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Episode 1348 - Orny Adams

2022-07-14 | 🔗
Orny Adams says that being a comedian is the one thing he knows he’s good at. He also says that being in the documentary Comedian is something that will weigh on him for the rest of his life. Orny talks with Marc about how that documentary largely colored perceptions of him, why Jerry Seinfeld chose him for it in the first place, how his comedy suffered as a result, and how it ultimately led to a surprising career detour with the series Teen Wolf.

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All right. Let's do this, how are you what the fuckers, what the fuck buddies, what the fuck mix what's happening? Does it have you to have my bike ass, welcome to it, How? How are you you're right? I want to hear something: Few people notice this and I bad with names at paragon. Oh me at paragon. I know I said at paraguayan. I know because I it's not it's not a matter of disrespect. does not even amount of not listening. I just get something in my head and I can barely remember names to begin with, and I lock in it's wording. I have a woman that is going to be opening for me a bit out in the road of laura la, and I still can't do it right lara. Why is that so hard lara bites Lara lara lara, laura- why it's only two I cant do just them things,
can out of its old. It's a boy, a blame glitch. Is it a blank rich, the brain glitch, a blank rich fuck me naomi? if pair again, I'm sorry to her and to the people that that annoyed annoys me more. In retrospect, it's hard to act parish in iq, paragon, it's it's white, but a name's, a name! Look today, though, listen to me Today, I'm going to talk to ernie Adams. Now this is sort of a big deal a lot of ways in retrospect. Now after I've done it, it's a big deal, Oh already, Adams has really. I didn't, have a beef with him. but man annoying me and rubbed me the wrong way and man was I sort of you kind of just we shut down around him in a bit. I a bit of a bully to him in a way. Just I just was really tried to keep him at arm's length. He
we got under my skin and the thing is I've never denied the fact that he can do comedy. The guy can kill you. He kills this guy. but for a decade or more, maybe two decades. He just every time. I saw him as I go. I can't take it. I can't take it why I don't know because he's a little bit he's he's. Thing about him. That's fundamentally a little annoying, but but I never really talk. To him for any at length and look. He was in that document. committee in comedian, which did him no favors, but I just decided? I mean you know from that. Most of you know a lot of the older people known from the comedian document, jerry seinfeld doc, He was the annoying guy but yeah. We all had different feelings about you, the attention he got during the shooting that with you in new york, watching it happened but anyways, maybe you know him
m tv. The mtv series team of now this is her is his is his bread and butter. But you know: he's kicking fuckin kill at this time buddy I just he really fuckin annoyed me and there's other people really fucking annoy me, and it's like why bother even you're saying that or acting it doesn't matter his it does. He doesn't have any impact on my life, so I realize it recently that's like dude. You know we're getting older eu ets, make this right. What's figure it out? What's the over and talk it out, and I got much more than I bargain for about really the impact that when that document array, which does not make it good and I used to I used to hand out this article about about him that was written for harper's about the montreal fest. I think we got six minutes of funny. I used to have it on my hard drive cause. I think it was on the greatest articles, written
the comic in in a horrendous way, but but it was very honest- and I brought that up like it positive fingering. His interviews I don't got like sky, has had the any it's. This is not it's culture. This is some other is not you know doing something wrong. This is something hanging over a guy has it made him look bad and it made people thing he was annoying and difficult to work with, and it stuck so Documentary did like twenty years ago has hung over him and why we talk about it? I don't know how he does. It really. Why do I'm going to talk to him about it, but I mean, but it's like get out from under it and it's still sort of happening. I mean I'm sort of I'm party that I mean up their want of us. Comics are, like you know, there's some working here. and do the job. There is like there's something unnerving about the guy very early
it worked very hard, very intense, but you know get it's it's his his there's something about him and the documentary kind of solidified it and I don't he's had an opportunity to really give his side of it or or talk about it frankly, and it just started that happened here with me. I didn't expect that I didn't know what to expect and I actually ended the thing and then we had to turn it back on cuz. There was more, it just ended up yet, and I just if I was really concerned that I would bust his balls or bully him or or be kind or or b dick to him, which I did for twenty years. I had to fight it. I laughed cried. Instead, I kind of laughed cried instead, but anyways this is it in terms of being a comedian and re. This is sort of this, a big one. It's a big one, and I just I just like fuck it I'm going to have a and get to the bottom of this. Building an online presence can feel daunting.
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domain yeah. That scares me Our compromise stability, Evan code, w t F, I look so I'd backfire. Albuquerque and flabbiness fuck. I never feel great. And have you noticed, but like seven or eight months ago, to a long time ago, I went to some holistic practitioner of chinese medicine, doctor who's, not chinese, but I got referred to him, yes, a guy knew a guy. I think it was flat. any at largo said I can't which a celebrity friend to his went to this doctor yo to just get a tune up. You know I am not all in western Some like I've an open mind, but I also know that you know you have to have a regular doctrine and you can do this nonsense and I'm not saying- conversely way, but but I wanted
actor with germany's like what's right away, the guys in my face is like what can I would it? What is it what's going on with you he's all in you know, he's right. he's charming he's doing this dance. It's like what can I? What are we going to fix where we going with this? What's going on, tell me your life, what he got do. I it's a lot of juice. It's a lot of sales juice. But we go eight hours, so I dunno, I just don't feel great. You know, I'm fifty eight and I told him you know we went over some of the from my health records are brought all my tests to him. So this was the idea this guy's going to do every test of everything to check all the levels of all things. This is the This is the sham of it, but also look man if you but if you believe right, I'm not shitting on the guy? Alright, the attention I enjoyed taking tests, I enjoy numbers, of wit, like what are the tests show. So, finally, these results come in and he's got this stack up, britain is going through the papers. He's got a magic marker and it's a great stick. It's a great day.
he's right. Look. This is going on. This is going on. This should be higher than what does that mean that I could influence him. Your gib get benefit the One of the good things your genetic markers are: ok cause. You know you got some news, but you know got that this balance is out by and then he starts going through these papers. you're levels? Would I e that we could change at this? Can you come up with a good because the meanness trimester fan wicked d where liberty, but jupiter bap, you know- and it's sort of like you know your your flicker digging into the widower that can be better. if we add in all of this, because it has a profound effect on you know how you move your your thumb, you I just I dig it's very specific, a lot of papers. You know he's going through me, throw in the papers on the floor. He saying we've got to get you on this. We gotta get you on that and I'm like and I'm looking at him and he I think he kind of knows he kind of knows that I know that he's fucking. You know I know his hustle in me. I know he's scamming me a little bit yeah, but this is man, this is the sales pitch. I got a lot of papers. I got a magic marker. numbers. I got indicators I got. I know,
What these things mean? It's like you need more of this, because this affects you that but I'm one of these people that, even though I know I'm probably going to try it anyways I know you're fucked. You want me, but ok, fuck with me. I don't think that's being a complete mark, ok, there is a difference between, like a guy gone like really wow and write the alright I'll, be I'll. Do it I'll? Try it it's not going to hurt me to try it. This difference for mark is no so if I taped it with cheese, this is amazing. How do how here I not know that I need to take your forty pills a day because all this stuff, the lad tone than this one is like that. Fuck, that's a lot of bullshit. Alright. But let's do it. I'm here, I'm halfway in, let's go the whole run. So now
like two grand over there? You, however many visits I've had in a bag full of supplements, absent like an idiot it taken them, some in the morning summit night thinking what king. What what am I waiting for and what weather things I knew was onto his bullshit or not. I am sure you have given. That, though supplements It cost him a nickel and that you know whatever it took to print that I paid for the test I paid for the visit I paid for the vitamins, and I think he gets some back end on the fucking thing so that guy still walked away with a couple grand and me I had a fucking however, over at french fried train shit in it and then put that into a fuckin cup. If liquid of some kind, I had a p I'd take blood. I had to you know: yeah, a french fry tray that was
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We all do now right, yeah, you get it it's I get it. I started. I agree, I agree and I actually commend you, because I think it's remarkable yeah what you've accomplished now that I've I've tried area the one thing I've learned from doing my own part gas. Is. I now have respect for the? video people I should on on the role of supplementary year is true. I mean it's a weird talent, it's a specific talent. I mean I think I always had a turn amount of respect for the guys that did that. Well, you have there. as it were, annoying there's a lot of ego to it and Oh god knows with people like you and I are there, there's instantaneous ego battles with anybody, assuming a position that where, where like that- and there is something particularly annoying about radio guy but when you are on one that worked, it was Elevating I mean like to be too in what I did morning radio per year to write, so
beyond a morning crew, where you gotta, keep that juice go, and I put the thing that changed my mind about it I knew when we had a guest on that The last thing you wanted was them to fuck up the momentum right. So if you got a vibe going comic. Blockchain is like no. No, no! It's, like god fuck. He just fucked up the whole group, so I had respect for the job, but some of them got a little shitty about podcast, so I still have a resentment towards the ones that are sort of like these podcast right right. I I agree. So I do mine out of a in my backyard. I've got a shasta trailer like a vintage. I confirm it into upon cast students out. I got era, a narrow stream, it sort of yeah shasta. You know the chances of like midcentury, modern, ok, very cool, and I saw a trailer that you'd have to hook up to a hitch. Will you drive a pitch I know it. I know a kind there there can. I, like they gotta work. yeah, but they're, not airstream ones, that they don't have they're, not fully curved, but they have a little curve on the top.
And to be honest with you, I haven't thought about the curvature that much like I have a de. I didn't just look at it. Look at it yeah, okay, so you gotta set up up there yeah it's in it's a it's emitting cool, but you know I don't do a lot of guess. I'm sort of sharia law and you're, not you not living in the trail, no I'm not levy but other people the guy I am there might come to that. So I have it if it does come to that. I'm ready it might yeah, but here's the thing. So I started doing it. That's what I'm thinking of yeah, at least it got a little. It's got a little curve the back. You know like okay yeah. I like if they got the okay, okay, yeah, that's cool, but so why would I do it now? And you can help me with this all I'll sit there and talk to myself for an hour which is really that's borderline. you're going crazy know. Well that that's the big trick, man yeah- that was the big shift for me, is is: can you sit on a mic by yourself? I mean that really separates the men from the men from the boys in broadcast. How can you be
telling by yourself on a mic. You know alone, for an hour sure. Let me now you've decided, but he right and here's So I do it that was great and then I go back and listened to go. I can't believe how, interesting I am In the moment after it's finally realised I have, all these years? I thought I deserved more in this business. Come to realize I really doubt where I should be covered by the new stella valley strong, but so do you find what have you from doing the podcast I mean I do do people listen to it have. Maybe you shouldn't listen to yourself. I think I've but I treated as is sort of like a companion peace for my stand up to review and draw my stand up that this is me, so dissecting it. I think it's too serious a so you you're doing like. What do you call it? A commentary?
on your bed, sometimes I am, and sometimes it's on the world. Sometimes it's on crazy. stories on ongoing, deleted the employee, the burden and ideal yeah. This is a mere dissolve watch subject to break down some. If that went wrong or you know that's what you're doing so. You really know that, isn't the theme of the park? No, I get it. But what what's funny to me is that it's like it's just wipe up your own ass in a way right and not in a bad way. But I mean but, like you know what you're doing when you just sort of sit there with your own bit and talk about the bit and where the beer comes from it, it's sort of it's your own bubble and I mean you might be right. It might be wide. No one's listening, otto, I don't doubt, listen, I'm open to criticism for sure. Here's what I this is, what I sort of figured out, how to do it and like I'm good at one thing accord, It is an utter, a stand up common, that's it! Yes, I believe. That's all I'm capable of
I dunno I dunno I dunno. If I agree with you, I I you know it might be all you do. I'm the same way. I mean that that's the that's the thing I do right, but I imagine am capable that the anger bright guy- and you know you get. I don't know I've tried a lot of other things. I fe what whether it's creating shows whether it'll have to wait even relationships. I just I'm good stand up, I'm in control, I feel good, and so why not? Why I this on the podcast. What is only thing I can give the world is explanation for what I'm doing up there, but that's not the beam of the pot right. I love you so much. just love. I knew you'd find so Refinement five minutes in the whole. Take this morning, I'd better find an outfit. That's not gonna upset. our work on a trigger him. I don't want to upset. I was what I wonder, and I was wondering what you were thinking coming over here and I was like sort of like do you d? Do anything, you need a new address, we'll get you in a second, but let me finish with initially created the pockets
what's wrong with already atoms. I was going out on the road process before the problem with Jon stewart did I have a problem jon stewart? No! No! He used his show's called the problem with John stewart and yet yeah. If both the above seem to be in your own echo chamber around your work. Sometimes I discuss John's bits on my show too, and I break them down again. Yeah I do do you know, I tell a joke. That would mean you have to listen to it. Yeah I didn't, even as I didn't even know, he had a podcast or tv show. It was on fucking the h b o I dunno if it's still yeah, no one. No one knew he's. One of us now he's just walking among the marginally well known of mortals happens fast in fact what he chose to try to come back right. You wanna, why not go out a myth? Why why back and have people going to. Oh, my god. What happened today yeah, right, you're, just sort of like ladder member at this event, let em it's sort of tiptoed balance
well yeah, but letterman's just so he can all the beautiful soul. Now you know years outside yeah, it's yeah he's a he's, a sweetheart yeah. Well, it's fortunate that you never got huge because yeah, that's what I think I wouldn't be able to handle it wouldn't be able to handle. I could barely handle almost get a huge, barely huge act in hand a barely handle. I could barely handle really huge okay. So what was going out on the road- and I was recording- really in conversation with- is how widely it would be like. I would talk to, ivory and they always had interesting stories. Sometimes it were coke dealers before they being came driving Some of them have been arrested, a cue to murder and I'd sort start talking to him. When I had my zoom just like you- and I can I record this and then I would turn it into like these lofty sort of. Water was like NPR bits like it. specials in between this moment. Sean realized somebody had
no, I believe you are. You tried the vision of the railroad tracks, but you could do it seriously earnestly yes, I was I was, and it would take months to edit and then have music made for it I mean I, I pumped a lot of money. Yeah, it's a revise. We have the have the the such a view writing in their battle movie, like you how you approach everything yeah, we'll hears good news yeah. It took me barely succeeding among citizens, failing barely succeeding at a pod cast to respect you mark nor yet Turkey is more mare and he did it unless you never respectively. Before I get to be honest with you, and we need, to where? I know why leading a lot? Why would you? Why would you respect there is such a hard I've so hard on you in such ass? All the while you wanted. We can discuss all rural area with every other day. I've always respect your comment.
I really. I really do, thank you and and so get into that cause. I want to hear, You have to say why why, yeah, our relationship or our friendship? Well, I think what it was was like. You know, and was after it happened even before, like I was annoyed by you before comedian, like before the movie. You would like an early adapter I was but it was not. You know, I I think when I look at it in retrospect and I feel bad about it and I I I but the thing I don't know that beat because you're sort of you have certain amount fairly. You know effective, you know, narcissistic blinders up, I'm not sure I was really landing any punches. When I was being a dick to you, I think you I just thought likewise. Why is that guy addictive? I couldn't figure it out like I one time toward. The improv look came over me in your soul
I used to media and, like you almost made it through being nice to me, and then you, water, here's, the dismount, I he did it and then you turned around and you had to say something to you. What or who you're imitating out Bob Dylan. You had to write. What will you have? What must be for? You were wary yeah? Well, what was that? Maybe the half- maybe I didn't know you in my career so closely the hat phase I deserve ever you in the head in montreal. It's I said they follow your career but like I see you and the thing that it's the same with you we're big leah. You know it for me. You know like there's something that that funded until the annoying me about him and I can't I I don't know what is aggro. I don't know if it it it it it it's person. It's me, you know it's not them. You know. I don't have it, but I've spent the years it's in some ways. We're honoring my feelings around people?
you're being addictive right. Why do? But what I don't see? Why do you feel the need to say it like? I think that too I go who what your mark, who does he think he is John lennon, but I dont say it. I think it we'd have to figure out how to say it to me, but I wouldn't want to that's really will because, like we're not like, think, ball comics, like we're not like live, got more. That way you added and people, ok, whether certain people that I have that that that I could do it. You know I just get a kick out of it, but it's not my nature yoga. I'm always a little too vicious yeah yeah, but there's in guys that I could just bust balls within because they and I'll take it from there. May I dunno they're just too, like godfrey like guide bust godfrey's balls all day long, because he just gets a kick out of it but you're not going to get a kick out of it. Your personal know at this point I don't think so. Why wouldn't you say who you think is John lennon you've never said anything mean to anybody behind your back.
I do believe I call you know. I call my crew and I go yeah. I got a mirror and operate yeah. Now now I've upset them by my hat. To worry about your crew. I got a crew, don't mess with my crew. You got a crew, yeah yeah, yeah yeah, how many guys in the group between all of us we have one thousand listeners and all our podcasts. Let's, let's micro, the ernie Adams, korea, we all have our friends that we call You sure, a sec. The Friday second show sat the audience sock. Nobody shows on. Do you call people a year which do I don't any more than I like If I have a woman in my life I'll I'll, give it to them but generally I it's weird the club life but sign that the women get it. Then what will you complain about, stand up and I'll? Tell you why? Don't I? Its aim is only recently getting you sort of more adept at a properly empathize.
Fur for women is virtually though I've been with you because I have not been the great guy in the world at but, as I say, Older and as I were more things, I've gotten much better and I can see them as separate human thanks and not just receptacles, for my garbage, sherry so whether they get it or not. I think they get they get. They get struggle and most of the time. I'm yeah, I would say for the last decade, or so, you know I am generally with fans interested. yeah. You want to be locked in that. That's the most. I guess I kind of want to want to be loved, but I like to be appreciated right, and you know, and also there is a shorthand to that, because they know a lot about me right, but it's a good way to lose fans too. yeah one at a time, for you have led me to lose and plenty to lose by ice, and that is a liability when they are door. You I'd rather be with somebody that knows nothing.
well comedy they are terrible, karma huh, god forbid they bring up another commute. And I can't stand him. They think they're funny haha, that's a nightmare yeah! Well, I I have a problem with that. Sometimes it's not a nightmare, but I'll be like you know, really the Adams. You tell me you don't tell me why why you're an early adapter being annoyed, but because I feel like them, maybe other people out there like you, but I think There are there's my boys, my ah who's who's, and that girl is a lot. You're the target larder liar you go visiting you play there have no idea of it. Then you do find their way what's wrong with the larger. Why do you think that's a separate or loved to do large nobody's asked me. Oh yeah, I dont hears it ears, the truth. I'm damn here right now, like you explain to you what I'm doing on your podcast does what
I wanted to connect I've been. You know. I've been hard idea and the euro, and I knew that, like no matter how fuckin hard I've been on you. for no real reason other than you annoy me that that given given the opportunity you would come over here in a second yeah. Well, I did. I did have a conversation with my age like is this a setup that we don't think he does add the people, otherwise you would get gas so yeah, but I also feel like there comes a point in your life. I feel like as humid sure we're not as competitive as we want it's probably true, you're, more welcoming and we're probably more similar than dissimilar from when you looked at how many atoms in a hat, you said god, but that's me at my will. No, I think that's true That's why I just texted my you know when I was talking to my purdue like? That, usually is why I mean I understand we probably grew up similarly
we were probably sort of there's some sort of scramble to kind of put ourselves together in a way that something something's missing. and And- and I I think I identified your quest for selfhood- you know whatever means you had, whether it be hats or you know, act, like other people or whatever. As as something I I understood. I mean I think I was going through a sort of a dark period, and so that's where that whole sort of when one must adopt this was after community it s exactly well, let's go back because I think the first, I started like the first conversations I remember having about you really. You started it. Same time is my ex wife wrote. You guys were contemporaries you and me shit right, hidden and used shows together. I think when you were start now in new york. I know your men on new york now really now, but she was
we sort of like you know you he's all right now. My easy did. I leads to the break up of your marriage on those elements over me out. No, I ain't exactly like now. I led to the break up at my marriage, but it was. things like you're talkin about, like you know, she was like ok with you and I may cause you guys we're contemporaries, and I was like that guy's annoying, whose you think he is you had this like this Wagner this cocky days, then I'm sure I had been mine was angry years was just sort of like, of course, I'm here why? Why? Wouldn't everybody? You love me and I was like- you can all go fuck yourself, you don't get. It is a different roger but similar routes? I think where'd you come from Boston. I really yeah. She grew up in Boston. I groped outside in a town called lexington, no expense. In yeah birthplace of american liberty, yeah, I had you we'd, watch the revolution of the reenactment of the revolution. Every April did that when you were born in Lexington yeah huh born and raised, where I'm
members. There is like I e I started. My stand occur due one nighters in new england, so I'm trying to member if there was one in whenever lexington no way likewise you'd be surprised. How is that true? All there might have been like a like a grilled my god, I dunno a place where you throw popcorn on the floor right. You mean like peanuts on the floor, that sort of yeah yeah well those places yeah yeah. So you grew up in like what what's your, what was your father doing my father and I don't talk how much about my family, I'm very short of pride, which is another reason why private you just like to talk about yourself, no feel like I want to protect them. It's not their business and I went into this ok. Yeah yeah. I know my dad was work for polaroid, my entire life. I was always rival hammers and then he left pull worried and started a company doing focus groups for juries case
really what we're dead job transition? No, because at polaroid yeah we marketing research are there, so that was his skill set and my mom my mom a kindergarten teacher. So you it like this noises is big party of childhood. I love it. I love it in just like they're coming out Yes, ex. Seventy demonstrate a big day. You know, like your family, where there is a marked, stop taking pictures that it all or a picture of right now, piles of film. Everywhere, it's a dollar a picture for they good pictures. They were, they were of themselves. They were a was a thing: will limits there was a time that we didn't have digital instant photography right on our phones, jersey, the excitement of watching something come into folk was really cool, my dad was fascinated by the chemistry behind How land, the guy who started polaroid figured out how
in one in a like one sheet that came out of a camera. This thing make took the picture and develop. the technology blowing them away. Yeah! No, it's it's interesting and, and then artists picked up on in there was ways like if The old ones beat if he had the ones before the seventy you can kind of manipulate the surface on them with a with a path. A pencil before he appealed off the thing. I remember them from as a very young kid because I'm older than you, but not by much but I, my grandparents have one of the land cameras we had to the peace out with two or three minutes I before he the black and white to write. There were some black and white ones yeah and then that stinky gunk that was on there. He had to throw that away because it was toxic and when you're a kid, you always wonder, what's in the little squirt pack inside the process right, but it was nasty, but those pictures were kind of cool and they were kind of groovy, Time I was in high school elite could get all the one it was caught cool in origin.
Have been. Warhol was watching the document. You know you will take pictures with polaroid. Then he would, you know, turn it into a screen on a short and writing did write this screen. You see if you have brothers and sisters to sister older, I'm in the middle you're in the middle and they're all eat. Oh my entire family is, I call him nor Well, they all live within a mile or two of each other. It's nice in lexington got kids disaster heads. I have nieces or nephews, oh yeah, I don't you know it's armed in there together all the time get along with them. I do huh. I talked to them. You know, like my dad. We were going back and forth. Watching the tennis? In a I talked to my family every day really yeah. Well, that's nice and your mom, the kindergarten teachers don't teach anymore. Does she now everyone's retired and are or like please drop it get grandkids off. Really, that's that's what they do. A that's nice for this sisters that involve, and, unlike me, they're, very social, so
When did you like, when you were a kid in this well adjusted jewish right to our family shore, be for now I mean yeah, very, not religious, but dived, very into the faith. Yeah yeah. Yeah him away ritual. I won't yeah, I mean, I think, socially to letter, always at the temple. We wish fran ass. It were school friends, yeah, YA, gotta, college friends idea. He risk over some of them, but not as I'm not as connected. I didn't love. I mean still like I've got to do a show. Next week I have to wear a suit. It drives me nuts. It reminds me of get your suit on and get to. Temple is dire and I remember there was one week either I grew or one suit yeah I ate too much and it was tight and now this biggest fear every time I get into a suit? Oh yeah? Is it going to be likely? I think that's. An oath thing we have in common is a food issues and body this morphia absolutely aeroplane mother.
No george metabolism is easier, but did where was the input? where's, your food in the house I mean. Is there come back on course is buddha now. Are you come from like a healthy eating family? No, let me I don't think in particular, but they're always, foods, always ready to go like entering the pandemic. The I flew home like right at the beginning of the end of a twenty twenties, I was gonna miss my first thanks ever, which is mandatory, show either folks how he asked. I flew to austin, with three masks on and with the you know, this the sprays and everything and I rent, car and I didn't tell anybody I didn't want them to be worried about. Me fly this vaccine this before we even knew where it was, and I flew home- and I called my parents from the frontmen and I said what's for dinner and they said they were having fish. I got fish and want brisket. They are oh. We wish you were here. I should open.
My mom, almost passed out and I drove to my secret council project I did it at my sister's houses to fame thing by the time I came home. She had a full brisket dinner villa with all the equipments and everything just ready to go, and I and that's that's what I grew up yeah he could cook she could cook at is nice. But what what's interesting is, and I an if you felt this way, I I felt uncomfortable my legal name is different than the name: what is it was orange steam animal instinct in June it Adams
because what is just make you laugh or get you hate every night every way, while I'm here is how it would always. I was that not funny you're someone's real jewish name. What what we're missing is the way of without video the passive aggressive in non passiveaggressive. I always ended up the money. What am I supposed to just take like you, dont like them, or instead you get ornery avenues of oak from trying to create a tender moment for it is so I didn't like like he's here, really mariner yet marin, which now was it ever change all its It goes all the way back to I did that show finding your roots. It goes all the way back to fuckin belarus in the eighteen, hundreds, marin, wow yeah, sure I didn't that I was immediately identifiable as being jewish a course I mean I understand that We shall do John wieber forget, wouldn't jerry his real name is not unusual yeah, but now
I kind of want to be identified. This german, maybe she'd change. Your name then make that the topic of your pocket. What about ernie marin? What do you think of that that my biggest nightmare whether that will call this episode of the pact as the morning. You want change back to what does it at a more instinct I wouldn't ranger back, but I dont with first name it was added. More and sea became warranty out us clever, switch yeah. Now, what your mom call you for boy check and set were first generation immigrant kind. I think there were second, oh yeah yeah. Were they in their massachusetts to Massachusetts, yeah, Boston, juice, man, the best right I want I used to work at a deli, on one year in west roxbury called gordon's delhi. And I didn't realize that there was. You know that, like the deal just so Oh generation of boston, Jews who are immigrants as I can,
york he always identify with new york, but that it's a whole different culture for different kinds. Awry bred in massachusetts ones would see one without sir cecil rye with the sea there's like right, which is why this dark right, which is dark. I end this bumper nickel, your eye for the fuckin store we had tongue, we brisket. It was real old time as much as it has to offer four different car all was fine. I like a new education. It was just a way of phrasing. Where'd where'd you grow up new mexico from jersey, my family's from jersey. Why is new max? Does somebody have allergies? No, my dad duh. You know he was in the service and when he It is a residency as a doctor and He started practice and he had a friend who had moved to Albuquerque and it was a growing city so do it cities orthopedic! Ah sir
interesting yeah, I'm having knee surgery. This may have hammers and nails by harrison saw a variety of dog. Does he still practice he's still an advocate slowly losing his mind yeah, but but both of your parents are healthy yeah, so you start our europe spoke healthy, but my dad's got the easy start. No lose it a little bit. My mom is dizzy, but she's oak I'm kind of catherine how wonderful that this all live and still married or no non argo married Like the other. All right, do you know they their old, my my mother, my dad's, eighty three, my mom's eighty. I think what a healthier, right there. He doubts about eighty and he's got his marbles yeah for the most part it's good shore me. Some days is really whether you know other data I feel like in out depends. I guess we're time I call yeah with us. Yeah. So what when do you start but I realized so lucky me. Am I our alive and I it seems right they must have its you'd, like you grew up with everything you needed in shore
where you were the the boy were you like that sort of, is the golden one? No, not even close our eyes, no, my family, they would pick on me nonstop. You know and put that in what way emily it just fuck my family laugh when we get together. We laugh the family in the restaurant that people like what what's going on over there and could they be quieter. so anything you know like when I I graduate from college and I wrote I had a resume and cover letter and I sent it. after about one hundred different corporations. Looking for a job would you go? Would you study political science and philosophy with them? What kind of jobs are you looking at camera, but it just I. I actually think I was looking for advertising doing copyright so when you were in high school and stuff, you'd never did any performing of any kind, no just in college, but I sent this wider and a final line. Instead of thank you for your consideration. The typo was you for you consideration for now. every time we get together, you know
Juno Cuba as the turkey that they do for you consideration. It's like digital, also being marked for that yeah yeah still still, while it I never had it. I never got a job in ever got a job offer I've. Never I've only lived off a stand up comedy. Well, ok, so you you go to high school. Well performing nah I played and I played a rolling stones song in like a talent show you play guitar, know I'm horrible, but you used to know. I was horrible, Pictures of Judah method seems to be a theme. rose, you computer boss, balls all you want. I don't gotta room way. My life are, we gonna be readily do we now. Oh yeah, we're gonna revert back their awkward in the green room. I will be better it'll be better. This is like a first step. Okay, it's love
persistent does not want to be your friend my own. I don't I don't want to be your friend, yeah. You could be like the other fellas. You know that I see and not be mean to okay, that the thing I can't like that you feel bad when you're mean to somebody like. Do you go home like like an addict and go. Why did I do that or you a would? I lack empathy. No, I don't like empathy I feel bad. Sometimes you know, and I eh more so I always feel a little bad, but I also I tried to write a line where a and there's not many people, I bully any more. You just happened to be one of them, but I don't I don't do it that much Why just give you stink, I and fucking, you know and and don't engage with you. I don't think you've led me a long time now. I have it by the way I'm properly by. I was bullied in high school and I think it makes you a stronger person eight as it does it know it doesn't. I don't think so, I think what it does is make you doubt your own vulnerability and you know it
boys you and they hurt your feelings. make you more resistant but I don't think it makes. You feel good about your feelings: Do you know what I mean? I don't I don't know I feel like I've been. I was I felt like boyd many times in my life, really think it high school high school. I went for what we fat, no you just sort of got picked like I don't think, there's anything besides, if so, somebody's not only can certainly bullied. I was way we like much like just go out, so this is happy jack, life. Nobody has it marked domain excuses for your you've been annoying people that you were a child and you don't think what's funny is you're deflecting on how annoying you are, or I I think, I'm intense I dunno. If I'm annoying, do I If I'm annoying, I think of it, too intense and sometimes intimidating, and- and I don't and any
come off as arrogant. I dunno if I'm annoying arrogant. Yes, I don't think you certainly didn't intimidate me, of course not, but I was more like what's wrong with this guy What is it? Why is he he almost got away from the conversation without insulting me yeah I get it and I mean, let's be honest twenty years ago, this meeting would not have happened today. Why would I? Why would I know he would have I wouldn't? There is no podcast which shored we ve mature I don't know that it would have gone any differently twenty years ago and I think I do think. I think that there is something to competitiveness. That is is probably part of it. I think that there was probably you're out side of my own insecurity and young the jealousy of the type of attention you are getting at a different time, because we're close, enough to being contemporaries at I. Don't look at you is like the next generation or anything, but yeah there were certainly
period. There were, you know, be you would seem to be. Getting a tremendous amount of attention and I then it just the you just EL families and how you did it all blue up. There is our I don't know what happened as an outsider, I'd love to hear what you have well I'll, like that, like, I don't know that I saw the movie until later, like I didn't see it when it came out, But I do remember reading that piece in harper's the six minutes of interest. You read that I've read it many times. Why is that I haven't it discusses my. Have you really why? Because it was such amazing sort of odd in, into what you were going through you more so to me. Then and then the movie
there's a liner and- and I think it sort of honor something about comics, but also it's sort of about. You know kind of the momentum you were in. You know that that you're sort of, like you were being by this confidence, because you were being indulged by the business and by your powerful people were had had a sort of like gotten behind you, and why wouldn't your ego, be you know huge and and and and ready to go but that line where were you were? don't do well on stage and then you get off stage and and I think the final line of the article is it. at the time he had gotten to the bottom of the stairs, he had convinced himself that he killed. Though I don't think I I knew I do well I love it. You love it that guy that wrote that within a woman were there was a guy area, and it was that guy. Follow me around and was my best friend interest you can eat was irresponsible and to the point where he call
me the first call in montrose after name is everywhere in the in the papers. Everyone's talking about you to your ego must be huge. I said to be funny. I'm going to need a bigger hotel room for it. Why the articles funding it, but he add on so big. He said he's gonna need a big. That's not what happened. I didn't volunteer. This information I was reacting, but it was a joke. It was a joke, doesn't come across as a joke. It comes across as fodder for pricks. Like you that are looking to you. Don't take me down to the fact you're, like everybody out on possibly have a deal with. You stand on the harpers article, no like for a demo real from land. It was comics. I just I just as I was a well written thing about comedy by weeks way way out of my league. In that thing I I didn't know what I was in for I didn't know. You know what's up the house will wear it unfolded word you start doing common in college caught a landed georgia
funny really blockhead was the first time ours on stage in buckhead. Yes, I just did a show in buckhead duquette. and so why there you are going to school there as going to school there. Oh emery yeah yeah. How was that? What did you do that? First time I did I have to look at my settlers are not elaborate. Nor do I do Well jokes, about jump studying abroad in italy as an twenty one, how'd it go the set. I felt very comfortable up their bomb short. Who knows, if fact, this weekend, I for joy, fourth parties with my college friends. One of them was there that night wow first time I did comedy yeah yeah, so did you do it for them in their dorm room before I was always sort of funny and when I studied abroad in ITALY, in fact, that might be the first time I did stand up and they I did it for all. The american kids like in the in the general assembly room yeah, and then I would go to boston over the summer and do stand up and it winter at nicks.
Catch arises like while you're in yes, so catch was still open. next, what else was a de when he was in saga, giggles and saugus? You have a leaning tower of pizza yeah. I would do all the calhoun. You know I never had to do an open, mic or binger our needs, because there was just so many rooms But you had enough, you had enough chops that won't back. Then it was a sort of me were bringer, shows it was still servant, an open, my guess, bought situation. So you of what opening slots and stuff on Gavin show wednesday night at derive their business right. You know, so you were getting book, don't get bogged down because you had taught you had the bits. Will I think in whose days you would come up and say: hey, I'm a stand up. Comedian from atlanta awry, you'd embellish right okay, you know you yeah you're doing stand up down there. You come up here. You didn't present yourself as a local one. no. I was a boston boy and always will be, but that when they would right thinking, my clark will give you a shot. Yes, if you deliver
the gig you can. Then they start folding into those one night in gonna sagas. Seventy five bucks to go to say I'm five bucks, that's right, claudia! Are you cut your tea? I right. That's how I did it. I mean it's not how everybody does it, but that's the idea I teeth a new englander in one night, but don't you think? That's what makes you better like absolutely when anybody says what advice would you give a young comic get on stage every single night? Well, that's thing, but I mean you but doing it that way where you go up cold opening for another guy in the middle of nowhere I mean that's different, That really is hard everything yeah for thirty minutes yard stage. Going now go to this brit now go to this bo yeah sure yeah, but like when I started it was mostly two man show, so it wasn't a feature spot. The opening how to do a half hour and then the headliner would do forty five minutes ha. That was the that was the one night do and the good places had an opener like if you didn't
if he did giggles or he did the taunton regency, a three man show, but most of them in my recollection, were to man shows. Will I wouldn't Boston m c on the weekday shows, was the headliner Bela right yeah. We ain't that right and one of those guys would get up there. They do forty five minutes. If they are, then they bring me opera numbering somebody else. I've been in it was israeli and the wrong comic, so you are round strong comedy we're here and there were years. Ninety one too, you know up to the toothache. You know that moved in new york for both for five years, so you You started really doing the work at the clubs in Boston, so you didn't. You bring assessment is still a still a little before the shows you bring your or don't know open might see. There are never like waiting. A line in ever saw did some of them. I got lucky indefinite did over my yeah at gets, rising star ha and and played against we had definitely. There was definitely open mics, but at
so yes that was your entrance, and when did you move to new york? Will what happened was disney came in and they were scout? to give development deals in a saw me and Flew me the elway for meeting with the head of the head of the head of development for disney, and remember that meeting me and one other kid. Probably no longer in the business and put us up in a really nice hotel and we had our meetings and they said you're going to meet with her, and that's all for like twenty minutes sit outside of the office and they'd say we're going. But you know, if you're going to stay in one way or you're, going to go home on a plane and home on a plane. That night
eliminated from the deal and it was the longest satisfy. This is before cell phones. You can even call your parents ago now I got sent home like it happened, so they got me the hell out of that hotel, room and yeah, but after welcome to showbiz yeah, I guess I should have known then to get out and then after that they all they all people wanted to see me do stand up, so they I'd go to new york to audition, and so I I do that the seller, so they could see me out in a europe of rights, how I got in at the strip it always clubs. Aka was because of that, our cash or that showcase yes here. So that was fortunate and then he moved down loved it. I would say- as a stand up comedian, the most pure point in my career, was doing fifteen minutes all over town with the best year with the baster and just you know. I know thinking am I talking about something I become a t v show nobody's thinking. Am I wearing something that says something here? We were just getting up there to be funny. Boston too, was like that, so you do in new york.
Well how many vitamins did you do. I did one letterman and I did a few tonight shows okay, so what happens now, let's go which is track. What trying to track and when I was going to say to you before about people I resent and what I ve realized. You know I always kind of knew a is that? No matter how much you know, I may be annoyed with you for my own dumb reasons, you're a good comic and your solemn. You always do the job so, no matter what I think you know that you're gonna stands out to me and you know I have to honor that you know it's not like you're you're, not like a hack and you're. Not You do near the agro. Guy get even in that way. Since you were young, I don't know why you act like you were seventy one you were thorough, but what is the matter waters issues I do or yeah been in its mutual I've always respected your work and I've always liked you're funny in that, never like which kind
sucks cause. You just want to go this guy's a dick and he and he's a hack, but I could never, you know say I'm a day and that no no, because I I like you and I and I want to like you- and I I just it just it's it's cringe when someone you admire is attacking you and well. We I'm sorry about that, and I'm sorry that I ignored your witness by ignoring it's, not your fault you're, just you who you are. here. I believe me, I know, is right near parties get either, I definitely some people but yeah so wet. when when does this the momentum? start yo. That was I How do you frame frame that whole experience with with comedian with a movie and what happened? I can tell you the way I remember it in my brain is. I was doing a lot of shows in the city. I was at every night. I'd go seller, gotham stand up strip, act out your seller. This is like,
ninety nine. Ninety ninety hokosa and I felt like boy They were making accommodations like if I called us, and can I go one set later so I can do stand me. She would do it and I know very about myself and they would put me on stand up new the clothes the show Gotham the closed, a show and all of a sudden ass right at that. Probably the beginning of voyeur or annoy me- is because I was there was yeah. I was in new york, What annoys you about that it just sort of like a you know. I you know you represented something that annoyed me you're, just a guy. That was your you're going to kill it all. The clubs in you know you the ambition of it? I am just weird about it. It's a problem. I have. I have to explore more, but people who are focused and and specific we and bishops, and aware of it, annoys me
like. I know I'm ambitious, but I dont pay attention to it. So lonesome persistence. If so, let me, as you weren't, do you like athletes, muhammad ali, that zone bad man or whatever he says I sing like that. Can you do that? I am based, while the points, the right field and then knox it out of the park hyena yeah we had on us courts guy, I it was god I know I ok, I can see where I'm getting out no giveaway yeah, and maybe it's because I don't really watch sports that I just misunderstood you for so many years right, yeah, that's what it is, the guy that wanted to hit it out of the park to float like a butterfly sting like a bee. I mean I, I think it's it's inch. I think that you can get away with it. I don't want it is. I can't even manufacture the confidence that you were manufacturing either for real or out of insecurity and at the time you were doing it and I found it. Contemptible ha whispered. I respect that. I and I, and I agree and in looking back yeah there
things that that I look up. I'm embarrassed. It makes me cringe like what, there's a there's, a million the movie yeah. There are parts of the movie. I understand. I understand your yards. Let's go back to the beginning of the movie, so you're doing all the sets yes and what happens? Ah, every time I saw that stupid camera crew in the lobby of any of those. Clubs here knew seinfeld was going to come in okay and now bump me when I'm using this as a launching pad for my social life, so new york's a wonderful place. You can do your shows to one in the morning and then you can stay out of four. You don't have to worry about drinking driving you in a subway or gaborone, and I would women show up or friends We'd go well you're, not! the hero that night, when seinfeld shows up via show. He kept bumping me from shows yeah. Understandably, so
well that one day the film crew saw that I was frustrated. If you can believe it here and they said, can we ask you a few questions and, I said sure yeah they said what do you think seinfeld's act, the new act. I said, I don't think it's that good. I said it's sort of seemed at like his style seemed dated the topics he wasn't talking shameless on camera on camera. They show seinfeld seinfeld says quote follow this guy he's the only one that has the balls to criticize me. And I was then followed and enamored again these guys. producers, if you know anything about what's going on reality, shows now they know how to make you feel can get you to say shit, shouldn't, say, and I wish to eat young and naive we're doing a character in some sense. So when I go to a a car service and I go to open the door and I look at the camera go, I have to open my own door. That's a karen
does that make sense without vision when people see it they go. Who does this guy think that he doesn't have to open his own door, yeah yeah, so so you're kind of playing the They put you in yes right and you know what two versions. There was a version of that film that we took out outside, took out, graciously took me along for fear. Leumi do new york. One time- and he said I want to take down- show ya to be famous and sign autographs on has very, but any time I did us I want to get a special, he would call, and company privately was very supportive of me and Oh then it got sold tomorrow. Max right, I mean what harvey wine state a real. Yes, how is that everything you would expect it to be, and so once that version. The word came back, take out this don't stand up and take out these moments. It made him look human and sort of vilify him and so that's what they
for they did. The second cot was a lot different than the first one, so they set you up, It saves set up outside their they're smart. They got out. They got out bad person in their so what it's easier to decent wake me. If you don't see, stand up that substantiates my Why jerry do there do that? Why do you think pay payback for what for have balls to criticize him criticise? Maybe I don't know I don't know so What was the relationship with george shapiro, who just passed because it means that was you know that was used. My manager right bid, so seinfeld turned him on the EU. Ought I have. I have thoughts on that that I won't share today, but I think we can do something you can share them. This is it this. Is it just my arm he's dead, but still
I am going to wait until everybody's dead and yeah. Okay, I'm gonna wait until the day before relief for mars, okay and as as a species I yeah. Ok. So he who how'd you get involved with george re through jerry, yes, okay and producers, sending him my tapes, so producers the documentary, yes or were they from england. was one was british. Put both geyser, workin and adding should scene had worked with seinfeld and pitched this documentary and I had listen. I was so excited to get seven hundred dollars a day. I am I not absolute duty. I do know the there's nothing about you wanting to be involved in that was peculiar. Why wouldn't you what I is fascinating. Is it's it's on netflix now is it it is. I should have said that, but it it's okay I'll still get all get like. Why you laughing all all get people with
social media they'll like attack me, saw the new seinfeld thing, I'm like no, it's not even hd fucking square emmett. Thank you fucking, but people attack me, I'm the villain of this stuff. You understand cause cosby, is in this documentary and I'm still the asshole of sorry buddy. you love it though I do. I I mean I I'm laughing because it's hilarious, but it's horrible, it's like it! It's just like it's! It's just this! You had no control. and you know, you've obviously framed in retrospect. As you can stand why they made the choices you made, but it you know it fuckin it hobbled you and it's not going to go away. No, even when I met Brooke shields, she said it's a blue lagoon. That's what she said
It'll come up in every interview. Well, no, I mean, of course it's going to come up you, but I'm sure it's not coming up that much anymore. You know I I think, like I got to Michael Moore, said to me I went into that documentary and I came out having you in hating. You know the people that were involved with that, without naming the name they set, you up show them. Do you? Ok, thank you. What does that? I'm just saying that, like you know, you've had to frame it in retrospect, like they needed a villain. They did this, but but they they it's not on. That article that I enjoyed only because of the last line yeah, because the thing is like you know it. to me to eat. You know, too, to feel like that. I was meaning you are felt any satisfaction, but you I've just in insecure, angry guy. So wait what what I saw happen at that time was some sort of shot and freud that you will be humbled because of you. Food too close to this
it can happen humbled. I definitely think you've been humbled hampered by, but I get that line by the time you walk through to the bottom. I thought I was a funny line and it's always but I knew I I know I know- is not new elam already only really in it, and I said, something from the stage that still today stages makes me like you know, shrivel up. You know I, just I am all draw was given every opportunity and I blew it. I blew it while a day look man. Eighty two tough gig sometime just a lot of pressure. Then it's not a real audience. Do I have the audience's? industry, half of them, are low Some of them are drunk in the new faces, a fucking nightmare for any need to really succeed at that there has to be so much expectation and back then people were unknown but in, but I do think that you know a guy. you know in your position who worked hard, who got
we liked. You know, really believed in comedy and wanted to do it more than anything. How are you not going to behave the way you behave when you've got all that that that sort of juice from those people you know I think you could have known that that, at that the that that you know Would you hang around your neck, like a fucking albatross? Do you think that your opinion of this is the jordi in the saint of community. Like I feel like, I feel like an ass. That I believe myself from some people understand up community what you're saying that you know, as you say to me to my face that you frankie aiding between playing into their expectations, and actually who you are you're probably is misunderstood, so like I don't know what the general opinion is, but you know you know how you came off in a half of that is because they cut you two to two, who to use you as this file, but also
part of it- was that you know you are playing it up. I agree so like for, and people would sort of. Take that like black guys, like that, you know, but, but you know, you say to me that you were sort of like it It was a gag and it makes sense to me yeah yeah, This is the position that you have put me and why not just how can I, like you know, with state of comedians, we look for a reason to hate other comics, Do you know what I mean like you're watching somebody kill on stage ago? Oh now, he's talking about. You know that that that hack topic- you know it's like it's, so insecure competitiveness, yeah hate yeah. I I feel like I gave everybody. The fraternity, you didn't, you didn't give it to him, so then why they they did it here, so that okay, thank so have you said that public. Why is there? Ok, okay, thank you now that my
was over the thank you. I appreciate thanks for the bruce now great. Why You do that you do that radio thing where you don't laugh into the might like don't want to blow the the I don't want to blow the the level's up. The in hear me laughing. I know because, like it's it's just it's, starting to come back from, because I think I don't know you know you're you're, not no angel, you're, no angel in the sense that, like you, know, you're not, I think, You do expect a certain amount of of I respect and you I think you work hard and your ethic is good and you're a guy kills so you know you want to be treated like the guy who kills like I'm the guy who kills every night where's my foot comprise well, I do I gotta be out there. You are doing the second show on friday for half a house I mean I thought I thought in this business and relay screw me. even ever having this crazy. I thought, if you were funny it went
IX? It says that sometimes it is sometimes. It just leads to being funny. Yeah, okay, yeah, like you're so zen about that you know, but I mean I it's just I'm only zen about it in the sense that I I know that there is. There is no fairness to it and a lot of times there's plenty of people that can kill. Dude I mean the reality of its measures. We now this thousands ecology, yet you know and how anybody built an audience or why people are appealing either on this mike or on the on the stand up MIKE or on a tv show who the fuck knows you can be so proficient in so perfect and do everything right and get exactly the response you want, but still not garner the big following. I don't know why. I don't know what the fuck that is, Do you not a mean, and there are comic stem cell millions of tickets at some people? Don't even know it's a weird thing. That is where it they're deserves. No, it's not a meritocracy. Are you happy with where you're sick I think we make certain acceptance about it. I'm happy with MIKE my stand of career because some by some fucking virtue,
I don't know what you're when I started this part. as I couldn't so fucking tickets. And then like with the pod cast audience developing. They didn't know that I was a comic really. They knew I talked about it, but they would come out like we should go support. Market like this is actually the thing. I know how to do exactly know. So four times through one way or another. You know just buy in all because of this, the podcasting, the timing of the thing, which was the first time in my life. I had good cosmic timing you know any ill happen on my terms. Right got opportunities and I was ready for them. So you know between the acting in the park. as in the stand up in this net. An audience but it, but it's not your muffin feeling arenas, but I can make a living. It's great yeah so so I've had to accept that I didn't cuz. There's always party you man like as a common. As somebody like us who were in a sort of fundamentally a widow.
secure and think that we are entitled to more attention the who isn't in secure our people that are often ok, but why we always have to label comics in secure, because a lot of us are I think in the world were in secure now get wall? When, though, I get there sure there insecure plumbers and there's insecurity that god. I the way I snake that toilet though there We criticise the dream, I don't think I am. It hasn't the way marked snakes the drain, and if it's true, I see certain, I think they pray comes in and out of the house, and I really mean it doesn't. He gets task specific you're, more insecure about like why on doping plumber dammit it out I fucking problem. I commit my life to the boss. I worked for a plumbing company. One of them or their own guys, but I think there are more evidence yeah exactly, but I don't think that's true. I think that you know
Like you, I always am rejection. I think that's pervasive with every type of person, but I think insecurity is, is a fairly common component in in what fuels us to do. What we do so you how you managed at her and and how bad it fucks you. You know that that that's half of your job right, I agree- I'm not nine m insecure nine, but I think it's more of out. There are, though, everybody's insecure. Ok, we're we're I used to think that about bitterness, but I was wrong and I spent a lot of my life thinking that people words aggravated above the things I was aggravated about under the existential levelled that you know I just don't know it and I'm here to introduce them to that, but a lot of times people just work at it. You go like what is this guy so worked up about yeah you ever meet people and they're like seemingly happy in life, and they have nothing like they have nothing. so much more than them, but there how in the world we have. What do you have that they might have something? You don't know I've I've done a lot. It
but this is the issue. is this assumption and I I think I've done I may have more progress with it than you do. we understand or know you know what other people thank you were that's for some reason. Our lives are stupid, fucking lives where we can manage a relationship. We don't really have many friends were insulated. We've never had a fucking job. We sit here around it. Look at the fucking world. The ride are stupid, little joke at yes, you mean that we understand people, it's a fallacy, there's a lot of people, different priorities in their life and what did your determines whether or not their life is fulfilling and we're we're in our selfish, dumb worlds, where we're sitting around by ourselves trying to make- things work out. We think we understand that so is it? Was it unhealthy for mark marin to go into this business? No, would you were jerk real? mental health have been better served doing something else about you note or any that once you
if you've got this thing for real this bug that you have there you need to have other options and if you can't that no matter, even if you have these fantasies about like- or maybe I can do this very good. Yet this is no way it's going to happen so time I started this fucking podcast. I was like you, I'm looking at a life of you know if it's eight year old right now, when I got on that mike. You know, after that second divorce. enough from east 90th going broke and everything else that, like I knew That was a moment I knew exactly. Who I was is that at best like, I can't tell get some I'm looking at a life of ploughing it out. You know in and be comedy rooms as an unknown headliner for life that or going to put a fucking gun in my mouth. I don't have the courage for that well like so I had to accept at some level the limitation and then the reality of what my life was and
then I got on these mics and something clicked who the fuck knows. Cosmic, I don't know I was lucky, but I have to assume it's something to do with talent, but I definitely at that moment it. I should do joke about it that you know at some point you so far, along with you, I there is no plan b there might not. four, been by There's that moment, where sort of like hey. If this doesn't work, I can. I could always holy fuck, There is not that right, there's nothing, but also Don't undermine that! You are the guts in the car, it's early on to expose yourself at that level. Which I I don't I'm still the guy who I wish I wasn't has to suck my stomach in for we picture that has that concern and I wish I could just get out there and just not care for you to have that courage when you turn the mic on. I think, though yeah you know, I think that's really cool yeah. I still like I care, but like
The thing is: is that eventually it's going to catch up with you and no matter how much you care your time will make a fool out of you right. That's a good quote. at time is the the great equalizer sure yeah. You know I mean I'm still uncomfortable with how I look. I just you know I was walking around I'm nuts, you know, around all that stiff still, but like What part of me realizes like I I'm just not going to get these pictures right, I'm never going to be happy with right, but then there are some people like philip seymour hoffman who, like it's just so attractive how home or at easy, was with his appearance and his walk, and that to me is kind of cool too. Oh yeah, I envy you know people who are comfortably fat yeah do you have Think like if you and I had an charisma avatar, we would have gone like I. I think we both have charisma, but I think we a little. I think our problem is, is a self centeredness more than I don't
were any more self centered than anybody, and I say this here is your problem. You just said you did you hear that you ve decided that everyone must be insecure and that now we're not name Jesse self centered is everybody. Will I don't you think in these times do go on social media? It's all about me. Me me me me. I gave her when I get in cases of that. It's all self several behaving in this be coaxed name, it's a wrong, just pioneers. Ok, it's gotta you're in a trailer. Nobody literally I go this. Is this I saw the diverge ago. This is what crazy people do. They talk about news articles and all that sort of stuff yeah, but but here's, the of maybe self centered as it is just this weird assumption. I d, I dont know what it is by understand what you're saying because like to do that, a lot like I really believed when I was young, in more angry and on stage I get luna stuff that
I was speaking to something that everyone must experience, but you know what bent there are people that well are well adjusted. There are people that don't prioritize the things that we priority. There are people that don't get annoyed in the same way, even even if you're talking to what here's a ruler in front of me and you're you're at luna and you're so upset about the. Why is it only twelve inches? Why isn't twenty four right they're going to go this guy's crazy? But that's the way I feel about x y. Maybe maybe they stop at this guy's, crazy and I'll. Just laugh at him. Nope just guess that's all that that's a realization I had at some point. I realise that they might not be laughing with me, but if they're going to laugh at me I'll take either, why would a toll joe, if that, what's going on, when you go, who you did? I bob dylan order screw you they're laughing at you, marin than ought laugh in word that I was laughing at you fired, had met her and you're you're you're happy ruler. Bear you don't ever have
in maryland with his ruler, bat, oh yeah. He was, he really worked at thing or the phone couldn't get over couldn't get over with. Can anybody find a quarter inch mark? Exactly so So how do you find you recovered from all that shit? I mean, like you know that the wet down or what how did you know that things didn't pan out? whilst you know pretty facts at market, always point or in the more opening for seinfeld, so he took down the road he took after committee. Yes for a couple of gigs and then he said that we were to similar or com. So, but you know it couldn't have gone better. I did the show in baltimore in this. This is how long ago, by the way for anybody who's wondering this single shot in nineteen, ninety nine and came out in two thousand and one. So this is a longing for years ago. Yoni when you hold on. Let me do the math on their ruler here. Ok, so you ate, the ruler albert now you? So I get
finish the show and and stay. I find my parents came from Boston to see the show and I go to train station next day take the train back to new york and I go to the news. and grab a newspaper from every major it exists. Francisco new york, boston, la bob Lana right and I'm panned in every single one of those reviews in fact tour with them for the movie for the movie, in fact like in a cruel way like the hollywood reporter or variety. The woman right in the review said that I was gonna bereft of humility. She was rooting for my failure and I thought that's kind of like you know I'm an unknown. You know guy who says I understand that it was was cruel, but I for some reason that you know that. I think that was a feeling, that people had about how you are represented in there Thank you for saying that way. Ral hours represent. I do appreciate what
you told me that you know you were in some ways playing up to something. So the bereft of humility, I think that's that's. I think that that is. That is an issue which you know also when you ve cameras in your face. It gives you a little off, but it will you ve got you ve got humility. Now I sure do yeah. And so it happened. Quick have been very quick and just sort of the way the they did a screening in new york city, and I remember when it got up late other comics wanted to talk to me and I go a we might be in trouble here, but I'm sure next to seinfeld during the screening and he's like hit me in the ribs going up just like that? Just like that, and yet, when your yeah, like during the movie interesting interesting that He saw you is a kindred spirits, younger version of him and call me the most. The most honest person he's ever met, okay, so so none of the comics want to talk to you. I felt that way and it could be again insecure,
reading into it wrong, but no I mean, but I also never felt like I fit and did you ever feel like I'm, not the guy who's hanging out till three o'clock in the morning with the comics I was going home or going out with friends hung out with people yeah. I didn't, I didn't say, you're already a little isolated yeah. I went into comedy because I'm an outsider. I always like the crew of outsiders I like to eat too, and I can't sweep that well, yeah try to hang out yeah, yeah, okay, so and and how did your career go after that it was bad bad? I couldn't I couldn't I couldn't get, but I remember calling jerry going climb and, first of all, I'd a deal with CBS a big deal. they pulled out air pulled after the movie. Yes, after the montreal and the move yeah. Maybe the movie had been out, they pulled out ass, six six for deal and then
warner. Brothers gave me a deal, but I don't think they We want to give me a deal. I think that it was short of like a favor deal. I don't know maybe they did want to give her a six figure, one yeah and it was late in the season and I barely got a writer and nothing ever happened. I couldn't believe the two of us yeah show for it. And I couldn't get booked on the road there. Some clubs, I'm not kidding, and maybe information wrong, but there are some clubs in this country that still will not book me because I'm difficult from comedian really yeah and I'll tell you off the air one of them, but I mean I'm. You know myself on the road. I'm not you and I wouldn't be working this long right. Business is difficult, no yeah! No, you just you know you. You just do the job and I hope do the radio you'll do everything love it yeah mean I'm like radio and again, I am not to bring the pockets of again, but I run a want of bits through the pot gasped journey and upon stage emmi to write so you'll be done. The roll up, ed
the route now you can have it okay, next time, I'm in front of you, I'm closing with the ruler. You take the ruler, yeah yeah. Let's just go, get that fucking lotion with some sunblock, I got it, my oh, why don't? They fix that I dunno had maybe that's and you're right that dance good premise I used to joke. I forget, and shit on, and I was going to go full on endure. It was going to get up. Screaming its nominal other yeah, oh yeah you're really attentive to the minutiae, yeah yeah. So now you you're all right money, wise and money wise, but work was I do alright. I do alright good and do you talk to jerry? No okay, I don't I don't and to put it like a button on it, I this we'll stay with me in this will always be a source of pain in my life, this documentary, and it will
something that I feel like I've got to defend. Even when I don't have to defend 'em, I I don't. I don't, but I don't. I don't know I've gone through this in my head several times. If, at the end of the day, I were red doing it, because it is such a large part of my. Identity, naha comedian. I can't imagine not having it, but if At the end, I can see that the tally sheet in the column comedians are the column not in comedian. I'd love to know where I, ended up with and without it haha we know with the air yeah. I wonder if you were allowed to evolve, naturally, as opposed to be put in that position with that much attention. And you know, and and and have no control over how you were sort of represented
or you know I. I guess it's not helpful in any way to speculate. I mean it which part of me feels like it's a gift I was given this opportunity to be self reflective I understand that, while at that's that's good, that's a good good way to to to handle it I just don't want to be one of those people who says: oh I'm over it it's twenty years ago, but it will be with me. You know these people that lose a limb early on in life, much yeah, as to your careers leg, like lack of I've, been on one leg in comedy for now for twenty years yeah. What what's been? the sustaining thing. What does it comes back to that speed? she'd, I was talking with. Did it how rotating it, helps the documentary and there was
As an executive producer, the guy created criminal minds, abs, Jeff Davis was creating a new show called teen wolf. He saw the documentary and one day he's driving no melville in here my name on the market and he said I want to go see if that guy's, even funny. Ok, okay, yeah yeah, so here was there any. He knew even the doctor, yeah, okay, okay, so he goes and ears up cause. I was blown away, I loved you. You were you're you're, really as kept coming back for in over a year to see my show and then, when he wrote this new show teen wolf, which has on MTV yeah, he wrote the part of coach. For me. never our dish, I'm the only one that my agents, here's a good lesson very well. My agent sent me a script and they said this- shooting next weekend Lana Atlanta I saw you on stage he's a fan of yours. He thinks you'd be great for the coach here. I went down the street to the coffee shop. I read it, I said, but so often I read scripts. They don't make sense this one made perfect. I go. I get it.
that's a well written this guy and he wrote a free will you will dat parthia, but I understood the whole sheriff nice love story of high school kenya that turning to wear roles and kill each other. So so I said I love it I'll take all except the part in wages it. Never you don't! You can just gimme that we give to our dish, and so let me call the casting per year and I'll tell them that you're free to add I said hold on. This is true. I said You call Jeff Davis back as equal, my interest, and you say or Adams will be in atlanta next week to shoot the pilot you don't offer me too. I get the minute our dish and I'm not getting the part dick the cash This is going give to one of their friends whatever. So that's how I got on their show team then what I love about. It was for the first time in doing my line here, I had no responsibility. And you shall, while Pierre and then the fans, unlike stand up, which our fans can be very critical sure
you know they don't even know your stand up the fans from team or they it's like you, with your podcast early on people didn't know your stand up. They still don't know, I'm a stand up yeah, they still doubt, but do they come to the show? No, not enough of them. I mean they'll. Follow me they're confused like if they follow me on tiktok reactor. Graham the right. What's, oh, I didn't know so I'm gonna, but how many episodes of the shows there, but we did a hundred, oh my god six seasons, IRAN! Now it's on pay while plus it's been on hulu it's been on. I think hulu. It's definitely been on netflix so that you make money in your sweep for this. It's a mess and has nothing to do with me. It's a massive hit sure I'm a side character. really the success of my characters. Because of the writing. It really. wrote me in every episode. No that's why I'm of success like they knew to put me in just enough. Okay,
I wish I was a morally. This has been going on for why five eight years and then we just shot a movie really dessert trilogy, did that their putting out is the park good part? No, it's never good enough for me. No, it's great! It's great! You know, honestly, they brought back so many characters over succeeds in there were so many character. So this is great. This is like a happy ending everything. It's cool ate a what, you're making a living horse, I am, I told you when the mites brought before we started this I said mark come weep We know I know but lacking in amerika. I am just thinking of the stand up and I, like I know you did this came off, but it's like it's a that's a big, that's it. Being in show business yeah I'm on The show that went, six seasons, yeah that's rare, yeah and- and I feel better- that I'm not going to I'm still going to bust. Your balls were bought the fan. Nothing but loving these fans are the nicest that's great it's
I'm glad you in on your feet away what about me? What about this special? So I've had I've had three, but I just My latest s, nea on youtube. Is that that's all that you use produced. Didn't you put it up there, I didn't it was on showtime. Or the law, and he got it back. You bought it back. Oh good! That's I recommend to everybody, one, the tapes rubber you like when you study musicians, one the masters sure I mean I've got I've. I get mine back, I've got a couple of back like night, but I dunno these are materials still do it. You don't do and timely, will know but mean this is only this was this is only a few years. Alright, and you know it really does a guy crazy over little things ever get get hold out. You I mean I bet you my special that I did. I did one for more later. I did for epics and I got it back. So I think I have that one, I'm very I'm very weird
Like I was telling you, I don't do many podcast, I just don't. I am of the camp where you don't overshare yeah, own this specially on three of my specials and I've never put them out. Because always always like wolf I'll get a deal, the stream or not seldom these other special sure. My Ebay has just put it up on you to just over yeah. The old style just get in. Why not get it out? There see what happens right but- there you do and it still any your he's funny man with an uncle had we did this sanction for talking. I agree I mean I feel like this was this was fun. and I'm glad I Wasn'T- set up against city of we going to be cool now we're we alright, that was Orny Adams wow shift right. I feel bad, but I feel good. We thought
at the hollywood improv this weekend july, fifteenth and sixteenth. His podcast is called what's wrong, with Ernie Adams. Get that wherever you get podcasts and work. Can we hang up Second, this. What there's there's more stuff just hang up was invoked if you are a former subscriber on wtf plus we posted this visit that I had with my dad in new mexico last weekend. I recorded me going through some stuff, some pictures and stuff, and it was cruelly it was really touching, It's only available to you for marin, subscriber people, but like here I'll play a little bit, for you. This is my dad-
recognizing the dogs from his childhood. Do you remember this dog hip? You do penny when you have that doug turner part. I remember penny penny penny because Helena as humam right how about this one grandma ida. Do you remember her yeah? Was she nice lady? She talk much. I remember her talking it was barney her husband here was he a character hundred and one you didn't. He was dead already. I dunno pattern trying to remember. I love this picture and Ben your dad or dad looks good in that pic huh.
Remember him talking much I hear more less remember. It was just this picture That was when you were lifeguard careful park. You do with this quiz of your life is a test had seen total dog not another word pinky inky crazy, he's- got mild dementia but, like you know the love of an animal transcendent forever eternal. So What you can listen to that whole thing right now, if you're subscribed, if you're not go to the link episode, description or quick on diabetes, plus a deputy of pod dot com. Ok, tomorrow and saturday. I will be at wise guys in LAS vegas, that's July, fifteenth and sixteenth, on bringing esther poverty with me. We're going to have fun,
actually driving out from new mexico with his wife to see some of those. Then I'm back, dynasty, typewriter in away for two shows july, twenty third, twenty fourth saturn, sold out, but there are still some tickets for sunday I'll be adjust for laughs. montreal for my gala on Saturday July thirtieth or my gala, to be doing. Solo- shows up there on July, twenty 28th and twenty 29th. Then in august folks, august September I'll, be in columbus, ohio, Indiana Indiana, Louisville, kentucky lincoln nebraska des moines, I iowa iowa city, iowa, tucson arizona, arizona, boulder colorado and turn on terrio Canada than in october, I'm in london, england and dublin. Ireland go to w E f pod dot com, swash tour for all dates and ticket info. Ok, ok! So I look I gotta go takes him
sediments and I'm having an okay day. I just got to say: if you can get, a day and if your balance between The micro in the macro is tolerable. and one isn't. Feeling denial and the other one isn't feeling. sort of self annihilating depression his ride? That line you doing all right? Ok, you do in our right. I don't know what to do. but I know that you're doing all right and play some guitar
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