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Episode 1091 - Josh Klinghoffer

2020-01-23 | 🔗

Josh Klinghoffer came over to Marc’s house just days after receiving the surprising news from the Red Hot Chili Peppers that his time with the band was over. He talks with Marc about John Frusciante’s sudden RHCP reunion and being the odd man out. But he also talks about what it’s like to develop as a solo artist under the name Pluralone after may years of feeling like he was hiding in other people’s projects, including well-regarded collaborations with Bob Forrest, the Butthole Surfers, Jon Brion, Beck, PJ Harvey, Danger Mouse and more. This episode is sponsored by Beautiful Stories from Anonymous People and ZipRecruiter.

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Hey folks, how's it going beautiful stories from anonymous people is. The podcast were committing Chris gathered talks to one stranger on the phone for an hour and next week, show is releasing it's two hundredth episode, dreams struggles, family sex addiction. No topic is off the table. Funny inspirational, touching shocking, it's all of them. A collar who escaped from a cult, a woman, to hear her daughters, cancer prognosis, several people who have shit their pants and so much more if you haven't who is India now, is a great time to listen to beautiful stories from anonymous people in your favorite podcast app. Okay, Chris is a good guy. Funny, guy sweet guy, Smart Guy enjoy
All right. Let's do this. How are you what the workers, what the boxers, what the fuck bodies what's happening? I am Marin this is my podcast w e f welcome to it are you all right is everything? Ok, I went to the king RO practice on the recommendation of people a couple- people having never been to a chiropractor before that was something I I don't know, Fine. Wrong. In my opinion of chiropractic and were practitioners- or I don't know- I don't know- I share my experience with you momentarily I what, this is happening. I want to make sure that these dates are out there. This. The shows or selling fine. I just we live in very there's some people who knows man, I'm not
the biggest comic in the world. I do pretty well but die. Team to need to constantly remind people when I'm coming, and I can do it on the show. I can do it on Twitter. I can do it on Instagram outside of that, I can't come to your house no way I can just make the rounds, I'm not on Facebook. So this is the deal I'll, be in Cleveland Ohio at the Igor Theatre January thirtieth. I'll be in Grand Rapids Michigan at the Fountain Street church January. Thirty, four I'll, be in Milwaukee Wisconsin at the Turner a ballroom February. First, it might be Chile, Orlando Florida I'm a hard rock live February. Fourteenth! That's vow! times they now I said, do those those because you sell him better than I thought, but I get it man I don't know if I'm everywhere the idea of a night out on Valentine's day, I would say that really
If you know me- and you want to hang out with me on Valentine's day with your partner- that's nice, I. I will do a little something for Valentine's day. I promise that I dont know what but I know a night, you look. I am honoured to deal with one. Not Valentine's day and I'll. Try to ruin your relationship. If you can see me in Orlando Florida at the rock live February, for on Valentine's day. I'll do something special, don't know what that is without I will. I will figure something out I'll be in Tampa floored at the strap February, fifteenth Dress Centre for it. When main at the State Theatre February Twentieth, I. This is a return to main for me. I think I did one of my first paid gigs. As a comedian ever mind. My first paid gigs in a in Maine
probably nineteen eighty eight. It was me me. Nick APOLLO, I've been back to me couple times since then. Obviously, but I don't think I've worked in Maine and twenty years. Is that possible? Probably more might even be more so that's a big deal The return to main at the Portland at the State Theatre in Portland February, twentieth, Providence, Rhode, island. I do not think I have ever performed as agreed. One up, improvidence wrote I when I believe the last time I formed in Rhode Island was. Maybe in the eightys the way they early nineties at periwinkles in Davos Square, I think that might be the last time I was impressed it's right I'll thwarted at thirty-
years ago. The up that's a big deal, Providence, I'm coming back to the Columbus Theatre February, twenty one waving Connecticut at College Street musical. I was here a couple years ago. I liked it and Huntington He ordered the paramount. I was there a few years ago, two years ago I don't know but New Haven on February twenty second agenda. Huntington New York at the Paramount on February twenty. Third, I was there. I like it they're out on the island. There, you gotta devotee of pod dot com, flash tour for links to all the venues. Dean Del RE will be with me on those dates, barring anything I can't imagine us having the falling out before then or during it deemed areas. Kirk Hammett on his podcast right now, I have a guitar player on my podcast today. Josh cling offer is here
I met Josh cling offer beers back. He played with the choice For now this interview I did was booked before he was fired from the chilly peppers. Josh's was the guitar play for the chilly covers, promised a decade and we'd book before he was fired, kept the date, and we talk about here what happened and who he is and how he got. The gig is very interesting. Guitar player has other projects he's got dot hacker few albums with that call aberration. That's him he's got is a poor one, so a project he'll be opening. Pearl jam on their spring tour starting in March. The eighteenth is also going to be a onstage with programme. By doing this, in that I talked to him after our conversation by lot talking a guitar
where's and he's like a paddle free, Kanab, Stratocaster Freakin, he goes out there. He fuckin he warps it. He goes out there and warped the sound. So that's come there's a fifty percent off Shall going on right now, pod swag right, so you can get all the w e f stuff, all the new deputy of tee shirts travel, mugs, water bottles, key chains, all half off. Ok, it's apply to check you, gotta pied, swag, dot, com, Flash W I can get yourself marched up and I also want to tell you my buddy, most Kashmir. Who's been on the show four times LIVE and, unlike has got d, a new comedy album out. It's called motion cash, your crowd surfing, and it comes out tomorrow January. Twenty fourth from comedy dynamic, it's. A hundred per cent crowd work motion has a skill at it and he makes it work.
Now he was. I owe you guys. It's really the best thing he does an army of think you take that that we back in the day when I first saw him. That was what he was doing. He's he's good at crowd. Work some guys, you're good at crowd, work, tat, berries, another one they're, just some People are crowd, workpeople, you'd, get motion, casual crowd, surfing as additional download on Apple music, Amazon or wherever you download your tunes. So my back, as far as I told you before, I've got some weird thing going on in my upper back right in between my fuckin shoulder blades and beneath my neck. That I think I popped somethin put in some way down on it. Lower I think that also came from a poor form in the squad situation or the dead with situation. Whatever the case, I've dealt with the lower back before the upper back as a kind of a fucked up thing. I've never had before in this way
so with the sort of suggestion. Over the years and recently from my trainer and the woman, I am seeing chiropractor they go to a chiropractor now, as I said before, I was taught deeply and and aggressively by my way, stern practitioners, father that chiropractors whereas were were bogus. Bunk medicine, no good, the the physical hands on version of snake oil. Not not the real deal didn't have when it took to become real. Doctors, That was how I was brainwash by my father now, knowing that I, thought like we're. Whatever manage my back in ya, go I'm going to the real doktor today that real doktor together of TAT, made. It gets MAX race like a mixture. Nuttin swifter broken her fucking off in their body
the chiropractor first any did some stuff. He did stuff. He did yeah everything just shy of some sort of which witch doctor dance to be honest with you again. Some of it seems reasonable sum. Without effective, he did some tension testing me. Pushing on his hand you from arm from my leg and this neck nets sort of machines that clacked that kind of power? downtown pantheon, pantheon, They are my lower back and on my upper back than a different path. A vampire vampire ban ethic hacking away on my spine. He did. He did dual twisty thing: made the cracky noise. Am I on my back and my neck scary neck, a skirt, really realise? Why can't you know there's a moment in Cairo. His office, we, like Why I end up in a wheelchair is this. Why is this why I signed the release form? What happened white? Why did you
Did you get shot you in a car accident? No, I had some trouble and I went to a chiropractor and I signed I find it his ally. They could you feed me that please could you put that in my mouth, but look nah mocking anybody, whether debilitating or that's not. I do not. I thought that when I was in getting my neck cracked, how easy it is to break your fuckin, back. Pa look out to shit. My pants just coffee dont go up so cracked, quacked around with the crackers foe. Is the laser on the two areas that were causing pain and I'm like work. It does seems like you have a major injury. You have plenty of flexibility in the way of moving. Motion range of motion. So I think it's bad luck. Ok, he did so. He rubbed some stuff in its smelly, stuff. Camphor Easter. Their way down my stomach and this
where there is a couple moments or I could tell us tone, I could feel the trick with the decree checking the tension. Owes you that's better. Now, dismissals, not working. This must always working whatever and we're in the back of his house. Now, I think the guy Spry pretty good at what he does. But when I, it down, and he threw a couple of discs, unto my chalk rise and then made some diagnose there's some partial diagnosis about the energy there as a sort of like ok, maybe maybe don't do that part, If you, why remain convincing? Let's not do their part, but look I'm sure the cracking in the clacking in the in the rubbing and they eating in their there. The nicer smelling stuff that penetrates can't hurt. I don't think it's gonna fix
maybe I don't maybe it maybe it takes a few days, but I don't know about the air, the chalk resists, jockers, good pow how's, my back. All right, but I appreciate it now- is open to it and it's nice to have the cracking in the clacking and rubbing in this valley stuff we'll see. Maybe maybe maybe a miracle. I still in pain. I work out today and that's how you know what I'm not look. I'm no doctor, but if you on this fucking carnivore diet or the Kido Data. Whatever can you please do yourself a favor and check We have heart disease in your fuckin family. We please you're the it's like I interest and some people's conception of cholesterol or whatever, but I went to a cardiologist, I don't care what you think about pharmacology or farm Suda goals or
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come in zip, recruiter, analyzes each one and spotlights atop candidates. So you never miss a great match, zip recruiters, so effective that for five employers who postage zip recruiter, get equality, candidate HU the site within the first day and right now w of listeners contrived recruiter for free at this exclusive web. Address zip, recruiter, Dotcom Swash Marin, that zip recruiter dot com Flash Emma R, O N Marin, zip recruiter this modest way to higher I know that my episode of finding your roots with pre empted by the impeachment in many places, but it was quite good. I enjoy I enjoyed warning about Jeff Gold, one's family anti. Gross his family and I like what they chose to focus on about. I family, you get the PBS app, which I just got an or you just find it. There was good so female about this is from wisely. She said this age
thanks! You hi mark love. You love your part, Yes, are you in Joker the other night? You were great as watching them Who, with my son and husband, I got so excited when he parked on the screen. You would have thought I just saw my brother, acting with the my son, said: moms free there's a cameo in the movie? Well, I listen to you twice week. So in many ways you are like a friend and a brother plus I was born in nineteen sixty two, so I really can relate to much of what you say. Speaking of relate dot, dot dot. I really appreciate it. Your honesty during your interview with Randal Park. Randal spoke about what it's like. Be asian in America. Now can be a challenge at times. If you are not caucasian you ve genuinely said that it was something you didn't really think about, not being white. It was refreshing to hear this being addressed. I personally am a third generation chinese American. My grandparents came from China. However, both my parents were born in college, when you as was I despite this fact, it would blow your mind what people ask me as it
kid, and even now, as an adult here is a sampling. Need every meal which optic know when you come to America. The minute I was born. Do you have rights every night. No, can you help it was my math hell? No, your grandparents live with. You now? Two years? Why don't you speak Chinese? a reason you doubt your mom make spaghetti. Yes in its good. What do you do on Thanksgiving Eu Turkey? How many times Have you gone back to China? Never, why Is your anger, so good? I'm a California in. I think again adrift here and it may surprise you that in the year twenty twenty, this is something I still contend with interesting. How Americans, whose parents are grandparents were from Europe, are often not asked. Such questions makes you think I I can relate to a lot of what Randal Park had to say, and I have a feeling many of your listeners due to thanks for your great podcast. They never miss and emphasised, and I am in life by each and every one you make my life better, and I am grateful, have an awesome decade, fondly Leslie
you're welcome Wesley thanks for sharing that dumb that annoyance with me. I appreciate it so look folks, right now, I'm gonna talk to Josh cling. For who was until very recently the guitar play for the raw chile peppers. As I said, he's gone on too. Pearl jam, his solo project? Plural, one more open for pearl jam on their spring tourist, starting in March on the eighteenth, Josh's solo album to be one with. You is available now, wherever you get music as his many of his other projects resigned. Sting and he does tell me his side of what happened in about his relationship, which, on four shot Dane about the peppers and about your how he got started in some that some other people, who have been on the show, but look I'll. Let him tell it this is me talking to Josh cling, offer
there is a yeah you're registering the way things. Probably not that loud here. What is with you guys come unleashing China, but I still need to project more oh yeah there you're at Euro Leave guitar player, not a base where you well, I was I was have you heard? Are you? Are you of this tv what I mean yeah. I heard that I guess we gotta cover that people were r r r freaked out These are our buzzing, you're you're out of the chilly peppers reopen this is this was before our that you and I someone like the day after book we booked it like you a real, what's going on with the joy of ever jet year for shouted back, gotta interview him. Now my courage, come in. Some of you will get some answers because I just saw
guys that benefit, I hope, the other Felicia Music where'd, you get an arbitrary, a view of what happened was sir. Did you see it was? Did you know what's happening now? Come on man complete surprise. I mean, I know a complete shock, but not a surprise. I bet your friends John Priority right. I work as we have emerged since I joined the bandwidth sort of now really here at all. Really. I had spoken to him and in ten years or so until a flea got married in October. We wish we spoke briefly but way, okay, so now, but you guys were made, which you go back, see you got blindsided by this thing and now you're out of the gig, and you just you got no extra nations. What did well, therefore, I mean it's pretty simple and there's no there's no animosity, I'm in the D. The explanation is that John is Sir. I would like to come back and is served rekindle. The relationship with the bandwidth flee musically in here for
ass little while and behind your back? I suppose you know- I mean our jamming somewhere, whether by them The moment they told me, I I told I said to them. I wasn't surprised by the sea, no sort of crossed my mind once or twice when I Why, when it was, when I heard that another Jonathan It hung out United noted in playing or anything but am thee I just in moment, they told me I sort of had this. This is great, for the wave of of love for them here and love for everything I was able to do with them and I sort of you I put up a barrier between that feeling and anything that might come. The that point to any change that my life might learn through or a state in the gratitude, yeah and aid. I hate sounded like that. Normally I it's not easy for me to write speak of all that stuff, but I
for that you have seen where that's where I live in any feels really good. While I agree with them ten years, it was a perfect sorted decade, Yak October of oh nine, two December. So when you, when you took the gig and we can go through the history of it because you did several records with shot they write when he left yet and well? Well, we know when he was in when he ok, so you did his seller projects when he was with the pepper yeah. And by keys on how many you did one studio record with them or to two studio records to the two tuna had yet to, and then I brought you on accidents, this collection of of extra stuff. We did for the first record, but why listen to some your store records work and play right that that I am yet those are great records. Thinking and I listened to another I can figure out which one
I was in do another record. I can't figure out which one bite, but you don't you go back in this l a scene for along time? But I just I wonder why, so when you join the peppers was for shant day Did that strain? Your relationship is at work kind of you, I mean, but the thing is we: we had been friends and we were working together and we win. It decided after a long break that they wanted to carry on and he maintained that he was sort of done with it for further for that. We are at the at that moment and they asked me to do it. I think he was fool surprised that they were gonna carry on without him, and then I was sort of talking to him ass, his friend about the fact that the ban was carry on, but they had asked me so sort of a strange, a strange this and I was holding well that's interesting. They somehow you're the logical step. I mean you're, no, your strap guy. They seemed to extract guys nap this year I mean I can I assume the role that I'm given. Is that what it is
I guess I mean I can't it's funny like I figured you, try not to have this conversation with my steering yes, rather fear them yeah we as a guitar ass. I I sort of became when all of a sudden when I started playing above forest when I was younger you, my old Bob was like I've talked to Bob and you played in bicycle thief, which, in enacting keys Great Box and the greatest so by a word. You grow up here in the valley right in the valley and you, my parents are from New York: oh yeah rosy, but rising my sister and I the only Californians, really Jersey, like we're partners North Jersey. Rather both my mom was born Brooklyn, my dad in the Bronx, and they both move to another respected like the rockets. My dad and my mom of jewish guy, nor turning my dad is money, arms, Irish, catholic, soft. You in the moms Irish Catholic, thieving groping, introduce them no way, I'm culturally and one right, I mean the idea, but would you
daddy why they move out here film on tv in the sound department. The sound idea he boom, mostly about when he first started boom operator here, he's got hold dear. How those guys are important. Yeah yeah got keep it out the shot, so there is right, equipment at the house. Yeah bed- I mean you know here, you know it's in particular it I've been. There is always that the Knocker machine over there I didn't know that stuff How many more man it's no tapes, Edwards roundish inertia. She nodded. I she worked for agency until Osborne, then Sir, took along along how aid us from from working. Then she got a job at my school, my high school, in doing what the dean's office wishes which is fine as I wasn't in them, but I you're not a bad kidnap out now. Neither should I left anyway, maybe maybe it the brothers seizures of younger sister, every sister she in the
business. You know she doesn't normal life like that enough. You're right? Yes, yes, yes, yes, hunger, great! She! She helps me out yeah yeah, but how? How does she Amelia? Well, you know on tour all the times. Yes, sort of she runs my my love or so you, oh, that's! So that's good cause. I thought about having my brother do that I give you just employing him here to manage the personal assistant shit there. She my life here and then I thought I'd. Do I really want to deal my brother that much will see their destiny? Do I really wanted to know if anyone else, that's nice, my well! That's a nice word maybe it's different with a sister. I have no problem, my brother, but my brother up in my business. You have given me? You know like I don't know it just. I think we're good. I think
be strain which strain it is very possible and we'd end up fightin, verve us, and then I can well that's nicer, that you give her the job and that she helps yeah. Show wind with Sweden. Finish high school now I left, I guess, at the beginning of eleventh great as fifteen, I'm a younger Earth s eyes, your fifteen and he's drop out your mom's dean's off. Here I come down with high school, and that was a big problem, but I of course, are not may have snuck into the attendants office intense and I'm not sure. What do you mean you know, cause we gotta not from a true enough, sir well and then never seem to have rarely buddy. You dropped out. No Certain know if they don't see your name on her attendance record here. I am not convinced that she didn't play a role in the true enough, sir, not coming back a second to I don't know so you just stop going school here every country that the result of a weird attendants policy they had. I been set to drop out and planet, but then there is a whole sort of app
this policy and one by one the periods fell. We I slept later later and later, but by this New Europe at home yeah. I know a very tense period I would really like to know the fuck you parents in like we're fucked up drug? No, not at all, I dont know I learned how to break a topic that sail fired among our there. I started as a drummer. Can you still do to jump through together, Yeah. Well I don't know. I I play drums like a guitar player who barely pleasure now. Ok, so that twenty start playing guitars when you drop out sort of state up all night and then, when I heard them waken up, but that really Now I was able to get away in Europe here most and what was the first guitar strategies. Assembly strap and really bought it from someone on the recycling or directly opposite the
I left a good and a good one american Wendy beneath one, the early eighties here that had a sort of funny fender, locking tremolo news, is Elijah fenders, take on the on the eighties metal, Tremolo So the first one is the somber strap? Yes, JANET Rogaine, my way, my mother, slamming on the ground of probably about school or some like you remember. It was actually about school, Leanna, bribe, a sort of lashed back at her mother and you grandma exploded yeah. So in that moment in the House YAP volatile- and I you know- I thought the best course of action- was this landmark guitar on a marble floor. Broke, went in a box for years and years and right after I joined the band, I've kind came across the I'll, take it to Erics Qatar Verandah. He put it together and I used it all over the first pillar record and then, when your first strap yeah and brought back from the air and then right after
and I think, goes on in on the first tour I was doing with them. The band was inducted into the Hall of Fame and that's where it is now that guitar, the fur One day he broke on a fork is your matter, your grandma machine? was mad at me. Oh yeah, it's reconstruct. It's a! U you're in the Hall of Fame yeah but isn't bite like its, but everybody in the papers. Is you just have? No sir, I don't know, I don't know really, and found out Werner here there was a mature sorry. Buddy sounds like you're some dead point of contention here. So what is so when you start now, though, I who were you listening to condemning, play innocent a sort of away now I like the way play because it sort if I hadn't, if you would call it psychedelic or ethereal or or like something you are you trying to feel like you're, trying to get somewhere out there with the plan
How do you know what I mean like like their certain that dude? What Greenwood from radio had he does it like our member there, some older liking, some of the robber Fritz sallow Shit, your kind of goes out there in theirs, other kind of do they're kind of travellers with technology and effects and what not in just sort of sustained and stuff, but it seems to be there the world? You want occupy, yellow eight I play like someone. It didn't grew up playing a tar so and when I started playing with Bob Forests, it was you know he had you just because I think he had less than a year sober wanting to do music I was the seventeen year old kid around the corner from his girlfriends parents house, in the valley in the valley, but you ve been playing you. I thought you did what you'd Qana locked it you just started. Oh you were just started playing a couple you I was seventeen Guide but United, been playing in the bedroom now oil, but who are your heroes at that point? I Korea, China. Will, I grew play in all the music? I liked as a kid. You know that starting from the beetle
and the beach boy, and then you know what I'm sort of eight nine. That's the guns and roses right: motley crew. We think a slash is a guitar power who he's one of my favorites yeah. I absolutely sky like a monster on there is in fact is even find that shit yeah. It's kind of crazy. It is crazy. He was their guns and roses got in the same year as the chilly purpose to the hall of Fame. So we, I was standing next to a really Did you talk to know now much further, nice guy back yard? I I've I've only said hi term Duff. I've become friendly with him, he's an amazing yeah, so ok So you ve kind and know how to play guitar. Were you I'm just starting out of hearing our records by air in the bedroom, but then yeah you through Bob forests and sort of rural friends, parents lived round the corner Bob's. A friend of the time brother was well. I best friends still those out ok and at the time there were seventeen he's three years older than me, so we use you know, used to talk about music and smoke cigarettes and her brother or Bob
other how ok, but then you know Bob wanted to put them together and I was the guy around the corner and I had you know when you're sober Bob force yeah and he was friends with the papers others got. He was in that world ran in what was that world that that was that world at that time, Zairian eighty yak as a member How can a bob- and I know that he was close to those guys to the point where they done some work to do. There are even right here in the live together, ran around town together to elaborate monster to ride up pretty ash bone, Jaynes addiction right now these bans, so you know born out of the there is a kind of broader punk see Norman. Everyone cried heroin, was a lot of everything,
were you aware of all that stuff goin on time? Yet now- and I was really young bet- you know the minute- I I I turned eleven. I think in ninety ninety once started middle school. That's when you known Nirvana Pearl JAM and that whole rang happen at four person. That age was everything to make Israel out loud that the sea have people playing and bans together and since then, or probably for that's all I ever wanted, was to being a barrier and have you play music with your friends that that you love? Yes, oh Bob, so he just finds you have the work that exchange are you. He gives us a good record, there's only one bicycle feverish right yeah only. Why were we to threaten to do another one for years and years back now now may We now have a little more time to get some time and your whole famer. Your whole favour with some time sewing. Appeal from here Buddy air, yet but ok, so how does
approaching. How does it have you leave the message on my I am. I am answering machine and them here the air I remember gonna get together and he has had a couple songs. He had started to write and decided to play and it was a sort of it now that I've known for, over twenty years. He just jumps in here and I I remember we had it show, but you know within a month and them you knows, builders, the loneliness monster in its new time is making more sense to me. How? Because it wasn't that long after thorniest was around and he was newly sober, so we played a show me him indexed any from down is monster and I'm as felonious monster. That's what was on the billion, because there was no bicycle tv, we had written any songs together right, but I'm the I remember, thinking to myself that night, I'm a guitar planned yeah, that, wasn't really something I would admit to heal. He writes like I like his songs right here. Isn't
like really gets on Ray. I don't I don't know why he's not need more known, somehow, very ITALY. The aim is still like that last record. He did was sort of really darkened in fucked up, and you know that song about not being able to use favorites area, more there. That's, though, that's on a bicycle development that VON, didn't acoustic version of it on the last out. Ok, I that's the one and an John footing, does a solo on that. Come with me. I have that sort of right after I had met him we're Charente is: is he in the papers? Then when I met Bob and started playing with Bob and care joining the group of people. The great a group of people that have been around playing John was not yet in the band. He was just sort of re emerging from a dark period. It wasn't in the band, but he had been in the van before yeah in eighty nine. Eighty eight eighty nine ninety right many disappeared into a heroine hall at that whatever. Yet the vote
yeah yeah. He left the ban and ninety one and eighty two here and then yes, oh, he he rejoined the chilly peppers copy a year or so after I saw a play with Bob and there he Univee, I think, maybe maybe before the cheaper Brown, California patient came out. John. I'd, be sorted becoming friends and he came and played that's alone with their eyes started hanging out in European Bob yeah, and he claimed play this. And then you guys start hanging out sort hanging out. I had become pretty obsessed with his first Salam, which was put out ninety four horse, which one was that it's called the Andrea. Let s hear ya, usually just a t shirt, two things to you: did he
with. So you know he was sort of you like the way played you I was. I went out of the way, wrote songs, and may I say that that record assertive its verdict, as I just I came across something I recently where he had said something like that. That ELM was never meant to be released, say it's this. This is sort of a demo here or something here when it went about that record were so, I would just ride. I think it was just made fur. No one here, houses are made for you no sort of a pure audiences of of himself ur gonna people he knew others and what was it like? What what was it about the way he play? That was like some fuckin compelling you? Does it even heard of it? Now I ve got out there
yeah I mean he was them is the stages has an incredible in inherent sort of sound that comes from his fingers and just as very varied these. These very skilled and very nice is a student of a guitar. He knows how to run he. He created a sound of his own right aching from all this. The amazing guitar isn't where the hell's somebody can like like take like like it, doesn't matter how faster what we have people know for them to be to have their own sottish talking about that is about to some of the other day that cause your talk. Much America's. I went to see em daring company because my girl, they want to see a vigorous hooked up and I don't know who he is as a guitar player. Yet you nobody's a great guitar player, but I dont, know exactly what his tone is or what his sound is.
But there are some people that are much less. They have much wise virtuosity who I can identify mediately because of their tone in their food. Yeah, that's something I you know I so I I I would serve later Someone who can grow up language are, and I just sort of figured it out. I went along and I always felt like I was playing catch up right, end and play with Bob, and you know just I guess, influences coming out in my playing, but I'm sure now. Let me know, I think you have a single sound. I think I like what use? Are you saying that, like you, because you know there, was in a lot of him in, like you, didn't alot of people spend time mimicking. People yeah, just learning idea. You know I never did. That was finger, exercises and scales each on. I just know not at all. I just you know, played songs and then I'm gonna play with Bob until as for about twenty. Twenty one on the road? How many requisite do we just did that
in Bulgaria being friends with the chilly beverage we did to opening towards for them. As the first of three one was with full fighters, one was with stun Temple it's really yeah to Sir Leon that telephone occasion to her when they were hidden it hard and in every corner there. You did like a lot of dates, yet we did to three weak legs, so you really any your full immersion, full immersion, It is why, when I ultimately join later on a sort of everything felt pain, unnatural, I've known everyone in their touring fan, for years where you weren't a new entity. I knew how were right and but but guide that that first spot, that's gonna rough. Five people trickling in each of the five year, but you know it still for me, I'm twenty twenty one and I just I barely look the crowd anyway. I know that I know people are getting. There began, find their seats, but you know just that opportunity to do that.
So the relationship with John was he like shown you shit I wouldn't know mean not specifically, show me through the relationship we are building as friends, when he employed Gary and influential just yon on many of the elderly? is nine years older than he too eager when he joined the joy peppers, heaves sort of the ten year younger than them grow right, I'm the ten year younger than him group or nine years, so I mean I'm ten years younger than the other chile peppers are you. I got that's a there with all the main, like I thought there on my arm. Fifty six other than the other born sixty two sixty three hour, yeah yeah, I'm. Seventy nine wow three houses, and how does it involve, though, that you see toward them being locked in? go on to your own thing, well, besides the having Dream of always being in a band of starting at certain things bar, but it wasn't a ban
Matthew. Was he and I know we got a couple guys to help the Elliot live, but when I saw plainly, of. That would have been the moment to start something right, That and then- and I was you know, right beginning my twenties and I just sort of spent my whole twenties. He s wearing with other bands- amazing bans, Chile, peppers, weren't, tour NEA. I had a suspended driver's license and for shot. There was living at the at the chateau Mamma the ant video he he wasn't check it out, because it would have been too much of United to come back and find some new. So I stayed therefore fur too half weeks, unrecorded, basically an album there with him no amount, because I had nor to go at a two year, because I had no two guys have make, set a track and no license. I stayed up, you know just recording all man just made basically a record and and you know, but no one ever? No one ever heard it and then at the end of that stay there d be Haines had called
maybe and call John here or you know it's have. We know we need a guy. We need a guitar player. Who could also play drums, so I went out with the with the by health I have no sense of the young. What does do through like a man, the music which is its do. I can then, the music, which is its own thing, was it were they touring, erected was Edwards here, away to Stephen known and away after that it was. I was turning on record. That was, as it was called weird revolution. I think, and I guess or waste even suddenly came out when I was younger than he had ever. This was their biggest record or something I d done a bunch, a weirdo records and, in her way to Stephen, was sort of like what his within had the massive hit in the early nineties called pepper right, Was that I do it on the record after that a pair right that was on her way to Stephen. None at all that was on electric Larry Land. Electrical airy land firmer here, over the song now the papers on what was the chorus of it,
They soon ojeda those good song of growing. I think I still have the back this backing track, seedy, backup in Maya like a target when there is a real psychedelic. Where does right, yeah not so much when I was during with them this morning, just old, timers out to make a buck. Well, you know It is a year of some version that I think our you know they were. They hadn't been banned in a while, so they got that's another made a record. There were sort of you know how many of them were there when you return, I was Gibbey Paul we are saying, and then they had a base player. Ok at the time who wasn't an original and did you have learn the shit. I learn that shit. I learned sat, you know we'll get. We played the same said it was enormously efficient, rehearsal schedule. We would get together at twelve. Thirty p m pleased at once break come back at eight p m, do it again and that
so I got undisguised living in two days in Austin. I would stay up late watching tv proclaim, guitar nothing doing whatever I wake up pretty much twelve fifteen here get up, go to the point to the car they pick me up and I did that September. Eleventh, doesn't one walked answers concerning goes you're drinking coffee and look back at me and I don T know it. What is it the piano? The trade centres gone Pentagon. You know today. I had to go to rehearsal and do a whole hour and a half for herself till I could see what was going on reach. Yeah, then I went back to my hotel and basically saw the birth of the news ticker and was in Texas for a month so leave you guys have to play that day. We rehearse yeah yeah, yeah financing. We did go back that night inertia did you have to drum I age. I did stand a double jumps. King played drums, but I can do
what they had in the in the now eight, when you're doing that, like you, so that you do next gig after forest, was you got pulled into to the bottle, surfers reunion tour and yet, You want to start your own things. What happened that thing you made at the chateau? Nothing Does the armor debased flare of that, but holes tour, kind of compressed it in court and quote mastered it the day before We left and I just listen to him on my own. I gave it to him. I ve been a friend or two and that's it. It's system still lives in in a couple ipods, better You don't have a year that I'm not just re. One of the signs? Actually, I was gonna. There's still couples, Alexander that I love it. I mean it's yours, The developing as a songwriter as a front and me I went from being a kid drummer too, you know somebody is barely considering himself a guitar player to now. You know wondering to start banned by saying that I, but then I basically lived my dream throughout my twenties.
With other bands cannot move. Is a network was after the battle surfer too the nine eleven but of an earlier about it, then after that I did some stuff around town. I was really am a big fan of John Brian. At the time I see that a large all the time oh yeah and he yeah a referendum a different world, then the it sort of weird the Ella worlds of music. That's, definitely not the chilly There were no not at all. It is its own world there. You know it. How then have this playing with John Brian happened, because after I'd stop playing with Bob and the ethical thief, we actually had our record released in some funny way and m. There is record release parted the viper room and Bob had asked me to do it because assertive older wallflowers e counting crows take
band was assembled for him that he, I know just put together and he had come on what you do it. I mean it's these guys. I don't know some of the guys from those bans right, size, the church or another songs, and then we had a brief fight. You know that we mended pretty quickly. So I came in. I didn't. I didn't bring a case and I brought my guitar and off the street jumped on played and left and the drummer that night was a guy named Damn Carol. I used to see play with John Brian all the time of Argo week after week. So, a year after that bicycle thief show at the viper, and I got a call from him saying: hey member may I play with you year ago by a room unfriendly. John Brown were doing this rock band residency, its space land because he did the weekly larger thing, but they had asked him if he would do her are a band version can play his eyes, but yet other guys, early, Yak, Iraq, Visa and am I was, I was shocked at eyes.
The m, I'm not gonna, go be the second guitarists he was one of my favorite is incredible play and I then everything in my being tell me that to say our thank you better, but I didn't and that's gonna how I've just been. I've lived you know, I don't like what you learn from working with John I sort of and notorious genius guy Yang, and I just sort of he's going to turn up piano, he was lame, both by mostly guitar does. That was the point to display a rock band guitar based rocket trade solos and you know I am obviously nowhere near the guitar player he has. But I think he liked in me that I had gone to see him Alardo semi ties. I knew his songs. I watching him and his record was not yet so whom we got together are heard the day before the fresh air or something I'm playing all his songs. By watching how you knew that I think it touched him and now, as we have run out to them there you know rather than I am here too, a wild, but I'm just from a disarmament did show Argo
they're so gave me. I don't think I've seen John play at the new Larga that does your life. Then we play piano anything. He didn't you. It was a jet appetite show that I haven't. I was not part of the whole scene, New York? I moved here in two thousand and two. The first is the second time, but I was not part of that old music trip. It was like, but I was not part of that music trip. It was like. Amy Man and John Bright him and Fiona Hap on you. What then my intentions, I am right. Yeah Ramoth, Alot Elliot's made at that time. Right did you play with that guy, I'm and to remember, if I ever share the stage, is that after I met and became friends John, I would challenge any in the original Argo yeah. I would go up and play drums. Levanter played some guitar. I feel like there was some Elliot Cross over, but Where's your comics around ten member yeah, the comedians like that. In politics as the first time I saw that I support the time. Gregg burn.
There are no. What's up with him. I haven't seen him in British at he did something without forest awhile ago pie probably oh yeah yeah- that's probably right. Ok, so we did again see hang out, combine but Windsor next recording stuff. You do. I didn't do a tunnel recording from that point on. To John and he be through people. I met there. I got a call from back. So a really two thousand three. I went on tour with back and I had this point. I'd really done bicycle thief, touring and but also for storing and now I'm gonna talk back and that's another step up, insert a venue size and you're playing with playing a back span. You know an end which you, it was kind of the Third generation of the sea change period and he went out flaming lips fur. Then he went out with just he hormonal amazing guitar player, and he was the last person to play guitar with them. At that point, stomach to I'm feeling smoke issues. Let me I can't you
and then, but I went in and unite. I got that and a bit had a band of the time was Emily was an amazing band. I mean I'm. Nothing was evident that the J Bela rose play drums, Steve Mcdonald. They base Gregg Kirsten keyboard player was, and we all got on incredibly well and I'm only twenty. You're twenty three and I'm hanging out with these older people, which I have always said Dan right and I even I look young yonder sort of in an amongst all these incredible people. Am I'm living my my dream, a dream, would back in the big rooms the play music and people you now I have to assume that you're picking up things, agony and is part of the evolution of your sound mean kiss it like how big Ziad the Power Board at that point. There is usually was this as big as it had to be to do what I was doing now now, it's pretty big rate is We have it. If you look at the you know when I joined this oversight. Johns was pretty big when he left. So I
this kind of doing what I ever my base as I've such such aversion to the modern jiggered Popery that that you can do with life in Alaska aunt model, as are many effects or anything. So you know what do they do? What those things well, they allow you to have lots of sounds with very little gear. Are you like you? I have the thing that does the one thing the end and you know tat dance all over it and Russia in Vienna, a unplug the power and look at your guitar deck and launching come out and try and fix it Can you do that? Yeah yeah yeah? You get pretty athletic with the pedal board here. Ok, so after back then, Your ear, like your playing with John yeah in period again we had started making record see other we hang out any time he was, do not get fucked up on drugs, while none of those people were at that. Time are also Maria, and also you know I I I had my period:
but a later federal reserve, but not that bad enemy and, like you, do in heroin and do in that kind of stuff. I mean you mean in it's funny. The stories who tell herself about what's that's not what I'm so you just did arrow and socially one dad. I ever went their vows, you know it's just. It felt a little ridiculous to be younger, see what happens right an and go. I'm that's good for me, but, having said Other things right, you don't you I write in, but you are yeah. I guess you know by certainly having arise with Bob and seeing that the sort of the destruction it reaped on ear those bands at seemed kind. Levelled that she had, but everybody got silberman yeah I mean the one suit yeah, no wonder arrived here. Yet oh you're, playing with John and you're dead. You're doing these. His trippy records
here we were, we were hanging out all the tire kind of the Saint records practicing vocal harmonies and just gonna being friends in and we we decided to make a record together and it so it turned into his solo. Album shadows collide with people is that that was them the group. Besides, he had written at that time we just we. We start and I was playing drums and we have done a lot, a demos here and there it is the first time ever really recorded drums and a proper enough studios. The asian and With so much my hand. I barely play drums anymore. This point right, so we called chat in Chad, Smith to the rescue, and then this freed me up to play base and then all of a sudden we're tracking as the three peace and that's how that record came down. The shadows collide with people are minute. We had a great time doing that Hungary on base
You know I can do it, you can do it. If we pay you never, but it wasn't your instant well, the no was my Israel, but I love playing bays and the next touring gig that I have here was initially soul to me, as I would be the baseline right and it was built with Pga Harvey and I get a call from her another answer, machine message we how she finds you. She found me through Vincent Gallo, who did you hang out with insecure g point? Yeah played with him. There now is through four shanty: they become friends, they work together. Then gala. Yet he did a video with John for for us saw my gala was this guy. That was just around all the time and was like Yahoo. Is this the barometer of some sort of cool but I never really knew what he did. Really we dug lots next makes
movies? He makes music dresses a certain way he looks like he does. He had been asked to do a couple gives in Japan where he he has a particularly strong following aha, so he put a little band together and I was myself and Karla Tsar. Had I known in our shoes and Van called auto lux Plato Jacobite recently, but on the other three of us I think I'd met Carl around that time. It was greatly we waited for shows in Japan. It was like to join with, no sort of you know really hanging on the car. They evinces road, bigger there that we just another side project you did we are having with India with Gower Yan, and I did it again. A year later we did the Fuji festival. Bs Vincent gave Polly my number and The message and the original plan was she had started playing again as it three peace which I had seen her do when I was out with back. We played back to back at a vessel on France and Thou is her original
in our first to records, are three dry. Her on tar yea me yonder's enea, and it was the waves. The original german Rob Ellis Harvey from the bad seeds on base. So she calls me and says I wanna go out as a trio again make has, you know, and into the bad seeds. Would you play vase- and I was yet here so we and we so we started a friendship and I was gonna obeys and then over the course of the next, maybe four five six months she had seen the fall play and at the time the fall had a base player called thing, and then she decided that he was. He was a great base player and she did one play guitar.
So I got move to guitar, which was fined Zaire, aid, guitar and- and I actually want to play a double Johnny. She just pulled the base where, from the fall pulled me out straight out of all here. He quit that ban that Ben Gunn through other people they go through tat enough. He officially had to quit. I beg you just certain stepped aside. He has maintained a great relationship with Marcie Smith until the end, which was rare, oh really, yeah just cannot unilaterally to leave the ban. Are you forfeit? Yeah yeah I don't know what about it, but I'm gonna, I'm I'm playing catch up with others bans by getting rid of the records. In its brief, I can see how you know you could integrate into your trip he or he I had through that, might then be made. I got to sit in the room and hang out with mark in the background, just sort of hope he didn't focusing on me and say look as if the air, but he didn't, he didn't. In fact he talked about me once refer to me as the American, and I was sitting across the room. He didn't know hidden knows me, so did you record with Pga or now now,
usually touring, we did a very gates validates yeah aiming at the time I felt really long, but it was actually only you know over the course of a year we serve rehearsing in March April and then we are done by December and went down when she touring what was it was. It was called her a four year where we toward a lie, we know is fine. I was only you know. Ten months or so we went Austria twice. Reed we're playing lot do keep in touch with these people. Some we're right here, either with most of the people and that ban to get my guitar attack that I met on. That tour came with me to Chile peppers. Do I get guitar attack. Is that liking he's your guy? Who are you? I mean he's here. I just became great friends on that Peter arbiter. I was the only american another. I was obsessed with England and all things english and I was just trying to survive in the sea of english honesty and they we have accepted me gave me an honorary what british
get whenever you I was. I was idea. I was sufficiently aware of the right, humor and music that I got in but yeah yeah I'm in touch with most people from let's go how many enemies now, let's get so outside of the chilly peppers and those for shanty records, you ve done the Dodd hacker accords and the poor alone poor one records, yap, yellow, as I was as touring, and that was the thing I was getting after the Peter Harvey Tour, I did some like two thousand five. I tried start. A ban with a guy here are unaware that I'd known for, while that didn't take off, and then I was just sort of hanging and I told her- that ban morals Barkley yeah, because I'm friends with the brain burden danger mouse Brian.
He added a record with him and yet Martina toppling bird who sang with tricky yeah. I remember Turkey would have an accurate he's around you and Moreau Martina she's on his first couple. Records and she's got the greatest voices and she was making the seller record and it was pretty much his danger mouse, Brian myself and her here and then when they went to put the neural sparkly live band together. It happen pretty quickly, I think, and the guitar as to wonder touring the become one of my closest friends Clint. While she he had a prior engagement, so he couldn't do. The first show somethin like that Sabrina made. The trip to Scotland we played for song, so we ve known crazy, played crazy, live for the fair I'm in the UK. It was the biggest song that year and then you know, went home like thanks. That was what that was fun for and then you know unhomelike thanks. That was what that was fun for used crowd. It was,
I was a BBC, thinks that ever that was it. So you can have one, I'm not sure what I'm doing at this point and then I started playing with sparks Tina. Yeah yeah, there's a ban, the guy's. Now, yes, they ve been around while the day you know them an amazing career, nay. I never understood the music Well, it's ok, I know like I'd like I've got a bunch of the wreckers gizzard. There were a project of vine like I have all like: I've been to record sensors and other certain people that their use big thing there ever a very specific audience, and I and I just I- have them when I try everyone's while behind him, somehow my brain doesn't or to put it will they have a lot of different periods, and I was what was interesting about them. They have different kinds of fans in different countries because they had hits in England in the seventies.
France, in the eighties, Germany, in the nineties, in Russia, there there this crazy colt Ban because RON War is his moustache a little closer to another in a similar manner. So for that, I think, for that reason alone. They were put on this. You black list in Russia, because it that all the sort of you know against a greener right there, the guest, the grand people sought out spark. So when sparks when I played them in Russia in February of oh six, it was again not like the Beatles, but there were people that were like Do they like the music or just a mustache war? The mustache is gone now, but I can t like the music to wake. What's your favorite sparks record profits, and maybe I like I like a lot of them. They have a record from the late seventies called number one in Heaven that they did with Georgiana Rotor, which Zol synthesizers and discuss earnings again sounds I Donna summers that stuff and then media have a hard time with bands. Do that that kind of like the
I don't have that worried me was that they would never out band band. They had been at times, but it was always pretty much just the brother. Right, Ronnie Russell- and there are these they're- probably working right now they work harder than most people in there. Just always gone We when they first started, they had the massive hit this town and big enough for both of us in England they had a rock band. They re, I think, Queen Open forum. It was like day right. I had it, and somehow had this massive hit that you know. If you will, who played in England now its place like people playing a glass election, feared, Randy idea, it's them and anyone out with them for a while. I went out with them. I would thank the eye I went out with them cause. I had become really good friends of Steve Mcdonald from Red Cross here and he was in the back band with me and then he said do this labour Ronnie? That's a good band, some on tour with sparks
we're in London on a lay over on our way to Russia. Here and I go see my friend Brian dangerous Brian arrive become chummy with some of the guys when I did the fill in the early months before and the keyboard player whispers. In my ear I left the ban today onto anymore and then ten minutes later Brian says hath keeper an aim set left panted it. So I think there an open via that night, and I said I'll: do it yeah and night, you remember flying we flew to Russia. The next morning I never walking arrives crave. The World CUP was going on right. Saint Petersburg play, keep ordeal, even though they are third. I told myself that when I ask myself what I had said the night before so I figured it out and I and the guy who done it prior to me with an incredible player. She just figured out the rifts and yeah songs, I mean I know how to play keyboards enough. I know how to play cords, and I you know I actually right on piano lot. These days
but you know I'm not a ran again yeah yeah yeah, so you do not do so and you're still going to hang out with John and so went. How does the I guess we're getting close to the pact we learn we're going cardiac. Snarls Barkley is what led you so snarls I've been maybe not through labour. What are they they get? They start opening for, showed peppers in a stadium, arcadian, p, It is great for me because I'm friends at them- and I know they're tour every one- zero tonnes hanging out. Yes, I am right in there and how did that happened? There was a cancellation because of the snow storm so there make up show on one of the legs and nostrils decided at the last minute not to go down to Mexico. He added because I'm friends with the two endeavours in writing as a crazy Mexico City is the greatest place to play. Is it fuck you guys yeah, I'm gonna go He has the best, so I'm just a hanger yeah. So I go and I had John in awhile, are because I've been on
words are very hung out. There was fun played, then they had to make up the show in Oklahoma City that had been known at the beginning, but narcissism here anymore, so they had another person opened the show, but I'm hanging out nothing to do so. I play on stage with them because they at the time stadium, arcadian- I am There- was lots of extra guitar lots overdose genre doing here and you die, so there were songs that they can really play, because there is too much to cover for him alone. So I played a song or two, then I agree, I think- and I M beyond the flight home from that. I think that was the first time I had flown into Van Eyes Airport, which is right where I drive the point here on a plan. In home? Someone come up with the idea. Maybe maybe Chad to he asked me to come out on the rest of the tour because it was fine, maybe my age, my demeanor lighten the mood
but I'm yeah, and then I was able to see your dented cover. The extra guitar parts do some backroom vocals, placing keys, say aside. So that's two thousand seven, so I went out than the rest of their tour o seven year through to the end of it here and after they finish that tour. They had a very clear two year, hiatus and you know they said to everyone there, So then we don't don't even don't talk to us. We're really pointed out reaction, adapt years so now honoured that they did Jeff. We went music school we now have new as a new dad at the time. John was always gonna make a music and they M Chad, uttered another ban. He went on a whole tour that period, so you have two years nothing and then, as that two year period came to a close in all the other guys. Rug, copyright and Guide John still wasn't effort.
Of getting back in and doing it says eyes into his own shit yeah and he was gonna again. He's he's one of the most amazing. What we as one most amazing work, ethic, CBS incredible like that so yeah he was do intend to great music and then they that day they weren't done and they wanted to keep going, and I know I was there and not thou. So that's that's when that certain that was, oh nine. July Twentieth, is wonderfully asked me. Then we still had there are still cannot tying up some, some vacations and stuff and right October, right after I turned thirty is when we played for the first time. In the end, it was an array results may ass in her in the alley out in the valley, which is where they had written blood sugar. I think right agenda, it's amazing, all of a sudden. I'm you know in this band, why? What is it we put together? Touring set? No, I was just I joined as of as a
time. Member and a writer and rights are they were working on New Material Yak, his dagger? They were shut down two years. Yes, those new album time and you're, not at I hadn't been play. Guitar much I didn't doing, keyboards and narrow sparkly. I was writing Santa Pianos Messroom synthesizers, plant drums Plano Guitar, always on any of your own, so around yet nothing nothing release. Now. I do the time that Chile papers were in their to your brain yeah. I had sworn your brain yeah, I had sworn offering with other people, because that was amazing audience Bayer. That's when I you know was. Like I'm in these amazing touring situations and surrounded by incredible people all the time, but I'm kind of miserable and wiser cause. I'm mean I've. We wanted to be a mild, banned or high, like my own songwriter and I'm hiding in these other people's projects and with a like, I said, I was sort of living,
dream, I'm kind of doing Yeager and later venue. I hear that better, but if you like really knows who you are Yan, though, just you know, that's a funny thing is I don't know how much of that I care about. I just I want to do. I want to write songs and I want to play. I want to have a band I've wanted. It says of the kid right, but I'm starting to realise more more more here that I am hiding from taking that responsibility and I'm sort of you know it's a lot easier to to tour with other people, sure thing not on you, but I'm not nearly as yeah yeah really saying like this is killing me. Here and now and then Then I tried that even the Ark period yeah, you know I, but still can again it down and playing and doing these tours and making friends and and making lasting friendships. And but that's when I put that hacker together and I swore that assist finding a do my banning without being yeah, I've been sire, I met a rag, songs, Yan and am Clint walls from gnarled during ban.
Air gardener from gnarled a second touring band Anna, a player in John, and that I had met through some friends. I convinced him to move to allay. We start dont hacker, and that was you know, and it was only we named at that because we needed a named as my friend who I met Bob Forest through here, but whose sister data he was book in the troubadour he gave us a show, their dot hacker was Eric murmurs grandma dot hacker with your aim: Dorothy hack it so you know we, you know everyone assertive that our name then somehow it stick. I stuck I liked calling it the dots better yet and then, but I'm still sort of figuring out how to be a singer in front person and right songs and United sort of come out of being in the
how does he have a following with their ban? The meaner people get nominated coupled irrespective well that so that ban was basically put on hold because shortly after I started getting really have produced so, but I was able to and youth because of the opportunities that Chile papers in a brought to me. I was able to sort of keep that band going the whole time here in any every time we had a couple months off, I was able to do another dot hacker album. We didn't get to tour it. We ve played a couple. Little tours, we open for blood red had once we went to Japan for two shows, but we were enabled to be banned right so yeah. That was, but I mean you know through being in the chilly peppers. People have heard it not a ton of people right, but that's the funny thing is I got you know again, though I like your label, oh yeah, their great diana- that
oh Argius, YAP and Andrew like that like, yet they sent me a bunch of stuff when they sent me your stuff, but they're they're, very eclectic, sorted, reissue, taste, J at any, do really good job with them. Like they're, nice, heavy vinyl sounds like the mix is really good on all this old shit. The using real shit, the other north are doing now is funny think, as we had made the first out hacker album, Ed Sue years before I think it came out and then Steve Mcdonald again who I was friends if he was working at the Red Cross, got yeah yeah. He was working at war brothers at the time he played it for a guy down the hall who whose at orgy the guy Andrew who runs orgy now with Canada Assisting this guy Jeff and Jeff, like the record, he knew that I was in the chilly peppers now and he knew that you know. If anything happened with the record. You know it was all in house more or less as they were vs out a Warner brothers billing. So they do so,
for the record. I we didn't think that high ground would ever come out if there be any lifeward, I'm in the pit. Chile peppers now India. So then that first album, which I brought for you. If you wish one. Who is this when the first item correctly at this came out right. You know right, as I said, a right as this the first one yeah that's right as I do that. Firstly, the Brown my did came up Would you I think I got a later one? I don't love you sent me to her. I ambrosch all them. This is got a lotta gangs body, and this is your choice- have already the getaway what the two of them there these to actually those last three young twice three. What are the two records that our official record than the one in the middle of the collection of actual songs of thanks man so worked with those guys? I mean being in that bank, as your in that band. Did you feel that We tabled a sort of carve out your own trip. I mean they had several guitars, but did you feel like you know? You re leave your mark on that guy, that band
I hope so. I was when I noticed when you play with them the only a couple of tea songs. I saw you do and they were songs generally, that yellow recorded eating record with Anna, but it you sound like yourself. That's good yeah, I mean that's the thing I was sort of unaware of the whole time. You know I don't I learned I read the internet anyway, but the beginning. You know the first tour I did with I'm I'm sure, there's lots of people. Talking of comparing the I'm on us- and you know, I think I spent probably far too much time. Thinking about that- and you know I did all these tours in my twenties and never able to really develop my own style rather people stuff. But I play like I play and you know I learned from who I learnt from where I you know I learned by playing along too what island play. Aren't you so there's gotta be an arena style,
sure and m yeah. I think, but again now military powers on playing the songs tat have their nerve. In there you know recorded anthem, famous the world area. Some I'm trying to be respect. For an hour from China, I can help is beat me who bright and so hopefully, if, if this, sir change, you know John coming Back- and you know me leaving had happened five years ago. Half my time in it probably would have destroyed me right because they would have confirmed all the things that my mind. Let Tell me that I saw cameo worthless and those things, but you know I think now I've done to a we were. We were then, over a year into writing a third another item, and so on I've done a lot arriving with them of their work. That has been recorded yet Leah. That's just gonna go away again:
which, as you know, that causes they liked riding with you. Obviously you know you guys we're doing stuff. You hear me, I mean I think it was. You know it's it's funny thing I think it was. It was all positive. It comes down to the history that ensured it's a funny position to be in two to be the person that you know it for a second could thing that John doesn't like all I should be there. You know it's absolutely Johns place to be an advance. That's why I'm happy for him. I'm happy that he's back with them, and also there has to be some element of like so you think they d intent, is to do a new record with John yeah I'm, and I think you know, I think, that's the thing there's no matter what John and Flee specifically had a musical language in on a connection that was me did we get on with seventeen? Eighty eight flee was only the thing he was thirty, yet you know Hillel had just died. The band hadn't had any major success at the very different people and it's a very different time and when I join its two thousand nine
there's a different line and I think you know everyone in the back. I couldn't be more grateful for how open they were to me on semi levels. I mean that's. Why there's that besides album for he ask as I brought in a lifetime, were the side is area. We went wild, we recorded fifty songs and there was a twenty five. Thirty more that didn't get finish. It was crazy and it was a great you. They were very open to me. It very trusting. I think there was a lot of you know. You know a lot of my work or my writing at the time got sort of pushed aside. A hobby sat you know and as someone who is trying to ride trying to do my part here, I've never felt a little funny. I was ok, my I thought I thought I was
and good warheads, it's it's over there. You know, and you I think everyone you know flee the language that he and I were always trying to be. I think he was trying as hard as possible, but you know you'll, never I'll never be able to compete or contend with the history that he and John F and
and dangerous things. So they beg you definitely had you. You could read each other on stage me. You knew it was a yeah yeah. I mean you know like I said if this had happened five years ago. I think it would have been hard for me just temporarily to way that against what they had here, but now with double that maritime ten years to tours seer and almost three alms of writing. I am really proud of what I did with them. I I feel like we did, create something, and we did you know and an aside from the music just on a personal level, with with the guys individually as friends with everyone in the turing family area, I feel like I brought something to them the whole to the sure, and I'm really proud of that, but that's great man and in it- and I know it shows me the growth I tell you like. I know for sure if this happened five years ago, we were this fallen into your. Shall ye
also it's not acrimonious and you have things you want to do. You know I am eager and you know you're gonna keep all your friends, You know to be dead fleetly and I had lunch couple days after he. No, he said. Is it never happened before they ve never made it change a member change unless there was a tragedy or are at a young age, are really situation of something yeah, but you know everything is great. I mean how do they tell you? Did you did they all sit down with the yeah yeah I get him ever is very sweet. I wrote my bike overcast pleaser living really close to me at the moment here and I M yeah. They just said in overcoming will give rise to it. We ve decided ass, John, come back then, and I just sort of Sattler QUIET for second, and I said I'm not surprised, and I guess the only thing I can think to say was I wish I could have done something with you guys, musically or creatively. That would have made this an absolute impossibility, but then again, like I said, I M in you know that let's hear that
That's next to impossible obliges it. Why do you say that you know does not surprise me, we'll just cause? I had known that John had reached out around the Anthony, not too long. I you know there's just across my my niece. I used on the periphery, yeah. You know I had spoken to him, but I saw him if he's wedding. He would you know like he was in a really great place here. You know, if he's playing guitar again, I think there is a long period where he didn't. He didn't have much relationship with the guitar. I really would anyone keyboard lots, incisors and programming, and he makes no electronic music and you know he's got incredible. I doing that arriving from what I had heard, the apple he just he had sort of put a guitar down for a while, but as back is back so yeah I mean
I am glad you. Ok, with no united I'll have little moments where, at the end of the day, as as as funny as it could be in their ban, sometimes, and as he has as difficult as writing was sometimes you know, there's nothing like and John said this to me. When I joined said, there's nothing like waken up in the morning with an idea and gone and plain it with your friends in a couple hours. That's true! There's you know I, like, I said it when I was ten or eleven. I wanted to be in a band to play music with friends and that I still want to do that. We can yeah lovely yeah, so The plan you gonna get the Dodd hacker guys together with a well get em. Maybe it's pretty fresh new is fresh news and I haven't I it's the first time. I've had nothing on my calendar since I was but you're not break it up now, not yet no
yeah. I know because I am like I have an amazing workspace and where your house no ever, but I want to call it a studio that are really record myself, exert a little eight track set a direct right. It's the warehouse with tons of stuff any rent. It yeah, that's interesting, so issues you or is it it is it is. He adds to me. I have a friend who, does a kind of furniture and and and goes wrong we're all kinds of our yes, you gotTA says like a store outlined in a workshop in the back. I want to get a space. I wanna play more with people, man whom he had known yet like a heavy decide.
What effect do you in on the most were paddles? Oh, I don't know I'm in here and others there's so much now here. I think I have a reputation for having a big pedal borgias about. I. I I love the most is playing clean. You know, I'm sort of has cracked plays cleanest bats. You have a ton of things you can do with just the tone knobs and you can hire an idea, and I got that weird little. Fifty seven, under deluxe out area of on its. What are you play through, though I think I have wanted you to know, I'm not sure of insane exact year, my idea, year after year, but there get when you and come all the way up her, oh yeah yeah. I get authority in the relevant, that's where you want the I have too much stuff actually and probably gonna have to repay. Firebird too. I have one year just want the up.
One none are known, and I have a bunch of about it. Yeah I've. Not let's see I have. I have three five words you I can. I do yeah Firebird seven Puget Polly Harvey play that on the tour that idea with her and I would plead for a couple songs. I sort of fell in love with it. There were. To sound like is it? Is it a hum backwards? It weird single coil there, those giving on any humbug regime and there's a I have a less Paul in it with a Firebird pick up. Will you Neil Young and then Daniel Amboise Kenneth. I think he base to one of his guitars on Niels, where you put the many humbug her in the ledge position. Yes yet- and I have a few really disparate tone between a hamburger and the many hamburger between yeah. I thought they knew played those p nineties oh yes, I deplore ninety and now and then a fiber in the bridge hung with Bixby. Why that's what they're, the that
Back nearly undeterred gotta go a lot. It's got. Fifty three gold Tanya Black here. Lenoir has a fifty three that he left gold, but I did some play with him for what gesture? Through friends, the guy was transported bandwidth right after the PDA Harvey tour of yet he was good friends with Lenoir and M region and I will go over his house and play for fine, and then he had some gates. He fell right away their allotted to him and he he did some shows up in Canada within which is great, and his engineer at the time became a really good friend and he's the one that recorded that first, hacker um, ok doing! Why do something with some weird techno dude having venetian snare? Yeah also makes music with four shanty phoenician snares, its average he's overshot a collaborator yet like I try,
it was set out my egg. I dug it. I got into it. I know how many times I can listen to allow moi yeah, I heard at once there. So I then man, so we your folks. Now they are they ok with you, life yeah they earlier now they are further here, the I'll get along yeah. Indeed, you dare to do when you put your guitar back together, you broken for Europe to do just what they were at the Hall of Fame Induction ceremony. They can believe it, so they they they they knew executor. He knew the Edinburgh care less nice full circle in their absolute. Good talk me a man. Thank you thank her ever yeah thanks for the records there. You go both judge going performer former guitarist. The red actually covers going on Pearl JAM, he's gonna play with those guys a bit, but is his so approach?
for one will open the show for them and their tourist thirty March eighteen, many of us we're. Projects are available where we get music so to be one with you is there as well, I don't feel like playing a targeted cars on making insecure and also ties, but you can go to double deified dotcom so as to offer all of my two were dates and go to pod swag outcome: Swash deputy after fifty percent off deputy March,
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