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Episode 1147 - Sarah Snook

2020-08-10 | 🔗

Sarah Snook plays a character on Succession who exists in the center of the American power structure. But in real life, she’s riding out the pandemic on the other side of the world, from her homeland of Australia. Sarah and Marc talk about how she was told she was “too much of an enigma” in drama school and how she evolved into the kind of actor who Helen Mirren requests by name as a co-star. They also discuss how she relates to her Succession character, Shiv Roy, and why she never warmed up to moving to LA.

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all right. Let's do this, how are you what the fuckers, what the fuck bodies, what the fuck stirs what's happening on Mark Mare- and this is my podcast- welcome to it, sir snook His on the show today, she's on one of my favorite shows, I think, may be ever succession. She plays shift Roy and she's australian, which I didn't know and ass: she was in Australia. I spoke to her, we in australia- and I was pretty good connection. I thought yeah. We live an amazing times, both fur for good. And four harangue gets four. What did horrendous. Yeah man- I just I can't we'd like I used to think that happens, ass we get older, I'm told, and I I start tossing and turn about four thirty, that
when she had third spin and that's where I Mr Leinen, That's what I think about my own mortality. That's when I think about the end of the world. Though, scenarios the as happened days do I have before they start pulling people out of their homes and shooting them in the gutters. Front of their houses, how many more days and then I get up goddammit. I got some emails, some messages, some things People who related to The dynamic I have of my father, while I'm here to tell you I called him yesterday, talk to him, he seemed okay level, no real politics, He did seem to suggest that the virus might just go away a fuckin. After he was up I can doctor, just go away things go away. Why, do, they like What is gone away in recent history
without a reasonable vaccine or treatment or behaviour of changes we get into it fight me on it. I would just wasn't thinking you all of you will say that, so I know I'm sorry MA wasn't thinking that the problem. Just wasn't thinking. But it's a different town and they don't met to it there. Like while you're right. I just wasn't thinking because I was feeding, my brain with garbage. There is spirit of garbage going to my head steward, My guy was thinking it felt like it there They would say things that would lock onto feelings and then it felt like I was thinking, but I wasn't thinking I'd said. I'm sorry, I wasn't thinking I'm sorry. I wasn't thinking the stresses on I. Yesterday was my twenty first sober anniversary too
twenty one years without a drink or a drug. Can't say I haven't had some cake or Pie or jerk off, a couple of times ahead, some pretty intent. Sex. But not a drink or a drug you find, There are things, don't you add some coffee, a lotta Fiona promote, boil my brains out on Kevin. But none of its the same makes my life unmanageable, be careful but there were Theodora. Vaginas in penises right just be careful. You're goin crazy. Take it easy. They can only take so much before they go will pneumonia, but No what's gonna happen, Nothin's, looking good, That's what you want to go out. Twenty one years and I'm very grateful about it and I've. I've enjoyed joy, the help of EU people and Ivan Joy, the feedback that I've helped you people that's the way it works. Couple. Alcoholics, drug attics, trying to stay sober talking
each other, do I feel better? I don't know my happy that I'm awake for this sure think about it anymore. That's one of the gifts that for me- and I we speak for myself. I am not a representative any organization or group, but for me working the programme in secret society after for five years. I the obsession to drink and use drugs, went away it. I didn't no longer thought about it as an option. Or even a default like somehow or another, and I'm a guided thinks about shit compulsively for sure I can't get on this. Might without getting a coffee or a tier you'll get your havin some. Eighty nine things are just ate some cake, it's fun. Kick aid amounting to tortilla chips. Today, homer guacamole. Grilled oysters, which were dubious cause. I left him sit in the fuckin phrygia. I'm just saying that I am prone to compulsory behaviour. Thank God, not gambling, and
I know what it's like to certainly like when I was doing the nicotine it's going to be a year of nicotine in a couple weeks. You know just looking forward to it looking forward to it my reward, my relief, my ticket out. Get me out of here help me: I deserve this. But I'll tell you man, I don't think I dont think of it as an option not only do I not think of it as an option. I don't think about it. Hey man cigarette him out what some we demand. You can have that one one hitherto they still have one entertainment taken a shock. I get a shot. Can I get a shot. I get a shot. Jamieson Agatha shouted Jack. Can I get a shot? I finally got I'll, just one line, just one line, just one line crush that pill up. Crush it up on even other sighing anymore, crush fucker up I snort that shit cap after bubbles, mother Fucker New,
don't think about it and that's a gift. Because that struggle in that struggle, a lot of people have the beginning with their right in my ever gonna, not be crazy, gonna take a few years. Man cause your Fuckin, crazy, you ve been medicating crazy. You have to get through the crazy. I know this is the bad times. Have to deal with the ship. It might be a great time. This might be a if time for you to Our getting sober, what I'll see you doing. What are you drinking away? Why me like But like, although stresses if you're in dire straits unemployment money that kind of stuff housing sure, I'll think drugs are going to make it better rounding drinking gonna make it better, but If you do have their the wherewithal and some safety net in your personal life, and you think you have a problem this is it a time to try to get sober because you can, focus man focus on it.
See, if there's some zoom meetings around they're all over the place. You can go to a meeting anywhere in the world right now,. I'm just saying, there's hope out there. It does feel better you. Wanna be anyone's you'd want to be a slave. To anything. Do you. You dont want to not have a choice. Because that shit near dresser ohms, you come on. The house is quiet. Feel the absence of both the monkey and, obviously I feel the absence of Lynn. The sadness by got little fucking buster that little brute buster kitten. That will It's weird that he's acting different cause he's like he's, lost his Bowie juice. Used to run around like crazy morning. I think that was just a fuck. What monkey now exist
I dont want to project onawandah anthropomorphized too much I do want to assume a sad or grieving or morning I think he's adjusting to being the only guy and now he's got my full attention and I don't think he knows what to do with it. Would you. Would you know what to do with my full attention? Do you know how exam I that can be when I'm paying full attention to something or somebody, but I realise that it really know that guy buster, I knew him a little bit when I was younger. What is that? Oh, my god, what happened? all my salmon's ready, fuck, how even I'm slow, unlike its on low temperature, unkind smoking so for later, because I have nothing to do- and I cook I have nothing to do- and I'm still cooking as if like many people are around and there's no one around, but me I'm cooking, I'm buying food and are making food aid are still too people eating it.
Look at the food, I opened the fridge. I look at. I go. That's great. I got a lot of food. Now, don't end of eating it. I used to eat popcorn every night with land, and now I mean any popcorn at all, since she's been gone? I can't popcorn anymore. A meeting garbage but buster. I I just didn't known. And now I'm gonna known and it's ok, we're gonna work can be right, but it's sad man, it sad, okay That's where I met. Ok, so Sarah snuck, why love. She's great on the show succession she'd been nominated for an Emmy for deporting actress in a drama series, for her Roy Shiver. Roy in that Joe succession she's, also in an american pickle with
Throwing which neglected to talk about with her streaming on Each be all max and also there will be a very short discussion about the end of season to us succession and I've been yell that enough times about spoilers, that I will interrupt the interview to let you know it's coming and tell you how to skip ahead all right, Sir our people you should have watched by now, though, I wasn't thinking. This is me and Sarah snuck coming up there. What's going on get where you know very well, that is that, where you live I live in New York,
didn't open this year. Out of a suitcase goes, I got stuck here at the beginning of a pandemic oh really, and you couldn't get out now. Oh I had I could have, but it just was not reasonable to go back to New York at the time I much why go back to New York. I get it therefore exporting their ends as I well. You know they lay low Melvin from it, and that was margins got to where we are I don't know People That's why everyone one both birthday few almost once, it's happening here we able to go, have a party. Did you do that sad front yard drive by shit that people do not not even that she's in queens, I we're all set an outbreak weapon separated as well where's that how far is it that the other side, it would be nineteen hours for me to drive plus two weeks, quarantine if I'd do Queensland Chicken wakens.
And if I went and visited I'll stay born. The closed economy, Victoria in Rome where's and invite the pariahs at the moment of Australia. So this is the first time Melbourne closed up No. This is the We didn't like lockdown in March April and then We went into another lockdown during beginning of that. One month end of July. And then we went into another lockdown during that lockdown. That love doesn't cancel, go look down, two point, one where we have a curfew. Now you can't leave your house after eight p, dot M at night till five, a dot m in the morning. Are you gonna leave to go out for an hour of exercise per day, one person for household and go to the shops and supermarkets? how are they resourcing that I don't just how good you community minded people. Hopefully I guess I guess we had that too. I guess it was that's the way it was. The beginning- and I imagine we adding heading back for that
like so are you Everyone's wear masks added a wife income, I'm treating Australia like it's another planet, but I have no sense of right now I did for me like, and my friends house living off the kind so my friends out of a suitcase and I do feel very isolated, like a different planet. I had to go, do work. Yesterday I do area, and I guess I got special dispensation to do it right on this. Word of the pieces of a woman but gradually measurement. You shoot another season in succession. Did you not yet now now it was a fellow I shot ingenuous, so you guys you're stuck yeah, we're stuck citing waiting to begin again that such bullshit, because it's like the one show that I like to watch it I can't even shoe glow. They ve they put that off until next year's we're not even an issue, therefore, always in telling clear to them that definitively said nothing next year. So I
yeah I'll, carry prize. That word, where it was still in this conversation like known, I was gonna, began, we're gonna began, we don't know when where'd you go shooters run for then we are and most of it shot and studios. No out and there houses and there is studio stuff and we have been told that they will build more studio stuff, but in a way we shoot out on the street a lot and we shoot you went into the hamptons and we re amazing places we were meant to good. I ITALY ends Dubai, I think I'm gonna places that were for decision. Yeah, but that's sudden, what's gonna happen with that, that's are all being re calibrated against. Have you seen the scripts? No,
I do think that stewing written, I think, they're taking the time now to selecting carrying you have a little if, when we do go back to work or better, not be any that like we're, we're still writing no keep up. Not only. I can say that I will go with you because I think, without show like we do, we have presented ascribes at the rainfall and then you might be shooting in the next two? three days right over the draft. The commissary, this change and again change and then, when we get to set it gets, again. We have given you know, like eight pages of adults, of these lions, gonna change that trains that- and it's very like visit this communication about how it evolves and develops, there's nothing that changes major on plot, thereby by me. I'd know, that's fine! I understand that, but I mean they should have. We know where is going. Didn't know you were gonna I always wonder about that, though, with these shows, because I've had to show on the air and we didn't fuckin know yet we see
go it wasn't like succession. The end of this is not the arc of like is this. Super rich, powerful family, but always wonder like in the mind of the writers? Do they why do they know how many seasons they planned another Jesse, I think when he pitched even to HBO you we would have had seasons like outlaw of what was going to happen and ensure season right. I just wonder because most but most shows they want them to run for every liking. They never want to stop them, and I think the best shows you like working to four and then we're done foresees a Jesse. We classy like that. I feel like four five, would I see this, like you know, owing to the finish line. Exhausted. I feel like now came a throne leaving right now, but I don't know I never actually saw the end of immigrant. I've never saw any of it. I saw First, you see than universal any at all night. I don't like, I know, don't be so shocked. I mean it's easy, you just don't watch it
Will you wasn't really decided not to watch it because the rest of the world was talking about it so much. Anyone know why, just like I've just never been like the fantasy guy. I give a shit about dragons, nice elsie, very complex. I got sit and watch the wire and I watched three episodes at night. But I'm not gonna watch. You know armoured people and we. Flying lizards. I can't do it, I'm not even if it is not judge mental, it's it's. I don't know if it will hold my interest, fair enough fair? I didn't think I would even for me, but a day like I certainly with interest but then there are The pot of me that was, I gotta, get the rest of the world talking about it I'll get to another for harmony with the latter like this twenty seasons, humbly seasons, were ninety eight yeah. I want to say, like seven and a half but indefinitely eight in an experiment, expanded one into two. What you been watching now, ten fifteen,
our group of so much it academic wanting in my house, man is always ate it and I would like to ask about. I talked to them is good their amazing, like it's so easy to forget the dead animals and not ITALY, thirteen, it's pretty fascinating and one of them was on my show for a couple episodes actually yeah yeah yeah yeah. His great, it's actually amazing to watch it again to get like the just a tiny things. Anna does, particularly with her face. That is just so able to play a thirteen year old, twelve thirteen year old girl pretending to be mature woman, like those that can kind of a mothering maternal instinct about it right and yet not like an adult right. Amazing is trip right now, if you believe it. Like I don't know now like a their screwed, because they we're gonna, do another season, but not but not change the year
they're. Gonna have because, like all those kids are going to be like You all twenty quite a time we shooting, but now I never thought about big, so particular about that one in particular memory asking them are you going to do is an excellent to be like the next year and the right now and am I are you getting at. Your kids, Kids are gonna you know they're, not gonna like be school. Reason. So what's he like? What is your story, so you like a huge star in Australia, I don't know, I don't know. Maybe it's because I love your work in a by dont know a lot of it, and I know that because I'm looking at you know you ve done and scrolling? My only really well hey. I I usually go to Wiki for some reason, but but I got it there's a whole industry in Australia. Where did you didn't do all your schooling and everything there? Would you grow up
given that lead in South Ossetia. What is our comparative painting the picture of Adelaide? what's it like eyelids, I wasn't a big it's a city filling up the country, town, always hooker fiscal law in ITALY As always I wouldn't go to Oakland, then then you would know somebody from that school or somebody who went to that school. Therefore, you would know that brother or sister, or also drawing a guy, like you, related somehow medium size city, it's like a million people or when I was growing small, soon yeah yeah yeah yeah, but I grew up next to a national park in the hills, You know I've always felt like. I was really distant like when my mom moved in with my step. Dad was enough. Nor, for that later we grew up in the south of that. Let anything he's
My friends, you gonna visit me so far away, and I was there recently two years ago and then drove from from that area from prospector to the hilt, its twenty minutes for hundreds of art, or are you going to deny it was argued, your kid you I go now. Hallelujah I'm down the planes left when I was eighteen, How would you and he had a move at north- that one down to the hills. I would have been fourteen ceramics and later to designate change schools. Yeah! Well, I was just coming faster added into high school yeah. What a night under new people forget me certainly yeah and also having until one year of high school, with all my friends leave you slowly get disconnected from their lives and you can't cap up yeah,
Sally, and so I am glad about like I, it builds resilience right. Did it laser into different area. So when's your parents break up high calibre that eleven. So that was an idea. Oh yeah, the matter was raised by I mean I was there, but I don't like now not I don't have any Everyone is calling. I wouldn't have any different know them in this. The silence and hesitation, when my boys know I wouldn't have different, because they could say words made me, I'm not sure I think a good way to look at life. If you can manage it, I tried. I try to do that, yeah My parents, to its great because, like you know they ve got there. Good things in their bad things, but, like you know, are destroyed, the focus on the good things and suppressed a bad stuff and not hate him for it yeah! It's! Ok! I get into the serenity now situation
this girl, I thank God. They have the good things and bad things here. I tired people, I don't know man what your daddy is around still yeah I grant around my dad's metabolism per month. Do That's like way over there. The belly button of the world and like the most isolated city in the world's it's very distant, its four Sidney. It's a five hour flight. You there when you open and what is their? What does he do there? oh, what is heated air he sells pools He says he is yet another way: swimming pools, So I got it warm over that hot above from our older in an above ground and ground. Please, God he's got guys. Do your whole. You want a whole yeah. I guess he plans the whole digging and where and what I want, and so they build pool
Racket. That's! What he always did not know, I think he wants to get round the rackets and I think in seventy, someone is getting the Borgo higher. The whole rather than yeah. That's all give siblings. I do have to others There's all sisters, yea Africa near the last one ah by two thousand and six is the baby ten year. The older yourself when you tat. I had so. You were like what what happened? What happens is that I will make you happy Everything had it down and we say did you did your elder sisters have to take carry half the time would you know I didn't realize this, like I think, as you become the ages This is where at some point be realised anything right. My sister
kids now and it occurred to them and me that I was there first baby. Yeah cause licensed. It was was on nine and a half, and I was born, and so she was able to hold me and carry me and brief. Look after it's a man. Figure out how to hurt you and drawing eleven years old is now while today memories Iraqis, who was I while in some way the real, is also that they ve known me longer than I've known myself, like languages, how old I am really we're, but there's no longer. Rikers when she was fifteen, your five and minutes I can only time both of them left home at eighteen? So I then I have you no family of five that went to a family of two. That's always the sad sad story, yeah and then, like you're alone, then you get ripped out of high school drag
really waving your report. What the dramatic jailed in my five like Oliver's Oliver twist here I get it. I get it and what about your mom was she? What did she do for life cinemas so she went gentleman I was, I think, is probably pretty instrumental by chance. I guess she was an Disney. Sales were at some point, one point where you and sell the videos that Disney was there, so I got lost first look at the little mermaid and add the lion king in the Latin, and I would sit in the wrong this room doesn't rumpus rooms in America? It's like such a thing in a straight line from the Eightys and ninetys likeness like that. Have redone basement totally yet the basement. We had that at the end of our house, just sit watching Disney films back to back at on repeat
I'm crying every time symbols dad died like. And when she ran skylight, pushes him off crying oh yeah and repeated in knowing all the lines on the Genie ladder you said it was instrumental in in nurturing your performative imagination. Yes, I think so I think you have recently. I was like the this. I would She would have legal, no, don't want you to business hours because of all the princess stuff. Because that's not me, You know I don't like that kind of narrative, like a man sweeping into save the princess technical vibe, but I watched all those films growing up ended in me into this at all. Here I was this films and wanted to be a sailor and sky and the Genie and Jaffar Azure, all the bad guys sure. So how do I know talking about princess?
so you're, but you're like at this point, you're you're alone, dead, elder sisters have gone your parents anyway, this you have it you dad right. He came in there like forty nice girl at any moment. Vida loving science is Various ok here you get along what everybody yea. That's nice. Someone has said right? Well, I don't know where my dad is nine. Religious andean sisters, you get along with them, yeah, absolutely area. A rosy. Do they live near by your sisters, nearby This is in London, one ones in London, the other ones in non public, any beauty, yeah what's going on there and they had a pretty interesting country. So when did you like start doing performing things. It seems like from when I was a kid. I guess you did. You did
plays and thing there, I never never professionally. Never, whenever but until graduated from dramas, bull, But here I was one of those kids. It's the drama, get you would do a performance, assembly. We all there was a guy I'll call you, Arta, they can pay speech, writing things. We had to ten minutes right, a spade and then before let Bake did you debate nor will it wasn't ended debating. I don't know why I just reaches maybe a monologue being ready to cooperate better. I don't want to defend anything, and I dont want to argue about this about me and I'm point Do it myself yeah. I want it all laid out structured and I want a character declared. I wanna be myself and argue a point I want to be somebody else. May I owe you do here: There is, then
as already yeah. Oh really did you meet him, I'm with wind and plays and would make a place, and things like that. I learn all the Roald Dahl, revolting rhymes off by heart, well those revolting right, though you are, my goodness, right right, allow. What is an australian thing, or am I just stupid rolled out general doll, heavy snow? Roger. El D D, H Al! the best children rhino ever which has been so I have no, I have no I'm. I wrote down thinking that maybe it was your accent in there is. Nowhere is going to understand your saying why and now I've written down- and I don't know who that is why Oh I'm so excited for you, This is a lot of children stuff, but he's got a lot of adult fiction as well, which is greatly short stories. Ok is an amazing writer. I feel,
Add that I don't know I'm so you did a lot of that stuff. I would read to myself that night read the witches around here. And then learn those revolting rounds. I think Stephen FRY and a bunch of other that famous british actors that I wouldn't have known at the time. Did voice like they did a tape that I would use. I listen to allow an idle is loaded by rote listening to the type Ok, I followed my family when we would go camping. Now we're not going against what I grant you finish dinner lemme Thong were those tapes? I'd like to see the video tapes, but there is one of many going and dance too a dividend that, like under the sea, little murmured, he showed- and I thought watch that recently and I from my memory was like this- is amazing. I've done
oh the the moves choreography practiced all day, my sister's gonna. Take it it's really good here. It's not it's not at all, I'm shaking jellyfish and would have been just running around and doing flips thinking I was really cool. I mean, I don't think you can be too hard on yourself looking at it at your age now, it was probably adversely probably amazing, shook it very cute, so good your parents, what you did you just you go right into drama school after you know, whatever your version, a high school is their yeah I did a petition to the end of my agency set up last exams. You told exactly listen dramas, will then any did place throughout high school or just your terrorist aha, aha and yet again to replace. Did you good drama teacher in high school. I did, and I had a couple good ones
because I went to school that had a really good drama programme. When I went there is on a scholarship, you went home, you mean for high school. Yeah. So aid drama scholarships I hadn't I got to do and how to do the young, the senior and you your team, how tat like after school, which extracurricular drama stuff with great so as a year. Eight, as a thirteen year old, I was work, I was able to work with them and learn from the fifteen. Sixteen Europe's right, yeah, and that was the MR efforts Russia and this year and then we had, I could draw attention in high school as well, and I, This is a strange thing, as I said before, about life when you grow up and you become the age of your siblings. My drama teacher was twenty seven twenty eight when she was teaching us and your new post at age in you go. Oh of course that's. Why were we were friends and close at high school were still friends now, but it makes
this to me now, but at the time was she was so much all learn She had a whole life and only twenty eight percent what it's good, when you have those experiences where you know, can look at it and and still be impressed as opposed to I, oh my god. That person was that age and now on this age, like what they doing with your life. Many of those I'm trying to bank. Usually that's limited. Do I camp councillors and things like that like what was that person doing Ba everybody was a lot yet. My my parents, my mother, had me when she was twenty two can even fucker. Imagine there two brothers and sisters, or do I have a little brother, but she was when he turned out just that she would people did too. A detour yeah yeah, that's from young. I mean it's it's not. I guess at the time and it's perfectly fine, but as it now that when I tell you it's weird
like. I get you a good pictures of people, my parents generation like when their twenty two I looked at their wedding album recently. They were poor already they were going there. Bob I thought I'd be hive, you some, that going on crazy yeah the thing I love about that generation is, although it is there, Australia, there's a generation in particular like Italian. Greek family all the generation who, just where the same clothes they were wearing when they hit adulthood and suppliers, captain. I look older. They always look older because their wearing they were going to focus on the fifth instruments: language. The start, when I suits were three peace through the waistcoat. You never changes the golden as as, if any are only look like you're sixty here at some point my mother decide to go the other way and try to hold onto like twenty seven for the previous day,
Taiwan is again and came and go into everything laptop. Then you have no idea what hair color she I'm. I dont know what her real hair colors, no idea picture. She might not yeah I'd, not now I don't think so, but right, so you feel deeply like most of the stuff that you learned in terms of acting. You learn before like these in high school you still use. I mean I mean I don't know it's hard to talk about acting, but sometimes I ask people because you seem to have a specific approach to it: always wonder cause? I know a lot of it just natural, but It was their stuff that you learned from these people that were influence bill to you at that age, where you're sort of keep using, I think the stuff I learnt at high school, where is that you can get by on talent. But that it will run out at some point there.
She is all very well and is unhappy. How do you know what about those who asked me the whole time? That's all I've got. Peddling down, there is now Yes, we're, like you, gotta have a little jack. This is like becoming an adult right. You just have a bit o technique. I have that I repeat things over and over again yeah. You know you're doing you got as without having he'd like throwing it awards inward sticks. Will you we can get my charm. You know you for ever younger through you can get. You can charm your way through most things, your other than mathematics, almost anything else you can charmingly.
Maybe that's why equipment in your ten minutes is not working in the area. You can't you can it be like Coma, Namibia and that there are going to Algeria. I gotta do algebra this. Let us in this. I could do this its conceptual. I can do its creative. I get this, but one of those times tables I couldn't, I can do algebra plus one read. I can do it. I couldn't, could not do algebra yeah, Dr Weir, don't go now. Imagine the idea. Why couldn't just quit? I just like almost flunked out of it. I just couldn't rap my brain or on it. Geometry. I was good at cuz, it had a shape and you had to make an argument. You're, like sort of like you get approved at this. Is this I'm like okay? I did alright with that, because you're dealing with the shape, I didn't know what the hell algebra was air like interesting mass. Oh I thought perhaps, if mouse
was too there's a couple: Youtube channels right that teach mouths to adults. Unready on board will be so much so that I've never even bother to look at the heart of ours. We can. I hardly seems to me that I might like them. What are they doing for it to keep their brain active? What do I need to have our now? let's find another by just one doubt that China gets how exactly what it can be out in the world being like. Let me just work this out algebra problem of Canada using they want me to retire to shoot what okay tat ex equals no favours I want to pay for it, but, to be honest with you, In terms of acting, I mean I'd. I knew that I was bad at it and then like I, but I also knew that I could. I had a certain amount of room count riding really start applying any real technique to it.
Later and I was sort of on the job training icy, I'm a comic. So that was my life for decades and When I got a show, I knew I would suck for these two reasons and then it in I kind of did and then the third for a season. I got the hang of it now. Account has other show, and am I not to do this? I can be this guy. Not quite he's not exactly me, but I have to do is take out a couple of things that I always do out of my Personality and be this guy: well, we got it go to start run the dramas go over, that just here's what you get new already and why has a uniform beautiful when you look at the caravan rang it right you look at. It character and you see how that purse that character is different than you, and then you make your judgments. And then you go forward yeah I feel like that's a really good when it is to be a human being right,
can apply. It have been a little more empathy for people like have a different opinion, nor think if a religion or think their latest take out the parts that out, you can consider some parts of someone. Acid is deaf: and then we apply them to you and that's how it feels to be somebody else. I want treat them badly But what did I say? That's how it feels to be a racist monster, but I'm gonna go ahead and judge them. I was thinking the raises monsters and do that in the first place and think of agriculture to recently saying that this is something I think again you're better than it already is properly at step ahead. This attack need for the for the bad people that year penny. I give you a sure, maybe we can get them all together and teach than this Travel, the world, so what happens if you go to it, did you were there? Any favours people that came out of your high school, my high school,
Fancy drama highschool right where the ongoing yeah Australians Aurelia seems to manufacture fairly good actors and actresses leaders do we found a bunch of other way for publicity campaign that somehow we ve got a lot? Don't do I tell you, I've got it and you guys need to pretend just to get by hazard stranded down, but by telling stories underlines that your Australia there's a business inferiority complex to the entire country, GS, his entire country, and if we read with a top up and running right resident head above any kind of other poppies. You get shot really care about. It's a knife. I've heard some variation on its own of I've called yet and if it ever heard, it called that, but I I understand your you're saying: why mean that would lend itself so instead of doing that. If you do something spectacular, become. You know a different
arson and entertain. You can't really be accused of that. Morocco is anybody. You can still be better than other people, but is in your regular present self. If you say I'm better than anybody else. That's just new being arrogant, put a check! No, but no big, never visually! If you do it as a character like our blue sky and among scale yeah yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, It's the live out, some silly wildest! That's That's how you rise above in Australia. What version of active always corridor stupid! You are active to see him how I became that guy. I built this unbelievable ever like it was almost like a cartoon guy crazy. Like some guys, I'm just in it right away. I get it I built. I spent time working on that guy. I can't up so what so
happened, so you go to it. A fancy drama academy I don't know into Mighta in Australia. Neither were there. Isn't any national Institute dramatic when the cape why'd, you went to that's. Ok. The end is that when she's involve with her she does she have a theatre like she started. A theatre did you. Yes, I was access interacted with her husband of simply get accompanying rights and our national flagship So you went to that school and that's where you earned the technique? Were you Greece took all year raw talent and an weren't how to harness it yeah yeah, I mean you know as any dramas who is really good, beaten down stripped back emotionally and then built back up again and then have to do a lot more building and rebuilding wants you graduated butter. I had a fine time available. I saw it
in some ways, blue under the writer relent and others, was my first end of my first, the first term assessment. I think I It was a bad thing, but I was told that I wasn't too much of an Enigma and then I needed to express myself more over and done with me. I think this spring. I preferred interests united We have a lies but they read it as an being like you know like, you're hiding, holding back mining. What did you do to stop? Holding back to date, did some teacher put you into some role where he had to be the case Do you member I took an acting class in in college. And he made me do a monologue. Murmured monologue was, but he forced through Your other do in the class hold me back well,
I tried to walk across the room and doing this monologue. Oh barriers that right what the hell it was, maybe this came entertaining himself? Ah, That is full of rage, yeah putting a real obstacle in your place. Like I dont like, I don't have enough already. Are you hit the sugar and mountain manufacturing obstacles as we speak, but I don't remember ever being physically held down and asked him one alone, but we hear of the things I I didn't play Irina and which has which is the youngest of I was. Tell me how to do this, but I do not. I did a very good job. I do remember having to cry on stage, but I sneakily had an area. Stage, where I could go to you just before grabber switch hanky them tiger while in it and then
my eyes tiger while and then look as if I were career shatter. Rowan neither very Rebecca lucky. You know that during the last thing we gotta get anything you have to go to deepen. Do it knew just pretend that yeah yeah, right now we re that they believe in right. Can you tie up Usher really? I mean some yeah sure. Sometimes, if I'm in the mood, They are good cry. I gave me a dry now now Erin, I probably monsieur, I think all of us could at some point in some way you have shown. Most of us could use a good cry. I think really is very good to catharsis buried. How long that programme for years.
Did you do short fighting and everything fencing rethink cancer that do not wait it. It's been utterly useful. As you know, we know I just like it just seems at one there's a long drawn the programme that I mean in order for a team for them too Standard or for you to get your monies worth? There's gonna be some dancing in some and some swordplay some here Well enough. I had done fencing in high school, not for me along what I didn't do anything I saw in the same situation. I think the drama, but there we like, oh well, then fatal. Inventing and swordplay for fear that stuff and really only men do that most of the time in the Shakespeare that's right, it's only really ever in Shakespeare and men who use the swords and economic. Sure. What's yours, what's your take on Shakespeare, anyone be honest with me:
his he's gonna couple good good. They were his great. What he's got shit? What dispatching yugoslav immigrant around awhile deliver good reason, I'm just the sort of Dick about Shakespeare MIKE. You know I like I know I know he's great, but it is hard for me to get through and I don't really get it because I have not spent the time necessary to appreciate it. It's a matter of listening, that you know where you can give up with Shakespeare, especially if you're watching it I've it's not being done. While you could be I'm exhaust. That's the thing here and now on but I do I've seen a lot and every I see it. I hear something different Ngos. While extraordinary to create that piece of imagery in that part of the imagination. And then in some ways. I love it because you skate off over their new miss what's going on and then you have to come back here.
And yet we know that the later. I really appreciate it sure because its Shakespeare, new products scene it three times or read it. Five ties me most people enjoy Shakespeare of whatever their seeing I've seen it done a dozen times and they re However, you know I mean it's not, there's not give any surprises other than how its performed. But also the stories with still during those stories it still the person who wants power Fox over the person whose weaker and then a person comes back and kills them and then has something to do with their mother, and here there's like a whole than the. If you tell them it's great about succession. It's definitely. Experience so right, yeah and even as a different king last right, but even like the it's like what what I didn't realize at the beginning of watching it, was that the language is heightened. It's like they're, not you know it so in,
integrated into these characters and so well conceived. But it's it's! It's heightened language I don't. I don't feel that people will talk to each other like that. Necessarily nobody I feel like they its believable, that no that's what I mean. That's what I mean by tat. Yes, it shakespearean in that at some sort of take on the language of power, and it's from its contemporary and poetic, but it's not natural but it's very convincing and then it's it's for us well, it's enjoyable! ass to have to improvise in that world and I love that view the family sort of talk to each other. Particular way, which I wonder how different it would be. The shoe Since I don't know what friendship group she has if she had been right but how she would talk to them
Oh, what's what's what friendships outside of the family and outside of this way of communicating with these people, I think you are people would be like you like hanging out with like the Trump daughter with the vodka somebody sure yeah she's got friends, raw gas will show a bit of urging rich, aristocratic weirdos. Do you not they're they're? Not, it seems like whenever those people slum it. It's like. Army stronger characters like when they, when they walk among the the the the nor the regular people there on drugs or doing something horrible, like that same whereas I am doing part coke. I haven't done Parker for years now, you're the one skipping industry going. Really it's not the people in the bog getting slept with vines word. It doesn't feel that the job is given the industry. Guy so how do you, but did you do Shakespeare lot of sugar daylight
he's been the first play a costume outside of this transport was King Lear and apply them Cordelia, and the full did the the taken the double, character with a little bit of editing you can do? Who was King Lear, John gain who is a wonderful asserting actor who played. It was the third time he played. King Lear means life and it was the first time he was actually the age the right. We're really the first. I'm? U plaguing. There was when you with twenty eight wild. Yeah, that was at all, and you know what I couldn't to cry yet At the end. We told John is it. I can't crime and a lot of difficulty crying and I think she meant to cry here. He had aren't you up his little secret. I've, never cried onstage can't do it won't. Do it refused to do it? I can't do it as soon as you said that somehow, unlike released me, went if John Gate and don't cry on stage, I don't after that
And then I do not like you could doing over time but it was. There was a release with electric use buying. Do you wanna? How do you I could have been playing a trick, but I think he was being honest: is a periodic guy oh once you started working because I was wondering this: You know there is a way like I was. I was under. The impression was surprised you are an australian there. As part of me, the thought like this, you live there. But you have a New York really, yeah I mean I moved the sure, I'm that's right, I lived in this area, but could you live there in work in show business and jobs, which is really a yak? It seems like there's a lot going on there is there is, but that a work I wanted to do was overseas and What were you doing? I tv, while tv in no I've, never done episodic tv set. This is the first episodic long running serious tv right down the team
and it was short form series hooker, six episodes, many serious account but you spent time in our right. Gnawed heaps on the longest have spent well. I was too much for did you grow moved away and you moved here now. I never because I knew it didn't suit me as a person. I felt like I wouldn't have been able to keep my mental health balanced. If I moved to allay in aid here's what I got, I'm gonna try and make it an airline when they might never will be based on their own why'd. You decide that about yourself because it does May I just knew that if I got there and felt like I had to prove myself to a bunch of people that I didn't know I knew that I would inevitably self flagellate and think that I was shit. Not only did you do not know them, but they dont know anything. It was your within happen in the disrespect the people who you want to respect you. So
I was I. Why does work for myself into that situation? So all remain industry bilbil we're here, then go what I'm and I'm sorry, I didn't say that I didn't live there and an Israeli. I didn't say that I didn't leave their soldiers. You'll know when your summoned, when I'm good and ready that yeah yeah yeah, I'm not gonna. If they don't want make. I haven't you forgive me, but do how do you deal with? I mean you have to audition for things. It seems like half of that you in this parade. There are that horrendous self judgment and insecurity comes from auditioning, I it was its specifically that there was such a broad spectrum of garbage, that's produced in this city. There that you would feel compelled to go out for everything and have your spirit trap
called upon overtime what yeah, oh four, definitely have felt. It was my job to go out and an audition says said: Sub PA stuff just to be seen and be working saint feeling like I was working here on Burma. Did do that when I was in allay for two weeks or three weeks at a time He did so that I felt evaluing Are you in your room, full of people that you feel that you are completely on less than because their family, if farmer Blonde far more tan, far leggy name when you're waiting there go in, know what is go on or you read the brief and it says beautiful surfer night. Why beautiful one of the surfer really cool they spoke, wouldn't. Why is it where that some sort, visual aspect of this character that a writer has to put it right. But then you call your age in your like. Did you read the description of the person
why you said me out on this like what they don't know really what they want, but it's written down, but they don't know. But do you ever have you ever had that way? You read that thing, though it's not made earlier and the ages like we wouldn't have put you put you up for that. If you weren't possibly able to be concerned it is that I had a lie, I would add, is along the right lines, but how How would you go to put me put up to something that you think me a completely wrong for. Even though an outside perspective might think that you're right for your age is trying to make you think that are working for you, I gotta go at the present risks they didn't know. That's definitely didn't we crossed my mind, but perhaps for now I'm just saying when you were when you starting, I mean you're kind of unknown thing now now you're doing either a high profile Erin. I like I like
completely like. I love your work, based on the very little of that of this one character. Well, thank you. I'm gonna go see other stuff and when you re you're you're funny, I realise that there will, I know, you're fun person in attracting, I think you're, very talented, you're, not, not gonna get you know, but I think not only you just how did, but you have technique they have applied. The oh, how would I do now? what we are seeing with Helen Marin that she I just had her on did she really is what a woman, oh yeah, it's great? but didn't she like you like help you out or give you a big nod Shelly Did a film called Winchester with the brothers and I had worked with them before and predestination and I think she watched they had been a major role in Winchester and and went out. Have a role in winchesters well and she watched predestination as I am
but just to see what their up about of Europe. What were they like in an apparently she had said I'll. Do it if you cost error, as well as the character as its other character, I wonder about them, which is like whom he was sworn in yeah. I got to work with her and meet her in, and that is why did you have a lot of things together, we had a few yes and, and I was able to just be onset She was working as well, which ones the same, which was so silly like there was a closure and you're hiding from ghosts in its horrified? When should- and we always fun and silly- and we stepped often she Gaza Alchemy, actresses like us, we should be doing. Shouldn't we like to say what it can have an idea results. She like goofy shit, though she's great. She was she
great she the thing which he had one when she got to Melbourne that you asked for, in terms like a rider or working production, do for you, She said I'd like a bike and the mighty cod unlike he got his airum, now trouble God like like a metric God, a moment there was yet has that's what this ignorance gonna jump on. Your bike ran around the tramps she would re when I grow up, but she did some we're dead. Experimental movies like that, were pretty those great precepts, weird things, but still pretty had a vital very charming, Otis she's, wonderful and the thing that is, I think why she hasn't enduring sex appeal. When people talk is that she saw herself she saw There is in essence that is her, that she is really tapped into and she's not afraid to to be that and also be And and and gender for the time and and no yards yoga.
She's, like entreaty: I don't either. I was completely excited about the whole thing so powders? How are you picked out of Australia. If you're not now lacking, how does the hand of show business come? Do straight earlier. A man? Claude me out. There's a thing called the internet. Oh, not we myself takes that's the thing we can. We can put itself, we can put ourselves on tape and cinema. I got a wrong self tape, which one the glow in glow sampling. You forgot succession, that's what I, That's what I'd have you never can act together, myself take EU, which I think is that's the case. Because you, like you, don't give a fuck like our I, let's do it So we know what happened. How did it out they reach out to you, why? Don't you for Francine Razor a couple times before gasoline,
if an casting director yeah, ok, yeah yeah, she thought eagerly. I figure yeah what it costs me something before in and had this moral among Steve jobs in an I think it been had my back. In terms of wanting to to find some from a young, and so this came through. But when I was in its really, I didn't want to put a take down, because I thought it was out of my leg and out of reach. What do I do, but for that character yeah and also HBO, and just you decided that you work and herself self tape because you weren't right for the role fixing version of deciding not to go into the room and debates yourself, Jabez, even a room, you're all alone, that every new remains. However, the self confidence and
I didn't I read it was like this is also what all this is to listen to me. So I am not being would you think? What would you, what was the disk were wanted to disconnect from the character upon first reading? Why did you wish just like she's she's, wealthy age is beautiful, ashes, sassy and the name the few people like think about this, and I I rather well for some going isn't real. Yeah yeah some absolutely Leah, and there was another all four of them that I wanted to do, was link late about and not all just don't know which one Where'd you go about it that you who did who talks you and doing it did to doing just Toby, whose is an actress in front of one. She helped me for that. Her down for that added. She shoe you did she sure the tape yeah we had tripod set up on an evening board in my house in like one.
Place I rented in a moment and then she she was in cases like you gotta. You must just because one down, because, because you haven't, got your anger pop up. Just put the efforts aimed at setting up a tripod running board, so you might as well say, did and I think If the thing going, I'm gonna get this. So whatever right and that kind indifferent but you made from choice at all right, we're yeah sure, and the kind of laissez faire attitude. I guess to going. This will be fine, I'm not just about this, because this is so unlikely and even when I got told to come over for the young test, deal since the last. The final edition even then I was like I'm being used as a bargaining chip for someone who is far more famous
Has it much bigger profile that do you understand show has a bit better. Creature die away and they can have somebody else yeah. Going in with that attitude thanks for the holiday my friends, I am aware the African our clear but by what it in the atmosphere you do when you came over, did you read with the other people? by chance I ended up reading with Jeremy, because no actually what happened, but I ordered, and then I had to and those waiting to do something else, and then France Interview. A ring. Jeremy he's gonna come in and now half an hour. Did he already have the part he didn't know So why don't you ring? with him, because as saying that with him- and you can just in We also improvised terrifyingly he was so much better than I am, and I think
again that maybe work because she had just gonna give them now shut up and watches and the ads for me and gonna kill. You can see her thinking and then she talks yeah great assessment of my thanks. Oh nobody did were genuinely is. I think what she does is to examine ways to talk. I know I think it's going. Fortunately sometimes does those think talk about thinking and and yet like episode, five and eight and in then it's right, but then all the others as after that are like you know, did you fuck up here so Jeremy. What's jack, I story, he seems to be in it it is very at his very loves it isn't. It is committed nice, guy lovely. This is a thing like we're all great friends. It's really such a lot a group of people to be a part of because
I have enormous respect for the work they are able to do that. I feel Do a caring does a conduit nick does a conduit Matthew does make. Yeah. I can do what I do, but I have I look too famine in the work that they do every day and finally inspiring and that those sound like hyperbolic, but I do genuinely love to go to work with them, because I find a challenging and good It seems that offscreen. We all get along, which is not its. It does seem like just by the nature of the material that you know. It's gotta be engaging as actors, because you everybody sort of your actually acting wherever we're trying to outdo each other and in it company Chet. So there is a competitive element to the character, so. It must be very exciting to like all almost daily to in that, like everybody, thinks you're getting fact by the person there talking to and now. You ve gotta, be in that, so that keep everyone pretty lively, it does
and maybe it's the same thing about you, echoing issued a higher phone is often one of some. Some of the most fun Since you get to do because the violence. That is not good. Some killing and and their right, it's all very life and fund the counter what's going on on screen and I think, yeah, where all nor the national friends, planning and manipulations and being cunning is happening on screen, but offscreen it's it's. There has to be the to balance into the way right. The only one that can be sort of like that. Onscreen is Karen. It seems he certainly here under the angel. My time and for very little imprudence marches in Ngos. Letter asking hunches, often eager, why are you just took it down, but it was made up what you can do anything in its own right, these something you're all euro, very good guy plays your husband. What's his name, maybe I didn't raise is taken
punching bag yeah little wonder wet grip. British yeah he's very many things, Does it mean the rose in his ear? He spent many different roles but his most known, for, I think, they're kind of outstanding. A bold romantic male guy, young male guy job but a playing this role. I think for him it's been a lot of fun and great through audiences to see him in a different I've interviewed cock a great many job here, oh yeah yeah Brian. I get a visa yeah, there's it there There is a mountain of experience there. And it is some Shakespeare for you and give you one he's easy living Shakespeare that guy S jealous it's amazing, to see. I guess he's always been good and always sorted this after this
I kind of guy, but like I've every time I see him in something I'd be like a cat. Fuck an amazing going all it that, and I think he was the first Hannibal Lecter wasn't he yeah. You know but easy, like big defined. Success at this point in his wife, with with this the kind of this type of attention, It is actually a guy like that can be finally kind of Rome extended. This amazing thing it's kind of grit. Do you know him? Well, yeah, that's, what's gonna go about this industry. I think as well. It's there it's not a regular. You can't why you can't go away, go up here and then go down, let's see unfairly No I'm sure if you yeah, you know if you're like that, you like, if you that good character, actor and safe, if you can play all those different kind of roles, you know I can't I don't know how it works, but yet seems like if you stay in the game and you ve got the the chops you're gonna get to handed somethin eventually the amount of stuff is done. If you look at his I am familiar with you whenever it
bubbles the mind how much that man is one of those guys are red in you. I told you, I remember that likes him. A triple super Cerberus area ok, hi, sorry to bug buggy. But this is the point where I talked to Sarah about the end of season two of succession and I've gotta say I really don't think we reveal anything specific, but I know some people hate spoilers of any kind, so consider yourself warned ok, right now, I'm warning you skip add thirty seconds and you'll miss it all right. Ok now you chance hit the skip button Unless you don't want to, because here we go, the end of that fuckin season was so good right now, there's gonna be like a fan of the show. Those crazy it's great, I didn't know that was going and I got to read until day I was sort of like no no, the it was handed out the day before I read it the day of the final read through no one knew able Abner
I mean Jeremy, apparently new and Brian, I think new, but I didn't I like being handed out- and I ran to my grain early footing through the pages and getting through and loving and the scene of the scriptures. Eighty five pages long or something crazy, and got to the end and by myself in one driver guy when Papa what's gonna happen, yeah. I want to get back. There isn't really went out with a card damn right, so you're telling me like this is like this is a very sophisticated kind of add ons satire is a comedy. It's easy to forget that right, drugs really really Riah yeah yeah. Just by nature, by tat, but it's heavy. So what are you will you talked about improvising? How much room is there really, for that does. Is that I think. Driving. It comes down to work,
but with the right is knowing what the series dog is gonna, be knowing exactly what the characters are going to be doing. That think of the changes in the plot and nothing of it changes in the structure of the seen so much, but there his improvising around how the line has said what is said in the, I, like you, ve, got an insult here. Then there's none from versions of that insult you can choose- of those running, so you don't come up with a necessarily yeah yeah yeah, I'm Karen and the people who are better at it than I am certainly do. But there's a few. Things like. Of creating my favorite kinds of improvising, of creating a memory that didn't exist for burying the characters. There was one we are talking about. The ghost and I think in the second episode our common shiver working on something that something that goes train and then just occurred to me. This way I get my Sandra Bullock coastline in the go astray.
I think it working in like that. Now is like a created, a memory for ships that that was. That was the case. That's not not in the script, but sure why not, who I know you did and it started to that kind of stuff. I love and it doesn't influence quarter. Anything like that right, but it's a detail that's units in devising data of EU aid is here. My god. What right for ship. That Alan Rock coming to see him again doing his wet sister, crazy, beautiful character. Everyone so good tat is so wonderful. He and alone who contest. Rough in a line or dropping his greatest bring the different versions of lines as well? No, really we had one saying where some, like yeah, she road you, it was took him rare? How rare had factor the sheer than it has had like endless versions of yes, she road you like this right yeah, yeah, oh yeah. They every I can think of going with regret what was
what was the sort of get in to this. What was the Porto ended his character way? You know how did if you like was the thing that you kind of locked in You can make her work. I think is the dynamic in the siblings. The men were like us, they can grow up. As the youngest of three and by a decent amount of aid. So I was able to grow up and see what they did and the way today, They had success or failures in the family dynamic, as well as their own personal lives, and then I was able to China go I'm gonna. Do that? I'm looking to do that, we're like someone doing it before you get it. You get a chance to see how why you might do your own life as a blueprint and then I think she is kind of like that she's, the youngest of them. Before and
the like she and her a cub parents, Logan Caroline, would have broken up with a similar kind of age, I was in. My parents have suggests that a what yeah like we were saying what does it mean that we can derive a competitive and then fall in? What did you area than the other part that oh, the confidence that this ass and the young and the young? She? I feel it is good at pretending not to go Somebody else's pointed like this double down an opposition. She won't like somebody right we gonna gonna, differ way of thinking about a steamroller right through it they were all yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah yeah. And those were decisions he made that that you can hang the character this the right idea and got in difficulties. Being vulnerable. She doesn't like to be vulnerable. She doesn't want ever to be that position where she's, not in control and not in power in that's. Why she's, with
a lot of wishes for me with Tom. When an under them really want to be vulnerable na and that's the heart character, the language of the thing everyone's, avoiding vulnerability and adjust Joe. Mommy's character by virtue of the fact that he's a complete fuckin drug attic is the only one that can help but be vulnerable and then that turns out. It may be a trick. I think maybe that's what it is about. The show that people like in that the bears a family who seemed to have otherwise everything financially and Andrew Place, but they are also just as bright being vulnerable as everybody else it's weird, how the character show their vulnerability when you start to learn about you know or in sexual problems in Germany the problem is in? you're, a! U. What is what is your diminishes yeah? That explains why he I bring it spreading cell in the common and in the end, that episode Ten says
on our wedding night, you asked antelope and urge that raw, that's like right, but also a third, is married, and then she says by the way that, but that do face it. You fuck in the show like it makes it makes me mad. They that, like I'm like come on shit you're better than those gonna run further afield here about something you know, yeah yeah, what's interesting here too, two great show. So how does it feel the excited about the Emmy nomination? It's gotta be exciting. I do not want, is unconvincing ready, but I bet you, I think you're going to be a return to be humble. It's ok, you can turn. You know it is it's it's being so distant from it, because in the same way as as feeling had he added someone from a strictly a break into American TV, I feel like getting them a nation and being in lockdown in Melbourne, is right. It feels close to it, sir.
Dream and will wait. Wait till this weighty. Do the ceremony on soon darling. You know I got an email asking like what would I be comfortable with fiscal dumping, a planning like what are they gonna do and it so I'll be out and in what context who knows, but Bones, You have to have a guy who's, gonna get you get where you gonna, get a dress, do I want to draw up a mean annoying like this now, but it wasn't my prison grades and going to great tracking is a regular teach. You like this, I think, is the way to go and you should be eating. I think sir you're waiting here too to see whether you, like a sloppy, so like a great, really LAO re annoying here food around my face. I think you'll be nominated for another Emmy for your Emmy performance, and then maybe I'll get to go to the very well
I buy your excited. Oh yeah, I haven't you not reading reading a name in a group of those with women whose effect well anyway, I don't know, there's Helena Modem Carter Marion Street going ashore Ten Newton? Oh yeah from Ghana, she's good, you're a damn, well Jesus. But nor do we just Maghreb is making these names this thing goes. The best people in the world have a. They got, albeit one category b, they see long squares in your different environments, yeah we had to say and to people's at another.
The plan is made, though, give everybody a backdrop and stream yeah, like a camera crew could come. Although take you to because also at just come out of lockdown, maybe four days five days beforehand, because I looked down at the moment is, is you can have anyone to your house? You can't go anywhere You don't have anyone over an ass until September thirteen, I think, with another six weeks, Risa that so how do I was the falcon outbreak, not bad comparatively Murray, one hundred or third cases a day, and we went into the first lockdown down at of July, and then they were getting seven hundred yesterday, or ass, with a double down on that and send a copy of your house at all, except for an hour of exercise or if you have to go to work elsewhere or study and then about six weeks is until the thirteenth I think, of September shirts, how to control their just doing. The right thing
it is trying to do the right thing. We have its compulsory wear masks and everyone does, which is nice you people who try to make a political. When you ve got to him freedom, you get some dummies there do. We do we do, but for the most part, people out where I just don't understand because I had a good exceeds twice and wasn't. I would if I kill somebody here, it's not like I'm afraid of other people right, I'm afraid. Running somebody else here, Why would you know where markets if it could be possible because those our selfish monsters And they can feel that way here. I don't know, there's a there's, a problem that liking it. It's like you try to be sympathetic and eaten your eyes, like I'm hidden, a wall here, because I think I don't understand the humanity of but you're fucking doing yeah, but it's a very individualist kind of approach, and I just really don't What was that
Kennedy was Sunday someday, you'll have to play with enough to play a mask protester, find the hardware talk about could be fun understandable. So did you eat breakfast whenever his now you're up thoroughly requests leftovers, your breakfast nuts, I roasted some eggplant and roasted some capsicum and then put it Firstly, the eggs warning was very breasted. You wrote that last night that's an eight last night with the captain, your last night and a red pepper and then had it. Tricky man. Now I always thought I was drinking to its not just, about two centimeter rounds in the other The two twenty degrees Celsius Allah is found, hooker, thirty, five minutes, saw fit of oil and that's it
The little I climbed the big one think. Ok, not another. Little right, you didn't get the titan spongy in ok, ok, socket in RO everything that the guidelines it is I have made have you done it, and this is My fourth fits I'm just just sharing, because I'm not a cook and I've really blurred to cook this year, because this pandemic. I have never been instead is always gonna bore me, myself, I you or for other people, don't get too adventurism away too many things in, but For some reason. I have time to fail. I have tried and its I'm finding wasted, Why, though, for four times of good, your feeding yourself. I can adult why Well, maybe I am very proud of you do good flame
I'm drinking like an adult and fading like an adult goods. Are you it's about time? We ve all been waiting. Well, good luck with the break away. I hope you will allow me. I am very happy. We talked. I love the show of your work in his great getting to know you yeah! Thank you. Maybe I'll see you in real life some day. Yet I regret I take it easy. You did that was very enjoyable. What a sweet first I'd like to meet her in person above seasons of succession are streaming on, HBO Max and each beyond man she's also in the EU, be your max original movie, an american pickle with South Rogan, who, I think is backing on good terms with the world's Jews. Now I will play guitar for you as usual,.
monkey with violence.
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