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Episode 1320 - Zazie Beetz

2022-04-07 | 🔗

Zazie Beetz and Marc were in three things together - Joker, the Netflix series Easy, and the new animated film The Bad Guys - but they’re only now meeting each other for real. That makes for a good opportunity to interrogate their respective anxiety issues and compare their coping strategies. Zazie and Marc also talk about her German heritage, why she’s not an LA person, and how she sees her work on Atlanta as being part of an overall reflection of Donald Glover’s real life story. 

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Hey folks I'll, be in Tarrytown New York next week at the Tarrytown Music Hall on Thursday April fourteenth profit it's Rhode, island, the Columbus theatre Friday April Fifteenth Boston at Wilbur for to show Saturday April sixteenth and one main at the State Theatre, Sunday April. Seventeenth, then, at the Moon Tower Comedy Festival in Austin Texas, on Friday April. Twenty second and I've got upcoming shows in Madison, Milwaukee, Chicago Minneapolis and more go to WTF pod at com, slash, tour for ticket links and other info dig it. Let's do the show all right. Let's do this. How are you what the fuckers, what the fuck buddies, what the FUCK nix yeah, what the fuck stirs what's happening I MARC Maron. This is my podcast. How are you have I
Did you have I not then recently is everything. Okay, are you hold up all right. How's your how's, your hand, how's your knee the thing on your head? You get the did you get that thing on your leg removed, how'd it go did it turn out to be as it did, too much salt we're we're? How can you fix that I dunno these are big problems, how's the cake. What how your cake, how's your dog cat, fish, lizard snake house the cake house the cake or he was enemy on an to? this correctly a few times. I believe today, I'm talking Zazie, Beetz. Okay, Zazie Beetz. She plays Van I'm glad to have you watch anew and want to talk to. About it, but I always sort of like again old guiding it. I'm doing. I'm dunes of some serious old gang lately Both in my mind in my heart in my body,
and how I see myself in the world old gang yeah, climatic. Maybe I can pull out of it. Cuz I'd like to go the other way, but listen Zazie, Beetz, play van on and yeah I've been in three things with her But I've never met her before that it before recently that for the bad guys press did easy. She's in three episodes is as well three episodes we're, Joker together, and we did the bad guys and his first time I I met. I've met her not right here, but I mean for the bad guy. It's just interesting, beats. I don't, I think, she's got one those names that she doesn't bother to correct people on anymore when they fuck it up by listen to her say it. I think I said it correctly, or maybe I just say it incorrectly like nine times, but let me too we talk about the the seller. I know a fairly is character in the podcast history, Jeff all Rick
Do you listen to any podcast regularly don't realize it Jeff. So Rick is somewhat responsible. You might know that that name, if you're a long time, your wolf listener or if you just know the hiss, three of podcasting, because Jeff started. the air network and that coming He became a model for the whole podcast industry. The way pockets make money and get distributed now that that's all because of Jeff in a way now Jeff starting a new company and when he told us about it without will basically we thought it would be good thing to let you know about it as well. It's called dove orchids and the company, that is a one hundred percent owned and operated by autistic people with the mission to improve artistic representation everywhere. Jeff is autistic, we want to start a company with artistic people that will work with other companies on how to better engage their artistic employees and customers. Every company can be
and if it from the diverse thinking and skills artistic people bring to the table and if you're, a parent or a caretaker of an autistic person they want to hear from you too Jeff wrote a, Did he imposed about being artistic and starting a new business that you can find a dove orchids. Dot com go check it. If you're part of a business that wants to reduce stigma, might increase opportunities for autistic people or just check it out, if you're interested in learning more about Neuro diversity and artistic acceptance, that's dove orchids dot com so the old gang continues. I I don't No, I don't I'm just. I can't tell If I am actually out of the loop, if there is a whoop, if I am the loop, am I the loop? Am I am my loop? I think I do feel like I have my fingers. on the pulse of something, but not most things. I him to miss just about everything until somebody says you should watch that, but I don't, if that's unlike anybody else,
very single pulse to have your finger on other than the demise of in civilization, the planet, earth and the human species I feel like am innately and and emphatically on the pulse of that, but because I can see my own light at the end of the tunnel. I don't if it if it's relative to at just that, because I'm old and and I know it's coming and after reckon with that on a daily basis, I guess not everyone. Does not sick, but I think about it. I think about these things but I don't know I don't know. If I don't understand things, I don't know what the crypto is. But in any other thing the the em. What are they called and if tease I kinda get it done need to know, that's the other thing. I'm old do I need to know how do you not know this? I don't know. Maybe I only have so much space right now. Maybe I don't want to load up the drive with more crap. I have to fucking really do I've really got to upload some of this shit or
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Ferko W Wtf to save ten percent off your first purchase of a what site or domain that squarespace dot com, slash, WTF and code WTF I don't I was talking to my mother, I talking to my father. Talk to him both within an hour of each other, my dad this is hanging in. He seems to our new to know. Basically, what's up, he knows. I find it necessary now to go. Hey dad. It's mark mark, it's mark, your son hi dad it's mark, he did make reference to. I have to I've talked to him about things and and it's it's kind of fun you talk to him about things now in the state that is in were so. things are just. You know to talk about hard drive. That's sir So are we deleting itself but he knows, I'm kind of half looking for a place. Maybe I get Place New Mexico and he's like what for to save your money. Unlike for what
he's like you know, you did so you know you just know you have it just shave it you know, I'm like then what happens to these like? I did give it your family, the grand grandkids and I wrong, son, wrong son, Sir, but they talk to my mom and she's holding up, but I don't know you know you talk to your folks and for in the debate the both alive. So I can be part of this process the the undoing, but I just don't know I don't like. I do not know why I work so fucking hard. I do know. I do not know why I just drive myself into exhaustion. You would think that you know with my I said it doesn't seem that complicated, I'm fucking busy as fuck and at the end of the day I don't know why have I realize I sit down at the end of the day, not unlike many people and I'm like what What was that? How on a go was this morning, Jesus Christ that was fun came crazy. People like yeah, it's good to be busy. Is it good to be busy? I've got
If the way I gotta meditate, I got a slow it down. I gotta ease up on the coffee, decent drinking, a cord of coffee. Much cause I'm drinking over a accord of coffee a day. Usually before noon? And I feel queasy. india dehydrated and my skin itches even gets that's a coffee, You think I should just give that up. Where's the joy then where's the joy without the coffee and I've been around this fuckin cycle so many times in my goddamn life, the insecure dirty stuff is starting to bother me, nor billowy and insecurity of aging again, not that old, fifty eight based art to feel it. I start to feel it I kind of get I'm dreaming heavily to lot of dreams to the point where it's sort of like wake up and you're like wow, that's disappointing, listen to me! Listen, I'm! Not! totally losing it, but some people are here's something. You probably think you. You know enough about stress, I'm a stress extra I'm stressed, but did you
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calm, Swash, WTF E. F, that's bt are eighty lp dot com, so are you t, f stress that my dear That might be it for me. I don't know I don't know but the the sort of strange insecurity that's happening and we I've been doing the material I've been doing now. Since we could start. Doing material out of ab relative to coming out of the brief in coming out of the pandemic and any others like an hour and have stuff. I got a tightening up of being hard and myself. I'm playing guitar I will I played it last night. I don't know how it went on my own Jimmy Vinos, not with me, I'm doing a trio, but there is one give me the things like: okay, I'm having a good time. Okay, happy that you know I'm bucket listing the sing, but there's I put who who really wants to hear this. Do we need another old guy playing guitar with his friends? Do we in public can't isn't that some I can keep to myself and what I do it if I was going to keep it to myself. Probably not I don't know. I know that all the tapping,
in May is not bad that if this- of insecurity or lack of confidence is just some sort of unavoidable vulnerability. I can probably work from. There probably should that's. The pressing thing I think that's happening is that Look at a lot of you know me, and I do have a I have a away, I act in public. I do think I have a way I act here. It's not without it it's not without showing this, but something else, happening, there's some part of Maya. Weird ass vulnerability, that's kind of old. a sense that it's been down there, while I think my my want to come out. And and and and play and I don't really know what that looks like, but I feel it there, it is like you know how many, how many, arcs. Are there inside me, let's find out what's count them wets count the money
since I me out That goes. Zazie Beetz is here, but she was here season three of Atlanta is on Thursday nights on fx and streaming on Hulu. the bad guys comes out in theaters April. Twenty second, I've been watching and- and I gotta be honest with you when you watch it or when I watch it, then this is where all the old Manning's conversation started was. I am I get my missing. Something is just too trying too hard, is it two already but like it is sort of conceptual and poetic filmmaking but I got to be honest with you that third episode, the one that was just on last week, it's fucking with me it's it can be think about a lot of things from a black perspective, in a way that was sort of a roundabout way. It was nonverbal eyes, it was
sport poetically and an thus he was great on that episode. Ah, as they are, but it's really starting to twist my brain, a bit he keeps coming back in my brain. That's a thing! that show, and it's not because of a joke is not because of a line. It's because you're like what the fuck is up with that, and that's not bad. If I could make a show that had more of that, what the fuck is up with that I'd be happy, anyways? This is me talking to, I see beats
the nice to see you too nice to see. So I know I can't believe we've been in free things and we never met before, but that's the way show business works yeah. It is odd. I've also done things with friends of mine who I'd never see ever met that were all you know. We do press together, yeah and that's when see each other. So like What's the deal, wait, wait, your you! Don't you do? pier you have any or alley I live in. Do you hate coming here hate? It the strong word do. I enjoy spending extended time here. No, no a week is good. A week in January is great yeah more than that, I'm really: what is it? Is it just I'll show business? Don't you have friends here? Can I do have friends here say: that's the highlights, but I
say I I find the sunshine a bit it's a lot and if realized I just connect to walking cities, so Then you know this trip I decided because uber is take so long to get to you as like. If it's, if it's under a mile and a half I'll just walk there, but then half the time I'm like walking on the side of a highway like this is terrible. Everybody tries out when they come to L a it's, not that far I'll walk but they're just feel weird feel just and kind of like? Is this lie? he goes. Yeah should be here. Why is there anyone else walking, there's nothing to look at there's weird shit, gutters yeah, and so that is it, earned through me and then otherwise than your drive. Well,
I got my license three years ago, because I kept coming to allay- and I was like I'm tired of being Carson sitting in the back those your cursor me too, and so I would associate my like weeks here of Europe being nauseous. The entire team up here I will say, food is great here near food is really don't you get noxious and calves, I care fuckin standing idly. I mean, I take a train that I take the train. I wanted this to everyone's I've gotten into calves in New York and so worried yeah. It start and stop a gag nauseous his wise in times. Also her then train, nor do I believe that very negative way audience upsides. Irony positive, yeah, you know it's twenty twenty to live near leg, wage it up at way has some grades
he beaches. Sure, oh yeah, have you gone to the beach since you've been here not this time, but I have been there you're a beach person. I like the beach. I like the sea, the ocean water does a lot of healing spirit. Doesn't it physically? Can you be on a boat? Can you be on a ship, and you know I haven't spent much x much time. I can't stand it get nauseous. You get nauseous in a car man, I'll swim in the sea. It's nice just go in a little bit. Yeah take it. In so what I watch them, I watch I would ask okay I glad I hope you don't hate watch it now. I don't hate watching good, I'm just a guy trying to understand things yeah. Of course. We all. Do you understand it? I do, and sometimes I don't is that true,
Like I watched the first one yeah and you're, not in that one was sort of a mini horror movie watch this one. I did watch it the Amsterdam one yeah yeah. I watch that one good. He kind of come into a situation yeah and you're kind of there and everyone's kind of there and you're like. Why are they all there? It's not real, clear yeah. You know, I know that he's there to perform and and Donald Donald's, to manage and then you're just there and there, but because of the way chart, I'm working deeper meaning. Ah, I think deeper, meaning of course has to be what the hell was, that a guide to pocket. Well, I think that that's reflections on death in transition and letting go and non forward on my opinion and in terms of your vans arcs appear. So my reason will continue to reveal itself and you know doesn't matter. I think we're all just exist.
In the same way, we do everyday thoughts of oil. What is the process of shooting that you get full scripts that are like to the I mean I have to assume that all of that stuff is pretty on the paper. He asked ripping when it comes to that not when it comes to killing to pop but there's definitely like If then, Amsterdam in general, I mean somebody had to sit down and decide that starting to sound like we left the second season- and everyone was heading to Amsterdam know it was that it was a last episode- is all of them going on a plane to tour in Europe. But then there's like a problem when you had to wait three years or more for you, but it's it doesn't pick up directly off of that experience. There's like an assumption that time has passed and Paperboy or Alfred has become more famous right and in the same way Donald has the sort of the whole show really is in my
opinion Donald's life and yeah his experience emotionally and sang logically, and also literally so I think, a lot of a the very absurd, happenings in the show they are real events that happened to him yeah I always forget that he's a musical act big, but he He is here is a gifted gentlemen that guy he's he s a gentleman any is dead. They definitely know a lot of the Like Europe. Tourist stuff comes from his own sort of x.
and when you start like working with their guy Emmi? How did that have that start? Did you know him before not at all? It was just a standard audition really. I had been when I booked the pilot for land here I had been signed with my agent fur like eight months, and it was my fault. It was my fourth project yeah. So you know the first project I kind of like was an indeed basically allow lost money on that here. Second, when I was a day player on this movie, the third one, actually it was a movie was going for. Like three weeks I had to quit my job yeah job which movie it's called wolves have echo didn't. You went well have played like high school girl friend of her, but I assumed I will just go back to work after While I was shooting wolves, I booked the pilot for Lana and that bought me.
no more time and then the pilot got picked up and that bought me the rest of my life. Yeah of very quick like and sell ball? Do you think that was it? That was the changer that broke you absolutely that completely changed my life they got joker after that. I daddy's first, Deadpool and easy and joke. I mean everything else, Do I do uneasy. I did jihad. He did Joe just come, find you yeah and Joe. Have you Why not he lie wonder. What's up with that guy, do you like talk to him right now? I don't king stuff in Chicago yeah. That's what he does. He makes stuff in Chicago. That was that's always nice about easy. Honestly, it was. It really did feel like friends,
making stuff, almost like a haulage like burger to do or thesis movie for theatre class and a real improv shit yeah. That was the best part of that thing. That was the best part. He knows how to cut that stuff, because how easy do you feel comfortable doing it? Oh yeah, I don't mind it's great wait are you always I like. I always wonder how is he he's gotta put that in together in his head and you kind of evolving the story as it goes, he can just you can just gotta trust. He knows what he's doing yeah and it doesn't feel like it. no, but that's what makes it all in some ways, also very approachable and invaded it fun, because I think if he was too like auteur, intimidating I'm trying to remember yours. You were with that guy right and I yeah yeah yeah. Yes, so I mean our story line.
If you do any more just the one. I did all three yeah me too. We must be like there's only a few of us that did every season. Well, yeah. I guess we're suckers. Now it's cool I like going to Chicago yeah, I love Chicago. I know I never I get in recent years. I've been like this is a real city. It's a real place where real thing suddenly. Recently, Well I mean I would go there. You know and do comedy but like to spend a week or two there. You like there's some cities where you like. You can't get a sense of the identity of the place and it doesn't feel is not cohesive experience to me, but over time you start to realize
there's real Chicago stuff, yeah and there's real Chicago people and there's a personality dug deep, and you know it's a it's charming and greedy and weird yeah. I rarely liked Chicago like Chicago smokes and eats things that shouldn't they have great food there, and I like that. It feels like this like northern city, and I don't think it's trying to be anything else, nope I like some. Places on my gear are trying to be New York or you're. Trying to you know whatever, and I feel like Chicago is very proudly Chicago. Where did you come from New York? Really yeah It's my bias as well. Here he grew up there, the whole time yeah. I was born in Berlin because I'm half german, so I was, I was who's german, my dad
as is he still around yes, where she lives. He lives in Jersey now and jerseys in German, in Jersey, a German in Jersey. Yes and like do you have family in Germany yeah, I do his whole family and you go there yeah now, so you speak German yeah. What part of Germany he's from Berlin, yes, Germany actual her up by and so his parents are in Berlin. I have a cousin in Berlin and then the rest of the family is sprinkled throughout the country. Do you have brothers and sisters? I have one half, brother Justin he's fifteen who's, half my mom, oh, and that was after you, Yeah he's. Ok, I got an idea, so he my parents, divorce or no five and then my mom got remarried good guy, who, yes, very good guy, seems to have worked out it did work out and I'm so glad I have a sibling now I was very resentful about the fact that I didn't really yeah
in Germany. I have no sense of Germany. Have you ever been. No, I know you should go. I know religion is really great. Is it still it's very and I ever international city, I think his changing the coming court, perhaps church or like a big city like I feel, like that's happening to London and Paris and New York- and I want you wonder- names like so many cranes building, so many buildings yeah like just condos what area intramural to the air, the fuckers weaving and all those buildings? I think no, its net weird, I mean I've got lived in New York for years and I go back there and I see that all these buildings and no one can afford the live there. So what is it they're? Just ig monuments to invested money? I think
yeah, I don't know how they're making money off of it. Yeah. I don't get it. I think it's a lot of foreign investor oligarchs, yeah, hiding their money, the buildings we have to deal with yeah, but you have a relationship with Germany. I do absolutely so I used to go and yes, It's born there and then I went to I went to preschool there. So I lived there when I read German. Obviously I speak German, that's a rough one which yeah, actually. Well, the grammar is rough, one of the sound of its roof. The sound of it is actually quite similar to English, maybe not the sounded in their own accession. There I beg hand, hunt Hugh shoe right. Ok, so that to say agate, yeah okay, I get it they're called Nate's, but in the grammar, just sort of like destroy
as any sort of your river semblance of relationship between german and english grammars cut quite complicated here that you got a second nature right. It did yeah La Holly, so you go back in the area of grandparents there. I do yes, so I was crazy does not really, but to me it is, I guess, I'm just weird about Germany, I think I mean maybe as he should be, but I would go back yeah every summer. You know essentially, instead of like summer camp, my parents would just send me to Germany, and so I'd spend my like two months, with them. So I had a lot of alone time with them and my family. Besides my dad and nobody in my family speaks English, so Oh in Germany, S full German and I have a very close relationship with them and I love them very Much easier you got to do a german movie, I do I am trying, but did watch Fassbinder movies, yeah,
oh, my god, yeah too bad he's not around your weird fucked up, I mean there's a yeah there's a few filmmakers. I would love to do stuff with, but I think that would be amazing at this point in your career, as you're getting known in America to just you know, do a full on fuckin german movie. I think I would love to How is that not happening? Could we get a call? Have you looked at scripts in German? a full German. I get a lot of or not a lot, but I get some like she's she's, maybe or they work in sometimes my like german ness or they find it. Intriguing and yeah. and then it like. conveniently works with the story, but I haven't done like a fool, just full german everything. I would love to have be grave, but I I guess I don't really know german casting peep, while men directors. Even I mean not personally, I haven't I dunno if I've seen and I've a few,
temporary german release. Ain't Toni Erdmann I didn't think so. Good is that about that woman and the Father yeah yeah yeah. Oh my god. I would love to work with Mohannad as that director, like you, two and a half hour long movie, but it's real yeah, it's a giant yeah! It's great. I remember watching that was at the film forum for a long time, probably yeah yeah that and then also I dunno, what it's called in. I think it's the white ribbon in English. If I'm not mistaken, that's Hanukkah here from a mistake, and that was really good outside turn of this. century black and white? It's it was made. It's a modern film. It takes place turn of the century. It's black and white story about this. Like the ledge and all these terrible things- in the village of years trying to figure out who is doing it, and it is a kind of a lot from the
point of view of the children and then this like teach it's very interesting. The white ribbon. I think, as german director yeah yeah yet again get one. I'm just there about it. I just want to see you speak German at length, it'd, be like wow, it's real yeah people don't usually believe it until they don't have any action of any kind, no huh and that's just normal, I don't have an ax emperor. I flung grammar sometimes gave only a barely At mean how many other languages? No, I can't do it Did? You learn? Where did you learn at school? Legs had to compare we get through English. She Aguilar grammars, terrible until I get on You know I was an english major. I study its manually yeah. I studied Spanish in like high school and just couldn't deal where where'd you to call it Boston, university where'd, you go to College Skidmore College, a college, you haven't clothes, he asked that's a fancy school. Isn't it Is it Ivy League school? I closed
they want to be right? I guess they're not, but the it it's like. Many ivy. I think they call so you're why'd you're dead, move here like what was it at what got him out of so I grew up in EAST Germany. When the wall came down and eighty nine he was just like you gotTa America them. I put it back up in a couple of years. It's not clear how this is all going to pan out, but yeah honestly, I think a lot of old communists. were in line via my dad. Yes, if he came to the U S and quite quickly within a couple She met my mom also he volunteered when he met her like they didn't meet in Germany now, so he he will. He he didn't move here. He came here on, like a summer program met my mom on that summer, project, which I know he was twenty five ish. When that happens, you do he's a cabinet maker, really yeah. I need some work
Maison. I hear news: hey the New York, the Jersey, but he's great he does most of my really yeah he's great. What he can make. Can you make tables? Oh that's. My table is from his hands and is it like? Is it high end stuff, yeah I see yeah Sooners how to do the polishing and all that stuff yeah he does. He does it all. I have a bed from him, so that's a real artisanal craft, it's yeah, it's very. It feels very heady, but he's a man of his hands yeah. I need any any uses. Often and the ants things yeah that's great, yet he did a made a barbie bunk bed with me when I was like six so he's here on a on a on some sort of a cabinet making program. Actually this was before he was really in for cadmium and on having to making. So he was the superintendent it. This is gonna get to it, but he met my mom. They are my Mama's young, twenty one, twenty two, twenty two. When they
and then they they very quickly decided to have a child got pregnant, went to Germany, you get married there, my mom had me, which was now. What's your? it was a jarring thing for your mother. Just I think, exciting. Okay, I think they kind of both were like we were like come from my own group in New York, ok, yeah, so originally Brooklyn, and then she moved to Manhattan when she was ten and all the families? Ok, okay, with everything? Well, question of all by eat. They they ve come around in the years as far as I can tell but yeah you know, I think she is. She was young and I think this x, added by life excited by love and decided to run after Germany and get married, and then they had me there and then I was about a year. They came back to New York, sir, and they were married into family and we are family living in the city now, okay. So what is the
progress of being you were there? Did you feel it weird to have a german dad, a white german dad. It's interesting cause to me. Yeah he's he's my dad we're course, so I would say in the complete nuclear sand say within the confines of my family note and The word raw I actually, if I feel very american- and I feel very german out- is very job at noon when we speak. Ninety percent of it is injured, really so no and then my grandparents house, so his parents, I had a very close relationship with, but then I think in the context of the outer worlds. I guess what about your mom's people, yeah and my mom said my mom's black and yeah, with my mom. They took everybody, except each other, very wonderful to this day,
hey, you know they have been now to forced return Five year, you're right, they love him and I respect him and he's a great father yeah, so everyone still in touch and it's okay nodded actively at your hygiene or there's like respect your answer, you know the aim to some christmases like that, but know that also tapered off, as I got older, but yeah the outside world in terms of the outside world. sure. I do think that there is definitely I mean honestly. I still think it's kind of like a revolutionary thing to be in an interracial relationship, and it is this seems like it. Doesn't it still with huge thing here, and you know too, I guess be the product of that. Am certainly comes with. Questions and like what is this like? What is that like? So I There's there always curiosity around it, but, like my mom is
my mom and dad is this my white papa. Why is it a huge thing? I mean it's in at this point I made it should really be that huge thing seems fairly common, but it still is sort of like why I think it's still just sort of its key common, but I still don't think it's them authority- and I think that there's just a lot of nowhere where you start our culture whatever it is. We grew up with whether your white plaque- or asian or or whatever and german, and I think, there's just sometimes discomfort around folding in a different culture and people, I think, are still a little bit an easy about it, but I think I think that's certainly in the signing got to changing for both ways. Yeah by gas aggressively becomes more common, and and progressive and accepted here. There's a leather side. That's pushing back.
yeah more now than ever yeah it's fucking horrendous. It's yeah! it's quite a going what's going on in Germany, Lord, I dunno, I think all of Europe is going through stuff. I think the United States is going through stuff, I think collectively as a globe, all sort of experiencing something- maybe twenty twelve, was the end of the world, and we don't realize it my mom always said it was not the end of the world that a shift in energy. Oh there you go out, When I try to look at it is have you heard of this thing one where they're trying to find the God particle do I can about and they like it has the explained to me now. You gave your understanding. I interpret element is really going to fall short of the gods. article, the essay they're trying to find sort of the like. I think the
I meant that is below sort of like the string theory like whereby deals history wrongly of all things, and so they started this atomic thing in their throwing new trauma, electrons out or no other area proton and budgetary, in the God, part of their chasing the God party. This is like huge underground and contraption and when they turned it on here, scientists had like four different ways. This could go either everything just basically blows up research. It didn't he and another. One gosh was nothing happens and then another one was like a parallel universe begins and it's move there and well, I think, we're in like the bad one. I know that I like the ideas like there was like a good one and a bad or you know not good or there is it exactly the same. Only good like are we living in both or do we not know? I mean I guess we're living in both the parallel?
really doing a terrible job it it's quite interesting in terms of like huh. Maybe there was a shift and if you think about it like when the things I feel weird. I know Zack we're in this our feeling we when tromp was elected President everything's, whereby AG then it got really we totally. We like what there's no I know exactly the day that was not a good day. Oh and then I passed out the day after that he passed out. Think out of anxiety, really yeah. What you mean just a tad of nowhere. It. Yes, where I was at somebody else's home. I was doing a table read for something- and I just I was talking to somebody was like you too,. go to the bathroom where I was like. I was like this is a something is off and I I was walking and thinking goodness, my my They was there and I walked by him. I was like I'm,
not gonna, and I just yeah wow yeah. I think it was anxiety, do you are you? Have you always had that? I haven't always had that since then. I have the beginning of it. Well, I always area that was doing when he would this treaty sixteen hours. Twenty five. I think I ve realized so well. I have a very complicated relationship to anxiety, as everybody does on food dread all the time, I'm managing dread right now, really we I it manifests very specifically for me in what way, well indigestion? No, no like I've, always had it yeah, but it took me while time to realize at that. I get overwhelmed with it and then then you, it almost feels like a depression. But it's really not it's a it's a paralysis. Yes, that's how I feel I had it. I think one other thing since puberty,
but I didn't have words for it until really my mid twenties when it completely overwhelmed me and I essentially became a oh bio Really- and I had this sort of like crisis control because I was like this is just and this sort of that around that time was when it really all was coming to a head at twenty five yeah dealing with you, your whole life, you just didn't, have a word for it yeah I would say twenty five is when it was. it's ugliest and when I it really send changed my life honestly like what happened with the symptoms, I was so I would feel like I had to pass out. I just lie down for like hours a day and I was like- I can't stand without eating. Why do you think really depressed eyes I didn't think I was depressed because it wasn't depression. I think I got anxiety. I don't get depression, I was it was like it's as if, if you've experienced a panic. Attack was as if a panic attack was happening. Twenty four seven, so I just had no relief, and so I couldn't eat
I was like losing weight. I was seeing blurry. I couldn't read I was like just indigestion and- and I couldn't I couldn't be alone. I remember my partner at the time he had to travel a bit for work and I had to like stay at my mom's house cause I was like. I cannot. I was just not functioning, and so then I sort of did a huge kind of overhaul and a bunch of stuff and really did your men to respect it, and I would like at the time I like stop drinking no sugar, meditating twenty 20th every morning, every night try to work out every everyday and that's when you're, like oh brains, are also different. You can implement all those things in need, help so yes, but I think since then, I have so much more vocabulary around us for understanding, and so my management of it is just way better, but and then, when I stressed out like last year, I had stuff with my tooth.
what like what I just had a tooth pulled out fully yeah. I was that I'm Senor point with the whole. Oh no, are you getting my writing an area like a fake one in that gets so I got two I haven't. I ve never had met with them. Teeth pulled out and dentists. Khitai me. I should but I'm terrified of the process It's a mess man, but I mean you know you get put out and yeah? You got that she's, a part that scares me if there is real. The idea, like our three two one in your out, that no sort of kind it gives me a lot of dread. Are you kidding. Then I went to the dentist on Friday when, knowing that they have that done yet and unlike I guess who I am ready to die, but then I was nice. I guess ultimately look. You know my fear is that have to happened? because it was a root canal and I didn't feel anything, but that tooth was rotting, and so it was already a crown and a dead tooth and the dead tooth at the at the base of the crown started to rise.
he could get infected, try to get up I just went there this morning, but I'm it was a very done this boy, no, they that went to the dentist to have do follow up again for but anyways my anxiety run. That was what, if something fucks up with the anesthetic and I die, that was where I went. But I'm sober. Like a twenty two twenty three years, so it was nice was a freebie, can wait, I'm real, but How do you we'll deal with this, and it took me long time to realize that it was anxiety- and I still jack myself up on coffee to the point where I'm exhausted and I still get overwhelmed and have to take naps yeah. I take naps all the time yeah, but but I function, but I do there is a fight Do you feel like you function defect, you feel, like you're, thriving sure, yeah but light. I have to make choices through repetition? By doing size like hiking up the mountain twice a week, our wake up and
How train myself Khazars, good part of my brain. I don't want Onawandah damn it. I don't want to deal with this. I can't go. I don't want to and I'll get anxious about it, but there is a stronger voice. Now that sort of I just go that's me too. I feel like I'm here. I realise the the just go when just do is often a good addresses the thing well, I would argue to say that I do think sort of modern lifestyle of being quite sedentary, and you know the lack of real human to human or personal connection, and you know blah blah blah the internet, all of that which the internet has wonderful things and also horror things, and I would, argue contributes. I the like, seemingly vast mental health crisis we're. Having could you see most shit? You I've been to your brain that you're saying you feel like you, ve had this also your whole life.
Oh yeah yeah. I do I I tracked to a sort of nebulous parenting. You know where you know. I don't know that I was given boundaries yeah. I don't know that I was given. You know that the indication that it was going to be okay here and I think that You just get wired that way, there's a certain panic to it that if you can't What kind of relying your parents to sort of comfort you and talk you down you're on your own here and eventually that's going to fuck with you yeah? I don't know what your situation was. You know, that's. Also that's my question. I don't really know where mine comes from cuz. I had rounded people are very wonderful or have very wonderful parents. I think. I you just sensitive, I think I'm sensitive, I think honestly I do
For me, a lot of it is modern life like I, I find my anxiety completely dissolves when I am actively, engaged in like nature, if I'm out every day like with people with with people, while not even with people, went out? I got the woods with the sea? I recently did a. I was just kind of you know like Well, it's been a lot of work recently. So I I was like. Let me go to on a little trip to the to the shore for like four is there and so Oh every day I was like surfing and like running around. I was just like in the jungle in the ocean and you know maybe Maybe it was vacation and I felt great, but it was interesting, like my fatigue please gone room the way eat the way I uttered issues like active, actively engaging in life forces. I do feel like the majority of my time I am sitting behind a computer screen reading
of doing a mail for you. I would ever ear- and I do think that I think are we connection to people in nature is for huge, but obviously for everybody, the know things different and and yeah I mean anxiety and anxiety, and this stuff certainly escalates and sadly I, like being all jacked up, yeah yeah. And so I dont really realise what I'm looking at my phone like just how much garbage and dumping into my head and one in reacting to evolve, one of the other things that how my anxiety was realizing that most of what I'm reacting to most of the time, my brain is making up yeah and in that right, that's me, it's a major breakthrough. Yeah, it's sort of like that's, not real you're, not reacting to something real yeah yeah. You ever do that, but it is interesting like I will have that realization you caught like a cognizant like Why am I having even likes very simple things like I'll I'll, feel like I'm getting a panic?
like. If I like find out, I don't know, I can't come up with a great example. now like that. Your food's not going to be here on time or okay, yeah, okay, maybe something yeah something like like. I was really looking forward to certain meal and then that's not happening, and I can find myself working myself up to a panic and I actually felt fine. Emma she kind of very laid back per se a bite. And I and I- and I realize I'm like why- why am I having this very physical reaction right now, where I'm like my heart is palpitating and I'm having like a feeling I feel the adrenaline pumping through your veins and, you realize you like is over nothing right and over something that I used to not really have a reaction to so why am I having this reaction? But it is interesting and I don't think a lot of people realize who have never dealt with depression or have never dealt with anxiety, how fully physical it is.
It's not just like I'm nervous, it's like a fool physical kind of some ties my chest tightens up yeah, I can feel it in my ear. I feel in my neck again back with my tooth. I had I had some stuff going on with my tooth and oh and I had gotten some surgery on it and I came home the Novocaine wore off and I was experiencing pain and it was fine. It was manageable patients like something's wrong, so I called the dentist, but I was I started like Passing out and It's like is something wrong that just like, I think, you're just having a panic attack, and I was like okay, but it is over net like some tooth pain, and also enjoy your you're. Like can even stop yeah. How do you, but I think knowing helps and then knowing? Okay, I'm feeling. faint at what you have to do their certain things. You can do that that have you a bag, breathe and does not help Norma
but those paragraphs, I guess so yeah behaviour, Lyra Hyper. Then lady of the eunuch can't get your work and I get that less risk assessments to her. I tell I have to tell myself I'm not in a hurry all at you do so many different things too and you're like running stuff. Just like any rest again I think both you and I need a little more meditation. I tried man, I tried you stick with it I'm in crisis it's not the time to do a now he's doing it in the pandemic. Every day I get up, I mean who wasn't? I whether I was working out every day during the first two months, yeah, yeah and and then everything fell apart. I still hold onto that idea. I will go with the meditation because I don't have the patience for it. I'd rather drink. All the coffee I like to get up and drink all the coffee, and then I would meditate at amped,
wow a hyper, hyper interesting. That sounds sure like us. The act of something I just never meditation agro meditation high, we cabinet meditation, but I just ass, the patients for I too in New York waiting. what neighborhood you grew up in hard life. Oh sorry, I'm yelling I grew up in Washington. Ok, so yes, and when did you start by doing the the acting? What's your mom? my mom gosh area Never I don't actually. No it. She does its social worker Jason, a really ass. If she like she's, jumped around certain this she deal with their like people. Yes, yes, so certain, work, they're, unsung heroes of a she dazzle less play like she does. What is like pro
grab manage men and creation should as a lot of rehabilitation stuff. She still work as like, family mediator she to work with women in domestic Levi. When such a really shouldn't she work you like one of those right. I gave centre a kind of thing he issued for, like a not for profit sort of organisations that he did all kinds of stuff, also realisation for, like young, and who were vile lands are also working with prisoners who were violent or women who defended themselves and were then incarcerate. So, like a rat, all over that spectrum, So what was that? What was her sense of parenting? What did you get turned onto? It seems like a pretty progressive world. Was there in the house, the house, music, music. quite a normal sense. I wouldn't say my mom is necessarily a highly artistic. Indeed, Did you all right? I think she's like
you're a tool in mind and in being but isn't the artist. I would say right. My dad, I would say, is a bit more creative here and you know I also grew up like that. into paint and draw- and I would say you know my dad is a bit more. He is like loved photography and liked us drawing and things like that. But no, I think in my household. So paying much. I did yeah, and you are good at that My dad is still like. You should have been a graphic card and really something like that, but I realized quickly that was a hobby, I shouldn't monetize. You still do it, I do I love it. I like water colours, I like acrylics, and your kind of what kinds of big canvases
normal abstracted says I like portraiture. I paint people here like I kind of I need all photo. it was paintings to have a person in it I get anxiety or some boring, but I would say my parents just did a good job of like they just sort of. Let me be me sigh. I was all I was I feel like I. I was sort of jack of all trades master of none like I liked to draw. Was I master at it? Absolutely not. I liked to sing I liked to dance I liked making clothes. I also was going to
with animals, and then I was going to maybe be a diplomat and then I was like I'm gonna learn all the languages, so I've kind of been all over the place and how'd you land on acting, and that was just one of my hobbies. So how so did you do like just did it in school? Kids plays yeah. I did my first play. I was seven I actually thanks. I did I I was I went to after school because my parents were working in the programs at my like elementary school did was just like the theater thing, and so I did Annie and the. the man guys and dolls. Remember those three shows specifically- and I think to this day I had such a positive expert with that. I'm trying to emulate the feeling I had better when you were a kid here has, echoing you know it's a problem. so I mean but the the feeling of being on stage and Is there the raid and yet but verses cut?
the? U know loudly driving, that was a big transition for me, like I totally had to readjust thinking and then also there is a difference. Gan like monetizing, your hobby, I think suddenly having pressure of like ooh, there's money riding on this. When did that start happening? I mean like how did you go to college. For acting. I know I went ass. I was a french major in college. I didn't yeah. I did a lot a theatre classes. I lived in Paris for a year, which was quite formative for me and has the French Well It used to be very fluid. Less fluid now hear me gender hussy here, and I love you Harris and the international person it's nice to have that side. I feel so fortunate yeah that and it's easy in Europe. You know I had that european connection, and so it's easy it just drive around and the everywhere where,
Where did you learn? Yeah ask so act just like in school? Ok to be fair, I went till of worthier high school, which is that some one, yes, is at the same school yes yeah. It is yeah, but again that's where they do the thing I do. I will say I usually older people should ask about that, but I will say I people I don't they realize that it's like it's a public school. It's not like from all over the city grow there. That's was actually great about. It deserve a hit all demographics economically like background everything, and so it's quite diverse in that way, but it's just kids who like like and so you know acting, I just like the acting. I would do it in school. I would do it in like a local church or whatever Now that I went to church like churches, that would do it. Later
and so my mom was like you shot, isn't really worthier and I did- and I and I was lucky enough to get in and have that very interesting experience, so I guess I was a had that primed, but again I was doing a bunch of stuff and then in college, I was like alright, I'm I actively did not apply to any. Servitude programmes, because I was I going to try other stuff, and so I did I did see. Classes in college a part of that community, but I was like I'm not majoring in inferior as you want to learn everything wrong. I urge occasion, yes the and I took a lot of like courses and international relations are classed as I took, I would have ended up being french litter. which Sir Major, and which I don't know how you stop Did you read like I did you read Rambo? Yes, we read vote
oh all, the third. Yes, of course, but to be fair- and I will say this year I went into college, not knowing a word of French Julia one year and I just loved the language I just thought it was interesting and I left college fluent so I came out. The tangible thing you can probably still read it pretty well right. I can read it well and I can totally get by and do my thing it's just not as as indeed yeah as it was theirs? And then I graduated from college and I came home and I was like well, I've been out sitting for so long. Just on my free time like I can't not try it right, sorry tried and Then he started to work. I first worked the casting office for free, to just to kind of be near it whose office, Susan Shop maker,
so she often had interns coming in and just helping outside. I did that like three Why was doing it like five days a week and then I was like? I need would you learn job? What did I learn volume see that sort of that's the beginning of a demystifying process, yeah honestly a competitive it was and how I knew it was competitive. I think I think watching people- Dixon was useful to see that at a kid and what that is like shortly. Guess the idea of like it's not necessarily about talent but just about what a project needs It's me. You know, I remember you specifically. There were like somebody who came in and he was phenomenon, but he was bald anew
like we already have this other guy ball than we can't do both old men- and so was I you know just stuff like that is, is I think, good, like a performer to see to be like that's like the service that reality He was a great like I always did comedy, I never really focused on doing auditions, because I always knew there's going to be somebody. It's going to be You can handle it better than me. I will say, though I love auditioning. I love do their work as the adrenaline. I think, and I actually think the adrenaline I kind of I. that doesn't give you anxiety. I think I'm able to, which is why I can perform I turn that dread into something productive like that. the civic, nervousness that later I'm having indigestion sat, then I think,
maybe just through years of doing it. I actively I'm like this. Energy is now transforming, and it's going to do, to radiate through me into performance via and then I can just like blackout on stage and it that did just becomes like if you're present makes me I then, but I actually feel like internally its transforming into like just it's like coursing through me as some thing, other than nervousness, and so I I think I think that is a diff, and like somebody who performs like do you clam up, or do you just let it go? I am show yourself right- think I learned to just show myself, and I think that with auditioning I feel like alright, I'm going to in this room and I'm just it's my room. I'm going to show them
Imma show them me and I'm just I'm just going to take it, and I learned I remember somebody told I just learned like if you need a chair be like I'm taking chair. If I start the scene, I didn't like it, I'm just going to restart the scene and I just kind of went in kind of like How can a poligized for being here? I know you. I want to cast somebody. You want to be done casting, Let me be the ticket and I will just throw my shit at the wall and then leave and then I'm by, like a pyramid who from ITALY or some shit and they like it. That's my prize for everything I have done rise, so I found it quite exhilarating. What's that nice take on a yeah and I think to me I sort of
yeah. I don't know you do it so much. I was like you for me. I was after make this enjoyable. So right away you you knew that what I mean that I find that about acting here like because I don't I never. I didn't come up like that additional. I didn't I didn't you, but I always wanted to do the acting. But what what I thought and about it is like, if I can do this, okay, I'm okay at it, but how I make it interesting. to be like waiting around for three hours comedy to me is terrifying
maybe cause I'm not I'm just not a comedian. That's just not me, it's not a matter of scared or not scared. It's just like how do I, how am I not going to be bored of fucking day and aggravated I'm still waiting around yeah yeah and how? How is the three minutes on camera going to be worth the day you know yeah. I guess it sounds to me like the auditioning process for years, the most exciting I will say then, when I book a role, what did I do? What are they like? How am I going to replicate that and so coming to set is definitely, I think, a balance of like pain and like creator backs to say yeah, I I do I do miss the theater. I do miss that, like that the ensuing our share in that and adding gauge manned, you know in some ways when do theater, you were heard your horse you, but then, when you're on stage, it's not the directors anymore, not anybody's actors and the audiences and there's something quite like
yeah and also the radio. Yet what so present I mean you not there's no time to be anxious. Yeah exaggerate in it and your problem solving as you go and like, David and other actors like flood. So that's fine. I think I've now tried this into. If I find film Cyrus also it is different. He asked a different use of energy and different and of bonding different kind says it is quite different? It is an adjustment, it's it's weird too, because, like you do these things that are very intense and there's a whole community too, and then, when they're down you're like nah, I yeah. That is quite a it's really weird. I do feel very first day of school every set I go to and then three months and you're like best buds and then you move on and then she saw five years later like well. I haven't seen you since we were friends yeah for six months, yeah, but then
I do think that that sort of like found, can't as come through, like a you, do have the sort of sacred like I've, seen you at your worst, because we did sixteen hours together every day and there's something very special about that but what about the Atlantic crew yeah again, I think Well, I got four years off. Yeah, but because the so changed all of our lives so completely. There's this like spirit direction of yeah this together. All of us changed because of it, and so I think we kind of have this. I don't know this bond, of course, for sure and its allies You know we have a connection, but we're not necessarily hanging out. All the time in between shoots and we do spend time together?
Keith sort of a trip right, he's wonderful yeah mean I think Darius and him are quite intertwined. and as individual that I think, like Keith is just as very thoughtful kind yeah, I think, just very sensitive individual here and like on saturdays, so gentle and it's just wonderful role was sort of built for him I think it was built for him and he built a right now you're. So yes, but I think that dairies in him are quite similar in energy and and spirit for sure, I'm curious rubber. I didn't have a man you're on your part, I reached out to think we ve tried. I mean I interviewed Donald a million years ago before he was away. Did you interview him? Probably just
after community, and yet he was likes sweet and it was all ahead of them and then became huge, like I think, he had done the first child, this Gambino record and I can't remember what he was promoting when he was here, but he was like different guy. We don't. We haven't done a lot of those kind of interviews, but he's like a different dude now here, but I, if Kevin Hart before he got big really here, get there's. I mean I've been doing this since two thousand and nine and there's people who I talk to, who are now the arab League beyond huge yeah, and I wonder what they want. Do you like now ya? Do you feel like you're huge me know: you're, pretty bad I don't know. If I am, I dont know, I keep it to keep it small. What yo I met like. What's your relationship to fame right, why I'm fortunate that I'm a highly discoverable. I, like talent, that most people in the world do not know who I am and that's fine
Still go the supermarket and most of the people that that know me know me really well, if Listen to this thing here so then sort of like they have this. One sided relationship that far too intimate. Why get snakes always I'll see people that are like hey is? Did you get the the toilet fixed, wow yeah, that's but am I met a level where I can handle it and I'm I'm just trying to not be it's the it's a weird business. grubbing do in a comedy, longtime refugee doing the best comedy have ever done, but I'm not huge I'm okay, but you know how do you think the businesses change? I suppose Well, I mean everybody can just sort of carve their own way that you establish show business doesn't mean as much as it used to yeah. I think the idea of like the traditional celebrity has changed quite a bit. Oh yeah,
in everybody's got thrown little. Everyone exists in a bubble, yet if their lucky me up like their own, like it, I could land is a thing that some people love and they're crazy about, but a lot of people. Like. What is an angry? You know it's weird reality, even though you can put all your life in energy into something else. Speed people be like I. If I get that channel yeah, I think that I think make can make. Had things can be so much more niece and that's the way everything is. There are people making millions of dollars in show business? completely non traditional way here there are you people like. I don't know who the fuck they are and yeah, I'm not even sure they're talented twitch is like one of the biggest don't know. What is what is that, and it's it's big for like video game streaming, where people just play it just comment on their playing, but it's I think it's one of the biggest yeah. What's this got to do with the God particle?
everything is all the God particle of barrier. Universities thing you know. Well it's I guess it's just I have to say watching Rick and Morty we believe that there are many. the is oh yeah I just I don't. Sometimes I think about the alternate seas and, unlike I hope she's doing our ship. I can't let my I can't make my brain do that I'm barely holding onto this one you know what I mean just that the present thing I can't I don't maybe and go of that would be good, then there's a lot of crying hold on to something? So what so you so shot of the Atlanta's done for now. Is it ever yeah? Okay, what end yet there were more during the bad guys. That was fun.
you great now boy we yeah you did the snake. I was Diane the Hawks, that's great part, now what about what he? What if you shot lately with the live action? Stuff they want to sleep, not hurt. I have, I guess I've bullet train coming out. I don't know when that comes out, though What is that one? So it's it's Brad. Brian Tyree Henry who's in Atlanta area, great I like also in that we'll see now after he actually got his big start on Broadway. He was originally a book of Mormon cast. Ok, it's funny her as a committee that funny, yeah and he's so that's where he caught sight of his big acting certain then obviously test now blossomed and from the
I and many other people and that sort of this. It's like a action comedy kind of fellow train, bullet, train, yeah and then what else I have anything coming out have you Atlanta season three and four coming out, but I've kind. when she's not really been unset. Recently, I've just been I'm trying to produce and me and my partner have been writing stuff develop Thing: Faye your fiance partner partner burden, both morale partner, fiance, is also partner. In writing. Alex he's actor Ray yeah. I met him and met him in New York screening at the screen, yeah. What's his name again, David okay and so we're like doing a bunch of stuff together, train trying to you know, get things off in the If he doesn't make you fight, it's made us fight yeah, I think play creatively. We have the same taste
I never overlapped with somebody's creative taste the same way we do so. Ultimately, we have a different way of going about things. But our opinions on what the things should be is always exactly the same. Oh that's good, so yeah, but I I sometimes it's actually good. Like he's a more I can be. more like a laid back like I'm very into like mental health and life. taking my time and my space and I can be slow, respond on stuff and he sort of on it or you're. Very, and how does that look like? How does he handle your anxiety when it's naptime and well? He knows me quite well and and knows when I need it, and it's is actually quite comforting. What are you producing, though, like when you what's what's the plan? What is that
we, so we so he writes as well. So he has a bunch of stuff he's written and we have a couple of things: we've written together and some things were like out to directors on now. Some things we're about to pitch to some studios and our pitching and whatnot and then we're also developing something I don't like if I have to I'll secret like developing something if you to do via tv, something with a studio right now, let's go am so yeah we're like it's very outside of my comfort zone for sure, but I think that's good business I think, you're engaged doing and I think sort of the idea of like writing or making things that I really want to be in because you can get sent scripts. That doesn't mean that yeah! You know I always think writer. I mean it's a it's nice to create your own stuff yeah. So that's so so that's the plan created thing that you can be in that you created and get back on the stage. Yes, and do a german film in German, all german
There you go, you should be my manager, I'm working on I'll, get on the phone right after we get the good guys, Diakonia yeah, you too, thanks Okay folks wait. I come out of that. Like you know, lovely season three of Atlanta latter's on Thursday nights on FX, streaming on Hulu bad guys, the movie we're both in is out April. Twenty second and don't forget, stress, shows up in all kinds of ways. Here's your reminder to take care of yourself. Maybe try some therapy better help. Customized online therapy that offers video phone and even live chat sessions with your therapist, it's much more affordable than in scenario. Therapy need can be matched with a therapist in under forty eight hours. Give it a try see if online therapy can help lower stress this podcast is sponsored by better help. Him wtf listeners get ten percent off their first month at better health. so. Flash WTF t at better
or p dot com. Wtf dig it There's some heavy sounds heavy town I wish my tongue, I finally got it right got the right, AMP's hooked up.
the monkey fonder everywhere,.
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