with people from other countries best way that they had to preserve things sharing areas with other countries working together to you make it is that, is
as good as possible or maybe not burn down. That kind of stuff engineering. Disgusting that said, cutting as controversial but than Guenaud going through, like just you know, whatever someone's gotta an idea, that's all king, our special astir, any work for that's the the the government yeah you asked for a service that exciting. Somehow he loved it. He absolutely loved a very passionate about it do they grow job, we're doing going outside yeah I mean at the end he didn't get to go inside. He was in office, but he did start out as a forest ranger with the head. With the hat Sometimes you address a smoky the bare like on when we had like school work. My sure, like, oh my god, so did I mean that is actually really we desire, say yeah yeah your dad was smoking. The baron I gotta, learn assure him he would come in the suit. I remember once he came to our school. We were having like a school fair damn this crappy little kids came.
Behind them cause you're an embarrassing, you can't see and tried to light on fire. That would be ironic via jerky kids, the eyes. He jerky what I mean by tat, pretty specific yards, we can burn smokey here yeah they occur her in some horrible lands and harmony, but did you. Also you like a camping family, how many people have family camping family? my brother and I your appearance, tents, ten militant camping, whether you like it or not, camping us always right. There's some super. Some families have the skiing thing words. I come on we're I'll go but you were, I get gay rights like five thirty in the morning, either in the morning rain or shine hike. I still kind of when my alarm goes out here, it's dark outside which we have to we'll work, sometimes early in its darker. I still get the late convulsions like I have to pack up the view w than with the tuna sandwiches. Unlike and you know how are emerging as yeah like still traumatized
I'm like I'm in the middle, see I get the middle, see the other paragraphs like packing their raffer. Do you have your shovel? What yeah, oh yeah, we we we'll have to stop for food or anything like that cause. I was too expensive, so we we would pack a cooler as I was the younger kid it went like in between the front seat and anyone who has evokes wagon Ben it goes in them, the middle ones. As the middle kids. I never had a really a place for my feet like the torture and we had no radio we had to I'd like would seeing drive my parents crane well. Maybe that was the beginning of everything. It was the beginning as something voices the Van add the pop up top now, I only then I think that's the Vana gone. Possibly this was the classic visa view. Bus, the the Good Ol Hippy Basle, imagine in your head and you also have to marry a tense. We had ten if I was really if, if, if the can
friends were really bad or if there are barriers are something we would go and sleep in the man, but now we had tense with all sleep in the big it is a Hendricks family who wants to go they're, not here where their bears are often This bears the I dont have unholy barracks rates at skunk, Possum clarity- and thus here at your house, in exactly this scenario- camping for that right. Here, dodgy dear that wander around Ella, oh yeah, I go away go some time ago on the mountain here and he soon there either mule dear. I think I'm not sure what they are beta, don't look healthy. They they look like downtown dear. I know I've been Louie ever see them like you. I know you like mad or even so. It's like they're gonna, start it's like when you securities during the day you like that's, not gonna, carry. I look shitty yeah with anything exactly that desperate guy. So ok, so you do I to hone any duty scene and where else well born in,
I see them brief briefly in Georgia element the school in Portland Oregon last night into IDA to Fairfax Virginia Portland right by that for parliament a lot of moving around. Yes, you like one of those where kids, who I would nope, it's cool. They d like who this yet had to like you were the kid with the weird fashion, because it was cool and the last place. When you get Idaho and I was rang like the check advance hat with the chequered Van shoes and the fluorescent socks that the lay socks over it. They were like that has very, do that here: where's your farm outfit. Yes, there we don't do that here, you're, the only one I just first at school, you like I'll, show them and they use different. Like words like I remember when I first met Idaho. I I've told this other people, no one's heard of this at all. They called someone a beak beak, like a bird. Basically I like, if someone was a nerd or not cool, they were like what a beak pretty innocuous
I still don't know what it means for that's, probably better off I mean you're using Lange that no one really can identify a meaning everyone knew and to involve there. After Portland when thereafter Portland. Do you have a family in Tennessee like tenancy? I moved when I was about two months old and I don't know it, but I have a fabulous uncle there who keeps trying to get me. So I go Why are you invited me so many times and just because of work I haven't been able to, but I would like to go back and spend some time were at the outset of Knoxville. Oh, your husband Knoxville. I again like you. I need to spend more time in Idaho. Maybe I have changed my attitude about it is I m, I gonna sell like four years as the south in now MIKE said, beauty is most beautiful, place. Nice people, you can, We know what the really thinking but its rider nicer, your house of nice people and to emphasise to her- and it is a lovely
acting like a give writing this right. Now here I believe, an average leg and I will the real, I feel very, very close to it, because it's where I start doing theatre and I thought I was in something called Junior Musical Playhouse Jump company through you, you go their age, waken. Third, greater fourth greater. I was in the middle third great ok, ok and so that most year, formative years, yet started. Doing like it plays a kid yeah. My mom. Wanted us to do something that would help us make friends that wasn't just at school. Here is the clicks wall near the horrible girls here, and my mom has always done theatre in high school in college, and I think of something- would have really like to have pursued and she did few community plays when she was our mom road
I would like to see your mommy. I remember I was really young, but I remember her. I think, shoot to kill someone on stage. She was in a costume and it was kind of blowing my mind or I like what she's, not my mother. What is she doing and that's what it did your parents, marriage was that, I'm sure it started before then have power that it and make it they didn't now that and make it sure is more the camping them the black. To be honest, I want everyone both agreed by the way I want a city like I say. Yes, a sigh felt very fond of that place because, I was very happy there here and why you like, where were you? When did you start you in the shows I mean I must have been. Nine years old or something there was an audition to be in the best Christmas patch in ever. Did you know that book I go on fire? Do
I wish I d the people who know it go away. Scenarios are, then, do you know the work? The best Christmas better, Ever you did so they were doing. That is a play, and I wonder why we had to sing the mediation and Christmas Carol, sing on that one, but the second one we were doing by by birdie earlier and I went in a nice- I must have been ten solid or something- and you are my sunshine and the energy the part o good. I was in the chorus yeah how'd. We do how big of a cost and Gaza who'd you who'd. You knock out of the running. How many there are ten gale. It's really funny the girl. I wanted the part of earthly witches that quickie best friend and Tonnage Studebaker guy,
She was four years older than me five years older than me, and I admired her. So much was so beautiful and talented and cool here. She warlike Birchen stocks and empty hammer pants before, like any one, was doing that with your people do, and you know what she's going to visit me next week, get out of here from twin fall someone. You know your name here, that I admire my whole life and we remained friends We have had a reconnection and she's coming with her daughter to visit me next week. That's crazy circle would they would work business she end up in She does teaching she actually very coincidentally, need now teaches jump company. She helps direct, Some of their variety shows does choreography, an end direction for them, and dumb she's been a teacher. In many different ways and twin false, but she still with the company. That's nice, the same company with it
like a jump companies accompanying the did the shows yeah. It's really funny that crazy. I was shopping for a table at Jonathan Adler about a month ago. And this guy who worked there Mackay. If you listening so nice and he was like I e from twin falls. I too how I was like yeah thinking, regos I was in jump company. So it's like it's it's a real stepping stone. There are a lot of really talented kids in it and a lot of them stayed in the arts of serving sounded furniture cells. Well to do giving you confidence issued out if your url aimed and give it a go, yeah yeah living it. I like inspire trust me, and I don't know I do. I admit that I like when it like. I think people they come out of community theatre, those or start that young and learn The thing is, it seems like there's, always a bunch of grown ups that count
open it and want to keep it going that don't have big dreams. But no it's good for the kids and it's good for the community as such, part of our community here that we would do performances at the local college and the whole time. Would come out at the time that town is about thirty thousand people. I think it's probably doubled in size now, but we we were big, shot, sure down. Then I moved to Virginia and if you were in the theater department, you were not cool area, so I went from like this. The star please support of community that right residing in Hungary and jump company here to going and being in the theatre to Bremen, high school and erroneous, like I'm gonna, throw should at your head and certainly and tear you he had not yeah yeah. That's the nicest swear they would they would. I dont think these words at nice, none for more evolve, Lana more sophisticated over their yeah there's a historical foundation of intolerance,
in that part of our continent astir, but so by. But the fact is that, like I, of course, an entire city, what it's like watching kids perform places like great, is it sweet it so great being forgotten, quality, sure of course, but they have you remember waiting for government. They were actually really good at ran right yeah, but when your kids, like I mean I did me, means Like me, I did me me in Saint Louis in seventh grade and I I had a mustache on, but you really think you're doing it like. You know when you're that age, you like I got I'm doing this, oh no weakening. He'll come up to us, then say: listen. We saw Greece on Broadway and you version was better and we were like yeah we're like waiting We thought we were as good as progress because we were being told we didn't know Broadway and pray word beings or at least more earnest.
Vulnerability in your given it you're on their head and there's no cynicism that is ruined it or no sense of like perfectionism or or expectation you just sort of like I'm gonna do anyway, so sad because they wanted to give more kids opportunity here, so they made more pink ladys and more made more pink ladys and more tea birds. Just that like Greece here, so I was like a fake, pink lady Thursday. Twenty I made up my mind and I like it, was a slave arose and then we had to change like the dirty bets like the Dirty lair staff moves. Europe was your. Maybe I was I was cherry goodwill. I came up with charity. So what is so? What happens? You move for genuine now, your ear, your genius actress. If you ve done important work by burning Greece, they stood in a gradual cerebellum to just name, I feel any step into high school. Then yeah cause you dead, moved yeah your parents, Dolly
My parents are still together, but my mom was like so help me. God move these children and we were like we don't ever do is It was a really dramatic and my family, bad Cairo, bad bad, bad, bad. In the gdp of us. It's warm drive to yeah. So it's like a writer who had to move that age is the worst. It's the word, I'm joint again. It was the first year of high school. And you ve got all these amazing friends back and and you're gonna go to high school together yeah. Their names that we were all different ages, but but yeah I mean you had this. You know it is a sense of lake putting your roots down in the end, you know you're getting crashes on boys for the first two ermine and and it was very sort of wholesome place to grow. Asher Zoo
I don't like, we would all get together and as boys and girls and like we would play follow the dog and sardines like we would all cook together and sing song. It was really quite innocent MIA. So then we ve got to Virginia, and all the girls were like carrying person who is like moms carry purses what and they would all of these change around their neck? You know that coke tops, like you, would take off the coke tab here and which must be how many people you slept with honour, and I was like I- you haven't told me, I don't pull tabs or where you would take that like where you crack the code open that little tap on the outlawing the angel, an honour- and I remember the headline necklaces. How is it that was your town? There are many people who swap with supposedly censure supposedly like. Where were we don't do this, and I don't know either border issues and the sleeping with you
rage ass. I was really intimidated. Shelter develop, I feel sheltered. I thought I thought that I could sort of sense that they work moving too fat right. I was kind of ok where I was that right, yeah yeah these were racy gal either, like they were talking about something like IDA years. A kid right right here, anything by it hard. I didn't really by it. You right. A sort of immediately and to win into that thing? Where I joined the theatre Department and then we will that You know you're not really allowed in the lunchroom. Do not welcome in the lunchroom really so yeah you a letter of different yeah. They make fun of you, call your names and thinks so we also have sat in front of the three they're together like the little gas punk headset and I'll keep
are sound. We protect ourselves from right this stuff that Gary DNA, the the horrendous hierarchy of high school yeah. We set a cat dress ass, so when you might lead to a always. It's always interesting to me that appear department provides, is haven for fragile peace or for creative people for people struggling with sexuality? There is a sort of an all accepting kind of like we're. Just gonna we're doing our thing over here, and there is a confidence in it I absolutely a very scrappy, well rounded group of people, but really the peace. Who fat like they needed a little protection and their own family at high school under you, fine find them. There aren't job Sure, yeah yeah horrible people, dare we with our art, our teacher would even like give us hall passes, took out of school assemblies and he go. If you go spend unlike working on your play in the theater,
He knew then I'll get you out of this assembly as I and I know that it's torture. Yeah yeah. He knew from generations theatre Let me at least do this free. If she were gawky Airbus. Coffee knows your thing: yeah right died, Dreyer Black yeah blacker. I wanted that the game at the store- I would like the sort of cherry red and manic panic you know, and then orange and purple and burial bands. I mean what you'd think concrete blonde sisters- mercy, Susie S, new, no one's skinny puppy here as if we're lucky, that's how you can designed your identity around music I do I remembered when I live in Idaho hearing the cure for there's first time adopting a video is off disintegration, and I remember
during Joey by concrete blonde and with the four summit ceiling music videos- and it blew my mind like I was just like wait. There's it there's something else out there and then an end didn't realize at that time there weren't gossip, things in twin far right. So I went to Virginia liking that music and and thinking I was a bit odd or different, or something to from then found all the people who were all listening to that music like oh, they all dress, is certainly too yeah. There's a whole thing about it, built in yeah lifestyle. I thought I was just come in with like some weird back. Right in our light, and then I found out there was a community a community and everything's taken care of yes, gotta, here's what you need, and there like away you dont know this band yet hold out. That's too bad, we'll take care that that's about yet
sorry, I guess it is sort of weird because a lot of people talk about it. I don't know I really think about in my life, where you do see something where you're like there is something going on out there and it's not here, yeah. You know- and it's like it's like big grown up and exciting yeah weird eyes, also, I also remember it was my first week in virginia- was waiting at the best up very early in the morning, and my offer the bicycle basis for the school. But here and my neighbour her brother were standing. There stood a scowling and she was a cure teacher and I went only oh. Do you The carriage is again gonna, go see him in concert, and I was like like it like. Watch them play their ends like. I know that you can go and see a bans that you, like our rule, forty as thirteen bans didn't come to twelve
So I didn't even know that that was a thing I was ignored. Go and they're gonna be in front of you playing their instrument here she was looked at me like I was crazy. Did you go I have seen the cure probably five times now, but not that time that I started to go to shows all the time in DC here. Yet Just clubs are I really do that and we had these things called jam for man word local bands of planet like a can assume for something and right and then you would get in, and that was more set of local bans, but there is like a big scene. Like bagasse in due time you a year ago, and then there are the nine nine thirty clubs, like L, seven, would come in, go see, lay built a spill. Are you? Are you go see all that thousand there'll be big shows too, but that was a big thing. Those big deal. That was your time. Those are the all bans are happening in. This El Seventh get back together. Yes, that's pretty cool yeah, I thought
to John Jack and I think they're they're doing there. I think she's helping them to a record by think they're coming. They haven't already. I still have my l. Seventy shirt from that cancer. You do you wear smell the match. To her. I don't know they were very often it's it's slightly offensive like it. You can't wear it out without being question right. You Ok, I got on it now when your teenage, I dont work out. He should now so you do. More theater in high school and you're things. You have a drama teacher Wendy start like taking acting somewhat seriously. And when did you are not a pretty accordion? Ah well, I too separately yeah, so high school is the first to make a choose drama is like an elected near those for some. It could have a class instead of it just been community thing right, so I was supersecret.
Added and I was a freshman and they had auditions for their first play of the season, whereas life spirits, I believe, oh, it could have been all my son's. I think it was all my sons. Arthur Miller, yes, they're doing that, I'm probably went having some really heavy seventh heavy yeah. I didn't, I think they're Tracy in an abandoned, doing not on Broadway amazing. There there in rehearsals, now amazing arises outlawing that can do it in London and she was so ordinary cheese, amazed she's, always doing some play She, if you get an opportunity, I probably sooner and ten different things she's phenomenon. I should sitting right ass. For me, I was alive. Yeah The iron mean just like she's, just so incredibly counter. Yet I guess it's kind of some here by all what is of nice is a cause of all myself. On my sense, it's like it's really dark family postwar, situation. We should not have been.
Going this stuff, and I ask all my teacher would then we did Agnes of God. I mean it was really too much for the kids, but I got. I got one of the starring roles and I was a freshman, unlike some of the seniors, where a little paved area cause they're like this. Is you so she's way to young yet by doing this warrant worm when I started getting leads in the plays a nice girl was Superfund for me cite a really Dover into it, and then I just to continue doing community fitter sigh would do the urging of yes, I would do high school data I would go out to the local towns, and I did some more musicals through you know. Is your thing. I knew as making yeah, and what I was also a dancer, though at the same time. So I would study ballet everyday, a really get away Boeing like about money Hezbollah in Turkey is Valley, Man Alex. I think that our help I mean it- you think you're gonna be about arena. I wonder
two for many many years and I studied as if I was going to be and then you know, dancers career starts when they're. Like fortunate fifteen right, so if you're, not that good, you're, not a priority needs a Czech yourself, be as you're like. This hurts a lot here and really dancers really beat themselves up this its it can be mentally and physical, your ear, exhausting and and little bit masochistic me, I saw blacks one eye out. You know you know you support this line. We all do. So, no matter where, if you picture creative field, but I think that it such an under appreciated art and also demanding demand. I think it's probably one of the hardest art, the least appreciated, but I knowing its yeah. I absolutely men for like me in touch with your body and movement, disciplinary being able to take criticism here, Ino wanting to do
the work and effort to get better all those things here. Help and arts are probably with everything so happens when you graduate, or what do you do just start acting or weapons, I did my senior year of high school at the community college because I did not enjoy high school. Why so much there wasn't enough protection in the theater department now it really had me depressed with how people treat each other ends and the way that people were allowed to get away with things being hurtful and physically hurtful to people you in it not visit I didn't get and fights button, but there there were fights daily in my school resort of Lord of the flies, I'm in kids witches some poor kid, big kitten, crap, be that a minimal below five five and adjust horrified me
and I was too sensitive for I. It wasn't good for me. So I unbeknownst to my parents, I and my best friend, went to the community college met with councillors. What kind of credits do we need to to graduate from my school and also the college credits same time, so I did my senior year doing that. Did you get like Boyd, o, absolutely happily horribly by girls, both really of work for the way I dressed for being in theatre? For my friend, the kind of friends that I had, I had to move. My locker from a certain area because of get like people would say- food at me. In commenting on Fox, I knew if my locker was closer to them a certain area that I wouldn't bother. Surely kids should it gets yeah? I radically that high schools now school for the arts
makes me a little bit irritated enough, though so happy for them that, like really your Gilbert and give time when I was Here- Julia Roberts Agnes, I had a move from this year. You appreciate that locker here, because it is why ass all tat exactly so college? So so many colleagues. Can you doing community theater and working at a hair salon an gardener. As a shampoo girl, oh yeah, Anna reception. As and my mother decided to inter me into a modeling contest she had seen it contest to be seventeen without asking you think what she said was look tore out. This pages had, I think, We should do that but I don't have any you had to send and photographs. I didn't have any. How do I would be seventeen and
a good friend of mine who worked at like the local record and tape exchange. It was like very high fidelity and I would hang out thereafter schools or through the new stuff here than you. Have we play records and my judge people and Andy is like this one guy comes in here. Our time is a photographer. I could I've got it. I've got his number may take some pictures of you for the contests so called this guy I said Jaime's he's like how'd, you get my number and what you are. How old are you and what like? What's ato and travel yeah so decide to meet me at a bagel shop? We are. The main problem is like bring whatever photos. You have a virus and I brought a prom picture like he is. Oh, you really have no fun like I thought like you would have liked something in ITALY where I really don't know prob and nobody talks with a guy wherein, like a baby, blue ruffles. Now I know he was garthie I'd like a purple moment, unlike jails,
entails. Honouring me. High dark leg knows that was the first boyfriend yeah. I actually saw him last week. He was also visiting yeah. That was really fun. I haven't seen him in thirteen years we had we had drinks and dinner. Last weekend I was like your love yeah. Just like my first love and They turn out he's great, let's get here Is you ignore mobility toward the nose ring? He I think everyone work thinks he's normally has got a beard and whereas suits, but then, like he's, got all these piercings in tatters. Underneath still give some active these more touches now Yet more tat is you have people seem to collect and once they start here doesn't stop run out back in the day he just had like those chaotic. Bands and his sisters mercy are with the fit in Malaga, falsely eyes, helplessly investment. I seen him. It was soon seeing a rose, really really nice can be controversy. People buy, you ve, seen him since high school. There I'd seen him once several times since high school.
And see thirteen years, but we're we're still friends very text and we tried at nice yeah. Sometimes I don't people for fifteen years and then It must be happening to me where you are the aging for us. I was a little bit nervous for him. This Brussels. I mean I was a little bit nervous for him to see me cause I mean he could see me on shows european. Does it really watch my show right, but so too Singapore someone impartial area is a whole diverse measures on you were in love with yeah, it's Harry and I found myself sort of like dressing a little bit. Gotta go meet him. Then I would like to highlight trying to look like idle and then I, like started over and then I just went for a whole different lens. You- and I am now myself like a black dress and like a red Lebanon, really equating soften it up maybe go more like gypsy, would be like Gypsy Chris like really just recently as yet last week, right off, I was gathering at which is by the way fairly normal for me, but it still further,
that you can log into those of her now lay still I was like I. How would you like to see me really exact same? We hear at wild so right, so you get the picture the guy take pictures, so he took a bunch of test Ferris at me. I the men to this competition and, in the meantime he introduced me to this has been waiting who started hiring me as a local model yeah. So I did a lot of elegant bride around these early things and then, and then I didn't when the contest I got all these nice photos started to pursue my career and so Modeling so probably did about a year of local modelling and then decided? I had enough pictures and a portfolio to go to New York City. And I went around a metal the agencies and then I moved to New York what age
They decide what are the first eight as he has signed with with Pauline, don't exist anymore here and then I went to Ford Rear and I was with I am she so this was your thing. The modeling thing. There was anything because I thought well. I didn't know that I could be an actress. Profession I was not always do community things an evening I'll get a job and at night I'll do community air, and I had Pre audition had been accepted De Virginia Commonwealth and their theatre department go to that college, but I had such a horrible time in high school, but I was like the idea like continuing education and being still around groups of people here, just as this is not for me and when I got this opportunity, to move to New York. I just thought I dont know really what I wanna do here, but I I know this is closer here. This is closer to her when I right right, getting me in a place, sir? That's not here in New York,
well I mean I gave my my first. It was a model who quit and, like you know, we talk about ballerinas, but like modeling here I mean she had quit because of you know the experts. Nations on you to me. Pain. What her work. It is, but it is, it just seems like it. It's almost inescapable yeah I mean I ain't disorders, primary right. I did not go through that here. I think I suffered a little bit of that when I was a dancer, you know some of these girls are just so damn young here. Their bodies are like that rise there, like not developed yet like I was just skinny here: the girl I knew didn't work out the models and out smoked like crazy, drink beer and, like eight pizza lake and then its catch up. How often the pizza, really I mean it's all we could afford
We couldn't we were nice. Restaurant hearing, nothing or Peter I was eating a lot, a sore bay. I remember eating a lot and sore bay, just as it's what you could afford sure so do fuck you have to sell, but then these girls, you know I I happened to be lucky, I sort of slowly transitioned here into that? I start doing a lot of commercial and then the commercials led into the acting in them from that, so I kind of slowly phased out where had. I stayed in modeling I would have Gonna come up to all of those things like embodies. Changing things are not the way they used to be I'm getting older than you know whatever it is you when you're eighteen have to worry about too much so ya, see you. Can your timing worked out my timing kind of work yeah. It's even did you do I. Groundwater should not gonna start from a little bit. I was always a little short and eight, so you never did you gotta MILAN and all that stuff for you. I did. I did she
was in London, and I did a handful of shows in New York here, but I never did ITALY or Paris their new. I too, I loved it because I was travelling for the time I was going out of the country for some out of the country. Was and I my mind loved it work to one issue we spend a lot of models? Go there because you make a lot of money quickly, so it's been a month and a half their each time. So I went there three to just hang out you just one like crazy. You work. Oh, I see six seven jobs in want of cattle now, where you get an agency engine and you go and live with other models and you just work, work, work, work, work or anyway hang on Japan, you getting on Japan, you make a bunch of money and take it home, and hopefully it sustains you why you're trying to get work were either city that your hand, real, sushi, eat real sushi wishes real treat right when you're their younger render its guiding the lesson go back now. Even I haven't been back for Tunisia and citizens.
I would love to go back. I am, I know I can have some they places to go, and I never have a brig work that I really there so many places you start doing commercials then again agent that what happens here so so I started work. Working as a model in New York here so and I moved to London, which I felt really in love with I actually like plant it like. I actually moved there- to their here who have their round. I lived there for just over a year which was theatre, their Sassin theatre them and had lived with me to my best friends who were teacher. Near and muddled there and loved it, but like just start, run out of money and others like ok, I'm not get like. I gotta do something or extreme up here I was like you know. Coupled pounds left my pocket, my mom was like
thinking about moving to allay my brother had moved l, I hear you folks were flipping. They were split camping tissues, Dalai Lama Virginia as your dad. I hate it here here, so I want to go somewhere sunshiny like Duenna com, and I said I think you need a car, something I don't but have that she's a you, can have the old, Buick and I'll get a new car there near. So we moved out together and I got a model agency in the mean time, because I didn't know what we're gonna do yet. When I called some friends that I knew in the music business, because I was so interested music, I think. Maybe you could give me entering shepherding there like it's a rough go in the music industry like it's, not that it's hard here and they sort of steered me away from it and I got this agency and also my sword working more as a model and allay then I had worked anywhere else oddly because allays not really considered a fashion city right,
but it was because I was doing commercials right for stuff for stuff whilst junior w pepper, ok, you know I can remember. Music, video didn't ever clearer, video and end. So I started learning things like how to hit your mark on Kara Well, how does the culture shock from too? I guess it's not damage, but I was sort of a bit of a clusterfuck in turn. The show business in terms of like imaginable Today, a music video you get a kind of a will glimmer glimpse into what movies everything's gonna be like. I mean now. Kind of Mademoiselle felt like I was. I didn't call myself an actress yet when, the so called myself a model here, so I was getting those gigs I felt like I was getting the best. Modeling gags area and- and there was the sense of like everyone here is in-
you're right you're right. I do the thing here you would like Dr Dennis didn't realize. People like with script sent history like looking concerned- and you realize other there in an acting class running their wine year were now is like this is grows like eight I've, I've kind of turned me off right cause. It's all anyone talked about it, everyone was doing less special than anywhere, I am sure, just adjusted the it's a business. The city yeah here and there doing alleys, commercials and- and that was going really well- and I I was having fun and then My brother was working next door to a manager here and whose, like you should represent my sister I saw Agnes of God's physically and this naturally, I everyone's gonna sister. That's scared like now think they sisters really good and he loved him,
brother. He took a meeting with me right and he is like a day. The meeting. I brought him like the commercials. I had better take us I'd like to represent you, and I said I don't I don't know what that means like what I don't know what your job is right and he said well, you get additions. Are you get an agent and all you know, and it turns out at the time he had such a small group of people and he was in this weird little office, but he represented John HAM and Paul ROD, unlike for other people, and make guys you working with yeah, that's while really weird- and we are like when we see each other- will agree that when he would run into each other and that the weird office who's the guy Ross Brown and he was great, and I was with him four year did I hear Yeah that's a while that have you and am we Matter- Rinkitink operation yeah
we were at the table. Read of the very first episode of Madmen and John was like an off you like remember, but we are both through. I don't wanna go meeting here, is really weird. So, ok now you manage any de guy. You agent, Tommy. I went around audition for agencies like actually a lot of people. Don't do this. I dont know how they get around him. I had to go in and like do a scene right, you know, so there is a very sweet kind actor who was all so with the same manager would go. In addition, I would do like MEG Ryan scenes organise legal immigration. Tight Thea, you know so I would go in and doo doo seen and then and then I got my first agent. And who is that it was done backward? Oh yeah, yeah he's, I think, there's DORA, I think so the back while the agency, I remember that in the alot of people with them there now, as I was huge them agency about I got
so it was with them for about six months, and I got an audition for beggars and choosers which was on show time and I got it, and that was my first series really and how many episode Jijiu there was one full season? I think we did. Maybe sixteen episodes I came in and season two and did you do other parts? I was your first gig their first job or I before that I did at episode. MTV undressed I remember that no agreement visit but anyway who is starting out got a job on that because they needed thousands of actors can rise. One of these lay meandering stories. Were this story happens and then their character, maids and that starts the next step is arrived. So I did episode. But episodes of that, and then I did, an episode of Angel were played in irish barmaid in the seventeen hundreds or something worth dress up. That was Joseph
I got to do a little irish accent for light. May one line something and then and then and then I got the seriously. Then I moved to Vancouver and started doing this. Did nineteen episodes dared to nineteen o more than just check it out, and I thought rankers eyes Thank you very, very nice. It was not a great experience for me why not gonna lie. I dont think that people should be protected when they act, bad are led, actress was nat, nasty nasty, mean she's just mean everyone, and and I came in and season two and there had started this precedent had or satin. The clicks had been set and people were scared of her and stayed away, and I was kind of the nuke you didn't know anyone curl key,
It was on that show she swayed and she is so sweet and she came up to me. One day she was like honey, you go stand right next to them. You are just as important as everybody else and I leg looked at her and I was a girl casings. Now, let's go in like and she'd like she gave me some pep talk, she's great she's great, and so I felt a little bit trapped in Vancouver near, but I made it up nice, then you just started working. It looks like like new episode, arts things. I did Firefly. I did movies, know dead, mostly television, I started to get film roles through madmen. So does the big break really throwing away big break I mean to me, you know just going to work as an actor near my David keeping likely journalists. There, like I'm on a national television like everything this is, I might actor right, you're right, I'm almost there. This is the dream and then there's a. We don't get that station me out here and there
So then, when you get mad men and then I'll send their slate a lot of attention that, like the cherry on top of the career right now. You can bring your daughter up empty boy, though I know her asking your daddy's in my crossword puzzle and staff, and I know that a lot of people I know you are a clue, yeah jeopardy clear. I am. I got that as I come across governing our ties. Crossword Vienna, one javert- I will confess the fan sure yet, but how That come about a matter. I have told the story, Times, but I mean like how did you get that part? I mean it was pilot season, so you go on a thousand additions and a lot of people were talking about that one, because it was really different. The cash our king about time at the script like actors who are going to additional like. Oh, did you read that one right right out with you like different here
I remember very distinctly it was. You know that casting city out West, that's like that little brick, building on a cul de sac. I can't remember the name of it here and I went in there dressed like what I thought was a sort of sixteen easier. Like an audition for the Joan role here and I remember lipping nerve racking ends and then eight Maybe a week and a half later they said they'd like you to come back, ambition for the MID troll and the major role was the artists who did a greeting com it's that has an affair with Don Draper right played played by Rosemary Duet, whose and we are seeing the area- so I went back and audition for that role and then then, a couple weeks there is welcome economic action for Joan again here, like I'm, not bringing anything to this role, I was going over the lines of my best friend my started, crying because that's what?
elitism will do to shuttle beat around here, I'm not doing anything. I'm just saying words she's like I think this is yours. I think you're gonna get this one. And I went back and audition for Joan again and then it was. It seems, like maybe a month, by, and I didn't hear a word was another thing that I have for that went away or they ginseng there were seeing any Because, when you go and policies, can sometimes be three to six auditions a day. So then there. There, like gather, going a different direction or that they chose and if some of them pass by you, never even ask about the just like. If it is your than they didn't like me right right. Does you want the role Did you like the role? Did you know that the roll with some sort of portal, India, something amiss, using or not I didn't know I thought it was. I didn't. I didn't even get to read the whole script. I had seen right, so I liked that it was. I could tell it was different. I could tell it
smart, but I didn't know what this character was. If anything she wishes. She was a guest star when audition We are really here. So I thought the Mitchell was more exciting right as it was sexy here so I set up I'll, do any role in this thing right. If it's a series regular, then they said well, it will become a suit series regular. If Would you like a season to all right now? so. Like a month later, they called and said you ve got the part which is weird, because normally would have to go through more steps like a network test and a studio tests, but because AMC didn't have The other shows they don't have a system set up work, so they just like your on tape. We saw it in your great No answer, I am see, was madman's uneasy when
therefore I shall ever here so I was, I was up for another pilots. And my agents really want me to do that because it was the more prestige, It was on a real network here and just seem more of a sure bet, and I really put my foot down. I was like I really I want this. And my agents were like. We think you should go for the other. One of my manager really stood by me, and so I think this project there something really interesting, that's your manager who knew man, the new manager here and I said I've done the projects that seem like sure bets and they didn't get picked up either. I'm sorry while Sally Field like what's like brought out, I was on the new West Wing cancelled and sexier says like let's go for the cool one right, and you did that, did you fight with their agents? They failed. Let me go they. Let me go fairylike,
well. Basically, my agent went on pregnancy leave and then no one wanted to take over being my age, you are working so much highlight african partners like I am I have a series every year. Why- and I like- I guess it a similar citizen, messengers of scripts to my house. It wasn't like, didn't see me going anywhere. I guess it's about was like shit in snotty. It was embarrassing. I was really embarrassed you because your manager was like this is like this. What you're doing the agent cycle? Fuck you cleaner, yeah, and then you got it. You intend of no faulty around you gotta, be like you know, your dropped from your agents yeah, but then you Eve sweets now revenge air I mean I didn't I had to Sierra Leone he's like you, want me to random a letter, and I said that It's like you want me to random a letter, and I said the great thing about the show. Is Oh letter leads to be written, and we are so in fact up here,
it wasn't like that, take care of its dont need to write any letters but going into this role here, given that you, once you got the part you'd only read decides. And then you know, once scripts started coming and you realize that this sort of a year in terms of a female character. A kind of pivotal in and unique character did tat to be alive. Men, who is going to eventual he kind of fight, it out and be judged by this. These well suited the second predatory men, yeah of an era but you know you are going to be the woman that for transit how you and Elizabeth MOSS, ably they even remember, properly, took different journeys to exactly you're. Being realised yeah as powerful women, but I didn't know I mean that is something that developed for the character mania, wasn't something that in new and seas and one
season. One Matt winner said you're going of an affair with rider sterling and yes that actor he is so good. I've always loved that. I believe I get to have like scenes so a site about that, and then the thing like in season one, I'm kind of just the sassy bit I gotta go. I come around and I like give people the on silver anyway, and I tell em my opinion in and make people feel bad she's kind of this eavesdrop bird, no at our busy bee, which was really fun, like hard to wrap your head around here, who and why she's this way right and then, as the years developed, there must be writing to you for you, it's after the season, one knowing NEA seeing what you could do and I must have given them in
british and to take the character poysers. You could take it. I think so, and I am now always said he couldn't see- he couldn't see Peggy without Joan again see John without Peggy, because there are such different women and it created such an interesting dynamic within that office. Space to see two women going about something so differently, and almost being friends, but but bumping Hudson and just fundamentally different ideas of of how to get ahead so he loved. Showing their storylines through each other and then I think ass. He got to know me. I think Jones. And up a little bit in and she became mother and the lover s wife in and you so much more of her home life here but they must have been like, at least throughout run of madmen. Their character kept evolving yet, and it becomes like, I imagine it, a joy to it,
a sort of be involved because United, it's not one that shows it to levels, often, crew, it's a one, dimensional character that you just we fill every week now I was like you would learn some new, a batter each weaken. I mean as no doing a show now for a you know, each season, you get more history with the other reactors and so every seem become. Richer and deeper because you're not playing that senior playing six seasons right, emotions with someone, every scene with Roger Sterling was so loaded, yeah, yeah, more and more soldiers became like a joy. Anything just be Elliot. Change the culture madman, sure television, injustice and culture in general yeah. You know Andy it's funny, because.
I don't I am trying to see if I've I've watched you do out of work since then, what another period? That's fine! He had no, those ladys yet again by, but I imagine that you are there, the baggage that comes from being cultural phenomenon has gotta, be a little exhausting Irene There is no baggage, I mean it's just I get it out at last thing that ever happened to my share right right right I mean it opened up, so many doors like I said, that's when I start doing films getting offered used to walk in a room to audition and they be eating at Turkey, sandwiches flying through a million hectares trying to find the one. That's? U, while you're doing your senior taken far calls in here now How can you walk in and there's a little bit of respect their already before I liked your show right. They are give you a moment here to do
things you're like a taco you're, either now or fuckin sit, Therefore, the airway you know whatever it is, you you get that five minutes, actually yours, the ad you're, a maid person, yeah, yeah, yeah, so and and before I got madman. I was getting a lot more sort of the quirky sidekick France or the nervous, girl or there, and no one had ever seen the thought that I could do something with a lot of strength and that character was filled with strength. It changed the type of roles that I've been offered, but I think a lot of people in our industry watched that show you how its but out in the world are you that person to people Like I mean like like eating, it took me a long time to not see John Hammond, yeah I mean I didn't think you would ever be able to kind of shift gears
right. I mean. For a long time. I think, because I ll so different than I did on the show I mean I always had the up do and my very very proper tailoring ancestor when peoples this out and our Harrison and wearing jeans after people like, oh, my god, you're. So he had no idea and because it was so specific and sixty easier. The second you take us out of the sixties. Yeah you just take a second, but then you can just get back to normal and be like oh yeah. She can play. Brought a woman who, right now, it's possible. It's funny about the sixties. Like everybody looked old everyone lockdown If you were thirty, you look like you're like a grandparent gets weird there so I was even that way with their people that were not all. I can do it He always was me away that I Jimi Hendrix was twenty seven year when he died. Are you serious, I think so? Yeah and Janis Joplin in their these? They were eleven heart there with an arbitrary. They always seem date. They never seemed like during their twenties.
Even the, even though they were hippies or whatever, but liked by the people and in a madman like even created assume there just full grown adults but its yeah. It's just the way. The we looked I now in that way. That's what ever really you look exactly my mama exactly my grandmother. Exactly like my aunt, you pull up those I would further like and then he rises, people, twenty five exact or not thirty, five, forty people that we were much much older on the ship. That's why I mean I was. I was thirty when I started to show. And so in this new show, like you I mean you did other stuff, but this is the big. Does the next big thing right? Good girls? Really the movie they D get movies drivers a good movie. Thank you. I do and I loved him yeah I've I've a chance to do a lot of great films and in the time and in the break within one. Do you like them off, I mean I go to wake up when you say that like because DR was like that was an interesting
I mean DR. It's an interesting question which This did you love doing. The most willingly came out the best way to ensure that the EU must proud of I'm so proud of, DR in it making. I wasn't there a time I have a small railroad, but it was. It was an important thing for me. I just finished doing a movie last year. Called american woman that'll be out in a month and a half or so that was just one of those things where was like. Such a labour of love. Like you, it was just the most amazing experience for thought about it. About a family, Sienna Miller and I play sisters and and her daughter is abducted and it's about the Stanley sort of looking down and then bringing themselves back together. Funding and how you get through. And pay here is in it, love, Pat Healy, and then I
I did Roman ass with Matt winner at over in Prague. A U. When is it going to be on its already been? It's done how it has damaged. That's the thing you can stream their hair person from gloves on that Teresa. I don you know, I am glad I my best meant you best. Friends are real idle work to them. There like family yeah, yeah yeah, they texting Lana yesterday, oh yeah, sure your I didn't I didn't I forgot about. The connection and oddly, we were just talking about like stupid shit, yeah yeah, yeah tourists, maybe maybe look like over from the so good I am, however, the girl, in the way that she has done, His hair that crazy made me get a perma first of all, fried my hair sake in me a year and a half to drink at the Stupid Perma, because I was so inspired by what she did to everyone's hair that really done it.
Crazy you I've got apparent. I had these people that I somehow blind trust in through like how he had firms are different these days as like, but I have chemically treated her easier. Like no problem. I it was worse than your worst case scenario, for they started crying at a chemical burn. It was breaking off all. It was an nightmare because Allison Bree looked so good, though to permeate our Kyoto area, like ever he's crazy. Those girls I like I just I can I come in examined, and I've been there since five just to get the Fuckin Harold Ryan, there are so many of us had got a month was crazy. Ass just worked with Marianna Paca, showing any directive manifold recently, this past year that's great ones echoed it up, which ones skilled egg yeah. How I don't like it two months ago. I know there's a lot of stuff out there. There really is a lot of content, by. Why should you good girls, ok, yeah, excellent
and at least know what you up to yeah now with this raw. Like did they have you in mind, or did you go in for it the truth it? The truth? Is this the pilot with another actress ruin and, and they recasting the role, and then they came to me and I got the very, very rare opportunity to see the show before I did it. Normally you read a script and new hope but the best. So when I actually got to see a finished products, moon AIR, that pilot they did, they did not right now. So you are the person, so one person as far as yeah Anyone seen right. This happens all the time in Hollywood is nothing against her raw anyone who's been replace. I have been replaced, Julian more on an area about Hammerless. I say she was replaced. Please forgive me for a
then Julianne more. It made me feel better because it does happen to all of us at some point. Yet in India right NET, other actors is gonna, have her version and her street exactly will have some amazing thing, an area exactly usually works out. It is not always so I get to see it I had read the script and I thought it was great, but I was like I don't it's on NBC. Out of, I trust that they're gonna go with this dark. Weird tone are yours it's about the year. I was scared and then I saw- and I was like: oh, they went for it like there. They went for it and I thought if they can keep doing this, then I'm interested right- and I it probably took me a month of talking to Jenna bans our creator talking to people NBC and being like you have to promise, me that you're not gonna, get scared and back down saying we offend,
someone all this got to. I see you ve got up. This is gonna, be that the tone of the show and they kept promising and there they ve, been true to their so and you I find this character. It's like it's. It's it's complicated too to create these. You know drawn female characters at are you It's a zone where you know, I think you're probably started going picking bad. Has this idea that these these characters are decent folks that have become Morally compromised Agnes a city or were out of you in any other kind of live in that zone. They may have a gay. He of being kind of bad people buy, but you emphasise for right here is tricky, whereas in breaking bad? I think they were a little more full throttle vessel me like we're back like you, definitely were empathizing for a guy who killed people right
you know your aunt on ours. You know it is gets compared to it because of it. Its people living normal lies in the MID West, who stumble into this thing? That's so out of their day. Yeah and they try to navigate and they try to navigate it, but but there, but there are constantly backtracking and wanting to be people and drawing lines in places like that. That's where we we can go further than that and where I draw the line, that's when you're a bad person is wrong, you're, a good person and how you justify doing those add things little by working on the guy. You don't you think I not killers. You know now yet, and so are still like doing egg cells and were still you now picking up at the pool trying to navigate this thing and your husband, Motor Gabor Husband, had to take by not lowered whose great I refer, my very sincere descendants who is great honour and replace them with her work?
yeah, a kind of a dish of very couldn't Reno user is the best sky ever area, I've so lucky to get to play his wife, but an and he jokes. I he's like the hide wider out. The reception back, but he D that really well and its. It is well, it's really hard to because your teetering on this guy who's cheated on his wife and an depleted their finance tools and been reckless, and and yet there something the way that matter. Does it that certain level born like a born, you see why they were together and you can see that he's a good dad and ruin see there's history there. So it's it's a bit of a complicated relationship, people watching it, I think so, it's our network, you should know. I first one No it those numbers mean I'm really bad at their one. Yes, but yes, they watch
an embassy, but then they really started watching it on Netflix area. A lot of people think we're a Netflix while the Iron NBC show it's kind of two different audiences which is great and then we're on Hulu, so you were, ourselves out there in a bunch of different ways, but a lot of people were like. Oh, my God, Are you gonna get a season to animal gets actually tonight don't touch on a few things. You gonna, let you like a normal, Diego. Like having to wait await me too. I like that gets better. Watching all at once in Amman. Wait a year you can, if you always completely forget right, watch an entire series, and I'm like that some amazing, oh my god, and then I remember when, unlike my friend three days, I know you can seem too much anyone, let's crazy. What are we gonna wait a year that was the benefit of weekly things. You looked forward to like when the Sopranos first air. It was like. He built your life around Sunday, God of Course madman you, people with.
About what happened all week law. I think it is better world. I think, Sir, really do in such great ready that that's like a completely different thing for I've. Never seen her like that. She's really awesome sell us a minute in Asia may yet you guys are you gotta call us your great in any these you're gonna write that line this all season. Yeah I made it gets darker and season tale He characters are quirky and ridiculous situation, since it is really funny. The show is really really funny and he wore a drama in its. It's quite emotion, I bet you do they. They are sensitive to the comedy of it. I mean it is guy visa. It's funny like our they write. Do they know it's funny? I know the whole time we were. We ve been trying to ride this line of comedy drama, in fact, as you know like when it comes to award seasons and stuff, and they went to put you up for category we didn't know well, really call ourselves, because we really feel it
said the wave of yeah? I can see that only watch a few, but I guess I can see that it does play for comedy and I guess that sort of a way to temper the darkness of it. You know cause ozarks does not have any funny and know that stock what sort of a similar sat up where you have like somebody. Just trying to get grass root of something within ends up in the others, definitely intention no humor and this year and we write the humour, but we tried to play the human rights, but it so confusing these days. It like if you're a half hour show then you're just automatically considered a comedy, but was nurse Jackie, a comedy I dont know if the erotic a drama me right right. We all of this stuff is being but I like watching shows that I get both. I think it's interesting, I thought madmen Whistler's. Did you yeah? That was really them. It was dark and funny and where we without it was funny I mean just.
Go all the leg, Roger Sterling lines like easier Mark II and whether they are having to heat Campbell and the other is somewhere it funny stuff their worth. Well, congratulations on it! Thank you. It was nice talking to you. They may do we carried out your waked accordion. Oh, my God is not allowed to tell, but you can play it. I can't anymore. This is the sad truth. I my axe knew that I always loved the accordion. I thought it was a beautiful instrument. One year he gave it for Christmas, and so I start learning as an adult something I grew up with your in some sort of poker master will now I would go to silver light. Conservator was conservatory musically labels yeah, please place that they set it out themselves. The thing we teach every instrument, so I found and accordion teacher there and a study that little bit with him and then I'm mad men,
call me one day and usage, you speak French and, and you play the piano- and I said all learn French. If you want me to- and I dont really play the piano, but I do play a little accordion, which was perfect because we have an established a piano. Jones Apartment, less very small apartment rise out to strap on accordion. A million problems were set and they got me another accordion teacher and had her come up and teach me each week. So when I play madman I am of like anyone who actually place. Accordion is like all shoes, where we have had enough to like do it right. I was a beginner and I really enjoyed it and then I went on location for different was innocent, latin and set aside and it's in my office. Winking at me every day, and I want to lay it, but I'd be starting over. I would be starting over by won't get rid of it because I do have every intention of starting ochre well, maybe someday, maybe someday guitar,
That's it pursue Hendricks nice chatting with her Your girls is on the new episodes are on Sunday night at ten nine central, also Have you always wanted to learn how to play musical instrument? Have you traditional lessons can be to rush pressured inexpensive with musician? You can learn. Guitar piano you go where we base or singing at your own home, at your own pace and for a fraction of the price of traditional lessons B come the musician you all. He wanted to be visit, musician dot com. So I w d have to try, musician with a twenty percent discount using code w here. Ok, I haven't, play guitar weeks great for all the tour dates which there are many now go to double Thea POD, dotcom, flash tour having picked up a guitar two weeks will pick it up now and which puts a fuckin echo
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