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Episode 1093 - Ben Bailey

2020-01-30 | 🔗

Ben Bailey and Marc share a particular gripe as comics. Both of them became widely known for beloved projects they started doing on a whim. For Ben it was Cash Cab, for Marc it was this podcast. And as much as they love those projects, they really just wanted to be known as stand-ups. Ben tells Marc how he got his start answering phones at The Comedy Store and how he really wanted to be a marine biologist before he got into comedy. He also describes his lifelong fascination with fish tanks and other tank-based aquatic environments. This episode is sponsored by the Unspooled podcast.

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hey folks unspoiled is the part gas were comedian paul sheer and film critic amy nicholson watch the greatest american movies all time they're going through the f eyes top one hundred films west everything from citizen kane decide go to writers of the last arc discovering how these classics hold up and how they influence the films of today they also have great guests like spike lee discussing do the right thing and ryan johnson who directed the last jet i and ives out check out unspoiled on your favorite podcast app with new episodes every thursday our right ok let's do this show all right let's do this how are you what the fuckers what the fuck bodies what the fuck's yours what's happening i mark mare and this is my part gas w tia i'm not
i gotta be honest with you as maybe you can tell from the last the sort of my show if you listen i've been craig you little out of sorts little on edge and i m still that but try to track it and then try to try to be here before all of us that's what i manage to going to try to be cheaper where everyone i'm in atlanta i just got here i'm here for one more day shooting of the film respect it say the church seem it's gonna take place what it's what its presenting what we're fill me is a wreath of recording her amazing grace concert which oddly i just watched on the airplane flying out here it's kind of found in a way and i tried to fight jerry works were among the people in the film sidney pollack shot the film i guess spiky had something to do with furtive resurrecting the
pieces of the film is something went wrong with it i don't know the exact story the record is great that's been re issued in is the biggest selling gospel album of all time to this day about the film was somehow incomplete they they they put something together but it's interesting to see a wreath of doing that concert or that search really bert service knowing where she was at her life and what she was going through and how much she needed to connect to her spirituality and just seeing her digging within herself to find those songs to connect with those gospel songs itchy known she was sent you kid was done it was kind of wild to watch it with new eyes after having done this movie for awhile and know the story of a bit more about where she was at what was going on and theirs in workforce in the documentary very little i was hoping to glean a bit of information terms of
what am i be wearing her how my facial hair looked by think we're just gonna keep its steady and i'll be wearing something seventy dish i'm probably not issue problem exactly from the seventies i'll be wearing something from the seventies no doubt some here in atlanta and i'm a little unhinged i've completely if all of my righteous eating behavior i think something to do with my back being fucked up and not being able to exercise and you're having gone through the holidays and not quite wrangled back in i'm strung out i'm fuckin sugar in meat in garbage can feel that our coming back and for those you know me not a great place to be not a great place for any of us to be weak
this view it happening you can't stop it from happening and i am thinking about is fuckin ribbon into those kid cap bars in they whatever you call it yet i got some shit in a room already went through the cash use the game you sums trail makes as a welcoming thing it's fucking theres many twigs there's cave cats over their pringles ongoloo shiva pringles care about chocolate chip cookies fuck man now everything's look in pretty good not true it's not so i think there are looking good but let's go over these dates ok like tonight i'm in cleveland ohio theodora theatre there might be a few tickets wept i dont know tomorrow
grand rapids michigan at the found street church that's friday night and there is definitely tickets wherever this i've no what grand rapids is all about i've done the festival there i can remember it was ok seems i remember being a clean city by donor with how they feel about mark marin i've sold about six hundred seven hundred tickets and place it states like eighteen hundred i could do some more people there but not there going to be shity people i'm glad you're coming but you know i don't need it i don't need that the half hour cuz i could have smaller place if there was maybe there wasn't one but that that's a situation i'm just let me know where a man now not all comics what you know look i there some cities i can sell a few thousand tickets or some cities egg cell eight hundred what are you gonna do i'm fine
and with it and i hear that they also have a meetings at that church so i might double up gonna do a show and give fuckin straight with the sobriety thing maybe unload some of this vile maybe get myself out of this dry zone this brittle resenting self loathing zone into something more self loving and open and ready to share zone yeah maybe quits of an ship my mouth for five minutes how it happened easier no one he was scots in that shows tight that's your mama sold out over their turner a ballroom saturday night february first then i'm in orlando florida come down nice to have you february fourteen valentine's day show promised by them i feel really for love that i will share with you all i then i'm in the cap reform the strands that's who can goodbye tickets sold their february
fifteen portland mainstay theatre february twentieth providence rhode island that's looking good columbus theatre february twenty first new haven connecticut at college street musical february twin second i without in new york the paramount february twenty third being go to deputy ipod dot com so i tour for links to all the venues and i you know i can't promoted any more than i have i mean if you didn't if you non come in i did everything i could dimension i guess it has been badly i have always liked ben barely he's a host of cash cab many people love that show its and it's on bravo right now it's so he's also on tour crossed a country you can go to the real ben bailey dotcom for venues inter dates but vice outdated interesting guy funny guy tall guy but something done
can brooding inside of it i didn't know what it was but we talked many years ago and more vulnerable points in both of our lives it here sooner remember but i remember what i remember when or where it happened but we got caught up in a goose be got pretty interesting there was a fish involve coral there was coral involved in a fairly profound laughing but that's coming your way about to happen enjoy that i'm in this fast the room they put have been stated this hotel on not for months now and they put me in this dead on the top floor and direct we across from me is an apartment building with a wall of windows into apartment so i just see like your hundreds of little boxes of different lives and some the lights on some tvs wrong kind of working for people can around by any amount being weird i'm not dead and i've binoculars i'm not gonna i'm not sitting here with the lights out in my windows open
looking for something to happen i will i would be nice to just work across maybe someone sitting at their desk compose have we eating shit that's not great for them maybe also doing a podcast what are the so that sadly very high there's got to be some one in that building across the way that's doing a maybe not right now maybe not tonight but tomorrow the next day that's where we're out of the culture i am pretty sure that in that building that looks like it as by the forty floors in maybe five six hundred units there's gotta be someone who calls himself a stand a comic and maybe two people doing podcast that's what i say but i don't see anybody just sitting there eating sadly wave to him i but that would be weird right if i just sat here and i locked into somebody over their gis
sooner eating ice cream a kitchen counter and i just stood up and i started waving my my my arms frantically just connect with them but it did sort of like save me save me can you help me please and they would call the police in centres someone in trouble on the twenty floor of the lower hotel maybe should send somebody over but really the cry for help was was from myself and that's what i would tell the cops the ok sir yeah it's just i was in trouble us kind of drowning and in my own sort of self regulation and self pity in darkness and self loathing sir i was actually just waving i was trying to connect with somebody fell felt this
the way across the way but they obviously misinterpreted it and they rapid me out they knew what was going on khazar in the same place and they thought look that sad fuck drowning in himself call the cops make life difficult for nuts and it there's a thereby actually concerned none of this happened i'm making it up so i am looking forward to going to cleveland i think i'm an toying with the killing myself with food its where'd you get to made a certain age here i'm right on the line man i'm fifty six years old
see it's starting to happen in my face and my head my you'd i can feel like yours a transition ebay while i was your middle aged and he just sort of become all by still i'm holding up but there's pardon me like given the fact that i gotta know kids again no wife got no debt my cats are diminishing slowly and the world is a difficult so why not eat what i want to the point where i just clog my hard up in its seizes why not enjoy within the other part of me is like two doesn't feel good to be healthy doesn't feel good to be in shape doesn't feel good to be skinny began but it from two skinny i would really old has weakened and pictures myself i was myself on tv i last year glow
that's easy aglow i looked a mediating weird my fingers were skinny in it was odd by felt great i was looking to myself in the mirror thing and this is fucking perfect i look seventy five years old so maybe if i can just accept the fact that put on my ten twenty pounds my face or get fat my pants get tee my shirts or give fat and tight and i'll be all fuckin khilakku young breathing badly in sweaty jesse of getting up to go the bathroom by womb i'll look my i won't look old i'll be filled up with fat pork and butter just puffy from butter that's what i'm gonna be i wanna be puffy from butter and a widow out of shape forever a sort of shine to me there was just put butter on my face anyway enjoy that fuckin ice cream over there and that apartment building
look at me waving at you look at me wave unnatural help help me from my back fears were better thanks for asking so ben bailey this is this a good conversation they ve been they ve been good rightly this is the one thing maybe when i get to the stone i you know my need for connection is is just like the old days old w p s really gotta get in there really gotta can we get to feel the humanity of the people that i talk to so as i said before ben is on key scab some bravo unease untoward now in these before while you can now you can go to real ben bailey dot com for venues inter dates and this may be in the year in the house
ben bailey you i wouldn't you all you do is go back now i for my recollection you did cash cap while you're out there was no cash camp yeah for a long time for almost four years and then the dark period it was a little dark a little bit of relief though on because we had made a lot of episodes i had spent a lot of time in dr have in people gotta be a geographic they would they do yeah i did but you know you could burn out on some specially some that says involved is allegedly i i've been doing this fact as ten years barely listening to you so you want sometimes people get but the cab and cruelty talking about the people that we're just day i am i gonna know you two who were
when did they say images like it had i missed you just on autopilot i get it now i've defiling i'm still still engaged you're still engage yet like i'm trying you like i remember like do you remember when we first met cause you're not like you of a generation you're like the next one after me like i'm i'm behind and i remember a generation of comedians behind you i remember you when you are younger man and you were a hat off and i believe i did oh my god i forgot i forgot the backward hat my grandfather gave me that was like a cap yes it was in baseball covers i irish cap cap where it was yet i still have it you do but the hunger i hung it up here but but where it where'd you come from originally while i've come all over the place a unique coastguard yeah but osborne kentucky of all places i lived in michigan us and tat
who is your family in kentucky my fellows mostly in michigan michigan people yeah you michigan irish more about the bailey my bailey is more english than orange but it's probably arthur barnett our irish baileys there are yeah yeah but not yours might no minor we looked down on the irish paint there there crazy you can control the irish baileys but yes mostly michigan but then ended up living in kentucky my dead got a job for general electric which from general motors to general electric so he was like a corporate gay he was a computer guy oh really wind can when their cards yes yes one of them actually is interesting story by added they went dead my passport went to oakland in michigan oakland university nea and he stayed for this her and they got some on some program they got one of the first one of the two first computers in the car
like the idea came to the giant like the universe gets a whole room you know he is but is there wasn't lightwood stacks of cards it was they get acquainted with right he and the other guy spent the summer learning how to communicate with the thing and and and they actually got to do some pretty amazing staffa so pretty cool mathematical stuff that they were noted for but they had to make cards at a punch hole patterns of holes in cars and feed them in and like so let's where he started that's where his love of peter started so you many sail in it now so you know as i ground zero for computer tat thou now he looks at our enemies got a supercomputer in their pocket or it is he as does the understanding evolution of it he does i would do so one in may when they got rid of the cards they went to discs or floppy user friendly in which was it a beta as our cobalt cobalt here so he was up to speed with others he was you i my basement no one had a computer before we had computers in
schools we had our base was filled with computers like look like yet terrorist eighties from radio shack ah as what he was using cause he was in others work he was doing those were the ones who can get access to and use a thing is in an earlier daft her yeah uh computer did he might honestly my dad is like a computer of genius like yeah he just knows them so well yeah from that starting point that you just like if you if you're one of the first people to learn how to communicate it had told him if we have to learn how to talk to this machine like we were giving our time the kids like there no games pretty cool but there's no game so he like wrote a programme and made centipede on the computer yeah out of brackets the centipede was brackets those were in place of the mushrooms and you had a little bracket somehow turned up that you fired from there was a man we are thus like how at the latest
made it he roared the actual game ignored centipede already exists in the report may other breaking suit baby so that was impressive yes we were like only humming really is good it is just to my sister anna what she did she actually does us kind of public speaking as well she trains people to use different types of software and stuff she's a computer burton yet she travel around us freelance new laws because your mama computer burden no now she's like creative type writer oh yeah yeah she's a writer they still mary yes there is an amazing it is amazing my marriage is over ten years is still going like you and i had a conversation during a period when i was george i think we did yeah maybe i don't know a yell door mazeppa was maybe they feel like it was like more in depth and that their i don't know where it would have been i don't have it was here you think
you know it was sad a party maybe did maybe we're decanters was it i think we d counters one night with who may you and i was like there's a third nate bar gets you need brigade i call on yet that makes sense near here we had was right around the time that i was sir i've been through it but it was still lingering why does remember there was a time where reside europe inga tarn yet of the ban then a studio your house and i don't know the others things are still truly woman was irresistible problems that quota books your lean and into the guitar little more i was really was yet we ve now now maybe that's a conversation i dont remember we really must have gotten into it it was i was maybe a little drunk don't we out when we had that voters i really was i went like went to a very dark place through my divorce and i wrote some dark music gotta get worked up
ok ok i sarah that's third actually ok ok you're grown up in michigan you dead the g m michigan views that general motors back then in michigan and administering school and stuff out but when he saw he had you and he was pretty young they other pretty young so that's why they're like a vague girl what in their seventies yet seventy five will younger than my folks so i'd so when you move like one does he go to general electric when did you move seventy eight and your move to wear to louisville kentucky seed it high school in louisville now i know that we move to michigan back to louisville inventor jersey which is based that pretty much where i grew up through josie nine i think lisa jerseys the bulk of it yeah guess i'm in jersey boy you are right
why not you had on our i'm in michigan and kentucky and earlier i dont really pickup i'm having a thick jersey is your accuracy accident there is ya you think i think point people haven't you i don't i get my parents above from jersey add enough i have it i know it sounds like is close to me i don't think you have now it's closely or it would cry come out if i you may it sort of like filiation go kind of like between our geographic it's been we fill in new york not quite as awful its philly so slightly worse than your sword what did you do not want to high school you in trouble yes you i was a troubled school all the way through pretty much like the ones middle school hit what's it like made other kids like your large guy grieve fighting guy not in high school how good nine highschool emu and later
in college i really you put it off at once in a while i've just got in what these dudes in college and that's what we did we drank and fought people yap unprovoked now ever everyone was kind of every kind of looking for it situation in a bunch of young men looking for trouble looking for trouble summed approve yeah so however nice going overly gunfights like i was the opposite kids would try to boys because i wouldn't get i didn't want to fight and your huge but i was alice then make money that i grew lady russell years amounts tall how i was tall and if graduate ice course like just about six foot my weight of one hundred and fifty pounds and then i grew so as our main was one of the taller kids at six foot but now i'm like six six to twenty eight i didn't have any of this when i was a nice what we do in high school
drugs are no no not at all pose no drugs at all my friends i would we are we drove years surely we drank beers he had people basics back outside the weakest for each year accident or we go into the city would take the train into this area you drink eighteen then maybe now or we can go to like a daily by in our case away with it fifty box or is it not only what do you know you from jersey it's like you're driving our in ten minutes just to get the fuckin beer you come back in and you're a hero my friend and i we want invigorating eleven thirty at night we dated twelve back my friend i took the training and we brought a hockey bag and we loaded it we don't even think about it we noted it has got as much as we could beers beers wine coolers share whatever we could get here have a party but you bottom it wasn't we're audio and on our steel and we bottom for like five times what they should have cost
the dangers of the air like a little out of usage chinese couple on the place here and we knew there would serve us but we couldn't carry the bag and we put so much into it it was too heavy we to carry it like thirty feet at a time somewhere down the path the tramp train you look like you somebody somebody get you knew what it was because every time we set it down it was crying railway we didn't get said somehow we made it all across our little hometown everything i'm looking for a couple of you maybe they're so now interesting comedy and icicle i i i was interested in being fought i knew that i like to be funny when i got my may the other kids laugh at school was that's when i kind of felt the best and i knew that about it you could disrupt a class with some confidence i could you and i can say somewhat
while i make the teachers laugh the that's always been reluctant laid their pissed off at your disrupting but then he laughed and it doesn't it doesn't even while like that it's not like they're going to write an area which you get squeak by now i got kicked out of class a lot you did yes i go i would still do ok because they wouldn't affect my great right but they'd be like youtube you're ruining your killing you need to get out of here killing to get out so but as far as extend up i don't see that much i mean i saw like some whatever i could get away with may i caroline leisure and richer provided it wasn't naturally it wasn't like my i loved stand up and then always been very self centered it was always about me what can i do what do i want to do in right but we in the in terms of just life yea so like stanhope but that that seems at exactly what you need for stand up yet
i don't i really stumbled into what my eye was left movies most would you see just went to college with no goer driver what college to be a marine biologist believe it or not and for how long did that dream last the first year and then i got an idea of what it was gonna be in areas like how much he had a study the site no i didn't mind that i like that part but i'd i didn't want to be like broke on a boat by myself just like you know compiling data like that's not the truly meds ever wider totally counting algae how many diseases and now what what do you think maybe you do that to begin with i always loved jars like you marine life i have reef tanks to this day i still i'm seeing what you do it's a rift in its second fish tank exert more about the coral
that is what the fish wait you people living corals idea if salt water tank yet any manages who's taking care of him right now that kind of have created this little system so yeah there's not as the maintenance is not as much but like when i go home i'll be home in a few days yet how you know you'll get involved some maintenance working on it which i like it's like working in a garden it's like peace of mind cunning history of living coral yet amazing there like the coolest thing on earth me they're like somewhere between a plant and animal it's here take a plant that moves around by itself as elevate they move they do you karl move yet the move around they attack each other they fight over territory you found
the rocks in the ocean not the rocks the rock so there is no such thing as live rock but it's not actually that the rock is live just has a whole ecosystem within bosnia coral is in cairo around iraq or coral is its own thing though that live rock is kind of where what coral ends up as but no the corals are the bright colored human immersed off some of them are hard to hammer nowhere and their very much alive the hard once don't move but the soft ones do see of much soft quarrel i do i have both moving area other fish involving the standards only a few in their real because it's not really about the fish we'll come over and you get explained to him with their work in an amateur they're interested you know you're not like where the in fish there are really no longer allow these corals are amazing what are these there's a lot it's like a really huge tank hundred cab money hundred fifty cutlets hundred fifty gown and that's wages in here by by today's fish tank standards is not unusual whose judging whose standard
because others you might have to gowns you very big to me it's pretty basic about haven't you got me how many how many months i've too to tax two hundred fifty guarantees you have like a functioning aquarium be at your house i kind of you can have kids over and educate i could i have your modem come on in kids were overcome our quarrel sorrow and i can do i can tell you now that court relatives nephews nieces yet now and they come over and enjoy the crop no one says whereas the fish no everyone says where the fish ban and look it's not about the fish ship it's up the corals really while in others the proper there's a few fish in their about eight or the clown fish dancing the nominees devon emanates i do i have read bubbletop anemonies ha which for what for hear me i had one of em and it didn't they split with how they they were produced a split off here and not one didn't it tints but offer more than a year
maybe a year and a half way what uncomfortable now i guess you but it got comfortable in it like boom like the whole thing is of an oil tanker sprinkle is an invasive or is it just pretty it's a little both are out there all a little bit invasive they all want to expand and unlike claymore twenty everything's you haven't they tell me the names i like there was at the red tape the red bubbletop lemon red bubbletop an eminent he had plenty of those such where clown fish hung out they hosting it is the three o clock i do there are you only fish i have left a couple a client whatever neo once they died and and here's a problem here i don't have a good quarantine tank which you need to introduce new fish also adds i'm just kind of stuck i would be a good one the other i haven't to have a quarantine tank but it doesn't get as much attention as the other tanks and its often the water is not hospitable for fish so i can't just by inefficient put him in there what can you do
keep an eye on that tank communities it because i'm gonna tell you doing cash cabin trout finer and they went to her i don't have i don't have much time for it as i would like that a quarantine tank but the other stuff sort of self sufficient it's more self support because i made it that way i i've a system to mix the why if the make water if the purify the water and then add the salt holy shit so i've kind of created a system to make that quicker you are marine biologist i guess i hear on a very small level and in my own little world i'm i'm really not just with that's fucking awesome kip if that uses all that in one zachary i haven't noticed you're living your dreams and you can have it both ways i think you know you have to spend it i found a boat you have enough you got an aquarium at home coral that you keep up keep up with in observe what are the other carl's ah there's some frog spawn how nice
which is for its existing there yet freshwater equivalence of allow these things so there's like freshwater frogs bond lena deal official it's not the same stuff it's different if not prettier it's not it's pretty that's the great thing about the salt water near the those like brilliant colours frogs by frocks bar at level two red bubble determining banalities and actually have a whole bunch of new instead i don't even know what are called because i found a place i can order them and they just sinew what they call frogs yet little fragments of different ones are try to keep them alive and that's that's the sort of like that the nerd word that people who are in the cargo understand like rags yeah yeah agony of summer frank savvy guide what kind of framework four eggs you gave an answer you don't know you don't know what they are under canada slacking on europe marine biologist duties
the drought in the tanks you what happened but she that's gonna how i am like it's a hobby that i put a lot into everything but i'm not crazy over the top into it it doesn't like dominate me like i don't feel the need to know the exact name of everything but if i can sit and look at it in and by then that's it serving its per right well i mean have you met people in the coral community reef geeks yes reef geek yes it's a real thing it's a term you and i have and they would know be so ashamed of me yeah they what they would be not ashamed to be perplexed by me because we like why are you so into this and you don't know the names of the fucking corals matter it's simple ben to publicly we do have one thing to a very specific thing but he can't not for me i know as much as i need to reef geeks but they would know that i can probably like posted picture of my tank and people were like our that's and go through an label i want you to that ok
i'll do it now ass i could send it to your mama i just want you to keep up so before you got involved with the tanks i this is your version this is this luxury for you this is you made a little money you now in your liking gonna get the tanks yet what it's interesting say that because the tanks originated when i was like in fourth grade oh well then when i was in high school i had fish tank surrounding my bed really yeah i would go in and lay down and i would be literally surrounded by a new parents reduced should i get good he likes fish i think by then they were like glass twenty june to right now we always like dough hard into stuff but ruin stuck around and yet but i didn't have tanks for years and years but these were not these rights are water tank know those refreshing back then we can hear it i wasn't responsible enough debate some as a kid no course not by you built you added surrounding your bed yet i have there were fish tanks on all sides
my dad and did you why do you think you underwater it felt like it if you like i just love that i wanted to be on our order fourteen well some like i know we'd know we'd nontoxic that can later the fighting in evaluating the we do now those in got together can account you're kind on data gm old i must i'm a strange animal but i think what we were were worth damaging is dead fish tanks have always been party life except for college when you're kickin people's asses and smoking weed yes well and i didn't actually get back into the fish tanks till after my divorce and then the time of the guitar and then i was like noise play guitar the whole time since i was twelve i play guitar that was so do you obviously looking around you do too i did not know that you didn't know nothing we discussed it
i think maybe our night i think that our radiation ownership jam oh my god you're right you came oh you were like people come over and jam sometimes in new jersey you have my place use we should do it in a mike ok we never did want what am i gonna do i really how fournier me i don't know why we have this conversation but it seems we did because i know thing yes i'd so bizarre i don't remember the conversation while i don't know what an i would play a musical along man me too since twelve i love it but did you play bands yeah in high school or welcome i mean in college we were his funny mary demerit you know gaffin spittle yeah he had a bit about like the bands of banned the place party in high school here you liked this new songs but chasing dreams the dream chaser something bit just some like what being in a band air
yeah i was like for me and i spoke as we weren't very good we went to a much but we will play like a pint of one of our three sounding already we play a couple of songs in areas like our it stop please stop please never like you were there there were deaf we got nice girl i do in it like we romance yeah they could play like a bunch of shit i was not one of those two thousand in the kind of banned you just talked about maybe what we knew like force on your way to couple parties now is the end of it but i'd say similar for me to all my other things i didn't want to learn how to play cover tunes i want him the right my own make my own why now you know i never was a guy too and i think it's funny that's interesting because learn leads like i learn lakes area and have put together a lot awakes him but i never sat down and will in due time it or invent hound waiter mark not for leader mike amber weed i never you know like i'll do it with some blues wakes but same way and i think there's something about that like i think there's some
about comedy word sort of like you know this is further as hard as it is in this crazy it is it sort of like the path of least resistance for those of us who want to work hard at other shit right oil and who are like individuals like right royal individual being a gig like once you start doing comedy and you want it you know it's not we're not gonna whack often we're gonna work hard and in which we have a bite but it is sort of like it's totally up to you exactly note i will work hard but not on someone else's turn jack my own and with guitar it sort of like board united play this way it's like why would i want to do that when i can make my only up it's like me who gives a fuck about your way to my job the bothers me i'd like to be better get your eyes always hard i myself about the guitar and not as much with comedy but still with comedy too yet i am not doing this i'm not working hard enough her i should know more and more guitar yet i do the same you do i do and i am now it's funny later in my life
kind of had a little fun learning more covers right sorry that i really love and i go wait i think why do we do this when we i'm the guy nora i could figure out by that have been planned driving really that's what what you just have to practical thing about the the about musical instruments they're out there always the same now if you could do it you should be able to figure out tube yeah and you say like learn how to play whatever there's a guy gaunt ok nursing morning idea which guy cries domino british guy i want is always one british alleys capital thirty guided so little bundle if i've really a lot of fun with that in the last few years what mining songs my boys come over and i feel like i've got another one one way you know what are you gonna jump have a drummer have based player i have a couple of guys he's your gallery each not all your life my job
guy the drums way is a professional drummer who have known since fifth creator sunlight and l il fuckin swan they out with you he will as an idea what we had a good time i started a sabbath a black sabbath covered band like ten years ago now i message my body the drummer billy and my body back the base play area i think it is just like i just found sabbath i never was added to them before but i like washington along authority gimme too did you really here i didn't appreciation for them when i was a kid there's a lot of things that i not missed by just didn't know and like i knew sabbath enough to believe i think i saw them once when i was in high school i wasn't it abbott guy you know i wasn't either i was more of a zepplin guy fisher and i was not allowed to us there is no easy osborne was allowed in my house no no like my mom like heard the story of what are you doing
no there will be no really yeah legislating no not really just jerry sarah like moderate a religion out not obsessive lay much yet she just thought it was weird shit you know while the hype about him be sure satan worshiper unaware garbage montenegro can do now and then stick with fish is focused on the fish taxi until they until i left one for so long that the filter backed up unlike flooded the house destroyed the ceiling downstairs nice then it was like our it maybe maybe not made sample back this whole back on the fish the fish hobby but so i'm message by is it said hey i'm thinkin about they can we should do a sabbath covered by india talked either one of them in a while near in less than thirty seconds they both well i mean when do we start and i was like no shit so we did it there are some of the most far reaching out my lab ethics yeah yeah and it was like
if when we started it was like art there's if i think we might be able to deal with two or three socks here and weak by the end we did like everything really yeah while the way through yeah like a bit of finger like how well do you know sabbath not that will last track on the first album via a bit of finger you did this x thirteen and a half minutes is all just crazy guitar rifts in its i mean it's up it's fucking off what guitar deeply i have an energy i too have you like crap out a marine biology after first your college would you do if you just be people up in smoke we kind of kind of theirs beer and bonnets and fuck this world was a dreamer and i had a period where i got angry at the work as i didn't think that really yeah without what that time just genuine when john i think i would have i got my heart broken for the first time how who was her name jean maria stolen touch no
molly was fine she was of yeah but i it's totally derailed me like i hadn't might just didn't i hadn't had happened before firstly i when i got my broken just shortly after college i became unhinged yeah and are committed to a life of cynicism in darkness that's where i was and booze yet we are drinking and frightened and fuck this world shit yeah refining her she just like it wasn't even like this too awful thing it was just like that first time somebody dumps you is like pretty fuckin brutal in i mean not like i had fourth grade with some trouble rightly efforts first time there's like real emotionally vestment you have when you can drink and stuff yes we're here adult feeling fifth grade break up now after a day of is sitting on a bench i can't take this start hidden mouthwash
but i'm not sorted derailed me in to be now not a great play but i also it there was no emotional baggage from stuff from earlier i didn't realize it then and we figured out until later i go away just like some pretty heavy shit i really want to but i had will like me comics danish damaged goods shirt like i developed making people laugh for a reason to get over yeah avoid the feelings yea i'd get together i was comic relief lot of fighting here my house open up here i was comic relief i would shut down so i didn't like it wasn't therefore it right and then i was like ok it's done now do my little song and dance the area try to fix everything right and right here view there yet the new wine making a very bad
i did young area because cut their dysfunctional relationships have one behind or another that's how i would make myself field myself feel better was to try to make sure that your that guy i was yet that's hard it was art exhausting the end of angry yet and then when you have when will you go through a break up good relationship does work that stuff is sitting right there and you can make your when i don't know what it is and you can't you can't reconcile it with those current circumstances any can't quite blame yourself yeah i didn't understand it even just pack got thrown into a bad spot and i was like angry and and convert a madman how liars mean that was college and then so i would have been nineteen and men five or six you carry with young years not you but was entirely new and fully understand that stuff until years later when i went through my divorce that's kind of figured out
other the childhood trauma yeah show and why these relationships had been so turbulent and difficult because you want they try to make everything good i want to try to make everything good at when it went wrong i wanted to try to reconcile these these left over right emotional room but anyway and it didn't work because they were not connected to that's rather connected other things so you're just like trout and i don't want to go what to do so you trying to get something you didn't get early on or to recreate something or to create something perfect from your head dies was in reaction to what you went through his kid with these different p and there was no way those feelings could be resolved by those people yet so it felt very much the same but other looking back it's it's there clearly different the other one that you have the feelings and i'm gonna go with them their clearly different it's like how did i not what because when i was in the throes of it and also by liking you get wired is a kid i dug its programmed yeah sure programme
this way your hearts workin for certain thing and you will converge like you know closure on matter or to recreate something to get something to eat and have now you know that you felt how you do know then tell somebody hips you to the way it works and usually that's after you ve destroyed everything yes released once yes that's true to ran into the ground answer so what do you do after college engineer in this kind of compressed angry state with the way wordy end up by europe i still have my dream of getting into show business and and making movies being a filmmaker that's what i want to do from that's very early on our love nor you have movies were my escape also really get out of you and many of us now enjoy them here i love i love them yet and it is interesting to look back they ve deftly influenced me a lot of good and some
if we really yeah like him all these staff self after bad people or like i expect things to be expect real life to be like a movie plot so everyone's everyone's figure control gunnar ulterior motives or social issues here while you are no doubt definitely definitely wise in this exactly like i anticipated to be well known while everyone cheats everyone wise everybody will rip anyone any chance they can be i know it's like the sensationalism that goes with good fiction yeah doesn't it real life is not necessarily like that but i do know movies we're where i hid that was what i wanted to believe india has invested in it i get a little like need now that i'm sorry more emotionally vulnerable and a little less fucked up i give like movies like i get deep in a meter it's fuckin we his only like something why am i getting so upset about that you will take me hours to get out
to get out of the reality of the movie and then you like have who are these people that i have in my head and its carries out regime like i'll take like an hour for me just a kind of like realise my life is just what it is like you know and i just drag through this whole process of this movie and i entered my life and unlike i'd like a very emotionally yet this now is a good or descent like making not wanna let that happen again no no i think it's good i think like you know i i i think more open to it but i'm surprised like it does like i've just started recently letting myself indulgent entertainment ran away can i get a watch live tv shows really for a while there is as working i didn't make it i got there was too much but now i'll fuckin just sit and like most people do in watch movies or two and be like that's great encode completely get lost in it in i rise like well that's what it's four and then i can appreciate and on deeper levels to you
steadily and intellectually and what not but but some movies i'm just sort of like why can live there why am i back here at night place to be right that's the thing i get like you know like you i get immersed in to the point where my eyes i cannot just be the movie right and you just watch it later like a regular person vienna that was good add and care for them i can't do that either it's like i'm too far in yeah that's what it was to me and that's what i wanted to be right and you know it's harder it gets harder and harder to let yourself by into that and escaped that's bought me especially if you're like at a movie theater leah and everyone around you like chewing and even the ongoing pillar when paper and whispering in as this i can't do this what are you why are you in here with me
goobers exhilarating my mother superior that gone too media and get up and i don't way out but so i i like i moved to allay on a whim well i went through another painful relationship break up scenario in this after traveller college back home in june i drove i had a lot of different driving jobs we drove i delivered to everything when we like prescription drugs to pizza to flowers to you just leave always because you are driving yeah yeah the driver so i could get my license may i just drove i love drive i come in do you always want to drive it's why it's the same thing with the movies driving it's like magic yeah yeah i'm gonna get you nanny that's all you the ages think yeah yeah yeah that's
turns out that's what i really liked to do alone but it's kind of that's true here we get out i guess you know you well maybe that's why the cash kevin so good for you forces you in the relationship between comes in god they just leave there is truth to that sure gets me back out in the world will that same leader i guess he saved my life like that yeah yeah just like us miserable bitter fuckin as people come over anything that's it sometimes the whole idea yeah got problem sell me out come on over here through the veil of my style they are brilliant move i give his impulsive and dad desperate by the worked out that's awesome yet so huge success congrats by the way thank you very much commissioner
no no it's great blue have sat here or wherever the gesture that shared yeah barack obama yeah on that area the donation unbridled enrich voss right there on that you are so you move here on a whim i moved to allay that must have been a disaster it wasn't it wasn't so he had it was literally like had you started doing comedy no no you may be accurately like i can't take this anymore here i keep waken up with this girl get back together with her thing one jane now different era i said i'm gonna get out of here i'm in a move tell i hear and i literally like just got on a plane and flew out here and with no plan i looked up my one friend that i knew lived out here what was the jar builder but what you gonna do movies what was it i didn't have a plan i was like i need to get out of here need to go somewhere out you're all fucked up i don't have a girl what the fuck i'm gonna do i'm lost lamb the sun
moving to los angeles sad move do too i found my way one way by doing that yeah yeah i moved out here i was looking for the workplace to be lost i was looking for you have right now it's crazy to think that i was like one of those young people who said i'm gonna move to hear hollywood right pursue my dreams and somehow it worked out for me you know like i stumbled into it i i i had worked in hotels threats sperience working in a very nice hotel back injures you did they gonna hilton at short hills right across from this the more we have at short hills i would like running room there wasn't my title but that's service basically doing my title but that's what he's doing so you came out and then what happens you get a job i looked for jobs in hotels thinking i can support myself and try to find some way into the world
show business right they had that much of a plan you i can get a b and show based i'm gonna do something maybe i'll get a job building sets were cause i always was glue handy yet known confronted jobs i came out of what was then the high it next to the store didn't the job a hotel like way below the level what but i had a lot of good experience in good references known cared about my references for you withdrawing the higher now you came out of a high it right but i am an interview here and carry through direct their chatting to a guy named jeff who was manager at the candy store yet jeff and it's not seem jeff it's there now nothing panic where no now get another guy here and he gave me a job answering the phones get the fuck out of here yeah he said you have a good voice you want it can you answer the phone for us we need some these three nights for hours and i follow you
fifty in our what year was ninety three i shut ok yeah sure that's how i dont understand up really do and have thrown job i took the job and then i did you really here was it when the green movement i like the palm trees and stuff up in the back here becker's off line was recorded right outside of mike becker's i asked my becker's off a i done over missus office yeah yeah that job in a seven that's crazy right no doubt about me i was a doormat at the store two guys from jersey here about here with the same job that the comedy store he fired me she was already mighty near she fired me a lot and then polly would come in and say you're not fired also this association wiring everyone you can't just if everyone but she fired left we would there be known here are you like that don't leave so that was before the kind of it was getting a little weird to get a little weird there right
yes i was always we're but it was diminishing yeah right yeah well she was with kennison dead ongoing at that point yes he just i show you a few years before accession struggling but she wasn't men little their traumatic yet now now but it was like it gary over their yeah now wine shoes gas air tissue kind of fire everybody a lot and then did your drive the carver gi run errands now i never did not i wasn't there that long bizarre but these by did you try stand up i did you member you ever skippy low yap skippy low invited me to do hitching a value yet he thought that i was exhausted about telling a story because you are the funds of how i am up in our story the girl in the air and the flight with no plan and all that here and i can add some people listening by the un and they thought i was a comedian which i was not at the time skippy low said he should do my shall come to my show saturday i was core petrol
but you're in it it's even five said that i said no no no no way i can and then he but it gave me his card here with a picture of him sitting on a bus bench that had a picture of him on it what are you doing game lacks a chopin and the next day was like what am i doing i'm not doing anything maybe i've always liked make people laugh i got me in trouble but maybe i could maybe this is meant to do it so switch on it i call them i did has shown the belly any longer there in the rolodex and we should even with just one card on my card board empty literally cardboard box here so i call them and he put me on
did i did his saturday shown the belly room like six times and work out worked out i got a laugh at the first thing i said here and it was instantly hooked wow yom any store guy yeah that's where it happened i didn't i did like six are those saturdays and with skippy low and then in one country will buy you addition from its he yet past me like very quickly do jerry soongoora gunnar right you're but i didn't understand what that meant it i didn't know yet that that was like such a big thing i left out i was like that's what i'm gonna do but i can't i'm always make enough money to survive out he's right you're thing practically no alarm i back home in pursuit of them and in new york but he had no sense of the store that i heard the store really a little bed i knew it was a name is a name you want us to be afraid of missy i tend to resist system
no that that her passing me was a big fucking deal and i should have stayed here i don't know when through some dark times after that right so that was ninety three stored idumea area it was it wasn't like the best of times when i was there wasn't like thriving so no right right yet always like you know is like half filled rooms at me now ass crazy but that man it was like i used to go there he's got back delay now in two thousand and two and i was working and i was like i like to be there's no one with bobby right just go in and perform for half a room right yeah that was you your work done it was was worse than that when i was there first it was like they come those only crowd on the weekends and its and not totally sold out i think a lot of right i used to go that's how it so i have the feeling of a dying play
but it also had what it still has the pictures which has just like this feeling of of like authenticity authenticity and like some real history and such there's a yes there's a lot there's a lot going on there that i liked him what you say but so funny you went back to new york i went back to new york i moved back into my parents house i thought in the basement fish no no fish no you know what i did i have i oughta item fifty five gallon fished in the basement my parents at that point in my life i had forgotten eyes to cool stuff ok freshwater start afresh water stingray ah well which was like unheard of time may and then i have had some cool stuff like snake in now that's a lot of fish that it's only each other fish in a real get as big as the tank environment
allow why get huge like an arrow wanna it's like a really long kinder it's really long looks like of like half snick hagfish remember gone the pets store when i was a kid seeing the era yeah they only fish that's a lot like that and they had there is actually a thing with snake heads so many people bought them the ira very popular with kids in a meeting with the tax then they would get too big and people would put him in arms and stop fucking eight everyday ruin the ruined population now it would i go i take my kids we go and walk by this pond jersey here and there's africans secludes but they that's a certain type of fifa advocates category of fish that are african the whole population is pond in central new jersey african fish yeah yeah there's like hundreds of them in their dead as other people know this so that you think it's gsm dump their fishing yeah absolutely now there's like a whole while you know
ecosystem those should be awarded yeah let's phenomena carver give depart again we new jersey tests are you aware that guy certainly raises is ben railway who's this guy living in a basement my parents and i said happy now good pretty good i mean i'm still he's got your biggest down out of angry it but i've found stand up here and i know that that's what i want to do and they are accommodating there may i found something i'm not yet i'm also working i was to learn pizzas so stiller whatever i could get dr then i ended up driving that's when i started driving them yeah and after our party's bashful parties eat mostly like corporate to the airport in backing newark but a handful of yeah back and forth in work a lot and like fat enough twenty percent would be like couples going to dinners and chosen the city nothing perverse
no never our runaways what's the matter was there and i'm gonna hey where can we get blow can you guess there's some of that there are some alike can we find some drugs right can you know nowhere yet it will open up to you and your derive right now you're driving again professionally yes sir my dream come true we're gonna get out of my job as a driver and people driving driver get the fish we got to get it the voting guitar darwin there is no more than the other man yet it really as i feel very fortunate by its always you start to strip no i went to of all places that i went went to the boston comedy club sure any ordinary how i knew so first place i want i think that's where i met user that we had the hat backwards yet he eyed that that was a thing my grandfather passed away right around the time i started and he had given me that hat so recycled
security blanket service i forget that some people like manner in areas where they had every night i didn't think it was like you headed down vesture something i probably headed down vessels of vessels from the situation no but but i remember year a meme was it like we're we're talkin like that's like ninety five that late ninety sick that's when you start in i started ninety three store but by right without adding ninety five when i was in new york and push in china definitely around then yeah i remember seeing your u i moved back there and i was chicken guys out watching comecon definitely there you were there you and new round of thy eyes like to write this guy's good here long people i was the guy can hang the iron and some of you guys had been at it more serious and in good at it sure and i was like oh boy
remember the guys i'm proud of terrible another big now gather like movie star area as it is so weird i've seen people get funny yet oil while guys like you just sort of like brown of is going to happen with this guy enough then click yea always knew ten years in prison wait i've only while you're fucking funny now i always used to say they cross that came up with the across it and i have made the mistake it i've had a month several different types of shows rome host am i who it who would have thought you would it with less than i do that because i did it's a great answered with its true though but that's what he's going by thought it when you said if they knew the whole time i was like i have thought about it that way of course they did they wouldn't let on quality early its awesome air so but but how did it all unfolding in i mean you're new york state knew i was in new york for a long time plugin away
the clubs do your letterman's in here now never did it never did crushed crushed on auditioning for although sugar but and have management i do know tat shelf i've it show now but not to do stand by did it with care for the capture panel than talked about and stuff but i did like carson daily i did craig kilburn nor the evening at the providence tougher those things were done those were done but here was like late friday he did star search was a big thing from early when cynthia was hosting i to the end in wine but i on my way normal time isn't awhile though like you know because even me songs i've been doing it and having done all opponents everything else that you all of a sudden you in the most successful party or life is based on this other thing i you know i broke through doing a podcast my garage and there was this period there will be
we're like a really your great interview and unlike barometer media yeah there's that moment you must get that to my mind filled with empathy right now it's totally care that was very much that you're doing good but you frustrating it's likely i do comedy yeah it's so funny joe but a man i don't need to talk to me i've been to accommodate all life it yes yes it's very for i wrote in his job done but what about the i'm still i've still grapple with that yet it would put but there is a point where it was very tough because i know how to know where you were when like flash forward ten years for ninety slogan away in new york i finally in doing you'd be doing what are you headline and be rooms and what do you do i wasn't really i don't want to i was like i want to die just want to crack the rooms in the city and stay here but you do that i did
took me ten years disappointingly regular strengthen seller and she do on friday and saturday at the seller near reptiles clubs ten years ten years about from when i was back in new york and i had my delight mary had evolved into this either very announcer voice so it never all of my jobs in this area deliberate tone and was created was organic it just happened here and the jokes hit harder work with them yeah cash cab comes along people know me for that i can't do that anymore my crowds come out an election when we from the shutter like why is he talking like this is so what they know you as you they know me as me here and it's it was tough but it forced me to just be me on stage and it made me a better common but as a very confused in theory it knows what the fuck is going on and i can't do this nor am i go to all these years i can't do it i was any of an audience and audio those you
different way than what you ve stab how did you get the gig to begin with ask him just audition for it you know what you did it start two thousand five i remember when you got in then why our sun it was a thing yeah to think whether what is was on discoveries were started here total fluke than had ever got picked up by discovery here but there we were there from oh five and no thirteen to them told his on thirteen what yeah a nurse yeah and then they wouldn't get picked up again after eight year after eight years and then when i won't it it's twenty seventeen april they brought back the union gig now she couldn't get the insurance ah no well that's interesting question immunity
it's a union gig i'm thinking it's not because i'm not getting there's no residuals is no any that but what i do have some health care and organ in salmon i've done are they gonna say but they have to pay me through right how do you get your future insurance which is that's great great you right yeah yeah thought themselves while some but during this time you get married the you have children yes how many to that was what two thousand and seven my kids are thirteen and eight so my daughter was so six so right after the gig who is the woman he married a french of french lady really would you meet her at a bar in jersey wherever one me french women of course and that was good yeah that was good but i was too i was
es i didn't know what i wanted are needed from a relationship right just like i was too young and not and none in control of how long did it take furtive go south we stay together for fifteen years that's not nuthin known i was good and we're still we get along fine we together with the kids yet we're back and forth live on other option in the same town oh you encounter yeah we both she lives in the house that we bought together i moved the crosstown to another place so now kids go back and forth and i love them dearly i missed them by their ok gather to great rate yeah that's a good story gets it as far as divorce stories go it's pretty good so wake what would happen though because like you said it was a dark i'm like shouted like what how to get away from here a web i just merit i just figured out i wasn't happy and i had just didn't
face it didn't do not even want to leave that to her dad never do with her problem no no it just one just like like one why do my life this isn't this isn't right this isn't i can't just stay here for years and will have this continue with you the area bringing little people in their idea there some kind this idea of what a relationship is supposed to me is not going to be a good one and i can't do that that's why i'm here right so where i in this place you know sir right so i don't write or european ness eyes like i got it from your vermeer upbringing i gotta go and an end not very tough and then he entered darkness nor is i was like i thought i was through the darkness and didn't realize neddie didion full
understand what was going on with me and till we're getting divorced here i agree let's go to council where we go to the first one yet afterwards there shrink poles me aside and says i'm gonna recommend someone else for you to see here about your depression and that's what i do my what i'm not depressed achieve sniggered even caught yes you are like no one even as i'm saying no i'm not i'm like oh my god i absolutely em and i didn't know i was like so even now manage it like we do i comics manage booze the ever in near the aged it yeah turn if that's the whole turn feel at home so by choose right so i went saw somebody then changed my life really you but when did you i went in there like this is bullshit
and i sat down and from this guy and i just the first little bit of conversation i just cried for like yours a lot he asked you some general questions about depression and you're right that's me yeah no he i think he was like why are you here yeah right just like all everything has came pouring out and then i was just like out on the street like what the fuck did moment what is going on but then from their like i can i understood all those things in it you get on the medicine no right now nomads said that read out a gate no nomad see did talk therapy until you get straight
understood it and then there in a measured upper yeah yet why have done that previously i had i had gone to a point where i was a real mess and so i didn't rinkitink i didn't touch out all for five years and that also changed my life you know that i like just the clarity the ages one called turkey india thing yet warning it took a lot of tries to do that europe but finally i did hear my eye was like i'm this is gonna ruin everything we worry about that now now i'm i'm like after five years i mean it i'm like i have a couple of beers mere you know it when did you write the dark songs of divorce divorce time of before you went to the depressing depression yes oh during the divorce yes yes i had built this addition on my home which was unfinished light years when i talk to you there's got to be one and i must have been drunk cause
nowhere we were given but anyway i bid so that was just now you earlier was is did you get two thousand and eleven the centre right yeah yeah i know i was out in their my family was visiting here is the worst part of my divorces at my family blamed me and and didn't like thought it was a mistake and didn't think i was gonna write your parents yes if they ever hear it was in his village what's no we did not put us who i was like hiding from my now ex wife and family ass i was out in the unfinished thing like change smoking
playing a guitar and drinking whisky and just like what the fuck is going on in my life wasted what does this not gonna be how i feel what point you know and jam and just german written and singing and did you record that stuff i have recorded that as of sunday i love it i love it it's one of the things i most proud of my life real album of tunes but i put out there but i i published a wide and put my name on it what does it mean i mean i just put the name of a band and where is it it's it's everywhere but no is listen to what you people could but now you're gonna u still connected up to now i wanted to like live on its own and has gone fine finally i have to i don't have any expectation some
so how is about making it how i'd be our minute since august oh it's new yeah johannes year i finally poorer i spent three years producing mixing mastering it with those guys yeah with a drummer in the base where and his day just the name of a band yes they you're not gonna say i don't want to i would defeat the purpose of me not well how you promoted then i look out you're too promoted people find it may like it that's great now listen to it now but how do you get the fire started what do you want with people just gonna brows bite on i do not about that it was about making it but it's on itunes yes i told him i am a weirdo i've i've the song of i have arbitrary things than fine i like to do and i just do it when i know just during songs about coral it that's all
how about that fish tank regularly when dining room is a little bit and what's so i'd like now hurry right do you sell tickets you know when you go out and i haven't been on the road since last june you just been shooting the shell by spend about four months filming the show i then holidays and then you know and now this new tourism kicking off a detour as that what's gonna that's yeah that's what actually what i'm here to promote of not the cabinet known a cash cap now now i'm do her to her i'm doing like fourteen data from now every other week yell july or whatever but so when you go out there and i have been to its your cause i've spent selling tickets well in the court's until now this is like a leap to another sort of their size for me my heart so i have high hopes by a ah when you go out and you having a show you wanna do your set and then once you ve done it an especial you don't you never do it again or
yeah but it's like it's our policy with me just so happens that's the way it works right in a way and of war me too i don't even remember shit anymore yeah why like i'm not gonna do bits from ten years because i don't remember can alighted try to see those bits to work but here's my question yet was sure they would but don't you think that your fans might want you to do a bit that they love from way back when i know you know it's like you it's really hitter miss with that i just want to see a band even like don't player well yeah i know but like songs are different area for sure like you you know it's all in music to hold different thing it's magic yeah yeah comedy some sort of trick we hear that i don't know i agree with you on that i always end but i mean like like can i like like when you watch a comedy special again and if your show and somebody else you hours ago but with music i can sit there and i
listen to me you abbe road record you have you isn't the release ex road now martin insane amazing yeah it sort of like unanimously almost crying happening with germany and i have to go right but no musical definitely bring more emotion we can begin uniform you learn i don't stand a parent carrier grouchy it it's treating the sense it like this the first time you hear joking i know it's coming right but do you know what i mean yet there is sort of like you never gonna get that back i'm only if you do like a long thing in it like you know it's it's a nuanced that might be worth send into again but i dont go back to too many specials more than once that's what i do my former bitter long yea ninety seven eight ten minute chunks
no and its heart and saying on some beautiful orchestrating but i've seen lying i know you say but i also there's a thing of lake even with like some of my were like the first five cds i know that i wasn't very popular then and i know all that stuff it lives five or six hours material that most of my fans now have never fuck in her so there's always pardon me that sort of like the there's no they could hurt someone that shit and its good shit you know it but then you always deal with the one asshole who after joe comes and goes another do new stuff the idea that uneducated either way they haven't we and do your google bit now i don't get that much i get that how can it do you i wanted you to do your nearly flightless birds bit bits that i love and we have done in ten years and then a feat and then someone else come up i thought i thought you're gonna do new stuff like you can't he can't please everybody that i wanted to ask and i am so fuckin mad because i want the england sooner than i should
like i was building the set for the special but i went back there i did like half of what i done there the last time but another forty five minutes of new shit on top of like forty five that i was working on before and someone was like i'll even though i buy tickets unlike fuck like i thought you had sex we should get our money back it's like fuck what because it was the same as you did some of the same at off right so you know i do ten to like after a point out even know what's what is making me angry they did it to you and make me a fucking made me with piss me off but again i do respond to that shit i did that when did you it's a struggle not to write i then went back and forth governed by them like where do you want me to send your fuckin money be i'll send your ticket maria and then i did in they make me but she had given jane lying one c4 that's a thing people so they just want to gets get a response from you i know
but it's hard to know that in a moment you're triggered you're angry but to me it's like very like i dont tour i dont bus my balls some guys do i go out a lot but like you know i've serve more it's a u really well in supermarkets are not great in rail users i can draw like you eight to twelve during the most places ran into a couple he's writing self two thousand in change but that's the top of it you know what that's great yet great it's it's a living and it's a nice living in its good bodies in their good people like no like there's no problems at my shows i give i do have some club dates to write me the waitresses rights of these people are now people there adults yeah i'm not gonna walk in and look at a table fuck that's gonna be a problem in turkey
yep you tell him you could spot him away and here they come in i agree i still do those club dates like that were you could be heard her miss by one i'm writing shipowners clubs destroyed through but am i am my point is this like i dont like i don't drive myself crazy i just wanted to be good experience in i'm happier from doing stuff i'm engaged in and in new and not worrying about like old shit like i know that these markets that some people will drive to come see these chosen going and i've seen it you're somewhere else goes like ripe old drive to see me but some of them are not going to and in its pretty spectacular kind of button pushing set and you know it but even ok for instance like i'm agents i bore have trouble with orlando and i don't know what that means on finally today calm up and you want a fuck me man is can be embarrassing or what
he's like while the other place it's eighteen hundred and right now three weeks you know left for tickets algeria like six in that i wish i could show you my orlando numbers and you'd feel a lot better but you're not of the same value this i am so crimea river body apparently they can close the sides in helping the idea where you're going to be on its whenever it i've been told like you you're not going to note as you know the though dark in the balcony and they can cause the sides with the work both can have a great time but abdul your fans love you and they are going to come out we are not aiming saying allow many years i think you know it's gonna be fine i just like it isn't it is it's a stressful thing now it's like she's weird you hit the certain levels have been dude i mean it's like i used to go i would prefer a half a room youtube
but it's a manageable situation we came up doing that you fucking go on stage of boston for linking twelve people sometimes it be the best fucking night you hide dude bickering just talking to some of them and i hope it i clung i there is a point where i could go in there boston comedy casa comedy only work and at the end of a weak night right and do a half hour yeah for like tat anywhere from five to twenty five right and was awesome that was like it was like such a great thing for me as a comic would that's how you learn how to connect with people like how you build that relationship with an audience like he was like an idea i made him i did some norway shows in there to show that is why we have set a life sucks the life parties who is working hard facts like what we're going to stick it out but she's dead can i do that we walk in there and you walk in and it's you like six people sitting replace enabling all got to show we got it just happened and yeah it's too
they we gotta show great yeah you want like all factors only six people who i really want it i didn't come all the way and for nothing one time oh my god i've had a phone miss story what drove in from jersey to go to a spot at the boston i get there and their close up more we had no crowd right son of a bitch re well yes have announced their here too to the bag to learn what was the sun mountain hire some cafe then went down there i got a beer sentner this other guy arnold ecevit i'll remember that really he's gonna like my my class readable laelia so he's removed from your lobelia he and i are sitting there a bus pulls up front and a person gets out go this trend opened a door to go upstairs and club and were like what's this so we we go out we talk them like we're here for the show with his whole boastful hold tour group was planning to come to that china will come at the boss
domini club oh my guy we're like holy shit let's let him in so we go down and we get the guy behind the bar patrick arrangement yet no magic patrick gareth brothers he goes up an open door forcing us go ahead what are we gonna do voice will run drinks from down here you know so with we did show weep forty people got off a bus it came in we charge him a cover and like three of us the half hour each and it was like the made the money like normally we'd have like no money for the shows or like his allies we're jason given if you get a twenty dollars he was the one who was there that might be closed down the club and he was again or show no show re always awesome it was a triumphant night that's what it was like nights the guys in shawshank drinking beer on the roof likelier just like this is amazing
we may like forty two dollars you that's what's going to happen in orlando feeling scooby landowner i had a great run a shows last time i was there like i've never died i literally fucking avoid ford whole state for is a unique place no i have nothing against it i just don't find night like day they owe you like they don't like you you won't you sort of like i don't know you i think i have some ptsd from a couple of shows i did there in the past like the regime other was down there over those involved them coming one was it that fuckin hard rock ass you know right and lauderdale which agenda mom lives in hollywood ok innovative before they built it up like now to huge guitar shape hotel with every bit as before it was it was when it was an improv at the hard rock right and socks and my fuckin family
imminent sought and then there was another time arrives at the palm beach improv any fucking stunk because you the fuck and middle act yo closed with like hey let's let's give it up for the fire fighters you're it was just like you know too much and it was just and i think the fuck me the ice to do that camping improbably or serious ones yet they do and it was ok but yet and i think i was a different comic answered via at in a drawer anything by but still some analysing stick with it have you known yet i cannot do it when you're fairly com is it the worst when friends or family are like i want to come to a show and you're like ok i waited here's one that you should come right and i've had this have a few times of yours i think we can do this one i'd know i chose one i only come to that one i don't want that one it's gonna be lucky to be what i want you
you think my life any easier when we do privately and furnished strangers if you want it that's that's that's that's for strangers not for a family of juggling actor that whole thing i don't care anymore than cairo neither up remember that you never read jolly and around i do they both alive yeah ok tim is to make us what the fuck man the wrong guy yeah because do just who cares show ma you live who gives a shit brain what do you want to pretend you're not performing in these in our great these like shitty blindly claret you are that your life you fuck you're right man you're absolutely right is our life when i haven't read johnny johnny is the voice now he's good was happening around our tim is not enough curly anymore but like he does video production frolicsome metals company up in connecticut man and wife and kid i always well
i respect the people to get out well good for him we're still in it here and you doing good thank you man is good time were you yes good talking to you we good i think i think we're good good where we i feel like we ve always been pretty good oh no no we have no problem just why make sure we are closing out nicely ok i think we're using up nicely come and see us both we need yes i take advantage of it aquariums folk aquarium i didn't realize well while i was talking to that it was it so now the reprieve man amenia whatever was whatever is going on in this house don't even want to talk about being underwater or were the course is he could be the underwater was where he felt peace he's doing ok he's on cash abby can bravo go to the real bamboo dot com for his tour gates and i was happy to talk in this way you can also go to
w deified dotcom flash tour then you and advocate information for all my went to tour dates i'm not going didn t again i've got everybody i'm gonna get grand rapids maybe they're on the thirty first tomorrow tonight even cleveland tomorrow the grand rapids and so yeah so do this with our land or to be more land of hard rock lot hard rack hard work life that boy forty that's valentine's day by i'm telling you everyone i've it get nowhere do i've got no music in a hotel them
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