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Episode 1118 - Laura Linney

2020-04-27 | 🔗

Laura Linney thinks about mortality a lot and not just because of the current global predicament. Her thoughts are driven mostly by late-in-life parenthood and how her six-year-old is a constant reminder of the time she has left. Then there’s also the fact that her mother was a cancer nurse in New York City while her father lived apart from them, burning his bridges and living with regret. Laura and Marc talk about keeping things in perspective, dealing with forgiveness as you get older, and sitting in discomfort. They also discuss her films, her stage performances, and her Netflix series Ozark. This episode is sponsored by Scotts Turf Builder Triple Action.

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All right. Let's do this. How are you at the fuckers what the fuck buddies, what the fuck Nix what's happening? Mark Mare- and this is my podcast. Someone gave me a heads up that there is a little audio tribute. Were shout out to the show by a millennium crawl on their work. Oh hello is that it the two our guys You have the oh hello, podcast, the way for sale episode, but, a cop, our music and I'm not gonna, I'm not coming after him for it. I thought it was a fair use Nice tribute I took it tat I took in a positive way which ism sure how they meant it
How's it going with you guys as the baking and what not I am still. I am weary to bake gun hot here now I so my air conditioner just doesn't hold up when he gets real hot, then cooking things out here in the city, the kitchen someone ask me why? Why do I have a kitchen in my studio? I dont know if I explain this or its necessary to explain it again. I had to make the garage here at this house into basically another house in order for it to be up to code so that took a while now as broadcasting out of one of the bedrooms upstairs in the house. And now I'm out here, but there's a kitchen here. Someone could live here. God forbid my mother My brother, my father, needs to live here and I God forbid in the nice way, but good, damn it now.
Please now not that a nice way anything, but that please I'm saying that with love. Everything moves forward out here in early when I think about it. Got enough on my plate right now do why, though, do I by the way: Laura Lenny his on the show. Today, the amazing action Laura Lenny is here she's gonna beyond the while she not here but she's on the show Us our seas and three premier last month. Can why all three seasons of apple watch movies mail? I just watch dumb. You can count on me. I just three watch that one organ movie. What if fucking great movie, god dammit. Yeah, but she's been in a lot of the savages Workin here where I was gonna, be watch that but we ended up watching ace in the whole answer: Eliza Hitman movies,
I want to talk to her, but starting to get used to doing calmer. Conversations like this with a video hook up but something unique about them. I thought I can only see, possibilities of negative things about in terms of having a mediated conversation mediated being there not sit In front of me by, there is something about doing it this way to the It's ok, if not unique in that I seem to be getting the same day, their quality conversations, but there's something a little different about them. That's not a bad thing! It's a different thing! the good thing, so I don't know what you guys been up to a just kind. Repeating things I have been digging into the past. I think it is a favorite pastime that bit that they did on us and now that eighty Bryant did
at the end of this last us and now from home, which I find very touching you, I dont really watch As you know with any regularity, but there is something sort of levelling about having to do it. The way their doing it they're sort of Asia, vulnerability to eight, because there's no audience theirs. Through their deal with their having to shoot these things with whoever they have to shoot them with. So, What kind of home made the weird thing about, and The team, and at this point in time, is tat night. One per cent of it looks like an audition tape, and there is A vulnerability to that to do not having to interact with the audience only having interaction with the camera tonight having a crude and having make up in you sort of seeing these the almost the raw talent of the people, and it's a it's kind of great, I don't know if I did I'd, prefer forever,
But, as I said before, I think John Oliver's show is better without the audience with him, just sort of focused and ploughing ahead but the eighty Brian bid with her reading her old journals and kind her mind, I just thought was hilarious I've been organizing last are going through a lot of stuff, throwing away a lot of stuff moving stuff around and it triggers a lot of feelings. You're working at all pictures working at old artifacts of your life. The life artifacts o journals old. Writing I'm going through the boxes, man, to see. What got me here. And allowed? it's not worth saving that That's the big take away. Why I keep in this. Who is it four. Be a lot easier when I fuckin die. Do not have all this shit for someone else to throw away
by dint of this weird thing about old pets. Because I don't know you talking to a lot of people. A lot of people dogma, zoom fatigue, but maybe it's because my job is what it is you I do interview by. Don't I'm not talking to a lot of people on Sumer Face timing, her we're talking anybody, it's weird, it's more of a check in thing. I do the aright yet good here, ok check in That's it by did, the bird I spent some time talk to my Buddy SAM website for a better by if our our yesterday as great a new more that. But it's waving his odd in thinking about the passing going three through things rather Patrick, can very specifically remember in this, because monkey is sick because I lost a la Fonda. A few Back then, I got an email relating to a fund that actually I'll get back to this. Let's see Or is that email perfect
guitar name dear mark. Thank you for W e f. I feel like a serial podcast data who finally found the one for real this time I especially you have that we share a big heart for cats. I have three and, as is tradition or psychological cork, they are several names each the names started with. However, our gizmo seven and may I feed M catnip, often because they live in quarantine all the time, regardless of the state he's right now recently purchase they telecast her and I felt compelled to find the perfect name. I would never have imagined that name would involve you, but here we are this evening, as I stared longingly into her Texas T finnish ass. She lay in her push case, all shiny and knew it hit me Fonda, I'm going to name her LE fond and I'm going to ask for marks blessing mark. May I name my telecast her after your cat
because containing days to you and made a president fail at killing you and those you love respectfully Aaron. Yes, yes, you have permission in my blessing to name that amazing. Telecast her after my cat, Le Fonda I'd never name. My guitars am I supposed to I've, never named one fucking guitar anyway, but I was reflecting on the memory I have of cats and dogs cats things at these. Animals, I've had my life outside of gerbils or idea and I never had a fish outside of rodents, but it all the way through the ones I have now and the dog from my childhood derive dogs now haven't had news. I remember very specifically exactly who and how they work and how they were as animals. Like me, very specifically like Le Fonda. I looked at a picture of the fond of the other day, there's one around, and I could completely remember everything about that cat in terms of her behaviour, but
I'm not. I can't do that with people. Like, I remember bits and pieces of people, but oh yeah look animals change they just they shift. They get older. They get out of the they sweep a different place. They get a different court. They play with a different thing, but the the sort of soul, if not saw the core of who they are. You feel all the time because their honest It's all out they're not hiding anything other than the abyss. They to turn on you idiot if people do too, and that might be the reason why it's hard for me to remember people because of what they were hiding about themselves, people gift like I have a good sense of a lot of the people in my life, but it it's very limited in particular in and specific certain things in certain ways: they did certain things by animals, you fucking know em, all the way through in the memories are always going to be.
The same cause, a they're all out honest brokers emotionally people, So much. And then you and you know that struck. As you know, you know people when the younger than me and when you all do what the fuck happened to you, where's, the guy. That was what happened, a guy animals, not the much needed Reich. Ah lucky you, your old in shit. I do to mention this for on my instagram stories. I've been almost exclusively posting records that I've been playing in quarantine, because I listen- I've been listening to whole records, kind of all day long in the background or sitting there in doing it records that I've had that. I am really given that a fair share it's too. I didn't. I didn't really ever focus in on the pink ferries but I did yesterday, but I've been thwarted, the posting our them as I go through them all out of there this sort of em.
Weirder and harder to find records. I enjoy posting those guys. I two it's a sort of like this, a great album but I never heard it might expect people to go by the records. But you have you wanted to listen to it on Itunes, but anyway, from doing that occasionally M sporadically doing, Instagram stories, Oh, I didn't say this about ESA. Now, the musical numbers by P David, Sir, are kind of hilarious and very sweet. All things moving to me, I'd, like I can't quite under then why? But, but it is so the so. I just want to give you a heads up about the Instagram stuff. Also, friend of the show from way back door. In Kennedy was on a very early version of this show He was in our book waiting for the punch he's been this risk. What did kind of
for the beaten path. Act like a lot of us know who he is he's been around a long time, has a tremendous amount of respect in the business, but it for, for some reason after decades in the business, Finally, releasing is first comedy album actually titled who they are was Dwayne Kennedy and you can pre order a copy of it O K records, dog band camp dot com, it's o k, h e, a o K, records, dog band camp dot com, it's it's decades in the making folks Dwayne Kennedy job. Ok to be afraid, it's ok to be angry. Throw Kay to be frightened. And to be here. Vulnerable and other things, because can avoid it swiftly about concern that In your concerned, there's a phone ability to it came with me.
Fraid and being angry. He alive, We think that you're keeping people way, but there's nothing more transparent and anger in terms of how vulnerable yards, dangerous vulnerability, cause it's volatile, but when you're any of those things you are vulnerable or susceptible. Being no shit upon her bow waiter hurt because all those things are sort of them just chairman the water fuckin, belligerent awful people, but You gotta feel on their important they'll help. You move through things. Ultimately those muscles working, so you don't turn into an asshole, manage it your concern, your fear. Your anger, butter don't shut down Gazelle young. Just come out and tumors in.
Inability to breathe psychosomatic symptoms. Just out, you know want to become one of the belligerent chaos junkies you why to tear it all down. Pay homage. To their God, kick in the press Two to sing party rule open, keep open, so we can help people help ourselves, you think so. Recalibrate at some point I ask I want to say that I I got the Box of chinese toilet paper. I ordered I think, a month and a half ago it was cheap, was like twenty roles. I was like this is weird: it came and they were like miniature roles, a toilet paper, not bad toy, paper. I dug body in a panic. We could
a toilet paper and its a sort of surprised us. There was twenty rows of what seem to be half roles of toilet paper by TAT. We got him a. We'll toilet paper is not tat, not nuthin so Laura Lenny. I was thrilled talk, do we or do we were gonna do this couple weeks ago and then dead terrorism, an issue at her place. Electricity was off, an hour, an hour but to do it, and it was a love we talk. She's, a lovely person and a great actress and, of course, she's in the Series Ozark, which is on now. But they're all on now season three from eared last month, and you can watch all three seasons on that works. This is me,
talking to Laura Lenny nice to see you nice to see you it so exciting. I e it's weird I thinking about it. We are, I think, the last generation that was kind of food. Able to adapt to what we have to do here? Yes, I think I got my parents can I handle in no way bear no Andalusia. My mother, thank my mother, has just started texting he doesn't email. If you will not every computer. I bought her and I thought Our role is a lemon did not hurt a lot. She and she ain't good he's not gonna. Do it and now she's crowd. Wait till they get hold of the emerging. My mom's emerging crazy. I know we're all going back to hieroglyphic yeah, finding a very exciting we're just going yet the poetry of text is very tight, very short and a tyrant can't be
attired gothic. I dont know if it's quite poetry but hieroglyphics yeah yeah. I guess it's true, maybe I'm I'm being I'm reading too much into an being optimistic, generous when somebody's Red Kurt and a dismissive. Unlike will that's nice tight? yeah? What Where did his glasses frames? Those are good. Thank you. People like these and I dont know where their from. I think I bought them at really. I think You ve got glasses it all efforts at, I foresee the Astor. Something like these glasses constantly. I did know whole foods have glasses. Oh yes Do they were very nicely glass next to the scope, ok, I something the day he ever did so like. How are you feeling like? I am doing? I drink a lot of tee so right now, oh captain, aided and on the edge of sanity energy for no reason that's what I do. What do you do? Well, I have a six year old,
Oh yeah he's jacked up for you. He asked Sophie and in some ways is great because he keeps me on schedule. Otherwise sleep every day and would you are you're, probably right I can't sleep in any more than enough. It's how you wanted out up its sickly up ass. If I were to arrive, seven yes have enough. I flung I'm embarrassed about yeah, you're, sweet today away. When I want the day away. I just there many days right, you like. I, never fully wake up what is happening now I like that. That that happens me every day. I dont know what it feels like to feel good. Do you know what it feels like to feel good to wake up and why I feel great. I've had it We say in your life, so I know they exist here, so he started chased them at the refresh button. Picking up refreshed, yeah instantly happy. Yes, endorphins at a high first wake up.
I can remember, though it appears tat. I told us like give yourself the process Ass, the waking up in the morning right, like don't just jump out a bad girl and sudden beyond edge instantly right. And really angry if the coffee isn't good night ya, like myself them at least even just a minute and a half year, and I actually help local well now I have all the time in the world the wake up, but it sort of it is not the same kind of peaceful feeling. It's like. What's the point, what happened to me? I know where's your way of state, and you can hold that I'm in Connecticut, I'm in the Northwest Corner of Connecticut, pretty it's beautiful here and did you live in New York forever or never? I grow up. I was born in Manhattan and grew up in Manhattan, parliament, then I well. I grew up on the Upper EAST side. My mother was a nurse flung chattering, which is a big cancer hospital. There she's a cancer nurse. She was
yeah private duty, cancer nurse. When you twelve our ship and done my parents when I was young, I grew up with her, but when dad down the street My father was on the other side of central park, the Cross pound bus ride away, but Same acidity same setting too, very different world, the apartheid, my mother in the apartment with my father, were very different places and I would go back and war, but that it was. It was not like he disappeared from your life. He just went over across the park, disappear, occasionally yeah, he always came back So what was so your mom was very grounded nurturing care listen? my mother was yes, my mother is, the beautiful wicked like a really siege, stunningly beautiful woman and and he found herself a single parents, and she,
to work very, very hard to keep it going the hand, You know, and I would and I tried to be as good a child is. I could Russia, oh per because it was dreadful for her, the autocratic waiting in the I grew up low bass right cause, Indiana, kids, you could sense, your mom was strained and that there was ass. She willing reacted and tired and cheat might there was a very nasty divorce with my father and they really did not get along and I never did never. Even even decades later it was very, very difficult, but you have no market with art, recollection of them. Together. I have I saw them together three times in my life, in the same field of vision, oh, like every molecule in my body story. Jangled. When I saw them pick when I could look at my feet
there and then turn my head and look at my mother was why and the last time they were together with that. The first two times were to upsetting, we already know. I would- really young. What my father came to pick me up one time on a Christmas day look what you ve happened. If he wouldn't, he would come he would visit. He would pick me up but he's be W Orange Bog, my mother, we take a bite me upstairs, might take the elevator down in that I go get my car with him and he drive me over the West side. I spent a week in with Heaven, which rightly that right so they'd, never for each other. Really did not really good and in there I was. I became a reminder higher, so he came over to pick me one time and they were up people around with family round and I'd. They were both still freaked out to be in the same room, but that wasn't and then the second time with my high school graduation, and they
my mother was had remarried. With light with my stepfather, my father with my stepmother good luck. I love both my step out. That's him yeah, thank God but I remember my my mother and my stepfather work on the floor of the auditorium and my father was in the balcony and I remember the graduation like looking- and I was on stage sitting on said, like remember. Looking at one and looking at the other was the person was really an adult so aware that they were both there and he was looming looming over you in the balcony somewhere here far away. I think both freaked out that the other with there and the third one was. I I received much to my surprise I received an honorary doctorate at my college. And would overtake. I went to bed, university. Are that when that one, They both showed up for that and they were both so happy
and they really got along. It's really nice and very important like more important for me, then I even realize you know the day day enjoy being in the room together they laughed they work. People in their own scan. They were kind to each other to me. It It was really nice. Well, it's a sort of wild. How long that can take people yeah? I may add a sort of its growing up, but I mean because you know again were in the same age range like there are so many things that were so important and seemingly just life or death. Emotional situations, when you younger and it's like it, doesn't even fuckin matter anymore, you like, no like there's gotta, be a moment were whatever resentment you're holding. I am just kind of no other way. You don't even know why, and you also like wonder like what what happened for that type of you think they asked themselves
Ah, probably yeah, but it's something. Neither of them wanted to talk about, and I think both tried to. They tried their best. They work, It wasn't sort of anger for sport like it was here, there is clearly a deep, very deep sense of betrayal and my father was a wonderful, brilliant man, but he was also The golden have a lot going on at all going on. So I'm not makes a lot of tat. It would be difficult. He was in the arts or ideas a playwright, so he's living that life in the what the These were doing the thing I will do tat and your mom's like a nurse living that life. Yet my father would react. And my mother, with dealing Roy
and by he's out- and God knows what, with the theatre parties now yap. Oh yeah, he motion cigarettes, probably at right. He added drinker and earn out, and yet he was a big drinker. He stopped fortunately, but it was, you know not not so so. Use is a big enough drinker to have to stop yeah, and how really Ann and men other things that I know of- and God knows what I dont know up for, did you urge away one that always a timber, the tip of the iceberg? I have to imagine that you you going the theatre that, given that he was a presence that you probably heard things throughout a good part of your life, about the guy oh yeah, oh no, I would meet people, I would go into rooms too, when I got out his skull. People with make they say. Are you related to Romulus money? And I say yes, I'm his daughter, and I could see this.
Pending, a complex relationship was within fifty anger at a lot of people right and a lot of people adore him right, though it was not you. Nowhere in between people love him right or had been really awful to them. And you can say in their faith, was my God, oh my god, oh my god and weak, and then when I started actually working and if they People who realize it would take them. Awhile rose too life that I was not my father. I love my other here in a minute. I just got to the brave part where I would say it and you know it's like I worked. I knew your father know about how that and how is that? Knowing it could be one way or the other, but I I for him and he was them. He was a challenge. Fascinating them and brilliant. It seems like your mother. Probably did you a big favor and away? I left but we should learn from the way that you not only had a buffer, but you had sort of
You know she was your primary, so you don't have that kind of you We are not in his emotional erratic, and dangerous and EVA absolutely but you you grow up. I know, but it seems like you did. You know you seems like you want the right direction. You know, thank God. I had some sort of survival instinct, but I dont even understand like I had some sense of how to keep myself date right. A girl- and why You can a situation like went like I'd. I went to boarding school Oh for reason, like I got myself about, yeah. Well I applied on my own I'd like that. What was what was so? The menacing menace I just had an instinct that I should go somewhere else for them or their high school time yeah. Would help me that it would help my family that it would help everybody. But you know and I just had an instinct to go to country, that's, what's grey
because, like the weird thing is like, when you have apparently Skype Cook Ear night, that's like a light word, but yet whether there are any kind of boozy or emotionally erratic I'll meet you at either kind of be like you, seemingly pretty stabilized or you could be like out of your fucking mind, yeah and very lucky if you want the other light on it, yeah out. Why and I have thought about that, allow yeah? I don't know why that happens. Would you fight? What do you figure? I I I don't know If the card you doubt and young like I, I would not dealt the addiction card. Right now so, but it is a bit an appeal, you obviously the lifestyle necessarily yeah night. I didn't like it, but like one, we're coming up in in you know like a Julia, ardor or brown or wherever I mean for you the person that was, you know, hanging around people that were clearly had a fucking control cleaning up glasses. I mean what we now yeah now New York, taker of like I'd. I waited, but I fell in love with a loud drinkers. I did. That
data. I dated all those guys so winded. We start did when you were Kabir you hanging out of the theatre. Did you go to your father's like well YAP, Sir, when oh yeah, oh yeah, Salute LEO, I loved it. You don't you would drag me. I mean he didn't know what to do with the kid God bless you really didn't than here. You know, so became appear? He could sort of funding with that way. I would like a little. By Canada, alarm yeah yeah, also I realize I was safe in that position. If I didn't behave like a daughter, like him. I would be included and so very good. Became that. So I would sit in the corner of a hurdle. Room can be very quiet and not bothering about in just soak. It ended, I loved it. Why loved being there? Do you remember seeing actors that By blowing away absolutely if you remember watching actors who were not good and being more estimated by that why are they not got my going on there? Why
that not working. I was more, he stood in that. Why am I not by in that your wife I feel nothing. Oh well, why? Why am I thinking while they're asking. Why have I not gone with them? what is it what's keeping me out interesting and where you got it, you can really work problems in your head. Or did you talk to him about it and I did a yet. All of those things are media with plastic. With I remember being school, I'm just not understanding Shaw like what is this what I and I can remember, calling him on the phone phone like a hallway next, the but room it when they still let high schoolers smoke add that remember that we let high school, they would lead to high school you could have started again. They couldn't values, but they would get permission It is small, can there be a designated room in the basement of the dorm where'd you smoke or keenly wrote? No fourteen real kids were smoking, so I say you know here.
I don't even remember specifically what it was. I loved listening to him. Talk about the theater and I loved it I saw one production, a major Barbara and they put the entire budget into the gun the giant thing you can't out gaudy. There was a college production like all my god. It ends with a gun, the giant cannon it can so I'd, say you watch and they do you remember like being nikes sort of overwhelmed by any any particular actors in a time. Imagine outside your dad in the process of theatre that it too in what kind of pursue acting you must have been like that guy or that woman wow yeah. I mean Philip Moscow, going I'm like they felt Bosco and and John, let's go like how spoke thong at circle, the square which was not particularly great, but here fascinating, a lot of places, circling square growing up a lot of the class
and a lot of them were mediocre, but God I love them and then someone just great he took me the theatre a lot, and so did my mother. My mother lover theorist. Well, it's so spells perfectly New York. It's the only power to grow up like tat. I know I know and you can't now kid it's too expensive, which is a real shame yeah. Now it may be that never again in my not ever happen now I mean I guess I can't even go there, but they have I thought only the heartbreak that we're out, if not all of it will all be it museum, TAT, opera, Don T know I, I think it's going to restore eventually bunny. I guess I don't know. I don't know how Gonna come back together, it's me what people are doing online, just to get it out and get that new that human errors of expressing ABBA without saying now we want to go there. So I tell you you did you went to the press?
school. Did you act area? I daddy that's role here all the time it started before that men. I with MRS clause in the endless, like every school in grade community principle our reaction? oh, yes, that's right. Feminists take on they got a cold and MRS clause had to take over nice. So I delivered the present one. They had no magazine had come out that use it with whatever you're that what life changer, yeah yeah and oh. When did you conscious? We start training. Well took me a long time to admit that I wanted to be an actress. Why very shy about it, and I think because it was something I I had to earn right, and I kind of want to offend the theatre. God. By saying I want to be an anxious to arrive I mean I found it really, but I was
I always make me so uncomfortable. The young, like I wanna, be an actor and I stood and read them and and was repair old by them at the same time, but you knew you honestly new with that takes emanated. Come up. You know the father like that and and just that that quite that you had about people that weren't going it kind of age. You realize, like matters governed, some shit, yes, not Julianne, sort of child hurry because something- and it is no It can be very noble and its more can be just completely self serving. That's your mouth or a combination of the two, but at work. I think it's a very different sort of experience for people like you know that have kind of a dream of of like Allenby a movie star. I want to be an actress who, whatever they just come out here and get me a beat up posed him, somebody who who did into theater, I mean: that's it yeah, it's kind of a rare thing. More often
the different, without sounding totally annoying. There's a difference. Tween a profession and a vocation when you have a pole towards something in it. With a vocation sort of wind that your back right. I think it's a different. And then you learn how to add a brave, the professional into it, because the right we have to be right in it, but it certainly helped because you don't take the bait one time. What do you mean? I don't take debate. Get out We take the less glamorous choice, because you think it's more interest I'm one says you know: have you ever thought about having your nose done, law when someone says you know him Never thought about having your nose done, you you know you, you just do the work in writing. You didn't? I do you, you do the work
you know what you know and you stand there and and made many mistakes and I've done things that you know terrible and bad, but I learned from them they did did bright. How long did it take you to put it into that framework? either learning experience as opposed to now. I know think that don't work out and there is a difference between doing something because you have personal agenda behind her and had nothing to do with the work and doing something that just doesn't work out. It is good. In over the thing. I just good. You know shit, I'm sure things to target it under great people involved under the right reasons. And what can it just doesn't work? It doesn't come again. Does it yet bad debts is bad in it. Yeah sometimes thing just align airy on and they still leaves something to be great. It kind of that kind of have to happen.
When did you first experience that I don't know, but I've had it. I've had width of it. I think the first tales, the city with really right, yeah. I think John Adams was pretty. I am very proud of that one. Yet there must be an amazing just beyond the sets of those things like we're like that. With this, it was a tough sat in a lot of people did not have a good time doing it am I loved it well. I don't love get beaten, Then I hurried peace the department with working at such a high level, and it was so well funded and it's the sort of example of when you give a then there is the amount of money to really good people write like what can happen like its money, that with that was used well, every costume everything that was on that. Sadly, I can remember there was a day where we were shooting at the White House,
clear and entire field, acres of acres and acres of trees were down and they had spread bake snow all over the place and the normal replica of the outside. But why have I was standing there in this unbelievable outfit with here. Make that you know done by total artist, looking out at this, like time. Travel right deal the vision and I I knew then up like I'm, never going to see this again. I would very aware of, like I dont think things like this happen very often- and I don't think I'll ever see this type of production again It was amazing while the sea like what possible Wednesday these are aligned correctly. To give support to skilled Arthur, and what they can do yeah. I start
but wait up Harry Potter movies. You know when you give money like at the people who are you know just it just pouring out of the creativity and the skill right at me- ability, and I also love people who who can talk about what they do and then executed where people get really talk about it and other people look at get it. We don't want to speak to him, but when you get those but who are who can do both have the ideas and then the skilled executed itself fighting to be alone actually when it's like there are so many of them and in if they're, all working at a time like for something like John Adams Movie. I mean, like I've, only been on a few productions but like that must have been massive and their solely people huge. So many people involved in the last whom sector oranges people doing the snow. I mean that societal motherly. Wind machines were enormous, God in Paul was great to work with polish great Paul with great
his interesting actor her yet These are really good after these are really got actor. I love working with him. Have you what have you judged through connection likely? You know, like us, there's a range of people's abilities and as somebody yeah I've noticed this before, but obviously I don't have much experience, but but when somebody's not meeting you where you are, you sort of have em, you have to act on top of acting yeah it, but you have to be careful because then the can over generate right. You have to be careful. You just have to be helpful, but if you can How connected someone read somehow been something good will we'll be there. It's odd The debt like cause in the I've done it cause. I don't. I gotta have great shops, but I I can sort of put my heart out there yet you'd Anne and yet I can and it really good. Thank you, but you know when that's received you even if,
supposed to be pushed, against, you know, you can feel it happening whatever supposed to happen. It doesn't happen, you're sort of like ok, I gotta get a job ten like I'm, acting as this guy, but now I gotta pretend like I'm getting what I need. There was one play that I was in with someone who has just had all sorts of issues and also the problem here, and I kept my contact lenses out I wouldn't have to see them completely. I realized if I had a terrible victor, I reacted. It help didn't save the thing, but it help as if I took it to react to what I was saying it wouldn't be the play. So it with an effort to keep the the car in the white, lame? Why wouldn't it
That's right! It's interesting when you have to troubleshoot and the vessel is you, like? You know like when you, when you have that an issue like that like it, just sort of like they're, like Macgyver, ear gear capacity to stay engaged in overall, you have to blur the person yeah yeah. This kind of the bridge the idea and then I did what I buttonhole acting with that, where you made a choice, you would stare at the, but at the first buttonhole there? There were talking had it been down, looked down a little bit better through submissive, character, choice and just look But now you never like if someone say when you do, when you make choices, likened in rules are you that are you. Are you that minutiae oriented where you can make decisions, I got I mean. Obviously, when you're doing tv or movies you have,
framing, involve and even in place, must be different. I mean in play and I gotta go that role going stay in it? Really you have time who have the element of time and also then you can generate it's nothing. You can create, and it's something that just happen nothing, you can generate it's nothing. You can create and something that just happens the layers of experience week after week show after show, and then way will reveal itself in a different way. The more you do it. Was that I love when you start working on the planet and the place starts working on you what it doesn't happen all the time when it does happen, it's just isn't, it can be magical. You just feel it turn you like almost like the day, you can feel lift up the page. You know, there's a there's that period of time The third week of rehearsal, which is so painful,
When you hurt yourself, you hate the play, you think you're, ruining everything around you you feel like you should quit, may should get someone better and it's always happen. And always haven't around the same time and when the great lessons of the theatre when their many of them, but one of them like learning how to certain discomfort have set in the discomfort. All through the process of allowing thing to come together and man just takes time. You got it The only thing you can do is keep working through the discomfort and have I thank God. I've done it long enough now to have faith that it will. It will work out sometimes right, but a lot of time. If you keep working and sit in that discomfort and let it teach you thing like your, comfortable reason like. Why am I uncomfortable
Why am I what feel bad and wires and be diagnostic about it and slowly kinky here and there and let your knowledge of the play, the power of the play come out your connect? in the other people, and then it will have become its own thing. Right arm and the bear exciting period. If I were you like you have to have a certain confidence in an impatience him and an experienced who allow that to happen- and I imagine it, it seems like pretty good life- Advice as well in general, are filling up with any anything. The creative endeavour, it took me a long time to accept that, because you, your insecurity can destroy that. I mean it if you have insecurity, you know the the waiting or the discomfort you'll just turn it in on yourself and then it over in absolutely Would you why it, which is why our industry, film television, is, is it rough on Alex, really really well we're leaving
If you have addiction you know with many many many many many many people do. It is a recipe. It can be a recipe for disaster, I was always fortunate when I was you know using that it was not something I needed due to do other things you know like. I do not like being high onstage like it was right good, but I knew guys were alike in oh yeah needed whatever it was made but then you sit there and you like. Well, that's that's its own talent. How the fuck is that guy doing that, that fucked up, but not for long and then I guess, regret Yeah well felt don't fall over in Rome, South people did you see. That is how it did Euro man have. That. Did you get that bad for him? yeah, a lot of bridges. He would you know very passionate man with a very powerful person, and he
he had language right. He had language that the scale of the word tat he could down. Flame. Thrower yeah. And you know I always will I could have given him a little more sense of peace, but now you never. How long was able to stay so I county with sober I'm not quite. Our little fuzzy beyond the harm, but I I, sister whose eleven years younger than I am- and I think he stopped drinking shortly after she was born I remember having a conversation with him about it. The quality of life for engagement change, our oh sure here, and but he was no. You know all over the place. You didn't go to the programme. He wasn't numbering had no, no programmes that DR now try junk yard There was no one, no to all right,
survival little reply, edgier will more angry forget help everybody else. I've been with being good with words and being a kind of sensitive passionate. Angry person is that you can say things the people there, you will never be able to take back and they will never forget. It shall never forgotten and they forgive you now can, and nor should there some way question about forgiveness, a united to really do it is a really you're, no good question about forgiveness, a united, yet you know it's a really to really do. It is a really challenging thing. It's really hard now gets easier as you get older if the injury is in a kind of faded, but man, this sort of like be confronted, with the idea of it. Like you know, you know you have to forgive, person us in and you in. Can feel in your heart. What that work requires tat. Man
and when you want to, but you can't do the work to do. It because the resentment of the anger still like override saying you don't want to go there like. I don't have to go back there, what's a benefit for young, so great, therefore, given ten they're gonna walk for them and for them Wait. I didn't, I didn't. Do it right back like yeah? I guess I didn't forego up if you have forgotten this apart. And for yourself report yeah you bought. You know if you'd change your behaviour to ITALY's your Khazars, less of docket, of things, you have to forgive yourself for here right this year? It is and to realise that you have like many different lifetimes than one lifetime is vital. You know if you're lucky it as true, sir, like. I watch dumb,
I'm nervous. Now why I just watch you can count on me. I watch at yeah yeah good It really is illegal. It really. I you know He hasn't he has made three well you and he's one of the guys. It's like it's like you know, I'm not going over work myself, because when he does something you're kind, I know all matter I reckon with this year. And I interviewed decker. He'S- got a longer than yeah yeah It's your kind of dark genius. Guy talk yet you know their own mere out, o elsewhere. Loving, underneath all of that yeah felt that I felt like you know like for some reason. When you see someone's working you. I always make assumptions like Paul: Thomas Henderson is another example, but you get him in a room and use right now you just kind of it. You know they're, not had intimidating, yeah, just kind of regular guys in a weird were who are you really good at what they do, but coming
but come in at the theater and doing like you know the cause. You did a lot of theater and stuff, but an when you see writing like that, I don't know, do you do what news, but I mean they're the act as you did other things before that that were finding good bye. That movie, when you watch it now we watch it. Is theirs, the language of it and and the way he writes characters is. It is so perfect almost Yeah Heaven for another yeah tell them everything. Leaders need is and their clues everywhere and if you, if your senses, to a writer and what their writing it. There really good They write everything for reason, right, great writers, the ones who write like very specifically the functioning and tells you so much right. And even over right. Anything now, no explaining now every stutter is.
Written, really every well yeah there. It is very exact, never worked with. Anyone who understands their own work better than either Was that problematic? It could be a good idea if you could be frustrating, but he was right. You don't. I spite. We walked towards the few times, but in a friendly way, just actor director way we're alive. I dont understand that, like in a respectful way, but we allow corn it'll, be like I don't I. This doesn't make sense. What? Where is this weary? no more the coming right, yeah an eye, Always right- and I was wrong- I think, your or whatever I want to know you could, he was always right. And I was wrong government, this place is: why have you ever been in a play of his?
I've never been in the play. Is that now I love them Waverley Gallery and because he saw Waverley Gower, I think they just did a revival of a bright future dead, I saw that when I was Young York once and allay, may wonder she wondered report Daughter is a great actress. Yes and a direct directly but she was can count on me right Margaret and Manchester one all of them start yeah, Margaret and Manchester by the sea, so there you can count on me right Margaret in Manchester by all of them start with a horrendous death. That's why they're all about them or their own? they centre around a death like He never could that again, I interviewed him once he came to tell you with them Manchester by decision yeah. I gotta go to that film Festival every year. I try to. They asked me to interview him at this autumn and I did my said. You know you realize,
every you make dreamily? I think they're all after this I really do and oh they're, all instigated by the very people that he he didn't quite see that at the time or did seem, cannot be that maybe he knew it and just didn't didn't bring that up to it but he's in a wild structurally. That, like that way, I think in in some sort of classic structure of that would imply that. You know it should work towards some kind of resolve like a night and not a happy ending, but it seems I tragedy versus com like if you can start with the tragedy that the art should be like. Ok, things are gonna, be ok, but none of them really, unlike that they have they they end with things. Are things right and they make you Think about like what do you do with death of that proportion? How'd you and I
I am sure you that is well. I lost a lot of friends during the age rises and I've lost a lot of people- and people who I loved. The people I needed a voice, more TED to drugs. I think yeah yeah, that's it that too, and then what do you do with that and when they are young and your life with them, Not completed what can you do with the law that you have for that person. Where do we go? where do you quit and how do you make it not? Thank you how you take the spirit of that person afraid in your life, in a way that makes you better that make it its painful But how do you? What are you? What do you do with that and it? How do you keep them alive for yourself? That's not crazy and obsessive, but how do you keep? What they gave you still close at hand. And how and what have you have?
You done that! Ah, what friends who were here livable at their party, I'm not much of that person. And I really fumble my way through the heart Try- and I haven't done it in over a year now, but I try more gathering the people and it's my own way of honouring, then we're sure you know you know our written an Natasha Richardson were amazing at many people together the eye having a meal at an ice, so we're out of my comfort zone, but I try and do that because that's what they taught me you enter came more probable knowledge. I'm really bad at it, but I try. But is there is so much of that about bringing the right people together? True, You know, I'm a inconsistent cook. It back
I I dont handle that stressed terribly well, but when I try Think about that a lot, because there's definitely people that have passed that I knew in you know. I don't know that depth of my relationship. Egypt, is usually one sided in a lot of ways like I'm. I make assumptions about like. My connection with people that is sometimes real and sometimes isn't, but but yeah a lot of times. As I get older, I kind of Jesus, I dont grieve properly I'm just forty right well, you know that how it ends. You know- and I think I stuff it down, but I You will find that I have reverence for people and I always speak highly of the people that that it had an points on me and in any my first time in my last com special that is on now. I can see where my love of certain people in my life comedians put in particular young. The fast.
Yeah. How I honour that creatively. I can put them with you. You bring a widow right wing, unworthy onstage. I do that. I try to someone they'll Hoffman. Whenever I can't live like a mind, help me out here when whip me baby, I do like that all the time, how does he for me, what did you? What would we are locked himself, a lung cancer and we? Did the savages together as great movie right, yeah. We understood each other in a way that was such a relief. He was it, it was such a relief We need to be around him? Oh, you saw me in a way that most people didn't know it was done. So we really are
We had a very strong friendship that one down an unspoken kind of now we could have acknowledged that a little met, but you know we kept it sacred friendships that you have with people and I'd I'd. Really like many other people. I am not alone here I truly loved him and he was the important and important to me He made me a better after an eye. And we loved being we loved working together. It was there and I have. I have many relationships with many actors who I to I love what I do and I've worked with a lot of great people, but they always felt. I hear I think we I we have a lot in common, I mean an intersection of pain.
The way that we understood about each other. I felt with each other and see like we. Just yeah yeah yeah. What we Where do you track your pain to I've got well, you know, I think it you know, when you had the childhood divorce in area addiction than mere and grown up too fast, he gave it yeah, and you know, and your heart get your heart gets broken a lot. You have tat I can add all, but you have the sensitivity of a child that right and when you were a child in your heart, gets broken. Your heart gets broken to ya. And you don't even understand what it is. I think it's like fell has been really one, and it still you know about, just it doesn't leave that is a very good way to put it because I, I can you and it's also a resource, its work as I could like one,
put it like that. I can tap into a right now. Yeah there vibration yeah and then you have to learn how to live with it. How to Let it go if you can watch The can there's. Balance it with some other gouged shit and well put it in perspective. Why, if not all of you and informed the lot. There's no question that everyone who knows me I'm sure we would say that, but I think it's made me a kinder person, I hope, yeah and we're like, with with Phil I never met him, and certainly I, like you, know, thought he was amazing. But like as an actor like, you know,. Equality. Do you think in him was was true with the gear like a year as when you acted with him or when you see him acting. What did he offer.
In other words, just on a different plain relative level right and he had an he had an actor brain. I called the actor brain. Could we after brain get turned on, and then you can execute the actor brain like amazing, and he could do that? He couldn't really go deeper, which freedom, I was even though it was a cost and it was hard and he suffered. There was a freedom to his execution right at was deep, and the connections were powerful. And which, and he under The different levels of creating something it was all and all and an human equally human Vienna those people they had their own timezone like a resist
yeah, there's an authenticity to it there it never be altered, he could touch truth away, so then that would do a lot of the work for him Now you really go right to that point and touched the truth, which is just relief. Then you just in order to relieve now there's something about tackling the truth like I told the truth of something, then it's just that. That's what you do. It's excited, yeah, yeah, that's that's life, affirming you awake, awake, yap, someone we found don't like me like. As always, when I'm woken up by now, I so when used like summoned his spirit in your work. What what do you wait? What is it really Usually how do you harry? What what do? How does that work like when you, I kind of think I do ever think like what would how it filled do this or how would he reactor he, will you just happened?
feeling you had when you kind of were with him? I, yes, I think all here now how much he loved the fear You know he loved a theatre as much as I did. He loved he loved it. You'll love it The other thing I think about I didn't get in thinking about people. I've known you have passed away, and I just this idea that were fifty six yummy Where do you stand on homer? Tell anything I hold up with that? Do you think about it? Of course I did and I haven't figure the security, but I had a child like before. I turn fifty, so I think got it in terms about- and I know the guy Hopefully I will live a good long time. I think there are some areas here. Where's the closet downstairs the closet downstairs you go down the stairs. You go towards them,
the window in its underneath the staircase, this is my friend mark, I'm having a conversation with him. It's a closet. You can go into go for it. He asked and that's your day so that here. So, I think about mortality lie that precious wonderful human being and I know that, having a child later in life, part of that my responsibility to teach him how to function And how do we want a likely I'm trying to you, likely? I won't. I won't be around for the latter part of it on the drive around long as I can, but you know, yeah? I know I that's worthing about, like I shoulda gratitude. Wait we publicly for not having children
but if I dont, I didn't do it with like a purpose it adjusts designed to selfish to engage. Go. The item. I don't mean that I'm God, you didn't have children, if that's terrific Sure, but you love your loving level. I do. I do you, have to ask you some some a couple: a mystic river questions now sure did I do in. I love that you have to do a row. I got that. Obviously, what's into because it's similarity between that character and in terms the moral compass and then the character you plan Ozark in some weird way, REACT: Edna, Wright, you have to make this adjustment to do right, bye family right? Yet with compromising your moral integrity completely. If you have if you have a more and more companies going with yeah yeah, why one in Mister rivers, kind did kind of weird
neighbourhood, yeah I got, but what is it different type of morality. I don't know about the Ozark character, she's really fun Yeah, it's fun way, someone who is. Really shrewd Mart scalpel. An emotionally really immature right. She and she's just reactive when preparing for something like for some like that. They really take that into consideration. He just deal with the lines you just deal with the emotions of it, deeply eating a judgment on yourself on the character Ah, you know enemy like Facebook the bad person, you can't really do any of you- have to honour the person you're playing any right to pay them fully. You ve gotta. Why I'll, be there the funding have had this weird moment where I'm like it sort of way you're an emotional lawyer? You have to give that character to defend.
It deserves. As he's quite honestly, yeah right and figure out like Y yeah. The idea why? What what is it? What's the? What's the why behind the behaviour. What's the word behind the desire. What's that really going on there. It's it's like it. It's a dark, weird world and now that we're new plays the Strip commander there. What's real you guys, Julia thank one of those people, she's great yeah, there's like an instinctive town. There is really just lights up the issue then Nathan I got an example by the white actor with a white part. I mean fades just like he had by her voice and the sound about language area. Color of her skin and that hair and her more information and her understanding of that character on a deep instinctive level is just
it's really really wonderful and am and how's your relationship with that Jason with cases guy The ice is good. Guy right, solid, yeah, yeah he's one, those guys words like he knows like when the end his wheel house, he so fucking great. Yeah, I mean I'd. Like does a thing like Can it can be funny, it can be Dick? Is it can be you he waiting but there's a dears abatement, we'll house, it's always very soon, it's fine, yeah yeah and you he's been onsets. Entire life lies there The hours and hours and hours of observation and drinking it in and skill and and his a point now where you will be able to take all of that and apply it somewhere else. You know directive, ninety right yeah the great director right, really good director really really good word issue must have that stuff Atlanta.
Outside the aid, through everything they like, Alex, it's fantastic, I love what. I was therefore a couple weeks on on a movie thing biting. I didn't get out much by like the city. What young guy he's one those there can open a city up in two weeks so yeah, but it's weird when he do. I gotta come assuming weapon ethically, like minded that when you down there and you work with great people, Lana yeah kind of that we are with neoliberal people, creative people so great a sort of them cultural environment there, but you realize, like yours, you're in This red state, your surrounded by this ideological disposition, and yet your kind, the minority there than in the E3, it's weird when you work there, but your kind like I love it here and then you will. I said, the people that live down there have been living with that dichotomy. Entire lives. While my families from Southern Georgia, real
I am yes, I'm the first person born above the Mason Dixon line. Sit down. No Ai Weiwei. I know it very well, and there are few HU. I love deeply the exact opposite political views, lighted and that's a gift. Actually because you learn you learn to see past politic, tolerance, People are saying things that just go against every fibre of your being do you ever think like with those people I mean you're? Obviously it's become sort of extreme and not just sort of liking, we have different views now, it's like we learned of market of the under the provocative thing. Is there hard to handle and you her fine.
Like you know when you talk about having no friends who passed of aid through having giving the wife live in New York City and all this kind of stuff and which is now with that. Component of society, you are really kind of picture as an enemy of some kind is as an elite and You know not just with robots white, the languages become really other river, but you still able to talk to them yet and you find that they are able to talk to you with love. That would would that would transcend. You know the venom I did try harder with may probably than anybody else. You know they love me, and I know they loved me and I only know I'll and I love them. Collins and stuff either cousin yeah yeah, and if it was eight with wonder
Oh you know, we ve got a family reunion every year. We still do, but people we'll get together, talk politics, throw their arms up in the air yellowish other right get really confounded all these cousin who grew up together. You know until in Georgia, and then you ll down you have done and ass, the gravy and new rail yeah yeah talking you lobby, jump right and then there's family right it and its sitting in discomfort. Again. Over and over and over again, as I live longer. How are you sit in this case, and not have it fuck you out. How do you I and habit help you your father's side. My father in Heaven didn't have much family. My mother had a large family, but my father had no sibling headed cousin to why didn't know where my grandmother I adored, but there My father and my stepmother like this
I haven't who I love my sister in law, grandmother in that was really it from that time. I found her mother how all these cousin, Alice after Lisbon. Was your father like able to? How did you respond to your work. Do you have long enough to see oh yeah yeah he said he saw a lot of it. It was very hard for him. Oh yeah. It really well in what way he didn't quite or how to handle? I dont know ice didn't like it. I think it was hard for him and it was hard for him when I started to get some attention who nurses on it with then he was extremely proud I will go and then he was extremely proud and he was he was great about it, but I think it was hard. For him. I dont think it was easy and I felt bad not that I really did. I felt man well, there's something
like when your existence causes someone. You must pay gap with. How did that trump? The idea that your father can even experience pride and appreciation for what, has that and he had the other resentment? You know you think there was a battle back and forth about that. I had a much easier time than he did as far as my professional life getting along with people. It was. It was easier for me, I also welcome an alcoholic products but he brings a lotta bridges and they were it should he also we always borne more than anything else. I was born with a white disposition for this business. You know I have the right decision. The third point: I don't freak out, if I don't get apart, I'm not. Mortally wounded ever When goes in a different direction or someone as they dont, like my work, you know
if I get a really think he review, I don't need them anymore, but early on it would hurt, but then I'd get over it now. I just started all of that sort of it. Isn't it as important to me as the Workin my friendship them by her bare and fortunately I was able to grab onto that stuff more worrying. But it's weird it's like I'm glad that he was able to like, as I you know, there's your mother, my parents. Are obviously not in the business, but there they are selfish and they are of centred, and I think that If somebody is hat grows up that kind of weird lack of boundary with parents were there no parents they're, just these pm, grow up way that kind of They see you as an extension of them and then, when you actor in in a way that that's detached from them, they some US white, their limb is out doing things that they can't do without them and they're not getting credit for you know that are there.
Sense of embarrassment or there's. You know really well yeah, well, you're in the same world, but what with them? their embarrassed at their failure or it Oh there, you know, I I paid a lot of unglamorous, women, that has been very hard to my mother businesses that operate time without why'd. You have to do. Why are you waiting no women, so that they can be the hard for her, but she had always been supported them but your old man was able to to come around in the end, you were able to feel his actual pride eventuality or at any rate I thought all of it growled. After I thought all that I felt to flatter of what good that's good I'll tell you. It was definitely nice talking to you about same here. What happened
I'm real gladly or that are a long time. So thank thank you for having the odd and thank you for Did it like this in the world that this is the best one avoid I've only done a couple and like you, and I worry like a cause, I'm so used to having people here. You know- and you can see my house and stuff, but we did earlier focused in connected in United a had emotion. Feelings All that happened. It's really. When you have a real conversation, is really a good thing. It is difficult for yes or no You're telling me I got you like I. If I dont have a might go crazy man,
all right, we'll take care and stay safe, and that was a great conversation, no matter what how would have had? No matter where it happens is that would have been perfect right here in the garage or just exactly the way away so watch over movies but tat. She is currently in ozone season free from here last month, and you can watch all of the of the seasons are networks and just a reminder. If you're out there doing yard work, you need Scots turf builder, triple action for your long, Scots turf builder, triple action kills weeds, prevents crab grass and feeds to build the green, wants three benefits: one bag and with Scots, no quibble money back guarantee. If not satisfied, you get your money back rather than today make your yard a Scots yeah. I pulled out a guitar that I never really played. I had there was a gift actually from I see yours ago, when I was doing my show their failure- Jim Asketh, Squire Jazz Master, play it now through the dispatch master cattle from Earth Quaker into my nineteen. Fifty three, I believe, Fender Deluxe, tube monster.
Over there.
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