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Episode 1317 - Flea

2022-03-28 | 🔗

The Red Hot Chili Peppers have been around for almost 40 years and Flea has been there for every minute of it. He and Marc talk about Flea’s jazz-based upbringing that made him the bassist he is today, the various incarnations of the band, and the current reunion with multi-time bandmate John Frusciante for their new album, Unlimited Love. Flea also talks about the heartbreak of losing the Chili Pepper’s founding guitarist Hillel Slovak to drug addiction and the demons the rest of the band have fought to overcome.

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Hey Folks Atlanta, listen I'll, be at the Buckhead theater this Friday April. First, that's my brother's birthday, then couple of weeks I'll be in Tarrytown New York at the Tarrytown Music Hall on Thursday April, Fourteenth Providence, Rhode Island. I'm coming to the Columbus theatre Friday April Fifteenth Boston at the Wilbur for two show, Saturday April sixteenth and Portland Maine at the State Theatre Sunday April, teeth go to WTF pod dot com lashed tour for ticket links and other info okay sweet. What do the show all right. Let's do this! How are you what the fuckers, what the fuck buddies, what the fuck? Next, what the fuck stirs? What's happening? MARC Maron. This is my podcast wtf. Welcome to it. It's been going on a while right. Now, I'm missing it
a giant tooth in the back of my head. They pulled it. to that of my head on Friday. Man? It was I don't know but they did. But it's gone. The entire thing is gone. I got one sad little mower in the back top right I'd sitting back there by himself without his buddy but he's gone it wasn't traumatic, but there was but a buzz kill there was bit of bus kill? Maybe I'll tell you why not? Why can't Let me just do this, sir. spaces shit out flee. is on the show. Today. Okay, he's been part of the red hot chili peppers. For forty years now fully back, They got a new album coming out this week, some. You know he was on once before back in two thousand and fifteen, along with Laboratorio from Metallica, but they were there mainly to talk about a documentary they made about Jaco Pastorius.
so. This is really a full talk with fully about flee This is actually the third shot at this. I was supposed to, after forty years. to go? I just remember this. I did an interview with Thom Yorke from Radiohead when he recording out at Rick Rubin's a mansion or whatever. It was one of the Rick Rubin properties, not the Malibu one, but they, I think they How did they who dinghy house, but it wasn't actually the Houdini House, but anyway I get there and ill. He he's not coming that day and it was just me and Thom Yorke and it worked out great then the next time was at Trujillo time. That's the other time I talked to fleet and I think I could get either of them on their own. What I'm trying to say is is the third time that day it's either happened or it almost. it- and this is a full dog with was great
also a new batch of w e f cap mugs go on sale today, this these a visa, handmaid mugs, I give to my guests, but if you're not a guest, am I show you can still get one directly from Brian Jones, the guy who makes them new module on sale today at noon eastern time in our Jones dot com, slash wtf. They go fast, So if you want one of those mugs get it get the mug so anyways I had to get this tooth pulled it's not great. And I think the antibiotics are making me nauseous- I did a run of antibiotics when I had the covert cause Doc said I might have a sinus infection not realizing that have to do the same ones. There's Amoxicillin make you nauseous or my dying, what's happening, I was I go to get this tooth out. I walker their cause, you can't they're going to drug me, they're going to put me under the Gonna, give you I ve the gimme a dripping and not me out. I got image before not realizing. I couldn't eat and
right. You want to do it. I'm just local, like there's no fuckin way that you can ripped out of my head oh god, I'm going to experience the visuals of that. I can handle it and I can handle things so I walk down there, the Duc de Dennis not far from the house and I'm just looking and they bring me in they put me in the chair and I look that the method. They were laying out. I made the right choice. I had this route canal back there. They had a crown on it and the route the dead too. That was a root canal working the post was rotting, so at all that ripped out of my head and put an implant in so the deal was they'll rip it out of my head and then they're going to put some grafting do in there and I guess, five months, though: screw the implant in there, something like that. They're working at this quick meant and its thought great. In that year I was prepared to die. I was prepared to die. I in because I get nervous about
and esteem Jana might bore it with something: go wrong, I'm nervous about my heart I don't know this could be accident that ends it but we still be out I'll, be out of it when it goes down, so I was prepared to die And I went there and I will do quantum I think Adam I'm going to be not awake, so they gimme the ivy. I go under I'm kind of a widow in and out I kind of woke up a couple times, but I didn't do anything, and I realized that they also given me local. but damn man that shit is you go out so then I'm up they did it I got a mouthful of gauze, I'm in the waiting room kit. The cat girl comes to pick me, I'm sitting there in the room, I got a good buzz on. I got a freebie, that's what they call it sobriety racket. I got a good,
I was going just sitting there coming down coming off the anesthetic, the a little loopy but feeling relaxed, feeling open, you're feeling like everything's o got a go. Freebie on and kits, then the doctor comes inserts starts me instructions about what Can I can eat about here medication. I gotta take about being care. but with the whole in my mouth about how well it went, but he just talking it was all helpful stuff, but that moment of my do dear you, gotta get chill You just chill a little I'm enjoying this, and I got Gabby honest with you all these instructions and things I gotta. Do rules and whatnot not of a? kill doc. It's kind of Bosnia, so you know kids listening. But if you don't mind, and and enjoy the rest of my freebie, and I did I did
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a special offer that includes a for weak trial was free postage and a digital shipping scale, no one, term commitments or contracts just go to I'm stuck on click on the microphone at the top of the homepage and typing? W e f that stance that Promo Code Doug you D have stairs. I come easy e commerce, shipping for less. It's a flea is here and he's a good guy and I've helped him out. I've done is I've hosted as music retorted benefit a few years around if I can handle it again but tat great to hang out with him because he has been through a lot and he's a humble guy he's a humble guy that play new album Unlimited love comes out this Friday April. First, you can get it wherever you get music, and this is me talking to
Lee, you don't miss that house and not on this neighborhood, not on the wiser to ours. It again. feels good good. Sometimes you just done with a place. I get it I'm a move in mother Fucker man like he do a she. I don't know why it always is like a relationship ends. Something crazy happens. I is always a fucking reason yeah, but it's like every three four years really yeah the idea. What about all your shit? My shit all goes it's in store, but I just like didn't move like a during. I think, since I last saw you yeah,
got married now, my I was already married. When I last saw you, I think, maybe how long you were, or we may just over two years yeah. Well, maybe I would have just been before right before the pandemic. before. I know, but I think the fundraiser before that yeah at my wifi right yeah, I know yeah. What did she do? She's a designer right like a designer of what kind, what kind of shoes clothes I think yeah? I remember I met her. The last time we did the last one we did was with the Eddie. there was there right, yeah yeah we were together, then, is it? Why second, why? Third wife, second there I got married the first time. in nineteen. Eighty eight. Shot gun wedding, yeah yeah, full on pregnant nineteen year old I was twenty four
I you did it, you stepped up, and I loved her. I loved you and we have a thirty three year old daughter, resist them or some maison human being on a planet. She's thirty three is that crazy, yeah and just like ray of light man really what she do. She, photographer yeah and she does mean lots of fashion stuff. She does your art stuff, you know her own thing. She works in fashion a lot and she made a short film that went to winter can on a Sundance ants furious. sugar, yeah she's a director and a writer and cool person just like a kind Consider it seemed like a dad or just like a dude. She knows and Yeah! No, it doesn't. You have kids, I doubt,
but I know my relationship with my parents. We are like I I dont, like I know, they're my parents, but they're just sort of these. Where does I grew up with the problem that it might be like that too for her and not for me, but I was concerned it when she got older issuing be my little girl anymore. I produced all my little girl. It happens I think I even though not we talk about like you know, Lui been well and I know em yea did of social issues and staff yeah. It's but you always had a good relationship with her. All the way through my teenage years were a little rough, but that's just normal, but I mean there was no sort of like weird like you know. She didn't see it for years now and never yeah with the mother to your alright yeah, not good. Like her mother's was awesome. Person became a rehab counselor yeah. Is it really awesome at a job in that world, and it's just like like profoundly
as a spiritual person and helping people yeah healthy people. Interesting like the people that, because I'm sober to you are like, but there are people that liking a lock into it, like Bob Forrest You know who are like just over wizards, never for she did at his place place at a different place in Pasadena one thing about her and is that I've Lynch, so much money to so many people in my life and no one is ever paid me back ever. or, like I dunno money, any more. If I'll give it to someone. If I have it, I can give it to you, but I won't loan because they don't pay back and it ruins the friendship it does It's a weird thing about that, because everyone tells you that if you loan somebody money, you're not going to get it back like your a friend, yeah and unnecessary and it might mean to but but the thing is that
like Atlanta or, like you know, a substantial amount of money. At one point and like I know she, you know she makes she works hard. You year better salary, not a lot of money she gets by. You know her and her husband and like ten years later comes a knocking on the door, hey here's that money. I like. I know that she cut like a few hundred here, a few hundred fifty eight yeah yeah and did it and pay back and will you know when you're sober you gotta make this you're right as we got to knowledge as for it yeah you gotta own up. Obviously, I'm sorry you're never going to get that money back. I feel bad about it, but I wanted to take responsibility for my side, never going to fuck yeah you're fucked, but I'm sorry, but I I one up here exactly so. That's the only kid you have. You have two kids. I have a sixteen year old daughter as well, so It's like your whole second shot at it. You do you do any differently I mean I'm better now
I think as a human being But I from woman right different woman, an entirely different kid with a different. You know world view in a different time or seventeen years apart you but bearded, just beautiful yeah yeah and you I her yeah yeah yeah. Where's the who's, the mother that one her name's Frankie yeah mom. I don't feel like you Jake, you can't you get along with her, that I mean you know for the most good. We do this like this new record I didn't realize that you guys, like you, ve recorded so many records. What Ruben like over and over again with that guy yeah. yeah. The last one is the first one we haven't done with him since blood sugar and nineteen and get away yet again the way you didn't do it they danger mouse and we and how is that? A different experience completely different in a way like the big.
It's really a philosophical different year in that Rick and I think what makes Rick great out I'd have just like a below an insult, an insight and a degree of objectivity that justice of his. You know his state, if being, is that what does in the reason he's able to make such a varied like a wildly varied quantity of music. For you from like the earth have pop stuff. You made here to Slayer to Johnny Cash here, bangles to us to Tom, petty row of spiritual pity me take care of staffers that he doesn't have a thing like it's not like. Oh here's, my Rick Reuben Sound and I'm full spectre, and this is what it sounds like right and then this is me huh. He sees what the essences of the thing that he loves. Yes to love it or he doesn't do it right. He sees what that thing is and and does his best to help you bring. That thing out I think he's the. I think that his thing is is some sort of naturalism. Like I asked,
his thing is to not get in the way, because there's a lot of stuff here, especially with the the the stripped down stuff he does with the older artists that, were you like this, you just it's, I just jazz production. Were you not putting anything on it? as a weapon to guys be in a room. You let him be in a room here. History like us, particularly with us. He was the first person that let us do that minister arouse our fifth record blood sugar, such managed and ended with him and every time made bit into the studio before we can stop, it would be like okay. Now it's a studio and it's serious, and does this big which board knowledge, blinking, lights, knobs and you had you'd. You had done where you'd work with Clinton. George Clinton yeah, the Georgia dog George, was different. George, who has high millionaire, was like well look at the nabs. You know I mean it was really fun, but what was that have with Mofo Party that was freaky styli rigid and that was a fantastic experience, yea and and but but different. You know
It was less organised, but you don't a trick from George yeah, like I mean I know a little thing she would say here. You know little thing she would say light like you, don't like it, Someone came into arrange the horns from Wesley Wright, the great Fred Wesley of Jeff from Jay Bees, and he be like for Fred, came in the night before to do a wide range of vehicles. Yeah don't give him too much time soon, as said but thinking and he's going to start doing always incredible restrictions, but first thought best. thought, lady ass. What functions? Yoda mania, trust in your got any letting that flow. Clear, and I know his God is beautiful, so just lead Do the first three years down below that should to my right things like that. You know, unlike him saying like talking about playing live, like you said when they first blew up blue opulent. The mothership come out in the mid seventies and it was like I had been playing for already for years and years touring and playing clubs playing theaters, doing whatever they could and all of a sudden they're playing these big arenas and a blew up.
And said he's whose, like I always told everyone like just don't be, intimidated by the front of the stuff that you see play to the last person in the last row, open yourself up and think like that, and let that energy. I I need more, that my life focus on the front row you're going to see the one guy that is working shitty, now fuck yeah fuckin up and you widow he playing for this one dude that you think you're disappointing in front of like what Dean thousand yeah. Well, I always have this thing where I think about the one person I'm there like in the library like playing in Minneapolis at First Avenue, and everything had princess come in tonight and the whole show. All I can think about is princess. Can like this baseline, I messed up princess, going to be real, he's going to get up. Funky white boy- oh, like I'm, just like all these is anyone off? He came nigh the about, but many times with certain people like much less
where'd, you get nervous around, I talked to Bootsy and it was on zoom and you know the micros kind of internet, whereas hat and his glasses on zoom and I'm like yeah one's going to see this bro, that is Brutus yeah he's pretty talking to Chris Rocky other daddy? I saying how he once worked for James Brown on, an episode of Miami vice yeah and that James Brown showed up at seven. A dot m call for
morning like completely scale. Ready like a full body. Can sue like Glittery Yang is hair die like everything to like you, don't get it my advice, wardrobe and do it every risk going to do, but that was is that morning ef. I just see it all day and Brown to James Brown and breaches booty, and you know it. I mean it's like a legacy that they show but like outside of booty and and and the growing the couple other producers that meets like all, regroup and stuff. Oh yeah yeah, sorry to grant such attention so that I knew the thing a difference between reckons someone I need your mouse is Rick. pitch. The artist wants to make them bring out the thing that they do, the better they can be, and hopefully organ help them arrange a song where the essence of the song, which the thing that's me, I took about it shines here as opposed to burying it in the outro or like we might do like going out to the coop right. We save it for the end, whatever it is,
whereas danger mouse is more of a guy like he has a sound. All his record sounds dangerous. He already knew what he wanted to where we wanted to try something different you know, and and with the line up, they had at the time with Josh and quick offer. yeah it was a Georgia, hang off offer, yeah and Josh and and and Brian danger. Mouse are close and had worked together a lot before and it just seemed like a fun way to go about it. So what's it like being with through Shantae back so beautiful man it's so beautiful it was. You know that was difficult two to to make that transition to let go Josh who there's not only a great musician, but is like an incredibly supportive yeah good guy bandmate, a good dude dude shows up and like he'll, let you know you ever heard of rehearsal tape and he'll like drive across town in the middle of the night, to bring it to you, because once you hear that idea like just a caring a supportive like all end, do dear, John uses, point two:
this man he was born to do it and and be a chili pepper. The guitar playing plenty actually not just like It's way that he functions in in relationship to the rest of us. It makes We like we're different than one another, but it makes every one of us be ourselves as much as we can be, and every part It's taken care of and it's difficult to, because we're all different and we see things differently and we argue and because we are all being something completely different to the table so heavy because, like musically you're a trio, at that way, yeah, and so what right just instrumental you know I mean Anthony things, but I mean that's one's, got a roof show up for work yeah and show up and be a fucking hero here. You know what I mean and and Johns like any, is intense he's. unbelievably be now a virtuosic musician as well, as has an encyclopedic knowledge of.
Jack Layer, because since he was a little boy, if he liked somebody, let's say he liked. You know the germs or light like a you re, mom, Steen or Steve, I ever it is. He didn't just it's that person and learn every single note they ever played in their lives. He found out who they liked and found all those people learned every note they ever played in their lives and who they like. It goes all the way back in history, really like he's a steadier man who is a serious, diligent dude everything that he gets into, whether it's in electronic music or it's classical music rock player or whatever it is studies. Man destiny. Has the ability to do it for ten hours. right but demonstrating, but in his playing you know he he's you know he lets it happen. He doesn't seem like he's in cure or or or acting like anybody else. Really he seems pretty like laid back in his grew. Absolutely, I think he's really come to a place to where he died
didn't need at all in any way to prove the power sector thing of like a monk playing one note, new field. He can play ten Euro notes, yeah as a John is show pokemon himself as a musician that he doesn't need to prove it like. If it's all there, Oh Jesus reckon he did so much on this record. You know like the guitar playing all the sin. Some are created and ideas all a background, vocals, but It comes from a really humble place like he just wants to serve the music in the most beautiful way and despite play the simple liquid thing that he does, I need to show? Oh, you know, the things that he knows yeah I mean the first album that I ever got of of of yours. It's weird because, like you know, when I hear that with John. I mean I understand how you guys are all fit, but the first, the first record I ever got when I was working at a coffee shop. I guess it was. Nineteen she had, I don't even know when that came out, but it was a uplift, oh party Porta were thus Riffelalp right. I know an end
think about like Hillel, is like that bay, and that you guys were at that time. That seemed to set the standard. Didn't it like in terms of we yeah yeah, I think from the beginning we had we had tapped into a thing that we love just from our reference points growing right. You know, and it was from a musical exciting us at the time the emperor music like hip hop and the real like we really loved English post punk we really loved like, no New York, kind of New York in reality, I'm a funk bands, basic the contortions in the lounge, lizards and defunct, and all of that states that had the slight beautiful thing if a jazz and funk and r and b and hip hop with this real, noisy dissonant and punk rock and all at pee. Finally like everything that we loved and like collage? I grew up loving, kiss and aerospace and classic rock. I grew up hating that stuff
well Bluffing Louis Armstrong and John Coltrane and MILES Davis and Dizzy Gillespie, because you had it in the house yeah. I grew up. stepdad was a jazz musician, and that was what I was around. You know yeah, and that was from when I was a little kid and I saw my Stepdad play in the living room with his jazz buddies in New York. You know I was just like rolling on the floor in hysterics in a state of ecstasy. If what was happening, I don't agree, then seven where we born was born in Australia, but you're, not australian, or am I but I left when I was four you can be. I still have an australian passport. Do you just keep it up to date? Yeah man he whined, he might have added yeah. You got that in the back burner the back burner sky, yeah yeah. So do you ever go back there, though I do. Whenever I can my my father, you know I have a lot of family there who I don't know that well really didn't grow up with them, like a whole slew of
and uncles and cousins, nephews and least which way what's the real name, My my name is Michael Peter, bows, very balanced it'd, be a Elvis. He isn't Zimbra A r Y and and it's a hungarian name. It is hungarian name, but I, whenever I go to Hungary like we'll, go play Budapest year, I always like I'll, ask him and like no, but I think immigration. They had like diversion in Austria right of like L, a silent about the rain, would just get fucked up in it. In reality, you guys got think it did yeah, but my dad, I dont know my my family tree well, but my dad tracked down to a little village in Hungary. Me aside, you- and he just knows that when they came from Ireland in Hungary too Estrella potato found on from my I owned my dad's family is from Ireland and Hungary and my mom's family's from the north of England from Yorkshire. So you have a good relationship with your old man, yeah really good. It was its difficult when you know that,
left. He left when I was really young when I was at seven and he left. He went back in Australia and my mom remarried jazz musician guy wow who's, my stepdad, who is the guy that I was around and in that Sathya that that reconfigured, the brain, totally reconfigured the brain like and in a way that my my father worked for the australian government. We had come from Australia to New York cause he had a four year assignment consulate. He was a straight up and down suit briefcase to work. Every day on the subway came home. We lived in the suburbs dinner at seven. That was at the table no real straight and then my mom, like with like getting a wild hair manage came from provincial Estrella, where that would have been the dream you die and you know cocktail parties everything was solid and then my she met. You know she started like took off her like. I think it was a month at Woodstock, but some jazz, fest,
So when they had opened up state New York where'd, you calling can did the famous report Newport Giant, rusty, also miles. You know all. I came back into the shaky, and this is my shoe. She went in New York on our own and not well know. We came up with my dad and my mom and Wilma together, but Then my mom started branching out anyways sheep. You know my parents, but I'm yeah. My mom took off for the jazz musician. My dad went back to Australia without us. You know brokenhearted as kids and wife on my mom left in us and but my I'm not sure. Then we moved from my dad in a suburban house, you're straight to a heroin addict jazz musician who lived in his parents basement. We went there yeah, and that was it, and that was like, and that was at a point where it was like do whatever you want. Yeah, I'm going out in the street I'll be home at three in the morning, yeah that was like hey how you doing yeah yeah, just not not the greatest parenting skills
but you know, but I'm so glad prefer that to like you survived, I survived one I found myself on my own You know what I mean yeah. No, I get it but like, but that but they'll also be inspired by that sort of like where creativity and addiction are the priorities. Yeah that that's that's the whole life you're right there? you know as negative as that sounds it is. There is a freedom to it. It's selfish, but it enabled you to sort of figure out who you were. I have to figure it out on my own. No one was doing it for me, in ways a sister to write. Even an older sisters. Well, yeah that she's awesome person after I met her at the at the benefit. Oh great couple of times we sat at the same table: oh cool character, yeah yeah, she's, an absolute character. Was she drinking a little? She became more of a character. I love my sister, so okay,
if you're doing that you're you're just out in the street you're eight years old, and then we moved to L A when I will turn to eleven for his music career and and did he did, he have one and very minimal. It was like what was what was here's. A jazz musician was wanting to play jazz you putting a brace or a bass player It really really. Their main impact no intensely, and I think often how much I approached music like he did like in terms of my strengths and my weaknesses like oneself Ike out like I'm, not that great of a solar west I'm really working on it, may not actually wanted it better. Good them now. Thank you. I I I do my bashwood. What where the insecurity for me, what make what? How do you do? I hear lie here like thunder cat, solar, mono, neon or jock, or the great shoulder where share an object. I don't I never learn. Those patterns was ways in IRAN, almost cord changes and stuff here, like I just didn't, do it like. I was more like like we're neighbors
like studying and learning all shrivel parts for music. I can't have hand sleeping on in people's flowings weighing my sister's plan punk rockets exactly, but you were the rhythm section, yeah you're, you're sensibility without I've got. I can groove like no one spoke. I know you're not a mere, and and- and my stepdad was like that liquid, I look back it only recently dawned on me, but I remember watching him play and he played with really great jazz guys in New York she and play and it'd be like planers Fash be bought baselines. You know the boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom. The you, what I mean gone, gone gone for a long time. Yeah, you know what I mean serious hard. He has a bottomless pit monster. Fuckin groove, like you, can't even believe that, and I was we are.
Even as a little kid I knew in any event which all over the changes right to put an end to our skies, take a solo geo and then it will be well jazz. Guy stand around by the other guys. Please wait. I smoke cigarettes waded out, go off, get a drink, you know get undressed, do whatever you know, read a book anything, but when it would have come as time to solo, he would get in. people for actually, but it will just kind of like I'd, see I'm kind of Caesar choke here. You know that it wasn't like you choked or just his approach was like bloom, blah blah bang. You know what I mean like it is cool, but yeah, and I realize I kind of do the same thing. You know what it is and insecurity. Maybe I think but yeah, I think part of it is like I've noticed that myself sometimes like. Oh I'm not that good at that and I'll I'll all that once I was playing with Ornette Coleman for a little bit really- and there was one old was he when you were playing towards the end of his life I played with them a few times over the last. Like eight nine years arisen,
It must have been challenging. I mean he's out, it was beautiful yeah. It was incredibly what kind of freedom does that give you to play with Ornette Coleman? What's the responsibility of the bass player, that situation? Was it a trio or no? It was a pretty big band to bass players to Drummer Asha and on a one drummer, I'm Sharia lettered, based on upright bass. How do you approach it, though? What are you thinking when you're playing with the thing? Is that when I thought, when I got ready to play with him, his son Dinardo was kind of the bandleader who plays drums with him tonight or sent me out all his songs to learn and you know I know that music, but but show for months I was learning these complicated piece of music. I got there. Net was light just play whatever you want whenever you feel at any time, but you are prepared yeah, but just looking at him and him telling me that I never felt so free in my life. You know what I mean and playing like I was really happy with You were play like I felt so free and so good on top of my game elsewhere, connecting with the dudes we played with him,
master musicians of Joujouka and Sally Caton, Patti Smith, and all people it was. You shall fun. I know really like really uplifting experience, but then towards the end of his life. I was there right before he died. They he had a show at Central Park in New York and I went and played- and he didn't actually play. I didn't play with him, I'm sure if he got a complainer, but it was his band and his son and we're practicing and always eyes. You create fridges, guys replant soulless rear creatures and an energy or not. It was plain to me. Go now. I got shutters, seized up your planet, shit, but just got scared got you know what I mean not so large, a pint of my musician ship them working on developing. So so, but what's the process of that you just learn in the runs yeah I mean for me, I'm just trying to just like I. Instead
I've? Just I'm just like, yellow just someone like last night, I was plan or night before our plan sewing over. What's goin on by my Marvin Gaye, and I just plan in early on through the only thing that you did when you were a kid, you put the record on media, make up melodies. You know it initially, so your approach like at once, you guys moved his will always a situation. The house, how alcoholic and crazy was it very much so terrifying nurse cared he was extremely violent. He were, she would be shut the whole house and smash it to smithereens. He you know he would people just lose it? The cops would come. Oh, my god, so you're in bed, you don't know. What's going to happen, I don't know yeah like I used to sleep in the backyard and stuff cause. I just didn't know what I mean because you gonna lose it tonight. It seems all testy he'd be up now he didn't. I saw you He gave the house, you never did that you actually more he yeah yeah. I think that you know who himself, I don't know
hit my mom and not about really share out of fear like it's like. I am not really my place to talk about here that stuff in other people, but there, is an error as irish sky and any got sober media. He got sober yeah. He got Chopin States over. yeah. Well, he got sober when you got to L a or one, I know, years and years after that we moved to L a in seventy two. He got sober and like then can he the reporter yeah I would go like how they made me go to Alateen, so I would go out yeah. I got like kind of roped into it and I'd go like and bring him his cake when he had his year. When did she start use I started getting high when I was eleven where we Firstly, I we in our guy here tell you, I really do I moved from New York and your dad's your step dad's here for work. Yup
and as for Reno for, like a freshman me, he was like when you're a gigantic rabbit to you know a guy yeah, it's getting near to the gig yeah yeah yeah yeah and didn T integrate into the scene out here what he did some y know I mean, If has a small right, I think, and for jazz at that time as well. You know, I think, that for peace like him, was seventy two, some yes avenue to. We came to a line of embryos linking seventy two for jazz musicians. At that time who grew up, you know well like in the forties and fifties and sixties like admiring the jazz bebop crates. Yeah then yeah like just like in studying and learning, is extremely sophisticated music. You know an income like the seventies. No one gave a shit man
you know it immediately. Writing they barely gave a shit then by they had a lot more tension and had tension out also had light, will be better paid attention to react, tension and attend yes, and it was like a rich bohemian culture that really loved it come to seven years. It was like well, unless you're a very select few. It was really hard to make any kind of a living, and I was using, came fusion, came and like many like him they really like kind of became bitter you know like angry at at rock musicians. Really she just guys you couldn't play at all who are making billions of dollars in a year and then they get bitter. fusion too, yeah, I'm sure I dunno. I can't remember him bitter, but it was definitely looked down their nose at everything except their thing to their detriment, because there's thing is the guys who were really great, who embraced everything had a chance of really touching here, but like an MA, he was like many, a substance, abuse problem. You know
guys, musicians who no one, you know and he's doing, I cannot holiday Inn lounges and we got like the princess cruises gig for spots fine with their version of the just. I imagine that gig, like those I see it in dear any kind of rationalize, that how do you not stay bitter yeah? I ain't happy to get work maybe because like worked fixed cars in the backyard, my mom was worked as a legal secretary car guy, huh yeah. He knew how to fix cars. You know, use mechanics so, okay, so now you're in L a are using run in the streets like wild yeah from what I have a daughter ally. What can we do in acid at eleven smoking weed yeah? I don't think at first. It asked until I was fifteen, in with Anthony. When I met Anthony yeah, Has he done ice good man, this gap?
he's like. You know: you're focused on one thing right now. You know we gotta. We made this double record and we're psyched. I know the record is great. It sounds like a little bit everything you all do for the like. It's it's it's. It feels like a career record. thank you do you know what I mean like you know like you know, we've done all this stuff and we can do all this stuff, and this is the evolution of all of this stuff yeah? Just for us feeling like we just got into a room and where our selves, at the best we could being encouraging one. Another is the best that we are like that us bracket so I put disrupted, I can't say: well, you know we did good. This weekend like not. This is as good as we are. The only have cornered live on a room life to tape yeah yeah! We record live to tape better, we overcome stuff after your horse, but but
Is that the Rubin way, or did you draw your records like that? I mean did he I mean it's Reuben's been very good with it yeah, but he's also knows it's more convenient and easier to do Stephen, king and computers and a lot of ways sending files around. But now we just we like that. Sound John, like is very into to the way things sounds and has like his ears, like you, don't like a I can hear someone was eating a mile away. You guys you're in you're your own little areas in the studio playing live together, yeah we're all in a room together. We just baffled off the amp routes, yeah yeah and we're all in a room together, Jamun, great and try to leave room for a lot of improvisation and it's just a feeling we aspire to, and that is that the improvisation stuck you can hear him on the record. Oh yeah, always colleges are sold on the lash record have the least bit ever lie would do with the danger mouse red light. John job on top try doing a different way random.
Its positive things as nothing I'll make music like that, it's just different when when did music start really becoming a party life. Was it when you were fifteen when you were like, would you start with no eyes when I got him stuff on it? I know some things, but I rather while we're like when I first heard my stepped up her jaws nozzle kid. I was deeply moved. I work taught: ok, here's a magic that exists. That is up beyond anything I've ever seen in my life, jazz jazz, it is kind. Like that cuz. It's weird cuz, I listen to it and I'm trying to get over the last five or six years I've gotten into it as I can I dunno everybody, but it is something that, if you have any or forward in an you, do connect with it. It just continues to evolve with you. Yeah, like eight. The same record. Usa later act Listen to you know the miles
the for the one with Herbie, the first one, in a silent way in a silent way like Oculus in that fuckin over and over again, just be like what the fuck dude this morning, listen to kind of blue. I do my morning exercise Alison a kind of blue and I've lost on, probably more than any album in my whole life. My comfort right right- and I just got this new pressing ahead these guys it make these real Haifa, Ali pressing. They got old master tapes similarly designing a cannibal it's called Slyke O are you or something? Oh yeah, your impressions and it is not all is sometimes I like the old ones, you're more amusing s easier. I'm used to listen to the ordinary, but but I'll put on this morning, and I was just like in and I've listened this record a thousand times. I know every note yet- and I was just like sitting here like you know: doom Serbs and shit dislike like, oh, my god. It's so beautiful, like Bill Evans.
Pierre, no planning, but I just started getting really India man. What the fuck was that fuck, you know it and his relationship with miles, I think, is really beautiful and his liner notes, just as liner notes and every designer notes and kind of blue yeah yeah yeah yeah, like he likens that that kind of improvisation to those japanese painters who paint on that really delicate rice paper. And if you make one mistake, the whole thing: that's it. It's done go out miles. I got me, you know like yeah I was man show, did you ever meet, yeah. I never did meet miles now because, like I just bought a bunch of Bill Evans like I lock in, I just start getting the bill Evan because and also the fact It, like you know like he was on the nod for like what a lot of that year anyway. So it is, I don't even know that I he was strung out. You know like the rest of them, but you, but I start to feel that, like you know, because you know there are dudes that are either going to get lost in the shit because they
just get lost, look we all know Heroin is the heroine a soul. Sucking won't steal all of your juice and leave you a fucking mess for the rest of your life. Yes, but there like anything, there's a reason why people kill themselves for it yeah. Well, there's a relationship with it that you know is never going to end well, but sometimes at the beginning and for a few years not hey, look don't do heroin, kids, you know they have that that that living in bubble blocking in writing, or I shall write completely long island music were nothing else exists in the planet's yet you know and grated they would be better we get there by. You know doing your zen, meditation and stuff yet, but you know we can't pretend like that. Didn't a certain time- or you know, but so you're listening to that today and
if you hear something new every time every time, but but when you were a kid, even though that was your inspiration, didn't pursue it Well, no, I did, as he has a youngster. I wanted just to be a jazz trumpet player here and also little wild like a private talk is enough and stuff, but I had a natural thing. I'm a twenty day. I could make a beautiful, sound and, just when I was kind of getting to the point where I was it would have been I would have started ramping up with a gun somewhere to just work on area right at that point I met her. Our Slovak with Anthony, We became best friends. He met him after Anthony. Not yet after Anthony I met Anthony was fifteen pickled, we were sixteen. We were out hitchhiking in North Hollywood one day and along came driving by and his Datsun be to ten listening to rush. I had to be to ten. The US was an olive green in my first nose as I kind of weird shit brown. I know that color yeah
it's. Car is here where it was the only car any of us had ever got a car and a tape, deck and Rankin LA via strand geode, then picked us up and and we became best friends and then, like you know, months later, he was like he was in a rock band. You know called anthem school. he didn't like the bass player and months later. He was likely to launch learned to play the bass and play and I'd kind of, like I didn't like rock music at all, because I just thought look that rock music is for dumb people inspirations for people who care about haircuts more than men. Did you get that from your stepdad yeah, absolutely yeah, all the way. You know what I mean and when I was little I didn't at first it was just on music, the early Parker, the Beatles and just break shares yeah, but I'd I'd, I'd gone out and I was a trumpet player and you know what I mean and you're fifteen fifteen yeah yeah, but But then I started going to like go by his rehearsals they're playing in a friend's house cod. They just do it with no teachers around and they placed softening
we haven't funded at cool the girls hanging around yeah yeah. You know, girls that liked the band and stuff- and he was like look. You know, the response player Strauss Menus. I did tat not serious about it. I really want to do this yeah, I'm ready to give his life to it were fifteen yeah. That is like you are. Why don't you learn to play the bass and be in a band? And I member just sit near like feeling So I look more than anything loved, be alright. You know cause. I was always kind of weird outcast kid. You know I met I'd, have one best friend, and that was it that was Anthony Lewis Anthony yeah, but I was like that in New York too, when I was a kid, but the weird thing about like growing up in a way around the sickness of whatever selfishness that parents I like his acting like there's an awkwardness to it. You always feel that I always felt a kind of awkward and weird and you just latch onto people in an overcommitted way. It was really always exhausting, I think, to be my friend.
for you totally yeah yeah at a secular, then get older. You just married, you know hey you know, John, and then you don't know what to do once you're. There then you're, like don't touch me to be exactly them and they go away, and you deal with your trauma. You know what I mean, and hopefully you feel it enough to like evolve through it, no shit yeah that could take a lifetime duty. Yet you know talk to me there with that. So you found your guys. Show yeah yeah and he has shown upon basis allowing anyone. Would you just pick up base? Have we are literally just picked it up to? weeks later I was, the stage at groceries on the sunset strip. Playing a gig. with a few weeks later, ace your dad got one of you drew thought I gotta know I borrowed one. I think the first when I borrowed one from my friend tree, who are starting to music school with you here.
the father had a base, his father played in Shana, oh yeah tongue and shove, like a later version of Shawn Bowser, be at your spot or whatever and had a baby. Is there a guild base and I'm pretty sure that was the first one and I just kind of went by the numbers down? Don't don't don't don't don't don't don't don't yeah baby? Have you heard the news down and one way women are my jams when we women, yeah yeah and- and that was it and then you know, That changed my life, you know any state and the base. I stayed on the base, so when saw that I shall I didn't go into being a jazz trumpet player, but yeah so the, and that was the beginning of it. So you were all almost what entirely self taught in that way, really unabashed. Nevertheless had one lesson with who guy the music school, unfair facts I went in and I met
He gave me the sheet music to take it easy by the eagles out. It was like you, I want you to learn ass. I had I just didn't do it. I guess you know I do like eminent started like Iraq, music, I just went, right to like Hendricks was that was it I, like till you, on the Hendrix, aha, because, like the one I was going to say like at the beginning of all, this was that there was something about The very for me for some reason, that the song was it behind the sun, be this. Why were you? Do you do the again? Those rifts ass, a hello ref? I know so I could I feel that come like yours. Some spirit of that goes all the way through man yeah. Thank you. Do you absolutely yeah? I mean because there's the funky stuff, but then, like all like? It's? U feels like all the sort of this stuff, that's more.
I could do like or more kind of you know lyrical in that way. Musically it kind of comes from that. Like you know, look when when John joined the chili pepper. She was seventeen years old were like eight nine years older than John NICE and and and how do you know he had seen the chili peppers numerous times as like a fifteen year old or a fourteen year old. Sixteen I can't be right and, and he loved it and he loved Hillel. You know and dumb show it happens, became his favorite band and you know it and we met him and he was just justice and We too believe that we could do. Leave her like how capable he was and how focused and diligent and and hard working in now, like what happened with all their. I mean because I know there is a lot of vote coming in and out of bands. You were another bands you played with fear for a while. The young image wait before they Chile died. I left
and some change his name to what is this an nimby with a new originals and then the note anthem, changes name to what is this and it became like more new wave kind of prog rock layers. That guy I mean it's actually like nineteen, eighty one so so punk is sort of happening. Hunger is happening and we were like decidedly not punk rock prog rock and you're. Not. But I started loving punk a lot, because this is where it happened today. His word and you were a kid in the middle of it yes and then and- and I was like- and and and then I I one night I saw fear play a dose Saw for the hit of acid went to the club. Lingerie Shaw, fear play and was blown away, there were such great musicians. Those guys follow and in play and just like man, I next I shot the greatest show you wouldn't believe at the guy, with the guys handstand some strange, like the drums. He was playing is beaten, five, four and cans. It was insane, you know what I mean and then
and then literally, like five days later, I'm looking at L a weekly like it every day to see who's playing, and where am I going at night cause? I went out every single night to see bands play and The thing fear looking, The new bass player get oh I'll, be there yeah an army- and I was a kid there I was like I was eighteen nineteen, so you're you're learning on the job yeah what I would do, but I'd already like kind of got proficient at debates Yang and what is this and and they hired me? you know when I left what his and started playing with them, and I with them for about a year and while I was with them, started the chili peppers now like well like. Who are the bands that you're seeing all the time? What how is your brain expanding around like because they're all the l, a punk bands are happening, yeah shot every single one of them yeah and you knew him. Sometimes I wasn't me now. The new slum, who lay, I would surely pepper started. I shouted. No one. People who do did you go to see? The most
like you were the ones reacted, can't fucking miss it x, oh yeah, I love dex I love that nobody sounds like them. Do the credit they deserve really a local phenomenon, and it's sad because The first three records. Oh, my God, the first two ads are phenomenal records and, like I ever see interesting the other day like it was an action sports talk. Radio in the spheres talk to Syria, and talking about what record is the most l, a I of all time If you get the doors they got NW way, they got Dr Dre. They got an under sitting in our car going the greatest l, a music of all time is x period, and that's no didn't you know no denying the greatness of Dr Dre or the door. Where's your Jim Martian right you're. This measure great right, love those red right, but for my
experience for me walking down the street as a kid with nothing in my pocket thinking how I'm going to steal some food here it was actually a year. I visited those first few records recently and the thing about it is it's like there's this, a strange kind of specifically american music that they re it's out of the ether on their own and nothing sounds like it and the lyrics are so poetic harmonies. The way they sing together and everyone always made fun of vaccines voice. I kind of like what beautiful thing, I've ever heard and her John DOE was like a classic tenor, the two of them together, those harmonies the way it went, so I just saw them like six like six months ago. Now that I haven't seen him in a long time. I saw him in Orange County. We went to an outdoor thing in the middle covert me and Dan, and they were great and I played with the blasters who played guitar just playing racks behind my back. He just sits, sits down smiles.
incredible amazing, and I saw the show I saw them play the start everywhere. They played I constantly, but you everyone at play, that's the ones that I saw the most. could get him. I went a you know a hustle to get in you know, but that wasn't really would would you call that cause? There was weirder, looser, more raw punk going on yeah, I mean, like all the bands like you, it's brigade and Channel three and red scare and black flag. I never saw the germs. I never saw the weirdos will later. I saw the weirdos, but like that time when I came in, I was kind of late like at first way the valet Puglia too great browsing. The germs reactors are Jain Russia. Seventy already done right but then when I, when the chili pepper started and we started, you know like from the get go we we, you know, we became in a very underground way popular. In LOS Angeles, nineteen. Eighty three and then I became you know, got to know a lot of those people
I was really happy about it. So what we're like let's go over these shifts in that lineup over the years. So how did when did you finally end up on the the line up that sort of lasted with chat am drunk like you had other drummers right? Okay, so we start off me Anthony hello and Jack. Yet First ever show no rehearsal go play. One song we had one song played one song, yet we went crazy, had a tool awakening the whole universe, light design guys did together and tapping and when you, it and and that at that point that became the focus of my life. Show that we have that then before him. in our first record I can allow we're still playing in what is this very. I left the high school bear. They both left We got Cliff Martinez and drum to a drummed in the weirdos dickies and Captain Beefheart and Jack Sherman on Guitar, unretarded, Yahoo and still you and Anthony a millionaire. He always me and here and then we made the first record with them, and I would
when the first tour fresh record second record. jack should hello, want to come back. Show we ve, said goodbye to Jack Sherman. We bought allow by how much drama with all these every time, Every time I say one of those things like me like dry heaving four days, if you king, with minced stress and even when I really knew it, was the right thing to do always hard and someone you know you play with so many of us like it's like vulnerable, connected, expiring, even when you're really struggling with them- it, as you know, cause you're, always yearning and reaching for this thing you know we're but show then we make a second record freaky, starting with Cliff Martinez and drums and allow after that that was rejoiced Clinton in Detroit Right, Serbia, Wild Express time, an m. we went lived with George with months on aid and ears ass, wild, who first night, I'm sleeping with George lived a farm here. Clinton Michigan near on line am sleep at night.
And you know women, like Dr Frankenstein's house, sleeping on the floor in a sleeping bag. You know in the middle of the morning, like crack of dawn, I hear like a gun, I'm like what the fuck I look up. I she George in his underwear here is Jean Colored, braids and shit up with a gun grown for running for the outside here and I'm like. Oh, my fucking, God was going on that he was going to shoot a deer. He saw a deer and he was into hunting eating wild game here. But you know it was just wild to get it. I don't I can't remember, but he said he was hunting. He was really at one hunting and in his underwear in the morning, because you saw one and he was go, get that motherfucker. He was up and so denim play tricky style, a witch or freaky styley after that jack, wanted to combat collaborative jack comes back here, so we have the original line. Up I mean I mean I'm cliff leaves you shot comes via cliff, went on
a great careers making soundtracks journalist even showed Steven Soderbergh Films, astronaut, Greer, awesome, dude and he's a great love cliff shouldn't. We have the original lineup back for the third album and then, after the third album, which is uplift Mofo party that line up we go do tor. We get back hallowed, overdosed and died. Now what that was everybody strung out, mostly like hello and Anthony, went back and forth between being string, but that was in your bag that drug I mean it was. I just never got strung out, stuff. I never like something in me or stop me from going all the way. You know that I do heroin old time. I did.
it was always like, and I wake up the next day to feel sure to shitty, to play basketball and do stuff that I have to do here and I wouldn't do it again, sweaty and queasy yeah, but then, like ten days later, I'd be like. Never again, you know, and then I turn this area I'd be drunk out of the bar like someone to give me a line of blow and the next thing you know I'd, do it again, you know what I mean right and I mean like once I did two days in a row. You really could just chip. I chipped that so so died and was def. stayed on Canada, absolutely fucking, damaging in our twenty two men, twenty six and while there and a beautiful guy, like I still have these paintings she made and stuff like he gave my my he he made these beautiful paintings mark like hit like so sensitive and gorgeous. Like I have this one of us, I can make a naked woman lying on a blanket with a cat curled up by your hips like, and he just did this all the time I give you
beautiful guy, sad man, yeah Vienna, does the tortured, missive, give pain at Mitch kids, you don't even know yet I didn't get the point of figuring it out. You know here so we lost love, which is too hard for all of us and then an jack who had started playing can the exact same day as allow the when they were kids in printed after they had a kiss Comer Bembry asked up like guess how hijackers, heartbroken and left the band just couldn't quit. Music No you're ended being a german pearl jam and he played with he. He that he's a yeah. Still yes all round it around stole my friend. reaction, our last tour for our last record, he toured vs a one man act. One man show: oh really yeah deserve rich these crazy psychedelic movies behind him and plays drums at his tapes and uh wow yeah as a wild, meme, okay, yeah, jack irons, and then show then
go to make mother's milk we we we got: Chad Where'd, you get him because he seems, like you know another four. We got shot. We indeed polychrome yeah yeah. I know and she had yet your parliament again and again, and then we hired on Guitar Blackbird Mcknight from Funk Funkadelic D h. That's interesting, yeah, just in the fringe points and stuff just didn't work out. Just whatever chemistry stuff and so on. A musical, so yeah show them for them. Blackbird left and we we- and I know you know what I've been than I met John. I was a damn, I'm calling a bath and he was drying out up in Michigan as I do. I bet this kid
it can jam dh and come jam with my friend John Skins, kid he can fucking re H introduced. You th, introduce me he they had been jamming and I went to Amazon. I was like holy fuck holy fuck. This kid is good, like scintillating here and not just show off, even though he was a kid by I damn in air and am I'll straps right, yes, you have the time and place trot. He had some limited. a naked. Ladies all over it like most kind of modern late in coming to tar and I call Anthony and an aunt they came back in and John Felonious monster picked him up. Our friend spotted you have a sewing machine, Bob and PETE and then and then John Anthony Champlain monster. Mistake. We've got to get that kid and I was like, and so we let go a blackbird. We got John and then we little tour with John engage and then th bless. His heart was dealing with some substance abuse and- and it was just working out and so weak. We from it we match
Denise Zoom, we called assumed cause. She was married to Billy Zoom of X for some time yet totally I know a guy who eats drums for breakfast and that was chat and we met Chad seems like each yeah, and he does he drums breakfast. We At the end we made we made mother's milk with Michael Pine Horn, who had also produced the uplift Mofo Party plan, who we liked cause he had made. He was material, the bandwidth, illogical, that we really liked him in a mother's milk was the first big record right yeah and I hadn't really connected like I felt like John really come into his own, yet he was still trying to fit in as opposed to just like letting his magic fly. and would but we made a record and we did it. We did a cover of steady wonders higher ground gotta first back too can have taught me how to do that. If you didn't take any one, I just didn't man, you had swept that shit by shelter stood on my own, no one said like this: does do no one ever showed me. Oh, I remember seeing this kid at first,
that Chine him Ray yeah, and when I was playing an anthem at school, we were like the White Rock band yeah. There was a black funk band called star here and we were. There was like two bands at school here when they played in star and I shall re one time. A lunchtime sit where there were the base pumpkin.
Whoa cuz philologist taught me, you go like that, like you're walking with your fingers, yet all I walk yeah, you know to play and I saw him shopping and I just saw him do it and I was like whoa what the fuck is that and he kinda showed me yet, but I I didn't and then like a year or so later I try to figure it out and it kind of may my own way. Yeah still do it my own weird way different than other people do that's: okay, pop in and thumping meme happened and thumping. That must have been exciting, so yeah. It was really fun and when I started like it was when we right before we did a show of us got together. I just kind of found this way of doing it. That was really my own way here. You know psychologists early children of her songs, black eyed blonde, get up and jump skinny sweaty men always you're fast, packed back to back to back to back to back to back to back to back to putting together like a drum, you know, it was like that funky thing, but with punk rock energy that I loved yeah right and just that's when we we found the SAM. So what with with like with different genres, I mean the rhythm sections, the rhythm section, but you got on with ok with DH loved your ear unless, as a rhythm section, so a Chad, I did
guys just lock in yeah from each other. We learn from each other, Rashad. I was a little worried because he was real rock dude, like Super Rock like John Bonham School drums harder and more steady and more ferociously with more chops. Anyone I'd ever played with a fucking monster, no jazz No, it wasn't that of adjusting Annie. choice. Thank you is the Detroit swing swing, anyhow groove, we just had like Artie thing, in order to me like I was saying before we are really into like defunct and the contortion and banker Yak Gang of four echo and the Bunnymen Gina Banshees, like we like this, kind of music last well like Robin, is up for it. You know what I mean like a limited, not crimson for it, but for a four year, all of it all of it, but she saw it shouted paid like hair metal, you know mean, but it was incredible but but seniors
the ferocity with which he played was undeniable, but that's so it's it's like some sort of serendipitous miracle. There was because You know you have these alter, alter ulterior not alter different forces, but you the alchemy of it made you the I don't absolutely and he bought us in a way. I can his power and his sensibility bought, something it probably would have been less pinned to the whole world right. You know what I mean like he opened it up with a big open beats without any rums man. It's ok. I talked to Billy givens and you know, when gives those goods waiter that the bearded Zz top records, which are my favorite, might how that happened, and he said Our manager said girls can't dance to this shit that you're doing so figure it out and that's where you get romish to like look the clash without topper Headon. I love the falcon crashed,
why I favour rock bands of all time here, but without topper hidden when I get the other dude yeah it not as good looking I am know what I mean. Where's your very important as it so important. You know we ve been lucky to have great once really lucky. I urge a great drummer Cliff Martinez nothin like me, because I, like I listen to like when they re, issued that to get your years at that stones record it, doesn't have careers you and I'd never really realize just go without bill and Charlie. That band just falls apart. Right, dude all of a sudden. You have these guys that are really good. You know what I mean like they're, going to get really good musicians, who do their job well like great guys and it has british, not like someone just being ourselves a the thing about a guises What they do is all they know how to do that's true of great that's what you that's. What makes you Work is like you, you do your thing like, like yeah yeah yeah
yeah, the restraint is a is a powerful and under repression, Asia, but nothing is music, but straight by by not by circumstance, and I can't do anything right- your hearing, organised by virtue of fact this is all I do. You found a thing and you put all the languages of into the depths of you're nervous system, your heart, your pain, your joy or frightened trauma, all of it like that with that's rock and roll man. Yet it because, like you too and punk, and although Shovin ski- I guess but like you, then you started more because guys tell you everything you guys you're a virtuoso. The allotted time is there to hurt you, but sometimes there are guys- who are virtuosos, who are still simple, not a matter of simple a complicated right, but our April to still not still be themselves. I shall not fucking. They're humble enough and believe enough in their static and that I point
belief in there is static is a good point, because a lot of time, if you have natural versus virtuosity your ear, it compelled the mimicry yeah, like you can do anything exactly like you look at look at Duke Ellington, the guy changed his whole career. He could do everything right. You ever hear a Duke Ellington record didn't sound like Duke Ellington right. You know what I mean like it, just because he's himself so much entrust himself and a close to his spirit and his heart is not just fucking, it's it's. It's making sure that gets out and I think a lot of guys who are talented and even amazing, don't Please get it out, they don't always you can't and the simple the simplest players, it sort of so fucking honest, because their put putting everything they can to lose ended the range they worked in Bob Marley.
family man. I trust rather register for a lot of those old boys. Do this. I turned the guys who built the thing lighten up can yet man come on and nothing sounds like that guy now and you can't even play like that. No, nobody can captain wife heart be farts, yeah. He didn't have to be foreign Howlin, Wolf, yeah, hey I've been listen to a lot of zapper dude. I don't even know why I know I need to because I don't like I. I love beef Aren't especially trout, mask replica going to change my life in a way, but I dont I was happy that, while the only record I've ever listen to a lot, as is the hot rats all in which the one should regain Harrison. Violator, Kane, awesome number one and being at a party. He dropped. A fucking bundle of heroin out of his pocket on the sugar cannot pick that shit up
you get to pick it up a bit better. It it it. I can't remember I yeah. I can't remember. I hope we gave it back to him. Be a drugs drug times different judge enjoy when drugs are involved. This is a whole. Every drug ethos we just say yeah but listening to I dunno why? But it was just a couple of weeks ago, MIKE I'm going to I'm going to go through this APA catalog when I hike so I've been doing it like the first five albums in my when, in by the time you get to a for free and my colleague back like I almost I'd. Stop myself, from e mailing tweezer was sick. What kind of guitar does your dad play and I know he'll know, and he probably has the guitar? What difference does it make? I gotta get into it, I'm a kind of uneducated on that for what there's a lot there and its intimidating by, but it's it's its own in it's very clean and very interesting. Very you know like
We want the layers, but let me in the amount like examiner, but there are some reason. Sometimes my I think I'm ready. to be like it'll so much music user showcase or the evolution then? So? Why? So me in an outward John, because Jonathan intent sky who lives in the moment of his feelings and when he gets a point where he needs to evolve and he knows it here and he can't do it in a band. He goes okay sickly, I may not that's the simplest way. I can put it here and I don't feel right to speak for him, but I know you know how lotta people will say they don't care about being famous yeah. I could just care about art, but then they keep doing everything they can to be famous John literally, doesn't give a fuck about being famous yeah and about the rest of you yeah, you know, look here to make a buck as much as the next. I knew it. I made an anomaly Hollywood kid you I mean I don't.
Spend my life trying to be famous, I kept My my my thing It is this and and the I think I don't like for me to be honest via cause it's hard for me to really. No. I know that whatever agree of fame. I have or don't have the singer crucial to me is that everything comes from an organic place. Then he may something beautiful you make a beautiful piece of art. do something: that's good goods, it will come from it and if and part of that is respect from your peers and from people who care about art and stuff right in its interesting that you say your Hollywood kid, because they give the difference there is that you guys became yes sort of fixtures here right, and people knew you and you're in all these different scenes. Everyone's come up, so I have a son. You know you're acting movies. We want to put your movies period geared to do some version of yourself. You are a thing, and I, my love movies at here is like, like
and the movies to be famous right, I mean the thing: is I'm not against being but you're not going out for auditions people ask you to be in movies, and I I love movies. I love acting like an especially the last ten years, like a few things happen, it may be take it very seriously: the craft like which things. When I tell you, why did this one underground, like the law? but called low down, we're John Hawks, you I'll hand area and and this woman I met it, the same age as me named named Amy Amy Albany Albania, Father was Joe. Albania was a great jazz, pianist, Charlie Parker Mingus. You know great dude, I'm coming seventies like me same age as me, she was living in Hollywood, her dad, who was a brilliant jazz, bebop pianist, was strung out on dope they're living, like a crackhead, Hooker apartment on Hollywood and western one of those buildings right there in Hollywood and Western and just I she admired, whose of issues her every.
Who loves you more, nay, things, building guys a fuckin disaster, heroin, attic mass media and she rode up. She wrote a memo about it. He was made about it, and so I get the script among this. Is my fucking stuff I couldn't even believe it like. I was shaking and crying reading it and then I, It was about like when I grew up in here and here I am playing one of these jobs guy said John Hawks played the main guy. Your dad, I played the french junkie friend, and I was like I gotta. On this. I can't you show up and we can be fully right. So I, when I got out and culture and steadily arriving in again Peter Lewis, yeah he's incredible. Ed Norton turned me brilliant fucking and
this sort of teaching me and I started really taking the craft seriously. That thing I learned more than anything, I can always techniques smart, not an object. Gaia still, Adler always said that, whatever all these things that are great, be a writer journal which, as the character for months and months and months before now, what did you do that? I do that. I take a game for concern here. What do you teach about, but the thing that he taught me more than anything or that I learned specifically taught me that as a music as a musician, my scales. Did you all my stuff? I do my study. I do my practice. I do my work, but the it was a time when all that matters is getting on. they mean at all. At matters is like one. I met my to be the present yeah. Just let go Hopefully you can channel spirits live in a place beyond thought but can channeling the great fuckin gods of the galaxy yeah. He already made it just like you've done the work where, if that wave chooses to come through you, let it come get the fuck out the way
and I learned that that can happen, and I can I didn't know that you know a so so so I learned how to do all the work and get your place. fuck him? Let it go and let that happen and in a lot of it, has to do with learning what to do with what is the preparation? What is the work? What is the stuff and in a certain sense of taking it really seriously. You know that's great yeah, so anyways that that sounds like you know that a lot of that work like like when you went. Why did you get sober? while I am not entirely sure, but I'm not I'm, not I'm not on the programme on, but I am pretty much mostly sober, yeah yeah, but once in a blue moon I'll drink like a half a beer or ticket head off a joint or something pair like blue Moon. I'm just not. I stop doing drugs entirely. When I turned about thirty years old and everything, I guess you see enough people dying it strongly on this dying, getting stronger, but more than that rather talk or someone wants in our time, talk about being a dad.
A daughter was four years old or something and I will it get high when I was away from her. Would anyone to go a little do on your end, her when air, and I then and they should like all that it is apparent to be present for your kid, be communicative here and you have to be communicating with them when you're not around them. I have to be it's like being in a state where you're always there for them, like your spirit, is always available when Every they need you and that really resonated with me, and I you know, I love my kids so much and I was just like at that's gotta be there and I was tortured enough on my own, like I suppose, so much for my life, like riddled with panic, attacks, Lang, Gyre D and less from your grown up in chaos, from growing up in chaos and like not knowing how to be in a relationship and hurting my. Of hurting other people. I just you I didn't want to do it anymore and I knew that I started getting like vague little hints or spirituality and stuff, and it like like what
book. I gotta yoga teacher, you know what I mean and I got sick. I got real sick. I got chronic fatigue and staff. Almost stuff happened to me and I was just like kick it yeah I did. I did and at that point I was like I want to be- I want to feel everything feel I'm never going to run from it again. So what's your practice my method is now like right now, meditating, I pray You know I'm not religious, but I pray every morning I get out of bed at practice. Pray everytime, I eat food of a kind of meditate I do tm mostly. I also learned Vipassana la quantities reposted in meditation material may not technique and that worked for him and yeah. It helps It's not always easy, some a matter of fact. Sometimes it's downright painful, but in what way then I just have to live. Parts of myself come up, fear and anxiety that you know what I mean like in a deep way like like I'll, be sitting there and all of a sudden I'll be overwhelmed with like shaking
sweating really yeah like is this pains of this icy fucking grip grabbing a hold of me like I'm, going to take you down into the bottomless pits of hell, like that kind of feeling of fear, yeah yeah triggered by some little thought that I know what it is. You know what I mean and show, but I knew when I feel it I too have more of an understanding and I started understand. Ok, you got it. Read it- I integrate it and I'm not gonna. Let it run my life, I'm going to feel it and yes, I'm in fucking pain today, but I'm not make me, go, make some ridiculous decision in my life, that's I feel the pain sound like I'm free walking around and I'm in pain. You know what I mean: hey, how you doing. How can I help you know it anything. You do help rights. He set up that
cool to media services, a big party, your thing, big part of my tongue, and it got really amplified during a pandemic to really who away how well, just like when the pandemic hit, I got I loved it. Like you know, no one's one. My compound in Malibu did I'm like. Is that regret? Yeah like I don't have to go on with their anymore, actually move quickly. I got married and contract different payer, but, but am I was like man I wish I didn't, have to go on tour and the first a real lockdown. We stopped rehearsing. You know what I mean like ours, and I never have that kind of time and I'm going to go shoot hoops. Today, I'm going to go, get notion, I'm just going to practice base at shower yeah. You can think about that world here, I'm gonna go in the garage and make crazy noises because I feel like it. You know what I mean like it was just so great, and then I started thinking damn it's all nice for me cause I got the money to like. through thinking about people who really
struggling, because I didn't have work they didn't have you know, people who live day to day of sun can be fucked and show. I got an idea to bring a food truck to, like you, know, poor parts of L A and just just whatever you do something with my time and what I can help, and- I found some people in organization and watch that that was doing groceries, giveaways and I hooked up with them. I said: hey I'll, bring a food truck and, and then I just got really involved in that community. You know and and being a part of that met, always awesome people and made friends and started temperatures in making friends with people who had nephews experience so much different than mine right down the street man, like you, know, people who, who just like it's great things you learn when you get into a place and listen. You know like your way, like white supremacy and and systemic racism really works like how really affect people. You know what I mean and in making friends got really involved and continue to be involved in community work there, and- and-
makes, really happy that we really great show that part of it. in the school and motto. We start a music school there as well, like I'm, going to miss Shepherd we're starting to watch conservatory of music as well and yeah. It's been kind of. I don't have to talk about it, cause we're not. We haven't taught one fucking lesson yet right, but we're working on it working on it and the other schools kicking. Are you guys back in here, yeah back into full effect, yeah yeah, yeah yeah? We know because we teach like eight hundred kids a week. Then you know, it was in his orchestra and choir and I think I'd meet so many kids. Now we've been together twenty years I mean I come in, like I run into an adult and I'd be like hey. I went to your school for five years and I was a kid, really changed. My life, though, that you know what I mean like. I met all my friends there and we all became friends and started weird bands, and we did this and that now you know now I'm a that. As you know, I make the cops ribby by, but right, but thinking there
earth of their creativity and yeah or immunity, or whether or not or just a cool thing for they to do or some people they might Gobi musician of us realized right, that's what I mean yeah. It could be anything it's been really nice and and you've been a great great help for that being a part of the phonology. Thank so thank you. It's always like it's always fraught with me. I'm always nervous yeah. I always love angry and weird love. It's hard to wrangle, a dinner crew of rich people. I get it I gotta do is they're going to apical Ballantine Jump or dive onto your face. I always have big plans when I hosted, but I get up there, I'm like what the listen to me. I know MO asked in one hundred am I love Mo De yeah, but so anyways, what about Navarro? Have that you guys still friends or what dear I never see him but like an added that did you like that version? I think it had really good moments no times when it was great and when it when it worked at work and when it didn't work, really didn't work.
You know what I mean. I just like chemistry, wise in her arms and drugs came into the picture in a way that would just like we intend, You guys, if I just heard hammered through it. You know like it's amazing, that the the That is that you and Anthony are alive. You know the hint to ideas with a long time and occurs using ears like at least for me, yet like answered him sure as a different take on me. I never think about like we're, keep going matter what or or I never thought I will make sure we're gonna, be doing so well, just kind of like it always does kind make sense to keep doing it, but look man, everyone seems to He can they do like you. I really make big new records, so you got get. I take that shit out
I think it's you know it might be that thing of us being well for the most part, completely sober, I'm probably the only one- and I am basically sober yeah. My homelife like like prettiest, my wife has never tasted alcohol in her whole shirt. Sure you know what I mean. We are my house yeah, you know what I mean, but but we we, we feel everything and and by feeling than we are. We show up for me like, let's get to work and we never rest on our laurels. It's never the sting of leg. like oh well, I'm going to be in the Caribbean. You know eating papayas and like no we're going to be in a room every day, arguing about whether the bridge should be eight bars or twelve bars and whether this or that and still jamming and jamming, to find a groove where we're fucking, drooling and lost in love with each other. You know what I mean and also in a way and I'm
thinking of this. Now you John leaving us coming back in us having to continue like focus and reinventing everytime time, the color we have to work to this thing again, It might save us because we have be forced to keep working. Do you find it or do things evolve or change? I mean, like you know like when John comes back as it's sort of like hm these days in a different place, now he's in a different place, she's been through a whole journey, making his records by himself these like elect deeply until like the saw, mix of the electronic music, I'm listening to some trippy shit deep into it. Didn't you know what I mean like he doesn't do shallow for Shantae. Don't do shallow area yeah and and we've been growing and changing and doing our thing like living. You know what I mean, and so we get back together and say: here's our guy, like we don't get. do this forever. You know what I mean. Let's make the most beautiful thing we can show up for each other every day.
Smith, a big wreckers to records right yeah, a nurse that's a little bit of this is a small piece of it. We recorded a lot a a lot. yeah yeah. So what's the player I talk about Oh, you got one though kinda ok loosely. We we do and we don't but but we recorded a lot of music and we thought The the song should go together and make a really good double album: okay, okay and you are you guys, looking detour. Absolutely looking at tour, where you know either record comes out on, I think April. First, going to do some shows around that and then come June, we're starting a full on world tour. A man doesn't seem ready. Yeah, I'm ready man, I'm ready for work to do and stuff yeah. Thanks Margaret to talk to you always
I was me in flee. The new album, unlimited love comes out this Friday April. First, you can get it wherever you get music and I enjoy talking to that guy. I'll see in Georgia this weekend. What I'll talk to you, Thursday before I go, but here's some guitar playing.
Boomer lives monkey in the Fonda. cat angels everywhere, the.
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