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Episode 1082 - Jimmy Tingle

2019-12-23 | 🔗

Jimmy Tingle has a lot in common with Marc and many other Boston-based WTF guests. But what sets Jimmy apart is the merger of his comedy with politics and civic engagement. Jimmy tells Marc about his sobriety, his shift toward one-man shows and his focus on societal issues, which eventually led to him getting into Harvard in his mid-50s, giving the commencement address, and running for office. They also talk about how Jimmy wound up in the Andy Rooney spot on 60 Minutes 2 and his influential friendship with Howard Zinn. This episode is sponsored by quip and American Express.

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deemed El Ray will be doing all of these dates. With me, guys we have fun when we travel. They gather yes, Let's do the show all right. Let's do this. How are you what the fuckers, what the fuck bodies, what the fuck stirs? What's happening. I mark Mare- and this is my podcast w g of this is it this is it This is holiday week, Jim hey tingle, is on the show today Jimmy Tingles, a comedian web forever from Boston. He's got a thing coming up. A big show come up at the Wilbur Theatre in Boston this Saturday December, twenty eight he came out. Talk to me into a couple other things, but not always If you get into the groove with a boy, guy to get into that that rhythm
ally in Asia- MAC a MAC without you. How are you MAC everything I write mark but a Jimmy's here so that'll be happening shortly. Today the second day of honey. I believe. And I dont know I for those of you, don't I don't it caught up in the be holidays. Merry Christmas, happy Hanukkah be Kwanzaa, happy idle. I may maybe I'm just not as sensitive, because generally I mean the appropriate thing to do it's just that it's a matter of of habit I guess you know, and you know, when somebody says Merry Christmas. I say: I'm Joe I'm a Jew talk for them, but you know I mean I think, that's the proper response, Mary Chris like you, I am a Jew Why do you say that to me? I think it's fine to react that way
you're happy holidays MIKE I yeah. But how can you be more specific while merry Christmas time? Azure? Oh god, dammit. So they adding that the proper response to merry Christmas. Even if you're not you're its funding. Its funding get that angry the vagina be nice It is the secondary hanukkah for those that you don't know it Hanukkah's, I'm not sure I'm clear either, but pretty sure it's it's when the Jews kill, Jesus and burned him over eight different nights, piece by piece. I believe that it and then Zahm theirs, and candles, I think, and then it can always is irregular Jesus his arm, which we cut off. First, the Jews they did it and somehow managed a miracle of it is that they are able to live The finger of that arm and anyway,
and fur. For eight days they were able to light the other pieces, of Jesus any its daily? and all these pieces up like a manoeuvre. For them in our shake comes from when they make oh Jesus? They they stuck him innate, they in eight different places, and they saw HU. We set fire of him. Over over the it days or Hanukkah. I'm pretty sure, That's the story, I might be conflicts not with they anti semitic conspiracy theory, I'm not positive, but Maybe I should google that maybe maybe I'm way off. I'm way off because man, maybe I'm confusing with Christmas is increasing Christmas when Santa derision, Christmas is wine Santa Kill, Jesus and then gave his parts away. Over now man, it's a birthday- I'm sorry, said Jesus birthday.
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Man, I am, I want you to a good Christmas in and try to treat each other nice eat. This is always the possibility. This could be it. I mean Chris. This could be filled with Nuclear chaos the nuclear chaos we don't know, maybe thing or go up. That's negative work just enjoy your loved ones. Hope you get some good presents opium by the wrong present. That's what thing buying the wrong present for them, when your wife, the people you have here, is a present. Why that face oh, my God, is it over Am I an asshole go. Hang myself in the bathroom with the present I bought you will that's wetter work its way into a noose, so I am got back from Atlanta. The other day down there we can. I think I think some of the scenes
the times I dont know, if I'm doing a good job, and I dont know if acting is fun nor its job or of it. I don't know what I'm doing sometimes, but The third day when I was doing scenes which Enver Hudson and Marlon wagons it was. It was pretty good. We had some of the words in good times. Had some good laughs, angiogenesis very pleasant. It was good to hang out with Marlon, whose comedian as well and have some laugh but I'll tell you the last night, the shoot you know they were long days or at least twelve hour days. Am the final dinner, further Christmas Party, Roma people that had already been shooting some of the kids came and who were in the movie and a day. The catering did it. You know Canada. There is life details in four way and stuff, but it was you know, catering and in being on a film set full diversity of people with different jobs of
levels of jobs over different types of people and it was just sort of a community came event. It's not yet there was no wasn't in straight in any way, there's food line buffeted by then, They brought in some local, I believe local people to see increased carols there's piano, and a few people singing that they brought in in this kind of like it was this sort of a mess hall vibe. And then Jennifer Hudson came in and they don't. You know the big stars. They don't always eat with us as widower stars in the gaps in the sound people in make up people they may sometimes they deserve your trailer. They have their special food producers, Christmas thing she came now when you four Hudson and there's people microphone, singing songs, you're gonna, be pressured you may be sing a song. And she didn't seem to want to do it at first. I was kind of watching it. And she didn't play. It was kind of interesting. They were singing a one to one of the Jesus songs.
And and I thought I saw her just sort of kind of moving in both being pulled in by the music, not by the need to entertain or by the need to perform but by you she just but you know when you went when singing is what you do and there is the possibility to do some singing yeah give you get pulled to do it and I saw gradually move up there, and I've got not seen her perform. I dont know her work really. I note It's got a great voice. But I'll tell you man, I mean when she got on the MIKE and started singing sort of with this other woman in harmony like there's, a eating just brings fuckin tears to your eyes, sing, For me, sometimes specially spiritual or standard or whatever to hear her effortless. We do what she does right there and just disorganized, little room where people are eating dinner at the Faye YO. I just
it was. It was very moving. I gotta a up, I don't even know where it came from, but it was pretty back in I'll. Tell you this sets a great everything the period works great, it turned out to be pretty pretty great expense. It's down there and I'm going back after New year's, so. I just want to give you a out of date. On that situation. The respect movie again, you never know how much abuse gonna end up in the movie, but it started to get comforted. Towards the end there, and I got home here. And a monkey embossed you're, ok, I've been gone a week, but there was people here at the house, all tat gone so they had people and I'm trying to project sadness onto my cats. Now Fonda is gone by. Yeah. But it's hard, you know, monkeys old, is, while he's fifteen plus years and he's right,
you know, the medicines working for the hyper thyroid uneasy seems goodies waits good, his energies, good busters fat. Can't get him the wet food beneath the dry kidney food by they both seem a lot more sociable. Will monkey been very warm but busters world? Maybe it's just now. Buster can equal attention, I really paid a lot of attention, to come to my older cats to the original crew Did him in and I don't know they seem. Ok, I'm just trying not to weaken monkey and think he sad okay merry Christmas to have book a spontaneous vacation. You know when you just need to get away from all the stress whether it's a spur of the moment. I can tripped a ban with your buddies, are driving out of town for the weekend to make some time for yourself green. From Amex? Can get you three times the points on travel, including airfares, hotels, days, car rental and more?
If a spontaneous trip sounds tempting right now since our you probably earned it were more at American, express dot com. Flash green from annex terms why my guest Jimmy tingle. I go way back with Jimmy. Actually I mean it's not like. We were close, but always knew Jimmy he's one Boston guys comic. Definitely a political comic book sort of every man guy- and you know he D went into politics a bit. He ran for office and in Boston. Think for lieutenant governor I'll talk to him about that, but there Historiae sort of in, thing. He was a bartender at one of the original kind of Boston Comedy then using but he's It's always been there, Jimmy Tangle, Jimmy Tango, fucking Gimme Tingle and he today, he's he's got a big Thea, Wilbur Theatre in Boston. This Saturday December twenty Eightth Jimmy Tingles, twenty twond- the vision,
and you can go to Jimmy Tingle, that com for tickets and all things Jimmy this- is me throughout to do a couple of things out here. This being one of them was a real pleasure. Catch up with that. But you're flowing from from from Logan Airports, beautiful Logan airports so that are not here. I know I flew in Boston to ongoing to do the show that ever Andy, it's been eight it's! I don't go there, often right by spent a lot of time they're my wife, recognize this. If I knew tunnel there's a new bridge, it doesn't seem like the same airport is better yeah right area. They changed everything, yeah, it's built up a lot over the last twenty years. A really has been part did you grow up and was able to you
now. If you want this hard work, irish tail, no, no, no, we're right in the middle way idle and between. Well, if you know the city of central Square, the up, you know image square with the Dingle. Where the hell do. You know square with the dingle. Why right? I go right up and grew up in the middle right and in between those two squares and then between having Kendall, while so yeah so we're MIT, like a mile to one side Harvard miles to the other side. Image square two blocks one way yet until square two blocks the other way so right in the middle, and you can't leave from a big family on the oldest of four big italian family, him, half italian. You are, so my mother is from the city I haven't, I am no ideas. Yeah yeah and she's got a big family. She was the youngest
dig. Oh yes, my degree, Elmo Capital G g G, Elam. All wine ignore dear yeah. I thought you just want to know what the Irish no wiser in guys know: half a talent. My father was from the south axis from North Carolina. So he's our english iris, gotta Swedish, english, irish, scottish, swedish and and so he's protestant, and so they met. Since my mother's brother, he hurried my father sister, I imagine the war is a long story, but they have The war is a long story, but they had done a North Carolina issues away to us and he was station there was stationed. There is in the Marines itself funny because, like I don't know why the assumption, just because of
Donald and the sweet needs Europe and all the people. People make that a sumptuous you MIKE, I must be right from the irish immigrants right. Have you ever given the italian immigrants from everybody? Oh yeah down your mother came over, not her parents did her. Mother did when she was like an ended up in Cambridge yeah. They settled there. It was not, from the north end. Actually he has in fact, when they were growing up. They went to the north end to church years. There was no italian church, any Cambridge and it was like a mile walk and honour not too far, but that all area what its like it's interesting nearly all this before and they ever with anyone else in show business. Anyone else make that mistake. No, I cited in the open MIKE's mark with you. You know I were metal here, eighty eighty, one right what I mean it would be you you'll be you know this was earlier I remember
I vaguely remember the first time may be. I went to the Ding ho because I d really start perform stand up like this summer of eighty four. Ok, I like really when I was a b. You but in eighty one, like I remember, going to the king, how maybe in yours like a bar tender. There still is that possible: yeah how's, the bartender daytime bartender, an open, might performer and I was too Open, MIKE's and did what open MIKE fell in love. With the place told Lenny, will any from his learning. Claudia unknown from high school, knew him from high school idea. It was that we were the same high school in Cambridge Eeyore, Cambridge Latin did they grow up their yeah. I realise that the area Lenny Clack yeah my claw, and he was her- lies in Latvia. He was also, though Wednesday night Open Might night. I did it. It had a blast I didn't want to job. There are cases I thought I'd have
For that we just do what we are doing. Well, you, your troublemaker now in high school hook on many things like you would ve been a troublemaker let it was a class present. Now you kidding. Yes, yes, Oh, I know when we were. We play sports together in writing. While I was the class president yea off his idea, politics, you ended in it yeah that happen. I dont know music popular kid. Her name was just you know he was declared. Presently he was always a sword leader a hollow, and he was he was into politics here so ok, so I knew him soon. He was hosting the open. Might now, yes but where we in college did you go to college oriented area, but he was you're gonna get out of school. I am what my lady in the neighborhood and undergo history, annotation you're, really yeah. You don't get me into a really. Was the movie Lenny them
when the movie lair came off like dust and half Jani, Bruce yeah yeah. That was an awesome movie or just and then corset Libya was on the whole. You favour comic, showed that time will probably, while before before starting morally and any claw use me Lenny Boobs Year, but as a kid, Jackie, Gleason, Honeymooners, rye and all the rest were greatly. I can easily here watching those those guys want unready land up on your kid not allowed no you're, not only think not really, but as we got older, you know what was said: Knight live in the air in the air and then the movie Lenny, and then it just started. The whole scene started in Boston, really my more major influences or not with a well, how guys the local geyser you know in the UK, The key the Lenny boost, type twenty, say somethin and make people laugh at the same time and I was always into that- I thought it was a great, a great form
yeah? I remember I gum like a member going there. I gotta know foes IQ remember the year, but I remember Lenny with our. I must have been on a Lenny Clark. Now I dont think I performed by remember: you were pretty fi still drinking your kind sweaty and he had harmonica yea through most of its earlier. You do. I did songs when I feel started, I really know what I was doing. I had you, I had a trench code or trying to like a blow for the thing had shades Yale ass. If I had a beard, the actual long hair style trench coyly yeah Trench called had sunglasses. I do these songs, I'm attest to baby, I'm a test to baby. That's why I got the blues. While I was there like a test tube baby song test to baby bloomed yea area and are just song peril CS like that when I first started
and doing the open might night like who is like what you are. We talking eighty one, eighty, eighty Asia, like anyone that was really the beginning of the din ho seen as seventy, so he it was who airy criminality, Crimson Wendy Clark Bury was the yeah Barrow was they saw the founder and he in lending was doing the open MIKE's on Wednesday. Ok, though, it was really berries, brainchild, yeah, yeah, very at that time was also a sweaty angry, politically driven smoking, cigarettes, mad man, but always politically correct pretty much year. We all kind of evolved right away. I know you'll find out what you're good at what you like. Even who is our passion whose around a tolerable you don't call upon stone beer, even right, Jack Gallagher Jackie are, we need, might Mcdonald might Donovan, they were all come in, their will on oh yeah, oh yeah,
that was the original crew. That was the original cooler and empower ski. Oh yeah, Dennis Leary, here really Bobby Goethe. Wait we were they re earlier work, antivirus and moved to town, but they were the ding yeah. Now look in the area. I remember Can you remember by this? Isn't your say, nineteen, eighty eighty? Why they want? They probably got their goals. We probably got there Eighty two, very maybe Paula was there. She want to San Francisco for live like Yahoo and egg can mean yeah. He came from San front. I think he came from San Francisco any went back. No, he stayed in Boston for a long time. It made a big big, big mouth. I think you have always alot of people yeah sort of persistence of him, you don't did near he Sweeney here, wait things Sweeney Meaney night. The amendments do that stitches, yes and they really brought us form of improv to stand up Barely wasn't. It was always like you d, the did improv are you did stand up, but those guys we go.
On together and they just had a blast and it was all it was all off I remember a coffin, he go out in the street only a minor theirs alone, with a camera threshold and instead to remember that- and it was it was the way It was funny I mean I just had to IKEA this cadence in this pace. Edgy was knocked down and not let you were right. You you're, just gonna, keep right Porsche Uncanny to any always dressed up till he was always dressed up in Poland. I tied on times. I think that aser, he always at the blazing. He often advertise times. Ethical bow tie only look so different than the audience you have for the most part knows at that time, most crazy times. Donovan was so funny like a book, but I feel, like I started why I used to go to played against SAM to watch for Chris Collins man. He will carry a chance. Flamed Inzana without a supply, arrogant lie very cats, eyes Booker. Why people sack why
people sector a DJ, Lazarus Richard Richard size were now Kyle II. Yet quietly yeah kite brand Kiley right he's the authorities there. There were other guys we're just just kind of a lot of em. You hear that some crazy. She it's all right, so you, but it wasn't an industry town. You know I know, but it was originally came, a regional power. How? Yes, because it was wanted, You places where you could actually make a living Thea, because you're the one nighters that my clock, Barry CATS, Roger Paul. There were all these. It's all over the place that you could make a couple hundred bucks on a Wednesday night, but I remember like ok, so let's go through the arc of its or do you remember what Stephen Right first showed up at all? He was there before me. We were yeah. I remember the night though he get he got booked further tonight. Show as big deal is a big
deal. People a sally was coming to tyres. Daughter was working. I he going to Emerson any call the Dingle out the daytime bought, and so we call the thing how he only wants direction. Racism come in and I want to put up to. He had arranged as previously very great, but he said I'm coming from Amazon. How do I get to the deep hole when you square one, while you're gonNa Cambridge Street you take a right? Is limits Springfield we're going to enter the parking lot anyway? But what would happen they set up an audition that night here and dumb- and I remember I gotta get out of it because I wasn't- I didn't make the cut to be on that level. I wasn't on that level, but they had of they had to cancel a gig, and you know that four comic sporting right right? Why get the gig Newhaven soon so that was glad to under dollars? You can ride yea. I took a ride me and how the intermediate more, they only answer. I think it might have been its Tom Gilmore yeah. Why? So, anyway, we went and who haven in but people a sally came in sought fifteen comics top people and
loved right- and I was there any the next night, the next night when the tide was, then it will be the next night of the night. I have no doubt he will tell you exactly, I always like within two or three days and then Johnny. One of them back the next night as crazy. So it was fun. Watch in it. We all want That gives you have that inspirational. Oh yeah, now wait. Where does a boost? Plaintive, the? Like you, you know Hattie and everybody was drinking. Everybody strict. That was part of the deal very ran the place very Kremlin's idea. What the chinese restaurant was that the comic strip- where I saw you and I'll any all of us are drinking a mile, Bellini yeah. You know it was free ever some guys it in drink as much as others, but there is on the drink a lot by any sober now, yeah Kennedy, sober and quit Drunken was a huge thing, couldn't drink and vote will you get through it? So to you just walk you workin, regionally, you doing
closing with their harmonica. Well, eventually dropped, and I didn't know you know like six months as yeah. I didn't do it very long here, maybe a year, maybe a year, but you do in the regional, gigs yeah, regional, hey come on down the yacht member comedy tonight near that was cool, Viejo Bogs, yeah. I do we now have in the eighties early age we get, it was a real tv show yeah. I was the first one. There was a new Yorker in bad. I was in New York com Can I write he had this big head, I'm a reality that are more than ever, I remember was won the first experiences of seeing someone who is on television up close for me might be on tv and realize like while May. A burly hides. Why there should be? No that's what I remember though by there was like an interview, shall write what they did it was but basically stand up. You did like five minutes. I think you talk to me. I know tat. I am a member. If I start yeah, I think so I think so, but
that was like a first like tv. That was your first given the comedy tat, a lot of calm extended all of comets and New York did it animal eighties yeah, but even but We are right, Polyte, three, eighty four and then did you end up doing my Carolines in Yannick Airlines and evening at the improper did. I think I did one of those am not sure if I did, even if the emperor but Caroline STAR Search, we remove when they hear that he thought I didn't you, you didn't oh yeah, I didn't mean many, did it, but the outlaws to Evan Davis and converting idea s but Admit man's die. With me up. She came up and were really ought to Cambridge Austin. Here, sir, everybody at stake here and, of course, they're looking for tv act, we can work clean, factually remaineth, audio minutes whatever. Why is there so I got it mean he got it. I think I think maybe Jack Alan
I'm not sure I make sense. He had so funny. Those guys you. I can't you three minutes, I know that's what I mean about not being an industry town. It was just free, freelance fuck. Nobody was trying to get on television because there was no telling. How do three? Many sets. Why, when right good on it with such a momentous thing, we're because all of a sudden wholly you know, people king so we go to another level, you can actually be a player. Tom, your mom dish. I just place them like my. I could. I knew the name I have it took me. While they get a face, the decade ceased still do still around area, great choke, writer people. I drying, highly unbelievable, arrested or So wonderful area. Talking about politics- I you know when I firstly, as a big shift from song parodied politicking, but even the song Perry S head unto them right would just you know it was so it was a very low level attempted coup social commentary, but I just you know
What happens is, as you know, you can't gravitate were what you're interested in right. You know this kind of gold and, like an ecologist, so sociology history here you know I was ended. Mine in education, was interested in politics and you have written the current events nor, but certified and technically a certified teacher Nokia, and when I got one a graduate Yeah Certified message. I never did actually teach because I remembered there was a period there. I guess in the eighties where in you know whether sort of before their time small hey day for a poet, go comics and there was only a few of the consumers. Their wreck of. Were you on that record beyond the range bedfellow? Yes, it was you crimson durst me criminal durst than men, the credit Randy Critical. Yet I was like a big deal that city. I was eighty eight
eighty eight that was that labour. They were, I think so. By that time you would sort of like established yourself, yours, Blazer, inured near Converse straight up kind of populist politics, Guy YAP, well, it had started, probably I'll, be out in a populist way. I want proletariat working class potatoes come on, people what the fuck is going on here. So I don't think so. It's a windows when do you start really cannot common sense. It is another way of these common sense, but it was probably eighty in all I quit drink and eighty seven how did happen here. How did it happen? How did it happen? what do you like? We hope people people set. I go downhill men. People static, one downhill, Yale and That's what really what happened? Last year, the drinking of three friends died. Three funerals
really did that I was using with an interest in always like holy shit in our parliament, although we do well and endless Juno yeah yeah and raise your shit yeah and I feel like you're dying yourself out here. I just wanted to. I sat accomplices, and this is If we want the reasons I eventually ran for office because of the need who have right now be able to get it to treatment, It is like anyway, swamp com it is Christmas. Eighty seven December eighty seven I'm getting a runaway how you got hit out at Christmas yeah our bone December. May I Simba you now out Psmith Shop and can't get past NOME King get to the stores. We got a big capital cash. I want to do this Christmas job and I need a drink. You can't you can't drinking you can't drank voiceover you I like you, can't really dug in with it
Diction, like you know, you woke up, you drank initiate at the Andrea, oh yeah. You had a feel nor to just your real normal right right in our dear take the edge off. How old were you early thirties here believe that you ve had a pretty good go of it yeah. Well, you know the Draken each year and eighteen right, I turned eighteen the same month. He had a man and it was I can use. It was a new sport. Everybody was, you know, it was just a new sport and everybody etc. Have so much fun, as you know, why you that's half so much one and then bad shit happens and I also many women the life out there like one thing when you in high college, when you're doing like comedy in your living life man, are you fucking going that you'd need drink and before you go on and after you go on, you get the free drinks and there's no reason to get up during the day. You just fact, and they giving you yeah you're, making the euro and you like you gone it's you.
In your own little world. You, like your own little rock star in his own little race in Boston it with Saudi easy, especially for you guys come out there to be rocks, Semi got work on me. I member working there when I had opened Do I remember driving you anywhere but be I drove around I, oh yes, I want you their mark doing that and amid eighties lady, let me I won t I came in second and a riot in eighty. Eight riots That's what I'm really! Why start work? Ok right! So then I had my twenty five. Thirty minutes. Invite bury was given me work open in for the two men Josiana I'd Brad Dr Headliner, and go do Flower and our yet yeah odium for Boston, comedy company right, but that's really, our first started pay. My dues was doing our strategy for the forty five minute closer we're on this road gate right and I drove I drove the best of the.
I was therefore the Johnny ease. I did a more onshore visas in women's their idea. The time regency I was there. I was there how about the was someone and Plymouth the Van reply, observe the pine allies. It goes Plymouth. Quincy there was a connection room Ryan. There was another one, Charlie Somethin's, where the ruins on behind you and they are in the middle. You act and the somewhat scores a goal and everybody she is so fucking within naughty pie. That was a long running. One idea that ran for women, Tipperary here they Tipperary one, I'm a bright. Did the Tipperary pub we're. I do remember what part of Boston that was in by did it with Bob said Bell may rest in peace resting also out of him yeah yeah. So
So we re where I was. I was in New York by the time you started doing that I was already in New York right. I remember, but you start calling people are going to do to get sober and you can get. Although no noise, columnar detoxify, we have treatments and nothing of it. Click it and be able city Hospital, Cambridge City Hospital, a guy. The man said and how unusual this, unless a man and I really need help- and he said you call the right place, I went. Stay! Seven days to Christmas, Naomi. Eighty seven I got out, I mean: to New York. I focus and stand up comedy. Recovery and that's all I did for a year a year later to the weak on the tonight. With Johnny no kidding yeah, and it was like an my friend conquest, said Jimmy. If you stop drink a man, you can really be a good common so he was therefore you he, while India, South Africa, rigour, yeah, and really helpful so that so that an amazing, because I I know where you live.
Because it's weird thing, I think we talked about it off the mice once before. I remember when Frankie best deal for Boston He can't you know he gonna grab onto me. I was your lackey. I'm driving him around and I didn't know you strung out. I know about dough, and heroin in shit member. When can we did a gig and, like Mr Connecticut or somewhere he's like? Let's stop at tingles down you can t live on the lower aside raw in the o in New York. There, yes, a with our no view member this, but it was sorted. Weirdly embarrassing cause because I realized what was happening. He went score dope, yet in any
Some amendments, like he's poor in sweat, is as Fuckin mine, his girlfriend care and she's. Not now he's like let's go visiting and when we go knock on your door and you're on your way out to do a gig, restaurant or something you're all dressed up in Frankie's. I gotta take a shower and you let him she we and then we can you left and we left it was for the weirdest now. Can you not trust Frankie Bestia? When you want to take a shower, it's even stole from me. He was ass were but here, but I do you realize what you would erode worry for sure biting realize you is that what we were? Therefore I was arriving and pick up dope and eat. You know you needed to take a shower Keziah, sweaty and burn it up, but you are very kind: the low recite down on Evan. I was on Clinton Street, like eighty, eight, eighty, nine, ninety on the other.
When I was driving around my first couple years, a stand up and I was driving headliners to gigs right and I need no nothing. I didn't know anything about the war. We say was chaos there. He eventually live there. I mean eighty nine. I ended up on. Second, between aim be right. So when you got, hence was down there at that time he was eating was in the low recital. He wouldn't even last long there, because I remember hanging out with them a couple times, we will have New York yeah. It was I can also say it was hard to watch him in New York, because New Yorkers, like they don't give a fuck like, if you're gonna, be all angry better, have a pretty good reason. So they watch Hague seems like lousy, yell a nail you get. You know any view geek. If you're with bill, you can't Gabby longer than fifteen minutes. Viana do not gonna get the gist of it, but I remembered when he was there. We spent new year's eve, was pry new year's eve. Ninety oh yeah yeah. Maybe was right about right.
About ninety ninety right. You, everybody worked a catch right away. I was most we I couldn't get on a cash. I refuse to kiss Louis's ass. I can stand them, so I the old improbably original improv. Ok, I got forty forestry right in its slow decay. Networks remember, Hicks walked in it was new year's Eve, Roger DE know. What we're doing like less easy come on. Let's go! If we look at the ball economic, our eye, it was me Battalion Hicks, and we got about a mile away from the fuckin thing has hit em all people, please. I thought this was covertly improv thousands as there is even Bill Hicks yeah near, but he was there, but it was the hours and it was pretty while you again there and eighty eight I moved down an eighty year old down. The Navy is: are you that album with the berry and brandy and road you, a yellow, loot traction with that yeah narratives good to do absolutely so when you got down in New York, where you got your already working to catch her, yet away were known, I was working and urge its in India
town here now and you can things can happen, Yellow HBO special half hour, especially when they would do in those. I did We all have our do we doing this. I don't think we did the same run. I get my ninety five yeah. I did it It was ninety one. So when you there, though I tell you there- eighty eight and liking, I got there and eighty nine that's when there shoot you do the Karen comedy out using did that right and then going down at the seaport. Ready seaport was the first one the night you shot him at the other place when she moved here, but the first ones I did with them. At the seaport right in that weird look in a like a nursery school set to cover the whole place was Canada Odd, but but yes, then headline on the road certain in the eighties. Is that the deal you know what I'm doing here line on the world here headline and on the road and then the one man shows started Jackie. He's right saw Jackie, Mason and eighty nine in New York and saw a guy in his,
I met on stay in a theater. New York were only five hundred people here. You know like to be in a theater. Twenty five hundred people live in hysterically. Here I don't either, but anyway, I jag evasions there and these issues killing he's doing what he loves to do he's himself right. I said that's what I want The point is I just. I just started work on that format. I just liked it. I left the of the theatre that night just Rowan by it and, as you said that you that's what I want to do work alone, because the more political you get like you were saying about the clouds into your quite right. You know, they're, u dont. Fifteen minutes and they're gonna get no twenty get away from the news and why I also waking you know you in order to do political comedy affair. Give way you know you after they have to undergo. And your point of view outside of just political jokes or takes a minute to dig it yeah. So, ok, so you young right away that the long form one. May I owe you
So what did you do? Your first one tried, I just started work and out in the village berries placed in the Boston, comedy club. You know three people sure one on urban author came, he was so kind of game. Is my agent, the tiny blot Michael, Green, Michael Green System in any young member and I'm doing remember their ears at a little like eighty, nine, ninety something I'm not just I'm working and I'm saying it urgent of I wanted, the one man show you gotta help me. I don't come down a watch. It says no one in their except those four people, I'm doing like ninety minutes. At one point I turn around and honey is out, he's asleep and when he was a hundred, but
yeah he was out the old out, but so you were doing you are running like before I get six or seven o clock before they do. The yeah shows I was probably always wrong was a maybe on Monday night or a Sunday night assignment was off night. That's where you'd workshop yeah go there and just what does into it worse it isn't it hard to do for nobody than it is to help you to do for neighbourhood. It did help me ended. It helped me just to do with justice. Mine was basically along sat right. It was a long set of stand up. Men was you know, but that's what I was doing- but the other thing is: if you don't something that social and political year, China, Russia, and you know you you just now He too, like you, said you re out, even need to stretch out Unita just get it. And it was all motivated and the other thing is newly sober you're trying to work clean. I was angry, it was hot and what what what about it? It was hot nerves, yeah just uncomfortable and stay oh yeah, knowing it for a start,
a call man look at all these people have made no buffy if no buffer piano yeah, but but then you just you know just do then the clubs were hard. I thought I found the clubs difficult fit newly about to be up there in everybody's drink, any everybody's and you're on a kind of a different thing, and so anyway, that's one of the reasons I would just gravitate towards their more and more social political. Eighty nine was an amazing year. Historically, the walls coming down all the stuff, as happened at the end of the cold war, and people are just those yes to this. Fortunately feel when there was in the air. You know here that I felt and Digest was in. To hear and went no wending arson happen. Eighty eight! and after that, I just wanted to just that's all. I wanted to do to help you, the Carson at that time did MIA yeah. It helped a lot got an agent for you get to work on the road here. You know of these
had to HBO the half hour special things like that you just out there only show I mean I think Letterman was just on When was let him and I ve been on yeah a couple years ago. He came, I think, eighty four Cynthia, but anyway it was. There was good but but it was no. I just very passionate towards the one mentioned yeah I saw and eighty nine that was sort of what you did. You ve kept building. One man just keep doing damage, it down a New York. What did you do? I gotta run somewhere it. Yet I also Roger I did the american place. Theatre Jacqueline's actually help me out here. Yeah he's here of gender. Once in his eyebrows, augmented before people actual eyebrows, what a manager yeah MAGIC Rawlins didn't go well, but movies already, but he was deafening. A powerful guy came in sight, o
came and went out and wanted to help in than help me invested in it. He did yeah. He did he he liked it. He liked the point of view liked what I try to do right anyway. Just you know he he loved he loved the comics. Do you have any managed years just the coroner one hundred percent, he would come to women to radio shells and he was in oh, he was in his seventies, Now. It s no use managing you further, while yeah, but a year or so, and but just was completed, invested in the show, and we did it offered way at the american place. Theater- and you know you do it for a couple months and if it doesn't really take on. We have great reviews in New York Times, but it didn't. He never went to the next level right along what Broadway one right right that, but it was great to come back up the Boston and work there. Instead of producing myself, I'm just Don't you won't thing? I give dunwoodie hide capture. You make your own breaks. Take the initiative. I sat a rent in all theatres.
When did you do the like? I remember there's a big deal. I guess I was much later you're, so yeah, ok, so come every I'm leaving you get sixty minutes later yeah, but by- start doing. The theater was at last and bake theatre. Did you have that residency that you are you and what I did in order? Did I went up to Boston after get out in New York. You mean I rented yea. I moved back after the run. Anti American play yeah after the American placed their we'd better vanish had not acted. No, no! No! I just felt like, while my- passed away. My mother was in disarray yield. There was family reasons to hear back. My girlfriend lived there I was now my wife. There was a lot of reasons, but the other thing is. I didn't want to go back into the clubs and I wanted to get on stage and I felt I didn't go. I could do in Boston, if I could get a theater and I rented the hasty putting theater and I rented it into produced myself. I learned how to produce yet how that go. It won't great. I made more money and had more
You know it was chiefly brought more people more money, you on a different level. This is these a theatre people coming in to see the show and It was great and learn how to produce. So then you, don't you not subject to waiting for the phone to ring what it wait now, it's not funny the kind of like I. I guess that's why I never really. I found myself in a situation. I was driving to erode gear granting because you did you You knew enough about yourself once you got sober to know that you you just want to deal. The club it just wasn't I thank him anymore. You know it was great and of doing it? I still go in. I work out all the time when do ten minutes, fifteen minutes China or stuff new stuff, and I love it right because ass we can get your pacing Dounia yokes for eighty sat, so I'm off a big supporter, but just for me where I was gone, I was doing the hasty putting theater and you can be- you don't have to be a levy ass, heavy fifteen, second rail,
You can have peaks and valleys in terms of commentary, so commentaries not a negative in the theater. That's all you got more space space, yeah yeah, you know, and logistic and branch We cannot allow address. Yeah did take on different subjects. You know how it When I saw you show at this year's and ensure that it was a great many values may and nothing. But the good thing about the valleys are very compelling assured theatres, you're carrying on area. There is actually a problem when you do here. Sometimes it's like you could work Take my special is actually a legit kind of black box theater. I fear the expectations of that space are heavy rights. Your idea, the cabin you think they're like Indonesia, you can we live Of course you have but our, but yet but the older theatres. So how long did you run the digital residence everyday life for six months? And what woody me like you weren't how to produce what does entail for the occasions. It means finding the space shirt, putting up them
media renting out here higher in the public's Sophia higher in the sound the light. If the theatre doesn't have it right, I mean tat people in any. Do this diversity? I did it. I did it there. On their. I went out to allay couple years later. Did it at the coasts play house in Lhasa Habakkuk? That went well artistically, it's very hard to draw people, and I was thinking all this will be in all a little this I repeat this model in the US and right. The only issue is much bigger city people. Don't walk around is not Harvard Square so but artistically the review. For really great harm without delay. When you come doing something with expectation. Man like I've done that I moved, I brought my wife. My son was one you oh yeah yeah. I was here from what year was at ninety: Ninety eight. Yet what why why'd you move to do the show I wanted to do,
don't worry that our yeah man I'd die again and I rented the theater I state five months. The coasts play house- and you know what it was I hit it was like ninety I mean you know whether people come on ongoing whatever you do. Don't leave the house here s, your hatred in the basement. Its allowed is coming down with other coasts play out ten roof. So when range here it to your one stage and the audiences your initially there were big, but I kept feeling like a would build, but it never really built critical mass. So we'd have like you know. Thirteen people when you can hear the raindrops in a valley in making a serious point here, the range of what we stay there five months- but I tell you- I took a beaten- took a bit
financially here by artistically, very successful, took a beaten financially, but I was gone back to Boston. Very gig. To to do is show right. I saw a newspaper article on the playing their USA today. Sixty minutes to sixty minutes is gonna. Do a sixty minutes too, and they have while the people they have all the correspondence the only person they don't have the Andy Bunni Guy Right, and so I ve been pigeon myself to do commentaries and new in Boston and in no way to these various television. Let me do the anti lonely spot type thing like on how it shows like I just you know. The new shows that the daily showed you draw no now this was more like. The networked, however, are coming out of the new shrapnel right. That's why I thought the tree A call uma would be created here anyway knows interested, but I saw this article I called
still grey reveal and as a re police and undertake man I'll use your manager and he sent them the tape, and the next thing I know well of three months later ended up with an interview for the job to do the Anti Rooney spot on sixty minutes too, and that was awesome that last a couple years you there every week, I was there doing that that you know for the right. For the third: nine months of the year for two years. That's great! You get your neck earth yeah great dead, yet its aid, then in these great hotels and new network right, the Essex, our sober look in the park. It was great. There was a great. What is what a sweet thing happen? Yeah, you know like it is like it sounds. Are yours like also
his moments workers, because the nature of what we do. I was gonna quit man I was so despondent. I mean the loss new and our own right. I made all the money that I use it. The hasty putting theatre we're gonna have a working with anyone who can it do it? We're gonna go to another level. You know, and you didn't lose all of it. You know it's just you not making any money and with the extra hard with the expectation, the sort of get into tv. Do you think what did you just think you're gonna be able to get a special rights one yet be open for business should obviously but business Jeremy appear to be working in any just get lost out here. While you know I mean it, you won't find, but he didn't make any money right. You know, that's not that's the norm right! That's do you know what I know its highly unusual to make any money in theatre. How do you make a million dollars stuff two million. Do any is highly unusual to make any money in show business at a certain level. Man, you know it's like Mama, coming up here, it's just so fleeting. You know either
even if you get a deal you a great any know enough. After certain point, like I'm not spent in this money, Like I see Viking, I am fortunate to have been in this game since I was a twenty year for unity, see these guys. You get these deals, member back in the day they give like even Lenny, you get your their commitments in buying houses, cadillacs or whatever my buddy Tommy boy Cadillac for everybody. Why do we really Tom rodeos I combine while when they got to network deals yeah? They went on spare my my coup that I now do you spend that money? You know I'd. I still these day, weird about spending money, because it just cause a comic rain that oh, how long this is going to have this right, anyway, so but the one with sixty minutes now how to that effect to the one And shows me: were you able to yeah
spend our lay that you just keep working, but they really did people know you from that from sixty did in them at last, an area of primarily yeah. Just allow me to keep working group. The great credit was good income male learned about the best. This was also at a time where that the new since in the media wasn't as fractured rise now me and it wasn't advocacy journalists we, like you, emanated standards, you dear, you know they, it wasn't it. Doesn't just like an automatic or Jimmy's no door commentary go ahead me in all his life. We have put this through the strainer make sure this is right. The lighting, the sound commentary is what it has to be. Network television following sixty minutes. So on Wednesday night. So it was a much more controlled environmental. Much more
you're with his long journalist, extend this serious news corporation. So you it is adding that world right it wasn't set. It wasn't, like God, the wakened up date. Dns no right yet yea, which is which was great wishes, is but you weren't doing that. You are doing Sir socially relevant topic you weren't, just Annie Rooney would talk about marbles for ten minutes right. Well, he did. He would find these interesting twice start India insights on the lies and simplest thing here and now more. I was definitely more politically driven in terms of law their issues and I'm talkin about Euro everything from now the death penalty.
On the issues of the day. Yet, and that's really wasn't wasn't what the spot was four, but it it lasted two years and they let you do at their media within one well and in after that, is that when he took the residency in Seville yeah, I went back to mass choose its basically and still living there. But anyway, I wanted a point of order. You are meeting to new or whatever other yeah. I want to place to work every Wednesday to do my own thing there and that theater was available and I set a rent in that there is a call, the Boston, those called the Boston Bake. I live in Germany, the David Square, you and Boston. Big theater was below those right next to the Baron rate Irish pub and gave a square adequate. Three from red bones, barbecue place and the the landlords with super. Goran family and they said it for and then they re on me in there near has had some somewhat of a reputation at this point and we rented in state five years renamed it Jimmy tingles
off. Broadway fear, I remember, will you let me do my one and show their I ran one of the one man shows their care member, which one very definitely worked out there. We are loaded form a few nights. I think you did. We are to win. We brought in. We did the unkind internal comedy convention in two thousand, for further debt. When the democratic, the Democratic Party had the convention in Boston in two thousand for a fact that when Paraca bomb a first yeah made a national matter yet than when he opened for carry here. Yeah great opening spot yeah nailed it yeah. He Buddha headliner. I wanted, it is not read, stayed a blue state, it is the United States of America, but anyway we did the unconventional comedy convention. The end was all political Gmos at you with their journey. In, we add the Kremlin's there we had Durst. We have what saw we had Louis Black. We have
over the course of a month. We are we bought all these different acts. Go now. Durst is doing a thing here. All right yeah. I already had a stroke. The early yeah, I think, he's ok, I saw on Facebook and a good year. So yes, oh, you did that. I get up otherwise years five year. There new produce and everything their rank, or we make a living there. It is a well yeah was workin, but I was making a living in other ways. As well as I do other shows my own shows, but are you book it outright? Did you have just a straight up comedy neither to or not we had theatres, we add music theatre. It was a lot of different things. It wasn't just a car, it wasn't a comedy club right and which is you know for the broader picture his good by our marketing and for making money is probably not the best way we would really house yeah, we are more variety mean would have your one person show would have abandoned their we'd. Have a night of far poetry. Slam would have. It was more than all place here. You know, but
It was great. We did the ding wholly union. There are a couple of times it was funny it we're Kremlin's down there and you know someone right, yeah, Steve right. We do a lot of stuff by the way. One of the guys I forgot to mention, but the dingle we're Gavin. Oh yeah, call the great Don Gavin fingering an interview in the government. Oh good I'll go yeah yeah here something tat he was, but we had all those folks there, but it was. It was good, but again you learn the business. You know you can make your own breaks. Do what you want to do. We have that come to a close, it came to a halt since the least was up after five years and the choice was you wanna go for another five years. I added I had it like you, extend every year right, so I didn't. The sign in for five years, but after five years I had re up for another five years and I don't want to do it right. I was just I was tired: Where did you find time? Because I know that, like at some point, you like you, went to Harvard I get out of here yeah when I left the theater. I was looking for things to do when I was, The saying you know I want to do something that has more. I don't know
maybe more of an impact You know that was the big shift right. Yeah, yeah, we're you started thinking by acting actually being involved. The yeah. I wanted to learn more. I felt like maybe I'd like to run for offers a real somethin. I try to use entertainment for purposes beyond just entertain any right to do something that has some. Sort of a meaningful nowadays we do us shows- and you can talk about the greatest ideas in the world and rather show's over right and have you been because their separate ways lie innovative and what is it? What how are you actually invested trickier its causes? It there's a way that we think sometimes ok, I'm talking about stuff right. I make an impact by saying things but people there really make an impact. Yet there they re the Swedes up and therein it right at doing the work. And we're just what okay, I hate that guy and as such in the county, I hope but change minds out there. Thank you, but not that every but he was doing that is, is, is that task
superficial roderick by right, but the it's not it's, not the odd forms not designed for set for caused the action. They are severally right, but the Kennedy school I just kept. Meeting people at this would you do now Jimmy's around all this, you check out the Kennedy School and what is it? What is it exactly? Is the school government hurricanes rainy? What am I a masters degree? Now? That's a masters ass. I remain to be an ideology. Anyone it ain't, gonna call! You know what market funny when it first at one place. First came on the map and seventy eight member welcomed by very much in a very deep bonded very active mode in seventy, because I still lived in Cambridge at the time is right by a water rights like to buy up way. I gotta I got like one of them on the Argo admission, vocalist
right driver look around what we I got me a month ago. He has some day but anyway, so after two thousand and seven when the theatre closed, I just peoples that you should apply a friend of mine who son came the City Council Marjorie said Jimmy should apply the candy school couple. Other pinnated, Howard, Zinn, wrote me a letter. Tommy, O Neill wrote a letter musician guy knows in those in I know, then from I did a lot of shows Donwell Fleet and his son Jeffson world ran a great theatre down there call, though, the what well fleet hyperactive state I was right in the water when I left as to when I left the american place there and ninety three I went. I went looking for gigs. You look there is room was one of the places I went how it came to the show loved the show he was great. We became friends, friends, family it. He inform any of your thinking. Oh yeah, oh yeah, yeah yeah yeah, because they have a personal relationship. With a guy of that stature sort of
a singular political thing, yeah and definitely progressive, but also some one who wrote the kind of Bible of of rain carpeting history right from the victims point of view right. Must have been something too to have a kind of a private relationship with oh yeah. While he came to the shelves loved it, with a big supporter of the fair suggesting site. Did he say of how we help your thinking. On I mean, like because it seems like he's a guy that would be like put things into a different perspective. You know he he he just like what I was there. He liked what I was there. He is also a friend a very criminal. He. He just supported the comedy support here ass. He loved the fact that it was let it go. It was about something that shows what about something you trying to make parents you making people laugh pointed out. Hypocrisy pointed out inequality taking on bigger subjects that are difficult to talk about.
And that you can do in the theater heed to abortion and you oughta values was fearless or the people sister United States is that now it's a pretty fear was broken heat. I memory taught it to you, I didn't take his class, but it was hard to get into them because it was quite ass, an event yeah. He always a show day to be in his to his work there's an right people loved it anyways out out front against though he was. He was out front on behalf the civil rights movement in the fifties. He I taught a cop Spellman College in the South right women's African American College And- on the forefront of that early, the assembly wrangled late fifties and he which is very committed and it was fail us about the war in vietnam- is fail us about Iraq and even when after nine eleven. He was opposed to Afghanistan. You have all the rack. You know so he took a lot of heat, but he would never back down. He was just very, very committed to it
this point of view. Not only ever comes here, oh yeah, I actually did show with how it in charge ski awhile. We did one for a fundraiser by the theatre up there and wealthy and it was. It was pretty cool because what is Chomsky witty guy You know he is here he is with a guy. He is, and it was funny because we did. I was and see what where I was empty and and we had our how it on and then NOME and didn't it church and well Fleet Mass Thea, the Congo There are times what eight hundred people its pact. This is like. This is before where's wealth. We well fleet is in that lower cape. Ok out keep me about ten miles north of Peter, ok, yeah, very cool area and so you don't want measure in m c n is about, but they will all about. They were all about pointing out the inequalities and what is wrong and bright and- and they were
also about galvanizing people, but not in an in fact, there was never any movement, your enemy. I can organised movement. There was never a political party right. You know and I always felt like that's what we need to do. We need to be united to to social change, it's gotta be some sort of a movement, not just disparage voices right and But I remember we were we had just passed this thing up in Massachusetts called the clean elections. There was public financing, a message to the other and it passed the balance we have. Sixty percent of the vote and the legislature wouldn't funded that use of the time. So I was so inspired by Norman, how it tell them what you gotta take action. I said: listen, we need to do a march. We need to march from lexicon and conquered to the Boston Common, and we got a march on behalf of cleaner, action to get the legislature to fund it. Let's do this, yes, and so every varies. So that was like a big
This is just motivated me to get involved to do our job. We did it Did it and nine eleven happened like a month later doses in August. Two thousand one eleven happen a month later and we did it like two weeks after them and then eleven we did the march carried the flat the whole way was awesome couple hundred people fifty mile March, it was great, but it was those type of people, that motivated me so wasn't just comedy. It was like what people you know, people with thinking out the bar I pushed in the envelope politically pushing the end. Welcome progress without import exactly and so so you applied to Canada Airport I applied to the candy school and get in couldn't believe I get in sea, only comedian, having to give, and I was a boy I was yours great about three years. It's one year, one one year's MID Career programme now when you get out yet you get a masters of public administration, but the great
about it was it was so uplifting to be around people who have committed the other from all walks of life. You have people here, like the people whose seven in Afghanistan, Iraq and young guy, as you know, men and women over their special forces, yet corporate people, We had not people from the non profit world. You have people who were you know municipal, men's municipal, awful office holders country. He had a hundred people from overseas. You have people from Like Africa and Asia. When China, Israelis and Palestinians and the same class who don't mix and Israel, but they mixing there. What do you learner? You learn about people's humanity. That's what you that's! What I learned about the positive
yes and the optimism that people have and no matter how fucked up it seems on the surface. There is a huge contingent people move in this country in this world forward on a daily basis all over the world, and that's the end. These people there I can just completely committed to it to progress human progress trying to improve whatever society they come from and this dynamite we actually did comedy there. I did a thing with is at in Palestinian. We didn't show that subject American comedians in palestinian Americans and data show Marshall Dance was actually the moderator of it, but anyway it's just a very positive experience. People try to improve the society. What life is like? What the nuts and bolts of it had aroused with David Grogan Yoffe, we had a class organizing political organise, you have classes negotiation classes on some.
The classes are more general here, some of them you have to take certain in a mathematical, mathematic classes, statistics I had to take their. That was tough right now is really hard, but but I love being their energy again. Just hope. The optimism to feel enough that the things can change deciding this up to the people who were here to do work in an you you get out and then so the planet actually did the commencement address but that yeah yeah yeah. I like this. I will look. I took a clear called arts and communication and people said Jimmy. Maybe you ve been in the art for twenty years, at whatever your way you taken this class as it, because I never studied it. I had no idea. I've ever took acting I took of you know what did your neck class? They had us watching. Commencement addresses how people just give
commencement he asked the story than relative and kind of. I have been doing that with wonder and show ya harmony, but they showed us one without Steve Jobs from Stanford his his commencement addressed great great commencement dress, and I asked the professor after I said today, two commencement dress here at Harvard, because our yeah every so she should apply. They devote love. A funny one, so I actually applied at you riding school, not for the whole school for the host harbour, the after the hot. The graduate school commencement addressed at Harvard graduation two thousand ten, and it was like. Dishing there like forty people from that law, school medical school education, school business, School Kennedy School, they write essays and they also lie the student addressing than ever so yeah yeah. Then they have liked yeah. They had their judge suitor
Supreme Court with the main person here, but they have a graduate student and they have an undergraduate student. So anyway I made them. They have thirty forty people than they get caught the twenty and they get it at that. Ten, then they get down to fire to San Francisco phenomena like that of its own. Your whole comedy career really helped when it came down to this, because I was practice the issue of the busy and right now I gotta get through this. That's exactly what I did. I was taken the commencement addressed and I was doing open MIKE. With it. Now I was going to morality aims. Yes, I was going to pass scenes. I was gonna, do the comedy studio and have it square? I was at the Cantab out in central square shit, and I was proud running the bit some one in the speech and going everybody this one night's funny. So, like one o clock in the morning, and tab Latvia half the audience, is passed out. It's an open, my balloon night thoughts, one in the morning. It's Tuesday lie there and I'm like I listen,
Thursday morning, I'm given the comments when addressing average much vaunted practices on you guys. What do you say? People at Harvard you get all these hecklers right, but the people dug it and give its just like you want to set for the tonight. Chauvelin out with fifty minutes nose, like God, I Oh yeah, nine minutes or something, but because there was humorous people pay attention and you could lean on. Some was exciting. Oh great did you meet. Suitor did not meet our briefly briefly, it was. There was no street with awe yeah it's on Youtube, ok, a fact Jimmy getting a Harvard commencement, you Jimmy things: how commencement addressed here she's laughing all she was digging it. She was taken it and so well when you get out of there and you get you degree the now sideline comedy of the Gatt, but to get into politics, and I took a year off to do. I just did a couple of events that I was already bought for, but I just focused on the school
You didn't tell anybody I was going. They just want, because I didn't want me the first person I flung out of it. You know how but Kennedys right right. So I get out- and I just I realized couple things- the cultural influence of entertainment- how important it is worth the Kennedy School with all these people with the Duke William when work here than most of em. I never one television right than ever the radio yeah they're, not in the cultural conversation, the way that matches the importance of what they are doing. So I felt if I can stick with comedy and do what I'm doing that's a great way to try to you know just of reach more people really, and so that's I just went back into it one person shows and started a little bit of an organization to social enterprise called humor for you, man, and that's up still in the early stages right to start up, but it's a way to use entertainment for purposes beyond entertainment. When he ran mission, statelier humor for humanity, more than entertainment, raising spirits,
funds and awareness for nonprofits, charities and social causes our mission is your mission humor for humanity humor and help humor healing, humor and hope. So basically a kind of her you set up shows where forgetting their non nonprofit provide, seems like a good idea. Yet fun is it for comedy yeah. You got comedians yeah somebody's gonna roster. I you know. I have some friends on some worth. I just did one at the havoc actually raise money for the Kennedy School, knowing when alumni Association, the board that are more in a year they help with the social than on profits in the Boston area, but it still when the early stages I've been doing primarily as a solo, just because it simpler we're You know where perform and empty whatever forever. They need you and it's fun, but it's a way.
Actually have an impact beyond just the entertainment pot. That's the and that's the biggest thing. That's why I went for office. You ran for what I read the lieutenant Governor Massachusetts and that's what the show at the Wilbur about on December. Twenty Eightth is about twenty twenty vision and Jimmy tingles too twenty vision is. Why would a comedian one for office and it basically stomachs when the people why I ran because people when I first went to go community, you don't know anything about politics. They think you just parachuted in just by serving Many of these issues. For many years I have of television clubs to prove it more than the president. I actually have a clip in the show from sixty minutes who I'm doing a commentary on Donald Trump, one of a president and ninety ninety nine here and he
it. When he first announced tat, he was gonna run the first time he floated the idea, sixty minutes to dig up your segment autumn here and I came out of that segment. Doin a two minute commentary on ok Minute: forty yeah. I show that actually is show at the Wilbur, so I've been committed to these things. The tonight show was great experience was doing so simple because you were at the time that there was a re think. Never one may back. You know they didn't want it back at that time. Eighty eight, it was not like that what they didn't want it. So this is the show the at the Wilbur yet it is primarily just about your engagement in politics, and yet the experience of running run for us in this area are here. So what? What? What was it like? Did you have to put our campaign and flora guarantee gather? Oh yeah, I did man I had to do all that stuff. I. In a way I did. I know it is entailed, but by the got in a little late. First of all
when you get in late to something the other. The staff of taken up from with other Campagna solve campaign, energy. Is that you know were would normally be. Available were taken up by other came here, so that was a child and so I went for about five or six months without a camp manager trying to do it as well as I could do it, but my motivation was really coming back to that story, trying to get help and nineteen eighty seven like when the guy at the. And I picked correct, I called the data and they said you after calling, of a places in getting the run around this guy said you called the ripe. Right and I went in and it changed my life Why am I whole motivation? Was we needed? society, where anybody picks up a foreigner reaches out for help the On the other hand, always should be. You call the right place, yeah right that the type of society we need in Massachusetts and around the country with the opium, Lloyd and the drug addiction problems and alcoholism that we have sought to.
In it as a medical issue? That was my primary motivation for for running. That's a big issue in Massachusetts. It covers both sides of the ILO Ricky, our black white doesn't matter, and it just a huge thing too. Big up there but anyway. So that was like my basic motivation, but all so all the other issues that public transportation, how important it is, you know the when I did it's a nature was talking about guns. I will talk about homelessness about a year happen about all these issues right still front and sent them here, and so I said you know what I just can't pay it. I just be a spectator anymore. I want to get involved and when I saw Trump I saw Trump when I said you know what I think news his communication skills as an entertainer for his message. And try to use my communication skills as an entertainer for our message and people say how to trump. When in my estimation, he short, simple sentences. Short simple met
Just three words build the wall Drain, the swamp, belligerent, aka, up anger, yeah withering. Shame was anger. Also. Yes, yes, the big oil and I believe that as the old the wall drain, the swamp lock about make em make Amerika great enough. Those three one you know what we have our own three words. Can I tell you to know what can I tell your Mamma to feed the hungry? Has that brother how's, the homeless, Yale, the sick, welcome the stranger and I would add, mark for the people in Boston fix the tea. John F Kennedy could inspire regeneration to go to the moon. We can get a trained, gotTA, Springfield method is in New York. We can get the owl trying to run on sundays here and I think, if we put our heads together, we can connect, get a train to connect North station to South Station in the great city I went TAT was the type of motivation ran into so you feel that they show the EU doing the Wilbur on December. Twenty eight
part of the goal to inspire people get involved. Take action. Yes, as part of the goal is to tell the story: why did it was a serious campaign? I'm still gonna be in all them still doing whatever actual is we got two. I didn't thirteen thousand votes three two hundred and thirteen thousand good noses towards, and thirteen thousand three hundred and thirteen votes and first time when it came in second place the bad news to person. Based on. We have forty one percent of the vote and the primary that's amazing yeah. It was great man, you gotta run a gay. I might I dont know I dont know if If there was a unique you know if there was, Then I felt like I could always uniquely qualified to help with. I would consider it yeah, but until it was great thing, but my whole messages get involved. If you dont, like what's Goin on Turner the television set call your local Democratic Party called get behind
other candidate for want of a president. Get behind people. Help in the state legislature do something you know it's fun. It's cathartic, I with Hilary. The way that involved, I was doing events for Hillary Clinton with Bonnie, Frank and two thousand sixteen in October. Here we're doing these gigs in we fund raises for her Riah September October and it was a black spotty- would do five minutes of ten minutes of get out the vote. My eye, I do like ten minutes of comedy and after the last one is a body that is too late to one for office in a serious way goes now, not all whose after the election, let's have lunch so in the next month. I do what always do every election every four years I get my sign and make phone calls are knocking on doors, to New Hampshire, knocking on doors and get involved
then make phone calls and donate to fund raises whatever and you meet people who are like minded. You get it out of your system, its cathartic. So when she lost, I didn't feel as horrible as I would have. If I didn't do anything, you know, and this lot of funny toys. Are they want funny story? I'm in Central Square came USA Out Square got my sign on election day. Do ass. You, like day- would still ass the people People ignore you they're coming up on the subway. They get the headphones on in our pain a ten year after a couple of hours. Es I stuck in upset, listen people did not risk my life at the battle of the bulge, so people could not vote on election day, get inform their walk and pass me not even listen right by two hours I get even more. Besides the end of the day, its election day, people are tired, I'm delirious celestin, you people, listen, you kids, I did not take a musket ball to the knee at the battle of Bunker Hill, so young,
A fresh animals in Cambridge Massachusetts could, under their constitutional rights. Devote kid comes up to me about nineteen years old dead seriously. Wants me in the eye and say thank you for your service. Take it? I know I'll get no remark and two hundred and forty one you a great thing, but that's my message get involved and we gotta do state why and we gotta do it in the swing stage. Here we got it. We gotta get the ground troops, man, I think, you're right man. I think you're right, I'm scared and am also excited yeah yeah. I guess you get that. I think that the other thing is making you know there is a sort of component to urge the The other day to our side we get courage and despairing. In this. It's hard day, hopelessness Pervasive, because we really see you're. So many of the things that we think are employed. Diminishing you're, not
not the least of which is the planet and the EU, no guitar did to have faith or due to feel like everything's gonna, to help, and I think that personal problem, and I think we got a transcend that you know raw, very sensitive in the other thing is what you say: people listen, and they want to help me out. I want to help Elizabeth WAR, they, while Biden, whoever you wanna, help help him, but at the end of the day we gotta come together. We need the Bernie people, the Elizabeth People, the mere people them that's gonna- come together I night, because if we don't we're, gonna get a repeat of what happened last, I repeat, would be I think you're, sadly a better than than more yeah yeah I do. I do great darkening. Greater than you mark thanks familiar for half a minute
Now is Jimmy Tango, Jimmy tingles. Twenty twenty vision at the Wilbur Theatre in Boston is this Saturday December twenty eighth grade We think that camper tickets, in all things me tingle related! You can go w TIA pod got com twice tour for all. My tour dates, Please have a safe and happy holiday whatever you doing, holidays I'll talk to you. After Christmas. So we'll talk before you yourself, Christmas damn you happy Hanukkah, here now It's a music, some cereal.
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