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Episode 1318 - Guy Torry

2022-03-31 | 🔗

Comedian Guy Torry spent 13 years creating and running the most famous all-black comedy night in America at The Comedy Store. And now Guy just spent another 13 years making a documentary about that influential weekly comedy show, Phat Tuesdays. Guy and Marc talk about the limited opportunities for Black comedians in mainstream clubs and how the racially divided climate of 1990s Los Angeles highlighted the need to fill a comedy void. Guy explains the importance of comedian Robin Harris in mentoring young comedians and how comics like Martin Lawrence, Bernie Mac and others thrived in the new environment.

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Hey folks, I'm in Atlanta right now and I'll be at the Buckhead Theatre tomorrow April. First then I'll be in Tarrytown New York at the Tarrytown Music Hall on Thursday April fourteenth 14th. It's Rhode, island, the Columbus Theatre, Friday April Fifteenth Boston at the Wilbur for two shows, Saturday April sixteenth and Portland Maine in the state theatre. Sunday April seventeenth go to w e f pod dot com, so ass to her for ticket link and other info. Okay, good I'll, see you over there. Let's do the show this all right. Let's do this: how are you what the fuckers, what the fuck buddies, what the box? There is what's happening. A mark mare- and this is my part- cast- welcome to it- I think I've spoken to you really since the Oscars. The last episode I did was recorded before that
I was actually writing in my update about struck at the comedy store when Chris Rock got assaulted, on camera in front of the world by Will Smith, so I think I might have something to say about it. I talked a little bit about it last night at the comedy store on stage. Let's see, if I can put my thoughts together, but first off Guy Torry is on the show today, Guy Torry, the comedian, an actor, but it is a competing his brothers Joe Tory. He was a regular on deaf comedy jam and all the typical MAX shows that we're going on in the nineties, but around that time he also created at Tuesdays. At the comedy store and he's, the producers of a new documentary series about FAT Tuesdays. That's on on prime video right now. I gotta be honest with you. I don't know think about it. I felt bad when I watched it there was this whole blindside to my comedy history, there's plenty of it
of wine sides with this one in particular, because it was so contemporary. I knew that there was a black show down the hall in the main room at the communist or when I would go to the comedy store in the early arts or whenever I come back and forth, but I just always assume that was like. Oh that's not for me, but you're having a good time and I didn't know what the story was and went on for ten years, and it was sort of kind of it came out of something The comedy act theater, which as a black comedy. show room that last three. If we're Robin Harris came out of sea, I always knew Robin Harris biting nothing about the comedy act theater and how it got sort of derailed, as did a lot of black rooms after the riots. in the nineties, and then there was a sort of this period. This vacuum in Hollywood, where there was no sort of comedy specific black comedy outlets until Guy put fat stays together and that the whole history of that world and
performers in that world who I knew, but I did not know about the the impact it had on show business in that that sort of gave me contact. For the great Robin Harris and Bernie MAC, I wasn't watching those shows back. Then I didn't watch BT. I didn't watch a deaf com. but he jam I didn't know about this world. I knew there was a black circuit and There was an evolution to that, but I didn't know the impact and I felt stupid, but now I feel educated. happy to have a guy tour. I was great to talk to him comedy store talk. You know That's what we do here. A lot of times comedy store talk. that was what was interesting about about Chris Rock I've been seeing them at the store for the west couple weeks, and then the Oscars happened wow I was watching it live, and then I quickly had to go watch your your footage,
from other countries that deal aren't there your kind of the repressive, dumb language, sensors me like, but, like America, could not handle, Will Smith saying I keep my its name out your fucking mouth, that would have disrupted America, We heard that not the fact that he, physically assaulted, Chris Rock, on stage during a live televised, Oscar, ceremony, man at a go at the Austria in feed. The British, be the japanese we'd anywhere in the world were grown. Ups can hear language on television so here's here's my thoughts on the experience of seeing it live was was just baffling. It was like what what what what what the fuck just happened-
and a few things in retrospect. Now that we've got a little distance from it first off it was wrong, there's no conversation about y know will had no, but Chris now but I mean seriously, if you it was his wife now it was. Fuckin wrong. You don't, I've been smack someone in the fucking face anywhere. It was wrong. I mean there no conversation about that and this I idea that that is it what happens when you tell jokes? Are we afraid to tell joked? No, it had nothing to do with the joke. You can tell what ever joke, and I like em I don't like that. Comedians are sort of like well. This is going to be bad. For US comedy is always scary. I can't remember a year or a show very few that I've done comedy where the possibility of me getting hit was in possibility. I guess it depends. What kind of comedy you do if your poker, I'm a poker. Chris is a poker. You know you if you keep poking. Sometimes
hope the wrong fuck and you know you're going to get poked back something's going to happen, but you know that if that's what you do, you know the possibility I've been tackled on stage. I've had guys come on stage and stand me off several times in my career. If you poke sometimes you're going to have to handle it but this isn't about jokes, you can tell jokes or not. I guarantee you did not know that she- at our patient. I guarantee you that Chris was handed a paper a bunch of jokes by the writers, they hire writers. He had a writer, probably for As for the award Show- and he said, I want to take some shots when I go out there what he got and he saw a bunch of jokes and you know- and these were the ones that he was carrying into his head when he went on stage and the interesting thing about it is he's been
working out man. I've been watching him work out. He bumped me to workout at the comedy store. I've talked to him about his new hour and I he said yes, I said how's it going. He says it's going and I'm it's amazing. It comes right, it does so he was he was. He was ready. He was battle ready. He was ready to do comedy on that stage and you saw it. He saw it in his eyes. You saw it in his disposition when he walked out there and took control of that place, just slam it. He had fallen comedian energy and was going for it. Then control that room and made it alive then all of a sudden wills MRS on stage, he smiled text Chris Rock and then he's off stage and in that moment all that happened in terms of the discussion is The guy that has spent the last thirty years of his career managing his personality, to be one of the nicest guys in show business and
everyone like him lost his fucking mind. That's what happened! I don't know what's going on with him, how far back it goes out of its relative to a past thing with Chris Notes, rare but here too, as marriage to the pressure he's been under to what he exposed about himself in his memory. I don't know any widen the what caused it, but in that moment that guy reality no longer had a context and decided impulsively and without much reflect to go on stage and hit appear national television. That's what happened. A guy, fucking snapped can happen to anybody- I guess not great timing It's got nothing to do with. Can you tell jokes anymore. It's got nothing to do with whether was virtuous or not it's gotten nothing to do with any of that. A guy snapped, and it was a
add time for it to happen, and it was wrong. That's it, but I'll tell you one thing: after working afterwards, the comedy store watching Chris Work, the against or any of us work at the comedy store. I could tell you think confidently that security at the comedy store in the room is better than security at the Oscars granted, no one except did Will Smith to get up, smack him, but still what should have happened? Well, if you can make the Fuckin Oscars look like a nightclub, you'd better, be up I would like a nightclub somebody should have walked him out. Call them off figured it out, made some decisions around it, how he was going to handle it? He went up there at the acceptance speech because he did win best actor. He knew was going to win best actor and that convoluted speech was yeah he must have still been out a body that guy did not when he went up and hit Chris. He was not at the
I don't know where he was all he knew was he was following a sort of red hot rage impulse and I think, by the I am, he got up there to accept that Oscar he was still sort of out of body and we still reckoning with. I don't know what it was almost like. He wanted to apologize or wanted to be forgiven a moment. There was trying to explain away his actions it was convoluted and it was the most profound way of self sabotage. I've ever seen- and I thought Chris as a com, and as a comic who has been a cost it onstage handled it pretty fucking great, pretty fucking great I mean in that moment was. There was a couple of things that happened that I found striking way I think he basically said will we have just swept the shit out of me and it is almost as if he was speaking to himself.
to bring him into the present. He went out there all jacked up, ready to go jokes in the chamber, laying it out to colder the room quickly like a comic, and then this thing happens that he has no control over and the one thing that you have control over when you're comic is that fucking stage and what you're doing that's your plan it is one place you shouldn't be fucked with its on stage and The fucken oscars- and I was just- is it liking you just dealing with a room for humans that whatever cachet or whatever gravitas or whatever sort of royalty these people live in? They're, just people and they acted like a room full of people that were didn't know what the fuck to do froze up. you're probably wanted out someone deal with. This but as a performer, I know exactly what that feels like when you you, you spend your life as a comic trying to, have control the stage
trying to never be embarrassed, never be caught off guard never be made the fool on stage that's what you spend your whole career, doing, that's! What comedy is so I assume that when Chris was smacked when like when I was tackled, The thing that you know right then, as it's happening or a millisecond after is at I'm going to have to take the hit. Can't run? I can't cry: I can't make the fight go on longer, I'm not that guy. So I have to Take this hit with a certain amount of dignity, and an defuse the situation, that's what you thinking of your first thought is like I can't look like an asshole on stage you spend your wife on stage perfecting not looking like an asshole on stage when
you're being made to look like an asshole by somebody, fucking insanity, you're reflex. says: how do I not look like an asshole. and I think he did a great job with that. It was disturbing, but there's no, the conversation around it's safe to tell jokes or was will right or wrong are not real conversations. The tire thing was wrong and it's still fine to tell jokes the risk of being a comic of a certain type. Know that dangerous air, but you just don't really assume that, in a room, for of peers on allow I have televised night to honor people that some guy you've known for thirty, you're forty years is going to pop and lose his fuck mind for a few minutes.
the other thing: I've been talking about on stage. I've been thinking about, certainly since Owens death is that in relation to this situation, that, after you have poor Years of Trump in two years of a pandemic and just watching the social fabric kind of free at the edges watching so, title collapse. Feeling the terror of a plague, just not really knowing whether the norms will hold anymore either, mentally and now socially it just it's one. Indications are in reality, Chris Rock should have felt more safe on that stage, and he felt anywhere in his wife and what happened in that moment was, was paid. Fully human on both sides, one out of control, one trying to handle and control the situation and
This can't be the way society goes everyone's at the end of their fucking rope we're barely holding on. We don't know, what's going to happen, we never do, but now more than ever as things Breakdown- No one gives a shit about the Oscars seriously. No one gives a shit there even if they want to do them anymore. The global impact of that Oscar's is only because a he's going to deal with on Four infinity of Chris Brok being swept by a guy who snapped the pressure of this fucker world. We live in that scary and if there's anything we take away from it. I don't know Chris went after that moment. He got back up there and did his job. I know bunch of people surrounded will we have the comedian walks back into the darkness medium works alone. No
he's got you no one's got you. You're all alone out there, man. that it's not getting any better Gary Times, so guy Tory. I never met this guy and you know it was a it's a great documentary. This three part Docu Series, fat, Tuesday, the era of hip, hop comedy ad, says streaming on Amazon. Prime video and I got a lesson. I got a lesson right now talking to the guy, and I got a lesson watching that about black comedy and Why is your for it? This is me talking, the guy Torry, the best western plus Buddy man, an idea that exists sure you know if it's no different than a best western
you know what I stayed the best western San Francisco. One time was plan. Was it Cobbs? I think and, as stated, this is a nice bit best western down by the by the by the warhorse yeah. That was actually a nice best, western yeah sure they're, ok, but I mean when you talk about as the first and only time I've ever seen the business yeah. Well, I mean I stayed in a suite in New York that, like that one pay for it with Dreamworks paid for it in a sweet New York at this place, Crosby Hotel, I've never been in a nicer hotel. yeah and I was like oh, this is what it is like. I didn't even know what is a pretty decent hotel. I think the nicest one I've stayed in was back in the day when Steve sure ripper Tropicana didn't know it was the Riviera or the Riviera right. Okay, I put me in this suite, then that was in the movie casino rigs week. Oh yeah yeah, okay yeah. He put me in that sweet.
But he put me in this withdrawn tag that was celebrate at the time you want. You want a suite like that. You will be able to. You know where we are there's a long story celebrated that there's going to drop. That like I was, you know, I admit on tour years. You know Def Comedy jam, comedy stuff. and just like. I can't keep this. I can't keep like this. My dick is so gotta go to church is the man with the D. I said you know what, if I'm ever going to find a wife I can't read away. I've just begun the aid is there. So ended up. Did you find a way out of a did find a way out? If I may have divorce now found a large, but no. it was it was it was. It was nice hotels and
Well, one getting in, isn't what, but the thing was with me: it's like! I don't want to pay for that shit right. If I mean that's the trick, it's like I don't care How much money I have I don't have, but if spend it was like a three thousand hours. We, if has been that kind of money on one night, Sutton yeah just because you have a domain, you have to spend it yeah, I'm not that guy yeah. It is it's great. I get it The airline tickets are like definitely that's one thing. I wet myself that I don't have no kids. I have no wife. I get some money saved, I'm going to play for his club, but no, but yet true right. The thing the way the tickets in oh the logic to me like I can fly to Miami one way for ninety nine bucks. I can't me they did. It was that you can write our sugar and they went on. I was coming back to allay had to come back last minute four year again rival of interview here and there, was dirty not allow us a goat on my way. Just wait. Ninety nine thousand come here and I got up great furs right.
Then, coming back as thirteen hundred dollars in a middle seat in coach. I didn't get my upgrade. I was miserable, no justice mess two people with bad breath. talk to each other. Talking across me with bad caught in the crossfire so it was the Zaragoza. I had the money area what, but love. You write you're right, it wasn't right. It wasn't right that I know you definitely feel that, like I used to be american all the time now delta, I guess what I am now yeah, but it's good. It's a nice first class, especially the coast to coast ones, right there, seven, seven, seven! You get your apartment. I got like nine blankets and ten pills from Brooklyn. The trip was average but like the Delta is like half the price, it's okay, I mean for now for the coast to coast I'll, do the American Coast yeah yeah Delta Delta. The flowers? Dinners are a no! No. It's the American, but the virginal dealt a little bit more pleasing to the eye. The Bible is a little more fair to the ad you've you've you've,
you ve made notes on that. The aim is how you, because it will be on a plane for hours. You want something to look here and not first American Airlines flattered Dennis there is some of my love leave some been there since the Wright Brothers, they ve been there for a while. It may not have less so Look I'll, be honest with you. Like, I watched, I watched the whole duck. Thank you man. and you know, at Tuesday's air hip, hop comedy. Yes, they, but like the factors I'm embarrassed because you know, I've been talking to comics and I've been a comic and I was a doorman at the fucking comedy store, one thousand nine hundred and eighty. What at six or seven I've been I've been talking to people for four years. On this thing I don't know any that shit he's the one who is there was it was the commish. Those little dark seek was just that, but even their history of modern black comedy, like I didn't, have a perspective on it. I knew just from being
in committee that it was. There was a different world right. Why bite know what that world was in. Who was in it like. I knew about Robin Harris Right, but I couldn't conceptualize him. I didn't. You know that when at the record came out babies, babies, kids, yeah, because yeah I mean I knew about him and I knew that he was great, but I didn't have any they came for him because no one dating unless you were in that world. Unless you were at the comedy act, theater you're not going to end or air black, not going to know what that guy comes from. What is what makes him great right? So It was a real education to me and I did you how on even work on this thirteen. Years ago, nine years underground, doing it myself. Just you know, collecting in our view, is in collecting we research things are dead, then it would fight. Three or four years ago I took to my agency innovative artist angry
you have ten years of work already yeah about about yeah yeah, ten years on and off you know we we we go on a road, you put it there, I'm sure you pick it back up, you're busy, you put it down and it's tight. Thank you. It was a great team and those original productions and a gram neck. Kelsey Grammer's. Grandma's company may really embraced it and then once he got Reggie hundred and on board, whereas we got Amazon on board first year and then, when she added Reggie Hudson, who directed it, man who directed my God, everything I think he directed the last supper. He directed it. He directed at you as you have to he directed House Party book, rang alright, black godfather, so that guy directed this a read your husband, when you had all you had all this stuff that you shot, though right yeah, I had a lot of stuff that I shot a friend of mine, who's ever come and Director Bishop Moore. We were doing interviews. I had vintage footage from you know. That was the ideas you know it was. It was a committee, Nay Michael Blacks, and we all right once I've got you a gig and restart. My misfortunes are about how these young farmers need to know. You know,
about this night. What was the, how many years, what was the years for ninety five o five c that so far as I am I remember because I got back to l a. I was a doorman. Eighty six, eighty seven and I went and did my own thing cause. I got fucked up on drugs when I left and for years I didn't come back. I was in an out and out- and I come back, two thousand and two and I'm going over there Tommy's run in the joint right, but I just remember place was dead but Tuesday, the United Europe to fuck it. it, given the o r for like in the original room for twelve people, and you are from down the hallway and it just, but I knew looking down that hole my hands. It was a black hole. Yeah right, I don't supposed to go in there. Am I supposed to go in there. Man, yeah man and Peter Shaw, says hello, man, lovely lovely, guess, pigs, ally of yours, great guy and as a let me see what I have you know and looked at old, Vhs, tapes and stuff that I had and I started interview people with the four to my bishop, more area and
We started this getting all these stories. I don't know how important factors is worse. Certain people the things that went on in the back rooms on the sidewalk or in the vip moves in oh geez, it must have been finger banged here and the hat and know how do you go to know? What's directors, naming a Reggie regional had regional now, where are you because, in order to put the whole thing in contact, it couldn't just be about your facts, two days at the commonest all right, so you had to go back when I enter. about comedy, accurate right. We're is a thing before haven't got did to that point, and I was already laying the groundwork right till I we gotta tell the history of of how fat using came about, but why it was important event to his was important because they weren't Albert don't want opportunities for at comedians, a whole lot in mainstream clubs right, and so I had to lay the groundwork. I even went as far back as the Chitlin circuit, even to slavery,
yeah did didn't really do the research. I was a tough gig. Our meta ran around the Edo slaves. Is that no shell jokes to massacre to keep gunners whoop the? I and were funny enough. The slave we'll take it to another plantations fossil you no need for a long time. We, then I'll. Do it I'm doing a joke right now about, I say in others some funny fuckers in Auschwitz I mean it's all Jews. Do you? Can you can tell me, though? Not one guy were like we got jackley, but but but seek laughter, purifies the air and we are going through. Hardships are going through hard times when you abreast. This comment is going to come out of that and you're going to go to most of my lab. So, in this situation and an in slavery at an end and what US
it committed we purify the air with dark individuals on it is that we do come to bring lights or dark areas, so the story of FAT Tuesdays had to be laid out correctly work too. So you can understand why this night was important. Why haven't on sunset was important? Why haven't at the world famous commie stores, important and at work I was gonna store. Is the club took all the Miss Viz anyway? It's a guy the comedian, that nobody wanted still so here's this black comedians, that no other club wanted to It was a gambler, walk me through it. So how do you like with your brother just over a year ago, I can we were. He was out here even comedy and he was connected with it. He was like the second Generation Comedy ACT, theater re he took over after Robert Harris parents. What did you spend time in that situation? Did you go out to the comedy act when you were a kid and wait? No! No! No! No! I grew up in St Louis. I know so. I moved here in ninety ninety two. Ninety ninety. Ninety. Ninety two, this place that
you know always described where was in Illinois park on forty, like thirty, four thirty, forty third Crenshaw so this was a that this was the first reaction to sort of black comics, not having the stage time right in the main cause. I mean Red Fox back in the day, had a cook right, but that wasn't necessarily a black comedy club. Probably was kind of rabbit was yeah but like so the idea was in contemporary comedy that you got all these white guys in in doing their thing between clubs, mainstream clubs, but we need a space right now. There is always a black comedy circuit, but it seems- Chitlin Circuit, though yeah it was in one in clubs. We have one, to come and go up. But you know before ban- or at around here you Know- was never really a are really a fool for is black on comic club and drank Robbie, red fast, but carbonate data. What microwave start rights that whole thing the Comedy ACT theater was where that was the first sort community, every on a community basis to put
by comedy on the map in this town right to get opportunities and also to have a room to work, it may be the only one in the country, the first one in the country. I would, I would guess that you're, so you would see it's a rising waves and Robert Townsend here and then and Robin Heritage and Sinbad. All those guys came to combat Anita, and you see this doublet stars came if they want to see black Ami Michael Jordan was stopped through rudimentary wilkins. Here s, the breeze most below the stars will come to South central to the comic due to the sea. our committee is that they can identify what several always that they can relate to write. Em Robin Harris was to host He was he was he was. He was a guy. He was the guy because he is a tidal wave response at the com is stored and not being able to go up and ass. Well, you tomorrow Warfield, the lesson we as well, I'm sorry, I'm Goin home. That's why I'm meaning I'm going to do keep coming in here waiting for hours and not get stays on, so I'm going home and at the time Michael Williams was looking,
a host to host producer. Is the comedy theatre right? What what was his job like? What did he do before that? I dunno what he's doing for actually, but I know he's come to the comedy, store, okay and he didn't see a lot of black comedians, so he was like I'm gonna start my own club, but he what he wanted Paul Mooney. First, oh yeah, You wanna palm oil to Rome. Anything farmer. I can't see palm when he's a hopeful. Far more those out, I'm not I'm not gonna negotiate. Is that you get your car rabbit? Could you see Mooney hosting male? Fellow has quite rightly said. There is a singular thing here: he's not going to play the game right right. I am. Where did where did Robin come from? Did you know Robin? I never met Robin here's. A thing may live in a saint Louis MOB the Joe was already out here doing stand up and Robin Harris took like Joe and Martin Lawrence under his wing and few other comedians. So Rick Ricky, Harris rest in peace. What happened how he declares heart attack
I remember him when it was so funny man back in like ninety five, like I did the aspen, oh yeah, and they brought all is what do you and it was a burning, Edward Ricky Harris was there and you can see those guys in the snow. That was something rather than why we will play we don't ski we will buy. The outfit are worse than one thousand dollars one one one one gucci have been the key of it. I won't touch one damn slow, but we look good. We got our brand new skis for a brand new outfit. We judging merchant, Sir Robin takes those cats. Martin went to a Luther Vandross concert and St Louis Louis. It's opened up, comedian Louis Dicks opened, and he said he was real tight with Cosby he to be our cars. Warm of all show that funny, guy so
the advertising, our hair, does come into the fabulous Fox and Saint Louis. A place and a car? My brother, Joe as a man, get this to see this cat and a robin? Oh, no, don't get tickets, it's my guy I'll get you tickets as he shows and argue to take its about three weeks bass and my brother calls me as a hey: did you get those tickets? Now he died. Come on man. If you can't get its existing say, you can't get the fucking tickets. Don't don't worry death or somebody I m a roller nano. He died. So I I got new Robin because all the stories I heard my brother, worked on the Martin Lawrence Show as a production assistant. Martin would tell about Robin. So all the Robbins is about rabbit. Has I felt like I know about and never got a thing is a Robin Harrison. I mean the thing that made him amazing inserted defined you defined what you brother did an. What you did was there was a way to host a situation right right that that that a black comedy environment had to be
sort of ill managed with a firm, yes, hand, roll, yes, yes, and MIKE always had a strong hand who owned it and Robert Harris was well respected. and ran at room right. He get into the crowd s and he wouldn't ages walk around here and on every by DR bust in every way and they loved it. And then no one will fuck with him now and then you set the stage you knew guy. Now we're going to have a show, don't fuck with anybody right and you set the tone and that's how a comedy club should be you shouldn't have hecklers I mean I can handle headless, I can but, but you have, I think you are right. We have a strong hopes, as he has. That tone is that the present is like a rabbit hairs in s right. You know learn to do that's funny the fat Susan, but but you do a different like each one of you guys do a different in terms of like you, Robin Martin your brother and you We are different, but you know what I mean: there's something a little different. I get nice yeah.
A Martinique Martin can go pretty pretty deep, pretty weird yeah yeah, but he's it's the it's that nice be charming. Yeah! Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, so, but but I been so that original crew was Townsend and Damon and Elena, They really interesting point in terms of their history a comedy. This idea that, like no prior was this amazing any was but but the thing why is it that there was one world the blackout yeah that you don't know about yeah and I'm like, and now I'm just an excited white guy going man? Why didn't anybody tell me about it? It's funny, because when I took it to Remnant Kelsey Grammer Production, Buddy Kelsey was he said the same thing. You said he said I'm in bed.
as that I'd, never knew about this night. Why why? Why is this story? One is to have been told that right, that's right and I am as they could ever since. Not have hit that has to be contemptuously ordered mean any sort of like you know. What a sadly- and I was I was mentioned this, but in no, you know how to frame it butler I remember hearing about the store in those years right because it was it was. You know it was dying you I don't know why, but it was and I remember somebody tell me it's like me- have gangs took over and it's like there are not had happened. The ethic I know they're talking about those a night, Eddie Griffin attempted urban night before factors for the record here, a delicate we must and I think what ended it was for. Why understandably fight one it is on a Monday night here and it was a fight and to park was in there and threat from ninety by nature was there and they they?
the fiberglass and they were beating the guy up here like I having a fight broke out and somebody approach them and when they started to fight and trusts you to the big big chain that not like a gold chain. But the chain did you lock your fence up with yeah yeah he's weird as around his neck, and I deserve it. He was beaten the shit out of somebody, and I think that so many the gay took over here. I think it was that set out one night and in any kind of scared, MID C4 while, but I think that sir we you know, I take on it. Is it just meant black people well yeah. Do you know what I did was a nigger supposedly days ago, we address the polite way. Three legs, I like. How now is the oh, so ghetto realise that you really call me but but like knew that there was a guy dark time in
if there were ways away right, but even when I was there in two thousand and two it was like. I knew that you that that the black people were having fun down the hall is, there's a picnic going on down through it, because that's what it felt like, so Robin dies right and then you but it takes over Robin dies or brother takes over, and you know the commission will examine the idea that the comments Theatre, alas, limited Lester and then arise happen. will you brotherly? How long did it before it was? It was maybe only a few might what year was ninety two right and rapid press? I think in ninety I want to say so they like, in the dark he really presented like we were about to have everybody would have bound to happen. Robin was about to happen. The whole scene was about to happen, and then you know boom that Verde comes down in the place, is on fire
except America, did you realize at the time in L A was divided? The country was divided because in the early nineties and ninety, thank God, that's over way more divided than ever. But now, but you had you, had you had the Rodney King trial you had Michael Jackson. Trial was divided black people and white people. You had the o J trial to divide the way we were so you had all that tension. In L, a and, like I said black people have been, as for a long time, and we need to laugh the most- you know we need to laugh the most? So that's why you see these nights is urbanites night because we got with dealing with. You know shit and we come out to laugh left about it, or get our mind off of it right. and I think it was interesting after like everything burned down that literally you there was nothing going on down there. Nothing and there was There- was community a black comic right so
how long and what happened in the interim after the riots did. Did by the way I dunno it was a you. Were there with a few rooms still going on like around the corner from come data from an image flat or whatever comedy act? Theater was marriage flat, comedy union late wailing? What's that guy's name, he was in turns Mitchell, yeah yeah. I played that place a couple of times yeah. He came waylaid way cause. He was actually when I was doing fat tuesdays at the comedy store. He was actually one of the managers at the comedy store, really leaving and taken over the Common union it's because mix nuts here, so he took over and change the common union. So we started that club, but why ok, see you soon after the riots who were still some ship owners of daylight, the funhouse maverick flat rate around a corner cringe shone out just a comedy club of the coming natives digging army on Saturday and who is there. same pianos also that with J any brown, ok funny comedian here here wasn't there and then at La Dera in LA the town was another night for
they didn't, have clubs, dance clubs that did comedy night and it's cool there's nothing like a full fledged four time Comedy club is this, sets a different tone and a different enemy We've been having the night at a club at a real kind of comical right. It is it's a little bit more respectable, not that these nights are important at these at these copier they're very important, but when you've got a full, fledged club, the one sunset where white people aren't scared to come and scout talent there. That's better, What's your evolution when do you come out? Is so so you wanted to see Robin Harrison St Louis. When do you decide to do comedy when I got here in ninety two, I was always a class clown at campus clown. You knew your brother was like Iraq kind of a big deal right right. So when you What do you you just decided after college or whenever you go when I got kicked out of college, you get for being a Canadian not only kicked, who are presently years in and hitting a cop but anyways to knock his ass out, though yeah. But what is that story?
I was in college and de university center Ernie started frightened beer and make us I find an end or was it a blue fire hurry, Sigma, say things so late. fighting and it was like a free vote like a ballroom brawling o western movie, aviators punch it everybody. So my grandmother behind I turned around just swollen and it was a car that was it and I didn't know it was a cop when I just turned around as us swinging and he's having to be a carbon. If they were my eyes and locked me up yeah, and not only did I get kicked out cause I got kicked out the whole time. I can come within one hundred miles of the town. Where I lived, I lived one hundred and nine miles out. It was a hundred miles out of St Louis Cape, Girardeau, Missouri and but yeah it was. It was a so I moved to L a and ninety two men and two weeks later, you know I wanted to that'll stays where common data
Oh you were so, and your brother was was- and he was already it done hosting and one one a def comedy jam to that point. Okay right, so they so Wendy, Def, comedy jam started started early. Ninety two because that's a recessive movie, so that was that grew out of the comedy act, theater pretty much. Don't make data and also clubs? the east coast in New York to grasp remit. It was in Jersey that was a room here. Another car, I think, was got up town in New York. He's there wasn't that inspired deaf comedy? Was it was alive tour before was a tv show? No, no, no! So. Ninety two as one could deaf comedy jumpstart bright on tv right, and who- who only, who ninety one ninety two in an air Marlon it wasn't getting beginning. There was a possibly Robin S and Rubber Harris pass away. What was the thing? The talent hosted the Boston.
Colombia remember that guy, but he was on tv to BT waiting invaded it. We told doesn't have common Jem after I d Deaf Jimmy did deft him as well, and if the amount for ever juncture of ever more rights so your brothers out on tour, you come in and you did a night, you did it. You did the comedy accurate, who is hosting the night you firstly Comedy I don't remember you, I really doubt it was a Thursday night, but you never done it before and you just one up there I had done it I had done the night before in a club, we Ricky airs was hosting. My brother was headlining and wisdom my first time, ammo stay here and I was in a limo. They a limo for our brother to go to this club in MT they have Claremont amount clear one of her and nominal limo talk a shit. yeah, I'm drinking rum and coke and I'm going to stage a terrace mother fucker up, I'm a real, I'm gonna get a standing ovation. I am going to be in the hall of Fame. After this fucking first set, I died,
the thousands damn dogs are bombs of maghaberry. You can hear. I was in Baghdad now w a it was. It was Horrible Ricky Harris Hairs, Windows data to me. For ten minutes like he did He did a bit. He was a man. You saw Simon a car, he was a Rottweiler Herrera who I am a standing ovation that he said he left his days like a cat yeah immediate ten minutes. Oh me wrong here, but I wanted the next day and did a little better. I want to, but the next day to communicate data and our gonna, maybe not at Vienna, now I know like part of this. Of text of the three episodes of the dock. Is your relationship with Joe, yes and its strained and weird yes- and you know baby, and even at the end, you don't. I don't feel like it any better to be as we
oh yeah, we what we are psychic that is this is not mean. You know we have our moments. You know we we kind of came together as it during the doktor in Algeria realise that you know is stupid But then you know Joe Joe. The everyone goes, into the corn yeah. It does go back. The cornflour is good for a little while here, right now and then only in oh, appears again out and then it will back to being a strain and your both through a comedy still yeah, oh yeah, but it's kind of wow didn't have to do no open mics. You didn't you just did. Oh it has opened up It turns out after the Thursday at the comedy act, then you had to start. I was pizza parlors I was doing.
Living room fireplaces living for New year's eve having to make a book because you'll get paid in comedy, not that we get paid to work out, but it's not a lot of money, but I did all the open mics. I would. I was doing a potluck on Monday nights at the comic store, so that was that was opened. My guy I would do. I would do the the The gloves. I mentioned that one, your maverick flat. I would do the imp ah my end because you're working hard you trying to get me out so funny it would burn chapels in the dock and he doesn't is his take. and yeah the doorman says. Re read the comments to her, which was like such a dug in system. Like that, no, you gotta, you gotta, do the work, the door and you need your work the lot and then you can get spotted when he shoots yeah. I got I doing this yeah. He he he couldn't wrap his brain around right. Right, fuck is going to do that right, yeah cause. I guess it's different. I guess! goes. I'm not sure
there's nothing like the comedy store and she had this Reiki and it was there for years. Your Tommy did it and it's still sorta there that the idea is like you know you get to spend all this time making shit. You know a cleaning up and working the door, but you know you're seeing the real thing and eventually you get on up there. I was a doorman, a lot guy and I lived in that fucking house. Behind the rye in the late am yeah I mean I I did the system. There should be a doctor zone that house doing that I I almost closed that house. Damn yeah, that's right! I dunno if I became a comic, but I certainly became a pretty good cocaine, yeah doing that belly room every once in a while going up on the original, but I don't regret any of it took me away. I get my brain back so easy, we're back area that organ and avenue and good. So we're at what point the who How does it come together to to do fair, Tuesday's? What was it you know? It was you know it's funny. It's funny. You say that because I
it is the way why people made me feel. When I told them, I wasn't a regular, the comedy store and from laugh at which way does it exist and the people that knew what that meant right, because no one can see at the comedy store, and I was like, oh well now they made you feel like. I wasn't a real comic yeah. I wasn't a regular, my name wasn't on the wall. The comic store I wanted to. Improbable and frankly, I wasn't real comedy. I do that to the parking lot. Guy yeah hey, but I gotta sit with somebody, so I hated that feeling, but I also hated the black comedians, who are regulars at the comedy store who will come, down to the hood and peacock, no parade around was a you goin up the knight who know Happy Guy Tiree David's area like I do not aspire to store the finest Henderson you know come down there. They were if you like, he was a nobody here so to change that feeling. Industry was coming to see us
agent Amanda already used, is a lot of towns among others out here. You know me. Let me see what I can do, but it goes back to his fatigue because I think about Then I think about being a kid. I think about my dad who's, a very disciplinary georgian urgent and with our views, your twitter is military powers or the Vietnam it was a really was strictly footlight around now as we seven years ago, but he was He's always say be proactive, don't wait to be asked, be told to do something recently done, go ahead and do what you say hang on the floor. You did put it there. You know the belong to pick it up, put it. We belong and an end I think about that here and at so many thousands of care and then use it. You now the fat Tuesdays. There was a voice nobody admin Yvette start fat to no and told me to do as I man something needs to be done here and I'm a fucking. Do it But when I go back on my while that that that was instilled in me as a kid
yeah. You know it's like it's so weird to me, because binder does that documentary and he could have had an hour I was right to ratify better. He didn't because now you got all thing right and ass. The thing, because I was sort of a kind of Suffolk Asylum, Commerce, Zadok Remuneration, may I remind him into factors. They did individuals and I was a loaf and for hot second but our putting this together for ten years gray. Now now, but for for ten years. But now you can put it in the press materials like we're going to fill in the gap. Yeah they didn't tell the story tat we want. We need to delete all are aware. I think I found an economist or dark was great. I was in there and learn a lot about the communist or washing their dogma. My dog was in place twenty nine and, if you know it's better through line you're doc specific you. I did this is basically the history of lack comedy and ruddy right ages, and I right this is how it happened right. This is how, because in Europe
Europe will see the evolution of Hiphop, the evolution of our presence in line with these black, my Vashon put fashion and television rights like in you know. You don't really think about it. All is, same time happening right, but at the same time it's crazy Clinton was in office, repressive money in his country, expendable income. It was. There was pop, Are there at the outfits that had the big shit? How old are the wardrobe out a one pair of jeans that Bernie comes on and oh man, that's a cargo. Those Chicago has a way of airbrushing their faces on their own clothes. Like what I saw one comedian, I think it's a is Corey over more my favorite committees, and is airbrushing him smacking, a chick and a flying out her mouth. The sub is this: special breed.
We get to him so so? How does that negotiation go with Mitzi? You gotta talk to Missy. She still got four mine, then add a manager at the time that was friends with Scott Day. Who was who was at the time? I remember I remember he approached the Patterson, he approached amish door and was like hey. You know, I want to do night and- and I dunno how much for the world. I he came and told me is: are you look? You got Tuesday. The nice ratify ninety five February, ninety five and at that point the store was because, like the door, men, their navy, seven and it was pure. right anyway, just drop by drop. We unethical, I've started Kommeni Comedy on tv now company became a little bit saturated? I guess, but Wikihow now so hot again, and you know who the hell knows why I mean it's still pretty saturated, but now like people, it's kind of hip,
why. All of a sudden, we might all came back to me right only echoes like the eighty Scobie thing. If anything just became sort of you start to think like Jesus. Can anyone do this threat? Who the fuck are they all these people have got tired is what a guy you're, not because no one was seeing it right. Alright, so union, having international meeting Mitzi, I did not dare not not after enjoy started the and then it come in like yeah. She wanted to it's funny because once that Tuesday's was poppin yeah, I I end up getting a tv show riding on a tv show which one It's got minor adjustments with one thing he make really clear in the dark too, is that your this was a showcase for all was the black comedian comedic when in the city and unlike all the executors like white
NFL and it became a thing because, like I never thought about that, but that's what everyone thinks about, but at that time in the nineties it's like you could walk out with a deal. There were people sitting there that could change your fucking her in your Nick Cannon Mccann in my gaps. My caps blacks in a year. You know a book american history x cause they saw me are so good there man, I forgotten, very good girl many moons ago and forgot my tea fix yeah, but at a free dinner I don't think you would have got it if you had no right. I looked like a prisoner. I look like I should have been in jail. So okay, so she starts talking to you once you start doing this and she wanted to so I moved into the main room the room at first. How long were you up? There must have lets you in the bed. we will for nine months with that's, not a crazy as a kind of poetic we just like I'm mindful and the valley again in the womb right and then gave birth to the idea of it, but it was for women right ass. Was the evolution of this directive to reside deal with four women comics to go
what about my work? There sets out right, but it strikes me as a long time to be. That's mall room day that for it to take all what made me, what made a quick, so big, so quick you'll have to. I can teach you switch. rooms and you were selling out right. So what was the event? Did it get some weird precedent? No, no, it was it was when we were in a berry roommate. Every week, we'd had when people away right like it away because Tupac will after Dray will. So that's ausonian, so people here and there was no real realized. It was no social media by word of mouth is those rationality bag. I had no money, no advertising for radio tv, it was his word of mouth, and so, when I switched to barely room I meet you remain room I did it once a month, every first Tuesday I called it's Tuesday, yeah, yeah and, and we. Oh I see. Okay, it was a success right in room on other Tuesdays and every as soon in a anime will start knowing and people yeah. So now, when I did that I Mitzi
want to do it every week after the first one economic players would go broke by ETA submit see, I can't do it Missy, I don't know they at the time they ve gone broke. I submitted its on each, I do foreign every Tuesday. In There's has no food high drinks and no parking in L a I own sunset- that's tough! So I off for six months, in this regard, is gonna going to move another room another night on the other Tuesdays and you say, but it barely room only other Tuesdays, and I thought the four minutes that no, because no one's going to think about which to Z, it is your first second. Third, they just want to come. I said: okay, misery. You know what I will I'll take it over. Every Tuesday in the manual, so I'd increase my staff increase and just expand and the other thing is Missy wanted to Missy wanted to. After the show wanted open up and turn club, here s a now because it is going to track the wrong element can now you got. You got comical people that people want say: there's people an end,
I say: Gatsby we weren't going to come to the karma, show and there's going to be root. Cause then will the cameras or her be over and shake they ass? Yes, as a nomad see, I'm not a club promoter, not not a shake as clever motivate. I just want to do stand up and I don't want two years now. So what was the deal? She got the drinks and you got the door yeah and so you're paying comics. Yes, That's another reason why I really wanted to do it because We're pretty calm, is more than what the other clubs are paying sure I was paying no less than twenty five bucks a spot from twenty five to one hundred and fifty or so the woman person got twenty five unless I was when the showcase and then the first second third. Fourth by average me. From thirty two slash forty five thousand two hundred dollars pending. What was, I bet, you're making good money then. Well, yes, but Alright,
I am breaking even though going in array because number one identical to pay the staff taxes are, as I had the staff I brought my own hostesses in. I brought one security in because man YO, there was guys comes out in those I've come to recognise and guns. until we got in all this offers. A group secure hey there who was searching on the right with the name of that guy, the big guy I'll, be sure he was security, but then we had to get some professional cops. Oh yeah, we to get a metal detector, a real women, Hennessy bottles their own. The lives of goods at anything about it. she had a thing, goes back to the car with a gun, yeah big and asked what would happen if they were there. Brass knuckles and thing about it was a blessing. At the same time was I to some old cassette? What my set at talked a lot of shit, rational,
going. Bang is here that I don't know was packet and I'd like to what was I thinking and security when we did the documentary there was like man with a lot of nice. we had to save us that you don't know about, because this guy's ready to fuck you up and Russia are rare and you're just doing it. Just like Kevin St Louis Guinea, Kim St Louis area, I dunno, if I was as dumb fearless or dumb here, so why you just doing the job like and everyone's get no f and they pray God who have to but A fine line between then like who the fuck this kid. That's what shack in and Snoopy STAR was said. We may you fuck a fearless you don't you for who it is celebrity gang. Bang you don't care, as it may a a state as miles that is my damn house that that was really interesting to. I gave that whole Bernie MAC story I didn't know and like Bernie MAC is, is a great example of a comic that was like all black shit and
and when he broke nationally on his own show, no white person knew who that guy right well, they tried give birth, Bernie, pilots and stuff. But the word was they had trouble understanding him. We had cadence every very unique I dunno where it came from. Well, you know what it is funny. You say that, because I read it I read. I did read an article years ago about how Chris Rock and Earthquake Bernie Mack T. Hey Kirkland and those guys like, oh, of Kennison Exemplars Richard Richard Stay, or they follow that they did. They study preacher, improving, sounded, Katyn, they have this Kane. Would I like it matters you and make you give up, if money in Georgia so committed the study that they have Kay more come from and about how their obermeyer than his speeches we know and you just lucky hypnotize as you and your life work of our vote for you and your Bernie grew up with a blank cheque.
whoa whoa whoa whoa, then they will ordinarily ammonia and you just get hypnotized and you're laughing or giving up your money tied or you've given up some airs, because you appeal in your home, so you go when you've got decades, I get to gab, it is magical SAM Kynaston, who, like you said, wasn't sure yeah yeah yeah. So we had that cadence that This is a different one, as that's the has a different way. Agree: White back right, replied, erector, hundreds, if not is poetic. It does the same rather than other Nellie sing. Songs, wraps it out and has a year is another thing right now. I guess but I like that discussion of bombing about, like you, know that either he was born out of a moment on deaf live here like the of somebody bombing bad volume year, and it just say because, like he knew by from upstairs who is it? Bellamy restart your about a year? They, like you, knew that, like a man walking into that, he will we, the student Doc
and Reggie Helen no great director is is asking you to ask all the questions and then, when he's done, Terrorism is a guy. You got anything How do we cover everything and our member bill? Let me tell him that story on a radio station when Bernie MAC die, so I said, Well done? They went when when Reggie was done, asking all the questions as a guy you gotta thing. I said a bill tell the tale, I'll, get you motherfucker stories, a Bernie MAC, yet and he was the emperor and Bill Bellamy was I oh? Oh, oh, oh, let me tell you let me anyone to that story. Man and great Reggie and Byron Zoo, producers and directors like was just like what the hence so those moments. I'm glad we had a director that that listened,
but then you are able to to talk to a bunch of other dudes that have watched it. Yeah, oh yeah, and it was like yeah the way they waited the way the team edit. This was this magic and all these black comics who were watching it when they were kids with arrow yeah, they were like they remember, yeah yeah. I remember. Very clear man and- and it's funny, because that wasn't that death come. it jumped to you too. You don't know what way he was on the subject empty for me to hear me. He and kid Capri yet already developed. You know give her right there on the idea that was our, but the dice game of August part was was, was fresh, zebra be able to kick it. The idea was so their desires and mass liar dear in that happened that night yeah, that's love it. But who is on like who were the regulars, because you have a lot of the people in there. I don't know all their names that you two in the show not just there. You know the managers in the agents in the houses, but the comic set were regular life. What were
was what who are some of them, because I like I had no idea really about Chris Tucker's early act and he was weird weird man, yeah and, like you know like he is weird as a performer yeah, but like I, I going to go what oh yeah yeah, but he's not guy again, when I, a few years ago, I was working on that but It was a very quirky thing is what it is. Yeah yeah appears void, yeah, animation, yeah. You know that that story about him getting a third. What was that movie called fifth element- the fifth element over Tommy over me, over you yeah. He got fifth element over me. I got America Zx overtime of okay, that's how here, but but who are the regulars from the beginning? Man, Chris Tucker, yet Saturday retain area Melanie, Margo my guests,
Well, I didn't know her Lew now who now yeah now will come with you wherever she will come the tigers. He was in Oakland. Here I put her up here I mean those are some of the regulars who did it on a continual basis and credit Katt Williams I would draw buying income by this is new. Can I was a kid I was fifteen, so t man, He would go on it. They will. He was, was you know in San Diego and he was I volume up to rap yeah. You know open up the show. Then he got bit by the comedy bug and then bow. He just took off from there, and this like in also you know it goes into in the dock, that there was always sort of women around doing the shows. Wasn't wasn't alot, unfortunately, but there are no more negro come by Leslie Jones. She was a regular. I did notice and added that oh yeah, oh yeah,
he's really why of the sea, her yeah form. Yes, I interviewed her before she got us now and she was the intensity of that person. Man. Why? Member talking to Lizzie Domes and shoe? gonna, quit comedy is before she went to New York there, and she was I got just now is, does not working for me and I get look at any gay, exact, farther acting gigs and stuff like that now will I remember I was I in Hollywood, hills at the time, of cleaner, my garage and, as I listen you're funny, mere it you're you're you're you're gonna make it a stick to trust the process rise. I flogged issue endeavour and then one of her last performances. In L, a before she moved to York was at FAT Tuesdays. I have the recording she talks about about the mood in Moon York and then she York and plan you know yeah, she just started. You know working more and you-
I think more money in in New York doing stand up than you do in L a so she was able to survive yeah. I remember talking to my gaps. One time my guest was upset. He had. He was awesome at this. This club, club here, and he was a young man fuck this shit, how Well shit man. I book no movie roles, Rosa man for this should as it might, you funny distrust the process, since what they meant as a how long you been out here he's like three months. As I said fuck, are you kidding me you're three years three months, but then about sixty seven months later we were for say role in next Friday, we're an and I think it came down to him and I and ice, cube, asylum at fat area and eyes, you'd like him and and You liked him, and the president of the studios New Line Cinema like me, and the director liked me- and I think it came down to the cube and he got it.
And I and he killed it, and I was so happy for him. Like I told you well, you just target users, Britain, six seven months ago, now, look at you man, even though he beat me out. I didn't care if it meant for him. Ice cube seems ok, in the sky. Yeah he put a cool air corps, yeah yeah he's! No! No! He seems like a yeah he's a test. Oh yea, yea, yea yea did he come to the Shola, a lot yeah yeah, Cuba is a common air. All those guys as new was there on a regular here. You know the idea in the dock like watching him indifferently together, they should do a fuckin shit That's what everybody's been saying and and and and get such a kick out of red. That was a Reggie Headland thing towards the headland. Why I want to pair people up and he paired Snu, because if it is too young for any of this shit, she was trying to sneak a nigga back then, but you know and trying to get on stage, but she just wasn't ready, but she ready now and then she read it, but he gets such a kick
however its carrier Israel. So we had hoped that whole interview, ass news, smoke, smoke as smoke cigars and I was HIV in the context of the whole, this to the whole crew. We started his places. His campaign here has come from people owning their houses, anymore man. He had, and a kind of, but what s so smart? They have a compound. Where the thing was about his eyes. No is not as our oh okay, car Brown is where it is. corny story. I am you can watch videos area he can have. He has private commie shows area. He has seen you sleep every needs Georgia, but he has one Nellie has one: is they Louis? They do is so smart. We are too short, has what you got an hour later. You have to register in the run. Up to now you got shot everything we do you go to some area given away basic given away warehouses here you got it bill, Joel Shit here and you you,
and you can read aloud to other people and make money off of sure, yeah yeah he's smart and we knew Scott and as a club here yeah they still got a casino it is we don't wear? Maybe we shouldn't tell everybody I don't tell him it is, but a smart yeah, yeah yeah make so you do this and when you get is very urgent brown. It is my little company, we tell you where it is people, but this ain't got about yours now hard to find any, but in which right too, it's on the internet. I got to make sure his noobs compound right now for the air right and he's taking a dump. I can see a mozzarella right there and he's smoking. He is going to shit to say that. So, So you do this and everyone's getting breaks, you're, getting breaks, you're, doing movies, a lot of movies tv shows yeah and the tension with your brothers grow and yeah. That's happened right when you when I started, I think it. I think it start feeling
when I moved out movie I leave room for the first four year. After a while long time, yeah I was like two grown ass men only to live together Mir in unless they fucking know that they're a couple and we brothers and we like toggles. But Oh, I was just one of my own based on a model presidential rate it my own way. I wanted to be my oh man here and I think he like to have a net control, so when I moved out. I think that's when attention started gloves. I was like The enemy me work hard as I need the burden of having to pay bills. Rent So, let's go make me work hard, and so I needed. And I think that's what attention started there when I started working, I think attention got even yeah more weird, sometimes like with that kind of tension. Even when it's family just can't, you can't get can't let it go.
Yeah and- and I'm a and be honest with you, I'm a grudge holder, I'm still mad. The doctor slapped me as I was born and I hold grudges and but but but part of the grudge holding is part of my therapy, meaning that's my wall year, a way of keeping you from fucking me over again yeah, so I put it I hold. The grave along are met and lungs are mad at you. Can't vote will do you have a lot of people ground my images, my nickname is follow oh yeah, and how fall out with everybody, but only if I feel like you're, you you're coming for me or if you're you're, you're, You stabbed me in the back. Oh you have a hidden agenda. Right is a reasonable yeah as I as I yell, don't don't, because because the problem is you don't you can know most of those things, you can only assume them and then there is ugly head like I give people too many chances sometimes, and then
I find out, I'm like okay and I met. We may be friends again, but it'll never be the same, especially if it. If we, if we come to fisticuffs, oh yeah, oh yeah and Alana yeah, I punch a lot of my friends about how many are still your friends. Call man so who are you the guys too? So you still friends with now I'm cool, I'm good. Basically, and I'm just a fan. I may not like Cedric great everytime, I called Cedric. He asked meaning that when I was putting this putting the sizzle together air and I was putting it together before I would, when I was under the St Louis guy as a loser, he came and did an interview for me. We went to him to one of his sets and did an interview when I got with grandmother. Kelsey Grammer coming and we need to reshoot a I call he answered,
He's great you know, and then documentary came he was just like. So he's all just been like. I Your dog made me like Steve Harvey more. Steve, and stay as they stable ways. Man Savior, Let me I think people forget how funny was I mean but it is definitely forty eight, as any knows any reached great yeah, yeah or maize. It's a great story, teller too, in our spirit through the two of them Tonia about when black audience, I turn yeah. Oh yeah, the stages of life, The movement stand up when she went back in, the APOLLO years ago cuz. He said only says honest.
like I say we need to most and it's like: No, like I always say this and I said in the dark, but it wasn't the food, it wasn't the fog statement, but white people come to laugh. Black people cannot delay, a white person until days on, David, hey, have a good, though Bragelonne Brother, but you may be funny mother fuck me they take. As I brought my girl out, man, maybe Funding valley, depression, but if it makes you a stronger, better car and also like the idea that there is more honest or whatever it seems like. There's two ways to go that the black audience likes. If you can give them shit and do I would if viewers who acre, I love that ride, like that. Like honest shit like busting balls, is not necessarily honest old school rice, old school right cause and on the other side, that the honest shit or the or the bus rise. Irrespective you come at them, you know come back at yeah yeah. No! No! It is respect because grown up.
In black neighborhoods or On school bus going in the morning play it does is out of organs era. I was wrong yeah, I know, and you can do you know if people like hearing that the same joke every once in a while man, they do it when you get a man is this is Debra. Jo I've been trying to get out of my act here and when I don't do people get mad really, like you didn't, do the abs and back other China Retarded Joe and they like, I brought you know of an amazing thing: is they that bit? Am I what they did, the other one footage them got you sing and along to babies, key area Robin yeah like he'd. Do it every week when you need get a great catch phrase will you get a great way land, but you can write to all like animal Chris Rock tellin me one tiny hosted, division, at one time they did all star. Def jam celebrity hosts. He hosts the one time. There's a comedian named Chucky Ducky that went to a sucky ducky killed with this
demographic rag first sees me dear Braille. He can. next season. One filled he died and are literally backstage with Chris Rock, because I was a concert writer here on the show that season and Chris Rock says diabetes zone never get a hook. calling you hook go you got its grip, it has always get the with man it was fucking is, is, is, is Yoda, yeah, he's Israel and the elders he just thinking. He does the thinking yeah man yeah, putting it into perspective, but the bombing you who is in that yeah we'll keep you company in that in that particular one year, but you got something against that guy, but now you've got that go on for water hey here's the thing about, then I never roof any come of the
If I don't like you, I never see bomb when it happens is funny. Is too complex arm I've gotta give any meaning when it went position. Man, yours days, Barman and, An audience is limited. You like you, have your dig out in church, and sometimes you don't even know why, but you know what it is you can watch in that thing. I've me I haven't seen Jimmy where we still have our now here, but that's him Jack Anonymous Deaf jammer, just ass. I was especially look like it was a special to come and data is the matter like you see here, but you know, as a comic risen, comics like. I can hear why you know when you're up that you don't always know why, but you did you leave your body, it's all over. What it's like you do the outer bodies, men, because you know you just give up in there
During your voice. I can't get behind, isn't the eyes cells in your body, language, like you, said it's like a spirit, is outside your body that you will say like doom and your mouth gets dry cotton mouth. If you get to sweat the oldest sweat your booty hole, tightness, is there a bomb? Is how could you you trying to hold it together? So then the sweat comes. I hate that fucking taste, the back of your neck you're, like oh man, a bomb so bad one time in Vegas at the Riviera. One of those midday shows at two o'clock noon: Obama. so bad and it was areas, will away people are born, so bad ass. I could think of. I could think of my jokes, like all your jokes,
if they betray you after the first few few ones die you're like what am I going to they betrayed so then I was like. Why have nothing to do in a room full of white people say Mercedes, but I'm saying cause that's how bad bomb in his interview room full of white people. I couldn't think of anything to say I said well, let's talk about some. What's going on in the world, do something our common and do some of whom are who was there was like Is there really? Why would a guy you dig it out? bad! I was by the bombing by wanted Sutton this park. You know you Is anything that may make me hate yeah? Let me do an angry said. I'm going to have to hire to hate me right now. I was on a roll just comedian. One time doing this creative tour, who, back in in ninety five his name was Sean who shot saw mill, saw mill. this trade around you do two weeks they do his rooms. You ever in this area yes fucked up, because a feature who gives pays the less it aspires
if overrating the car and getting the headline driving around a Japan show as half hour forty five. Yes, yes, it is so sober. So we have been on a rover we can have around here now when in Atlanta we had this club that The can Bruce Bruce used to have antibiotic or Bruce Bruce hostess Club, and it was in a hood like a like hood, like they check for guns at the or like. If you don't have one, they would. Can you had it s? How the club goods problem- and it was a tough worsted apollo- mean tough, tough root beer so so it's on stage. routine, can we win Rover we can have have heard of or we can have no hits it is his opener. His meadow is closer. I know he's was do thirty minutes here right. And her- and he goes on stage the audience is not have been, they're the dead silence, so I see him shifting his cell around you know. You know your daughter for yoga. There are very good at we go that closer to get and I see them
given a shit around his supposed to thirty minutes. Is a machine miller. Dismal pocket did like twelve minutes Ngos are, my name, is Larry jars and good night. There is a real name. Am I oh shit, I'm next now I'm on stage and am some real cerebral jokes. I know this was not the crowd for some cerebral shit, hidden in a mouth and get the fuck out of state were so when all stays. I did all my low hanging, fruit, jokes and I got him diet and now about you know, maybe those forty five minutes. About fifteen twenty minutes and modern, low hanging fruit, jokes come like Fung, I'm not trying to go to cerebral shit, they to dig I'm trying to be too smart for the rare. So I I go I look in a certain direction. I go whoa Mama. and I just realtor off like five six there's a straight mama joke. And I get a good night. My boys, like man
about your mama. I said I know, there's an outage. I was out of fuck em material and I just had to do a gatling gun, a fuck, a Mamma jobs back the bag and not let the audience, breathe and say good night of only two and thirty minutes, Toto's the railroad. Have I write so I got our state and on an own was a man you he was killed and what you can say as they are, will Bruce. I demand a party actors and you know, Why do thirty minutes ago, but I was. I was out of the way, but this is not about this. I don't even do a comedy what three years I take the chance for jokes may not know.
No, you had to survive, survive man, then nobody say anything when my mama didn't look at a certain person. I just looked in the direction and made up. I made up a heck of an imaginary heckler matter, didn't matter. I got out of there alive with my dignity my pride as good, where he didn't know a letter to this thing on his way is not good it's fun watching people fall, oh my god, so almost because he's just like you can eat, because if you're watching he been doing it a long time meteorite and when you see it start you're like yeah right when it happens right here we go is directly vehicle. That is, that is that you hear the confidence to use. The computer starts to shrink real life reference though the fuck is suing right. Brand is just, as I usually start shrinking as data. Now now your jokes flee you
If betray you now you looking for Joe, you pick up the mic staying here somewhere, drink man, I run then you're. So what was your name waiting for right? What do you do for living, but black black comedians like me, get involved, that beautiful black women it trying to get anything grass to keep you the die death of desert thousand people got to struggle You may be right now: you re use on a related area, any type of of sound. They have just said. book of like ten years appointment like not can yeah. This is a that's. Why, too, though, at fat Tuesday's year, I made sure put the line at the line up. It was important, not just put any comecon stay here, but putting the right line up together. I have taught
a friend of mine who moved out of St Louis, how the book, how the book the room with a terrace Reynolds and he wasn't a stand up, but he's moved out here and I and what we did where we put all the comics name on a page, write everything we could think of. Yeah that was in L, a and ones that came to L A frequently and then we put in by one through four right. and one being open, Do you know Well, a good thirty has a good closer. Was it four or five people on the show? I put four or five we had five. Well, I people- I just said tricks here here. You know you, Japan of Egypt, areas right those with special ppm brother. Those especial come here Bill Bellamy, but but one four was a a good opener. Second, third, Miller and whose closure, so what we did was fair ones doing the same time, no, no some are doing, seven men doing ten or drink. That's twenty big sets twenty yes, one who wanted? Thirty do thirty
so there is an element of the frigate. Always great cat wheels would do you know twenty wherever Kevin Kevin Heart would drive through. He was a regular What we did was we numbered them, and what I did was it combinations? So you can. and have four ones on can have a. one and three choose them, so you can have a one, a three and a four and maybe or maybe two ones or maybe tutus four, so those combinations will work for almost a full mobile. I don't care for her where, if there's no foreign town, this use it for That is our aim, so you haven't, you asked for otherwise you put two trees I ran out and in the end, then also put their ratings farther Energy David. You don't want airy spears and a problem for us is gonna same show. They both impressions right. What two guys euro rises on exhaust the people's? Actually, so you want somebody who's, does that who does too much political stuff you want to mix, so I put that well together? So I can give it to you know my guy was booking it, so you can book a shot every once in somebody's going to bomb.
no matter what a, but at least you have a show here where you have a wholesale, at least at least three out of four of funny. I have for now going to bomb or thrill that chance of of of everybody Obama is is is is is not going to happen and I thought it was kind of wild. Like did you have that of shit in the bag before he died? Yeah it's crazier, but that was like that was kind of great that he was like that whole moment of his own up to what the White Guy yeah, we had a little bit of a little section of the two or three white guy, one guy and even Reg. I didn't know who that guy was. He was where we are by somebody, oh undesired John was on a sound, was Phyllis were clearly. He was is he will go up in front when the first time two blockers should cane for Tuesday's, isn't a belly room, small as room and before work is chauvinism, came a lotta com is one to go up right. When death row showed up, allow black comics
scared and want to go up. A really honest was one few that was should I go up? Why do the yeah yeah old? Jon Benet same age is over labour. Ninety is what happened to that guy he's still around to those standards to work in so he's not afraid to Shug he's going to go out. He wasn't going to give up yet Billy Gardell is another one. Oh yeah that him in a he's. from Pittsburgh, but he didn't see this stand up and got right, but he these run preserver we are pirates, I'm a cardinal fan baseball so we go back? before when a blaze of cardiology way another one minimum inasmuch as the common vat and ninety seven- and I are you pretty fucking funny man I know a way You ever come a complain. My night commissars Gulf at Tuesdays and then
He will come become a garment town where you got a spot for me. I got him so I interviewed him for the sizzle and I I really wish I could have got him in this and in the doctor here, but he goes man when you told me that our yeah okay, because he said so many times that told me that I get to lay and then return my call so you'd, only one who pick up the phone and an and and Gimme spot is in what you paid me was just I have to put some gas in my car. Buy me a beer and some food in my belly, I appreciated the air and I was like why couldn't you just? I just never knew how I was how that night was affecting people arriving me, but how many white people can play it he didn't. They well here dies Did it once I'm in a second time again aid it Polly will come in here and do it has Gary Owen, we'll come and do stronger, but would would do really well there s.
the Bob Saget, those who just love the saggy thing, because it was he he was before anyone knew his up right. So all these black people were like okay yeah. So what do we yeah? They look they're like okay, whatever, but they gave him the benefit of the doubt because they were so surprised right like. Why is this guy here right right, then he just does shit right and they're, like oh yeah, isn't that now was rabbit, was a it's. My main, don't know the name other than that. My man, that's funny. When they'll know your name, that's my main yeah yeah, yeah yeah, someone in New York is walking. Does then why do walking? The other way looks. Make me you look like mark expensive
This means that I said I was tired of it as it like a user was today you heard the date of a good. Do that? Lebanon luck! So when you, when he quitted it just felt like it, was done two thousand five. You know what there's a dead, a couple of things that made me stop in what I say it in a dark. I was married at road recently. Married- has a job very well done, I was doing radio in St Louis from LA and When did you do the tour with the original kings kings? Guy was ninety eight okay I was so that was in the middle of the ninety eight and your house in that they pity receive Harvey burn. insurgent cetera and you're the MC right. I was more at the prince of the kings of Columbia. Yeah there, the I was five years in the game. Those guys are already seed sure. But how long did you? How many of those shows you do fifty two of all, so what we did with the idea of it? great and I left
a national BT, terrible terrorist Mally BT, the night here and now of leaving because I want to become what a comedian! I was a comic where n is the den between a comic and a comedian or comic says funny things a comedian make things funny here and I saw these guys go out to every night and and and and and and just Turkey's audiences up and I heard these jokes every night, but I laugh every time because you bought into the story. and do the energy. You know- and I want to be that guy. I wanted to be that type of comedian, so I left it also end up getting a tv show to spare me ten times more to editorial. Yeah did a show on european car of the Strip player, Vegas police officer, I mean were detected private. How on earth I may have such we did not vote in ever sold until as a producer, Joel Silver, caused out. EL the network. That other there's a good. So
when he, when he ended fat, Tuesday or just had other response buildings, you didn't like everyone of it ass it down. You don't wanna padded deposited. What happened was when I ended it. Another guy came other guys want to come in and take it over with They know of guys now involved right. When I went with when I got going to do here. So the two guys car me and means me back bag is a man it comes as I'm going to do without you invited- and I said, dude, I'm done too much responsibility, but I said I know how important this room is to black comics. Since I tell you what I'll call them and tell them I am involved, but I'm not going to be involved yeah. So I lie yeah, because I needed I, I black comics needed that, but I think, but also what you pointed out and the dictatorship and on tuesdays after that trip on Tuesday here. But what what what you pointed out in the dark that, because of our tuesdays you're a became the thing across the country, air in Colombia
it was a black knight in all the big city right, but the closet teased. we still have a nigger nightly accorded here and and was a sum of money was making the improv started? I remember, writes Ray when way before the sky named Zuma for a zoo Miller, who's actually one to have a cat Williams right now, but they started over it. On Monday It's a damn brought me here and then put you in a Whittington. Came from the EAST coast and want to start his eight, and we want to interview him to we didn't get around to it, but he said he came to LA and want to do a comedy night. Asking the people who got the hottest black knight. and they say Bay was done fat, Tuesday, fat Tuesday. So we came and he studied it, he said a man study, daddy fatuously. Somehow somehow you ran it to the up to to the energy and then went to laugh factory and he had he car Chris Spencer and the host a room and ass. Our Czech was Sundays, dad she Spencer,
The doctor lately yeah. I know right he's a cowardly da. Is it fair to say, Professor Spencer's yeah he's a very, very smart, great great great guy, smart ITALY is funny his very funny. So And so since then, so after two thousand and five you just what you did, the family thing did the radio and so on. Until I was still enrolled amongst themselves, I was so acting yeah, so I was, I was as being pulled in every different direction area and I was there you know, but I was heartbroken too, because there was there. There was an polish, the latter had our sugar mining the store here, and I was a hard broken when they showed the Marquis here in a blurred out Tori. In full Tuesday and said that it was again. Mcknight
like an hour. I was hurrying Allah hour and I said you know what I'm goin on here. You know you're gonna Risa Gout, and you know that. But what is it? it was what it was interesting, though ever grateful to the car, Mr I a in other comedies there's a weird place and there is nothing like it. Nothing like it. That's what makes it good rate is good and evil all happens in there. Every night before I was a camera store, when it was zero, gotta have yeah. I heard I mean what you get to see a ghost stories the place carrying a lot of shit man, what yeah? What before I did the documentary the everyday. I was sage the place. As where could I wanna get energy for the documentary may for fat tuesdays? And I Every moment before production I walked in every room and sage, says the whole. It's so funny because, like I was deep in the even that place, you know in in my brain when I was on Coker back when I was a kid and like it, it feels
There are fears, ok, they're, right yeah. It does because I say so yeah every fucking day for mother in placement. Well, somebody like you, I think when Peter took control the thing and got real managers in there real security. I started doing a great job that he's the bathroom retirement did yeah man, it's like all of a sudden. This was it but honoring the face. Yo It feels like the negative ghosts. They'd left see why? But it's good is good energy it's better energy yeah yeah Life is how to get people to. There are important energies, it's true enough face yeah that whole the ending where you know all those people from that Tuesdays. You want a representation on that war and you did a little presentation revealed. You know that debt Peter Day signed off on and he did mare and he was he was respectful to the the process he respectful to the legend, the legend of the wall, but also respectful to do
at Tuesday's being important, commies to comedians, being important to fat, Tuesday and and and putting those Damon Walker? Some of those guys. You know earned it you know who passed away since didn't, get a chance to see the doc, but he as the way and He was past as a regular, but miss you want them to change his name to whip, see Willie and he was right now and his name never gown wall and he was someone that should have been on at war along some time ago re anything about. It was an Marshall Warfield name either was on Wally got covered up, but it wasn't. Gonna Warsaw See got any, are there to be our own world two. That was, she got up there again. Yet a new crew yeah definitely up there. Sometimes things get. They move shit around. I dunno who was behind the sign or something I dunno, but I I I I go a scale that warm it I'd, sculpture
out Minnesota than never never saw but D militant. All of that emotional It it was even emotional, went on and he was I met, I got a star on the Hollywood walk of fame, but I don't have my name on the wall and he used to kill fat Tuesday. But the thing about it is the military. When I told him here, he got super emotional and, and I think, now in hindsight, I think who use dine dying at the time and to have a name on a wall. He got Most of it is a while in a desk and say that, finally, here you know. I don't have a star on Hollywood, walk of fame. He has great book. she's written on black comedy history, black comedy at the have a name on the before he passed away. I think really meant something else. I've seen it was beautiful way in cause. We understandable. I get such a position the crew. Rather we comedy storekeeper. I didn't know what the fuck that right
people just look at the work. I thought that I ran on our right, where my fucking name right, we'll mandates great dark and was great story, and I learned a Latin and I feel I feel good. We know all that history because I didn't have it and I'm a guy that you know, lives and breathes the store. Really man, a that's, a great placement, yeah yeah, that's that's the I had one in in the early version of the dock of my sizzle it'll be, will call time is still the MECCA comedy. I had a photoshop of of of of of of People praying on her knees are rare in the cameras during the background on the funny thing is: is that for years he couldn't get industry to go in there playing right yeah I mean when I was there and that you know after you know that when that dark period happened by the way, I'm not fucking going there, that place is creepy. Bring Kennison rain that place. Wasn't dirt
the man. It was funny too, as there's a part in fat Tuesday, when shook night was coming on a regular year industry. Some industry got scared and they wouldn't come because they heard sugars every week, so it was like damn. This is when you know ninety from the nineties when people schedule rather than asking him now, but he is locked up or they're. So If I remember I can get such a kick out of that, you remember when cat waves losing his shit on state yeah and there's some. There was a if someone's phone video coming out yourself, evacuate his phone video yeah, hey an individual tape and you know a cat losing it then, and then she comes out of the station. All you hear is the organization that is one show I think when managing capital, but it was just like that. She'd give a shit about what was going on that. No, I love it good talking to you. This has been great man. Make sure you that my website guy to me. I g! U Y Y L, I v dot com
follow me on Instagram and twitter. At Guy Torry G Y Guitar, ass? Ok, once again, the three far Doc, you series that tuesdays the error of hip hop comedies now streaming on Amazon, prime video. That was great I was fun to talk to Guy Old School comic talk, here's some good you. The try played right before the guitar you about to hear was actually better just saying what are you there's no way you can know no way.
our lives monkey in the Fonda CAT angels everywhere, or.
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