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Episode 1260 - Steve Buscemi

2021-09-09 | 🔗

Steve Buscemi has covered a lot of ground in New York City: standup comedy, experimental theater, independent film, even firefighting. Marc talks with Steve about his career beginnings and some of his most memorable roles. They also talk about his time as a New York City firefighter, how he joined his old Engine Company after 9/11 to aid in the recovery operation at Ground Zero, and how he’s working to keep attention on the continuing health needs of firefighters with the new documentary Dust: The Lingering Legacy of 9/11.

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how's it going a marked mare- and this is my podcast, w e f welcome to it. Have you been, Stephen Jammies, on the show today you know Steve Jimmy from being in tons of movies and tv shows, like that. Everyone knows reservoir. Fargo Boardwalk Empire Con AIR, the sopranos, the big, the bow ski? Yes, it used to be a New York city. Firefighter he's the advisory Council of the group friends of firefighters, which provides free mental. health and wellness services to active and retired, if the, and why fire fighters, fire department in New York City he's one of the producers of a new documentary dust, the lingering legacy of nine, eleven, which I watched heavy stuff, Ongoing PTSD major health problems, cancers long pro, once. People are still dying from that attack on the towers,
two thousand and one nine eleven ease into that right. There's some shows it happened that were released this week that it this we got a widow jammed up. Sadly, the repose of medicine, two thousand and fifteen interview memorialize that great actor, Such here's, a Meda from Monday, which was a new path Gaston, the remembrance. Another memorial isolation. Is that what you say a member and in Memoriam Michael K, whims, which we, posted Monday night about just fuckin devastating so I just want to make sure you're on top of or know about all this things that came out this week on this feed. You know what I need to mention. My tour dates. Can I do that with you? People are we close enough to do that?
helium, comedy club, Saint Louis Missouri September, sixteenth, seventeenth and eighteenth. That's coming up next week, tickets are selling robustly, but the late shows on Friday and Saturday could use a little help notice, and I know that I've been hard on misery and I'll continue to be hard on misery, and I know that there are plenty of good people in St Louis NICE and progressive people that need to be detained in that are having a hard go of it. I know, and I know this is a vaccinated, show proof of backs or recent test. I know I know there's a lot of obstacles to people coming. in Missouri some of them are in principle because I've bad mouth, Fuckin states are much. Why would you Why would they pay to see me because you, like me, any kind of no I'm right? Neptune, Seattle, Washington, that's on September? Twenty second, eight o clock show tickets are selling, while I would get those if you want to go away, the theatre we added a second show. These are dates, would dino September twenty fourth,
two shows first the Latin in Portland Oregon sold out. Second show ten o clock show their tickets. I would get them comedy. Attic. Sorry Wilmington, called out, doesn't even matter the dates. Does it doesn't matter sure September the October one October to dynasty type Writer shows October fourth sold out sorry October, tenth their tickets. There will be some shows going on sale in the near future. The law our go another Largo music show and also a regular stew. And show short Largo coming up and I'll. Let you know all this is moving towards the New York Comedy Festival, Town Hall November, thirteenth seven p m, my mother. Can. How many times do you have how many people, Can I bring how many count how many free tickets do you have. How many you gonna need, I probably at least ten, my god, our rights,
There I don't know how many I'll have, but I guess, and in no friends you just bring everybody that never see who's. In my view, and we too the show thing my brother's coming up, though apparently my father and his wife have seen respect for times and she texts. Me every time that she sees it as if it was the first time almost it just as excited, though she tells me the number of times that she seen I've gotten good good feedback. I'm proud of that work proud of that work. I just did waste over for another, two animated movies are both coming next year. I play the Ex Luther and super pets the other is a lot of people there's like pigs. There is not one saying what the other bad guys me and Rockwell Craig Rob in Accra, Vena big people exciting, and I got to watch all of bad guys. It's good anyway enough about that. Let's talk about health.
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And free to change councillors if needed, deputy efforts. Answered by better help online therapy and our listeners get ten percent off their first month at better help that calm, Slash, w e F, that's better Ici LP, dot com. So w e F get matched with a better help, therapist and get started. Yes, do that so Bush Emmy here it was good. It was great. up to his great to see him. Like a new, I'm he's one, those guys it from Most of my life has been in movies that I've seen and watched, and you feel like you know that the Bush, Emmy frequency, I'm finding that whatsoever, celebrities and with actors with people. I know my whole life I get to talk to that dont, know them but you do know their frequency yeah, but he cannot hums along at tat. Particular vibration. There's variations in it. Certainly if there actors are characters, but there is a s a vibration, a fundamental frequency,
the people that you see over and over again and usually they're pretty it's an honest thing and that's a big chunk of who they are that's what they are for you, whether their candid or cagey or with her building or or never themselves you get sense of their fuckin frequency. You know more about them, then they think you do or then you think you do- and I know this as an experienced talker too many different frequencies. so the nine eleven animal three twenty years is deaf to Morrow. What days today, the ninth. And yet Stephen, I talk about that because he's involved with fire fighters in this movie that he's involved with the one of the producers the dust, the lingering legacy of nine eleven is a powerful movie, a reminder, also, maybe not a reminder. Maybe information that you did not know about the sort of cancer is legacy of that tragic event.
But Jesus man, my It goes out to everybody that was people there and to people who were there and just to like, I don't know, What trauma looks like one since buried in your heart in your mind and what PTSD he looks like, but to be there. for that day and then to wander around those streets. For those months after with that smell in the air and the sword, strange kind of you know it was it was personal man when he lived in New York. It was personal and I just remember- the woman that I was so at the time who you're became my second wife was was down there. She went to work that day and I remember waking up and turning on my big old Del home computer and on the ale well home screen. The new screen was one tower and injustice. A pie
a rubber one night. I didn't. I could not process what was happening and then I went up to the roof. for any I saw was having there isn't. It was so quiet and so and then I freaked out, because Our mission was downtown. She D, o God, she worked down there shouldn't if my house, but you have her husband, she she went Nor can I could get hold of her all day. eight and can get hold of anybody in these powers are falling and the people of stairs by building they lost their mother. and they were rooms with looking waiting around a tv set. It was just terrible. and mission of finally got through to me, and she had to walk way up. She covered in ashen walked all the way up town from no ground zero, basically and it just blew her out man and she split show up. Act to Seattle to deal with the trauma to deal with come down from and I was in New York. It was dark man that day the fucked up thing about that day
was it was so clear, so crisp so quiet. They stopped everything. All cars planes try Nothing was moving You just saw this billowing horrible smoke coming off that end of Manhattan from there roof and nothing could hear. There is not a sound, devastating fuckin horrible. and just to be there and everybody was walking around like zombies, shattered. But you know that was pushed nine. Eleven is where the schism began. It where the two sides were chosen, national HU. I stick and progressive ideas. when head to head it's where the, able at the sour became. shouting match between the three or four liberals and what quickly became many many kilometres muslim thinking. People.
and it was out of that Issues of nine eleven that tough crowd came college show, I think, was out of the ashes of nine eleven, that this current Tribalism, nation of comics and comedy, has happened. I think, out of nine eleven. You get Trumps world that we live in, it certainly in comedy, I can track. They the tribal position of comedy back to that table in that club, weeks after nine eleven, you ve been down to the memorial, its somethin man. I I think it's really something like I think it's pretty effective worth seeing Anyone can bake bread, people, but few can truly rocket Dave's killer. Bread is on a mission to make the most of the loaf. This bread amplified! Folks, I love
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documentary that he produced her was one of the producers of dust lingering legacy of nine eleven by going to dust, dash, doc, dot com, and I have no more insurance thirsty, whichever you know Steve Fushimi here he is with me talkin on the machine to see you nice to see you are you. It looks like you're and hostage situation with some modern art on the wall. I am. I have to be very quiet, so my captors, don't hear me you didn't it I'm I'm in Hollywood, I'm I met a airborne, be in Hollywood Jesus. You should come over I know, but I'm in reproduction for a film
I am directing it a few days and, like back, meetings and ambitious target can work. This movie that you doing It's called the listener. It's just that it's a small independent fell. I've been asked not to divulge two things about it, but I would like to talk about it's about a woman. who works at home for help line, people call on and she works at night. so the whole movie is just her and we only here the collars off camera and it's all about mental I'll see what people than going through. We have not even I mean, of course, about the pandemic a little bit but- but mental health is always issues.
Are you shooting it in that room, you're sitting and now we're shooting right now? So that's it Things are just gonna, be there, so you just, here, the collars and you're gonna, see her reacting whose delete That's what I'm not an already like old right now. Ok, we're almost as I go like talk, radio like from a little bit ray. yeah. It funny. You know challenge because on the one hand and psychologists one person in the location, but she's, the only one we see was the so visually yeah. It's a you. Have you keep that interesting that your job? That's what keeps me up at night. Thank you. You were so. How do you resolve that? I am an amazing team will have vision for telling me. I mean we'll figure it out
but really, I guess the audience is gonna have to embrace Idea that this is like we're just with her, We're going only going to hear the collars self. part of the phone. You know she's listening, I'm in their lives but then there's one call where she gave all alot of her personal. Information which, in other supposed to do, but it's her way. Have connecting with this one collar. I diver feeling that somewhere in the Middle EAST production, you're gonna be we gotta, add a flashback sequence of her life sucks mix it up a little now, sir. How long you been in town I got in a few days ago, I was here a few weeks ago, just for some reproduction and then went back to New York and but you're used to it right come in here Coming year, often on for thirty years, and if she only other say
you know that I actually now like. I know how to get around. I know where things are right from so nice. You shot everywhere in the world. Probably, but you know this city, I've seen a lot of places, but does he stood one place tat? I know when I had the ground. I gonna work right. You know you can you know where to eat. You know what to do less. So do you. like her. You walk down because of a day afraid a covert what's happening. Boy is definitely a challenge to shoot during comin I've done it yet crazy, yeah, yeah, I do the series miracle workers oh yeah, how's it going really fun. You know we just were The third reason is airing. Now that's were Daniel Radcliffe in you and Radcliffe, who I love and we were lucky because this season is an anthology show. So each season is addressed. location, indifferent theme and this year too, the Oregon trail,
and so we were mostly outside. We were shooting incentive, Clarissa so that really helped being requested three times a week ago. Thirty eight that I was on a set of did the Santa queried, as has acted in many movies, as many different locations. We won shoots out there, how the fuck did they make that look like Oregon. lot of special effects. I guess we'll try to death, out there is enough, while we were shooting on this rash. Actually there was a lot of different landscapes, but the heart. Never actually the heart is once again was just like flat flat land area with the pre Healy there, but yes, it very warm and desert, like I've got out of I've random. We ve been using a line of yours in Nassau, my Instagram lives and, for no reason is sometimes just go away square
that's what I like that it's a great holding your face you know, We were in a city to I think at the same time, for many years, but I was watching yeah. I know that you're you're sort of way doing a little press around this. This Brigitte warmly yeah documentary dust. It really about the struggle to get dissuasion, passed so these, survivors of of nine eleven, both civilian, fire fighters police. Anyone who got sick from it could be. Taking care of right responders wasn't were down in the EC lived there and went to school then, and I knew that John Stewart. Is involved in the hearings and stuff. But I guess you It's really amazing, when you see when you
you kind of way, because I was in the city when that happened. We were doing comedy a couple weeks after that any- and I remember that smell in the air- and I remember you- I building in Queens the woman's upstairs for me, was there and and died in the towers and the guy downstairs. my building was working. I guess with you, excavating, you know that the stuff- and he AEGIS, broke down like this macho unilaterally. No guy, You come home and I ran into him in the hall and he just couldn't keep it together. You know any I just remember having that that feeling, you know, they things. Aren't okay and there's no way they could be ok, yet they were really pushing that line, and I, like this documentary, really kind of focuses- that weird com, the events of we need did appear strong, you know being being sort of, That was the selling that was the selling of the idea to the people of
of New York. But The bottom line is, they were concerned about economics, really yeah. and it parallels today. You know I'm not one. When the you know when the pandemic kid, you know, we were hearing same things you know that were so afraid of shutting down the economy and That was certainly true at that time. I don't know anything could have stopped. Do you know any of the first responders volunteers you who were there? Yes do you know enormous job but and would have been good to at least know the dangers going. and you might be outweigh shortly after anyway, it s like my recollection. There was such chaos in such it was. It was how do we devastating Like everybody was in a state of of, real shock? Yearn for months I mean
he bore, walking, rallies, zombies, absolutely and- and I guess, but but information really did start to come in fairly quickly about what was needed and not unlike the pandemic, they were ill equipped to protect these guys, Right and in the stuff that they did provide this didn't work using another left, an all round were didn't really. Work were yeah, just the operation was already under way and was hardly know you can sort of stopped. A machine was just sad because. You know there were Do you know guys down here? You know I mean people know you could just feel like that not safe, He would hear people saying that we're gonna do. You know die from this. In twenty years who know that I mean it would take. It would only took about five years for these naval nine eleven related cancers to start materializing and we had people,
dying within the first of which was in the first decade or more before the end. He's dying in their still sick and I go so much credit John, Stuart and John feel and all the first responders who you know would constantly go to be seen you know lobby politicians to just make this permanent Yeats it sort of a it's it's just heartbreaking and weird that you know that if it it take, they set you when you really realise the kind of lack of of empathy or willingness for for Congress to engage in terms of money too. Something that is, should be, a moral, no brainer rank just find it really strange. When I mean John Stewart set it best in the film. You know what what does never forget mean now:
and then they all were saying twitting. It didn't. Never forget, never forget. Well, what is what does that mean? the people who were down there for For, however long drinks noticed is there's no time limit on so when you we're a fire fighter. I mean we will you. Grew up in the city right while I was born in Brooklyn and then we moved along island when I was when I was eight, so I spent my role, for two years in my own, and then I moved into the city when I about nine nineteen thummim I lived in yeah, I mean I've always lived in New York and most of my time is one of the city, where did you move in the city, where nineteen I mean to these village avenue a between them, Tenth Street, oh yeah,
Yeah I mean I I lived in. I was on second between a and b in June in eighty nine. Ninety, ninety one how aid and not a between Europe, and why between ninth and tenth street ass was like nineteen. Seventy eight yeah. Why? I mean it was. You know my tat the first apartment, that Ireland was coming the hundred bucks a month you know, I do want to sound like one of these skeezers in your back. In my day we hear about that's where we are hung a hundred bucks a month there was about after dinner, the middle of the roman and idle supply, went on top of that nice, my cable, I wasn't using it for you, and he had one of those those things you hook up to the forces tat shower why you're late shining in there yeah I remember Those apartments year was your family
firefighters. Now Oh I mean I do have an uncle who was a fire fighter. but my dad was on the sanitation apartment. He was still. He worked for the city, and so he always, you are kind of new about what civil, service test was coming up. yeah. He told me and my brothers that, as long as we're living under his roof, which we work how can we turned eighteen, that we would have to take a civil service Whatever one was well and for me, was the fire department, and that was the only one I took. I fear Physical and Britain test and I trained for the physical ok, you re wrong when just and that's how I was able to like even make the list and it still to four years for them too.
my name. What is a civil service test? I don't know what this is. It's just me nuclear tests to see. If you can read and write and answer the basic questions, but there always a couple of questions that are met. she's, throw you off my dad. Knowing that you can, you can get prior chest, yeah I mean dazed. They they would publish these tests so actual He studied to see what the types of questions were, that where were we? now. It may be a little bit more difficult. Otherwise it pretty I don't remember the questions, but they were pretty simple, but you father believed in this idea that that there, the civil service was a good way to go that you. It was him being concerned about your future. Absolutely he said it's you know, you have security in and you know it It's a city job! You you'll, have you no benefits security? He knew that. I wanted to be an actor
but he would send me. I know your point, twenty years and then you can be an actor not a bad idea, but you know. But as you know this business, you have to go where the opportunities arise, and I was I mean I was doing both you know for fruitful for a while. I was doing cedar and then I started doing some independent thumb. So wait saw him likes it. When you went there at nineteen graduated high school me like I'm, going to do what I'm going to go, live in New York and I'm going to do this and it that time I mean EAST village. Your work was going on there artistically- was kind of crazy. There was a lot of stuff goin he was amazing. It was it. You know. I was there because the rent was cheap and it took me a while to lake figure out Oh, my god, I'm in lake the the. centre of the world. I mean you had independent, sounder was just sort of female kind of. blossoming and you know the
bans alternative bands, The art world was exploding news. All these like pop up galleries and bare feet artists- former sort was all over and it was just such a vibrant place. to be in such a community, You know I was all happening like in that Beloved Fourteenth Street DNA on the way when did you first kind of kind of get him like how many brothers and sisters you have I have three brothers: isn't one of em, an actor dim one of it. I know one of em My brother, Michael, is inaccurate. He's been in a few, my films and drive made and the guy's teaspoon he's been working along. I feel, like he's been around, the comedy, seem a little I kind of like he was around or a kind of new him somehow well, Annie. I actually used to do stand
I don't know, but I know, but you wouldn't have known me from standard, not a word, you do it I don't know how this happened, but I actually passed the conditions at the Improv forty fourth, now and I mainly just hung out there and just sat in the back, and I would watch people like Jerry Seinfeld, Gilbert Godfrey, and was amazing time do Peter what year Now this is like seventy eight seventy nine year. If I got I wasn't like until I really really related late at night or something they would. Let me open. You know when I look at nine o clock when the shows that was was, but still there were just silver syllabus. Here I think that was already in a leg for sure yeah yeah, so you had bet you had enough, I had a cobbled together act and I just sort of you know is influenced by so many different comic.
And I wasn't sure like what my style was. You know like because I, like everybody now I'm in growing up, I loved comedy and comics year, but it was. pretty diversion of the people that I like to George Column, Martin Richard Price, No, I mean there are a whole different from from each other, That was a thing about being a you know, train you stand up was that I really couldn't find my voice. I mean I watch people like Jerry and nobody was. Nobody else was like hell nobody else was late Gilbert and just really couldn't find what it was. What like? What's my watch, my style, and I also like the loneliness of it, I'd like to do nothing like one of us going well. If you got last, that's the greatest feeling in the world, but you're having the right you're material. Actors on your own, and I much prefer working with actors with interest.
as I understand that struggle that that this idea that you think it's a decision you make? be who you are at a stage where it really he ain't? No, some guys, you know figure out, what the parameters of their particular talent in character are early on as part the job, but I sort of like it. Is in some ways limiting. Depending on on your freedom of mind. You know that you, where you land with your persona bearing an ugly. You know I give I think about when I started seeing you in movies. To this day I feel like I have a very strong sense of who you are well that's the interesting saying I mean I feel like I've. Found my voice or wherever through no acting and roles that I've played, but then, when I think about some of the roles that I've played, I go well
he's at me, but I always like, wouldn't ones which wiser than one for you. I like you, mentioned Fargo, you know it's like you know. I mean that guy's, just speck of all and shiny levels, there's something I still like about or there's something that I can identify. you know with his struggle or whatever you know. Whatever is made him Whoo hoo hoo. He is like. Ok, there's enough of that. In my background or whatever that I could that I could related political characteristics insecurity that just like you never quite has a handle on ships and when I think about it I think rather, characters are very fond the character in a way. He is very funny these sort of ridiculous and I love about Amazon. He always,
Forty at an analog things, and I got this- doesn't have it just gets away from I'm pretty quick. Ricky so what were you getting involved in you know before he became fire fighter when you're down there in the worry side and kind of your brains opening up to what's going on, but with some stuff that Europe holy shit that you saw down their early on. Well have you things. There was some. Did you ever know the actor comedian Rockets regular? I forgot brought I'm up to you. You know it's like it was funny because I reviewed once you once when I was on an air America show years ago. And brandy in my producer who was just here said you brought somebody up that you you you both new and and I say, was either
It was either Maggie Step, who I know, who I knew was why I love Maggie yes, and I think that it was because I knew her. We were kind of friends by, but I, I then I brought die said: maybe it was rockets red glare who I didn't know what I was sort of fascinated with cause. You seem like a cat, character. He was such a character like what was so. Would you see him like? What was he doing he had he'd had this cabaret showed that he would do any would do without around a few locations, but the I met him? Does he was about her at a bar that we always to go to the website? Like briefly, I think heap. He worked as a bodyguard for said, vicious, that's right, but he also stand up and he was also in Jim John, Russia's early early films. He was in strange Paradise down by law, and then I worked with a mystery train but here he was just as downtown fixture and he would have. These shows
and one night. I finally got up the courage to turn that I was an actor and I came a flyer for Europe: we'll play. I was doing. I told him I did some stand up and without ever seeing me before he went, I'm going to show on Sunday, why don't you do something I was just kind of shops. The heat would let me perform in his cabaret, show without no anything about me and he was in his show that I am yoke. first time that I did stand up down like like in the in the EAST village and met people. No mortal junior he the first signs of anarchy. Thing working in rocket shows with another actor named Tom Right and the two of them were doing this sketches. One act plays and so I got to know them and then started to work with
them and then eventually just worked with bone and it was from that time you working with rockets and in working with boon that border, I started to write perform our own material and We get that for many years so by I can't imagine that it was for. Aimed as traditional stand out, because it always seem that there was a slight tension between mainstream. instead of comedy and what we started evolving as performance art on the lower side, So then there was the whole performance are aspect of it and through my late wife, Joe Andrews, I got to meet people like Tom Martin. Who was the alien comic? You know he was. He would just fine things on the street and make us on crops and costumes. Aha, there is another, do I'll call dance noise Lucy, Jackson and and the oaks they did this like sort of like
political burlesque This is in no seventies This is well known our moving into the early soccer another performance, artists, Mimi Gacy, who is also a wonderful singer. There are a lot of people like us in time and Joe these dead and that group dig. They had a show called the full moon, show and they would always do show like every four full moon before those of those for actual, like two core than they would invite other acts in ice. Like blue men group, like I first saw them in a full moon shone. So what were you doing in the team thing? Was that it straight comedy, or was it sketches mostly airborne? I will write these characters induces like situations they were halfway between like sketches and one act place, usually comedic. It seems like
tradition carried on in two you're, the nineties when hours air with like collective unconscious, there were certain reality that place where the show what sort of a variety show, but it was definitely not me stream or or it did have any parameters really yeah there. you know you see a lot of things that just You probably only see their rearing It's definitely like a community. Everybody would go each other's chosen, not to say that people warrant ambitious. But You know the goal was to get an agent into. You know like get something: their native land mainstream The idea really was to sort of experiment and explore and an allowance. and do something outrageous right. An end like all like rockets was sort of
they are particularly talented, guy, just a character. Both, I think very. but it's like he was always performing. You know. Hey, that's just too he was in our end. I'm animals also debating about rockets was that he always needed Money it always had jumped for twenty bucks. Do you know about me Again he s yeah yeah. He definitely extract but he was so. We know level in every other way. It's funny the first time I think I noticed him was when he plays the killer and talk radio in the film yeah that was use like we all thought wow, rock ass. You did it man, you know I mean and he embarked on a lot of films and dumb? yeah. It's sad. You know I mean he he's been gun twenty years now, the term
but perhaps quite the actor. What about like, but goes even in those cats I mean like, were that all were they all contemporaries like Tom Noon in but goes yeah yeah Tom Noon. I knew a little better than we both worked on. Mr Retraining, Eric. I didn't know the time I'm gonna get to know him later, but here, but he was still. He was like one of them one of the giants of that you know like there was, I think, what young people like arrogance, falling grey, yeah you don't really had a down like, I think, that's what people really aspire to in order to have their own shows. Because mainly was alive. Group group shows, but those guys Spalding came out of the whisker group, though right yes in the wish. Your group is another below and there still going strong and there still lay myself theatre, group You have your fear, no group, your within. I think yeah. I worked with a little bit of the FAO work done for many years.
and when she started, making movies? I think when he was doing platoon, they asked We have come in and use the things that he was doing and that in that show and then I got to do some other shows with with them but William was you know he was one of the first guys. I remember seeing that didn't know any qualms about breaking out of the experimental world and you know downtown and doing movies, and You got a little flat fertility now, but for me. It was like why not This is what he wants to do and he's he's able- make a living and is able to give back to the company and you know that was established. A real example for me to follow is an interesting about that flak I mean who the fuck are those people, I mean
I've been those I've been that guy I get where it comes from, but it did doesn't come from a place of principle. It comes from some. sort of weird. You know attachment to to teach something you think is a free, or or or or rebellious or or eat INA its aid. There's an immaturity too, yeah. Maybe I get it I get. But none of those I should say none, but a lot of those people that were sort of like giving that flag it does in any for them, I think we're in a much better place now is, it seems like there is. You know, there's a lot more of people going back and forth between, doing the only course here I mean there's that at some point a kind of broke down there you know that the integrity of who you are not based on you, know the project, your involve with necessarily rang and if
If you are of a certain elk, you can transcend it. If you're not, and you become a hack, and that was your destiny, anyways foot, but tat it, but what about like? Did you do any of those foreman plays? I get him, it should form in play and miss universal happiness, and we get it here. Mr Bush European, the whole group for that for their particular, who is in that crew at that time, was Kate Mark. There was some wrong. Water. Well, I was in it France, Frances Mc Door now Francis wasn't part of the group. Yet so she she came a bit later. But even Elizabeth look armed, who is the director the wish to grow. She also acted in that and that in that peace through, it seemed like such amazing type kazoo. It's all gone now, Steve like it's like, like I caught
Tell that cuz I I was unaware recite. Eighty nine is when I really got to New York and it was our pretty sort of like over that that whole sort of way whatever was going on through from the late sixties on, into the early eighties. You have a generation of of performers. Is it was sort of God There was a new crew, but you know it was different. Narration, almost in that holding a sense of what the lower side stood for was already starting to buckle by the late eighties. and I actually, we actually moved the Brooklyn and like ninety one, I remember feeling like ok. I think I think it is time to move on but ask, I think you know there were other pockets of you know things happening that I just you know just didn't know about- I mean these village at that time really was the place and of course
things change. But then I look out Brooklyn kind of became also limited took good. They took away, I'll bet especially would like the music seen. Brooklyn became like the new fire for that. So it just you, no part of it is assist. I aged out of it. but I was so I'm so grateful that I was around at that at that time and in the middle of it right. I mean what every word you major move was that it was that a New York thing yeah, like I I met him and Sarah driver Rockets show that's how they knew of. May I tell I knew them and he was it. Was a student he'd know he added when I'm at him. I think he had already shot stranger than Paradise, but it hadn't come out yet you know just look like a really interesting guide and gay.
And bone was the one who reach on me like burn, knew everybody, and he told me: oh yeah, that's Germany destiny At that time too, if you are able to make a film and independent thumb halfway, decent it played in Europe for a while. You know talking about this would somebody the other day there's a movie liquid sky and we have you yeah you pleaded the Waverley for eight months. It was pretty Erin and Buddy played for a while when when John ashes found first came up, it was very exciting because he was such a non traditional film and earth in black and white and it's all master shots and We had never seen or money most evil. I've never seen this cast before you now, John Lord. Introduction, astern balance rockets
that it was exciting. It met my god. He did it. You know like it. inspired everybody like you know what We can do this and there's an audience out therefore exists. yeah. I remember seeing it just being like what the fuck is, this and John, but The EU is part of the music seen there like it did. You know like, That will no wave crew a little bit. I mean I, I I really wasn't part of a whole music. You know seen like I didn't. I met them all later, like Sonic use, and you know like people, those in the islands gun. But yet allows lizards. Sir, I would see them all the time you know were John Florian Evan, what an amazing band they were in, the other. You know I mean all sort of Canada just intermingled here. Perform inside and abandon and mix said next. Yes,
I used to see him. You know We should go out and paper flyers like we would like a bucket of like paste, and you put up your own flyers. You know well, I'm construction site or whatever you can, and I ve often see see hangman. During the same the same thing and there was a lot of a place called the Ringer friend of mine, Gary RE, he had the slow performance base in his baseman apartment. We perform their and I remembered and exert showing all films there, one night and here operating the projector and it will break down and we have to wait from the fixed in those days I would Julian back, yeah. Well, that's a living sooner. I didn't really see too much of a living cedar because they were cut. They know their heyday was really before my time, even though they they like kept doing work. But
drilling back was another one we had the same manager mark Amateur and he wrote Juliet Germany and Judith Billina. And other people of flight from downtown. and he was helping us all get work. You know, link Miami Vice WAR, the equalizer. You know these things will sustain us. You know, you know we were able to make some money and then go back. doing other things- and I repeat here- is the thirsty involve for thee, Don't worry side artists, but where you were you training as well, ours, it just all hands on I well, I took acting glasses when I was seventeen eighteen. I want to leave Strasbourg Theatre Institute Damn I stay with John Strasbourg these son Damn Johns wife at the time Sabre Jones
and you know a few other teachers. I went there for six months. You know like, like a fool, Course thing. You know like for acting glasses a week voice. ass, a movement class, and then eventually John sort of broke away from the institute and started his on his own. play some, so I was with him on or off a few years That was really beneficial because no I basically grow up and long island had no idea what the fear she was in New York, didn't know anything about plays. And so there was a big edge. education? For me too, like just watch me The people were going and learn about Eugene, O Neill, Tennessee Williams, and get to get to do just get.
just get to know being to see how much cross over when you did the fire fighting like. When did you start to do? That is a job and how are you managing acting in being a lorry side game being a New York city firefighter So when I first you don't got on the job this was, member of the eighteen eighty I just stop doing everything. I stop doing stand up by stop taking active glasses. I this figure. Let me just do this for a while and I didn't tell anybody in the firehouse engine, his eyes were. I worked in little literally, I just didn't tell any by what I when I do, they knew I was half a weirdo because cited lebanese village. None of them live in the city. You know they all live in style iron ore long. I wonder, and so I was their first clueless.
And then I had done this other fire fighter from a different company engine. Twenty four, fire fighter than I ain't heard about his name is? Was Dean tulip AIM and he was an actor, and by the way they would talk about that then ideal Asia, whatever noise actor Today I can tell that they like debate today that they thought it was we're anyway, when I first met dean, he heard about made that I lebanese village he sorted out at me. You know, what what are you doing? What lamplight alchemy lived there like? What are you an accurate writer shippers, She personally said that I was, Don't some acting and stand up in The guys in my company looked to me like you, I would seriously I was this guy firehouse. man that quite often break out of my shell and and then
there were some like fire fighter parties where I would start we don't drink, and be drunken after then get up on a chair and start like doing Don Rickles routine on, like everybody and it was risky, but they liked it. Everything has created back at me over at at some risky stuff man. by so you stay there. You were at the. U, we are with the what he called the outfit the unit the engine house, for how long yeah I was. I was their fur for four years in nineteen. Eighty four, I got costume independent film called parting glances and I was also doing a play with John just ran away and worked with a lot. And
Couldn't you all three things I guy just dumb, so I ended up taking leave of absence from the fire department three months at first then I would extend it for another three months and then another six months, and then just became clear you know me My window of opportunity feels like it's now and She take it and just an and not go back, some that's what I did a vision listing in that. Could you have seen being your life. yeah, I mean- sometimes I think- or maybe I shouldn't them. My twenty years and retired persons ahead There is something yeah you know. I remember, even though I came to love the job do you remember the night before
started, and you know, and I get six weeks of training and ran Ireland, where were they have the year Academy. I'm just remember the night before cunning feeling down and thinking all right. I guess I guess I can do acting. I'm not gonna do on that. This is what I'm this is what I'm gonna be doing now, and I really am depressed about it. It turned out that I am the loving the job but the amber just a thought of like oh- just became. My dad, like I just became like I'm, can I be now is this is this my path there is anything wrong with what my dad didn't. I am you know like so proud of What he was able to accomplish and provide, and to me with such a.
An act of love. for his sons that he wondered ass. You know He didn't quite me, no say that we were college material. May I introduce you to my pay for college Birthday Party, but he was looking out for us. You know he like. He just want to make sure that girl that there would be ok. Why Is he immigrant? Now I mean both parents were but taken, but they came and kids, but that's funny as they are? Even His parents were emigrants, They did not do speak Italian in the house. They were really intent on being american. You know, because at that time, there was a lot of discrimination against the times, and so they really wanted their kids to be now,
urban and even myself and my mom is not a time. My mom was irish, Dutch English so Growing up. I never really felt italian. You know I think I, like my heritage, I think Brooklyn As is confirmation of Brooklyn well. I am like moving away Brooklyn when I was eight, but now I'm I'm comin back in Brooklyn for the past thirty years. So When nine eleven happened, you did you go back to the house, the firehouse you had started with to try to help them was the next day on the twelfth am I you know like. I still have my my turn out my Mohammed. I just grab those things and I the subway and said lorry side,
over two hundred fifty five on Broome Street, and because I wasn't, I just Didn'T- have any information I kept The firehouse you know like the day before, of course, those there was no answer because I knew that they would be there and then I eventually learn the fight. Then we're missing, and one of them was a good friend of mine who is to work with fast parcel, and then I was driven into the site that day. Walked around four hours and then found my company found engine fifty five working there and asked him. If I could join them and I could tell there a little suspicious furthest. What are you doing here, but but I worked with them that day in the captain of fifty five at that, I'm getting to me,
at the end of the day, we all went back the firehouse and he said look If you want to come back, you you're welcome your comments my house early and will take you in, and so I did that through the next few days I am so grateful because. So many people who are in New York at that time. Be no. wanting to help- and you know I mean a lot of people gave blood, but there were just no victims. There were no universities that young there was just so devastating people wanted to volunteer Andy, You know a lot of ways didn't we, they could. But I actually had. I was privileged to have access to the site and two and to be in the thick of it and just experience that
the humanity of what was going on there and end did you have ever experienced and any health issues or or did you experience any PTSD? me kind just from being down there? Definitely I'm not experienced any health issues and I get myself check out the definitely yeah push extra, absolutely like when I I would therefore like five days, but I stopped going and you know sorely tried to judges lived my life again was really really hard in. I was depressed. I was anxious. I couldn't make a simple decision Yeah yeah all those things it is, it is, with me. It's still, you know like there are times When I talk about nine eleven, and I feel myself and I'm just right back there, I just I start to get through.
jumped up and I realize ah, this is this is still I beg pardon me. Another were, and are you notice, the twenty year anniversary yeah, it's I know that for a lot of people that were down, there is definitely a trigger and among yes for the past, whenever ten or so years, maybe longer working with this group of friends of. fire and they provide free mental health services and counselling too, fire fighters actor retired and there and their families, because you know. The first responders that were down their fur, the time and a lot of them where they are for months. They didn't to their families. They were going The funerals, you know like all the time or they were at the sight and the guilt is was like a big factor. You know
Why did they should I like? Why, like eyes, were supposed to be working that David You know somebody else's working for them in and were killed and so yeah I'd say. You know, he's definitely like the health issues that are related to. people being down there? definitely physical but also mental or for sure I gave you know I it was the whole thing was so galvanizing in horrendous in a way around being the I'm just remember being because I would in queens, but
There was something about being a new Yorker at that time. That was like really felt deep. Ghana, and it was, I found myself being offended by people coming to to New York, to kind of like rubberneck the thing I got home, I remember feeling very angry that once you know but they could get in that all these people from the middle of a country which is coming to look at that smoking pit now is like it just felt, intrusive and invasive. To me, I I get it and you know- and it is hard for me to once I stop going down, there it was hard for me to see any images of it to be near it more I didn't go again to link months and months later, when The site was no pray much down, but they, but there were still clean up to
done and I remember seeing one of my all lieutenants and engine fifty five can Grabowski. and he was a chief now and he was kind of in charge of like a lot of that operation and it was just you know just knowing that he had been there the whole time- and I had not been there for months and months and months in when I could just see it in his face, It's sort of you know it's just hearted described. You know what these first responders went through being there that no one's ever there for months or the whole time and then effects, next Everything is just stir. It's it's heartbreaking. I just remember being it Tom you know around people in being at meetings where you know people law like you which interest it just never
for some people and that's really yeah what that move? That documentary dust is about Vienna that that that day is every day. Yes, luckily these you do you find that this stuff I mean. I guess it's hard to do because I I've. Always you act to be a virus, I do in that one film, the jet appetite film yeah the first time I ever played a fire fighter creatures, gonna fun. Because I was kind of like oh, this is what I would be doing had. I stayed on the job here and you knew the guys if that were the real firefighters that were there. Some of them yeah. And what I was great to be in a movie with PETE Davidson, knowing His real background here and now and then in the film I've been playing someone who knew his dad tat. He was really telling really special and what I love about that film, you know
so so many kids last last year, parents right for the world, the steel, like the firefighters, kids, if you're young kid you know all the son. You know your dad is like put on better. I mean rightly so, but what that does to a kid. I think it's like I'll, never measure up I'll, never be no. I never got to know my dad and I'll never be able to measure up. and what I love about that some instead, page, then the movie was still somewhat of a golf ball and ass. You know and that's PETE learns that young people care when peace character learns that and things oh My dad was like me. He was just like just like me. You know that sort of humanised- and you know so brightly- saw that we know that that that is the first.
than the ones that we lost put. Upon a pedestal, I think it's also. We have to be careful not to mythologies them Much is being like these. Like super beings day we know and any fire fighter any first responders. Anybody that we lost on that day day experienced fear there. A day, you now and they do job. You know that it had to be tat. It was fearful I mean. How are you going to a situation myself from their of when they got those not being brain? You have to overcome that. You know that to me is the true heroism is that day You know overcame their fears. did their job anyway. They just one up into those buildings, the burning build, things. So many of them went up. Yes, it's it's like it choked me now, is watching that thing. It's just now to know
so many of them were up in that building heading up and walking. You know walking up all those flights with their early equipment a whole length of house, because you have to bring that into you know and then seeing the people running out in You know, and you're going You know you're helping out and and it was not a quick evacuation by any means you know it was was took it took long time and it incredible rescue mission now they got that many people out new so like so now. This is you're directing the film you're working on now. Yes said up, it's been a bit her. It's been a while, since I've directed a film I've been I've been yeah, the last one. I do wasn't two thousand nine interview
I've been tracking, you notion tv it the last few years and I've been looking up to direct on the show that I do miracle workers and that's been, has fun, and it's always good sort of exercise. That muscle because I dont really. Feel like a director. You know I've I've. I've done. Let you know over the years I dont do it enough to like I know what I'm doing It's always like a learning experience everywhere. every time I do it. How do you choose Do you know like I eat a lot of comedy and you have these relationships with certain people like the Collins. It seems, like you, have a relationship with Adam Sandler. You know how? How do you decide? You know, I you work all the time you're one of these in India. As I've done a little bit act. I know one yo yo. look at a resume. You see, someone is done seven films in a year. Sometimes that's only a couple weeks work. You know a right
How do you decide what you're gonna do you don't? It doesn't seem like you take any, at the beginning? I did in the beginning. I just wanted the experience. I just want to work and I was lucky that I get your got to work with people who were just coming up Lake Ginger Machine Gun brothers and guaranteeing a written. Large sums that day I just wanted to beyond, certain be working, a didn't really matter the part I was playing. to some extent community. You know I had to relate to it in some way, but I mean are much more discerning now and I feel great I'm lucky that I'm am able to. Be more choosy, but in the beginning. It was just like I just wanna work, but it's interesting as you were there at the beginning for the Kohen Spheare Jarman and an Tarantino tat was
that was incredible to get to work on Clinton's first film, and It certainly didn't feel like his first foam. I'm just do so impressed that here so much confidence as a first director dead. How'd you do that you know like we be shooting a scene in the stage direction and said no cameras on Mr White, the camera, stays on Mr White, slow portion. and while Mr Pink, you know like more about MR bankers off camera, Christina it is sad that aim was shooting seen just as he described it of course the producers and Nowhere else were saying: ok, we got it. as for saved you wanna join the camera around and shoot steamed shoot, Mr Pink when now known?
I got it I'll, I'm never going to use it. Well, you know when you get to the end and improve you might feel do not know I gotta. Let's move on it's done well, How do you wear? Where does that confidence come from? And, of course he was right, but it was amazing. He had his vision, wasn't supposed to play your part while I think he wrote Mr Pink for himself and I still don't know how I ve really landed on me home. Because I know that there are other people that they went out to me. The other people, you know, maybe turned down a warrant available, but I know He wanted to play it. I don't know if he was talked out of it, but somehow it landed to me, and the way they Quentin told me about it. We were, a workshop at Sundance Fur, reservoir dogs and near like a lot of other funds, and we men drawers and then they invite-
he's filmmakers you're doing their their first foams. So I was invited to go, but on the condition was dead. I didn't necessarily have the park, so I thought Ok, I'll I'll go anywhere. I mean I may not be cast in this movie, but at least I get to do that working with Clinton, and then we were talking about and break and in the bathroom as we're, both being he turned to me and he says, oh by the way you got the bar, you got the bottom, Mr Bank of mine. Oh thanks. I couldn't even shake his hand and also gives yummy the couple movies with him, but you did a lot of movies with the Collins and you came up you get, it seems like you grew up. you're evolution is an actor, is parallel with the evolution of american independent film, your posts, nineteen, yeah. You know it's funny, you never know. when you're working on something
You know you get close to the people who work with I mean I do and but you never know. If that's going to translate into your personal lives, sometimes it overlaps and some he know yeah. I think you like the people who abstained friendly with Jim jumped drama shouldn't Sarah drug driver. Other people like Alexander Rockwell. I did this movie in the soup with and we ve stayed friends and I work in a knife in a working many of his films? you just never know I mean so there is yeah, I mean I had a small circle of friends, but it's not necessarily all the people that I've worked with belong. We see each other, we haven't seen each other for years. It's always it's always nice to have that the feeling of aid we did. We know we did something good together here that I get and I guess I don't know why, even after being in some television, south in doing some movies- that I still in it
by my brain, wants to believe that every based remains friends forever and honest you know sometimes it's the last time you see those yeah yeah, it is where it's like its own. It actually has its own full life. When you shoot somehow like you, when you're done a lot of time, thinking like that life is now done yet I used to go. You know it could use to be whenever I ended a film. especially if I was on location and come back home. gaze. I wouldn't be depressed. And not knowing. Why, as like, I just heard this incredible experience. Why am I saw gown why am I you know, me a while to realise how I'm gonna go through this every time, I'm just missing everybody, a missing the experience it's over I mean I've ever C4 people again and you're right? Sometimes you know. Sometimes you get really somebody working wasn't then for whatever reason
what happened I dont like. I thought we were friends and then just kind of we'll just dissipate soon. So that is because I live in you. ok living alone, and then you know you just don't teach a sort of the liability of the job of the actor to say you know you're going to invest emotionally missing. I think that I am just thinking about this now out loud that ye know you share something fairly profound and, and I guess in some Why is it has to remain on the set? You yeah? It's true I had a wide I'll, tell ya, I mean we're about done here and I involved I'll see again. I and I am more than happy to. Hang studio, but I do hope that we can. see each other in person, but we made it to talk again, and that is the reality as that's just if we made that up, but if I
Our visit a you know, it's it's interesting as This is nicer. If I see you are so high in your your pride, no miracle but like swear to God. I interviewed, because you brought up to file. I interviewed the following. I dont think it went well like, I mean he came over and I dont know what it was. I don't know what kind of guy he is. You know to his friend is there anything, but I think I rubbed him the wrong way and I saw him at the independent Spirit awards Like I know, on some level I am to some people, I'm just another journalist who talked to them. He did the egg can't remember most of them that I've talked to so I I'm going to do to entertain. The idea that I'm not that memorable to people. I talk to you, but I saw him at like the indie Spirit awards and I looked at him and, and I he looked at me and I swear to god- it was contempt, it wasn't. I don't- It wasn't like who's that guy wise you looking at me like that fucker and I don't know I don't know, but I
I don't think he's gonna go when I see him again as I go. Sometimes I go years without seeing him, hope I remember to ask him about this. Yeah yeah. I ask him to give you my remark. Marin he'll be like he had. I didn't know my work, he didn't he d. You know he was Sir annoying and be interesting so away. If you hear anything you I ok, I do you get Thank you so much Margaret enjoyed it. Reboot, Jemmy, folks, heavy stuff, good man. The documentary, just the lingering legacy of nine eleven you can go. get information on how to watch added dusk, dash, doc, dot com and a reminder folks right now? A lot of people are feeling down and emotionally have sorts online there. we can help better help is A crisis line is not self help. Its professional therapy done secure.
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