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Episode 1100 - Juliette Lewis

2020-02-24 | 🔗

Juliette Lewis spent much of her life facing her fears. She was a natural introvert who was suddenly thrust into the spotlight as a teenager. She had anxiety about going to public places. She saw herself getting into trouble and wondering if she could survive. Juliette and Marc talk about how she learned to manage those fears (with help from the Rolling Stones) and how she still confronts them whenever she acts or performs with her band. They also talk about some of the movies that shaped her life, like Cape Fear, Natural Born Killers and Kalifornia. This episode is sponsored by Once Were Brothers: Robbie Robertson and The Band, Dave on FXX, and ZipRecruiter

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Hey folks, the new film from magnolia pictures once we're brothers, Robbie Robertson and the band chronicles deformation of one of the most legendary groups in the history, Iraq music, the banned the movie examined their roots, as by billions backing banned the prolific years, developing their unique style at big, pink and the struggles with addiction that would lead to their break up featuring exclusive interviews from score. Sassy, Springsteen, Clapton and more once were brothers is now in theatres. Get tickets at once were brothers dotcom. Also I have a question who is Dave? You might know, em is little dickie, the guy behind the Youtube had saved that money and earth, but did you know that he also has a brand new effects original comedy? That's right, it's called you guessed, it Dave Davis a fit. Generalised. Look at little dickies rise to wrap stardom as he navigates the music industry, with a little help from his friends and his bar mitzvah money go created by Jeff Shape,
or of the league and executive produced by Kevin Heart Dave is the story of a war. In a generation artist who also just got terrified on Twitter Dave. Premiers Wednesday March forth, on ethics ex streaming? Next day on? effects on Hulu. Ok. What do the show from this Tell room that echoes a lot all right. Let's do this, how are you what the fuckers, what the fuck bodies, what the fucking years ears, what the fuck stirs, what the fuck Nix what's happening? It's mark Mare- and this is my pocket- deputy FM broadcasting from a hotel room in New Haven, Connecticut, a pleasant hotel. This is, it is called the Blake and the rooms or nice there's all kitchen here A poor, Dino man. Dino saw this room these like that's all. I need man. I just gotta live in. That room is perfect
and so I dunno he might. I my leave him here and he might live here. I'm not I'm not clear on that, but I ll see in a few minutes from we're supposed to leave hey, it could happen. Weirder things have happened. We have one more gig here by tomorrow when you hear that, I will be flying home and we will have done it, but I will say this: it has been a great and emotional, somehow notional, we'll journey that I've heard of it down here with them a buddy dean Del Ray. Juliet Louis is the show today she's she's in this Facebook watch mystery SIRI Sacred lies the singing bones it in its mandate, in its second season and it's now streaming she's also going to be on this bond Scott Tribute that TED Dean's doing,
Donna CUP with these were a bunch of us, get together and jam and play the the music and that's. Why? stands at the Avalon in Hollywood. So that's that's gonna happen. I you can go to. I guess: Dean Del radar com to get tickets but she's gonna be involved with that she's a she sings, the rock music. Anyway, at the end of last year we marked ten year of doing deputy happened. We thought it would be cool to have emerged that celebrates ten years of being here, so we got together The artist Johnny Jones, who did the amazing won't cover for our record stored day Ruiz Johnny went to work on Soon came up with the decades of domination collection. You can see it designs on our twitter and Facebook and Instagram pages or pod swag dot com, Swash March. You really gotta see these desires to appreciate him, but the air, the best I can describe them, is that they include laser cats. A giant, Tentacles ufos and global annihilation of that and you can get the decade of damage
designs on a signed, Limited Edition, poster glow in the dark t, shirt and something we ve never offered before a writing set, which includes an embossed note book, a deputy, a pen and a gift box. We ve got some of them pins coming in the near future as well. So I come and celebrated decade of domination with us, we ve all earned it. God knows, go to pods, wagged outcomes, stability, effort just go to deputy pod dot com and click on the march link, ok. So, as I was rambling there about this journey, it would there was something about the end of this tool. The end of this material and coming back to this part of the country that just I don't I was, I was really looking forward to being in New England in the winter. I know that sounds crazy. I didn't know whether or not day would be snowing or there be snow everywhere will be a problem you, I rented a small suv just in case, but these are the this. This is the region I started in, and these are the gigs at I used to do when I was coming up
even coming up at the very beginning, driving around these highways around these states specifically main connect. Get Rhode Island. I've hunting to New York. I never went out on the island that much so yoke. The flying in the main ending in Portland and just feeling that brisk cold and distant having a season having a bringing my wife I'm close layering up and in getting ready, it did he shows and is looking forward to eating, see food and and driving along a year. I ninety five and did looking at that scenery in the winter. Those bear trees, the sort of greatness of at all, that the sort of it just the hours I spent driving into mysterious places, not knowing what the gate would be like, where it would be how it leads, would be set. Who would come at any sort of random pauper, barring grower disco,
bowling Alley worthy subcontractor set up the comedy night and just that weird anticipation. Smoking Marlborough cigarettes over one f, the other just drive you looking at my notes in one of my dad's old cars, one hundred accord Alex's at I inherited from him- driving up the sometimes the heat or not working some driving all the way from New York. To main I mean I did it. I did a show and Machaerus main, which I think is a further point east in in this country, to open for an x rated hypnotist. When I was starting out Frank Santos, I just kind of notice. As we crept up the coast have a gene pool got tighter and things got weirder, and I tell you man there's something about- I guess full circle about closer industry, Algeria I dont know. What were you I'm just kind of let go of a lot of my anxiety and and engaged in this process here to do these shows- and it's been pretty fucking great. It's really
and pretty great, but the other element of of what's happening for me is that I'm letting go this material, letting go of about an hour and fifteen minutes of material because it will be on Netflix on March Tenth and in that's the end of it, and it is a sort of them. It's got a dark through line. I don't think it's cynical. I think it's exciting. It deals with a lot of what we're going through now, with a certain amount of hopelessness and feeling the powerlessness and pushing backup against that now. In how we do it is people, but maybe I'm reading too much into a very exciting that have Nevada the these sort of not the nest. No dialogue around politics is gonna, be actually progressive, and in the class issues are going to really come to the fore. Isn t I dont know how are things going to fall out or how everything's going to play out, but
is a very exciting time. I don't know if I'm hopeful per se, but I'm excited but here's a ears, an email from somebody that move because I do get down on myself about sometimes rather type of it I'm doing or what I'm putting people through or or how they respond to it. I dont really No, I dont know you I I move this step through my heart and through my mind, and and through my hands and through the pen, and I and I dont know it- but I have to do so. I don't really know how it lands all the time and after doing it and more and more in and sort of adding to this conversation that created over the last couple years. I get excited about it, but he gets heavy man. So I got this immense from someone in order subjects, Providence, Comus, theatre feedback, totally amazed, balls go Jews,
My man, wow longtime, fan what an incredible show s night, part sarcasm, part death, part life, part after death, part Armageddon, part abstract, introspection, part intellectual part, a man, initiative. I want you to know your closing. Joke is as funny as you think it is, I feel, like you were suspended in disbelief as each part unfolded. It was brilliant and clarity of its deeper meaning, was so refreshing to hear what r o ether people out there who see this for what it is authoritarian. Come on the rise. We are at the fucking end of times and An game scenarios are worth contemplating, dig it I say, dig it. It was so incredible to hear a rational person. Speaking with such career, and well thought out rhetoric and you're nice, it really made me think of ancient citizens just discussing worthwhile topics in public spaces, Socrates and Plato. That's my answer to your question. At the start of
So when you were like stretching your sciatica, then you just kind of exposed your flesh and bone with this statement. What do I know really? Well I'll, tell you What you know man, you know what the fuck is up. You have a unique perspective, founded in reason in facts in your message. Resonates your work and the things you say are an echo in this area reason and goodness you have the power to deliver messages to a theatre filled with people and millions more each day. More than that, You are the mark of an era. Nuts such a leader as, moreover, spokesperson for people everywhere. That are just like what the fuck and it's just so nice to hear a logical thing, being set out loud and the occasional joke doesn't hurt. And you examine life out loud as it unfolds, and people need to do that more. So thanks all the very best Orilla Ps Socrates, was actually a Jew is true. I guess I dont want to forget this, because this was a pretty important
driving were driving down to Providence and we're doing alive. Instagram thing someone or someone on my twitter says you gotta go to empire guitars, I dont go to eradicate Her shop say I get overwhelmed, get tired, I get bored, but we decided. We went on mine on the phone to look at what they had. There was a real deal place it real vintage. And no man. I just saw this less. A junior. They had as several that's Paul juniors from the fifties and sixty one double cut away: Westport Junior with the single p. Ninety I don't know much about cars, but I know I like that sound and I don't, oh man, the rest was sort of like a guy put it up our minds, grim dean, shot it you can see the moment run just like I love this thing, I decide a fall in love with a guitar right there on camera and above but it in their ship it out to me it's my first vintage electric guitar purchase was completely reasonable. It was not
like a gross in any way. And in terms of cost, and I gotta go wait we so exciting. For that. Happened on this trip is well. I fell in love with a guitar and a married it, and I'm hoping you know that it's weird that we both had to be apart. For a few days, but I hope when we finally come back together, we ve made the right decision in the honeymoon is lovely. You hear it. I will play it for you, so that was exciting thousand exciting part of it. Trip, and now we were here in New Haven last night, great great show at the College Street Theatre, great food. Yet today. I'm gonna die bout of thy happy. I guess I gotta get it together. Here I got a drive down to hunting, can New York, which you should be exciting, one more show,
then I will grieve the loss of this chunk material and it will exist as it did the night that I recorded the special in October, in LOS Angeles, forever, a new bits revolving theirs by half hour. Forty minutes of new material, that's happening in so I'm on my way. I guess I'm not gonna quit doing comedy just yet hiring is challenging folks, but one place you can go where hiring a simple, fast and smart a place were growing. Businesses connected qualified candidates that place is zip, recruiter. Dotcom, slash, W T have we're cuter since your job to more than one hundred of the webs weeding job sites, but they don't stop there with their powerful matching technology. Zip recruiter, scans, thousands of resonates to find people with the right experience and invite them to apply
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tamper, Orlando Portland, main Providence, New Haven and most likely I'll. Let you know on Thursday hunting to New York for coming out to this winter wagon. This show of this tour, the last legs of it. Is it really in a tremendous sir good time. I've had a good time, and I am happy to report that SAM Sylvia for this season of global bia, the punchy guy. He was the first two seasons, as as to the emaciated man. He was the third season,
I so Juliet Louis and I talk back at the new studio at their house, and she, as I said before, is a in the facebook watch. Mystery SIRI Sacred lies the singing bone season to his now streaming sure to be singing a march tenth at the Bonn Sky tribute with. Hopefully me if I'm not shooting an end and all star bandit for deemed a razor bons got Tribune, gotta, deemed array dot com for tickets to that. But this is me talking to the amazing Nigeria, Louis HU, I love, who everyone loves, curious person, unique person, a one of a kind you come from a big family. So I always descried, you would needed. Diagram I really like. Well, it simply put both my
parents were married several times right, o my mom married three, my dad married for when you say this out loud. It sounds insane. But yes, it's what I know, but I grew up with an older brother and I grew up with a younger sister and then I have half brothers insist. Saw them the more immediate ones. You have like out a more a deeper relationship with basically or critical on biogas, In my older years, I'm extremely close with the half ones, half different. How ones and yeah. You know with that must be gonna exciting. It's like having a finding like you have. This genetics Knowing that you didn't know about or better not exactly like that, but to have this? Maybe people who are really directly related to you, but you just never got that close in Armenia regatta and then you learn about each other night. While I really like you, like one of my brothers, Bow who lives in New Orleans, he he's. I he's just one. Heroes use the one eyed
Thank you, my maid saying this, but he was the one you know fifteen plus years ago we always thought we'd get the call that are really wasn't. Gonna, be here rice and he turned his life. Thanks sixteen years ago now how real over he helps people any always had got us over sober he's, drunk super through everything doing the thing walking the walk. I just helping and he's a hero, because there's no type of person or per Sally. He can't sort of jive, where or right commune with cities open, yet anything through it win through in actually he of course is more health. You know the underdog or area. I might lose my words today, because every time I went to to do an interview Khazars, like a lull strategy to foreign silences correctly notes, and then my mind, was please wrecking our island or remove word this adjective that you always use but
you're silver to I can I knew it. I can't class. No, I'm not I'm not a sober right. No, I but I, as far as an eye Don't do drugs right like in this way or when I was a kid I quit all street drugs when I was twenty To do so, and I read rugs. We need you Maybe we know now. I don't even know it's legal now I can't I can't I was crazy, we had it when I was a teenager, I wouldn't be it. I can't do so. You just like drink occasionally. Yes right, we're, not you find yourself in trouble with it I'm fine, no, no, not not alcohol! That was the one thing I never, but I am but Oh, I get my trouble spots or my own mind being now two on. What's the word,
doom and gloom and help me to the dragon dread and, with zero getting older. You know I have the days or we're all gonna die. We oh yeah, well, you're like well to eat or whatever the fuck you rationalize. Or even I'm thing even to two in vast young ones, oh you're, getting out a ban would isn't that that's before you're right, so I have to be really mind full of vigilance yeah against anxiety and depression. Yes, like I'd like a new people who were on, I gave it a woman who is borderline personality that's one of these ones, where it's completely caused its caused thing. It's like depression can be. Biological alcoholism can go yeah generations, but you know borderline- is that someone bailed left that person
hanging over yeah yeah, that's while it is why I want to say while we just Dover off the fucking, the bank one guy and we'd anyone say how was your day today. I was your. Do I always rough? I was well now cause you know some days, you don't want a dialogue about yourself today was over the next item- is wrong or you don't wanna, be I don't wanna be me: can we take a vacation ram orders or you don't do anything? Is I'm sick? I my problem is either I work, work, work have to be invested in focus, therefore characters and rested in that way and focus, because I really can chew one something dramatic story, lose yourself a bit: yes, the when I'm not doing that. That's the navigation there, the life but no I've its today is fine
I always get very anxious about doing anything here, whether its talking to people that come over we're having to show up for shit like I get used to thinking A lot of my negativity in the dread is just dumb. It's just anxiety, yeah just fuckin anxiety here and that's when my brain deals with it. There's no way to get out from under its right to some sort of I just resigned to like us can be tough, soon be bad. It's gonna be whatever and is I think, I've? How do we have to do promotion stuff? Where there's a thing of what do you force herself or even me, ass being a friend what you forced herself to do right. You know in the end there is connectivity, does get you out herself and what You go now. I'm not today is not the day work stuff. I don't have that luxury. I wanna, I forty I see all their yeah with forces
motion thing you now goes like as I'd I've dealt with there too and in this is it's hard to do it in this particular format. But you figure out a few things. You say yeah and you go. Do the thing EL seem happy. Nor do I gotta know another lovely railway carriages. Vague has got off into the hemming annoying, been wanting to me you for a very long time. I feel that I felt that there was true we, yes, a while ago right we were supposed to me at all times. I wanted to do your show just didn't work out right, atheling. Why? Right? But oh here's, the big take away in our modern day Le World and being older and experience. Is you realize Even when you're doing all, it shall be assured me that a sit down you know, people don't know at home or in their cars or a junkie
business there, where you're talking to someone every five minutes and face new five year were so in some from taxes from abandoning talking when you realise everybody's doing a job. That day, like you, don't know with their kid is Zack, Grier doubts and not at all. You know, you're, not the only ones who, once you realize you guys, are kind of on the same side, raw human being's right, that's a big from when you're the total egocentric child centred. Yes, that's right! That's why can't you just provided people with an empathy tool? Healthcare! because that's because that's what happens, I go out of ties specially one year public personality and you get like ten emails about ten different things of people wanting something way because you ve gotten ten, none of those people
Now you ve gotten ten year by year. You just want them altogether into this one, certainly don't they know. I want to have a lively ass. I have all the time and it's it's you can't separated, sometimes causes I'll, come and fetch. You want the ass, a good point, even with fans enemy. They come up to you No idea, I try to be always be gracious. Fuck knows, and my fans are very specific if they're iron binary very there l they'll, tell me you know you gotta be worth sharing. Oh yeah will cause you share right so much in I get enough or, like you got me through a lucky to be here, it's nice! Yes, why will contact you? Eighth? I feel the same way like their people. One time you know it, so I got eggs, waiter apple thing. Ok, there was allows nineteen. I lost my anonymity
and I now I love these terms, and I dont want often people or war veterans who use this term PTSD. But there was this. Is such a shift energetically when you're an introverted thousand interviews younger people, don't associate me with right this color king sort of quiet, but so I lost my anonymity and will remain a man, a name any meaning. I was now if I went into a coffee shy through the energy requirements. Public became this tat. She's from there were from cape fear, yeah right. It was a cave fears. We're we're really did it so you die. I can't anxiety. I feared pub places how it manifested itself, I actually fear that vile violence, because its energy, I can't control. So I get these violent. Is someone are. We now have a hard time, furthermore, validates area back then bright issue, so I would get
was I eighty in public places right arms can hurt you not me, but if you were only a citizen room just in general, I was scared. Gonna go down yeah, we just heard of the energy. I couldn't control. So what I was trying to get eyes. You said fans Wendy after I grew up a little bit o. I have this great therapeutic exercise that actually helped me helped. We read some of my eggs were panic. Is act, was falling stones- Cancer- oh that's great, It was an amazing exercise with women with that would mean houses. Okay, so I went friends if, coincidentally, my group support. We go, the early ninetys he's a talk. I am sorry
He was an actor that back. Where do we stand again? Oh yeah, I saw his show is really just goes up. We basically does exist. He can ending on a street corner talking to one guy or being on stage during the exact same thing. It was called is he I bought two men. I you know you don't know where you're coming out to support you run, but he kill that greater he's a character, but he did great. He did have worth com restore where were in Burbank was if labourers Yeager, he he did grade, he had set up In the end they worry started as in their I'm running. I did not know this night I am as dramatic actor we'll know before he died, Zebra head or whatever the hell that First movie, one that was a movie yeah. He was like his sister, his half sister Claudia. Their fathers apart owner the improbable he surely started as doing stand up to get sorted, singing
but he had no idea young. You need just crazy, I'm I'm just hearing this. What is it crazy that now in mid life, sometimes your old seeds unit you coming to fruition seeds that, were I glanced at earlier that such a trip I can bear, it up and now, even if we were- we didn't like I said Before- but any I think you just did it to get into the acting. And then he got into the what movies you do him. We knew each other from an ex boyfriend of an Ex boyfriend Amelia who he was, wherever a man me MIKE, so we knew each other then, and then we did this little tiny, independent. That my friend wrote that no one really so called some girl so you go the rolling stones concert. Gotta, rolling zones, cancer and then there? Is I love how the memory his I'm gonna benchmark at work? Gonna come you originally as they do. You live here, fan right, I'm in a motel better, but so is the tool.
The rolling stones to offer being outside safely your mind. It was a therapeutic exercise. Might ask me to go and he didn't know all the struggles in my head, I'm picture its dodger stadium. Rob big one moment ninety eight Oscar, it might have in Babylon sounds like the wheels of Babylon yeah Linda. I saw your old thing. Was it the www other more? We ran right idea for on a couple of things, but ok, so meaning I'll just accept art. As long as they're not drunk a mass, I will accept the mad a hundred. I will look at them, wiping guy, I I think I kind of do. I think that my discomfort around that kind of study rejection, because I only does I know I'm getting older and there's part of me that sort of like why the fuck do they keep doing it because I don't want to do it it. Yes, I like the. When do I get Stop! I don't really want to stop, but there's parties for like it so much pleasure how much ensue
and we have to do I tweet rises on point me the way I know he doesn't do it, what the exact gonna blow going. The way you nobody, but you know people knew she how much they posting causes Fuckin horrible. I knew this. That's, who is my in intro to social media, was being in a little independent band. Oh you're, able or anything I literally pan- our joy in the licks Juliet an elixir, but that was probably but that was Myspace. Probably thou, Myspace sad and then Twitter just started. Oh my god, I can give us what people do say weakens sentences space. If for no reason to no one, and now it's driving entire planet, it has been the wild of everything, ok
slide, or rather I sounds yeah. I literally so one of my favorite movies that helps helped me through my dark assigns I'm wishes when I was twenty two and equip drugs. I had a couple things. It was a Bob Dylan Song and with on she belongs to me. The lyrics in that area is got everything. She needs an artist. She don't let the better She had a hypnotist collector. I am a walking anti is already. I you remember, the far outlines via bear. I fuck up. The second lines are not gonna destroy my sword like what the main I can understand the first two there like that makes all events in the world and then you go off in a metaphor: shit! Ok, so what about Bob some Bow Bob Bill, Murray, their drivers, grow Maria he's, hypochondriac, so get out of the car that I love. You
hang pinball with my mind, rather stones, Gaza's out happen, so I get out of our way What about Bob ties in as I go baby steps out of the car baby steps through the parking lot, all right, all right, no one's, there's, no shoot out run the parking lot. MIKE was so cool. I don't know he remembers it the way I do, but a sort of I explained my dear the anxiety, any kind. I held my hand through it, like you doing, ok, jewels, because we jewels is like three people in this world: the cosmic jewels. What he's one of em you do you're. Ok, I like you. I am good right were in the past. Ok we're getting there, and so we get to dart assume he Billy. He got the he had goods tickets via we're on the floor of die your stadium, they haven't come on, yet he wants to go and get if soda beer and he's like you're gonna be ok here,
I tried, as we gonna hold our it's like standing room. There's you know it's your on the floor of the place so Oh yeah, I'm gonna be ok. Just lie: it is I'm trembling and so as an exit. Size I made myself. Turn around and look at all. The seeds and all the people here in Dodgers Stadium, and it was you know like the skies. I is of travel, but I looked around and I society written, but I didn't exercise it looked at that my view rather than had blind blinders on, unlike just regarding IRAN, have yeah, So I made myself look at that part and then he came back and then here's where the fair. Be happen once the fucking show is start air something came over me and I had fan energy.
I had at me in my joke about where me emit. The key like we You know, I don't like you lookin at me, and I am I I'm like a thing and it has a profound. So I it was weird because this shift of understanding fanaticism and being that made me somehow Anderson and it's not like I'm giving you that people have been excited to know its wacky. It's like that's exactly what that's for, though, is to relieve the existing predicament of you like hero, worship, yeah and believing in our having gods among the living is a great way to displace. Almost all of your anxiety, I think it's great so that help you. When you go into a supermarket, I think something hard inviting it. It's not something shifted value arise moments in your life,
little bit of ok, where new new revelation my mid twenties at that point right so that was held I had one of those yesterday. Actually, a minor one revelation ethical, I'm just walk out my house, and I realize I I don't have to go anywhere to retire there's always a part of my mind where a sort of like a quick and I'm gonna get now Are you go get a cab and I always thought then I Ray go on? You know I don't get off the ground. My boyfriend thinks is Emily. You don't want to they're gonna let go, but there is that party S or a move to Ireland like that she's gonna go down with a trumpet You acted, I gotta get out whatever, but then I just have this moment room like we. This is nice here I mean what am I to myself retiring are slowing down, is really about. Like I'm fuckin anxious, I'm done with this shit, I don't like the expectation
yeah, I feel like I'm like. I don't like that. The chair you put on yourself and re arise right in that's a mental thing. It's it's it. I think it's just taken at all. You know no matter where you go there, your kind of shit yeah I mean it's gonna, be the same in three changed inside job man. Why here's? The thing is those things we know is important to realise them. A new era single time like it's, a new thought. You just keep realizing begin. The moment was sometimes it the moment. I'm here I'm here, I'm here, I mean I feel that my entire career as a comical has something to do with with facing fear. Yes now? What do you think when you go up on stage in whatever incarnation of you is the Juliet and the lakes is at a character No, I get asked this. Oh Anne, I face wayfarers. Why do any kind of acting work is out that mechanism, like you, do in that you're, not good?
all that tunes in, but no the links is, I don't know what I'm gonna do ever musically aims so I've to defeat being. I have two brief repaper right, but the links with my where I like in as my so like a high school band not in high school, but in third monographs. Three. I learn idea Brits an Ebay when people ask to me was like an exercising of oh you're, emotional Eddie. I was salmon emotional list so I was in Rock n roll music and I became for me. I was like a conduit of of of their instruments like the drumming I'm tapped, India, yeah to drumming base guitar and then together we write songs but the very derivative rock music. That's what I was able to do here at tire with my.
Ban maids and die, but we're really eyes really proud of the shows Keziah were on all about connectivity and people. I wanted them to lose, lose their minds, basically in the best sense, in the way that you did with Keith Richard? I said so, but you grew up in this business galleries Virgo, like you dad Jeffery, Javary Louis I remember him from when I was a kid again, every movie within a lot of movies. You other countries were movies, but he's got that faith, character, actor guy here saying exactly when I grew up where yegg yeah isn't it. I always say you always know his face. You may not know his name and right he's a character, actor and comedy and serious move that can do everything, and I always to me, that's theirs. I just follow so much of my dad's footsteps in that way,
A that I am honoured to be. I wanna play characters. I write into this visit to be myself were to be cool right. But yeah, oh, I do feel your little defensive when people like you grab like a Hollywood, kick has no other. We didn't. We were very. I grew up with not a lot of money with my mom. Initially what you do. What she said was having children's issues. Emma was a mom full time, but she was a graphic artists, now they were but there's the seventies, our emotional lad stuff for companies, or rather that graphic design right pamphlet. But I always of the seventies like yeah, I dont think of it is in the same way that I think I like em. I don't I don't feel like. I was privileged by it, like a more can a greater more exciting time in Hollywood by God. Oh I didn't wasn't. Gave you some four hills known, you know I wasn't there now. I wouldn't assume that your dad would be a Beverly hills
now I don't think NED baby. You have every disease that EL clean hack was right gatling, sorted, somehow transcended characterised by Durban? Baby did in net there's another one has gashes in everything fell away all those guys yeah, but did you were those guys around who were as friends he not. Something: I wasn't he. He wasn't really friends he my dad's funny, when I was going through using their guidelines. Eastward movie. First, I should say, is not here anymore, were in the fourth year, Sir, thank you and and so, but when we were growing yeah he. Yes, he was where he would be friendly stunt man. Mr Mann, and light is really answers. Funding as he reached mid, live here,
is what I knew carbon older dad when I was a kid, maybe mid forty, nor even and he we got into like street fighting and rude taking we tie my dad was so funny Kazoo such a contradiction, since he came up like me to dance in new mark rights using a network actor guy. New York is sort of reticence there. He and then he added not really in everything that was macho knife collecting later guns later Keziah. How can these have taken modern jazz with more? a ground. Madam, your like you, then you where I, with his gun shirts, hedge slurring cock, sheer some no? I mean what do you make of it? I dont know my tenets of funny. I think he likes art type Cindy was into
he was reaching into things that I don't know that he felt he totally was that you'd, Emily Wronger little there. I guess I guess made. So he started like in that sort in New York scene in the late sixties, and that can a trip later when he was so. Where did they come from? We have, Louis Farm in Rhode, island. What does that mean elaborated mean? thy manly ions ones here. My aunt, my aunt Nancy, where you have there and then he came with his parents to out nowhere of Victor Ville. I should simply like to say that the Victor billions would think there somewhere eyes it was a desert, its scenario and right would it's in the mountains, young guy in California,
we grew up there and then went back to New York. My sit, my mom is from east the east, as my till I Cooper Une River, your nature there. So there are like EAST posters fer a bit and when he started working late in life in mid life, he got successes at actor like with Clint Eastwood Movie, Grandma It took a real like into yeah. We did that. He was also, I guess in some of those earlier using that term, using more notes Dillinger. He was in Delhi, air with a high play, this draft is famous line. He says daddy. He does who are you anyway? now my so when did you start? Did you spend time on sets out like weapon planted in? Yes, you did. Oh my introduction to acting land away
going hanging out with my dad onsets, where we'd in there. Not a cowboy solely or on Bronco, Billy and my first time being, a compromise is because Clint dislike sure, but you in the audience scene and there's a sort of just me ass, being an extra, not movie. I would have seven right But what I knew about this environment was really long, our air, all the sets high mountain were dusty. And they were really colorful, interesting people here, rapid taters. You know from people with nor did backgrounds. We have no idea same with I can recall we set up the you're ages and right sites. It were so I new later in life. Had this is the line of work corn call you go into in. You live in
imagination area like storytelling or characters which I dreamed alot of as a kid That is why my head space, interesting Gregory Windy, did you. I hear these words retailing. So much now- and I'm not sure I remember hearing it like before a few years ago- yeah you know, like the I mean I do you know. Do you remember, wait when you started using that word, tat baggage, our guy war it for me. You know you here, use the phrases in July that describes it cause. I don't know why I just noticed it. I'm uttering a mug judging you learn of because Michael Tories. I talk to address. I talk to directors, underlay story, tat right there, everyone sort of like it's really I'm telling you certainly did everyone always say this is or is it a new thinking if, he's got a new right always knew said. This is a new thing trigger
but I like this sort of my guide I'll, take the authenticity of answers to new we're sorry that so For me, though, I didn't know what it was called as a guy. I know I was doing. I believe I have to How do you do I actively the seventies eighties? Where do they call there's another phrase. Latch key was required yeah we were left alone. Oh, I like the Mai border, on a little neglect. Oh my parents, or of awesome Their art is we didn't have a lot of structure. I lay our our party and no, I know working my mom, Israel raised kids but was working humming bird. Always we had six total, my mom, oh my god. So I guess Where are you in the lineup so of my mom and dad brood echoes brother me my sister and then she married again and had to,
on a one kids here and that's Bow Maya heroic, whose may here the New Orleans tat. No man, there is another two kids she had from her third and final hesper and she stood around yes, that's nice. Are they still married? No, my mommy then single for an eternity. My mom luggage, my dream, the play aspects of my mom she's funny. You have yea. I've looked like film is urge coming up actions Mark Ruffolo, HBO show. I look so much like me and he's having curl my hair, she had curly red hair, these are higher and upcoming. Show Europe come SAM produced reason he stars and what is it? it's called. I know this much is true, buy from a Ali Lambert and it'll, be a six part
six limited, I'm in three great here yeah you keep work and its apart If an you gotta you mind, you can see your mama, I see not in the way I acts in itself, but is visually. It's pretty hilarious. So when you start, in the work of actually kid hanging out with their three year and before we divorce. Her when I was too how soon early let I've always known my parents to be split. Your you were removed my mom for a bit and then, when they decide ok, I've, more kids and now you're doing ok financially. Why don't you take the kids? It was like that was like at Boulogne, with one or the other yeah. You never ran away. Her, oh yeah, of course, carry why left home at forty, eight were tall running away. I set out to live in the world was fourteen fifteen Israel who took you in ok. So
my family friend here her name is Karen Black, the actual yes, and she I live right with your dad's or your mouth issue as well. My mom and dad Fran. I would go to her house when I was a kid. I knew her since as a little we baby Here's. The great irony is that working- and this is funny as I look back and like all that's hilarious working in tv in film kept me out of trouble riper initially until we know I imploded of faith, aim was trouble right as late as a teenager, clear, but initially I was again. Teenager did ditching school, all failing hanging out with criminals yeah. That was the thing, When we talk about the Mai, a different people, different spiritually, you come
and it is just having a different like for me. It was how much What can I get in and survive. You know that people would probably think something of the sort of. Maybe I had that we because I had a similar mindset in that. Like you know, How do I know if I'm losing my mind that, like I did I was a little nervous about too much trouble but like when it came to drugs or other kinds of tat. I had this sort of way. Why are very minor like yeah waken will, I know like if I lose my mind and stop like yours. Know how our judges do. You know I've pondered on this, because I thought I lost my mind once and I did say to myself: oh How you know you last night, is you don't know right we're Myrna when was that That was very worrying. It shows you run around. Did you finish high school? Did you? I got my g d, a tutor so I'd technically. But I did not
besides what you're, acting starting when you, what twelve or what yeah thirty when she was a cave year. Fifteen that I was playing younger, but I turned eighteen during entering and I'll see you did right. You did vacation the one, the second vacation outfit. Team here. Guy is great, and then you do yes, funding this I'm having all these moments mark, I have to say these midlife moments were yours. You get to give a thing, Saturn o appreciation to the people that took a chance on me and ere. The reason I got for me to be in right, one of em, as we had this little, which What do you call anniversary of with Christmas vacation? You did witches It's like, I remember, seen, pictures of that and he is very, the angel enjoying a lackey who went on his yeah: it was really sweet and
we was in good form in and it was sweet cause. I'm movie plays every year of regret. What are the chances area and he gave his old chap I get those lobes ag here, sordid puddings and faces on merchandise? So, let's really what's happening over. The area therefore really still happening. Oh yeah, they they Viana do Christmas, vacation, It's more. It's a holiday movie is a holiday movie, that's amazing! They made the cut I know I don't know. I just showed you move that that end up making like else's another one allowing modern movie their gets a lot of play over Christmas. So we caramels act, is a family friend and also one of the most inspired unique actresses. Yes, ever again She you live with her and she was an influence. I mean I again when you while them, for I can see that. How did she influence you? She we taking action
since we do now so part of my development is stuff like playing charades at Karen Blacks House, when I was little little and we're going Kay now you're of such and such you just call out, something to play with and she vow. What data me early on shoes really just a beautiful perfectly snow around season I around she left for the girl went, I hate the word died before my dad's powers will be five years ago. But she really validated the universe is key people, I encourage you, you have we have just seen you guys work together. She wanted that very much. You never never happen. I now we wanted to play mother and daughter, yeah, but she's very much. I always call her survey, creative mother,
a source, and then you see her work as I ok where she could see, What's in the windows? Someone not so it is this when someone so individual, there's so much themselves so that Iver strive to be is, is unfiltered being right that sort of counter like intuitive to character. Acting now. You know what I mean like she could do all these things, but she could never easy. She didn't she. It were lost in a row. We always knew was her through these. It's interesting. I always know this is about actors is that some actors are always kind of them hours, but they just turn some now, yes, it, but they out, like cluentius, great right, yeah, great actor. He's always Clooney, but he can make adjustments to what believe.
Anything he's doing ass good, so he's a movie star within their people that their actors at you generally no, the source of who they are. They don't lose that yeah, but they just make adjustments and they can do whatever they want to do. But you're, not you it's not right, you're, not doing weird voices, and she had yet like not learning any acts of people that are mostly them. So, yes, bringing what that is, or there is like a beneath the o Dell tore out when he was first and musical he's just coming up to meet causes. He was unusual. Sets Us- and he may this choice of light. Malaria line was always easy. Mumbled my work, I fight choice, either those things you'd, making their choice. Ok, choice, he stuck with hi Marie's, that example to my mind, worked with him now answer my dad,
but when you were younger, I e I, my tortures, I wanna disappear and becomes a monthly. Yes, you are always gonna be you be present. I think it's a present thing like from the Un'S- hopefully in a hundred to I- want to make it look like you- do not see any act like its breathing there right. That's right! Isn't that right, I'm using yourself but you're, not you! It's mostly to be in the moment like us to lose that self consciousness it you're talking about you know to where you freaked out about this or that violence her bit. For me, it's people, judging you, Yet it is a unique first and that can get on a set in not acknowledge yo in innocence. In do the work in front of the fifty two hundred people, surrounding them indifferent jobs and deserve to be present in an Indian that seen here right to get past this stuff. Yes, you mean that the real gift I mean. You know you lose yourself, but it's just you're, not your brains out, spinning irregular shit. So that's how you lose yourself because you are engaged.
Jeanne gauged in in the moment, any were, and I like to say and transcend so you know really lucky you his kind of transcendence where all the GINO ear the you really enter into them. Make believe your a different reality out any feeling, when you come out of the sea where Yeah well arise, yes, that you like I'm just starting to understand that about acting. I was kind of like a little bit stupid about it. I got adding like all the waiting around but to give you that if you walk into what you're doing- and you have enough of the part to really do something yeah, it's that's what the pay off it. An enemy. Do you shit and then psychiatry? take AIDS can take an hour and a half before we set up an exquisite. Ok, fine that one was good with view the net high do an war. This is what funny about cause every job I do like I ads, you must
when my memory, but nothing is easier. It there's. No, as I go out, I thought this would I'll never coast. I never want autumn utilities idle and if I find you know because sometimes when you come up to have thing, the people then, if they imitated or you're like I dont, want those to become tricks right, but you can see things. You know when I cry look like how I cry at or no I know and complete when I say one loses its meaning. I would love if my voice he's very look like myself and a lot, but but more certainly than all that that's another version of IE, go you and improve your can transmit transform, but really I just want to again. Tell the story. I knew you'd still be as honest in rich,
and multi layered. I really love contributions rifle inhumanity and that you can pull that like that, that's your engagement with a script that year descriptive dictate yes, some of that, and in also like I you're one of those people that is eaten uniquely yourself, there's data nothing! You can do you know I mean like you're one, those identifiable people like that. That does Juliet you know like there's no way, which is a good thing that cause you're. Here, you have a rawness in your emotional accessibility that you have with yourself and your bill. Your willingness to to be open is what engages that that weird, authentic thing that you have that's me, don't you think so? Well, yeah! I don't I get me a journey like this the power he describing exit,
pretty now. I know what I'm do feel in what I struggle or what I transcend internally. But yes, it's any externally when early on, when, when people a few people started, retaining or making fun or that yeah yeah. I got some that as an hour Susan, The thing is, I never was too are here. Who did that was the retainer. I think it is in our view they did a lotta mannered stuff, and you gotta understand the time before I did gave here. I did freakin eighty sit coms where they did want any naturalism, don't move your hands stand up straight, reorganise art. I was ripe for the little girl thing. Yes, and it was super we're there too conform. Write me early, it's hilarious,
worry. Tell before I got cave you're a hired and acting coach for me to meet us, stop acting natural or relates yeah just later for everything that you and your thing, one leaning so behaving like a freelance, learn, Ager knowingly, and they wanted to these. Dad now. You know, the grey area. That is, is everything that China I almost gave it up and sixteen, and then I got this in and I always say, everything they were out. Marty validated what I needed to carries gross as I got. He was gone. Yes, your own, who nude alike. Let me go, he did
serve, gave me the the room, the space and the material and all those he he's just a genius, because he knows what each actor needs I didn't know, I didn't get again: I'm not always academically trained year. So so is all instinct right and he helped cultivate right that my instincts space, so that was like a whole graduate level hundred percent, say my directors or were made teachers and that in so that's when everything now your folks were ok with you acting out right. Yeah yeah again. My when I Joe in a way which I love. We have great humor. My family and with my mom it when I said there are no guttural, I mean gather busy folks die, had the opposite of what you hear like you're gonna. Do this and right
You know and right right right show. The point is they sort of anything their kids. My dad was a great So a tailor like I you're interested in. Like my brother, we gave a camera to my brother is watching tv and he loved videos right again My camera beyond I took like dance and singing, and all this will serve as a kid. So after cape fear, though that was a huge movie. You work with Deniro any any work with a nickname, de in NAM, who is the mom Jessica, lie yeah yeah It's it's a wildly in great fear, and in that way, waiting for you. Were you able to keep your shit together or yeah ABS fund? I had another full circle moment when I gotta have a dinner with Jenny around Scarface Hardwicke, I tell my main recently at the a r p, a
hands, gave Marty in a war and had just viewer. I've had a few like a tribute to dinner ass years ago. I got us speak and area but my point is at that time It all worked for me. I never! I didn't really. I didn't know what they meant Romero Cinema mine. I ever tell you. We worked great because I didn't notably shitting my pants job, why one I just wanted to do a really. All I knew is that this was the time like you better right or do some. You were really make be powerful ends that for me, that's by being as honest enriches possibly playing the young girl but Marty with so great ass. He wanted a fully. Dimension all in or not these vat error on their eyes we'd seeing on screen. He wanted this.
The family, any action, because it was a remake from the authorities. He wanted the family to have all this subversion, complexity, moral, complex, exactly There are as character was not like that exactly so. He made that clear to all of us since every scene had a thing of the Euro or the family design? I draw attention yeah, yeah or or moral dubiousness. Masculinity issues all of that there is great here. He really kind of expanded. The the whole were subject to the movie. Yes near admit Sunday it scarier is right is I did a scene one soon with an arrow in the Joker Oh, my god, you are in the job for a second rights like I was a very excited about I didn't. I was able to respect what was happening enjoy. What is having an even with king who was not communicative.
As he was, a modest yeah inertia going near my injection for that, the actual what he's doing I worked at a friend like bad, like we are completely differently. You know what that's what it takes to get you to go there and before me, I gotta that out of the railway sector oh yeah. I can't sit in right through your we're, not gonna, be targeted the craft service that lets you. Can you go over there embrued and talk to yours. Ours is running Giovanni, ABC we Thank you MA am I mean that's how he were interviewed him at that time. You did area while back while hands, for he had every day and reactor great actor. One thing? If you, if you weren't, Gotha his head, then I will judge you harder. He's gonna done some sort of like amazing work. Yes in the asked liking in movies out hunting people really no yeah biking. I've seen him is he
at older, but like that that should he did net in that movie with them was called the gift. Yes, yes, the brute diamond shit he's, funny cause. He won't. Let you compliment him again by now. I think he's all that in Africa, I'm like shut up you're a titan at this, my new, the lingo that out of me, are you guys, friends? Yes, I'm best friends with his sister but he did a movie. We just did the summer Independent movie recently called from the James FRY book about a million of these is going to turn out to be bullshit the yeah I wouldn't go. No, not a tornado reserves, one bit crazy, you're, whatever problem with that tools like unless I don't know we could that's. So if you're a writer I mean I can't we when we send toxin as
exaggerate, no problem. I don't know what you know at the time. A live thing. I got arrested, meeting area manufactured alive and he's a good writer. There was always a thing with him was sort of like. Why didn't you just just say this My friends that is true the ethernet you took. It therefore needs one, the first ones to really get nailed like that fat Nike air. You hit him pretty hard in, but you know it was aware that he was a good writer but their Megan, a movie They made it an it's one of the units really hard guardian member wondered summon all films. It had a little. You know low release, it are arc light. Here I mean all over. Your men are limited release its star, or in Taylor, Johnson directed by saying Taylor, Johnson oozing, credible, filmmaker they're married? It's beautiful, it's very poetic! but anyway, Giovanni within that unease is true.
And send it do. I say trains and dental, tell trend and he's phenomenal and his sister active, but as she do anymore, resistors another one earth or to know Marisa BBC, she tolerably with an actor for awhile and that its outwardly her thing. She wrote shoes, the friend I love. This comes full circle. Et I did some girl. She wrote that, with my other good best friend, Bree Schaefer, they wrote this. We cool away all lorries gray records on rural that my rapid port was right on, but she's she's a mom of to her, and she did some designing close designing she's just one of these creative Mariah but scenario knocked or purse yak thy talking a while ago. Guy, you know, I think it was a good interview, but it got cancer. Could I ask him about the church yeah and it gets a little weird some time last week I thought that, come up, and I have all you got us- leave no review an idea. You were you ve known them through the vonny. No, oh, we have there's a whole, but
Your friends that I have from LOS Angeles were not specifically through Scientology, but you you grew up in it. Let's see high would define again, because my parents were there. Very like I would call it free thing right measure, but to the prom The discussion is finally just so much. Call it folk lore. That might be true for other. People and rye experience there. That's the whole thing, so the point is to grow up in something nothing was ever forest. Me no rife schooling, not my right. I should not religion cited grow up in a household like this is what We believe riotous sky is a deity land. I did grub with theirs concepts in Scientology, like we had things lake on it,
it's really basic, sapphire communicating or vowing valuing right, what a little kids Point of view is that these are things not written put that you should listen to people right, but is far there's metaphor our wise use of like because all this stuff, it's so bad about psychology and run stop this stuff. That, with our tv, show all the suffering that there is there is a reality, you and your area, its my around so it's like. I always make analogy and, first of all, I must spiritual list. If wanted to find me. I dont like when me as Juliet is defined by somebody. Something else. Why are you so association? We're right right is roars. Like my philosophical, believes there
I have everything from the tethered souls at the latest at the latest book on tethered soul efforts not tethered right, and then I just got this other book called welcoming the UN. I'll come back, which is all I'm trying to figure out. You know I'm afraid forward three friends who have stage, cancer. I have a friend who fell on his biogas and has so all these things. Are hard to navigate the backs of Scientology discussions. Two years the analogy if some we came out and did it oh yeah on vision, is on your. How if yeah I've egotism. It made me sick, my a right organ right. This happen in this happen and you another version in his like that's it was my experience is totally different right I am not. I mean no,
is to ever invalidate someone else's experience, but I dont want my experience to be invalidated too. Or associated with Associated. That's the other thing is summit. These people have all the negative sent they'll take anybody's name who's, been associated, we're integrity and say that you're, dawning these horrible feeling, things that They have I'm not any definite everything works for me. I can have no historian about it, so I got you know. I really can't do this sort of can become like the parisian endeavour passing interview about it, but you know, like any sort of modern belief system were or something that seems or starts out as a cold. There was a time where the ideas were out there and free to take and utilise how anyone might want you. There were people who entered Scientology in this, Indeed, as a self help sort of option took with,
they needed from it and moved on the other, a very smart people that you read some of this stuff of hovered process, and in an instant validated used in their life or get locked into the church, yeah and then levels within the church. It seems you adapt new people the way the church has evolved over time, the depth of the teachings. You're what it requires a view financially that, like any other sort of racket- yeah cause his trouble? Causes problems ended. People who are explaining that our people that are discussing tolls and upset, or or in some cases they felt the or abused and violated? Yes, and that's why I'm like, if you ever think or have experienced a noose, do all the appropriate
channels or to nail anybody to the wall. What was your experience with a decent me? Mine is sort of come and go as you, please, write and read books have done some courses right. I've done the auditing, which is there is the equivalent of the Euro, sit and talk young and die Moving into your mind- and I had things are really helpful for me early on, but that's so I dont have this thing of their own her tied in what does something right more even the I dont have this thing of um. I'm Opinionated questioning, sure I'll show? You went through some serious shit, I'm serious turmoil and trouble crisis in your life, and you know it didn't seem to you. You know offer what Support was necessarily. I did get help at this time last. Twenty two are: you did from the church
died. Only men like this are there and Russia from the organisation I like doing doing it's something. You, sir, you learn and you apply are very very little things like everything over his written down things like a location, all the Irving process you do or you orient yourself in the environment, if you're feeling overwhelm also there's like a little It was like this. Never here I casually here about this business with money and stuff like that bright, pacific writings in teachings, you don't hear about that's for sure. Where you're like water people interval market, more naming or edens, and they mark holding the Cannes exactly the way psyche, can take marking of all different kinds. I don't care. What I do care about is do not My name that I worked that I live in my skin and associated with a story. That's not my own.
Right now I may Marie Curie Rience shorter. My own, that's all I ask that's all I would give to somebody else but is for, and also money shit. I don't I pay. You know I get re key healing, I'm really into this. I would do acupuncture. These are things paid for anyway, okay, so where what is aiming for. You do give I'm saying you if her service any sort of spiritual, but I don't know I don't have that people are looking at what about a hundred thousand? That's not my experience. I don't know that's not. I don't hide in pay a hundred thousand. I desire. I don't know, that's not my experience, mayo. You is not part of the teething, no ok, so weights tell me so occasion I got vocational is good and will see some of this stuff is like its cause.
When sense stuff, Syria looking arrive, had I've used where what sort of like an extent oriented yourself like when you are about to do a show, you can look around I'll look to the back of the room, but he has a moment. Have the stone show? That's it yet. For it is doing so re routed in that yeah. But what was there like? How did cause Ike I've fortunate that have never gotten that famous yeah? I got a caper kind of mid level. Presence in public my celebrities never achieved. I can still live a comfortable life and go to the store radio when Well now that started happening to you. What was the direct effect like? How did you know that you're losing it like? What was it that you felt caused it outside of white they're, going to the supermarket and feeling the fear of violence what was wall before that it wasn't in goes straight. I was just more than energy shift. Natural Borneo, answer right
and I saw a recently another full circle moment was totally grey, they were all over and Woody heroines result woody hairs on their screening. We ve heard they anniversary of national. Can I think, I'll talk to woody like the day of the all my guy and I love woody, so it's Oliver will always have fun. Guy, but I was did, and I am all raw fucking. I knew, but I will he see Oliver, let he wanted the playing field. He wanted. Every idea you how you sort of is a guttural purging, hee hee, created the environment we can improvise cause. I knew I was sort of gonna wheeled lightning. But also I have to assume that as an actress in somebody who's, a search researcher like you and in the idea of a Yo Yo getting out of yourself, I mean here to take
to push the anvil are envelope, given the opportunity must have been pretty relieving, it was really fun. So yes, There's these movies, that I that shaped me and not one killers is women, because Oliver wanted you, you could not be lazy like You he would just wanted every idea, so he really valued people's creativity like I'd sure by roads, wrote a scene gallus do that. Anna was psychedelic emphasis. Psychedelic film, your lot you're gonna go ok, you're driving a car and you're trying to get away from the cops, but there's demons running by window just act that you're like clockwork. That look like you're on my rooms, fearing the cops and then there's devil people you know so
so is ultimately make believe shaping you up. You know, and I am for me it's a flawed. Is I almost save the law that can't be, but I know I saw in a scare alot of people such as a comic. I thought that the the weird thing on tv with broad new danger of yes, that was too fuckin greatest like who is weird and fucked up yes to get Rodney into that down like who dreamt that up. I know I know that all over how that came in you know maybe these all that friction or history, that it was turned Tino script yeah. I didn't know this whole yak story right, assure Ashura coming up here, but so a lot of its Oliver's subversion of what was there, and so he I sort of sad because, as I give you wanna any, I dont know if Oliver more member this either. But I said to you: you can't have a female be this way
without some kind it's never was in history that you so with Eileen. Worn is like all we had of female serial killers are very specific sites like some of its gotta have true Baxter, here- is something which I know I later I talk to turn to music. He he hated sites that we know now making our urges the way they are. Natural born killers, bet so my eight I was there and here Thou Santiago- but to Oliver I said, yeah you gotta show I mean are now. This might be too crazy. Gosh Mallory came from some saying that made her like of broken Hyena and he took that and then did a laugh track. Weird. With the family laughter with the molestation. You know that was his freak show mind
is a crazy though you were on the set with Rodney for a day or two. Oh, my god, what a lovable lovable sweet man and I had to jump on his back, and I think I might have known it even eyes line is that you will be easy. I'm not gonna try WWW yeah. I was going to try to give you Personally, I was a kid I tell you. I tell you. This is why I think we did a couple che takes me hop and jumping on his values, like our that's enough, when you try to be support, lunacy, art, so the tree, position from anonymous, you two not anonymous you that led to this sort of melt down now gone where you know earlier you earlier, I was six. I had always that's what split Problem of medicating owes a crazy power logger than trying to be
not medic hair and then all the the warfare, while you're getting this attention. Yet I was just turning twenty one right inside a responsible. Why you're getting this attention yet? I was just here twenty one right, and so I remember a switch goin off in my mind, goin fuck it I'm an act like any twenty we're, because everybody CAFE are huge. Twenty one, you just twenty, because I was actually trying to navigate sort of a grown up. Responsible thing didn't have the tools for I, so I take it. The drugs there. I never that's not. I don't really special. Why hasn't? Even though and I did you get- did you gotta? We have written yes, yeah yeah, I mean I did well. I didn't technically go to a rear, but I hadda a sober like a person help me oh yeah, Dieter the failure at twenty two year. It was that type of dry right, Chirac's so
ok, I'll, just think as I love in drug culture because the down or a person because in drug is like why like out, has math, I knew I was to go down I know now or did paying killer sure. Well, no, I mean I can tell you, I buried, why not like a level at Erika, but for me this is my called rule. And our game will cover the whole homes I think I've been cocaine had to. I think it had a riddle and after I got like we focus. Sierra yes rose me up at that but so what, if you could name then cause? I can't interesting in thinking about the movies like here from cape fear, natural cars, but then like the depth, is even that it wasn't a huge part, but it was significant part in was it husbands and wives, which were was oh yeah. I was a big deal. It was big deal because, like you know, you point come the regular call you in person
like a normal normal. No, here's what's funny, so I hope that this predict this thing. Can't you just look at the dry or that the one young character woman in a movie that he had sexual energy, they didn't fuck in the relationship on them in the movie, yet so yeah. So here's the Tribune Had this run early nineties like what the fuck who ways eating silver grey. So that's, Lhasa, home, I'm a normal citizen girl, I'm telling you that the natural killers was the cap on it and that's where everyone was like holy shit. This girl, Not so it would be so go from fear, husbands and wives, what's eating over Gray California in Africa There are other movies yeah, those are the ones. Those are the ones there hit. The summer call classics like the cavern, but where I did, the din hit was the com,
I did a comedy was Steve Martin, it was a Nora, Efron Comedy call next, not with Sandler Reed, well: sin dropped after natural born coerce arrival. Was in between followed, not from killers. It hadn't come out yet I did Steve Martin little nor Africa comedy you, no one saw so have had some entire. They wouldn't change who I was, but this new was. I guess we should talk a little bit about current. The sacred lies, the singing bones yeah. It was pretty intense. It's a good mystery, I am happy to say, like material cliffhanger occur driven supernatural elements. It feels that way, but it's not ok, warlike flashed back it. So it's a movie show normally near the so this is this new thing: Facebook watch.
These offers, and why is this? How you everything is so simple: it is gone I click somebody there, everyone who, as a base for wage war, and you can download it like- you- do Hulu Apple Bob, I remarked- I dont know how to work. Those things move my boyfriend as that good. So the point is that this was a great team you of rail Tucker, who had done true lies. No, that's The true glide through true board, neither impeaching correctly, you did it. She was a rider. Ok, she's, the show creator, character, driven cliffhanger, procedural no, no, not at all. Obviously it was the pitch. What's with all night, I'm need Emmy, terrible pitcher order, but noble like what is it so I'm obsess I'm sort of this hermit in person.
Shut in your professional. Not at all, are you just a purse? I'm a person who lost her sister. Her sister was murder. Ok, it is what is my driving obsession is to always find in give the identities back to all these cold cases loosely based on while the nation of coal cases in all the there's. Forty thousand, I think really unnamed murdered victim Gazette Shrew arrogantly numbers a year? No fire just existing today. Forty thousand here that it's something that ray I'll talk or the creator was really Reese researched it, and so there is this really involved story where I befriend foster girl, because we think she might cannot be connected to this that neither about, but I'm obsessed, I'm one of these people, that's obsessed with true crime and coal cases, but it comes from a deep place. The trauma
So it's like this really multi layered character. Well and she super no vanity. It was fun character, motivation. Gay women whose very button is semi anti social bird has a huge heart. She just through sir you, you go on forever, Khazars forty thousand of one now where the singing bones as this one case. Ok, it's all. Related since one case, and they were. It was a season before I guess they call it an anthology words. Different people forget Casey right. I'm. Is this whole thing? Now we will do limited. I know anyway, it's instead a movie. I like it. I mean I'd, miss the movies and get me wrong, but I do like limited Series vs now are very happy for you D. I gave rise to two movies with Brad Pitt, both of them kind of menacing. We did a lifetime movie with them back in the day any did California. Guy loving disease
not a lifetime envy. This was pre lived. I buy you a good there is after school special kind of idea early before you both were illegal war, where it is too little young actor hers. He is a cool, it's a coup peace. A history come up. You know come up with him am I would Leah Dicaprio and Johnny yeah but yeah, and then we did California and we need first time director Dominic Santa who went on to do big, huge movies are gone and sixty seconds I do you dear, did talk to bread ever. Run it we ve seen each other places at different times when he was married today I am too Jennifer earlier said hello above them and where Europe, oh, my gosh, yes, we're just like it's like people, you sort of SAM
school beseech. You came up together here and he's a very good personally. I always some well known and saw a very happy fur his whole year he had and yeah no it's great thy, outshines ass people that their ideas regarding them anymore. Not- and I, like you too obvious we, not. Everyone keeps in touch with everybody work with, but it sounds like you know, you're a grateful unhappy and is always good to sly. Yeah. For sure I mean there's people in your life, you do you, not family, but my ex husband. I remember I was married for a minute whereby twenty six year by law he's like family. To me. I don't get optimum all the time, but I also urge you just want health or on how yes, for those who have very little, resentment. Your idea, and also neither can I have been thinking about what said at the beginning for the entire thing about, like you know like they do you? U part ways with me on my opinions. Rowing sounds like
do you want to be clear that here I'm not an aid just They were and are used on, and it's just you know, I love them so much, but I do hold them in a certain way. As and I can appreciate, sir we I mean the only real negative thing I say system will dig it make but liking work. I'm I bought that booze record your blue. Some guy assets and Its- one of the best records over the last decade, so I argue that need a bourgeois guy anymore. They hide it covers yeah. Ok, it's like a straight up blues, recurrent, it's like it could have been the stones first I'll ride with the song. Was they do love hearing now and it's so you it's so interesting to see a bunch of those those guys who started out in earnest as the eyes now play the boy We are drawing up. That's because its unique we there's, because any area can play that music. Yes, but this stones own it as these old guys it have had a whole life ass, but the
I just want you to know that I do. I do respect the old dude, that's often where. Well, we want before only way one one. Other thing was because when I watch that stones- it did remind me of when led Zepplin reunite out. I got to be at that conference here with four alma. It was a guy in business I don't know I'm at Erdogan yeah yeah, so they came together, It was with the Germans, kid bottom science Jason here on an eye, a friend whose very now the letter example and ninety four, seventy four, my don't don't fuck with me. I don't wanna is ok, my eyes. I saw it- and I was just I I just would like I don't give a shit. This is wrong. Amber plant fear. He didn't hit the high note here, but zero or no end its water plan eating the no to evade. There was a cohesion and button.
Jason. It was your like. Ok to shake cassettes. Those are some tough was good. Are you I like you, my friend was not. He was having it. So I understand why people, I didn't wasn't too. You know I was in the loyalist. That's like I grow up. I came Eight lobby odds Applin. I remember when I was in high school. I come fifty six when in through the outdoor came out, which was read the last due to your record, I think, and that was that was in the late seventies, probably if not nineteen, The aim here is still good, but biting might living with me in terms of my brain is not unlike we have. These guys you have whatever their work is that that meant the most EU it sort of mythic rise of and, unlike in it's nice, what I went saw the stones white, the last or another. That is, I think, a couple tours back when I wrote that bit and it was great and they were really
playing. I was excited you acknowledge all of you in you know, and I really I got in and I loved it, but It is also a lot of times is the stuff it we're longing for what we're nostalgic for was. Even it was before our fuck Entire Yang. Wasn't even a real memory is not an eight hundred percent will minds, even prince was touring and how when play remember courier licences, religion. Nobody also is, listen. You forgot what it was, to help you. I wish you wouldn't play a little red, corvette or Darling Nicky, or he would do these jazz, the earth right fuck with you here, so they tease you now it's time thing being an artist cosy at some point. You it's good to have a fuck, you and you have a time a genuine up. What am I here to please You sure you knows there sits a good spirit. Have has it on hence a greedy little hearing
like I, haven't, seen Bob Dylan, yet I dont care. Never their serve. People haven't guy got to see Tom Patties last show We are glad to the last one guy. The ball was. There was a terrible here. I felt those guys fell from the Heavens and railways. Something next. The gods there was the top form is very positively I'm feeling he went out and tat people have though it may be. I know goes to him all the time negotiator, Mr Netanyahu hidden, but like also it's like he's a guy, this not afraid to age. Like you, he probably is at some level but he's trying anything he isn't you can hear him yeah, he just seems too die in a hotel somewhere other thereafter estate fair show It's the way. Was it go? Why wouldn't you want to do that is given anyways? What here he's on my way? Where do you live on the road map right here and I love
That and I do not like I like the old guys, I definitely like the old guys. I deny its vulnerability. This tricky age forces vulnerability. I can see that. Do you know what I mean, which is not bad necessarily but, like you know, having interviewed him, somebody like Roger Waters, yeah NEO Young, yet you know it's it's for each is very interesting that they're just there their fragile. Do. You know Yes, but they are yet they are the geniuses. They are that they are the gods, but there they are angry old man sitting in front gets a hundred percent. I can't believe you energy, those who desert, who I wanna see as well, while is there no Roger waters. I didn't get to see that the last worried it what's. The two years of the nether vulgar their great and there is great to talk but then there is also a part of me being sort of the end of the boomer spectrum were really a sort of like one. Do these guys die away?
Do you know I mean like either by the votes of vital and that music is timeless at the other thing, that music is its magical like nothing else, it's like people want to hear. That's on play that song that we know your for our whole life, yeah I've seen that song for wool and as long as its vital to people they don't, have to stop and think it is important for me. I just said I know you soon. I think the little music is like when my dad he had not to bring its hidden. I have a beard, Parkinson's men, shine, Coon barrows, forming sentences, and our last fun. Things was listen into Van Hellenes Jump lawyer and- and I also to them too steely, the ankles use all steely down when eyes and he and at time was not sick. There was no time at that time, It was no wonder you're playing there's no time he you can. You can
transcend music in its is so deep and beautiful goes right, right and right in now. What is this nine hours about about nine cheese? Both great was a great nine hours. I flew I mean no place to judge. I hope everyone enjoyed it yeah. I did. I get thanks for coming Juliet Louis I love this These are her series. The sacred lies, the singing bone season, tumors now streaming on Facebook watching don't forget to go to pod, swag dot com. So I studied the airport devotee of pod, dot, com and click on the merchant. Itself from stuff from our new decade of domination, collection, sign posters, glow in the dark shirts. Writing sets with his eyes by artists, Johnny Jones, my netbook special premiers March tenth.
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