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Episode 1343 - Atsuko Okatsuka

2022-06-27 | 🔗
Comedian Atsuko Okatsuka has familiarity with garages. But unlike Marc, she didn’t start a podcast in one. She lived in one with her mother and grandmother for seven years, as three generations of immigrant women dealt with cramped quarters, eating disorders and schizophrenia. Atsuko tells Marc how she was unaware as a young girl that her trip from Japan to America was going to become permanent and how her discovery of standup comedy helped her find her voice.

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Hey folks, I'll be in las vegas on friday and saturday July, fifteenth and sixteenth at wise guys in l, a I'll, be a dynasty typewriter for to show saturday and Sunday July, twenty third and twenty fourth I'll be adjust for laughs. Montreal for my gala on Saturday July, thirtieth also be doing. Solo shows up there on July, twenty eighth and twenty ninth more. come on those like where they are and what what time that I've got tour dates. In august and September, in Columbus, ohio, indianapolis, indiana, louisville kentucky lincoln Ask the mine, iowa iowa city iowa too, arizona, phoenix, arizona, boulder, colorado and terror, go on terrio canada go to deputy, have passed. Dot, com, tour for all dates and ticket info. Okay, Let's do this show
all right. Let's do this: how are you what the fuckers, what the fuck buddies, what the fuck nics what's happening on mark mare- and this is my podcast- welcome to it look. I know how you doing you're terrible it's awful. It's fucking happening it's one thing to know: something's going to happen, no matter how awful it is knowing. it's going to happen eventually, and then it happens, there's always some part of the brain that holds out hope for something that wants to something will work out. That wants to believe that, we'll, be ok, it's not ok, with the overturning of roe v wade a puts over half of the population of country in a position where they have lost the constitutional, to their physical autonomy. They They no longer can take ownership.
Their bodies. This is part of the crystal fascist white nationalism that is taking over the country. If you look at the states what a state governments I been radicalized by either white nationalists or christian white nationalists or just flat out grifters on a piece of this action, and this just the beginning. This is not. We went back in time or america regressed. This is the beginning of what the future looks like and I know there are people that are like came man, but the other ill. Just be a state issue. They'll be states you can you can abortions and there are that are like it only affects a certain age of woman. It affects all women in all men, all citizens of the country- that such a large group entire gender has been denied. Their rights are no longer free. I mean it's arguable that most of us aren't, but in this way,
this very public way in a and on pay for an in law, women are no longer free in this country and look I you know, I don't love having to speak this way, but it's horrendous and there's not a lot of men speaking about it, which is baffling to me, because almost every man, who's got any game or, as with the life, is paid for one of those things. there. Certainly in support of choice. People say, speak out. Time. It was time years ago we knew this was coming. We knew it was possible that guy was elected. This is what happens, but right now just feel heart broken and despairing and scare and angry that it's happening. This is what a christo, fascist white nationalist government is going to look like
it's only going to get worse, who the fuck knows how much worse and we should be angry. I feel terrible and I feel terrified, that's where I'm at I met about funny. I don't know about funny but I do know that more than half the population has been denied their rights. That's policy. How far does it go? So, let's do a show. I I need to do the show today talk to a okatsuka she's, a comedian, she's after works here in LA is, was a writer. I've seen her around I've seen her over at a metre. A word I meet her. I've met her backstage at the comedy store she's been at largo. She opens for bigly as she's on youtube. You can go see a vial, Video of her doing stand up at the ice. I was pasadena when an earthquake hit it's pretty entertaining cheat sheet.
she stayed in the saddle and and and rift and kept people calm, but she's also, very interesting story, it's a heavy story, it's not the usual story and she's very interesting person, and I talked to her before the or the striking down. I guess it's called the dobbs decision of the striking down of roe v wade so that doesn't come up, but it was it was. It was good. It is great to talk to her it kind of unfolded nicely. building your health regime can feel like a daunting task. Thankfully wings entire ecosystem of connected devices to help which is because I always wonder if what I'm doing is actually working and withings devices. Tell you everything you need to know their latest innovation. The scanwatch horizon is no Bilbil now on dotcom dot, com, amazon, buy bestbuy, dot com, the horizon horizon hybrid smartwatch tracks, your vitals to detect heart health conditions. and help improve overall fitness. Its
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The life you're living. In your immediate environment, yet really difficult thing, the idea of hope in the idea of just Plodding through living in difficult times living in times where it doesn't seem like anything, is going to get better or anything is going to change for the better so does one do. How much do you Internalize it, what do you do with that? What actions do you take You keep fighting. How do you maintain hope? How do you not fall into yourself? How do you not allow yourself to be bullied killed by the other side, people Don't believe this shit should be able to live with the same freedoms as people to do. This is not the way this country was supposed to go, but ultimately there's going to be a lot of people dying unnecessarily because they don't want to. while they're carrying there's going to be a lot of people dying unnecessarily, because the child can't be taken care? going to be a lot of new drug addicts
new mentally ill people, new people with your compromised capacity, because- There is no place for them in the world, but these fuckers are want to your bets like that through force, through denying rights. I I'm sorry. This was heavy. And I know I'm not- I'm not sorry was heavy, but it's not a good leader. To my guess. I want to respect her to this woman's very smart she's, very funny she's, I think she's unique and it was exciting to talk to her So this is me talking to arts go oh I should say that she's going to be performing, argo in los angeles here in los angeles on July. Eighteen, for her odds, go in and show on with fred armisen into Margaret show in this is us talking. This is us doing the thing
the schizophrenia yeah. We scrub it schizophrenia. You did on your own, no did not ok, ok, you to pay two acres, you! I was not even heading in the right direction very well. I had to see each year and I, but then tea in their cited. Adding go directly to see oh that do work, and is there a tea in the year, and I think it's his name all since, like schizophrenia is opposes schizophrenia right and you said it as it's in somebody's book. Title
it's a title of a book that I talked with with talked about with kate berlant. It said that book called a thousand plateaus to philosophy cultural criticism book, that's very dense. They came up and harmonization, and somebody mail me about the book that I was talking about. Internal audit was another book. So I knew to prove a wrong. Don't you know course. I understand it. I wouldn't stand for it. You look like you are in the middle of being like no you're, a gorilla, no it's I'm right, yeah, exactly who first approach here. You know the Y know actually thought you were thinking about me. I thought you were thinking about my mom. I do, but I didn't know that at all. How would I have known that is well documented that your mother's gets a furniture and we have been talking about a more recently are really not like. Well documented, it's not like a dog in theory yeah I made a documentary about it, but it's just like all my youtube. It was just for film school. It's not
like us, it's been a while since she's been diagnosed. since I was twenty please I think we're yeah something like that, I mean I don't like it so weird, because we can definitely talk about that. The guiding. I no you I didn't. I don't know how I didn't know you, but I think I'm missing a whole generation, a no I get it yeah I know, but for some reason I thought maybe like your producer somebody, it was just weird happenstance that my mother has no granier no, and the first thing you say to me is how do you spell schizophrenia? Do you know? How am I not gonna think it's about my no red, brick cuz. You did now. I have this information that we're going to talk about, but I thought we lead up to it. I don't I don't know we don't. I don't know if we need to open We don't have no home later, ask it to print it. Are we don't have
that's what we open with the book and the fact that you are right about whatever you re telling lies tears. I can show now lady ideology or a frequent shone out, even know who you're right. I don't either its came through school, her red the website now yeah, a website email. I love that you take your time to write people back. That only want to have. that right about something alcove angers, you it will. I know she just brought up another book and I don't even if I talk about the book she was talking about and I dont always respond to people and even if they anger me, I try to let that go, but this woman was just being earnest. She wasn't a bad person. She was a smart person, We might have been talking about the book that she wanted us to be talking about. I don't think we were dealing bond, a shitty people. I do way too much lose. You still do yeah. I I've tried to take a break from it. My husband helps me sort of like figure out, filter out social media.
folk he's an actor. I see no answer me, your stuff, is he an actor he's an actor he's an artist he paints as well and he moser yeah he pay see, have dragged or figurative yeah, I guess abstract portraits of like he loves human face. As he loves doing face or you can identify that their faces, see I not really abstract oh you're right yeah. You know something I always try to put meaning an abstract anyway. Here I don't I, when I don't get something see you do you like it to be. doubt yeah. I hate that. But you know it's the art, world and and you're supposed to get. It are the worst, the art world, this like a very insulated world. They have to be that way. They hide it whereas they won't sell exact to justify their existence. You have to be sort of a little arrogant and and do things that we won't understand them where There is a more your by agro gets not just art where their works with a lot of other things not comedy. I think some people,
I actually er yeah, because they don't get it through like this person's a genius. I don't get it so I actually think so. You know how they always say like. Oh, you know and a people hate you. They also look you up in their bumps. You up to you know, and that gets you booked be ever here that I sure I'll presses good prior right. That kind of thing the more people are confused about like why him or her you know the more sometimes they buy into your stuff. I've had finally with me. I did that was now I'm not saying. That's me either. That was not my journey at when that when, when people in like me, I did not help me if you had to be confusing to mark its causes. Just because he made angry. I think it was confusing that, like they thought I was angry and I think I genuinely was angry I think of is yeah, but that makes sense. I shall, as long as you make sense to me why you're trying to say where it should be funny we're comedians. It should be
and funny to hear about it, but I don't think a lot of your father was funny. I think you're very funny thing can and you you you're you're, not it's not confusing in my answer. I know she's name, trying to be funny and she's being funny. I was so scared of confusing yeah yeah, because you always think, Oh, maybe relate above all because it so I'm so specific it home. Oh, you know if you felt, like an outsider, growing up later on thing, because I think that is as yet I thought you have when you get. You know, find the arts or sunshine. I hope I make sense. You know yeah yeah. I think that's true, though, cause I felt awkward. I felt like an outsider, but not ethnically, like an outsider, because I was uncomfortable. And that's a legit too well, I guess, Why a lot of us do it cause we're just sort of like we don't fit in right and then you hope it makes sense yeah, and so you know then there's like anti comedy movements where it's like I'm supposed to not make sense.
and I am not quite there with that kind of stuff. Yet because I'm it's like, I just started making Hence I think that's behind you. I think that's something you do before you make sense. I really do ya. Think like experimental gang, weird right. I think it's sort of its away of figuring out who you are. I don't think it's? U need to commit I know very few people that commit to that as a life sure sure you, you can be weird, because you don't quite need to be funny. Yet you don't want to fail. I'm just too weird right being weird, but don't you think you have to be? My first to be weird knows We are not normal, but have the foundation. You know to be real mental, yet answer poet or right right. You, you have to have the foundation yeah yeah. But I dunno that that happens much. I who, like do you, have people in your mind right now. They are like sort of like well that person's weird on purpose and doing a thing I I can only think of maybe one or two,
as for like comedy here. While you know talk to me like with anti comedy I mean like the erika andres. I guess you know how ok or maybe even like meg stall toronto fino her. I do. She yeah. She was a u to word Tik tok person. That's now on hacks. She placed a second. On has yet and her influence is someone like caper land. You know like I watch berlin because, like I was like I didn't, I was if he about her, I don't really know her or what her work was, but of when you watch your stand up, she's clearly doing stand, she makes sense to me yeah yeah, I hardly get, but his joyous and all were sown and arrow laugh, there's timing to it. There are a hundred per cent and Eric andrei, I think, is a a funny person, but he's do something that sort of. I don't if it's anti comedy, I think it's more sort of extreme comedy, etc
Its plans to extreme extreme, like I'd like acts like an ex key, are eat. M e extreme like push to the limit where things blow up and I might hurt myself right, rapporteur, punk rocks colleague, jack ass sure share share extreme comedy, but I you know when you say extreme comedy, I'm like I am dying laughing because it's like the funniest thing. It can't get any funnier. That's why you call it extreme wiping I was using extreme in the way that they use it for like export yeah for yeah yeah yeah when people land on their head, not for the audience experience, but for what's happening right, because someone
injured yeah, something like that, usually the performer sure yeah yeah, maybe the audience too yeah. But I know what you're saying it's. I guess it's anti comedy, but I think anti comedy is more like neal, hamburger, sure there's neil yeah. He does like anti come right right. It is that's essentially what he's trying to crops? Oh my gosh, I know and then the commitment to it writer yeah. I can only you know for me, it's like then we're on someone I really really really I'm so drawn to that. Get me too. I know I have a hard time with people that don't show themselves. yeah yeah- and I you know- maybe you know sue us. But I agree: that's what we draw drew me into. The arts anyway raise its. It is yeah like what, when did you start like watching? We, ireland of sucker me your path, yeah? No, I totally get it. I totally understand because I had
I figured out my path too because when I said that, like I didn't know who you were, I mean you clearly been working and you just came like I just really if you like, existed recently, because I saw that you were opening for MIKE somewhere, oh yeah, by Begley yeah, but I I you weren't really on my radar, but that doesn't mean that you're not popular just me. I'm like slowly becoming an old man and I'm sort of insulated. I dunno, what's going on out there, I'm busy as hell yeah, but you've been doing it a long time already right. I have yeah and you know really the pandemic. That allowed me to sort of like figure out. Of the things and- You know everything was locked down, so I went online more. You know I went online more, I had been doing stand up for eleven years and- and you know with, some breaks in between, I went to art school between really. You know we're. So where do you come from those originally like? What's that? That's what's the origin story, I guy see arts of it, but
exciting. It sounds like there might have been drama. The other was drama for sure because we started with schizophrenia. Your grandmother brought you up. I know that you ran away or something from somewhere Sorry I see you are to guide it and not really worries but you're. Like your name, japanese right write. My name is japanese, I'm half taiwanese so time one? I grew up in japan and at work. So why were you born in Taiwan? I born there because I have an uncle who's, an o b g y. So and my mom's brother pulled me out of her, you know. Okay, as you count, my family loves of the doctors, no doctors for sure it's like well he's going to do it for free, but did he do it at the house that
I was cool with all the goods. You know with all the tools he is better like idris or even he's a family member, but it could have been just like we do at the hospital. Let's just do it at the house: yeah! No, no, no hook us up with all the style good and the meds now, and I'm still shy around that uncle. You know with just first say: you're you're shy of yeah. Of course your mother would be shy there, that's for them to figure out sure so funny, brother dog, jester brother, dotted or other sister dynamic, and so that's why I was boy. and they're. Also my mother's side is all taiwanese, but where you board the year parents living in japan at the time- and they came back to do that. they came back to do that. Yet my my father is japanese and he is in Japan and he he is there a while all that happened, my mom and dad sort of got put together via grandma that there is this. Like surgery, Roma, my town, he's grandma. Ok, the one you have with no one
add the one that I'm close with the us. You put your parents together guy. She answered this add on in the newspaper here japan. It was like this like romantic, almost game show here. You know we're going to put people together romantically. You know we need contestants, so my grandma signed my mom up. Ok, She didn't know your dad. no, she didn't know yeah. She don't know my dad, so she yeah she and weird ways. You know because sign my mom up for this program here is, reason why my mom and dad met, Dad was another contestant. He was yet It was a male contestant. Looking for and my mom was a female, consistent, contestant. Looking for love at this point. Your mother had not become and the wheel, yet No, no. She had an era, but my group I knew something was wrong with my mom.
but yeah signing her up in japan. Another country place you don't even speak the language of vienna when she was just like this bitches in her thirties something's wrong with her at the time. That's all you needed where it was to be a woman in your thirties. Are here with no boyfriend yeah. What's the problem that you're, so your grandmother get rid of he's mentally ill and she was mad. She was. She wasn't so wrong, but yeah So that's that's where the end at work. Today, to tv and stuff: did it happen on television? I don't believe it was filmed it's sort of like this, Weird. Shame that my family has around this your parents the way they met it's shameful
it's yeah, oh yeah, and so I don't actually know the full story. That's why it's kind of iffy with like what exactly happened through your mom went to Japan. My mum went to jamaica to your father. They just got married immediately or they they went on like three dates after they met through this program, and then and then you know quickly It was like love, we need to figure out green card stuff we get along in owner and got married yeah and how long that last nowhere year, you know you're got travel, talking to each other in broken english, in each other's language. He only spoke. He she spoke taiwanese and he spoke japanese. No one was going to learn the other one, but they did have you they did have me. Yeah I mean you know. Lust lust is universal, of course, so your mom's pregnant and she goes back to taiwan. Has you and then you go back to japan? That's right, yeah. And but your parents only lasted a year. So your mom brought you up in japan.
so my mom and grandma, and then they had joint custody, with my dad, so I will go to his play sometimes or sometimes I would just, with my mom and grandma, but your mom, your grandma, moved to Japan yeah my grandma moved to Japan or no one knew how to speak. Japanese, my grandma I sort of knew some from when she was younger. cause. Taiwan was occupied budgets by John. I think you're right. There is a lot of drama like or earlier when you gave the quick summary of my life. You know you said something about japan something about running away. You are correct yeah. This is just like the the law version of it. Obviously, but it's like you, Three I dont know. I, like. I dont know that japan occupied taiwan before a whole at an end, and now china's got it and it's about this shift. Yeah right so Taiwan yeah. When people ask me, what's happening with taiwan. The easiest way to explain is kind of.
like and what ukraine is going through right now with russia would happen, could happen right with china yeah. So it's like a similar thing taiwan's been. He paid by various people before, like the dutch or japan. How long ago was a chap knees? Oh then, like the forty right, because that's great, you was japanese when they like you got known for making all the electronics made in taiwan. That was when it was japanese. Finally, I we re yet, while so like world war, two, it was part of japan and all that restoring. I see that this stuff, like an educator person, should now, but I do not know I see a kind of new your eyes lit out just pray together. You will have made an taiwan I've heard of it. It was ass. I was I was a king yeah because, but it is putting together that it wasn't that long ago, that it was japanese, right right was sure yeah yeah, you grandmother had some japanese inner right. She has-
japanese in her. So my mom had learned a few words to you know and the character where the chinese characters and japanese characters can sort of translate to both. I do speak, both yeah yeah. Very different, though aren't they they're very different. say with japanese. How yoda speaks is actually how japanese works. It really is, and people are in the structure of the sense of a hundred percent. That's why it's difficult there. Imagine talking like that. All the time once he now that you know english mark barely have a handle on English yeah If you were to ask me like me, a simple grammar questions and probably could not answer, I could do verb noun verb, adjective yeah, that's it! That's! good. That's all you need to know and and and and to how to and to how you know, you know how to communicate. I can tell the highest good is that in the highest warm talk, comedically right. That is you excel that in language
I I'm saying is that the I think the reason why I was never able to really learn other languages is. I have a hard time with grammar structure right, lacking it sort of theirs. There's a mathematics to language that if you have a grasp on it it is sort of a game way to understanding other languages that your your one hundred percent right, yeah yeah, that's true, I was you blow my mind. I slowly like I'm. Unlike all ye, I see what you are saying and around like boom. Oh my god. What what? and then like it. How long did you live in Japan? I lived there till. I was ten and then what happened was so my group I'm starting to realize. Might my grandma's always sort of like created this, like colt of three p for me, my mom and grandma? It's always me my mom and generations. Three generations of women have you seen grey gardens, yeah, that's our fans but add another woman. You know and make an eminently happen. These gray gardens pretty well, yeah, it's a joke. As he's out, I needs taiwanese gray, gardens yeah. That he's got the big house- oh my,
I mean, but with a smaller house we lived in, small. We lived in milder in their eyes. There were hamsters birds, wild hamsters, and in a little while do their work where sophistical Have we went in a pet store that may sound argument like japan seems like I ve never been there. I ve actually been to china, but never been Japan. I think I should go see. Japan with seems amazing to me, yeah. You remember pretty good, you go back, I go back I go back to taiwan more than japan. I have less family in japan now, there's You know my mom marrying into the family, my mom being taiwanese Japan's very siena phobic. Actually, sir, you mean there's drama your dad's family side. Your mom was there like from taiwan, because my mom was from taiwan because they missed actual mother, my mom was the stepmom coming in you know and
I already had some of the father had kids, dad already had kids from a previous marriage, hot and and and my sign up for this program and then suddenly was getting married so quickly. You know so my my half brother and half sister, who are already teenagers, teenagers, when your teenagers are just already like who this new woman right now, three of these older half siblings there like wales right yeah they're older than my oh now, if you yeah, a little younger, you know a little younger, but there were Nicole, you know they just they're like she doesn't even speak. Her language is this just for lust know. You met her on a program and then my mom after she had me as actually when she started showing signs of schizophrenia. So she was throwing temper, tantrums hallucinating, throwing things stopping birth the parties you know so so then, dad's families. I've told you yeah yeah yeah exactly told you and we don't like that
the family. Was it like postpartum part too, or am I bet, postpartum really regard it triggered shoes is a failure in check, as vice gets a funny. I think it has. It is uncertain and new twenties, yes I watched she was younger for men like it can be even eighteen to twenty per man for women, it's twenties and thirties, and my mom was in her thirties. So that's really when it started, but she wasn't actually diagnosed to you know. I was like in my twenties wow just thought she was weird yeah it's. Maybe it's a taiwanese thing: yeah. No, I mean I, you know I didn't have I watched a lot of disney movies growing up and they never have moms in them. So yeah, I think about all the princesses. They all have dads know moms step, moms Renato arms moms. I guess the mythology they all died in childbirth, yeah.
percent, and so I didn't know how moms were supposed to be. I just thought: maybe this is I am how mothers are you know they throw things and they are not in disney movies. Oh yeah, I was like it makes sense that just me and disney out there sharing. Why was the last character in a disney movie? I was disturbing its gets a failure that so weapons station matters mark. I know it we to fight for it. We need schizophrenic, asians in more disney movies, yeah maybe mulan part for four but but what did you beside him run away from Japan. How did how did the exodus happen? Because it, I guess that's what seems dramatic to boot- right so the exodus is you nope is because there was drama with a japanese side of the family and my mom's, you know hallucinations were flaring up even more. Where were they
well, you know so always thinking that we were under attack or area by by our neighbours sure were sent by the taliban. He's got his matter news, this continuous yeah, this day, yeah right for sure and so and then my mom got sort of suicidal actually, and so my grandma had made a plan for us to move to, united states. All you need is a relative right. Where are all the features, yet It is a relative someone. That's where you move. I that's probably how your family ended up. Your right is like don't you have like would you like ukrainian and polish, or something where that's where the roots are but like? I I you know, I don't think so. I think, like any of the Jews were actively running from things sure yeah. One hundred percent and be like I'm, not sure the I think, just in the legit, there were other jews. There was probably in but I don't know, but my Here most of my family was here before world war. Two, to be honest with you,
I don't know if there is like an uncle already here. There might have been you know, or even then, even if it's like other jews, are there sure that's enough. Maybe they'll hook me up with a job taiwanese community for sharia, and so my grandma happened to one of her son. Already moved to l. So when your uncles, one of my uncles, not the doctor, computer engineer he had. to l a and was like sure, come over so MIKE my but my gram, told me. We were coming here for just a two month: vacation yeah yeah, just a sum of station two months you get along you dog I did. I actually did. I have a good. relationship with my dad, but I was sort of torn from him because I packed a light you know when someone says you're you're going to for a summer you're not bringing bringing a carry on bag, but all your toys and something like ten years old. I don't have that much shit, so you know
come over, and then you know two months turns into a few months and then turns into a year and they talk. They saw you that you know every time I try to mention it to my grandma. You know I was at grandma, it's been three months now. You know yeah she'd be like she would shush me, because she didn't want my mom to hear, because my mom was pissed off about this plan. to end she was just afraid of her temper tantrums flower right right, so I just never got to openly talk about it. I just had to sort of keep it inside that I was now stuck in the united states. Were you talking to your dad? I will. as I was starting to write him letters telling him hey. I have with me for staying here and he was heartbroken too because you do know he didn't quite know about the plan either. My grandma had plotted this thing She just thought. We'd have a better life here. You know like maybe your mom's voice we'll go away. Maybe it's japan, that's triggering the schizophrenia. You know because she felt isolated. Yes,
I can only tell unease their demand. Don't like, if your other age there but you're dead family didn't seem to like her right, well as that yeah, so you know they were just like it's japan. You just need to move it's it's not as it's japan. So if we move locations will be better, you know when we went when we came to that to l a like we're freaks here to you know: where'd, you end up first west los angeles, yeah where's that so that's where, like there a there's an area called little osaka, where it's it's bunch of japanese, fresh straw, really grocery stores in the west side of los angeles yeah so haven't seen signs? I can always wonder if they still hold. You know like in a little armenia like The filipino town to town to buy these. Are there still exists that what justifies that, still being that yeah yeah
there will be no family. We ve been here for a long time. Yet will we have the grocery store yet how everyone else started? Building stuff around us, everything's charcoal lattes now will but like little armenia. They all moved out here. A lot of to, of course, yeah yeah, but I've talked to million. Through again my family started over there in the army and in whose there now I don't know a lot of the few that Fabio church in the fire restaurant that they still go to assure share just just like, but they have been for a long time but show little so little osaka. It's like little osaka actual yeah. There were actual japanese grocery stores, perry, oki spots, underpriced or their day. Yeah they are they kept that going? life when, even if the neighbourhood changes people will continue going sure, you know what I'm saying in the white people come and though still there
love karaoke? They love the nightlife staybright, look more or less different yeah, that's kind of different enough now why people are scared of sure it'll keep going. You know that This will stay open through gentrification. so yeah, and so that's that's where we ended up in my uncle's garage. She let us stay there, and then we were under all agreed. If you were in the garage, all three of us on a general legal twin badly should have started a pod cast too bad. It wasn't happening yet. Can you and you think we could have been ahead. What, with a ten year old, who were displaced and ask it to furnish mom in your ear, grandma was holding everything together, yeah yeah. We call it doubly t f, there's still time it seems like you got her guests. Couldn't you don't you, is your grandma, doesn't she have a insta
handle a she's on twitter share seventeen thousand followed on twitter yeah, which is a lot less than eighty six year old. Who want is not changed, you are you do work so sometimes shall be like I have an idea: can you re in open? You do this thing and then and then she retreats most of the rest of the time when what is or twitter well it Let's go grandma articles, grandma, yeah, yeah, you're in the garage, so I'm documented when and document, but what does that mean you get? You had passports to get here, but you just never signed up to get any type of visa. We yeah? We had japanese, I have a job. I had a japanese passport. Grandmama mom had a taiwanese passports. We just Two yeah we had a visa. Just a tourist visa sits well yeah you're allowed in l a for two months kind of okay and then we were like huh our stay here you know and what happened? How that have that get to I resolved here yeah, so it was
the visa lottery program? My grandma kept pretending we were living in japan still and she would apply us every year. She is a plotter. She is a liar mastermind she's. My best friend I probably have stock on central. Pretty much kidnapped me yo, easier. The master might be higher than all of us. moving here you know, and so she can pretending we lived in Japan. our names a year and then on the seventh year. We all of our names john to get the green card seven year seven you on an never gonna, do trouble why didn't really know I was undocumented? Undocumented folks- can actually do a lot of things that american, like as people with citizenship, catcher you can do a lot of people aren't asking questions or they didn't used to before. It got more dicey for sure yeah like we could go to the library or go to public schools, but did they have jobs? Did your mom have a job or
ass. They didn't have a job. Sir. I mean my grandma worked, some like baby sitting gig stuff, that's like under the tape oh yeah yeah, you gettin by my uncle, who is a doctor sort of supporters. His eyes. He stayed in the garage wasted. the garage like as long as you. Yes does. Don't don't gets in ok, don't get found out and other these you other uncle here. These are another for here yeah, it's not their computer guy did the uncle here is the computer you got in the computer guy helped us, you know, put us up in his garage, ok, the to uncle pulled me out of my mom I'll bet he's in taiwan he's in taiwan, he would send money, send money yeah where's, your mom. Now My mom lives with my grandma, like twenty minutes away from me and my husband therein katy I, which is like a little packet ass, a dinner or no asian part of tenaya. That's where the seafood restaurants, her, yes, yeah, yeah right there
they haven't there now used to go the one downtown. I don't. I haven't gone to one of those agency. Food places a long time. Yeah me it's a it's! It's a thing! Yeah, it's a thing! It's a you have to like make a day out of that year now concept there and they just keep rolling food run. It's not good for me, because I just a there's food. I want to eat it me. I just keep coming by what the carts see when I start up and you ve never feel good? When I leave, Really. I have a good time for a while, but then I might guy Oh no! I don't know you you battles with that idea. How do you like you could combine like? What's in that one like chinese I didn't get any chinese broccoli, a right that to get one of those others, the dessert right in the middle of the meal, the decimal balls, yeah giant sesame balls with the lead yeah. Yes, you do like this.
food, while ye should go with like ten people died, you can really get letters by it. It alex and read it. That's a whole ass plans can see why you're not always going so. Ok, sorry, there you're in the garage wendy move by the gradual I move out of the when I am a teen! So oh, that's a long trial. Yeah now found in a garage is not enough. Space to hold three generations are women and their that issues seven years here, that's crazy! It's too much it doesnt schizophrenia had an eating disorder and the seventh. It is not space to hold. All of that. You know what I mean on top of each other user to eating disorder. I was like you know, throw up, and everyone was around my grandma's on top of me trying to wash our vegetables and my mom is going through menopause. Also, on top of me, china. Do my homer, while my mom in our night, like throwing a temper tantrum
it is not enough space. It's it's good for it like a teenager. Every like teenagers always live in a garage full trauma action as too much debt. That's all I'm like when I watch grey gardens. I, like that's our family if we were rich yeah but like yeah but it is your family. It's it's worse oak, as if the proximity reasonably gardens, they could go the beach or color now what they like related to Jack Kennedy, others, the distant cousin or they could go to another room. We I gather yeah, then I'd as carves and staff. There was full rodents and garbage be. It seems, like your grandmother, pry kept pretty clean in their yeah there wasn't enough space to really hoard any now, like the great gardens powers, the adjustment, their how'd, you like, I was school and everything was it yeah. School a school. Was they bothered you about the documentation school? To that amazing? They that's amazing. Whilst I think you know like l is a very very I was pretty lucky to have moved to l a.
It's just like so diverse already and, like other folks, are going through the same thing as what big asian community here, begay and community, just like you I went to a school with a lot of like latin folk and you a lot of them are also like polly going too same thing with are also undocumented, and you know I cramped and stuff like that and so it wasn't. I didn't feel like extra like freak? You know, maybe if I had moved to like arkansas or thank you, which some people do While I am really lucky when I grew up in our key new mexico, a lot of the the I guess they were they come from with the vietnamese that, when that kind of got pushed out, at some point in the eightys there, with all of you, allow Shouldn community there than thou got any english. They went to my school yeah, just remember like they eventually jeez, yeah and- and I just remember, like the kind of look alike.
Can you move summaries named vita meat to dinner with all of them are now at a crush on one of the girls honorary andrea, but but I brought like ice twelve pack of beer. There don't do not drinkers. wake up and they all drink it. It's so many of them got sick. They got really drunk really fast and I felt terrible. She just came and just like influenced them. So I was like yeah. It was a bad influence. I just did the colonizer thing, that's ok! I got them all addicted to alcohol. What the girl did not grow. There is no way I talk about it yeah, although that's cool that they invited you in though the dinner was great, it was very exciting. The whole thing was exciting: yeah cause it's like new to youtube totally new to them, but it was like the community to see this new community. The the whole thing was amazing. Now that I think about it, yeah well
I didn't add anything new by moving to l a so I knew that you know what I mean: it's like japanese culture and people always ask like. Why did you move from I'm like I do it's a log story because it sounds wild to be like. I was undocumented where'd. You move from some war torn country. Now I african came from Tokyo. Who does that? You know what I mean like Tokyo here. I came from We're not! Oh, you know. torn. You know what I mean it's like. That was the first rate Are you now you as when I realized that milk were living in this cramp space? We all have It's you could be in Tokyo, which is a fun exciting away again, robots that serve you at restaurants in japan. You know what I mean: we we were the closest to flying cars. I only sent them tokyo is blade runner, blade runner, we have harrison ford. Is it harrison for you? It was is, and will remain a space ship here, just space
in the future yeah you're in the garage now in a garage being like. Oh, you don't talk to anyone that looks like an officer or you know, couldn't drive Anything when they're all that change every. How did you so got my green after the visa lottery, and then I I got my car immediately and then found a boyfriend that lives in santa Clarita and moved out well the garage and moved right into his place. How old are you? Eighteen right after high school, I was like boom or a half half asian half white guy but that would have been the riyadh your trajectory. Your thought process would be wrong to bell right to be like nah yeah, I'm going with a white guy in santa Clarita. Also yeah white guy santa Clarita makes sense so you're out there. And what do you decide to do with your life? Yeah? out there in. Like he's your grandma
My mom is doing her own thing talking to her friends in her head and my grandma she's busy, my mom's always busy. That is one thing that people get confused leo: Doesn't work your is there she's got not going on her brain. You know what I mean like she can't really, but you won't. You won't freaking bag bags at ralph's, like that. That's go hard already. You know what I mean like she has like seven voices going on all the time, but she's, not a medicine. The occasion only really helps so much. That's the that's the other thing about. I think. That's I miss about, like you, know, anti psychotics, it's really hard. You have to have the right concoction that works for you, and it doesn't mean the voices will go away. It just means you might have less manic episodes more diplomatic, the voices you want to talk or no yeah yeah yeah. If they ask for consent before they comment, take over your brain might have come in yeah
are you talking to the other guy? Okay I'll come back later? It might be like four voices instead of sex really friggin sex, and that's why that's why my sweetie yeah yeah you had to you, had to accommodate a lot of crazy in the year that you got that personality you're, not the crazy person, you're they're sort of like you, okay person, yeah, I'm actually very yeah. I I like people, I have a lot of empathy for people. So what did you decide to do once you're out in santa Clarita, so at once I was out there. My grandma was a little worried, but she understood why I needed to take the space away from that that life, and so I was with my boyfriend and he was the one that started show me the arts aroun. He showed me, that's good stand up here. He showed me yet, painting, he showed me movies, so he liked all that stuff. He loved the arts yeah that's great yeah, so you got lucky yeah
got lucky was like oh cool. Thank you like. I was so busy kind of like living in this, so that the traumas register eating disorder, blah blah blah. That was eating disorder anorexia and it turns into bully meal times how'd. You kick that. finding a routine right and so, and so at the time I when the school cheerleading squad, haha yeah, and that that really helps to have a routine that helped you at Google would I would feel that I thought that would make it worse. Right, well, yeah, larger leaning squad was unlike bring it on the bring it on girls or what you see on netflix his cheer. Not, we would know her. Where were you are girls were like if it weren't for,
I would have joined a gang. Those were my kinds kind of girl. You know what I mean. Most of them had been shanked before some of them were part of the crips like it was like an yeah. It was that kind of girls and they weren't like about body image like these. Are my girls ride or die right. My boyfriend is a crip. yeah like to see that you are leading to oh yeah men as high school, very high school was in venice venice's heavy duty? cover city where the blood's air venice's hard core. It is yet know them again and that's that's where I went to school founds as community, but also a routine here and then how they were about like looking hot, never lacked now every data we practise from three to five you better be there on time and in you better get good grades right, or else you can't be on those squatted more need something yet eat something because, after we're going to carwash
seventy nine to make money, you know what I mean know and I wonder if do you know how military does that four people right layer, sure you know I structure of your right really can maybe get you out of a habit. They are great free or something no absolutely can teach you how to think differently. Yeah hocus on that stuff, so the boy for though he took you like who were they stand of sea foresaw. I showed me robin williams so was during like time a time where you couldn't lino download stuff for free media. So in an you, just kind of hoped it and give you a virus on your computer ethnically area robin amd the mp3 dumps yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah, so we will download stand up comedy there, Margaret Cho. The big one or another margaret show I was exposed to when I was in the sixth grade. I just didn't believe that I could do it because I was like there's no way.
yeah. She filled up that once law. You know what you see, I can t be shower darius c h at or honour idea, vd, oh yeah in my garage. You know who had that you're grandma someone out my church. I gave you the hour when I hear you should check this out a lot as a spear by hello, kitty. You'll find a funny as I really bit. What's that like yeah, he would just talk in american stand up is not something that Japan really watches here now there do too busy with jazz. And other stuff haunt me. One hundred percent people rarely go on performing in japan unless it's for the troops, but that's american folk right. You know what I mean people like the japanese like everything else, american? Yes, they do four for like spoken word committed glee. You know what I mean, maybe a language thing yeah. I think it's definitely language thing cultural, maybe obviously music. They like they'll, take time something american, some american art and like we're going to do a better and better me,
Yeah we're going to commit our life to it, for sure, I got genes music. They really do They truly do so that they take a too far. I think that what have you done? American, jean? No, I know a guy in america that guy get a job museum. I do I kind of do we get some. please denim yeah! No I've heard of the denim stuff yeah, where people only do in leather linda, I gave a japanese sway jacket, but it's all american first got his right. They just sort of like just sort of get better here. I they have that obsession where you put in ten thousand it. I guess that's an american colloquialisms to ten thousand our guest, so I think that's a milk gladwell thing: it is a malcolm gladwell thing, but as I keep remembering this joke that some comedian did about weight,
back in the day. It was an old comedian that I knew in Boston. It was the I don't remember whose joke it was originally, but it was like when japanese tourists you'd always see japanese tourists everywhere. In pictures, yeah right right that was sort of the stereotype and the joke this guy made was like. Are they building a scale replica of america yeah? That's funny, but they totally friggin. Are there no They totally. Are there like? How do we we're going to make this way better? Let me just study at friedman. thirty, andalusia, and so I say so, chow you such oh he's, all robin williams, but it wasn't like you thought, like I'm going to do, that. I really loved the art form. I couldn't believe that people were just coming together to see one person talk and and change
minds about things, but also just be very personal and and and make people laugh without having to do physical, comedy and stuff, because I grew up watching physical comedy. That's how I was exposed to comedy I went he's gone. I know what you know like, buster Keaton's, though you balls. Why were you supposed to that? Because that's universe So with your tv, it was on tv. I love lucy was naked night or something tat. Are you or whatever, the japanese version of that, while so they had in japan in japan, and so you know your exposed to physical comedy alot. First, you know us yeah, if you didn't, speak english and wanted to get to know american comedy it was. accommodate right. Charlie chaplin so's like these, are you now and so, and so I had
I received someone just like stand there and move their mouth and have that be comedy too and me get it because my English had gotten so good that I got it. I was like. Oh my god, I can I'm laughing too. Because I got pretty good at the language I gonna, like I said to you the highest grasp. You know you got a language when you can make someone laugh in it right, yeah or stare or laugh at somebody using the language who is using. That language and so so it was ingrained in me and I I started trying to make people at my school laugh and stuff and by talking by talking just with I'm not going to sound weird, thing or whoopie cushion you know, yeah yeah. I have with words and, and you know, and so yeah that was sort of. When I was exposed to hear calamity. But when did you start like? What did you? You say you went to art school. I went to art school where
I went to calarts in santa Clarita. Yeah represent that's pretty good school right. That is the goods yeah I've heard talking about it. Don Cheadle went there and that was Embree went ocean Do a lot of people. I've talked to the cheeto went there. I've talked to him about it. I think there's one other person. I've talked to that went there, so you went there for acting, I no, I guess strangely so I was trying to like find in. oh you know the classic like. Oh, maybe I don't want to. No! I should have a back a plan to remedy, and so which didn't make sense. I just don't have any others are has done comedy. I had got comedy, I started comedy like twenty. I went to grad. I went to school like when I was twenty three I started. like twenty two where I took a class or from that I found on craigslist, LISA son said she has a class called
pretty funny women- and I was just like- I don't know how to start. I Without I don't know if I physically can drive to open my cause I still live in santa Clarissa here and make be okay, like am I going to go missing such a ditz? If I do things like that, I will go missing. I will just like end up at somebody's house or something an entire week or just some I like that you know, and so I was like. Maybe I should start oh, this is an all women stand up class that's a safer way to are you know? I say this while she's a comment. I find a class on craigslist and I trust it guard or name before LISA sunset yadda mean, I think you know, I don't know if she performs as much anymore. She mostly performs with the class. Like you know. I think she she has. New classics like to teachers. She still It is more in the class there were ten people in the class and even go on to do it
me, in Jenny. Yang is a friend of mine who your haulage, she she's in a lot of right. rooms right now, but she was in the last two years and meet me in her pretty much huh yeah- and you don't know her before I didn't know her before, while at you're in the class you know just like from How set up punchlines work to stage presence to you know what are the things that make you funny do. How can that? Maybe into a job, so really helped you. It did really help me and was of was the the education you get to perform in a club, and that is why I am now going. I was we were at the comedy union really down pico. He has to we started there: the union, that's where we performed and then You know we are so we were able to have like our first five minutes, rare first, five minutes. That's a lever with that you are all that stuff confidence.
Think so, unlike an safety can, like, I don't know I'll, probably like spiral I just start going to open mics here. I would pick up all the other stuff, except the cocaine and drinking I just know I would and like boyfriends I didn't want, and then I was just like I wouldn't be able to focus on joke. Writing. I come from such a chaotic, home lawyer that I needed structure again like cheerleading I needed. Teacher I needed weekly assignment. and after the class I was like okay. Well now that the structure is gone, how do I? then continue to write. works on my own without the reason with it yeah without the guidance of a teacher is going. That's good. That could be better. You know and giving me assignments, give me deadlines, you know, and so I kind of had a hard time. You know yeah. I kind of fell in an hour out of it and announcing all play to art school in because we are trying to do up. Unlike since there was general.
open myself trying to write new jokes and you know, but I think I was starting to Please focus so then I go I'm going to apply to art school and those are hard they're hard to do those rooms. Aren't they I mean it's not fun. Was it that you mean open mic I I had. I had fun, I always liked it. I always liked performing. I just got scared and- and I think you know you start questioning, if you can, I just I just scared because was like my first time out doing. They I really loved that I was like. Oh, I think I'm pretty good at it and can be good and that's a scary thing to discover about yourself it's time. I just discovered it a couple weeks ago Finding that you're funny always say that mark you always say that I feel, like I just found my like my voice, but like I
thank you for always. I think I've always had it. I know, but I know that, but I was on stage and in south carolina just the other night. I was doing all this. at work- and I was kind of weave in it- was really in the moment. That's great! No! No! I I by love it, but I've never said this before I I stopped, and I said I'm I'm good at this Oh you are, you are good at it at an ever need to do the same to often, but I I think it's ok, though, because noticed it lately, I'm kind of enjoying my brain. That's great yeah, that's great, and it's not. Thanks, but so, when you're enjoying something like that, letting yourself enjoy it instead of getting ahead and being like. I'm scared, go away I yeah I dunno. I don't know that I ever really enjoyed it, for I took me a long time I mean. I know I've been ok at it in that year. Maybe my voice was there, but I can't say that I am Nor did. I am not even sure what was driving me, but I need do it and there was no other options, but I think the enjoyment thing is, is slow,
we starting to happen, but it's taken this long, yeah but you do enjoy it and you don't get ahead and get scared or go away. Neither okay yeah like I either want to be thought of as you or more so with me. I can't just sit there and going numb great cause I wouldn't know myself, I'm already just on the edge of annoying. But that's really funny, though, that you already like I'm good at this I think it's okay to live in it and then you'll find something funny about that too. No eureka so curious because you do that. It makes me happy to see here I feel, like the audience, definitely responded. Similarly right, yeah right crowd. Work is like these things are either you can. Do you can't You know what I mean you can do it. I mean I watch that that weird earthquake being in the moment a lot of comics.
Well then, you know can't really do it of being the moment you know and and and and do crowd work if it's if necessary- and I don't have any problem with It- there's something very exciting about improvising for me. Yeah when it really works out. You sorta, like yeah, you enjoying the moment maybe you always did enjoy it somehow right walker, but its scared. You It did me enjoying it scared me yeah, I was like. Oh then I better stop now someone's going to take it away cause if I'm so stoked yeah someone going to take her to all members I'll, take it away from that dread from all the trauma. Upbringing yeah I'll, take it at first, I just going to get shitty yeah,
I it it can't work out for me yeah, so I'd better. Do the smart thing I'm going to art school, which totally makes sense. You know then, just pick up filmmaking and creative writing. You know that what she did, which I did you know, and I wasn't bad at those things you know, but filmmaking is good. Yeah? I helped you yeah filmmaking did help- and I still use it for, like my social media stuff, those skills that I picked up and I made some independent foams too. I was just tiptoeing around comedy, but I mean it sort of I with your generation and in is that there is integrate all that stuff. For me, like I was I just a comedian. I don't want to work with people, it, but I eventually did hear the thought about withstand up right. I know, and even though I do your film seemed interesting, but it again of
I did yeah yeah yeah, I mean, but we all end up becoming motor half in it's any way. Yeah yeah, you know kind of have to look at you with your new software for podcasting free software. That's not that impressive, but still learning that, and then you know these these other skills that you pick up just because yeah because comedy first though, like I do, I do adapt, but I think I'm a like I'm at the age like people little older than me, I think, fell off older people don't adapt. Like if you ever get. well from aol, address not in adapter I know yeah. My my ex is one yeah, oh really, hmm, hmm, but he thought he was so cool that he was an adapting yeah.
an agreed, a guy. I different santa cleared a guy the seconds I spent some time their market yeah. The second set of clear guidance that still has a alone thinks it's so cool black guy. I stop flit far out why no one knows when you're missing here. No one knows why even understand that maybe his life is simpler. No four nay. He doesn't have a lot of clutter like there's something about. Choosing your own reality that if you keep it minimal, you're, probably living a more authentic truth than the rest of us. Probably no one cares. But nobody ever is. Nobody ever goes like the authentic truth, sometimes, as the thing of china run away from gimme a break to boys go cause, I'm not like an outdoor z person. There is a god score, thou tuesday, so where no distractions, just you and your dots, that's why? assuming I want to be with my thought. Maybe that's the thing
when trying to run away from this whole time. Yeah. You know what I mean. Don't drag me back there. You got away me and my thought was: that's not good. I always think of that's not good. You know I'm already with my thoughts all of the time we all are here. You know a surgeon, graduate art school, I did glad I graduated art, school and I hit comedy harder after that, because I was like what I done three years of just the it's you know a creative writing and fill it with a double major do as a ton of work, and I was like a bird. The happy I am is when I'm making people laugh and needle at jokes you know, and so that's when I started, did you did you have the pressure because, like I've talked to asian people who are the kids of immigrants? It seems like your stories different that you didn't like this kind of weird family structure, pressuring you yeah do some more a We are something that resembled
I a doctor. If someone like my uncle ray, was able to pull people out of their sisters, you are just something that seemed to be guaranteed. Staff play some money for sure. You don't have that. No, because my grandma and my mom, you know there were like we're just happy you're alive. You know what I mean like when things are so dire. Time to be like why aren't you going to be a lawyer actually going to be a doctor? We were just stoked like you've found something that makes you happy Well, that's great good. How are you your mom's, still hearing invoices every everyday? You know what I mean, there's no time to be like the the classic sort of. So mean you know when I steal our asian american stories. I don't actually relate big rise of that right because we use meek bringing for asian person, because generations of women that we didn't even have of me
of one year to furnish yeah just a tunnel and a comedian. You know I am an extra grandmother who like lied all the time to try to keep the family unit together, which you, but she seem solid, she's yeah. I just wish you she told me what was william truths yeah Wow party parenting is gas lighting hundred percent yeah That's. Why I'm not going to be a parent, because I don't think I'd be good at gaslighting yeah, I'm not a parent and I don't ever regret not being a parent yeah. I may have cats and you're happy sure me, let's not go crazy, but I liked it. Oh you're you're, like I know, with the happy part I mean, like
I mean the cats are happy, I'm good that I don't have kids I'm! I don't have a problem with that yeah. I never think that I should. My father owns five cats. Now your father yeah. He in his retirement now owns five cats. That's nice! Yeah! He likes them right. He likes them. He loves cats. He's a cat. person two and in Tokyo still he actually lives in bali. Now it's just cheaper to live there. A lot of japanese, like former a holocaust zia retire in bali. Were there not can be pressured anymore, no more pressure, you're in paradise, and it's very cheap. We're You get to go to bali, I get it bali when bollywood, I see him yeah and I will meet the five cats by it's. A recent thing they just I showed up yet it is like a cat mom had babies under the car's engine is Is that how you may air cats I've I've I've met a cat under a car, wants a kitten, but I didn't keep that guy goes on time ago. No, these the black wonders
up at my house, someone, I think, lost him, yeah yeah, I have very little. And the other one. My friend kid got me: she knew somebody's yeah yeah. I had that from the beginning right right, no sad stories, Y yeah, busters kind of a sad story, I got him this showing up at your house thing where he was, I used to feed some strays and he just started showing up and he was very little. I didn't know where he came from. There were no other kittens around and I my suspicion is that someone had him and he got out because he was very young. Is already out in the wild, and I trapped him in right. Do you ship them yeah they're, chipped yeah, but I don't let him outside the coyotes. Have you know you got a trap and they're yours now, yeah, not just what's your role, your house, your rules, yeah. So where? Where do you start building the comedy at last. Ass. I was over he s doing that mike's doing So when I started global hitting a harder I was just like. Yes, I was going to MIKE's and
I knew through my ex. You know, people see you and, and so they book you and then I also started my own and not one but me Jenny Yang, who I mentioned earlier and comedian, we started a tour. It was an all asian, mostly female, stand up tour, the first one ever in the? U s here and you know, sort of created like a space. We're ourselves to perform, because you know everyone not everyone- can do the passing of the clubs hanging out? It's not a group the old time way, yet this I've styled that, maybe not everyone can do. Maybe it's not safe for everyone there. Maybe some people are married or have to take care of somebody like your mother, that they do that all night, and so you create your own space and that's where we we did, and so we started touring
We all did like twenty and then we would have like a local comedian as well, and it was like also a way to showcase with Jenny Yang, mostly because she's more about that, like community or you know, asian american is big. Unlike like the asian american clarity I saw tag along. I was like book the bohemian like artsy girl like a side. Yes, let's do it like a stage time, let's fill their whatever. and get audiences yeah we got audiences, and so we started doing that and then I can't figure out where, when it was, I really like took off for me. I feel like it's just folk, seeing me perform around our lay one. Once I was back and then you know the diner typewriters and the lar goes and and so comedians doing what I call the ride back, it's what hustle menage caused a ride back, which is like more established, millions coming back and sort of like scooping people along the way. Rico, open yeah.
to open or also you know, sometimes like if they have a show like at largo like right shoulder. You know be like do. Can you do my show too? You know yet just kind of solely built like that, though it's like the shorter version, or else you know it's way longer right like how a person really yeah, but you just sorta did the way. You know you just did some mics and then you did. You did this tour with that woman, and then you did. Why me I listen to like what was matthew visa? Was it a tv show? You did or an episode of a tv show how lazy end up I was what the fuck is it. So it's also a record to write yeah. Oh my album. Yes, yes, album and then there's some other stuff on. Oh my gosh, that's old stuff, that's like a bad contract I signed where I can get out of it and they put it out still yeah. Oh my gosh, that's like from swill. I will
while ago, two thousand and eighteen from they call me stacey, that's actually that was I recorded that, like twenty sixteen yan and one could again and in the view that our late interesting to hear that you change, I was in a boat them, yeah like that is now how I really even want to do comedy the way I, and now they call you yeah, it's only injuries. How do you think is different, just know, my voice more than my delivery, yeah. What I'm trying economy of work for example, is different and my browser you I've made might not even be quite talking like yourself. I'm not I can live with that allows, and sixteen right here I am you ate other comics. You see I think I was hanging out with more like political comedians, and I was talking about more political start. Jenny, yang asian american she's, more social justice,
I'm more silly! I'm I like the sillies. You know like I grew up watching, like my borrow, for example, once I really got into comedy. I love that silly where's you just kind of like an apology. Adequately talk about something dumb, sometimes and you well and and so yeah. That's that's what I lean the new record, but I control me is, is more pure. You closer yeah, but I would say that I felt most myself even to that end bomb that my right is our my latest touring now and employing now that I'm gonna shoot especial fur. I say yet: oh yeah, but it's gonna happen. Bs. At the end of the year. What's it called it's well, this one will be called intruder yeah. How does it haven't a theme, or is it just as it does
ass to doing the pandemic? We had an intruder, come to our house three times in the same day and that sort of is like the our key it out the yeah. It stole all stand of jokes I just make sure to finish that story. Sure yeah a row. Yeah yeah, yeah yeah. I do that yeah, it's it's a theme, yeah yeah yeah, but you've done a lot of you did some writing. You would jenna, I, which yeah yeah for adult swam, Anita Eric andrea to youtube for adults empty. I get it. I kid I get it. I not great in a room, I'm definitely more like I like perform, may be- I am where a widely, but you do, you must bring something around brings a little something arising from my dears or something just like it fully. yeah. I think yeah it's hard for me to hear
yeah, I you know, and it's I think it's okay. To be honest about that sure where you know you're like oh it's so many jokes that I just gave away. I wish I could, but I can't now and that's fine, it's so funny because, like those two like an Eric Andre and jenna freedman yeah, they do a certain thing do you know it is not quite what you do they kind of our there. There cut its eye it they push it yes, yeah yeah yeah totally totally like a button. You know yeah right and how far can we take this for sure? I think it's cool. I love watching folks thrive in what they do. it'll be, and I'm like, I you know I'm always like. Oh, I wish I could be like that. But I'm like you know, but it I your standard yeah, I think you know like three years ago, I really hit me whereas egg, oh no, I found the silly boys I like being out with her, and this is the sun the key is real
what you're not right, sure, of course, finding out who you're not why I'm always like. There's part of me, that's always going to agree like oh yeah I'll. Do that, and even if I don't wanna, do it You learn. I have to wake. I have to active. We tell that guy, like don't do that. You don't have to do it like you're, not I hear they range. Give right, maybe I'll make it better, maybe I'll be with me. That's what I should be doing ass though I still have two. Tell that guy to you, no we're not doing that right right! which is what like the directing, or you know stuff like that. Just like you choose opportunities, you know like You go through so much your life is business. We you just want something. yeah. Somebody offer me some kind of story. Ass, yeah cause you ideology that I've done a lot of shit. That was not right. I hosted fucking game show. I remember you on v h, one that never took off. it never went anywhere and was like such a gift
No one gave a ship was don't get worldwide like I'd and care for either always don't yes, you know like there are all these little jobs like your hosting jobs and things, and all behind me, but there was a period where I knew I didn't want to do them, but your manager be like you should do it. You'll learn this they just want. fischer. I know you know in the last decade, or so I gonna have to do anything, but there still part of me that thinks I should a hundred per cent, and so we have to remind like fellow friends you know and colleagues like if they get jealous of someone else, you like an opportunity, a deadline, article or the especially for know them. You know how you like, but you don't want to be an actor right right. Yeah do is are also is like. Is that even a role you could do yeah you know, like you know, that's true, are you even be aware you would you even be considered, for that like jealousy is a weird thing: cuz, it's it's. It's kind of nebulous.
sounds like you know. Anybody who get success that you have in your head is somebody that you're in competition with it'd be like. You know like what Today you do, you have to get you have to go. You have to really deconstruct it for to realize. I thought only one do the dinner. You don't wanna. Do that that so not you right! That's like sown. That's not a that's, not your interest, You would be miserable doing that job. It's weird, elsie works like see. You're like you're, not a redhead girl, what's ugly character asked for, but then people are like yeah, but they don't know what they want. Yet I know they don't want me. I can make that happen. Uh, huh, yeah! think it's like so important to like take the time to realise that break it down. Sometimes you have to realise who you're not you are you're right right I is just sort of this like animated insecurity, you know just sort of like it's like it's. What a man the nation does to insecurity, is jealousy yeah,
No for sure, and I you know I've I've gone through- that two and that's that's why I realize like online. it'd a writer's room like no, let's go give to the people who actually want to do it and have been working at it. You know, so out there doing this. Our oh my Second, our is your second hour basically yeah. I feel like I'm most proud. This hour. I want a car, they of course- and I want to call this my first, our yeah, ok, because yeah I'm finally doing it right to you, but you are you? c d, so you don't call it an hour. You just recorded some material that you were working on yeah. I've got lives, location right and now it's yeah now. This is the first hour our rights into like that, and I have to fail publicly first before I didn't elbow you just you just evolving. you got laugh some both other things, no charge sure, sir in a different way, but yet, but that's a failing, you're just you know
coming into yourselves, you can't look at your past and be liked, but that sacked Emmi did you did good furred the things you did all day. You think you know no means because, like Look at my old she had. I mean it's not who I am now, but, unlike my dinner, I know that's good I forget whatever meditation you do. That's great. Like you and your ear. It took me a long time to few those versions of me to watch itself on t v and viagra, but that but like what you said is so cause. I spent so many years. Thinking like him that you know my voice is not you know or whatever and I'm watching shit that I did like my first few tv sets in late eighties. I'm watching my that sounds like me it always is iq. I was always me what the fuck am. I talk color that guy I mean no, that's good It's just you just know figure you get more coffee regions where hundreds of all the time, so you know any yeah you how you would rather said it. No, I knocked on
I it's just. I think that I was not honoring thing and myself were where what was really happening as I was in acknowledging that I was interesting. Yeah Yeah, and maybe you didn't know it at the time I would or union how to even tap into that yet, and I just got better, you know you can get better eventually get comfortable. It sounds like you just got comfortable yam years ago. You just sort of like this. Is it my feel, good yeah for sure yeah right? was good targeting those great talking to you too, mark yeah. Thank you for having me ok that was at school, full cuts. Guy she'll, be I largo hearing loss and was and why a team for her at school and friendship along with the fred, Armisen and margaret, so? You can look her up on youtube. You can listen to her record votes. She may not want you to. And go to wtf pod dot com, slash tour for my dates and stuff-
and you know, try to care, and somehow I didn't record any music hold on now. the at the know the
the at the the the
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