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Episode 1018 - Anjelica Huston

2019-05-13 | 🔗

If there was one constant in Anjelica Huston’s early life and career, it was the pressure to prove herself. Anjelica tells Marc about the benefits and drawbacks of being part of a Hollywood dynasty, the strains on the relationship with her father when she started making movies with him, and what it meant to her when she won an Oscar for working under her dad’s direction. They also talk about her life with Jack Nicholson, her work on Wes Anderson’s movies, and why it was difficult to make the Addams Family movies. Plus, Anjelica explains why she loves being part of the John Wick franchise. This episode is sponsored by Turo and Hair Club.

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all right. Let's do this. How are you what the fuckers, what the fuck bodies, what the FUCK annex what's happening? A mark mare- and this is my podcast Debbie Thea welcome to it. How's it going. Happy Monday or whatever hope, you're doing. Ok, albeit a good week end. My again was- Ok, you know I got into a I got some very minor trouble with the police, can never be a good keys when it's like. I just said that I got into a little trouble with the police I'll get to that in a few you'd be like our back, don't be, it was stupid. But they're in Georgia. Houston is on the show today the angelic, Houston she's in that It got John Wake movie that opens this Friday Mason, Indeed, I gotta be ass, were the Evans seen any of them? Is that too honest? But she's here we're in talk about that talk about some other stuff. You know only did
I've seen the movie to talk about it honey I'll tell you a little inside based by oil inside baseball. I was at a hotel in New York. I was in New York last week as a as some you know, cause I told you and I was staying at the hotel. I stay at occasionally and I was getting back to the hotel us late at night and a wardrobe person like personal stylist. I guess somebody came in with a rolling rack with several boxes issues, one of troika several options in a guard. Bag hanging knows it look like a production bit of a deal, but then I hear the guy GOA Young and take this of TAT Jason men his room and am I owe an idea and I said so Jason's year- negotiating these detainees, big phantom, I'm like that's nice and what's there what's Goin on Psych, while you know the premier for the John with movies tomorrow that might okay. So this is,
Here's the deal you I don't. I don't know from- personal stylists, I I'm an idiot who buys one black suit and I've worn it like three or four times at any event. That requires that sir apparently Jason. You know we want a workshop for the premier, but dad stop me from tax, the rim and saying hope you can find a dress. You like that, instead way of doing that a Jason I saw you. Stylist on his way up. I was just being a dick but He went ha and whatever one does untaxed anyway. Other funny. I was very excited about their moment. Hang out with no, and I dont know if he did find address, highlight and wise it funny So what if you want to wear dress, he didn't I gotta make up for a couple of things. I think, first of all, ok. I get it Scold me, I
as I had a blind spot or blind side or lack of, or an ignorance of my Erskine dad Peter Erskine, thank you drum, nerds jazz people when I, after about him being in steely Dan and I didn't go off. I didn't, I clearly didn't know anything about the man and he's one of the most important jazz drummers that has ever lived and continues to live a lot of you, staff, but light just a tremendously respected, prolific. As drummer, and I did not want to diminish that by my ignorance. So thank you. Emailing people for educating me about Peter Erskine, but I We want you to pay. My respects not right, he's not dead by. I just want to be respectful. Mr Erskine in after the fact here that too I may have seemed a bit dismissive, but them most
we just ignorant, which is, I think, honest and probably not as bad as dismissive just didn't know wasn't being condescending. Honestly did not know so they're. Ok, I come to that. I also want to give everyone a heads up, I'm going to be in Seattle, this Thursday night at the Seattle, International Film Festival with US or to trust the opening, a film I believe Thursday night, I believe you can go to it. If you're in Seattle, you can s eye F, F, dot, net for more info I will be there when Shelton will be there, the director and its big deal it's. I think it the place. It's like three thousand people. It's going to be very exciting to see play in that big room, I've. Never into a premiere event of a movie that dare die. I'm in Andy
maybe they should higher stylist. I write Irish stylist in Seattle. For my premier, kitten kill somebody I'll get come up to my room with a rolling rack of stuff that to try and I'd like to be wearing a very nice dress. On Thursday night that's ok, so yeah. Let me no not really I brought you were my black suit could have paid a lot for it, or maybe my kind of eggplant suit I am actually gonna go dressed as an eggplant, zoonotic the unique look but I do have an egg suit. Another thing easy, though the last the third and final season- Joe Jos, wanderings, easy on networks is up, and I gotta be honest with you again and you know that I am not one to two, my own horn edge. I'm not I
I dont in tooting, my own horn edge, but their that episode that I did this season, which is up now episode sick. These you watch all thing by It was a it's it's red. I am very proud of it. It's the best work. I've done it. It's a very relevant. Situation, It involves me it's me and Jane Atoms in Melanie Linsky and it deals with sort of the the spectrum of tat, sick masculinity, which you I have clearly been in my life on the spectrum of toxic. Ask your entity We cannot get into a situation, and I guess I'm just very proud of of the acting I did I was. I was very honoured to work with Melanie and Jane mean Melanie have of a very a long seen together, dealing with some shit,
and I just was unjust, like Israelis on my best work, if you now and I'll have a lot of work to show for myself in that world, but this was like a. It was a high point for me and I am glad of it turned out. So you don't really know when you're improvising thing, not unlike sort of trust, which it really is in the hands of the director in both the young Joanne LINEAR, great but Joe, liking. It was an hour. You we'd Sk Us the story. We knew going in that. We wanted, like it well what were we going to do with that character? Jacob Malcolm honour of you, ve, seen all the easier but dad the arc of my character, the graphic novelist Jacob Malka, whose very self involved aggravated person. So right way, I'm really can act in my balls off there I mean come on by the way, where do you go with that in the third and final episode in I, it was either a heart attack, become mortality thing or being confronted on something and appropriate,
and how do you handle that, so you can sort of stay within the character and within reality and something that can be sorted dealt with and it should all be dealt with, but I mean how do we do a story and I, think we really came upon something in it. Just shows ability to do so, these things. Were you just improvising these scenes and kind of added in his head ass? He goes along to create this final thing: it's got, astounding bite. But again it's it's easy it's on Netflix, I'm an episode, six watch, all them there's a lot of great people in it, but tat this one. To give you a heads up. If you are a fan of me. I think it's me, he at my best aright. Ok, that's all I'm trying to say, and this is going to shock you, but sometimes one change can make all the difference in your confidence. Air club knows this. That's why they're inviting you to see how getting the most out of your hair can change your life haircut
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health and scalp analysis, and you save two hundred and fifty dollars on any qualifying hair club service. After your initial consultation, don't get discouraged by hairless. Ok, you ve got this go to a club, dotcom, sweat, so I want to tell you about so I want to tell you about this, sir. Running. I had with the police. Toys abed intense. You know any ever run in with the cap's with the first, so the man had a high run but the man I I was parked on a street there is a two way was for lane. So there's two aims on my side the turning lane and then on the other side. There turning lane and on the other side there were two aims: go the other way. So, in that moment when I was in my parking spot all the way to the right, I I saw window like yet there was, there doesn't seem to be the
seem any. I knew it was illegal, but I had plenty of room to make a? U turn plenty of room. And you know when you just sit there and you like, I can do this man going to go up to that light and take a rider inter around a go round. The blogger com just wait, a break in traffic? You find that window. We poem big massive across four lanes. U turns into barely make it and you like, Nike AIR Max to save myself, some time did something pretty fuckin exciting. So yeah I wait for my moment and unlike at the start, that, u turn across all four lanes and literally as I am at the center Where, where my were MIKE, this basically perpendicular to the street turning lane. I dont know when he got there, but it turning lane, probably fifty For me, there was a just a motorcycle cop sitting there and I believe as I do beg you turn- and I was like I'm gonna- do this- I'm gonna make it right. Is I hit that that purpose
four point Numb looking down the street to make sure I'm gonna make it I just see that guy I see that carbon, my dad's a cop- and I am sure that he saw my face- see him just at that moment where you like, ok, just busted just but in just busted, does that sort of white guy. Here we go so I follow through with a u turn, and the I saw him go turn around lights on pose me over and you know it comes up to the window, and I just look at him- a MIKE Hey officer, psych licence and like yeah. Here you go. There is nothing, what was I going to do There is no way there is no explaining there is nothing. There is no excuse. There was nothing, but there were some
in about my face, I think ass. He went back, he got my gave my license my registration in my insurance. He comes back and like ok, I am. And give your warning today, as I must you officer and images, and then explain to me. You know the rules of! U turns and I know he knew I knew I know I know he saw my face. He saw my fear is that I don't know what makes a cab make a decision like that. You have to give a warning always ready for a ticket. I deserved a fuckin, take it. I knew was due in some wrong and I knew it. You know he caught me. The Jews in the middle of it saw my face but maybe I'd like to think he knew. I knew that I did something wrong and that maybe I should do that and I will think twice before I do that again with no one got hurt, but I surrendered right away. You know any. But what is where does he come to me? And now you do.
But dad, but I was lucky was one. This was a good day, then I say when he pulled over by the cops and they were You go with nothing, nothing on your record by Donald. They decide that I'm not an egg. Look, I'm happy did I guess they got bigger problems by think they have a quota by. I Think of is that moment they got. No, when you like to see my face as a cop as I'm in the middle of that you turn? He was literally just sitting there watching me, just watch me, do it and saw my I suggest that moment. Where might Right, well, that's done o busted, Maybe maybe that was it at an up our my lesson. Ok, just put not out there to the LAPD, not gonna, see me doing that those illegal. U turns across all the lanes and I think this can assure this conversation with you now. This is me I love Angelica used and I think we had a pretty good talk and you know it is
interesting. The Abbe watching oil movies lately, and I watched the searchers again last night. But John Houston was these. Are these were important people and yes, she's done a lot of great work and to come from a family like that, her grandfather, I envy human and then being with joy Nicholson all those years anymore, together and just two interesting actress, interesting person, interesting family and it was daunting, but you know you you get into it. You see where you can go visit are you talking about Georgia Houston, whose new film John with three opens this Friday. May seventeen I just want to. I was just came back tomorrow. I'm still actual jet lag. Where were you Dublin? I was there I didn't Stanhope show Vicar Street, which is in his venue gray. Have you been there? Yeah yeah
and I love it there. It's Dublin's the best city, the whole country lies not brilliant country. Fantastic, people here, it music, so incredible hospitality yeah they're, just so white beard. I liked the whole sort of attitude of like so there's a mild kind of You stand shore, you know they year, they're not gonna blow smoke up your ass, but they're not gonna, be unpleasant. That's right there is a kind of overall feel of some sort, it's a sanguine country has been through so much light and You know the thing is sort of accepted? Even even things
tremendous pain are somehow incorporated, as you say, ended the psyche in in a not entirely negative way here. There's just something resigned about it there that you know like yeah like we know we give up but worse, oh go away, you know I was having a lot of those early irish feelings. Last night, as I was watching, not true, damn flame beer and- on one side you think on my god. This is where James, the fifth, got married the eleventh century. This is this places revived to massive world wars Napoleon was carnation. There is, but burned. It scene the Lucian it seen the play, and yet it rises like a phoenix from the ashes very appropriate that it's the Pentecost, it's it's Easter, because it sort of
symbolizes to me in some way. It's it's an extremely. Portland and moving moment as in a positive way as well as I that way, heartbreak. Why? Why didn't? I there there seems to be enough, there are left to to rebuild oh and always had an that's what he faith is all about right, kinder yeah for sure yeah. You can't burn it all down. That's right. They can get sad, but not of, if not all, got exactly, and I think that's a very etc that that remain. Me of the irish spirit. Yeah you can starve us are women can die? You know in the fields with grass stains on their merits, but we'll be back here and will take New York and lost advised of the entire United States. Exactly number might without Worthing. Without I experienced when I was there is cause I spent. At a time in Boston right then the boy an Irish. Are there the whole
their own thing and their tough and there will intimidating and their scary and they're not to be fought to write an eye on all the years. I was living there at a slight complex about it, just don't fuck with them and they scared me and then the first time I went to Ireland they all what about the same? The people yet but there Are there polite denies that imitating at all like first hours I got my god visited, there are so many of them. They're gonna be hating army and not very sweet. None are very different and I want to Glenda lock so beautiful. I was fantastic. Everything I can understand like was sort of like there is this sort of dark disposition, but the whole fucking countries, stunning, oh beautiful, it's a visually beautiful, I think. Maybe That's the reason that Ireland doesn't have many great painters. I mean it has William Butler Yeats, right, poets, yeah sure poets up the kazoo, but
They have so much in the visual department. I don't think they had to recreate it right. How you are you gonna do a just exactly, but yet, but the count like I just thought, thank God, it's so beautiful, because if it was in any way, not beautiful that the hope that the people would be sunk exactly did you always thinking walk out the exactly my Father like that in Ireland, really we yeah we used to go on day trips. County may on Donegal stuff. If we'd have usually a car load of american tourists. Friends of his heart. He Esther out of the landscape and save, isn't it beautiful? like it was here, so you been gone there, your whole life. May I grew up there from the age of who till I was eleven and went to school in England after them, but I went to the nuns for a while I was in Ireland, be I was a day girl. I wasn't a border right, but Joe
is used in a clan name. Is it an ivory? Oh, it's a scottish name, there's a Houston castle in Scotland and regional originally were prodigies where, where Cyrus near than Irish. So the fact that I grew up in half Lik West of Ireland is a surface. Asylum hysterical. Yes, so your dad always thought the connection to it. Like you, you know, I mean that's a long time to live there, so you ve with their european surfer nine ten years or I think in the aftermath of the witch hunts here and America, the Mccarthy time, Mccarthy time my father stood on the committee for the first amendment, which was basically that, No one can backward quit him here and the butt
Having done so, you know and an having experienced some of the worst of the amounts can spare time the tree and so forth he decided he didn't want to be in America and took his wife and children to France for a while While he made a movie, come Larouche and then He was invited on a fox hunting trip to Ireland to County Whitlow and having gone and had the time of his life. He decided that's where we should live and consequently bought a house there and that's how long? happened am was your grandfather still alive? no he wasn't. I never knew my grandfather died a year before I was born, you grow up
the seeing knowing about your grandfather, obviously idea. Yes, I I knew mostly from a very tattered copy of treasure, Sierra Madre, that used to be put through the home projector three to four times a year when I was growing up and it that's who I thought my grandfather was until a guy yeah. Until later I was in New York when I started modeling. When we can. I was about twenty one when I first saw Dodsworth played with now Zack opposite of the character and right treasure, and I realized how my my grandpa was an actor right. You can be a lot of people. He could I issues I care. So are you there have you ever an older sibling. I have another, brother. Any money Tony and he's also in show business. Now you know, the key key keys Green wrote for
short while he did the screen play for the dead. That was my dad's Roy last phobia that we all did together, but he lives in New Mexico and flies hawks. I grew up in a match Did you hear, whereas you live in a house of that's nice, he's a hot guy he's a guy he's been Hawkeye, since he was thirteen he just like you knew he pulled his arm out and they come oh yeah that yeah he's I say he studied. He was very good friends with one of the legendary hot men whose lived in the West of Ireland, a man called Ronald Stevens, interesting and yeah few look up in our HAWK Law, Ronald Stephen, the out of the great hero in any decided. That's why he? How do you do it? How do you make that your life, exactly, I dont, know
but Tony was here is eccentric there that I believe his eccentric. Now I haven't seen him in a number of years and then young younger brother, whose an actor yeah my younger brother, Danny out. We have different mothers but we're very close and then there's another one and then there's my sister lycra, ok and then there is certainly a nephew whose an actor now Jack. It's amazing. I think we ve been going on with it and there's this whole new batch of little nieces. For me, great nieces, nephews, but I can see that I can see the ones that have the bug here and you do. There is some sort of genetic. The aptness. To being, I do think some people belong on screen. I do if you do right yeah. I looked like anything so is well, some people really enjoy it. Other people still have the taste for it will be,
just fit on their like there's plenty of actors can do acting certain people that, like they just they bade the they belong in movies. It's true. And also, I think, partly as something to do with character cause our member. We quite a few occasions. People telling me how I a they didn't have a face for four Well, that's not an icing. It's not! yeah how its depressing and knew the while not- and they say, will your eyes are too close together or anyone else is too big and you go well. That's ok, budded! It's real! the only thing that I want to do with my life. You can you can't tell me
way from that door, and what does that mean, though these liking alter my legally meaningless and also its also mean and also its right, because your woman, I think so- and I know of two degree but people love to tell you what you can do and kept it. I think- and I don't fuck off most of you know throughout my life I a united sort of managed to find my way, I'm not sure how. But I know that it's in my house and that I you know because of this, I am able to do other things like act in view. Do yeah I came with different journey people, the time people say to me like we don't know what to do with you now you can't do the other problem is often having to prove it here, because it's that just their suspicion that you can do it. You know you can do it right in becoming from your family. There must be an even worse could be like a Houston well
to a degree onto a degree. No, you know my problem was that I didn't want free handouts from my family right. It was a bit of a drawback since basically it's a business that depends completely. You know, unethical unappetizing other not knew. No, you want it or not. There are no that do thou excited. It doesn't have to be a hand. Other even know who you are they're not gonna, want to piss you off and make your dad pissed off or, however, it works. However, it works, but when he he came along to me with a movie when I was like sixteen years old and it wasn't a script that I really love that made me up. I thought I, at least I have the confidence to say to him dad. I don't think this is me what Mary was. I didn't quite say at that where he advocates sulk, but it was a movie called a walk with Levin Deaf and I thought it was corny then, and I think it's pretty corny now, but he was determined that this
There's gonna be his set of offering to me Heraldry sixteen, and what was the part. It was the part of Eddie, Claudia of Censure, a nobleman daughter who is rescued by a young student heron, a flat dont. Aren't you remember of that? I was surprised to hear you all the history of note, your damn that I go. I you know I was just listening playing along by night. Do you have it seemed to be kind of a history person? I do like history and I grew up in Europe, so you know I have a different kind of history. The I'll ask me about. Union and right at her at all of that right, but you know the french stuff. I do so so you did the role. Obviously I did the role. It was not a happy moment for either my father or myself. We didn't speak for a while and then really now on Saturday. After
onset or her outside you know it was. It was very difficult. Had. I done any acting school. Ok, but no more, of any consequence and then and then I went back to London with a movie was supposed to have taken place, or at least we're supposed to shoot it in France, but they weren't able to because it was nineteen. Sixty nine was the student revolution and nothing could be done in France, so we it in Vienna and when I got back to England after them, at my other died in a car crash and my life completely abandoned and I went to America, they married at the time. They were married but they didn't live together as horrible and you are like sixty here seventeen year, its devastating. So
and then in then you didn't talk to your father for a while. It wasn't that I didn't talk to him so much as I avoided him for a while, yet just because, because he he'd been quite good, the goal of me and I'm never taken well to that mere. I I like advice more than criticism when it comes from the old man again for sure and and sometimes whose little heavy handed out, I imagine, but he was like I can, but he was such a. I mean just growing up with that in your wife and generally seem to be of. Generation of sort of kind of light gum, swashbuckling adventurers. Also, you know these were the guys that won the war. Let's not forget right and he was yeah. He was definitely
MIKE Hemingway ask going to both lie. I say I would ask that I call Hemingway Houston ass here are eager it nor they friends. They were Yeah although I never met Hemingway met John Steinbeck, oh yeah, John to set Clarence our house Marilyn for two, here is running at Christmas. He played Santa Claus. He was the greatest nice man, I've really loved him very much and treated me like an equal and it was people He who kind of set me up ok. So when you came to the states we were just on your own who'd, you stay with. I stayed with my best friend from when I was six years old job back the right John Julia out here in no in New York. That must happen. Like New York at a very exciting time, decadent weird decadent weird and she introduce me to downtown and Andy Warhol and all of those
people in the factory and you went over there. Oh yeah, I, while I I went to MAX's Kansas City. I was, I pretty young for the whole scene by withdrawing seventies, early, seventy Sophia hair, and am I yeah it, was great. I eyes started modeling. I worked a lot with Richard Avedon, which is like starting at the top, so I had Now, no further upwards to go in and in that respect, but I spend about for years modelling and New York Avedon he's got he's great the best here and wait. Wait: wait ok, so be you'd been directed by your father in a movie and then I didn't go well in your mind and now you're being a sort of shot by Richard Avedon. What makes it like outside of printing, what makes a like that relationship so good a movie. I spent a lot of time in being shot by him. How does like why you know? I don't like
people are just great things with theirs party that is sort of like we just taking pictures. Well, not for me, because Avedon had been a friend of my parents, particularly my mother and done. Some tests pictures in London before me, Mom died before I came to America and he told me he was one of the people who told me that we are now he said I now you want to be a model, but it's not gonna happen your shoulders to while another one within it. Then we had all the seventies came along with shoulders, huge shoulders. Everyone look like a linebacker seismic time, heals! Ok! For me, you do. You need the shoulder pad out the deal exacted superb for my shoulders with bigger than the shoulder path. So you model for four years and then like. When did you get back to acting? I see well, I I'd come to. America abstained simply in in production of hamlet that Tony
Jason was directing oh yeah, with nickel, Williamson and and Marion Faithful had been put a failure in the London production. I thought mom, maybe I'll get the part, but I didn't find you know and as yet I do assure you how she don't. I think she's, ok she's had a moment yes she's in a hospital in Dublin, now that when I hear she's being well looked after, but she's had a problem with her shoulders. So yes, and through a lie he ass she has. She was always a brave girl always of of at the forefront he I used to see her like. I worked it and I got to know was her for years, but I worked at a coffee shop and Harvard Square like in need: was it like late eighties, and I think she was out of Macleans at the hall, but on she's to come in and she just was like you know, tough and beat up
its drinking coffee in smoke in those cigarettes, but she lay puts out directly she, but our record for years ago is grey amazing. I just heard a new release right by her. That's really fantastic than she did with how Milner she's she's, amazing she's, a phoenix tat no kidding several times several times here It's a u you're, you're here and if you do in Hamlet, who is doing hamlet. While I was while I was modelling and then after that nobody was beating my door down to act. Our New York, I'm in New York and I had a boyfriend who was also a photographer, but a difficult person leading a difficult life and his name was Bob Richardson. He was very brilliant, but very tortured here, oh and we went on holiday to Mexico and we pay,
at the airport, in LOS Angeles, on the way back, and that was the idea that was it. I didn't go back to New York. Really. You is that dramatic. Now, you're right now, my stuff faggot I didn't even say, send my stuff, good relationship on well TAT had so good, though they were brilliant elements to him, but he was not. He was not a happy man, the idea tat when that wins out it's hard to live with that. To a certain point. We are definitely especially when you come into the line of fire. You know one thing of people herself punishing but was very hard to be around when they start when this, when they ve they filled up with the self punishing, then they're going to punish exactly at overlaps, my gad here, it's terrible, draining and good glad. You got out me to you. Do you look at those moments where you are just by themselves? Do you
if anything like what, if it hadn't been for that horrible thing. I don't know if I were to come to our aid that moment or water would happen at all. Definitely, although I dont know other was always something about allay that attracted even when I was young people who came from allay were kind of. They're. Looking and I dont know. Americans were a very attractive people. When I was growing up, so you really had good teeth for a star or that's for sure you in over there there's their teeth or not. A premium teeth something about Americans. They always had a bit of a tan. Their hair was little blunder that, so you really don't identifies an american firm and the first part of your life. No, my parents were american and, and they had access India, they sounded american, but to all, except
its purposes. I wanted to be like the rest of the little irish kids. Indeed, you do you have an irish action earlier. Really, I guess you would Why not? What I mean there's been some party you when you got delay that realise that you know your dad was at one time the king of that town. Yes, currently, but he was also the king of our town, and I am I just paying wherever he goes yeah when I took cat jack, Nicholson there sometime in them, in the eightys to Ireland, yeah to Ireland, we got off the plane and Shannon And- and there was a oh first standing there with the car and he opened the door and he said welcome to John Usin country. That scared. I could paid that guy. So when, when you get when you got their way, what was the first sort of like wooden how'd? You start, would you do
I was staying with my father. Food recently had married again, ok bird one or second. This was his first wife actually up key, never divorce. My mother. She was his forthwith, but theses Celeste chain was his fifth wife. I got on really well with her. She sympathetic even though Saint Clair And was sold soon after I never will he blamed her for it. It was the end of an era. What the house in iron, the House in Ireland it broke my heart roughly when it went. I I'm a sentimental ass. I am I'm syrian and we hold on two things. You know with a grin of steel crabs on Iraq anyway, Ireland. Ireland had to go, or at least sent parents had to go and and I said
to hang out with Cecy my dad went off to make men who would be king in Morocco, and she showed me allay she. She took me to hot spots and we went shopping lists is dollar. Seventy is right. This is still the seven early seventies. Also it's like crazy here to hear- I know that it was crazy. There was, the daisy kind of nice place. Just go and good music to hear- and I guess, So it was a little crazy. It's not like the Europe is everything down the street New York by granting rights or, like you, can feel at all over the place. Here you drive to someone's house to feel it, and also you have to know the house or jagged another people I write it takes a while to get inside out like the strip was still I kind of like, while a rainbow in the rye C and Lou Adler, Elmer Valentine, we're gonna running the strap and Robert
tell what coffee shop that's right. The greatest I loved, I loved the Tropicana, the common. Store, was just opened yeah, like my hair, I kind of like I go to when I talk to people who were around for that. I've talked a few that I get beggarly junior some people that there's some part of me that believes that the business was a smaller community than it was a small community. Then a lot more trustworthy near ass, worthy how just like you know the major business plan to possess a these people. Bodies in the right- and you know things Went on in people's houses, as you said, is absolutely true that that delay was an interior life, it's funny because you think of it as but just sunny, exterior right place. In actual fact, the whole site gives
it was on the inside, assure you knew and whose house you are going to ya. We used to go to what club called on the rocks above the oxygen that Lou had and it was it was a great time be. I was all Paulsen, yet everything was cool and confidential sure and everyone was doing blow everyone. Still the effect, which was a thank you know. Had its moment, you're gonna talking a lot of talk, a lot of unnecessary sitting up. Wait. Let me so glad that's out of my particular orbit. We can't it was so it was so such a dreadful, the strength,
drug has exhausting and it made people crazier bed cost so much money. They like there was no there. You know it never ended. Well know there is no coming down in a nice way. The only way was to get off that staff and stay author yeah it'll, just like you once you get away from me like I can't imagine, I've been several untie but like, but there something about that like when it from when you're in it in someone's got it fuck, you wouldn't. What are you celebrate and we're gonna be up for three days. I don't like that. Guy now, looking Djibouti area to people that we don't really necessary want to know or life still that that was the entire seventies. I guess end the eighty two and eighty four me yeah. I came away with some really tight friendships. I have to say area from my early days, no eight, those free, Is that I make are still my friends here we still hang out. We still, you know cleaved
we each other slicer, whom you have good good, good memories, bad memories, but you're all alive. Anagazanders earn points were still here. Those of us who are alive, we re alive yeah a few didn't make the grade, I'm afraid, of course, so ok, you're, running around your dear dig in. So what? How do you start pursuing the m? The acting? Well, I always had a taste for a year now, Sir, was kind of in the background and I'd that success is a model, so I knew I knew that I knew something real and I'd learn quite a lot. I'm I'd I'd learned about. How light works and what to provide, for. Talk of fur and if you'd we're doing a fashion shoot and how to make a picture here, how to apply make up near sounds trivial, but its and sword may well and at a certain point I think
And I must have our I met Jack Nicholson at a party at his house, a birthday party. I reaffirm: how do I still in the same house hasn't changed and, you're like worded to see each other Hungary. I was maybe twenty twenty twenty one here and and I met him and it was immediate attraction and we were together for in all kind of on off for about seventeen years after that? That's so long and was very long, but you know we. We, our desire to have a little bit the hour, don't touch yeah. How is he he's? Ok, I miss cinnamon public. I know, but I guess he's older also, I think you know said to him make sure when he wants to share himself from when he doesn't then and frankly, in order to better
drain on him. People don't leave Jack alarm loved check the right to eat Jack for lunch value of jack you're, just like from like you know it made me realize I'm getting old, where, like you, I sit in front of the Oscars anymore and Michael, what's the point of watching, where those guy but they're just their line of agree with you yeah and their own Piero, who took me to taste funny about elders it at its they're getting old but yeah. You look in the mirror. That's right, yeah, but yeah. Now it's other people near though we have to learn to love them as much as we loved our generation again whether you like it still for me. It's a young, Madame Nostalgia so like it, I'm fifty five, but for me like four for some reason, because of the small community feeling that, like you, there was a time when I was growing up in watching
for his generation, whether they were comics or whatever any really got the sense that they weren't all necessarily friends, but they certainly all knew each other definitely an, and that there was some sort of continuity to it. There was a bashfulness to you are right and now it's right now right and an and then there was the glue and the directors where the glue you know. That was how Ashby there was Polanski burden. The chief. There was Michael Antonio need very big influence of european land yeah. We are used to go to can together and on juries and talk about films, and there was a great passion for user intellectual approached. How you know- and I remember those being some of the most exciting wonderful times by life. Were you know, after the Jew hurry had gone home and and you'd seen the the movie
of the evening it at- can and going Jeremy, Thomas's suite at the carton hotel- and here I am talking about it and talking at the movies and getting passionate about that. A critic, was very charming. Thomas's he's a british producer, ok responsible for practically every great I've seen since the sixties, and there is a sort of passion, the reserve that an intellectual passion absolutely- and I learned so much I was. I was on Numb Bernardo knowledge is jury and can one point this was. A good deal later. That was some time in the maybe lady these early nineties here, but realizing how movies, had political import and how that word, tuna, how people in different countries were making movies that were speaking for the people speaking
the country interesting for so It was a revelation to me as yet, because you had to go to the movies. There was a delay in the movies, had a special place exactly in culture. That's right in and now it's all sort of dissolved a bit I mean. Obviously they still do, but it you know, sadly the biggest movies or superhero movies. Those are the people go to theatres to see every other one they're just sit in Alma watch its true writer here. I must have been an amazing time. The end you knew Ashby any new others cats. I knew and loved Hell Ashby. How is your reels or Rui special director and ass, take director and a really special friend here and one of the people who, because it was very heavy time. Tickly for check who is enjoying all kinds of sort of admitting its says, it was her for me, often because I was We are right. I was an adjunct and that I was a little bit more now
exactly, is sidekick but but term, not that important and the big scheme of things, but people the cow and well up. I won't aims people like how near how himself was particularly kind to me and always up to me about the back that I wanted to act, and we know what was it about that attracted you know he had a real interest. He wasn't just a sort of right right rather than those guys, those sort of yeah. That's the big guise of that time. Did they all have very specific styles, like what area with no cause? I know I've talked to a couple, a few directors. Some directors are very hands off, but I feel like somebody like father was probably all over everybody. Well, if he didn't like what you were doing. It was all right, if you like twenty
What you are up to heed leave you well enough a lawyer, but my father had a way of come in and sang just the right thing and if an actor was talented and interpretive ya like Bill Hickey. When he said to him, Hickey was you're playing a reptile yadda yadda that first that first, the image of bill Mickey and ensure that end and Bill Hickey kind of half asleep during the during the wedding, rightly again here of of treaties.
And he opened his eyes suddenly like a lizard, he known shuts them again and now the directions he directed him wise boy to write. He was in wise boy, I'm a yell and live with him on wise glad. He just thought bill was great. It's weird because he's not one, those guys, you see a lot, but you know he was of a very prominent teacher right in New York forever yeah I audited is class once whence crazy, yeah yeah heap. He had the cigarette that just used to burn out all the way to his lips. He I'd watch that ash drama. To his latter, but he was, he was unique, so you were studying a little bit when you are New York before you can oh yeah I've I had done also. Very good relationship with the teacher here. Fantastic teacher changed my life I'll call Peggy Fury and she was cheers great, she was gave me all kinds of com. France and Germany- really change my
how game and you are like ebay- and you are also we are with Jack during all the bead. They do not big movies during your time with him on behalf Indeed it was he at all like eighty, because I know he who is his teacher that he used to talk about what Sandy Meissner lies. Now I know miser was big. He appeared a whole bunch of people who worked with me, but I think so. Indeed, miser had made up a big difference, for because I remember the movie that you got like in in preaches honor. Like I remember for me watching it when I was younger a kid I was like it felt like the first time that he oh, created, a character that was shown not him, Billina restorative daunting at first but like he was doing the work and it doubt think so and also, I think initially he was really in. Oh, he was a bit afraid of movie, because dad was
asking him to to play dumb right Initially. I dont think John had understood that it was a comedy really until he went out to talk to my dad about it. My dad was living out on us Stretch of deserted coastline past, where the violator actively in Southern Mexico and an term would you does act, it is it nobody. Does that are added. Check, went out to see him. You know under heavy pressure from the producer, John Form, I refuse to go because I knew it would be like Hell. So I deserved it out of the whole thing and foreigners saying come on. You ought to do this movie, don't you because he had set of set me up to to read them comments and to get excited about the part of May rose? He I need said well how about you dad directed Jack to start
may God, how earlier and I know about them, but they they loved each other here and next thing we're in New York and and dad I don't know we had several read through them and dad cause his eyes, and I could see, wasn't completely happy and he had. Full can withdraw our nose. Throwing away Jack yeah could do no wrong right, but it in job I could tell there was some Things said a vaguely troubling him in here and then one day a kind of fate early on in the production dad, all this and we the Carlyle hotel. He said kids I want to come over and he came over and it was night and
there were picture windows looking out over central park, whereas beautiful New York evenings and and dad put his arms around Jack and I am said, kids at the most beautiful thing you ve ever seen. If he said yes, yes, dad so beautiful your head, I found the voice, of the movie. Ever he have a tape recorder web and he repressed about Then it was this actress Julia above ourselves, voice when she's all the way like this fundamental body. Anything like dad like are you out of your mind. He said I want every one to speak. This language about was ever about was the beginning of priests, and it was before you know, moonstruck or good fellows or any of those right pictures so kind to me. What are you going to do your gangsters thing, and- and here I could tell Jack
they all we when I hadn't we did it and I got done it's so funny that found streamlets really funny I've. I want to watch it again it's great, let's really find the I'd. I want to watch it again, but you didn't like you're in the postman with their rifles in movie yeah. That was like a second that, after the last night, What what's that guy? Is he still around I am see them up for quite some time. He lives in aspen. Okay, so that was like his movie after the sixties movies, IP five, Easy Pisa, yeah yeah like out this was a big ears remake and it was a good movie. I remember yeah yeah, the John Garfield Movie, originally yeah. The end I can remember, how did you have a big partner? No, I played a lion tamer for a short while I was in, I was in bed with Jack and kind of weird Cosette was naked.
To the waist and fit in secure It was off, it was get here on our memory pop up in spinal tap weighted down and it had model or the one where there like what is its equal you're, the one who's. This shows him the measurements on the page, those genes rise very fat and then, like I like in the stone that was we're movie huh that your weird movie and it started off kind of wonderfully? beautifully and anguish. Francis whether you I fancy I like it was the first like you know, I don't know if it's true, but they I remember seeing it anyway. It seem like it was the arc of Looking at the beginning of like medicated Francis, oh yeah, I don't know from projecting that they like it seems there? The edge had diminished a widow? Well, initially, I think he wanted to make sort of a movie that that was the
antithesis of apocalypse and- and I think you know whatever his impulse, and that was what was a very pure one by things went terribly wrong about really his son got kills how and when that happened. Yeah am voting action. That's right! Oh my God and GEO Chill had been. Do you know doing the kind of like it. I commend tree on them on the movie and we were at sea. The centre in a bunch of Hersel has and summary The great work was going on and after that happens as it happens, I organised a snow waiter there was no way to hold your head up. There was no way to Francis. It was just a yes or a height hung out with you and sensitive. That's when that's what happened: everytime, sweat, horrible geez. And then your dad's last movie yeah. Well, why
how was it was John? When he did that, eighty two, that sort of a beautiful lyrical poetic movie, it's a fantastic, most worrying Adele, and it it it's got some going for it, and you don't even know till it's crept up on you d, the experts. Hence this movie out and the story it at all, It's very small and little table little dinner table. Then, all of a sudden, it's about the world in life and relationships and ass to the future. Here I just remember like eight, when I remember what needing their seat again yet yeah. It's a really beautiful film and through these movies, like are you r d still like who free with fury is that her did Peggy Fury and most her approach. Peggy, I dont know.
It's hard because people of asked me that question, and I can't I can't Oh, that's a sink to her. What it is that she did specifically all I know is that after I worked with Peggy like I could do it. I felt like I had an approach. I knew how to go about a script. An interpretation and it took them you're out of it for me, she she, give me my confidence back, and it was as simple as that. Like someone handing it to you on a dish, Well, that's great! Now! Why have you mean you just lost it by being in the shadow of of Jack or lost some also, I've got some really bad reviews from from a walk with love and death, and, although it seem like a long time ago. Actually, I was still kind of wearing the same wardrobe. It was just a matter of three.
Four year. I sense that clobbering right and at that position, your father put you in collaboration. He poor man, I think it must have been, is bad for you have worse, maybe than it was for me where you are wrong when Chinatown was shot. Yes, I was, were you with Jack. I was that's some good. I guess I don't think I know your dad did some acting, but that role was so fucking crazy. I was crazy and it was a crazy tat when his life, because he was divorcing c c. I want this point and he wasn't a happy camper and you can see the the extent of what my father on fire. Looked like a move in that movie man. It's like there was such a stunning movie yeah a beautiful some
say that I I understand it that well, there are parts of China Tom, the remain enigmatic NEA was sort of item either like which parts I mean like that, like this, like the glasses. I find in the pool arrived in those they call at the time Please have yeah, but what they have word four loose ends like that. That area and with it is why was the idea was that they drown him in their right right that your dad did it with his own hands the character Nowhere was Ross Noah Creed. There was that thing was
I guess, that's what is our robber counts, grip right yeah, so that thing was like loaded up all layers and then whatever Polanski was thinking, he just loaded it up more and it was a year there. It's one of those movies. Everyone talks about it when people gave a shit about the intellectual LEO component of movies and how it was really the first film are so no more- they like they took that that John Revenges, when deep, absolutely and ages like, just even with the place when your father with your given his experience, with the old Filmore as in that year, what that meant he all it was all. It was all very, had eaten very yeah. Why raising press strong staff in your onsets, I was on said sometimes by first day I went to visit. I arrived at lunch,
and everyone was they were all sitting outside and an orchard has long kind of refractory table and- and the Orange Orchard, the Orange Orchard And- There was a silence ass. You know an angel past and and sudden and my father turned Jack. We were up a sort of the head of the table and said Here you ve been sleeping with my daughter, terrible crisis. I haven't, got a lot of people they're, letting them full pack tat here, and then he gave it a you know a nice a nice moment. After that and said, Mister gets better everyone laughter rosy eyes, result that it was pretty funny. And then you know
I never like hanging out on other people sets so my boyfriend, whenever I just that your dad's. Now, if I'm not working, I dont want to be sure yeah, it's the most extraneous feeling in the world's weirs. Again somebody's sat awful tat is all that downtime. There's all that downtime but worse, the bath is, you know you don't have a purpose, the area. Will you now hear your way I will say this like they're, your performance like I've watched them. I believe that term micro he's a is one of the great masterpieces of movies. It's good. Yeah, it's great, really great and you're, just so good, and so you know vulnerable and broke in scary. You know like right there like, but not I don't mean broken in a bad way, but just sort of like last
our very eyes, and it just goes anywhere away with it. It's so good. I think it's it's a genius. Script by Woody, his the master and was scary to because I'd never met the man and When you got the part when I got the part night, I chose you yeah yeah, kept trying to meet him. What he has a way I'm sure you ve noticed of sort of care. Staying, the cameras of the moment he our hee hee he goes right to the source of what's of what's work. At the moment- and I guess I was euro- I was in that you're an academy award. When are we didn't even talk about that? So Maybe we will but that job I arrived on the sentinels Rainy day in New York in a very small apartment building hours
small room here and he was there, was spend Nyc fist and add the Roma's crammed with people. We are now moving. Cables grips lights all kinds of things, and there was there was no sort of clear area in which to act. It appeared to me no, I'm your apartment, the said yeah I had to traverse from a bar to a window back to them. You know of your out whatever, and the place was completely pact so also it it's all in one shot pretty much. So when I was off camera was stumbling over lights to cut have come back into the shot it was. It was pretty crazy and- and we kept on doing it, thinking caught in you really bad, but it was all right. You know the results were were great and we must have gone over twenty five.
Takes for that initial seen, and I was not when he had a liar at any minute with you and Lando yeah and I'd heard that he'd fired that would he had fired leaned stretch? Could she didn't like her jacket, so I was determined to love everything, including that so hideous argyle sweater. I love it. Similarly task on your part note, and some other movie at that was the that was nowadays reputation. If you gave me trouble you're out of there. I gotta give him reputation now near, but now it's not a reputation. I you know: Wanna talk about her. I just wanna talk about it, his movies and how at variance with Wendy. I really am artist. He was here and Watson when you went in and ask her was at dogma. Two been validating highly. Yet for treaties right. So,
so your liking, all that insecurity or whatever you are feeling that had to go away at that point as well, ever goes away. You're always you know, and I think he only I you could do ya ya but you know still it's still a scary job end and it is, you have to be a little scared, yeah especially for I doubt that role in in crimes of misdemeanours, which is incredibly vulnerable role within it to me that it be now. Place must have been kind of like it was definitely white, so heartbreaking off what fuck off a preferable to be rejected to be rejected. I will kill you out of it and and actually Woody had written me. This really nice letter when he Did invite me to do the movie saying you know you probably, like this, because you get murdered like the the movie
directed I like that movie. Thank you the best out of Caroline here, because I like, for some reason it was odd. I just remember we are buying that book in reading it and being levelled by it in the face the EU shows that story to tell was like I thought that was cold and was kind great. I didn't we It shows that it cannot chose me another better, was tat to it and I'd never directed before So when it came, I I had to give them. You know it came on a Friday and I had to give them my answer on a Monday area. Floored me too. I'm rock me that story. And I thought well. You know I haven't directed before I'm not keeping that secret, from anyone. So why not- and you don't want to do it again- I just haven't I've done it again. I regularly one idea: I did a movie, which was call the Mammy, in Ireland about from a friend or not
Harold book. He's he's an interesting character. Is he he can have started off doing pantomime, but like the movie. I mean I like the book a lot, it's kind of funny and tragic and sweet and sad about it. A widow who has seven children who loves Tom Jones, and there was things, Sweden, simple, and he had of before the troubles around that from that I was attracted to cause time everyone was making, serious movies about the hunger strikers and see our so Jim shit. Britain's movies are obviously so it was it was. It was proud of the moving, not just because of
its own lean merits, but because I had to act and in practically every shot, and that was really hard in direct yourself to direct. You happen to be a female. Actress. You have to go to her and make up all of that and then you gotta get on, and then you ve gotta check it man, you ve gotta, wear out how to keep it a movie and and oh it was a big challenge. It could have been better, but it's got some really nice stuff. In it, and then after, I did a movie. I did a movie for television that kind of that tanked because, as it sold at sold unfair. Fortunately to hallmark and became a hallmark movie which wasn't my intention, but Oh that's kind of negligible, but you learn these things as you go along I'd like to do another movie, but it's really hard to direct yours. Third, I dont think I do that again we're here, because you can't really void.
Focus on the directive. No You got a million other everyone resents you, because you can't tell them what kind of chair you'd like rear committees too much pressure PR little here, and there If there is, I was like tat you got. That was a great role. Raw Greek, the great movie. Really. I love that movie. I loved working with state The fears his master here and who has this great set of quiet, inverted. It is humor and inclusive, and Johnny was so on his game. We we had a lot of fun and a net bedding and was he's not arouse our I oh my god. I went to our first had of reach throughout that movie. I thought I pull myself together on this line here. This girl is so good
it's a relationship like West Anderson uses. You laugh yeah, I love Wes. I love is movies. He seems like a very meticulous he's, got very meticulous approach. He certainly does A key knows exactly the exactly to the tea where you're gonna we're just move your hand. I would imagine yeah, I I I was in India doing Darjeeling limited it was a wild movie at yeah wild place to rest. Said he I ve had he ever been. No, never. To India at all. Now I hate flying and It took a long time to get there anyway. It's a very mysterious strange place. I was still sitting in the really thrall of of of Russia's done when we we had to do this.
Can a pretty big scene where I come out of a monastery with a bunch of kids and a weirdo. I've had the mother of these three misspelled saddened right and I'm a nun and have anyway, I had quite a long speech and and West kept doing take after take after take, it was like that that experience with the Marty and and Woody I'm his whilst something wrong, and I'm not doing something realize that he's a comma after that. Third word: oh, my god, I should have looked at that. And now is. That was the sticking points, the precision of West Anderson Are you do another movie with them? If he asks second yeah he's, he's got a point of view and not everyone does visually visually and also
I guess I tony I buy you, get it on very specific and very much his even even his, weird animation films have this? the highly logs you now have this year. There is definitely a he definitely has being yeah. It did to tone it. That's a real or tour thing, yeah yeah and in an it's weird because IKEA, it's really a study on the people who work with. Doesn't you did that that that one There are countries to a movie blood work. Tat was, weird movie. For me, too, I had to be really tough on him and dumb. Are you haven't? I ever be a big tougher whatever you like but it is not only that he looked. You know cause I I've been through. We know quite a good deal of my father's medical
experiences you know in and out of hospital, and I'm telling you and eastwards from the back in a hospital bed with his bow The elbows above you know, above him had on the pillow. Were so reminiscent of my father, and you know going through all his numerous surgeries, surgeries and Sicknesses was, it was pretty potent, but he's he's great is really gentle and a lovely man and in o he'd come up to say something to me, and I think of my god he's gonna win part. Something really serious. He'd say we're. Having lobster for lunch, I hope we can replace your father in a movie. I think yeah. He did not quite a hundred black heart right,
Yeah party do help, but long distance is pretty good, but you know I was George tubes sure me to be a judgment that and then the Amis family, as a big movie, two of them yeah Thus there must have been a blast. Well, like a black. I say that they are not. Actually, there were physically, too, of the hardest movies have ever done, just because of Heron make happened and of course its end, also like this established character. You had to draw from an established kind of thing. I really know you they didn't ask here is no one else had had really done it. Caroline Johns had done it on television on television, and I didn't have a precedent lower. So I was able to do what I wanted to I pretty much easier and
I love the way I love the way it look. Do I love the whole set up a particularly of the first one area. Working with Scott Rudin, he's of extreme really impressive and bury sullen felled was as a producer. That way was Scott. Like that I mean I e was around used most hands on producer. I've ever worked with good idea, I'm in touch with him, sometimes around fee. Oh yeah. He turns me on to what a theatre gassing he has me go to plays and stuff. I don't know, I've never met him in person, but occasionally get these emails and my own ok. I know in my mind my better there take a look at our own bang. It's not at all, because You know he throws his weight around or or some sort of paints himself as a sum and of importance MIA, but particularly, I think
her bury, whose first big film this was here. Scott took care. Ass took such great care him of movie of the actors of the look of the movie. Never was on set that he wasn't onset and tat. He never interfered. I think he's just a and an amazing produce or anything like the old school guys, any good, all different kinds of movies, all different as movies and all different kinds of appreciation here and now I think, he's fantastic. So this you you ve been put in if you ve been added into this franchise here this John, with fair, chose. This is I hope so I hope I, I'm an addition. It's it's a lovely franchise to be a part of so far and wait and wait out there. I couldn't see the movie. I don't think it's diner something that task is it's the task
it's her? I don't know. I don't watch a lot of noise action movie sure, but I have to say this drops your jaw, oh yeah, for me here, I'm I'm a big cannot fan I've loved his work. Since the matrix is here. I find him, sir. Mysterious sets No not was here, as you can tell you said, yeah he's mysterious, you can make amends pretty much anything you want to make the men to mentally teenager, he's his this characters. Really interesting, he's a sort of hello bro. Hearted, Sassin through something, so great about that and the fact that at that these guys these starts and others little cd eyes here, as I could really does a basic
stuff, and you can tell when he walks on the set. You know tell he's like partly broken. He walks with limp, and he is he looks like he's been. Beat ten times over by the time he shows up in the morning in its cause, he has his he's unbelievable. He'll he'll show up for like. Shot at eight o clock in the morning and then he'll be back after you finished work at eleven o clock at night to do some hideous does the rain. He likes the unit high loves it and and Chad Chad do you know who used to be his stunt double and is now directing the movies they have this language and their captive boys with their toys are, haven't all kinds of fun. What's your part, I the director of a school for
Junior resurface yeah. I, like my part, a lot. I'm kind of Roma Russa not unexpected, and I dont know if its next, and not a name. I've ever heard before this month, yeah Roma, whose rooster, which is would be said of Romania and Gypsy Jersey. Russian did you speak of accident. I had to end they just you're no kind of he'd my deal and that I had to be in New York all of a sudden- and I am Her done a russian accent. I've done polish many you so go for Paul Missouri, but I We're done Russian. So that scared me and then on top of that I was supposed speak some russian. So I was, and I was petrol so how to carry out you prepare them. I crossed it appeared after I cried Chad and, and
came over my hotel to see me and I didn't cry in front of them at all thank, but almost damn and then I had to get on So what did you have a tape? Sir? Would you dear? I listened the tapes and I I did a few hours without with russian coach to try and get me. It must be so hard work as I do a little acting, but just to to do you choose your the actions of your character, but then to stay in the accent etc. A whole other skills. It is bad and am, and if you're not quite sure, you know if you're they got a win, an idea. He got a lemon and just do it. You know and throw caution to the winds, some point: what was the polish accept, for which movie was for These love story, like me, are you know it's like I was reading about back than yours can talk you. I never saw it and want to see itself as such. It is a really nice phobia yeah. I think one of his best films- and it was.
Lena Linz, first american film she's great net. It's it's! Some are just the plan. It sounds like completely compelling very beautiful from from Isaac. Mischievous singer, great fear and now that you ve done this, and I see you, do know how to voice work. That's nice and that's a nice job. It is it's a lovely Johnny get at it, radical in their like that thing, and you ve done a lot for a week of the tanker Bell with what what what franchises ass the voice of Queen carry him Disney why you are her sir hit and so idea are you can do any other movies commoner, hopefully nothing, I'm too short yeah yeah. I've been offered some weird stuff. Where does he it's either? Like I don't know, it offers are so diverse. Here it's either. Would you like to do this move
the in Puerto Rico, for no money you won't have a trailer, but it's a great part or its John Wake. I dont know if thy scheme actuating somewhere in between all of those movies. Do you like to do? As you know, I did a movie last year called trouble with the writer of us. Smash which, which was a series I did for five years in New York few years Teresa re back and yeah- I I did it because I believe Teresa's work and- and it was nice and I was central to the movie and I worked my ass off but yeah. I did it without a trailer I'm by trailer, I mean like a motor home, the get it. I ve been acting not that long ago. In end at the last I did a day's work on some movie and they gave me
like, I think, an eighth of a trail. Oh yeah, that's like the triple banger, some hideous thing, the aid there was a partition and I could hear the other actor you hear them. You hear the flush of their lavater yeah it's! I know it's humiliating. It's almost no better, not have anything to send. You go I'm very I don't see it over here. I don't need your dinner recently. They send me back to the city and an over here. If I go right out of this, is the movie business city yourself? Lucky that's things are these days. So if you want to do the thing, then you know have to go along with that mere. I think you have to be game here and then you know hope that then comes along that pays the rat sort it. But it's very interesting now that, like I imagine that you too, as well like when you decide to do some movies, you realize like this, might never be seen by anybody, some who prey will never be seen by any
Thirdly, oh god, I won't go into them. You might issue someone might hear you do know. I've had some pretty some disease, yeah yeah, but No, not really through any fault of my own. We all have to pay the tax man, sure a demi, I'm looking at the breakdown that I guess there's a few I haven't heard have been a lot of them are being the most of these are good movies. People saw that one you did which on that's, that's a heavy movie. Oh yeah, that's it that's! Actually beautiful movie, I the crossing guard and we. But so that was our those things where there is a sort of a EU and Jack or I ever union yeah We haven't seen each other for quite a long right when we made that movie and I think, We carried a lot of the bag. From sure
from my relationship on colleges baggage, but they history. So I rise and ship. You guys knew each other a long time and time and now is it. Is it s sort of like yours, pals yeah yeah. You cannot lift her, let right yeah slowly. It's not all right, yeah everything that seem so important, yes, kind of fades exactly how many think? Well, we won the war together right, great hockney. Me too. I had such a good time thanks for doing it. Thanks for having me Ok, so that was what was it. That was great, dark energy. So she so nice, she's, very sweet person, John Wake chapter three opened this Friday may seventeenth and don't forget today, were sponsored by her the club, where do you looking to revitalize the growth of your hair or learn more about the latest, proven map
of hair replacement and restoration. Harry club will crash, a personalized solution, Goldenhair club dot com, Slash WMD have today to get a free air, health and scalp analysis for new customers and enjoy eight two hundred and fifty dollars savings on any qualifying hair club service after your initial consultation that hair club dot com so ass, W Tia and now I wore guitar a dirty follow, but this time I got the full effect of the p dirty old man. Fifty eight, the wax. That's the EP vendor real deal.
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