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Episode 1094 - Ashton Kutcher

2020-02-03 | 🔗

Ashton Kutcher is still close with the modeling agent who discovered him in a bar in Iowa. He’s also still with the manager who got him his first acting work. Ashton talks with Marc about why he feels such a strong loyalty to the people who first gave him a shot, especially because those early shots led to acting stardom, a successful production company, and lucrative involvement in the world of tech investing. They also talk about That ‘70s Show, Punk’d, taking over for Charlie Sheen on Two and a Half Men, and why his love of three-camera sitcoms prompted him to make The Ranch as both a sitcom and a drama. This episode is sponsored by Squarespace and Stamps.com.

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all right. Let's do this. How are you what the fuckers, what the fuck bodies, what the fuck wives what's happening? I mark Marin. This is my podcast, W T F, I am brow casting from a hotel room in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and so far this room. Great! I dont know why skylight a charm, it's kind of fun, is a record player in the room, there's also a you go really in the room which I've. Never then, before I've never been to hotel with a ukulele in the room. I feel like now that I've mention it. I should probably pick up the EU and air, and given a whirl, Poland. I don't know
then in tune yoke. I should have done a little more preparing before I started to show, so I will the Cleveland and met up with Dean Del Ray, and we ve been wait out doing the shows been great I get into that. Maybe I should tell you that Ashton, culture is on the show today. Ashton, culture, Scott, the final season of his show the ranch streaming on net we explained he's one of those guys. We're like everyone seems to be ok with Ashton cut your people not only are, ok with the ash to cushion generally, like him people, I've talked to us his wife. I spoke to. Obviously she had nice things too, about him, but everybody in general seems awakened. It turns out? I liked him and yoga to hear our conversation feel working I dont does not a dirt on national culture, but
decent guy, bright guy, good conversation in coming your way that is happening. There goes my timer. China wake up from my nap, so I mean did. In Cleveland, I weren't the cargo jeep Compass, a white one head out to the hotel Cleveland. People in Cleveland what'll. I don't know what you like. I can't get a sense of. I dont want to judge it all. I know. Is that dino and I had a great fuckin show at the Igor Theatre. What we want to Jonathan Source Place, the greenhouse tavern and it was fucking nuts man. I I didn't like it, took me two days to recover from eating there in a good way. I have not been able to all day for all three days, but the show that night was great and then the following night. We drove five hours, nice conversations
dean got me, I don't know what you need is a drink coffee and he drinks decaf coffee and were stopped and Duncan doughnuts, and I can't resist that shit. So I'm fuckin jacked up on Duncan doughnuts coffee, my fuckin brain, is on fire and employment. Just on the road, with my eyes, bugging out of my head from two or three Duncan doughnuts coffees in this is like I guess it was Yet this is the following day. This is the day after the Senate chose to a vote on whether or not America would be a minority rule, authoritarian country, a behold into an auto and we are all wondering how that vote would play out. Would we, you know, on Saturday, be an authoritarian
country with minority rule behold into an autocrat or with the democracy, struggle on and try to act within the constitutional and judicial processes of of a democratic country, and we chose authoritarian- is right, not me, but those people who chose the senators and those people who choose to be mine fucked into believing a single source of information that is limited and false, and also to believe They lying sack of shit president. So so that's why But now it is now the sort of slow adjustment to autocracy, authoritarian, conch doctor I mean. Obviously many of you will get exactly what you need and what you have been getting and be ok, but but
That's where we're at in you know not being condescending or glib by the oh. What can I do? I'm not going to freak out we'll have? A vote in November will see how that goes, we'll get even worse, can always get worse might get better, but I was trying to adjust to that without a complete spiral, but we drove on Friday from Cleveland two Grand Rapids nice, DR jacked, on coffee. As I said, and I was concerned about the found creature Dr, maybe I made you guys concerned, but that we solved nicely over a thousand. Take it's a big beautiful place, one of the largest pipe organs,
ever seen in my life apparently many years ago, as a Baptist church were up for the last almost a hundred years, it's been sort of eight unitarian situation, a kind of a more church dedicated to a education and opening mines, as opposed to necessarily religious type of thing, liberal Christianity kind of abroad. But also a place where speakers in bands have been coming to expand the mines of humans fervour Yoda decades I mean the places hosted Winston
Churchill Eleanor Roosevelt Amelia, your heart, Robert Frost, Malcolm X, Robert Kennedy, Junior Angela Davis, Margaret Atwood, it's crazy Farrakhan, Christopher Kitchens musicians. I gave Rubik Stand: Kenton, Ella Fitzgerald, Duke Ellington, Bebe, king, Frank, Zapper, the M C, five Richie havens and Bow Burnham. That's word lands and crystal clear. And Tiffany Hanish but TAT, quite quite a legacy to be part of quite a place to a to stand in the end and feel the air. The intensity of being an arch church than I sound bautzen. It does make a difference and I definitely preach the gospel of me and it was definitely some religious themed a bit
that kind of resonated in a deeper and more exciting way being delivered from the pulpit of a large church. The way it should be. I had a very nice size congregation. It was a very passionate service and I'm glad many people came to witness and laugh and where great show over their feels like its it so much time to talk about something to talk about. Maybe posted rates goin up again is not crazy. Posted rates have gone up again. Thankfully, stamps dotcom eases the pain with big discounts off post office retail. Rates withstand stock com. You can save five cents off every first class stamp in up to forty percent of shipping rates. That kind of savings really adds up folks, especially for small business right in since stamps that common
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Would you have another four hours from my Grand Rapids do Milwaukee more Duncan doughnuts coffee, There are some more dates coming up. I want to give get your hip to Orlando I'm at the hard rock alive on February, fourteenth than Tampa far too at the strap sent their February fifteenth, Portland main at the State Theatre February, Twentieth, Providence, Rhode, island at Columbus, Theatre February, twenty first New Haven, Connecticut at College Street musical February twenty seconds. And hunting in New York at the paramount February? Twenty third go to deputy, F Pod dotcom, Slash tour for links to all the venues. Ok, all right, then so, there's another one day. Yeah. I think This'Ll be more exciting few marble fence. I got an email from but he who is. May I don't know,
people telling you about this is gonna run it others reader to subject line cameo in amazing Spiderman this might be a bit of an odd way to reach out, as we don't actually know each other. Even I see you quite a bit of a huge fan and not just at the park ass, but as a front row. Regular at your shows here in LOS Angeles Eyed, the comedy stored dynasty, typewriter and ice house You ve been my favorite communing for years and whenever you show up on a local schedule a girlfriend, I nearly always there I was heartbroken to be out of town for work when you did the taping red cat after seeing that material getting worked, for so long and enjoying it. So much can't wait for the special, though anyhow in it being a phantom. Also, the writer of the amazing Spiderman comic marvel wondering if you'd be interested in making a cameo appearance in the book. I know superhero. And I really your bag. So I will not bore you with the details of the story, but basically Spiderman. I don't want. This is spoiler. This boiler
Ah I can tell you that part above up up up up up out. We just need permission to use your likeness firm with his form for that, if you up for it, I've attach what it would look like on the page, like I said, I know, superheroes aren't you thing, but maybe you'd see. This is funny little bit of comic book immortality. Yes, I mean hey, he said Letterman they're, just let me know either way and keep up the great work. Yes Nick I mean I mean you not. I should probably email you back. So that's exciting, right, Marvel fans, right kind of offences an exciting that I'll be in a Spiderman comic book. I'm sure you're thrilled come on you ve gotta, be thrilled but did I already tell you that were into the second month of a year now, which you know and now is the time to get going on there big idea, you have and start turning your job immature reality with squares raise? If you can,
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deputy every free trial and when you are ready to launch use the offer code, w e f to save ten percent off your first purchase of a website or domain that squares, maize, dot com, Slash w e F offer Code, W Tia, so it so. The last my talk to I had not had my last day on the Erika Franklin Movie. Now when really I you know something really shifted in me around. Acting in a round doing that movie I've tremendous amount of respect for the director, Louise L Tommy. I think it really is really doing detailed work to make this sing. Look great and sound great and in kind of pop and Jennifer Hudson was, such a problem and Marlon Way and everybody else I worked with on there. Are you I wasn't around enough to really feel like totally part of the families. People were shot.
In its day in and day out for months on end, but certainly as a great experience and the last day we shot and a big church We they we created. The amazing grace concert we at. These background players, just a full church of people full congregation, doing the thing that you do in a church, a black church, particularly. And it was. It was a pretty exciting last day and when they rap, they said goodbye to mean everyone applauded. It was felt nice, and I immediately when shaved my fucking face. I shaved that Jerry to a beer right, although I face man do I feel better? Now I've just got my soul patch mustache. For now and very long hair and that in this so patch in the terrible go when we start taping go in March. So Ashton could as I mentioned smart guy good guy, surprising conversation issue
oh, the ranch is its last season is now streaming on networks, and this is me talking to Ashton in house moved them like a little face. Do I need to move towards a story you can move towards it or whatever to see upon it a little level of cold, sweat over the next gotta get. That's all Yes, that's right! that we all run with a little cold, Zylka depth kid towels your kid. A three year five euro? Also, you you're always come on it's a petri dish in my eyes, existence he said and they go to the day care like they just like throw up on each other all day and when they come home and it's like they're just like you know, my son legitimately we put him to bed last night and he comes out any like. I threw up and Sicily vomit, all over the carpet. I'm seeing there will. I got Dyson vacuum, cleaner,
trying to suck up his vomit of the carpet Leslie, it's really glamorous alive. What what is it? What is where they just throw up kids, they just throw up and she p all over the place. Man is. It sounds like it's easier. Control a dog of some kind. I mean a kind of you Yeah I mean it made, but I grew up with door. Emanate from my ones like regrow, you keep your dogs outside right away what part I would like rose Cedar Rapids. I was sitting. Oh yes, did you grow up on land where I grew up, in sea? Rapid here, which is like the second biggest yea? And then my parents got divorce was a thirteen so. My mom moved out of the country and she's like you're. Coming with me. It's I'm ended up moving out so like a farm at the heavy time to get the divorce sad news. Thirteen year was
you know I've, a twin brother and he had a hard transplant around that time, and I think this is like really hard to make the whole thing and also that had happened before the divorce yet like red around. This is how you doing now he's right, with the same then, with the new heart from when he was a kid yeah. You re at the time he was the youngest person ever to be put on an artificial heart artificial heart, what he had an artificial heart in the hospital. The ass his heart failed the ETA cardio way up at, like they say the sick of virus. It Sir said TAT the heart: breakdown that cardio yea tissue and is so he had his holes in his heart. So they put him on an artificial hearten at the time of his youngest person, every be put an artificial arria and then It's like I was in the room with him and it failed
and take me out of the room and the within, like India, Emine I'd like twelve hours day or something, and then he got moved a number one on the list for heart transplants. Then he got a heart and he is now a member. Forty one in these lives encourages us, really is engaged to be married. That's amazing! Really so, but when they do that They had when they get a hard for a kid that age does that there's a hot, have to be that age, no it well. It was. I might we didn't really tell you where the heart comes right, but I think it is it just about size. I think he got a heart from a woman in Florida. Is why yes grazing and as he does, he still have to take pilfer the rejection bill. He got his whole life. It's all. I fear, because, basically you you, You put a foreign object in your body. Right is actually really similar to like a lot of autoimmune diseases here, where your body sees a part of your own body is,
four neurotic together to attack area. So it's it's. It's virtually something so they did, they give them I have to rely on a region. Amazing they re, but everything's. All right is incredible and you guys are close. We were really close when we were young that thing sort of took us little bit further apart, because we he was in the hospital for like a year, basically see ya around the country, your mom and he's in town. I was with my dad add, and I was with various people in euros wherever they get gig having me this was taking place here and there I n n n n, like through the years like he moved, I moved out and moved to New York RE eighteen. He lives in. Amber now we have kind of my sister's down in the region.
And as for families and of all over the country. How many are there of you guys three of us huh yeah? That thing gets yet in my parents or an island there, both still there still divorced from each other. They help both remarried ghastly grape but when he moved to the country, was it a big see big farm cash? Were you was a little weird? I may I will, that's where we started the dogs outside the. Why way? From I went from the city and then we move to the country, and you know in there little bit of you know when you go ended that there's a little bit attitude alike. I really am country rail area, and so the river like that I had a car you ain't, yellow around the city. I only fourteen fifteen, you gonna like prove yourself as you gonna fight somebody. In order like oh yeah, yeah, I'm words candidate is like you have to wait.
I guess you have to get a good idea to base this. Is your dad space? Don't come into my dad's bays and I'm not going to do. You see moved to the country with the smaller school and you just can't get in there and take some guys, ass and set him here. I started play football gotten late, you know just started late gathering gathered a couple flights in this fight. Now I did you did too, but I dont fight like I haven't, was white fish fight. You got into we do have their instinct in you because I don T know some people do. I thought my first thought it might be My dear, when I was young lady I was like you know, we came from like a pretty christian catholic family ass. I turned the other cheek right and yeah error like being a kid making punching just be like a keyboard
and then you know when you get older and build up a frustration and you fight for for a while. I was like a flight here and then I just realized. This is stupid. Right. Let's get this you re hurt somebody in yeah there's just no point I may, like I like doing, judge you have the ressler one of the kid and on a dame yeah. That was right. Those might sport. When I was young, and I really do have an outlet for that year and I actually like, if I'm pissed off its Agnes, to go. Do some gentlemen. You feel fine afterward, you are you good at it? Am I I'm ok, I mean I I concede yeah so like. If someone like Are you better than me? Am I know you're better? Let me you in religious that we don't need to fight is not this. He went Thirty, then, who do you fight people At your level I mean a spar, we're with the folks via my coach, breakaway people. This borrower
That's no competition snow now to do that? So I so here you are you on the farm, you're, you're, good, up and I were in your brother's got problems your sisters were she lost in mixed somewhere yeah, my sister, basically sort of lone wolf that, unlike the elder younger older she's, a good couple years, older lesson. Now where were you I get where you like? An angry kid outside the fighting did you pushed back? Did you were belgian trouble? What the fuck happened here? we would like rebelling- and I was like I smoked a joint so yeah. I did now and then and then I I was actually really good student. Did Serbs straight narrowed it and then my senior year, my cousin and I
look into the school. I am, I think, you're right I got it. I gotta deferred judgment on a felony offence, further degree, burglary, mosey, intent more. We gone forth, steal some shit we're just poor unwanted some money. I you gonna go to the lab, gets him exactly given London burners does a five year. Cd exchanger in air weaken Vienna that my cousin, like stabs users and a soda machine like trying to. Unlike what are you doing here, I really would change. What are you a boy you just like half ass during around school and had had a busted yeah I mean it was, is funny. So what it's not funny? It was stupid here. What we were. I was doing the principal daughter at the time. Really so that's that's probably not good, so this compound the issue and, like you I know he did like now until this happen, and then he was the Incas Ike I'd come almost directly from their house medical Michael
and everywhere in any way to pick locks and so it's still fighting keys Why did the old man I just pick pick? The law can instil do the pro. Maybe I don't think I've ever really kept double my lot begging skills, you're, tougher lashed. To exaggerate the I mean if it was a digital, Ok, you're proudly figured you get. You got you get connections you ve gotta have either FI invested in an app for which will pick a digital lock the brakes, if not all, fine right? So so we were there. We go we are in the schoolroom, can only Walker they were? Like you know, my cousin wanted to get his task from them, day very wicked, cheat on the taxpayer. Really work doing anything right. We didn't know there were silent, alarms and the school, and look out the window- and I see a car Poland in the park- and I was like one-
the morning, having like is weird like wiser carbon and then all of a sudden, my cousin these two cars boys like- and we just are running we both out of school all- and there is a corn field and on the other side of the corpse was Crick bed and the quick bed lead all the way back to the next town. Yet, and so we are thinking if we to that Crick bed is its back and was there's no other fight as worrying would be Humphrey, and so we dark the school, and then we shoot back into the school and we're in this room. That was like right on the edge where it is like a two hundred yards spread to the quick. Bed we were sitting in the room were like. Ok, you ready one. Two three come out the door. They cause and were at gunpoint we're like bow and then yeah, then why'd you go back into the school
When you got you went out, then you can. They were on our tail. We are, they saw when we're out. They were on our tailed, we turned a corner and then we fought back in, but we assume that they didn't see us go back. Airman laid, and that is how we could again shot like again here. So you want to jail, what's jail there, and then you hold my parents. Then there were like we're, not gonna come get you there they're like Wavery Arrayment. Now I may data that was a good day I at their feet in jail or near lesson, and then what happened with the charges? Well, I got it for a judgment on probation and I wasn't allowed to leave the leave the county yeah, my girlfriend Roma people throughout Europe with me any more. And and then I wasn't allotted- do any extracurricular anything as gliding get kicked out of school, which were you wearing some: were your hero were Lester? I was the change. The city right is like a town. There were fifty two p,
when my graduating class and either a hundred people, my town, like I'd, shamed, the city, so the out a thing didn't Newton was an empire didn't yet and go well, no sadness! Now nothing. I mean I did a budget It is our view that attitude at once like help kids get on the bus in the morning and stuff like painted a fence like dinner at a vacuum in all photon, as good as forty hours of that. It's because I find a traffic ticket speeding take by the my community service is no worse than any of the jobs I had when I was a hates. It was certainly not really you're. Just like a job I didn't get paid for us so went. Wind is the interest in the art,
Cap and does it happen what I had already so when I was in my seventh grade as her doing heightened junior high theater, and I was in every play that my school offered for the entire time I was in school. I was in the thespian society and when competed in like state acting competition is a faint, acting competitions. How his work. We do monologue, you you'd like prepare scene with the sea or something and then you go perform at near. I be always love performing. I think you know I like psychoanalyzed myself, I'm broke it down. I think I just like the attend sure you I get. No laugh. Yeah India emigrate right here. Sorted! Nothing is satisfied his eye. I actually said something that you found the familiar enough to ask that its great it's beautiful,
so yeah kind of fell over there, but also as an in again how the hell am I gonna get out. Yet what are we gonna do like community theatre? Something here is that we were thinking about that you you thought like. How do I make this profession here, but I really didn't know how secular just gave up on it. Yet I did pretty well schooled, so I decided to go to school and become a biochemical engineer and why the service, be a genetic really. The Antwerp compelled you to do that. I want the figure out how to stop the virus from replicating that attack. My brothers are really knows my go, oh yeah. You can fast when it yeah what I just wanted to figure out how to lake, and it is a process it virus go through called licence where they sort of transition and so to replicate. Yeah- and I thought, if you know if you could infect a virus with a strain of dna that didn't allow its replicated potentially you can stop it.
Is that something they use now I don't know I haven't kept up on it. Will you haven't you not if you don't get the journals now, but if you like, yeah you're involved with the Tec Robert, you don't do biotech I've. I've done a couple things in biotech. But I probably should do more here, but I always feel like I studied it, but that I didn't learn it well enough to do it well very well, like I wasn't a computer engineer or computers. I derive anything of that sword right, but yet I feel often enough to say, does really make sense will no doubt be the mechanics from mechanics, but when it comes to human thing,. Yeah, you don't know what the hell. It just seems like this, no matter what they do, and certainly we are only now like with with with machines its machines with digital stuff. Here, when you do,
with things like this work and inject this into is what the fuck is going on. I also I I think I think, there's not a regulating body that sits over the top of technology here, whereas if you go into biotech, you have to deal with the FDA sure ends I don't. I don't want a guy at the finish line, to be able to say sorry where it is not going to prove. This looks like to me that puts my investment in somebody else's kitten hands. I won't might be for the right reasons, but you just don't wanna Yemen aim of offer that, alas, a bit also might be for the wrong reasons. I mean you know, maybe you don't do that there might be some yet a minor side effect. There is no way without Saddam S and I'm not I'm not. We want to take the risk either way. Yeah yeah. Exactly so my rule is I don't invest in Non FDA proved. Bio. Chemical right text
sure. Why me, I just think it's interesting is the virus. The idea the virus is sort of like a renegade strand of like aren't a or dna that needs to hook up with some needs a host. So your concept was if you can create a fake like a guy, washed strand of dna that it could hook up to that it would Minister yeah, the India I mean, if you think about like antivirals, for like a lower some right, I rightly they. They basically give you a doormat version. I have of that, so you could actually create. You, should hypothetically be able to create an antivirus right for anything. Many by reason from many viruses right does. I worked on it. Maybe, but you didn't even follow through. I did not alter. I was. I was in college, and I was in a bar- some lady came up to me was like Hell,
older. You. Let me get this beer and I let you now here in the house. I come nineteen and then she said, have you ever thought about being a model? I was I've got a lobby. I was like the only male model. Lorraine realise guys is right here and I was now I was I thought about be an inaccuracy like. What's this is a really good way to be. An actor come to find out is not as it and it, but then she sort of give me the ropes and help build my confidence when she finds you and I are those at a border and she was from where she had a scouting aid see I want to know say Louis based on our yeah rub: Soviet really, Kosovo. She does. She started your whole life yeah
and she's. Just like your good looking guy, yes, usually thought useful issue too, for I thought she was completely version it is. She was like there's a a competition at the shopping mall like this week in Cedar, Rapids yeah she's a come. You know the all. You have to walk from here to you no fifty feet and back and that, where a tight shortened some genes and you're gonna easier. I think you'll win and and then I want a trip to new york- and I I I left my I got We go off from a job. At general, mills in the Cheerio factory rose, sweeping Cheerio does do janitorial work and flew to new York- and I call my dad was I got there said I'm not coming home. And he was bullshit. Usually did your ears beggar as I listen, I've got my boy scout backpack, I've got my sleeping bag and I've got a hundred dollars and
for money, I'll figure out how to get home, but for now not coming home with honour bucks. My back in my boys go back back as set out in the world, and that was that, its history, so you're working at a general Mills factory where they made cereal. There was a really good summer job. Yeah, the Ultimate Cheerios Ferule UPS clusters- did you take like that stuff home I mean I, a handful of it is going to think about is over a serial by the time I got I was covered in it say it sort of like when you learn and work in a meat factory, and you become a vegetarian rise like manner of like in the council, Nigeria's itself setting but you have said in your just like how much are you eat this stuff Edward? You dad work when you're gonna he was alive for rule applied. He was there. No, he was a gummy the job.
With a great summertime. It was amazing somebody with a bang. I was get paling twelve bucks an hour, something that it was in a summer job, your dad. He was there. He was full time before the fruit growers for real up here. I'm aware from working in a warehouse they driven a lesson and why a decision is taken in the front row of fine and someone's gotta do it, but it's appointing somebody's gotta, make sure that the foot long for loves, come out of full foot. I get you know one eleven inch foot long live the whole thing. You need a full fight yeah Does your dad was my pops. You run forklift warehouse before that. This was a great gig sure, because you working with cereal, your dad's right down round the corner, I was get paid, twelve books it, how about it eight books and write those great yeah and instead of four sixty than I got for washing dishes
restaurant there, one guy seem like there was a nice progression: dishes forklift curios runway model, Zack, ITALY, ITALY. It's good progress, Giorgio Ahmadi, ITALY. This works wherein the nicely all those brands line up: yeah composure, man, the homestead kitchen foods general meals then Armani amid dont forget spikes meet cutting out here. It's bikes worked at spikes and I was engaged skin dear during deer hunting season. So you can do that necessary. Yeah, yeah yeah, where we stand and trim Deerlike nobody's business. What's it what was spikes, it was a place where people brought their dares to be able Gertie output shop, so he would bring them or they sound. Hopefully they have them feel dress and they just drop em. Often not. Hang him up and skin and cut that that was the service itself.
Provided the hunters were bring their field dressed gleam of veal, dress game, and then we turn it into processed meat that right take home and freeze the package. It up would be frozen boats, I'm a gave it to him. Would you wouldn't want to give it to him thought a really freeze it? Why every I thought I saw they pick it up like a way. Greater weight to we. So then I did vendor how busy were not like by to Morrow. I need this fresh offered. Putting my freezer ya know be like the couple days we can move to a deer pretty quickly at Nan. Did you hunt, nor do I was after hours it love it yeah. I like I like bird hunting an efficient shotguns react shock on bird hunting. We do it right. We actually do I already gauger for tenders that you want. Some small pseudo mutilate the me. Yes, I have to pick a spit got out here that in it, but I saw a sort of deer
running here when I was fifteen or six years- I guess not liked it, but it gives a weird thing with deer hunting Leah. Yet she felt like I just don't feel bad for the game. It was weird exercise, that's called the conscience yeah called not becoming serial killer, everything they don't fuck with cats thing you have learned. How can you gotta watch this thing? I've two cats and I just had to put one down if I can handle it, yet God it's something you have cats. I used to have care tat. I love get the idea Denver effect. People tell me like give you have cats, we all rough, it's a little rough men. It is something else really hot car, his chest But wait we wouldn't be sound. You're making decisions are a good experience, no, I mean in the early this thing I read it. Was it a good experience each which shocking is what is, is your sort of scene?
through the eyes of these people who are like using the internet to solve this case. Bahraini stumble upon something, much greater media and you're like a shocking, so the good documentary nets beauty. I'll. Carry out of pure may view might be the wrong word, but its exemplary affected, I'd say you're so you're doing the big modeling with body with forward will mean a whose what's next I as at a big one. It was one of the big ones for guys so you do on print. You do runway you're doing all of it, I'm doing enough to get by art with women in New York, where I was living in a to better apartment, with five other guises models apartment where it what the Hell's kitchen, ninth and forty seven night. Thirty eight in and then it was terrifying,
as a kid from I was right in it there I mean I never want in this like two story: walk up and turning the lights on in this place. Roaches just scattered, oh yeah down the street, neither have ever like forty. Second. Every year there was a guy cell on a girl on the corner and abuses in the person living in a trash bag outsider like wow. This is just a different, my boy, my blowing, but she had your boyscout backpack. I would get I'd. Might swiss army knife here you can fly with knives back then serve no forget his hope. And then I booked a couple little jobs and made a little bit of money and then, but I didn't see, any of it because I was of into the models apartment right and it was like pay em like two thousand dollars a month for this two bedroom. They put you happening, yeah they put you up and theirs in and they take your check when you get paid and they pay themselves for the rent. For the models of arm, which could not pass
We been highly valued dollars area, but that's what it was man and then do you know, pay for all your flight, you don't know how much they cause since it. Ultimately I didn't see any money for awhile of this kind of living off a Roman and wherever else right get my hands on. And then the and then I went to ITALY did a butcher runway chosen book like nineteen shows or something like that real about that being a model can come from what you come from and knowing that now your model how'd, you dad react. My dear was like this is bullshit come home right. I was honestly I was I I can't believe people are gonna pay me to just look like me: we're there is That even feel isn't in be beneath your or affected here masculinity or anything but now
wasn't there was just like. I was U shocking, that people We're pay me to just be me. I, like I, couldn't lay along or and had a walk correctly. Then I had to learn how to walk the right. Where like do the thing, but I am through the year oh you know whenever like that, but what it was just this sort of shocking thing, and then it no. I didn't take law, it was public within a year. I was like the descent gratifying right ok yeah, because there was a sense of ownership out what was happening right and that's what thought it act, manager in New York and then so working with her and going on casting? Who is that manager. I started today. Seventy seven seventy Simon there from Untitled here I think I know her. Yes, I met her through my modeling agent and then
Are you gonna castings and looked like a pizza, hug, commercial and then I booked test for NBC pilot? Aha, They flew me out here what is untitled her company yet heard Jason Weber, yeah yeah and you ve been with them even with her for Germany, you won't two years. That's what that's loyalty, that's nice, even whether that long yeah, I don't know it's like somebody- gives you a shot yet delay. If we set up Forget the people and give them a shot like it. It is, it is, do they forget them, or do they think that once again that they get a shot if they can continue to grow that they feel I gave out grown? I get that my boy I mean she continued grocer. Well, I am a bit company right go out to people here and I just you know, even if they dont do what they used to do like you, should use it and have a conversation about it. You go. I hope you know. What are they
exact date, you could be doing that you're not doing that. We need to be doing what you can do that, but I from the other side of it from a guy who is managed by a guy for twenty years. And you know you get to a point where they grow. But you're not they can't move you as no one's fall some. Have you had an impasse? That's true, but we're your like this. Isn't working out yet, but maybe you however, relationship with them. I mean I've heard I arrive ran. I e I've had agents that are no longer work with their use to work with, but especially the person on the people to give you the first shot at some yeah. That's that's a big bet right, investing their time and energy here on you here, because they see something and efficiently nobody sees it. I don't lie to me just like the other. Sure. Now, you're still friends with the woman who gave you the modeling shot, represent Your view, you know there, why mean some people
don't necessarily have to keep a relationship over them, but you should honour that respect that what happened, gratitude sure granted fought perfect, yes, appreciation, shirt that's it practice Brasilia. So she got you the seventy show gig. Yes, I flawed here discover this NBC thing and then and in a book in a different way, we see things as they are aware and then went across town a book. The seventy show and then decided to take that seventy shown the rest is history. Then I started to work a lot. Yeah well you're on the seventy chauffeur ever right. It was a year science, but that's how you became a star yeah. I mean that once again they gave me a shot here but you could do it is you're funny. I mean there's moments where I don't think I was down there. I don't go you're the first six episodes and I was sure I was getting fired for the first six episode in I didn't know. I didn't know. Why asked for my elbow, like I can't figure out, I done a student film in New York
figure out how to act in front of a camera and like I'd, never done take two before in my life, First, a family member that guy I got a great boys, don't touch with them he's actually done really well as a director of treasurer that it was the distinct from was called distance. It was an end while you student film, but I'd never done. Take to ever before We don't play right and you just sort of load up and then unload right, that's one time. You're and that's it take to was a whole new, weird thing: reload yeah. Reload and like? How do you realize what you will you blew a lot right? I mean like some guys to do it, but it's so had a low enough shops. I did not have jobs and then body. Turner known from seventy show here. Basically, Tommy headed dissected, joke Tommy, the rhythms of comedy Cosette.
You know, some people are just kind of naturally rival comedic yeah capacity here, and I just didn't have that obesity, and so I had learn, this kind of having process I mean, don't you any material rife fray? but I can't load up on material like I can. I can sit down and up with material right click. The book or I go out and do like a talk show or something like. I gotta know what my bid are really going to sit there producer, my right yeah, I over a year ago, over night, and I build my bit so when I get there, I just exit you'd on the bed right, but I'm not gonna come I wanna get off the cuff with you here is gonna. There's gonna go south because I just know how those rhythms somehow have you drive that now I'm doing it. Now it is ass. It or whatever, now
good I've got no other laugh but, like What Mark Brazil was the guy right mark? Embody Terry Turner, IA and then you that that whole crew, like how I cover to ease, does good shit and movie some pleasant cinnamon. While I've interviewed him Ivan. He's right, only preside. I haven't really kept up with on from the show. Heavy ease came, intense guy, like me, yeah, hey. I've got a hard himself in these hurled himself in his eye, pretty calculated by the things that he does in our cities like incredibly too, yet no yeah. He is, I mean, there's a couple movies like he does a thing he's gotta of a thing he his wheel, houses, kind of intense his mode here, his mode right here but like Michael J Fox vacillation, Aurelia, like out with his waking up that his new ones are mine, was per Cameron, so oh yeah, yeah
I'm glad you guys had you hear him models barometer for success would not make sense to that. That's about right! Her eye with the guy from the guy who dawn down, I worked with die, don't start yeah. He played my sponsor in the fourth episode of my show on I've seen ratifies a great guy. Did dont fantastic yes, correct and you weren't Miller was on Shelby. You guys do you didn't eat in we're, wasn't happening what I mean, but even that is your wife should look for team has noted his heart and I was like suggesting an open. I am simply saying she was fourteen. I was twenty nineteen. That right and so fourteen and twenty feels like a big age. Difference right sure is this: if the idea illegal. If there is a legal problem, is why twenty eight and thirty two young- let not so much less yet Artemis in whatever living, as I do the math raper anyway, but you did like I mean that show is your life that sort of defined your
I found your finances in everything for for a long time, yet well, two years into it, because I was just a supporting care, during the shows eyes. I really wasn't doing that much work, I mean if I show for the work David. Yes, it comes schedules are pretty soft anyway right, but then, when you're only in three foresees a week, I had a lot of extra time only out so I started a production company and then at Bay how'd. You know to do that without Stephanie suggestion Emmy, who, how do you like his like big actors, people who making bread and have you know who ever foresight do that who gave you that I just always wanted the job of the person that was given pain. So it was your idea like an open and production companies honey. I am. I met my producing partner out through his wife a party
he was a producer and he had the one. We are talking about movies that he wanted to make it here. I had some ideas about things we sort of Calabria. It was like what are we to start a company right, sort it out of my house, Gotta one of the bedrooms, my house, and in about six months, eight months into it and just brutes rapped at our own money, and we came of this idea for Pont ends at my agent. Married Every said: don't do this is a bad idea. Someone's gonna get hurt. Now they re just like it's a bad idea for your career like where you gonna go, do reality tv. At that point, I like doing reality tv. You seem like a career under here and I would like to know if we want to do this year and then started started that up and then I was I did do where's my car. I think, after the summer smog what sort of a phenomenon right yeah with it was like the number one showing cable design,
isn't, that we're deck shepherd comes from yeah cast, it in fur is left for the first episode previously, I think, he's at groundlings at the time tat, which was like a unbelievable Palacio, fine sure talent for here, now it. Yesterday morning. I ain't you cast. A lot of people are the growing for fund for improvising that we appeal launched people already aware. We felt we found a lot of the talent for that show You know- and I also I was- I was a huge et Cetera alive when I had grown up here, and I realize it there's that was like the only other show the improvers really could go to, and work sketch guys gonna go get. The unprofitable was the greatest weakness I can build, even if Number two to Saturday alive. I build the other show that sketching improv people want more years really Improv Armenia. Ultimately, as else script, it all the way yeah, I'm it. We have
We had a you know, a bible of what we're we wanted to execute the bare idea, but the comedy it was we who they haven't. They had to think on their feet. Is a deal of real people and things get me: they had a little back up again when we were in their ear and yet so as they lost track or if they worked seen something that we were seeing tat. They had a little bit of a voice of God. Go here, don't get punished in the foot, is back away right now, he's talking about punching so that we are that we like, successful and then he did, they hear that big movie did worth it was it you where's. My car's where's, like art, written by Phil, Stark, who was one of the writers on the subject. When you start like become this wizard investor and When did wonder to like a lot of things happened right, I did a bustle boobies still so during the budget other telling introducing the movies produce. It's some movies and then producing deleted this Joker beauty.
The geek, an area review to where we were we are building, is a reality production company. I think any more came in and offered by our production company, and I was like all if we sell it, then why have a blog and anonymous? I want a boss, yeah and I was like: why would they want to buy it? I was trying to figure out like why they were value in it where it was that and then I saw buffering speeds online, just getting faster and faster faster. It is about maybe twelve thirteen years ago, and I thought it might seven six yet here and now man, I what I think all this content is just gonna move on line like yeah, just an easier way to consumer, really thought that I I legitimate. We had this thought, and so I went out and started looking for companies that could help me, distribute content and quantify contact. Quantify created
if you will like determine where, in the life cycle of a video people you it more where they wanted to turn it on and understand. The total number of views across multiple platforms of the internet is so. I was really just trying to figure out how to optimize content for that platform. Any platform well for the online ecosystem,
like Veto de right and he saw the future of entertainment moving there. That's what I thought, and so I tried it- commits my board to create a fund at the production, comrade production company very fond of capital inside the production company to invest in these types of companies and then use our production capabilities to making content it. Chip, promote these companies here and accelerate their growth and then in, and then make the content and utilise those tool yet actually build content out, and so we built out the
internal piece of the puzzle, but the board didn't approve the investment peace, so I just started making investments on my own with your own mind with bio capital and visit a company called optimizing, but he had a be testing tool. I vested in Skype. I invested in a company called slide which escape MAX Olive Kin, who was here from the paper mafia here get created tape. How mafia, like a group of at early people at Peter TEAL, brought it about Paypal, air at it and and then I just started meeting all these other people in the Tec units is like this a pivotal time because, though they These guys are now billionaires, some of them and they warrant then They weren't there and as our you're like on the ground floor of these people, that no the future in a way out
or gambling yet and need to be clear. I was the dumbest guy in the room and intentionally the dumbest guy, the room and vacuuming as much information as I possibly could be a just to educate myself. So right, I would go to San Francisco twice a week and just take meetings with the smartest people from Marta Andreasen. The more cuba- and you know it lit the anybody- would take me and they would take me with you because they thought you're funny in yours They knew who you were any, who I was so they didn't do they look? He used an investor is sort of like going to meet a guy. I don't know no and not at all there If you look at me guy wise, because he wouldn't let you want right now and then and then I found this angel investor, this Garonne com a name to investors ago. Just give you money. Yeah he's like it's like the first check in kind of guy here, and he was the best in the business and angel Dusting why that's me exactly how they knew investing work. So somebody
Once you with an idea, you haven't raised any money, you give them the first check, ok ad and he was kind of like the first check. That was a stamp of approval that cause this, can check to come in and who were? Do you wear? Does your check come in well early days? I was an angel, That's what I learned from him and became an angel investor Earl yeah, but then I also would invest in things where you know. Somebody would call me up and go: hey. Skype is selling from Ebay. And you know, there's some legal hair on it, but we think we can clean that up. We gotta get some Minos six ex multiple from here than here. Did you make that check as well so soon a little bit about, but mostly just super super early there is theirs, is incubator services who called why commentator, which is private, most prestigious incubator in the world where the best founders go through there.
Biggest ideas, freer drop parks to cloud errors in the air being b, and they all these companies in going through this incubator media and this guy Paul gram who built it and ran it. He would mentor these young entrepreneurs and help them more figure out how to build their business right, and so I would go there and I, at the time they were in any other celebrities or anybody else there and I would go, and I can always get a meeting with the founder Cathay were excited to meet and an end in overtime. I just I learned from them. I learn from other investors and sort of figured out how to do it here and there and then guy or SIRI. Who is my partner in the fund? He was the only other guy from allay there was. I could see it up their runnin adieu and it was a friend of mine and at one point he turned a music. What are we to do this together as a great Let's go find the money, and happily I'm running out of money went round the multimedia and then run.
A came in with the capital and in his back office, and we build our first fund in its from there and and now this is like the bit the bulky your business is doing this stuff. This is yet. This is a little bit more than ninety five and in the end it now I do only do movies or films or tv that I, like em, really passion about, It's more like just for fun, so the fund is it likely. You manage a fund basically and in that's it, that's where you ended up with this and that funding yeah? You guy just sit around and will what are these things look like we can put money in yes
We have an illegal invest in the fund executive grow. The funds calls out ventures right, try can put money in salmon enters yeah exactly so we have a cost. Again just depends on Lady Ashton. None are really two beds are like a part of it. Is you know we we are we trick. We try to have l peace that we think add value to the fund. So folks they give us some domain expertise that we don't have yet and those are limited partner. They put capitalists and then, and then we have unbelievable team of of folks. It do run diligence for us on companies and their constantly sourcing companies, and you know, laying out the numbers and telling us what they think that we have a portfolio management team. There
basic, looked at all the companies we have invested in costly, finding ways to try to be helpful to those companies area then help those companies grown. That's that's the deal. That's a business, get an end now in your respective guy in this world you're fund. I think so now. Ok, so gone back even married Miller for how long I think we were married for five years. Almost all of you here have hung. It should remain a great and then before that you're with me for eight years, and you guys She'll friends. Ah I you know, we don't hang out right. You know I am doktor milliner resorted likely everyone's good. It's all good We will hang out I've. I make it really conscious effort the status of the girls here because you are sure to present for a lot of that I mean it was eight years.
To below. It was like eight or nine right through the youngest and in rumour was twelve or thirteen right will be facilitated and when we divorce, like they were had all just to Lilla, was gradually in high school. Picture so you three added a relationship with eminent and during the first essential by name yeah, we always I'll, raised teenage girls through their adolescents. It's weird that happens if my brother's going through some of that, like you, have an ax you whose kids, you were big part of their lives. Had he maintain that in do you you know we have is at work. I think I may I love them here. Rice
ever gonna stop loving, right right in and so an and respecting them an honorary turn rooting for them to be successful, gather their pursuing yeah. I think you you ye try, but at the same time I am not their father. I was heard ever trying to be their father. I always had respect in honor Bruce and I think you're his brilliant human being in a wonderful man here and- and I and so I you know, if they don't want an engagement right with me- I'm not gonna forced upon them by right, but they are. They all do in its ice great here, Sir Good, that's just not you know, badness does not badness area now, ok, so the other thing is, you started catholic and then moved into this other thing theoretical of later matter. You uneasy well, I mean early in the conversation. You said you kind of christian care
but I got bringing, but I know that I had a very christian Catholic up. Grandma was an altar boy. My my mom side of failures, Irish Catholic Wee, wee right. You know, went to church every Sunday with catechism yet learned about Jesus Christ. And then confession the hope that all the other, who I don't Jesus you're the whole here, you're cookie and learned TAT back in the catholic model. Yeah about about that model and in being in Iowa had one friend then I realized was jewish because he was gonna days that we were still in school. NEA and had a mormon friend when I was in Albania and never really recognised to realise a difference. Of religions year, but also never spent the time to under
and any other urgent, and then I remember hello. You started learning about Judaism and as from who, who are you with it? The time so me introduce me to a guy named italian yard, guinea We are one of the teachers at the Cabal Centre now. This is why, like in Cabal, is heyday like when Madonna was Cabal, and it was like sort of a fad bit here. I think she, I think, Demi found out about it through Madonna arms and I was really skeptical of all of it going in
you still practising cap Laker. We now know I wasn't really practice Heather. I was actually like sort of moving towards atheists. Gravity is sort of like we also and that you are also consumed with this sort of like exciting investments in things I was consumed with a lot of things, so so but put I, but I I I was kind of questioning whether or not you need a model like this to be a good person and a kind of questioning I always had an issue from the moment. I asked my pastor like if you never heard of Jesus Christ, how is it that you go to hell like? If, because you can't believe it, there's something else. When you were a kid, I asked him what I was way as an altar boy, Any didn't haven't he's like you. Just have to have faith, and I was like this. Is that doesn't do it? For me, right now is a good question. The thought
but wait like that. Guy doesn't even know who Jesus why you really have to go now if you're in the Amazon Rainforest- and you never heard of the he's like will- this is the pursuit purpose for the missions in going out of spreading the word new go yeah, but this you know some guys knock you're, not gonna, get to those guys in the Amazon, rightly bird, and so I in so I always stood. I bumped against that, and then Sir D me introduce me this guy Italian. I ass a bunch of question and I was really sceptical and you ask him that one, Well they he didn't believe that. So therefore, rightly matter, you know how that their there now how Angie I did. It was just a guy, not just a guy accomplice, no less, of course, debate offers Budweiser was Isaac Newton. The answer was anybody else that has done anything significant accept. So
this is how it came generally get. So is so I started learning about this about Judaism and learn the Red Hebrew matter like red red, tor, I read, the MID ration ran out of it. Read so higher and read the Talmud. The Taliban The dinner was like really in Hebrew. No, I read the Englishman. Nations, like it read Hebrew like, say that. Rightly area for you, but you didn't converted Judaism. I never converted to Judaism in the cabal lists these this version cabal, doesn't require that I would be detached from Judaism in a way. It was never required I don't think it was detached from Judaism. Here is never requirement. Nobody ever made it incumbent upon me to do that MIA. So I I just didn't, never felt the need to do it right. I mean I do
Miss Vernon, title lean and mere who would say my and prayers every day and like you, I did we don T like really I studied it- Would all in all, we wouldn T or a Jew I'll. Think of anything but it's not like I'm damage you and I can I can. I can read he ruined I. I don't know that I've put in this study that you put into it, but I just never understood- and I you know From what you're telling me I d just don't know why it seems like that you all of them
Jewels were there and the connections of there. But what is the primary spiritual lesson of cabal? I mean what it. What are you praying to? I mean at the end of the day there is Hillel said somebody asked him to explain the Torah while standing on one. For me, I love they neighbours thyself. Everything else is commentary right here, and so it is by the way, if you say what is the golden rule of Christianity, it's love thy neighbour as thyself re as same thing right and in fact what I ended up finding out through studying Judaism, was why the Catholics did all the things that I couldn't get answers as to why the Catholics dead like. Why did the priest always put
but a bit of water in the wine before communion like what was that about? Why was the boy rightly? So? Water is a right column, energy of mercy and wine is left column, energy of judgment, and so you always want to have some sense of mercy or care before you judge anything visa, because otherwise the violent acts at sea is so different from. So you put a little bit watery under the wine and you know and that it was a wire, the white. Why did they had at wafers at community? They detail and on a piece of bread right. Ok! Well, we news bread is an untenable fur wisdom and when its inflated, it's like the ego right, so that it has the same amount of energy within a wafer as what it has an inflated rate, Levin piece of bread right by with white. But we it comes into smaller package, and so it says its intent or reminder for individual,
was to diminish their ego right within a plan and hold your same space re blandness too. So I learned all and then I learned about pass over reminding us from the Cabal happy. While I just didn't know one so I didn't know that pass over came at the same time a year's Easter right, you know, and then, when you do the motto it's actually the aim is the wafer, and is it and its it there's just I learnt so much overlap. So much of it is exactly this aims right, but just taught in different ways
And all really valuable stuff too tough havin digestion realise, but I'm kind of left back at the same place where I began, which is you know, I think all these things are great is long as you're, not religious, about that right, and I- and I found myself becoming religious about it as opposed to as opposed to Jerry, is an actual yeah Sophocles. I sort of past the point of curiosity in philosophy and prevent ways have become a religious and went well I've just on the exact
thing that I did before, and here I am back at ground. Zero going ha lobby limit reexamined all of this reality and in just use what works here. Where'd you land with that with like spirituality, I'm, you know, I gotta think that that that the God that we're all looking for area is actually just in other people. I can. I can get more. That's I mean that's a pretty good there A pretty good we could go either way like a might, might look at you, you're grounded in that is opposed to magical thinking, which is why I am I get. My general sense is that, like I'm, I'm seeking knowledge
this world here there's more knowledge out in the world than I can that I'll ever have for well over personally obtained- and you know functionally at the end of the day- love the neighbour as they solve. Everything else is cometary yeah, like just figure that out new unit do all right here, you'd be decent person. People have always good things to say about you not always just haven't, then the right people revived doctor, the gear great gash, just to ever met the right there by all introduce you to a couple there like for decades. The actual those people out. There is only one other saying about that about one sure there I think I've got it. I will couple like personal one, pretty pretty righteous mother. Near, which is probably doesn't come off very good a lot of the time. I I feel like I'm right most of the time here, as do most people, but I'm certain of it
That could be annoying. That's annoyed number two. I have a my wife, actually picks up me about this old time. Like I can't I don't I'll recognise faces very well. Like I have this weird. I can look at a face and go. I know, I know that person MIA but I cannot place where or how I mean I've read into like ex girlfriend that I'd dated four years and he can haven't you get older voting? No, but I, but legitimately like dated four long years in not recognize them. I thought I'd, so I think it like an eye. All berry apologetic about it? What it s like man, I can't placing I'm really really sorry should know this here in the middle They tell me who they are like. Oh yeah, back the thing that we deal with it this way, but, like I think that comes off real
the asshole, sometimes air, and I don't mean to be a just- don't have that auto recall on faces some of them. Sometimes you get older and you ve been. Oh, you know you ve met a lot of people in your life. And you don't. You know how age is going to change people. Sometimes it takes a second I've had moments were like you have people out of a dated them for years, but I spend time with I dont. I just feel really bad about as it and then I always someone just a shitty frontier scenario. Yet why just don't risk? I don't I don't respond text messages organic. They fall through the cracks thumb does anybody. I just I just don't respond like Your respond in your head and think you responded. Maybe then here I think about the response. Right then Second, I never got to more. I want to make sure it's like a good response here and then I don't
it too. I begin I need like five minutes actually really think about. The response are yellow thing. Of course, I am also so I get out of your system. The guy- I regret I mean I won't recognize you then I shall I see you in order to introduce you boy. When they, when I re, introduce myself to you, you'll be walk me over, the people would be like a year. Is the four people that it s like a bit ass? Tell him how much of it ass a lawyer. So these last two things. Don T be wise in in terms of why you know you said you like to do. Why did taking a gig Two and a half men was that was at something that you had a good time with that you want to do or that of the wood, just an undeniable amount of bread that could be had their carbo above several things here. While I was watching the Charlie Sheen thing happen, I accept his watch it online. Do you know him? I do
I met him a couple times yet it has always been very nice to me funny on nature, but he's been nice to me to my face yet an inn. He said things that I was like where monitor, though, after you took the job, probably Yankee, I think he was just angry of hearings, but which understandably and Bob Yeah I was watching hissing have I got her heart and was drivers? Ike Ban was like. I tell you that with what their pay and actually, if so, we offer me that job I would take it nicer set as a joke right I, but I was talking to my old agent about it or out like that, invented it lose my old agent and- and I too, I said to him- you sort of like all aware, as I went on efficient trip in Alaska with my dad up of north somewhere, and I got a phone call from my old age user Harry serious when you said that like why
because well, I think you can get the job as I was, and I don't know if I really wanna like I'm not, sure that away net nicer Santa Rosa Soccer, my dad it was like I love doing, sitcoms air like love, love the live audience say it's when you get a laugh, they re is a specific issue here. Nothing better than Ghana laugh from an audience at all. Ever done. Prayer warm up guide is like, if I can last for cars can always so they're already there ready believe it yeah. So I was like me: I really love doing the Cubs another time yet daughters at home and eight I knew things were like a little like not great in my relationship, and I want
work on that with Mozilla none at all with with me. And I wanted to work on there and I wanted to be home more. I and I was like, let me let me think about it- this I thought about it of a bad suck. My then and then I went met which shook lorry any seem like you really smart guy, and he had an idea for this character there. I thought was really interesting, which wasn't the character that I ended up. I got the script and was I was that when we talk but but he that idea for his character. That was interesting and use like. Are you ready and other meetings? I was gonna, be a big story in a big thing in the world like what's gonna happen with a worst case scenario, guys gonna shit, talk me and then then what there, and so I was a kid and I decided to do it,
and had a really good time and met Don Rio and Jim Patterson, who ended up producing with me the ranch strike at our Netflix, oh yeah. We brought a bunch of the through that was there as well. I am, and so it was actually super fortuitous because we all ended up connecting and had a really good time make and people like the right, you D and the people that were fancy the show they stayed there, and you know you did the thing for a while and then and I actually went through a divorce while on that show, which is a really hard thing to do here and you're having a family while going through that I needed that NED. So in those people were all there for me in support of me, while I was going through that
It was phenomenal, that's great yeah and then the and now you're still working with him. Yet what we just finished the ranch. I was eight seasons. What was at the ranch, the rich eighty episodes, we therefore seasons forces and to win we'd just finished. It is the most episodes of any show of, done by networks. Will ye I was like is that the three cameras situation doesn't always done soon to work for them. Necessarily years worked at work here, workers, and you know you worked with people like and die side dining watch all them, but went with Jackson. All them or he coming no Dax came in a last. I think twenty twenty five or somehow I was when I did his pod cataloging- were the first episode to his right right and then left. I was a kid who were rightness characterises. You know that for this day, airy cosy by cause it he's a l, do it great regret that I want to call your agent and he's like you call me
I want to do it you so turned out, but that shows now- It's not like to enact man or or the seventy showed that heavy dealing with heavy shit. Yes, a good combination of like comedy and drama it I mean it was, but it's like it we can with things like. I notice that about acting just as I do a bit of it now you seem to n. You just said that you liked it doing that the sitcom sort of acting the three camera stuff anti did feel weird kind of unique skill set to be able to do
whenever drama in that format, yeah it what we had to figure it out, because we hadn't- I d- never done that before in either you, I think we figured out quickly like if they were like really dramatic, seen the up. You could do them in front of the audience. If they were pseudo dramatic scenes, it was better to pre tape them before we loaded the audience it would be different. So would you appreciate day on Thursday, with nobody and right and an add on Friday, we shouldn't front of alive audience, but sooner dramatic just means what just if there were if it was a scene that went from comedy indeed drama. The problem was the audience with silk Hedy D laughing all right that they would get to the drama, and now
be able to make the transition into taking it serious right, right or or laugh cause. You know the yet like one guy the audience laugh because they thought it was a joke still right, but it wasn't a joke and then it would blow the take near and it will pull the actors out of the dramatic moment than rebuilding interesting. But if it was really dramatic seen you could shoot in front of the audience and then you can hear a pin drop on. That stage is ice, not cluttered. We doesn't come out of comedy yeah right, I think chasing so so that this did this. They had to Kennedy evolve here like there's a couple, a jokes then you're overseer into something serious. He added
without not have as much harder yeah me wheat. We just had to figure out like when what were the kinds of scenes that the audience could do and do well right and then, in an often times of some of the dramatic scenes, you'd need three four takes. You don't want the audience. Is it there be belaboured watching it three for top right right right, so we it was a balance that we face. That we ended up figuring out, polyester like halfway in this first season and and why you ending it. The story was told me, I think, that's a commendable thing. I've been on shows where you keep going here,
I need to go in, and then you got a brother who is a gorilla and you know, like I thought I get on this stuff right I'd, so it this story was told. I love everything that we did everybody. There was still you know highly in love with each other. We didn't have to do that thing where you don't eat, you should show for like four seasons, everybody salary gets increased every year right and then you go. I had enough, we can pay this much further than this discipline within our crew, and so then you have to let go of people and then higher new peoples or reduce the salary, and so you can contain the budget. We have to do that here. We got to the point where ever let everybody know that this was the last season here and then we're gonna rapid observer. They had time to find their necks, gig and you know it's not like Netflix owns the show so set like there was. This big syndicates should know right, there's no back anything right, big syndicates, right boon, that's gonna, call
yet we shoot to more ccs. So the story, but all any right to beat it to death yeah good man. Well, congratulations. Thank you on your life on live in one. Ok, I don't know I do a different one. I've gotta keep this work. If you talk me likewise, Facebook there you go that was ash didn't put you're. The show is, ranch finishing up now on networks. Final season is up. You can go to DVD Baghdad COM, slash tour revenge, you and take it information for all my winter to date the few that are where the seven four so that are coming up, and my special and times fun Well we'll drop in March, obviously giving more details about that leading up to it. And what else can I say away like
can I think I can be music. I ever hotel on whether you go alien in HOLLAND.
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