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Episode 1022 - Timothy Olyphant

2019-05-27 | 🔗

In the last decade or so, Timothy Olyphant realized that a lot of his interests when he was younger were either impractical, ill-fitting or not very cool. He found himself going in many different directions because, as he puts it, he was scared to death of success. Timothy talks with Marc about his false starts as an artist and a standup comic before falling into acting. He explains why Deadwood was the gift that keeps on giving in terms of what he learned while making it and why he started taking a counterintuitive approach to acting in order to get out of his own head. This episode is sponsored by Leesa and Stamps.com.

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Hey folks. I want to do something a little different at the beginning here because of an upcoming episode. I want to tell you about a book. That's out right now. It's eve answers the apology. I read this book and it blew me the fuck away. I mean it is a devastating excavation of feelings. Sadness just you trauma it. I know that doesn't necessarily make it sound like something you want to run out in red, but I'm telling you within this book is the geometry of toxic masculinity and it's a very powerful and pulled book to write. So after I read it, I really wanted to talk with ease. Bout, the book and we did when I was in New York a couple weeks ago, you'll hear the episode in a few weeks, but in the meantime, get yourself a copy of the apology. Think of this likely W T have book club. You ve got a few weeks to read it and then you'll hear me talk about it with Eve next month you can get the APOLLO
gee. Now, wherever you get books, ok, all right! Let's do the show all right. Let's do this. How are you what the fuckers, what the fuck buddies, what the fuck and ears what the fuck's dates what's happening? A mark Marin. This is my pod cast. Clearly I'm not at home. You can probably here the difference. I would imagine, are you ok, it's memorial day, hope you're taking it easy, maybe a say a prayer have a few memories. Paleo respect to the people that do the service dedicated their lives to this country, eat some good food dont get into political arguments with family members, don't deb burn the burghers or fuck up the ribs her or or overcome the salmon? Look it up if you're, trying to grill onions on that thing and they fall into
the cause just what it burn out. Don't freak out, don't lose your shit at the grill are at all I'm saying because, as you know, and as I know, if you're losing your shit, the grill, it's probably about something else. Oh by the way Timothy Elephant is on the show today, you know him from Deadwood. Thus defy, but he came over and yet he was wearing a hat. You know, sometimes you wonder about these, these stars of things where they were hats. Does he, where had all the time he did where a hat when he came over. So why am I doing? right now. Why my sitting upstairs in a room at the comedy on state in Madison, Wisconsin, this sort of panic in between shows recording my podcast I'll. Tell you why here's the deal? Here's how this works. I would add, brought my equipment by they bring my equipment because I was gonna be back yes on Sunday, but the only direct flight flies out a medicine at like three many in the afternoon, do many things,
Between me, embarrassing and me, sitting at the MIKE's in LOS Angeles, and I panicked, even though Brandon was you'll, be fine I'll, be up, and I'm like. I don't know man it's why playing one shot. Get now what, if we'll get out down at the scramble, then find somebody with equipment go to a radio station. You stay here and extra night that you know it was just. This is the problem with I imagination folks its end its an ongoing issue right like why can't I just think of good things, why does It always be so thoroughly specific when I'm filled with dread in panic. Why? But that being said I've been here and now in Madison A few days at the shows have been amazing. This is by far one of the best comedy clubs in the country, Dena, Hashem open. For me, she was amazing. She flew from New York and today it's Saturday that I'm recording this, I just got done
doing an episode. Today's episode, if you wanna, go, go find it. It was pretty funny. Doug loves, Doug, loves movies, Doug Benson show I get. This does dm onto from Benson, hey, I'm gonna, be a Madison. Do my showed for thirty in the afternoon on Saturday, you wanna do it like, he must know like he must know what he's going to places where he's got people that can do this What how am I going to turn the guy down? What am I going to say I'm busy at forth, early in the afternoon on Saturday in Madison, I'm just that's a bad time for me, fuckin a course. Of course a minute do the show and it was fun. It was funny and I'm no good at those games, but we did the show- and it's been good here- man, it's good. It's been good and Allison. It's it's a weird thing to be in towns: you know where I I've had a little bit more free space in my mind. Lately I'm reading this amazing book, that's making pulling my mind, I finish: fantasy land and now more
in advance press copy of it. It came from something awful which is basically the entire history the four chant phenomenon that that helped a sort of propagate and spread the propaganda that day that that propelled Trump into office. It's it's! Basically, the story of the army, of unforeseeable hate nerves and I didn't know so much that you there's so much we don't know is grown people. You know in this culture we live in. Like I dont even know it's up not proficient it's just it's not mine, in nature to be up to speed on? I don't even know what all those chance were to Jan fortune. A chance did know it came from Japan. Didn't know the this sort of the unfolding of that debt. The chant universe is if this isn't even read it, which I kind of no but I'll spend any time on, but just the sort of nihilistic dark.
I've mind a visa of the chance. I had no idea about it and, oddly as frightening as it is, it made me feel better to at least have a handle on the what the fuck happened. What's going to continue happening and where the conversation goes, so it's in nothing, it's not out yet, but I'll. Let you know when it comes out as those two books together fantasy land in it, and it came from something awful IRA great companions. If you wanted just blow your mind with the dark but honest, factual wording that the net not a lot to help their, but at least understanding and is sometimes it's the best you can hope for is a bit of understanding or sponsor today by LISA and LISA knows how important rest is to a better life. Lisa is the foundation of a healthier happier. You that's because all these products have been thoughtfully designed to go beyond creating a comfortable bed and to transfer
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Free shipping and returns. Ok, all right! Some reading this book, I'm reading this book about the army of unforeseeable hate nerds, and it's really I've been a little hard on the nerves. Like I'm, no jock dude, I'm just an old dude yeah. I guess I'm a little snotty, sometimes and I've been a low snotty to the nerves in relation to entertainment, product yo. In relation to, marvel movies and game? Thrones I've been a little snotty, though I am refraining that in a little more diplomatic way, but you know I do know that maybe there's a cross over obviously between some of the nihilistic hate, Nerd Army, Andy Fantasy people, but this book is really about that lifestyle of of because of the internet, that
You can kind of hear some of this year's a generation of young people who would literally brought up by the internet brought up by each other and whatever influences and and sort of horrible momentum's occur on the chat boards or in these platforms, and you know some of them are- are severely broken. Lonely angry lost people, but they're, not all bad, and I dont want to come off as a guy who's punching down or a bully and, like, I think about it, but it like. I still have two separate in my mind, like I'm allowed to be culturally critical of things, but do I have to sort of generalised about the people that that watch him, and I think you can do that? But how is it not?
print, then then stereotyping to a certain degree. So so it's a delicate balance and am aware of, and here this stuff sort. I haunts me a little bit, sometimes in and just by some karmic coincidence, at the hotel and staying at Madison. There's this. I guess it's a yearly thing. I didn't know anything about it, and it's called whisk Khan, and it's a women in science fiction, I think, is what it stands for, but it's obviously of its open to everybody, but these are your primarily like a lot of them. There must have been a couple hundred young people who are involved in science fiction and fantasy, and this is their little conference and even though the day the place was full of these there there there, certain, oddly special gifted people there you don't like I. There is a way to characterize nerd culture. There is a whole sort of massive bunch of communities
of nerves, were going added out there in the air on the on the internet in the chance on the tumblers all the stuff I don't really know about, but its huge and a lot of it has to do with living in fantasy and they pull out. Sometimes they pull out to hang out in person and talk to each other, and I guess your stories have conferences, share art and just share their humanity, and I just never really it. This is
I guess a fault of my own, really thought about the women and there are a lot of women. There are a lot of them were my hotel and it was just a. It was wild, a diverse sort of community of all kinds, people all shapes sizes genders hairs. You know ages, I mean, but they are all specifically on the fantasy spectrum. I will say that fantasy spectrum, not the spectrum spectrum though there is probably an argument to be made, but I just it was just fascinating and being around them all made me giddy. It was sort of elevating somehow there's an energy to it that I just I just rarely experience and it was very humanizing and in very I was happy for them. And it may be giddy so so power to you. Folks, do you fantasy people
primarily for getting out and engaging each other. In in in this sphere. That's that's all I say. That's all I'll say I don't want to buy. Because I found it incredibly endearing an amazing, and I had nothing to do with it, and I just kept my head down and I just a sort of sucked up some of that energy has its intense man. Folks, you don't need to take time out of your busy schedule to go to the post office. You just need stamps dot com when you ve done something for a long time you just get used to it. Going to the post office is part of a routine while time to break that routine and get used to using stamps that com for all your mailing and shipping needs stamps. That calm brings all the amazing services of the. U S post office right to your computer, whether you are a small office, ending invoices, an online seller, shipping out product,
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Guy, and I hope this sounds okay. So this is what I hope. What I'm doing right now sounds: ok cause I in my head, said it's not great, but there right now. This is me and Timothy Elephant he's in Deadwood the movie preparing this Friday May thirty. First, Maybe I was very nice guy enjoy challenges touched me, a picture of you in line with the dead guy from us. Basically golly, I gather directory lovely with the figure guy out vacate. The guy, who knows, random here, as is the random review on my phone with vague, dead guy interest here, things get around man, that's a small world, as they say ya. Wanna painted, I know those people who do. I know Tracy Caskey, go she You know everybody, the other one,
your party with her why she knew everybody it and everybody in comedy sure she was. She was one of the gang yeah back in the day when we all start now very go here. We are again the gay in New York. Now it was here again was here again in revolved around Largo the old Largo issues, still machine Silverman were roommates, say Silverman, but Sarah of Machine there. I remember that apartment yeah, why not an early apartment was now, environment and the three was Marilyn Ryzhkov, terror, Silverman and Tracy Caskey in place. Look like a Fuckin Montessori school there. Guitars around they were painting, gives no way the poor will you in New York for a while to be. I was here you are New York in the nineties. I was during the nineties for sure where you, yes, I was but I have a vague memory of you there and the nine really. Yes. What would you it's your are cool your crew that you started with the guys. You came up with a way
don't feel there was a crew. I don't feel like a good ever claim such a thing really. I feel like I knew a few people here, but I don't feel like we were never part of a gang by constant, because there were sure of that. Live thing at the outset? You see and I fell into a bag there can a crowd of cancer and promising to the send the blood enjoy when you jerk, as that you're part of a gang whites. Yes, as something there like gods. Funny, do you go my TIM Tim's good MIA Menu choose to be called Timothy on the credits well to start out. There were never got around to thinking, pass that yeah yeah, it's ok! dramatic name. Somehow, Timothy Elephant you pronounce in knows not, but it also all of it elephant elephant, like L, I get it. What kind of name is that scottish in India. Are you do identify Scottish, as opposed to fight mixed, like you,
I d do do you take pride in your scottish routes? Is there as is there if you ve, never attracted no about my brother did inside to set out what we would we idea when you got what you get, we got there the big revelation, although this came earlier on, was there's some economic economic. She asked canals obstinacy do because in June you gotta mosque. Uneasy. Do all that. I think we're like under ninety nine point. Five percent cannot see. Do I. I tried authorize hours ago, breakering again about fifteen, or do you know who it was? Who is the Jew? My on my mother's side, my grandfather, his family, escaped rush into our really yeah. That's it. I'm gonna, see those eastern European Russian Do Lerigo says on the motorcyclists. No small part, you got you.
So now I think my mother was a dinner in the twenty three twenty mitya yeah. That was a big deal, for we know that for them, no, I remember when they found out. He was a big. I dont, paid about. There wasn't scandalous, but I do think it was a big deal for my mother. I can't do it, I mean. How could this happen there drew in me exactly? I think it was a big deal for my my mom at my uncle when they realized it s kind of to imagine how they I understand they get it. It occurred to them was farther equation, part of it Iran is a big deal for the new Vietnam. That out is exciting, yeah yeah yeah. I don't know what you do with the information, but its yards exciting to know what your maid of her word you grow up, though I grew up in Modesto California,
Now we're ok from industrial. That's not! I get confused Bakersfield Modesto Modesto around here, like that you took the s off a bigger, feel you put it. Bakersfield acres feel the allegation just give up north. Why Modesto right around here? no further north, our energy of closer ok, yeah but Modesto by the Bay area, exactly one and a half, but do? I cowboy land, the like Agri Algeria by I think I've met people from from around there like tourism, I it was it with credence queer ardor from around the up. Ok, I'm gettin! you're yeah, yeah yeah. That's that's a good thing to have. My uncle has a great story. My my late uncle God bless him. He had a college banned by the bands with credence Assisi our yeah. Well, they were then the popular party lies right, yeah yeah they rightly played nearly that was claimed a vein of your embattled bands. They beat him the elevator
shouted to the pineapples pineapples. What did you ever see? The guitar play there now at Karlsruhe, and you knew you know your uncle yeah moors did you stay play in this Are you still love to play? It wasn't me, you know me, I'm gonna run still jammed and they all got together. A few years echo meal. We all played some, sometimes together now man, but what he's Goin on Y Y Modesto. What was your old man in my we worked for Gallo wines, with Del at the move, therefore Delmonte and then went to work for Gallo, so is a food me. I asked oh yeah well produced using line we're gonna line, so I guess and put it on the production side MA. Domini brought a scimitar stolen, then went to work without Del domain
to landfill, exact hardships, Domini Ketchup, pineapples, oh yeah, pineapple, teaches pineapples stuff, where air wearin did you have plenty at home to come home. What you don't remember, the delmonte that was a very early chapter, but I do think that was played a part Modesto. Would your mom She was raising. This gives me three our voice, our boys fire and you were just like. I can't I don't know. I gave up like a sense of what my desk it's like so you weren't, even near show business really Marin graffiti yeah, like that just uglier cars. Says medicinal. Oh yeah Lucas was not that there he shot in Santa Rosa Gray, part of it, but he grew up. Modesto so's is movie, but is car called car owners and yet you know. I am graffiti younger feature here. We had man graffiti nights, I did. I was here, go green jack. Everyone can area
Both men came yea I will go out, is just the thing here it became very organise now. Thank you enter. So big deal still happening. I think that still have graffiti nights. Modesto, don't call me on this, but last I heard it was still existed, but now it's very you know you can't just one. Grew up with just anyone could just drive up and down the street that night We all go down with long chairs and we just hang out on the also they bring the riders in the old cars and stuff exactly a year. Prison check very comforting play. Second, it's weird. You are thinking about that. The other day about how I guess I point, passing her about the music. My dad liked, you know in the music he played in the car and stuff and it's gone liking. There's not even, all these stations anymore. Maybe I'm serious, I guess, but you start to think about that generation. They're gone
I'm so all that me that whole soundtrack most people don't know those songs. It's kind of weird man, my guy, like live fifteen year old is really in the music. Here knows a lot of that music. Really annoying that do option. You know they're here well Chuck bury yeah. Little Richard Yeah I mean she's, it's quite it's cool fascinating, how much it'll jump around when she's like takes over the playlists in there in the car, but he Holly. Yeah, I know she's, whereas Buddy Holly Gray light I mean, gives me hope wells at times, I think, maybe I'm not even sure why other she loves music, but I think there is some in about where you know you have these playlist now and there is an artist that inspire those put. You consorted go pre high. I guess that's right! You're gonna go pretty deep, so they have that era.
Yeah. You can get into any one, an age very accessible to find out who inspired those artists, people love to put together playlist the artist put together playlist. You can listen, Anderson, Pock, rye, really Nackerson back and then see oh inspired, guy or influence, but right very influences. So then all son you're, like one whoever he listened to your listening to. You, can open your mind or you jam like you play like yeah, you go on those you can't the tools and fine, you know all the songs it doctor Dray was in.
My half of its all the solvency sampled, which is really old stuff right, just keeps going. If that's true, I guess I'm showing my old man. This by, like I just know it's my Tina, I mean we're talking about teenagers, but I'm really surprised that every known and you like, are you playing down or with what was good like we're. Why are we playing this? It? That's it. You know I mean you like. I love the song, its grey humble. Why do? Why? Is it even in your the and she tells you she's, I guess really great yeah. Did I get on where it happened in history necessarily, but they enjoyed amused yeah yeah, so it all staff. So that is one thing I find I sort of marvel at me. Would you go out? My son does not know that. What's he up to he's just listening straight hip hop just you know it's just but we're not as proud of him as we are a sister.
I guess so. Food unregistered we got trouble did as he gets out there in the world when people should you be listening, this use and you when you meet my son, you think this is that when a bad, yet perhaps yeah, Emily you got two we had three yet is he did free? we did three hour. Did he ask here? I've got to us my planning. We, wherever there was the third one, come up boy, girl girl. Here that's arrows and avoid exactly the youngest entertains teens man her hands for how will decide whether or not really I ever been done already here. Good luck at that stage, a care patrimony ass and if you get a job That is now we need. I love you might less. Nobody knew anything it act. I don't get it the trouble yeah exactly does inheres our number, but now Maradona trip for the rest of your life, so they're the ones the kid the boys Elvis.
No he's the middle. I said our new, colleges in our lab medusa, favouring don't pay anyone to get you kidding school. I swear goes, gives way to see those guys when the single market to Jesus where yeah yeah. It's funny. I got a kid in college on a telescope, but then it never occurred to me that you never even had play fucked up. We actually did the lessons and early. Really it wasn't. No incredible! You know me, I just haven't thinking creatively and none of them are in college. I think that one in college one on one. So, so you're in mid debt. What kind of music were you with an into about characterize your high school years? We that'll guy, were you cold? regarding reviewed his praise on more than one occasion: Noriega yeah yeah, it's been, it was a tough, maybe about it.
Get or two ago, I really had to come to terms with this is not good enough. This is just a meal The dear old briar doesn't hold up LISA, which ones very well? I mean they're all but death, leopard yeah. Just u is presented by the precept. I can still. I still have a little yes asked. What forms a mamma do they again Helen holds up then, Dylan holds up on in lieu, but the Medici forever for at yeah, but see those are kind of rooted in no limit more route in some blues and secure Zack like a lot of little better NEA, but tat no envelope even the sum priests tunes. I feel like I don't care what you said, I stand by that silent about iron maiden kicking doing good, Tipton, inherently make their iron made, not someone. I wasn't into that much, but therein there.
No word gets crazy. Is you know when you, had thrown out when my bodies and I are hanging out the opening- a wine tee. No new, strong, very strong support, and why anti, why anti yesterday to their store out nor Taliban or are low I don't know where I was. The other soon as the text of my body from high school seriously Sinhala Billy Squire, now we're sure and damn that one record, that one record tat a big record, yeah. I know what happened that guy don't say I'm cool It was our the night Idea arise, but there is a lot that doesn't hold up, because we are listening to all that. You know they start to go down the here ban space, sure yeah, the agreeable you younger than me. How do you know I'm fifty how you fifty five
no you're right. I am younger love. It you'll. Fifty on fifty looking good man pulled it out and I already right nor yet, as you do right walk around, I assured on love that the follow up. Nobody, firstly, you do don't you think so It takes a lot of work as good as you do at fifty you, like It offers a casual thing. Work work, I presume I think we're both doing all right, yeah thanks, but there was then there is something we are. We also fell into that sort of new wave a thing. So there was the concerts like well: the police hold up yeah, but if you go down the list of opening bands, Thompson twins gown for autism, yeah, oh you know who that was in that whole thing was so was like English I tell you how I came with me. I sell is unable to be here. I just can't stop it that record the heirs of a clown, strong, it's great the best.
It was more like the Elvis Costello rate and and that sort of fund punk stuff that we have made. There was not punk he has already fallen. So listening that, like those in a rebel men, are reacting very out the as those recover, so there's something you gonna go. It's funny. Looked back and see what he finds us, yeah That makes us feel better. It was a huge and we that we were all over the map. I don't like our friends. A bunch of us were all over the moments. I got a letter or metal head guys, looking section Andrei. This and, I m sure, by the way smoking section was in front of the school like in the front. When you Gwynn, though young you're being dropped off the fresh moving dropped up by their mothers. There between the drop getting on a car that is mobile and getting to the front of the into the school just saw, was a giant group of people. Whether jackets and a huge cloud of smoke.
Its we're in my ear, my high school. I don't, I remember you could smoke anywhere outside my Madeleine action. I mean there was like to just the fact that we are an ice gone. They just what is fucking smoke. We are raising smoke. It was crazy. It was essentially in the parking lot. We lock up your bags and yet in the parking lot and the flagpole energy. Is everyone out their smoking? I remember the ears and men rock mostly rocked the n and mexican gang kind of ice. Skater yes, Gator came in. I grew up in New Mexico, so there is definitely a god. Chicano yeah yeah faction Here we are all large areas area. We are worried, Esto right same with Esben Yola, New Mexico. They come down. There is. Why were writers, the no and I used to? I was to draw growing up, and then I would be not soon college, and so I ask that was certainly connection with some of it, some of those low right guys are really good. They had really good art area, so we'd hang out nor class at school.
Because they know that low writer culture of fertilizer drawing a year almost down grass almost into tattoos, almost yeah. They love to. Do me the day there was I get that thing of I member Teach me like how to do that. The latter anywhere out, like is mirrored like only ideal, mainly the three D stuffy Alexandria gets car detailing stuff, exactly a year. He and I like high school. I dont know what I have no sense of it. We have kids, whom it must be interesting to see that, because there is definitely didn't. Can. I, like you would sounds, could move freely throughout most of the clicks. I was not the directly I didn't I wish I was jealous of guys there was one or two guys I remember could do it way more seamlessly. Could I ask I was that call we were, but I did it I was able to do it alone. You weren't Jacques,
was a little bit of a job, and then we also our guy and I was a decent students. So I felt like a kind of had a foot in a little bit with everybody right, sir. I enjoyed my school years camp. There were certain guys. It were just as they really are that cool MIA I know how to cover guys. I got in looking back on it, Elena, how cool they were, but I think I thought they were cool Can they not jocks usually went to tag the guys I remember? Guy went to high school with who was really talented artists here, so talented and increase a druggie but not a dry. Able to leg just go in and out too three world. He had a thing. You did it. You were impressed with no idea maybe she's cool those guys in NATO hang out with us. He go hang out with drug easygoing. Owes me orders he he did dumb. He and I,
he more than me, but I asked it my end with some of the escape worse was I'd? Go the skateboard ramps in pain on the ramps oh yeah, yeah Gub Gub Minos come on. The ramps or Japan ramps. Just anything that scene, I'll just anything that same kind of where you graffiti guy could be a day. I guess we did you spray painting, stuff yeah. We use spray paint, but is more just as you could draw. You know I feel like skate culture. Came a little after me, you know like it was like I just missed. It was just starting by the time I got at high school. I gradually article eighty one got so wasn't why you guys we're out stealing plywood from fractions. Albania have gave programs, you happened when my brother, like they were the gardener. Do that rules nothing. I was never that much of a risk taker in terms of I just can get hold of it. Did he ate, but not enough to gonna be other day around. He write these
you couldn't? Can eat necessary? No, no! No! No! You had this gate board how he had the spray paying for you re I go up and down there. I could get up you. It wasn't. Do an ailing once I got up there, I just did hold non right. I'd skated, you know around. We escape around skated college. We caught decline. Andy Agar, do there's fifty year old, Dude skate nervously around me. It's crazy! It's like you, gonna break. Do you break? I went up to see my kid. It you see Santa Barbara the other day playing tennis thing in a big escape or lane. I never seen so many girls on scapegoat without a doubt the scooter. Thank you that you didn't take up on the street. You can just grab a scooter. I do the island. Is it really? They got on where you live, love, em, Seymour on here, maybe they'll come in time, so I'd say: you're, nice cool your kind of a what's your sport swimmer guy, yes, slam What was I am so I did a low but everything HU there medley them exactly. I am individual medley. I sky.
I swear, I'm not in high school. I had wound swim club that competed I was never, namely exactly I had to be time and brushed her ass best. I could do be time, breastwork pressure handle, but not too much backstroke always turned over before I hit the edge and that's a nice girl, nine new afterwards and icicle drugs. No, no I just I was more art department kid I was not really. I was not there. We have in common the avenues for Tiger feet. Photography- and here I did for tar graffiti. So I didn't do any. I felt like most people who were decent swarming, just swam in high school kid now I was adjured in. I was not good enough at it, so he had to do really. Can I thought Highschool teams also we interact with reality and I just couldn't handle it. So yes, Emmy do P in high school. I camera
shown up, for it really should have no recollection of S journal back to the drugs question. No, I was in drug later till later yeah I dabbling homer dabbled in high school, but like the college's photography Photography, I was very into photography in writing and just but I was more sort of waking. Oh did you try and have friends. Strike not drink and beers, got our drivers. Licence is fifteen, so we were our weight in front of liquor, stores fifteen. I do get six bag that whole thing Gavi that ended you. We were part of that and this is the map graffiti reverent. We were near where the We are those guys you through, like a dummy in the middle of the road and give wrapped cinder block during the holidays. We did. We did where she had kind of worship kinder theirs brief period there we had a co2 powered Pelican, oh no, we are showing our windows shooting.
Window caused the the sound of a windshield. Guys is good, wholesome who ban? Does it also one shot another time? Isn't he always to go into the park? And my mom? We put shopping. Cart in front of our cars and get him going about fifty and then let him go. This way. Destroy without we ice blocking these two guys blocking we'd go be get Box of Asia Nolan in that of the golf course and slide down the hills and other lobbies, unless it seems a little less destructive wells, not good for the golf course. Our yeah, but we do that. We dragon hang out and no nine till the golf course cup shows up Then I tried again chaser circle back and you try to steal. Is that light here? Yankees? in that light, then you get in your car. Now you drive a pandemic Henry in use. Put that spotlight on people's cars. They think
Guy. On the lighter time, that's it that is good time. Polluter is driving culture that I remember there was always at cruising. Certain areas arrive and around. Take the fire extinguisher, go out ass people for directions and hit him. That's good time, good terms, good wholesome off until someone has a real gun, There are three do any of this aim or there's some real guns around. You have real guns of and ESA. We I remember now how to remember any guys, room, no guns at school and as such and guns were now remember, guys who ended up in guys went to school in prison, so it I know it went further south for them out of fights. Louder, fights keg parties, shirt, fights, keg parties destroying someone's house exactly? that place up in the mountains were that some bring a keg and we went to orchards and canals non. I feel so. What are you doing?
Richard love is the only thing that was the first passion. That was. That was your ear, and do I just don't want to buy me, I drew growing up and then where'd you get inspired to do that with somebody were their role model. For that I mean that made you you just dug it. I did this idea. And although my dad's is very good drawing. You really liked draws, as I recall, use always I used to do so that I might there's a bunch of you when the family that were we're gonna drive. My grandfather had it's amazing, paying up in this house that he did when he was a kid. So I knows a lot of doubted. Argue it's used to do did I drew age my mother was painter, so I can. I grew up with our look. I remember you a picture, a portrait of John Lennon that one some awards. So I guess I was more broadly, department, but I dont, I didn't take classes. I too, point one sort of art class, but I did enter stuff into competitions, drawings and stuff Yeah did you go to college? I did and studied English
I feel I haven't you, don't go, not you where you are! Writing this well those reality. I dont know what I was like. The drawing thing I give I've locked in. I could who are you? Nobody and I did it for a while, but then it was like not unlike photography it. Is this going to be my life. I wanted to learn a lot of other stuff Phil. I wasn't thinking in terms of what I was going to do with my life. So what did you actually pursue? in the college. I studied Youse finer measuring college, where USC really did you like reverie on the street for those listening. That's a good school system my shortly after the Reagan, see it downright down the street and demonstrate the digits did you did you have to submit a portfolio? to get in there. Now you I see you did not have to submit a portfolio, a few other schools I did have to submit, but I went to you when you see cause, I was I swam I want it. I knew I was going somewhere. I could swim and I said what across it? Really? I am. I went to yours
see, honour, recruit, trip and, and I flew out and I had to say- my head that I might want to be an architect architectures, nazi good application and the architectures. So I went meet with the dean of the Architecture School and he immediately told me. I couldn't be on the same team and still be an architecture student. It was just an impossible task and am I asked him. I said to get upstairs the architecture schools there down below there. What looks like art gallery and what I thought was a look like ceramics like clear, but these are just as the art department. Now I know memory is not reliable narrator in my what recall saying- was the flock how here you can get a degree of here and he's a yellow. You know bachelor fine arts and, as I
Can I go talk to them? He said sure any walk me down. Energies me, the dean of our environment, and I am said, listen I'm here. You know my intention would be to swim for the school. Could I beyond some team and also study art, and they see how we could work around it. While, So I went home and tat are going to be an artist. You believe this. What first I felt like in my recollection is I came home and said: you're not gonna, believe this here you can get degree in art get a college degree and they said, yeah and I said, wait you'll. Let me I can do that and they said sure that's nice! When I was like, oh my god, I wouldn't dropped at a math. That day I was idle This is why the requirements, so It's our Goin home early every day after the summer, you just doing it too swag offer we do now. No, I was like genuinely like.
This was mine, blowing did you study. Did you study art history? Now? That's the guy was a b if a studio, what a studio art oh, and I mean I'd, slid the chips all the way I was I loved it. You know, did you paint pain I was not very, painting am very color. Paint was, was a real challenge, loved drawing of pencil job, in love, damn aiding pre, simple and immediate. I'm Eventually did you know four years I you know, I did a lot of painting, but my pennies became more like drawings and paintings higher, like painting with acrylic, essential Emmy, drawing with acrylic, wait here and I love sculpture, they loved it and yet some of your sculpture, still it. Don't have a single now, not a single one, where we working with Hannah ceramics here? Did we owe you got to be a major? I don't know it's not like this everywhere,
it's pretty well rounded, there's you're doing a ton. Yes, you have to take research requires Therefore, you sort of Loch Andrews senior year and then by, senior, can do whatever you want. Have any of the work. I have all. A pencil drawing their. I have all my drawings are well. I have a great deal of my drawings. I didn't create, aiding, keep anything sabbatical. You sure, when we do these fuckin sculpture, when I went HAWK ceramic sculptures around where they were they might twenties. When I go from going to New York and move there anyway, like they were they free form, were they Abstract where they were lighted you Dave, I did my. Senior exhibition was a series of pencil drawing sneer and ass sculptures in this round, sculptures on the floor and pencil driver like the reality, and they were a day. The you know, those you know those sort of things you seem on the side of buildings as classic
ocean drawings, where your split levels seen above the ocean below the owner, yes answered, the whales can apply emerging. It was like this surreal take on those things here. Where there is these there was. There was a lie, they were all did all the drawings are different sizes, but there continuing line of the of the ocean right, man threw them all here. Ok has always above and below a different degrees of that. A blow had all these odd rock formations at times that looked almost figurative. Looking at the ceramic sculptures reflected mirrored those MRS Roth animations why you have four concept? It was good. I mean I think of it. I remember it on very proud of it. The photo documentation, oh sure you dislike you know I was in. I was gonna. I was on my way to I was exploring you know,
getting masters going on in the house. I have every intention to continue. Into a liar, even ass, love. That was my so how'd you derailed man They could be a new year old time. You are enjoying yourself and you have you know. I might. This shod might give this shot. If I'm gonna try and you should try, it now be put off the mid life crisis. You know and you give it you tried to do I did everything I did the right to stand for a few months and are now really I feel like You were there, That's right. You remember- and I remember you because you were in New York in the night. I definitely what has at Boston yeah yeah. I know that's why I was come. I swear to God and no do you Certainly I dont have bottling calamity color. I think we are part of a would you say I am. I think we are in the same game. No, you sell it This will be ninety nine to night
what now due to three? Definitely there I mean like I as if I went to San Francisco and ninety two a couple years, but you, you might just caught me. I kind of hit the wall in New York, but I was definitely they bought off in New York. You're going like that deserve a better world. Spanish. I can get into the bigger clubs. You know, and I wish I was trying to stay sober and then I was in its like I couldn't get in the south. I can get in a catch. I was only working like Boston, comedy club in the improv, the old impassive you're there I was there doing open like a Monday's sure, and so here This is the gang, so I used to spend some time with the member run around J, more number. I member meaning. Sir silver me up. She doing open my that round that there's well here and there The tell her was Holstein here at this hour. No, not at all sure yeah Louis was hosting and then people
yeah. I remember all that I'm ever sit on that back Boucher an hour before they built that back platform are you're, just a flat room with shitty tables, and then they build it. Though. Oh that's before I remembered alone, and so what you have been very cat now here He really word in it. I never have to worry meant so much he paid for I did that thing I passed out. The flier is not right for an. He would give me gave me time and work it up, and then he had some club on the Upper EAST Side Upper West side there, but Colombia. Therefore right the west end or we're going up there, you see or do I was doing now- is that fuck that's right? but I thought what the fuck am I doing I gotta get out of this is not what I mean like what swimming attractive. So you get out of your fine arts. Did you get your undergraduate finer syrian than you like a move york at my in my senior year? Oh yeah! Well, sir, my my wife- and I we
in college. So, She had family njord. So we just went to New York issues. We got our school, just gonna go visit, MIA early nineties early nineties. So yeah, that's like ninety. Ninety one we are- and I didn't know. We are doing what we want to do about after college and figured out, but I had a and- and we went back and forth once there and dumb I can't I had this jumper eleven. I one towards the enemy I felt like. Senior year right. When I got out, I had this. I had this idea that, well anything you think of you just take us to stick. Craig arrived just so you know me a creative. We want on the edge of a crack at it. So as I do not always want to try this so get him, do it together, how it? How are you, It came the further
I think somewhat unusual, but I think maybe maybe simply because I'd I'd always heard like you're just gonna, bomb right a bond for a while. I like I had a couple, shows right at the gate that you're like this is easy This is great. If you're gonna get in the bombing star right right and then it then it oh, but you writing jokes writings Ryan jokes, and yeah? No. I had this whole thing like I thought you know, I'm a big Stephen in fact he's in the art world, and I use that like. Oh, that's, her we do in oddball stuff. I care I'd come out and, like I'd start singing you love me and you know it. Clap your hands would be like the first word out of my mouth. I just start singing this again that I am furtive patient London Mary, even if they were dead. I responded the same no matter. I would just go. Thank you know, and I would just can you singing it with with on a ban?
an enthusiasm, no matter what the response wire and I thought it was conceptually. Also the right to a less, is their right to any one know now here who loves me out there, I've, given you nothing, I just want to cut too so that was our members. All its members particularly appreciate the coupling I'll. Take it as a genuine. I did, and I felt like I felt like I had one smart joke about art and pornography, but the difference between the two. Here it was it. It was a rip off of a quote from who was an artist some head because it was in the height of you know. Well, I guess it's just the end of the year. It is you know the art and pornography Jesse Helms that writing, and there was an artist
who had a really long. Winded quote about the M about the purpose of pornography. Ah in one of those trials, and it was all about. Mazeppa knows the artisans, if it wasn't maple syrup of some like right like this, is the purpose of pornography is simply to do this at titillating they adopt, but it was very It was very well spoke, Ryan and I just added and then if, in addition to that, matches your furniture, the rat them Roger just Marty that- and I thought that was the closest thing I came to a smart, Jeff you go back to into if you're happy- and you know I just did you know, we see hammer in. I don't want to touch this year in a bid, as is not like everyone did. It was like that attaches care. Does I want a?
I never wanted to judge it wisely here with me. I don't want to study them. Was that stuff just like that or we could this will. Regrettably, solar joy come up with something else, smart. So when did you know that that was not the life for you? So I thought too think what my wife and I first vice right off the bat. That's a tough schedule, mere supper, my fear, is around awful. I also thought I thought couple things in no particular order, one there's a curse. The similar cursive imaginable professional acting has won, but maybe there's a curse. Where every conversation you start to, have you think? Oh, that's a bit of course, and that was never really scared to death or that, where I felt
you're completely consumed every conversation had yet to write it down. Yeah yeah, I forget also a hanging out with comics, not the most one area, Let's grab it well, it's just a lot of that. There is a lot of where you think this is funny owner. Mine. We had that. I find it that's what I told you that I know that we have a conversation somebody here, even if you do you do that, I think Mark Mariner, you said he was going. You know, you're getting yesterday is very dunes and there I said that was mind. You know we talked about it on Monday, like in any book you Jesus, so I asked I just that term will first of all is probably scared to death. The type of successfully at any level really little and then I also think that stand of calm in acting, but success comes of so much baggage
it's not success in Numb alot other food was there just so much else is coming with it. I was scared to death of it. I was scared to death of like, even if I become mediocre at this here, there's a chance I could. I could see myself like. Oh you could sit on radio. You start have those conversations eyes I guess, he's likeable sitcom and I'd be like I I felt like I felt like I saw a future where only a few years had passed. I was on a sitcom, making a lot of money and had no skills whatsoever. Like I really like a radical skills, you mean, or I going, I could see myself becoming successful in that
World and no one no actually be good at what I'm doing area our internet scared. The shit that's interesting, so they fear was like I do comedy. I might not give very good at it like. I want I'm good at comedy and I'll get on opportunities from it and I'll get acting opportunities, and I will be good at an and I'll be done this all be over before him. Thirty. Like one of those guys we're I'm alright, I'm late twenties and I've done it's already done, and I M actually not good at what I'm doing so so from there you said Andrews aren't classes, and I think I also probably saw that just you know throughout life. It's a rough. Wife and I thought I I was really worried that I was like. While this can be a very narrow without well. I think you started like well? There's these? This is other group of people there.
I feel maybe it's little bit more. My ball park where yet how you can t learn this craft and then you can put your towing overhearing put your tone over there. You go do drama As you know, we have been asked interesting because you know you, you wanted to have some sort of skill set like what comedy the higher the other a comedy as if you do get a few minutes together, you can get seen that, yes, which is hard enact yes a night. Guess at the other day. I didn't want to be a comic to become a oh. Yes, I feel, like those guys, No, I love stand up and I felt like I was, can be a stand about. We are going to be as now those people that desert you do. I like the eye, like people I have a lot of heroes in various professions where what they do is what they do and they do it till
the other aiding that's right. They just end, they love doing it right for life, and I- and I think that I respect and love and admire, stand up comics, but I don't think that that's something I Oh, that someone wanted to torment Saward! You take classes where'd you tonight studied with the late bill, spur. I've heard hacking away. What was at school should the willingness for studios the time was running wreckers. The school act. Programme out at the university in any had his studio in New York and I will not his door and said you know when to gag in classes. Here like I've, heard him. I can remember who but cease come up several times a lovely, wonderful guy one or just a system is good as it comes as a classic and he loved it remains closed with me years yeah until he passed away just shortly there are no longer how is also growing
Lastly, but I am still years ago, ever gonna orchid go, I checking with him and he was the guy change your life here. Really did yeah more ways than one just a greater love ago. So what but what you are and what you do with adjectives to get into line why's. He was knocked at the door. I said I'm Yom here I wanted classes. No experience have never been in a play here and ever been in high school play was not student, but you know I took her. I took a classed as a collective, I owed it agree to four and I could take anything and I took her acting when one. Yet you assume that I actually took it for you you are. I actually took it through. You see Irvine Beer, as this is a blast, and I, by my wife. I said you know I am I want to do this. We do you think she's, like tinges, do something Jesus
do it if you stay with the same, why, for all this time, pretty good, sir? They have. This afternoon we woke up in the same bed together Did your parents day together, no real good, Did they went the other way, but they locked in a good luck in Strasbourg? like you know, Eu Turkey, and in that way- and he started to an item I took my first I studied with a man named jewel. Rooks then join talk first year then I went into bills class the second year it's a Miser programme. It know we have you ve left, we talk about it. I can detect actors right acting as an area. I am doing some acting. I and I take my class how it's good, I'm doing all right, but there are things at em like me, expectations are weird, though, in terms of craft, like I feel that, like I'm, not going deep enough in don't give myself credit for just being who I am
come out any ways, but I always feel I should know losing myself. Should I you know I you know in any surgery, I note that two people are fifteen of the taking of just know your face. You understand your face. Works for them shut, you know, like there's a million ways to come around it. Like there's only a rare couple, people that actually physically or completely transform into other humans yeah. Everyone else is just pretending. Nice and everyone's pretending, I don't know how you and those people are allowed to guide me fooled. You know what are they doing Irene near the day that just plain dresser, say noise, but I told him you were doing You. It was a long time before you really broke in a way right, I mean well, you work yeah. I was at once that for two steps back in a deal yeah yeah, you know you have a big thing and then I'd say Jesus rule
did. You do with easy low up. Everybody really ask edgy start with fear. I did The attorney are out and then yeah, but I got eyes after rice I wouldn't studied in the How can I study for two years- and I was on its best of all, world, probably I had success right off rather gate and I would urge both yeah yeah yeah, rather rather bad. You know just got first year get a good look. That's why you got good looked fella you fit on screen on screen rayford, on screen it. I'm gonna find work. Where were you can a feeling? I guess did you, were you conscious of that which part they had a fight were you fit in to me? It seems like you did. I mean that's, meanwhile, that yeah, you kind of figure out that to me onto I mean to some degree a long long time to be like no, that's not what I do and fit in there in rice that, Sir,
that's not a good, and you are in that. You are going out of you have yourself, as is probably had a pretty good skill to have but you re like that big movie with J more and I guess I was right at as early on as guy nineties, yeah there's a big movie so that see that sort of generation you come from. I mean the guys I, when I started off in the starting out New York, the people that so Ethan HAWK and mark Ruffolo? And I just you know enamored by them, that was, that was the gang and they so that hold same generation but they're all working as they can start to my twenty said, when I got there, there were lots of people already in their twenties that were well on their way and dumb.
Yes Madame along the way, so I am, I knew all those people, but it took me years and years and years, a sort of people that conversation right. Who and what would you say to set your two says for once that back on me? What like what were the most It's where you had a real something. Energy had make different choices like how far too, that fear of success. Take you ah, wherever I may. I I was too, for I think it was terrifying. You know, so I like it, a movie like go yet allergies, cries were about to be shot out of a cannon right. They followed up with something like no one. In fact, I know that now you can't, just as I was along the way. Looking back like you, what were you thinking? I've even seen things that I was in. Right around the time within a few years of that, like the broken hearts, Glinda yeah like this, because a movie about big a eyes. Yes, I would guess what
Why did they know and then for so and then, like the opportunities during that time that were clearly huge opportunities has complete. You know. No way you didn't do while some I just wouldn't do. I just was rewind with rockstar, which was another, but then they will you see it's why these things after certain point you're, like ok, so too, things are happening here, items one you're, either passing on huge opportunities because it's like this is stupid and I'm in a big famous for some stupid and that's what you ve convince yourself. Who gives a shit. No one does it. While I should love. Why was I even think that I should have famous for some stupid? You can figure it out and work out there. You actually or- or I would just you know, really fuck up a great opportunity like an audition I felt like I would get really tight at opportunities. Real I caught Clint was always use as a perfect, for you shouldn't you blew it blew it just got. You know
the other movies. You regret turning down. No, not, I can think of. No, no, because it using are usually the ones that you turned down near there's none. I ve turned down like, oh, my god, what a great movie right some having seen theirs. You, ve done a lot of movies did but see. Then what happens is this is the joke area ever do is then? You end up basically taking apart a small part for less money in an equally stupid film. That Europe was the with this white, but why pass on the lead role in that film to end up being a supporting role in that guy's failed next film, whose now a huge fucking movies effect, because he did that someone, and so now you're broke and you're in shitty moving, because you need the work. This is now working out this plan. We got changeless, yet we made some mistakes
I dont know if there is danger now they're just there with the I am by the trip I get lucky anyway, I never had to do with any never had to deal with never had to deal with any of the failing age and a big scale or certain big right, I never the deal that is under way, and you know why you can't you just keep pushing and yet point your eyes like what there's no turning back now, so younger halved, figure that guy have no other skill exactly, and then he held over the bats. Uruguay money doesn't work out, there's always ceramic sculptures. He added. I do our daily god dammit, I threw him away, didn't have room for them. Maybe I can we do it so that sort of fast, to me and in that you know that you're after years really Do you know what really put beyond the radar was was deadwood right? I mean it, sir.
Help doing way. I don't feel like there was ever one thing that we want and what norm. I don't feel like that. Any more significant in go or scream two my reason one evening it and that it was an amazing, though about thing that keeps giving and it's a lot more screen. Time, though I mean you re out, no is, firstly, rose like a leading role and dig into a because, like you know, ye had email, cheese genius in you had an incredible landscape. Anyhow, you did some. You can do some real character, work and Yellow Huey ARC of historic, yeah yeah, the good can you in the wild West Nosegays. It just keeps given in one that's what together movie now right, we just yet! No! I mean a kid giving in terms of. People, knowing who you are now I'm gonna, keeps giving in that the was. I learned that beyond that timeframe is something I draw from all the time. I quite
you name it I mean I worked with David, so working with David Milch were what is a. No he's now a voice in my head that I hear on every cell, but I've been to sin saying what saying that there's possibilities here that perhaps some are worth it flooring than there's opportunities here there that the two roadblock here and five use actually an opportunity that there's an an idea available that you know, if you think, that's what you're talking about a crab service More connected to the work than you would otherwise it at the thought of the I saw a way of working. They saw a way of approaching the work. That was, a creative in a way or more freeing it was
Where is inspiring and ass? It was yet was all those things it was creative, but it was that it in there. I guess and simpler terms. It was seen, someone who imagines look like what you are talking about with your work as someone who did something very simple: they did all the homework exhausted all the the research in that and they put their heart and soul into the peace, and then they showed up and they were willing to just throw it all out the window and just go with what was what was the inspiration in front of them there and it was a way of the he was. The writer in the storytelling is a storyteller but He worked in a way that I thought that's what I want. That's what I'm looking for and I'd seen it in in along the way, you, but along the way, you see things we in any case
craft. You see David, tell right at Boston com at her and you think how gas, what he's doing their help? Can I, how can I, even if I dont pursue, stand up? How can I take that and bottle it and take it with me to the next thing that willingness to join pushy envelope anxious to say you know. I'm just gonna trusted this, because this is this is. Of interest to me there, the willingness to fail the willingness that is clear. Early spend a lot of time. Thinking about what he's been thinking about, Ryan and throw it seemingly just fuckin, throw it against the wall. Yeah and see if anyone else out their feels the same pair. I mean You know it's like something, that's quite beautiful end, em and simple, but hard to try just right for it and I remember showing up on em
the data scene and Danny Boil Movie called lifeless ordinary and my seem essential- is cut from the film in there for a second but I shall I can never be an actor for a job, but you know it it didn't matter. I spent a day with Holly Hunter. Oh yeah, and that day made an impression on me. I was the first time working on film. Where I watch someone I wash an actor working away, where I thought. How do you do that? How do you do It was a thing it was it. She clearly knew the scene inside now from every direction, and yet I was standing in front of her and a cameras on her, and you know the wind picks up and she turned her face into the wind didn't like turns away from camera. Unless the wind blew on her face while she's talking and then turn back to me and I'm like she's fuckin upper take and then unlike wait, a minute
That's not. What is happening here was happening here is watching this woman, whose just in the moment and so on, her head that she's just willing to go with? You knows one makes a sound of cameras. She turns and stares at them. While she stood talking to me and, unlike me, she's just she's, just in it in it. She doesn't. You know there's a member here in this phrase once because Patino on that movie, where is looking for Richard Ways, says something like an ivory takes a rehearsal and I never one. I've heard it. I thought that a crazy idea, if you could work that way, every takes a rehearsal, but actually that way, it's really frightening sure, like you know, you tried so hard to get it right right anyway, item babbling, but young away. He saw a so workin on Deadwood, working with milk and then and then working with the the.
Actors that we're on that said that were just Juno masters at their craft. Here, it's a job that keeps on giving I get it. I get it the Erika II because it you know if you stay open, it's always surprised as because you EL going forward. Now those of the people you wanna, be having a conversation with yeah. So no matter who you working with at the time, yeah, but I'm having a conversation with these people had met along the way right. And they ve. Now, given me permission to to do this, you have this way here. And you're always sort of learning and expanding and end. If you're working with great actors, then send your like it's a while they just up your game. Did I want to season want. I went to the dead wood premier and to that of the rapporteur, and they show the outtakes there
and you know we're all in this thing and we're all doing all this serious, crazy, shakespearean, poetry- and I realized I'm- not I'm not in a lot of these out to you. I realize these other guys are having way more fun at work. And I I the two are rat party for the Devil movie. If you monitor- and God damn. If I wasn't all through that fucking out Gabriel, how good and I thought to myself. I must be really get this or at least to him and fine, poorly gotten, so much better, my job it. This is any indication how much better of an actor I become. This is a good sign. We just have way more fun, but really, I think, like that,
A lot of it is relax into. It is even like, because I had a word on the job for the most part. By doing my little show- and I have see here- and I knew going in as a comic from watching other comic say: you're gonna be self. Yes you're, gonna, be sorry if you're not gonna know how to really be on screen, but you just gonna have to take the head and do it. Yes, and where's the hardest transition. I have a theory about this and what is the hardest thing about? stand. Verses acting while I mean Many, where does one not help the other one, or does it Well there's gotta things like withstand up your ear in complete control of of what you're doing Nike or deciding what you say. You're honest way, Vienna we ve. Also. This is my material on this issue. I am but what I noticed not not so much for myself, but I think it happens. I've I've, I realize pry happens with act as all the time is that stand, without knowing it are our complete a sort of in their head or self conscious
And you know with it we in its institutional? It's not! You can't sit there. Why you're doing and go like unto much in my head, because even when you really doing a good job acting you have those takes real I wouldn't do that one and that's the one the director goes. That was great in the trick. Isn't it yet see this? As I am aware of this, this is the biggest to me. I'm noise, Some aided by watching stand up to become actors, because I think the hardest thing is to get out of your head while a lot of my stuff it generated from my head, but the one thing I ve always done. That is unlike a lot of other comments, is Most of my generating. Most of my writing happens life. So I don't write jokes down right, I'm gonna riff right! So my immediate creative process, This is in conversation with the audience yeah like a tribal that where it feels like it lends itself through because his land over that because any great stand up is totally down into the audience and the writing it like a wave and they're taking them
views from the audience they know when to shift and window right bright ideas. Do not listen. The audience is gonna, be a total failure. They are in part or iraqi right arisen, other people, but a lot of guys. Don't do that. You know like it is about being present in yeah and then just being comfortable in your body that something you just got it just gonna. Take time secures with that. Because, like I think my primary concern was like when I first are you do my shoes? I wonder, do my hands, am I should I haven't, had a hands work. You know you as an actor chevy thinking about my hands? I get. I never really thought about my hands. You now think about my hand, yeah we'll be all right. That's death right! It is by, but did better, you play. I d ever play that game. Where you just think about. Thea, wherever you're in the sea, with at this, where they do with their hands. What what well sometimes with doing scenes, as I got better at a yoke, is by the last season of my shows, like aright uncomfortable on screen. I guess it's
It's also a matter, and I know you do it. You guys want you, Asia, the thing about it many your timing based on laughs and enact, You have to solve generate your timing, but there is a timing to their visitor. Yes and you ve gotta. Take that I worry, as you name where you're turned up here. You know you in funding, but it seemed very attention- are painfully writers, happened. There is also some sort of like a wedding moments like it when you're in a sea, yeah sort of guy guide on going walk away now, but I'm gonna take this much time to do it. In the area, you sort of how it becomes or again yes does right. Would you please? so here's the game, I feel like I've been playin last, more or less tenure. Smear feels like I feel, like I don't know. If I start plaintive before my my favorite game to play, is, is too
the hope that the goal of the game is to try and Amber everything that everybody else did and not be aware anything. You did anxious and that's a very That is my. That is my feel like the pursuit that has become. Then obsession. Has it manifests itself? What you mean everything they did in the scene or exactly so now Ray I own. I have this conversation. There idea that that I'm just. That list they less time for one more minute here and in that minute my whole goal.
I'm right is to remember everything you did through nothing. I you know now. I D seen every day is going out with you re everything with rising sized telling their near you, not your hair. At the moment we added you're right. I'm only asking you did that man. I love that year, that that was great see when they call cut. I'm like I remember everything market here, I'm like so that's good. Take him right. We move on because you were, you are not self. I remember anything I did just remember everything marked it and I loved all nice as a good actors, aim game its cameras on me. I put it on you, ok, here's! Your takes! No, my take right. Just doubting: do you hear lousy doing the idea had moments where I'm watching when I'm acting with somebody, that's great, I Bree or like Betty Gilpin or somebody, and there I'm just like all my cat, really
don't worry, it is that's the gay I'd. Sometimes I feel like I'm, not even if I'm doing that I mean I'm listening, but later it sometimes like I get so moved by someone else's performance, and I know that it's not. I shouldn't be like tearing up or anything but like the best near, but don't you Don't you is not the most fine about. Is the saddest thing cut off camera work I find you know is that I had to admit it, but when the camera, on the other person only Icloud looking to look at him. Do they really do him like a fuck what I should be doing, this is where you want to be. Where am I am I not here yeah, that's it to me, It's like Heaven, that's just where you want to live. Yeah me, I I have had to learn how to have fun or I acknowledge that the old, because, the shooting a tv show. Your somewhat coverage, there's somebody takes out like it's hard to tell at some point not go like a cat.
Where's, not man, I mean that's, that's why I know I'm listen. I saw in my book on acting dont, be afraid, a bitch other tip for young accuracy. Fuck how many ways you gonna cover this marking thing. Let me data ass, all the guy we can only go off once so you The government were there in government of their unique agonize shot from down here, be underneath the horses Dick had a gun, you're gonna have to pick one. If so, why not just commit now and we can all go home early it took me, aren't I realized. I got that exact like that really hard, not to be your shooting around all this stuff. But in the story like do you use one need only one, you know either doing this is the downside of television directorship. Our point of view. There is here to service the rider and so they're just gonna cover their ass rise to cover the figure it out. Post rises, This is a different one, film and tv. Now, a film anymore, but certain film,
accuracy address. No, this shot is for that moment you gotta have a cover, Edith yeah, I mean or choices, dangers but you're having just done that work with Quentin Turn teen over three weeks like this shot is for this moment this is the shot and the reason why we're doing a shot, because this story telling Pierre recovering from every fuckin we're not covering from down the hall and had a block and were not there's no three cameras sworn camera, and this is the shot here, because this is the story. And he's the storyteller and he's telling it through images. When you get on a television set, you know, god Somebody just gonna cover their ass start of, while pushing the side and television. Is you ve given right, the writer all the power which is which God bless me in there with his famously of costly, been you know. First thing you do fire the writer hand hurry, spend more money on hair to fix the film than you will. Getting a good writer, but so the upsides you gave the story
tell her in the writer some power, the downside. I felt like a lot of times as you get a director who is going through the motions opposed to owning it right, because it's not their thing right, so they're they're they're gonna show off some some skill in some flash, but they're, not gonna they're, not gonna, come it the way they do. One of you to a point of view and licence. There's much is rare and because it doesn't feel like theirs and they don't want a rock the boat when it first why we asked back. They want to be easy there like a were here, but I find that some directors do have some way cause I've used like one she'd Milo show you I'd Bobcat would come in Courtway yeah and you know my sensibilities close to his, but he definitely definitely could feel a tone. I think they're like some Michael in because she make so many movies, she's good, will actors and chief capable at finding that tone
then there are then there are. The cats are just sort of like a shoot it out. You know issue yeah, I'm not saying they're, not their very good it's a wonder, I one of my favorite things about televisions is having all these different voices and right people come in and the opportunity to to have a dialogue with them and is an endless education, the end and seen strengths and weaknesses. What I thought sometimes could be frustrating is what they are I'm struggling with a scene, and may it may be the right or am I both her- were working on higher sums, not working, I hate not being able to go. I hate going to the director of that particular episode thing. Let me as your question: what do you think that sequencer
and you might not find any fuckin word here and there like well, you know what am I give it? What do you think- and I, like you know my job- is not really you know my job is to shoot the seeing that they Roma and, unlike wouldn't go fuck yourself. Lee gimme the cameras promoting Europe will move there. Would you want to put on record over there? You go home now. You know I mean they just want to get through the danger later. The cause of much of problems than ever and me back there's a season two. We want to be like that. Guy was great, whose nice and these episodes that fine. So when he shot the with the dead wood movie was an equal is rewarding, was milch door who directed lovely Guy Dan Mynheer, now should get back into the character. I didn't think we're gonna be, but I am, I did get. I really had a great time enjoyed. It was very rewarding experience and dumb. It was a funny. Weird went task,
excited about it and also the other thing I know is rising, say the beginning about justified. I then I realized was like, like. Yeah, I'm watching them anyway, I'm into it by relays like it's really a classic. You no cop show like from them from the seventies rabies waking are you had. It was rightly reminded me of Manuel out the first season, especially yeah, start out that way, gutless those it went right, yeah gets were more like there's more longer lie Georgia in the beginning of a sort of a like all Like you, I Goliath injured, where we're figure figuring it as we went by like you just now. I like this is a guy. Can he's not a fish out of water but he's a fish back home? We don't want to be back home and you know any kind of move through that world. It was like, like Parada or any of those years, liquor record right exactly. I address it, sort of because it
right people dug the show yeah. I think they specially Douglas you're gonna. Be Berea as a went yeah at the with Weird Walden with we're. Wolden he's a great what a good actor I'm big and his egg advocacy psyche that thing you did vice principles on a you know what that was some fucking, some mountain, he committed do not commit good talking. You man who think Europe. I likewise, and I appreciate the invitation, I'm glad we did. It will you gotta go away back to my side now. This is the perfect timing do something around. This ended on a sour. No, no! No you! I welcome prime drive home I want. I was you're. Just stay here, I have a better this way, so you gonna yeah just keep living here. I am a driver. What might have likewise is like, as because I live on the east side. I thought to myself, like he pick the right time to come,
you know like like when you, when you ve got a travel from where you are aware. I am here if you got like at ten a m or afford a five a meeting or something I don't know, I'm not doing it now, don't do it going over there and that can be the last meeting of the day come into fuckin from the east side. It's I don't need the part. See you ve figured it out of regular showbiz. These figures out, like this, I'm in my only get over the disease, show business. I was funny at the beginning when we start doing this. I ten years ago, whatever when I was of how people come like where the fuck am. I because I was an island park and needs like Big STAR This would come in they like what is this might does the future dude. This is worth that. A good time lag, Certainly not me. No one by H changed my life and it was at one time in my life. I somehow just happened some good cosmic timing. Any. I had a skill set that were applied but like somehow I made it
there's one thing you have no control over here had no anticipation, recreation, get it there's a best lube, whether oftentimes, as are the best things I just is still kills me that were the only two people in this building here, as I hope Let's go downstairs zoo as we should get a maximum pleasure. Thank you ok, that was me Timothy. All about back home in my house, I'm still in Madison, don't forget. Lisa knows how important rest is to a better life. We say is the foundation of a healthier happier. You leases most popular multilayered. Matters is made with premium farms for cooling, conquering and pressure, relieving support, you're gonna, wonder how you slept without it. Don't miss out then healthier with happier by resting, deeper order today and get fifteen percent off your purchase for a limited time, at least a dot com flash w. Yet
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