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Episode 1328 - Nicole Holofcener

2022-05-05 | 🔗

Nicole Holofcener has trouble breathing. She finds herself holding her breath for too long, which could be a result of allergies or a byproduct of sleep apnea. But it’s also an apt metaphor for the life of an independent filmmaker. Nicole and Marc talk about what it takes to make films with small budgets, casting conundrums, and deeply personal subject matter. They discuss the films she wrote and directed like Walking and Talking, Lovely and Amazing, and Enough Said, as well as her contributions to The Last Duel and her reasons for continuing to work on episodic television shows.

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all right. Let's do this: how are you what the fuckers, what the fuck buddies, what the fuck next what's happening art mare- and this is my podcast, w e f- welcome to it abroad. asking awkwardly from a hotel in tools. Oklahoma, awkward, do we because the main room of this room was too bouncy? Amarillo sensitive to the bounds, the sound bounce so little better in here so propped up on a chair. in front of a dresser in the bedroom of this sweet talking to you you're right today on show I talked to Nicole, however Centre he's a writer director of films like walking in talking friends with money. Have we in amazing I've said she also wrote the screen play for. Can you ever forgive me with most of my car? in CO, wrote the last dual with Madame and had been at work should also draw
the tv shows like parks and wreck inside Amy Humor, one Mississippi and oranges. the new black, my weight. Girlfriend Lynn. Shelton was a big fan of nickel, I'll Alexandra always talked about her movies. I watched many of her movies! I actually added brief conversation with her about perhaps springing to life, a script that too, when an I had been writing for years, but that that now I never really follow through with that. I don't know really what to do with that. Its there's a pain to it. There's something special about it, remaining the thing that we did and now I necessarily realizing it without her so sure show. I will talk to her shortly. yeah. I think I must have come through her some trick across the country. Is, I think this this rule, Oh, this interstate turns into high forty at some point which cuts right into new. Mexico, I must have drove across Oklahoma through the top of TAT
Says on into New Mexico at some point, because, oddly I do remember or awry Albert University just sitting out there in the middle of what seems like a it planes area there are other buildings, there's downtown Tulsa, but there's this massive tower. They, I believe, belong to Oral Robert University out of its dual core the Oral Roberts University, but there's a series of towers that Irish, member seeing and I remembered looking up front- must have made the track and I've been here for a day and it's been kind the eventful, I guess but everything's an event when you're in new place. I arrived. I got the car from the airport, and we drove by massive protests, of city Hall here in Oklahoma, because I believe the governor has if the day before yesterday, enacted some sort of your coat in Shit show aunt, abortion legislation in preparation for the the greater pulling
the rug out from under all the women of this country? That is poised happen as fashion Craig Syn It's really all we should be talking about and the violent, but but it doesn't seem to be the broader cultural discussion. It's more of a car dash thing or yet what's going on India, the world, there were a fiction. I took it a lift yesterday out too, I went to go to her foods stock up on him, some staff, because I immediately got it into my head that everything's gonna change. everything's, gonna change going to be on the road I can't just eat like nothing matters. I've got to take care of me. I've been in and out of that taking care mom taking taken care of myself on the road. Not taking care of myself, but I I really had shift. It is as of yes There'S- was I going to do it so I took a car, are out to a whole food. That was, it must have been a half hour away and
that's fine but the right out there, the guy who drove me, was a nice guy. You know Oklahoma Dude, and you know you get to talk and I got to talk in this email. Nice is tell me a little bit about the city we discussed as we're driving that Oral Robert University, which is apparently the tower he told me, is supposed to be the height of Noah's Ark. and he says I know the Bible pretty well. I think that's about right now, MIKE at seems big, and he said yeah took a hundred and twenty years to build that and I said: will that must have been a few generations he's right now they live longer than unlike okay, then the other question is: how do you keep an pointers here? How do you employed people for that long over an arc of a hundred twenty years to keep people in in the job. By buy I'm just assuming that was tricky and he laughed at that which maybe
when I get laughs from people that are truly believers at things that are just about logic? It makes me believe that they kind and know that it's kind of bullshit, but no there's no reason to push it, but I'm always happy when I get the laugh from the air from the deep believers, because it was logical and it makes and in modern terms, that that's fucking ridiculous, but nonetheless the fact that they built an arc. I think in Kentucky somewhere at the creation music, wherever that is. He said the eight heard about that, but we're just talking. It was a varied conversation and without web. You about barbecue, sorted Didn't you. I asked how everybody fared here with the pandemic Things were bouncing back and he said why don't we didn't really? There was, a big of a shift because we didn't dare stop.
Is there as time? You know, as the conversation run on you he said: did he think he might? He might have had it a month or so ago, the new one, but you know he wasn't sure yeah. He hadn't been bakst and at TAT, yeah people we worked with all during the pandemic. No one got it and now was wear masks until the mandate, but there is- oh tone of anger or anything. There is just a matter of fact. Next to it, and this guy seem like a reasonably nice guy and then you know we got to talk, and you know about you're. Just how I kind of said well looks like you know, we're gonna be deal with this stuff and then just matter for We brought up he just matter of fact. We brought up a meeting that took place. But the CDC the W day, eight shown there Global leaders in move on about their about dead, pandemic management it within a week, however, the Panther, like starting suggesting that
It was some sort of conspiracy that they couldn't possibly have been just to discuss the possibility of something that was bound to happen, but but ok with it, and I said to myself what you know. It seems that as viral strange bacterial strains become more antibiotic resistant that these things are going to happen that these these diseases, these viruses bacteria, are going to evolve and adapt, not unlike any other organism and you're gonna get worse in more persistent and he goes exactly. You know like that. Mercer, like a couple other thing we talked about, but again the logic was there, but applied to the accessibility that the pandemic was just a pandemic and not some sort of global Conspiracy meant to do what I'm not sure, kill everybody, but then we talked a food some more, and it was one of those things that you you come from where you are what that guy was a nice guy was actually
had a conversation with a guy that has proved how different beliefs- and I do about everything. But are we kind of met somewhere around. You know brisket and chicken, but it didn't feel volatile and I dont think any progress was made, but he was. He was an ok human with their pretty wrong minded. Way of looking at the world. Building an online presence can feel daunting from creating a website to managing sales and engaging with an audience it's a lot. The first step is getting started him with square space. It's easy square space is the only on one to you'll, need to build your brand and grow your business online stand out from the crowd. What square spaces beautiful website templates and the new video studio which lets you effortless. We create profession, working videos to tell you story and grow. Your audience square space will also help. You stand out in any inbox with I can
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hard show the producer and creator and dead body Wilson. The guy who wrote my episode, India, Brit Hansel and we went to a a beautiful will restaurant car lowood here and tells us great. So that's what you're doing gonna shoot some reservation dogs and be so fucked up man. talking to sterling and he he told me- and I knew this year SAM Tennysons Grave is here, and I have I oh Kennison something you're any ideas there's possibility for foreclosure, because Many you don't know the story and if I just tell you this is going to sound weird and out of context without you knowing the story, but you know when I was a younger person and I was a doormat, the comedy store, you had a falling. Our kennison you after spending hours and hours Joe hanging what I doing his coke and listening to him, ramble on about the universe. But I had a big falling out with him and he in it it started. im pissing on my bed, because
As I went to signify hang out, so someone kick is a long story so someone kick his ass, but nonetheless he peed on my bed and I never swept in against sense- and I shortly left LOS Angeles innate. In a fury of cocaine psychosis. Now the The point is that I always sort of made a problem. So. I myself that I will. I would piss on Kennison grave to get closure I've, seen sort of altered that fancy, because I've I've let it go away, I've process it, but stolen it helped to me last night that tennysons grave is here and like oh shit, I supposed to pee on that and and it is not. I mean it's not that I didn't learn things from somebody you just it just its closure is paid. as a bitch, and if anyone was you know a fan, and a supporter of revenge on it almost six, Alex basis. It was SAM and I I think that ultimately he would appreciate it.
Benny gotta come in to some degree but, like I said I've, let it go, but now I gotta sort it likes it with it. So that sort of happening that might have and I'll. Let you know if I do find a way to go Bianca, denizens grave, but believe me, this is just a debt. It's it's! Not it's not if I am personally marches, something that ninety. I need to do I might need to do it will see the eye really processes. Yelp is it? Is it thing for me to go on a grave. Do I need to do that have grown pass that I don't know This package is sponsored by better help. Life can be the overwhelming, and many people are burned out without even knowing its symptoms can include lack of motivation, feeling helpless are trapped detachment. pig and more definitely had all of those. I might have some of them right now. Most people are so
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but when and then the Mikhail awakens brought brought it up to me, One Mckellar called me and said she was looking to cast something in her new new movie and I might be good for it. so the killer. sure my name and then I felt like I gotta call her a region I had she wants to do the show yes this is me talking to Nicole, how of centre who did not cast me in her new movie. But us, ok, you know things happen I d been perfect, for it doesn't matter that guy's. Doesn't matter in show business and I I turned out of two who knows what could have happened that didn't, but I do know They talked in Nicole how Centre and This is that you,
read what you like when I'm doing one of these- and I can tell because I have this on- I hope my boy when I talk I held my breath out here, you do all day and at night I Daphne I budget, you have Abner yeah, do where machine nigh were really attractive. Blue mouth guard with it to look up to now it just jets your bottom forward like this. Oh my god open I hope my breath when I find I held my breath talk I because it I think. If I breathe properly, I pride cry all the time. I don't know what your problem is. Not the same thing I I've been tempted to take a break in class were kind of a frame of the MIKE in recording me already sure? Of course we mean what I thought. You'd say: ok, go What do you mean like there'd, be an internal now here
don't be nervous. I it's just the conversation, how's your, how your headset, fine yeah, that's fine! It might sound good yeah. Okay, I just I am weird I'd. Never had allergies, but have them now are my last few days have been a little weird. Do you have them? I do where you fucked up the last couple of days No, he had no normal way. I have tissue boxes in every corner of my house, I'll be to you, but he wouldn't know if the last two days were bad or anywhere else in the last chronically, not right, yeah, I didn't I don't. I usually don't do anything for him, but I had this flown a leftover like prescription phonies, that's good. You have one of the and in that, as our tax I take as their take every day. You do yes and helps the ever. So that's why I think I got. of a Sunday it so clear to myself. So brief, yes, I'll talk and then occasionally hafta breathed. Yet we was away shake a breathing glass, I'm afraid
framework crying when you set your helplessness, never be able to get up again, because pass out because, like when, I think about This wedding a go without that. Emotion, right and I've had a thing It's always been that way have always been a breath. Holder meet me till yeah They are you out of your mouth breather. Now I am, I guess I will you do your worse. I mean what I love to saying here, but when I sing like my throat closes up after, like in the middle of a song, I can't go past. Your are. You can feel it I've been singing in public lately like in front of people Largo and stuff, to overcome the fear of that. Vulnerability, its vulnerability thing they choking in the not breathing. isn't it actually like a real thing that you need training to learn how to open up. I guess I owe you
Can you sing at home along without closing up on. Oh yeah, that's right. True, so No it's it's all your base itself consciousness and to me, there's something things more vulnerable than singing for some reason. I dont know why that is. I don't feel that way I do terrifying. Are you a good singer, now one thing a tune. No I'm ok! I mean I can do it, but I got the last time I sang we tried to get through jealous guy, John Lennon, I did in Morocco, and I know I can do it, but I choked during performed. I can have the notes right now, Sir annoy banning the audience knew me. and they were Willie. I just look. I can't go home not nor I didn't hit that note I'll, be too it'd be awful, so we're going to going to do it again, yeah and they loved it. I'm sure yeah, yeah,
they like when people fail yeah yeah, I, the icing with Lin actually a bit she liked to single out and she was right now, I'm her birthday Video, oh yeah, I've her singing, although song she was grey area I say that script at her and I rode over five years, I'm starting to get back to you by disk. I couldn't I couldn't. I couldn't follow through on it. Yet with something like the story, you were with her for five years. We knew each other long time. Anyone knew each other, since she did the pact right, so you have fifteen or sixteen. I remember what it was and that's when we sort of started engaging. And you know one of the ways we would spend time together is to write that fucking script and excuse you mean right yeah over the years. So you know a ne got very close to your getting Nea near done- and I said, picture, and I still have a lot of like ideas about how that thing can work and where would go by That's was as its pretty close to the stories. Are there and then
somebody put it in my head that someone. I should finish it with somebody else and she's such a fan of yours. So I thought why I sent it to you and I did, and I you know, I think you liked it right. I did like it very much. I was happy to proceed. I mean I felt honoured in many ways we still hear it still is still possible if you're willing to go for it again. Maybe it's tough Adam if it's tough, it's like it. What it's about like! I know that the issue who, with Her- and I was just like you- I would make her away for the time right, so any I dont know that, what's in there in that script, when I read it over again how much of the comedy needs to be there, and I think that I mean, I don't know your approach a comedy, think is different. I dont know that literally did too many comedies other than that last one which was gonna wacky watching semi your stuff, like. I guess reason that I'm am interested to talk outside.
Well, you know where you come from and the background is like you seem to have a you know. You have a point of view that is evolving and you have specific things that you want to achieve with movies right. I suppose yeah unconsciously. Why gets why gets relative is relative to you is like wherever you're on your wifi premier but Wendy. Where did you come from New York City to your New York City person, grew up there I did until I was twelve and then My family moved to Westwood in LOS Angeles, really yeah, but my my formative years only certain once were New York for sure in the city yeah it so weird meet people that grew up in New York City, cigarettes, exciting yeah, so you put your fit you Your families in the arts right, yes, All of them have been here
what how now, what would your mother while my mom was not until later, she became a set decorator later in life and did a bunch of wonderful films and which ones Sophie's choice really yeah radio days yeah, so she became a good set, your great yeah. She she did. She was tout very talented. Where did that come from, though? What did she do when you were growing up? While she was a secretary and worked at a travel agency, she was an actress when she was younger, actually buy movie wit and now play is in television. She was really young child actor yeah, yeah and then older and their little bit older and she hung out with James Dean, he asked her out on a date. Did she go now? She was afraid She said this guy's to creepy for me and creepy James, the creepy, was creepy and she told her best friend, you know he's really call buddies, creepy and then her best friend and being with him for a while
time really cause she liked. Creepy, creepy and weird yeah ants in Crete began some people I contents and gravely. I think I do yeah sure I was, I think I've always been intense, but the creepy opposition has shifted a bit unnoticed. creepy history has. I goes every thing ever Crete the setting of his angry, of putting its ok but Emma Jane. So your Mama and global James? Now she didn't. She married my father, Larry Hall of Centre instead here what that guy? Do here? that time he was a lyricist and he book the Merv Griffin Show and he wrote for your show of shows a book or on the move Griffin Show here anyway. However, any You show shows, began Simon and others no kidding. think for very long, but he did and he wrote lyrics to some theater and acted and throughout his life he became a sculptor.
I would say that sculpting was his most successful endeavour, really yeah, I'm. He has this big sculpture in London on Bond Street of Churchill and Roosevelt sitting on a ban its life size and its word Let us go and sit between them and picture really yeah. So it's been photographed more than anything he's ever done. Yes, he absolutely the first thing. It'll come up. That's interesting, though, like that people just I I like the idea that people like when they switch jobs. They don't ever think of like doing something mundane or or with more security, now
when to try something harder right. Yeah I mean I'm I'm that way too, but I think it's an artistic sentiment. I don't think that that normal people would never do that whatever normal is, I now know. Sometimes I think I can't make movies anymore. I'm just going to become an actress like wise. A good choice. Yeah you can go read are people that cast your movies. Exactly just throw me in something is really that's your that's your plan. Be your mind. I couldn't act. I would I can't. I mean I think I can act, but I'm too timid to act timid Stephen fry you're right, you're, afraid going not gonna breather your throats gonna closer bad, and I can't remember I can't remember my own lines when I'm watching my own seen being filmed. I think that you I get. You know, I'm no genius actor, but I think that the if you can not be of conscious, while you're doing it in the middle of all those people, then that's right. Seventy percent of it here it's amazing to me: Maisie warnings
I don't know how it happens where you can just lock in I don't either and to people. Do plays you know three, our place, that's a different thing: the men rising yeah as different. It's like another species to me so so your parents, that's what they did, that's it they did and then Numb Myanmar mom, and marrying my stepfather who produced movies or their code. Charlie job, Charlie job. You ever seen, Charlie Jaffe, when He was up there. Why? A weird, I had a weird meeting with Jack Rawlins wow tell me I remember meeting Charlie Jaffe in Montreal at the Montreal Comedy Festival. It must have been in the nineties and I remember he had some sort of a protege, a woman who was like running his office or something I just remember. There was someone who worked for his production company now. Do you know who I'm talking about sort of a big deal? I dunno, but he was like a. He was a big presence, yeah guy yeah,
You know. Any sort of holding cord new is very intimidating cause. You know, as we know, that name from all the movies right around the Jaffee, which is likely to cause if you're Woody Allen Fan right when you could be. It it's just always there yeah and he managed a lot of comics, so yeah a lot of that Dick Cavett. He managed right. He managed Woody, who managed Robin Williams, so yeah, that's right for awhile, Billy Crystal shortly. Like the outward, how old you when you when you when he she married, I was eight seeding was like your stepdad yeah for real, he was like another dad these for a while they split up when I was seventeen but stayed close, and I stay close with him. Anyone you know put me through grad school in college and really was a you know, a terrific mentor, What's so you're around that show business, that's real show business. I was the whole life, I will the ear that period sure will be like who'd. You like what was the scene. I mean where what was this, where people house there is people at the
House there was a lot of coke, a Riad, lotta coke. No kid was just around. It was the eighties year and the adults them would just do it in public. Like I remember, I had a cousin who worked for Yves, Saint Laurent, like was an accountant and we were at some birthday Artie from my grandfather and he's like at doing blow a desert like it was. Nothing will be your or spoons around their necks little little yeah, nothing so not a coke, and I felt I am Fortunately, I always felt too young to really have the kind of fun. I want I have with these people here because you know I was. Eighteen or something seventeen, and I thought I and I wanted to be twenty five, so I could hang with Robin. As an adult Ryan, all these people as an adult but Rob whims, here's around yeah. Yeah young Robin. He was
sweet where Sweden, I was privileged to see him, do stand up in the beginning of his career and in New York or hear her were urge. All of you, probably more here right, comedy store where he came down so yeah. Ok, sir, you are how old, when they moved out here, so you fought years. I was twelve. I was twelve. When we move to us an job you have now here. No, we I lived in New York and then he moved out here to do more manageable and to produce he wanted to produce. Tv and movies here not just woody right, so that Oh, that's why you move could have moved yeah, see something was what year like nineteen when he too, oh my god, why so you, like you, saw the beginning of of it what can would have seen Robin the comedy store and like the late seventies yeah. Exactly right. So that's all! You have won all that started where those stars were beginning to happen. Yeah was throwing withdrawing or believe it. I don't know you know I got to me
people I really wanted to me was that was the bureau container nineteen or twenty? yeah maybe a little younger, like I remember, meeting John Travolta at like that gotta. Remember me, I was like seventeen in area and he got me jobs as production assistant, maybe one or two we are more ah your formative. Now kid I know what you're good at and what you're not good out. Did you? Oh I was such a bad p was worth its worst. Go that humiliating fair and when near the producers kid or you know you got your job through nepotism. They they run you around here, but also I'm two logical like they would say. You know go on at corner and stop traffic here and there was no traffic rights. Stance, so just go stand there and I'd say: will why there's no traffic and it's like just shut up and go stand there? You know so the logic it made me you a furious and did you did you
because of that, do you treat european better than that? Oh, so, nice? I know their names, I I offer them coffee and sometimes I walked by and they won't look up and it's like come on guys. I'm not, I don't know, Susie. I look have eye Contact but what we Pierre Ike would lie, was appear on one forties, lighter films them a midsummer night sex Ahmed area, I was a PA, apprentice editor on hand on her sisters, apprentice So you know what sort of Europe heading for maybe yeah. I was just thinking dailies and stuff like that, but at that point I knew I wanted to do something and film, but I thought it could be production, design or meditating. It didn't even occur to me to do or to write the always loved writing what it's. A war was like how much good like
on the job you have to do with the movies. At that point, like really you know in terms of later in them, you know like later. Not so much should you are Nathan, where production at that time did you understand how it was all structured now that now- and I wasn't interested either- I'm still not very interested in you just like who is going to give me money exactly? Why aren't day? What do I gotta do so? is this what you learned or did you go to school and I went to school? I went to Oh, I went well. I went to many undergraduate schools yeah took me six years together, just give me five. Ok, because I just wanted to say one more year, so good drink, more do drugs, that's a good reason sure I was just confused. I you know I was I mean I was confused yes, but faster. But invite you were condemned for five hours can accuse. Reserves were you go which was started at us. Now must state
went to San Francisco state, then I went to and why you graduated from anymore you yeah, I took that's. I started taking film classes, and graduated with a terrible, terrible short film that was painful to make, and I thought I can't do this with It was that what was that? It was actually about me and my sister visiting my father in the country on the weekends. It was called every other weekend at a month in the summer, and it was who is bad, and I had kind of a panic attack the entire time. I was making it, and so I thought why can't it s so that there is a concern that began As of the reasons why you're having it, you wouldn't be able to do it direct cracked. What Why were you having a just cause? Everything was so I don't know I was overwhelmed like it. Just wasn't ready and I also but like I needed to everything and
PS shot my short and I was a jerk and now an asshole dp guy, an arm, but I was just over haulage yeah. They had NASA Dp, oh yeah. I would start yeah Why always went before I started, making any television are being part of it. I thought that the director had to do know everything and I guess it's really relative to how you delegate universe its ability and who you trust me, and I imagine you do- have to have a handle on those things later, but eventually you are and how to trust your dp or trust. You know the yeah yeah, but I know what I want and I know what I don't want, and that is very helpful. What was it? Where were you gunning for would like at the beginning as our some of the first movie, the first you're walking talking here recently I mean what you were doing a short. You know what You are trying to do and who were here. Who is your influences?
Oh no, I don't know. I can't answer any of that vote. You have even what you would the story was just you just picked a story. I think this really personal story. I got my sister and I visited my father The horrible routine, oh Anne I had a stepmother who were disliked my sister and myself dearly, and It was about her kind of making our visit to my dad, really crummy. So So in some ways what was sort of a template for totally for everything everything I've done and in fact the my stepmother had started, talk about her sex Life and how, with my father, It was very disappointing. You know- and I was like nine, so was traumatic and that's but then we really have out here Isn't it weird that there's no, like my father
there before you get them the brain problem. Whatever house happening vicious note there, there there's no stay to the statute of limitations runs out at some point when people get a certain age as to what they can and cannot tell her. Kids, yes, and it's very on it, Very jarring thing because they don't realize it and that sort of that joke that I've been working about young gas waiting and parenting come from. Is that like when they divulges stuff you're way, if I'd known that right I have made entirely different decisions for myself like what. Why me look? or it is not about decisions, but, like I knew on some level, I think you know it a certain point that my dad was a philander ring. You know guy I have had my own issues with that, but, like you know stuffy, he has told me I'm like holy shit. I mean this has been going on for that long in the hell that stuff you all stop the day he hid from you is, is planted in you,
the behaviour right like a cat. You? Can they can't hide? You need your. I dont have to know about their sex life puritan for not for impact me right, my sex life, no you have to know but like he does like what that did was shine. Some minor my father's character. Right right, though, I knew he was bipolar. I knew he was selfish but you know some of the stuff. You told me I'm like oh you're, a fucking monster. No wonder I felt bad all the time right. Yeah can give a shit yeah yeah I mean I have kids and and sometimes they'll, ask me a question without thinking I'll, just answer it and then the look on their face: houses like they're, twenty, four, okay, and so slowly. You know they're asking me things about. private things and there were kids they started when I don't know wild about when they were kids. Oh yeah stuff, like me, our yeah yeah, or before I mean I'm divorce, so they are finding things out about
our marriage there had another? It never occurred to them to ask again. sometimes I just blurred out or an answer and I see their faces like they were not ready to hear that answer right. What was I thinking right, yeah, whether at adults they are? and their different from one another like one ask more questions than the other, often so different people. So I will I ate some: when did you start? When did you overcome whatever yeah like it What interests me in terms of looking at the other stuff you ve done is awake. I think the last time I talk to you, you were, going just back from writing with than African Matt Damon, we, I'm just going to Ireland. I don't remember when I sent you that script were you back, because it was made a covert, but it was no idea. Ok! Well I you know you did that thing, and I welcome that movie you did I did and I don't think they could have made it without you.
In terms of your of view, they also couldn't have made it. Why get that? But still like you know I I don't know that you could trust those two guys to you know conceive of woman's point of view or retweet. Now we see you know so like any of that I have to assume was your input. Yes, it was So then, when I look at that which it would have been a big movie, but I think I know what the fuck happened just tanked When I talk to really about- and he just say, I think they didn't know how to sell it. And you know he was like a- I don't remember what he said, but he didn't think that was it, but because it didn't its grown up movie? That kind of retrofit some real issues at a relevant now yeah into into an amazingly. No time was story I can imagine it would be anything but a success. Really a good reviews yet I just really think people they know what to do with it. They they saw coming attraction and narrow, like maybe I'm I'm done with it.
game of Thrones business. I dunno what the yeah yeah, but it's a very sophisticated movie. So when I saw that and then kind of looking back through, you know how you've handled your career in terms of you know doing your own movies, but writing and directing on other people's stuff and directing obviously you've it's a job. You do sometime, yes for tv, yeah yeah, that's the story, you gotta be yeah. In order to keep. We all got doing what you wanted to practicing and making money. I mean there to. Those are good things that to direct sure, how did you overcome here as well ice, gradual then I thought. Okay, I M just going to be a writer and when I try to be a writer, so I was writing a bunch of scraps and then I met these people, who gone to Colombia. Film school through some friends and they said, would agree it's school, it was and they were working writers and they suggested I go there, and so I did and as soon as I got there, it was the right place. Is, and you have to
direct videos of your work and other people's work as part of the screen. Writing programmes do, and I found myself to be good at it. and confident it was smaller and more manageable as a way to short films yeah like scenes, instead of like doing sixteen millimeter and process twenty thousand dollars. Sixteen millimeter student film that sucked I mean what a waste of everything right and so videos is. Oh, no that wasn't that one that much money but yeah, and so yes, we I needed a lot of practice, and I and I found TAT I was good and that I love doing it and I had some good. Teachers and so I made a short film coming out of there. When you are showing yeah thou and was called its Richard. I love and whatever it was about, and the annex and start in it a girl who loves this guy, who just didn't give a shit about her, not that you know that,
ever happened to me and anything and Keith Gordon played the guy and it was in New York and it was real. we've fun really fun and it turned out pretty well and and it you our got me, I think, got me an agent and I so I just then I wrote a few scripts. They got nowhere for other words or for myself. and then movies homer movies here, but they didn't go anywhere you and then I wrote, walking and talking, and I met TAT hope who is starting good machine and New York, which was in of the place to be? If you want to make an independent fell, was just the beginning of independent films kind of were in, boom yeah. It was like that just done at burns.
movie and how heartless movies those like living in oblivion, yadda, yadda, hummed, a chill o Reilly is how hardly was there was his first trust and unbelievable truth with yeah Adrian Adrian Shelly, I went to college with really did she was ugly. I knew her husband, yet I knew her a little bit yet terrible Jesus, terrible story, unreal so that was sort of like the in the middle of the wave of independent filmmaking, yeah yeah. I was really in the right place at the right time. It also. took me six years to make the movie amateur. Written it met with TED, yes for walking and talking here and what it seems like that. some of that stuff is in there the unrequited love business and understanding relationships, and it you like that, but that, like I said before, it seems, be sort of a through line. through all the movies with ETA yeah guess we ever really nail it doing ah
hopes. I hope not because I have no material so when you did that cause you. Definitely I try to watch for choice. His directors make and how they handle actors. But it seems like you know, the way you write is very it's a naturalistic thing and it takes a certain type of actor to be able to do it. It's not that prince between its kind of amazing the difference between a standard mainstream movie in a movie that someone has a little more freedom to do, in that light. There seems in that one in walking and talking that are very there, the very naturalistic- and I imagine where they improved any of em. Probably not I mean, makes the well. I wouldn't say a whole scene, but a line here, you're sure I mainly of was great at an arm at keener was everybody why you're? So if some actor says a terrific line while were shooting, I keep at that's great. I gave them the freedom to do that, but basically stick to
scrap yard the area. Otherwise it would be chaos and was a No one knew who Keener was right. she'd been and Johnny swayed and living in oblivion. The walking talking, I think, was she kind of broke out of that one right. That was like a baby. I can't take credit. Furthermore, we have ever had here in them. He had been in the day, trappers Greg tallest movie, oh yeah, just watched that recently too good. It is good yeah. So I saw him in that. I went to school with Greg. I was friends with Greg and I were at Columbia yeah. He was one of them. What's he doing now do need your big movie recently yeah, I think I dont know right now he's in Portugal posting pictures- I don't now. If he's on, vacation earn a lot but yeah he's made some great stuff and am her case super bat an eight year. I have I talked to an Hanover, I very like the shoes in that movie. I was kind of early in her trip to re very
She was kind of more of an unknown yeah yeah and I had to come. People who were kind of up and coming I'd. Seen, Kevin CORE again in the slums Really hills he will he's like the New York and the actor guy, like he's, shows up he's ever present for about a decade now yeah right, yeah, yeah, and he was in, I put them in and please give to yeah he's so unique. What happened so you put this movie together, takes you six years to make yeah now? What is there any input? Did you show a tear stepdad do like? Is there yeah? I remain for he was very critic, well, because it had a lot of explicit sex in it more. And what ended up in the film I mean. I rewrote it essentially for six years, so he he didn't like that. hidden like reading that, otherwise he you know when he saw the crappy film, I made it and why you he
did say. I think you should think about doing something else neck. He did. and then, by the time I made walking and talking he was a full believer. Absolutely you know I'm support? supportive yeah. So what what happens then cause I hadn't really understood like. I know I got kind of know how in the film works, but like you ve done a lot of em. So after work in talking was there like? Were there people willing to bank on you barely barely, I mean it did well accelerate reviews but yet was really hard to get financing for. My second movie didn't take six years. and did you haven't written already when we now know now Definitely not. I do one scrip at a time like every four years ago. Disappoint! Well, no
but I am who I am summits it turns I'm going yeah I mean it's not broken. I would that I had made and will make a lot more movies, but I dont see myself doing that. We all white. Why? because I don't have a lot of ideas that I want to see through that I want to live with for three years. What determines just a feeling yeah, I mean if I think I have an idea, sort of sort through my notes and right and then, if it's boring or stupid, I give it up so. Yeah I just don't have inspiring ideas very often bore. I mean it. Did walking and talking at least that it seems like back at you in the door with directing television rights working time yeah. I did everything, ok that I wanted to do. I got right after that first directing television job with sex in the city and
only because they saw walking and talking hooker. I got some it is a jewel. Checks are yesterday from Saxony they really do yeah. Are they still media meteor, mostly like three hundred four hundred, sometimes more advice, its funding. Steady hats, yeah, I'm that's a lie. On time ago. Will then I imagine that, having being able to do that and move kind of your job to job a bit with tv, directing it takes to pressure, finding that idea to do next. It does, and it gives me practice because I direct movie so infrequently Oh do I remember how to talk to actor was giving a practice. That is that, did you have to sort of frame it like that way? At some point, did you have to convince yourself thou in practice, as opposed to standing in the way of you making another movie yeah yeah good practice for my next film whenever that might be right, but it
Never, but you always think about making a movie. You don't think I'm just going to direct our no no, but, you know that ends up happening to me in my old age, I'll take it. lovely and amazing was it was it was worth the way it was a bigger movie. Actually I got less money it got moralising, didn't give more attention. Yes, definitely indefinitely more attention, right. That was lions gate. and it was still only like a million dollars, but I think it's a more mature effort in Nigeria John. How was I to twelve years old lawyer? He was twenty is twenty. He turned twenty one right around crazy, how young he looks. Yet Is he is young? I know they all are: I mean cleaners and now into Yan Emily Mortimer an arm Dermot more Rooney Dermot. But since then none yeah he's Greg in that I bet I like TAT James, the gross guy- oh yeah,
What happened to that guy It's like seeing a MIKE in drugstore cowboy. I thought it was amazing. He was and then he'd show up here and there and it's just he's a really good actor. He is a really nice guy, who knows It turns out when you asked about people now they ve done a million things you just and you have no idea everyone's gonna millions or they're just enjoying their lives, and you know, not necessarily making movies or whatever I mean he's country boy, have a dwarf I coming out of nowhere like Stephen Dorff, I mean he's not in your movie like I just you just reminded me, like he's he's out there in Malibu, he loves his wife and then he's like right now, after whatever the hell he's been through or whatever, wherever is clear: what he's doing the best work of his entire life in? Why now in the true detective. And say: oh, my god he's I can amazing loud and I then is great fuckin amazing like I was watching and am I who is that and there I could store for my white
I do not have any of you, but I just watch all the old Henry. Did you see old Henry with timber like Nelson than that weird will western now works, and that is a heavy and he's fucking great, while I'm so excited by people suits you old, Henry move? Ok, I love him like Nelson, it's a it's! It's it's a classic! well, it's a classic western story based on a classic. wasn't storing away by. If don't know the twist. It's worth seeing. Ok, I don't know used to watch it. Do you I wasn't now. Ok, good, the all it no cunt for my old man, that's my idea of, and what do you like? What are the movies that were like? Oh, my god, slasher films come on, and oh my god I mean so many movies. I mean it's. Johnson Movies and Charlie Kaufman's movie, I mean I grew up. Loving Woody and Albert Brooks Halbert James, Brook San,
works here. You know how I bees one of my favorites, I met him once scimitar fool out of myself. What happened when was it? Oh, I really young and I was just I think I was made these eighteen years old and I, I didn't know what he looked like an hour The model, of course, was favorite movie, and I was introduced him and he this is HAL Ashby and I just lost my shit. You are, my god. I think I founded the table you sitting up here, but he was fine. I've done that yeah. We we, we all yeah, I think so yeah it's! I do last week with Keith Richards the second time really. Second time I interviewed- and this was on zoom in I was still held. I do so. How was he with that great? it's just like on us marked ways it. You know, so I can have a lot of these guys who are such a you know. Kind of menacing presences are just you're, turning into sweet old men. Finally yeah
The best thing that I don't know how you can interview, while the people- you don't keep your wits about. You may well at the ear, not not lose my shit yeah. I would like that if you listen to the first interview, I I kind of lost my shit, but I was still engaging. You could yeah and I was in this one too. I was very obsessed with his hat which, to the point where you know his. people got mad at me. Talking about the happiness, and I was like guide ten as I keep where do you get, these beanies cause he's like looks great. I know and I am a wire can I do as a kid. I wanted to have Keith Richards Guitar, but at this point he's like what is he eighty and he's wearing a beanie and I'm like I gotta, get a cape beneath He got a matter renown fetters like everybody, I know he's turns out. He didn't he turns out. Of course you got him at a place with itself, four hundred dollar cashmere being ease, and they said in my case I don't know how it worked for him, but I had to pay for two eight hundred dollars. She shouldn't lame beans. I did
and they're, not even here, yet I can't even tell you if they're the right ones- I just Hopefully the right way. Even if I don't wear 'em a you know he had to because I, as I you know, I I shared it with the world. My obsession with the beanie, so I have to follow through rather I want to or not, even though the world would be like what the fuck is wrong with you here, you spent hours the oil idiot. What I got no kids right, I got no debt. Can I buy beanie your ear aloud exciting Friday's Fridays. When I do interviews, we have looked at your texture with the leaf blower matches illegal. Is it yeah, but we need our leaf. Blowers of gas ones are illegal. Now, taking these electrical yo now is that the shift we're supposed to be making pet of gas into electric charge. I can't Fuckin stand it anymore, Nicole. I can't stand which the workforce, because when you live in a like this, every fuckin day, yeah every day, there's one right there, you poor thing
do you have that? Were you a yeah but I want my leaves to go away. Otherwise, just be. I want my wish to go away, but I think they should all be done. The same day, to be two days awake Rev one can do that yeah, so lazy have like one or two days. Unwilling to split would just be quiet. Time have a quiet morning. That's all happens when you live in a nice, leafy neighbour fire, he think I've luxury problems that she shut the fuck up. So speak about problems that my friends with money. I do remember that movie very well how good, and it's one of these words like some, people are really gonna be bothered by this move. Because of the way these people live we are talking about and what we when, when you made them of you with those women, thinking will know what I mean. We're? U like these are my friends are gonna, be honest, oh, wait. What what's with the world I live in, oh yeah,
as I also when I feel are. I am representing their on there. Balls and their limitations and the angel. That's what it's about so it was also you know not at a time when, I think we have to be much much more conscious about the movies we made great now and the odd. It's for them- I don't think I could make that movie now why patch of white people in it white people problem movie, and I mean I'm I'm about to make another one and- and I think you know that's not been easy because of that, because of the climate right now, Scott Caan was good. Wasn't he funny he is fun here. I liked working with him a lot. He was very game at mean everyone at a really great experience on that was a great castle is addressed in oh yeah, John Cruiser here, for
That's your work with my idols, so I was just pinching myself. I mean I'd. Chasing junkies, accents working girl, and I couldn't couldn't get it the agent to even you know you have a say, work like when you want somebody. How does it like? What are you? What can it? How often do you get them? I mean obviously keener even working with forever, but Francis Mc Dormann, I just dumb. I guess that scrap I mean, or they liked I mean the movie I made before it was lovely and amazing, so I if they saw that and they liked it and do no good female parts. Don't am around also like within that movie and like in the friends of money thing I mean there must be some element of like purging, you know or owning the lifestyle that we kind of live here. I think all my movies have that. I think I think me another so autobiographical on that
I'm willing to show my shallow life- and I guess, is it shower. So in some in some ways I mean it's definitely self absorbed. And that my movies are. About my own self, absorption and my friends and the world, but I'm curious, I'm curious about so many things in human behaviour that I hope I am also expressing that the depth of human behaviour in people. You might think of. as shallow or just by getting to the core of of of humanness yeah is really the thing that
kind of a undermined shallowness. Exactly that we're all people yeah, I mean I did make fun of that in friends, with money with John Cusack and Greg Germann, who were the rich couple and they have great sex and they smell good, and I have no problems and that- and I let that be like maybe that is you know what it's like course. It's not it is quite no no, of course not. I have real problems with that. I think like You know when we were all I dont think we're all narcissists, but were certainly self centred and how much of what we think other people doing or living is something we're just making up all the time say that again from sorry, we make other people's lives, we make assumptions bow and nothing. I do it all the fuckin time here and there I this is really no way you can know. Unless you really know those people or you He can't how fragile the dynamic is like, even in that first movie walking talking with those two girls. I mean to women, as they become women,
yeah and out of the way he stabbed stuff on people were. Kids, I think is very good. I like that scream for you wrote for the harm that horrifying story about the two girls. It kill, the black, maybe I'll, kill holy shit yeah, but dealing with like young people in dealing with the impact of those moments is kind of crazy, but my point is you, you don't even know your best friends, really sure you do you know what they do and you know how they react to you. But there is always room for surprise us Absolutely I never exactly what you want them to be at all times. Do your have best friends yeah? I do for a long time. Yes, very, very lucky, yeah since some high school and college were still very close? Really, and some more college and I've made some new friends which is amazing. Recently you yeah kind of networks, a little bit
thrilling. I urge him to take a little more effort than I am like he does in they always give very disappointed when sometimes where, like, okay, we're gonna, try to be friends, and you have that one friend date, initially Vegas didn't work out castle, unlike me, that most of them was a kid that I do comedy with me when I got me once and we worked together to carry through all the time, but I sometimes I bring em up and I say sky, we tried to be friends but didn't happen, and what does he say: we've got a good sense of humor yeah, he's kind of an asshole but funny as it's funny yeah yeah it's harder to make friends when you're older, but they actually do what I do that. Is really nice. I didn't always have so many friends in the movie business, but it's really nice to have people to complain to on the same level in this world, a year's those out in here and learn from and yeah so radically. So how do you make?
friends, Yahoo, ITER and live just change. Your expectations that low the bar or the bar. The barber seems things like the ones that are older and withdrew everything for with you our like, they know you when you like. You I need here, we gotta, you know that, tends to go away. Doesn't yes no actual? He really can I didn't they. the new friends I don't know. The kind of materialise naturally met them. You know on with mutual oh friends like hey location, we get together, which is little scary and you together and mercy. It was kind of nice and then when do we see, talking about work. When do we start talking about person? all things and then we do and then you realize your friends am my boundaries, don't enable me to like lately I just like as a certain people. Just I get exhausted, I don't wanna fuck
I know I mean I'd, be your friend, but you live too far away. Like. I just want to be my friend Nor do we want to be your friends, but like don't become clear, as you know like I avoid one or two people were I'm like. I can see me properly and it's a relief, but I can't break any new people. I understand break new figure, it's pretty funny I used to do bit about that about how, like you know who these people are with with many friends. All you need are too, you need the main guy and the guy you go to any drain. The mange that's pretty true. I'm terrified that you know they're what they're going to die before me and I dunno what I'm going to do, but we don't have to go there. What I would have ridiculous fucking life I'd, so what's it would out. When you decide to write a movie or direct. Why don't know have you directed?
I call movies at warrant years now I almost never week, A couple of times well Oh, I was gonna direct and several movies at the every secret thing that one about the dead baby. I was gonna direct if at all The directive will thanks, but I wrote script intending to direct it and I couldn't nail the script. couldn't now when there was just a character in it that I couldn't solve, which one the the detective. The main person who was not a wizard thanks, yeah, ok and I also arm and that was the main reason, but I think I was also on a little afraid to deal with the dead body. It me and the screaming baby MIKE. Its were younger and the editing around like living with that rule
as an obstacle, but Mamma do you know you could enable the character? You afraid you can direct. It could even quite understand it. Yeah you're able to write it now it couldn't write her well woman who wrote it well. I guess Jamie Burg took over and did you change the script? Probably some and you know I was gonna direct. What became fifty fifty Yeah and I was going to direct it and I worked with the writer and it was really fun all these guys. They were great and I thought that was gonna be shot an away and they D. Tied to shoot it in Vancouver part of the reason why I could do it was because it was in our lay at the time one of my sons was in a new school and was getting bullied. Oh and I couldn't leave him, I just couldn't. Leave him really yeah. How old is her kid? It was like the beginning of middle. school, twelve, let's get you prioritized your family hover the career
I know a fool, but I would do it again. you know they weren't happy when it turned out really well. Well, let me ask you because you know, I know that when you be my point of reference with people who are directing movies and independent directors wagging their there, is a point where, like she was She really needed to do at her way, yeah yeah and You know to the point where the one experience I think she had once you is given a bigger movie was not great. I was lackeys, oh and I think it was. It was oil, difficult with all that the people who who had power my yo, even in directing centrality I think it was. It was similar oh yeah. To the point where, like I really wonder like has clearly when she died in the things were turning and it was going to be a bigger career, but I really wonder how would offend out if someone said we direct this Marvel movie yeah,
What would you do? I wouldn't do it I'd be Vienna crazy, but I wouldn't do it. I don't think we'll, because I don't know life's too short yeah, and then, when you direct a movie, it's a couple of years at least lot to direct a marvel movie. Would I imagine, be a lot of ulcers a lot of stomach in knots and also how do you represent your point of view? I mean that's what you use to making movies yeah yeah? No, it would be some people, I guess, feel excited by that challenge. I wouldn't feel excited by that particular challenge. What about any big movie? Oh yeah! I think it's rate share rom men if I could make a lot of money one day that would be really nice, but on it's. It hasn't happened and it hasn't happened.
I like the idea I like to please give. I don't remember if I enough said, if I saw it sir, you should see enough said and Julia Louis Dreyfus and James didn't see it. I did. It was the last one before he died, yeah uh. You know what I remember about that movie. Is you know that you know clearly James was trying to you know we something other than tony soprano and you're trying and- and just I remember his performance very specifically and realizing that he was a great actor with an amazing range. It was kind of interesting to see how vulnerable he could get yeah cool. So I remember all that's a good I did, but he, He was ready. He was there and enough to do much better. Now, how did it's working died before it came out in it. Yes, he did. He died right out sure he did some eighty are, and that was the only time he saw scenes from the movie and he was right really hard on himself and didn't want to see any cuts and when did see some pieces in our
I don't he hung his head. He was like a car. I would look like such a policy on what yeah, oh yeah, He was so afraid. I was gonna, make him and It was like yeah you're, characters, a pussy, and we all love him and get oh yeah, but then yeah. He died like a couple of weeks, after the african brutal man. Really sad really sad Julia like fuckin amazing she is gazing she's gonna be in my next movie. What you're about to tell if it's gonna run for you we're in it. For me, why do you like my legs? A lot of family dynamics, comedy drama and its what about how to support those. You love without
having to lighted them yeah, I mean they're possible now and if you over oil are aware- and if you always support your kid, your kid wants to prove me wrong. I just said like that families and relationships- and these were all these things- live with you with your characters and movies that there's this fundamental unsolved, while attention to relationship yeah, isn't there I may say here about like, but I guess it that, even though you know that I'm saying you as people, you still try to control or or you know have a handle. very hard to echo. May not solve anything. It's really just explore. bring how and why, and can we and I don't have any answers and you know people will say? Oh now, that you
wrote about that. Are you over it s like not at all? not in the least because we have to deal with every day on somewhere or other people involved in your life, but the and if city habits that was like you know, that was the outer edges of of what people can go through it, and pretty bad ITALY, sad, he you didn't like it loved it are you did how good, ok, that guy its Mendelson right, yeah he's like some Nausicaa his genius. I guess you don't love him. Oh god, you gotta com, I, I sent him a and he said Maya texts right back yeah and I was so happy to get it and then it promptly went out of my head forgot and now she's hanging there yeah. How long has it been a couple of weeks a week I do I love him, you I do too. I'm like this, I'm happy to hear from them million, while someone Your brain registers ignorant causes this closer to file right you're right.
Yeah. I guess I did that and then you're right I got five could set something could have spine date, and it has nothing to do with how important that person is that sell scary, because I adore him every few days, maybe once we gotta get scroll through your taxing answer, and not remember when you're on air, exactly nice was a row moment. Us here is good is a good moment off script. Otherwise, there is all scripted. The postscript Jaska them it was great. I thank you just kept getting worse and worse. It did. They did. I really love the book and people why? Why do you want to make this movie in its use by Nano whose good book stood story? You are good, acting books I liked adapting that one view, then I liked adapt, can you ever forgive me. Did you want direct director I was going to direct that's what happened. tat, one. What what family thrown out you don't know, you didn't. Look it up
No, no, I'm not I'm not great at research. Sorry! when you interviewed Obama? I bet you did some research vive La Hague doing that that made it a very sort of like regimented interview, or I thought, I'd rather miss things and have a real conversation than now too much going. I've heard you say that that I didn't want to read your book before I am the only time I'll read books is, if I dont know about the person ride, not sure they can talk and the problem with reading people's books is you'll, led them and you already know the answers right right so but like it's not books, few, but I mean I dont Whizzer, some sort of controversy. It was horrible, I mean I I adapted it to direct and ah cast. ah Julian more was gonna be in it. However,
and we started working on the character and we got we didn't see eye to eye you enjoy more yeah. She wanted very much to do at her way and disorder. keep me out of it, which It was unaccustomed to write and I know I don't know if she works that way always, but that was my experience and so little they five days before shoot. I mean everything was done here. I I let her go we fire Julianne more as you know, wouldn't work with me, what you had pictured it to be correct and I didn't know, it was gonna, be any fun. My guy had a knot in my stomach. Anyone to tell a story here yeah yeah and
firstly, I adored her near he I did, but I felt like this is gonna be M battle and I think she felt it two but was willing to go ahead and reality that year, that will now that we all know how Mccarthy did it yeah? What was it about. And the thing is so different- at we'll Mccarthy's got this built in NEO comedy and that that makes even her most near pathetic and craven emotional impulses. You know now so menacing right right, more lovable rank that with Julie. She would in close ITALY, Israel in terms of that, but she's, incredibly talented actor. I dont change my mind about that was not a good fit and then what happened then arm and then searchlight who made the movie said you wanna push it for two.
weeks and see. If you can recast at and I tried and no one was available that I wanted and they Do you want to come back in a year and try over tried over and I felt like it made the movie. I mean when you're five days away from shooting our every every cell, for where the kind of closed the shoes, the locations, everything has been chosen, an I was exhausted and burnt, and I said no so of course, when moral Heller made such a great movie and incredibly successful. What was I thinking, but did a great job and I got a lot of tension Khatami Award nomination for it in on you know, sadly, it's kind of the movie p I will say to me that they love the most of my films right, but I didn't direct debt relief to bring these kind of a mixed can't you can take,
a phone, exactly it's a low bittersweet right, What do you do you regret it I don't know it would have been a different film. So who are you thinking? Oh no, I don't lots of people who were about to go on vacation or you know, couldn't do it yeah. think so. But you are you happy with the the way it you very much here I mean they're certain things I would have done differently, but I think it was really good. Obviously, people love that movie now, when you like what you think you're you're, strong is a director York. I like what you do the eight do work pretty close with actors, I mean yeah, do a ton of rehearsal know I like it fresh and I give them freedom to tell me what they think stinks here and
say something better. If they want to work I'm very. I think I'm a pretty disarming person and I think that it helps them to feel safe here. To try things and be stupid in Irish them. So much for that. But you know I think it starts with the writing. I think that I dont ask actors generally to behave in a way that is natural or human rights. and when you know like, I guess it, the tricky directing is when you do take is to somehow in your got. You know when it's the right one. I mean that I used to be a whole thing cause. I I and it's a unique, especially when you do movies, like you do, where it's all sort of about the emotional honesty of any given see right. It's not about whether the pyrotechnics worker the car blew up right now. That would be some worry
like desertion, worried, yeah writer didn't clever. Did there, as to your up. You surprise me in some fantastic way I mean if you cast really good actors and the script is pretty good idea. I feel like me, the job is pretty much done. You can just feel it set like gave. If you see it, take you a oh yeah, yeah yeah, it's willing to because size You know having James scandal, faint Fenian Julian my living room reading my scenes, I'm kind of looking over my shoulder like who's the director here, it's interesting too, because with those two people, particularly that they were kind of like you any time, Julia has to tone it down. It's like it. That's the job here, for contracts? Is she so naturally, naturally comedic Lee genius right? So any time She has to almost become more real, yet that is you know, that's where you really see like. What's you know, what's going on and right right, so it's a real performance and then with him having to like not,
want to kill someone happy, here she but Julia is a pretty soon his person lay out after I can yeah, but but there's no one more naturally come committee gifted venom that person. And having her on the set. Just cracking me up and cry king everybody? I just I care, even understand it here her, unlike in like Pharaoh, welfare or taken thing in turn it on, and you like. What is what is that and they can turn it off totally yeah yeah turn it off like be irregular, yet human being, and thus our when I met, what Julia to do that. You know we had luncheon at first I was like, but she's Alain she's Alain shoot. You know, how can I get past that and it took about ten seconds we were I can, but our kids and What's she doing in this next, one than she can give our efforts should be slaps dickie. slapstick it? No, I don't think there is slapstick in this one by plenty of room.
for her to be a fool plenty in a good way of vulnerable and secure oh good. Oh you no kind of a mess Can we just talk about the last, although for a minute or two cause, I really love the movie, and I think people should see the movie good. I think people should too. I wish they would. I think it's on some streaming service how? How do you get that call Those guys here too, to be like hey, we need a lady, it's free, I'll be your lady: a girl stuff. I knew Ban Abed, and so I got this email from him which did occasionally, but it was an email that just you know me. My head spin off, I couldn't believe I was. Would you want to write something with right me and Matt, and am I don't know if this at what it was at the time, but I of course I
yes and then I they said what it was and I went and met with the minutes, and I had to do this. really? What do I know? I don't know how to speak like this. and then they said neither the way wow and they showed me their work and, like you, I can do that the over there doing. I can do that and it became not easy, but I got used to speaking like that and learning how to show what what but was the job primarily her story. From our point of view of yeah, they wrote that first to do so, started writing scenes for her I'd, send them the scenes. Some things would make that change and there it would make their seem strange with and eventually it became a, Elaboration of all of us. I mean I didn't really touch, the battle scenes, but the marriage scenes in all three parts. You know we all had a part in them, but I You know a lot of Marguerite, story in or all of it, and they gave me notes that really how whose idea were the shoes
then how the shoes came off or whether she took them off they fell off was in that wasn't in the script. That was a pretty, has pretty good. Yeah he's he's kind of good. He is an end. He he believes that no kidding no kidding, I think he wanted to kill me. While I was on the set, you do little bed and because you know I've ever been a writer on the set of someone else directing it's not like he's. Not a brilliant director. Sometimes you see a scene differently and so you know I had to learn how to shut up, and you know be. The invisible writer which was fine was a great expense yeah yeah, I I don't like again. I think people should see it and I thought it was and and so working with them, where you are in Ireland, were you there with them yeah? Well, we worked on the script here and then went to France
shooting in these castles, and I was such an amazing experience. I would never have and then, covert hidden. We all went home and then picked it back up in Ireland, which was supposed to be the wet that way, and I came for some of it- you are grown out, was created, Where is town and is very sweet nice. I think I was the only Jew in our neighbourhood. That is why, as I always think about like it's my fantasy to live in Ireland, and then I wonder like Emmy, how do you feel about Jews? but I think a mayor Marilyn anything Mayor of Ireland is too may ever of. Dublin is jewish failure. He was her is. Am I wrong I've? Finally, I think he's either gay or jewish. Maybe both I Amber being in a taxicab, and I was trying to understand that troubles, you know, let kids explain the Catholics and Protestants tomato you gotta watch Belfast and I am and then he
wanted me to explain jewish people and are all he thought all jewish people we're kosher and all jewish Peter or the had already yeah, really naive, lovely man, but was another world here soon there maybe not There's a jewish quarter, their working through there was, I think, there's a couple there. What was good talking you Terry feel good about it. I do ok, good and I breathe. He did. I can hear you gasping very good. I didn't sense any panic now now I think we covered a lot of good stuff yeah and it's good time down. My throat hurts okay. Thank you. So much mark nice to talk to you too. ass, Nicole, have centred work on movie with Julia, Louis Dreyfus and not me so go watch or other movies are quite great. Also forget. Most people associate burn out with work, but that's not the
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