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Episode 1031 - Brent Butt

2019-06-27 | 🔗

Even though Brent Butt grew up in rural Saskatchewan, his path to comedy is similar to American comics, except it was exclusively Canadian. He was a directionless youth who was taken in by comedy on Canadian TV, he booked gigs throughout the Canadian countryside to hone his act, he dealt with monopolistic club owners and did sets in lousy environments like curling rinks. It all led to him being the first native Canadian with a #1 comedy series in Canada, Corner Gas, which was turned into a hit movie and now a cartoon. Brent tells Marc about his journey, and why he has no regrets that he remains fairly anonymous in America. This episode is sponsored by Turo.

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Hey folks, how's it going. It's me. I just wanted to promote myself here in this little piece right at the beginning of the thing before we do the thing my tour is coming up, the hey there's more to work, a lot of fear There's a lot of places. I'm going to they're all at w t? F, pod dot, com, slash tour! I don't need to list them all since I'm still in Canada hi my This will throw these your way 'cause. I think a lot of Canadians be listening to this episode, I'll be in Montreal at the just for laughs, Festival July, twenty six doing stand up and on July, 27th I'll be doing a show panel with some of the ladies and the showrunners I'll, be in Vancouver on September sixth I'll be in Toronto on September 19th for the Jfl there that just for laughs there, and all those dates again among many others are at wtfpod dot com, slash tour! Alright, let's do show
all right. Let's do this. How are you what the fuckers, what the fuck buddies, what the fuck makes what's happening? It's MARC Maron, I'm here, I'm Canada still is my podcast wtf how's it going. Are you alright? Today? I guess in honor of me being in Canada, I'm having a canadian comedian on though he we where did but is on the show today, and that was fun. I, like him, he's always been nice guy and I'm glad we got to talk any sort of a a big celeb are you here in a way, but I don't think he would admit that, but that's coming up, so I have been having again a nice time up here, just on a spiritual level. If I can save I don't know if it's spiritual, just that part of me is relaxed up here, because I'm Canada and the the air is not infused with the panic and aggression that that seems to be the electrical current
kind of like hovering over the United States. America right now it kind of dissipates at the border, and you just kind of deal with life up here. There's just life happening. In Canada. Now I am in Hamilton Ontario, which look wanna be count condescending, because I'm not I'm not from here, and I don't want to be that the root Farner, but I I I think I am supported by many people. I've spoken to from Toronto and other parts of the of Canada that to Hammond It's not it's! Not it's not a high watermark for candidates. It's it's a little beat up here and it's it's kind of interesting, but there's. Definitely it's got its own frequency, I don't know if it's a neighborhood that I'm staying in or where we're shooting, but there just seems to be a sort of ongoing ragtag, parade of frenetic sadness in many men stations. Just it's weird when your focus is not consumed by
going on cultural can really kind of zero in on people and there's definitely a bit of about humans, twisted by soul, sickness of one kind or another wandering the streets here and it's it's been kind of interesting and sad, but also funny. And nice how's that diplomatic anyways, that's take on Hamilton, but I did have a tremendous experience at a supermarket now before I get to that. I do want to do, business 'cause. There's a lot going on for me and maybe four for you as well. If you'd like there's happening this weekend now. I told you about movie I made with Lynn Shelton called sword of trust, which out on July. Twelfth you can this sort of trust dot com to see. If it's playing near you but in LA there's, going to be in advance meaning this weekend as part of a retrospective of lens work. This sat
a June 29th, you can see sort of trust at five p m at the Aero Theatre in Santa Monica, followed by a triple feature of lens films. Your sister sister touchy feely. We go way back then, on Sunday June, 30th there's a double feature, starting at seven hundred and thirty of Hump Day, outside in so you can go to that and enjoy. And from what I understand, Lynn, is going to be doing a QA at the end of every one of her movies there with people from the movie. Hopefully I am going to try to make the queue in a at the end of this sort of trust screening, if I can get out of Canada and back to LOS Angeles in time, if the chute doesn't, I don't know, what's going to happen, it's going to be, It's going be pretty hairy night for me and the coming up on Friday I gotta providing shooting till three or four in the morning and then I've got How do you get a morning flight out of Toronto, so I'll be in that haze that, like there's no point in sweeping Hayes and then you like, which I'll just go right to the air?
port and then you're there, like four hours early, you haven't swept, and you realize I've made a terrible mistake. I should've swept two hours somewhere else, and then he sweep on on the floor, floor sweepers, there's always that plenty of floor sweepers air, and you wonder. How long have they been here really is? Are they in between flights? Did they get here? it's really early for another flight, do they live here. I don't know but I might be among those people will see. I don't know how that's going to pan out the other thing I wanted to tell you is. I meant a couple weeks ago that there's a new documentary called blue note. It's beyond the notes and it's opening LOS Angeles this weekend at the Lamley Santa Monica? The film makers are distribute, this movie themselves and it's really worth checking out we these are not paid for my friends. I think that One should educate themselves about the beautiful history of jazz and and it's and how its influence culture and where it comes from
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or Hamilton, but if I need one for any reason, all I've got to do is pull up TAROT on my phone hop on that arrow app or web so I'd find and book the car you want then meet the hose. And they'll hand over the keys choose from multiple protection plans for each trip, which screwed up to one million dollars in liability insurance through Liberty, mutual Download, the TAROT app that turo on the app store or Google play or visit Tero dot COM, get twenty five dollars off your first trip when you sign up with the promo Code Marin, twenty five Maron twenty five at checkout. That's a r o n two five term reply. I'm punching you guys, I'm tired! That's! What's going on you know I'm alright. I hope you're right in a you know, I'm just like it's been kind of I'm blowing week and a half doing this movie, I realizing that independent filmmaking has its own sort of compulsion? Like you know the challenge on everybody's part to sort of,
economize make kind of compromises, but you know figuring out how to get what you need that there's something intrinsically. Exciting about that 'cause you here these movies, they have hundreds of millions of dollars in it that the those sound like a disaster here, you're kind of working, yeah kind of yeah. The economically and in very precisely and you're, moving quick that it's got its own charm. You know, I'm sure, I'm not saying surprising anybody involved in the pursuit of making independent film. But it's been sort of exciting to be part of the process of sort of like we can't do it. We got to get it and that you know of one two takes men, but everything is ok. There's been a weird swirl of what's going on around me in terms of sobriety in terms of people reaching out in my own reactions to those people, and then I guess I could be more specific.
Allow the emails from People- and I got a disturbing email from someone who like, as you know, that I generally try to get back to people if they are are struggling with. You know addiction or alcoholism and and share my experience a little better give you have some sort of you, kind of a support, and he you know, I got a bit disturbing email from somebody who I don't really know that you know was suicidal and and and that sort of throws of a yell at alcoholic kind of self pity and pain in yeah. I had a reaction to that run. My come on man and you know that a check back in a lease okay, you made it through, but I hope he gets it and then, like some other people in my life, for struggling with your co dependency, that, like it's just kind of swirls around the wants to make me realize, hey man, I guess not that I'm a spiritual guy or a God person, but you know sometimes you know I go Mystikal, occasionally maybe it's time to sort of Recommit
read a little literature, because I'm trying to help somebody else. So I'm reading my literature and I'm like wow. I did a lot of underlining over twenty years of having this book in my bag, and I was like wow. This stuff is pretty relative, like this part, like might help me and why am I not doing this? It's right here and I've done it before and it says to do it and I'll feel better. Why am I not doing that? I don't know because it's too much effort. Is it ten minutes at the end of the day? It's word how stubborn we are in our own patterns. This is not a self help podcast, but man like I am so. Ready to get out of some of 'em. I am so ready and thank God, I've got the equipment and the tools and the clarity of mind to do it. That's all some sort of weird collective yeah. This is Sherin pretty kind of surrounded me coincidences transcended coincidence, Go into some meaning for me around, like hey
and it sort of do some work pal. You want to break through to the next thing, so you can, settle into your body a little more well get the book out stupid! Yeah! That's how I read it. I hope you're, all okay out there- I hopefully will be back in LA for for next week, shows. If everything works out right, we got two days of shooting. I gotta get ready to do that and right now I want to to share with you uh this interview that I did with Brent, but you can subscribe to his Youtube channel. The buttpad also find him on Twitter, Instagram and add Brent, but com had a show up here for years. That is now. You know in animated form, called corner gas he's sort of a like. I said before kind of a
kind of a canadian comedy star and a good guy and I've run into him over the years at different festivals, and I was happy to chat with him. So this is me talking to Brent, but it's weird, because I had a friend in high school named Alan, but I keep going to say. Alan is memorable when someone's last name is but anyways but I don't think you can lump assault again, I'm not one kind of I mean there. I know there are only like fifty of us why would more in the second biggest country in the world, one hundred and two Canadian, you got you in Australia, you got lucky with the territory. You have plenty of room to do whatever the fuck you want. I don't know what the hell why you think we got second biggest country right how and then-
Come February you realize why why it's so everybody wasn't lined up for it. Do you know why well. I don't want to lump Canadians together and I don't 'cause. I know, there's a tremendous diversity of people up there, uh. You know lot of Asians lot of indigenous people. French Canadians who come from pirate stock they had going around writing about handed this pirates them now yeah the voyagers yeah yeah. Aren't they yeah? I wasn't I am not going off pirates and trappers, or I won't, but you know that personality just figured there like yeah, we just No, I don't have friends who have a trap. I shouldn't say friends, but guys that I knew growing up in my hometown. I grew up in this little town in Northern Sis catch and I was back there.
And I ran into one of the guys I was like hey what's going on, what are you doing? Yeah I was just with my buddy and we've got a trap line where they trapping well. I guess we're done talking. I don't know what else to say, guys gotta. You know 21st century trapping animals. I mean I mean it's a tradition, I mean. Sometimes the on traditions die hard right. Maybe it comes from trappers, he does not always just seemed. I think he like the trap in the torture and kill animals, that's what I think it is it's not for their pelts or for their meat as heat trapping rabbits. What do we talking? You don't know. I literally walked away. No really literally was like cool to see. You were done talking strolled away, but there are hunters where do you do judge hunters with the same? No, I feel that I just did not expect to hear rapper right. You know, I think, there's a different level of cruelty to trapping. Loaded. No doubt
anything that the animals to chew it, swim off to escape is cruelty. It shouldn't be alive to do that, like somebody who shoots another execution style, killing, that's bad right, but somebody who, Around and gives you an acid baths or whatever makes your fingers wanted that car. That's a different level. Yeah give me the executioner, I sure we're, or at least Let me run and you hunt me down: that's that's that's important way to do it. That's a sportsman point. If you gave me the option of listening, We run a stop right there. Now, I'm not going to run back and tell him. Why am I going to die when did when did and I've no survival skills of the out there? I'm quick to quit yeah! That's what I've learned like time. You know that never fail here is not an option. I always think it's like yeah. It's really plan yeah Twenty eight is right now
failure it's it's always what I assume is going to happen. It's a high probability sure so it doesn't happen. It's like wow. I got away with it. How I feel about my whole life yeah me too dude, I'm like holy hell. How did this happen to you telling me man, your tell me so lake okay, now, let's go back to generalize, got a live boy. Is yours yeah? Could you well? see. I don't know like I. You know I get people who are like a lot of people. Don't think necessarily the Canadians are that different or it's another country, but it's a whole other country, a whole other history, and I don't fucking, know what I had Charlie Damares in here and I'm about a lot of things, people he's going to teach you a lot more about stuff that I will I'm glad you learn stuff from him. I'm not asking you about socialism and the future of the planet, the I have one canadian joke only. You know how there's like jokes in different color yeah I've only ever heard one canadian joke, but I love it. Why have you ever heard a canadian joke, let's hear it
then MIKE Wilmot that guys the best. Yes, I love Yes, I had him on my show playing cousin Carl I'll. Tell you about that. I'll, tell you that story, how to canadian joke and work up to that, the only canadian joke. Alright, how do you get one hundred and ten Canadians out of a swimming pool, how you say: ok, everybody time to get out of the pool. No crying kids, knowing waiting back just down right, ok, it's time, I guess I want to set up the pool. Well, that's what you are There is a general politeness, if not mundanity, never even heard that, Is that actually a word? Because you can do you can throw you can make words up, but I won't catch it. I think it is. Let's try, let's see if it fits my mom vanity. Is it yeah, I think so ok I'm not great with him, I throw him around. Sometimes that sounds like more like an insult. Like kind of you come in here with do you have the mundanity to declare. No. No, it's a condition or quality of being mundane. I think there is
roll notion and probably not inaccurate. They were a little boring in terms of you know. People on the globe. Canadians are pretty, but we're pretty boring yeah, but there's funny people out there and I found I found like, but it's relative to the culture right I used to think boring in in the reason, is you have people shooting everybody everywhere? Yeah, there's not get ya insane sort of. I think the what is socialized up tears, sort of tempered the competitive nature. The capitalism up there. So people aren't fucking, it's not unregulated capital right right, I figure I'm a capitalist. I love to make a buck. I loved it ever since I was a little kid. I would try and sell stuff, and you know I would draw cartoons and try and sell with my siblings and act like they had when I buy your guns in cartoons, but I was always into like trying to make a back. You could just take it from your room but the notion of unregulated capitalism seems weird
I'm. I'm we're more regulation, weird what he could? Here's what it looks like it looks like America right now. This is the end game of unregulated capitalism, but you know here's the thing of I would like, when you wander around America yeah. Maybe I just you know, I don't want her around a lot of America yeah. Maybe I have Beverly, can you sure, but you know things are going about their it's, not dystopian, there's not You know roving bands of marauders not going the right area. That's true! We gotta go to the dystopian areas, doing unto my it's my mundanity. That keeps me from speaking in adventure but is there a weighted? Ok, so we've kind of generalized Canadians with all the Canadians, I've met or different they're like and there's a lot of funny the commander who died just interview. I interviewed. I've only got one more kid in the hall of the interview I just don't. I interviewed Bruce yeah not to a couple weeks ago. I funny dude
Yes had a different way of funny. That's a he's gotten, a very original brain view original brain sort of his own time zone that guy and your operating at you know MIKE Mcdonald, before he passed. I had him at that point. He was a little slower because he was sick yeah, but at you know funny how we I did. MIKE Myers he's animated guy yeah. I don't know his name? Canadians, it's like it's when you have a black and then you start saying you know all the of the black people you've met before it's like that with Canadian. Some of my friends are canadian view of them yeah the word: where did you grow up in this world? I grew up in the it's called Northern Sask. But it's really. If you look at Saskatchewan, I have no ideas that w middle right in the middle, it's above like any north north N Montana Montana yeah. Okay, straight up straight up
it's boring in terms of geography, eyes, nothing there. In fact, I think the borders there's even generally borders between states or provinces or whatever I define river or using just two straight lines. Their sign is there Now here I guess it will draw the line here. Is their sign versus catch it yeah crossover. Congratulations June, Cisc Atuan! So it's like there's! You know it's bigger than Texas, but it less than one million people. There are right around one million people right and what kind of it is not enough yarn land, a farm and such so enjoy it's. Well, it's workable land. This is right. So it's like a big wrecked, near the northern half is jazz Bush and there's, like fifteen people live in the north with a look and then the bottom half is just flat farmland and so all
you know: ninety eight percent of population, so Saskatchewan is Kevin Rooney, one time too, he said to him what he said not a long time but he always busted me up, but he said there was all these people. It's a pie, crust of IBM's hummed along the warmth of the american border and that's kind of what it is there so lived in what they call Northern Saskatchewan Atuan's right, but it was the northern half of the Southerns populated. Ok, so you just at the edge of it. You could lookout and see like there's, nothing. And there was another thing he was talking about- he was like well, you grew up. He said to me what, as a kid yeah when you go to bed at night, he just fair enough. The window wondering what kind of frost monster is going to crawl down from the top of the world and eat. When you sleep- and I was like that's such a great Rooney sentence yeah, but it's also were you Not at all. You don't know anything, but I mean it's very You know: there's like one person for every five square
So what are we talking? Let's generalize some more! These are these hill people. Are they decent people? Are they scary people are they? Are they what you, what you you seeing from a distance and go with the that guy up yeah, I mean you you know you don't run into a lot of people yeah. So There's a wariness, yeah you have yet another person. Yet were you? Do you come from farmers yeah? I was a townie like my. My parents were both farm people and for the first three kids like I'm this, I'm the seventh get in the Senate. How Catholic. Are you we weren't at all? It was really cold and nothing to do. I guess if they have another one, yeah, no, no right, no birth control up north. No, I and I'm sure that in fact, my my my my there. I remember when I'm sure the last five of us were accidents right, you don't about that had no money. Why do you want more kids yeah? I remember saying to my mom or she's, saying to Maine we're watching
made for tv movie and I was home visiting or one time when I was. I think I was maybe forty at this time. You living with no back home visiting her and she watching some Cheesy like made for tv movie Anne at the act break, are they going to commercial woman, finds out to start a new finds out she's pregnant. She doesn't want to be. Oh, no, that's good commercial, and so my mother says she yeah. I remember you know when I found out, I was pregnant with you. I looked up to God and I said why why? Why can you imagine, I said Mommy not supposed to tell the kid that and she goes to what he did you not feel like she like a real hard as hard farm woman had no time for or did you not feel how old was she at the time? Seventy six? She was thirty six. When I was born, he made me do math, I'm sorry, but it's weird though, because there is, it doesn't seem to be.
The statute of limitations, on what you can tell your children about things they should know about, runs out somewhere in the seventies. It is a it starts coming out in the seventies. Yeah like I didn't know how to love you, when your child wait. What what wait a minute, I didn't know if I was going to yeah or if I'd be able to because like it will that did that answers a lot of questions for me. So you were the last one yeah, oh, my God, seven hundred and seven You know all the other ones yeah dragon rattle off name. Lobster names. On a John Della, Lloyd and Brent. That's where the this weird hodgepodge of names, like a lot of usual names, Elna, Elmer, Velma, that's the first three l, nine hundred one other Elma Elma, Elma Velma, then John yeah a shifting gears, yeah and then back to Della out of that and then Lloyd and Bradley's family names I I don't know like. I asked him. I know Elmer
your brother stream and all the oldest boy family Elmer, was named after my dad fought in world war. Two had a buddy there and his name is Elmer or something I think given him yeah. So it's like it yeah it's a classic chevy last, but then it's very Elmer, Fudd, close Elmer, but Elmer, but but It's like one of those names where it's like it was kind of like a working Last name, I don't know when, but you don't hear it anymore at all, yeah Elmer. Is he still around yeah, not everyone still with us yeah, all my siblings are still as great. It was an eight. There was an aide who died in infancy somewhere in the middle between really Wayne, not only one of many eight but the it was a matter of. I think so your month old is your mom was tough and which like where teachers come from freshen air are hard farm, but all really, but all from Canada for generations Gallaher fat. She was born in Canada her family came from Nebraska always said they from Nebraska.
The gear down they wanted. They couldn't handle the Hurley burly pace of punk in Nebraska, so they came to successfully for more land. Well, it was just catching was they were trying to populate right they were giving away very with a Scandinavian. You know Irish, however, heritage in my father's heritage, English Baja, how they get that Canada. Why Canada well with My parent, my mother's parents, will and give away. They could literally get three. They sold their farm in Nebraska and got like three times as much land. Exactly for sure. That's how that's how they Did it here to there had all these, I think they were like Siberian or Scandinavia like no one, knew at a farm that land up there so gave away the land to people from countries that have the either all weather anyhow. That's where you get a lot of Ukrainians came to serve cat yeah, oh yeah! They! They was very on the same when the Terrel or whatever yeah yeah, so
but I was the only love, my buddies growing up there. Almost all ukrainian stock, oh yeah, I was the he said I was the visible minority because my shirt was unbuttoned crooked. That was my anti ukrainian joke very grown up, knock in that community ukrainians. They don't. I wish it. I was the minority yeah, I understand yeah. I was pretty sure how celebrities and good food and then there was always little fat kid and their parents would always have us too skinny. I love that they could eat some more handsome or sausage or too skinny. What were they farming man? What do you know? it is by the mark or whatever, but there was a ton of wheat yeah. Canola or grapeseed. My hometown, Tisdale SK had this. They just changed it as of a couple years ago for here's something I had this town motto was the land of rape and honey, and so it was kind of controversial thing and got him a lot of attention because they grew? seed and there are a lot of Ap Aries there. So it was
and of rape and honey and there's some heavy metal band that called their album. The land, rape and honey after seeing that like a mug sure. Why? Wouldn't you wait the I'd like to one of those mugs, so they changed it. I guess yeah, I'm assuming yeah, something very mundanity Mustang, it's like the square Monday for two nitty grows or something like that, something very still let it be supported. I offered up my suggestion was welcome to Tisdale Cisc Atuan Home of the pointless fist fight that was my they didn't think would be good, though a lot of bees up there yeah yeah, let it be that was like all my life, I think, for the year that I was born and father took a job at the Hon the plant where they process tiny new ram, the boiler rooms and stuff yeah did. So you have plenty of honey, grown up. Yeah loads of hunting like the raw stuff in Tacoma know. Still when I smell honey, you're in a store and there's a beeswax candle. It smells like my dad really. I launch backer reminds me of my dad: that's crazy! That's so unique!
in singular sense memory yeah. It is, and it's so locked in, like it's so tide to the olfactory senses in your memories and that smell beeswax, beeswax, smells like my dad, and he was just you know. He just was a scrappy doo anything invested in honey necessarily is not a job. I went to work yeah, but he, in the boiler room. I don't know what they only needed boilers for you get the wax. They probably that's how they separated she. It right that is separated text from the honey, and there was just bees like all around the factory. I remember I very clear memory went in because I used to go with him sometime to work of course and hang out in the summer, summer holidays, home from school, 'cause, boiler room was very seemed, like the bat cave domain yeah one wall if it was just like dirt, was like carved out of dirt and then there was like pipes and everything like a mad science here, kind of spirit, bat cave. So I used to like to go hang out there and I have this clear memory of one time he was. He was telling me something
and as he was talking, is going to put on his putting these big rubber gloves he used to handle these hot barrels or whatever. So it's not going to be put on these gloves and then he takes the glove off. He doesn't even lose a sentence like Ann about nine bees fly out of this glove and he never even stopped. And I said Jim didn't get standards. Yeah gets done a lot, but it was just a part of the day. All right, I guess done over forty times- work, yes, sir, so that the bees are just there because it smells so good yeah. They love the way, my dad smell yeah and, to this day many bees when they smell that they think you're, fine thinking my phone remember that dude but yeah there was no room for so you know: depression era. You know my dad fought Nazis and the whole thing it might, but yeah he was fought in World WAR two and and my mom was depression era farm, so there was no room for complaining growing right, that's probably good! You know you could grouse a little get your point across, but don't
hear you complaining about it, so you went ahead and made a career out of it I like your voice. I don't even like my comedy is very: it doesn't even come from a place of complain. Most kind of dug a tunnel yeah, it's really if it comes from a place. So here's what I don't get right regiment, leaves I'm puzzled by things right. So how does that so? You're, the runt of the litter and did you wake? Were you did you learn a lot from your brothers? Were you wearing? Everyone else is close. How did that work? You know all that stuff, because you know we didn't have any money grown up. I don't much how much my dad is. Make it. What are you hauling down net for running the, but yet, however, am and right taken care of yeah. I mean a lot of kids. You don't have seven kids by health care, so A lot of you know. There was a lot of hand me downs and then my mother worked at the local thrift store right, so people would donate the clothes and then sometimes she would bring clothes, so they could be like this would fit you and I
I'm gonna go to school. There is already fear, was a because going to go to school and some can be like God, damn that's my shirt man, I think only through yeah. I got a new one, now you're wearing it. So you get that that puts you in the state of like you know: you're verbally. You gotta verbally, be able to lash back in anybody's, going to make fun of you right, and I think that's a good. That's a good background for developing comedy absolutely guarded defensiveness the whole thing around emptive strike. We were all trying to make it through the laugh, growing Is there thing what your, what your siblings and of doing of eight yeah, I teachers and very different, very different things: Elmer Elmer, with the good name of the goodness yeah, that's the jz, silent beyond system. He he fixes and I'm like watches and clocks and he's real he's one of the
few people that knows how to because he's kind of self taught music on this is whole adult life. He people send him antique clocks from all over the place. Really the only dude who knows how to take apart a figure it doesn't matter. The mechanism is he takes it apart. Figures out how it's supposed to work what's wrong, so he's like a very specialized person like does he do museum pieces and stuff send your get the world off right now, it'll be at the the preemie are of the province of Saskatchewan, called him to come, fix the clock that the province of Quebec had given to scratch when, as a gift in nineteen, oh six from the and was this is something like you see around. When you were a kid. Did you see him taking things apart, yeah that was and apparently my parents always had with him. Yeah from the time is a if you get a military, just take it apart yeah. I was the first thing you do. We didn't want to play with it. Take it apart, you have the whole works. It's I have. No, None of that we're all very different. I think might siblings I have no cure. After the aura
standing anything were they want know how to with cars. Yeah it's awesome with car. Two of my brothers are great with cars yeah and all that kind of stuff yeah then me and another one of my brothers were back into writing and language, and I play music but all kind of an offspring of you know, my father was like that he was like the toughest duty ever met. Yeah buddy wrote: poetry played music. He was this really diverse like Renaissance man, you're really was, and your mommy like built our house with bare hand. We did you know the only wouldn't do it electrical guys that should kill you, there's no wiggle room there.
Making things get wet w mess up, but you know, like electricity. You're done hire a pro for these right yeah. He was a wise man and your mom just what she do. She raised the kids. She gets it You know, that's a big! That's full thing was like one every year when the when the you know like every two or three years, this there's seven of us spread out over sixteen years between the oldest and myself that sixteen years. So how do you like from that world? How do you like the comedy world in Canada, I know a lot of the guys and I know how it's kind of setup, but how do you start doing that I mean. Were you doing another job? First my only real path in life was to do stand The only thing that I was interested in doing so only thing that made sense to me outside of United.
FEMA playing in the NHL being a goalie in the NHL, but that was kind of a pipe dream in hockey dream that every canadian kids dream yeah right- and I knew I was wise enough to know early on this is not going. I don't hit skill set right. But the only other thing when I was twelve there used to be this talk show afternoon talk show that was videotaped live Vancouver five days a week, yeah Sky, Alan Hamel was the host of the show ended up, marrying Suzanne Somers, and he he left the show to be go. Be her manager knows right, taken over by Alan Thicke, we carry a host of this afternoon. Talk show he became sort of big here and they had yeah. The night Ramirez right time talk show, I don't think less of them and I think his son got just had to pay of the estate of Marvin Gala. Hundreds of them are just talk about that last night, but anyway, the this afternoon talk show had maybe two or three days of the week. They would have a stand up comedian on and
it was the first time- and I remember the first time I ever saw stand up comedian we're like the same age, so you're talking how old are you? I was twelve o's one thousand nine hundred and seventy eight? Something like that yeah Kelly Monteith was the guy Kelly Monteith know my teeth, my teeth, yeah and I've never seen a like I'd. Seen you know sketch comedy I sitcoms. Guys being funny yeah, but just somebody walking out and standing there and talking and not really doing. It wasn't like doing knock. Knock. Jokes or something he was just a guy talking it's tough, being hilarious. I know it's great moment. It just changed my world language. That's an option! Yeah 'cause! That's what I do with my buddies now, while we're waiting to get into the school and yeah yeah. So I'm trying, number one. He looks like he was like he said american guide me an american guy, and then he had it. He had big success over in Britain for for awhile yeah yeah. He was the first
then I saw an I became obsessed so every afternoon, when I was home from school in the summer yeah the first I would always make sure his home at one hundred o'clock in the afternoon 'cause they would say at the start of the show over they have a comedian on it right if they didn't bugger off and go play with my buddies. If we did, it would be like I'll be out in our that became my path that will lead us with. The do you think was great it because, where they're, canadian comics at that time, yeah so so a lot The guys were Toronto, yuck excommunicate MIKE Mcdonough, already MIKE right. So these weights Larry horrible late 70s yeah yeah, yeah yeah, all those guys you Lawrence Morganstern, and it's also the first place I saw Louis? I remembered because he was like nobody else had ever seen: yeah, he was just all over the map and Alan Thicke didn't know what to make of a monopoly. But he was cracking anybody up here and I was so enamored by this. Nothing seemed scripted with him. He was. It's like pulling ideas out of the areas with some man. I can't remember after the show is over,
to meet my buddies to play baseball for the hell we were done. I was trying to explain going to do his stuff that they would have it made sense. In arrowhead pacing around yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah. He still works that way. Yeah! Definitely is out there on the wire that was my window to Stan. But then I did it for the first time in high school, like a variety night, Drammen night yeah, I offered up doing stand up and it was weird to them. They're like when you mean so Heidi. Did you do it yeah and what well incur urgh. Why did it next year and that kind of gave me the notion that? Well, maybe I can do this and then any job. You never did never try anything else. 'cause. I was like seventeen then right and they weren't. I was twenty one. There is a club that opened up in Saskatoon Saskatchewan, yes, two hours when I moved there to start about yeah between seven between leaving high school. Like I knew I wasn't a cop go to college a
thanks. So I worked as a drywall are worked as an illustrator cartoonist for than local newspaper and a newspaper nearby yeah you still draw yeah. You still do cartoons yeah, really hello. Where do you not know either well in a weird way? I guess, because corner gas. The tv show that I did we're now doing the animated version that were in season two of the animated version. So we're like When I left high school in a lot of mileage out of corner drive. Only man, it's the I'm, the new Gilligan, I'm like the canadian Gilligan and be opening boat, shows and stuff. But yeah we're doing the animated version now. Listen when somebody comes it says: hey do you wanna continue making a living? Well, I mean ok, so start out in the day, you're at that club in Saskatoon, and that's where they were so like you got a local crew there, and then you get them the Canadian due to come through, but it's not a breslin quite bright yeah was you know it was yeah yeah. I think it was one of them yeah, because, like no one works without his you've got to be nice,
by Mark Breslin yeah at the time that I feel like he emailed me, did but whatever I know he runs. Canada, like he just it runs comedy in the entire country- basically ran right, yeah! No, but it's not that way anymore. No! No! But that way for sure for years, right notion that you could you know and and that it was very propagandize to the comedian still was like you can't make a living outside of you know you have to do whatever we set a because you can't possibly make Yes, I did. I did so after about four. Half years of me working with the ox I'd kind of had if there was me and a group of another, like one thousand two hundred and twelve comedians that what we all left at once. Basically- and so we have that fear like, oh my god, I'm never going to be able to make a buck and within a week this is God's, honest truth. Within a week leaving yaks. I was booked on
Annie's comedy on the road and had HBO phone me at home to come. Do their young comedians audition for the young. Seattle and both conversation started with. Is it true that you have nothing to do with your guests? Anymore? because that show it was like it was like. I was on their radar, but if it's going to be, if I gotta deal with the ex I'm not going to bother with ok so tell at that, because I bet that's not really something that ever really happen here. There was like here was more of a tradition. I mean in price became a chain, but with a from my recollection and and not necessarily for my experience outside of catch a rising star and the Imp OZ, which came later you have. The club owner was a very specific type yeah. I know you had to deal with each one independently. Now you know yeah some. You had a party with some yeah yeah nice to some you had a listing. Those are the ones I could never get out the ones that wanted to pay you and Coke yeah. I was like yeah, I don't. I will yeah I'm really independent. My rent, yeah yeah. Well yeah, they got
you guys. You know who the guys are: they've Keno who got paid in coke, but but so you're, starting. Continue doing what they have an open mic yeah Thursday night. First, it was the first night in February, one thousand nine hundred and eighty eight, so I'm but the yeah and then you you stay in that area and you're kind of building your own matter a month. Building act yeah, so I was going down in amateur night Ann. It was well yeah. I got offered a couple weekends spots age spots and then they were like hey, there's this guy coming through John Wayne Junior I'd seen on tv, I know wing. Yes, I'm gonna, look on at and night at the comedy store. Yeah was it just I can, today July first as one of my depending, I think it might have been so these guys coming through and we need an opening act for him. He's going go, do a show at diggers in Albert yeah, and I was like yeah I've got down here, so there were invented the clubs at that time. There were independent clubs at that time
outside as well. It was like a one, but it was a one nighter that was booked through yuks right. So the headline of those coming into play that club, you really had it under wraps, so he had. We had the clubs and he had, I can one nighters out in the boonies right yeah, so he'd book and uh night, at a bar or or hall it will be a weekly gig. It was a one nighter, but it would still Breslin yeah, so you would you would. You know your book to play the club Friday, Thursday Saturday night and then maybe you know the Tuesday Wednesday before that you'd come inside, Do you drive out of Alford and prints out you do these little towns, Breslin kick yeah, so the payoff was you could do the club yeah yeah? If you do this, you can open at the club too yeah right, but so so there were just no other options and no one would try to start
outside of bread, yeah people try to start clubs yeah and then he for me just a moment this way. This is all for legal reasons. This is my recollection of how it went down yeah right. Okay, that cover me legal sure, the This is also the no one gives a shit anymore cause yeah exactly, but you know, As I recall you yeah, you You are basically told that you can't work for anybody that you know yeah. That was the one place. That book is so other places with other people try to start comedy clubs, but they had no very limited access to talent to canadian talent yeah because, like right, so because you won't even out of towners like if somebody like yourself wanted to come through and play that club. You would. The notion was, as I recall, it would be forbidden from playing. Yes, I know that big chain, so you don't want to you.
Pick up the big change, so you could play one right, but I think in as a testament to the good thing that bread, and it was he was pretty loyal to, in comics, I mean it wasn't easy for american axe to do Jakks Tortilla for a while right I mean was mostly canadian acts now yeah, but I don't know how much their loyalty under that, as when I was just you know, grab and here's some chinooks off the street it'll work for a soda. I get well, I guess so by it. He did give me the stages. Yes, so it's one of those things yeah it's like yeah, like how long did the iron fist of Breslin? Well, if you know, if you start the 70s and then so early 90s. I was living in Toronto by this time. Chronic comic right. 'cause, I started in Saskatoon, but within months I'd moved to Calgary, which was the kind of booking center for West. Canada and then I was there for months and then another committee, my name, is Jamie Davis. Just called me up out,
blue. I barely knew him. I'd met him. So how many competition he said, listen I'm going to Toronto. You should hop in my car and come with me because you should be seen by the people who book the clubs out. There laugh resort. No. Free laughers or so I went out to try. I was living in Toronto. Long story short: I worked in the x organiza, for about four years and then kind of had it. Record in Toronto yeah. So there was at the time myself Twelve other comedians basically said we're leaving all at once. There was another club that had started up a little before that called the laugh resort, and now suddenly they had the the talent pool that they had previously, as well as this new talent pool of twelve other comics that they didn't have access to before and it out it gave them enough of a talent pool to maintain.
An existence, and that was the beginning of the loosening of the iron glove. Now the iron fist and present the present iron fist of funny. The I didn't work yuks forever. I mean I'd, go and do Montreal and do the jimmies and go to these festivals, and I did the laugh resort right. I didn't work a yuck, yucks, forever until like not too long ago. I did that downtown one and what number what town was it March is Toronto, for an oh yeah, yeah yeah, so yeah I mean, like I said I haven't, played I haven't, haven't been within that ization since the early 90s, I don't even really know how it works anymore, so you're out out I mean from the time I left he wouldn't you. Like not even now as big an active. You are you he will know for sure there is I I would always get. You know like other headline comics that we played his co workers coming go. Listen, I I think you know it's
I can get you back into the room like why the hell am I want to I'm playing theaters give. Why would I go back then, but the theater shift came after the show I meant Well, so how do there? There was other independent clubs rumors in Winnipeg and lot laugh resort, and you know there were clubs and you could go how to still around right. It's a good club. Is it I've done the Winnipeg Comedy Festival and That was the only time is. Rumors is a great club. It's kind of everything you want in a comedy club is that basement low ceiling, no yeah, fantastic, sightlines, no pillars. It's like kind of an ideal really with the back of the room, is teared up. You know that second level and it seats like whatever two hundred and seventy five or three hundred people or something. So it's really fantastic setup, I think the last time I saw you actually, maybe not. We played a curling rink, that's exactly right, then that was the Golla in Victoria Victoria, the blue blue bridge.
Comedy festival yeah. That was the big show 'cause. He could start going all in the curling rink that festival yeah. That still goes on. I think that was it would we do like the first one I think it might have been, but the It was terrible. I was watching. Yeah was very echo yeah you can hear it did you couldn't tying yourself. I was watching other people and you're right. They say some on the stage, three seconds later you hear it in the back and then it would bounce off the fucking concrete. It's just not a good set are they still leave with comedy bookers out there? Curling arenas, not great, great. Are they still using that for the gala? I don't know yet, I hope not. I couldn't say it was like. It was one of the worst memories in my life and I said well, you did well. I do not remember doing well yeah, because there, because you couldn't hear their laughter the same way. You can't in your own voice and hear anything. Everything was happening a second or two after it happened. It is very, very kind of surreal. You gotta disjoint yourself from what you're saying and
you're hearing you've got to be two different. That's in a whole other skill. I need to yeah, that's where I got it if you're playing, if you wanna work Victoria, my friend I just seen you in, we were had a long conversation about the the Cheetos type of snack on Hawkins trees. Parking fees there in my riders there when I travel ha. Yes, yeah schools me on Hawkins, cheezies 'cause, there are hardcore cornmeal based yeah they're very good. This is exactly the pitch you gave me go on or made with real connect in cheddar yeah like them, not like some kind of weird chemical cheese, yeah. Very high level of sodium yeah yeah? I is that I think it's the crunchy thing in there they're like they're, like cheat more Satis. Buying Cheetos, because you can taste it the real cheese and it's thrilled that real reform is very crunchy yeah. He had me going on, like I said, I'm not even that kind of like as a good gas. They should have thought to bring some down for it. Yeah I mean I I'm not even a bag, snack kind of guy
I'm not what I recall of that situation was you were very begrudgingly you didn't want to like the cheese. If you don't want to ' the canadian, snack yeah and then, I could see the raise the resolve in your face, a dwindling at it with each largely that you're, like finally got them. These are pretty good. I got of it yeah yeah, you didn't wanna like the canadian snack, so, okay, so you You leave Brazil and then you come down here and you didn't get the HBO young communities, but you did do comedy on the road with Rubiner. Who is hosting John Byner? I ended up later touring with John Byner in Canada He came through after the guy who owned rumors Comedy club's since passed away now, but he he put together this show that was three canadian comedians opening for John Byner, Yellow John Bye to work as the host really was hers. Now he right and battery yeah I'm and he just took a bath on the tour. I remember like
because no one cared about John Byner. Well, it was like it wasn't fit. I said on the tour, so I don't know who the hell, you kind of think we are here who was like It was me and John Rogers and me and John Ross and I don't remember anything about other than like. Derek Edwards is the other guy. In the tour d ever see him he's a canadian do to never ventured down here. Really I don't know if I've seen he may be the funniest dude walking the planet now share again hello, again he's one of those guys. I remember when I did a Anne's comedy on the road yeah that same year he was on another. You know they would take multiple nights, yes, and so he was on it and you see all the US managers snap to attention when their x talking, oh yeah, yeah yeah, who the hell is this guy? yeah. But I don't think he's very ambitious. You know he's like this slow. Back in Northern Ontario due to just wants to be out at the cabin really that's all he wants in life. So I don't think well, some dudes get you. If you get too,
really stay there. You know when you got to make your life miserable. Well, you get you get popular there. You want to come here me. Nobody yeah, and I think his notion was just I want to make enough money doing stand up. Then I can go to the cabin every year. Yeah I mean nice one, so many tours in place theaters in Canada, and then he takes some time off so funny yeah, and he's one of those guys that I always said. There's people who can be teasingly successful and not work that hard just 'cause they talent, and then there are other people that maybe aren't that talented, but they can be successful 'cause. They just work hard and everybody, and then you get some people that are crazy, talented who work really hard yeah and that's what he was that he worked. He wasn't am a great ambition right talking like he's dead He doesn't have great ambitions. I don't think other and he wants his actively really good right that dude he had so much natural. It'd be funny and then you'd see him at you know middle of the afternoon at a coffee shop where there's no
just hammering away yes, you've got damn yeah, I gotta work down. And be that funny and he's got a made, a good life for myself. Without having that you know, you have be the biggest star in the world yeah. So look him up sometime, Derek Edward I'd like yeah, I'm surprised. I haven't seen him. I'm using anybody who wilma him and Wilmont were like the I have no idea whether they will go up. They would leave their wives behind, go into the bush and do God knows what he and just come back had. General. Like we've been doing. God knows what I know will not I've seen with vegetables. I know exactly what he's doing he's like a health nut. Now he could yeah to be yeah? I think we had a bit of a health care, and I heard he runs good. He doesn't smoke. I don't think he drinks. He quit smoking and drinking yeah MIKE and he's like. He probably weighs the same. Well he's like about my age, our age, from a little older than you right, but he looked like he was so he was a younger than me, younger than me right. He looks like he he locked her. He hardcore yo yeah, alright is there does talk like they
Our time is like that great kind of fun drunk uncle yeah, hey guys there so funny, yeah so far, so funny hello, yeah, hi, okay, he he kills, and it's so funny yeah. Well, that's great that he's a he's trained took a turn around yeah Well, I think I don't know the details. I think I get if he had a health scare sure said I gotta turn this train around here he's got some You've got that intestinal fortitude to do it. Yeah! It's great! I don't know. If I would, I would think I'd be like oh, you know I should just lay down and die. Then now you wouldn't I'm not going to go running I know I know I mean you assume that, but when the blood test come back and it's sort of like you know, you've got about one working heart valve you're going to be like alright. So that's in my family to the hard thing, that's what I gotta lookout for. Well, there you can check it out yeah. I started seeing a cardiologist preemptively to stay on top because that's my families, how's it? Why cholesterol or just don't, know what it is yeah I don't know
what is my dad died? A sixty eight, his brothers all died. You know quite young except for one of them to be honest Adams, No, I'm not on everything is working. Fine, wow, that's good! I'm just uh and I quit smoking years ago. I smoked for up until I spoke for twenty years yeah I started with seventeen when I was twenty seven. I realized that smoking for ten years then promised myself. I won't smoke more than twenty yeah, and so I took it right to the Instagram. Today. Oh, so you do comedy on the road and then you come back so how does like it's always been my Shin, probably wrong, so wrong that if you're Talented and you work hard in Canada eventually, they'll give you a show. At least for a season socialized.
Yeah, I'm you know there's. I know you're being kind of facetious, but there is a there's, not it's not that cut and dry right, but the notion is there, you know it's a small pool account and if you, if you you know Mashable to attain some level of success, cryo out sometimes and things but yeah. That's not the certainly, not a blanket statement, because there are million, really funny canadian guys who headline clubs and do great- and you know there, the time when you know the big knock against canadian broadcaster was you couldn't get them to come out to the? I don't like for me, the big your city Mereka, and can networks as a young comedian. When I was starting out like when I was like twenty if I had a lot of heat people were like. Oh, this kids funny young kid from Canada, yeah and so the difference between american and canadian executives I couldn't get a meeting with canadian exact television executives. And they knew who I was. I was like a supposed to be the hot guy and I couldn't get.
Come down to Lai, had meetings with NBC Cbs and they want the new guy and they were all like. Ok who the hell? Are you? What do you do? We don't know anything about you. What's your deal, they don't want to miss out on right. Exactly we hear your hot there's, some rumor, you can do something. What is it? Can I make a buck off? I had meetings at this big Don't worry we're having an, I mean nothing name of it, but you know they took men. Having read for stuff- and I was like why the hell and even year would take years and years, later before, I finally pitched the show that got sold in both. But what answer that why the hell was it like that, I think it came down to individual I think the hearing that time yeah there was a lot of complacent executives. What was on tv at that time. Were you guys watching what you guys jealous watching american television yeah, mostly no great canadian comedy, kids in the hall was the big thing, but it was. You know: Lauren Michaels produced that so that was
does big thing when we were grownups already yeah right, yeah in their 20s yeah yeah. So we did it pan out like what you so you come down here. You didn't get any traction and you still doing club, but I never really came to I mean I came down here for a matter of justice right meeting ship, but I came back to I was busy I was the thing was I just had a good little was making a living hell you know I was booked every week and I was so. Did it run like so you go back to places three times a year, yeah anything right and there's about places, and that was your year yeah right and then a lot of lot of one nighters of that sure it was a good number one either. So I and I started doing a lot of court shows now I was busy and could I can work very clean for I mostly work clean. I don't have a. It was never a conscious decision to yeah but and then the weird thing now is because I've worked clean for so long. Mainly people assume I'm a clean. So now all good, and then I had this success
tv, will show that the whole family. Enjoy react right. There was a prime time sitting here, but. So now? I will go. Do a show in there because I I looked on the consumers get their eight year old kid in the front front row, and it's like it's kind of this is an end of show the worst, the worst filthy, but I might be talking about my taxes since I was in Vancouver and someone brought a baby and that turned turned into a whole. We have turned into a very weird story, so, but so how do you? How do you develop a show? so you come up with their gas. The way it worked for me was. I was just going about my business. Doing stand up an this director. I know David story who had directed a one off comedy thing that I had done he came to Maine. He called me up. He said let him in Vancouver, let's go for coffee You are living in Vancouver, yeah. I've lived in Vancouver for about twenty six years or so, you have in Vancouver now lost twenty six years
otherwise. I love Vancouver yeah. Why didn't I realize that the Icu in Vancouver near a busy guy- I don't know- I saw you once in Vancouver at oh yeah I was coming back from lunch at candler on the battery of all their yeah we bumped into each other, but anyway I saw this director says good. Let's go for coffee on It was something he says. I've been talking to the network and there No, if you have any show ideas, because I had just and I've been nominated for best comedy performance for this stand up show I had done on the Ctv network right, and so they were kind of. Oh, this he's a funny. Guy just got some heat with a special nominated for an award, so this director had been talking to the network about some of his show ideas. They weren't keen on his show ideas, but they said that you know you know
but yeah does he have any show ideas. So he came to me and said your ideas. I said well the only thing that I wrote this treatment for a show at a gas station in the middle of Cisc Atuan, but I can't imagine they'd be interested in that. He said well I'll talk to them about it. He came back said yeah, they're interested so flush it out a bit. So I flushed it out some more. You know I had this for page treatment. I hammered it out or made it more detailed yeah I kept thinking they were going to not be interested, Bing interest in an isolated gas station at the notion was. It was just it's kind of like me the notion of what would my life be like if I hadn't pursued showbiz? I don't really have any marketable skills. I used to hang out at the gas station a lot yeah. I thought that's probably what I'd be doing so it's kind of premised on the life of. If I hadn't pursued comedy, I would be running the gas station in small rural Saskatchewan in that gas station has a little grocery and stuff yeah yeah, and then there's a coffee shop attach. Ok, there you go so, and so this coffee shop, it always
run by this woman named Ruby. She passed away and she willed it to her her niece, who is from Toronto, and she comes out to the girl ten, so it's kind of a fish out of water sure, but your local yeah, I'm a local she's, the and it's like, you're you're is also matters like a TED Danson thing where you just there's a romantic tension between you, two yeah, remember I tension between two and we did see two years of that and then we did a movie. But when the end of the movie, you find out that my character and her have been dating for two years no into knows it, it kind of goes against. The true of everybody knows everybody's business in a small town right now we're just like what yeah you guys might throw the entire country was invested in this like this is that we have the crazy this unique thing, because this is a huge It's a huge Arno Canadian hit shows, that's always been the rule right. No, but like
I don't know the show it is but like in the sense that, like it was a huge success in Canada you're on this series for six years, and we were it's the only time in history that the number one comedy in Canada wasn't from America is the only that's for me. That's the I'm very proud of that. We are actually the number one we weren't the number one comedy with a number in comedy yeah we're ahead of all the Importantly shroud almost there is very in national sense of pride. It seems to be like when people talk about it in there you know. Does you Atvs or canadian people yeah, but I think one of the reasons that had success or connected with people is that You know we were we weren't, hiding the fact that we were canadian, which some shows would do would be. Be less as to where they were to try to appeal to a US market right. We weren't that we said we were Cisc Atuan yeah, but
it's all it will it will? It was never about being. There really was ever about to schedule. Good look, people would say it's a show about. You know it's just catching a north ninth show about and that's why it had this appeal. It it played in twenty. Countries- n it did. You know we had guys yeah we have guys from Sweden say it's just like the village. I grew in Sweden. Won't have guys from Manhattan, say this just like my neighborhood, because it had a real universality had a run here. Yeah it came. Wgn, superstation, okay for a couple years, yeah thing yeah. Now it's on its right, as of so now since sixty countries, the original series, not the animated one, okay, we're hoping that the launch in the you soon. The original hundred and seven episodes plays on Amazon, Prime. So an it's taken off their nose. Schitt, the numbers. Are you know you have experts going into it or saying like you could do we expect x, amount x matter what it's blowing all those experts, so do you get?
You still get the residuals. Now we don't. Do a residual system, Canada, which in ninety nine percent of the time. That's a good system. They do a Biot system the only time it's not a real good system is when you have a hit yeah so now you just sit there and watch it have this life, but you know you just kind of done well by the show. You know once it's a hit show. You know, you know you negotiate your fees forward instead of backward as well. No, I get. But, like you know here, I guess yeah I'll never be Jennifer. Aniston is one of the appeals of coming to the states. Is that you know Jerry Seinfeld's, a billionaire yeah and I have no problem paying my hydro bill. That's the difference between that's canadian success, yeah! So ok, so this ram for five or six did cheers hundred how many six, episodes and then I wrapped it up. Work wanted more shows, but I was like we gotta do something else yeah. It's a five year. Years later, the idea was, let's come back a few years later and do 'em.
And that will be the cherry. On top yeah, so we did that we did the movie with his successfully at Rickel release and everything and then it was like the most watched it got, Ward, that you're for most eyeballs or whatever right, yeah, and so the movie great see it's right here. We call those ratings yeah, but we don't know the technical term, but we just call it, but we sold out theaters like like my brother, a I can't get into your God, Damn movie and there's all mad Elmer, Okay, and so anyway, and the theaters it was was a limited run. The success was very enough numbers of theaters negotiated with network to have a longer window, so we could keep it in theatres yeah. It did great business then they so then the network, you know called me again and said: listen this clearly still an appetite. Do you want to do something you want to do more episodes, and I just didn't think it was the right thing me and my
as we didn't. It was right to just go back and do more yes, odes, but you like the idea of having a gig. So what can we do differently? And I I have this history of illustrating in cartooning, yeah and we had talked about. We had kicked around the notion of doing an animated scene in one of the episodes, so we said well what, if we didn't animated version of the show? Let's, let's kick that idea around, and so I was fortunate position to know a guy named norm. Hiscock enormous cock is a comedy writer he wrote kids in the Hall Saturday night Saturday Night live. He was one of the writers in corner gas yeah and he was a writer on king of the hill, so here's a guy who knows our show and knows, prime time animation right. So I went to him right away and I said: listen he canadian work yeah. I said we're thinking about doing an animated version of corner gas primetime animated. What would we change What we do different. So he just said emphatically said: don't do anything different is a perfect show animate, just let's, so we
him on to help develop the show to the mega animated show, and where is that at now season, one was big head broke the broke the record for what do you, what ratings, I ball high bawling yeah hi. Both the most people wrote eyeballs. We we broke Charlie Sheen's record for that on the comedy network. The biggest debut of a show was anger, management, aha, okay and so have you got yeah now now it's going to guess anime that was It was built to syndicate globally and no one washes it here. So we anyway, it's a big hit, and so we got the second season were in the works of that now So that's that's amazing idea. It's like in in Canada. I guess what you have all the stuff. You have streaming and everything else, but there's still a pretty Why have we just basic tv audience MIKE for CBC stuff or is it yeah? I you know, I think so state is as across the board, is the like everywhere else write a network. Show I mean the
version airs on cable. First on the comedy network, which is like that canadian version- okay, central, yes, Connie at work, there is there. First and then airs in the summer, main network tv, so you and then it streams in Canada on Crave, which is a canadian streaming service yeah, but outside of Canada's on Amazon. Prime. I got to watch now. I know where to watch it, but not the animated isn't streaming outside Canada, yet, okay! originally originals on Amazon's Prime yeah, the original corner get now. What was hiccups pick ups is the follow up after I kind of scented. We don't do anymore corner gas. Yeah said that they said the Well, would you like to do another shot if comedy star? Let's see if you can do it again, yeah So yes, so we did it. I can't- and I came up with this other idea for show called Hick ups yeah, which is about a child, I'm a very popular children's book author, who has
emotional, issues with anger, management issues and other emotional hiccups and uhm, and so that's why, The next steps with your wife yeah. So Robertson, who was an actor that we hired to be to come a corner gas and play the retail assistant, Wanda gas. She and I headed off during the filming of corner gas and we ended up getting married showbusiness couple yeah, Canadian Show power couple yeah, damn straight shore business power. Couple now tell me about the Peter Houston award.
The Peter ustinov award- is an award that the comedy network gives out at the Banff Television Award. I guess and it's what it signifies of of a significant body of comedic work like a lifetime. Achievement type deal yeah and you got one of those yeah. It was Peter Ustinov, Canadian, no, but he spent a lot of time in Canada. We love Canada. It is if he always said Toronto is like. If New York was run by the Swiss, I was so like it at all said you know you got a great wife in a great career in the and and but here in the states you know you're fairly obscure yeah You know. I know you from working in Canada, but it did. Is that ever something that that haunts you anyway, do you wish that to? Because I other cats said come down and for even from England and forever, and they try to get some traction here and they just They really want it and it doesn't necessarily happen. Do you have that experience?
not really I mean I wouldn't. I would love to be a huge it's a big market in big money. If I was a big star on here, but I, when I came down on to LA I kind of did that that chase the showbiz thing here about six months down here yeah and there was real, helpful bill opportunity. You could see it and I had some had interest for managers. Nearly Miller was like a big champion. I'm me for a long time. Really help me out and I'm and MIKE Mcdonald God bless him. He he introduced me to club owners and Jeff and he was a big supporter. I'm but what I found was when I was down here all it's hard to put my finger on it. If I was myself on stage, it will go. Ok yeah. I think I think I have a strange canadian accent where it's.
It's not like a real strong EAST coast, canadian accent or something is not that real kinda tight, Ontario accent yeah. It's not real Fargo ask right closest thing. Like me, yeah like when I watched Fargo that I couldn't stop laughing because everybody just sounded like my dad. My dad would like especially phone when the William H, Macy carried on the phone yeah. I just my father on the phone. This was oh yeah, yeah right, real, good, real good, then ok, right yeah. Alright, then real good! You, oh yeah, real good right then so, let's just cracking up there Fargo, but I think my my accent was it obstacle it was just different enough that people they were spending the whole time in my acct going right. I think is this guy right right: it was not american
yeah, they couldn't figure out it wasn't like thick, irish, brogue or a character was in Yakima smear, not right, so it was If I would dial outback and talk more american yeah, I would do much better yeah but I didn't enjoy it so much. I felt I wasn't being myself. I felt I wasn't being the whole time was on stage is just conscious. It, was like you playing the Victoria curling rink you're like you're ahead. It's not natural right, and so I and then event I didn't, have the paperwork to stay here and work right, so I kind of had to make the decision. What am I going to do I'm going to pursue this an it? one kind of coincided with me getting a lot of traction in Canada and do get being busy yeah and I kind of feel like the decision was made for me a bit, and I just think internally this part of me that as a little kid I
he's because there wasn't a lot of canadian tv yeah and I only group with two channels I get CBC and Ctv and it was mostly american shows yeah and if I ever saw anything Canadians watching canadian comedic, yeah. I was raptured by an I wanted more of it yeah. So I grew up kind of wanting to make canadian comedy yeah and as like a patriotic thing, something I didn't have much of growing up sure and then people always said well, you can we don't do sit coms in Canada or so well. There's, no reason we couldn't I mean I get them. I get the economics of it. I hit show in the states will pay for fifty failures. Yeah right, we don't have that Yeah! You, you wanna, shot yeah one shot every five years of the sitcom here and so the the you know you got about a thousand who writes a thousand, so we just happened to come up with a show that worked the show really liked,
F, congradulations. So now you're doing the anime thing, but how and you're on the road a lot still here in, but you do theaters you're what you're star in Canada. How how often you gotta over your hour, you would be generating how. How often should I turn it over or do I turn I mean. I have to assume I don't. I have spent so much time on production and writing scripts. The animated sure, now that I can't turn my act over as much as I would like that. But the does that he that yeah I can't deal or go out? You were just there like six months ago and you go out with the same act. It Bob use me until you go out and it's working if it gets big laughs and then you have to get all about it and so far it keeps working. I mean I change. I have I've been doing stand up for thirty. Some years I got a. I got a big sure, tickle trunk, as we would say in Canada, Algeria yeah, we just have a show in Canada called Mister Dressup was like Mister Rogers yeah. He had a tickle tickle trunk where he pulled cost. You
Let's see what's in the technical, it's funny, though, when you're sort of like you know, when I did that bit, people didn't really know so there's a lot of people that have never heard that bit yeah well there is. There is some of that sure yeah. I mean you're right. That was a great bit I spent at six months making that bit work, and then I put it on tv and I fuckign buried, I'm pulling it out. You can retool it some stuff. Like I just Henry doing I was going through an old notebook coming. So I have this concern. As I got now, I gotta start pull some different stuff out: yeah um 'cause. I was playing a show at this casino where I've kind of come back every year. Yeah I was like, I think, they're going to start hating me if I don't come up with something that was going, in notebook- and I really want it kind of hit Maine, sometimes you see a reference and you realize how long you've been doing it. Maybe I had a bit in my active a push button phone sure I was like Holy Jesus. How long have I been doing yeah anyway, I ended up kind of retooling that into being a bit about
how long I've been doing. Standup sure already told this story, but I had a bit in my acton. He could do the big he so it's kind of it's a bit cheat kind of, but it works the people like the story of it yeah yeah as long as long as there's some kind of authentic grain. Do it oh yeah and, as you get older, you get more grounded in yourself and you can talk a little freer about yourself yeah. I think you have for good or bad. I think you start to get less hung up on all those little kind of yeah anxieties and yeah you're. Certainly I have found that I don't have the same fears, but that one fear of repeating myself is is a real one. You know I guy, and then you start to realize like well like, five years ago I wasn't selling the amount of tickets have been selling. Now, like you, you, you think all these people listen to everyone of my records are seen now. My CS, Razi there's one special, the if you can't even find the thing yeah. Okay, all fold that in and don't let that go, no, I know
it is kind of crazy, but then like because of that pressure I put on the myself like irish growth mark Meron, is known for it. You know I eventually somehow churn out, oh good new hour every year and a half or two years just out of compulsion. But is it really good, though it gets better, it gets there, it gets it. That's the that's! The two there is that one of the one of the in securities, but I think all standards have especially if you you know once you've had some success, you're, a guy who can go out and get big glass right, you're that guy yeah you're used to it yeah and yeah you're hooked on that right. Now you go out and you you got a bunch of new staff and maybe not as honed yeah. It doesn't have ten years in the clubs behind it and it's not getting the last year used to just bail on it. You throw down a smoke, pellet and haul out the old bits yeah. I don't don't do that as much, because what I'll do is I'll do like I'll get it small space and do like workshop
instead of instead of doing the on the road it at a like a residency at Once a week for a month or two Roger I'll, just have make sure it's my fans, well expectations I'll ramble through an hour and a half and try to keep breaking it down because you try to kind yeah yeah once you start sandwich in those big bits into the well worn ones. You know you can always another great canadian snack the half baked, but if you ever get a chance to made with real canadian bits, yeah. You know there's just a job, but in no matter what I'm doing I do that so, like Vancouver's got a great club called the comedy mix and yeah. You know it's not a big, hi. This is what I would say: that's great! Yes, let's all go down there and work on new, but that's the way to do it. Right, okay and then you like no expectations, pain, I'd bread and I think I pop up unannounced. Nobody has like paid a ticket to see me. I just went off and do ten or fifteen minutes of of new. It's not rewarding, though even if it doesn't work is good. Like you know, like the Miss playing the clubs,
there in the other thing about that. Is that, like you know there is that thing where you have bits that you know work, Then you do in the new bits and they're not quite there yet, but that first time that you know you know pressure situation and it hits that's. That's the real laugh yeah that that you know yeah not just doing the job. That's yeah, I'm still funny, oh god, yeah, so who exactly 'cause? I think there is that fear. That's one of the securities insecurities is. Can I still do it yeah? You know I put out a tweet little while ago, where I said you know this early in the morning. I'm having a coffee and how much when I tweeted at nothing says I'm a vibrant contemporary part of the comedy scene like being up at seven hundred am on a Sunday for no reason yeah, like the notion of that when I was thirty yeah of being up at seven, family Saturday for Sunday for no reason now 'cause, I would have gone to bed at four hundred or five
no gas. I know you know: do you get up hi, guys, yeah? I wife and I go to. We hit the sack about ten. We watch a Miss Marple and the then I'm up at seven yeah. I get that thing where it's just sort of like you know when I've got to start scratch way. You know what I mean where I do. I don't know. Why did that more, you like? Where does it come from? What how do I do this Well, I think part of the thing is when we were, you know just in the clubs every night doing making scribbling all the time Never really, maybe just speaking for myself, but I never felt to me like I was you have that workload of sitting down and just put three hours today, hammer some stuff together because you're doing a show every night. So you just kind of going in doing the show having a couple drinks hanging with your buddies and wandering around work, then wandering around all day thinking, but their work. That's not the work anymore! no 'cause, we're not in the clubs every night. So now the word so I got to sit down at the kitchen table
An really do some actual writing at oh yeah. I can't stand it like it like when I like I have a day off from shooting and I don't have any interviews or whatever, where I don't have anything to do. I'm like this is what I was working for yeah. This is how we spent most of my life 'cause you're in the clubs you doing shows every night but you're also doing nothing yeah, you just wandering around where you notebook and then you have coffee, and then you walk a few blocks. You like oshit then write that down and that's that also driven by the fact that you get along- and you know, they're about to cut your phone because you haven't paid the bill in two months and now your bills are paid yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Yes, sir you've put in these years of battling you become in the the old polar bear. Yeah. You know yeah yeah. You could put the battle armor down here. I wish I have and I do but thank God, my brain still a yeah. That's your bread and butter yeah! That's right! That's why don't ever lose that! Well, that's one of my things is like, and I don't know if I'm,
Let me question whether my whole life isn't just the loadable shift, because he was here, but all the best comedy comes from extend that you know, and I just never had any that group very you know my parents are pretty cool my siblings and I got along, but you, but you do have the failures. Ok, so that's just as good as a if you know anything like that, this sort of defeatism, you know I would pre defeated myself right that yeah that that's the either way, yeah you you you, you get it early on to something, and this could be a whole revolutionary angle of psycho therapy where you to send people, listen just pre defeat yourself and you get rid of anxiety, I think we're already hot failure, sure sure dread. I am a big dread fan like I'm not going to go to like that's going to iterability. I don't know what is it about see? I don't, but I just don't. I don't have that I'm I don't want to buy but I'm fine with bombing at the end of the day. It's like it's not! I don't have somebody.
Of life in my hands, you know, if I I remember, I dated this girl years, ok and I want to double date with her friend and her boyfriend. Her boyfriend was vice cop in Tirana right, and I remember him saying well. I would never have the nerve to do what you don't like. It didn't kick in the door to crack house today like how do you? Where does that I never take a shotgun blast to the chest like if I'm having a bad day. If I make the wrong decision yeah, you know yeah I get up tomorrow. Try it again. We need to shift out yourself a little but you're not going to take a shotgun, but I don't know there's something about I've. Never I've always wanted to do well, but I've never put too much gravity on it or something. That's good. That's a good! That's a good! there you go back, but I wonder if it isn't like some sort of bulshit maskas, especially when here now from people people say to me: oh yeah, you're very grounded,
you're, very calm, and I feel like that's the case, but then I sometimes I think well isn't just you know. Do you ever that's my anxiety. My anxiety is my rim. I really this com. It was just all Bush or they don't have therapy in Canada yeah, but it's socialized and it's not. Everybody's got to work as a therapist for two weeks, so they're, not good at some guy, was a milkman the week before. Well, you discover things about yours. I mean it's a matter of wanting to. Maybe maybe you shouldn't question it too much. It seems to be working for you for me. I just wanted to lie just like the laugh. I don't think there's more to it than that. For me, Also you were the last kid was a struggle for attention. I think so there's that and if I could make my older, This is just like that was a great because it didn't come easy. They wouldn't give it up here. I did yeah yeah yeah. So if you
A them laugh, you know, is legit now right now is a hobby that you you you you you. You learn your craft by wanting to be liked by your siblings yeah, hey echo, that the beatings a stop. It's the next best all title it if I but I'm planning on doing a special this year and I've never done one and all I'm almost for posterity sake. I want to get it out to say I was here. You know right at the corner. Gas is partly that rubella posterity part mice. Yeah, but I was also I'm a stand up, so I want some of my stand up out there more so I'm going to specialist, I'm kicking around. Well good man. Well, I'm glad that you know that this corner gas is something you can do for the rest of your life. It's great here's how Well, that's one of the things we're doing an animated. Now yeah it doesn't matter how old they are bald or fat. As long as I can sound design right. That's why I love doing this, and I can do it in my house yeah I'm glad we got it done. What are you doing down here?
I had a couple of meetings. I have an agency down here we're talking about some stuff from corner gas american style. Well, you know the notion is to get corner gas down streaming in the state. The animated version streaming. The way, though good so there's. Interesting that yeah you just talking about stuff keeping the machine gun. You know alright, man well glad we made time for this Brent. Nothing thanks for having me sure I'll, see you in Canada there. You go Canada, me and Brent, but and I'm talking to you right now from Hamilton, Ontario. It's all coming together that the forces that Canada Day. Here, a few days early, you can subscribe to Brent Youtube Channel. The but you can also find him on Twitter Instagram and it bread, but com is show.
Corner gas, I believe, is animated. Now and you can go watch out somewhere. Oh my god, you guys shooting is tiring. I know again, these are what they call luxury problems and recovery rack but but I'm going to go out, it looks like you have a little time. So I'm going to go, enjoy Hamilton the hammer boomer lives,
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