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Episode 1351 - Jerry Harrison

2022-07-25 | 🔗
Talking Heads and The Modern Lovers are two of the most influential bands of the ’70s and many would argue two of the best bands ever. And Jerry Harrison was in them both. Jerry and Marc talk about the blending of modern art and rock music that both of those bands helped pioneer and the environment in New York City that allowed groups like The Velvet Underground, Blondie, and The Ramones to thrive. They also get into the tensions behind the scenes with the Talking Heads members and Jerry’s rekindled friendship with Modern Lovers frontman Jonathan Richman.

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Throw the ball right. Let's do this, how are you what the fuckers, what the fuck buddies, what the fuck next what's happening? A mark marron. This is my podcast wtf. What, if someone's texting me? What is esther pivot steve? What is she asking me? Where does she ask to me ever make my own salsa curious. you do when you want a good salsa. I guess I have made. Why am I asking I'm answering esther a text? It's going to be days ago by the time you guys listen to this. I guess got a guy yo I've made. Is that would you call that salsa I used to do that used to be hung up at that age to be like, I gotta make the perfect pico which is- I don't know if it's supposed to. I think that's what a lot of people call salsa is based. What is it tomatoes? And I put some how he's in there some cilantro, I guess onions- I guess
as an pronouncing something right in my cuba. Is that even write the er where I'm performing in my country are its heads the south south love leverrier. I look. I can't do it it's in the place they arts policy. There is a soft can offer it's sold out doesn't matter. I believe it's all, I that allowing go check It's my solo show on thursday and Friday July, twenty eighth and twenty ninth in montreal, all it's like nine, so I now shows on here. I'm a winner, I'm a huge success. I sold. I sold out a place. It's sad that seats thirteen quickly man I gotta, go up there next week this week. What am I talking about today? I'm talking to a jerry harrison.
jerry Harrison was into the bands ever and I got to talk to him. He was in the modern lovers and the talking heads also produced. A lot of records like violent femmes lie big head todd and the monster what more going on tour, and also I found out- is a tech investor in it and in something to do with toxins. Yeah it's a lot, A lot of stuff is going on tour, painter due to the remaining light era of the talking heads and he's doing a show here, los angeles at the Wiltern in september with adrian belew. guitar wizard. That is, Adrian ballou So you know me, and you know how it is with me in supplements recently, especially if I see a doctor or health practitioner and they tell me, I need to take something for my health. I start taking it and after a while, I'm taking a lot handfuls of pills.
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make it easy athletic. Greens is going to give you a free one year, supply of immune supporting vitamin d and five free travel packs with your first purchase. All you have to do is it s what it brings dot com, slash wmd again, that's athletic greens dot com. So I double you to have to take ownership. over your health and pick up the ultimate, nutritional insurance, so look the talking heads, obviously great band for a the first few albums amazing I'd, say what talking heads. Seventy seven, more songs, rumblings at buildings and food fear of music remain in light. I can I'm trying to remember the first time. Obviously I think the first time we all heard the talking it's probably psycho killer, talking heads seventy seven and their cover of take me. the river and then you know you get into all the other stuff. needless to say as time, not. I come to everything late I got as we might.
Of session, which ought to richmond who doesn't have a milder session which, on the rich man right Modern lovers record is one of the greatest records ever and there's a myth, you behind it. I try to get into it a bit with jerry. I think it's still fragmented to me, but you know I to about it and I listen to that record. So much Jonathan richman, like there's some songs on there like when you get out. Of the hospital led me back into your life, I mean what what she cracked I'm sad, but I won't come on be Johnny come on hippie johnny. I mean that modern lovers record that first one fucking unbelievable and then you like what happened to Jonathan richman, then he started doing like he kind of
songs are most I'm a little aeroplane, yeah yeah, molucca, airplane, yeah yeah an end. Why can't the original modern lovers is gone? Jerry Harrison goes onto the heads David Robinson goes to the cars, the baseball ernie Brooks genius. I dont know I talk to jerry a bit about that, but, U s into the modern lovers record like I, That was almost all I wanted to talk about. Jerry Harrison was african, modern lovers, record and jonathan richman and jerry Harrison is genius on the modern lovers record He owns that record those keyboards Jonathan. Means boy all of it. It's fucking great record. We talk about it, a lot pretty much and I'm just fine which, on a thing like what happened to that guy. What kind of what is that guy he's a mysterious figure to me, the sort of like us? we'd figured innocent figure, but like something do
is going on in there they put out all those records. The different versions of the modern lovers or solar record some of them, I think we're good body. I kind of got away from me. So me and jerry talk about the modern lovers record in like went where he was before that and in getting into the heads going through the cat you're talking heads. This graffiti. I don't know, but I think the sense am and burn were friends out enough, it's contentious but near I was diplomatic, but then the beautiful part about the conversation well jerry, is you know, he's he's friend way again, which often and my job, what about her recording your job you're here you're here, but in all honesty I was excited to talk to you because I still listen to the talking heads. I'm fifty eight and it's in my regular rotation. I've been listening, a lot to fear of music and actually remain in light as well, but most we fear of music, like recently alive like once a week, maybe
and that was before I even knew that was going to talk to jerry. I did was into the modern lovers. I do us in that respect. I'm straight hospital She, cracked and my feet, old world on that record in all those still That was even a little before my time, but I was just excited to talk about this stuff. So you get to hear me you get to hear me do that you get to hear me talking about that. Jerry, harrison and also jerry Harrison solo, stuff Pretty girl, young man, old men, men with a gun, two people in love The rules do not apply do not pretty video young man, old man, man with a gun fucking. it the casual gods, record good shit. I ain't just get on get on with it.
Before jerry harrison is a doing the remain in light tour with adrian belew on September. Twenty ninth at the wiltern, in los angeles tickets, are on sale now, and this is me talking to Jerry harrison of the modern lovers and of the talking heads to the greatest bands ever, So today's episode is brought to you by effects is reservation dogs. The hollywood reporter called the first season of the oars. a comedy, a distinctive, wonderfully cast triumph of rhetoric, Annotation and ranked it the number one best tv show of two thousand and twenty one. This season reservation dogs continues to follow our favorite gang of indigenous teens in rural oklahoma, with each of them trying to forge their own path in hope, one day making it to california and This season yeah me mark marin, ethics is reservation. Dogs returns august. Third, only on hulu
that listen to the interview you did with bonnie raitt she's great, she too my guitar form and jails and would set about how she did unremitting finger yeah I went to college with her. You did and harvard yeah she used to come over to my house to play guitar with a with one of my roommates anytime. You knew her pretty well, I know her. I know, are fairly well. I wouldn't like we don't hang out together. Sure and where do you knew her and call a college a little bit, but she pretty quickly moved off into the whole thing, would take waterman the phone thing. but you don't all the blues artists, so yeah yeah meet through him and then left school. I don't think shepherd Where do we just had our fiftieth reunion? Since did you go? I did we like who like like harvard is such a a prestigious kind of grooming ground for all.
Things who was in. Who else was there that that we would know chuck Schumer a really He you and humor are contemporaries william randolph Hearst. The third really yeah hurst. I was good friends with him really good friends you guys ever go up to the to san simeon and swim in the pool we never. We went up horse ranch and we are. Stay there and- well. We had one adventure that could have gone really bad. I had this asian well friend, who I wearing not really proper hiking shoes that we went for a up into mountains and we're going so slowly is known to get dark and cold, we finally said the only place we can see is to get near the river, and I said we're gonna have to go to the water to see. I took one step or two, and then I was like swimming a while as a
were wet yeah he's got robbed a fifty degrees, so we I have to get out the owl or would someone's gonna die right for death? and you got ass. We got out out it was it was we all went down. It was like took showers for about forty five minutes. It was, but they take That's interesting, though, because I cursed the geyser, but you don't come from that right I mean no. I don't and that's the interesting thing about harvard if you just have smart people that worked hard elsewhere and then you get these as you like, whose parents on the world. That's where I was, a clearer where'd. You come from and from a walkie I like no walkie, it's great. Do you still have family there. I have no family other than look my new family, the one I created everyone's gone, yeah. I'm in my I didn't have any brothers and sisters, and I have no cousins so I had more distant family and I'm sure they exist, but yeah we're not close enough that it continued. I just played there the turner hall ballroom, sure it's great yeah. To be like kind of try
to re arrive and you know what the turners are right now: they're gymnasts. Are they they're gymnast from eastern europe? Really I dunno the history yeah and in fact one of my teachers in grade school was a turner was always yet when you're a lot of em, I dont know I mean that they have they own the city. Have they get the name on the ballroom white? Why were you there? Is? It? Was there as well club was, I think they practice gymnastics at that ha. I made a printed out to sea. Did you boys your were playing as a kid. Interestingly by school band. Air Second one, the guitar, player, went on and became Leonard Cohen's guitar player for twenty five years. That's her bob metzger wow, that's, that they have. An interesting sounds like that: gypsy sound of the bass player. When was johnny winters bass player for ten and then played with like all these different both deadly and always isn't him John paris.
I know that name out a totally out the blues and then the lead singer, went on and became the president, the I what's at the american institute of art if this is your band in high school yeah it'll be this. Was this little suburban high school and then the drummer went off and fought as a marine in vietnam and then came back and he actually, when David Robinson got so frustrated in the modern lovers, he was the drummer for a little while your marine ex bandmate yeah He came back and he was living in. I got to get out of Milwaukee. I said you can't he was going nuts after he got out of the military, and he came back and I said. You gotta go, there's a school called bennington in bennington vermont, it's all dancers and beautiful girls, where we have the other the best time with bike. Japan clamp playing Maria said very just open it up
If the boys apply you will get in and he did that he went there and said I'd see him. When we were play up. There then moved to Boston, then moved to new york, we're still friends. He lives in seattle he's he was a solid drummer. Now the opportunity to grow into being yeah what he could be. As I say, I only known as a high school drummer any wasn't. There was a good our player that band who was very precocious and who was the leader of the band and he would he end up doing he became a chef and then he died a while ago, but he would go off. There was- a guy named junior brantley, who ah Was it a band called junior in the classics, haha, and he now is with elder but he's a little richard's impersonator in in LAS vegas in saying that his son is a Michael jackson, impersonator. Here where's that document her. I know any came by what we'd they did a shot.
with summer fast yeah, the big festival, their fear and it was sort of like let's have the old milwaukee bands play. So I went back to this. I didn't play at somerville, but they had a concert at shank hall. And so junior, was there ad. I love line. I go to how you doing, and he goes uh looks good I want to use to use that sure so, but when you have to like so you got into harvard, and but your plan was what wasn't music? Wasn't it wasn't music? I sold all my musical instruments. Do you remember what you had the regret, those things selling course yeah. Of course yeah. I had a. I had a showman, for fire. I had a electric piano and
locally made Oregon called a lesson, oh wow, and but that the fender distributor ship was, interestingly, it Milwaukee for the entire midwest. At that time, a steel guitar blair named Ralph hansel, so when I got to college this who lived downstairs for me, who became his ernie brooks it was in the modern lovers, with the he had heard at harvard at harvey became. My best friend barely joined the modern lovers together the seller decision he formed a and- and I used to go here though, but I I'd always thought of myself- I'm not really good enough to be a professional musician, but I, when I'm as good as these guys, so I can have fun too. Yes, so ex summer I went back and when the west allis music and bought a trailer full of you fender amplifiers yeah yeah. So I bought a twin reverb. I got a dual showman. I got two single showman bottoms with a woman head here, for you know like something like thirteen hundred.
dollars like at like six or something like that email and brought it all back yeah, and then we were this. The band that then we would play outside when the strikes. I could we when harvard went on strike about the vietnam war and things like that, and so what were you playing covers? Yeah largely covers. I think we had a couple of originals that were not particularly So what were you studying at harvard? I thought at first that I might be interested in oceanography. I thought I'd be a scientist and I Actually, the geology parliament. This was a sort of is excited at harvard and and orient, should wake. I get this. Invitation to come to a sherry at the geology? Department oh yeah, okay and I get there. I'm the only undergraduate there. It was very popular major at this time so yeah this were the best apartments in the world, and I appeared the only person who has noted that I might be interested in ocean agrifuels, geology or the eta, so they
we've ve got a whole plan for you, and so do you know author and the paleo biologist stephen jay gould yeah, so he was my section man. He's? What he's like a genius? That's right here I know really well yeah. He was my section man and he had just come up from colombia. Think just gotten a page to hear a. He was largely paleontologists, but he wrote extensively about darwin and that their rights are only idea here. This theory called punctuated up evolution the end, but he was also a very clear writer, so he had new york times celery, always yeah, and- is your guy yeah. He was like and what we enter. What was the major that you cobbled together? Well, I ended up deciding. I wanted to be an architect, so there was a new major called visual and environmental studies ha and it was a complete mess. Here, and so I said I just have to take control of this. I taught by way- and I had no work, but my mother and my grandmother were painted painters, and I did a lot of work when I was young with my mother here, what kind of pair
We have a strategy for your do think my mother could do anything. I grew up in that world. You grew up in a creative wormwood, your daddy. He was an advertising, if he could draw, he could write he could am a grandmother, and my mother were amazing patrizia. I think, and my aunt so and Chien eames were very close friend, oh yeah. She died in nineteen fifty one, so I only knew her for a couple of years, so I taught talked my way to this major and then I I learned so I started my sophomore year taking these courses and it was all they tried to make it. You know it's harvard, so they don't let you just be sort of about art as How do we get over like being doing Dry Linda, skip to the theories I like that fear. So there was a guy named rudolf, earn haim who had this whole thing about perception about the different philosopher with the philosopher, while he he is
He was a psychologist them in early vary but predated. What we now know from neurosciences about We talked a lot about gestalt psychology and perception and how your mind can we know that like lenses, don't see corners but are by knows there's a corner there. So we see a corner and this idea that add- and I then learned this also it information theory- took this course of that shannon's workable, That leave The value of a message is the is how surprising it is It's not surprising, there's very little information. and the more surprising it is the more information and that things have taken over culture, but it's also the way the brain works. The brain predicts what's going to happen. All the time and then looks for anything that might be break the
which also means why break the pattern break the pattern like. Oh my god, there's a lion there, yeah yeah, yeah whoa, you know or like. Oh there's, a car vary in here. So what's this? How does this play into retirement so he thought of it as it was not particularly environmental or visual like warehouses. If there was painting there was sculpture or architectural courses, there was filmmaking, there was animation, there was fatah, If you did all that, I don't think I didn't was photography, I did anime should I did feel many see. I did it and I actually got where I was really into paintings of sculptures than I did. I took this talked my way into this course that was way advanced for me, and I had to professors with six people, for six hours a week and there was only one other woman who really took it seriously. So really these two professors we're like our You know we were sort of apprentices. What with the course I it was, advanced design or something like that, and it was and then the the
older professor died and this younger professor sort of became my mentor. So I took independent studies with him into my thesis with him on what Actually it was. I did paintings I have? Can I did series of sculptures and paintings about cap that were like it spy by that simple yet and you they were your paintings. Yes, so and somehow or another, you managed to kind of pull together a fairly broad and active visual arts degree out of harvard, though I tried it, I you know to abide the animation teachers both won the oscars independently and so that you have to be in a rock band, not really but it'll add so I was by. I met Jonathan richman, but, like you it's such a diverse, like a diverse kind of void in brain filling experience for me, because you know, like you, were really into the best bands ever really a thank you. It's rare
somebody's in two of the best bands ever impactful bands. Different reasons I think, but like it seems that in the talking heads from getting all that That you put into your head must have played into it. Yes, because That was why that was the whole scene was sort of based in something you know defining what it- was at that time. Exactly in there was something in the Turkey has music where they had taken. You might say that you would have been painting which was at that time. Where were you would take up- you know something that was jarring and put a right next to something else that there was not a smooth transition. It was like really why oh yeah, you know a plaid with a weird stripe of the year it out, but it was purposeful too. You know shirt. impact, so you think of a song like artists. Only the parts
at are absolutely they seem to have no connection. I mean one of the things I did when I joined the talking heads. You know they were a trio before I joined the end. I helped kate I made some connections between the parts slow. That of of the it really songs that had been written or what to do. Let's, let's get to that, let's talk about Jonathan, okay, so Jonathan wandered into my apartment with a bunch of Andy warhol superstars really was he twelve now he was, I think, seventeen or something okay, and this is at harvard at harvard where we were living off campus here and were on putnam avenue. Ok in cambridge in cambridge, ok same place, a body used to come over play guitar cat and he comes italy's raving about the velvet underground and loaded had just come out and he's explaining. Why
that really only sweet chain and rock and roll were sung by Lou because he had left the band and then dug you'll writing all the rest of the songs, and it also like I talked to call you now in calibre. Agree deal characterize Jonathan, as this guy that was always hanging around cousin velvet underground. That's exactly right. I mean he had gone down to the I can live. Did I think, the albert hotel, or something like this when he's a teenager, yeah it's a be. I think he just called. I think he graduated from high school. Then okay immediately went and did that he'd come back and he we used to see him every once in a while. He would do these shows on cambridge common by himself or wearing a plastic motorcycle jacket and so he wonders of my apartment and I was making a film and I go, I used to be in my film because he's a contrast to the other people, I'm interviewing, he sees positively, but something that all these other people see something negative here, and so I,
listening to the I recorded him and I was listening. The music and ernie cups like this is really interesting. It's really not like anything else here, was coming over all the time because he was starved for, conversation. Jonathan Jonathan anyway cause he was living at home. Was he living in? Where is he from yeah? I think he was living in natick at home and he'd come in and so valleys it or turn you knew up. One should join the band. Who said Okay, so both of us dropped out of harvard second semester senior year to join, ban to join the modern lovers. Fortunately we would have a bad now. He had a sort of trio that was sort of it sort of choice membership membership David Robinson, was playing with it by this time here and Felice sometimes would play where so we joined the band and stuck in going to school. The next a semester we actually
wretched a house like us, someone's house that they lived in the summer yeah down on cohasset. So we can bake he's a kosovo. Is there and we can be. Back and forth to college it'd be actually for me. It was really good. I I ended up getting a summa, cum lauda, my thesis, because I had a year and a half to do. I know I I e d: you can, if you have the time. You know when you're not stressed out, you can like nail it that's right and and then the band was developing and then in the spring of nineteen, seventy two. So just after we finished that's one master was when lillian roxon wrote this article about us, and that was at the daily news. Then all these people started to come and see us yeah and, as before the record, before the record, but it was in, I think, the spring of seventy two that we went out and recorded the good that everyone knows now because it was a demo tape for warner brothers of re adam with that power
caso road, runner, road runner, I'm a guy. I use we roommates with just wrote a book on the song road runner really yeah he's it. U c Davis he's like cultural criticism with a book about roadrunner about where it came from and it's impact it's a very unique sort of he's, a very high level thinker, this guy Josh clover, I haven't quite tackled. The book yeah I gotta, go, get that the I'll show to you. I know it's. It's you'd dig it man cause he's sort of, contextualizing it. You know. We, but also in the impact? It had not only a music, but he talked about boston aloud. He talks about the geography of this of the album song right. You know, it's all very specific. I was into that record. Still I listen to
oddworld is I love old world and I love the straight. What would you want? Hippie Johnny gets right and you know hippie johnny, no but a used to be hippy ernie. It did at an early who was in the band said. Tarzan I changed in the name of real, so you did know johnny reserve, but he who it buddy, but as we did look more like a piece of ilo are equally base replay bad, but the written the song before he ever met early. So so Well, he when you guys, showed up how much how much songs were written, all of them most of the ones of the first. Songs that there were songs that developed as we as we were hurst and unique about working with him. Why was he liked? Because it there's an earnestness to it all and any sort of seeming simplicity, but what was it that makes him and that album so special to you. While I think that
to me the modern lovers in some ways are the beginning of what of the ethos it became punk music. Now I know AG disagrees with his cousin, the are often of that. Deny my are part of a part of that, but you sort of his the velvet underground than the stooges that the modern lovers rye patty, Psmith ride exploded. By might how, yeah well, I mean like they. Can everything can coexist right? I mean skip the stooges that where there is a lot, a menace and raw sexuality, where is Jonathan brought a lot of sort of sweetness? That's right to the whole thing, then patty, these paddy she still patty Jonathan, also Jonathan wanted. he knew that to get attention do the opposite of what everybody else is doing, and so one of the things that was why I realized it was why I finally realised I could be a professional musician because we
was ugly. There is no other pubic in the world that is like this and therefore it will have an impact, and I really have this theory that goes back to our home in a way right here. Debts and I also thought that you know the culture was really determined by the musicians more than anybody else. I've been, I felt that sort of dylan and the turtles were more important than John Kennedy. Assure you know, materially starting in the sixties were made even earlier, with Elvis invokes right here, and you know you know course lining up and get a record at a record. There was unveiling of this new thing, yeah, it's so different. Now to me, it's like music is the background of people's lives, yeah. I don't know what the hell is going on right now. say that I do either our thinking about you and about the records, because I was in two I like the at the casual gods record, I mean that man with a gun there's a few songs on there that I still listen to their still the mix
and I was just I was thinking about the heads and everything else in about was growing up because vikki and I graduated high school in eighty one yeah. I remember going to see, stop making sense when I was in your college, my second year college, when it was sort of coming outright and just the whole aesthetic of it was elevating elevating what it's going to become post, modern art I mean, and then, when David started, working with Robert Wilson and that whole world right of of music and art seemed to be all working together A part of it is that there was a recession in new york city, so there was cheap property and also the economics of unionized labor in the early 70s in the early seventies, and so there was a the reason that artist lofts opened up is all of this right industry and a lot of the
styles and the like that they got it got pushed to first of all, the north carolina, then overseas, and so you could, you could rent was cheap or you buy a a I thing that's right on on on second street. I know you for a nickel, I know. Well, I, of course I feel stupid about the the didn't but- and I have I actually beautiful laughed on prince street, eventually area. So well, with the modern lovers so like? How does that? How do you move so that record, hey mountain come out to win the seventy six, so we the we broke it up by then, as far as the far as the original, with Jonathan had moved into his we will say it is the delicate light state like hey there little inside the children's music ammo it'll aeroplanes. I add an end I am slightly like we would a quieter and early, and I try to be more adaptable, David threw up his hands and he moved back to Hell came out here then to l a weekend
walk out here- will be signed with warner brothers and tried to make an album. And Jonathan with job after the first one after well, that was a demo tape. So we thought we had ever thought we had made the real outright and then we it didn't work. K. L because he would say things like to Dorothy like Jonathan, when you play the soul? I want you to be really mean an jonathan when go but John I feel me. it was then somehow Kim fowley, who had always been sort of hovering around us, ended up trying to work. Hovering in an ominous way but David and jonathan kind of of like like to him a a good talker and who Kim we ended up working with. Actually, interestingly, we worked like phil spector worked and gold star, and one of the crickets was the least,
an engineer at stand who did all of but how we spend at all of his standard at all aspects record. For their engineer. The second there's only a couple sizes at one. The plea for tenderness came out of that session, where, where the tape runs out, the out as it finished and that came out at some point So how is cows name on that first record because he produced the majority of the songs as a demo tape for warner brothers? I did this thing that We were getting so many people wanted to sign us here that I We have the sort of idea that we we The money will be great and the seeming enthusiasm of one of the other day, or person here, but we kind of want to understand is the company enthusiast here, so I somehow convinced a and m and warner brothers too. Share the burden of flying us to the west coast to meet the everyone in the record company
so the each set up a demo session. While we were here and that's how that record, Kip first, that's why they and then they released they sold it to this guy man you can then here and we all got really screwed I mean made five thousand dollars that was all and that stop there. Was it that was it until years years later, where someone had bought it away from Kim and some one wanted. There were some reasons for like sanctuary to make a deal and wow, so he a little more money and it's like one of the most kind of mythic record. It's like guinea is a defining I mean I've to copies everyone. I found the original one of illegal migrants I mean even those used copies. It's not cheap, used up have a copy. Yes, oh good, so so John nothing wants to do his acoustic choice. music in a way or whatever that is, and so David
after he moved out and joined a band who was in l a the robinson for awhile, he ended up in the cars rates rise early move back to boston. then running, and I tried playing with Jonathan with this guy bob turner, who had been the drummer in my high school band we've gotten back from the marine, the marine and and then just finally, it was like jonathan- was just being ridiculous about how quiet it had to be and was finally like. This is there's no place for me in here. There's nothing for me to do and you are playing primarily what a boards at that time, although Was there an organ? What was there a wet? Your piano? I was electra pianola organ there and I then I, where I m, like a little weird, I had a couple, a little weird italian organs and then a little many compact, far fees on top of offender roads that I ran through a fuss tone. Oh yeah, and it Then I was like sort of kicking around cambridge. Try to figure out what I was going to do: yeah I'll you got your degree.
finish, guy got my second my degree while in the mayor lovers and then ass it right, and then went while is another interesting story. So the second year we were to cohabit and wheat talked our way into this, the oldest housing cohabited at ten bedroom smile on a leash it was insanely, beautiful, a tennis court and so early and I went down and we brought this friend of ours, his kind of preppy and we were like blazers and one hundred and seven to cut down, and we can do the boring work ethic. We might sell the sale, the roads town from ernie's place and made a splashy. We move in and miss christine of the g t o's at the franks ap. It comes out with the daughter of I think, It's the same walton who was my favorite martian, the actor? Yes, yes and Christie. overdoses and dies at the house at the house. You were there
I tried to revive her. I came and got me out of the shower and I come running a naked shot of enrichment yeah. He goes up still deserve what? I'll come running out. Can I you get her mouth open, cause rigor. Mortis has said it I ran across and found the found a doctor and well Then the rescue squad came and said, we're not supposed to tell you this, but she's been dead for hours oh man, that's heavy. It was headed to a degree. I think I created a pall over the the modern lovers from that point on things that one thousand nine hundred and seventy or after It is our duty to occur and nyq, how did anyone know her? We are at a party with Andy warhol at susan blondes apartments, his in blood, had gone to the museum school and then went on to new york and was in Andy warhol, ok movies here, and she was a publicist that of it the at epoch,
we want to have our own public relations. Everyone was kind of connected. So how do you get from there to the heads so well, there's a lot of us. We went out that the elderly and tried to do the sub. Are you in the whole band? We moved here, which was a bad idea, because we were really fish on a water here: do not fit in with at the time were everybody was going to the troubadour adrift dressed like a cowboy boots and like us, it's the only songwriter thing that yeah yeah and there was there- was king James taylor, yeah, all the austin yeah, and you know, checks of brown jackson brown right right when David Gifford, who wanted to win because he had introduced us to Jackson brown, who I'm still friends with that year. When were very cordial. Will we see here and what we do like we're. You know we were new york hubby. We were boss that we were his coast. It was just felt like we didn't have. Also. We never really got the bunny from warner brothers, so we were of
hungary and they lay, we would do things like go to the cafe figaro beata get pcb and then the Waitresses- would bring us like a pile of bread he yeah yeah. Neither were at like ninety cents or something like it's a weird liking, even with jackson, Browne, given whatever he was involved with here and at that time you know he in some weird fluke of a year ended. I'm writing that song that nico covered yeah right was it these days? Is that what it's called? I think so, and he also yes exactly, and he was her boyfriend to write for many for a minute yeah and he hung out with Lou. They went to see a murray. The K review, like I talked to Jackson and there's just these little pockets of people connecting before were you know the music business until found these weird camps in the in the seventies. Sadly, while as a union and piles of bread. It catches that's right, yeah and what happened he gets all the way. So we try to make a record, yet it just sort of disintegrates and then we'd go back and I get and then we David Lee we try to do this.
And a basic job is it's, not gonna work and then basically, I'd put all you know: savings into trying to keep the barn and lovers afloat at times as I was at a pretty bad final, she'll situation. I ended up then before we attaching teaching assistant with the sky tat. I was my mentor at how harvard yet at harvard for one semester, And then I got a job in a software development company that was her. We're actually could have become microsoft. I mean it was near tedious who do you know how to do that shit. I had taken a course in it, and I was I was It was a programmer, but I understand computer here and I I work. in trying to win more of their marketing I'll actually learn to write there, what they did technical writing right. The ban, the ll see more like the Wang, computers or equipment and so technical writers. When I, if I did more than a letter with something that was going to be, they would review it right.
And they taught me like a sort of when you take writing at harvard where they wanted to be fascinating or idiotic, certain structures either that we don't care if he repeated. We just want you to be clear: and they kind of taught me these techniques that I've tried to teach my children about. You know you can do it a lot with colons and lists and stuff like that, and suddenly it like it breaks down and people understand you're talking about yeah and if you try to write it and flowery prose where you connect it with these various shirt, fakes, sometimes what are the armenian? Are you read like older english than they are sentences this lawyer? And it kept me away the sentences as having a tighten it up. That's exactly right for short declared. He says, and so anywhere that crate and then ernie, and I, did an album and went on tour with elliott, murphy, Elliott. Murphy was signed up to polygram, I think
and there was a moment he was a big bonnet lovers fan and he there was a moment were, is elliot, murphy or bruce crazy in gotta, be the next dillon Oh really, I see, I don't even know who elliot murphy. Is he lives in france now and he still makes records in france I made this record night lights with him. I just don't even know why I don't know who he is. His first record was called awkward show: okay and I got to go figure find it yeah? so anyway, we made an album, and I had I decided I would apply to architecture school because I'm going everybody within My department, undergraduate department will forget who I am and if another year goes by so yeah, I need to apply my postponed that, and so I was, entering that when I met the talkie heads near just about to go to our architecture school right, I did one semester, I said, and they were very nice about this. They let me do once semester so that by pair Why you then go back so as tina,
In David, yes, and so then they call. We want you to come down and jail play a couple of and just chat here so I got ok, I'm kind of broke. I gotta figure out how to get there. So ernie was using the band van to move people as though family that was moving to new york, so I helped them to this, but what we got fanfare, There wasn't room for my keyboard, so I just took a guitar, so I walk in qatar. They like what we, though a keyboard player, that's what we're looking for it. I got it, wouldn't it the van I'm sorry, but I'm not play some music? Ok, it. It was like think that everybody else that when they tried out to be in the barrier was trying to show off their technique and what I did is I listen to watch what day
I had listened to Davis to elicit of a tina was doing and start by sort of duplicating one of the thinks it straight fill you pardon and kind of starting to then account, but a little off of that sort I feel, like their whole. Sound had changed. It felt like just was enhanced oh yeah and that's and then next time I came down. I did bring a keyboard here. We played two shows one said that one of the lower manhattan ocean club than a private party new jersey, which is that those pictures better on the name of this band is talking heads yeah, we're like this. We get some living room sure are from that kik, so the can gig I played with with turkey. Talking was like, a wedding or something now just some people have a His party wow, Were you playing all originals yeah really our way, though they we did a few things. I think sugar on tom. I don t remember tat
and I don't know what else we did. That would be a a cover, but beer basically originals did feel like like something was amazing. Again I felt This is different than anything else in this is going to create will recognize artistically. This is a great success here, no idea what it commercial success will be, but I would I want to be a part of him. Was that primarily because it like, when I mean, do you get along with David now cuz I interviewed him years ago and he's a interesting guy? And I don't know what chris and tina are like I just don't like it just seemed that everything was so different about what you guys were doing. They had. they were first will ever be. The ban is very smart and very end, uniquely town in their own way right and christmas and christmas eve one if they saw a drummer. Rio also has no.
Need or desire to play. Flashy yeah, I mean yeah as I did ever, plays prom roles. He as a errant like to get to do bank to be at a time to animal. Why I really don't know why, but the anyway, but he hasn't like a unmistakable groove fear. so a david has impeccable rhythm here, so it as you know, in the end, David delivery even drummer easier time feeling christmas and you playing of weight, primarily keywords. While I had learned to play guitar because when Jonathan started changes, qatar, style yeah, I suppose, play the parts like to someone I care about when we try and do this record year- he got out, or I don't want to do it right. I won't I,
Play those alert to play those parts. So actually he gave me my first qatar, happy ass, wonderful to l, a cash or near an. I taught me how to play guitar, so I could play all of as early my lover centre lover parts and he was now do a boar flourish. She did. He was hard to get it to flamenco, and only I have all these things that were sicily opposite of what he had been a year earlier riding. Do you think that was in the thing? There is an element of self sabotage to wear it's possible. I think that I think that I think, though there was attention in the modern lovers that work to our disadvantage, which is david wanted, wanted us to be a certain kind of perfection yeah which he every that those cars early sound way a day tried to get the bottom lovers to do right. I d of the eighth obeys parts of sound like yogi ami another hour, yea general, yet the arches inversion like that and whereas
out of them and I were more about where we would react to the way the sound of the room was in grey or, as I was really different, every time we play they would be different, sometimes really good. He sometimes we could hear each other very well. Tat was of terrible unita and We should have just made the record right away and then moved on right So there was a little bit of this sort of like, but we have to get these original things are. Everybody was interested in record, the idea right, so there was hey kiddo, you might say it was sort of like conservative them. First, like radicalism, sure running into each sure, but it was m attention in the end, jobs that just moved on so, but if we had made that wreck of euro uttered a look at, it worked out great, but we could at that record I don't know if it would have ever been the success that the become his imagined assure so they it's like it's almost like who now but the one thing that was left to fear. Those demo said you blow came into the record, but
times have changed so that those were perfect for the type the figures furthermore, the body lovers and had at that moment music to me You started to have all these things. Like and lincoln palmer. Yes, genesis all of these people who seemed like they had gone to the academy. And the soldiers became really grabbed the. As we were like no simple direct. short songs, and that's why I say that were very much like a sort of beginning if the punk inspiration for that like short and sweet and use whatever you have around, and you don't europe to be the best position, but if you find a way to express your and then like you after that, like white, whatever happened, the modern lovers in them, whatever happened, like you said he went from there to you, have to pay He to you know whatever was going on new york in the mid seventies, so because what what he care
punk at that time is not what punk is now growing. I talked to MIKE wide about at once. It was a sensibility that was not a sound in and of itself exactly so it seem like at that time in new york, there were so many different things going on that the talking heads in in sort of Tom Verlaine seemed to have this lane right and then there were some other. You know the the full spectrum of stuff. Obviously blondie was a totally separate one, the ones that were there. Oh right, the dolls were a little earlier. Vaginas were earlier that there's a famous show of the modern lovers opening for the new york dolls. Was in new year's eve. Ninety seventy two yet with if the burst art, so you I, which clash stood collapse. The odd six months later and if we were up- and we were up on the top floor of italy and Austria, story ability was on mercer street, the anne I'm going, my god. If there's a fire here. The first thing I did was like checked out the, the exit, in fact,
that it was sort of a mediocre series, but that her vinyl there was these area, where the buildings fall down here. That would have a sort of it. That was basically it looked like. It looked like a ban that looked like the new york dolls playing and really- I have captured exactly when we played there yeah. I can remember I talked about, it must mustering patty. So okay, so that was earlier, and we are friends with the dolls answer that when the and we were living here that it was a really they came out here and they were like the toast of those part of groupies rod, rodney's english disco era. We gotta go like you can still see him. He still sitting over canneries lazy, his tall lady, I still, but so way. You know what did you see? It feels like that. The groove that you guys, habited involved, like
We eradicate robert Wilson and and and Laurie Anderson at some point that there was definitely a kind of minimalist attention to to rhythm and poetry, that was very specific to you. Your new york thing. That's right, Arthur Russell that's exactly right. Yes, arthur ghetto, if we do a session one time with John hammond of the sire, you mean John hammond senior, guess out no kidding at columbia worth at columbia while and it was really a fish. Was it sort of an amazingly egos while gender I'm going to have to cut the session short? I just found out that my son has cut his finger off he's a carpenter up in massachusetts,
so we're going to I'm going to have to leave. But let's do a couple more takes before I go, oh god, not the guitar playing son who didn't have much of a relationship with Ezra the other one, the other one idea. I love the the guitar playing son- yes, oh my god, but okay. So what happens to what what begins the swell for the talking heads. I think we worked so hard. We, we really toured and we are the ramones and we were the boast ready to go wherever it was build our audience. I think blondie became hit through having you know, hiring producers like might chapman and then georgia, moreover, and of course the incredible because of daddy the christine took yes, and so they were a sort of. Finance hub illicit the pop phenomenon here television, I think
never had the sort of either desire or stamina. For wanting to go play. you are sorry to get into bigger places one place, but it when went to someplace in Europe you're still playing this teeny club. Rarely arguing that whereas we were willing to do that. and we like put the hours and- and we also we were A cost conscious of the need for a wild tina was the road manager than for many years. I was the road manager, a railway, and we had to crew and I wish at this was As of when we first began touring there was this guy carry scoville that are your garrick first had found, who had basically gotten a van his friend, had been shot by the inadequate state police said the van itself, the parents' garage for five years. Finally, goes over: what are you going to do with that van and he goes oh just take it away
so he was our mixer and our values yeah so we will go out and we have only. He said he data someone to help him and he had some one to do it, but I will go out and he was making like. But we with you and we're like will you want us to chicken sandwich or we'll get a grilled cheese. He'll go Allah have the prime rib. It is like because he was making so much money than any of the route really kind of ache, because it, but but gary curves keep clay is the best deal out of it also leave it alone, yeah and then and then we we moved up to having a crew of two, the one who mix the song and one it was on stage. I was the road manager. to tell the people always want to do the light. Was it now. Take all the gels off turn on white light. We walk at state fair tomorrow when we walk off stage sort of off. That's it
as that was intentional, don't don't fuck around with it yeah? Where did the idea and also one of the things that was great about? It, is therefore everybody could see everybody in the band all the time so to a degree, everyone started to have their own fan, that, where a little but interest What they were doing, whether they were a musician out too that only after all the sought, someone was cute, arrived thought. Data was give wrapper and it was it really worked, and then, of course, once we had the band that didn't really work as well. Although, on the we needed It started to be leading to be programmed a little more and then We got all the way to stop making sense where it was extremely korea. After sure and like when you did like talking heads, seventy seven, you guys had toured extensively throughout the world at annual just as tight as fuck, and we we began talking heads seventy seven that we went and we hadn't quite finished that we went off to europe open for the ramones okay, over Europe. How did that go? It was fantastic.
Here. I had not gone to europe or because I was at a bad here thinking I could get a headed like you can't leave it for a couple of months. That is like yeah, though I did enjoy the target until I was twenty eight. So I was like. Oh my god, we can get to the europe we are here and we went. all over the place I like down to penzance in england, where all these weird places at you rarely would go it onto with the romance reminds of six. Seventy seven mb seventy seven. So that was everything so that must have like, like the remote must it changed every one over there they did. In fact, there is a famous concert july. Fourth, seventy six where they open for the waving groupies at the round I was in london here and that was in many ways. A lot of the early punk bands in england were at that show its origin. The heart breakers make an impression there too, like johnny funders in those guys
yeah, but I think it was after he was after. There was a little bit after that think wow yeah. So that was it. The romans planted the seed. They did play odyssey when you guys open for them. That was a year that we were back with them a year later, okay and then so they were kind of huge they were. they were popular We we are we of the fair, but The people in europe were reading about us, and fans are so they were reading about the new york scene, so they were very open. Mind right on top it's an the remote the goal. Row yeah. We came back and tried to do with the united states, but the people were much hard. No, I'm into the aggressive decision wearing leather jackets of the ramones or I been to the target jim. Never the twain right here on this, because it's a good team spirit that team orientation tribal but so we but I was so we had a was- it was just a fantastic to the weather was beautiful and what we want
just ass- we came back and finish them back into the record. Add one day that happened out of it is that we were finishing every show. psycho killer yet, and there's a version of psycho killer that arthur russell playlist, cello right, tony Bonn Jovi the producer thought was what we should put on the record right. and I remember having this are- even though we have to recall that we have to do it like we're doing it on tour right. Otherwise we will want recognize it likely where, until now, we have to do an eye prevailed. Thank god, he asked why, because it is a totally kate, addresses and tone what was a softer. I was there. I was much work. It was delicate in trier. It I'm his on that stored and even but as its aggressive yeah, yeah, yeah and I became the head. A big hit. That puts you on the map that put us on the map and then take me to the river actually was a hit on am radio. Interestingly, with the He was an seventy seven. No reserves are on board, more jobs, more songs and that signs rubbing it right now,
green tune right, that's right. Yet they that was huge. It was really big at we, but we also. I've now played the dvd I gave you called take me to the river yeah I've. got to know. The Hodges brothers had teenie hodges wrote that song with AL green and they play it. It's all in the upbeat Try has places like all like yeah yeah did it act, on the down at last year, so very different feel between though, of course, euro and each one sort of a soul gas. to write Yours is a kind of like a march yeah, a rock interestingly Dave taught me the song and I learned, but I never went listened for more than a year until after we had recorded of two out of the original so. I wasn't influence, which was good, because it is one of the few songs that I sort of dominate because it's an oregon, so yeah yeah
yeah the queen, had a boss who had a clear, pure talking heads version. That's right! It's like dave! Okay, now I know the chord with Chris's, beaters and I'll be hearing hearing the timing and david yell go okay right. Well, let's dig that. So how does it so? How did bowie come into the picture? I napolitano You know so on this when we went to london with the book with the ramones, brought him to see us yeah And then we went over to his house and hung out, and we went to this book store compendium here. That was where I and he found this book that I've been looking for. It called inside scientology that william, or had reviewed around it was like, the disappeared of the united states. I went to all the bookstores. The united states had tried to write that there would not see them as I have to, or from burrows yeah, who is, I guess, strap awaiting the good parts of it in saying I guess not all bad well yeah, but also allow the bad play. I sure and
and so I found it at the end, so we hung out, I think David went over to. He knows I'm a little or- although I wasn't even aware of it at that time, but and then we said we'd like you to beg her decks record and they are you sure he was like. I love your first record. Are you sure? Why would you want to change yeah and we went well tony was great, but he sort of never really quite understood us, and I think you do yeah. Well, he was all like that. It's you, that's another one, those weird loop around. He knows why call sense of layers was kind of planted by the velvets right and then that that kind of thing I was it. It was evolving. His chops as well sir, collaborator. Ultimately right, that's right! You just devo wedding, produced interesting in and then do you know as we do to work. To be became more and more. He could be a little here.
involved at all in writing at all for bore songs about billy? food, but he became a little more involved as we went and, of course, motion ball in the composition process how remain in light, in was wise. I was because we had not we hadn't we wrote it in the studio, so he was there but fear music is like the record. For me, it's an I've, argued people who have argued with people about it, because we have here I remain, and why did? I might now fear well, I think those two definitely I I you I I go that is sort of like well remain, fair music is the sort of peak of the four p and then there's a whole new thing. And then remained light, is like an invention of a whole new thing that then all these bans or copying awesome all you always bands like police, stole our background singers and how we
precaution and adding this people weren't doing that until unless they were sort of a certain kind of iron be banned outright or yeah, yeah, yeah, and so anyway, so remaining like that, so the big shift was who sat down and made that decision we all did, I would say I think that will, making firm music. We had finished mixing it and we were leaving for disease in australia, and then we were going to fly and have a week off in europe at them play pink pop in in copenhagen? The house had a cop we were at the studio a bit I dont overrule. Are they were leaving the next day and I I said: can we that song ease emperor, although it although at that time it was a diesel bridge was that song number five was an instrumental beer all of us went of god's gotta, be the record
and we re going well as david- and I then flew back thirty hours from Perth to finish easing behind the day that it were, and Brian came up with the hugo ball on and we there stood the David, I mastered the went to the basque ring and then we flew overnight and played pink pop wow hell big that we all recognise that we all knew that easy embryo was where we wanted to go. Next. That's of the beginning of that being influenced by african music. For they we had all discover manner to ban go at fella, an irish others, but that what that it's more explicit in that song yeah and then it was just infused in the other songs and some and some of it not at all right because, like this the songs on there? I can't like Heaven like I can't that that song songs is. Is, is beautiful and hilarious to me and I don't need it is supposed
be funny, isn't it is, I think, so. Anti are certainly like provocative a tongue in cheek of shirt. Although I I did a version with my daughter that I sent to someone's memorial services for the way they played it in the church. Interesting and everyone just cause, she sang it, so beautifully people. why paying that much to existential in the renders they they heard the word and they're a great head over the hill. Okay. This is great beautiful Oh, so you do remain in right. Now you doing the thing with Adrian. So how does it work? What is it that you doing were there's a concert: rome, nineteen, eighty, that's on youtube, ok and every lives in nashville now and for recent. I had to go and ask for a number of tea. British now from here he's from sits analogy. I focus here and he we talk.
we'd sort of that show would come up and he goes. You know my fans, the office like they get in touch with they go like I do know what it is. that show makes me the happiest of any music. I know what was the show it was the remain in light. It: was a version of the rape, brain and light band playing in rome the whole now? Well, what we did on that tour. That David, Oh, you know by now know what they're back back then yet avers at the bed is nineteen. Eighty out right, isolated in the band, is full of fear or use a burning in the berlin right right, ok to let the whole I mean the four talking heads yeah right, and so we said why do we try and duplicate that here as is not the same as somebody it's a very different feel here as well, we did and I had produced this Ben turquoise, who we're very well schooled in turkey has busy and they had background singers. They had horns, they had. There are big bad here. So I said this is what
they wish to do because it was friend of of. Of adrian wanted to do it with certain players, like only I don't want sasha players, they get a band Also, they could all they're going to charge or we you know they don't know who do this bear knows who is compatible with her, have to share a room, all these sure So that's what we're doing with turquoise in the middle of it had broke up and so now we're doing it without a lead singer and the bass player visa, and we ve been. We're playing at the wiltern play at the hardly strictly, but it's. I a twenty twenty and then, of course, cowpoke yeah. I came so that's so the deal you're going to do what what's it, what is the setlist ah The songs that were done at a lover We're done in this show in nineteen eighty, Don't do all of the older talkie had size. I we don't do stay hungry to animals
What did we do? A king, crimson song, and we do from balloon period? Yes, and then we do I'm Agus fail us. I think rather gun gee. I can't remember how you pronounce it and then we do my song rev it up. Oh yeah, it's a good one, Today we are at it people of it. They do fun here you know it's hanging out when you do this kind of stuff. Do you talk to David about it? I didn't mean to. Was doing a show on broadway, as I excuse me- is it always like was during the show a bit like. Excuse me what I can't play the music too right right at what point I thought I should tell him about it and then I'd I dunno, I didn't get around to it, so I just stood. I just noticed something about the discography that and maybe I'm wrong, but it almost seems you know that with the heads reading of your few remaining light. It almost When you look at the rest of the record, it's almost like m did
poor jonathan a little bit, either in this sensitive like peters this becomes more quieter child like music, that's true it because he, while he had started thinking about doing true stories, the moon, yeah writing songs for two story. A little creatures are really the songs. He wrote that did fit true story. Ok, we were we recorded little creatures when mixing little crazy, ass. We went and were hers songs that were going to be a true story. if they were ready to record it and e who was mixing? The record would shift gears and we would record a song for truth. The basic tracks for true story there and then completed it later on when he was on further into the movie, so That's why the songs kind of turned that sort of americana
big idea, thinking about true stories, and when did you guys decide what was the process of self producing verses using Brian or anybody else? I think felt like we learned enough good. And we always hired engineers that were like Alex, bad kid who then went on to be a producer and we hired engineers that had ideas condemned by naked. You, you Steve lillywhite, which is kind of interesting. We decided then have the parts cuz it was a little bit of the tension in the band was apparent. Okay, but let's have it outside produce her. I baby. I don't want to be Was it apparent what was happening well, We work going a tour, we weren't touring anymore, more okay, get out christened. He had and I was finding a year or two off, but as I, why are we could ever tour again right now? down the Tom Tom come earlier. They had the term planning a great a couple I made. I did casual gods, they did the tom Tom club and David.
The catherine wheel after. have to remain in light and new place, that was another year later: okay, yeah okay, and bush my life in the bush of ghosts. That was the right before rebounded light, okay, and so That was one of the things that baby began. Let's save not feeling quite It is a bad david. And even though it just on my life for the bush air, and so they have this. You might say current communication here which would free of the rest of us. war department, right yeah, so there was The kind of collaboration wasn't exactly the same as it had been yeah right that cause. He was thinking indifferent.
When they were, they were influence each other, but the other. He wasn't thinking in terms of the band. He was also. They were thinking abstractly about what that's why they also why the music became, what we were into african music, secure it, the layers into and and christina and. I had the patience to just go to the studio every day, even if, on those days I did too much. we'll became back to new york. We work, we cut all the basic tracks in three weeks of the bahamas. Ac DC, with the other room? Doing the black back and black you out, for which one naked for which, which for a remaining lotto, really ed, so we're both great record we're I don't. I think we did the in all of the back. We did all of them the trial Erin line three weeks and they did one guitar solo, one vocal for the same amount of time,
and then like chris, and I are going like to go, snorkeling and legal. You guys, you guys, go and go. No, there if it was australia, sharks don't want to go in the water, I would have loved it. If the talking heads went snorkeling, the Dnc that would be great yeah, be great, and so anyway, so we Unfortunately, I think we took a break and we lost her momentum. So when we got back to the york air, I had done all of this negotiating to get us was great rate at at her. Sound, which is where they meant I had worked on at tat. She was on an infidel fear, cause, buster jones, that I had become good friends and I went I worked with him on a record that I produced Firstly, I will produce was a single, but for donor hendricks. Yet, and I went to signal in philadelphia and I really liked the professionalism that was their meal and it was. Some of the new york city, as it was sort of you'd come in there and like
the tape opera, systematically that would go soldier. At your last week I was like yeah yeah we're here this year. I don't want to hear about the more famous people that you used to hang out like. I don't wanna feel like a second class citizen, yeah right and but I really liked about signals that they have this thing: that if there was he's always breakdown and they would always go there's a half hour problem coming color allowed back or they go like would you go have lunch here or there is a serious problem come back to our right, but there never were others duty as you to say there is already re ready and you were like really dissipating your energy very good about telling the truth telling the truth. Maybe maybe adding a little extra time, so they make sure they would get it right. Right, sir, when burn out for an, was really affect every week. We basically we worked there. I think
we went to that. We didn't do speakin in tongues there, but then we went back there again By the time you guys did naked, you need it. He needed a buffer or we just thought it might be a good idea, okay and I was the last record. It was, and. David actually had some songs, pre written for us, and we kind of I think the chris at two today we didn't under stand the songs as well, because he told us that later that they had became what he used an rei, momo, but they shouldn't sound like that when I heard them arguing or went on one of his solo record yeah, the one where he has the brazilian, oh yeah, you add, so we can is that like well? Why do we do a little bit closer what we did on light and begin in tongues where we compose music as a group. Only at more and then we sit subside like would be fun to go to paris and that wally badarou, who is who
lived in the bahamas above cup as point, and we ve got to know that he, organized a whole bunch of african musicians to come and jam with us at different times. Oh wow, that's great! It was great here. David. I don't think as the fondest memories of it, but I thought it was just wonderful yeah I mean. I also think it's a terrific record. I think it's. I don't think it gets enough credit. I I basically great. I also think the second side is my favorite. I think really. I liked it product circus. I think it's just an incredible song. I got it I'm going to have to whip it out murray, listen this. Quite this either way I mean the bulk of work that he did with them, and so, oh and a modern lovers in also all the producing and everything I mean, had a pretty amazing career, I think so now tell me what this stuff is you doing with the world. Jonathan this idea, better, not say insulting things about. I love Jonathan richman people ice. Ask me why
Can you interview him? Might I don't think so? I don't think he'll do it. I don't know what that does well. If you want interview b I'll put it up telling me to do it. Okay, Is he a rat? Where is he chicot? I do okay, people it does. He talked to anybody here I have become really good friends. Ok, so woody out our. So what happened is yet light in the attic wanted to put out the the bottom lovers record, the original modern love his ragged again. Put out every cut, every version Why we cut well call me up and he goes jerry. for this, I think we should do it and he goes I didn't realize, maybe, singing, but like practically on the ones where I didn't do. A vocal here You and I were playing off each other
and I would really I was it's really great. I really like the interplay is really great. Yeah, I'm going to be baking a record. Do you want to come on play on a couple of, like, oh sure, yeah, so went really well and you know the other people that were plunged was at this is sa. Okay and he will want to come back and I and the people he was working with his quick cut us a great cherry. you make suggestions of Jonathan actually lists Why would we do they eat? Does it into a lot of people and the studio was less than ideal, and so we have, We also brought fixes vega. Why do we have this engineer? Who, at the is the perfect mixer for this year, so come over to my house? It will mixed self. Ok. did that he got to love this guy, and then we cut another We re cup old world by the way and as a the best and then we how'd you do it. It is different we different its court much more stripped down.
and about she, cracked. Now we didn't do that. I do that. I performed that myself, you do all the time. Do you know who that about? No, I don't cause? There's a couple songs on that record, where it's he's clearly talking about a certain woman that's right, but he always was talking about how he wasn't into the period of the modern lovers like when girls were wearing hot pants to a hospital? How great is africans? I know it's amazing. It's amazing she'll saying we. Where we came down, but we were but a this management verb shift who log into Messina touch of I ve been the doors, agents and vigour. We will bring about on this concert here and in san bernardino, a opening for tower of power and Lee michaels. So god stage
It always was going rocker, all the iraq and rule. We gotta do like the hospital here and it's like you like they stop is being thrown. It starts with new. Doesn't it hospital here when you get out of the hospital, let me back into you: will you let me back into your life? That is it. It is it's it's a fantastic song. Lee michaels I'd be like talk about a miscarriage asked whether having so much were bands they just like they just stick bans on these know huge bill, while living at one of the things we do with elliot worthy as we open for or na which was like it was like it was so bizarre. It's like Jonathan must have got a kick out of that, though not with John with elliott murphy, but so back about better fad gels. You know the opening act, it's rough there like. Who can we get cheap? Who needs to work right? I too, Okay, so you're working with Jonathan, so it so we
their record, and then we mixed it at my house, any a couple, more songs and then we're going to do another one, and then it was like when the co with a head, and so we did it. I think this here yeah I think you gave me yeah, I Is it either this your last year, but wheat and is? I've is playing the indian instrument, the timber, so his job, is be playing a lot of harmonium baja and a mellotron Okay and john I'm playing and tommy playing guitar. cargan tarja like flamingos near the bed. He likes to do here and we recorded it all at once, and he singing in our living room- and it was like, is just cut, live and it's amazing anything yeah, oh man and gas and and the and the it like. I said both his arms. They just don't sound like anything. What's going on in music right now, so that's what it's just so wonderful, I'm so curious! Now it's great
your back together. I know it's great we're really good friends who do call me up and start talking about cause. I started architecture too. He's become a mason, a bricklayer yeah, and so he like baked I went and various that really is an though he had always really into like. You got your architecture gird degree. Now I didn't, but, as you know, he had done, I honour is interested in studies, and so he he's going You know I'm really into the old old border, like the the romans used lime. You know. I think that is important. I met a stronger but there's like weaknesses that dries out and like the robins, do a different mixture. If it's in the sun or if it's in the shade so The wall is going to be. You use a different mortar and euro there's a lot of people that, like maybe our basic and their hobby, is doing music. I'm in view
of official professional musician and he does contract work for people in and she cobia that's where I am. I doing Well, interest I mean I have companies, I've started and other interesting things. I'd do oh yeah you wanna talk about like what or I will have a company that ended up. I just came from venom, weak venom week is where I gave the keynote address. What's venom week, all things about toxins and poisons what this company you talk about those we're talking about it. Ok, I had this party where I that is a real scientist that I hadn't started. Hiking her one of them- and I, as I said cutters last part people in this- that I am sort of into the startup scene in terms of clinical anyone. Any great ideas in this kind of timidly goes. I do here,
the about how people don't have to die from neurotoxic site. A cobra corals layers of they should explain to be like that. Come at me like, mosquitoes kill the most people really. and kill the next most people here sakes. Her decks really In twenty five thousand people a year die of said plates real half a million at least that half a million meanings, that's crazy yeah. It has been in the tree and which aunt Evanna was invite vented the eighteen eighties, and there really haven't been that many improvements since that, so we ve come up a small molecule that it that attacks a particular toxin. That is one of the most noxious in the in the sort of every every venom is like ups or recital of actual of these talks here and
the problem with Andy venom and in that it has really come from the exact species? Otherwise it is not very effective. Sack of vat in and is also very expensive. It states. If you get bit by a snake, the farmer called pharmacological cause could be sixty to one hundred thousand dollars here. So we have, this thing is going to be. We believe it will be a a something you could have in your pocket and you could eat it when if you got bit by a snake- and it will definitely help you get to the hospital and in some cases it would be. Ok, it's with certain sakes might be all you need wow no kidding. We started this company a decade ago. I thought it was going to be something like I'll just introduce this to a friend of mine who works at the cape haitian, I'll take it from there? But now it's been. I didn't
we have to start accompanied, as we can't really thought like gates were gathered around two. I gave a very the needs. It and malaria worldly other always malaria gap, but he went there. What is its own infectious diseases on our we'll smells like ok, so we ve been working on this improved yet and where are you clinical trials in india and in the united states as crazy now are you a serving of toxins, start thing about burrows again cause. He was all fascinated with all those toxins, all kinds of bugs bites snakes at a so the The other thing is we, I get possibly as a treatment for what people die from covered from acute respiratory distress syndrome, a because it's its it's a immune, suppressant, aha same way, the steroids are aha, but it also protects the surfactants of the lungs, as for surfactants of the lungs are sort of the Yes, you because you breathe all cells are moving next week, yeah yeah
and the what they call the site. A kind storm attacks that here and it's it's at its all. Let's called s play, so we are necessarily to inhibitor so we're in the clinical trial. For that, wow man, second life. Third wife, another thing, another thing, or you know I you know I've done a lot of. I owe us also like on the board of directors. Will microprocessor company there friend of mine for long At the time he started garage band dot com, which was the you know that that the thing an apple but I think that was a sort of crowd the music find developing stars. I went to relieve the nineties. We saw that now it cut fell apart and then it became I like cause, I remained on it and then it got sold eventually the myspace I've been unfortunate. Apple under buy it for a lot of money here and the venture capitalists who had invested? I wanted a to make much more money. They thought we were
had gone for my three billion to thirty million users me months there, so they held what the hell now disappeared on Steve jobs is like I'm like you know. That was a one time offer get outta here a will or myself. While so you can. Ukip really keep really busy. is music still the most rewarding, though ultimately, what kind of women I got. I think that I I got to thinking about other things and finding a month Think about science. If I thought we really like you, the fact that this is really stretching by mind an end to it, angry because I started garageband dot com and I went a couple of. I did a couple of albums that ever came out of here that my trajectory as a producer to be at the entity I didn't wasn't getting the bands that would get the support for the record rioting. He added the VON bandies legate. I got support recently. Did the butcher rats, who I think are really fantastic, but
you ve starting afresh as they have you, beggar rigour, but nobody's gonna hear it is contrary to redress nuts are rewarded, clear, and so these companies can long. This is really fascinating. Sure, like really inspired me yeah, but a few years ago, I, like I'm, really missing, play music really listening, and that's why tour with Adrian. I know quite I'm assuming its gravy now jerry. It's all you know what I mean you can have fun. I don't know I think I get up and whether I was giving the speeches and we re play the concert. I still get nervous and it's like I got it. I got it. I gotta performed a day. I believe- you just talking to you every time, I've to talk somebody or do stand up or whatever it's good, that you know me too fearless then you- and it's like my. I am. I challenge you myself am I in this. You know I sweep during this, or am I engaged groin great you great to talk to you
jerry Harrison's. How sweet is that He gave me the record for john richmond record the odd one, and it's like it's. It's great you you're you give, I dont know what to make of it afterwards it again, but I was very happy to talk to jerry. again he's doing the remaining light tour with adrian belew on September tonight, at the Wiltern here in los angeles tickets, are on sale now, I'm going just hang out for one. Second, please thank you oh montreal this weekend I'll be hanging around I'm going to do the golf Are the gala and there. My gala, my gala is, a pretty good there's a lot of good people on it. Incidentally, hold on I'll? Tell you exactly who's on it. Rosebud bay who's been on the show, Zainab Johnson, who will be on the show on thursday, big jay. Okay?
and he's been on the show. Gina is sheer, who I don't know the scar brothers. Of course we have known since were children right Nicholson. I don't know, rob devonick nope. Eman EL husseini, or find out who say nee, I don't know, but it's good, I believe it's probably still tickets for it. It's on what day is it it's fun July, 30th, saturday. I think I've got a set in my mind for what I'm going to do. four galah. And yeah and the other one that the the solo show Friday July, twenty eighth and and saturday July, twenty ninth at dia, sao claude LA de a which is part of the ah plus a des arts. Is that right? hello, MR price out, but go to ha ha com or wtf dot com to tour, it's weird
there's something triggering about going to montreal. I just I. For years, I felt sidelined by the entire business, and now I'm comfortable over here on the side. It's weird is not bad over here on the side. I think I prefer it actually, It's was pressure here on the side. In august I'll be in columbus, ohio, the southern theatre on august, fourth, indianapolis indiana, I'm at the old national centre on august fifth louisville, turkey at the bomb hard theater august. Sixth, I will try not to buy, are the bomb hard. Then I'm back at die typewriter in la august, 14th lincoln nebraska. At the rococo theater on 18th des moines iowa at the hoyt in place on August nineteen than iowa city. I were at the ngo, theodore on august twentieth. All those at a town shows I will be joined by laura bites.
Very funny, laura bites and in september, I'm in tucson arizona, phoenix, arizona the colorado in toronto, ontario, canada, Tell her. I'm in london, england, in dublin, heroin go to w t, have pod dot com, slash tour for all tour dates and ticket info. They now Johnson will be her thursday enjoyed. Dare talking to her very much. I like her I andor yeah, here's some guitar that Give me a long time to record over over and over again I still didn't quite get it right. So, what's new, so what fucking new.
boomer lives, monkey and the fonda cat angels everywhere, where sweating and fucking sweating
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