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Episode 1145 - Ice-T

2020-08-03 | 🔗

Tumultuous times call for sensible comments from voices of reason. Who better to speak to the issues of the day than Ice-T? The legendary rapper, rocker and actor talks about his personal experiences with COVID to offer some much-needed perspective. He also gives his take on the importance of the anti-racism protests around the world and how it relates to the race-driven firestorm over his Body Count album in 1992. Marc and Ice also talk about Redd Foxx, Richard Belzer, and a time Marc saw Ice at an aquarium in Spain.

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Fuck and present: let's do it let's be here. Be here now, whatever per day. It turn. Whatever guard toe away this. This is it. I live in this sector. In this second, this second I'm in the now now not now it's now True, though man hey, are you got at this moment right and then the one after it then the shady one after that, unlike what about seven moments from now, that's gonna be trouble but see that that way of thinking is not correct. Stay in the moment. Fine. What happening people today, I iced tea is on the show. Today that was something I was very. I made myself very crazy about that about interviewing iced tea, because he's fuck nice t doesn't seem intimidating to you. Doesn't seem right,
you picture iced tea like ids Dice tee, but that might be in intense intimidating guy to talk to- and I made myself fucking crazy for two days, was The new body count record some there's other older records. Doug Vienna Little bed. I always super. I forgotten surprise that forgotten that there were a couple icy alms, and I listened to the fuck out of When I was younger man, certainly that first. There. Body count record and then that freedom of speech record- through this stuff in my garden amount. We did. I have this record. I listen to it We have constantly for awhile both of those records. But outside this weird experience where I never met him before, but we We we shared some space together. I see and I Back in the nineties. The mid nineties ideas like ninety six. Ninety seven, I was on a trip.
Spain with me, first wife on it. It was it a honeymoon that we'd put off and we were in, we're in Barcelona, Spain, at an aquarium. And. I thought he was there with his. I guess his wife and daughter young young kids. They were walking through the aquarium. In front of me and Kim. And I told the story about this- on Conan o Brien on summer tenth. Ninety, ninety seven so much the happened shortly before that you know within a year or two. I can't track things but all share that I'll share my telling of that story about being at the aquarium walking behind iced tea and his family. Because I wanted to. This was a that Conan O Brien appearance.
How can behind iced tea and we're going through the exhibits? Ok and for some reason it each tank he would the description, I guess the moral of the story once I get into it. Is it's not what you say. It's how you say rise I'd, be stated right. Behind a monopoly arena, ego coastal Mosh community, I don't know just wait. He said community, I'm working in the tank for social injustice mackerel, given that gap and then- and I like the next day- we have heard the decks they die because the greatest thing in the world are you go look at our biggest crap from social injustice to just an observation he's the guy that I would want to hear narrate like every way to museums, the menu com, beaten, eggs, yeah, Coastal Marsh Community I'll bring that up the ice
I talked to him in a few minutes, so it yet The bottom line is the point I guess I'm trying to make is that, after all, my sanity, After all, my flailing insecurity and fear, it was great. It was great to talk to him. He was up for it. And I thoroughly enjoyed it, and I think he had a nice time too. So. They had this piece in the New York Times on Saturday. I interviewed I David David, it's cough who just wanted to interview me about my relationship with Lynn and they put them. In the paper I guess what really sort of interest him initially outside of our creative relationship was me. Eggs variances in going through this grief, publicly the choice I made, and I
just been so the heavy hardness about that in the sort of emotional rollercoaster every day, but like I've been feeling physically ill for months really. In every few weeks I think it's Calvin every once in a while, I feel like it some our genes, but now just gotten terrible and unjust, every day, I'm just queasy and the weight of the fuckin world. You know, and I in and it's not so much. I am I'm fighting depression like everybody else's deal. With grief, but the truth of the matter is: is that term you have? Even before Lynn died? I was getting up every morning wondering if my fucking cat was alive are, but condition my cat was in. And that's on going. You know this is still going on in its is draining me. It's killing me and he's a bad right now, and I just you know. I know we ve covered this before, but it's like it's, it's gonna happen. I didn't realize, that's probably which making me so physically.
Yeah outside of your grief. Pandemic, stress, isolation, sadness, fear Is that every day every day I wake up at five thirty six in the morning in wonder, my cats alive today is the day every day but I will say this: I still have had the energy. In our two were: they'll lose my shit it my father. I'm ok with him now, but I mean I did find time to comment at a fuckin dummy for political views. Yet we're. Shallow and. Just sort of like his brain is some sort of. Recording device. And it only records when information connects. To some sort of anger. Annie sitting at home, I don't know why. I don't know I there's nothing. I can do to stop at watching night, not the Fox NEWS, he's watching the dumber more
propagandistic won the, one America NEWS Network- is he I don't thinks it's news, someone's guiding enemies surrounded With their republic, people in his new family, and I just watch my shit it was. It was my dad was what I thought to be an intelligent guy. Yeah, a sophisticated guy, but not with politics, and it turns out, maybe not with anything. Other than what he's focus was, which was medicine at a time so I thought we could engage around a little bit of a discussion. Jim get off of whatever his problems are. Whatever my sadness is in sight. Asked him as a doctor. You know what he thought about this pandemic situation. Now, it's being handled says woke where we got here. We gotta get I China, in a MIKE what the fuck, Are you talking about what about but we're dealing with. Why-
came from their. What bodies have got to get lost? My ship what literal you ass, my shit call my father a fucking idiot I know and in that I feel bad because he resolved now when was alive and when I was more engaged in grounded and enjoying life before the pandemic before the loss in I had a certain amount of a bill. Ie to sort of compartmentalizing manage here. You know whatever I'd put on the back burner or let go of, but obviously- a totally it's hard to let go of everything about four, your parents in NEO on some level I should be excited at their stole Ivan, but enough. By feel bad about it- and I call them It was quite an apology, I think I said I'd. I dont really
Care, whether or not I talk to you at all, and and he goes why do and unlike right well, was trying to figure this out then- and I said I just want- I just its when you talk about that stuff in such a shower way in such a you know an unsurpassed way. You'll be one thing if you had a political point of view which you don't because right after hung up on him and called him a fuckin idiot. His ego techie! You have the message, you look, I don't care, I don't care who who wins? I don't give a shit. I don't really give a shit a young give a shit about below sea and YO this ouch busier. It's right so he's still reeling off. He's talking. Point said that of recorded on the anger tape in his brain, but disconnected things in telling in saying I guy, I hope I Biden wins. I don't give a shit buying come back now found a magazine. Look, you know when you talk like that, it's it's just embarrassing.
And it makes me lose respect for you. Because it's it it's shallow and dumb. And it makes me angry that after a sort of relay this embarrassment, this lack of respecting also dare to find out that you know maybe in your old age or maybe always you just or not, a sophisticated figured it and now look I'm a more than capable of indulging other opinions on some level, its aggravating. It makes me angry, but I mean if I can see them track it back to you know at the point of view, but the he doesn't have one. Completely reactive. So I told him that, and you know he got it, but you we'll see, I am too selfish too. I don't know, but that's my story. Bill Burke came by the other day, sit and talk about the world about life about helicopters, bats grief, about children. And.
He ate some cake. Thank God. Does a very healthy guy, you know is how we I was gonna go, but he ate the cake. Billy Eighth cake, then I sent in the fuckin recipe. As nice, I hadn't seen going a long time that, since before the pen I am probably- and you know as nice, said I'll catch up right. So listen we gotta we got there. I he comes up is most recent. Album with body count is called carnivore. It was released, back in March. Right is the pandemic hit, so he was unable to tour with it. Talk about tat a little bit. He also rewrite You stay new studio, edit of their two thousand and seventeen song no lives matter in support of the anti racism movement. And this is me an ice t come on up.
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Well, you know what it is. I got a guy like my poor g g. Like the p, Oh I'm used to being a rare, you know our sister riot, those people I'm coming But would damage with someone else into his eyes zone. I feel like doing alien. I'm like I don't know you. I don't know what you ve been greed and what was even eat now know what you ve been to resign as a key I mean like I've been goin, yet you till you not gonna store nothin. I try, I'd Fridays, in my wife as much as possible, she know she's younger than me. She does my wherein the mask do in all day. I try to make it And shall runs you now the act of the latter, I would I do that drive through that. You know fast food. Some stuff? I do a lot of that stuff, but I'm not really trying to catch beyond its I've had enough people, I know close to me die, and you know
her. My couples, Father just got out of it. Asked little after months bout with it and my GAD yeah, he was a non master, he's either guided Rights Farley's shoots guns wouldn't put on a mass gonna got him put him on his back and now he is probably. Well yes to be on acts as you now and definitely do damage its lungs to wear. His lungs will operate. Almah, Yad yeah Let me ask you a question. Let me ask you a question about a guy like that, in a sense it like now, it is a guy like that. Is he too proud to realize he was fuckin, stupid or any is he gonna like, because I see these cats you You know that there are there against a mass. They say it's a scam, it a real and ain't. This then they get it and then also they just shut up. Where there's a teachable moment there, where they say you know I fucked up. This is real economic boat. He,
change in the hospital Let us do it right, you see, guy, it's only change, he told everybody where Mass CC admitted. He made a big huge mistake, because when he caught it. Not only did he get his son clouded in his two sisters. Guy I talk to that. Talk to the nurses in asked Billy was dead and they were like enough. Sooner or later they figured out. We was, you know, cuz yeah. We definitely want to near and try to make. You know. At this point when people are getting the die you trying to get every bit it you she can. Some like. You know, my father in law. Next thing, you know these on a news. I'm like a right would now your priority patient, you dont they're, not gonna wanna. Let you die right: rail, rail, I'm, I'm just trying to save his life in the nurse she told me she said, everybody here, ninety percent of these people- our non believers until they're. Here
yet most people catching it are catching a just from negligence. No kidding any any wonder Is that going to change your entire polluter go point of view, or just at the wanting around this thing. You know I mean. I don't really know you know. All I know is that it is a life changing shouted to waken. You know each time you say hey, this can happen to mean it happens to you. You gotta be a real area to kind of try to keep ride it out. You know so yeah this summer worth steward. Three days. Then they were calling us with that. Next, you can call like. We want to make sure that we could put him them later. If we need to ride a cocoa was crying and it was it was. It was pretty much like him gonna die an arm
he lost. You lost, like forty pounds, he's now real frail, and this is like a big big, husky dude you know like, but That's why I don't have a problem speaking on it, because people look good media, the wise to you, tough guy, to stand there and I'm like a bit. Then you could be tough against rhino Your gangster can help you with this. You know is it you want well me he said, will do you sat like you said he terrifying, sound scared. I said I do I'm scared a YO, Yo Yo. But contaminated breath. That's what I'm whatever you could be healthier shit and if your blood you little fucked up, you got a little something in your unit This is my point wooden icy I live do so much shit yeah. I can't this. Thank you now. All I gotta do is
stay in the house and be aware- and one of my boys, he just came back from penitentiary- did twenty six years names? So I am talking here mom like do you do not warrant egos, quarantine, eyes, I was in the hall for two years, yet but in the whole these that I got my wife here, I got Netflix. I got you mad yeah egg impress, but I have to go anywhere. He knows how to do not go anywhere exactly as you better sit down. I am I take. I take heed. I think also it's this thing about being healthy or not being healthy. Is I don't think anybody really knows what they're made of inside genetically or whatever you could be healthier shit and if your blood's a little fucked up, but you got a little something in your heart. You know what this virus is going to hook up to and kill you how it's going to do it
you may not know you have any type of ripe wisting. You know saying, my friend Scarface, whose from ghetto boys he's healthy It took him that I eyes fella. I three hundred pound weights on my chest and I could of so much he fell back. I was coffin razor blades a guy it destroyed is key he's on dialysis now guide. Caddies and a a late forty cities do that in order to work with daily died right out the gay. He was forty, five years old, the many can get. You know people just stupid The people of style masking as more People know somebody personally exactly every no one's going to be untouched by this and they're going to know a guy who's. Dad is brother or uncle or their grandfather. Whatever everyone's going to know, somebody that went down, terrible
you know what I tell people and people ask me, because you know in trying to be the voice of reason. For saying, is I tell people like this web? magic, wouldn't matter you, conspiracy theories, your five g where it came from who made it whites it's here, my Control, Thrall, newer. Order. All that- Illuminati Illuminati, Iris itself is real now what I don't care where it came from an appeal all, but the virus itself is real, so fuck around with it. If you want to Russia is an end as they will have years, the figure out where it came from is it is it a fact he bill gates, conspiracy than I was,
because I'm gonna go no on that one. Not here. My my thing is: I was in military right near we'll start shooting first thing you do is you take cover? Then You figure out with issuing from right away now. Werner take cover mom, you know. I also like speaking too that before where there's a couple of things, I like the new items, great, I like it, I, like the record. I like that song point the finger right thing. I mean because it's interesting to listen to them the nature of how you present, issues has evolved and any even when you're Talkin angry there, there there's a little more there's a lot more balance and maturity in it. Do you know what I mean even on the song like we are when I'm gone, it seems like an angry song, but your basically saying love me now,
while I'm here without that happened after I watch nip, see die another young allay wrapper, who actually basically Canna lived my life. He went to the same high school. I went to became the same neighborhood now in these new generation. Add we he died. Sold out the staple centre in hours for you. Memorial, sir. The am I but what he sold it out. Two hours for cancer live no, so what What are you doing like why'd? You have to die for we buy show up for you. You know n yeah. You know in Amy Lee came in on that song and killed it. I had no idea how events got aiming to do that song, Alma based player had become net
Look I got on his solemn, like death. Let the Evanescence Jackie's idea, I'm like a cow and killed the buccaneers very he said see it went through somebody. I think you early in her whirl, NEA and soda even though we were two different people were both. Singing from the heart net Solomon S. Why makes it worse You know it's got a lot of weight to it in terms of the rhythm and ended the nature of Jesse. You know meddle in general, but but there's a lot of art and an insensitivity to the lyrics themselves. Beautiful, it's difficult to do, sincere songs when you're, not sincere, yeah, so If something happens to you like, what are you boys dies is something you know. I could write a heavy song about this virus right now, because I've been through it. You know, but that's where
I see some of the best I can from paying so yeah, that's it! That's that's the idea in then you get people that are like. Well, maybe I'm gonna pain in my life and then they start to hurt themselves. And then you know you gotta be counted to have gone down that road. Like I'm frightened self image like a enough now you don't Haiti is a funny story very because I actually we never met, but I told the story about you. On Conan, o Brien, I'm a comedian, you know, so I did it. I do. I was on Conan back in December of ninety seven hour. I am The story was, I was in Barcelona, Spain, honeymoon and at some point must have been earlier that year and we went to the aquarium me and this woman and you were the aquarium
in Barcelona, Spain, with one of the kids and end a wife, and you were which is looking at the fish Roma. Does is make sense, remember dominate it, makes absolute sense so, behind you, because your red enough that the information cards in your reacting twice in the tank- and I was like we- to follow this guy, because this is the best tour of ever been. Ah, you know what to do when you travel. I was probably on tour. He never got any foreign country just to out here. I've always gone because I was on tourists somethin Anna. If you don't take advantage of that trip and go see some sites. Do you know what I'm saying yeah I was in I'd, say you another funny story. I was an arm. Ireland I love Ireland, love and I like it, it was called yeah like every place. I go because everything
If I go, I got a fan base. Rattle I'd, go from the hotel to people. They love me so that I go right without doubt that a group of people they can't wait to see me, I'm always gonna love, If you like, I always thought that the I'm like a married in their long enough to know I'm there are just there to the love and then I'm out amount We want a zoo yeah. And fucking guerrilla almost try to kill me right like we were. We were me and early see we're looking at this guerrilla Anna was big. Plexiglas thing was maybe forty feet away an early. One look at me. I might have been the first black person. It saw an agreed his chest and it came in a rush. Did it tried to hit the glare, unlike my bad, that glass, what Europe will fill me devil
died by guerrilla in Ireland. There is definitely not a lot of black people in Ireland that I noticed. Well, you know what I mean everywhere, you go the body. You know if you're, not their long enough to understand the politics. You not err, lungs of density and bad stuff. Sure I never go to other countries and speak on their particular politics as a sucker moved talker. About them and get on a plane and leave, so I relate to our politics And they use, we can find the parallels what's going on in their country. What that smart? Because I guess you need you just even if you make a comment, because you observe somethin without really know much about it, because you're, an American you're, they're gonna, they're gonna dragged through the press because you're the American they came in and made a comment. I did not know how serious the eye our rate was
I heard of it so I'm over there, and I make a comment about the re and a guy, don't say that I don't say that you can't say bill rescue like that. I raised terrorist like situation like you don't know who to I raise. It could be me, it could be the guy next year Let me just shut the fuck up, before I dont, even in acting as they are matters educated about it, I'm not another place. We when we went to Spain you know the basque country. Yeah yeah sure yeah, that's a whole different type of people up their San Sebastian, Adsl whole region, the basque region yeah. So we did it. We bought the show and we didn't know we Brooklyn with them and We got off the airport in these dudes. Will I covered up in these two light in ok.
Looking ran and stuff. We jump into a trap worth on some off road shit, and we end up out in the woods and stuff like that new life, I'm late for As the promoter delight, he got arrested, as we could a cowboy you're going out there, and so we get on a state like this big chance Edward Land and they go don't say Spain, unlike one as we know, you're, not in Spain right la oh shit like so I've been abundance of interest give me the best yeah yeah, and you don't and you don't know what you're getting into some kind. So you get there. No one's briefing. You was not like. You travel with a with an advisor. You know if they going to give you the layout of the politics of the place, yeah yeah you're, going behind the lines and stuff, but they treated as good. So we had a good time in life when they dropped us off about a block. What's in the airport and okay you're on your own,
make a run for it It's funny because I just I was going through my ship out I'm trying to set up my office. I actually found a copy of that that iceberg swim book. The pimp book and I irritable entity. Somebody now is thinking about, and I was working hours read up on your stuff in it yeah. That book I am, I remember when I bought it. They had reassured the book, but why that book have such an impact on you and some other wrappers the iceberg swim actually name myself after icebergs part of icy come from. I threw it when I was in high school, the coolness. Kids in the school were reading icebergs limbs and Donald Bones books, YO crime novels right away, Used to carry him in their pockets in the back of your five a one year genes, a paper bag, is it right in their pocket it at
as part of their dress code. They would weighty among some watch what what did he bought? The players carry it ass. I got it. I don't know it's like to read an iceberg! Slim book is almost lighten reading music, the the lingo, rather if no ever ready to wait a talk in the way it flowed. It wasn't like reading the normal nobly had so much, and then be it in the hood? No one the care lacks the pimps and players in the hustle. I'm right, with back in Jersey, where I was in there lay it's ok, for we understood is talking about a captain name able took us to the table an hour with spent over cream did meant. You know I ate humming bird hearts and other rare parts and, like I did say that caused by the budget. But the thing about iceberg slim books to me
Is he didn't? You show the glamour of the game? He showed the pain he was. A drug therapy was on hair when my mother would again. I initially. Wanted to live their lives. You know I wanna be a pip. I wanted to be in the streets husband, but then one day I had an epiphany and I'm like a wait. A minute. They stood the writer right, like he's now, just live in a light. He wrote it so If I want to really, if I'm like, model in my life after this guy. I can't just leave the game. I have the document, the gate and that's what my rap creates a car, because I didn't feel like a write books, see. Records are more like eyes Slim novels then hip hop music like it's not about dancing it's not about its all about me, break the game down a break in the life down. So
When I was in high school, I would go to school, quoting icebergs slim young girls would save money. Crazy so that being a girl, growth name in the heard you know when you and her name Tracy, they got ass, a bitch, Nay said now unified. Would it do you tell me so amazed, I mean tray queer here- is it and inaction, Didn't say more that I stop t chanted. The ice These are has nothing to do with the dragon means iceberg. T right! well that's it- That's a really interesting idea that you, you know to know the difference at that age that you know what is because I think that's at the core of of of a lot of stuff it. That's that happened is that you
we're savvy enough for sensitive and have no like what he lived the life, but he also created. This are what I like about this guy is his language is the way he puts things together. His ideas is expression right. He live that life, but the time you don't survive that life right right of you're. Just gonna live the life because this guy made it look so damn good, the chances of you die and without saying nothing are high, but but did you know that you're? What he really did was? He was an artist That's what he that's what he did this a We actually did a documentary on. And I see that many we did an iceberg slant. Portrait of a pimp got rid of it. Yet. No, If you watch tat, if you, if you have any interest in watching you gonna, find out his wife wrote, the books are really. His wife wrote the books because he got out of the game and
He would come home and tell these mad stories about pimp linen stuff in his wife was like. Let's outrageous, so she got a pan out and he would tell her the story in sheep and most of the books, so it It's very amazing. You know it then the documentaries deep? I did she do the rhyming? No, no! He actually as an album out. Ok Henry balance. We released it and is actually rhyme ennoble over our tracks on it I grant its rapid say in all the column, hustler toes and then dolomite was sort of a rap guy too. In a way at dolomite. I met oh fly, I met. I was fortunate enough to be Red Fox, I grew up my parents had these, they laugh records Party Records Party, wetted yeah.
I ain't skill, it MA am, and always some woman with tidies out on the front covered. It was the wireless, you know Howdy talking, you had ever heard when we came and I started doing rap and I was a little profane people like oh you're, just were unlike now. This is part of my culture. I grew up listen into this type of shit. Yeah, do you know, what I did wasn't anything new, maybe new to you, oh? That's interesting, so you like, when you got criticised for being dirty at the beginning, I give you listen to a red Fox. If you gotta watch your ass because that was the beginning of it Can I tell a Red Fox story here, please I was with Red Fox the night before he died What we want we were both on the arsenal harsher. Ah, The first time I ever met Red Fox I was stupid.
You fan Oven, Anna, so he goes out there and are in its annual while show em an hour signals that red you have one and most blue shows in Vegas, and he said if you ve never been believed on television how's that red boxes, because I know that what what what I'm playing and I know the audience and play into if I'm in Vegas, I know what to do if, among television, I know what to do about away who'd imposing the green room- and I was in great fear of Granada Ladys lighter like TAT mass so funny because you right, wait you, but you are big fan from when you were a kid. It's exciting. When you meet people that you have when you're a kid when you're grown up, you know you get it, opportunity it. What you know that, Dolomite might Dolomite NAM created a thing where they would Plato's records at party like people. People It would be drinking in his is
people on the erected. Talking to my father and name would add. Those parties in those record we play in signified monkey jumped up, and you know it's like it is part of my history. You know her, but initially was in and then like. It's very interesting to me that you didn't get into your first music, really in terms of what you light was the metal music? Well, look! First, it means a guy was really heavily indoctrinated with What happened was I had started wrap in yet, but I my mother, father passed early and I'm LOS Angeles, deliver my eye and my eye. Assign name herbal with just graduated from high school. With Jimi Hendrix. My colleague has already gray you could walk around the house. Clean air guitar couldn't play a fucking instrument had scar I'm tired of man, his knees and stuff, and he the radio station to.
Ok, I'm a western Kay, EM ici right. I could attached to radio station tat. I was like fifteen years old. So what happens is start to learn metal, a rock right, because I tell people if you work at a jamaican restaurant, you may not know reggae bye, bye weekend, he'll be able to pick out. The song then, before you know it, you know. So for I know what I'm listening- the traffic market will J gas bad EDGAR Winter passed in a low I started to light the heaviest stuff like blue, oyster, cop was black Sabbath YO, deep purple sunlight Now I go out and I bought the first black Sabbath down. You know, I would play it over and over and over again people say. Well, that's the end, tension of heavy metal would be sad.
Yeah. I was right, dear aunt em, I know a lot about it Now, now, I'm going to high school kid your lesson in the gains ground, parliament, a BT, Express rascals drugs- you, you know all those kinds of groups. So, but I know right right. Relic Hadley Guitar play together, I was a little bit advance dawning stuff and when I finally got a chance to do my first rap album the title that was rhyme, pays I use what pigs as the hook yeah and and also, even earlier in the song you don't quit? I had guitar his there. You know so understood it mess if it was done right yeah, when I, did body count. People were like, oh you just jump,
on its bandwagon, Iraq and might not have been a rock sand three four years out, you know we could do Trivia I'll probably beat you, but is it, but it's also interesting that first body count record. I don't know I can't. I don't know what year that was one thousand nine hundred and ninety two, but it was like. Like there is that this spirit of like rap gangster rap, you know, and in heavy metal and punk rock, like the stuff that maybe Rawlins, was new and black flag and then Rawlins ban it all. Goes together in the kind of fuck you mode of Vienna, where you know where we got something to say and you guys are full of shit. Absolutely see when we go, we worked body count, was created, because when we went to tour with public enemy, the kids with my offer the high course faster rate, like were not so where Europe Ethnic emancipates, jumped up here, and I thought tat I can make a rock band right now. You know cause what once played in front of a mass. You always wanted
lay in front of my left like it. If the ultimate crowd experience there marsh bids so I came home and I had a couple of friends. Ernie see you there. Actually played on my, for example, but they were kind of like without a country, because I did I'm rack. People will win. That's right, that's a tough time yes, I think- for the income from the only group that was really kind of breaking that was anthrax right, no and suicidal. Am I say some of the pump bands and New Yorker Corps would not where it, but we will. I hadn't thought we sit and slice. It will look who use the speed of Slayer will use, you know, the impending doom of black Sabbath. And will use the park sensibilities of suicidal.
And was saying about our shit not sing about the devil or dragons. A shit like that, the metal guys a thing about you know. I always said if you took a young, why kiddies draw some hard for your note book. Mia They probably draw skulls right. A black Kittle draw three. Fifty seven aimed at your fucking face right right, rapid wheel. The metal dark energy in view. Take it right, street, like it's Oh right, dear hell is right out side, you doors in the parking lot. Mother fucker, you ain't got it in go and ass no fly and asked them fuckin where, with a sudden castles and yet no s right here, you know that was what body count was based. And been on for thirty years, I've got a that body count CD with the cop killer written on their still, I got I got one of those we that was ok people
We were trying to cross the arms like now cause I'm listening the black flag like you, I got a t shirt with a pistol in Aqaba Mouth, but they make me come faggot like what the fuck, like I'm dead his group's call millions a dead guy yeah. You know pumped back but I must tell you this. I think The problem with body count was what I will say this is when black people in exchange their rage to white people. That's a problem You know like right now, you're watching all these protests, and it's not all black people. It's my people out there, People want that they want to be able to say I was just a jewish people, mad always just the way people mad owes its. But when I see unity in in anger, this dairy, that's scary, to the power structure outcome
Grandma that are in the front line he asked Peter would a rubber bullets. They do yeah. And people are outraged in their see this year. So When I was able to yoke popular and get thousands and millions of white kids say it, they will have that said the stew down. This is problem right here and when all the way to the Falcon president like it was you it's amazing to me as a you read the story around that record and Dan Quail, and the police unions and everything else the boycott of Warner brothers pending, That was a big deal that didn't happen anywhere. You know it now. It happens every other fuckin day with this asshole, but when it happened with you, it was like a global fucking crisis. Almost Dude, you even know I was at my house and updating the guys. Playing techno bowl.
Video game Anna. What am I mean? Yes, your eyes. Many on television, the president, is on television talking about we gains channel and withdraw. An quail yeah he's got it at at at at is this. Is it this any set an ice cheap Everybody in the rule, all the dude were like. Oh shit, o out there with a real. President People- don't know what it's like to have a real president, not submitted the tweets Alla time, but a real one say your name and anger rights, not a normal thing. Like four George Bush to come out and say: I'm glad you like. Oh, yes, the minute the minute, the president says your name, serious background check. Your life happens near that the annex say the CIA
the FBI, Oliver, because the second question from the president could be. What do we know about here We have to be like he makes rap records. You know They want to know you social security number, your shoe size, I read, he wants a dossier on land, but this is a new problem. And when that happens, see you you feel it tax oddity twice that year I had Actual people come to the school Talk to my daughter and asked YO was I connected to pare militate like they wanted to see if I was really a threat like it, the guide it makes cop killer planning anything anymore. Making ready. You got ice cream trucks part.
Before your house in the middle of winter, like you had better, they realize I just made a record: I'm not a political agenda, a movement. It was just a song about someone who snap really under these same situations were going through now. What if somebody gets got so fed up with police brutality that he went after but does indeed interesting thing going back to what you realize about iceberg swim is that you know you created a character to document to document a reality which is that of the freedom you have under the first amendment, to create art and two did say what you want to say, but because your black and because of the systemic racism they're going to try to make an example at EU the song and it becomes a big political effort in any it reveals the the actual problem they manifested exactly what you are talking about, why you were talking about it
look and learned. I learn a lesson from that and I'm I'm another album. I dressed it called it, freedom of speech. What would that's right. I love that Fuckin record man. I was at a lot the the iceberg. Freedom of speech record, the woman yellow be accurate began. Will you and what that means? Is we mark. You got the right to say whatever you want right, but you have to be prepared for the ramifications, our way back them out, and I said something that would be considered, antigay, which I never sake, but if I did, I gotta be prepared for the game move to attack, thereby say something antis anti semitic, I have to be. Appeared to be attacked, oh, you have the right to say anything right. But also gotta be prepared for the rams.
You can't go to your wife and say yeah, maybe I'll fuck, you sister free speech. You know like it's so I had to learn that I had to learn that what I You say I have the right to say it, but People also have the right to get angry with him again, but but there is no different, I mean I I understand that took as United Comedy. I got friends you get themselves into trouble and in this idea that their censorship is not is not fundamentally true because of what you said you can say whatever you want, you might have to answer for it, but the but the poor I will meet with the copier was that that was the it's coming down, so you that's the government, basically implying that you don't. We have the right to say this because you're starting shit, we're gonna, take you down and as different, because that yeah you're right- that's the fucking government, being you know we're going to shut this fucker down with it. As is the case, is what they do. Is they make it difficult for you don't make it on
comfortable for everyone around you they won't legally be able, couldn't legally put me in jail, but they'll do stuff. Like what happened during the cold thing like cops wooden wanna do security. You had to get insurance for different shows. We couldn't get insurance people just they made us. They vilified US this taboo to deal with right here. But to deal with them. Then we're not a deal with you so played it all the way out and people out say, hey controversies, away the basics That's what I'm like! Not really Controversy might get you known, but it does. Necessarily mean you gonna. Take that back in it's gonna be a big they could. It can ruin you here for diversity of fuckin, like that. You agree that they, like other guys, amazing. I tat s all, could go either way. So my advice is always you know. If you're gonna ice cube,
ask me one time he said ice, you got any advice. Did he say like that. It rhyme, like that some, like we ve, been we ve been friends for ever, and I said only say shit. You can back up if you're going to say something back it up. If you gonna call a woman a bit come back at. You explain why she's a bit like Now, my problematic mother, I'm not talk about Santa you base. You are back in breaking down, in other words, don't say stuff you, but at the back up You have always been very calculated with my opinions and my points and I never wanted to say something I was gonna have to go back and apologize for. I try to think before I speak. I'm sure I'd made mistakes, but Is there a song on this record? Were you like I'm not going to apologize for anything which we will have no remorse right, right,
Yet that does a song about somebody who has been pushed to the fucking limit, and now time for them to take revenge, and there is no remorse, because you push me to this point where it's gonna be best day of my life taking out revenge and I'm very against people. They say they got into revenge, have never got it. They don't know that great feeling. All my God is wonderful. I don't, I don't believe in harping on its. They got people our world. It takes part in your soul and on that sitting around lingering thinking about repaired like that, but if it becomes an opportunity, if it ever arises here, take it here you wanna, hurt somebody too much, but enough to know that they got heard a little yeah now when you were when you think about, go on now, generationally, like you know that the point the finger song on the new record speaks directly,
who blaming the victim which is the real thing and then, on the last record, the no lives matter saw your speaks directly to how the dominating paradigm sort of minimizes the voices of of minorities in general? So when you see what's happening now, like you just said, you seen these protest at her multi ethnic multi age, multi class. Do you feel, that something is changed all of a sudden because, like my recollection, when your generation was coming up- and you guys were fighting the good fight, Your ear was usually reaction. To do the same. Yet there was going on now and then there were to do. It was different too, in the sense that there were really fucking profound, horrible riots in LOS Angeles, but like these kids now that they weren't alive for that you feel out there. That is a wake up call for this generation. Well, I think they are listless start- must start with
This is another generation. This is not even the millennials. These are like disease easier, even younger and I went out into summoned up. Uprisings. The I was in actually in Arizona and restaurant they like the widest coming like like, You know you hear people come in and the people inside the rest man's got the panic and I'm online I'm going outside. I wanted. I want to see, what's going on it with our kids ya, like young, kids, eighteen, twenty five white kids, the neighbour at this doing, civil, Serbia's breakin, upset whiling guys, they talk and checks. It's a lot of while this was going on, but I think it, now these kids a grown up. I let's forget it like this year. I think Obama Had every body relax,
Bhamo, as a president made us all feel everything's cool. You know, Oh yeah them by here we ve got a Bin Laden caught them up. It's all good shares, Everybody's is kind of like with lax, and that whole generation just was not really began to protest thing. It was just like it looks I got commander in Chief- has to get another be people as they would world fall apart, but for the masses. It was simply What's the also, they thought that dates that some problems have been solved right right. Kids. In he's, like panic, like everyone panicked, you know build while we're all gonna die this standard. Third, and now this generation is growing up in this you know four years. It is their like what the fuck you know this from eighteen. Twenty two they're watching is. I think that, right now, what were going through is another civil rights movement Raw. My other marched innocent.
Rights movements in the sixties, civil Rights is racism, sexism, its all the different civil rights right people have. To address it. You know the cops we have address all these different things and I'm so happy to see the kids really going out You're, making some moves you get from these movements. She got new leaders that come out. You know young girls, young guy, that have become the next generation of leaders so actively Ms Grey Activism is good people gotta meet our rights and that it had it. I'm like look a right is a tangible minutes, a flashpoint and shit happens during a riot? The best way to stop right is never let it get started. You know now People are always your agreeing with people. You can shoot awfully. Let me break it down. Let me give you this analogy.
Your wife walks into you and says he has a problem you're playing video games. You she said Are you about police brutality here She comes back and never time, hey baby. Let me talk to you about this. You know what I'm saying you have too busy. That the four times you told your fuckin shoe to your tv set. That's right, that's all right! It's like we. We try to take a knee We gonna burn up some shit. We're would cause chaos to get it. Tension and right now that it's all over, you know no looting but ass, a flash point of a right. Don't let why its head and like it. It just seems to me like me, and what do I know, but it does seem to me that, because of this president, because of the sort of shameless you know, price, Aid for engagement with racists and creating division that
the people of my generation. I think, are finally waking up in seeing the reality of systemic racism. I don't think I've ever really saw it before even the progressive people then about to see. Like I told tell people, I met a Democrat, a matter republican. I believe both wings are on the same bird. I guess look at people in general and make it decision on this, this a good person? Is this guy trying to look outwards? I don't I don't. Get into all that left wing right wing shit. We, I don't know, I'm probably liberal, and something since I dont know what I am. I D, to be honest to myself. See people don't understand racism. When you start saying build a wall, and you know the Mexicans at a problem that racism, like you, catches number whole country and anything like tat- and you can't did you blacks right now, felicity Mexicans, you're triggering the same people.
In all these people, Chris lopsided Betsy says that our presidency, like a pendulum and its wings from one side. So it went from Bush. You know over to it Clinton riding smoking? We then it goes from claiming to son of a Bush a right MAC obeyed his wet. Then it goes from birth. I too Obama anywhere from Obama. Now it swung this way the fucking Ah trump yeah. Oh, he said only place left word to swing, is Jesus you know like and when it, because you have it two party system one party, wins the other party, festers and hates just wait for their chance? and
I mean I don't know, man work it in a way we're in a worse time, but I feel like this is a chance for the America the United States of America to reset Get this shit together for the next? hundred years. I shall here, let's get this dialogue going and less make some changes for the better, because I believe that totally past Mr guy, I know too many great people and they all too many good people. So you can't tell me everybody's pieces, not for short. Now, when you were like what, when tromp was just a fuckin clown, did you ever medium or do a show with amending we'll see Trump? a very opportune is due liar: You hang out with you. If it's it's leverages, sub, the closest thing I became the trump I met. I walk time once at the Indianapolis five hundred vilified touched him was shook his head any display
As my maid Eagles there's Donald Trump. I'm not fascinated with wealthy people. I met really wealthy people in my life sunlight, my friend. I must much me Quincy Jones, you know everybody, I just never had a real connected shrimp. A hip hop. We always start front with a bother. You know we like to get drunk you notice, even a rapprochement, told trot like drunk with a term for making money right. You know right what we realise, what kind of underline ass only worth one time we roasted him get Rostov Uptown. A comedy central thing: yeah yeah it was there and I was with cocoa, and you know cocoa. She loves taking pictures with laboratories, and maybe I gotta go to trial. And I go to take, could withdraw its use. You wanna a with Trump. Am I now you damn good. I'm good
so you know it's like You ain't really know celebrity do like a. Why are we even take she's with hellburners some about that due to a right cause. I was on that same. Who I think was the same episode. I told the story about you see you at the aquarium. Conan tromp was the guest before me. Right and frank, the guy, who is this producer over Conan when I used to do that, show all the time and tromp was in the dressing room. He said to me said you wanted me tromp and are you I I had the same. We reaction you did. I was, I think, so that why me why yeah, because why why why do I want to meet in their fight? You know you, like they told you a guy with a major developer. Miami built a bunch of hotels in his name was Joseph Johns. You wanna know so the only reason you would want to meet him if you held him in celebrity, like you felt he was some their body
and I was like you know: and the more I got the wives in like one friends, I want to mention the name yet. His father was on the apprentice. Oh yeah. He got. He got off the first round, and I ask myself why didn't get out to shop. He said, basically that show is watcher heroes, kiss Donald Trump S. He said I am not gonna. Do it like were right art, but What's he got there? He realized that's what it was like all these people Herschel walk all these great that we admired the action is his ass. Indeed like I'm at the winner, I'm all right, I'm a billionaire to yeah. That's a good way to read that that's a good way to study that yeah, show the cover of a this space is great. Did you know? Let me yeah I work with. Let me I did a Sancho born raise hell with. Let me in.
You know I've been very forcing to work with alacrity, metal gods. You know whether it's it's it's lead your Henry Rawlins Slayer, you know I'm a god re all these different cats, and I respect I am in fact that, like a fuck with ice t that met them, that to me you know, cause real artist. Don't just really collaborates people, it's very difficult, It was day yeah the solo on one our records data and do that here? I know I don't need it thinks. Slayer has Morton toward the to collapse as with any bought me out. So when I got two kids work would let me It's an honor anyway dismay cool we met, he was easy original. You know that Can you say what I see is you original gangster? That's fucking Motorhead at least original lemme. You know yeah, and I had a good time with him and
the body count records. We try to do tributes to the groups that influence the soap you know I'm on manslaughter. We we covered suicidal level. As we covered slayer. So I see less problem, motor here, and people like where was Motor Harrington. With my popular then those open looking down the calculus sounds like you, Wanna Harley driving down the freeway populated and sound like Slayer it more motor yeah. He also we're like any other ban which we take influences. I was reading the other day that Metallica Kirk Hammett said. While I took the lead from an icy power album due to start the solar one into the sand. Man no share, yeah and but but he wasn't even my lit, it was a lick I'd sample from heart from Mars.
We had the man about town from me look man, and then He heard that I have a Sancho. Take it personally, and I had a sample that bumbled don't I've been and then, if you This answer the same, and we that's how to deter start? So he says I heard on ice. Is our minds it. I like his terms that I got a snake that all of us all positions are inflows. In spite of the musicians I mean, I know comedians tools, like you said Kisame like man, I man, I gotta figure out, do some with that energy. You that that that cities, this just dope to me so If it's done right, you know people
we'll, never figure it out. Only the only artist knows the. I took that inspiration from sure yeah yeah. Done wrong people you rip them off, yeah, yeah yeah! Now you got, you got to figure out like what it is about. What's inspiring and you, and what do you know? How do you put your feelings around it right? Exactly like, but it's a weird you know when I was in it. I just released into some of your earlier. The rap record than like everything was it's amazing? How stripped down it was man. You know, like like the evolution, a hip hop. I mean now the layers did the possibilities. It beats the possibilities of tracks, it's like it. A completely different universe. Man I mean when you were doing it yegg like one or two samples at drama in you, and that was it right. What are you going? the rapporteur is this is the main instrument you know, and I got that stripped down star from Rick Rubin right now. I will listen.
The Beastie boy records. I was listening to allow cool J records right and you know allows early reckon. I need a beat insurmountable, beat subject of discussion. Your motivating with the it's like the be just is just there, the the the Vulcan. This is. Is the machine? Is it's all about vocalist, his comrades? a bead, is played in that play with solar, went over it rats. What a black river is not about that. Celine Dionne, why need all the music around me and I sang in the midst of it now the path is really actions ribbon is a lot more be right and tracks is so immense and so intense you. Really, don't care. What they're saying it. Now it's it's it's! It's being cynical, he driven like I play my records in a club and then,
the play a new record in the club, and oh, my god, damn like that. In fact, in my brief, is technology yeah yeah yeah yeah, It is kind of amazing that the depth of sound that happens now lagging is there, but you don't? but on the other side of it. When you listen to your suffer or older stuff in general, you need all that shit to to get the message across you now. This involves a jewish early metal. Yet then, oh, it's real. Then, some of it yeah yeah, You know you listen to our new stuff. It's so big. An energy mix so differently, like will Putney makes them. Body count: animals the stadiums and liking listen to it? S like an old card is felt the crunch created heavy. So you know This is the evolution into a. Why not you know I mean if it that's why you have because
like people get desensitize too, you know like now you go back to the old stuff and you can be nostalgic about it and enjoy, but yeah give if you're into the new stuff you want. Some, that's gonna beat your brains in you know you. Why you want the full body experience the things I think about the old stuff. It was so experimental, like the eight o, eight drum kick the is that everybody uses now, is now set the size out this bay. Just at this, Dougherty Drum that wasn't supposed to be played like that, randomly into the studio when we were always like less do sudden. Different. I remember the first time I see my voice. Do a lexicon space station, which is a drum a drum effects, module and I d like what efforts drums. I'm your voice do so, you, got a bunch of wrap. Kids show up in
studio, fuller lights. We wanted to use all the lights like. What is that a national honour? The sample, and started come to the echoes the reverbed yeah, I'm busy boy say our views in a red were may sound. Then they like pen views use in the engineers are like no like factor. We want to do that. Manufacture, take the tape output to take back. Words and I'm a rapid would it take back was and then you get power, veer gone. She legal earlier have thought that Creativity, part of hey pop early here pop we got. You know why. I really appreciate that, because I was like mad people were in it. Trying to figure it out, because you asked your innovators, you like, let's use that for this you're not supposed to, but let's do it anyways and now everything you just got two guys on like yeah. I can do that. Let me just push this okay, we're good go.
You guys they create on your phone exactly but you guys were creating the language of it. You that they d, eventually just integrated into a button Some people are gonna. Look at that. The first shall be cobra tat, the greatest car some people. They want that New Bulgaria at Newport, daddy, no matter what, no matter. What so there is respect for the originators of yes, that is always gonna be love for the newest model, this out, so ain't, no hate them this is. Why are you here, and how about like through how like are you guys, go on back to law and order. You're, not law and order in interesting zone would happen with law and order was We were filming and they came in to my trailer and said we're not would dine with Poland the blood I had to see you that day, Mars me right.
I was most issued their day to day they cancel yes. So I was right there I was going on, and then we had a show in New York back, I canceled then we had a show in am allay their got. Cancer because Carnivora just came out right and aiming at forty shows in Europe. All got cancer. No one's talking employed right now. That was a movement to realize you make money in front of people like somebody- is at night got some residual coming in. But your real bank is be it in front of the area like why You gotta go to work. It was a wake up call because usually back here to learn or I could do body can. I got ready job right both of em dead, so arm from what I understand right now. They want to come back September, October guide what they are trying to do,
it will create a safe working environment, yak or envy. The universal all them there, a lot of liability it they, bring us back in Somali, get sick in and we say: hey you put me in unsafe work environment that could be a mass lousy returned. The calamity ourselves and I fully understand and I think we're gonna move into the world of the waiver. Oh yeah, what a mess right, you're, gonna sign a waiver. Will you got it? Jim. You can assign a waiver I'd say a jet you get from new Jersey. The air is on. I don't usually fly private but I need to get out of here, and I was like they come on. Come on. You know come up If the summit I read, I stopped been achieved, what we started and We had to sign waivers dead said it. We were too gets cold. We couldn't try to take
you know come after the aircraft right, so I think, When I go back to work even The sign waivers a lot of them. We still like doing it. Yeah yeah It's a good bunch of people, it's fine, go to work and risky is wonderful. When you're on the show twenty two years. It is one like a machine, everybody appreciates every by everyone, let's keep in every body employed. Everyone is you know when I'm not on a scream risky. Is I love my risk? I told a risk. I didn't risky. I love my wife. I love my daughter, but I've made more money with you, Maria, so I don't mind and also as I'm getting older it's good. I had to be on the road. Second, you know ten months the year yet ripe for sure I can now,
it allows you to have a house the work every day is a job yeah. I like that. I, like the stability of it. Yet are you friends what browser. My Belgium, you, like best friend, I wasn't doing worthy in France. Even an out of France last summer. For me was in Vegas Daddy's someday. Thousands of mother fucker, like I don't know what, when I got on the shoulder, like other wrapper, the rapid, you'll be the problem here. Nor can we browser is shrink in why a thousand is Kirsten Motherfuckers out at night I'm the least problem is ready and million him became closed, because we really quickly realized that both the bus, where nightclub performers ride, So neither was like early calls me at me. As we know, as boundaries is ice, you know what I look for in a script.
I waited those days off. I that guy I haven't seen him in years. I used to see him over the comedy story driving around that big El Dorado. He had others. I mean I've got some bells tolled. Meanwhile, stories about MILES Davis about I mean he is basically Been around all the groups, it's. A comedy is unique. I've seen him lie there is this one of the guiding our face. You know that I know yet he was the guy date when the shoot out. Yeah yeah, yeah, yeah, now he's a is a great guy. You base doing ok! I hope so also I have an italian I might have to check on him since you brought his name, please do cuz, I don't think I got it. I don't think I got a number for him: yeah bills, just like a sweet guy and he's like he's a history of modern comedy in that guy anyway.
Hey. You know you really seem to be learnt. That enjoys life, which is nice, you know browser with I am working with him for all those years. I d never know when it was a joke. I didn't know what the fuck was coming and then what time he came, they came in work, your eyes. What is it what you dick on it anyway I wanna see some right with you. But she almost did it right. Yeah I'll. Do I had learned. I had learned. I learn so much about comedy like that. Like, oh, that's, just a joke with it. Set up got it It was great talk in your body thanks. Rather me, hopefully, to people in your listeners. My guts in fact- would need, but yeah you know
No one's gonna hate your right. There's no reason, Asia that the new records good! You go out of respect. Everybody loves you ice, that's what's that would thank marked thanks for having em and take it easy, arrived peace. I see and me we're great talk. What a great guy you can get body counts, carnivore wherever you buy or listen to music and the single from two thousand. Seventeen that he released is called no lives matter. That's around two! So now placing guitar! I guess right! So what we do here,
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