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Episode 1151 - Giancarlo Esposito

2020-08-24 | 🔗

Whether it’s Gus from Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul or Buggin’ Out from Do The Right Thing or Moff Gideon from The Mandalorian, Giancarlo Esposito’s characters always leave an indelible impression. Perhaps that’s because Giancarlo spent a lot of his life reflecting on his own character and where he belonged. He talks with Marc about growing up as the son of an Italian carpenter and a Black nightclub singer, trying to figure out where he fit in. They also talk about life lessons Giancarlo received from George C. Scott and Spike Lee.

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Hey folks, this election season, there's only one source for campaign, cover jets. Funny enough to make you pay yourself with laughter while informative enough to make you pay yourself out of fear The daily show would Trevor Noah is bringing you all the election covered. You can barely handle Trevor and his team of correspondence will break down the issues and answer this elections biggest Questions from now up until the last melon ballots are counted in twenty twenty three plus catch. Travers exclusive interviews with artists activists and leaders in the fight for social justice for peace active. You won't hear anywhere else tune in to the daily show, whichever Trevor Noah they cover the election. You cover your face new. Episodes weak nights at eleven ten central on comedy central, hey, you are, one of those people who thinks it's ok to drive, stoned. Aria I mean, what's worse, it can happen right end of dry them below the speed limits. No big deal right wrong,
the truth. Is your reaction times slow way down when your high, you not only put yourself in danger, but everyone around you talk about buzz, kill, stew, I'm kidding yourself. It's not ok to drive high and if you ve, been using marijuana in any form, do not get behind the wheel. Feel different. You drive different Dr High, get it do you I all right. Let's do this! How are you what the fuckers, what the fuck bodies, what the fuck next what's happening? I mark Mare- and this is my podcast w g s- welcome to it. Welcome back how's it going. So I dont know I'd recording it's a couple of days ahead of time, cause I'm about to head up up and out not into the hills. Through the desert. Up into the air, the wild,
I've been to the big frequency and see if it's got any notes for me. Got a tap into the big frequency space? I got on mediated. Big frequency I'm ready to do. It know what that means. I just gotta get out I've been on the same, so I ve been in the same house, run around the same five mile radius the last five or six months. I got a little opening here got a few interviews and can make Cats gone the one that needed costs attention, a girlfriends gone the one who I love you more than anyone And now I can I am free to be alone in all that darkness So I'm gonna go out. I'm gonna go out into the light in the plague, active light?
And see if I can get a will bid a reprieve, a little restorative connection. To the big frequency without without all the malignant static. You know you are You know the malignant the malignant static people are transmitters of malignant static. I know what I'm looking for. I don't know what I'm gonna do. I'm just I spend some time alone, I guess, and a familiar play said. I love I'm going to try to meditate. I don't know if I'm going to try to write, I don't know if I'm going to do a sugar detox, I don't know. If I'm going to lose my mind, I don't know. If I'm going to get the plague, there's so many options I'm not I'm just gonna. Fade away up there and disappear Head out in despair,. Jeremiah Johnson. It.
Far do Jeremiah Johnson, though one it's out there, that snow one man. So that's the plan, I dont know what it all achieved. I just know that I've gotta do some big thinking around some very specific things. Now, I want to do it with a little space. I just want to give you a heads up, work man. This is on record in this, today's early all of Us Angeles. Could be burned away. Well, I'm out on the road buster could be low little fried kitten in there all the book, records in arguments in, Proof of my existence in the material plan could be burned away. Cause estates on fuckin fire out of a be driving through fires. I don't know I know that every day, while driving through fires, right ha, static, and what not
Maybe I am thinking about bringing some meditation books with Gotta figure that out. Are you. I just read a couple of sentences of one of these meditation books that they have been sitting around for years. And I was sort of like it made a new kind of sense to me. This idea that there's levels of depth It's always there to tap into once. You develop a relationship with it, the big frequency, the universal hum. That's what I'm gunning for John Carlo Esposito or Esposito. As he will correct me when I Talk to him, John Carlo Esposito or, as you know, is Esposito as on the show today You know him from do the right thing: the usual suspects breaking bad, and her car saw. A great actor and a great conversation and he's with e lives. In my hometown,.
Of Albuquerque New Mexico is as where they should saw better Casal. So I'm not going to ramble on and I and I hope, I'm not sounding too negative. I hope you're holding up hope. Your kids are well hope your health is well. I hope You know, you're, you're hanging on to some sense of reality, whatever that is for you and that it's ok, and I'm trying to keep love alive, trying but up the heart, disconnect I'm not going away for long discussion up into the hills. Tapping. The big frequency in the universal hum step away from the malignant static? Try get the heart, fuckin open, try to add a cry. And see if I can see through some stuff, see my Sal through it. See myself on the other side of things bring, back some information that will be useful, I'm going fuck in outer space god dammit?
I'm gonna, do it without drugs. I was gonna just trip and balls thought that there is a key to the universe and ass. It too. Just because our indigenous people involved does not mean its anything, but trip and balls anyway, I'm doing it straight. I'm gonna go Nineveh, link up, then a hook up just with the Basic equipment, with no other juice day. It re on this is not malignant static. So John, Carlo Esposito, Esposito. As you know, it. As a double Emmy nominee this year outstanding supporting actor in a drama series for better call saw and Standing guest actor, and a drama series for the men Delorean.
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By the way it is trying to be natural for once longest, I've beard is ever been in my whole life. I surprised by the air a beard, and anyway, I'm surprised a lot by the beard, yeah yeah look. I've got all the is weird tops and my keys, please tell me well, you got a problem here. I got a problem here you now going on. I can almost I can read these freaky I've grabber that take the video. So here too weird, because this pc really start eating my beard early yet again, I got my mustache gets a little crazy and you know when you have the the grey hairs yet no control over that's right. This is the new world is the new world. I am I dont know how much I like it about it. Certainly given me a bit of an education, if I can only remember the different platforms and all
different ways. We try to get this done, but yeah What have you been doing? I have been gardening witches, a great thing. I have an over abundance of tomatoes I have also been doing a ton of zoom cause, I'm gonna hard cast a book on two books, anti two or three broadcast as well, and then I was able to have a lot of fun with one My daughter shooting the hosting duties I had for the broken in the bad, which the new empty digital show that dumb fuck allows real life. Breaking batteries and so they asked me to join and do all of the hosting duties, and I was to company work and the shooting there are ten hours stretch over a couple of days and a pandemic it. So I suppose I say to them, look. Let me limit I'll do it is a voice over in my librarian Do it that way, and then they sent me the material and the material so rich and so full and
the visuals, we're so wonderful realise people who have Join the ranks of those who break bad and live on the edge, and so on. I call them back, and I said I don't feel comfortable doing a voice over because it's not going to elevate limit area, which you ve already shot I'd, be much more comfortable if we had the ability, they just go shooting and they said that's their heads and May said: are you willing to do that during the pandemic? I said my daughter is sixteen to the very wonderful filmmaker and we speak the same language, but she knows the equipment they said will send you a camera package. They did. We, the desert in different places around town and Albuquerque New Mexico, because that's work I've been hungering down and we shot the most fantastic voted for this secular shower, so I didn't buggy and haven't workin. I
Robin Albuquerque. Did you really so you know it? Well, I do. I grew up in the Northwest Valley off of real Granddad Boulevard down by Antonio, where they have a freeway now, but it didn't used to be that way. Used to be a herd of Buffalo down there. That Tat, a local doktor, head, Kate had in the corral, and oh yeah, I grew up down. You know. We're lost for Buenos is the enemy. Of course. I do right dead, family I've. For all my life, I live if you go, keep going straight on real grand. Instead, Bear right. You going right past those problems us down there Street is where I lived: oh, my goodness they make an incredible lavender out there in troubled me credible products, it most programmes. We should out there, the twister's, a witch, For us, it is not by us. Remodels gases plays yeah,
That is right out there in the values, while so I'm from with that area from shooting quite a bit of breaking bad and better call saw out there. I spent most of my high school years at the frontier restaurant by second to give out to sea- and it was late and she's getting it work of each. She says: hey, let's go to frontier, yes, it our carbide she's like frontier. There is great weakness: it ever hours, yeah pretty fabulous room and gives you space to sort of b with four or five people and hang out and got a relaxed right across the EU and am yeah added yet at a job right across me, your name when I was in high school at a bagel place. It's yeah man at me, I know that place. I've. I've often thought about going back next week, I'm going head up the Taos,
for a few days on. You know why my dad still in Albuquerque, actually wow. I surprised stopping, you may want to do that if you have a good relationship with them, you around awaited there's, there's the catch, but yeah I'm a deal. I loved house I got, there is well yeah we're do you stay? I stay in the name, curly barber ashram. When I go there are you a Buddhist, no, no, I study yoga and there's a yoga joint. Ok could be it since I've been there but dleam one above the he was it. You know really wonderful, Yogi Saint in the one. His followers really dedicate it had built that our shopping basque seller like to go up there and stay there and do my save in the morning. My chanting meditation then go skiing and then come back and be quiet. Meditate leaving
That was my schedule. Ten years ago, when I was doing breaking bad. If I had a weekend, I gotta be quiet there at the ashram other than that. I don't know where to stay anymore, but I'm I'm destined to go up there, because it is a very peaceful environment yeah, that's right up there. Since I was a kid really, and you know it's been a rough few months. Here some personal issues in loss, and I just thought like any. I could go yet. Then time and in the country that I grew up in there there's something about going. Back to where you come from specially beautiful, like northern New Mexico and just having into the landscape we'll be restorative hollows long since you ve been there to Taos geez, I don't know. I've been Albuquerque, usually usually go to Albuquerque once or twice a year by but Taos. I think Spain, since I was a kid really. I was up
words ABBA Q, I wanted Giorgio keeps house not too long ago, but TAT S been awhile. Maybe I'll drive you Esben Yola, see the low writers ya. So I was there over last weekend. The seek good Laura, I spend your buddy my plays a toddler hand and he was invited to play on Sunday morning and so on was there last Sunday. I do know that there is a different side of Spagnola which, as you know, the low writers and and these leaders on a rough element that exists there, but the it's a beautiful area to suit gay yeah? You probably really need it and I'm going bless your trip for you, because you know when you're in place that is completely surrounded by tall buildings and cabin. This landscape that reverb rates and the vibration of noise and sirens and You know all of those, though the emotional feeling of appear. I imagine you are in your I'm England, AL you,
We recommend a California where you're all right said trot be completed to beaten. Before he I'm already. If you need to to get out and space. You you're gonna go to the right place, and you know that already. Yeah, I'm excited to get new, a car management have been stuck here, so you bought a house over their Nava Kirkhi even there for years now I have not been in. I've got a house here about a year ago, a little over a year ago. We I am done because I couldn't didn't really want to be Staying in a hotel in AL Turkey again for another year or six months, a shooting, and I Basically, a border with one of my daughter's in mine have four daughters in my eldest up to scratch. It from my she wanted to you, and I am she didn't. Which cross me back and during breaking bad, because I've got like, albeit I'll, have a chance to be really close to her yeah she's, going to the University of New Haven, but she says
Does the finnish grad school at you can move to Phoenix? and so I had originally bought this house, because She loved Albuquerque. Yes, he was here and I thought up this work. Opera I could be here while I should give her the house- and you know after I'm done and I'm not really a high desert person. And tat kid, and I realized of the universe, really serve me up. Yes, space. You need the neighbour I have some space when you're out in public. I it's not like being in California or being in New York, so I'm really. Very pleased and happy to be here so Wendy. You get involved with all this like how you have a friend whose seek I do. I met them here. I was being honoured. By the term society here years ago at the wheel. Therefore my beautiful chemo theater, I it's great came. I am downtown he most beautiful here and gun. You know rather Redford's since moved up to Santa FE, an eye
I know, but for a long time, from attending the Sundance Institute back when I he's doing their playwrights lab. While end, so I was presented with this award bye, bye, Redford, and behind with my daughter, my undistorted, who then was nine years old and so we're sitting there and they showed up usual suspects was the film, but they chose an eye I was sitting in the Roman, whose is great vibration coming from behind us and and around, and it's like eight people, all dressed in white returns, I went woe and I looked at each one of their faces and they had disappeared. Little vibration and, and that's how I met said cancer and his family his sister was there and cousins were there and they are all in white, and I I turned to Ruby S really what a great vibration right behind us Turns out they had sponsored part of the event and
and so and in their very musical people I love music. They played a harmonious tab, learn chant and saying in a very happy and something, a presence in espagnole those largest seek community outside of India, the largest The in America isn't Spaniards that may have a how you even which I didn't know that either so wit. When did you get sensitive to the vibrations was, as always with you. You know I have. It, makes me think of my mom, who was a spiritualist? How did that manifest? She Grew up in the Baptist church. Ok, he played the piano in Oregon. Stick her mother before her and debt, so She had a sense of worship that was definitively differ than any other. I was raised in the catholic Church, but she married an italian man, I'm who,
it turned out to be an agnostic in Rome. Italy's up. That's another part of my own case away little, let's, which track it back to. You grew up in Rome. I grew up in Rome he's going to Copenhagen, Denmark, really wrong to her father, who was from Naples, but who I greatly to Rome. He work in the opera house he traveled all over Europe, and he worked in the opera House in Naples with his father, a scholar, it's crazy, sounds like it sounds like a like to seek a film it is kind of is The stories of my dad and his father, who were you know this was the time or Mussolini It was in Rome and they were they hated the communists and my my father's father stored sovereign,
oh me, small town in six upwards, twenty six, six basic. Well known, opera or twenty six sets that have to be. Stored somewhere and then, so my father and grandfather they store, the opera is when they bought in level. I am they move. They go to a warehouse. They take out the La Boheme set and they were Stalin in Alice scholar, until Mussolini came and wanted to hear opera and my grand, Father, I him yeah, so he'd go off on binges, drinking and they would have to find as Kosovo. So my name is John Catalogue, Esposito, Michael it may be junk outlawed. You set the ehler as possible. In our country, America. We call it Esposito right but really that's the New York pronunciation. That's it
Ernest S, Esposito, yeah, Esposito. I grew up which fill in what was a brothers knave dates that the hockey player right area as perhaps yeah from Boston. So he had some Look at my grandfather one day, He was arrested several times for drinking you know. You were very demonstrative innate scream out the window when the communist Mussolini troops were going up and down the street. My grandfather, get drunk and curse, whereas Adam Bede jail and This happened numerous times and it- was known it, Mussolini loved opera, so the last time it happened, he wound up and whenever firing squad and Mussolini is calling all of his you know, generals defy, whereas Esposito, because he wanted to see a new opera,
Finally, for the phone rings in the nick of time, hello, where as pointed out, is a wait. Wait wait because they gathered traders outta here he says we got in here he's all those tat are killing, and that was my grandfather's trump card. My father hung out with him and until finally, and they got him out of jail sobered him up. He bought the operator, everybody was happy and they didn't. They slapped his hand, but they didn't kill him ass: he knew where all the operas were, and finally, he and my dad escaped to the mountains. Important with the resistance They fought with the resistance? What would the resistance? Yet I hated the communists. They hated the fact and Mussolini so close to Hitler? Hey, hey, I'm a moose lady was opposed. Man here, That was his gait here. He was a civil servant right who became a dictator. And you know, obviously very much in line with with Hitler. Right now,
so there that led to my father, many my mom, a mom black One, from Alabama Song in the church, when her mother play the piano, eventually wound up in Cariboo House, Cleveland Ohio is where the Euro trained to go into the artistic arts, to the arts to be a singer. Dancer train my who, like by what he mean trees at school at school. Karmu Kara was very phase in the forties and fifty's sixties Your father had since moved here my father and mother met at Alice Scarlet. They were married in Rome, ok, I then he got his citizenship and they move to America. What were you doing in ITALY I will see how she went over to saying opera. She say yeah, she sang opera in MILAN and then they went to Rome she toward Europe with a shall call Porky and Bess flourish. One! Yes
she met Saleh Iraq, an auto premature at that time? and she was- she was a singer and sheep She really wanted to branch out into acting, but all she did was operas and found. With my father? and they were married and came back to America, but her deal was forty investment behind the iron curtain. He was a show. When all over Europe, was very, very populous. A shield was played best and she alternated the role with leniency in price. And how did you manage to give born in Copenhagen, while they they took a little side. Tour So my mother could perform with another wonderful performer, Josephine Baker, no yeah! Well, but did his supper club backed with Josephine Bay. No kidding you gotTa Denmark and she would perform until she was probably about eight and a half months pregnant and she had a big hoop.
Dress, made to hide the fact that you- who was so pregnant and she would do her supper club gig on the side when the opera was down so she oh Josephine and her work were doing it wasn't. Josephine Baker was mostly in Paris, now correct and they go, they toward with it. When she was pregnant or was it is surprised that you were born in Copenhagen? No, no, because they then she had a gig. We need to offer her a gig on a split bill. Outcasts has it been did most of her supper club acts on our own, but my mother and baby. They found love, they were friends, and so my mother what do the app prior to Josephine, so they were living in Denmark at the time I had a danish nanny in the whole deal So does that mean you have Danish you can be a danish citizen. Well, now it's all the EU so I could be- and I have my danish birth certificate. Currently trying to get my italian passport because
I'm very connected to ITALY. I go there every year, I love it I have a very large fan base their from my work. And so I want to get my Eu Passport Pass port through ITALY. Ok possible Yeah, I mean it's. It said at this juncture in history that amount Markings are now the viral garbage people and at the pride of the world. Your passport won't do much good when you want to run right now, but but maybe that'll jades hoping so. I'm sorry it's taken me so long, because I have dear friends, in in Europe that I'd like to see Adam. Allowed in right now terror. Yet it is terrible and we're a little bit behind in regard to you know, protocols or it able to work there, although that still open. I know that I could go to the UK and get in. I have a benefit for a dear friend.
Beverly pepper, who was a world class sculptor she passed away last year in ITALY, so they they're getting me a five day dispensation. So we can go and put back to rest and do a whole thing around her artistic park. Beverly part until the ITALY, so I got it for five days. I imagine maybe I could stay longer. You think they catch me sure. Actually maybe a little longer like a month or two yeah like that. So did your parents stay together? They were for eleven years and then divorce out yet so, they stay together for a bit of time, but I think my My father was became the a bit of them a boy of the western world being in America, and I think that was very difficult for my mom swell and where they end up in New York, ended up in New York.
A funny story. I stated the Sun Young Moon hotel. Thirty fourth street was it was a Hilton Hotel, but eventually sung young moon. The reverend. I remember this yeah yeah, the moon the hotel a mediocre years before that's where I came to America on the key to on a boat and handed it forty Threerd street. And twelve avenue how heraldry I was five years old, So now coming back around the vibrations, so your mother was a spiritualist from the back this tradition, You know, as you got older, it sounds like that the life was sort of expansive and artistic and creative. So where did she land with this spiritual ism? that enables you to to sort of Do your searching without any in tethered to any Judy your christian tradition, seeming seemingly.
I'm a mass confusion. Bark had yeah she might My feeling is that she was searching to be some kind of leader or teacher, so she he obtained are two different deploy. Miles from mail order, churches and because she added She did this. I realise that she really wanted to be someone who caught a pastime. I'm a spiritual lessons to people and so I remember we eventually wound up in Westchester County in a place called homes for New York and she put a sign on the door that that said, place of light, continuing and she would have little Sunday morning, services for some of the neighbors right, and so I picked up the the
stealing from her up an alternative way to worship. I went to all catholic schools as a boy, and was that your father's choice? What was that about that was my mother's choice, because she had two boys that were unwieldy and she was concerned about teaching us? How to be gentlemen? so she put us away in a military school. You you got a younger brother. I've got one, older brother, algebraic, ok, one! one year older than myself. Ok, so I want to catholic Military School now, my god yeah. And really wanted to get out of being beaten by the prefects is I loved the military part of it. I love marching, learned how to shoot. Carry a gun learnt how to talk. While the gun the whole nine yards put put a corn on my bed spits I'm shoes. Every day but the one thing that save me was, I could get up.
At five in the morning and go prepare. The mass for the priests and that was a way for me to escape sort of bees, your military school was. You know one big huge dormitory room within a forty beds in it and you very close to other people, and you have no business of your, but that's it interesting that that's where they came from cause. I didn't know it seems too Is it that that education. That discipline had a profound the influence on the way you approach acting. It truly did and a truly still does because I was wondering when I watch Gus watch, older staff of Morceau Gus because like you know. I've talked to attack the grants ten years ago, but he's a very practice. Go actor. You overthrow Meetin potatoes. China come through. The studio system, because his dad sees it s, sort of a jaw utilitarian job and has
an approach but like when I'm watching you. Because I was wondering and I'll be honest with you- I thought: okay well, this is gosh in this way that the rest of this guy's work goes but for some reason because of gas. Unlike I dont know where this came from this this this method he has, but either he had now colic parent or there some other solution like you know where the control came from. So interesting. You're very astute mark so you know. Look. My mother became a home, storefront? House front Reverend probably to save her from her alcoholism, our really ok, yeah. So you know she'll see light. To kill her pain and she used alcohol for that and so yeah you hit upon something there
my my discipline in my life came from understanding that if I was disciplined, I would be able to do something more. With my life bright and Being a creative artists was a difficult thing back in the day when I was in New York because see I'm When I say all this off, you know I am and fear We light scanned my brother's a little lighter than I am, but my name John Carlo Esposito people wonder they always wanted to place me as being spanish. Sicilian, not sicilian it, but that was acceptable to them a black, a wasn't. Really. Known we had like what Franco Harris footing a player who was mixed, so I define my place. Outside of all that- and I
literally, learn how to act. Black I learned how to do the shocking job, so I could get work. Until I realise what about who? I really am What is where does that play into what I do and who I am in this business, I remember, shunning playing who for a long time in the beginning that's how I got work. I play. I could pick up a spanish accent and be you know that for spanish actors were allowed to play themselves haha though I that's how I picked up the Spanish and played into it. Learn the Spanish picked up some spanish, because I could play that character well and play it in a threatening or non threatening. Why so? I had to shoehorn myself into the business. I was on Broadway young age. More, I didn't mean it
thirteen Broadway musicals back to back. When you were a kid when I was a kid Sure, I guess, because your mother was an entertainer at one point, so this port was there. How do you from you, your childhood into Broadway, had how to what was that You know I went to audition for an agent earnestly declined in my mother. Wasn't getting any support financially from my father, there was pressure, make money. I was the home watching gigantic, or you may remember that shell right here. I walked decades or commercial comes on and my brother and I scratched our heads and went well. I, when I could do that, I was little white kid on the commercial yeah its accustomed agent who then recommended, we do voice offers you couldn't be seen that it wouldn't, because I had the diction yeah she's, the agent thought what great opportunity. They won't know whether you black or white, or what colleagues that was
organic as you have having our time with it. That's exactly right is really. That is why I started working for Re Follerin RCA, and you know that things like one of the very first black commercials was of commercial for tasty cake like I was like a pop top right at the black, and on the screen couldn't enunciate. So they call me in. I dug Dovers voice, and I ve been doing this for a couple years and that's what I went wait there is person on the screen way. Why can't I be on the screen here and that's what a change my whole had right. So that It's is very interesting to be in this kind of nebulous. Quite four identity a in in your personal life and yet and and also in the business because you had a certain amount of versatility. You just had a wrangle it Like you know, once you accepted that you could move
through this. At your above? At least spanish? should carry and black I gave you a lot more opportunity. I would think it certainly did and it gave me a lot more of self investigation as well, because you know You go back in my career. This was the beginning of an I think That's the throughout Europe, is that I've had this incredible, opportune, to look at myself- and be proud of who I am the ice positively in black when you in a black neighbourhood, the rough cat their approaching you and they say why you talk like that. You know you have to try to how do you explain that why you're while at. Why do you enunciate? Why do you enunciate? Why a you running on with your sentences- and you know- You'Re- not hip, you're, not cool you're, not the union, that guy that you cannot look like so your misrepresenting yourself,
and then I move on to go to up all italian and black high school, where none of the blacks accepted None of the white accepted me I accept either. My best friend became a jewish kidney, Pablo Dish, It didn't matter what color I was, although he would always ass, my name, he commie Jean Harlow, a and I say why the my mama call. While look at you cut looking to skip Ma Ma you bad you black, I want to work with spike. You know who I didn't, have the convinced that I was blocked but who always had questions that were inspiring about my blood but you did, but you did a lot of work before that and in smaller roles right tunnel. The worry. We did there a range of of black characters. Yes, and
but that's what so that's the interesting thing I didn't realize you were in caps until I saw that today that movie was a very odd movie for a lot of young actors. Absolutely a lot of people came out of there. I don't know, I don't know it remember how big your part was, but but least you had some experience, probably more than the rest of them in military school. I did are you big? My part was Marcos hard to miss out the black black jack gap. J C pierce very very in This thing that so many wonderful actress came out. That's gone, I develop their friendship with George ceased, on that film. I had to kind of all measures to him Broadway. I was trying to work. I could do an impression of him. He had a very kind like He always sounded like you is about. You know, like yours, intensity, that have Cummings
We good get them workin on its very as I don't do impressions, but for some reason he ever heard one before any. Had such a specific way of of yelling yet see Yes, he is. What was your relationship with him? Well I was doing, I see saw, which opened the Europe's theater and their word as there were two leaders within that Europe Complex and he was doing uncle banya And so we were but his play is rehearsing, is as was mine and so During rehearsals we had get a chance to go, see his dress rehearsal and he came to see ours and I was you know that thirteen year old child A Broadway started was being interviewed by Louisa Cry spoke of the net newspapers in the restaurant in the complex after the show, I'm in the middle of an interview and there
is this heavy hand comes up. Literally in the middle of it? Being interviewed, comes up behind me Put his hand on my shoulder, I turn around its Georgie's garden. I saw you, I saw you you you you job. Do it now. He was way in Jakarta. Allow darted away now on thirteen June is looking at the scarlet I've seen all of his movies. Year fat, but don't do I tell you and I were and and then you know he looked around the table. Are you is mother, fabulous, don't let us do it for you, you're too again he's a start, but he's not gonna do it and then he walks away and they turns around, he comes back. He whispers in my ear, unless you really have to
Any walks away disappears and I realize what he was telling me now and I'd never forgot that, because he was telling me that you have to be in it and committed all the way and you and your gifted in your young enough to have a choice. Now, that's right! That's right!. That's right and he wanted me to know to be sure and to question my son as to whether that choice was right. For me, so cut forward. For five years later. That was my star moment with or cease got yeah. I get fault, you don't look. I I I realized tat my journey mark. I was a song and dance me. My mother was a singer. She knew Pearl Bailey, I knew Ben varying went to see Pepoon, I lie wanted to be in a way been bereaved, but then I started to realize that African Americans black people is because now we
He were entertain. And I really wanted to move people from one place to another. The app I didn't want to live by my color and just live, by doing black shows and so I started to do plays because, I felt like they were really important. Part of my group, so I'll show you're saying as a younger man you're a song and dance man. They ran that when you had that realisation, it was not a a pro active realisation is sort of like Ok, why Amazon and as members to stay a song and dance I wanted to make a move. I wanted to make a move to a place where I could be looked at more. Seriously and have the opportunity to ask Laura Crass, that really was a craft retraining, I was training I worked at the I trained. The actors institute with two wonderful teachers
Dan, Patsy and David Kagan. Ah, I didn't, I didn't over trade, but that was my acting cutting my teeth in the act things. School were MA, am Sorry, you actually work because I wanted to learn about the camp and what was that about what was this inanimate objects that was film and I was doing extra work and I a call to do a movie called a change. Late, and there was a scene and Lincoln Centre outside and guess who started that movie your Sisco it's a weird movie. Yeah, it's a weird Marie. You knows If one so like a home, be a weird horror movie, the weird horror movie here and This is a number of years later and before tax and he breeze by me, without even knowing who I was recognized. I was crushed Why did you want to yell I'm doing it? I decided to do it.
Of course I did it out. It's me, don't you recognize me is: that was a missed opportunity, but a great opportunity in his presence and then taps came and then we were able to reconnect than he went. Ah, ah, it's you say you did you didn't take my advice. You did it anyway, I'm I'm! I'm impressed Eddie, remember telling you that, he did and then I got a chance to speak to him about where I had come from. How his story affected me. And how Maybe this was the right thing to do. Is former wife come in do hearse. Had it be my foot this theatre. World award. I was able to say look, I started using straight drama and Colleen. I want the theater was awarded peace. I didn t want company causing man and signed by Pulitzer. Prize winner
Charles fuller, are human, the prize for soldiers story. So that's my will Georgie's guy, he affected my life because of his forcefulness, yeah he's attitude, he was serious. He was a serious serious. Do serious chess player I am not forget on he had a four page, my love and never had the sides or paper in his hand? Ever and he came out. I needed a reversal of the model for pay it is to the cadets with which I'm one shot. Then Timothy Hutton, I'm all of us are standing in front of him every single time we did a monologue when he got to a certain place. He take his hat off. He touches the breast metals on his breast play. He would Did it exactly the same? Every single time and so I followed him in between takes good. I wondered if he was gone, according to studies Livingstone, my photo and he would go back, to where the eighteen wheels were.
Camera truck and there was a chance board setup. And two chairs and one can sit near. He go right back to his Chaskey employed chance. How did you do this? He was is his his brain, in whose steel drop he was such a consummate perform, and I was really quite amazed at that, we can remember all that and not that remember what what his Cotonou write his choices where yeah space. If it continuity choices right. I feel like use very hard on himself. Maybe I'm wrong. I dont think you are wrong. I think he took on an amazing, an amazing pressure to be I would say good, but I don't think it's good. I think its original raise eat an amazing, pressure to be in his own skin, That's why he never stop drinking and that's why you never stop smoking, as I think that was an intrinsic part of who we are
yeah in eight, yet you like and who we was was, he was always in the middle of that fight with himself. So so your kind of entering that in? density? I'm here, during his is battle his war. That's a really great way. To put it because I get I don't know why, because a few months ago is like I kind I gotta, watch all the George, she Scott, available- because I don't when that why that stuff hits you, because you is always a, I remember in patent when I was very young, but I've there was something about the authenticity of just ever the thing about him like there is no denying that guy And I don't know why it popped in my head. We recently did did to three visit it. But it was really in Hence man there is there's, not there's, not a ton of shit, you know he
he could have done more by He did, he did a handful of things, but there's not a huge didn't mammography there. No, no there's not, and I feel like he he was a guy who really lived it ya. You know there's something about look came from the song and dance world, and what does that mean? You do musicals means, The problem is You know there are some drama there and have certainly I The drama is over extended because you gotta reached the last see the turning point in my life was going to audition for taps, while around this movie forecasting director, long gone white, so respect and admire. Surely rich and- call me- and I would not wish for this peace- and she was very kind the reading the copy and sheep every time was thoughtful and her thoughts. She then uttered Giancarlo you
I don't know how to say this, but I want to say it is graceful as I can You need to learn how to act. I was sat back and my sea level. Let me reef rephrase that you're you're acting for the last row And I know I've seen you on Broadway, but you need to learn how to act for fuel and I said, o K, how do I do that? God, you someplace code, you some straight. I went in it obviously settlement and I went and did zoom out of a sign for which I want my very first Obi award wow with any company. And dumb granted alike, You didn't get the part in the movie, any here had passed, and I got a phone call from my agent that said surely which wants to see you I was like so excited, because I would have a chance to redeem myself for nothing.
Gotten this other part in show her that I did have chops and then I did know how to act. Because it comes from inside your got an they said was for a movie called taps. As we all know, shot that movie. I didn't get that movie. She said they said no, it was postponed here and surely wants to see you again for mark. I walk in there. I just I just was acting is be, and I read the book with her again and she Jakarta what did you do, I said I didn't you told me to do I did what you told me do, unlike not doing what you he's got told me to do she said what was that I said you told me to go to some place. I've been doing apply, did a player who was a dancer enemies, resettlement, I've been acting class not a place. I hadn't does a the sign. Yet- and I said
she's. Ok, what you come clock and read for with Timothy Hutton and read for Stanley Jaffe producer will can I read they chasing the room? Would you do this role? I said yes, and that was the beginning about we're standing and it's back to George again see George didn't try to do anything. He was you know he just try to commit be real and I think he's doing something real for a purpose for a reason. What is that reason reason is to try to to honour the riders words and to move Europe. From one place to another. And to be real and again- and I think What George was George lived his life in his own skin and the older I get more seasoned. I get the more. I realise, the matter. What you're doing you take on skin a bad character. And live in, that, like a bellows breed on that scale, see through that skin you know transform yourself without anyone, realizing that you even did that reality actors- I love that, can do that
Georgie Skype, Eugene Hackmen Robert Mitchum, Your son actors play themselves over and over and over again and another actor who I met and really loved his work. Bernd Lancaster, him out You did on the way. An american Christmas. It was a peace that was on the stage on six street there was a stage there. Still there called american prison spurt Watson was later part of his life ladder, part of his life before he I guess we went to LOS Angeles amount of up in nursing home downtown, and he was a crotchety like George Georgia scratching Bert, like ass. It was so he was crotchety. They want to talk to anybody here. He was narrated this Peace and I was one of the black kids came out and did the songs in between his narration. I pay you back and it was filmed, but there were some. Think about me that he must have liked. Because I was drawn to him. You know because I
I just want. I didn't want to really you're actors meet some hackers hate when people young actors come up and they wanted to smart bargain with what you do this now to do. The dash ass boys breasts and UNESCO. I looked at him tonight. I said so, do you? When you have a swimmer, Elmer Gadgetry, you know all about Our little step out there is a hey. Come come come to my dress, talk to me and we talked and I thought You know he was someone they could maybe past something down to me, but I liked him What am I guess, I'm leading to, as I was drawn to actors who worker lately themselves completely comfortable with they are now most of US actors or not. That's why we're actors which wanna get comfortable something someone else's skin, we're trying to work through our personality
efficiencies through the characters we play had eaten lonely that you think that's true. I think its part The truth is, I think, I feel like the better for actors, that way by it doesn't mean that they themselves are necessarily that interesting. So I like. The romantic idea of, like you know, trying to figure out who you are and I'm being afraid of that and having to do it. By doing other people, It seems like some of the guys who are just great actors, they know exactly who they are, and there there's not a lot going on there. I must say that I would agree now want to name names, because this great great actor that I met who had no personality, and I wait wait a minute. What I got a new personnel. I love what you know,
dig like you got a lot of personnel. I dig women and I wait wait. A minute Oh, how you see so good air and then I started to look closer decided to realise that many of us as actors find it. Each and we do it over and over and over again, oh yeah and I realized I start to see the through line in this act was work yeah there. Excitement when this actor regime did some great stuff and just kept, repeating repeating repeating repeating and that to me is not ever something that I aspire to want to do. Why? Because, then it just it is just a con game ray I gotta, get I get the guy. Who does the thing Let do the thing
You have a lot of actors date there they get the opportunity to be on television that intelligence change recalled me thousand now used to be. The tv show. Your is death and I ve been blaster to people the coming the tail end above I never want to do tv want you, theatre in the Buddha had to work my way recent soap opera is what my right he's alive: guess spots on em, and then eventually get to film and realise that was my opportunity to always play someone differ. That's what that's what allows me to feel like I'm still learning. Oh yeah and what I think that's definitely clear with you and also like yeah I'm not trying to be condescending about these actors- is, I think, a lot of the a lot of guys. You have a lot of space in their actual personality you know have room to to sort of they, they might actually feel alive through characters, You know it doesn't mean they're there Emotionally, you know, sir, dead or something. But
but just sort of interesting that- The people that you mention as being Authentically themselves, are some of my favorites while well like gene I've been here and even know where that comes from you know I feel, like you, have something similar to him. I read an interview with him once where you know he said Davy, I remember who he was talking to but tat. He just said you gotta know how to fill yourself up when you know that when a scene started. He kid. In it just when you look at him, you like how he's filled himself up with whatever that is. You know he still just Jean Hackmen, but he's out. You know tat! If I can feel himself up, and here and in no matter what he does you gotta. You can't stop watching. Maybe I can watch me- the sandwich yeah he he he is one of my favorites He happens to live up in Santa FE. I believe, as does a moment ago, had a crush on for my whole life. Surely Maclean, who
as worker little bed down that doubt Navvy recently more recently, then I think g but retired. I think right. I believe he is retired. Yeah device hang out, do you know I don't know, I would like to know him. He affected my formative years in a major way. Because he was, as you say, always filled up. That's a wonderful way. To put it, The enemy is now that I think about it in many ways last year I did five tv shows, and I was doing better call saw very stay, very control. Old cat I read a lot centre myself drop myself and I'd be on you. I wouldn't be In myself, trying to figure me out, I would be observed and com, and you know, when people are really really com, it can be low disturbing without was so that was your take. It ended Gus, That was my ticket into gas, but I was also at the same time, playing a very apparent
to Delicious. For me, I'm frightened how senior in a show called, I further of Harlem about the journey, a bumpy Ellsworth Johnson, a gangster they're here was a Congress, men Reverend You're womanizer and So I had the opportunity last year to flip it and to put my self into his skin. Which in a way, is difficult to play historical character. I feel like it's a great responsibility to get there right, oh yeah, then I just I just talk to carry Washington yesterday and I watched her and do a need. A hill and man. Did she fuckin lock into that shit, locked it here and and So that's where I wanted to be with power yeah and he at a big, large and life spirit that when you, if you looked at a somewhat material I read is rational record. You know he was a preacher So preachers manner show me You now have an opportunity to be a showman.
It was fantastic and yet see him. He was also a lawyer and congressmen. And he was throwing you know his his his personality at the face of the White Dixie Crass during civil rights, both here and he was vital to speak at the March on Washington, yellow scandal in Paris where he to assist at another woman with him, they use them anyway. Of using the government's money. He be that and a bunch of other things, because he was really about his his truth. Was he wanted equality for black people, but the way did it color falling far ahead interesting the plea that cat you know as a real, a blessing for me, yeah It helped me realize that you know I'm the kind of actor that likes to have fun within the sandbox, whatever. That is whether it
huge, big, small and uncontrolled its allowed me- the availability, to know about history? to travel the world because after all, United just get in their relies on plant, a cop, I'm riding along with police officers for a month before I start wrong, so I learned about all these different occupations. I learn about all these different things in our world that I think I will be less likely to know. If I wasn't act yeah for sure. Why mean, but that's part of thy. I think your spirit. You know that you are you're sort embracing life, your path, a guy. So that's part of your craft this: is it to have these experiences off the screen as you enter the lives of the people that you're gonna become that's right eye. I never want to do it the same thing over again. It was a really difficult for me to make the move from gas in breaking bad took us.
In better course off, because I want to repeat, I think I do but I feel to me that you know, if I remember correctly, is I'm watching both both series, and I love you. I love both of them by aid seems to me that that you are able to add another layer of depth to him with saw you know, I hope so I wanted him to be a little more vulnerable and more hot, headed, not so controlled. Six year is years before breaking bad, so that when you put those bookends together, Then you have you see the growth of that character, both of the shows that down breaking bad was about water. Whites journey better call solves about I'm Jimmy. He also Goodman's journey. So. I realize my place within the whole. Who knows maybe we'll get an opportunity to people, do the rise of gas in a limited edition. After all, these are all so itself. Be YO did to kind of bring back around in through I never saw what was it.
About your relationship with spike that helped you sort of come to terms and and define your you're, a yourself, your blue, Agnes or whatever those conversations were. You know. Spike asked questions that are leading. Allowed and asked me look if we had a war, he would you say we had we had if we work at a race war without beyond mothers or fathers here jack out, just how it what was I did it do Are you why you know so he asked you those questions that I say why you? No, no, no, after the room drew so I'm all of it any. You realize to be proud of all of it, I'm both at going to a time now in our country with the whole blacklist, smooth, all that's going on right now, where again being asked to choose
and then so I realize now in my growth is allowed replay spanish car Allow me to walk around with all white guys they haven't. Tell me. Oh, oh wow, oh Oh! You didn't. I was black, oh yeah. We're so sorry, you know it's allow me to go on the best of both worlds. What does it lead me? that leaves me without a race or a cholera home our country. It leaves me as a human being. Yet, Meeting, I always I love my poor buddhist story, my jewish story, because that was the first white boy. Kept me didn't see. My color joked about I hated him for Call me Jean Harlow. Wait where you saying again, I think, deserve a woman. He had fun with it because he felt the outcasts too, but he had guts. He was Brady. Give a goddamn laboratories in schools. You didn't give a goddamn bought the blacks who would be Donna now he had
He had his little black body. Who could stand that fear this cat was, You know he was beyond the beyond because he was able to embrace me so took me years and what I learned through spike and working that up. Despite wants to challenge you to see If you're really real- and I respect him for that- even though the method to me at the time was a little bit different than what I was used to hear. Where's, just challenging me to say: hey, you know, I'm bucks, I'm a human being and so for me today I had mixed children who have been to the marches and asked me about their blackness have question, their mothers, white privilege, just I say just by virtue that she's white skinned- she is my purpose, yes Papa, and why would you tweet more about this than the other, and I got to tell him I met John loose. I gotta tell him that I've been on the independent Scrooge. I gotta tell all the stories of racist actions against me, and then they wonder, aren't you angry?
I sit here about lab in the Agri black man to jail an old man, some angry black made it a talented scared by last year were up. I told your worst nightmare, I got the pent up, anger be black and I've got but viciousness is not end. There come energy and passion you dude from ITALY so stay out of my way. Libya me and so you bite, but on some level it seems to me that through your appreciation of, of vibrations and also Your comment and to yourself too to realize yourself in in in the shadow of a mom who had some problems that you have a handle. On that anger and- and it seems that you, ten more towards different solution absolutely mark.
I feel like I'm, I'm I'm you know universal student, history in the world, but I ask so like there's a mission beyond my work and there s an there's a line in my work that should reflect the choices that I've made to take. That work. And so I wanna be illuminating, we're energy and I believe this everybody got about all the spiritual the religious dude, you re, you know where ninety percent water, where electrical bees were fired and an energetic way- and so I feel like our energy- can be good energy. We choose to channel that. And so to hold onto. Yes, we need justice. Yes, we need to have all these things, not only for black lives, but also for indigenous people and also for asian people? You know is to realize the similarities now we're never gonna get to it, where we're completely comfortable. You know with some of
the cultural parts of what other people do. But why can't we get comfortable with respecting that so the energy that I wanna put out in the world is an energy of inclusiveness right. That to me is is important because I've lived the other, you know what I mean like an that's. What gets me like arms, split down the middle and spiky meter, look at this as well. Although I've never said these words to him, I've lived but I go to ITALY, man and look I'm a star yelled, It is, after all, what is it? What is black or white It's like a star right. It's a bunch of louisbourg people. That match the fabric of who they are that's what they, the egg, you know they receive is black. They see me they. They want to start speaking italian to me and sold. Do we call it's a person. I met a guy from from England
was black. Is no news item eight? How are you where you from who are you it by the company you know what I was like, ok than it was a wonder. Why do we call that person in English because many whispers why we call blah blah blah? a color would work were where you know, we prefer that because he made it easy in our country to delineate from Those who had and have not those who deserve and deserve now Those who have you got there entitled, in some way? You know so I feel, like you know my look. We have it nor acting family. Now, I'm tired of this year. I was blasted to any nominations my entitled, the nice damp, an actor. You know like you know, so I just wanna be me, but his me acceptable to you. That's the question here. You know
I explained in my kids. I get in the car and even one Albuquerque do make sure my because on make sure I have my license and assurance guard and every time a cop, rose by have a little luck. You know another, I'm a grown I can explain to my girls, you know also The other part of it is, as you know, we weren't awhile while West. Here he had the wild west that guides election yeah. Everyone tat everyone in their cars packet. So I told my girls, don't talk, no shit, like I got three drivers for drivers now they come out. Ok, just remember I wanna give it. You know I scare you but I've gotta. So if you cut someone off sorry, I'm sorry I'm sorry and your black system, your black girl, that's what you're. So these are the things that we have to contend with from what we have lived created our society, and it would be great if those were all yes, it would be great yeah. I think moving to a place where it can be.
You know, it's like when I was told years ago, something so very simple mark. You know if you're standing it with a group of black folks and they tell her to show and you stand there with a laugh and you don't say: hey wait, a minute! That's that doesn't work for me, but this really smart, Aleck elected you about it. You know it lays down people who talk the Arab World derogatory fashion, you know I've been the mecca. I've been there You know I've been to the marks. I know you know Kay Mohammed before he died. So yeah I can when my body, very personal. I love this guy and since We were in college and you know what was at first Iraq, IRAN war whatever had happen, and it came out of his mouth so What were you do about these tower? Heads would stay. Do Tao, heads yeah
You know- and it is my body I got- was progressive. Unlike me, so until we start to understand humanity is a mixture. You live in a culture ally when there are other people, New York, autonomy, the people, but the world not New York ally. Chicago Austin. The world is you know that Midwest America, that has been sheltered from the understanding than that, human beings off some of them. Now that human beings are human, and that we all make faults and mistakes. It doesn't matter what color we are. We need to move Had everyone rise in the same boat and The problem is that certain people in certain areas of been deprived of a certain kind of education. Yeah and now they're yeah, there's a shame, was embracing of ignore, France and hate. Its being encouraged by the year, the the current government system.
So there is a double battle going on again like easily. In the midst of all this social progress and enlightenment. Now, Europe get some real authoritarian bullshit completely people do want to control ass people who afraid but they're gonna lose their money. And they want to make more and there's no cohesive leadership that has come out of our government lately whatsoever. Look, you know, don't we shouldn't be a society that is reflected of all one cultural dominant? Without any without any so yeah right right. But we should be a society that respects that that, is it allowance of that that would enjoy that. That could be the affected by that, and that always where I come from, I became an actor
because I loved it and then I realized how much more I loved it. When I the truly be myself I could. But you a character, jump out of a character. Do my research do my work, but yet this was my This is why I am end and so that comfortable space to be how long? That's all! That's me, twenty five thirty year right now. It's that that think, if the kind of growth you get his. You become mature shirt again any get all than any arise. I well. I should not as important as I thought it was a bright exact. EAST are struggling to pay the rent? Do all that you go in the room? You can do everything you can to get the gig what color you here, you know EVA commencing with you as you how I go in and I are based. Our guiding me in any? Oh, I'm really drive I say you sound like you,
I'm looking for gas frere, and I see it differently and a quiet, the room I wouldn't do that. Can on this one. You want Have you heard of undertaken if they ve been eyes, light on? How much money you are baby? They got for maybe you'll. Do it sorry now And then, two days later, aging causing us how about this amount right, yeah what what I learned from the Gump Tabs Open, Georgie, Scott, that's what they did say to me, be true to yourself right now,. Oh look when the chips are down and bankrupt. I've been there for its office in the living room. That's how I got my office in this very room. You know to figure out how to get work too. To black to play what he could to glad to play Spanish anymore wasn't widen up was a black enough. What am I gonna do You know, and I think never give up now give up glimmer trade on your beliefs, right
and unfortunately yeah generally by the time you hit that wall. You know it's too late to do something else, so you there's party that sort of like you're anyways, so you might while honour it cuz there's no going back at this point. That's exactly right. That's exactly right and it feels better tat. Is yeah, you know We seem good, I feel I love what I do and I feel like. That's. A gift and your great added buddy you're great at it. Thank you I just don't want to take the thought We are definitely not welcome If you thank you so much Look though, the world's a place where I feel like you know what we do through our art, I feel like it. You do you your work. You know you're your price I, U Investigative your asked, questions you're, you know you're eager your open, it is to be in wonder, in the space of wonder, you know pressure and that that's always a gift
yeah yeah, yeah more. You know I shut that down. You got yet you that closes down your heart, get hard and yeah yeah you go in and out of it but better. Yet somewhere in there? You have it the idea of hope as well hast. It is incorporated into that and then what about gratitude Mark I work out Yeah I have to do that a year. I have two conscious. We do that, you know get as United Brackets yeah. You know I mean I have to hear because there's always sort of like a panic. I'm an anxious guy panic. Guy dread guy, you know so I'm too busy with that to be grateful, I mean yeah come on, we everything's fucked up. What are you talkin about? glad to be grateful for MIKE I'll go right. You know our you're right, you're right here I'll offer this thought, because I've been ask. Every time you had a black eye gets asked about the world. I offered a rat truth drew back, you didn't go there. I did so and always gets you. It's all good, but I do
I feel that read through the happiness, the heavy cloud over things now, but that determines where your attitude should be. But what, if everything has to die to be renewed to be fresh. What, if our thinking my thinking, has to be completely erased to be then recalibrate it in a new way, what If I shared my experiences of how I thought differently about someone who was behind me in line who was black as night, and I really therefore my had a different culture. What if I thought differently about someone cut me off in line. Who was you know lebanese or israeli high strung who blocked my pal. You know because they, like they were more important than that moment, or maybe they had an emergency, But what about China understand some of that, so that these are allowed to die
in our economies, pretty much toast, o r r r, our political fishes are pretty much dumbfounded. You know And if there are equipped- and they have no connection to bear soul to what's wrong long term a right. So, What is it all has to crash, and then of that crash can come a new development. A new group of people like my children, my girls, who think differently and are able to, must be a lawyer. I say: go legislate, give people a phone. You people change, stop. And then we have to look at the corporations shared a corporate magnetism and power over the oval office debtors. Up the people about look at money work, I'm! I agree. I think that this regeneration model as great as long as what's regenerated is an all wearing the same uniform
so they truth of it. I think its past ok leased out there that even with because I really related to what you said in regard to carry the dread. No, I carry that you, I don't think any cards human being. Who wants better for all wouldn't be carrying some of that. We, so you know, I feel like gum, it's possible, Now it may not be it may all crash when I want to crash witted nearing. Hopefully, ok, stop us, ok, the eligible, that's not go too far, and that scenario the credit. State would stay where we are, and with a little bit of hope and death. Great medium in great. Great great you as well is wrong. I really and thankful for having me on yes, sir, maybe I'll see in New Mexico some day. I hope so
have a good vacation. Wherever you go and I hope do get here, it illumination relax. Ok, thanks, man, take it easy what a great guy I wish it wasn't. The fucking play Kygo out to New Mexico and have some fucking chili with him. Goddamnit Giancarlo is nominated at this year's Emmys for outstanding supporting actor in a drama series. Four, better call Saul and outstanding guest actor in a drama series for the mandalorian and go enjoy all his work has been working nonstop for decades and unique talents. He is, and they lovely man I'm going to check in with the big frequency, but now I'm going mixed noise tubes strains.
Boomer, let's monkey Fonda
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