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Episode 1078 - Cedric the Entertainer

2019-12-09 | 🔗

Before he was a King of Comedy, before he was even an entertainer, he was Cedric the Insurance Claims Adjuster. Cedric and Marc talk about his emergence in the St. Louis-area comedy scene and how the business of Black Comedy took off. Cedric also looks back on his brief but game-changing touring days with Bernie Mac, Steve Harvey and DL Hughley, his roles in movies like Barbershop and First Reformed, and his current CBS series The Neighborhood. This episode is sponsored by WHO by The Who, Zoro.com, American Express, and Stamps.com.

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based in the? U S visit Z, O r, o dotcom, Slash, w e F, in all lower case letters to sign. Four Z mail and get fifteen percent off your first order. I withdrew the show a guy. All right? Let's do this, how are you what the fuckers, what the fuck bodies, what the fuck's theirs happening a mark mare in this, my podcast right there I with you that the wrong tone with what days Monday? What's goin on that too much for me today on the show I thought you said the entertainer sort of a long time coming I'd run into a mere and thereby again doing elegant. Do it any good, it was go well, John. Of comedy history, their revolves around Saint Louis said I didn't know will sort of perspective honor. Black comedy and when that kind of became,
that sort of thing unto itself and just you're coming around generally like like Cedric, India was to see him so that's gonna happen, also we do. These tour dates. I told you about that. It was going to happen, but I'm the guy you're like Mark, Don't you ever come to places like grew, Rapids Michigan or Milwaukee Wisconsin, or a problem In short, I under New Haven Connecticut how why have been so long since you ve been too high. Into New York, because I wanted to wait doors to call this time of the year and possibly fuckin snowing. Apparently, that tone again. Why the biggest? It's me tone is it me this is nothing to do with anything any of you have done. I am talking to myself like this. Thursday January thirtieth, I'm in Cleveland, Ohio at the Igor Theatre. It should be great if it's not worth snowing or you're an avalanche of coldness
Friday January thirty, first being Grand Rapids Michigan at the Fountain street church. If it's not fair, was in sharp sat February. First in Milwaukee Wisconsin, albeit the Turner Hall Ballroom. If it's not ice pure ice, February fourteen. I take a break, go to Orlando Florida at heart. Alive. Despite our work, will see what happens. As many of you know, I do not do for too, because I dont think Florida. Does me you do I'm saying I just it's my gut feeling, but we'll see, maybe dino down their tamper for, on Saturday February, fifteenth at the Strasse Centre Such there really was called. If not suppose, He stars centre strap has said word stress is the distress family. I know tat is, I hope it's right.
Gotta be right. Strasse man Abbe, where he pointed TAT, her distress was, exact and swaying Naw Man Strata Centre Thursday, back in the Arctic. Very twentieth, I'm in Portland main at the state Theatre on February, twenty first, I'm in Providence, Rhode, island, the column Sera. Many of you know Providence in my relationship goes way back to when my car had stolen they're fine, Someone calls and my car got stolen though on the street overnight, thy too drunk to drive home and got it right or something, and it was gone with. My bomber jacket, which was said. Ah yes, so I'll get enclosure around that. Maybe I'll find my car Friday. February. Twenty second I'll, be a New Haven Connecticut, a Coward street musical we're taking away before again might be frozen Sunday February. Twenty third hunting
New York at the paramount I enjoy that place? really that's where they give you a brick when he perform their. I have a brick from there. POW look out just shoot. My pants just got don't call up class, the God read now I've never read was always riff. Just coffee got go on get the deputy up went I go on the back and not a fortune, partly anything really That's nice, academic, coffee and I haven't dabbling. I haven't shipping at the coffee precept. Tickets, go on sale Wednesday morning at ten, a m where you are this Thursday at ten. A m where you are for Cleveland Grand Rapids, no walking Orlando Tampa, Portland main Providence, Rhode, island, you Haven, Huntington New York, priests Ale goes on
at the venues that I mentioned or deputy ipod, Dotcom, Swash tour and you use the password buster. That's me at the artist pre sail for all those dates. So it's good, back to some more. Let's get back to the present. To its view, I'm kind of sad news, but not not horrible yeah. I don't know what to tell you. Man is, though, a fond when it. What do I want to call it? The journey. The other day, man she was under the bed. Am I going to do this tomorrow, but then all the sun she's real, hang out and is realised like inertia, might not be dying immediately. This might be. The older were fond as she's in a senior citizens she's a Little confused, she doesn't have the kind of bite. Did you use? Do she lost her edge, completely she's, very fragile, but she's about I mean right now, she spends out a quarter. The day under the bed and then another quarter, like sleeping on the bed and then
I'll have the day she sorted out and about so it's definitely not I'm a killer. I mean down Jesus, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, it's not time but I think I'm in a certain amount of denial work. I don't you know. I think that I'm I can still hike up the mountain every day in animals. Beat up, but but that's words. I'm just gonna! Wait it out. A kind of thought I would have to do with this week is out to go out of town fur. He can then back for weaken them out of town again. So I thought like let's get this over with. Where I go, which was selfish So I just want you to know that I'm not going to put we'll find it down just because I might not be here to do it like I'm not going to do it, because I don't want to miss anything if that makes sense to you, definitely ill. I think she might be under the bed right now, but she has been about and she is receiving love and she is eating and she sort of hanging out
and kind of working wistfully out the window, which I project like that she's taking it in she just is your being what she can for her journey It's like you when you know a catastrophic and not doing well, and so just looking at the window, unlike this is fucking almost too much. For me to bear, She just sort of like the others, a bird this might be the last bird. I think it's raining sweat. Ah, I got the idea that she's like the soonest, is all going to be over me just sitting. Here, working out the window outside right, never go you know a fly away. Thy way in the moon, away. Yet that's why I think he's doing she's. Singing the Carter. Family version fly away ass. She would
shut the window. Knowing that hurt Her time as long as they say in the blue song, the fund is time a long but doing. Ok, right now,. Still sad, but I'm not. I like that. She's hanging in ok, listen folks, have you ever booked Montana is vacation year like when you just to get away from all the stress, and we know that stuff. Whether it's a spur of the moment hiking trip to ban with your buddy their driving out of town for the weekend to make some time for yourself green from Annex get you three times the points on travel, Cutting airfares, hotel stays car rental more. If a spontaneous trip sounds tempting right now chance, Are you probably earned it learn more American Express Dotcom, Swash green from annex terms, apply. As some of you knows, on vacation in Ireland and
away at my mother's forbid. I guess what in writing. Quite realizing, like after the special after recorder, my special at the end of October. I did not do comedy at all for since then, since October? Third, I was just sort of like enjoying my life without distress. In panic, compulsion to go from from comedy three nights a week, and then I do the other night I got back in I went in and it was like a big fucking. And me out dude banana railway. Look, I know one professional. I know that is what I do have done on my life and I assume it will come back to me tired of all the material. In a way I hadn't reinvigorated it. I didn't allows going to say- and I made stake of bringing the rector lady with me and is she got to- experience that, where
deep down my fuckin horrified, the fact I'm done commie so long? I don't want to talk to him. I don't want to be up there. I don't like the audience and now it's gonna hurt. I know it's going to take time to fight. In at least one set to get back on my feet. And you I can just gone through that myself, but she chose to come with me, so that means I was able to kind of put all frustration, anger and a touch of fear, indirect, right at her for no reason which is on the great reasons too, to be involved with me Is- the misdirection of anger area Maybe I don't communicate emotionally that why don't ya a grown man, but I dont know. If I'm a grown up, trying to patterns or Wes and there needs to be an app of some kind. You have created to trans eight immature kind of adults. Pensive men's statements into what they really mean:
emotional, have like, for instance, when I say something like you're fucked, you you're, fucking love me but that really means is, I love you when I say something like you're, fucking with my hand. I don't appreciate you just worm in your way in their your man be waiting me you're, fucked, up in my shit. That means, I feel very close to you right now. Right go fuck yourself, fuck! You means please don't leave I there. Maybe she translated into her like I'm sorry about that too,
were without really means is, like a hope, was asshole and a complete emotional fuck up. I should be grateful every day that you have the patience to even be here. That's what I'm sorry means, but also it's ok. If you have to leave and go fuck yourself seen any start over again the Trans, the pastor kind of go back unites tricky, but if anyone wants to design that up, you should get on. It has served Fonda yelping she's, not pain, she's, all right, she had excited about water. Don't you as you could so I go on stage. First said. I took a little bit of a this. It's just a a feeling I was talking to arm. Who is talking to urge a stagnant bench words about it? It's a weird feeling of embarrassment and shame that just manifests into you self fluctuation and then of
adding the person your with. Maybe that last part just me Anyway, I did three debts on Saturday in them back in it, man everything's alive again, everything's reinvigorated. Don't worry about me, I'm funny. Yeah. You heard it here. First, some guy comes after. To the show, like, oh you know, from my yeah we're interviews and I didn't know you did dare to stand up it. You're funny might thank you. Thank you. I've been doing it. My entire fucking life in the arts dislike Y Y, you gotta be so dismissive, translate to her. I appreciate you, isn't my show. I'm glad you got to see me. Do Stanhope FUCK that guy? That means
jealousy that person. This would be very helpful, Afro out of insecure, angry people that guy's doing anything original. That means I need to write more that is bullshit. I don't want to. I can do that gig. That means I'm scared. I just need to overcome. Listen, I need to tell you look and this is coming from my heart just cause have done this honey five times. I mean, I don't mean it. When I say there no need to interrupt your work day or fight traffic to get to the post office. Do you hear me? This is replace anything you can do at the Post office was enemy. You can do it. It's NAFTA com They are small office, sending invoices or even a warehouse a whole warehouse sending thousands of packages it day.
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gale, no long term commitments or contracts just go to stamps dot, com gonna microphone at the top, the top of the homepage and typing W g efforts. Damp stock com enter w e F stamp stock com, never go to the post office, again, never go to the post office. Get. Could you imagine it ok anyway, Tiger, maybe I'll, take a break here. Look folks! So Cedric here and If you didn't know, he is currently on the CBS. Show the neighborhood Jerry Monday. Nights is also going to be touring. He Cedric manage. Add this. The entertainer he's out there entertaining and it was great to see him greater doctor I'm so this me talking to Cedric.
Cedric I've seen. You know why men were how are you rather, this is us of M good man enough. It's weird, I try to remember pretty sure there. My memory is pretty clear thing: wasn't it This time we may at the fucking spend comedy invested. It was it was that one year, the first year they had like a that show Kate you right here yeah review burning, very MAC, and I can't remember who else to be somebody like, maybe even like John hidden or somebody like there, we are can't know they'll go black black in they'll go UK. Let's do were applied, Most blackmail is just right
guys I was just about to the wars. Do did there, but I just remember we saw it was like ninety five young. I think and it was to see you in there environment, to see makin, you guys up, there was crazy, you know, and it is like in his in aspen. It was like the first time doing. Stuff Did you like you really seen people like that, creation in the coal rule was this joint. Why is this? Was this joys allows daily life so yeah Jones decoding? Any can't Bree ride in the audiences are we're here whose cargo oversee lower. So we were like we run from winner, your heart. There was not a good look buyers. I just remember I just remember the awkwardness of all of it.
Earlier in the night, starts in his like they're trying to give this report a game with the term arena think like owed. Nobody knew exactly what the Hague Eyes is our african can we are we at last. Do we say now you just say right I'll, go blank really urban wasn't allow year review. We could make it a politically correct it. I dont know what then thing is gonna odd. So you remember when that happened. It wouldn't urban You know it is ignored, came because you know I'm a bribe remove one we make she wouldn't like as we go through it, you know, will be lag. We african American, there Some people, like I just rather be called black in then assume some people just like lived armament. You know, put no Carlo me a really is that he's others conversations within the community year. That happens all the time on what we are actually gonna be calling ourselves in the nets in Asia.
Does it come down to a personal levellers or a generalised sense of it the generalised that is like a carcass the I got bigger, where we are now is worse, deal african American gathered really out of black people, just go with black, so on paper, of a baby legatee fill out right, you're right. We have given way right you as well where's Naomi likely, I'm blacks are blacks. Ok, a blacklist for ever Americans good, it's a lot wiser one yeah Why wouldn't out completely is coloured? Nothing! Afghan Blair, yes, it's been a long time. But if people have a party, do No people have a problem with african American. Really I mean it is you know it
is there a so called Euro lay girl. You know like being streamlined. You woke if radio ride would add that dont, like those like an unofficial category there, like I echo got a feeling. Is one group one because we got so many people s leg, just so multi What role now imagine area, but the idea, the idea of how you look right to a person would be like yo you blow right you, those also like. Not all black people are african vein of, give it or actually yeah yeah sewers, go blow sources. Airum Africa. Why do you? It is the sword here we all come from re were not Well, it's a weird, it's odd to me they like in talking about, like I had this situation just with a guy. When you talk about black for black people and you're, not on why, but yet but be in Mps.
Go like Y gotta. Bring that up MIKE. Why? Why not bore disposed to pretend, like you, there there's no power lines, there's no gender lines. There's no! And it's like that's pretending! Then you get everybody always is that with you, you know we all you do is talk more. We oughta do we gotta keep these gotta conversations in the atmosphere. Guys was whose you bring it up. Don't don't you level silent about me once we're, because I did Your show: what are we going to season three season, two right now of the name of the neighborhood, because that sort of what that's about it, but it's swordfish straight up seed, Yes, you know three camera deal and you got it. What is it it's a white guy, they moved into a black neighbourhood correct and they in clearly it's not it's before they Take it over entirely correct,
and it is with him- it is always dounia- is that small, when we're going to like it redtail small who do another year before the whole food, and we all bets are with the decision which I talk about that on the show were there, that's gonna happen? You owe you d area, we started. We definitely start to build onto it. We're gonna do more in worrying season two and, as we build out to the final part of the who's gonna start to show like is more white people come. This move is going to happen. It won't be necessarily why people, but it would be like the business, is the idea of how people are really getting ready. You know, what are you gonna do when you know, when do you just complain, or do you try to get involved? What do you do? What is it? Is it wrong? I guess is the real question. Why? Because I part of it are you. I moved at a high when parkin in I got accused of being a sort of a judge or fire. Colonialist who
whatever you call it right, I showed up and they all follow, and I got out because a guy you to wear shoes little exactly whether hipster working because, like I got too much for me, you know what I saw it happened. I've been neighbors were that happens and you do feel attention after certain point, but then there are some people who have with their other wives and they are of the culture that live there before the white people came in who were like was due in the neighborhood good, but then there is the hard where people there like they fucked everything up, noise. So true in Romania's hard gets people, people have always these you no kind of mythical a beautiful ideas of the neighborhood, where I grew up here: right, You know one when you know a deal of services and goods and things are coming moody and you want those thing there, but you know when it's you know. Cultural, all one race or something to that nation. It feels like you can't get those same services here to come in, but when they see
the com in you live there. Yes, you wanna great grocery store around the corner. I don't want to move ahead now, can afford to stay here s. What happened right again for the grocer exit, ridiculous, were haulage, oh you are we I'm working hours? We do. How long will you come? Missouri, guess they lose actually tooth to lose by it was as Missouri really boring, Jeff City, where mothers in college, at the time they incur others, veal reserve, which then a boot down again between Saint Louis, a myth. Is that way and then say loose you know I don't have gotten a little shit for fur ver, talking shared by Missouri. Recently, though knives in Saint Louis, I had great shows there. I was nervous to go to misery cause. It is sort of a conservative stay there, an example of the United States, try to make it work working to try to make this a theocracy anyway.
Everything illegal and make a Jesus down, but but Saint Louis, have a good time there. The good people of good old city- he always your experience- grown up there, but there's a mean. What's a huge whack community, Missouri yeah, those is deal of one of the most polarity. Appoint no light. Missouri is actually air. If the if you live there, you know you gonna use to this energy and you can operate in it, but still we reminded the which energy led. The energy of like no one ever you wanna be yeah like the whole sector of people at wanted. Just break. We from the union and you're gonna, be like a weary. I know we can to lorries alleyway alright area. Anything we want to do is our way and you know very, very room. You know why its white foam, Amendments fundamentalism, it actually strong and bold. So you see that in that in the town in November this year yeah, I mean it's there would signal, is causing unit metropolitan areas is not as much because of the diversity of
black Hungarian, a billion people, but the cities. You're very much divided black away now South Saint Louis but why Saint Louis Black? Nor does the sub same way, you get West is more. Why you know and people are starting a new, no economically change and mixing India, but is it It will go well. You see you later so, obviously that they know they don't even have to deal with other cultures. Issues meant part of their life? Any any I they accept this You know this way, but we are working to see it as when we leave the city. If you mean what we are working the city it is when we leave the city a few miles. We go to our separate ways. Secondly, our union is really out of being. Like Ferguson happened. You know that was that kind of counter. Powder keg of when people dont, really work and live in the communities where they work in ages, work. It
is going to work like isn't you know like is only an inanimate objects? They don't. You grow even go home royal sale, so you tree p, we're like their next thing, you know you like me: have you got this distant huge disconnect leads to violence. The up in in when you with it was it all the thing how many people in your family judgment sister night around them up where Mama was pass. My dad you're still around now they were they were the voices out kids. Are we again so ill single parent house oh my mother, my sister area, Yellow moon in my dad lives in myth. Isn't he had remarry yeah? That's a pretty good town without this? There is. The data show great makers will dare to my dad the gain of Vigo on yeah yeah yeah. You know we grew into a lot to be done about twenty. Twenty one years old and finally, like Colonel understood relationships or you so
Turkey that long overdue pissed off at a millionaire you, but he was always a party or light dear yea, but you just like you know you don't rebellious, avoiding lagging knows, but he hung in their praises a job you got less of whatever you think of her. Kids is like the way you put your parents, you some shit and then right when you get out on the other side of you get a little empathy you're like while rat, as you will recall, that related to cause. You know you like: we live with your mom, you can, and you know it made they explaining it. As is the super piece of shit. I ain't you never really. She never here, I ve never please. She never did that right now, but I'll. Be resumed may be inferred, see I you know. I never said it when she daily inferred life work. Well,
So you know you get you get a new start to take on those kind of Vienna things and then pick a team. Here you get a real pillar. Will a groan, adults, thou relationship yourself and go like o o people were lie. Let me call my man say bragging. Yes, sire there is no way I could. It is what it is. Empathy is not always a second nature is not always right there, specially for parents who does not know distant yeah yeah and any guy, but heads gets you guys get along now, yeah good sister. What she did my sisters and professor pepper died so allows right here right here: she's married as was the chaplet man. So do they got a nice family married, a man of the clock,
yeah? He grew into that he's like it was a eddies educate like a writer lays and stuff, but whose our he's an orator liking, guided me, no one right inside things and so that he may know baby. Oh yeah, yeah, yeah and evade every mail. Faked deadliest Sally do like us as well you know, you got a happy, we system being. You know you like. I get good good. We're just get, hits good money when you people, your siblings, we ivy Ike Yearly good day I'll, yet goaded like sunny, rethink setting a godfather right right now? How do you get said We are now it's always the it's always nice. I've made some bad choices in my life. I've been, guy were Ngos the weird thing about that she does. No one can say anything: people, even if they do their like. Hey man, we're a little concerns. I put the familiar, no mind your own business. This is a lover. Ok
Then, after a fuckin blows up there, we try to engage you, though we early If you are wars sign here, there is always that certain So what was when did the wounded? So did you always do the the standard thing, we study in for some mouse digital? Yes, studies of the nose you know I was. I was always like a funny key like yours is a key element of the new economy, Spinelli, but my mother was school teacher, to go to college, because you know that was just her way and that's where we did so as a study went to school gotta degree in radio. These mass communication, minor and theatre. How you did it was. You knew the area that you want to be involved with. Yeah, see theater and yeah yeah like what you do I mean you know the college that caused of whose couple a new car
the place you know and then and then we never really dealing, lay Harcourt Shakespeare's those though it be lake, the museum also plays couple musical using Yassin so there is tragic. Keep up with the you know. With the entertainment s eyes, There were two whole, namely raised a dance like really. They really do our list of members. Getting as have party. I show you, again before comedy here before Would he be a gap between dares grooves our dares to get into club. You know you just be like when you were a day, a street dance style. You know like in that's all you got to the club. Yet, as are you getting the clouds cause you, we wanted the dancers dancers. Inconsiderate party. Look like this, now it is your job. My movie revert you're the shell, you really don't yell Lawford again gave them via everyone anybody's IRAN or two ago, he's obviously everyday another. But you
who, like early on that, you want to be involved in the entertainment. Things are what you learn in film in broadcasting, these adieu shit yeah did did the low cost of those school lad a tv show with near, like oh try to shoulder was Colonel Blake, entertainment. Tonight, oh yeah, you know you just Kali stuff, Then we had a sketch out. They are called Cavan. You know the city was cape, Gerardo. We got it. Cape garage door, get in the garage lad. Diners canal Omar, and in the end they are now at a radio shop so and one of the earlier part gas area, radio without you. Don't get me wrong. Your pack, a Europe where we are used to get a lot of music from Europe, which was called maybe special new. These guys are worthy Jays in the city and they would give me like new music. Dance music from here I like articles does, I would have stuff like tat, will ensure geographical
legally before people that migratory may Jerry Graff one year before Berlin stays, God even I shot a stuff like their people. Lay I never heard of him. You, like your breakin artist, has this year. I guess he has Are we the same age? What he fifty Lady Vietnam, fifty six earth about same time here that we grew up in this in time. So you go. Joy, college and then. You're doing how long we do in the dancing to getting clubs. While I was leg graduate I started the value sit around looking for jobs and jobs. Yes, our work as by when they were near Brown, who sellen small electronics, which means you didn't get a lot of money. Yet just allude tape, recorder,
Does the commission think you did you get a little base within your real money, willing, commissions and sell me, get everyone admiralty? We had a vast slangy alone had the core Hague and we welcome this by air or can't what even for it. I knew it was a great big. You know if you really want to get in. The doorways idea. That was a good start, Look like your dinner, you look, I would even go through Skype. You could use a stand up with it. Oh yeah, of course these just came in here. We gotta have interesting live you just move in small pieces, those it smaller Linux. How that, while it lasted about anything, I worked there for year. Maybe later you add a bunch of our jobs, they lost our work and for this company modern businesses, terms they sewed regal, fax machines, the road from the legal cooperation
yeah and in fact were new. New technology man was hardy, was part of so yet accompany car you get away to shared. Tied word. I start from like a young executor her. Some magazines ecstasies giving a little casual and I'm glad in making out in the funding. This kind of world where Otto body shops could use it to go to their tis sin stuff back of war to the insurance company. And when I got them to endow it became a niche anything that add value that address doubled up only one day there was like oh lighting mob. Oh boy, you're, moving, I'm jealous
In fact. We see dope boy David, all wrong chains on Godaddy Club. Where were you doing also need bags? Guy paid didn't fit to live, the boy who is able to save my and our data data say the load though, but then I am now going to work for state farm got a job as they form is acclaim suggestive who I was comin nose like another that go out to the accident yet as well. You go look at the card at the car. You know seated meeting sad people. Yeah! Well, you know, you know, you mainly cannot do it when the cars at the shop- be right. You don't actually go to that right right. You do. I go and causes shabby. Go. Take a look at me like I global yea and Yellow green, the whole new car. Everybody. Everybody wanted nuclear. I want a cartel. They total.
Things now more than they used to year, because things are cheaper and they're just like fucking, exactly who like to listen. But not, then not. I know now. You'll have to get their general fair, but The big scale was people getting caught Remo cars for decades around prompter, so will be these little fakes. They of super fake were people would come in and be like yeah. I need to this: the octagon sharper to leave is just a rent a year. I would love. Would you know because you get the you get your renewal is showing Romeo, so their pay for your real climbed, the fake acts, egg accident for two weeks. You know your key and a Cadillac order, whatever written build, and he saw that is a pattern that autos stray of Wales has wasted never think to do they re not rang out again afford a rental car, but if we fuck this car up, we get recovery has ITALY, two weeks,
It was a real thing. Ilsa scale, lids somebody you ve been running arts. If you fix it, Fourthly, I knew what it was, but I gotta take care. What were you lag? Yoga so it is a year ago. Prize. A grown man alone arose as don't go, go go like my great, real elderly now. Is it so and then and then had the words that leader then left there. Stay for me do currently when, unless day five I was doing there was a moment way any. When did you first digit? When did you go? Do the thing when I first do the thing The man was, it was caught and ill
Kaliko lose like one alone. You know in a way window stories dippy. While we gonna deal there isn't, and it was another guided equality- you know they form. Now he was. Is a friend of low lose a friend of freedom? I still doing a year party crews. The third yeah, the second easy that they exist. No, I didn't steal out it. When you told me that there is a lot of loud core brigades hell Bruce you that money. When you get our age in the guys that we knew who you know never broke out here, but the gate care whether that's always work goes. I got corporates boats do whenever get envies got a good life, though I like it. If you, if you can stand the boats in, you, can deal with the Baltic here all right, yeah, sobered gear,
he saw me up. It was a good. It was the Johnny Walker, Limited Johnny Walker Carmody. Remember that legal base year was big big. You will end up the reason why nationwide yea, like was star local, all arrive in any one of these big regions in the purse. When we go on Carson It really was Carson Ares, where you was accurate. I feel like I was already going by adding you may have been, but ills leg late hour ago, early eighties yearly, eighty easily Earl Early may rise early nineties. I feel like yea eighties at thing for sure so got thy starting eighty seven, eighty eight so readily to believe. I stop in our view, yea so it might have been eighty eight, because this was one of the first thing I ever did was dude signed me up to be in the local version at that, but without ever having done comedy, know exactly, but he would hear ye. Would he mused like stuff it. I would say in in basically show me how to do much. Hums, like you do their job
do they really do that and we must work together and he was He was like, I gotta, be gone assigned you up, you not, and you know, go up if you run this one. This was an hour. Did the first time you get on stage, do stand up. It's an audition is now dish solely to let it be in the consultation that night right does later things, you gotta go and do five minute, then a pig people. This is like in the daytime DNA pig people and they don't pick two people to come up. There might be feet. HU, the judges who sang I remember, lower limbs level diseases, local, Tango aims also lose at this time, like the level that are injured, or only only say was comics then you would compete with guys from you know. Maybe somewhere in Illinois Young into war in Kentucky. Does a small group, three new kind in groups. I made that initial good In the end, it was a second set. Was a conflagration said? Yes, I? U bourbon our. I won the first time I ever did I wouldn't Wolf Avenue book that night that
Did you first savagely seconds that new one five hundred bucks killed yeah with five minutes murdered? El fear? No fear now, because I used to like like say when I was in college, I was in groups of tonight's debate. Plays we lived on stay, I remind you that we re going exactly was rigged and then, after that, that would then you just started doing stand up, and then I just started to try to find and do it all the time like that competition stopped goes as they wish to live in. Its round and it was professional, showed rail link do you know I was in a rather like all rookies and right now and in the next room prose. We shall not do what you do. You realize Lake who was remembered like ok, my birth slumberland. You got great names like any other speech. Rapporteur ladies Jack Jack Jack. While the attack wall-
guys. Never as it was like a bull suddenly a ruler in areas like like jazz, Elsner jazz. Tat visit. We cease to be a clown rights, her Larry's, but there are so. I today say they make too big So how do you start doing comedy Missouri? Was your club is? Oh, you know. You know. This was also right around the time of the new, the ascent. Begins. Like all black comedy like so It happened. You like in the early nineties, merrily late, a lady. Yes, so why comedy actuator like people? They Robin airs, striving aware here they would do a clubs out of use a cargo guy, Garbo Guy babies yeah. I guess You know that guy, Yes, I mean at one time he was one and inspired me to most because his His mother was like uncle like a cause,
story. Tell ye would like. So my you knew already in one. I thought as style out like ok yeah I can do, large? Why you're my guy like and ass, I did chairs a meal. One time you know in L a name he dashed shortly after the young man. I so arts outwitted But that's interesting that I don't know. I've ever had a timeline on that where I guess it was because the the Vizir black comedy scene Oh lastly, three happier euros these leg, modest, playhouse, waiting, There was no, that was the comedy act, the area: where was that there was in the lumber park area in user allay email? I, like those allay a real here so hours. Those places than they have won in Atlanta MA, am those places died to pop row is of his black. Highly thing was happy. So people again, please let Missouri yeah, I just would do one. So I didn't like it
produce show was in every week kind of every way out every we ever they have in place, and I had made a deal, and you know this is me young entrepreneurs. Ideas merit how do you have a night club? I went to his slow night, told him out who's going to the night may become. A year ago I gotta get the Earl I get the door, he get the bar where he was like I am even believed that it was gonna work, a pack, their place, the firs we in the sector, We was last at the doorway due to show her. The axe was guys local gotta go guys like you guys allow again that wanted to Carmody leak locally Nick. I can minutes fifty many ancient him. Fifteen people destroyed the couple people that you know like you get lucky He like guys like Joe Tory, was already doing comedy and if he could, if he came home, he would do at his brother was young and emerging so got tory use We had a name and throw it out there.
Ride me win, feel legend no school. Would he would? He was big, you would only Philip every now and then but dinner was allowed a low guys in it. I was like all of us withdrawn it wrong. But again it was enough. Comics like it was real explaining to them now show so that was so you don't even have to fuck with their mainstream comedy club circuit. No, but where I started that that my wife did. That thing. That was at the funny bones, which was there they were headquarters. Writing Louis. I did do that, but rather that it is a well that nice of ourselves, you moved it over there nano just now. We just go there when I could, because they would do more of a system restore voter, traditional storming IKEA and you gotta do this kind of time. You got a statue jokes, though, in a black coffee was different legumes. As long ago as walk up. He started, Mozilla outfit you whenever you want to, I you know and build you say- is in bad yeah yeah, I know
the more traditional comic. Clothes was definitely job. Punchline set up. You know you are you're. Europe had a look like an act here they all brags, whereas liking animals. Would you just like? I could give you get away with it if it look like an act unanimously I give you just Riven, notifying she hadn't doing groundwork and stuff. You got more freedom, but yet again to me yet equity doing out there just don't get you. Think you could have an egg and they might get it just because your style and then they're gonna use you have been, you know, you're, not professional yeah, it's true doctors, nurses Bruce know. What do you do know those do? They had a certain pace and it wasn't that quick and they work change gears, but eventually they got money, but when they started people like what the fuck am I doing
yeah I'll yell, several guys like their dead. There was their color, yet they get kind of thing. Yeah yeah it was his duties. Love does dooming big stand. The comic man affix dames ta, but he was light. Be was like different like that. His style was extremely plenty because he just up and be light. Was Serbia yeah real love? it you just don't a girl grammar woman. You know the aim of finding a way with second slow, Bela yeah we're gonna be like air, like you want to say something you he'll step away from me. I got back money, ravening MECCA, he passing you like, some young. Do then, in the little kid neoliberal faggot.
So are you doing that and then, when you start to do the bigger shows me, how does it all happened as it unfortunately falls in his we're way? Like you know, the deaf so you know that their comedy is happening. I know things a kind of bubblin off in a meat Steve Harvey Curly. So what As you know, like I'm doing, the local shows and then decide like our meat, the guy that there was a funny bony at twenty two clubs in view we have. You got By them you can do twice a year or else forty four data and, as our quit stay form. When I got one eight when a book me for those forty four dates bright and knows it buddy, goes the same time. Ned Black hardly was poor, but off lack rooms are regularly. Was this was me being able to take more savings,
and then be able to know that I had a base salary at rag. Rice are met only my job and meant that in making that radio I see you maybe they'll, know I'd dates. I got a lot of money on a books, and I'm just Go to. My parents need other family, yet not yet just me Mamma had at the house that grew up here in them, Mama, Madame re married, and so I was living in the house. I grew up here Yahoo, car of men are trying to get again travel. He s rivalling all away drive like real, like whatever fifty in twenty area was go, get it and those are like Wednesday. If you Sunday kind of Asia, we abstained, the condo yeah yeah, the worst give him where's every year you go back yet with what's been. What's happened,
this cow associate rose though gray whiskers, were you hear it in your mind? Is sound so amazing, like all come in here and now we have a kind of guys you're gonna stay in using a clue. What you always always funny is that when a new corporate open and they get a new Caledonia, get in there in the first couple, much like this is fucking Nigeria, and then you go back a couple years waiting. I happened to it at work with There is a lack of monsters. Did this place, but do you always good if you in there, with a big act in NATO, stay there? Suddenly Gabriele rooms, yeah yeah yeah? I was the best ice too. It was always a tractor when you're featuring guess day with the big back, and then you get it like he's. I come out we're gonna, hang out, I'm a guy like you, you were gonna learn. Anything from you like going to the mall was also do about the new out thinking about was what am I in that excludes? A big nights was open if reclaimed Gibson women, where I think who is in the morning really do Moyne. Our club at the club
good, for you will be any Bali was he was emerge. He was like a big deal, but he wasn't doing. Yeah was into Madison dragging this is either he was going. The right for medicines where garden or just you know like we're gonna, be Gladden round sell ours. That was it we're those crazy dogmas, you know I'm a new guy, I'm in the is very much like. The sailor was all steroids ye. I me lay like z, separation and weird Y yeah in Vienna, kids, so you know you're the audiences light. Angry White Pino well worth so up like The young opening act like go up and- you're gonna shows Workin. Bobo will have a lot of materiel right. Would you do five? Eight? We need opium, see my leg right near feature here. I brought Carl or a year, and so He didn't even have a regular feature at that point because the major goals, lab in panics cause.
He D does. I do good, rigid and do well at all, and spot right. You can't do that. Twenty five, twenty two, He comes off stage early overseas, we back I'll, say. Comes in the car you dog, in this dude is telling me to stretch right, a new man now about what shall I give you my boots, like I'm just an audience for groundwater, I'll use, try name, you know they were be impatient with me for a while and in whose, like sand a real say you know is I'm just gone. When I'm looking at the manager like what you won't. Let you guys he will be here any minute in our legs to look it didn't lady, like what was then I'll put you got a man to telling you don't do that in terms of actual now you can't do. I try
The new material riven outside he walks in from the front of the club. Why is part of the light is welcome to Vulcan Stay gets up there. It turns into a gazelle keenest. He cares for countries like MAGIC, like magic dog like I'd, never seen them like day was dragging this duty. Directly. I note that they want to stay with my wife that know our cologne. Well, you came up with a frightening electric allows when you start when you and is doing a huge do, do you like it? cause. You know your way like you gotta make you good. You are, you are able to say, no not a great expert, ivory row, who else Adele before they can it like that at least, was inspiration
Let me look up to tat time. It was you know, Damon Way in ways: Tommy Davis, like it Tommy Games in the house today, anyway, there I was part of- and it was great door was that I was say Louis another, like a comedy chow, This thing, so very young use Youtube, is all live in college. I use famously. We knew we were already with its own out was likes basil. No he's the guy Saint Louis, do local neuron raymie. He was dull air. Here we have an attacker pass recently to later. Knows exactly, but he never really got to the height, but he was like super. He was the pro from he looked like a black do. That was the programme. Everybody like local hero would be like wrong. Raining. Yeah near so he was one of those guys. It was like a comic comic,
are you really like allow use, go air and you like people really like a net? Much like overall, I gotta remember leg, but he was he was I know you could not argue like you: VE really got his dog, but he was you know. You gonna area seems good. Look in Vienna arrogance about him that you know that was hard to like good luck. Good looking alarm axis yeah. How dreadful here you can't land you, businesses I'll take you gotta, be don't why you gotta have charm tat here. Was that all about his arm and good luck? You may come on get out a model so closely exactly so when you meet steep, so I mean Steve Legged the second part of that first run a model ned that big run that anybody drying already. I meet him in Dallas, stuck a good man in Dallas Club. They go under new management. And they don't need me as opening at Grand drove ten hours down the Dallas to open prestige
Unfortunately, no this area sleeves get his old England. You got like a black comedy light happening somewhere did, but he does. He live in Dallas we're living there at the time. I guess you know It may be raining. Gay Lou lie, radio show you own, it was new young girl, you know you live and now and then I think you course at an enlightening. Lay the eighties Dallas was like this. It town be like it was the economically stronger Basque Lahti was nude. Football team was hot, the answer in their thousands like pop a legal base. Adult city to be, as Stephen live in an exonerate yo and then he added black comedy club like Kabuki, raise enough and I remember they determinate did need me at the funny bones and and pay me and the guy who set me up there I did do comedy. You gotta tell me to be in the competition Tommy.
Steve me I gotta introduced as to each through his word of mouth. Yet so when I went there, he had toasty them. Party groups knows things like all year it just so happens- is his hair ladder at was bombing Lay you like those bombings like you, go up into a few minutes as lightly up when I kill flam in it, said, I told what message waste words. You say let me talk to the owner in their basic LISA, it does come back every night as do don't do well, I'm putting you up in it in we all see. What we can do remain in a basically did that I hope it is due to bomb every night and day. Then he gave me too and if he does and I was able to get home- and I was there- they brought me back as a lotta like two months later so rouse network. Out elsewhere. Those more men we went on for me shows and things that crazy did that take what was that process? How long we out there have. I am before yes, some, whose idea was the kings
because I was a big deal, because that was a big sort of gloss over big deal here. Right area was that made no country for a while. You know we're doing. Oh yeah, we're honesty. Barbie. Shall I hosted shit. Yeah yeah did some shit. I hosted beating comic view hours. Yeah I've been on a private debt. Comedy jail twice had been at then made a little name for myself. Just would loosely last without hold deaf commie jam comic view that all came up in the late eighties early nineties set up exactly give them both for those the owl flow early night, These almost say: yeah letting go here, you did. The APOLLO too did APOLLO furs. There was one of the first things Yet it is other show uptown, but APOLLO aired furs, and so I did when I ve APOLLO. You know
though intimidating but idea will end. You say I'd, never win back. I was like call one in our very again then ovation I love. Ok, I'm out of here was it. Is it a good experience? if you like you tat, it was some yeah. I get right of past years. You had to do was not somebody wanted you twice. Where did neither time without a bid backs it, so he owned and things there were, but at the time I didn't want take no chances on go back like it. Was because your area, legs, scary, were like New York is a tough. You know. Naturally, boy like you have lagged behind was hosting when you hear Mike was, will recover, maybe retribution No, she had learned men, men, never can that's right, reconvene, larger, exactly reek of view of views Gently donkey pigeon, yeah, yeah, yeah yeah,
and pretty well reasoned your eyes. Are they do in a way the time of the New York? I was in New York, eighty nine on not through ninety five Schriner Rick, you I knew his girlfriend. I knew I I didn't know, it had for years. He was the guy ghost yeah, I guess it in the drugs they do ye end. But it's like that. Too big to that's a long time. You were doing it before the original kings, a comedy I mean if you, if you're taken around the early ninetys net, you don't know you don't do that or into what ninety nine letting them stay where you and put you I was. I love you ugly, yeah yeah, I asthma, God to make great guy any kids like eyes. I saw his first stage go half hour and I tat angry mother. Fucker. Look at that few media uneasy being funny like. I could see with full arranged so much
always so ready to let people have as I back as great fire get interview. Him he's a greater. So as you Steve Harvey many and India, and that was it there was there, so I was at a tour before spike decide. Get involved here, but should we had to? But you know this guy the late then used in Eastern to all of us individually. So The union can each and it was a useful remoter motor loaded. I oughta do does show here and he was a god I was as been successful, but he would you knows all about the inner shows it while, so he would do so. You can do you take body out on the issue of make money you take Steve out of the Asian to me on any would take deal out there so funny that time, like all you especially Bernie I mean you, don't have any cross over audience know whose all all black these bubbling Deaf colleague Jan blew up.
I view the that that little niece, where that was the entertainment to happen MIA was. What is all you need to do, you can say, Amy Body was come into town in all of us can sell added two thousand Seeds theatre, easy. Why like that money was crazy back then it was like so easy so that a lot of Iraq for each of you, if you showcase on either shows it meant that you could sell you guys everybody a line of year by watching that showed in our good in it they put Europe I did so leg. It was a lot I guess shows where, before for five years ago and wood many small level, nobody, I did it for a Rina in that guy thought that I did because I M God. Yes, sir, you like nobody dared like all the because it was in and put it already doing theatres, and here we would do theatres. Agone I would go in HU, the Fox Theatre, somewhere
hobbling obligated, packed my due to shows yet so win win when you guys do the original kings comedy. I came Well, I don't want. The years are with that, so ninety nine to labor was right, did Bernie have a show, yet no no, it was like go away. Guarding Burne was the king. Bernie was leg, he It is most famous eight minutes of comedy from his Deaf Carnegie asset, thine scary. You move right made him them huge. He was big superiors, not lay, I was like the about Tommy get yeah is so he does it even burning. You say very may come in his go. Act is go powerful. Yes, so, so in the end and you and now at were outer spike involved. There must be an example here, wolves by get involved because we were wilderness, the movie I neer we'll just trying to give the movie the splash, given this
gimme the again in water daughter. That idea moved too will we I've thought about near movie right out of the ideal. Bring in some like spike leads me to make it a bus. And he was ended in nearby images. Geek, a thousand New York, it was a big deal. We went to New York and he came saw showings like you say I was there, and you know you wanted to be able to make it like this cultural experience we jeez what come on. You know measures here and I think that's why the movie steel has legs to this day and and the name. All of that like all these. Things like we never were able to cap capitalize on again, which saw unfortunate, but in what sense we never did too. We never did eventually yeah, but you know retorted again at the leather leg, crazy languages. Do you know Just like a great new ban
by several years ago, and we like you, would think that I'll you bite, you think now, if you want to do what I mean you ve provided I'll go right. The elegant, I will deal with curiosity deal after this. We see each other. I ll ideal adieu, desert seaboard, see won't steal goggles day. I think he's the one allies like I'll try to convey Stephen DNA would do probably like who did he owes if we could- no git him understand legacy. Specials short lived here. I am, he do it, it'd, take some maneuvering but violet, and were you thinking of Paul still like everybody get it get the people in? dear dear, that would work. You know you know I, wouldn't you know everybody goes. What do you do about the burning of it all right? I don't think, there's a replacement. You know really right
who did three? Do you do like a little video Mars Bernie into you, do Leggum in front of you. I knew new guy s whose then new guide, as they are by go, whose didn the king, I guess at eight, whatever that all we think the expectation is that I'm gonna, what happens is like everybody was hot enough to really do it every day and they got their own, laying like Damone, enshrining that's that's what happens? It's old and new and everyone's doing ok, yeah exactly, but they so the common. You still do it, the armor and anyone, but acting like you, turned out to be you're very good actor. Who are you comedy, do a serious issue, you here, you gotta emotional range yeah do at a different shit and it's pretty it's pretty great like I mean you're in them that their dark fuckin movie was our first before fourpence, like deposit raider direct.
Yeah wrote it read today. I know he's fine he's a trip yet movies. Why You know you're almost like a year, you, like the happy part of bad move away. Why? God? You did you just dishing for that. You, those we're, because you know portrayed was looking for here. If you want to Steve for their role, he won't You wanted someone that he believed the them the black community? We believe the horse and is that parts like right away, and then you won't yeah then- and I think that you know that the kind of authenticity where you believe like ok, if you say these things. I believe that brought. You would really say that in the end as this a big, powerful black leader, I could believe you would also be that yeah right so without it being a jockey. By now you're a big thing. He said when he when he spoke to me.
The follies, like you know, is no comedy. I want you to bring any jokes like I got you. Maybe I can do that turn it off, but I can't you didn't like there's so many fuck Movie, the Barbershop movies Refugio Ayscue produce Algeria. He did not find those gray average great comedy showcase writer yelled the another one where you know tell me this shows trying do some create, I do like that wanted to play. The old man said Alice. Like a wild choice light. Yet at the time you know ass, to play that oh Manning's lay why you old with omit saddened notice. Oh man, I gotta know like adding names like. I know, one area that David did it in a reed tat any killed near was like I call and then like you are involved with the the honeymooners produced at now d like how to get involved with that.
One else, Hollywood tales that you go like you know when everybody gets a bright idea and think I call as do the black version of his big white rack on it show you know, lives like say, could pull it off, and I really believe that one. I love Jackie Gleason La you know lives like say, could pull it off, and I really believe that one I love Jackie Gleason grandmother was like when you know she loved that whole JAG, Gleason, showing you grew up on him back in, and so I love the idea. We will. We first started it s a thing about doing any kind of movies. We first started it. It was executive who got me We hire MIKE Ebbs, so he got like what we were trying to do where we were breaking the movie out and out I learned. Man does the episode, we're gonna do this. We should do something it feels I've been, so we can tell the story less break out. Two were hiding version. I ever saw with a guy leaves the bus, the money on the boy, every idea, and then we can have this story, dental field,
They need to be in black as we can make it far more you know hyper in right new worldly idle, feel real right, loved it cool. He guessed. So the movies going his grimly, which guy that drive about bird, the browser, the big like headed studio, do so he's our guy, like me, first daddy's my eye and yet his narrative first term of coming off, like a couple of another movie so dismal. First, I'm gonna pay like a lot of money to be duly. Do so and produce a grey area, and it says- and I quote Ray I yelled irregularity- be like I find now this yes, oh, and if I movie, I get this number from here on our soil, gotta. Do this movie right on my leg? Gonna, walk way from its new guy comes here. He was, the dogs in the movie, feels like it should be a lot more work. Universal idea.
We want the right there, that's at wonder, suggestions we want. We need doth dogs, big. Now, the? U turn Are you trying to fight it needs the new guy anymore, to make it more. We need to put this dog and we're Doin dogs, guys, we're, gonna cut them, they cut the budget and we end up should no movie in Ireland later and so now we're doing. I Dublin for New York acknowledges in a dog racing. So's dog raising their operation does greyhound dog, like people, don't even know what it's like? A part of the of American. This doubt you that people, like wit and within what are the conversations. I can't. I can't imagine that my gaps as easy to deal with in this you always were a leg. You know you like a young young comic. There might ebbs all crazy. We and I'll be allowed even know up a year to get some kind of special permits even go way. Legs gipsies via a whole being met, so that was it.
Disaster. So within so near the more you know what a movie comes out, that guy's fired in a new executives in charge, the term the movie comes out, so they just don't care about it at all right. So the more we actually is a good film. In my opinion, it could have been a better film buddy. Got lost in the minutiae of what is what is it. You know to put a movie. Hollywood is not lay a simple is what people the outward two fuckin disaster, sometimes year. They need to do our voice work and you did that. How do you jerk movies? It is like I, I never a kind records does, but it looks like it's great. Yes, I guess I love all the people that are you. You were really Dixon yeah headings. Great did you do I researched? Did some research learn how to play the url bright base load bid because he will give you some Moussa yeas. Twenty were just wreckers in in a great Jeffrey Right, Amazin in their multi DAB, Jeffrey
I play muddy water holy shit, I'm gonna watch over an hour. Now I miss eyes. Great movie is a small fill out, but you know a dream: Brody Yea Rotti placed a chess, the big just one. Just guys Leonard live here. They may be ass, a place learn that agenda James, I'm good? who plays at a James, I'm always dealt plays Chuck very gal, kills dough I wanted to do and what is it? What's this one that you directly with the one that you put together, the dance food dares fools? Who was more brutal, directing this small movie? While you know I was spire but is gonna whole lighten Napoleon Dynamite was coming up and often aldys worthy movies. Whereof. He s so didn't it guy kill. Mitchell irreligious is Andy. As with the sty. Yes, no kidding me kill thing he had his idea came to us. We liked
We can, I help them, beat the movie our riot out and just shot, it may lead to a thousand like their doing so, one man is crazy working movie about em, as kid who else would shut cargo? how to make it his uncle, whose of big I kind of club owner out here gets murdered, and by this villain and the veil, and yet like it's like this, do they're pretty I Willie's guy, like Riviere in any where's, make up on one onwards. A pat, on the other hand, is a sleigh. Yes, dad battle this guy to save. You know that the family in the legacy of his uncles clubs areas. While So what now, when you do something that, obviously you get some people throw some money and write the earlier, but what we expect a your expectations, Did it meet your expectations,
probably not, I think you know at the you know at the end, you know we are like an all those kind of things you didn't really no you don't understand. The whole process of you know can again give distribution right here before you go hand in. You expect in the movie that you know to do this. I do that and you know you know yet Flowers were first, I am directing yes flaws in the story. Tell him you miss a few things in you, like a learning made. A good movie is a movie that I love my kids love. It is, I am funny which is a good bad movie, as would you like me, but it's good. I will give you three key his total am, I gonna do in its thirty. In a previous relationship, lives, Saint Louis, no granddaughters three granddaughter here man near my Otis turned. Sixteen yes m me, my youngest sixteen years in their. My son is nineteen. These a universal Arizona outbreaks whole year began school, began,
yes and join in these? Are the term how they can be in show business? Now, oh no, he probably will be here. Yeah yeah, recently licensed e likes to animated dry likes to act as always, is even got a big personality, but you know, I think, he'll, probably five as somebody a strong actor is few plays You know not. Animal must show a cobbler terms. Lawyer yea stronger. They did, I I didn't see how did that run of him and Buffalo do it. You were ill short lived. There was great dog each who'd, you plan a year teaches their by spinners was on a Bonaparte, yeah yeah and so you know it was great man in you know: Johnny Jolly was imo highly July's went out and it was like a big big pushy. I got a big deal in the in the though the economic crisis
The of the big lank thing get a big fall happen man, and that was an hour big. Our big investors do ray of what our heels analyses it like we open. We, Do we allow a mix review in the New York Times and then now embodied the air was short, was sure, run men within even they ran. Maybe we opened new. Broadly man, maybe for more weeks now I was it tat man whose great experience for me like America's. Oh my reviews were amazing. Cedric survive as yet, and it is these that there already else would like and what's your relationship with wrestling you know that was coming up in Saint Louis, it used to be a whole big thing. Baby men call wrestling the chase and there was a move, a version of it. Wrestling shouted they used to do and as a big part of lay, I hope
neighbourhood Selwyn when I was asked to be applied at a whole, restless dovetails night. Our earlier you like a rapid, yes young, if you like a rational java right, yeah exiles, he's like I'm on glow- and here is the eastern though trainer my keys, guided, teaches all the checks on my shouted wrestle I get in asked rescuing hours worthy liaison him all the time it's great guy you're years were wrestling family, Larry's, yeah group, family of rest and immediate family business. So what's what's Well now you can run the issue in other things now yeah. Well, I'm gonna run his neighborhood thing for as long as it goes we're doing great. And so there goes until March issue more now get The issues are Gleeson. You know This is never television, so we had twenty three twenty three If you do in our writer move
three. If you ve been around as long as you ve been around now as letters unworthy of now. Where do require we covered. You know you complain about it being wake up over at this stage, We have really I'm still money, I'm like ok, cool thing So then ready much it for now. No dates yeah I still do data got a big run right after the holidays, so I did, I get said, did Mitt his last week. I was Gregg denying and not just can achieve for things, given any adored his birthday this whole. Began and then do a law of your big run right after a Christmas the twenty seven twenty, eight, twenty nine worry, thirty per so starting Detroit. Where do you play there? They tried to the sound the sound bordeaux, casino, monotony, Colorado, great room, a room is grey rule, Chicago cargo. Gonna do this is a good one. He's been Callin showed what a lotta comics
De L, an ideal Julie, oh yeah, you other guys loud great as we all know shows be easy, but for comics our egos we'll do like girls, Chicago Polly. Pavilion ray. I know and then the in Atlanta will you do there and when I have a way to do this, Finally, another arena, show lawyer La Phillips, bribing yeah probably feel Philips arena in the end, will do the outcome we do in New Orleans this morning? How hard market for com sometime when you earlier yeah. But how did you get in here, but you gonna! Would a group of people do, but we do bring good analyse here and then it is a slower market, though for sure, but they were quite a come out at an end, was didn't offer for New year's eve. Why
You do that New year's Eve sheriff. I just dont Germany. I used to regular stop for a couple years. Were you know, because it did you like a little dragon, but and it became the cool thing where I would you know my family my case, and that we would go due to new year's enshrining take off go somewhere life. He became a little danger earlier, so I know you like. I will call you just get this be. Chunk of money and eager like go into the new year? Name family? Where are you going to do but I gotta be right back at work on the tv show on the second. This year, so last year, we wish we did you soon and we went to carbon stated friends House miss you we're gonna stay and used for day. Gonna hang out right, very isn't Ogilvy, we beg for his was grey talking you, madam, is Asia. Is brother? No is below time. Trying to what does good are pre
If you wanted the kings of this by casting my thinks, I I think now it's I don't know from a king, but I'm certainly in an oh gee, I'm certainly one game ranging like it. You know I I I don't know my kingship holds is much used to it, but I'm definitely one of the guys it was there at the beginning, as though you know cause, I wrote to intervene again once What's that you what your agency Oh just again, this my dismay, business managers and be watching every day every recommending everybody's important. If we were to oil, Portance important yet gives you. How do you get your audience? The aim keeper analogue? Only I gotta do it. Man they're telling everybody lately you other podcast before me and before. So the popular- but I was very, the timing- was right. It was at the beginning of a new wave of of the medium, but now everybody did ever everyone.
Being recommended to do pike view that any kind of name value go. Do you see what happens when you gonna do a lot of work, I made you cool laying down from the house I guess I don't do the cameras in. I doubt you know I don't. Did you really classic owes its audio man? We have. There was a reason for you. I love the tape. The eight track, real, it's rolling. Yes, sir, you will get the real real go and ass. You can look at those dilated and look at the lot of newcomers nettles. We will see what's going on here. Yes, all an analog earlier looks like we're NASA. Yes, Tom, Hanks movie, Big Control Board revolt in both great over, in our view that this rule in my chair with a joy should enjoy sticky. You look really cool elegant, yellow higher than yet, while you gotta get to feel like an important thanks man IRA
that was Cedric entertainer talking to me right here, where's, the neighborhoods on CBS Monday nights, and go to dvd POD Dotcom, slash tour! for all of them dates? for all of them dates. Cleveland Grand Rapids Milwaukee, Orlando Tampa Portland main Providence, New Haven, hunting to New York. There's. The precept starts on Wednesday morning at ten, a m wherever you are. Password is buster, dig it all right now? I will play guitar for you like. I do all the time. Don't you, to make comments about my fucking guitar playing field waste into this around town? What am I responded to? What just happened marked with go through it? What's way that use the Out I was mark yelling as if somebody specific, why, mark making general angry statement to everybody,
not commenting on his guitar? What does that mean? That means guy commented on Twitter about his guitar plank and didn't even at him. So the entire world is critical of migratory fuck that guy in this case, that means FUCK Deca I'll talk to you, air enjoy
these three courts
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