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Episode 1140 - Jim Carrey

2020-07-16 | 🔗

Jim Carrey just wrote his first novel, a semi-autobiographical look at show business and an examination of persona. It makes sense because Jim has been playing with persona during his entire career in show business. Jim talks with Marc about his days doing stand-up in Canada, LA and Las Vegas, and the late night realization that forced him to change his act and create the public image that launched him to superstardom. They also talk about In Living Color, Ace Ventura, Rodney Dangerfield, Sam Kinison, and holding out hope for the future. 

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that kid all right. Well, take will just take a minute and calm down com that kid down has going with the drive our right be careful. Where you fuck mask where your fuckin mask where your fuckin mask. You know what is the definition of SK metalogy, here's the Definition of S got the power. Of theology concerned with death judgment and the final destiny of the sullen of humankind. The soul and of human kind. She kind of sword that she saw. Google sword that a little bit in it a Google. What, the definition of the conspiracy. Here's definition of conspiracy, a seat, plan by a group to do something. Unlawful are harmful Ah, but that's not, a conspiracy theory that seems to be what did
take the behaviour of stupid people, the secret a group of those of the people that actually are generating the conspiracy theories for the stupid people. The creators of the stupid conspiracy theories are actually the conspiracy to make people more stupid active, eight, their anger and to vote against. Therefore, impersonal personal interests and the interests of humanity. So we get to get and with this I ask time, today. By the way I talked to a gym, carry Hey Google who is Jim carry accordingly. Wikipedia James Eugene- carries a canadian american actor comedian writer producer author, an artist. Known for his energetic slapstick performances carry first gained recognition in nineteen ninety, after landing a recurring role in the American Sketch Comedy television series and living color holy shit. I thought we were gonna, have a full conversation
Yeah Jim carries here, and it was not easy to to get him on the show. I would have talked to him any time, but they're just never happened in now. Sometimes it's a little easier to get guest on with this new form. That he's got a book out in an odd book. An interesting book did, he kill, wrote with a guy I have to tell you at that. In a that thing, back Jim Jim carry. Is that? I don't know he's one of those guys where I've watched him over the years, and I always get this I have have a father who is prone towards depression and either sensitivity to it. So when I- When I see people I talk to people who have that sensitivity to it it can gets in, I have to have to put up some exe direct boundaries, and it was the interest in conversation because he reminded me of something that that yeah. I dont think about a lot but it. But it's a real thing
he's a comedy store guy and there is a very conscious for me, when you start doing stand up. I guess it's some people, I don't know how they really think about stand up when they started to you not going to tell some jokes I've written some jokes, I'm going to tell them, but you know, for some of us in the idea of getting up on that stage and figuring out who you are up there and when what part of your lives up there and how are you gonna be defined up there? is a real journey at that is that the journey of the craft, the journey of the art, if you want to give it that. And what was interesting to me in this interview. If it doesn't pop as much, as I think it should cause. I found myself thinking about it afterwards. Is that your after Jim is is already a very successful entertainer. He was, impressionist and that's how he kind of got started. He goes back to the. Drawing board at the comedy store
and he decides he's not gonna do impressions anymore, so he can figure out You know who he is up there and that's fuckin bold man in that's what a lot of us did. You know it's just like you keep going up. There is not so much to to figure out. You know how to be funny, but its effect. How would you what are you on that stage? Who, with up there which party you, but by God up there with nothing and bombing and sometimes killing but she's having your mom it's where you not sure. What's gonna happen over and over again, he got the character that really sort of defined him as a comedic actor. The I don't give a shit about anything guy, the I dont care guy. Which you see in a lot of the work that he did later in that happen on the stand up stage. I just found that too I just found out. Fascinating, really that that how he developed that it's also that you know having not done stand up in months now. I was really missing it, but I think there is some other part of me that that is
that is missing it and I feel, like there's pardon me that feels Yes, certainly, but this was happening before Lynn past way that liking ideas there more to do is due I have to do more stand up work if you like my last two specials to real and an times fun sort of some up It's too big work for this period of history were living in and there was. This feeling I have, as I too am I done Do I need to do any more needs the same with acting it's like do I need to do more? Do I need to do more of other people's work? Have I challenge self enough. Now My potatoes are ready. My potatoes, already hey, Google. How long do you cook I baked potato? make one hour or until skin feels Chris, but Flash beneath feel soft. Ok, all What I was saying is that even before
Ireland has away, and I had this year I was sort of blanks waiting a little. At which is a summer equivalent over create a flat lining. And now I just don't know you know and bite, but I'm starting to feel that the part of me that lives on a stand up, stages, starved and then the other thing about young being with with win for the time we were together, She was a great audience and I kept that muscle, working cuz, she loved to laugh, and I was making her laugh so was always engaged and I don't even know I'm not sure what that muscle is like right now. I guess the point being is I do feel like I've. I've done everything that I set out to do, I would have liked to have one one award. Do you know what I mean just one award of some kindly. I know they don't mean anything but one night but like a big one, you know. Like. I would like to win a Grammy or p body or an Emmy ether.
Very fucking matter doesn't do anything but they'll be nice, but downloading I don't think that's gonna happen. They ask gonna happen from what's my big prize, a new care ten years you kitten so innocent people, Jim carry Jim, carries a force. You oh him! You all know when everybody knows him he was eighty was all of it based who wrote this interesting book? It's called the memoirs and misinformation a novel I it is it's kind of a novel, but has bits and pieces of real stuff in it and in this guide, Dana Vashe on is a can turn of phrase get some funny in him and Jimsie eight there's parts of Jim story in parts of it are fictional eyes. But you can get that wherever you get your books, again memoirs and misinformation and novel
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It builds up the delta me many serotonin again, so those are well prepared. Well, Prepare drug users itself, full time job here? Oh no, there are. There are some people who were up and down medicate themselves through life completely I'll. Have the micro dosing people that don't ride through just fucking tripping, oh yeah trade and all the time that IRAN, after all, you know they crush up the admiral downward at the Uclaf and yeah. That's how the document describes it there in a tunnel work done, but it's all bad, nothing you earlier, so these are not so you're supplements are I'm on. I'm on a very small supplement intake died. I just take the whip, assemble vitamin c and invite, Andy right now, I'm I'm anti tumor and I'm good. I feel that I have heard your tumor variant. It's wonderful,
I like your bits, also about the shortening the distant spare the time between you and I'm sorry, lowering the fuck you and I'm sorry. It's really not taken the walk, winning the argument and then looking back to apologize its durable. The burial? You know how that goes. You know how then go I do I do. I have to apologise constantly which start with. I can we start with the book and then awkward from their it's like I mean I've. I've read about it. Heard of it, I'm trying you. I've got my own schedule, but I under hard- as I understand I understand, which happen no, it's kind of India. The book, the just you know, I'm my brains in a weird place, but I'm trying to do my homework it incredible kind of thing with that we're facing these days, everybody's multitasking end I never it's. Just literally. I took ten minutes to take a breath before I got on the air here
will yeah be I'm just overwhelmed all the time, and you know really. I my ability to compartmentalize is limited So everything is changing so rapidly. It's unbelievable we're in the midst of a convulsive historic moment, yet in so many ways at once, yes, it's just meanwhile, are any of them good, Jim? Yes, Lastly, I honestly believe that we are you know it's. The crowning of a new age is a crowning of our universe. Gonna get up yeah, it's a birth, it, sir. Painful labour end, and I think you know it's it's gonna, be a great new world. You know okay I'll hold onto that, so with the partnership in the book no way did you have an idea before to write a book in and you are like sent p. I imagine people been pestering you to write a memoir for probably three decades
I have no idea, I had no designs about it at all, really all came from a moment in time right stepped through the Truman door, you know what I done several times in my life and try to kind of growth, other branch that I could bring back to the tree in place. I was spending time in New York in the West Village, and becoming an artist. You know in life, trying to breathe life back in the West Village, seen yeah and rendered myself a space there, and it was so much fun and destroy was just you know, Big Bay door, opening dad painting in going wild with music at four in the morning, a hoss patching drunks from the barn extortion. It was An incredible experience and I was really deep into that. A really terrible winter, I wanted some one to give me a kind of a perspective or, like me, You do an essay around the work I was doing. It was all fairly
politics, the paintings popular horrible people, know not and I came later, the locations came. There was a symptom of the year, the liar by the answer that we must remove This morning I was Hague man, yet the melanoma yeah that The belies at a deeper sickness, yeah yeah sky. Is it not an unfamiliar sickness, though, is it not? isn't, but it had its its reached epic proportions. Yet, since Gordon Gecko said: greed is good. While Europe interesting, I was trying to do a joke Jim about about the. How he's the envy of all narcissists, because he actually succeeded in making it all about him actually every night and everything everything,
well yeah, there's a big danger there. So it's really tough, not concentrate on users are your current, so this is more than a lot of energy in trying to get that out of their. But but before that I was true. To me, a writer and maybe talk about an essay around the paintings and Dana Sean who had no interest in that whatsoever. Sure is really serious. Writer did want to do essays about babies. You know he came in just big under that under that guy's to just meet me and say well because he had been watching me online and some of the ridiculous things I was doing were repealing to him. Like something as simple as boiling, I just got up one day, and I I I tweeted out boy. Could I couldn't describe my joy in any other way. Have you ever felt the Boeing men sure I sometimes eye glasses glimpses of the boy. I usually fight the boiling I We fight the boiling fight the boy that day,
yeah. Well, that's it because you have a need to keep the well for the faint well for you, for art. I go. You know a lot of people believe that I've been I've heard that but, like I, I've never had to to do work to keep that wealth. Full I've, Asia, isn't anything boy, oh no! I just never had never dawned on me that people would do that on purpose when people gather the rain gathers in the well gets full yeah, I administer a joy, makes me nervous. Jim, that's all just makes me nervous. I don't know what to do with it. I don't know how to do tat either. Rounded I end up crying, I know especially in this type, but in this time it's like it's almost like you're, afraid, you're afraid to step out and be joyful, you're afraid to kind of a firm positive and stuff, but I'm telling you it's it's a big moment in our history end and it's a wonderful time to be barely alive yeah? I agree with you. So exciting cry, fingertips and so ok, so
Dana says he doesn't want to write. I say about your paintings, but he enjoys year single. Her joy, tweets and network romantic here to meet me. He came to meet me and we just struck up a friendship right away and we kept target we had kind of a east coast, I'm West Coast. We we had this Skype friendship happening under any other The conversations got so interesting, I was doing a lot of viewing at a certain point I kind of hiding out from the world is going through a lot of occurrence in my life and their max driving like me, current dramatic relationships and things like that that happened so We're PTSD keeps me very selective at this point you know, and the atmosphere d feel I give you I get you you actually had PTSD from it yeah. I definitely do I've been through some things that made me a jump at the slightest sound, absolutely and
the slightest slightest hint of a relationship by I get a little terrified of each daddy emptier. Yes, then a little about that really do they really interesting reading pressing it's a long process stone going through every detail of a dramatic situation. You know it's defines hot spirea, yeah yeah, yeah Joe. But I recommended it's pretty interesting anything that lets. You know yourself a little better. You know, and I think it s working on iran- should a great yeah- it's good material for good, yet it in it. Can be so I'd say, you're your ear in that kind of your running from the the idea of of relation. Chip. I wanted to an end. I think what happened is dean and I had the same desire and that was too to study persona why? What we're doing why you are building these
scaffolding, silver, you no kind of firm. I call her mamma, you know abstract scaffoldings of who we are You know I'm a canadian American and I'm this in that and I'm a catholic tonight that it's all abstract stuff and when you drill down there's no, you left that you get out of the abstract stuff. So that's kind of what trip to send to the weight of which is the ancient hindu structure of believing there's? No two things, you know we have Oh, I really seek freedom that way and the book kind of cancer at that as the true identity is waiting for you when you call your way out of the sarcophagus of the personality that you ve created for yourself,
at most personalities or are just a reaction from someone telling you you couldn't do something early on yeah yeah, reactions to fear the reactions to the ego. Saying you're, not gonna have it's like the book is about. The fear of a razor which we all have right. Of course, right and in our obsession. With relevance right, not relish. Since that just makes do all right in your life the kind of relevance that land beyond your death to the end the programme, it don't! You didn't know that this is something you know specifically relish, give to artists or people that with power, Arctic anymore. I don't think anymore, I think the internet, the social media, everybody is begging billion strangers to touch their subscribed. Button an open, their notifications and there I'll try them. You know get to that place which
we got to end, but when we got there, we realized. Okay, this is actually gonna. Make me happy. You know the transcendence of this at the moment, I dont report to be able to transcend this stuff and stay there. I don't believe anybody who who does say that, like that, I'm just enlightened being, and I never feel anything but this enlightenment, you know I glimpses in man, I'm free when the grasping stops, but but don't you find ever. You found that New Boeing yourself through those walls liking o ye even being able to become egoists or to rid yourself in whatever medicated state of all these manifestations of of personnel, nine and false self, that you do land on something that is authentically you I mean you don't come to the bottom of that and the bigger you right, not initiative. It's not it's, not a relative, you! Ok, it's not a new that relates to other use by ok,
yeah freedom comes in their only being one you, yes, you know the end. It includes the table in a computer and there and the ocean and the trees, and you try to breathe without them out, and you can't that makes us hired to be that expansive. I just I found that very. Exhausting, be calculated in every once in a while. Here you know yeah it, sir. For me, it's just a moment of freedom. Whenever I remember it guys like you to remember that year this year, the space in which all of this is happening is just ah yes right, right and an and ultimately you're just part of it frequency and any remaining under that for a minute and then and then the the illusion gets so compelling again and your individuality, or else you just have to you- know my coffee, I'm unity that can be done. Simple, the illusion yet like I gotta eat something right. It's time. I tend to feed the body and brain right exactly, but I
You like a fragment of myself this body in brain. I honestly think is a fragment of myself, so I'm being affected by all this stuff socially, without all the needs. People in the debt, the protests in all its staff. At the same time, It's weird how this this book has been kind of. Professor thickened ways, you know it's, it's sad is turned out to kind of expressed. Some of the things that are going on, including the toppling of statute. Fiona flatly we did it in a silly way. We went to the Disney habitable It was the only place that we could dare topple a giant dwarf and that appeals to me in so many ways I think the whole book read very like from one that the part of Romania numbed and I do not intend to initiate- and it's been very funny in its four. I, like the I like- a good luck, satire of of the Business were in, and the culture wherein, like I've, read I've read other ones. I always enjoy them. I liked you know, like Brute Bruce Bruce Wayne
your stuff mark lane or stuff like an, but this stuff is liking or the fact that there is a lot. Is eight. A true story within it or is true, is a story of your life could be in these different now and if the stations of Jim Carry it is within it. I think, is an interesting added I definitely have the inside look again Well, I mean what was the writing process with you and Dana I mean. Did you pitch him chunks? He wrote things yeah we did that we also toward their the last few years we got in a room and just jam twelve hours a day, and die in the magnificent prose writer Seattle. I learned a lot of that and we killed in each other's gaps in it was is wonderful, so I loved telling stories in making things don't exist in the end, and I have a lot of experience to share and end there Well, that's pretty deep! You ever it! You never lived in Hamilton. Did you
I lived in Burlington across the Bay yeah before I came there into comedy. I had put my applicant she's in it still going too fast go it's. I don't think it's it's not running any more! That mill is I don't think so. One of them went on a business, I believe is the a thing, man is the old thing at the industry moves. You know you're Detroit yeah deal yeah. It was pretty revision, it was pretty heavy so where each Burlington across the water from there, brilliant and right across the water across the Bay Bridge, and that's where you grew up. That's right! That's, What kind of my most mischievous years happened? It was like from eleven to maybe fourteen. I really my father lost his job is the second time and He was too old to get another job. That was in it a corporate structures. We moved to Scarborough and we got a job Is a family being as security guards and janitors?
So I got thrown into the middle of this factory, the steel truck rim, making factory huge fan every floor that I had to clean, sweepers and stuff like that in the end, the the, ass rose, so oh, I was in the middle of you know. Very interesting situation of lives, two factions of people that kind of didn't get along, and I was right there of that, and these too in the sink and stuff like that, like which factions are people I don't want to say about. There is just like different different religions clashing now in the factory no kitten, and a daggers and all kinds of things go on her lap and- and I cleaned the place and so that you know you really. You know haven't developed your character until you ve had to clean journals from factory worker bag scratch.
Do you know any really going after a real hard shifting? They stand there urinating and lakes? scratching their bags in. Euphoria, you know and I'm the one that had to take the skin samples and collect them ass in the the pubic care. The other was my job master you better make sure you like in but we're you start your early life, born a new market Ontario which is about to I don't know twenty five miles north of Toronto, and you were like that, how many kids? How many worry I we had there. I had two sisters and a brother I am they're all older and asked one I want, the baby and I was to give the child- I guess you'd call it and really was in imitation of my father. Who is this insanely. I don't know joyful,
incredibly funny animated character that just didn't tell a story. He became the characters in here. Like this. Everything I've done in my comedy career can be traced act that origin. You love it, and I love that. Guy love! a guy so much and and I used to watch him as a little kid and at least to watch and Solomon together, Yachting Dangerfield on at solving. I had no idea what the jokes meant I was is laughing, because my father's laugh people were laughing in the studio and magnificent and ended up being with Ronnie later on. So how great is rising, so wonderful man so, wonderful and I gotta- a beautiful email from Joan Dangerfield about the book, because Rodney comes into the book. And I and is treated in a kind of a really guard way we back to Rodney bits of your grown up. Your dad's guided new gave you your faces and
and his charisma and his long was the artist. So I got the artist from her. She was a pay, not the best. She was an artist sees to get up in the middle of the night, make these beautiful, murals and stuff for our rules really only peaceful time. She, So yes used to do that. So I swear the first forty years of my life, I was mining, de the gold from the talent, my father gay men and suddenly, like that, like overnight I began I'm an artist isn't injures like. I was spending time with. My mother suddenly is not wild how that stuff. Carved into the neural pathways, so yards credible yeah. So when will now eat your dad his job twice a year rough times couple times yeah. Here we had rough time and I went from being a student to not be able to hear the Cheek teacher Charlie Brown, the real well one, but I will be I like. That knows. So angry. I blamed the world for messing with my father, so I was really kind of dinner.
You know really angry state of mind I just wanted to fight, did a break em. It did It broke his heart. It is definitely broke his heart. But then you know, as I say in the book at a certain point, you know I made him laugh so hard one time that his dinner, sell out of his mouth nice and at and from then on, she started dreaming through me and for me, he gave up his dream. Now. He was such a funny guy. Everybody said you could have been an even Rodney said Ronnie was in love with Percy, carry and he just like you would marvel Adam and go who the fuck is that the sky, where the hell are. You do weren't you in the cat skills man, you don't kindly. He was just a joke funny man joke, so funny. As I started. That's my dad was a is a bipolar guy. My mom, you should say to me when I was in high school. She Cecilia you now want
go upstairs, make your father laugh you the only one who can- and I got was there with my mother right. I've get up there. My dad you're gonna wanna live anymore, unlike do tough crowd, tough right around the room and make it sound like a genocide, is crazy yeah, there's, always a sick parent. You know your mom would ask a my mother was. Not well, you know she and she was on a lot of prescription medications and in those days it was just like has organdy yeah yeah? I know what it was really they went on. My mother was smoking. She smoke like a Finn and ass. She had switch to menthol, Benson and hedges right and, as I said, are you the smells weird Mamma? We would you smoking and she was like their menthol. The doktor said there better, for me when I have a cold. What he probably I'd at that time said that he should Psmith she's smoke menthol.
So fucking nuts- so now the dark ages, we haven't, you were not long from the dark ages or not? I think we re entering the actual middle ages. Oh yeah they're trying to drag is back in my God rule. You know these things like that sort of adamant. What's not digress into that? Madame Ok, so so, after the the second kind of Wendy you start doing the common? If you don't mind my asking well again, that was my father's urging his hee hee. I was written the house up every time company came over, and I was known school and everywhere else says the caught up in the guy was just always doing outrageous stuff I used to do. Impressions are like Paul in choking on a piece of meat and stuff like that they were all really out of pure things. Yes, but can you do now in Poland? the scaffold
the centre square to block you pay, for I'm done it for a while ago and back up and run a nosegay and Yes, I used to do that and at a certain point, my father and I think we were just at the end of our ropes, because we we were, away from that factory? Job yeah does it was affecting us in terrible negative how they like. If I may, there was a lot of like you know, bigoted. Talk at the table stuff like that it was like we were just turning to the people that we were not monster, n monsters here, for Amsterdam, and I was just trying to imagine how to fix people's breaks and stuff at night. When I went to sleep and I baseball on my cleaning, cart
it was a raid ago now I was ready to go rough and that at a certain point we looked at each other. We just said we gotta go here. And we had nothing to go to. We literally went camping for about six months in the winter and there was at nicer. It was better than the terrible job. There was turning it into monsters. Ok, it literally was a step up would have muddying. Would you weren't in the forest Well, I my my other than the guided would become my brother law talking about sex united knife. He would talk to me about what what to do a lady yeah and all of that so the first time ever had it. I tried everything. He talked about yeah yeah, good idea it was it was there. It was a surprise, he knows a party and I met somebody in it. She lived upstairs, nay. I went up there and
never try everything in the world an end, and she really should. I don't I'm not sure she noticed that I was near fight, but I remember very well, and it sticks grand illusion, Album with AWE Day day do you even saw we're all set down down down down down down down. We seven open sea level There are huge yeah yeah, come to that, it's fantastic great, great user. You did good, oh, I exploded Yes, I did all right. I think I did all right, but it, but there was also just this thing we got to appoint were my father said. I just heard about these places called comedy clubs here and would you like to
Go down yucky ox in Toronto and My mother suggested I wear my best polyester suit nice and covered her night, was a white polyester suit. I was way ahead of the steed Martin Curve, nice and and I went down with my dad and the big the big routine I did at that point was imitating the Carol Burnett Show I was doing all talked him. Conway's character funny was heck cheese. Now he was so fast on his feet. Man rather last time. I met him. He was you get up there in man. The guy was quickly whether if I show you dump the Burnett riff yeah and yet they had this thing where, if somebody wasn't going over. Well, I wasn't tat you note at that. Certainly I'll hypnotists yeah. They would. Playing the theme to Jesus Christ. Superstar
I get rusted crucify him crucify, him crucify him, and Our present would get on this on the might backstage and say to them- The boring now totally hurrying totally boring back. I haven't neck, I esteem years old home again and I didn't go back for two years. I left there that night and I didn't go back two years, then I went back and killed it. You know, it was good for me and it is good that those those takes you do are really good for you. I gotta know what do you do for the two years prepared I'll see you were doing over might elsewhere. No, I was Just come up with stuff, no shows coming up with stuff, and I was Other colleagues and I and ice watched the audience what they're looking for him. You know at first. I guess you just try to fit in I feel that let me ass, he saw no around this stuff around. Like you know the new realizations verse, is the life that you lived before the realizations is
that you, how do you frame- you know what you may have once viewed as mental I miss you I am assuming that. Currently you have a different take on it. Then you might have had a decade ago, and I guessed it did. The deeper question is, when you started doing comedy like for those two years, were you would work? Was your heart heavy? No, It was always for me, I created out of a place of joy and an up out of a place of wanting to free people from concern. My mother, outright, where I was born out of that. So you need to make her feel bad shoes when she was pain I get up on her bed my underwear and be the praying mantis re crazing till she was laughing hysterically and holy rebellion billion going. It hurts right, yeah, yeah and there and so Addison point I realized. Oh, I could actually do this for the world. I could actually do this for large
Groups of people point was that out three them from concern over. I o K. Ok, that's that's! Really. Work came from its Austria ha. I was never self medicating. I think it. It became partly that you know are always becomes a way to express those deeper feeling sure, but I, but I honestly think it's born in still is born out of trying to free people for from concern, even if it's taking them you know head on into the concern he saluted dissipates, the intensity of it. So when you, when you back to yucky axing? You kill that was the beginning of a career than yeah. And I became a feature player at Yuk feature player in the theme. Or of the absurd did you: when did you like? Come to allay the allay amid a guy David Hollis, whose managing now how a man down. And the guy,
the canadian guy here, and he was one of those few guys back. Then they could see the next level. They could see to the next judge. Send over. There were a lot of people that didn't really see the weird things could go in. You know now, you can see you can stay in Toronto and do just fine and by the great, but I mean I get tat, but I mean you know: you're gonna be like some people can do all right and indeed, just means you know to do all the Yuk yuk twice a year, you haven't, I mean, there's Essie TV and others sure he's in the hall there's some great stuff. Now, of course, but I mean it's a stand up, though, like to beginning we really thinking that like stand up, was the thing, I didn't know I had a dream about being. Being an artist that could do a lot of things now.
Not having boundaries, Ohio and I've. Always I've always kind of believed that there is a there's, no limit to the areas I could color. Sneak into wide mean it's queer like the style the way that you sort of did what You do early on you, I was sort of like you definitely somehow push the envelope even with four No, your things. You know even if impressions their Europe, approach them was sort of you know I kind of got pretty out there. Yeah I was the man of a thousand faces sure I was rubber face, but you're always able to even when did characters you create created different timezone. For everybody sure well, that's it! That's! The key is the basis to one of my might my most serious beliefs in my strongest beliefs in that involvement in immersion. In some one else, yes, and in fact in your own work yet headed, you know,
I mean I was. I was in my studio painting in New York one time and I took a walk for a couple of blocks and I found this wonderful little park where these got through planes. Her and I felt so free from the painting has yet it involves your heart, your head in your hands it it's. It takes everything, the array, right and I've always wondered why I was so free and fell so good, and yet you for doing it, and then I will but these guys play soccer. Was this guy chasing the ball and I win? That's it. I could I was compelled by that guy who so involved with getting the ball and that's why all's all sports work. You know all art works on the same level, and that is present. Your presence is addict. The man and when someone is fully present, like Michael Jordan, is in the zone. It's like its addictive man, you cannot,
you know Meissner one of his one of the tents of his technique is that if you are actually interested in what you're doing you'll be interesting to watch now That's why we watch babies cause they discover things for the first time sure you know, and that's why we watched art. That's why we're having, when you look at divinity you're, seeing his presence on the canvas yeah, you know right and it's addictive. You cannot be compelled by he and I think, that's all so something about that's part of the addiction to life performance. Why? Yes, in the moment? Yes, when you have the sense that somebody- and we all have plans you know, but when you have the sense it somebody is like kind of discovering their own materialise, they split the better. Our just. Why like you not been like I've been home, you know, and I can't I can't go out and do their work you know, I've been watching you guys. I watches documentary oddly on Rodney, the other night, which was grey it turned on that that that first prize-
a special last night, I've watched in a year to live in concert and it'll beautiful out it's either did you ever noticed that he comes out on Daily Hastigt time, capsule you're becomes out on stage and they're, not even back from intermission ya, like he walks out on stage in long beach in their there's like a hundred people looking for their seats, they don't even know he came out now MIKE. Doesn't care is not about that? He wasn't about showbiz, he wasn't, but the glitzy was about. Let's connect, yeah, I'm in a canoe yeah it only neck with myself, right right, minute, in a play. These characters like they're, just their happening in front of you right now. The best actors do that. You know that have to rediscover the part every time they do it. If you do ten, takes you have to rediscover at every turn at the job in the moment in a way, yes, the job. So I too Wendy come through the guy who manages how he says: I'm gonna make your star kid or what he said.
You know we should go to allay and do that now. You been to allay once with the damage Thompson and run scrivener work with a couple of guys it for managing me very early on and are and then I came back, I had a bad experience in L, a boy I was, was to do the tonight show and they set up this huge showcase at the Improv one night, and it was to two days before I was supposed to do- that- to nature and Jim Macaulay was their area Everybody was very excited about this new kid from Canada than had been talked about, and I I had a lukewarm night. Was just there were too many industry people for it to be a good night that well. I don't think that room was good. I have some good times, never room here but
Just one night, I get a gap wilful as one of those nice where it was just a little fly and I walked away and I felt it all going away and everybody patents on the backs of the good ones, Buzzy coming out and say with those gray like, oh god, it was the kindest kindness whose killing the compliments it they erased themselves, as they're coming out of her mouth was good, was really have something there. We got the maidens. The events that will govern us make it a word that guy City just cook it. So my right as if their answering you just saying I could I suck absolutely and sure enough. Like a day later, but the call that GMO Kali didn't think I was ready, Guy I tell you tat. I lost the tonight show, and you know I mean that has created new. That's that's caused suicide. Before me, you know a bit. You killed themselves, not yeah, we're beckoned into it over that now
now. What were you couldn't get spots in the end, but let it wasn't that he lost the tonight show it was that without the commie store you couldn't get the tonight, you you couldn't go the next level. When did you get to the store I got there to stay, I went there and nineteen seventy nine- and I did conformity, and I stated the Saharan Motel, which is a character in the book. I saw that Yandah yeah and- and I remember walking in having a hooker come up to me and say you want to date, and I thought wow it's Hockins day. I didn't know what was going on in the end I walked in there. I idea this. It looked like something from a cop show to me, and I like aids walking up the stairs to this, the buoy I was in the Rockford files. I was enough Barretta, whatever it was a new world for me, and I was reading the late great planet earth by how Linsey it was purporting to to.
Have absolute knowledge in ensuring that the work who's gonna end very soon, and there were bit biblical references in everything in there. So I want to check them. I went there manager who was wearing a Stetson and end and smoking a study by the poor if he had any extra bibles, because I wanted to check them the boy, reference has out outlook. He started howling with laughter. He threw his hat down said boy there in a Bible in our Hollywood, where I I was but I addition permits IE. There were on that trip and she I never got to see you. I never got tat. She was sitting at the back of the room and I again had a kind of a weird night with a mite fell apart and in my hands I kid they finally gave like all good god. Damn we need one thing to do our job, one leg, yeah.
But I think it was just. It was just one of those nice where I wasn't in the re spot, so I didn't wait. I we passed her so fast and went back to Canada for two years, That's what I do I screw up the first time, then I regret I came back and eighty one to stay in LOS Angeles, Eugene. She right away was ill. I was on and I was a regular and there was a faint ass. The moment man would have what a door to open but it was always cool with me too. You know spots at the improper for some reason. I never experienced that you're not supposed to play one club where the other I just it never happened for me that when we have by the eighty so that yeah that she it was enough, your big enough, they were burning each other's clubs down now that those days are over. But who were there were your contemporaries at the store date in that European Robin. You know it was me,
it was Kennison, it was Robin it wasn't it Eddie Murphy was coming in to try stuff out Richard prior. Was there all the time right, richer prior was going through really weird period, where think he had done he had done. The first thing he had burned up right here, use questioning his abilities because he was straight anyone it Went in and out, I found myself in the parking lot. One night. You know twenty one years old and I stand everybody else laughed and suddenly I found myself standing with Richard prior here, which is enough to you know, for any comic did this Let us pay yeah, you know and we pass the joint back and forth and he said be careful with stuff and He said I dont remember forty years of my life and I said what I was dumbfounded were. Then he said
I'm not sure it was me and it was like a harpoon going for me. Like the greatest of all time, was having those kind of doubts yeah. Course it was him right. Course he was everything. He'd ever lived right, but at tat moment. He was having real real. Serious doubts about whether it was him whose aspire to do it or it was the drugs. But you had that feeling yeah sure I call on my father a night after I smoke to joint my went on stage here and I eviscerated the room and Kennison even was at the back of the room He started messing with me just to see what I was later right agenda and I just it annihilated in that night. How grin the end is amazing. I was I was lucky man. It was this com. If you like the Magyar, I needed the rim shop tat, you know, I was a comedy priest
man I am getting at its good. When you can now the boy in the back of the room in my god he was just uses, tested destiny and in the end I did fantastic and I came on stage and he came up and everybody came up and he said holding crap and you were just off the hook. You're you're transcendent man and I went. I was high and I went home immediately, and I call my father who was a jazz musician awe and I said, as I started thinking will make. Should I do it this way right and I called him up- and I said You know you must have run into that. You know being in the jazz game. You must have run into a lot of musicians that were using and heroin stuff and things like that and he said he. I knew a lot of guys. A lot of guys were yet in there that way and- and I I never did because I figured if
made it that way? I could never own it right right, right, that's exactly in fact what Richard was going through right right, whether he could wondering whether he could own this great It's that everybody Andreasen yeah gives to see you. You, chose against it? I chose against it. I can't do it if I can't take credit for what the Hell's it worth man. You know that, but that's interesting that people would look up. Look at it like that coming there were so many do like. I certainly did my share a gigantic to man. I mean I know I know I know required ride right by. Never, I never created in you know, relied on it to clear. Yet there there were catch it couldn't can get on stage without no. I came in. I knew a lot of those guys Steve ravage used to walk around the halls of the commonest organ was, I am yet screw so once again is instead
Oh well, you know when we met, he was working the door and he had started doing, lay night spots out. You know the last one, yet no one Forty five in the morning right and it's all he could get at that time. And he came up to me and at that point I was already regular and I was in playing in the main room and I was getting standing ovation every night and he came up to me and he said man I'm just such a fan, love what you do ah- I go on really late at night. I go on the last spot in in the original room, and would you hang out and watch me, and I said yeah sure soy about that night end and I watched him yeah makes me cry to think about it. I sat at the back of the room men and I watched the world change here. You know, and I
and I was crying with laughter it's the first time I had ever seen somebody Mary Comics. You usually intellectualize in thank you know right. They they go above the emotion, too intellectualize, something and say to the world. Here's how we deal with it without having to come apart, but he was the first one that was emerge first in his emotions and his anger and expressing at the same time, these brilliant routines that I'd never heard anything. Why here and I felt like I was watching bird. I was watching Charlie Park. I watching you know early I was Davis. I was like. I was seen something really extraordinary men. He can mark stage and came up to me, What do you think, and I say what I think I think your it you know,
and good luck to his causes. That's gonna be difficult. Yeah plus plus he picked my new that he had picked a character and persona as we speak about the book here in the past as we create that sometimes we can live up to the beast created a procedure that he couldn't get out of basic were with I'm here that's every year. Every time he got sober people came up and scream in his face and needed him to be the beast. You know It was a very hard thing to get out of reason. We drove the closer together and he was killed gonna train me how to preach, and we were going to go on the road because he was known yet we're gonna go on the road is pentecostal preacher and even call me later. Boy, Jim and I was gonna. Do is the thing we never got to do it, but I got to listen to him preaching the garage with brother money in the family summit.
Energy right is the energy incredible incredible energy, and I knew it was. It was kind of wild to see because he hits hard here at a certain point- that he kind of carried away and frozen in the image of himself and so you noticed like the second album in this. Second third Letterman isn't as tight and isn't as its more about who here. The Cambodian. Each about he had to say, became Kate. You know it became sort of like I can do this this fucked up, but it also became like a rock star. He became outdoor rays and every rock star in the world was finding all over him. So is tough. It's a tough ego thing. Man we're faced with that kind of You know reverence your coming at you. You know. I do I think he was able to handle the abbot. The guitar thing I feelings about a more complicated.
If you have but- but it just seemed to me that the clarity that first record at night, you sombre the night and you were hanging out with vision, yeah yeah and, like you know, a lot of don't realize like when you walk into the room, and he was doing that shit from that first record. Yeah, he changed this year, the energy in the fuckin rule- He was menacing dude. It was like metal woe to those who became offended enough to leave, because then he was ripping you apart. It was the guy had his dick in her purse Seine, and I hope you find a lump. I mean my god. He would go to places that if it were just what did he say, But you know you were able to create a sort of different energy because of the intensity you brought to it. In you, you became a star, before him Sean imagining you're. Looking at I going through his paces in Ireland are how come but you guys, remained YO during that time or if you weren't already or you or he used to hide himself from you at that point. But I mean it was a time when we got will we got where we split.
You now. Yes he's going down that direction of the outlaw yeah I you know I I hope for a long time with them and we got in some scraps and together and in other words, some you got pretty hairy around SAM Land- is pretty hairy. So I just know myself- and I know that I wasn't meant to be. I haven't, I have a rebellious, Greek, but I'm not an outlaw. You know I mean to you and I there, there came a time where we, sit down. That did not turn out well right because You want me to come on the road with them, and I said I just can't Salem sorry, United States I'd like to live in I'm pulling into this thing called life. Tat was all
feeling I got someone's gonna go down, it's probably going to be a limit for him exactly That's right, you know, it seems like Rodney was equally as important in his life as he was in yours, honey was born, so many young comics man. He just opened a door for a ton of people. All these people that had personally, experiences with robbed me. I mean the first time here her hired me here. Looked at me and he started laughing and he said kid. Did you ever been in love with Can he by the fact that I just had not had any human experience whatsoever? I just pure love coming in at an end. We had just this wonderful magical relationship and I still quote him two young comic some people that I know you know there's all there's a bit of it in the You know where
you know he would say to me, you know kid. You're gonna make the tank so strong. A bone headed mother Fucker can fucking stop it. You know no bonehead can get in your way Is it takes too strong? A real warrior comic that guy He was a man and an end at surgeon, a surgeon, you does all gold shows of writing Dangerfield with Johnny Carson, oh yeah enjoying it was like a year and then what happened here, but almost than for how many more he's just literally just marking. The space between the jokes with sounds depressing. That happen went when one of them than work as well as you wanted. She just stay out of my way in order me, but when a joke flops I welcome any sort of like all, should it should try them again at the club or whatever using a moment, work they're gonna work, a lot about what we say here and now.
You know we had. We had such a beautiful relationship and he was always my friend and he left my father and he he stuck with me when I was experimenting and the audience had no clue what I was doing, whereas other people jumped ship which better I was I was in Vegas. You know doing. I called its performance, it just wasn't funny. You know right at that point I was just exploring. I would spend like fifteen its being a cockroach escaping from the back in cleaner you know, that will be the substance of it. Or I'd be the guy snake, the guy that wanted to deal right there on stage or whatever, and they just I was an alien from another plan Rodney. What did he say so you ve tried some stuff. A kid. That's good! That's good! Fresh! Keep a fresh in our agenda
and there he was, he was just of- a big supporter in a big fan and and then what He passed Joan, Gale me this lovely box with leather bound box, with Romney's favorite shirt and his party So if you know Rodney, you know that's pretty much. The grail here a break. She's my career man. You know Romania, whose beautiful link to the past. It was so important and then I got to meet prior and all these guys, Robin Williams, who was just the fact He's gonna lasted just absolutely incredible. You know so I just I can't and tell you how how lucky I feel. I don't know how you feel about your era. Did you feel that, for your era of at the comedy store
I got it when I was. There was most we SAM a you know, and I got kind of caught up with that in dice was also breaking, but I I saw Richard come in a couple of times and he was beaten up again you he was trying to get back on. The horse again, he wasn't said he I literally be at the microphone saying are not funny you lie in the audience would go? No. You are wise words. He groaned, I'm really not. I don't. I don't feel funny ran in terms of like guys, my generation who were there like when I was at the store, was it was a little dark period and not old people didn't really loved to come around there, like even industry, people were a little wary of the place. You know when all those cats you were therewith we're still around the idea. We can send my life, isn't it it's like. It's like. It goes through those phases where this that there is a kind of a day, on period were nothing but a sham period was very dark ass. He would bring in when he was running the play. Sam was, the porn stars in the weirdos in the drug, fiends and Satanist. It was crazy, dark time, and then you got me.
Like Joe. We came in and Jan Haber doing sets and Karen a broken bait, his ticket tennis balls and is now exactly you don't and in the midst of this chaos- and I was given up a crestfallen SAM, a party of their juggler and Becker would say: Becker would call US demands and family because we're up there just rapiers pretty decadent it was. It was an important period and might in my life, but I had to run away being chased by things only I saw I got myself into a psychotic drugs. You state, then I had a really yet I got into a fight with SAM and I lost my mind on cocaine and I had a go regroup and it took it come or years after you call your second great teacher and said: why did we never get together? Yeah yeah? What's happening veil liberal? How old are you are you do? I went back to new, Mexico, and kind of both my brow back together we started my career in the Boston started because it was over you and I'm so happy for you, man. I honestly, I think your great, and I really I really cause you're an honest guy,
and you you share- that in a really cool way, always been about the stand up. You know at the big It's great, it's wonderful to watch. I enjoy stand up so much watching it. You know what I don't know. If I'll ever go back to do it, it could happen. But but I I love it- was your point where you were like II and I've got to go a different route here like a year. There's a mention in the book where you were like it Like you know, when you were in Vegas, you kind of saw that life and it seem like that was the life you want. I could not die there, no matter Do you know what that possibility? I do not trust white tigers. And I cannot yet know the whole atmosphere. I can go to Vegas for a night, but The control that ms fears in their rooms and stuff like that in the training. Whatever there's nothing on the television set, it just compels you to go down and spend your money. Last time I was playing at the comedy stored the dunes. Ah, I was with dice actually yeah,
He was in the room, go internally blow this last hundred bucks man here like that and go. What do you mean you're? Like I'm serious, you like, I got a hundred bucks, let the lost everything You can't let me blow his last hundred bucks. I got myself. Ok I'll, try to keep an eye on that, my winning the battle to go p and I came out me- was gone in abundance of God. Tat was the dunes and I and she had to store their right at the store there, and I was playing there as a feature player to store the text. Impossible. Can I gotta have a stool, stool It's still yourself man to get comic whatever just brutal, and there I remember, being in my room one night and I have I was going through a phase rise, listening to positive affirmation, tapes and depression,
No, it's just try and motivate myself and move the universe secretly for the secret every area right. I was always doing it, so I put headphones on? I lay back on my bed my ear. A totally ways and- and I fell asleep while I was listening to You are a winner and everything, easily. You accuse us eagles. And and I was listening to that. I fell asleep and has blessed our sleeping and suddenly I I sense something I heard something I kind of like slowly blinked my eyes off when I saw a light coming in from the hallway and when I was left left a light on and then I look to the other side of my bed right beside me at the night stand saw something moving an initially. I thought is that a cat on the table and then I the depth per cent
and kept area, and I realized I was staring at a human face about. Who feed away from mine. It was a woman with long hair going through my wallet, on the night? Why and going? My wallet and then I left out of bed and grabbed her and she got up and she was about six foot for. Why can she kept saying she was acting that she was a prostitute saying, I thought you were frank. They sent me up for Frank, dire. I grabbed her and through threw her out into the hallway, with the door was fully open here. And apparently I had put the bolt on right and she came with the with the do not disturb scientists flicked it open Kennedy, yeah, and I- and she ran to the elevator wear them, the guy holding the elevator for her and I was so freaked out and I call them
the security, and I went down to the security office which was like, you know the police station in Beverly Hills, cop values, huge police station inside the casino, looked at mug shots, and I found her and they said oh yeah, her yeah she's. She works all high tat job you dead, real listening, a motivational data idiots are you out and she saw you going body tsar was vague browser. You are a winner nope. So that was Vegas, and when I saw the dunes go down, I saw the demolition of the dunes, which is in casino by the way here it martyr. A moment in my life tat. I was very happy about. I was glad to see that go back so like so how does the transition I mean obviously wish you would have time to go through everything, but I mean was Europe like any one. When I know you did a few movies and your
These were unknown quantity, but when living color happens was her. A party that was sort of like Lama stand up. I at an hour funding. I know I was always up for new directions and new experiences, but Dame you knew Damon End Keenan Frame and was at the comedy ride with me, and we did earth. Girls are easy to get. How great with you to watch? He was fantastic right so funny so edgy man, so incredibly dark, and he dude unbelievable, an end, just courageous, beyond belief. For years beyond belief, he had the sickest routine, some of them I remember one in particular, where I don't what's your ear, listeners aren't gonna, see this, but that that. His sister got beat up your boyfriend now when he went to visit or in the hospital, is really messed up in some way going out with that. Do what it? What is it? What is it? What were you doing that you say yes and she's
Does I wrong they're just the border. That's right fill our agenda. He's all had invited me to download link to audition for living. Carbon got everybody, but why did you guys have any idea? You know what it's gonna be like em, you in conception, or is it just a sketch? I mean what was the pitch because it was keen and cause Keenan was due and stand up to a bit right, yeah, nobody had done the sketch stop yelling, I mean You know when I got on the show. Damon said to me: you're gonna have to come up with some characters. I'd never done characters before right, a real. I just can't opened up my perception and started looking for people in character. Yeah the four One was Vieira De Milo. She presented herself to me at old, Jim in Santa Monica. No kid I was getting as smoothly and she came to the counter and said I can
a proteins new. And it was this wonderful You must woman, and and I went. There is one thing and then started evolving into characters. Fire marshal bill was born out of a sketch stead and smiles and fax bar, and I created called the death wish foundation and it was a sketch about you, kids, who are passing away, and, and there are there estimates. Wish is what we were costs rating on Russia. They would make posthumously. Hang my posthumous wishes this sick kid was too. Go to one amusement park after IDA as well. It would be me on their rights flopping around in the seats on the roller coaster and stuff, like you, didn't burn it to the end
and that didn't get on, but the character stock. The character became fire bill. Oh my guys, a nice darker backs you're crazy right? We have with that that grouping of people. I wrote a lot with Steve Kirk, who is also responsible for a lot of my early success in just did incredible, incredible work and when People went to cease and horror they were going to because of fire marshal Bill right sure you're going to see what this lunatic is. Gonna do yeah, basically, and they end there were happy, what they saw us all, whose it was really wonderful and back voter. Can I rode up, wrote that late night after we'd written sketches, fora in living caught. The first eight venture it. Firstly, in turn we wrote the original scrap at
I didn't know if I was actually going to do the movie or not, I had a trap door. I didn't have to do it if I didn't like it, but we got so pregnant with it that it was just. We were just out of our minds with laughter or this thing and It was a freedom that everybody should operate under them. The idea that it's never I get done so just go crazy then it was like crazy because then, like you, basically defined the movie comedy business. You know four years, dude. I mean that ninety forest freedom, man is freedom, is the idea of freedom it if you get out of the way of his Ike man. If you get out of the way of the of the inspiration, you have the courage to do it's in your head. What you think is funny you know, then then you had an earth. Then you hit the back room after eight Ventura. You can do whatever you want it yeah. I was very far can it with the mask endowment, our right after that time I was going, ok, don't get safe, don't get safe, don't get outta!
Dont Wyndham Endeavour came along and I got my first big payday. I knocked I'm feeling out. Am I to do through my bonding out of my to that of rebellion against a man, and you know- I did want to become a man night. I wanna we and our artists, So you are, you, are you are against the greed monster? You lie showed up with the boycott. In my tooth You know I was really not go yeah. I have a boiling rock and serious failure. Whenever I went back to do any Dumdum raving asked it in the first time I just took a big, lighter and our care. I knocked off right now, And I showed up like that picture. He was just pick Bobby were oh yeah, yes all alone. And there it was. It- was a reaction to becoming popular. I I wanted to fly in the face of it.
And all the way along like to stand up into the living color sketch stuff into the movies and now into them to the book and into the argument that the comics, the political cartoons, its it think I have this disease that will not allow me to become really entrenched in people's minds in one place. We I mean, I think ass. It as time will tell you you're, you're, entrenched in people's minds and in a lot of different ways. Everyone has got a different Jim carrying their mind. I would think most people who have a that's because I take the chance at night. A challenge my audience a lot. You know I I I ask a lot from them a lot of understanding from them I'm gonna go off now, not do anything that you like, and I'm gonna develop a new thing and then I'm gonna bring it back in glued. On other thing, you like right and also you take you. A chances is any talk about that in the book that you know part of that your chances,
are you know the battle of seeing yourself as a failure? this idea that you know that you know when you do take. Chance and doesn't pay off, even though you artistically were were were new. We're taking that chance are still, as you know, the pub its opinion avatar the critical, a pane of verses. You know what you feel. That's a hard place to be sometimes yeah, but you can't you step in the direction of appeasing. You can't pander right. No sir, you can't pander and create at the same time it's just not conducive. You know, I really is you can help but they will like it that it will hit a nerve, but you can't pander because they, even if they dont, know what on the surface, they know it inside they d, still actually know what do you think The biggest risk you ever took really in in films are so many things, but but Ike Philip Morris, like a lotta resistance about here,
especially the year by. Sex not fucking, see I hear. My people went fucking, mad inserted the film company and- and they were just out of their minds over that thing, and I said you know what you're the guys that would take the horses head out of the godfather start. Trying to file down the buck and edges, and I thought I don't. I thought I thought and I threatened, that not to promote, and I did everything that an artist can do to say fuck with this I'm gone, you know, and there an interesting day, because that was that gentleman's first day as an actor really fast as a very precarious position to be on your first day, but with these more serious movies, no one's it. You know, you really kind of note is your challenge. I guess you would consider challenging your fans expectations by
doing. You know, roles and now you know, Oh, I guess I don't know eternal sunshine. I think you know I was your greatest dramatic role really for me. Didn't you and Truman show. I think that the magic of Truman Show was was that the concept was still original and prophetic. Yeah, you know have sole as it turns out, everybody has their, thereby all their living and now you're everybody's Truman. Now, that's for sure now, will I get asked a lot? What what? What do you think happens? Truman when he leaves the the stage and go through the door. And I say he has the watch. Everybody go back in to the stage and try to seek what he he had no Gaia failure. Is and so he's alone. Again we speak, Do you like your periods, where I can hear about you like you know it, we don't really have too many common friends. I guess I just made assumptions that you know I'd see you probably,
they go through these different relationships have these hard times and then a direct an article about you know you had this scared straight. The gym carry story the other, but word though I thought was fastened just picture you and your butler there in the house. Did you sitting there really just can't call it a butler. Now it's like a house manager howling in your cheeks, the house from falling apart of becoming here, you know great expectation and, like you sitting at a citizen, Kane size table eating dinner by yourself in bud. It's right, by putting a play some beautiful woman, putting a puzzles again. Angrily rushing, she would go out, feel feeling on realise. But what did you take? The we did. You study acting at some point, I did. I went down that when I quit store, and doing stand up. You actively quits
and up you just say we I stand up. I I said no, I went I can't do this is leading to baggage, which is the impression is that by like, I knew I couldn't pursue that any longer side as well. Locked away for a while- and I study Meissner instead laskin in, do acting classes and started audition. For acting roles and then, two years later I got the bug again and I went ok now. I think I think come back to me with a different perspective. Actually create my own persona. And that's what I was after an I struggled man for a long time, people yelling at me to do golden pond and do the promptly reactor and even Missy at one point in Vegas, said to me you're on your own. I can't I'm fresh evidence when he and ill wind tat- and I said you know they freaked out when Bob Dylan Electric Area
but you need a grace period. Ok ever in this. She still supported me. She still supported me and And then I slowly starting to develop? I did six months where I Alice myself by not allowing myself to repeat a word that I said the night before. Ok, so I would go up unarmed, completely, bleed in front of the crowd in You know where, as I saw Robin doing his thing and I knew he had debts, and I knew he would branch ass in the moment. I think If I trained slight training with weights on, if I didn't, have anything to go to and I just either saviours swam. I would come but the other side, a stronger artist. You know, so I didn't for six months. Man, I'm glad before I went on state aid We know that, like I was starting often shown on this guy, he was horrifying.
And I came up to me at a certain point- any said the man I see You do in man, you got giant balls, yet giant balls in everybody's watchin. You know, and in comics drew back there if you're, not gonna, use that dead man. I heard what you're doing if your I use energy and undue right. You know who whatever and a couple of you know entertainer type comics you know, you're gobble up my old impressionist, acting with a vague, as was really the I used to have people coming up. Two men say like your act is killing in Vegas. Did you let him have it yet? So you Come out the other side yo I can. On the other side, one night in my bed I used to live. Early go to bed at night going. What do they mean? Well, they need. What are they need? What is it what's my thing? You know b and and wonder just shut up in bed and
and set out loud. They need to be free from concern. The old thing? I've been do my whole life. They need to be free from concern here and in it like a revelation that I would be. Come. The guy. My persona, would be the guy that was free from concern. Right and in doing so you know they would Rise Moses, get that feeling for themselves I am then the name. Night. I went to the comedy store- and I said good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and how are you this evening already that and they realized I don't give a damn how they are, and I our concern and I you know- and I'm really not going away from s hands and in that created state show my persona. It also created a splinter up the attitude of ancient her wild, man and the end of your stand up, but its it comes always from the belief in it
You know the book touches on this, a lot that fear the razor thing man it causes everything from you know a good time our to two racists sure you know the people afraid be replaced. You know in its in its the weakest thing could put out into the universe. I've always believed that that I dont know how I'm gonna find a place for myself, but you know the front doors been blue. But I can go through the basement window. I know that there will be an opening. There will be something presenting itself I've had that undying believe my whole life. It's what drives you, after this tremendous expansion, both ego wise, fame, wise money, wise, you know You know women, wise and in everything else was your point. Where you came up empty and that's where you crashed yeah yeah, there were many crashes there still crashes,
No, when you tell me that you do I do. How do you feel about your men? Trivia too? I I believe that no one gets through this life. It's too challenging and is too much stuff come in as we don't have the bandwidth to handle it here we have to find ways to escape it. We have to turn the guy at its off. We have to find moment seven, in nature Meditation is helpful, really helpful breeding. Techniques. You know there's a lot of, that's you. I I get up and I'll walk in. I do call plunges, and I you know I do You gave my body every chance it can can get no more Madison be healthy. Very little supplement patient? You know I am. I in my life is a little little a handful of pills suffer. May I take your with dinner unless that's about it, but no I still get into spirals of thought and you noticed eruptions of of. Anger and disappointment in humanity. You know
in the human species, in in the narrowness of someone's perceptions, but no exit. Essential sadness. I don't think so. I know how good for you really not tonight. It's not just a general depression, good anymore at all great he's been at times, but no, I don't have that I know when I'm not happy, I'm not. In the place, I should be right younger, I'm I'm I'm indulging in what I call time travel yeah. You know the eagle doesn't ever allow you to stay in this moment it tries to ruin the smoke you and I are the only thing in the world to me right now. Right, you know you in the chair he's outside that. I can assure you tickling right. I sense right, you know them as soon as you lose that you're caught an ego, your time travelling, you're going back to regret or you're going forward to fear the hour. You, your brain, just making shit up for you to react. Yeah
half the time, its stuff that has never happened, you're having a fight in an What kind of crazy oration with somebody that you'd never even reacting to presuming that they're going to hate you they're, not real? It's not real! not real. So much of what we go through is not real stuff. So much HU, we authorize not real stuff. I get that. That's what they're, where the book takes you when you get in with me and let me know if it takes you they're cassettes were at. My intention was, is to do too through this absurd ism. You know, and it is out of fiction, to a place where I can actually give people a glimpse or a feeling of freedom. From grasping what I'm excited about it. I'm sorry that I didn't finish it before. I talk to you it's okay, we'll on the slowest reader in the world and it cuz I'm enjoying it, and I didn't know if I would, but I like it, I'm going to finish it. I will
Written done call me. Yesterday we get and said that he had read it in two sittings and he's dyslexic yeah. You guys are kind. I saw you guys have things in common. I feel I think so Easing visa heavy cat, you know, he's a heavy tat, an incredible family. What a family, yeah yeah, just genius family, I'm reading on reading Joan Gideon right now and I just finished Joan Didion via your magical thing a year of magical thinking, s so heartbreaking. We beautiful yet has incredible, while talking you German, I'm glad we're u to man. Would do it again, we'll do it again. I an we haven't, hung, for this man. S sister is agreed the opportunity to kind of connect we handle. I admire. I love any time when we get one more able to talk again, you can come over. This is still your graph. If a new garage, I knew
I am in a new Gunjay Leno. You have Toy Carson our duties like eight hundred Garth. Nobody had to make it into a little house. I got no, I got no. I got one car and his garage It is now a little house. Next to my house is very low, find myself man stuff does not turn me too. I don't I don't at one point I got the Mercedes Mclaren and I just got tired of flipped off lightly. Yeah I got I've. I got what I thought was then a nice car, gotTA, Toyota Avalon and my desire to nice for me, but I was an entire sector. Can you learn, really lovely great work with the booking? Let's talk again soon thanking ok, bye, bye, that- was interesting. I think I did all right. He called me after me, nice Jeff stand up guy, that Jim carry and again the book co written by Dana Vashe on with GM, his memoirs and misinformation and novel you can get
that wherever you get your books, in that's, what's happening, man, that's what's happening, ok, congratulations! Everybody! You did another day, Harrison Dirty boys, guitar
our lives.
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