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Episode 1316 - Sam Jay

2022-03-24 | 🔗

Sam Jay has a lot of irons in the fire. She’s on the comedy series Bust Down, she has her own HBO late night show Pause, and she never stops doing standup. Sam tells Marc that standup is the one thing that’s guided her through it all, whether it was getting through tough personal times when she was younger or when she was hired as a writer on SNL with no formal writing experience. It’s always been standup that served as her North Star, which she now uses as a way to communicate across generational and racial divides.

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19Th go to WTF pod dot com store, it's all there, it's all there. Let's do the show. The guy all right! Let's do this. How are you what the fuckers, what the fuck buddies, what the years what's a mark mare- and this is my pod cast w T f welcome to it. Thanks for coming, I don't if you're new here or what doesn't matter. Everyone is welcome. Five in that pre show plug there for my gala or gala gala in March. we are. I gotta be honest with you. I then here in years one if I would ever hosted Gala in Montreal, I've been on so many galas in Montreal between Montreal and some of the other free and chinese outpost of that festival. I've been on so much can aid
the intelligent, doing comedy at least five four, five gallows as just a comic and I gotta be honest with you. I never a clip from one I've never heard anyone react to one. No one ever has ever tweeted about them. I don't even they exist. Is you tape canadian television, then it just gets lost into the black hole of canadian late night TV. I don't know if they're even shown so my expectations about feedback or about it getting out in the world are low, but I gotta as with the Irish always jealous man? I was always like. Why can't I do one? Why can I do want to that? I think I could have sold tickets. I don't even know if I'll sell tickets now these usually these halls are huge, but I'm going to be doing it I'll be host. bringing up comedians fine My time is: come they book this two years is go three years ago, whenever and called it happened, but they they kept the date they. The promise, so I'm going to be doing a gala at Montreal Comedy Festival and I didn't
It's one, it's not a bucket with today, but I certainly I deserved it when I didn't So in that way, you know I no longer gave a shit after a certain point, but that when it when it came around a MIKE yeah great I'm ready for that job, nothing! I deserving it when you didn't thinking, like you deserved it when he had doubt how do you not think that the you know what I mean if you're going to get through life with any sort of confidence, you've got to think that you deserve it, even if you don't and even if if people tell you you don't and even maybe later you think what back on me like. I couldn't have done that job. I didn't that now, how we did not have the gravitas to do that. I thought I should have been able to do when I wanted to do it, but I guess that kind of entitlement that kind of I don't if it's arrogance, but that sort of stuff- burn insistence that you be reckoned with professionally
because you want to and you're ready is some is some part of confidence I obviously it's also a part of insecurity and obviously a part of not knowing yourself very well, but I think all of those at self centered all that stuff. I guess is necessary on some level and persistence to succeed, You could also blow yourself out pretty early, get premature we'd better. I worked. I tried that prematurely, a bitter, I tried that angle for a while in quite stick with an folks, listen to me today on the show I have a comedian, SAM J, alright now, SAM J, was a long time writer for Saturday Night live. she's on the the new Peacock Series, bus down and as our own late night show pause with SAM J on HBO. I would see her at the comedy, dory when she was in town, and I where to God the the when did not talk to me- I didn't know if she didn't like me. I will
in the green room together, just the two of us could not in get just did not gauge hi. How are you high, but that was it? No conversation? and when she showed up here, I thought well. This is going to be awkward because there's no this person likes me here's a completely different person. We discuss it. That aside, I will I like to say that, and this may be a fairly the awkward white I feeling interview for some of you, No, I'm telling you that bay. It, which is it was one of the things were MIKE. I watched her show pause with SAM J. It's really a Jesse. It opens I've watched three or four of them and they just open in her an apartment where it's like almost like this, cocktail party salon type of thing with a bunch. primarily black people, talking about black stuff, and it was one of those moments where my holy shit, I am really an old white guy cuz. I I didn't but any of this stuff? I didn't know this- come
precision and because a lot of its use- When people conversation, but a lot of it is issues that African Americans face, and I It didn't, I didn't know it because I'm not in the loop I dunno. If could be in the loop, unless I young and black, but there was sort of an excitement that I had watching the show that I definitely brought into the interview but I was nervous, but I was trying to be forthright about at my ignorance, and I didn't want to talk too much his God knows, the you know, white guys have talked enough. I was excited and white alright that the excited nervous and white and maybe overcompensating- that's how I feel about it, but maybe maybe we'll see we'll see you feel about it, but the devil enjoy talking to SAM J,
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If you turn your dreams into a reality. Head to squarespace dot com, WTF for a free trial and when you're ready to launch use the Africa W T have to save ten percent off your first purchase of the website or domain that square space that com. So I double you t F and Code, W e F, holy FUCK I was in a hotel room and the Coney in New Hampshire. I decided check in with the world via my tv in my room. as for the round- and I was on age, we are too maybe one of the issues, and I was just in the I clicked into the middle of a episode euphoria. What the fuck? I was watching a kind heard about it. I didn't know I didn't read any press on it. I don't know I'm getting further out of the loop. but Jesus man I wash or episodes of euphoria in a row from the second season. Having seen none of them- and I was like have- I know-
her watch television before am or or no or better. Yet, is this what television is now? When did this happen? When did this become television. What the fuck am I watching holy shit I feel like an old guy yeah, but in minutes I felt like a dirty old guy. I would like to end my supposed to even be watching this. Is this what the kids are doing where the fuck, what is happening It was like that man is like that. It was like that stop watching know. I was like completely. engaged. I I just could not believe it. I was watching drugs and sex sweaty, the whole show is sweaty, but I really thought I miss decade or two This is the kind of show that that this is why they hate us. If there's a reason, why are, we would is threatening its that show they like
look at what they're doing. Oh, my god, I'll tell you, I went back, I just started watching it. From the beginning, I figure I can only handle one episode a day it is so shattering, and raw and fucking weird in like is that what high school is like now and also like, there's a balance being sought for, for you know decades. I guess, since probably the sixties or seventies of of boobs of tea. in a tits and ass and merkin vaginas onscreen, while this show is balancing out the the the Cox. there's just a like avalanche of dick in in euphoria, so I think there is effort being made on behalf of Hollywood, due to balance that the Dick quota with above, three or four decades of boobs and vaginas and asses. So now I just
full on deck full frontal dick lot of it. Apparently some of it is fake but I mean who cares? Doesn't really matter? Does it Dick's a dick right? Why did anyway any my and was gonna blown by youth culture and by black culture in the last month, before talking, is M J from watching pause. I learned some things I felt like a old white guy, and from watching new fora I learned some things and felt like a just, an old guy and ITALY dirty old guy. Is that the is that was trying to do to make us all feel a little dirty. have a certain age. What do people doing with that show how are people handling it? go, do some research anyway, Look, I'm no, I'm no prude, but wow what is happening. What's going on in this world, so the
The season of bus down this is SAM's new show again. This is show that seems funny, I'm not I understand it and it's not a black thing. It's just a an old guy thing. I think I just wont work. takes me a minute, sometimes with comedy, certainly with Sketcher with absurd comedy to figure out what the what is going on vat get it I usually get around to it. It hits me all at once, the first season of bus down is now streaming on peacock season, two of paused with SAM J is coming Hbo B in May. You can stream all of season one on HBO Max. That's where you where he is here- I'm just be careful though it's your it's going turn your brain out. Man I don't want distract from this intro, but I will say that euphoria will turn your brain out. I mean I don't think I'm ever gonna be the same again. So this is me into a SAM Jack,
nice to see you, imagine I just you know, decided to do something more real, really something I didn't have to think about yeah or three. How long you in town for I'm here till Wednesday and you're, just doing press for the new thing we're having a party tonight for bus down here? Why came in town and then I have been wanting to do this, so we may show this could happen. While I was here, I'm glad it happened. I started to I started to think. Like does she even like me? I feared the company started. Couldn't get a read on anything like I don't even know if she wants talk to me at all kind picks up that me, I'm hard. I guess!
and you know it's one of those things where you hear it enough that you like. It must be true, but you don't think that's what you're given off. Well, I mean that must be just as one you're in when you're out there doing that, because I you know, I watched several episodes of pause and I'm like. I never met We are going We're talked to that everybody says that you're, not the first person to say really yeah. What do you think it is? I don't know I mean. Are you going to as it is, I only see you right before you go onstage yeah. I think it's that and then it's like what pause. I'm really with my friends. Are they all your real friends are all like. My real friends, at least this last season, I think, is going to be a little bit more big step. This season really well last season. They were all comics. I was really cool with it like. I actually knew it so funny cause. I had some observations about. You know, because what what Obviously after
watching it and after my own sort of insecurity, I assume that you I'm just not relevant to that conversation. I probably I'm probably not you I'm just a year, another sort of veal, CIS Middle Age white guy trying to be relatively decent in in the modern culture. So there's me, that's always like with eight. There is no reason for any of them to talk to me and I not by them? I mean you or black people, but just just young people. I to say you know what I mean yeah for a whole generation of people. I dunno what the hell's going on with you guys yeah man. I feel you cause. I I look at my little cousins and I feel the same way. I'm like oh yeah. What do you mean little Did you know early twenties or mid twenties? I'm like there's already a big I dunno doesn't mean. I like I care you're concerned
not really, I feel like every generation figures it out, but I guess but like now, just there just seems to be so much so it's almost become in the tribal eyes do you get? You know yeah generationally, we all kind of figure it out, but culturally, it seems like things are like in some sort of fucked up per shift yeah there's a fight on there is there's a little bit of a there's, a little bit of digging of the heels in the sand happening yeah yeah. But when I see you and your friends, it's just so funny how there is a New York thing with certain people Yes, it is costing nothing Boston. We got a little bit it out as well amongst us the wood coloured and then the Whites and Boston S own other. good work along the way. People. Here you came up in of Boston, you're from Boston, wow where'd. You grow up Dorchester wow, really I spent a lot of time there yeah. I know I came up there. I was just I was having flashbacks
driving to New Hampshire. The one of driving to a gig right. I don't even know what this is. What am I walking into? How did that kind of stuff? Now for sure I remember my first gigs like a new Hampshire light. I was really desperate to do comedy, so I was booking it. Let's do names Le Valley was book in every eye, like the shafts gain any endlich, another room, India, I was desperate. Judges do stand up very bosses very white, so that also wasn't about a black people. Weird. Why do a stand up? Yes, unique white up their yeah up a lot white boys like? it will be cool. We would just call by necessity of us all trying to do it there and I'm on my first trip to New Hampshire. I'm writing car with his white boy. I barely know how this is to endorse or in woods the urgent. Unlike what the fuck in London oh and hey, this is crazy. I used to feel that by myself had nothing to do with color. It was just me panicking like way,
Why is this even a real place, this gig? And then you don't know what you're going to get you're gonna get a wrongful like New Hampshire. You know you're going to get up there and do my thing like wow that all going to go. Well, that's how I learned that's how it, but I did feel that panic when I was driving from Troy New York to to a coney, a new Hampshire. I even I wanted to spiral where I It's my agent like how the fuck did you than violated said he had with my doing I'm not I'm dumb beyond this, but then There never was a nice little theatre. They were there see me, that's a difference and they were it, wasn't just some random commie. I did some dump so you were born in Boston? I was born in Georgia but moved to Boston. Before I was even a year old, I don't remember even live in in Georgia, so your family moved there. My mom sent me up. It was a little bit of a crazed where my dad had passed away like maybe a month.
One or two months after I was born? My dad had a heart attack and then my mom ended up getting into this custody battle with his mom cause. She was trying to get custody of me to like your grandma's yeah, but I never met this woman, my whole life, but she was trying to get you have me, though I get the money. My dad had left me air, so resign. It wasn't cause she care non. Her. My dad never had like overall relationship, so my mom out of fear of lead the way Georgia is kind of backwards yeah she sent me to Boston while she fought the case and I lived with my grandmother, my aunt Ramah. per year. While I was a baby and there was the stuff was all over her. My brothers came up to Boston, humming growth too, Oh Annie was in Dorchester yea at that time, so that what part Dorchester like Columbia point. In Milton for yourself right on, Madden
like I've, never been to an honest. We are more segregated city in my life. Have you know, isn't as weird and like I was just home cause shooting an episode of pause here in Boston this easily and it was a little embarrassing not to I'm, not gonna lie because I'm so used to it, but watching other people. Navigate it MIKE? How do you then it was like damn yeah. This is kind of fucked up so used away right. It's like you, don't clock it to you with a bunch of people who aren't in what were there was a reaction to just you know like the teamsters that were driving the car were pretty racist and they were, you know, were doing stuff in the neighborhoods. I grew up in and they were saying stuff like. Oh, you might want to duck, and are you sure you want to shoot here and you don't know, what's going to happen when the cameras come out, they might try to steal them. Just crazy stuff does not like real, and then they just noticed how separated it was and just how the white people in Boston are, and it's like this is all stuff I can shrug off and just move
If true, because I grew up like that, but to watch other people navigate, it was a little bit like damn this sucks yeah, I well I mean when I was there, it was I mean I got used to well because I had to sort of roll with it because all the comics were kind of like irish white dudes and you got to, but I had this. real paranoia of irish dudes for a long time. Rarely yeah because, like I was just as aggravated neurotic angry jewish guy run into these one nighters and I definitely wasn't the same as the home and you feel that difference, even if it's that I just. I was always a little nervous, but I grew to to like while the comics and learn a lot from them? But I did realize time went on this that city really hides whack people yeah I have always said about Boston, we live and we live in a certain corner, the city and if you don't know where we are you'll, never find us and crazy is really while, like I used to work- and you know, Blackie Woozy work that town and we go to our homes and to address the matter, paying tax barrier whatever here and I'm everyone's as working hours that the aquarium at the time and
this black family. They were from Detroit, they walked up to me and they were like YO. Can we ask you a question I was like you want to know what the black people are and they were like? Yes, I was like alright, here's what you gotta do you gotta go here here: here's the matter! Here's how you find out they were like cause. This is crazy. I was like yeah, you know, but I don't even it's another one of those moments where it's like. I don't think about it because I'm so used to it. But to have people come in and it probably looks nuts, but I guess oddly in enough that's the way it was. You know, always and it was. It was indifferent until years. It but but Boston never really changed. I never I, like even New York, I mean you have white neighborhoods, but that city feels integrated yeah nah Lawson doesn't feel like that. No man alive say, is Atlanta for white people ever have people say it to Atlanta. For what yeah I've been saying for a long time is Atlanta for white people. There's this idea that it's some sort of progressive place, but that that's only relative to the transient popular basin of light three hundred thousand students and colleges. Each year I mean in
of itself, it's it's pretty provincial and pretty New England, the air I mean. I believe that New England is like the last White Haven. You not I mean. Is this like of use it'll be white and only see that's where you go. You know what I mean I used to do this Joker Ireland. A long time ago. I used to do yoga New Hampshire law. You know is white. When the white people are pumping the gas that I mean they don't even got black people working in the kitchen. It's like this is white through and through was beat up man I mean you drive through that state and was like wow. I mean a lot of you know dead. orange. Is that a lot going on you know and you just feel that the the weight of it the weight of the the depression of it? I was like one of those. First time like I got homies from New Hampshire's and they've, just a pizza and like that's a likening. I'm always hours ago I, like you, like white people, be poor boy, yeah, like I, I feel like just as much as like walls and hides as blind people. I feel like white people in general hide their poor like that
that's why no one talks about class in this country, yeah cause you're, poor right people think they're just about to be written yeah and I'm like why people be poor cause I'll, never go to New Hampshire Bill Day was heating the house off with Michael Woods. oh yeah. I was crazy idea now. That is true. This is wound up here. So when just doing comedy. Do you go to school in Boston? How was the whole trip over there and I'll? I graduated high school course, and then I went. I stayed in Attica NO Roxbury, Roxbury High School I stand in Bosnia like two years. and then I went away to Georgia to go to school. Tried comedy in those two years. I tried it like twice. Atlanta Boston. I tried it like two times. I wear that dig, Dorothys Room door, dig daddy, urine secure within that I made your and secure. It was air and then-
I went to Atlanta and my mom had passed when I in when I was in high school sixteen and stuff? So to a letter by road out. I was like drinking too much and party it's much and naturally go. the school, and I wasn't really do a much anything workin a bunch of job. No, it was but welcome alike. Were you out in having fun, I came out in Ireland about twenty four yeah and then I'll do it. I was on having fun we have because he landed like I'll, get pretty good gay town, black anger, nice gazelle you! So when I stay there, there's a huge, their gay club right there in downtown. That's all seem like it was
Al Black and all fun like big lines outside now. I just see the lines going through with the bulldogs it was. Maybe it was right around the corner, for it was one of the it was kind of by laughing skull dogs yeah it's on the street, one of the Peachtree yeah, no dogs, yeah yeah, but everytime. I looked at sort of like wow, that's where it's happening: yeah yeah. I had a lot of fun in Atlanta. So alright, so you tried it in Boston at the vault. Was it a dig diaries comedy vault, yup yup and then it went down. To Atlanta and you got all fucked up that fucked up. They look at jobs where you do in every don't dang. I worked at a Starbucks where I worked for the state doing taxes. At one point I was like working for the census. It was just like whatever do you ever yes, flippin jobs hated everything I was doing, and it will again because you, your mom past and you didn't know what you were doing through just rudderless.
and new you lighted, the alpha W get was it like trouble? Fucked up, I was bad full. I think outside looking at it was just like. Oh, we don't know, what's going to happen with this girl like she's not really make him anything over life, but for me it was dark because I, I I knew how I was feeling and I was feeling real loss. You know I mean I knew internally what we have here we're here, so it was real dark for me on my side, so he didn't know if you're going to get out or not, I didn't see a way out it was. It was like a year. I couldn't you know what I mean. I couldn't see a way through. It and a mixture of depression and and just using shit, depression and- and you know, drinking too much and well MIKE, I'm not living with any purpose and and knowing that there is some purpose out there. Ways like I can't touch it or see it. It just seems like I'll, never get to it. So it's like that hopelessness. On top of that, just like, I guess, is going to be my life just like doing.
things I hate for damn near no money to barely survive, to go back and do something I ate it last year, really not seeing a way out of there and kind of given up like well. If this is it, then I might as well just get drunk and like the? Where I can this fucking sucks the worst go because it's like its justice when I start the package as pretty down- and I didn't know what I was going to do or how it's going to unfold- and I thought, like I couldn't sell tickets. I was in my forties and I was like fuck can be one of those yeah those yeah and it's it's horrible as like either you surrender to the disappointment and to the managing that or you I am fuckin out yet I mean my cerebral game, that's what I'm saying people don't get. It is like a slide, What's the point of a suicide, you know you know I never attempted sure was hard, but I definitely was feeling like a fog
I don't even care bro like I just felt pointless right, I do about that. It's like, I think, about suicide all the times, not because I want to kill myself. I just find it relieving to know that I can, if I laughter yeah yeah if it gets. If it comes down to it, I'm gonna do it when you're finding peace in that you know you're in a bad spot, yeah, that's right! So what shifted? What and what was there about a white light moment? Was there like? Oh, my god, I think it was like several fuck a moment. You know what I'm saying just like seeing how my life was as going through a night and just being like. I can't give up. I always you know. God bless my mother There are a lot of her lessons in things ass. She gave me when it was added darkest hour. I was able to pull on them like what a farm myself just like honestly, still believe myself. Oh Mamma is always tell me like there's no short cuts to life. You know layer like you, you can't skipper step in like
is whatever it is, you're going to pull it from yourself. So if you don't achieve something is because of you. She never let me like lean on race or anything, and I'm not I'm not knocking one. I'm just saying like that's not how I was raised. It was a kind of like you is going to be harder for you and things are getting your way, but at the end of the day, determine your life and if you don't pull yourself but and due to shit, then it ain't gonna get die. You can only look at yourself to blame. You know I'm saying so I was like just digging into those lessons and kind of seeing some shit come full circle added up sleep, an honor, out of the army and they had a roommate that I never saw. But then one day I finally saw him. It was a dude who used to sleep on my couch, and so it was like alright we're having some I think there's some full circle moments that are really kind of fucked up. Writing out. The sad full full circle like this is good yeah and just kind of these things. That kind of pushed me and I do put a gun to my head and
sounds a lot which ran sessional Mamma. I was this kind of like a day and I really thought I was gonna die. You know- and I remember this fellow like bro- this can't beat this kit beat us worry story, will not just a kid sticking out my brother and I saw it play cards in his garage and I think he thought it was a gamble and house only just came in to light Robbie grab me and put a gun to my head Anna. He visits just got scared and ran off, but I just remember me: I like that this isn't this can't be detail now This can't be how it all goes down. So little things just like got me: love my ass and you decided to go back to Boston and all that Boston. You do we weren't doing any comedy down there. No, no! No! No! No! No! I tried it the year, like that after Dupont, but I like that January rallied around like then new year I was, I tried as an alternative,
twenty eight and that was like yea. I would try it. I I tried in atlanta- and I was like okay punchline or Weapons STAR bar. I dunno that was like radical, Shiva lavish goals of a mighty do linking Monday's summit, and I was it's okay. I think this is but I was like I can't do that Lana cause. I did a lot of shit Lana and I was a music shape and I just but like people are going to, let me redefined myself here and be something else, and I just it wanted the space to figure out who you're hanging around, and I want to space to just really figure out who I was in his danger and plus I just needed to go home and tap it with my family. After my mother died, it was a strange and crazy, and that was a party just people die and I think family, sometimes they come together and sometimes they'd go to their mutual corners, and my mom was kind of integral to my family in the court. The center of a we're kind of just split us up and away, and we were very close, knit family. So it was super hard on me,
yeah, so I just felt like also I feel like I can navigate Boston comedy. I really thought about it once I really decided want to do it. I was really like thinking about how I was going to execute it and I was like well, I know home. I know I can get on trains and buses were fairly cheap to get to plate like in Atlanta, and I got to drive everywhere. I can't even afford a car, so it's like. If I really want to do this, I need to be in a city that I can get to these things. I know I can get a job like Boston's, a pretty you can get, shit together, they're right kind of easier yeah. So I knew I could get on my feet and get a job and be able to get to shows and do all that kind of stuff. also I had my family there, so it like So far, I'm going to fall and I got really kind of throw myself into this thing and really try it they're not going to let you get lost again, yeah yeah. So what were they relieved when you came back in fact they. So I think so where they are like. We didn't know if you're gonna, I think so I think they were glad I was back, but then you know at first they just trying to force their agenda. You know my aunt trying to get me to drive the bus mine has been driving. The t for like
thirty years now. So will they get worried right there yeah we gotta, get a pension and get you a hospital job. Look at you as, though, is that, like the Boston joggers, or whatever, but I was like. I was really determined at that point. To really try to do stand up. Well, that's interesting, because now you can be your your cafeteria lady on the show are able to do one of those jobs fiction yeah, which was like fucking hell. I'm not gonna lie. It was brought me back, it was a little like a wimp, when I to take off that apron- and I was like oh, this could have been there. Yeah it's like tail is crazy. So all right, so when, when you start doing it, they're like I do there in my life, in my generation. I can't really remember I'm really trying to remember any black comics, for my generation like I'm coming up in in Boston in the late eighties, and I really I can't I can't I can't remember any isn't that fucked up how many of them were there then never for you and your crew
no Patrice from thereby who else from there was you notice. I call you ride. We gaze and it was my home. It's a wonder is Nick, like those we were out there. You know have. We was way more white dues than us in aid if we would get, unlike the preference for sure you own but then we will hear looter its future seems to me that there's always been even I started there was a world of black comedy that we didn't know about, and it was full just two different worlds, man and then you'd see it on tv or you'd, ruined and you'd, be like? Oh, my god, there's all these cats, but now even that's a little. I think a little more integrated yeah a little more a little more and I think it's more like a people's following the rules like black. Who stopped me. Am I gotta go just do the black clubs. I normally do every club, you know, did you do by clubs yeah I did there was a. There was a one night a week that was black in Boston on Wednesday,
is this bar called slaves OX buried alive, but his do named driving gates and he's. I see a first Send a tell me I was a headliner. He was the first, pay me. Stand around here. The first person a really give me time time on stage I remember he got a knee surgery and he left me his room. I was broke. I had just quit my job because I want to go to Bridgetown and he wouldn't give me the time off. So when I came back, I had nothing. He let me it his room. He let me host his for like to stickers. Remover He paid me every week or that's great, every government. You can work out all that you up and down call. It was really cool and then I did all other rose the next in the comedy studios in all other stuff as well. That was ok the color, the comedy studio. I didn't why only first outwards sleigh Jenkins, Ras Jenkins, wasn't at his the comedy studio, calories fillers year and next like next.
is different now, but when I was there that was like you know. That was rough man fight it out, but next is like it was like when we was doing it. Man in the winter they will have a space heater on the stage because they they win like downtown yeah. I think that crazy on bad. I guess I think that placing was created when I was there at the peak in Boston. Nix was run in two or three shows in the same room in the same building near they had that nightclub downstairs in the main, show him upstairs and go back and forth and there might even be a third one now and then there was like one in the the Calhoun and then, but that's still, I think that just closed or cologne know he just was a guy. Just took the crude out to eat when we wept a scout with a pause. Well I mean, is there still comedy show? they felt room they. So I d, like you, say that Let them like me out. You know the woman who book the next
Do you ever do my classroom niggles? He giggles? No, I left before I got leg started to know who I was and then I like moved thing. Yeah yeah yeah, but you did do the one nighters yeah yeah yeah, I mean I was definitely there doing doing comedy. So how long were you doing it there? I was in Boston, maybe two three years. Okay, so you got some time together. You and you got your chops. And then you went to New York. I went to your first year, you get beat up or what happened now have not what did spit. You speak out and airline here, First, I know who did it all right? I can allay things, got a move fairly quickly, oh go when I got here. So if not a bad Ella story, no, no! No! I go, what a scene, a young people in like it was dope like the MC, was, do well how'd you like what what how what was your entree into L A did you do. Where did you? Do?
Montreal were you known where people already you know I was doing like. I did Bridgetown thousand Forest like Festival in at the time I'm very sound was late, a big Festival on especially for a West Coast cause. I went to Portland to one in Portland because all the like, reps and stuff from camp, I really like allay, will just go up there? Oh so that was because all the other festivals got turned out, like everybody knew who everybody was, and there was no real reason to go to Montreal other than for agents to get fucked up, with producers yeah, so Bridgetown was sort of like we don't know any of these people yeah. It was like who's, the new, the new people, so that was happening and there's all those weird bars that you would plan to do in Bridgetown and we are on a patio in the end it was raining and it was leaking through yeah yeah, it's a wild time. We sound like parking lot shows that, unlike a show in front of a taco truck and then like a show inside and then like yeah, but I was having a blast, I mean and that's where I met my manager and it was like central people who did manager
at Avalon Avalon yeah. I I love I and so we did ought at Unum Santa man sizes made and there was not a like western comics there, such as made a lot of connection here that way, and so recoup me Jack Oh, you mean Jack. There magic averse, hound, yeah yeah, we should come from Seattle. yeah jack there I met Davis. I I want okay, Thomas in there. I met some people here at Home Bell. I made some Clayton English, I'm as so many people, every town so long as so laughter I just was light will seem like allays where I can Conor move around, and also I felt like New York was too close to Boston, and I was going to go home a lot here and just in leg lean on a crutch, and I just wanted to be somewhere where I had to like figure it out, but it must have been relieved to see all these different people and to see comedy thriving on all different levels, coming from all different points of view, because, like the one thing
we coming up in Boston or even grown up in Boston. Is it's a box and it's limited and then to go be a this is all happening like like, I'll- have the chance to really take a huge step back at like my ancient shifting, that's good, so you re added together enough to make those decisions. That's good. I was older though you know has occurred. Is I was as Oda layer that point. Twenty nine here you don't, I mean, like I've, got some sense about myself just period year so you go to L a a comics to watch. it just comes to watch a New York Comedy FEST, where maybe like three months into being in L a so I got today, a dual at that then I get the collar. Do Montreal many new faces gap. its later from that, I do new faces is a really good showing at new faces so I was only in L a two years. Then some people ass. An l saw me they're here as we saw this in our decision than allaying the name me out
tradition if, on a long day, then they called me in to me. If I wanted to do or have a writing job, so I was like oh, they must think I'm ugly and fat, but they think I'm funny enough to do something. So the your character person? Now I just this and at the end of the day. Like a you know, we at some point there were. We were talking about me, moving the cast and then some other things happen or whatever, but I always felt like, that was their intention and like they were very forward of like we just want you to learn the system and figure it out or okay. So tell me how that went to the the process of of of SNL, because I talked to people about that. I, like you, know so who who calls you to offer you the writing Joe Kenwood Eric Kim okay. And when do you meet learn like really actually meet warned. You did you already have the job or did you have to go not an unknown now. I think I think you go right away day. New start, there I sit with him yet.
It at the desk and he kind of like talk to you about, looks at you, your future. Your life yeah lived there did that day and how was that it was cool to make you wait. Of course, yeah such a thing, of course many outweigh any hours. Man, I don't wanna. Like Lord. I love me some loin. Ok, we were well it's over to have over two hours, but you knew that going in Asia was anyone sort of advising you you're going and why the time I was there, I see em and I had an asian name I'll call in who she was very. she used to work there. She was super familiar with the process right, so she was she kind of held my hand through it, and I thank God for her for her, because there were some times where that show like was breaking. Me and I'd be like and I thought I called this okay, so you meet with Lorne, you get the job, you take the gig who's the cast. What yours is
Chris Reds First year and the increased were friends before you were for what we want as already other yeah, ok, we will for limited outlay. We moved to New York at the same time on Okay, so Chris read this is Chris Reds First year, yep, who eighties there are was collar chase there. Of course there of course caves there of course AL's first year Would you aren't going in what was your? What was the? What was your approach? I just I kind of approach, like your posts, Banda. Just like get in Try to get in where you fit in be observant? Did you John DOE, like figure out how to write for people was. I did not do anything I'm ever written before offers writers job and I know written a sketch of the book. Did you get the job then,
I dunno. While I do some stand up yeah. That's interesting, though, that like you've, never written as you don't come from sketch, you come from stand up. Yeah. I wonder like do you ever think about like what bits? What did they see that, like made them real, believe that, like this person's a sketch writer, she just doesn't know it. I don't know man, that's so much like a you know. Some people love to hate him, but I really think that's the brilliance of Lorne Michaels like he He knows who can do it? No one, no one hates him on the method. He has a good sense of lawyer who can do right. You know, I did you feel like you got the hang of it, the idea I mean our different three years about it, the violet the first year hell. You know, and it wasn't really till the end of the first season tat I was like. Oh, I think I how to do this some kind of way I mean and the middle and I have kind of really connected with the dude my riding partner.
it's we have really figured out a flow in it style. Was it you guys decided on the partnership? You just came together. It just kind of came together the only two black writers at the timing, and one day, we got our residuals? Those like the middle of the first season, got residuals here and I don't even know about these residual tax. I, and I know I did in his latest- came into a bunch of free money on like. Oh, this is fucking crazy came in my office was YO, did you it was like, First time connected in that moment like two where people like distant fuck. Why? it is for miracles flow and then there was a figure that out and really found my sketch voice. I learned got a cast sketches cuz. All that stuff is a part of it like you actually at you act as your own segment producer,
right. Che taught me at two when I was when I was when I was drowning like what what was the drowning like? What brought that on that, you didn't get embed at a mate. I don't dunno how to write sketches and they go to the table and they get read out loud in the ass. You know in all you hear is the pages turn you not. I mean you feeling of embarrassing and like people are killing. They know what doing, and am I ever figure out, fuck. You do two hit This is also like a peer of my media together to appear Saudi availing in front of my fucking friends. You like an issue. What reached out every step do that it has talked to me why I was like yeah just just pay. It is at a table he's like you not doing bad. You know it feels like you do in terrible what he's like a not doing bad. You know like any It would be a bad. You know when you not you not give issued on don't get,
but up the negation on his pay attention to the table, unite us and right, listen and an watch and listened with sketches of work is often I do, and then I started like heap in the sky is I light that will get in reading them again, you're not like moves in light also for Now who likes what now, how to cast like? Oh Kate's, really strong in these type of characters, the eighties, because that also could fuck his getup. I was cast in my sketches all wrong right. I was just domain names out thinking about the person they were going to do it. You know so yeah, so you're you're learning how the All levels of the production work, yeah that you're casting understanding people's limitations and then, where their strengths are and your, how to you know, tag is sketchy on us. Okay, so it's all coming together. It's just all come in and yeah yeah. You know what I'm saying and then also once I separated myself from trying to beat it. I think that's how it gets a lot of people, people going in there like I'm going to fucking beat this thing. now you're, just really a cog in the wheel of a thing
keep going with or without you, you and then I started to just try to forget how to be useful right about it and get a sketch out are still help other people s gets his or our. Why the sketches, and we, like you. I saw this thing or are you wanted it to look like dislocated and would like this grand came off like area disfigured out ways to be used here within the thing community in the community and then thus people help me and like kind of like yeah, it's like when someone comes up to you like did you take tags, a tag for you want to turn yeah? What is it? That's good, yeah, yeah, exactly it's the same things coming out. I had to learn how to play with them. Cause I'm a I'm, not and provider, and they they have a lot more energy and a lot more cherry done, like us, with rigour and gauged year. But I just didn't know how to do not arise. What comics I didn't know how to do the thing with the collaborate with people. I dared not do it here, we're not collaborators. I would like write shit and then like Becca
up to me in the hall in Black SAM he'd just start doing a voice and I'd be looking at him like nigga. What the fuck is you doing here like? I don't go ahead, do whatever you like. If that's what you want to do it and I didn't realize he needs me to like give him something, so he can learn like. Oh, this is a play and they figure out how to do that. Give me something to work with here. I would just be staring like our guest bro yeah they're. Looking for support and leadership yeah. I dunno where I am like this nigga weird is going on. Like that ain't, you figured it out, which were your big sketches, Oh wow, oh the John Mulaney Chacha, slides ghost that I wrote with Brian Tucker here. The chunk has been there forever year, the chat with Bosnia, black Panther Jump by jeopardy, Eddie Murphy by Geoffrey. Did you get it meat area in deal with Eddie at all
yeah. That was crazy. That was crazy. That was a crazy. Did you agree to that guy, of course, of course, who are your comic made their way yet Eddie? Actually I dunno I was born in eighty two. You know I dunno a black in the eighties who didn't believe in God Eddie Murphy week. My aunt called me like: are you crying because I know you guys dislike your guy yeah yeah yeah and you got him at a good time. He's kind of nice he's children. It was really cool to have a have a job in common with Eddie Murphy, where he was like sitting in the office being like this, how my office was set up and talking to? show. My is still like this in doing this to happen, when I get a still do that, but they don't do this in line right rose like this is crazy while Ray If any, you know, what's amazing about him, I think it probably. You probably saw it a lot, though, because there's a few people in this another can do that is easily, he can turn on the funny part like he doesn't exist in it. but like if he needs it.
Switch in its there near our old Eddie is right that in that time he hosted it was crazy yeah! That's the end? What was it a hurricane sketches with the l yeah do like old Eddie? I interviewed him and it was hilarious. I was so happy to make them laugh. That was the best part. He was going crazy yeah it was. It was amazing yeah. So there for three years and how did? How did you exit I got another job, I got my show. I got only myself the pause year and so our left and how to have that? I'm full. Did you pick it? No, I know I had this, where I hate tell any studies, because it goes also like. I have this weird luck when it came to comedy like one on this stuff, just Work thou in exactly what you can do over the goods is, does work down we're way, but I did us at them. A special three in the morning for each for and it's okay, it was.
to come out. People were like talking about it a little bit. She wise. and my manager Kano like leaked the princess. These people, who were Well, overall, do h b o and he was trying to develop a late night show and he needed, like a voice or late night, show and and she was like. I think seo could be perfect for this. They showed him special. His apprentices asian live special show apprentices special. like I love this, I want a meter may perhaps net. We teach other who those persons princess penny he is. The key of martial is the appeal insecure aka and we live in a week. talking for like two weeks and he was yeah is the person yeah. He went to Israel and was like this is the person in HBO's like we love SAM, like she's dope she's the shit So this was a person I had to say
the time I got offered chest at SNL like while this is going on to saw MIKE shit like what the fault you know, what am I going to do cause as soon as my family? You know at the end of the day we really built something and on something, and I had a great deal of like respect for everybody there and I loved working with everybody. It also felt like a safe place. They kind of built me up. I don't think the special would have been what it was without s another? What I learned their uniforms, our fear, so I felt like I was really torn, and I was trying to find a way to like do. some kind of way, but This kind of like this is the thing I've always wanted to do, as I have my own product and kind of like what form something the way I wanted for me as such goes to do. The show interesting because, like it must have been one of those things where the unknown is yeah. Can I I'm going to have to do characters? I'm going to have take a beaten. How to do that. Now. I, like you, in Europe as opposed to I can engage my brain and my sense of humor
every time I step into this, but I can see how it'd be tough yeah and I can make my own thing right. You know what I'm saying and also I just Didn'T- want to Point Lorn. You know. I know that as his favorite thing it when he offers it to you as a world like just for him and I don't want to disappoint you talk to me about it. I did I did and it was ok. It was ok He understood. He understood you gotta man and he told me, like. I always have a family there. You know and always have a place. I could commit to reducing bus down okay and we're still kinda yeah yeah yeah we still together so, but id like to me. Was it's it's. How often so it was a weekly yes and you are indeed like six six and I'm doing eight okay. Now What's the production schedule on that thing? How long does it take to put that together? How do you decide? I mean I know you have the kind of like you. One key salon thing at your really your apartment,
I would not like camera and my partner, but I'd better, but I like that. I mean it's a: U dates the way of feed was obviously is unique and then in the kind of engaged people talking, reach. Other argument, yeah it's kind of fun. But how do you obviously you decide on topics right here. So have you producer? What's the idea I mean we just get in the room and we just throw out things that I'm feeling is a very talky room. The room pretty much feels like the part, the writer room or feels like the party or how many people we got. I want to say, we've got eight this year, and we had all my we have ten this year and eight last year, mixed yup. It's a as it's more women, this season them in the season, unless he's enough like it, was pretty Balin we're here, birds, when you're kicking around topics or whenever you're like because, like it seem like that, and then
in the writers room, you kind of you hash it out, and then you decide. While this is what we're going to talk about with the friends and then you're right. So it's figure out what the hour studio segments are going to yeah. Let's see how relation to that, how do we make it active yeah, that's what said in the room. Alright, this is just ideas now like I thought it was provocative again as some middle aged dude. You know who MR trying to hold on to some relevance and not really knowing a lot like they're just shit? I don't know like I've worked with. for years, I'm for a couple of years on radio. I had a you know, a black guy who was my partner on the mics, but like the idea in all. Obviously the idea of what is cooling or what is. I have heard that or timing or whatever, but the actual when you started talking about representing and how and the challenge for you. As a woman as a gay person and as a black person, I mean that's like that's, a lie yet in that conversations like line of thought about any this shit, I'm learning things desk.
Oh well. How do you deal with that on a day to day basis, or do you just surrender because at the end of the episode you I am not that in Phuket yeah? I think that's how I deal with. I just be me at the end of the day, and it's like Oh no, you gotta like take it or leave it type. A deal you know cause, I don't feel like it, so responsibility. If I make it a responsibility that I'm Abby myself, I'm a guy, that's going to be your job year, yeah and ever want. I don't want that. You know, I mean I want the ability to like, like evil pause here, is tat. The body like I want the ability to be wrong. I want the ability to grow, I don't want to in a tardy. That's why we do it the way we do it as widely unwanted desk. This is about a dozen authority and now you after no stuff have to be right- and I like this is not actually life experience and sometimes more connected to my blackness de my gain, is sometimes I'm workin it to my gaiters. The mob latin is sometimes on working time my feminine side,
add some ames like this, a multitude of things, because you just comedy and that sometimes I'm a comic first and that's it. You know what I mean a lotta times. Rarely I feel like that's my ultimate identity right now. It's just like yeah, you can be a multitude of things and sometimes those things are conflicting and that's. Okay, I think we're so rigid. These days and it's like that's not really. How should it was over think he sometimes in its also in reaction there's we live in reaction to other people, dumping shit into our laps. Could we can't you can't stop people from dumb? shit and your lap anymore, like everyone you, can get to everybody and it doesn't take my to make some go fuck, my that it might what they do so. Is there no body yeas, I stop listening right, but it's hard right yeah. I do every day I think, like I'm getting off the I'm going to I'm just yeah and a back on the jump. Of course I try not to be but like.
You wanna, know cause you. You also make shit for people, so you do want to know which works to fuck. They thing without any real is a lot of people are just there to fuck things on gay and chaotic hob data job, and yet at a joke. It is turning around runnin shit. That's right up, thousands of the air, but I thought the conversations were really good, because it's not conversations I have or a privy to necessarily, but just the also the in in terms of that that whole presentation thing leads into the next episode about. You know: how do you protect yourself in a world that he that you could be your your? Your job could be effected by somebody finding something that you said it taken out of text or misunderstood. I guess it's cancelled sure? But, but like I thought that was interesting to because you're coming at that. As somebody who wants a certain type of success and you are able to separate the idea of black, success, verses, regular success and what successes, how it's dictated by? culture year,
There is a certain, a different type of pressure and there's a different type of bar to meet yeah. We're inside but like bartering system deal legged is all differing different, you're playing a whole different game, a you're trying to say that's why a lot of different things cause you have some, swans ability, of course, to the black community. Here it saying the same thing of like you have some responsibility to the minority group, your pardon, but you also like a child achieve something and then also like you're, just a fucking person and right You know, I always think it's weird that people don't like realize we're just like people with jobs absolutely no like. I know we're different people do in Steinhart Jobs NEA and which is due in shit, and I get that you there's an opportune. They make a lot of money, do you, but it still just a thing I'm doing, I'm not always going to be correct or think the way you need me to think in. Like that's. Why as a lot of us and you shouldn't tap into The thing that's like servicing you at the time that thing that isn't just don't followed it right now:
the challenge just becomes about. Like you know, how do I stay authentic and then not chase this, this, the the expectation that, because her soul, this whole Kevin Hart There was your day that Kevin and I know him and we've talked- and I like him, but was there a day where he just sat down like I'm going to every I'm going to one dissing, the Kevin Hart brand we're going to have a breakfast cereal, Well we're going to have a motivational speaker, I'm going to do movies, I'm going to do athletics, I'm going to do stadiums. I mean that a business model, his is a real thing and people aspire to it, yeah that you, if that's what you want, eight like, but I dont, I wouldn't know how to it would be exhausted. He and I were actually, I think in terms of relation to branding like that's the whole. That seems be the whole thing and how you maintain any sort of sense of self or even
the intensity when you're all your energy goes into branding. I don't know what that is. Yeah, though, I mean I don't really know what it is either thing is, is a different. Like some people come in and ass everybody wants some different albert shit. I just always wanted to be able to just create identically. Like, though, right I did the motherfuckers I've mired in us, the shit I wanted my who, like Man like Chapelle, rang, like raw liar, you know car landline areas up. I love Fuckin, stand up our euro and through therein wanes United one. I just wanted to be able to be myself Patrice. I just wanted to be able to be like what I am right and then like do shit right, because I think that we thought we'd. That's our choice. It's like! I don't want anybody. I just want to find my space on that stage and yeah, whatever from there as long as that's the core of it, it's a little halting like always say like I'm, just I'm just looking for my like DR,
China. Talk I'm talking instead of either in a right. If it connects with you, I come over here and we can. We can check, have you we found like the like I'm starting to cause. My my audience came to me much later, but it's a very interesting once you have an audience to see what is mostly made up of, and they sort of like is that who I am inside. I guess so. That is all I get some an angry middle aged woman inside a thriving inside I'm like a like half republican white man. I gotta lotta, while doing it is aware, makes let me is like a lotta. Why does and then, like a lot of older black made like me, like merely Oda black men, Few black women in there and then like young people is such a while MIKE yeah yeah yeah yeah, but you find that the people that are getting you deep, like You don't get his interesting when you have older grown up. People who are the who come out who seek you That means you're speaking at least it. A mature language, where I dig it, but it's hard
You stand exactly why. Why do you say Republican, because I am a bit rebellious near you, don't I mean so I play alot my material and are very much a push. This way was that way- and I am now a ways left, leaning or rightly rang right appeared on the topic new right, though, really know where than a catch. My opinion and I think for like white they expect a thing they like. I know what there's going to be, and then I start talking and they're like whoa I didn't know that's what this was going to challenge. Yeah yeah yeah. I think it's like a little bit like fun for like. Oh here's, a here's, a path, think. Anyone was take type of thing, that's good! That's good! I watched that one segment that you did on pause with the black Republicans black conservatives. That woman came out
I did not know at all she doing alright she's good she's living, oh really, yeah, yeah she's, always like posting pictures like out. I'm like okay, she's, also high school. That was good. It was. You could feel the weight of that moment because you didn't even take it in for, like a second wait, what happening didn't cause. I was just like holy this crazy yeah yeah yeah. Well, I mean the the the the weird. sort of line of of self actual nation. It was interesting that show that there is something about. You know just your black culture, and you just said about it earlier about him. Taking yourself up by your straps doing actualizing your life and that that that the conservative idea? I don't
its necessarily republic yeah, that's from scientists like conservative, and I think that, like why republican dudes they'll do like here, some of that envy righty life all IDA in no very there, though their thereby, oh there's one that didn't need the welfare Maria and is like that I'd true right, but that does not mean a body else like set up says that I also get to correct the like gadget now, but no right there. I do this in the idea that there is, I think, some power too give two black people that, like you after a little bit, see it that way to beat the game right, beat the gang. You got a kind of deciding programme yourself from the the welfare and idea. Yes, not that thing right, but the idea of the thing that that's what we are right ran at which that's the only way you can wear out. I mean
you're really in control. It is really some like ours, I'm fucking a nerd, but I always say it's like some matrix shit like once you unplug and you're, like nah, I'm actually fully in control of this thing right. Why think real question with that kind of stuff politically, is the idea of? Is it a level playing field? not at all right so That is the argument against lay never well being. Of course right. So you just gotta figure out so do you accept that and play the victim, or do you try to rise above it and yeah at eleventh level it, and then, when you do rise above it, how you change it flow, the mother fuckers behind, so that they don't have to go through as much you know. Do you think that there? That is happening, yeah especially with like art.
Equality. if I sit around talking to my friends, that's how we will speak but if I change on speaking now, I'm in this puts a white space. The answer we then are making it harder for the niggers from where I'm from to come. In and be who they are right now they have to pose or posture is. Somebody is one of the fuckers can't write like truly and honestly. They can't so. It was like, if I put on as for you, mother fuckers, I'm not helping them right right. I'm hearing the status quo right, you're, saying like a look I managed to fit into this ban is not fuck that bring space once you get any brightest pay right right, that's it we could have. We feel that
I'm trying or out on oath I well, I don't know what you mean anyway. What's feedback I mean, I mean who's to say, museum or to my black people here? Why people? I think, I think, any time you don't want somethin. As you know, they are what it is it is done, I do it's just like like. I don't know why I dont process it that way. You know it. I don't know you know I completely felt right away on like this is you have this is the way that, this community is talking so get on board yeah, yeah and and, like you know, slow it down. If you need to and figure out what's happening, how are they engaging when in doubt nothing they is black people, but this community. If this is the language, so figure it out near and provocative and they as they as lively Beauvais as young people, right as there is a black day as Cape here Jack. You know exactly area, and I am just a firm believer in like that that there is not at all play those games and more effective. The black people were forest. They did
dance here, Ya Magus. Yet I did all the dance and they could do Bro still the induce shit right. So I'm not over. That's interesting. I do elaborate. They worked the White Spain was still stock, Yes, all now be a right, exactly bright idea, just a very exciting in a way, because I because there's like conversation the volume level and the level of interruption engagement is also is its exciting. You like it. If you get through the way cause. It's obvious. We structured the show right. Now you you guys are ripping, it you know once you learn the language of the show. It's like it is a completely new approach to that late night idea. This is the monologue there's twenty of us here and we're talking. I just tried to like for me it's
it got to feel like how I am a fucking stand up. Bro I'm used to yelling at people over people at the seller. I'm used to screaming at Keith to make my point and it was like Bro. If you take away all that energy, then I'm not even being my authentic self, because your self checking year right, yeah and then it's not it's not really. What I wanted, I was very clear, like I want to fight for it because that's how I usually have the makeup. I got to fight for it and I want people to scream over. I want someone to be more right than me sometimes, and alright. Alright, you walk or like when Ricky has. That moment is like I hope we get more of those this season like okay, bro. Well, that was fun that you and Ricky is like. He was like the only guy you listen to what is it I am always yelling at something because there was one moment: religious, like he's, talking and you're, not saying economic wow, air friends wax, but what's what it's okay, so we can talk about the bus down a little bit for we do that, what it some of the topics you you think you're, not at kicking around for the the pause
at New York? Yes, yes, yes, yes, I mean just more personal. You know we felt like that. Tidies out episode was like are like this. Is the goal this is when the show fails absolutely correct when you're not trying to take on young girl. You know the black responsibility angle I dislike exist in its existence. Is that you will write a so this this season. It's like a lie, a person stuff with I'm doing episode jail, that's kind of surround my brother went to jail when I was very young, he was young, in this video yeah. I'm doing this episode around death and how my mother, deaf so young, like my fear of death and how I haven't really made and so you're doing, that the same, give or take crew talking about we're different comics this season, so the bunch of different people here outside of Jack and Zack, who are like Mart Corp boys. You were going to bring up different comics and we're in,
break a little bit again, we're have in structure something sometimes won't at the party? Okay down. What is how did that come together, Chris Redd, what does the project? He was the only one out of all four of us that was actually making money at the time and had any type of traction out in the industry, and he had this opportunity to redevelop something that was a show out in. I want to say, Canada. It was Idaho four friends who made a pact to not have sex and then, as had a get through life, holding each other accountable this pair, where he was like Jody. I think we can mess with this and kinda like make it us, and we all like and he's like you can get some money and we like, that has nothing to do here. So we started with that and, of course it grew completely away from that to what it became and we just kept jamming on it. It's been five years in the making really five and a half it's it's an odd, it's an odd space that they show
what happens if right, because Pardon me again, if only watched the pilot and I'm sure it gets different, but Is that sense of like this? We are we supposed to take this real, or is this just the comedy space. What are you? How do you look at? It is totally just for you, you don't mind and I beg furs. Will people was the pilot because it says in heavy topic, but we we thought, is a cool way to introduce who we all. I was a heavy topic. It's a male molestation. It is like, if you're going to do like the pilots, gotta be about being molested when you're a dude and how you handle the hair, yeah yeah, and how people react to that. But we thought it was a good way to tell who each character was going to be throughout this series and also a good way to let people know. Yet these these are the type of swings we are going to be taking rest of you in for this you're in for a ride. If not, if it is, then right now have you not gonna, laugh at young Chris, getting his dick sucked?
This probably is a detail, but it was not going to every young prince at that in his dick, or is it that the character he places very odd, It really commits to it. Yeah yeah yeah such a great silly Billy, and he really meant anything and he's going to he's going to silly it up, and you guys are all writing at you and Jack, and Chris and Lakes, then yeah yeah, and we have a writer's room. Emmy blotting, EG, Gary Richardson's. In that thing, from SNL, Zack, Fox, yeah, yeah, and so now that you're when the premier and then you go back and give work to we're gunpowder and that's it stand up doing it. Yes, our man I want to do another special lay. Next year I've been hammering this shit out for, like six months in new stuff put the new our together. You I've, been work in a cellar and is getting like these chunks out. Like a guy like I like this, you know I think this could be.
Something right like I like this, and I think this could be something I wanted to someone with the other stuff. I might do a run. I M gonna do a run at the cherry, lame were I really like seeing that's what I do some stuff you're just like out I'll, get it like a residency dynasty and it's the typewriter and just do like forest tuesdays. Yeah yeah and you know, and just rip it out, yeah see what guess what I'm trying to do and decide to really sit in some stuff in unwilling starter? What what is it what's going on with the cherry lane? I mean it seems like, like I remember when I used to do one man shows at most the most of the road guys most of the comics, where I go a given up but
It seems to be a thing, so why are they offering the space to workshop as well or are you planning on doing a one per them were structured that I'm going to I'm lucky enough to have an agent that really has a good relationship with them. So I'm going to do some workshopping and that's the way to go man. It's going to be a you know: it's going to have its legs a little bit, but it's going to be more of a workshop sit but like so you're going to like, instead of like you're running it as like, a theatrical run, fully produced you're going to like do some it's where you just kind of trying to put shit together, yeah yeah, yeah, reasonably priced ticket here again, not crazy, I'm just putting stuff together, but I just want that. I want that audience cause, I there's some complicated ideas, yet I space to really like have the support of writing and theatre audiences, yet again Nino? Yet the sellers, like you better black, lab level, have levelled by daily or its like. You realize you as much as we all talk about it. That is not a fuck uneasy room. Now, there's nothing easy about it. You can't get it
with anything there, and if you too, if you too sensitive like if you try, throw that show that party yourself yeah you and place you gotta, you gotta, you gotta balance. It right is a dance there. How is it over there? I love I've been avoiding it now I mean. Why came up in there? I know all those guys but like I just ah it's weird I went in there nor was there and I didn't go on. I should just go back. I would have this at the very did you have you done the veal them those I like well in advance. I think issues when I go to New York mutually doing something else and like I don't feel the the love as much as I used to, but I might just be making it up. He might be make another woman, I'm young, like you, I'm just another paranoid come out any shut up. It's like www backstage like is right to focus our problem and if so, what are these difficult the things that you're going to be its. I mean I want all this shit about like
is weirdly right now belong it like a love letter to America from a person that shouldn't love America. I saw I right now. As some of our men, if as destinies of it- and it has some others like relationship that correlative diving this country, which is lagging white people and how that like reflects outwards, the rest of like the world. how this country like operates in a way that we don't want to acknowledge in that at the end of the day, it is just a relationship year is just a relationship between us are already a pretty toxic one. But just a relationship Marian the day that we haven't quite figured out how to of the gay air. Both of us have some sums. Even though you know I mean I've been where Laden it. abusive relationship and who clearly I'm like you know like people. We have to accept that it's getting beat, so we have some of those tendencies of wanting to be liked and wanted the approval and, and we
white people will come home one day and say I'm sorry, honey. You know right, you're overreacting. I should never hit you and with the tragedy was cause I'm broke in India. Rascal fix it in a part of us. We may we may need to accept that they never gonna do that, but we also have to accept that we actually want that and we had to be honest about the fact that we fucking want that play, people gotta, be honest, honest the fact that they are fucking abusers and and is Ben a bad ride for niggers. Let me like your period and like this really exploring this kind of heavier stuff and then kind of how that connects to like people of foreign people who come here from other she's in their views and perceptions of this, and how this kind of a gamblers island, but in that there's some beauty in it, because it does give space kind of for everybody in this weird where'd ya. Why thank you like in pause, you kind of I thought pretty well comedic address this idea of the other
it's a known idea, you're progressive where you're you're in educated that the constitution, not for black people, but the idea of making a black constitutional reform yeah, but is like Even- and I think that the like, I think, about the constitution on my will look. But what makes it so beautiful, because it it is a document that was made by persecuted people and so in its language. Here it includes all people, but only a persecuted person would even think to create that language. Senator. I say all people is because they ve been ostracize at some point. So it's like this. Happy little mistake, because this is like the core of this is persecuted people trying to find their freedom rights. When someone pushes back hard enough in long enough, eventually it folds, because it's like we're gonna, had some ship without ads and air it S. Actually it's well intended, but its debts
a covering every nor I use are changing right. Well, that sounds great, and I get good luck with it and I will see you. yeah man could talk. This was good. They re so moderate there you go, we learned we we I did. I did. I learned sorry if I was nervous or whatever I was worked out- comic comic me and SAM season. Two of pause with SAM J is coming HBO in May, stream all of season, one on which MAX I recommend it. And now I'm play some guitar.
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