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Episode 1244 - Rick Ingraham

2021-07-15 | 🔗

Comedian Rick Ingraham is a Comedy Store institution. But he’s also the last of a system that was in place going back to the ‘70s, where young comics were baptized and raised in the rites and rituals of the Store. Rick and Marc compare their early careers trying to break into the business and become a club regular. Rick also recalls some of his memorable moments in the different eras of the Store, from when he was touring with Andrew Dice Clay to when he was breaking up fights between Joe Rogan and Carlos Mencia.

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and then squat all right? Let's do this. How are you what the fuckers, what the fuck bodies, what the fuck Nix what's happening? I Mark Mare, and this is my podcast and this is pause day today, I'm gonna be taking the heavy pauses, I'm gonna be. fooling around, with pauses It's part of the medium. It's what I do here. How are you feeling? Are you ok, Is everything all right What am I doing? Work the last
couple days, I've been doing a junket oppressed junket for respect, which me. Hence I go to the four seasons here in LOS Angeles, and there and I enter a clusterfuck. of media who all converge, the four seasons do the respect, press junket and you just and go from room to room. Some of them are on camera. Some of them are print. Some of them are still photos it. Just it there like a hundred outwits I can explain it to you. I've done it before. I did four glow? no to where I've been wearing the same short in the same suit for press for, I probably almost a decade now it's fuckin ridiculous, but me and people get excited about this movie. work. Today, on the show, I talked to a comic Rick Ingram who run-
I know that some you may say that, but if you ve been to the comedy store you ve certainly seen. Em rigging has been added for a while, but he's unique in that he you know that was a type of comic and I was sort of one of them for a while. where they live at the comedy store, they existed, the comedy store their home, Mister Comedy, store and They are part of it. They are an appendage of the communists are not only we know we feel about me saying I got, but if it's true there there's somebody who is in permanent residence, sir, and he came out here years ago He was tell a story, but I just need you to know that there are some dude that live at the comedy store and- and there are unique breed. and they have always been there- he's one of the people, it's it's like Jeff Ross you know, he's always been in show business. Since beginning of show business Rick is sort of like one of those guys young guy, though I'm not
Can you make it sound like an old man, but I talked to him I want to update you on a story. things very sweet I told the story about getting the flat tire and and when I went down to dynasty typewriter, to do my thoughts. The night was destroyers. Would Jerry stall got a flat and if you Listen, it's show. You know, I'm talking about Anna a couple there. He seemed like a very the italian Philly scary. His wife was a fan. He got thought I was in ass. Well, it turns out his name. Is Dan her name is Alexis I told you that old story about the my trying to help me in there being being afraid of him and he was making a skyscraper the both himself Philly. His wife is the fan yadda yadda. He was now We would flat tire than I came out at the end of the night and his tyres. I ve been flattened Jersey parked in the driveway. the convoluted tail, but she sent me one
If the nicest thank you notes like this beautifully hand printed hand written with illustrations, shoes, she's, a big fan of my eye July, this Alexis woman, Denmark, thank you. the Thursday night. You were such a gentlemen shaking my hand in speaking whether you killed stage my stomach hurt from laughing for fifty minutes, great. Ah, we know you were having a rough day broken Sammy Vase, you're, feeling anxious. I e your process had to prepare for your show, had friends with you and he had to fix your tire. We sent you a gift for contain didn't sake and even though you can change your own tyre, we thought you might like to have the inflated you can always for tyres bikers inflatable for a pool? footballs, etc. They me, one of those Waiter swag you plug it in it. I got it exactly a tyrant, waiter, air compressor. That's what he sent me a lax Sudan, what what we people
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Rick Reuben the other day that will become an up everything's, nothing's, ok out there, The fascists are coming, the fight there is or coming. The future is wobbly, for everybody. The disease is kind of pestering. It's not going away. I've had to push back idiots. who just resurface from my love me my life, you everyone, those guys. You already know that well, but at some point, thirty years ago you gave me your phone number, we haven't changed a phone number and every so often they just pop in and he got a deal with whatever stage they are at their fuckin life and whatever their thinking they don't really know them the thirty years ago you gave me your phone number, you might talk to him apple times. They, go armed somehow they might have been peripherally involved in your life,
I for what you do, but now you know what the fuck they do or who the fuck they are and all the sun there texting their opinions about Why vaccines or bullshit this got specific? All the a sudden I had a black that guy, because whether three things I don't have to fucking deal with it, you're fuckin engage a guy. I don't know that person. What just given met you thirty years ago, we had words were fuckin friends, I don't think so, and yet good luck and I wish you well. spreading the word neck and more death in the world good for you you're doing the Lord's work, stranger guy who I gave my phone number two, maybe had a meal with once twice.
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simply safe, dotcom swash, W T f today to customize your system and get a free security camera. That's s. I M p L. I essay F, p dot com, Swash, W p M today. So look rig. Ingram is a com restore fixture. and I don't mean that in a bad way, great comic crowd Workin dude unique but he's always there and he's the hosted the comedy store, podcast, which you can check out wherever you get your pact, as also before I forget,. Dark Fonzie. Six is up now Dean, thou re myself for doing the dark fancies couple a month to good chat, got a good report. Easy worsening, so that Dark Fonzie, six, reminding Del Ray the comedy store podcast from rigging
and this is me talking to rake Ingram here in the garage. Like I've been meditate you now never ever, I even thought to now. It's I don't. I don't want to be at peace now. That's why My worst, I I think I used to think but the thing is it like. You know what it's, even if you did meditate you're, not gonna, it still gonna be every right. Yet the moment you come out of that as an you're like by the day, that doesn't mean it doesn't do something that it might not be about peace, but it- it be about being able to quiet down your brain when necessary. That sounds like a man so here I mean it sort of like Hathaway. You know. Why am I sitting here? Fear? previous about some other time. makes bit. That has not to do with me, but is
wrong- minded in in its entirety its insulting to what we do What is the reason why I yet I get angry about comedians bits more than anything in the world on the site does not even funny. Why use the crowd laughing? I got well, there's that hey. You know. I've grown over the years, my many decades business of watching comics kill. Who, unlike am I not understanding, the tone is out this is not eventually sort of like one who am I to judge what what makes me laugh really yeah. It's. It's been been happening. It's been coming back. I was able to shut off just in time. the need to be diplomatic, and be a total, Dick, ok, you're, trying to know I think I was royal now died. I mean we definitely seen more pleasant.
But I just I felt like you was probably due to yeah. You know not seeing everyone for a long time. I know I know it's a decision by actually now I'm more pleasant, but but this more of that kind of like the fuck Zack. I do it coming back that tone and saying at the people. Truth is positivity tell I look at it if, if that what you were feeling at that moment. Then it would have been wrong to say anything else. I or but there is the choice. So why is it necessary to say that while I mean it depends on how you feel. I think it is I've been I've, been burning bridges in this industry, along as I've been in this industry. What? Yet? How long has it been like? I'm trying to think when I first met you, you like a child. You are like I'd like a child
comedy story. I showed up abandoned. Basically I was twenty one. When I showed up there, it was wet year, two thousand in beginning end of two thousand to really that long. I've been there that long cassettes, oh Jesus, okay, so that was right when I sort of came back yeah- I was there for maybe a year and a half, or maybe two years before he started coming around. Were you door guy I was here I started. I did the open MIKE and it was just a Amelia. Was clusterfuck of insanity, I'll try, but I, like I dont, know that time. So, where did? Where do you come from a from Kansas City? That's right can't originally Missouri or or cancer from the suburbs of Kansas. So I grew up in a nice. Suburb and nice parents got great parents billing super nice super other ministers, older brother, three younger sisters that many religious people in Kansas
out of a move we weren't it's goodbye youse raised by us, the few liberals. Railings is progressive people, creative people, s, supportive people here supportive when I still yeah more so now. I honestly now that I don't need anything from them. More support her like a few here. How did you buy it all right? Our he's ok yeah yeah, there's one four kids. Until I was in high school may I had the surprise fifth kid: the living on these. These actors are getting to old. We need to introduce a new character. Can we give the show on the area we get another one zero in high school and they had won t? I was junior in high school. When my, how is your mouth was a miracle yeah Mama's, forty or forty one, but
a cancer survivor in while had already had done, radiation and chemo and not supposed to have kids when he have yeah yeah and apparently she was told, she went to early men Apollyon, so issues like I can't even get kid right on your head party exactly and Mama Deborah handling business. I guess they also for kids and the house can saw that down. But Ass surprise is. In nice we noted their handling business, irritable relief in a way. I guess awkward ray. I without God. How could you not continue to do that? you're, able, I I remember, people be like ours. It does a freak out me right now. I would hope the at how about a talk? Show your fuckin! What else is there, then? What else is there truly? My greatest passion is to make sure all the folks are still foggy. How'd you brother. He's a year and a half older than me. What that guy and of doing a just war
regular job Gregg, your person Jaya Normal, whom Kansas PATH, gotta, family guy, really nice dude, we'll have a mean Bali, the shit out of me ass, a kid, but with you for Papa no, no, he played, may play baseball until high school. Here knew just a normal and more jobs what job easier like dad do. It was a corporate lawyer, Mama's teacher seed group, nicely yeah. I mean it's it's disturbing that I am able to be funny at all. It's good I've thought you're like a runaway, listen I had plans in all truth. yeah. I read a bunch of
box and watch bunch moves the stuff. When I grow up, I had a plan ready to run away. We might soon is shit, starts going bad and then it just kept being good, really went beyond what wonder that plan started manifest like you're like what ten eleven bf site that seems pretty cool elect guys living in a carved out tree. These days my parents gonna get really mad at me. They're gonna, yeah, that's what I'm hidden highway I find tree yeah yeah. Did you do comedy in high school? The first time I did comedy was once in high school. I was right President. My school, oh, my god, how the hell did you get so fuckin broken. It happened out there. I just always disliked humanity. I think I'll grew up. Most people You were very religious like that Christians near you, I've never believed in anything so big box.
This is sort of one of those places where young in the very near future, most progressives and good people, rational people will leave you like it. There's going to be the sort of balkanization of the midwife as the end. You know, there's none of good people to two too support it and they can only hang onto that so much by, but our towns assigned does not gonna mad at you. Gotta leave or get more good people there, because it's no good, I feel like they just do they just accept that if they can just fine like ten good people. That's what I value, but I don't know. I don't know what the solution is, because some of those places where What said to me as like, even if fashion some takes over most beer. No, I'm! Ok, though I mean it's not really. Okay, if you don't change people's lives that much they'll. Never care
no they're just sort of like what what is it went. Fascism when the now a tap, and it only vanilla, Tammy, no they coarseness just like lie- can still go the store right. Oh yes, the scared east. I saw America as those first like four weeks of the pale and locked down here and the people are like. What we do we can wipe her out here. we can eat is, is the low carb, vague and pasta, there's? No, it can't even get that shitty pole grey in past a headache around paper products. People were free Spectacular I was told Dean Del re here, like maybe a week ago your crushing the main room- and I said man here fuckin, killing your right now and I dont know. If he's any different, or, if the rest of the world just finally understand site, it's actually not that great yeah everything is actually kind of shit of a bit. I return people. I do you so negative. No one's has it anymore.
Essentially I haven't. I haven't had one person the parking lot guy one night when you and I pulled in at the same time how right right had something about the two most negative people here and we need to give them the falcon business so you don't hear any more people decide they had a kind of shit they caught up? Finally, the neck- if people are found their time, buoyancy of fields, that man watching these people. Like really work we're just gonna, go right back to your wife is a problem for ten minutes. What that was. As I was saying earlier about, it's not so much it. I feel that ain't ones committing a crime against our business. Or is it because comedy really for the most part, the depressed and that was inspired or actually spoke to her, the power or did anything meekly in
we're staying was was the rarity most most people are kind of run of the mill Jura, be room headliners offered in the history of comedy, and there were thousands of them. They are always the area but what happens to me when I'm sitting those rooms, it's like fifteen minutes this. What words Five there this earlier, It always bothered me and I think it's part of what made me do what I do. What a lot of people hate was. One worked the calmly store. I worked six nights a week in Taiwan. back. Then there was no one. There would be like ten. people in the crowd, and I the same comics, do the same. Ten minutes of same fifteen minutes every night. my night we're in, just so dumb by why? Why would I do that? Are we in a time glitch just this? This hasn't worked yet you know in working out are not like it's not like there adjusting how their performing it.
is doing the same shitty fifteen minutes with the same beats in the same guy like an automaton yeah. I know like eventually thought the continent, No one. It is it's the crowd, every measure. Of course I mean I've gotten committed to lines, it don't work because I enjoy them and their throw away lines, and but I'm not gonna move em, but it there. That's, not the the joke is in on that, then, that's not what I'm talking about. I know, and I know you talk their full bit full bits, there's sometimes Ike sometimes it like well, let's, let's go back so you're you're in Cannes because I think that you you know you're a guy. You are true product to the store and you you choose to stay on the shelf there. I don't really have any other option right. One of my will want to my worst qualities this industry. I can't I can't hang out right somewhere.
If I don't have a spot me, I can't hang out there like. I can't you when people like do, you should go to the improper and, on the other, they give me spot like three times a year. Toys at twelve thirty at night we always lighting and seven people sucks. if they gave me great spots and I'll do it, but I'm not gonna. just go to comedy clubs and hang out. Look, I know what it's like to you now: there's nothing wrong with living at the store I mean I literally live there, you every night. as long as you ve been there, but I mean I think that you are the last of that system, because it systems gone yeah, you know and when you got there it seem like it was still weirdly in place like she was still kind, was around yeah, so how do you leave Kansas in a half? Did you go to college did when I went to I went to film school, my dear my original dream was to be a film director right,
still would love to do that. Have no ability to do that, but maybe that's just it. Maybe maybe we haven't got it could happen. What's got you're gonna have to apply some will to assure it's not gonna like. Oh my god. It's happening what I thought, who's the nineties low enough people just still What's that you can do anything sure, and people still believe that you know the one. I can't stand aside if you work. aren't. You ll be a success and I know you, yeah, you do you'll, be effective, yeah marriage at work, the exact! That's it. If you can get work if we work hard so that you can do right now, you're gonna have to make connections with someone at some point that is like if you like. I was setting me yesterday were sort of like this idea like it your possessed by the demon of comedy you ve chosen to do you. provocation and sort of fly by the severe pants which is ultimately the best rush of what we do. You know
but you're. Some people just think liking. If I just kind of work hard and keep working and be If I really kind of like put this, on a time in no I deserve to be rewarded. I might now because some point? If you have undeniable talent and you don't kill yourself eventually someone or color right? But if you just do a good job, there's plenty of people they do a good job. I think a lot of I call it. the mere comedy which I think is like eighty percent of comedians. It's like they came up with a bit the day. They do it in a mirror right, get it perfect how they want to say They don't onstage and most comedians aren't funny like. If you talk to Hamas age, you like a kind of connectivity, typically bad people, but just not that interesting, but they they learn skill right, that's true, that's it! It ended. Is like for five or six years. If you,
work really hard at it. You can learn how to be a committee and its it's it's that the whole element of it annoys me TAT day, but it's it's always been true. You know like in think that some of the people that they, I think, not as funny or that you would think they aren't funny. the off stage I've seen people who, who I thought Just we're. Never gonna get the hang of it or warrant funny. Get funny. Because really it was about people not understanding there. funny it. What you wasn't, they were judge machines. They just didn't know how to do it any other way. You look at somebody. Todd, Barry, Nate Bargatze. You know like they're, not going to change gears either. Eventually, people Jeff Ross was like that too. he was always kind of successful, but watching him was like watching. Fuckin paint try before we begin. An insult guy like when he was Jeff with short any at hair of sort. I was awaiting us head and even though about that, but that is name was Jeff left shoulder our hair, the full Jersey Mollet, while back
when he started we're all younger, but I just couldn't understand he was one those guys MIKE. What are they understand? What it? Why is this guy successful us? I still have moment where I wonder anyways, despite all that Do you want to be right? I want to be of a director I solve my first year the college. I went to film school, small, film, school and Santa Fe New Mexico, a gruff New Mexico, yeah accuracy went College of Santa FE, which is now defunct. It's one of the only colleges, I've ever heard of that went bankrupt and no longer exists during covered are just an hour of about ten years ago. Some like that, I never know there was a car. I knew that Saint John was up there. Yet I was that. Was our court unquote rival, I guess but ass. If he school yeah, we they were the deceased Small kind of brought to the College of Santa FE was like they had film theatre
couple. Other thing was more like a summer camp I mean it fell. It felt really bizarre smaller than my high school here and the teacher I just hated. There are likes two per artsy in area, or they like locals, probably no big name- I've never heard of any of them outside of their would you tat would have to take. It is all just like these introductory film classes really Jeff do other liberal arts things. I took an english class here. That was amazing. Teacher was pretty crazy, like to remember the first avian, like, I think, she's, on mushrooms, like maybe two months in the semester, she just didn't show up here and we're Ike I too we hung out a clash, ten minutes and left and went back Wednesday, wasn't there, really miss like a solid three weeks. No explanation explanation. No indeed, I had known in college. Didn't care was out of sight whatever, and so
after after, like three or four weeks, someone I stop going and telling us like, hey carrying rubber actual name was like Miss Davis, RSA, really normal here. He said she's back here and so that the following Monday or whatever was how I went to class and she was there and just all trip really. She was like her everyone I want. I want every when the call me Martha from now, I'm Armagh Martha. That's what she wanted. that's a she figured out over the three that she told someone goes where have you been and she goes. Oh, I'm sorry for my absence. I was at the fair fair. No, That meant no fair, that anyone could figure out. Does anyone nearby? I like that as a general answer? Mr, its absence of fur worry weeks for weeks there. which rare our hair the affair.
Again, I thought I had that ass. I had some bullshit Social Science class it was like they ve learned about nonsense right What about the actual film study the film study was of according other people, who I became friends with that day there by their senior year. They got to work on projects There is no actual film stuff. Being done other than just basically film his history glassware, showing us movies and be happy Oh here's, citizen Kane, look at the zoo, that's the first time. Anyone ever zoom out any leap, focus yeah yeah occur the focus I probably saw citizen Kane six times each time they were trying to claim that there is something else about it: that was raising there here and I'm a veinlike okay. This is a cool film and I'm not learning anything by watching this. I've seen this film. I want to make
build. I watch discos. People were like haze, watches and king, but so do that, for a year, more citizen, Kane, much citizen, Kane four year yeah. I remember I had this one crazy, teacher who made us do like this for weak a project on costs, doom design or something I want everyone to make her an alien cost. You here ruby like to sit down. I made some shitty costume out of your post. your border, whatever was amber. Her being like, This is an imaginative and what you're doing is taking ideas from other. Alien costume creators and speed like I won't make anyone costumes spoken help me. I want to make a movie. I don't want to be the costume here, hack, alien, casting looking, She was a hundred percent right. Just five lifted some class.
Inspiration, fight every from garbage Elliot every dog, alien that exists. Now every film is using shit into stole it from me. You just stole it from the best recaptured box alien from the robot, so it was ridiculous. You dropped, I dropped out and then I transferred University of Kansas. I could get in here. Here's your ensuring good about Kansas, not really I mean, like I think, of German through there. You know- and I think I don't think I've ever perform their. But like is there something like a Kansas city? Is a guy. You got it yet the ribs right when I rikiu that's I mean that's. The main thing is food. Canada can put Kansas City Missouri, it's different, so different. Maybe it's basically the same, but there's just to state line goes down the city, This created before there are states so of sorts.
both sides yeah, it's ok, the Missouri River Base, guys blitz the right. The study, I have been there and I've had this conversation before I have done a show in Kansas City. Is where Arthur Bryant is correct of gay. Yes, I perform their was ok. Earlier of some kind. I did all right yet touched standard, midwestern city, that's right! That's what it is standard, midwestern city tokay, not now ones, downtown ever know Indeed there trying really hard tiny every midwestern sitting. There are all right get rebuilt. It is now the power light district and yet the power company, the sponsor you're cool, downtown area. If we build spread sooner, but we don't have improved team to play a mayor. What are you using a fourth they'll come here, build, it they'll come back more than when they built that, so they said we're going to attract and any child or an mba team. They never showed. Iran was like we're good.
The last NBA basketball game. I went there was before the kings mood at a Kansas city. Unlike eighty six and I haven't gone to a game. Sense Whenever you like, you ever go to Lakers game. I t go back to Kansas you gotta college yeah. I went to college and at this point of view I fuck this fucker idea. You I was already. I was his heart and the moment I had to go back to Kansas City like Santa FE, that's nigh, loves hand affair at the school was worthless and was way too expensive. Here I mean how did you choose Africans, there. They showed up at my high school, Are you did one of those college fares? Now they ate You know the standardized tasks or whatever was, and I had marked on their that fill. Woman cinematography were interest and the college Santa FE obviously were sending wraps out earlier gather, foolish middle and Africans that you didn't know any better right and site
called the office in high school, my senior year hair, and they said the others college recruiter wants to meet with you and you're. Getting recruited by small over eyes college, because you like move, because I had marked that I, like cinematography sky, seems you I did he top movie like we drafted movie, got a guy like movies, and apparently the sky has good grades and is interested in movies. The only one he's our draft choice, yeah threats, it talk to the principal. How can we get this kid? the kid delights movingly. We need we now eat him she's gonna set us on the right path and it all these weird Annie Letterman went to college ere. She did
she actually graduating from their she graduated from their college in college sandefur and work or work out. Well, she's done so many big names come filthy mouth, the city, you, if you, if you would have stayed over years, you would have been dirtier. We both we both started partying well, we got out of did you know her there now now she is she held in her youngest years younger than me by a few years, and I already know that about her. I'm I'm sure we talked about that. That's wild yeah, the army. I've met a number of people who were like. I went there four year. We know that's the plan, but it is so it was one of schools. Were you didn't need to have grades really now? is need, Evelyn, bread, Unita Willingness. I went to one of those reports college. We had to do it primarily like sort of upper middle class. Kids, you were not living to their potential, but that is a very. a serious. We good program for two, to access services, word mixture of stone age We were kids from one island in earnest.
So exactly my fourth trying to figure out how that's it. Colonized itself I can't even agree the sky we both camera it's it was weird has allowed a rich kids. I saw people shoot Heroin. Well first time, everyone. I first saw someone shooting up there that operating right after was that put the Cuba China for me, I so that always happened. Vomiting come out here that doesn't seem like fun. Here I got into vomiting much later due to unchecked diabetes. Oh now, but yeah I Like maybe the second week I was at college. You seem like you in order to drink environment, yet put a lot more work. You really got a drink. Allow me it seems like. If, if the heroin is, is just okay, you might be able to vomit yeah generally, I do a little man with one little bit, yeah you're, just the shock to the system. I liked to earn my vomit meeting I want to put in the upper yet I walked into the union. I lived in the dorm out into the little come in.
Bathroom areas like three stalls would air and their wishes to do on the floor. Puke all over the place, deep down and ground now. basically shook him awake. He used and to tell me that even Ok he's just sick. I him. I did there's a need on the floor. It is not just sick. Do the math, if the belt around your are you. Why are you lying to me? I don't give a fuck you're for trying to figure out. Why can't take a shit because you're lying across three stalls? why are you shooting up in the bathroom money, should open your dorm room slick across the hall? it was training he was trained, issued Ivan bathrooms. When he's our new idea, you go to a store. You got closer dialogue, that way. When you slump off the toilet, this glamorous lifestyle, yeah yeah Assad. dutch Barbie, unlike whoa, I should start ranking. That's what I remember thinking Anita STAR drank, and I mean, if you hadn't rate at this, isn't it I can't again
this year? Is an amateur build up to it. I ll start with part. Now call him work my way there did you hit a war with that shit Regis you ve always been able to manage with what booze I drank considerably here throughout the early two thousands I quit when I found out. I was diabetic, so I challenges university. You, I stated university candidates for two years again went to a films. They have film school. It's comply lately pointless MIA of basically just a film history degree. Why? the apparently no like you wanted more. If we want at least be able issued a movie, I should have just gone to like one of these L, a thing intense year and a half hour and hunger get you can. You can learn to hear my words just you know
basically worked for someone for free for a couple years. European job yeah, I think, is what people do so even finished college now and just decided to come now ass, an ice I started doing stand up when I was in college a k, you started going to stand firm and sons in Kansas City from two thousand to two thousand and eight. If I would, hang out, the calmly store almost every night and I would get pretty drunk and by the by two hours in, I would just turn into drunk Argus Hamilton. That was what I would do. It was your bet that was my stick that's. How are you gonna remember how I became friends with some of the older comics, like I did it to Charlie Hill than he was like so the best he laughed so hard. Remember how hard Charlie he'll allowed this here for miles and so many times alone would be up there. You'd get or Argus come talk to someone so good to see you it has always hammered. I never knew a year. Will I remember so
Archer after Stanford sounds you do your residency. You get your twenty hours yet who do you open for our liking? the usually that's a time when you dear in your hometown, still like I did some gigs after I fucking gotta fucked up on coke bingo. The comedy store before I knew how the business world, but, like I remember like I opened for when I went back to work, Jeff Fox worthy before he had the redneck cook right guiding Jimmy wondered. Who is? I gotta know what happened to that guy, but it thirty, like you, start to see other job works. Who did you see when you know when you are hosting I saw Tracy Morgan was the biggest name that came through their yeah. What about some of the non names? Remember them where they might just be room, headliner Canna guys yet There is Jameson men now was, a guy who here from Seattle, writer, Portland somewhere, he was angry kind. Agafea Didius, stand hope yet Ekstrom, correct yeah.
He did who is doing like he had a thing then called the greyhound diaries. Words like a slide show comedy show where he traveled around American Gimme Hound. Here, ok, but it was like it was different enough like when he would do the random shows throughout the week and was always yelling about how we got. to take over the local radio station right as a key player in thirty, its special yeah yeah right. gonna play no a faction whatever was right or wrong. Crockett years of all sort of bunch, a guy as a kind of theirs. many of them but the people that were born out of Hicks sort of the definition of they give very angry about bad rock music yeah, yet they do he was my honest that always thought he was funny here. He was very angry, but you know that kind of one of the local guys he with his. He was local in Kansas City. At that point, I wouldn T
a few times a month. Least hazelnuts geyser. My key was the kind of like made a little noise for a minute awhile back into my god. I have as those guys that's Razor Kansas. Anyway, you end up with a woman yeah, I think so, and I honestly don't really know what he's uptight snowy still can't you see, I see him posting very political minded for everyone's an idiot. You say tat. I was doing that I still living piquet. You were walked in on my girlfriend Falcon another. Do and said all right. It's time to make a move. The latter. That's really what shattered me into being literally lockdown literally walked in, and using the meadow and she was he was pound. That thing out tat. He was a dude. I knew friend of mine. Wait. What did they do the days? DOT, and he he kind of rolled
off of her, and here they looked at me, like oh shit like what the fuck is going on? I am a member the visual of it to me still that he had pretty law. Which penis right and they are like. This is disturbing. and young then there was all the worst thing that could happen areas every nightmare. You couldn't better join at it. They stop reality. You dick is Hugh Dick, is huge still around and then and there's nothing. I can really say no, no Yeah I just remember there is a lot of outing dude laughed. Obviously there is a lot of work this out. He how we list we Some things to talk about yeah. We we fought and then at some point there is a knock on the door here and answer the door and it was the deeds. Roommate It was also a guy with a guy linguistic areas that electricity ethic
areas like is he here and I got no is not here now what the fuck do you want news like our houses on fire clothes like perfect. For there is like thirty minutes, for I was fully convinced like I did that with my rage, This is an amazing moment created something within make eyebrow I'm going to Us- and this is the time to strike I do remember once I was out here just being like being very thankful that I moved out here at rock bottom. because it's tough when your first out here heartbroken Broken that first major harbour, you had no real skills, none. I was I'd impressionist I didn't since I was doing my comedy- was here when your hosting at Stanford Hands, you were doing, I wanted to be on Saturday. I live. I was my my dream that, with an exodus of film direction, gonna have, to put our whole, I figured I would get famous from
A solid three or four IRAN on Saturday night alive and then and then I could just make a euro take my own thing. What what The impressions of I did George Bush George W Bush I did impression of Work Davis, the debate yet from the movie willow. Ok, I was very like oh, I feel to be. I thought that was really funny and most the time the crowd is like we do in a fresh snow. That's how you know you're really do want to go to esoteric together a little guy from there I did do impressions of dirty. I felt that rapture, I was happy shouting idea. I mean it. None of them were in any way, really good. No dice now was uninfluenced by dice until he too, we on the road and I was really influenced, but that was like my first time being introduced. Her dice comedy was like two thousand and three.
yeah, you just become an appendage yeah yeah yeah. Well, yeah. They gonna stay macabre, that's pretty about how was it a super nice doing it always invite me things. I want to say who have an honor a party like ok news that you gotta come so I went. I got there and just me news like this on a good dinner they wore? Why lawyer is like? If I told you I had a good dinner, you wouldn't have come my yeah, that's true. This is me and him and his sons and Eleanor Eleanor was his girlfriend. Let us now you see, I was I hear, though it's really nice to me. I think, just God, man, nice guy, you know once you get past the whatever the stick, a great deal, I'm being like, while here you don't seem to have stability and he seemed to have his head, they held onto his money. He is It is definitely a good, jewish guy, yeah yeah. I know your guy people like of mourning
radio people always get mad when they would. You know doing a show somewhere back when I could get booked random places and they d like us. I see you open, standardized clay, you I saw, Jim once and he was really rude and Bob LAW. Yet it was he Dick and acknowledge nice. Due to me, I mean you ve, probably Dick terrain and people who talk to a matter Jim in Tampa, however, it wouldn't be a die, a hurried back. Are you do in my work? every time that is actually pretty pretty good. Guy they'd always my dirt. You gotta play along. So are we So you get out here and in your heart broken So how do you end up at the store? We have? What is it before or it's yours. What's your fucking store story? How'd you get in there before before. my girl cheated on me me in her
I decided we're gonna move Dalai or New York. That was the goal, so we came out over Christmas break from Think sophomore, your college or somethin. I was twenty four and we just stayed with a body of minds: family who lived out and Redondo. We're and my buddy Dave his dad is well. Those guys who, like we're gonna yet eleven Redondo beta is dead, Those guys suggests thinks he always has, the right connection, everything here and so I told them you now I want to do comedy. I want to look at the comedy clubs and and he's, oh well, you know my business partners, Son ISM, comedy manager, and maybe he can hook. Hey. I got a call me so he too me I'd. He his son said the Meet one of his clients at the comedy store and
West Hollywood, and so I went and met this guy named black comic name. Freeze, love, ya, ere. I guess he was opening fur Eddie Griffin there's a hard time, so he met me up, air, and then I got their early and I was only twenty. When let me in and to us sucks here and not. Freeze love got there, and these I manage the comedy stored. There are no, there's no rules has like, oh really in so he walked back to the same door guy, who I believe was CAP Perillo here and news I this would mean just like. Ok, we just walked in, went up, watch and show in the valley row of valuing like there is that time were covered for at all the doors. There was a nosegay put their as on the library or no music buried there. When I worked a back door there Anyone who wanted to go in your in Paris, peace to yell at me all the time Margie checking what did you even send under the front when there's no one
who cares? One guy, sustained in the back of the matter, is pre holding the line of the old Guard of Dore men, so mad the greatest Harris P performance, ever watched with him telling Jeff guy. the one that he needs to go up front and pay at the front and Jack Odin. On the market, I don't know you are you gotta go up front literally stop that was the biggest celebrity at the comedy store the abbot, someone who should pay a price most likely we're gonna get I'm fired, whose work here for a thousand years, Garland gotta, might imagine Harris Peter the Iris was he was I enjoyed Harrison that no matter who you talked about your dog is a piece of shit. Everyone
What who a piece of shit Ex Upper Jim Barney Barney was body was the greatest conduct at ever performed Varn, easier. Greece says so Funny you got in as in the death throes generation, so aware, at what happens? Are you? U audition for Missy Digest perform that night and then went back to Kansas and news like this. I'm unmoved alike is I got performance, comedy store and delay and that obviously my credit here, my ticket, so I think I was in Kansas. Another six or seven months saw the saw the girlfriend get near fact, and then maybe a month later, two months later, some like that moved tell started in the open MIKE and back. Then it was like just at the store Just as I do all the open my exceeded the factory where you have to wait all day, you sign up at like noon or you don't potluck, don't potluck, stand online
the guy's and dressed in Jeff hats and garbage baggy up picking out o the bucket some weeks not get a spot when you just see like always run down? No, it was of dude fat. James knew no fat James. He was the parking lot guy. He acted like big time was chewy there. When you are there now Tewett been fired, maybe two years before he still came around as you in his hat and a bad boy I'll be up his his his odd job. Look here and now Everyone always has caused a great boost. Guitar player lets people an idea that year he I'd still Yet, when I worked the parking lot out still get people one. Nor can we come in doing here now. You know where I can find out. viable open your eyes. You anyhow man, you're telling stories about this place from here on the only gale argue here. You're gonna hear stories. Yes,
just like I did the open MIKE for like four mountaineer Eleanor and ran his easy in our sure fear the eyes got me. It asked me if I wanted to work the Doorn kind of explained process, as you know, you start your door, man and then you get showcase anyway, even get the Job Committee My committee gave me the job, but the idea in order to get in committee was watching the potluck, then she went home and watch show cases. When she saw me she said I could be a doormat. That was where I started, but he was I give you know you can be a non pay. Regular regulars write me a door man. I had to a showcase permits. He was to keep my doorman job. Ok, so they get. They gave me the job, and there are some point. Mrs gonna watch you. He doesn't like you, you're gonna get fired just so. You know how it works here, I'll fuck yeah. In addition for I doorman job there is- is good name drew? Who has just awful and I got hired saint
I miss him and he such an idiot me in this other doorman name. Mark hatch. Will you stood just what we given horrible advice in really pay out it and even always take it. Yeah we're gonna. Let people of dogs need that yeah. So if you had the mannerisms of a dog that would you more likeable rethink sale. So there deeds other chasen. His tale about stage enmity Committees- air, like do you gotta, do- is dark thing tonight kill it says the other day, telling address it, don't you just do it? You do like a minute happened. Reset menus. Ghana laughed state aid, fired on the we're like we're caught. It expect they never had a chance anyway. So so the night I showcase for she had like eight people.
Wanna see she came specifically to pass irish fear. That was that the point of her coming that night and to pass the told you yeah. He hid showcase twenty times everyone's. How he's the new garish handling, or whatever was that was I was the word then I could for the wrong here here we decided to passing on and she came and she passed him and Kirk Fox and then we wanted to watch some people and they told me you, get not tonight, because she has this Mr showcase people are Seneca, and then they came back to me door, and they said we can't find all these people. They said these people, bailed out in Wanna, go up and are not like what you told me. I wasn't gonna open. You gotta go up there, and so I went up and did my three Many sad or what I keep my dorm a job and I did the same bullshit I still do today. I go out. Neglect crowd really excited to seem rather not fear and anxiety
committee cackling in the back of my lot? Girth israeli for people in the audience like no way you can do good right, right, My three minutes. I got stage and she gave me the scary old lady, finger come over here they are yet unlike, oh god, I expected her to be. I feel your fired arable and said she is all your gray now to deal more steeds tine like aka. Where are you from Kansas? Oh God, made last that's cool. I stood there silently like one was to do so in sugar. You can go now? Ok, straight back to my doorman posts Duncan Trestles talent coordinator them here, and he can fact you got my name Ottawa yeah. That's eight years, hey man did you say your past in here to follow. Me all the time I just thought he was lying, daddy, I'm so, ok, man,
it's great Loca, I'm serious who came up and then the next day they they called me and said: I can put it my avails himself? Am I really like maybe four minutes at that point. It out doing impressions yet because all the all by peers at the county store like do this shit- is here the in terrible nor I do this again here and I of course, listen to them mere aka. Until then, she gave spot opening the show like that weak on Thursday. I just bought my ass off for minutes just trying to stretch my four minutes, the best I could sure and then yeah bringing up argus- and he gave me the ugh I bird. When you bring me up her ring so concerned about getting his introduction right. What is is it was like some this guy say: ok, not exactly right
Don't tell me you're the one rule, the colony stores. You don't make fun of Argus Atossa Coca So I tried really hard from aft like six months have like now. You know what I think I'm just gonna make fun of Argus girl who's gonna have here and then up. Became my the drunk argues. The airline became drunk Argus actually was just an Argus impression, has seen it yeah and hate it. It was just an arduous oppression and then Johnny Carson died and that night the impression became drunk Argus to thy showed up, and people like Argus sorry about Johnny were amazed. floppy, drunk yelling, about Johnny, Carson and as our joint is external monitoring and eighty six, I was doing cocaine with Todd Bridges and a year Marcie, post
just trying to put together these grand connections of eighties celebrities here, and that is just what I did when I was not performing I basically lived as drunk Argus in my office age time answered. then you from in that two thousand and two years two thousand to two thousand three, and then you get nets when he became a fixture yeah at the store you're. Just always, the guy that was always there? Do you mean because I had that experience or myself, and I was when I first met, oh my god, he's the guy that always hear guy. There was I I would I stopped there I worked there, five or six nights a week here, so I was always there and then, after that, once I got fired from working the door, then is like I could go how'd you get fired from working under. I didn't get my shifts covered on our last second Paul.
They asked me to go on the road with them? Ah you, and I think you suppose, take Steve Run- is easy and ran his easy, cancel oxy book to commercial or tv thing, air, so Polly called me on Wednesday, as I did, or go into Charlotte Brow areas like ok now I wanted my shifts covered and they alone they wouldn't cover like who cares that no one here, but also that that's the deciding moment, if I, I'm here to be a stand? Yeah, I'm not here to be a door guy. I don't go on the road with Polly and Polly, so obviously these guy, who and yet so than we were, who is who fired you? Who is that manager, Dean Dean Little of the employees frame. Always body the way they could more tat. She had. No, so you so year there like from two thousand to on for you. Were there you we witnessed the Rogan men, see a fights yeah. I broke it up. I wandered on stage after, like thirty men, each of the who has a bigger day. Contact here.
They deem the same guy manager is like deed, someone's gotta do something in their comic doorman, gonna guy, I literally I did the the hack, your shit, I could think of, and I took my shirt off and I walked up on stage while their arguing there and in drunk Argus character do not forget Angel Salazar and keep a daughter and Rogan put them down just walked off. I am not doing this shit and then, Mincio, followed him off in the name, went and fought off stage, and and that was a long time brewing between those two get yeah. It seems to me that when you got there there- it always is sort of like jockeying, for for leadership like somebody Tell me psyche recently like war. Now the Romans gone who's gonna, be the new off MIKE. Maybe it's just going to be an egalitarian place where people work on their fuckin comedy stupid right, like maybe it's going back, to what it was supposed to be young people than we think
I think during that, the history that place people- became stars, but he didn't mean they had the run of the place and yet, but they kindly did you know they kindly did you know yet in the seventies prior made that place in IRAN admits, he knew it emits encourages. Shit Missy was a troublemaker yeah and she you know she encourages insanity, some shit, a prior and Robin Williams in them do their shit. For an hour whatever, but it was that the thing it I could be wrong, but from what I've heard over the years and like Charlie used to tell me a lot of stories. I talked to him a lot about it. We ve got to bend the ears some these guys. It's a sad thing. I didn't get to talk the charter. We hope, as he was like the main native american conduct, is one of the first one is it made it? on television and stuff yeah nice guy super nigh stewed, lotta, we'd, lotta we'd. Here when I met him, he can smoke anymore cause of his heart and Mitya sent me for
time and the whole committee sent me with Charlie. Her thanksgiving Cowboys and Indians theme loves from candid Ryan cowboy. Explained organ out it Thanksgiving is about pilgrims ingredients, but in whatever I was happy to get a lawyer spot, but I was nervous. I never met Charlie and no new we're gonna be staying in a condo together and before they re did. Yeah when it was when they were living in literature, the always like a murder scene. But there wasn't any answer all over, but weaker all paper, the weaker in the wallpaper from the Green room, a jungle room. Yet it was discussing like the carpet, was so gross heareth beautiful now, but yet he he was whose great got there. I'm dislike factor stood lot older than me in eighteen, twenty two or something here, but he was awesome, Superman I told you that way: integration like even Argus how they can deal do the job. Like you know,
those guys that have been added forever and are joke front. Primarily sir joke tellers like sort of astounding that you know that, despite the way Argus looks or the fact no one has any point of reference for him. Sure any kind of kills. You know it's just it's kinda like it's a testament to because not easy, no now he's like its counter like soft republicanism, it's almost like we're almost edgy because he placed centrist buddies? I don't know what he is it's hard for me to figure out what the fuck, I remember he always used to talk about how he one of the last remaining southern democrats right then I know that basically means republican yet, but we I like a lot of his jokes now- can like an eye sure. What the viewpoint is. I just feel like ya, got tiptoeing the edge of the August there too. I got that with Eliza recently. That's why I lost my shit, like you just spent five minutes making fun of homeless people with no point at all.
Right other than to make fun of homeless people and that their an inconvenience to you. Now you camp punch down any lower than that really yeah, and on that saying that punching down isn't funny, but not all the way down. I'm pretty sure I punch down sometimes Europe to do it extended bit about it's too almost had weird, you know Just doesn't in Kosovo. it's very Austin comedy vibe. Although did Austen comedians, who kept complaining about all the homeless people. And now that's what, things about Ella, they all want to get away from just ignoring the fact that there is a tremendous homeless population in Austria. Well, but good riddance to the Austin Comic. So so you got it no Charlie, I gotta, know Charlie, and he can have just he told me a lot about there. These days, I get very fascinated by places that kind of develop me, I suppose for you but
but thing is, is like your unique thing. I was the same way there in not everybody's, like that, and in you're sort of looked at as a weirdo. Yet if, if that play speaks You in some sort of way you can understand like if you feel like you know, you're a part of that place. You know going back centuries or whatever you. I don't know what that is, but I had it is well. It was just sort of like this is. I have found me found finally found a place where I belong, yet how it it was like. I've always felt odd. I know a lot of it was growing up kind of being weird in Kansas, the everyone there is very much in line with the the we think. This is how you think this is what you do right and I never fear into that- and it was truly, first place I ever went were I won. I didn't feel weird, like the people. Who are? They are so weird help normal right and I was very original, interacting yeah, I'm not the weirdest one here like this is on a map
normal decent person. You heard some of these monsters there is this. Do Jim painter to this day was one of the funniest comics I ever watched. It is truly made me, laugh all the guys of kind of my generation of communist or people who loved him, but so deranged is so weird and so had enough. Echo eventually bear I started talking with them and who legitimately just quit and never came back, and I may keep probably just works a normal job right, but our oh, how like that's how weird he was here. I don't know how that guy exists in society when I got here in two thousand to that's when I met you and Duncan, and in here Oh man, you know you're, org marry them like the energy we'll get your name up, because I was a regular. She passed me in ninety ninety five at the Aspen comedy festival.
It then rate names until long does it won't it when they painted your name up was the same time they painted my name right and the only reason any of us got her name's outcome was cause Kirk Fox offered to pay for all of it. he wanted his name on building so bad that he asked Miti, he said Matthew would, if I pay for my Navy ass, he said now. What, if I pay for all the names Ok really be delayed for my native Kirk Fox paid for ain't. There is like seventy of us really whose names got put on the building, because Kurt paid for it why and then after that, then it became Mitchell then can have started kind of fading out of of really kind of being in control. Eighty days, Diana Nay started doing it at first. It was like wait two years they would paint more names on. There was the same old guy you're same dude, you dont! Nobody does it now, but for at least the first
five times. They start opinion names in my error here, the same guy. What there is to be a commonly used to like his pictures in the hallway that used to be the handyman yeah Gregg Helpers, yeah Gregg Eve a picture, I got the camouflage mustache like. Is it their common acorn here, yeah yeah? I wish to use the handyman. He was one of the main references. I would make he's drunk Argus the girl elbows and Gregg Eagles myself. and a young is always so Henry Lee Reeves. Whatever was forever the pictures yeah, that's why I always air man, all those or kind is still around while you, like I would see like Joe, he came in I would see Carom Karen Haber, Carom Bobby I would see like Damon Wanes was around a lot Jan heart.
Rick right, yeah, Johnny, dark a jack per. do TIM Jones? They were all Blake Clark. Guard. Was your work in love? They call me too, but yeah that, but they were all still hanging on Jeff Haldeman. Was there all the time scale there? When I value Kirk You know like those those were the shows Harry Basil still comedy like this. I was watching their flight, there would come in here that's what they our money was on all the time delay. Bob above I was Robert, William after viable over via. He would be around talking to himself one one night, my twenty fifth birthday, I hammered with Robin Williams. Had the comedy store- and I do you were the one
oh yeah. I didn't realize that he had been sober wherever and you did. He later told me that he had been drinking for like a couple months that one, but I got smashed with up here and I just thought it was cool and, like all this guy is a legendary air wasted same thing, drunk Argosy him loving it improvising with that. Yes, we must have loved. You he's love in it, yeah, you got old. Why? Because you put the dvd dual drunk Argus with that now he would just he played a verse. Himself trying to calm drunk Argus down. In writing. I would just go through his entire resume and tell him how none of it was gonna work. This tv show about a damn alien, no one's by that crap he's are actually really popular. No one wants to see that leave. It on happy days artist,
it was actually really popular and it ended a long time ago what the Cadillac Maya, no one wants to watch and then he his thing was used like what what's so funny about this is imagine someone is to teachers pet at your school and in every one kind of resents him, and then you go away for twenty five years, and you come back and there's someone you dont know just marking that teachers pet it almost enjoyable we're twisted were the fighting is, is that he still the teachers pad to hurt you're dead here, still gets what, as I someone's, gonna no one's gonna fuck and stop it now, because Peters won't let em right expeditious. I hear whatever he did his time. He made me happy. I guess but it is still only one. No. I now saw idea neither Robin were standing the hallway just drunk and he's like tell me, how much funny higher how Mina made him feel young here like back in the day, and I'm just like this.
Really cool? He likes me thanks on making hit his life on air and then robber, William Upper via goes on state and is like what the fuck he does. I was here twenty years ago, on this guy was wandering around like a well he's worse or woman. Jello disguised, rambling onstage about jailing of conspiracy, Essen, yeah yeah. Well, they are extremely kind wouldn't be. Is he's been here for decades there creeping people out there, I still feel like. I'm part of that place like you're like last year before the the pandemic, so I will hang around at night because I just it was not my life anymore by now that, like all the fuckin, you know you're swinging dicks argon in action, feels nice to be in the hallway to be I like it, I remember one time I was back in the hallways before the pandemic in lieu Genoese come in. You know nobody knows
I don't really know, but I knew of him and I met him before he is like you lose. You know is like one of dicers guys, I think brief when he was. He was a guy right and Yankees people I always have when they come in and they kind of like their amazed at the place. So as to look the same, but they'll know anybody so when you go again, eluding other of daylight, they get so excited right. Someone knows they exist right in your Gregg helper same thing. I saw him at the store. Could they kind of sometimes they'll? Just they would are we going to manifest out of the picture, the idea in their own there in their current seller? Oh yeah, I saw hillbilly one night. He I think he was doing Argus is basement Is that what he was therefore not having the same night yeah kiss him in Bruce? ah more both We are there and I urge members like I saw Mamma, said the dude, and then I ask someone like whose thereby our some old comic here so I went down to.
what they were filming or whatever the August was doing. Someone's I get out. You know, Gregg, like I know it I recognized him just from the ghost the photo so so Tommy's The guy in charge, Tommy's running thing for the most of your tenure earlier, he's giving like half hour spots cap Road Rogan, which she done orthodoxy yeah. Never unjust was okay with it and basically every night Eddie Griffin would come in at like eleven thirty and nobody's there, no one's their Hawaii. So audience it's dark time yeah. dark years of these guys? I get your coming in thinking that we wait. Let's go, let's go to the store and he's pretty usually would bring a crew of like three or four guys. You have them and He would go in the it literally just walking the walk and freezer and take a bottle of champagne out and start drinking and at like midnight. he would go on stage and then he would ramble on nobody,
no one there that they, like thirty as many people in his crew as there was in the audience and he would ramble on flight three hours, smart. I went to Harvard Angie Yale like looking at who didn't go to college in all my would you, always bore away when people lie about their history in modern day or shall we We can literally check all that. I take a like just like one that place gets tethered like imagine when she started to drift. It's my belief that once she started to drift you're the pull the plug ice was losing its white force yeah, but We had the run of the place and he was like it was the ices say like it's like issue, even though I am now a key. how do we go there mutually once you have the forts bottom like it's like the beta me, he would it. We all believe.
If that there was a week in net Bernie scenario, going on right, solid five or six years, the three dollars did say that match ascended the kid from Kansas. Until she refers to you, no it isn't it Do it every one and one night, Holtzman flipped out on em and he is now Mary said this and hopefully like I was else today, you say that scream an in the front cover both in what we have to when I got over visitor, so he knew that everything Tommy was saying was utter bullshit, but it's just tell truly believed that she spoke through him without having to speak to him, and it was like this weird I keep the bell possessed. It was like Rushdie, Martin in all of which he writing in her handwriting. To probably like a member, I may do right to all the scheduled but yes, he was in charge in and when he took-
or talent coordinator from donkey from Duncan it was a hundred percent based on Polly, making that fake reality show minding the store yeah and he wanted there to be a talent coordinator, character that he could abuse. Basically and Duncan us are not doing that and so Tommy fell under the role model. You're doing, how did he get to where he was he was? He was. phone guy four days a week and he worked to cover both through I, too weak and authority. Start another really dead here and you just sit in the cover both at this point, not talent, coordinator and still tell everyone, while on one of the funniest people, hair choose not to gone stay anyway. Just try again and put our name analysed. No audience is dialogue, what one thing Tommy did out. I thought was good. Was he really started, trying to just a guess, push
out some of the element of the left over from the ninety. who wrote who are making an effort? There is based. Like Rogan, was basically, though only name who would he would do like an hour in the middle of the shell right in that was just. kind of the way it was here and then you know he'd put in Sebastian capper allows those guys started kind of being the the meat of the right line up bread, Ernst, Mazda Brawny here seem bread arched around over. You moved away, moved away like for five years ago in a high or something out of the business. I energy just us road gigs now he's uncover Kai yeah yeah yeah. May I thank you. You got married or whatever that I believe that it would happen here. but be away. Those were the guys who, basically in the lineup of basically the same every night and then
Rogan was like super aggressive, then out of here. This is not smoking pot yet or what? What The laws, but it was like, is way more aggressive right and he would fight with people a lot in the crowd yeah? I remember there is a lot of flight when How can people out on the patio threats do sell or any always had like the Mme guys with them right? But I was it was way more aggressive that maybe he just got more famous just didn't want to deal with people. I think he made a choice but to be better. It was a pot backing many different. I do to get it went the event super mellow in comparison yea like you, I mean that place. You know it's there was a very there always sort of like gang written there,
before you were there lay nineties, he added nineties the hours, people shooting and gun like it's weird how to park, and people were hanging out riding when things take over yeah forces, but then Galveston she was no longer forcing Tommy was doing his number I had to kiss Tommy's ass good when I got back tell into them two I'd know traction, don't give a fuck about me and I was running around Why do all rooms- and you know I just want to be it- took- a long time when I finally got comfortable in the o r, with such a huge day for me took two to finally, and that was in two thousand and three, Four were like. I was gettin spots Tom you give me. I was getting the respect. I D. there's a guy who was a professional comedian and there lay a part of that place. But, like you know we're still terrified to go on do you when you start go on doing the orange, I can't see anybody. For New Talkative reserve and anyone listening yeah,
I had many nice going through that cycle, you call for once. You don't give a fuck what a great room- yes, but my favorite, I dont gags ridiculous, that they still pay twenty dollars for it, but at the same time, in terms of justice, Good comedy reaction is low ceiling hours and not be afraid of those rooms with such a huge thing for me, like they're still so much of me that lives at that point like now that, like all the fun like now all the people, just cowering and cracks in crevices are now sort of like a. We can talk in the hallway. I cry Heem, like you know, like a people hanging around like a nice people decided there was like. Oh my god. I honestly love the crew. That's there in our rates and sweet since the cosy weep since this will keep its awesome like it, the first time and probably ten years that I enjoy off stage as much as I not as much but close to us. This call
this can be done on stage feeling feel sweet. It feels like there's people like excited to do the work. Now you know India and sort of like, and I wouldn't what is your job? there now do you have a job on the inside or you just doing Santa. I just do stand I have a podcast started doing that the stores parlour they're starting their own pod carry night. I work It was the old one. I did how org we're talking about bringing back. That's just the comedy store pod right now. You and Eleanor me in Algeria, and now I'm doing one o acerbity on our. It's basically influenced off of crowd, work where she just brings in normal people, and I basically crowd Working for twenty minutes going on, when did you realize it that was gonna to be your thing. There was a comic name: Freddy Soto Yahoo passed in the mid two thousand and he used like one of the bigger names you caught up
coming guys when I was working air- and I remember I do who eighteen o guy here very funny. I loved him and he watches watch me some night just because he was hanging owin you'd, always he'd, always Tell me about always was like three conversations, but he would be like your way faster than you are on stage, and I was just doing straight jokes the rest is happening, blah blah blah rife whose eye glass comic, standing G, I'll, write, obvious jokes and its work. you're funny onstage yeah you gotta figures out yet downgrade the role. Not you are on stage is not who you are it so hard gives. I've told people that in most people can't really hear it. They don't know what to do with it here, but like theirs. Why do people like that? It's like what doing up their them. Yeah you're, making up a thing that Why not serving? Who? You really are ya know not getting anything about you here and it's not it's not like it's.
Doing so well, they are you like. This is what I have to do something here. You're doing me the oak or at best now, like a roof to it. So that's when he started so you just to use like, even if you gotta start going up there with no plan and just trying to figure out who you are. They were then do it? Well, and so I started doing that, we can work on it. yeah and then it was like the rush of life, because when I started comedy, I didn't realize that people do same. Stick every night, I should have known that, but we are even you. You got a repeat a few and I do not now I do, I would say. How am I sat is probably material. The material. I do feels off and tat to me- reacting, throw it in any tat any Helms from something that I probably developed from talking to a crowd right, but it just feels general, when to me like when I got out of date, I don't know you for all happen: yeah yeah
another sort of like because, like I have bits like nor did so long, I know that I did three or four fuckin cities in vessels before anyone you who I was. So. This is weird resource of bits and pieces that kind of drop been occasion. I might that's it. That's ok, I know knows that yoga. I remember when you first started showing area just being like. I guess he was. around. Someone told me: ok, he was round and like the Kennison, cocaine, daisy, my colleague and then a girl that I knew from college without visiting and wearing. the Columbia. When you walk by inches like someone Marin like yeah, choose a man. Did she talk about your radio, show or Sophia in an area where it was here, am I owe the girls super cool? She had a girl, I'm a new whose opinion of funny things in movies and stuff. Like my own merits,
must be cool passer test, but other than that, I honestly didn't know their knowledge about what it's our single mother last night was almost brought on stage by stage. You know in a first like some night, I'm just sort of like I still get the seeing were I I've gotten, I just right when the pandemic with them, like I'm goin every night, gonna work out, nay, I went through an hour to half last week, a fantasy at dynasty, typewriter with, unlike last autumn. I feel, like this crowds really good and makes me hate. Yeah you know again and I was going to go in The girl was on Nike. Wasn't like that. You know it wasn't like his crew. It wasn't was suggested good crowd. Crowds, been been pretty good idea as fuck it. I'm gonna go fuck. This vagueness, thinking about how I come? I come. I am relieved to be a guy that just kind of plugs along like either I mean it's like I never got. The type of success were
a large swathes of the country, would be disappointed with my next special right. You know like there that the weight of me is not competing with me. There's a lot fewer of them and there's more of them who the fuck is this guy. Rather still most people are still. I I think I see this guy, you can exist work. You can work it out pigeon! I was not if you watch curse rock, not have a great set because on purpose it's like, if you watch Chris Rock in the club, you're being used right, digits if the mathematics of his jokes work sure he just get he's just gonna sweet through his jokes there and then, when he has to do them for real money, he will turn out of turn it off. We ever shorter, but does The skeleton work, and then everybody here right and I get that that's workin out
everything I ve actually been doing like with jokes lately, a few of them. I get bored with them so quickly and, like I wrote this joke about how you saw that one about, like my cats, are acting weird yeah. I think there's gonna be an economic collapse. Yeah! That's me, I find it a great deal, but I'm tired yard you're on every side. He eyes do as the younger man I want. I think it's funny. Is you The EU doing a bit now I won't do it obviously about its about people having kit It's how you have cats here in the differences When I follow you on send back, I fuck I indicated during the pandemic, the other. What you're the guy like TAT, god dammit, I don't always put their abilities something about some by having to put your cat down earlier and, unlike our thank God, had put my dog down during a pandemic to so I'm both worlds.
Is that versatile Diana? I don't take us personal attack age when I watch the crowd, love that bit my eye to rise. I was in Tears IKEA zero each year stuff that you're doing that's like political or motivated by you. Anger and real social criticism, there's more of that yeah and there's more lines by their solid, any kind of some of the men. You know in the middle of the reverie ia and absolutely I love that could be like wine, which is what it is and in boom year under the next year. Yeah, but I try. I feel that the focused There is good yeah mostly feel like that. You know doing comedy for twenty one. There is now been an ally for nineteen years, doing comedy all the time Nea and I've never had any level of success to where I can take time off right, and so I I never will felt comfortable doing it but being forced to do it,
honestly feel like it really helped me for a solid for five months or, as I just needed, two depressurize yeah from doing it and then, after that then I started getting super anti about around like I will now. My brain feels rested, and where it is, I felt like none. I can do it anymore, yeah, don't miss it at all, and maybe I'm better. That's right when I finally having about better maybe six months that I wasn't like this is good and after them I thought I gotta do had a baby yeah. Do you have a one of two kids tickets and we met my wife calmly store, has going to good use What did she do? She's, a journalist rider to force a Reuters Correspond, Ok, you guys are held not yet guy health insurance. Yeah man, she says she's logic, adult really pretty nice, how good the ashes.
course, she she's israeli, so she doesn't have a morale and keeping in line yeah, definitely Etsy, definitely as look short he's like I got married my yet to a doctor MIKE what the fuck when he got married. I've seen em lightly decades. A girlfriend good for him got married do I get someone with a real life but he's like it. He found his good kids he's a good kid Now I guess it's like I used to see if you like I hereby night when I first met Esther poverty. You aren't you just served trying to figure out where she blonde and I was literally Doncaster Skinner it little esters not earlier taking away just take care of. We know who you are Is that places there, but you did our I stuck out area. I always advisory board can ya, where were you in two thousand and four, when I needed that mark, I was there
who told you, if you would have just told me, I don't fucking dog controls on went beyond via satellite comic, get out from under the oh yeah It was like you remember that you didn't quite happen. Not weaker cause he's one of the guys to build Joe like he gave like him. India's gave Joe fundamentally was not a drug guy there on that side of him right, you're, sure, You know that the mellow out and alter your mind, and yet there is a big chunk of trustful perception in that Joe implanted young. I agree yeah I've Duncan Dog in his great he's, one of the most genuine and bizarre human beings have ever met, but like a truly good essence, While this is a good deal, it is great. Is one the funniest people to make laugh yeah conceal, fuck, he'll, cackle Duncans, great, Who is it like? I said when I started again, I remember
being kind of like irritated by but having been a part of that place for so long out now it makes perfect sense. Twenty one year old kid shows up. I'm talkin shit, people yeah, I remember being such a member. One point Polly pulled me aside- was talking shit, some old paid, regular here and he's like do what you do this guy named Jeremy Dingle. He did this weird. Audio track, that your played and acted out, sound effects and shelter One idea is there and I just started written into him just being his face to face while Just be launch, go there and do some fuckin sound effects. Man, whoever was trying to show. I have a big dick brittle swagger like no laughing when he's gonna look like we hire that douche bag it all again, I did you gotta ivy he groaned aloud folly, really Pollys
lot cooler than it used to be just like you, finally, is completely self aware. Subway yeah like he does itself, deprecating jokes but it, Likewise, I got used to be the weasel them by the end of the fifteen. He is always a figure Can I get out so I only grows there you're here he used to be such a duty to me that I had this resentment for the longest time, eight so impotent. Now, where like like, he can't, he can't manages irony. we are giving them a line here. When I was on the road of him in him. Being I did that's not funny, but there's like a self deprecating joke but it was two thousand and three any wasn't far enough away from being. In movies sure to wear. was ready to Oh yeah I want out of I always he also was saw. His future is being the the king of that place here and that all that, how someone's got to write that Fuckin book yeah
No one cares, I'm just so happy everybody, the people that love the place, love it and name work. They like even doesn't come around down over the years ago. I said to myself: I can one if they can, they can sell this place. just another fuckin room and now is sort of like born again got ass. There is, as of this play, he's a that what are you gonna guys? I've talked about with like who's the alpha, and am I to me honestly feels like now there's a bunch of what the offers would consider bade us right, just respect each other right, which is an amazing the vibe notion about the work here. It's not about, like you know this fucking, weird energy as to pervade everything everybody what that was fun, man we covered off, there's more, with the early dented yeah yeah. We do so we do it would be more Tommy. Studies were wearily to two thousand and six
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