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Episode 1339 - Greg Proops

2022-06-13 | 🔗

Marc has a very direct question for his old friend Greg Proops: “Did we lose?” In the fight for the heart and soul of comedy, there is real uncertainty about the current trajectory. What legacy did the alternative comedy movement leave, if any? Did the Obama years create a false sense of security for popular comedians that made them drop the ball? Will a there be a counterforce to the dominant strain of reactionary backlash comedy? Marc and Greg interrogate these questions and their own roles in the past three decades of comedy. 

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Hey folks. Albion, durham north carolina this Friday june. Seventeen that the carolina theatre, charlotte on play june eighteenth at the night theatre, then charleston south carolina on Sunday june nineteenth at the charleston music hall I'll be in LAS vegas. nevada on July, fifteenth and sixteenth at. Why These guys- and there are- also august and September dates and indianapolis louisville lincoln nebraska demo, I am- and I was city iowa, tucson and phoenix arizona and bolder colorado go to w E f pod dot com swear tour for all dates and ticket info more. It's coming in canada all right. Let's do the show this
all right. Let's do this, how are you what the fuckers, what the fuck bodies, what the fuck makes what's happening? I mark mare- and this is my podcast- welcome to it the oven. Been here before it's nice to nice. To have you just hang out sit down with the rest of them. Try not to He too chatty until you get the hang of things. Just you know listen for things that you relate to don't day, don't die, have expectations. don't read in too much. Just hang out. Member going to hang out gregg proves is here that I am going to hang out with gregg proofs. Tat means you can t it should he's a smart fella I've known for years have not seen him in a long time. when I moved to san Francisco back in the day. Fuck when was that ninety two or somethin there was this crew,
Thus it somehow ended up in san francisco. At the same time is me and paddled oswald blaine capacity. And a lot of their scene had sort of gone to a, but officers around proved so as a as he was, solid, dug in up there in the area. I met him once before, and I didn't bring this up to him, because I was kind of dick issue on that First time I met him. It was actually it was in new york city. I have been in the weight. Eighties it had been early early nineties. All I know is if the old improv upon forty fourth street, I was at the west way diner, where we is to hang out me and vitality. May You tell whoever was around, but I remember we mean by tally who just asked away rest in peace and purposes in town and somehow ended up there and somehow ended up at our table at our booth and this
before I'd gone to san Francisco. Before I knew anything about him other then I believed that he was dressing like Tom Kenny, like that. Would fucking matter to anybody with the body howie glasses in the pompadour, and allows you such a dick. I was just sort of like yeah, you know. Do you know Tom Kenny Tom Kenny whizzing in in san francisco, and he moved out there bobcat tomcat were buddy from upstate new york, tom candy, course, when I'm gonna be the voice of the a sponge rob body was just comic, but he had that. Look. He had that kind. Of adore horn rim, Nor can I was like so based guys, like you, do know tom canny thing. I know what you're up to no idea. What kind of comedy did nothing just looked at him and busted his balls were the way? Look as I was a cock. Are you guys doing, but but proves this year me improves talk about. We talk about some shit.
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fuckin, give it to your cats. Very contagious, something wrong with it: it's a sign. Man could be a good sign, it could be a bad sign. Usually it's good means. It's there's going be big. Changing live, watch out, it's the trickster, you may, do not know what wisdom Adam parts or what it means, because as the coyotes the trickster but it does mean something: do that so cool the ionian yard, because therefore, it shouldn't be there: Jesus Christ, no one's got the answers, super big problem, isn't it improves get into it. You know let's get into it. I'm a few levels would be, and we talk about what I ve been talking about here. What you know, just what is happening to comedy, and you know great and I deal with it personally, it implications of a society
implications on the culture of out of what I ve been talking about this sort of tribal position of comedy this india, the co opting of the falafel the fur king comedian model or the rebel truth telling comedian model that was once only apply to maybe four comics, You know who they are. There was a generation of comics in the fifties and some in the sixties. You can count on one hand, you know you talking lenny, bruce guitar. Can you prior in a different way? You talk and people like godfrey cambridge, dick Gregory, talk and people like gum carlin later, but still hicks handful, but the right and the code on called freethinker crowd. The people with dumpster fire harrison their brains with all the answers.
And a lot of labels, woke commie socialist, big pharma lotta labels for people, minimizes. Free thinkers raw think the same thing and have leader Since some of them are complex and some comics set themselves as revolutionary voices, but they're, truly hack, cowards, There's no vulnerability in it. Lack of risk backfire margin wise voices people already under the pressure The goal should be to bring his altogether. I can't say that I can do it. I can't say that necessarily even joke in that way, but the world is on fire. Things are at risk, while we runnin around hurting people. another. No, the more, I think about it. Like you, what happened to alternative comedy was your point of view. There was there sums Momentum that I use that word momentum, or was there some
sort of collective community, was obviously more embracing and away, but give it have a point of view. But I just wanted to engage somebody thinking about things. in the area that I am. Not in the area of people that call bullshit that just To find their own victimization through there. deep well of grievances, that probably our catch to something that they refused to resolve or see in themselves, and then join forces with other people with similar back export bullshit, sometimes ammunition, sometimes our fifteen's and sort of just find themselves as victims. Cultural events this political victims based on nothing but the need to
feel aggrieved, but make no mistake that that way of things king once it, because somebody decides its enabled can lead to genocidal movements tapping before so. How are some comedians? Getting those people focused? anyway this is me and greg. Talking he's got a new album out Greg poops in the city. You get it at greg. it was dark calmer, wherever you get music and ours It was great to see him the. What do you mean you're off everything? No, we live not for real, I'm not what what is this. I know right I could give you like in july last year, because I was there
the plague. I was really getting it on, really know That's how you win well yeah. I was frustrated and sad and you are as scared as the scared come into it yeah and no gigs. You know so no outlet for my shallowness worried that no one would ever like me every thirty seconds again and wow yeah. It comes out quickly, huh, oh dude, and so I was doing a podcast at the crib. You know we're doing, zoom shows and say a which is like watching a it's. Actually a glass yeah, it's just horrible. Just worst and I put a web good in the amount I got up the next day to clean the house as jennifer, and I just so there. You know. I think I'm john like yeah, but the wheat was like you and I was I get that was just sort of like vegetables. It was now no right to tell I let you now and it's not that can't really had an otter. Now I just I was
it at once, it was legalised. You was dangerous outcry like it's like a marriage for my old ecru. They all gay people reserves this guy wants. It became on clandestine, it wasn't cooling, even yeah, now I just you know. How do you feel for there was there a fog lifted, her they didn't didn't. Generally, I mean you know: I've I've function fairly well on wheat and I know you're always when those guys never quite understood. If there's any example, you like the keith of weed get right. I mean I still smoke, and sometimes I didn't like cut it out altogether. I yeah I'm on the road with the whose line guys and you know for before the plague, I'm getting high, pretty much chair before we show, and then We came back from the plague. I didn't and I felt like a lot. You know cool. I didn't know if I felt funnier, but it reminds I have a story that at who was it artie shaw that old, bandleader yeah, he said, there's a couple of horn players in his band and now are always
well. Can we are what do they call those days gauge or whatever goals, and he says why you guys who get high before the show you know and they go well. We really like to blow. You know already created a series of stature and he goes alright, alright, like tonight at the break. I want to get high with you, you know and they're like whoa and he's like no come on, so that gives we got titans, and this is the forties. We, we smoke a couple of bombs and he goes to go on stage after the break and and he goes, I'm blowing my branch out right and and they come up to me after the show the two horn person ago, you were right didn't make it. So I noted that story was with me, but I just thought I'd. Having a lot, more fun. Now, on stage because of the morning, you know what I did the out, maybe more present yeah yeah. I mean, like I remember who, before I quit, we just sort of a daily thing more. I went to visit a dying aunt and all down to his waking up near death and had that
strange fragility and and we're almost mind, reidy type of perception here and she said, dare what's wrong with mark. He looks haunted and am I not time to pull back on the weed yeah is it crawled in yeah I was, I'd open and you know you do you get to tat day? I would just get you don't know your fear higher. Not I don't guess at matters as some people, but a kind of matters You know I found myself like someone's a doctor said to me once a it's like an old friend. You can't cut it loose you now and then now I felt like that. I've mostly cut at least that I I don't Is it all the time I do miss it sometimes, but also as the author. Do I get like the less I wanna be high when I'm driving or something I sat there is in my teens and twenty nine care like you, I could put right on the mortal yeah. It's not
but shit mortalities looming as much as a I dunno. I don't. I don't go to meetings or anything like that and I wouldn't proselytize, but everybody knows me as someone who is an inebriate, so I might as well come clean and say that I'm not need creating as much and yeah and you seem a chipper, you don't seem a defined. The what's are you getting there we're getting angry the frustration and and the pain the child abuse it away. I wasn't really happening for me. I was much more concerned about the booze because the drink it's nothing for your personality like
I think your, what was the townes van Zandt line. I want you to party in a bubble, do you know like and I'm not actually as charming as I thought I was who's. Why is that? Is it like the? When you do cocaine you do it off a mirror, so you can see what an ass, oh yeah, no kidding was it jimmy tingle. I remember I was originally from meek. I was never very kochi. Is you know, yeah, always booze and pot yeah yeah yeah yeah, the the rudiments, the bay area? You know this version pot or everything and where I grew up in some kyler said nam. Not as its about thirty miles. South of san francisco turn left at nineteen. Nine. A m, the water was on earth. It's between SAM, a town or city of no helps orient you at which it doesn't. grew up there now and then the peninsula, and by the time you too high school there. It was real The thing to it. This is the seventies. You were reasonably close to the same age or older, I'm fifty eight
sixty two and so yeah, like I graduated in seventy seven, so the class before me was the bicentennial class and they had a horrible red white and blue tassels on there. I would even then I thought was lame. I let the what lies behind the old buying into it here. But it was a big juliet high and and then those issued beer oozing. There was some speed around. I ain't, no mom! Why Obviously there was nothing fatty mean in those days was we call rank? Yes, yes, thank you that yellow crumbling biker, craig gas and it smelled like produce from the bottom of a kind of a you know like one of those who need open up a let us create when you work in a restaurant, that's what it away small by and it made your eyes bird and your had exploded. I know, but have you been examined this guy? at new years was last time there it looks like the bottom fell out. Oh, I know right dude, it's like it's. It's it's crazy
I mean it, I really like it feels like an an anchor. This chaotic should show up there. It's pretty wild. I mean, like you, know the the amount of poverty in a place that wealthy really big goes that met evil thing area, where you know that, oh, my god, their building, these giant stadiums and they're doing this and there's apple and facebook unblock and then there's like literally block after block of calcutta, I mean I guess it's scary, but it definitely feels like new york was the fountain in the seventies, distorted right almost a bombed out. What does what does Alexander? Was it, but William blake, the dog, starved at the master's gate, predicts the ruin of the state. That's all I can think of. Like you. Let lie let people starve in the street and you're saying that you don't care anymore as society you are thrown in the towel and then all these
people who like give money to these giant charities, which I am suspicious of giant charity, occurs to me. They seem like money laundering operations or at least to eat their operating budgets, that can be is a lot of wiggle room. I have to be to be generous, I mean you know, you'll get I've been I've been to charities and I'm sure you have cheshire where you're flown on, like a jad or something I put up at a big hotel or you're. Given all this treatment, this, this money could have gone to the thing that we're doing could have put me in a wagon yeah, but this is MR write: offs jet yeah yeah, exactly or coffee. Yet so, That part is a dastardly. I still love the bay area and I love san francisco and I you know I jennifer and I have a soft spot for white people have in moran. You know where westmore, and especially it's so beautiful and it's like a fantasy land yeah. So I really I love that I haven't been up there in a long time. I'm fixing to go up again. then on holiday, because em
since the you know, since we've been able to go on again like an autumn yeah I've been on the road yeah me too yeah, that's just been hammering. I got that the the first, the the second shot, that's what it was like. What's got exactly and then everyone back over here and then everyone I ever have you out I've been out at. I got an awkward. My friend told me not to know I got it yeah, I got it after my third shot. I can I can. I got coke yeah. I had the fourth one in minneapolis, a woman's on the better there huh. Is it better there I thought so. I thought it was fun here and there was a kind of a million lakes how many like, so they have to do where you are you doing solo, Stana princess with the knowledge that the group ireland and stand up in ages oda because I don't want you it's because when was this album recording thought new, I gazed upon china nears em. It still the same, be no the air conditioning sporadic. What I think I you know
like with you or I mean we like to think of his late ass point, I think I get mostly people who want to see these people on new year's eve, because it's an occasion but yeah do you like, but is an interesting like I've. She I found myself levelling off now, fortunately, that my audiences, your primarily kind of aggravated middle age, women and young people, that, roughly in my My group and I and the young people that, like near the exact same cunning young people, that I would have liked me like that, the kind of like you will smart, will sensitive low aggravated, probably creative, young and dont really fit in this view them by a I'm good, It will for all of them, though sure, but I mean I don't know like I there's pardon me- I know I'm still discoverable by don't know, I got a reach yahoo Who goes out and does this shit anymore? right and where will you go? you? Ve covered social media? You had a giant successful p.
had cast for a hundred years. I mean there's what other ways and your host years, whilst since two thousand and nine but like what over the pandemic, here's what I'm trying to figure out it may be yeah. Well, maybe you can help me figure it out on some level. Is that did did whatever we represented in comedy like as I am I consider, is on the same spectrum attitude that we're only my our generation, but also what our point of view I yes? Did we lose I don't know I'd say I think so I think there's a certain. Maybe we lost a lot of yardage. Let me put it that way: we're we're not on that and in the red, we're not in the the ten yard line, back because like right now understand comics, and it seems like that. A lot of the spirit of the peace will that we respected has been cooperate by you're, dumb dumbs, who stand for very little that that is progressive
not so like the entire sort of like against cancel culture and pro free my speech. Thing is is very limited and it's not too it is, has been taken, from the progressive agenda and sort of reframed by you comics, who have a fan base that are not necessarily comedy fans, but are they need to know? what to do with their hands. They need a leader. So now you have this weird momentum of a group of of comedy fans in quotes. Com, max were easily call opted bye, bye right wing momentum. Then they may not know that, but that's what's happening. So what happened to us? That's a good question like to think that we're still fighting the good fight and that there's lots of people who store spawned to us, and it me to something that when I first started going out with my wife Nineteen forty eight, we she said to me,
aren't you to get anyone cooled come see you because of the way they think of stand up comedy, and this is when the early eighties, when we were azure getting going and because, if you remember when we started in the early eighties, there was a lot a douche bag nail climbers. I started with jet in the later eight your labour rights so because when I started I would say you know I won that contest and eighty eight I started working in but he ice priority, doing it and eighty six, little bit college here and there right, but so so you're talking about the beginning of that boom, yo yo the nets or even the middle of it that you always heard of when one by the time I started they, it was over right, you mean when there was a thousand rooms every night, any player either, but there was nobody in the room. Just a club owner gone. I guess nowadays to be yeah: there were going to talk about the eighties boom and maybe what that did to culture and the culture of comedy. But I think that In thinking about it, there was a fair
we are of what became known as alternative come home. In that you have. The point of view was shallow. The agenda was shallow and obama created, sort of an umbrella for people that sort of be like. We can just do what we want, and then we lost the ball that but go. I see your point about culture, I kind. I don't think I could put it any better. if you have comedy, was always this male horrible, racist, sexist my girlfriend so that asian drivers suck don't leave a dollar on the table in a black people in the front row that aid saying that that was really prevalent. When I started, then it started to get hipper and then, of course, like you, said, alternative boom. That was what twenty years ago, but the way ninety was back in the eighties are we had people and you knew people out there you know, we're doing something different and doing online. You know, like Jake Johannsen, I don't know what he does now, but he was like the biggest act in the world and said very little.
Degenerous, Kevin meaney up there in San francisco. What sort of a hotbed where people were, and I remember one bobcat moved from boss why and brought in a whole group with any and Dana and Kevin meaney right. They all eventually ended up in san francisco, where you could embrace you know whatever It is, but still there was an eye busy. The problem is: very. There were very few people who are doing the view comedy like political commoner, taking any real chances. I agree. In all that in the mail dominating there were still guys we liked. No, I I think you're right. It was a haven in those days we were considered animal course. We, I think, look did it ever everybody everybody. it was a transfer from somewhere else. Mostly. I was from the barrier that, like you, can and patent came and Dana came gould and came earlier. We were, we were with you an blaine in me, showdown eight and nine weeks of each other. Yet in now know dude, oh no! No d
I was like ninety two were: wasn't I oh yeah, it was all right by the time you mean blaine in patent got there, you know that, It was already gigantic. Have you a majority arc majority in Washington? to our. Why bade all left in the scene in germany, disco was was you know who had been vacated because emblem of delay so You know it was you around Johnny Steele was around here. Carlos Rocky was around, but tat that generation of old timers was gone. The the live audience at the bennett show was three guys one of them. We are wearing a yeah, it was like a star trek, t shirt. You know we were operating in the this fumes now. What I I think, like you say, we had a point of view and I think the big deal interpreters gunners days was that you have That's some kind of point of view or some sort of intellect or challenge the audience in some way, whether it was actually maybe not
politically, but at least intellectual sure yeah, but it was they indulged it and a lot of san francisco homeless go on the road not do as well on the road, because comics weren't ready for concert audience weren't ready for concepts elsewhere they were used to joke joke joke l a thing we used to. That was a big complaint for san francisco comics, that l, a crowds were shallow, unwanted works in that year, and then I tended to go to england a lot more and then I found the going to england. I was considered slick and professional, which was look down upon, because I did Joe Joe jobs that I set up. Punchline Tatjana detail stories. It go no right, you needed to get exactly. You need Amy, shambley and say things were shite alot shy and sudan. but, like you say about losing the ball, I really feel like that giant thrust of comedy right now, with the really really popular guys, mostly better, embracing this, I'm being cancelled, I'm a victim thing, completely reactive and completely wrong action areas- and I don't find it amazing- that gets very instructive. Comedic lay the key
much that I always worship growing up were. carlin prior lily common robin people, who were literally were true, and to give voice to other people's concerns, maybe actually understand the world a little bit and when you start to say that you're a victim when you ve got six million listeners and you're making all this money in your doing. Netflix specials and people the everything's pouring in on my somehow you're being silenced the Jimmy. That sounds exactly like a right wing, publican saying that I am whoa whoa cultures, what's wrong with the world, what culture is nothing to me? It was always a matter of manners like Are you going to be a bully and stop on homeless people and gay people, or are you going to try to understand that maybe with your white privilege center, you should kind of try to. If you have a little bit of lift to the other shirt voice, suggest the age of of sort of doubling down on bullshit and and standing for for nothing. What I usually say is that you don't want
tolerance is removed from the equation year. Democracy doesn't have a chance, because if you by into the idea that like well most people want this. I guess we gotta suck it up. That's how the progress is made in democracy yeah. If it's most people want, this will fuck them, you know I'm not going to put up with that shit right. So ending the fight is on for the heart of the nation, which is what it is and amplified by one. You were talking about thirty b forty years ago or not in our lives. There wasn't the kind of constant flow of misinformation and the grinding screaming noise. Reading fucking, it's not even like it's not even just means survey information or a noise machine. It's literally reconfiguring people's perception because yo who the fuck is dead that the brain can handle this. No nobody here just by bit, just you pick up your phone in the morning within ten minutes, you ve dubbed more shooting your brain that was ever designed to deal with and you ve got a fight for the different
between that and your perception of the world and what is really your point of view, three, due to erase any sense of identity with this fucking thing, I agree. It's a vortex and also I find myself getting angry. I get on the phone and then I'm all mad, because I saw somebody said something I didn't like and it's like whoa. How come that opinion so important to me all of a sudden when I wouldn't have known about it. If I hadn't Look at my figure. That's the problem. It's like we're all you know kind of insecure ego, driven cockers, and it's sort of the idea that worry you as soon as you get away from that you're sort of like do. I even exist my relevant right. I am, I end the conversation yeah right, because if you Don'T- and you aren't break. It just goes away drives aware, unites the bus yeah, but I think like what, china understand as well- and I think I do understand It- is that in conversations I've had with people they give a shit about whatever the fuck. I'm talking about primarily me in my producer brendan around trying to assess the it seems it there.
what became known as alternative comedy, was built on the back Of a few guys right, you're one of em diving Dana's, one of them, I think, patton, is of a generation. I think patent invented himself out of a part of you. He not scrape scrape some of your skin and grew it and then you'll put it on his ear and and part of his head now, but the sort of the culture alternative comedy was really built by a few, webcam guardian, was happening and in a way- and it is happening a little later in new york, but most of us paid are doing comedy gobs. But then, after that, this sort of like you, know, comic, produce, MIKE's and open alternate kommeni kind of morphed morphine. Do we It seemed to be a fairly significant cultural movement in los angeles, soon around your Chris Hardwicke was the leader, but nonetheless There's nothing to show for why did what happened? Did they stand for? Nothing, did you would give?
think about that or introducing this idea to you that that the alternative comedy scene tanked well There was a time and a place and things move on and hideously or maybe reflectively of, what's going on in the larger world, how many doesn't stand alone anymore than sports do or show business or anything like that and obama. I, like you, say, a fairytale paul on a lot of my people. Arguably the the comedy world here and I had people say to me things like I thought and I swear to you. I thought prejudice went away because he was president and you know, a bleak statements like that and look in the face of four hundred years of american history and absolutely deny it because you'd like someone,
that got elected twice a year that also while we were being elected twice, she didn't notice that the rising tide of fascism was being fomented harder than it had. This reminds me of when we were when I was a little little kenya in the sixties, how ugly america was the america that assassinated Malcolm x and an undertaking in our f k and the insane racism and white backlash that there was and the revolution that happened in the six is when I was little mia between young people and old people via between world war, two people and vietnam people sure between black and white people between and then we were promised in the early seventies. There was going to be a gay rights, black, its native american rights, la raza. Everything came to the fore and everybody was being heard here and then that ray One thing
Oh no, we didn't need any at me. I needed was to think about ourselves a little more old boy, yank about yourself a little more and then I feel like that. happened again after the alternative resolution with gene. and gave it in and and everybody that would so Dana and gain that was such a light. I would go. Do all the sets everywhere in new york and and and los angeles and Chicago san francisco. That was the first wave, not the camille and array. Then there was the after the comedy bang bang wave. Then there was the whole camille waver and the nerd melroy over here, in los angeles, and all that which I participated, yeah me too, but I never never felt right. It wasn't It wasn't my you know it was. I was a guest in there. Also, my generation- that's weird, but, like you wasn't generation with really very specific audience, you know that yoke is, if I think about like the the prove of ear by I get off on this history, no iguana robin per and you know young warrant, thomas he's gotten yourself
forgotten heroes. Of of brick style red wine hold yeah mattie, yet but by the time that normal happens. I was I resented that that audience so homogenous. Yet it was weird. It is weird, and I think I d I dont disagree at all. It's like I felt, like the narrowness of their pointed. You cry of robbed me the wrong way, and also like you say, like, for instance, in this, is just completely anecdotal one shallow, but I have really no other bit. You know redoubt I did a show a nerd mount ways and you the podcast right like I did some artists around the world write for LA I did. It live for years and years and years now jennifer and I do it at the crib because of the plague sort of forget. Right. The last I wanted it was in san francisco. I love doing it all over america and europe and all over the literally all over the world, and they,
you did a nerd now and it was my least favorite audience in it. Not just blaming the nerd. Now, something like a cat anymore The temperature died and rod, tip written wrote, am thriller and off the wall and all the great discussants he was in a group called heatwave is a white guy from england. He wrote all this disco yeah and happened to be the night he passed away and I often played a lot of records on my show sure a records music vienna vinyl nokia. Anyway, I was playing about you, discuss, arms and the crowd literally didn't know any of them, and I started to be I'm furious with myself in the crowd? Like you really don't know, any of these dance records from the last thirty years that this guy wrote, who is a giant of dance music there and that everything is built on this year, that we do now- and I thought what your phone in your computer and that's what's important to you here, and this weird advantage that you see happening to you in this crappy life you built for yourself, and I don't know it like you say it was. fine.
Thing to say that you didn't feel like you were one shooting over their head or to just saying shit. They didn't understand at all because you were sent zambia and so my uncle grandpa, the mountains are mere. They all got yeah, but now there are old and none of them do it anymore. Their way, that's that's! The thing is that their entire context was was manufactured in this kind of widow. I mean, I guess it was a bubble, but at what, but but what number I was talking to burn it about today. Was that you know, for as long as this fascism has been percolating in america. You know like went in the sixties, you you can marginalize it a bit because it was the burgers or whatever the fuck. It was the klan yeah, but they were really held off our margin because most people were like yeah, we're all a sort of your kind of hovering around the same information oasis and we can a sort of like look across the water and go again by no. We don't agree, but this is what happening. We've agreed that we don't want this, but now alongside that, they were furious, that they had no broad
cultural identity that the culture belongs to us. The jew, the progressive, the gay people black. It really did now. Obviously there are other ethnicities that were pushed aside by the end of this year, a small part of it, and now that you know that sort of opened up a bit. But it seems that there is a big push along with the push to disregard truth in general to show revamp, hijacked the culture that the right is spearheading this movement with people like who have who have really something teeth into this aunt I woke the audition which is hackneyed and and to this fear of cancellation, and that is that how that's? How their riding in two, taking over the cultural, yet the arts in a way it's super mail to, like I dont, get that that that some sort of big a cry
ass. The board message that everyone, embryo aids is everybody's. I I know right if you know one sort of like yeah, but it's sort of like that's happening. It's all over the place. You go to comedy clubs, but the one thing that bothers me is that we need to make sure we know the difference between a comedy show and a comedy rally, and I guess in a way we took a for granted in a lot of us weren't. You a lot of the generation above us. I also think that you know the Jews gave up the mantle a long time ago. I dunno. If it was voluntary, it might have been, it might be for good good reason. I always thought that, once you know the introduced anti depressants. You know any of anyone on stage complaining in a certain way. Sorta like he can't write that's over yeah. Maybe the neuroses got kicked out of comedy right, there's medicine, but it did it. It did and the neuroses driving comedy know I think a lot of ways. Things are much better than they could ever be.
Member saying that years ago it to summon grew in monterrey on and the montreal the version ain't you got was really reactionary, got matinee. They said what the biggest difference between comedy when you started the biggest difference now- and I said there's women stars, there's asian stars, there's black stars and if people from the Middle EAST that our stars- and that was not happening in nineteen. Eighty two- I order you and they were like all this, the kind of bull shit we have to stand for from liberal comics, like san francisco, like gregg groups and like I'm, not I'm not making it up, you can look at the books, I mean. Comedy central got soda spread to have viewers at one point that they put to jewish women on a comedy show. Then they put a black eye on you. I mean you know comedy: general is like frat city. I mean that idea there. I would even break down and do that after which, books in the eye of their college demo, of due to drinking carogne as and where in baseball house, whatever I fucked their gamma? Was
but they seem to be a right. Here's. The weird thing is that, like all that you're saying is true, but but it's it's and the way show business operates now is that you have? None of that matter? Is the agony of people are building their own? You know but show business here, now that it has a modern in asia gura whose one of the good one yet is built zone, showbiz death and ended they all these. These people, women, women of color people of color gaping. If you can just get your people then you go and you deal with your people now. I think that's good. I guess what up against this idea that, as any of precedent or barometer of actual truth starts to be. Samantha, laugh your. How is that not leaving the entire culture vulnerable to authoritarian? as I mean, that's the play and isn't it yes, the plan as to make Jackie of reality and not a shared thing anymore, that the reality right that you're fat is the reality that you believe, like france,
as you know, to go back to being pop political year There were some idiotic thing I saw on twitter. They, of course on abc news. That said, a lot of people, don't believe as much as they used to that trump put january six together and that it was a seditious coup right unethical. Does that mean that a lot of people don't believe in as much as they did a few months ago or yesterday? One one that boy? What measures are we using an arab whether there is any measure at all that fucking piece, a quick they go into the head, and then we can figure out we're whatever synapses were built. Rather, nobody knows what happened yesterday. Jesus Christ, when wilt slapped Chris before they were talking about it like it was the towers fall like? Will we ever recover yeah, very well that the worst it could happen is will never have to sit through another oscar I've never understood any. Let the and the
david, you're, supposed to hip up the oscars into all these weird things to later they're gonna make it look like a nightclub get better bouts are also, I loved all the dancing and singing and when they did at the tribute to the poor people who passed away- and there was a bunch of people that really deserve as earns review, including at Asnore who escaped over completely. Who was actually one of them was decent, wonderful kind, human beings that was ever in show business and then they got a little dicey with the you know, with the inside job thing, but outside of that sometimes yeah. But I mean like they. the dancing and singing over that was, I see. This is a moment when you might take just two seconds to calm down and let it be quite order. You are right to stop trying to get people excited. That's the thing it's like you you'll ballgame either that weaken canada here drink your big ballgame guy yeah. I wanted the volume and canada distant see a game and it was fun and The music was so loud between every batter that I had to. I was with a tour manager, I couldn't talk,
I had to wait till the music stopped and then go blah blah so useful, to be talking about stuff, all game, whether its baseball, your life or whatever. You turn relaxing afternoon right. vanishes. We're like I didn't, come to a baseball game to get hyped out of my mind. If I wanted to retain plank get wild. I would do neither on my on my baseball supposed to be at its best boring punctual it had by moments of excitement- it's not of it your game, a war world, isn't a fuckin like as much as I love keanu waves or whatever, and I think he's a nice person in a fund area. The john like movie similar like watching one of its video games, where people keep getting shot me I and stabbed in the face amusement park, rose in times in a minute and a thousand and in a minute so than they
They started out by having warrants fish vernon and in mcshane and how to bury whatever they threw in every character actor in the world and give it a little bit of gravity and a little bit of art direction one eye, and then they go right back to shooting people in the eye of a second and you're like will this, we could have plot and character, and you could actually- and I feel that's what they've done with everything with comedy with politics. oh you're. With news there's, no, If we don't agree that there's an objective reality january six happen. The man who led a violent coup- and he did- everybody, could organise, including giving to the point where they were going to try to order armed troops to gather up the ballot and stop the count and all of this happened. It really didn't not happen. I'm not a conspiracy theorist. I don't live in a van. I don't think John Lennon ordered bigfoot. This is actually the truth, which is fundamentally and in the spirit, accurately more interesting than a conspiracy theory, yes, and whether you believe it or not, or whether a b c news wants to report that less people believe it than they did alters the facts.
should it not one jot yeah he threatened to kill him. As president and have him hung. We know that because we know it was reported said it there were people there that were going to kill pelosi now and kill pants. Yes, and Mark short, whose princess chiefest off said on the day the day before that they were ready for action, and you know if that has said on the day when they follow them out of the car, that he was worried about the actual secret service agents that helpful them into the car and he was like which windsor you, Are you the ones you're gonna get me the ride. The mafia arrive or eudoxia going to protect me and do your job because we are, the secret service was completely infiltrated by right wing, lunatics yeah. This isn't seven days in may with character, and I went back for a reference. That's so fucking old! No one will even get it. It's a movie about the the government being taken over by the military, but what's what? What we're saying is that in in retrospect, even with that, You're wasting your commission, the pan. be investigating this thoroughly that most
the country's moved on the apathetic people have moved on to people. They didn't give a shit to begin with it moved on. The right has been spending this at all. I can't it's sort of take away any teeth out of it, but the truth is the truth, but yet now. That is such a small piece of the pie. at it'll just become yesterday's news rather quickly. It doesn't matter. anybody and all politics, political, This course has just been wrestling: promos yeah, that's a and trolling. That's that's what an entire political party that is what they are They are nothing, but Publican party exists to be an autocratic party that we'll take over the government and do whatever they like with it at the behest of all of their crappy masters, whether their billionaires or russia, whoever you we want to think is calling the shots on this right. They really don't have another goal, and people like marjorie taylor, green and laurent labour and paul goes are not gates in all them. They don't exist as politicians there trolls yeah there
they are not there to enact legislation within having that, neither are met. Mcconnell and all the big lights of the party. The leading leaders, hardliners, cabin mccarthy them kept gradually, whoever you want to say, graham crews. What not very, They are doing our policy. Either there there to obstruct policy it horrible to come back and think of the book that I read in eighth grade. One thousand nine hundred and eighty four contain so many profound truths and that orwell knew everything about fascism having out against the fascists in spain and in watched england, go from what he perceived at the beginning of the war as an anti fascists nation to a nation that completely embraced fascism and had identity cards and we're stopping people on the street by that late forties and now there is sort of an element of of actual horrible fear to it in that You know somebody in a militia, yo, yo, yo, hog, tied a fucking, yeah drudge, yes in what was
johnson was and is, and and executed, and he had a list and with all this he have the sort of gun violence is that you know I had somebody. You know I'm doing this new joke that, like I, I sort of showcase for everybody to make sure no one else was doing it, even though there was only a handful of people that would even Ruiz consider doing it it's just a bit that a young referring I'm trying due to two rebrand the pro choice, approach This sort of you, you know due to two maybe get Cynthia looked at it differently. I think abortion clinic is inroads medical. scary, but if we called them angel factories the fish
and I brought up in the park as you did not because I want to make sure that I have no doubt burned it, because I'm so excited about saying, but some woman just tweets a sort of our you. I wouldn't do that new member would happening. Cathy Griffiths and others is right, you're supposed to be afraid to why it's layer of you saying your truth is gonna, get you banned or put on a no fly list or someone's gonna physically threatening we abide by the rights specifically like I, you know like you can get in trouble anyway, you yet If you do something inappropriate and you know if you, if you use language that offends people- it will be consequences, you can use it you're most of the people that get cancelled. You know it's usually for sexual improprieties, because I said something: now it's never too. They said something you I mean they might get some flak, unlike asses, ignore it works, you more famous sure and in most thus are just sort of like we just want to do our little thing. You know You know I mean, and I think that a lot of what will take
not in that all comedy world and that all comedy space, which is a sort of elevating goofiness and pushes the the limits of sketch you're a rep. then some sort of creative freedom, but it is this idea of comedy speaking truth anything now and it's not the that was always only a few people, but the problem is the the other comics. The guy they've co opted that entire model. As as you know, you gotta look to the comics to guide us through know. How do you do that? No, they never have even the ones that you're referring to din guide. Anyone anywhere now I was thinking Peter cooks line once said can comedy change people's thoughts politically said: yeah look with the weimar cabaret did in stopping nazi germany within it either you're dead scares me about how you know when you get the truth and tethered in that, so much of how their characterizing ants culture and a lapse of morals is how the nazis characterised
is what was happening, your russian, it's absolutely analogous saint jennifer today, you know there's stuff the demon eyes starting their as bad as they were a point in american history and that's the other thing that I think you're our little progressive runs need to understand its not worse now than it ever was. It's the same as it was in this: yes, it out its same as it was in the thirties. It's the same as it was in the late, regionally sixty cynicism, and it was in the late fortys and early fiftys when they were chasing people down for being communist. It's just the abbott verse of that instead of oh, my god, you're on russia's side, now rushes the side that is calling those shots. That is pointing fingers at everyone right, you're, a groomer because you're, a liberal you're, a paedophile because you're a liberal, you wanted what is it transfer blood? children and you have a chip in your head and you don't believe that china invented a virus that to make everyone. You know yeah sure they've, mainstreamed crazy,
conspiracy theories, but america, what It's always been crazy conspiracy, theory, if you were alive and any other century juris and you weren't a white guy, and I think it's real returned alike ah some nineteenth century roy a baron like we get to sexual assault. Anyone we want, we get to enslave anyone, we want, we get to own everything we want. We get to threaten everyone with guns, all the time and limit everyone else's use of galicia, which is what the nineteenth century was an. how many slave owner residents- oh the lately were staunch advocates of that year. This issue, we are the whole thing about saying, vote it was built on. Yet this isn't who we are. It is you we are it's. It's realizing that, directive. Truth is an important thing and that comics, push the whole I'm, being pushed aside. How come I can't get my opinion thing suited maybe ludicrous. I always soundstage when
as we heard from that's what I want to know when finally, in america will likewise be given a voice to say what we believe, how come worley shunted to decide at the idea that white guys haven't had the mike for four hundred and fifty years is looted, and that's why, when you're talking about all these guys, you dear was to bring that libertarian thing, and that was to be the cause that we're all supposed to rally behind, because they're getting down with the truth and there really you know, what's what is absolute and complete complete fucking yeah, but also but challenging everything with with nothing less so in, and that to me is that the bigger crime of it is that, if your point of view, It went, somebody tells you something is. I did react like that All that does is create this pervasive doubt and when, when you do have vow, sort of information. You write that sounds crazy to me you ve got a bunch of guys. It couldn't think that well any ways who think that now they ve there on the post of the secret information and that their work,
it's a lot of bullshit out there and there always has been, but I think I guess what I'm coming round to right now is that the one thing we did have with some sort of common sense. country which is like that's completely broke. I feel like that. The tribalism nation of stand up, which is sort of happen, you know august, we all of us can get our little audiences and we can do we want to get there. Is we all of our little kingdoms and duchies, something something very you know weird, and and servicing of you, you know this current authority, Carrion momentum is happening, and this will also make me sound, like immerse. Parochial self absorbed comic that I've always been, but you said, the idea is that I have always tried to have some content of my act and not the thing is I found like I thought. After two years of being trapped in home, like everyone else and all the complex were to mostly, although pointed out to me by several people. Oh really only existed on the west coast and in new york.
covered, didn't exist in the midwest, her and texas, or anywhere else, because they didn't allow it to exist largest deny I fully non forward like. I was in winnipeg of all places a couple days ago and its in the prairie and it's a lovely place and the people are really nice, though it'll be it's. All weather is a little rough on when they told us that last winter there were six foot tall snowbanks on the side of the road and that it was the worst winter they'd ever hot, hot water never mind just keep on electing conservatives, because they're going to really help you out here, the last premier they had in manitoba had to resign, and am he took it he took off and they put in another country a pm. His name is palestine. He resigned and he an agenda which has no people had the second, ice cover rate in canada, the piano that they did have and so, and he said that
That is the biggest moment of his life. I'm only using this illustrative like that. That put him on the road to politics. In his point of view, was that he met a guy, and I didn't have a job and was on government assistance in the guy said. What are you going to do for me? Anyone I'm going to kick your ass and make you go to work, and it's like that. The oldest saddest, most bullshit story, one it. Never happened to if it did happen. Who cares and three stop using that? It's like saying the good guy with the gun we have all these lies that keep floating around that people, will not stop giving air time to hear you know them the general media that we're not on, and this is why I always loved the freedom of podcasting having our reality is like what he said years ago at montreal. I don't need you anymore day day, the main shame media, whatever business, and it is yeah they're not run by people who were thinking. I really
need to serve the public good as much as an oil company or arms company or anything profit and growth. Profit arriving what's the narrative, yet even the ones who were there to serve the public good, like you know like a pbs or or or better yet like plug. Yes, local access, yeah, that's what it looks like when you give them it totally. Does it says a guy with a fruit basket on his head, beautiful, but yeah yeah. Well, I I will after two years of watching the one case watching police for what they are, which is an extension of the sleigh patrols of the nineteenth century. I been doing a joke for years. That's never got a laugh, but I keep doing it because I, like still when I'll go about guns and I've been talking about guns since the nineties talking about abortions yeah all these topics, for since I didn't We need to talk about the men and now, of course, my god they're. So salient in a joke, was a man
and against issue people are afraid of and to have the police the poor at the behest of the rich and crowd. It's always go, oh yeah, and it's like. I know it's not! giggly funny joke! I could have rephrased it or is Jennifer Roy says when you're trying to sell that kind of fuckin crank do a funny voice where you do a funny voice or or give one more tag yeah we one one more tag and anna, but it's the truth. The police exist kind of to keep everybody down, and now We ve seen what they really want, which is to be independent entity that doesn't answer to anyone at any point, not just. Do they don't answer to people they speak. Ethically don't answer to the public that their entrusted to serve. That is really in their crawl right now. They now want to help the public because they don't perceived look as someone that needs helping they perceive them, as so many trying to keep
stem from doing what they need to do, whatever that is which is whatever that is right, and you know, like people are going to get on me and go like oh, my god, you're blaming the police for everything, I'm not blaming the police for everything, the police, another cog in the gigantic, we'll that's been right, calling for a million years. The country was built this way the country was never built to be a fair to across the country was determined not be, but what This happened, as you said, was after obama the idea of a black president and then literally after Biden, who, by the way, got more votes than anyone ever got, except maybe Obama and then Hilary got the second most vote. So the idea that we're all maltese is ludicrous, and this is by the way, the only the third of the people that vote so was eighty million everybody. Yet at that really didn't want. At sea in the wider area. So a black president, followed by a black woman vice president, that is progress that is identifiable, quantitative, measurable progress, the p,
like how come you're not doing more. For me, how much do I alone? Isn't we be yeah? How everything in the world didn't get fixed in two seconds, while you're, talking about a court. if the president of the united states owned other human beings, so does Take that takes a little bit longer than one black president who is really articulate, who, I am almost certain, was threatened his life or send every single day, maybe twenty times a day drove his administration, what an michelle obama want to run for us, I don't get it. Maybe she didn't want to be threatened. Every second of the goddamn day they probably had to have an entire office just fielding The validity of threats add to the list, lydia threats, meaning the overwhelming wash of threats. Ten percent of the maybe were them or whatever, but you may not be worried about this. Look into this one without the other obstacle to what we're talking as well is the fear of of of being terrorized.
This is also an authoritarian tool that seems to be happening. Reflectively, because, as so many of these young men who have young nothing to show for themselves and are furious. but really good at computers have been. Co opted to this sort of trawl, ideological a misogynistic lie and keep the terror fucking going gap and tat is a giant tool. It's not a group of, eyes who are muslims plodding in a room somewhere We ve managed to cast terror twenty years ago. As this very specific item, you know not to go through all the seven million states of should state sponsored. Terrorism is a giant thing, but also white supremacist terror is probable. the biggest threat and has been ever always in this history of the country. Are there really wasn't another threat that was ever bigger than white supremacist? Her anything go to weave a ridge whatever I think you'll find the civil war was basically
I'd, supremacist terror, sure they didn't want the country to have any kind of quality what so fuckin ever and they were willing to burn the place to the ground and then ask the reconstruction when they went back to it, willing to burn it to the ground again again, and I would like to say by the sixtys when I was little and Lyndon Johnson, who I and Biden and obama. Of course, the most significant presidents of our lifetime. Obama was hamstrung because you couldn't do everything that he wanted to do, and if he I've done the media that would have shit on it immediately and the republicans would have stuffed him for since when we knew that trump was being supported by the russians. Yeah obama went in macao and said I'd like to talk about this to the public and Mcconnell said. If you d all politicize this and make it seem like you're being mean to me, whatever civil rights gains? There were in the mid six days which took forever to get too and required
an asshole, strong man like johnson to ram through. Let's be honest, he had the senator, at the congress he had the courts at that point. For a brief shiny moment, the court was actually, thinking about everybody. So when everybody goes on, I gotta company, the courts are right wing decorum. never not right wing the idea that There are three women on it and that there is going to be a black woman, a jew, Anna latin woman on the court is unbelievably cool, what people to look at the dark side of everything. I refuse to be I clearly gloomy about everything we are hearing you're, not unlike obama, incremental list I absolutely no criminal, isn't I'm I'm also I'd, never sell gloom like on my part, I ve never sold it. things are, as as they can be. Obviously I do I don't sell glue myself dread.
Obviously I have known you for far too long at red and the fear of what could be going, learn where area, but again that such a jewish point of view. Very it's not so much a matter of everything. That's going right, it's what could fuckin yeah yeah big, but yeah. You know. So I like to look at that put a black woman and the supreme court that wasn't going to happen when I was little theirs. black woman. Vice president that wasn't gonna happen models. We ve had a black president for eight years, who not only was articulate intelligent, want to know well prize and was wildly popular one too overwhelming victories that mean anything to anyone, everybody historically the day I can look at the backlash right. The backlash was what happened after you know the sixtys when all of a sudden, the absolute selfishness and centering was watching the beatles with me on the plane, the other day, hard day's night and there's a scene scene. If you- and I don't know, if you're younger listeners,
hi days hilarious. right when the beatles were beatlemania. Yes, now they're a gigantic, and so it literally almost it it's a comedy movie and it was written, but it's alive the only kind of mark you memory about what their lives were like over the course of a couple days there being checked, east raggedy andy, I don't have a moment of themselves. The media misconstrued everything. They say there misunderstood by everybody and then they all they want to do is have fan and be himself they can, because, oh my god, they've got over. I everyone's hour, there's a deadline and there's a thing in the George wanders into an advertising thing in the tv studio and there's a sexy we're all there and they and they mistake him for a teenager and they bring him into the room and the ad guy goes and I'd. Like your opinion. On some things right- and he doesn't know, he's a beatle and the guy behind him actually says which I'd never noticed in the movie before mouths to him that George Harrison like that ignores that completely shows
image search. Sir talking about this girl they've got on tv and she goes he's a trendsetter in charge because she's a drag. She is a well known, drag and he goes listen. Bub ducky all Oh you! What's what the new the thing is to care passionately and be right wing, and that's it show from nineteen sixty four, yeah, yeah yeah now is that is it not the new? The thing is to be passionate care passionately, be right wing. They would never characterize it that way, but like right wing. I think, they're really fight the power like somehow there's this ultimate other power, then keeping them down. That's it's your government again. Another code word for jews, george soros. We of course who live nat, who escaped the nazis by the way, not that I'd met him and like we're buddies, he didn't like write me after I sent him a massage did. He know it was like the I, the it's never not been there.
Now, you're obviously- and I just feel like everything- goes in a big cycle: obama, bail and agri environment, where the environment is headed for jobs it screeching, but agenda, it to me last night, if you remember that awesome carlin routine, where talked about plastic bags and Maybe we're little ego mad as Adam paraphrasing now they were. We as humans have this gigantic focus on ourselves: maybe we were sent here to create plastic bags, said the paradigm wasn't people, the paradigm was people with plastic bags and that the plastic bags are meant to be part of this whole and she's. maybe the whole global warming thing was like the send the universe. Didn't give a shit whether we were here or not,
the dinosaurs were her way longer than we were and they got wiped out repeatedly. No one like us, oh shit, I don't happen, I feel bad and I gave no one's gonna more and ass. One work on I mean: maybe they'll be like a movie about it on planet Santer, whatever yeah and it our egos would have been the you know, Biden got elected, I'm kind of a landslide? Let's be honest, the media would never call it that having a black woman vice president the biggest thing in american history. It really is a means objectively, It's like it's completely marginal via julia by everybody, everybody all she's, just as she does that she smiles too much. She laughed you much he's too smart. Just you pretty. Whatever the problem is it literally is the biggest moment you could possibly think of no woman's ever been in the executive office at er in two hundred years, and there's never been a woman there and for it to be a black woman from San Francisco, who was the
I should be nothing but celebrated in away, but it's been completely just shower signed by both sides, yet by both an and that to me, like so there's some of the objective reality that- and I know everyone's going to come in like will greg you like roberto, don't work or cashews a cop. She wasn't a cop. She was in a tree, a district attorney and these people that were once placated by by ceremony or are obsessed with nuance, and none of it's positive. Thank you, yeah, and if, if you are upset with police, which I am and look at the law breaking that went on for four years before. If there was anything you really required of the government now it would be maybe to enforce some laws sure to keep. Oh, I don't know jerry commissioner, in the van and thrown out no norms? Are there? No ya handshakes, don't hold your idea that we built that we built the government so that it was a gentleman's agreement that they wouldn't do these guys and recruit, but
so anyways. I think what we have figured out is that I was really glad you brought up the comedy, because I was afraid it was going to go. That way were thinking about before I came over and then you did go that way, and I'm really appreciative that you did mark, because I knew We both have a really strong opinion about the state of comedy. Really. Does you, When I care about comedy and we care about the halving of recent comedy and to see it co opted into be this reactive thing that's a male thing and the victimization that comes with being a man which is disgusting to me and doesn't promote comedy at all that. I'm not saying that all the comments of the past were better any that bullshit. I think they're there, the massive improvement you going to a club. Now I did try did not work with anyone, but women for the last three or four years and clubs, and I said to my management I dont want to guys on the bill with me talking about pornography, we ever half an hour before I get up. I want women and it almost always worked and then still clubs still comes. You go
no big city. We couldn't phone to women for the bill this week, like there's, not anyone in every the executive role. I also think we were what we're talking about two and in some ways is positive. Is that you're with the immortal, to the voices yo it it creates, you know, so many different points of view. What I'm taking from this is that that there is amazing things happening, and you don't know they're going to save us, but but let's not, let's not disregard I wouldn't it all day the weather thing to do is fight fight fight. Not every moment to take a breath and obsolete. I get depressed as anyone else I have enough semitic heritage should understand that italy, the depression, is the normal state of mankind, but that unless you're going to get up and do something about shit on social media is not really reminds destructive. This is the
culture of the hammering ingredients that I do it as much as anyone else, but I also try to organise, like my little who's line group and we're all right, guys and gals the most part, and and we little benefits for different states were doing one on the twelfth michigan. The democratic party- and we did a month ago for wisconsin I do like sister district, which is the down ballot things with a bunch. Cholerick said you'd want to come on, let's go half hidden glyn, unlike advocate But what can you do? I can't it's annoying for comics to get up and proselytize sure. But did you a comedy benefit here? It seems me a constructive way to kind of stem the tide of fascism and also people who, like we're, not going talk about politics for an hour, we're gonna jerk around and sometimes talk about it, they'll be politicians on the show year and then they'll have to be fun to india and talk about, but I mean you ve got a kind of feed people, as you know, candy syrup,
and also raise some sort of interest? yeah. Everyone gets sort of. You know, soon: army of fucking bullshit. That comes out of the thing in your hand, a kind of annihilates anyone's sense of taking real action. Is you know myself? Voting is real action. I really did I did it and I do it, but but so funny, you during the pandemic is when, when, when during the downtime link, I felt a sort of were relaxation like you know what I was doing comedy and in I realize, like you know like I don't miss it and then there's next thought was like- maybe I'm all better yeah. That's true. I mean the thing I loved was spending a load of time with my wife, because I mean we do anyway, but I mean I've been on the road for one hundred and twenty five years and that's the nature of the relationship she knew it going in, and air llc she's quite well
thank you. She says hi, but I didn't want her to sit outside, so I would have brought her backpack and I said you got that mark wouldn't have made you sit outside. He would allow the studio to have you say hi back yeah. I will do jennifer asked for you and at my end, by the way so did lie my manager and- and Please try, while one and one of them the the real benches in our school breast andrei absolutely and at what was his company called accounting. His now is new, and as we can, roasting grow game is approaching for asian and then he was someplace before that. I wasn't remember. It was before the eyes looked up at him, like, oh, my god, like chicken, In six years, we've been together a long time, but he's in awe a sky. We have really like I agonies. You can search the world with a lamp looking for manager in show business. They literally wild lie to you. Let me not that he hasn't of course, azure save my feelings, but thatS. Just pure politics is an idea and yeah like I didn't
I would join spending time with my wife drat and I get a bunch of zoom- shows and do any yeah, and then but of course, once you got back on the road, then like feel scared right one and two. You know: you know when you're in your thirty's you're, like it's all going to last forever and all this and I'm like getting into a philosophical thing here, but I really try to slow time down a little bit when I'm on stage now where at least when the show's over in there applauding and now I'm in a group. So we sing and we dance digital politics and there's some white ass politics, riffs yeah, because as emperor you can't stop the show and fascism needs to be destroyed because that's not funny in an improv show. Instead you're going to go, my knob is going inside. You like a doughnut or whatever, and those are the hilarious shares. You know how empire is so lifting the eliminated. Yet, as british people say, why not prepare for something funny and so book
either we sing and we dare and we lay on top of each other. We literally lay on top of each other and do vaudeville here and there something freeing in that kind of like playing for kids. Yeah like when I was on a show for a couple of years. People were like didn't you feel like weird to be in a kitchen, No, because we performed in front of a live audience for kids. Five year olds, don't bullshit you five euros. He'll go, listen gregg that was really terrific, really great quantity, really interesting stuff. You go boo, you suck yeah, and then I remember, would you like a physical gag on the show and kids would go? Oh, my god, look at me like I got you your six and I got you. I made you laugh by falling over and I feel like that's a comb like you. When we were little you'd see the stooges. Are you going to do that with grown ups? I'm sure yes yeah. So when we do the show when we take our ballot the end and sometimes they stand, and it's really nice, I I try to be in the moment, This is what we're doing. Everything in comedy isn't to elevate discourse to the highest level,
Cloning is really important to you, because people and, having said that, the horrible point I was going to make about during the preg. All these people went through the It a social upheaval of our lifetime mass death and a complete reckoning about race again for the billion time in america they came out of the talking about their careers people. Here. back to stand up we're right now. After the same crappy shit that they were doing two years before and to me I was like really that was where we got with this and then, of course, they made an album. Trump is an epic bit about Zz top on it, which I I played for my producer jennifer and they laughed at it and I'm like alright, it can go on the album yeah. I thought, I'm being the most self indulgent piece of shit. I'd ever walked the face of the earth, but I think there was a trauma pocket to that that there there still is this sense culturally, I don't think anyone. It's gonna take a long time to reckon with that that there is a ptsd. Do it all in that that you want to be your team.
Provide that you're gonna die from an airborne thing that there is no cure for, for over a year day to day I mean it's go but anyway, is, it was good talking. You know- and I should be on that give her having me on man. I really appreciate it. We haven't talked in a long. I know I love you buddy meet you buddy, I love you! red- proves what a pleasure I think we covered some stuff didn't we got into it, great new album, gregg groups in the city is out. Now you gotta gregg proves that calmer, wherever you Get music gotta, deputy up al dot com, flash tour to check out the dates. physical guitar just another taken the same old shit. Enjoy
the buggy and find carriages everywhere.
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