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Episode 1364 - Sharon Van Etten

2022-09-08 | 🔗
Singer-songwriter Sharon Van Etten creates personal, deeply felt songs that also provide her with relief. Sharon talks with Marc about her stream of consciousness writing style and how it helps her process the difficult parts of her life. They also get into how Sharon’s new album emerged from pandemic isolation, how hard it was to tour in the Era of Covid, how her friendship with collaborator Angel Olsen got started, and why she continues to study psychology in the pursuit of a degree. 

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Sharon Van at is here she's a singer songwriter many of you know her. She released her breakthrough album epic. Over a decade ago, she's got six studio, albums total, including tramp are we their remind me to morrow and her latest? We ve been going about this all wrong. Great album she's, also acting a bit including roles in David, lynching, twin peaks, the return which I talk. we're about and not at all, acting talk on this one. just away, went. But it was great meeting her. We ve been trying to get this to happen for awhile she's alive that far from me, she's a lovely guest for many reasons outside of her talents and pleasant was to hang out She brought me gifts. She brought me. Nice bag of fresh coffee from a mr near her over her neighbor it and
a nice to go cup thing for my car or whatever I want to take it that keeps it hot that does that's not nuthin. it is not nothing showing up with presence. So it was. doctor and you'll hear that shortly so I'm on reservation dogs. They dropped yesterday, watch out, I just watched it. I think I did a pretty good job. I think it was pretty funny. I think I was pretty me. I was Harry. I was how will bid crankiness to me I think I had a couple of funny moments. The shows I, as you know, I love the show. but I'm on there and it was one of the great great fun acting experience if I d most fun, I had acting ever disregard it out. making some funds being this guy, I didn't think I could be the guy, but it turns out. I was the guy, it was good, go watch it. What else can I tell you out of your hearing me complain about. complain, but my fear,
of fascism, and drought. Neither it seems that they can be solved or stopped, but I don't think I'm crazy about either but the drop thing, because I talk to people here, I mean I look. We all cherry pick the news we see where we are compartmentalizing or or eyes stories we read, but I don't think I'm freaking out unnecessarily about the water situation, like I'm literally in a panic almost every day about when, when do I need to get out of here, I mean it's not so much about getting my money back on my house. It's just. about getting out before the fuckin water panic and look not for nothing liquid death has been sending me like two cases every two weeks. I don't know why I add that do not sponsor anymore, but they just
send him and I'm not going to stop it. Does stockpile now, plenty of water for almost everything I need for at least a week carbonated water? If I want to try bathing in that or showering or whatever russian chief with carbonated. What I can do that, because of it, that this is in a plug is a reality. My thing is really is that there are going to tell us. That's that's my fear. It's like I told brendan my producer that wording be out of water by the middle of summer and he's like really, you think the the biggest, though are economy in the the united states. Just just gonna run out of water, the in two months, unlike the kinda, and Ok, maybe I'm off by a month or two, but it's happening, but don't think they're gonna tell us when it's actually happened. I mean you
the state of California is just going to be like yeah everybody. You might want to think about packing up got about two months yet about six months. I'd get out of this eight oliver stores everything We were the issue live here: people that Donnie water, whoever those people we reptiles can remain, but that's my concern is who's. Gonna tell us that the jig is up. Can I say that? swaying in a bad way. Who's going to tell us said game over We're just gonna get like an alert like I, just guy like you get those amber. To get whether aware to get missing elders two pissing senior citizens doesn't work on your phone like what's happening. What sound coming out of my phone just get me one day. It's just going to say water, gone good luck, gavin. In new zealand have
great time, gavin hashtag winning Get out now, traffic terrible can see it from my helicopter Gavin. That's what That's for that day you can rely, be like that's the day before everything really goes to fuck it now, One other thing: impersonal news here: charlie beans, roscoe the cat that I found, under my still stairwell out back He was about two weeks old and abandoned by his mother or in the process of being moved or whatever. I grabbed them and the rest That family is gone, could not find them she took I dunno. What happened to them can't be good. But charlie moved in a couple of go and sure enough. within two days of living here S, the diarrhoea any threw up, and I took him to the vat and
I spent by six hundred hours for x rays and medicines and parasite medicines in this and that and I got him harmonies acting pretty chipper. That sort of the bat and for me how disk but of We are also there's like we're not sure about this. Actually he's young it's hard to get definition, maybe there's a its hike in never like why. I just he's: ok, I didn't. I just got to write this out, though it some. It's almost like a welcome the new cat. Here you go that veterinary panic I'll keep you breast of this situation. We don't know if there's blockage by tat, I freaked out entirely because that's what I do just the it's amazing the zone you get into that sort of Cortisol groove of just getting a cat to the vat cats, a kitten, there's no problem driving never saw the fear panic and why my cat and what the those happening, what you
its relatively inconclusive, you just have to wait. I guess it's the same with people, but I he's a good guy and I assume it If he lives buster and samuel turns beating the shit out of him until he understands whose boss and that's also not not unlike taking a cat. That office seeing that can get beat up in His joy and kidneys diskette pushed around by a boy of old guys. so he knows his place and behave, properly really to them, heartbreaking. and then they just turn into fat. All cats. Building an online presence can feel daunting from creating a website to managing sales and engaging with an audience it's a lot. The first step is,
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Are you t F so Sure and Van patten is great. I love em like this nuala. and the new record is called, we ve been going about this all wrong. it's available now wherever You get music in this is me talking to her In the day when I'm listening to your stuff, then I'm working who's on the albums and stuff. I realize like fuck, I'm old, you know I'm old, I'm missing an entire generation of people, but I have the records I just I don't always lock in yeah I mean I'm alert, I'm still learning I feel like coming You know being new to our asia. All I feel like we moved here in september of ninety from where from new york here and so
It's like a whole new scene out here. Oh really, I kind of still feel like I'm the new kid, even though I'm in my forties, it's a funny place to be who is in the scene in new york. I always hanging around well when I started. It was like tv on the radio had just got in there or their big deal here, and I m so that was those who had introduced to it. Yeah, but then it is I'm grizzly bear was around anna back in the day he was like two thousand, what lighted for whoa yeah yeah yeah, hey greasy hair, I kind of remember them yeah. I dunno. I think I miss them too yeah. I think they're cheating on the radio they got through yeah, yeah and they've said cynics out here now doing a lot of cool production stuff, the guy from tv on the radio, oh yeah, alright, one of them one sunday has a like he's in it. He's done some acting now and has a solo record. I think either to come out or just came out, but
I'm looking to your records- and I see that woman meg bared, oh I know her she's I've already full gray eyes she's, when at last she isn't like old school philly circle. For me, like my first cup, records where I was at her on sing on the harmony, a lot of them she did on and on. Pack. She rang like a lot of psychedelic I have through one of those space echoes, oh really, yeah. She went to town yeah. We stayed up late the night before I listening to lash and that'll. Do it, I guess yeah epic. Second, the second record yeah So, let's see you come for where charity your journey. person he? I will birds, full jersey, airborne thereof, young genetically jersey. I think I'm close to you yeah like my mother's from in lakes, oh sure, yeah contemplates contemplate of employee. I worked at
my early twenties we're back home with my parents. I worked at us and most shelter near where was it an orange and night east or india while ponting, I just remember, will brook mall. Oh shit the big ma, yeah paramus park more, where was I morris county out into account here now, is alex await these organisms. Have where there's a? I heard the sure I heard the jersey, in the sure sure the shore, your ear, you're sure the word I heard jars yeah, why you not always had been each that, like my dad, is born and raised here, is still jersey. Never never will we know you never leave em you know, I didn't know like the sure that everyone talks about the jersey shore, like there's some shores? We to go my. I have family down the shore but ideal deal beach steel, ideal enables like it that back in the day, my purse-
just now, but a but now it used to be like where the big mobsters, these tat, big houses on the beach, is out of weird big beaches down their houses. Just down there actually to visit the it's in mom of county. I share my have family, unlike asbury Brianna right. It's right here, right near there, my grandparents lived inasmuch as a parent who I love it. L of that area. It's it's got like I drove through for the first time my grandparents too, towards the end of it, we ve one high rise building. There was for old people, it's sort of at the end of the boardwalk. Ok, but now they re did the whole place. Heavy performed I count basis before yeah. I was just there I'll call you, yeah. I know I've been there. I remember in the nineties. There is the show called the christmas charity love azure and it was like the whirling dervishes Evan dando, the murmurs and friend hey dando it is my first crash
It has oh yeah what happened to Evan dando. I think that's a great story for some reason he's not doing while it doesn't seem. Do you see him around? I mean just you know I twitter and now he is that people right when their spiralling are real me, you know it's a business here the business yeah you gotta document everything. Apparently why? Well I mean. No, I mean art. The nature of our business is, there's going to be spirals rights and there's going to be like there's a whole generation of people. You like what happened to that guy and it wasn't that long ago, and never a great story, but they keep pushing along somehow yeah. I dunno what's going to happen to that guy, but I get I get messages from people I'm like. Oh, I was just thinking about a guy yesterday, like I better text that guy cause I haven't heard from him. Yeah I'm rooting for you. You know what I mean you can do it. I want you to do well. Why think that
You come up in seeing like I think that time of the lemon heads in that whole world, like I was in Boston. I can t you know in the eighties I think when you have a scene and then whoever comes out at seeing and becomes a big star. They kind of gifts abolition and everyone else is kind of fighting it out. And then, when you really kind of like really are no longer part of anything anymore. I think it's a very it's it's kind of hard on the ego, and you don't really know where to go and if you have substance in our all of these issues, its compounded. Yes, I think about you know I came into music at a time were icon amidst the high you're, getting a good piebald rock europe of the original kind of post, punk, seen won't even just like the days of leg, get
sign and what that me right or in any I support behind it in this other pre and way yeah, but right right now in an hour, guys, would find you and make you yeah need fly all over the world. I or I m you get two million dollars of monthly of millions of dollars to do a record for a year, yet doesn't really exist anywhere, but I'm glad in a way that I didn't start up here now. I think a lot of kids that are being found through talk and other ways and these there they set the. Are so high, but it's like how do you sustained something if it starts all the way up. Here feel for it. I don't know, but I don't even know how many people of a generation, dig in the same way that he did idea like even give a shit necessarily about the history or what we come from your musically. I think a lot of younger p learn a trick and they do it and they know it and other talent goes into this moment and the
just sort of right for as long as possible, whereas I think It seems like you, I think, there was a time or people really paid their duties and figured out who they were, and I not enough happens anymore. Doesn't it am? I am my being old man again, I mean, I think. I think there are still kids, that, their main thing is they want a tour which play the rockies. It leg, it makes me blast swedish thing in the world realise that, that's all you know if I thought we're thought I wouldn't have a career and, ah I disliked playing an area has had a job, the euro and I use book. My own shows through book your own fucking life. I don't know if you've ever heard of it's called view. I o f l dot org, like mapquest era, where, like people would post their houses or d. I spaces indeed read them directly, but they would say like which john or as they preferred our electricity. Like our drive,
Our country by myself and my car and dislikes throw a guitar turn the back and maybe have a body, so I wasn't alone but like just driven across and in the end that would serve the gig to yes, sort of like what used to happen in punk rock with genes. with that network of people who were when punk rock was barely known, come over here, and they just be the fans who would take care of everything exactly right I didn't realize they had a website at some point in time. Yeah. I think it's defunct now, but I I remember very clearly being a solo folk, folk artist, opening up for like this. I'll show like wester. You know who I remember was theirs. comedy showed a place called margarita in worcester. Mr was heavy man, yeah but ok so When you were grown up in new jersey, huge family, I'm one of five middle, and had all middle of the metal
so. Yeah there's two on either side you. He asked them. As an older brother, elder sister me little sister little brother, how you I'll tears apart and work What's your folks, do my mom most stayed at home until I was six grid and going to night school and by the time I was in six grid. She got her masters and teaching montclair states, montclair and I'll do little word history. So she went from being a history teacher to the head of the departments really the
after five kids, she went wow that ass and that they're not married to their. They still are while shocking made it through. I do not think they would make it through they still like each other. They do. I think, but you know like I'll call him to check in they'll, be in like they have a house in maine or my sister lives and has a farm, and she has three kids so that they like to help out their newly retired. Is that the? How many do all your sibs have? Kids? No one does not, but he has a beautiful ST bernese mountain dog, okay, grandparents gravitate to the kids, yes it shows they chose their child. Did it We have one. Yes, there are ethical duty. I don't know they. Could you see your birds moving out to island park? That would be a good show if I know my enemies, it's like to travel there. I think you know they come out. They have you
yeah I'll, give ice. Five. I've just started kinda guy and wow yeah take time has gone, is enjoying the the parenting process, its Don't feel qualified yeah desire, buddy, I mean one. Yet I mean you're doing it. You're you're to all the wiring has been laid. The eight five yeah I mean we're totally screwed he's a really great kid he's a skater drummer and he play every sort already an arm you know he's travelled of me a little bird. He loves. He loves the bus he's in love with my drummer jorge and for having given lessons during the pandemic and really here, and he just you I was traveling in hue and school now he's kind of bummed out cause he's realising that it's gonna be all the time our yeah resume. Where is he s national further? We then I can very well. You know this is your life for a long time now so
when you started playing you referred You do serious hours of our position at the beginning. In a way I mean you know that the union should I have a girl in a guitar he now that was you. That was me, but I pretty hard. Now like I was a banker, but I could have. I had arranged, sir. I feel I peopled and understand what I who made you think you could do that What were you listening to that? You said like be that I mean, maybe musical tastes like all over the place, but I you know I was just to be guitar person. I mean I guess, attended towards guitar after piano, because it was easier to dry. well, we'd have a lot of the gear. I liked a lot of music. I was, or my dad had, all his rock records growing up and like an old man rock like well, some of it
but he liked neil young and the beatles and the kinks jethro tall, oh yeah, sure Jeff for sitting on a park bench, don't even get me started. The sunday drive is tailored to the hiking trail on sundays, yeah he he would. My mom's still asked him that the music down jeopardy I've tried to you know: gonna go back years, aids, before me. I grew up in a weird zone where I was in high school, woah in the late seventies so was just still the crashing wave of whatever happened earlier on, and then there was disco new wave and punctured unfiltered him, but I got all that you know what I mean. I was in highschool when the I think went into the outdoor zeppelins like the last record came out and we were all pretty excited, but Jeff I've tried to go back to recently, but not easy
it's not easy. It's not easy. Listening to a couple of pretty songs, there's like skating on the ice of a new day, it's like the the but the the the standing on one foot flip thing is for real. It is the have your ears food. I seen him in concert in Anderson is my wouldn't lie dad's favorite former even gone with your dad come with me. I see Jeff fertile there. It there's a beautiful theatre in jersey city, actually that we went to corruption of it, but we saw Martin bari, the guitar player a rule. His solo show their digital player. after town he was kind of like a guy like he could do. He was an odd player yeah and he could really play you'd really have to hang with Ian anderson if you're going to be on board for the full jt you know
like. So that was really how I got my start was jethro tull fan. There's some focus in there there's definitely some weird renaissance. He kind of something yeah, but my mom like she, you know she likely send a williams which you know was cool part will surely render do and king maria, My parents had tapestry, oh yeah, yeah forever yeah. It was like the record we're just always present. I have it. I haven't done of course so good. So when do you like two on the road with your guitar heraldry, what it did you go to college and so and I the late bloomer to pushing myself. Like, as a musician after high school, I moved to tennessee for were you in high school, you like this. A girl with a guitar I was actually really I was quiet but guph I was more like I was in
he's a calls heard. I was sporty added track. Oh yeah and I wrote songs, but they were my friend Dana and I would sit on the main sri included under and right sought, like silly songs about leg the gangster on the corner with their pants blowing in the wind like shane was really big when I was in high school and they're from the area like from the pennsylvania side, because you know when I I didn't know them personally, but I was fan, you are yeah you liked the ween universe, that we wait, which ones have that and just all of it is a universe. We can't I dunno that record and you can't categorize when they are in and of themselves absolutely but yeah the the country record was big yeah, you know the separate than it was. We bitch on that one. I those that I didn't go deep into the wind. I just touched surface sites mood, oriented theater. I interviewed one of em jean, I think
Jeanne wayne is out here unaware I think so, which was not the guitar the other one dean. What did I mean energy? Which one should I get it? I thought I had to take the opportunity, although I think it was, I think, let's see Are you so good, a new hope pennsylvania, which was the next like the jew the guy interview, jean ok, jean we deem wins a guitar, we're, ok, jean lindsey play guitar pvc other he's out here he does I e he was he does workin showbiz. Ok here, please hope was where they were from and that there is a coffee shop. I used to go to their heads and pennsylvania in pennsylvania, but just like the next town over, if you're goin straight down. Seventy eight year through jersey. Here it's like the next time. Ok, on the pennsylvania side, I would counsel vainer yeah. I was just in pittsburgh. I actually was one those moments from my colleagues here he I could do. We'll spots, pitchforks, cool, yeah, I'd so after high school
go to nashville? I was murfreesboro murphy murphy, for the borough. Yes, they cholera here. and they all over the world data recording programme there, and my parents were always like the backup plan. You know you can't pursue music. I thought at the time I wanted to be on broadway habitable musicals. Already ugh, I knew I could saying here, but I have my writing- wasn't good an road. So I thought like if I'm into music? Why not go to school for music and figure out a way to learn how to record myself or other people here by I, I had the solution that going to college for something specifically, I would get past the general requirements stuff and I start school and then I had to take me.
at an english all over again, and I've done that yeah. I wasn't very inspired by it. You know I'm like I finally got through this. I did well in school as a b student. You know I have to do it all over again and I I stopped after a year and then what happened. I fell in love with some guy who is in an email band and guy here, a big emo band. Now I can known guy like locally. I guess emerge, freeze, murfreesboro, and there it was not good, but you know if I love. You fall in love and I know he was my everything and I wrote all the time and I would play open my ex and He told me that I wasn't good enough to play out and that I should keep practicing and keep writing and the guy who no one knows the guy who none telling you.
But it made me write a lot more at home and whenever he would go on tour, I would sneak out and play shows locally and sneak around cause. He was a scary guy or just because he was well. Both you know he was you know one go to dart producer inability of guy and I was easily like you know. I get embarrassed talkin about it, sometimes just because different life yeah yeah, That's all you got it. That's that the training relationship, happily tents were in russia. Sweaty guy. I know now that I don't need to change for somebody else that right things that I realized that I fought for were things that I really cared about. What yeah I mean if you're, if you've, if you had to sneak away into the night, You knew he believed in yourself, yeah right and say I ran away from that whole life and
when you look back on it. I mean I mean, embarrassing, but merely a thoughtful person, and you right these songs, I mean where'd. You learn. About relationship did you do still believed that it was love? I think you can you can. think I fell for sure. The idea of what I thought this person was, I am perform, and I thought while he is come, as my here you're something they are now, where I wanna be doing what he's doing there, sir and then in ireland, for someone to reciprocate a feeling now helps sure, but I back I route when I see that I would close off myself Other people in order to you know maybe How do you knock ass? He didn't like my friends, you don't like my music. I looked back unlike what he meant really like me, who is trying to change me into something that he would be in love with, so I just keep you
in in a place where he had control. Yes, absolutely Control is still a thing in my life tat. I have issues that I need to work on because of giving up natural giving up control yeah, you get that codependent thing I caught her eye, I think it's more about independence and had been control, mountain life I say when I think, when things feel out of controls because I feel like I'm, not a part of my right right, but you know if you ve gotten over, not only do like giving up yourself for someone else to they point worth detrimental. Yes, oh good, You know whenever you feel like you're, not being yourself around someone. That's a good around flies. Why it's just that I made sparks like I've, been been style jack, but I think a lot about my past and I've been through a lot of relationships and stuff and, like you know, I think about the times where I was an asshole and why I was an asshole, so I can usually
should the other side of most women saying like that. Guy was an ass on my yeah. I know that guy. I know that because, like you know, we all change in a certain way, but that we're jealousy of of someone else's life of like not lagging summons. France not liking. What they like. It's it's such a guess. It's not even thought, True, it's not even about not liking it! It's just not wanting that person to have a life outside of you right, yeah, but it's like vegas. their control and thinking they also. better than you and why I see I see. I still do that, like I still like an idiot write me an email about something that I did and I'll be like. Oh my god do. I do that no one even know, I'm I'm going. Do I hear we sit and think the whole day over what I don't know a person in dump something into my head and, like maybe I'm wrong, Jesus do hate. People must write you all the time. So how do you like.
cause. I try not to read a lot of things, but people don't know, and they I mean they must know, and you at somebody that you get the message right sure. If, if you're one of fuel, it reads them you're spending your day your day, your at sea of a field or no, no, I rhythm yeah These are usually emails, they ain't. What that's not true. I don't know why. I'm sorry, I'm still so porous yo in the said so, like you know, I have a fundamental insecurity around around everything, but I've just I have to put a shield up. I have to have self talk around and be like. Don't don't let that you don't know that person, that's if the guy's got four fouls. Are you going to get a job, justin vernon from vonny very used to retreat every bad tweet that someone like sent to him is our good army. I can
I stand that you feel like that's empowering, but it's only going to feel it. Oh yeah and it's just going to exponentially is that must ended in a disaster yeah. I don't think he tweets at him. He he. He retreated himself right out of the game. So does. does a lot of this stuff that you working on in murfreesboro. Front from that relationship show up. In the first record, I mean when was the murfreesboro time that was ninety nine or early two thousand and two and that's not too bad. That's not too big a time. Investment it'd be a horrible, abusive relationship, for a year, and then you know my sister the saint she. She flew me out of there and let me stay with her for a while and remember rifted you out yet ever marry the hell out of there and she, let me crash on her couch I figured out my life. I was a mass hum,
and she encourage me to play an open market. The radio beam burlington vermont and I made my first couple friends having back and then he gave me the confidence to reach back out to my parents cause. I hadn't. I didn't talk to them for those few years, I was in some emerging. I cut them out you'd. Because of the guy cousin? the guy. Is it because of hammer because you, your own, shame, lovin, abode here? rough, because then they know something's wrong and didn't approve of the guy and they didn't like me, dropping out of school. Alright and then I ended up getting a job at a coffee shop and then now I'm just like a dropout major working at a coffee shop, but the method, but I mean if they were formative years in the coffee shop was great. I you know I made a lot like that was my family, so it was like my a little
part men and my family at this coffee shop that I'm still friends of the lot of those people that now live in east nashville but yeah cut them out for a wilds again another embarrassing leg, They don't know me they're, just for blood. Has it mean we should do you know they're my real family. There understand me and I'm leg. Why are you running away from that? Your parents are you, you know, you were there you and they took me and like no questions ass, they just said if you're gonna, if you need to get back on your feet, gotta therapy get a job and go back to school over a year of how to get back on their feet and that's what I do. for you did after vermont after you, motion. We have in vermont your sisters, you gotta low down, get you get re, grounded new college home near tail between my leg, you noted on such a failure, but that that ended up me: the confidence to
playing again and writing in you go therapy. I did go to therapy changed my life here for sure. I didn't realize, like you, had panic attacks from Havana. First, breathing while you have of breathing, which I disguise with smoking and July. It should to give it up. I still you do I sneeze for good here. yeah, it's yeah, I'm trying to cut out a lot of things, but I Still I still I I I would you know coffee in cigarettes like but I know how do I cut out food entire? Apparently, it's one thing you can cut out entirely. Food is that's the one I want out anti cigarette long time, yeah So do you go back to school? You didn't I did. I went to Raritan valley, community college,
and I mean. I resisted at first, but then I took a psychology class in a photography class or you have issued pictures yeah. I got it. No development found our complaint black and why I just put on headphones and learn how to develop a nice yeah. I took ended up taking two semesters. The fatigue watch anything come to india and in the year in the trade he I know you a time. Every little tray was really nice isley, and the psychology college e. I had because I, like those psychology class I took in high school and my mom is actually still friends with the psychology teacher there who found me the therapist, and they're still friends to this day, and I knew it was interest of mind- we're just learning how to understand behaviors year things like that gone
still learning. You know. I've been stuck psychology in pieces over the years route to eventually get a degree, two, maybe three some kind of councillor, but my far from that you do in these amazing beautiful records, but you're your plan b is he'll, be a therapist well I dunno if you've been on tour lately work, but not exactly yeah. It's it's a hard life. You figure you'll! Do that! You'll! Do that! You record the records you put them out so little merch online and two patients on the side, yeah. Why not? I like the change, maybe I'll just I mean I obviously realize there's holes in this plan that really anybody like there. I I think it's one of those things that yet your hours in you, You know you can do it yeah yeah know not. You know you can be a therapist yeah yeah I'm a better listener than a talker
when he said when you say you studying psychology piecemeal, have that kind of work like what where have you do it well, starting like I'm still getting an underground, something that it just children yeah chipping away, but I you know when I lived in new york, I into brooklyn college. A couple semesters broken up. I can and then by getting ike enacting job, and so I have taken a couple masters there when I lived there, you know when I came here, I took a couple classes Adam, the pasadena, City collar area- and if I a certain have to fill. The general requirements in order to apply to the psychology program you see, I lay you're, still dealing with those. financial requirements acquired classes, avoiding? I need a science clive needle language and its statistics I got my spanish out of the early is taking your time is good.
harvey girl, hobby girl? But I work If you like, you know you like there's this all this stuff happening, and you know you're doing all this, but you know you're in, but you made a bunch of great records but it doesn't seem to be the thing that your focus, that I just think it getting harder to do. As I am one thing: I tour touring is a huge part of like being able to in order for you now near and I'd still gone that much anymore, especially with occurred and a dog, and just I wanted after the last couple years earlier? I just I wanna, be there? why you enter. I write my guess during cover d, really got to sort of luck in and realize hey. This is all right. We can't go out of the house to me, but what's nice, there won't be home.
disfiguring. I went home is the area I mean. I don't have moved so much as an adult, even that I just haven't lived anywhere along enough to feel like I have roots she were demur. Three Burma murphy's banning and went back to jersey back to charity and to new york city antony are and that's when he started recorded because I was in love in new york. I requested that in philadelphia did you ever really know what I have like a big contain, isn't there and meg meg baird, who played in aspers, introduced me to greg weeks. Yeah. I got my otto hauser who eventually played drums here with me for a little bit film crew. do. You know her vile and occur Adam grandeur, seal or granada skew. He goes by now here It's the warrant
skies and kurt vile. So that was your crew. Kurt later, but Dave hardly who played base and were on dry ass was played, base, it's an epic they just really sir third record warrant, they have their more. Isn't there fortress? Maybe yeah? I remember I got it. I dunno, like I had the first two I dunno this one landed as hard with me as the other ones, but their good yeah they're massive. You know he said you have an idea, yeah. Well, that's he was. I think it seemed like they'd been a long time since our last record yeah, because someone was working on it. Yes, yes, Adam was going hard. He likes to go over and over. I dunno, if even the atoms of I dunno those guys but heart of gold he's funny and that he play guitar in a couple of my records and why so I like you would work
four hours over and over and like which records own cause. It didn't get big until, like I guess tramp becomes big gray, the sound anyways changes yeah he played on our we. There ok but is it and Dave played based on our way there and to deploy basin traveller who play based on a book, because I get things I'd be the first to records, are kind of pretty intimate. Yes, right the first one was kind of an accident. Really they know you did it why a tuner I too may guitar to itself, and we went to add staff, and I knew that I wanted it to be minimal cause. I was touring solo and I didn't want you don't have a tuner. I didn't. I played an acoustic guitar. I didn't you recorded a whole record without a tuna
I played with other people, but that was a very good lesson because we tried to add stuff to it and in the fucking in the booth was like hey lady. Once you tune, your guitar is pretty chill as a pretty relaxed five or yep. But you know Greg weeks who courted ass. He was he wanted me to feel comfortable cause. I was excluded, initiating lee shy like ice. I get my hair cut where my bags or in front of my face- and I the learning how to have conversations with born be able to look people on the island. My always fought leg belong here by my friend bengal. forget bought a being record, he introduced me to gregg weeks whose occur evidently exceed gregg weeks, produced the first record and he played in a ban with meg bared. Ok, and then but Ben Goldberg, who has was my
He worked about it. Being rear, owns bobbing right yards and I was an intern there when I moved to new york and he introduced neapolitan on a people territory get my start. Shore Why are we so shy? a lifetime thing. Did something change He used to do musicals. Nigeria can look anybody. What am I think was our freeze, borough hours, I've kind of shyly. I am allows a goofball with my friend rye horse, but then, four zero added to it for sure guy, and I just a conifer onwards. I I didn't really know cords or time signatures q signatures. I knew how to play for me sure, but then again Some one would want one of jam It's merely a thing I was like I dunno. How to jam are still a thing with me. I'm trying to learn how to do it better, like
just wanna learn how to play with other people. I just I don't know how to delay me. Neither actually I I'm trying to learn. Did you grow up playing with other people just for fun, and I played all I always played by myself like I never could play with other people cause. I never wanted to learn other people's songs. I didn't want to and songs, like I learned its point: a guy at had a good guitar, teachery taught me panasonic skills and I make my way around. a country leads and boys easily and stuff, and I can lay cords and things, but I never want to play anything exactly like anybody like I. Never the word anyone's lakes. You know I like anyone, learn how to play where zap, when perfectly I just make too much energy, so I can play like myself I know a bunch of stinky boys like, but I have. I have a sense. now I ve been playing with real musicians a bit and- and I like it- I proceed very scary, though two eyes, but what unique nuke by sea
Your guitar was opportunity can over dublin, that's why that that I'm so sparse, he has pray. Let alone can we had tat. You know we had a base that we put through an octave panel that ended up being the base because you get ten in a little bit too young and old man right. But when people ask like what would tuning is the cinema no fucking idea flag Deanna half or dear sir, now almost yeah I can. I can I mastered tuning to itself in your life. Have these things you can just clip on a guitar yeah now now these values, it's, it's embarrassing, but it's true irrelevant! I'm not bear any little is happening in russia. Happy mistake and I'm proud of it so like case at any. Do epic, which is not as far ass but still pretty emmy. It seems like your crafting a tone learning how to play with, people like letting the the sound expand
still being me, you know what sure thing so glad to see and expand, but also like there. It's definitely like you have very kind of consistent and evolving, though vibe and tone to to this. it is very, I don't know what the word is not heavy but there's a sort of is not there. But a space in there that there is a lot of emotion in there. That is not but I do know how to explain it, but I like it you're, not gonna inside us, but nobody. It's like you know. I understand how to not, where you met angel elsinore. Why? But it seems like yoshino They ve been inspired by you in this so like there there's its ethereal that I want it, it's a heavier than that, but but there- sort of a space they both eu kind of create, that is is a nice place to be for awhile yeah. I mean which is funding has actually I saw you at an angel arsons show.
In our view, your city, behind me in us too, shy to say hello again always forever, but yeah. I first heard angel in two thousand even watch I'll cut. Side note, cause major partner, think that you may have been we did a show and maxwell's with TED leo on new year's a really, and he thinks that maybe rhythm see that night. I don't did. I ever am feverish a new year showed Maxwell, I mean do comic sir. I used to do yellow tat goes. The show us how sometimes but- and I was there once with the national as the guest banned, but I was not. It was not new year's ok but I note TED leo he so your partner plays. He played drums at the time, and it wasn't me with some other jus society
I didn't I didn't remember and I felt bad so I didn't. I didn't want to say something but but in two thousand and eleven I was on my way to shoot a video for my song magic, france and areas than Ahriman whose jag jaguar was driving at played me Damn the angel from the first workers yeah I like your first record by, like I, I remember, hearing it and being so moved in his error. I think we're about to sign her way. I think- and I am a member thinking, her melodies or so moving like her just there the temper of a voice there's something in it, can really saying aggression and linda a like Linda thomson. Does it for me, you know their certain things when they hit me. I can't always explain it, but it's so emotional, and am I think, what
and I were able to bond over during the store we just finished ass. She got a friend for me that when the thompson What I mean walk along the line mean pour down like silver is elected. You can't really find anywhere, but I really love both of them are just as both of them. I dunno if I have, king of the day. I have I want to see the bright lights tonight and I have the one with the calvary cross on it. I feel, like I have three or four aa range, is incredible. When I had, I did voice lessons in brooklyn with women joy. I ask you to sing where some for airports He was she saint peter Abraham. She sang with some lorry Anderson Ok, that she's, a vocal coach and one of our exercises, what's the dimming of the day and they have been bonnie rates, version
the da da da da da da da da da da da da da Da Da, like those those vocal skills, are good warm ups they're very hard, though so he took the lessons. Yes, I take I take lessons. I still do my extra notes on itunes, give me one voice lesson not only here and I don't like it it made me cry touching sounder yeah finding thing in the breath. Makes me sad. Meditative, I guess capacity, emotion, some very whereabouts, and yet we do you hold it. I can open it up. You know it's not but like when I hear my, pure voice or when I sing in front of people, there's a vulnerability to again. Quite now. Again. I don't, and I have we find it there horrifying to me about seeing badly in front of people
It's it's so devastating the idea of and then have to finish the song like you're, just singing shitty the whole song. No, so I've got a little better. the mistake singing out, like with people like I tried to do jealous guy, and I just fucked it up, because I'm doing comedy shows while they know MC meaning out, stop this ongoing. I have to start this over because I'm not gonna go down like yes, it's a good way to be fucking here, everything on the line, yeah value, a gig anyways so, but when thompson those records kill me he paid dave angel. You heard that quality. We heard yes, and when I heard her voice, I just as much immediately, and I can just how I'd sheet some writers
start with a guitar and they have cords there, and then they write melodies within cords and think she is a writer and I intend to do this where it's a melody, that is the center of the song and you play around the melody rose if you try to learn a song and that nothing really repeats, because it's really about the melody one a melody guy, I'm our time with lyrics, me too yeah I listen to them but like I can't always make them out and I'm not going to sit and read them too too often, as I really have to write to because the like. That's. Why of all always been we're like a singer songwriters, not speaking. Clearly, I can't it's not it's not going to happen. You know It takes a lot listens. Yes, I'm still learning how to enunciate a even going over. The last record there is a song were my partner is like I, it sounds You're just do legged society. figure, singing oohs and on this point, but I know you're saying something, but there, sir,
no it set, I won't head and without speaking born. That's the best song Ah, it's a hard. One is the hard won for sure. Let's go I turn around in it that I liked those three chords. I don't remember what they are, but I know there's there's a certain magic, a three chords where I'm always like that's what I was in that every time I was in the new record when I get to that like this. Is the one bottle you're saying exactly exactly exactly I dunno out. I had rather hit the note and save the words over our take like if I over our tissue. It sometimes distracts from them the moment, but you know that's why, Presently I put lyrics and all the records if people want to read them by way of a random, let's go even sometimes with with works like I always sir and I just I just talk to that woman s g goodman dinner. Her me she was one those two records like no, your records kind of you took me and, in her record, she's got to record that she's from Kentucky and it's pretty great.
and I got an aware he has some people just send me the records you. I think that was who Adena, who her poor, saint people, as is those people I age, that they have the same manager, but, like I dunno what it is, and I and I don't wreck it's not a matter of what she's saying it's just a matter, how she's singing it that's, but you know that about yourself. We can feel that in people right, I really worked for. just make a noise. Is he also helps people next to it in their own way? To you know, I've just always been reaffirmed, melody person and then like. If I in all again, by a bit off there's too many words they get exhausted and I don't have to keep going back. Yes, I forget prints all the time you do yeah to your answer. The others too many words fisher. Why Conor Oberst, who I talked to too many there's a lot of words in that guy's writing songs all the time he seems to have a knack for it, but I can't reminded us-
repeating phrases more often right? Yes, so are so. When do you start like because I, like you, I got saying you the tone in the first few to records are pretty pretty minimal, but then tramp gets bigger and now we're we're at now with we ve got about this all wrong, very big. big sound in other moments, air, where I am reminded of people of I Grady had a little bit. Sometimes Sometimes Pierre harvey. Sometimes these are good. People are not seigneur. Lifting anything better admire them for sure you feel that he knew you have them in you somewhere. He had definitely grew up listening to them their invalid, susan, I know it all seeps in you know I don't deny any of that number! No, but that, but the weird thing is it's still uniquely your own, but I'm just saying, but the the the wpg
the two like eventually the production, gets, gets bigger. Once you have more confidence, I guess in If what you're trying to do right, anything he folded indoors, ikea, synthesizers, now yeah. All kinds of layers here was that the war on drugs, guys idea that was, I think, kind of from my, ass record. Remind me to morrow. I was learning how to do more marriage of, like I got bored of like straight up, ban stuff and I felt like I was gonna write the same song over and over again. If I had my guitar cause, I iconic gets got stuck in like this is where You go here. I created wives, brain synthesizing a couple synthesizers cause. You know my first instrument was piano but now like I have these paths, and these gnarly sounds and it's making me sing in a different way, yeah
Also after having a kid and my stomach was kind of ripped apart from like a an emergency c section and and so my voice kind of changed and how I sustained notes changed and, like I kind of just like a flower in my voice and we are born into a gorilla, were hungry, uncomfortably sabbath It's like reading cool well yeah at that time now sort of, like you know what you're doing with your voice. Well, it was a conversation cause like I remember someone saying like is that, are you sure that's not too low for you and I'm like? Well, I think that's kind of like cool it is. It makes you kind of sit for a site does in that it's like yeah, that's sort of like ok is yeah. She means business yeah, I mean I knew that this one. This record I wanted to embrace the inner peace on the pandemic and all intensely and intensity and popular.
Feelings here tonight and want to stay away from it and like a fun record area, I probably leaned into it I'm sorry is there a fun record that I miss yeah? Well, you know like one day, I will maybe make something: that's a little bit more light hearted, but the timing didn't seem appropriate. You know you're gonna, make like a kids record, I'm like hell, no, I'm not making a kids record and but I don't know I've had conversations with other artists about how they you know how do not make a pandemic weird if he wrote it in the last couple of years. It's time it's time when he wrote it, you wrote it right and the themes are going to come through. If you just sit in there, yeah I'm not going to avoid it, I kind of go there. Do you feel like do? Do you like which like do you? songs about her out. What's the songwriting process, how does it happen? I mean- It has come to you didn't wake up and I got a thing for words:
first time I had a space to work out of from the home affairs the house, studio in the garage and there when you got there. Yes, I so we fix it up to make it a little bit like more light filled, has it was covered in blue The foam and it's like I'm not moving from my basement in dumbo to like a cave in l, a and like I need some light, but it was a great, is a great space. Okay and So I was able to go to work, so like in in it. It makes the writing process different, because you can, you can hear, sounds right away. Yeah I just had to be able to click and record and able to track without knowing what who's. Gonna do and I dont hunters sit down and save, says I'm gonna write about and they start is kind of therapy sessions of flag, emotive flag. sings dream, cautious in our singing really just come up words and ate it starts.
Nonsense, ruined and starts like with feelings and am a moat like just like vibe and and he added you that by yourself- and I do about myself a hate riding around other people. Why would they would? How could you be comfortable, If your process or just sort jabbering away, he adds and weird physician avian and we start rhyming or why? When do you know that you like something moves from nonsense to lyric law? court. If I have, if I figured out something melodic with accord progression all recorded for about twenty three minutes, I'll just keep going and sometimes words and phrases just pop out occur and I'll. it for awhile and I'll I'll cut. If I I feel good enough, you know whatever I caught in that. Never that thing here then keep going with other ideas like that, not us bank them and bank them, and thank them while in this feelings on and then
I won't listen to him for maybe weeks or months, sometimes years. Let us keep this folder of ideas and Andy, for. I gotta work, I'm not feeling any firm I'll put unhelpful. and I will listen and that's when all start writing for years, sometimes song is vincent around for years. and hazards in the light of day at will actually it is on this record was one I had for a few years hum the really minimal one with just the birds. In the background I felt like I was at the time to apocalypse dick too. release when first did it, when I first, but now that the apocalypse is here yes and your time is actually in the context of this record, it's actually the lightest part of the record. Wow but there's something that system.
Or sometimes it's too personal or or like too intense, where I'm like. I'm glad I wrote that for me and I needed that for whatever headspace on some of the It's too raw yeah, just like I'm, maybe too literal cause, I'm working out my own feelings of something that happened or you know, like maybe I'll you know sometimes songs. Take different forms were like a piece of it will come up subconsciously and your idea to withdraw like, like you, don't wanna, be a story teller kind of, but also always it or other people want to hear. You know I mean it's hard to rights write songs about being a survivor, It's hard to write, songs about a survivor, a survivor am emma rape victim Adam. They have a really gone there and my music, it in tennessee in early two thousand
not a reason that help me leave May I remind you that was part of the reason why you are so shattered for so long and hard time getting your confidence back yeah as terrible terrible sorry that happened yeah, but see that wouldn't be a funny like a one gig song that I don't know how to write. Yet. I feel, like I it's made its way at all. I'm sure it has, and you know over the years. I think I avoided talking about it early cassandras, like that, you know that's going. Something that will be part of the story, forever, and I don't want that to be ghost store as someone you knew. No, so yeah? I get it so in some things are just too heavy for you to process and in until you get a handle on how you want to sort of context lies it. It still
emotionally dangerous to turn to unpack. Yes, there, I can t understand that, because it also is. It speaks to your ability as an artist do because a lot of times you know people with stuff out there because they just need to. But you seem to know enough about the therapies nature of your process to know, to share what not to share like, sometimes like as a comic I'll. Just glad there with stuff that is clearly not funny, am clearly raw fucked up and I'll just laid out and it retract eyes, you I'm sure, I would imagine that the risk of of having control of your personal feel he's an and whatever the narrative is around your trauma. We put it out in the world, because, if it, if it goes out in the world- and you weren't ready to put it out in the world what comes back, especially if its negative it just
in a reopen all the wounds right law. I think as while for me, if you're learning, how to learning how to be an artist or learning how to control your narrative, video so huge worrying. I'm sure you ve had to deal with like had being interviewed in steering conversations some good, oh yeah. I mean workers I'll just talk too much and I don't know what I am fortunately for me I am my narrative is control. Is I never shut up? I talk twice a week and am very open. So this I was missing from the the public narrative, you very good at it over that. But yeah. I I understand that some people are control like what is your fear like? What do you have to control now in terms of like when you are conscious of it While things that I own, I trusted control now are alike, mostly furred safety measures for family stuff Adam
good. I'm learning like what I shouldn't should not say just for protecting at all in terms of your personal, like yes, right. My whole entire career has only been writing about my my personal life, but now other people become involved and people of reaching My family members and staff I'm Joe well right now. I need to do things a little differently. yeah yeah always be wary of the guy he's writing. The big profile needs to talk to all your brothers and sisters and parents. He ass Gaza, You're, not gonna, win on that now. There's a lot of sides. Yeah yeah so feel like with this record, because for me, if I live with him, do all the records in a row. I guess ones to be the most. the biggest sounding and there
You know there's a lot of things going on in musically in or out of the songs that creates years of heavy feeling and it seemed I can see it as the the one that's natural evolution and it sort of like seems to be what you're working towards I do feel like. I did it. I do, especially after the last few years that we ve gone through your field, to make anything, I think I'm proud of all my artists community that there still making things and they keep going and lucky that I have an outlet to able said feel like something came over the last couple years, but it took so many people do to help me make this could have started in my little garage and then I knew that I wanted to solve. Those tracks said that it was a so wrapper
at this time- and I didn't want a big producer to come in and like try to polish it. I wanted to pull in those tracks for my studio and am I had another session with my friends act dawes who played base unreal, me tomorrow. He he brought me into the village recorders with a few session player and am rosa I think it is it's not a quite santa monica but as I readily like fleetwood studio, where they did task a room here pretty amazing and I got to go like after hours he had a friend an engineer there. That's like took me: men like off session beer, very good progress lindsey. The way I do injury that silly like a few sessions and there when I was figure it like testing the waters of what I wanted. The record to sound like- and I I felt
that was gonna, be a beautiful record, but I wasn't ready to make that record, and so we in some of those tracks from that session to honour the players that were a huge part of it, and I mixed the guerrillas sessions and village sessions with my engineer, Dan nausea has done our lives on for the last few years and he we do these rough mixes and they brought him into a studio and glass all called balboa, and I brought my band for the first time and we were all in like a room together pretty much for the first time since the pandemic, and so they were able to whatever on, but my based player devon, his in jersey city by. They came in and help me build upon these tracks and so is kind of we caught personnel, piecemeal, but I I wanted to honour the garage- and I wanted to honour my friends that were part of that.
studio, and then I wanted to bring in my band, so we could feel like we're making something again and I think that's it kept growing and growing. Because of that rigour and when talk about like therapy here, because I think about it, the idea of art he as Expression and then has a creating a therapeutic. and when you talk about your price, sleeping therapeutic, almost in meditation or whether way, right through repetition and opening it up and in taking that private space they I get, you know it even the songs have a sort of melancholy to them. They serve to create relief right in you. Absolutely I mean I I don't know, I still don't understand it, and I think this is something in. If there's some part of psychology that I can study, to understand what it is, not
certainly the music therapy, but there's something that is like ineffable. You know that I feel like get it out and insists feeling it is it's not like it closure, anything better. Our sons thing that I dont know what it is and I get it out in its draining and I and a great way most of the time, but I dont know what I think but I know and I've I know, and I have gotten a now and I can take a deep breath after I have written something- and I dont know what it is yet, but it's this idea an emotional frequency like, This seems like a pretty full idea is not just a it's. Not a lyric smile no it's some sort of like you know. It comes from this site
replace a melody or or just you know, of a groove of some kind right may then, even when you were saying earlier that you know when you sit by yourself and you try to sing and it can make you tear up lawyer. I mean I get Europe another. Nothing Sometimes I think that's a thing It's like a really important, action. I don't. I don't know what it is, but I consider it a piano. I remember this feeling from the kid. When light, we moved into our house and not way when I was made in kindergarten mia and I was sitting at the piano- and I just remember feeling the vibrations and feeling something that I didn't understand, but it felt beautiful, and you find that no, like everyone, has a note in their body that if you find this one, no you can fill feel vibrate more than other no hear nothing. When people chant find that jail and there's something in that.
resonate, hesitate, superstructure, its eye gets its its universal and eat. It transcends language is a magic to it. You know that that is essentially human, There is the combination of of vulnerability and transcendence in it. Have you ever met someone? That said they don't listen to music, not that I know of I I just at an airport ride recently and driver so high. Doesn't I don't really listen to music because every time in turn to say I get angry? what of what he was posting to can I can I can I make you a mix tape or something the wrong music? I feel I felt bad for that person because I was singing like when I. at a painter where she was
kind of a heavy being heavy soul, but she would paint is amazingly, almost done your color for kind of some bite but powerful paintings that were coming your uplifting in some word way and I realized at some point or she may have told me that you that's that's, that's almost a treatment for her own. anxiety and depression is to manifest this light you know on these chemises somehow and I guess the amount the fasting anything when it's coming from a place of of fear, depression trauma whatever it's it's better. Almost to put it out in the world without it, even without an explanation, and without it necessarily making sense in the way that people try to make sense of things. Because then you don't have to.
answer for it ended in it and it's pure so make sense. Absolutely every night, when I watch my kid just draw your notes. I wish I didn't, have a filter Are you like, if I didn't have the filter, then. I feel, like I wouldn't hold so much inside. You know that's what these this They don't have words yet for me. There are like I wish I could paint, and I wish I could have like, I used to use my hands in a way to see it. You know like reward How do I organise their internal chaos well. I we do your thing, media? You were made, but I mean it's like you know where you are going to pay now. Do you like that when you, when you're an artist and it's you have your thing and then he said the things for me. I could do better that way, but didn't learn that
yeah, then in any other judge yourself all over again before he answered worked so hard to be where we are today in doing what we do here. You know there I have so many interests, but and you know not enough time. Some things you gotta keep as a hobby yeah, I'm fine. With that sure yeah I mean that's the way I look at guitar like I used to do joke about it like in a way, because I never set out to be professional musician. None of these guitars are broken dream vessels they do. They don't represent any sort of failure to me they look pretty happy, but but it would speaking of I think that, like one about trauma- and and about whether night you you can the other music. I think it comes out like if you're, doing it the way, you're doing it, it's all there. It has to inform it yet I mean, so I'm I'm trying to be honest about my life, while also tell
us having a narrative that is still general enough for people to be able to relate to if their listening to the words- and I feel. I feel a lot better. Having made this, I feel I go out. Something go near no, it's like honouring this time. Hopefully moving pass it soon. to her on this record while we dared, I did a three way- Torah near for a month long long, europe how powers it? Oh, my god it was. I mean my band, is amazing, but there was a fucking nightmare really because so with everything was covered by a lot of supply and demand issues. We had reserve this bus about a year ago here anyway. the last bus standing And- and I'm not like I'm not even use to turn on buses though,
her we did was in twenty nineteen, and that was my first bus. Was always a van arson, genuine van to a trailer that I went to like the bandwagon thing now banned ago, bandwagon both of them and it will. on a bus is just hard anyway. I still don't know how to do it, but I feel very low. He'd, be added a bus, latvia, court, but we are in Spain, our sight we started in Portugal, yeah and my. Torment under. Let me now that you know there are some really long drives happening, so you have to have a relief driver here and there leave driver shows up to meet this bus. Her apparently parliament was on the bus for six weeks,
this last year, and the driver goes to relieve this other driver to pick up the bus and bring it to us. But the driver took one look at the bus and set a fuck this I'm out. and the tour and the driver that was on tour for six weeks of parliament felt the to stay on. so that we have this torquay. Otherwise we would have been totally fucked So he drove the tour of us to Portugal to meet us and when we drove from Portugal to spain for from a vera, we thought swerving an attack five hours longer than we are supposed to area to the place because he had to pull over every thirty men to serve to take a nap cause. He was exhausted Some like we're leg is already scared, like have you know, you're like ten these flying through the night with a stranger driving around. I know I hate it.
And he was so tired. He had a pull over it and now the whole entire way and after talkin my term manager year hug care about this Why don't we give him an extra day because there is a bus and a track in the truck had our gear, so we let the we let the boy stryver sleep an extra day and we just hadn't had met the truck at the festival here. and then he would catch up on some sleep for extra and wait to meet us until the end of the festival right to drive on to the next two years- and I am here filled his very tired and it was the battle of like him being tired, smelling like asshole here and the sheets. Changed. Unlike the bus is falling apart and he was like crashing into cars like the holes heart like sky.
whipping. The sides like a window was had to be taped and, like the oh, my god, this was one up. So no one could sleep cause you're too worried yeah we're going to Diana. I would text Zeke my partner and just be like. I just want you to know that I love you. I just I don't I just ever happens, I'm not like I'm not high maintenance at all, and, thank goodness for the nature of my banlieue brought us closer together like we woke up one point, unlike the toilet, this was king scenario every time you p have to throw towels on the four legs suck up your own p and then the straw was when we had one six am ferry, was hearing cause. I wish, then it's like we hadn't. We didn't really like a plant life There's no, who, unlike all I just got another failure at this point. It think productive, buster forward through our last straw was we woke up
belly of a fairy cause. He decided to take the earlier one without telling us which is illegal and also super dangerous, because your underwater and if flattened your you're? He can die, but also if we got out of the bus while and we got caught, it's like thousands of dollars and fines for being under part. You on the fair innocently tell us, and my son was supposed to be joining us like the following week. We ended up having to ditch the bus in france. We let the Ever go, he was He didn't really like it anyway. He was so exhausted and he was really bad at his job and I feel for em but we ended up training it for the rest. Of enduring the truck just met either and the tractors and rod the truck driver like save the fuckin tour whose, if he had not if he had not been on board by key, he was laughing at the whole thing. His spirit was great bow that values are,
restore back is rough, so this is why you rethinking your future. Yes, don't get the star sleeper bass that eat out of our way and add for johannesburg, but then I guess it first indication would be the relief driver going. I fucked at like that. Yeah and I'm shielded from a lot more than that cause. You know everyone's just trying to help me he and his own. You know what I'm doing so, but I mean what about tour endured american toward I'll all we did. We just finished. We just fine, the last one I bought a week ago. We did like a month long term in the states of echo. Is and I mean better brush your organised at the bar lower than you have set up to succeed. Where you have your waking up by a fairy. Anything above that I'd want to throw towels tired, and I use the bathroom awesome worth yeah, but you have a bus
we dare we had so is it angel olsen. Earlier I knew that urinary and then Quinn, christophersen and so we buses here- and we are some- I track was big ears like over forty people. the crew and areas did our friend of like they ran at like it was a lot of planning on like management. Yes, and you know, production side. So when you at her dangerous music, that that's a relatively new friendship or I may leave gotten closer over the years and then covered brought us closer together in you. I bumped into her on tour and amsterdam, and probably two thousand and four, he nea, and that was the first time we like han open. We were just we ended up at the same bar after show we had we had like we, both I can show the same night and we ended up with the same barn. She pushed the tables together like that
Come hang there in the desert, courting music together, yeah touring, yes and everybody's happy yeah yeah as happy as you know, you can be near. But yeah. She is an amazing person and her whole crew is great and Julian's whole team. Wonderful and she's a sweetheart too her where she from her stuff she's basin in nashville, now think she's from Memphis. originally XI of the christophersen she's She is not of others occurring christophersen. Who is the first of four and he is from alaska and julian maker shoes and she's the one living in now and she said playing in late hard core bands and staff and
broke out doing so over occurred in two thousand? I want to say fourteen or fifteen there and it is really beautiful, like a great guitar pare core, really a mode of talks, a lot about addiction and mental health turned you not just in her voice was like, Finally, our yeah yeah, so just take it easy. I now hear a few months off now settling back here. We I moved into a new spot and I'm gonna organ. I think we only have for six months at the moment, you're gonna buy a house, are now a really great time as it now I gotta get out here. Any water left. You know one thing I ran there
article about this, a new section, psychology about environmental dread? That's like a real thing happening with people right now and like finding where people's anxiety is coming from, and it's about just now. The environment yeah where's it coming from right, but in reality yeah, you know, but it's like this, like it's a cause. That's one thing: when you talk about like and anxieties that are actually found. So then, how do you some of that anxieties that are actually valid? Have you treat that yeah it's time to honor their fear and do whatever their fears telling them to do get out of town yeah get any. So I mean it's like. Oh yeah, you know what I understand: you're, anxious and you're right you're right about everything. It's probably not going to end well, so maybe try to get out ahead of it. Somehow yeah, you know like as a therapist, I feel like it'd, be great for the short term clients. You know what I just feel like yeah. You should definitely just
Will you behave like I did it for myself, you gotta, put a plan in place that that is real. Enough did not feel like a fantasy. He too, save your sanity impasse. We save your self. You For me it was just applying for a permanent residence in canada. I d get that application under way, and it is. Unburden me in a in a big way like he could take. who were three years for me to be approved and it just means I would be able to live there and work and get health care. You know without ford. Citizenship, but its incentive, and if you're have taken some sort of action. He followed and love of canada while had fallen in love with a pace of of existence that doesn't have the the psychic cancer that lives here right. You know I do getting out ahead of environmental disaster is anyone's challenge, because that to be a real thing, but you're being in a cultural climate. That is not that much different, but a lot less
horrendous and day receiving it. It's really just an age thing I mean I used to think kara was boring, but now my mama I'm ready to be bored right, yeah fuck, it yeah I have done the work and I've done. You know, I'm I'm, I'm I'm in this year I've I peaked in a way and I'd say brad. So what do I need to sit here and wait for weirdos in the wagon and pirates in freaks trail master ass anymore? Why not even a matter busting my asked issues like I don't know I would like to live without the constant. Here of our cultural, the core climate, but that was just something I did for myself and created a lot of space around. Those kind of fear whether its climate or political anxiety. What do you do with a space now, What now it's it's like. I I thought with depression with other fears of other fears that it should. Then
like the ultimately does not play kate, the the omnipresent dying thing right I mean that during the last couple years, like learning, Hata fell termites in front of my kid- was what is actually happening in the world are hearing and it's been really hard. And he likes, you know how to meet a whole bunch of new france rank in the midst of pandemic. Starve them it's. yeah, you you'd. Rather they oddly, it seems to me not being apparent, but you know if you're fair and you know protective. Ultimately, Whatever the trauma of adjustment is different, then yeah, real true in a way right, yeah, and they cannot then there's the rub. People know the process it yeah yeah. Anything is like for us.
like where we're on us to a point, but we also want to everything, is an adventure in know show as long as it's like we're were happy unit, stay optimistic, then, like fees, you know just an idea. Right. You gotta, guess why the kid some guys you're talking you guitar new, as That was nice. I was happy to meet her and happy to talk to her how little heavy their put that happens. You and the coffee. She got me with real good. What about a number of life? There's some there is a coffee shop somewhere. Sharon is a regular customer, think fuck, wedding The new album is called. We've been going about this all wrong if you're in australia or new zealand she'll be on tour there in December. Go to share and then adding dot com for tour dates and info and
hang out for a second, you look people, If you have a full marin subscription this week, we posted a real blast from the past, those of you who have been with us from the very beginning, might remember a segment we used to do on the very first episodes of w e F called a few with Matthew Matthew weiss is a filmmaker film. Editor, eight sure of sorts I knew him back in the day he used to, or I met him through sam seeder. When we did break room live a a video streaming show before anyone could stream it on the last to in carnation, you of air america, and I used to shoot bits with me will directed bits they commercials and also just ripping, street. We had kind of a stranger slightly, competitive, a relationship
and he was here in l, a and came over to visit, so we recorded our first a few with matthew segment in over twelve years was near a point in our friendship where mister was over in in my wings. I remember walking down the street yeah and it was like really. I could fuck you with your alexander technique and your arrogance I mean who the fuck, if it wasn't for the alexander technique, I'd be crippled today, you don't own but badly. My spine and neck are fucked up from being an editor and sitting in a chair for twelve hours a day I was like I know it was over like I I you thought I I remember what it was. What was it cause they're like who the fuck? Do you think you are? You think you know everything about movies right? That was because I believe, on the heels of the a for mentioned dust up about while you were the one who is really what did it? I think so. It's new parameters, ass. I know who the fuck he and I have never heard. Anyone say that to me so really came as a shock. Now, all right it may have been. So I also recall her. The make up wasn't wouldn't make up. Sacks knows them
up via time where you said- and this is all very pre shut. It was that it was happening, but it wasn't like what is today right and he said I'm playing at the beer garden near your house. we know that show yes and it was like terrible. Five people thought it was a funny shall I enjoyed myself here, but it was. I was there to see you right, and that was after that we, when aid at the diner- neptune and now no we're back. I mean a little. It was an irreparable, coming out of the fact that I'm sitting here talking to you right now should be evidence to the contrary that I always felt that there were. It was intention, but there was a you know, kind of strange ego, struggle. We had now with my belief, yeah. I dunno why you would think that living there you'll see that
It's up now and you can listen to it with the full marin subscription and anyone with a deputy have put subscription can go I can listen to those early segments at the very start of the archives. Just scroll all the way back to episode to yeah. That's a long time ago now, week. Folks next week, I'm in tucson arizona at the rio theatre on september, sixteenth fee, Sarah zone at stand up live on september, seventeenth bowl colorado at the boulder theatre on. timber? Twenty second fort collins, colorado at the lincolns enter on september, twenty third and torrent Ontario at the queen elizabeth theatre on september, thirtieth in October fur then I'm in livermore california, at the bank, had theatre on october sixth carmel by the sea, California, at these sunset centre on october, seventh, Someone to go to that that ones on the edge of being cancelled.
I'll, be in london, england, at the blooms, very theatre, saturday and Sunday october. Twenty second and twenty third I'll be dublin, ireland had vicar street Wednesday october twenty sixth it's. In november and december in Oklahoma, city, Dallas, san Antonio Houston, eugene oregon, bend organ asheville, north carolina and nash tennessee. All leading up my hbo special taping, a town hall in new york city on. They december. Eighth. There are some take it still around for that I can show gonna deputy the compromise, tour for of dates and ticket info and I'll play us out. oh,
monkey and the thunder carriers. Yeah
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