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Episode 1366 - Bradley Whitford

2022-09-15 | 🔗
Since the last time he was on WTF, Bradley Whitford spent a lot of time listening to the show while taking walks. So he’s primed and ready to take his ongoing one-sided conversation with Marc back to the garage and turn it into a dialogue. Bradley and Marc talk about aging, Quakerism, having grown children, their changing perceptions about acting, and Gene Hackman. Also, as the fifth season of The Handmaid’s Tale gets underway, they confront the ongoing threats to democracy that make the show’s narrative too close to reality.

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all right. Let's do this, how are you what the fuckers, what the fuck nics, what the fuck bodies what's happening? A mark mare- and this is my podcast, our you as you tell that brad we whitford is on the show again aright. He He was on back in two thousand, a eighteen on episode, nine, o nine and ever since then, we'd always heard that dare he wanted back on the show, any time we would have him so turns out he's they're doing promotions for the new season of handmaids tail on hulu and its like a good time to do it like what does he want? What is What did we leave? unsaid, me and missed word for it. I sum you can see and no from this show we are doing second interviews, sometimes now we are having repeat guests more so now, navigierst shorties shorty, but for fervour big talks,
if there is a conversation that continue having I'll. Have it also, there's a new batch of handmade deputy of cap mugs. They go on said today and it's the only time you can get him unless you guest on the show. These are and thrown mugs made by Brian Jones, with our work our friend deemer and you can at them today, starting at noon. Eastern, it brian our jones dot com. So I shot these, I believe, are they knew buster and sammy mugs. the I believe we ve moved beyond the original crew. These ones do not have my face on him. These are specifically a sammy mugs. They don't have the old one boomer and monkey. a fonda in me and I think we ve kind of these are all more powerful. And I believe they just have the two new guys, but now there's another new guy. I got another
charlie beans roscoe, as some of you have been there. Following a long is, is in the house and I gotta be honest, he's a little fucker. This gets about two months old, I'd, say and change, and out of his mind, sammy was a little always seemed a bit nervous when was a kitten sammy did I had a look of found worry on his face. Almost all the time yummy kitten, but he was very easily like buster. Just turn that I out you I to know what Sammy could have been without buster, but busted Definitely they now have a fairly. I think in and inappropriate to gay bs m relation today. I think that Sammy only a submissive and there is dominant and you know their their adult cats and aid
your thing viral. How Sammy would have been without buster but sammy, pretty much locked into the submissive role pretty quickly but bus? beat the shit out of him. I mean not beat him up, would get him down like pin him with his mouth on us wrote Emily mean was terrible to watch, but eventually you know Sammy just kind of took it. I bought. This is my lot in life. I'm gonna be a submit. to this monster. Buster monster but your sammy's ok, I mean he didn't turn out to be the most affectionate. It's a weird thing with cats, I mean he's a cat cat he's, not a people cat, he's nice, but here I don't know what the fuck he wants to know. What sam you want to. I don't know how yeah he doesn't want to be held. His wont be picked up. Okay, I've had plenty of cats who don't like that? That's fine, he has really like being had that much. I just don't know what he wants in its you, don't What you're gonna get with the cat and ie hope for the best? If you get a kitten This is amazing kid. What an amazing cactus cats genius it might even be an alien and then
to be a year old know. I'd majesty fat bore this. I didn't do much and I guess I'm I'm into unlocked in for fifteen to twenty years on this, with this cat as I apparently he's gonna get kind of fat, and I'm not going to know what he wants from me. If anything, That's where sam landed, I mean look. I love the guy when in the morning he he sit my chest and help a little bed, not pat him, and then you know, hill just sit there and look at me. parliament no you'll get uncomfortable only, but that that is the most of it only happens in the morning and that's what affection happens but you're, on the other hand, is got more affectionate and they're both getting big because I'm homo, when I'm homo time just were to meet all day, so Sammy get fat, fosters gettin lean and just bulky, like tough
investors, are very congenial weird. Cat kind of a genius remained a genius still corky interesting engaged and you're not really I hear you too, you know. Sometimes you guys surprise you so these my cats, user, my guys and I've. The cardio out there, which means I've got coyotes literally sweeping in my yard, because they think it through a coyote the cavity version of a lobster tank. They think that at some point, just be able to to pick which one they want now prepared for them are just throw it out. Front Here you go three cats again three cats So I'm heading the tucson tomorrow and I adding to phoenix on saturday, looking forward to those shows, I like arizona, I have history in arizona lot of history in arizona
my my brother were there for years, my ex first x y. It is from there I guess my old man's coming out. My might my dad's why his driving my father out to see the show in phoenix and will see how much of that he retains will see if he knows who I am will see were were act with that process. By tat that'll, be it'll, be good to see him beer. Be good to see the old guy and data watch. We do material about amused to enjoy that. Hopefully that will still be the case. and yet and I've got a bunch of their dates coming up dead. That's that's! What's going on, I don't know. What's going on with hurts what he's is on with hurts car rental. How come I can never rent a car with hertz anymore, not that I care I mean I guess, but I was always a hurts guy support. corporate loyalty. I just every time I try to get a fuckin hurts then I've cars available for me, and I thought
because I would usually picked them up The ring of another place- and I understand why that's not do any more because the supply chain issues in the inability to buy new cars but I don't know what happened earth and I take it personally. I mean after us, in point. Here's the fucked up thing about dumb loyalty to corporate, to tease. Is that. You assume there some sort of pay off that dead sums that that loyalty will be rewarded, sometimes His frequent flyer miles that works out sometimes need fuck. I need to take a trip with those but this hurts, as I hope me at all- and I've been them for years and years, and I have used them consistently and now I can't I can't bear we get a car anywhere and am over budget. Which, for some reason, feels like nodded goodbye, don't I'm not even sure anymore. I think they're all the fuckin same. Look you guys! Listen safety, a view in your loved ones should always be taken seriously correct right, then why do so many home security companies make things complicated and expensive for you
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if you can do comedy, can do drama syn ball. I like him the new season of the handmade stale streaming on who, with two episodes up now and new episodes, every wednesday in this is me talk into bradley. Again we get into the quaker thing. Here we go and You do need to talk in the mighty one, for you said you know how to do it Have you done animated, yeah, yeah yeah? I've done some this I why? What are they? I forget them? you don't even register. I give you my word, I gotta go nor bank ray hours yea. What is it again to mouse? You? Ok, you do a silly stuff. Did you ever do voice overs commercial? I down brag dumped some big animated movies. Lately right, I was in bad guys
was the snake. Mister ache with rockwell mean rock romola. Smuggle leads you just do, our voice, I'm guy this you're doing he's doing we just don't sam. Who was good. It was one of those people who could just like be themselves. Well, that's used to be one way to do it. It seems that a lot of people get hired or order that or do one a you know, sir, Thank you, your work with those real those real animated guys. I gather their raising and it s just odd and ngo right into it? but it's a weird like, like my wife and land records. She did nothing but voice overs in chicago before shot from a transparent. I just saw her in something else. I just see her in a movie. What is herein power, serious man? I know she's great serious man by thought. I just saw her something new.
but maybe it wasn't. My hadn't seen series man until recently now she's a neighbor, oh my gosh neighbour, on the I am every juice did stream. I'm married too yeah? Why that she was great in that, but that's a great movie, it's great! It's a great jew movie, if you're a jew but you're, not a jew. What are you on, Two was I mean you're, I don't know I tv, but would you grow up with what I grew up with the religion of quaker. What yeah? What really? love! You t change man quaker yet do If furniture, No there's a shakers, yeah yeah yeah, we're we're! Not the pennsylvania, dutch! You not do not mennonites! Now! Now it's not it's a different thing: it's basically amish, almost no, its, not amish. it's not amish life! Saying that you do. it's not homage. You know I make the association weirdly is
the quicker outbox. Might that must be it a right that guy right that guy the quaker oats guy in the started. It makes me think of wilfred brimley. Yes, did you work with that guy? I did really it. I am what Am I my fellow americans was he go? was one of the I don't think I'm the ice the heap he passed. We I hear he was He was one of those guys and he was like the quaker oats guy yeah. So your expecting, you know very earnest yeah you feel like he made me. Quaker oats The idea that, like this is good for your heart, which is bullshit, is it yeah? smart good for your heart. Not really I mean, is as good as any fiber in theirs. Better fibre, I mean you know outside carbohydrate, in the big in the big picture.
because information not great for the heart. He was so sweet and any kind of cuddly in those adds now and then a ban, don't try and direct impact. it doesn't take any shit, yeah yeah. What am I thinking of what he he was in the firm yeah? He was in the first great actor as great in the great angle was the last time we watched that movie. It's a pretty good movie long time ago, from yeah what it was I dunno it's tom cruise, everyone was in it: dude yeah, yeah, yeah, LG, tripplehorn, jeannie tripler, the other guy from the chicago crew, terry, terry, Kenny, his eyes interior honey, the he's gray from step away from setting author. Yeah remedies in it, I always make the jackman hackmen hackmen no better nobody's, but nobody's better. The greatest moment of my one of the greatest moments about this is a name drop here, but we already drafted, but I was doing a play.
in new york yeah and I took a shower and there's a knock on the door as gene hackman yeah. He wanted to get in the shower yeah he wanted to get in the shower. I said it's, I think you're great totally awkward, but wilford brimley. I always use as a joke because if you feel this way, but I feel like there's no subway between being like. I feel I was like a young actor starting out and then now I'm wilfred fuckin brimley now quite get in there. We could play m mmm we alter than he wasn't cocoon really yeah by the way you're always talking about it like it's hard, because I I walk a lot and I listened to you- show Yassir year in my nerves, boomer problem no yeah. No! But yours talking, like your word about aging and everything and its, I just want to say on behalf of everyone whose older than you it's depressing to hear someone younger than me
a bemoaning? The eight am moaning it. I think I'm trying to accepted preemptively, because I thought that there is not a lot of grace in most people, aging, especially in this town. Oh yeah, anne and I grow up with the very vain mother who is now being you just. trampled by age and has nothing in place to to deal with it with any humility in it and it humiliates her and freaks her out totally yeah. So I I think I'm just trying to get ahead of it in this, and sat preemptively accepted. We knew about it. I'm right, I'm not fraid of it, I'm not bemoaning it not don't feel old, but I don't like My big problem right now is is like I dont there was I thought we were trying to work towards not working so there's pardon me that that
so I go on. I got enough money saving stuff. Maybe I should start thinking about like what I would do with some peace of mind in another country to enjoy what the left of this world. I think he'd go nuts, and if you what people say, but I don't know if that's true I dont know. I know what people say that, but I many people have tried it and I know people who retired that that the story is like he retired in any died right but like we, both live and have worked in professions where we have more free time, the most people. Sometimes four months right. I don't dont not enjoyed during covered. I was like hey: I'm ok, not working as long as everyone else is not working right right. That's what that's real! That's it! That's! What finally com to air? Like everyone down its later, actually this is not bad. If nobody elsie is longs to race has been called off Everyone is static. Area really is pathetic. Now
Indeed, I think about this. First of all, to reassure thing about aging. Is you know it all ends. Well, always ends up it's weird, because I had a mom yahoo. The hat his time in her life truly yeah. and you wouldn't have thought this would be the case or if you met her when She was in her forties, but the hat This time of her life was sixty five on the, which was incredible until the last two years. Where was your dad. here we are, he was around four chunk of it. Ok, yeah yeah I did was there relief when My dad passed, yeah yeah was because you know his health had been failing and it was forever and I was difficult. It was really funny because she was in her mid eighties and
my mom was born in nineteen fourteen. She would be like a hundred and eight, so she was inner eighties and all these guys, like some guy who live like in the building here as it likes. His tongue down your throat? Be all these old widower? This word now in philadelphia. All I want a western, fairly yeah Like I was a nice, it was cruel. Sorry, my funds but all the crazy, the old people there they're fucking nuts yeah yeah, but the men, the men want of that generation. They wanted a wife and she's like I'm done, yeah yeah yeah. Well. Why would you sign up for that? I barely understand why you signed up for it. I don't like I've been married twice. I've got no kids, and I don't understand the marriage thing well, standard, but if you like, I need to do it. Well, then you shouldn't
you sure you shouldn't you shouldn't sweet the quaker thing? Yes, how'd, you have they handle death, quakers well, parents, like all my mom wanted in her obituary was proud, atheist b, Quaker. She didn't want some ass. She put it god. Damn man in a costume telling me what to believe: okay and the quaker oats guy yeah, yeah yeah, there's no minister, there's no priests, there's no rabbi in quakerism in quaker meeting, it's basically a meditation. I kind of knew this and it's like a group. Meditation and quaking is standing up and talking and it was a place for progressives ok, I want a traditional org. Religious or is it is, it is a Jesus based its.
Is based, but it was it. The Jesus stuff was not pressed on made. The sort of non denominational, fundamental values of of of of Jesus was you know what was the point, so that was the day they put a premium on the wisdom and not the mythology. was Jesus a great guy yeah. Could we all aspire to that moral development? Of course, son of god, no more than a bush and interesting back coming back now. No, in fact my ma am, I would say what pissed off about organise religion. Were these like spiritual party tricks like if It's like, if you need like someone to do a magic trick here. If you can't look at a flower or look into your cat eyes and know, there's a god that you will never understand. There's no hope for you,
right. She worshipped the reform jews. Like I end, we were in the midwest. At that point, I've heard you talk on the show about. There was like one guy in my high school years: jewish four thousand people in the high wow and what tied it in madison real and I didn't encounter it but hearing someone say something: anti semitic. Until I went to college in the east yeah and is it was interesting. Wait so now anti semites with the ones you I guess I didn't feel threatened. Yet we we're corner where he was and understand it yeah yeah yeah. He understood that at fraud. Aids is the debate.
but your mom worship reformed. You did a she like in an in a way that would make your skin crawl, the jewish people, who were the you know their families were strong and they were great story tellers so funny people, but by a little stingy with money no, that never that never gave up as it is right at the edge of stereotype or rewrite it got right up there at one. I always scare people. Can I tell giusto yeah. I too, you may know this and guy in the in the jewish resistance war, two journalists. He gets the information that Hitler's going to cross a bridge at eight o'clock. So he wires up the two guys where the bridge they get down here. Bushes, eight o clock, no hitler, fifteen thirty, no hitler, forty five one through the other ngos. Oh my god, hope he's all right.
It's a sweet job yeah it is it is I like it. I like it. I, like those jewish jokes, I that's one, the one I shall a lot just because my father is the one about the gag see the doctor, yes m good in his head, That is a good, his verses erika she would evacuees accurate. You have cancer, or, with the goodness you see that reception is a front on that issue. this is a solid job so low that then quakerism is a good one. That's a good one to be brought out their apps at absolutely great people, there is a there's, a wonderful all saints church which has placed that does a lot of progressive political stuff. We place I've here, in europe involved with it impasse in pasadena pass I have been reactors, may have you have kids right? I do I have in fact this morning
my sweet, my baby had it. She had her wisdom teeth and she howled she's. Nineteen album for for how my guy all four free or factory I she's on account of their bloody but the worst. Now, my god, But she's got a man. I have. A son has twenty two daughters, twenty four there school and at a school in out of school in legal, yeah they're doing other relationships, yeah they're good. the relationships. First of all- They make me very, very happy here therein these in these kind of long relation. Yes,
and I love all the people there with her- aren't you can't win because they are worried here if there alone and you're worried if they're with someone diaz horrible things happen, but there there with really good, but they made it, but they made it through the timing. The grown ups now yeah, I may I imagine the real fear is when there are sixteen and so on. There now nineteen year old who, that kind of shit, yeah yeah leg, you no kind of wobble on the skates and you know the go through What you are that did I with them with them a father. yeah, the young girl, you know little brain or regular stuff. Yeah it's pretty. I guess it's somewhere. I just don't have them so I dunno, but I imagine everybody goes to it was pretty regular. I was scared because a lot of weird I went through a lot of weird shit when you were when you were a high school like what kind. Allows weird
I want the item retrospective. I want you somewhere chip, dad. I know that I talk about you know with that, but I getting frame it that way with women that word way to old, oh yeah. In high school. Like that, where it was just the what I wasn't hours consenting, but I was still a young. Were they teaching they weren't teachers. the school, but they are, they were teaching rash. I was trying to learn some you. You were trying to that's why I was there. I was trying to learn slimy literally a teachers. Pet yeah baby in retrospect out in a way I maybe a team, but I got I don't mind it. I'm not critical of it right. it was. It was fine for me. It didn't go! Well, you know. Didn't you wasn't. Was like wow. Thank you for changing my life. You know it didn't add anything good to my life, but I don't and it was as dangerous. No who's your they married, maybe may hard enough
in between things, come in almost not married, This is weird. Is we're thing to talk about that and to me, I've never talked about this to anybody. Oh no know anybody who knows me now you may ask the shrank nasa but I had a really funny thought about this. The other day Can you, if I say of, can you like something out of place here, yeah- that's the phone number of my sixth grade teacher who voted. Did you hear fuck, you, I wouldn't call it that we get some yeah man, woman, woman,
and it was always this kind of securing the young. Oh yeah, And this may sound weird, but I. I've always like you, ve talked until I was reading millbrook thing, and that was he was talking about how you know lucky, he feels that you know everybody in show. Business like cunning. Neurotic here comes from some dark fucked up plays in here, and he came from this like really loving family. We ended. He just wanted to sort of continued the love that vienna that, like what propelled them into show business, and I always felt that way, because I feel very. Lucky in my family, which was very secure. I was the last kid it was It was very happy time, but I realized that, I had a moment in seventh grade
was after six great when I, after I left this place, where this very weird dark thing happened in. I had gotten weirdly depressed in a way. I was not that kid, but I became severely dry and from the event from the event, it was one thing I didn't know it was an on going. I probably know the number What do you mean? You knew her phone number? Oh yeah, yeah, so yeah it was ongoing a I was ongoing and there were letters and it was very confusing, wow very, very, very, very confusing anyway I had a moment that I like that sort of an epiphany worse and fell in love with acting here which I always thought was kind of unsullied like It was this and it was right after that and
We ve been thinking about this lately cause like, I feel, like a flock somebody where did that out that it was like right after this thing- and maybe it was this sort of just kind of shallow joy of his. of escape? I always articulated it like I had a moment with acting where it felt like it was the only integrated activity like one. sports have to turn off my head, my heart when I, when I'm reading a book, I have to turn off my body and there's something I love about acting cause. It's like when it's working which is rare its it feels completely sort of integrated and and just raised. Lee. I, since I've been thing about this, and I'm like, am I doing this right recent? or like framed it that the year that that acting you, you said that the real could be because we shall obey the first
I thought it could be ptsd. They are will that pisses me off trauma based, not not sort of like over. Did I just get into it, because my teacher molested me like that, shallow. Nobody, like could be like these of the feelings or trying to be somebody else interesting like whatever you that good use of whatever? Why I think with more interesting, is that in your as your personal narrative grew, you know you you're you're, seventh grade epiphany or some sort of like you know, cathartic like this, is what's going to integrate all my creativity, yeah he's just like of iraq. What the kid like teacher grabbed his debt yeah, it's just not as good a story, it's not as inspiring, it's pretty good. You gotta change your public narrative guy, do your master class? How
be an actor. If you really want to be an act, no, but it really upsets me because some sub I was I was dying, is just to somebody a long long time ago. This is the story and they're like oh well, that's like kind of exactly They said how did it make you feel, and I said it, the given like a weird, awareness of connections people make that that, ass boundaries, it gets me and appropriately. Yes, it is me it kind of confidence, because an adult was responding to me, but there was this fucked up masts underneath the idea, I don't got, and this guy said well, that's exactly what you're acting is gonna, confident with all this packed up shit, avenant I have like three affirming the new narrative yeah, I'm like what the fuck I thought I was good at that
while you were you weren't you you wanted to juilliard to manage. It took here are two polish it to polish it up to polish your problem. My turn to your trifling matter. If you trauma gittin you're trauma, turd professional dramaturgy, it's not a drama to know it's not islamic nerd. No, but we're making light of something that is serious and and- and you know I don't want to be insensitive- you were sexually, did by an adult inside, grade and it's not me it doesn't matter what sex one is or what they are. Still it's an inappropriate fucked your head up, yeah strike she. You know kind of strikes, you dumb what happened was there was a reprisals there and out this person at a problem, and had a history of it out,
I ended up going going away. But It was very, very weird, I you know, for a room. You knows confusingly, I'm I'm parents, you told them or or why or tell something was a you know. Something was really weird, but it seems like so you you were like showing this signs and symptoms of somebody who had been your mother. Stood and in an fell, shame yeah engine I didn't know what I remember I was in a you know. I was in sixth grade and it was like I wasn't. It was like spring break or something I wasn't going to see this person and er Returning to my brother, goin arch, aren't you depressed. It was like depression, we're whether where our it was like. Aren't you right there? You don't? You feel
You know I was love sick for this. For this I see you you're aching for this person. I didn't know what it was. You are in it emotionally to ye or what it was like: a real thing: yeah yeah, wow, yeah and apparently it's something that I you know. Apparently, ex great boys. You know if you like yeah, I guess that's what happens chaldeans. great thirteen, twelve right when it all happened. Freaky while did so, but but thank god, you because now I have a great career cause work a lot yet now I wear make up for a living, so it's great skill what happened to that lady I've niner. Dude. I retired calvin number. You remembered I have to I feel, like I'm still making jokes. I apologize that enough. No, no, it's okay, she's, probably gone dead. You think
but she did get in trouble. a little bit. You know the people, don't you know. What's eating, There is a big problem, the shit. Why is europe where, as a kid, you cannot tiggle in it but We are aware that you will- you live in a world controlled by adults and this any discussion of this will explode that world and that's why interesting? It's such a nose do sick, yes, and and you don't even have the words to talk about it, doesn't matter if your parents are going to. Are you okay, what's going on and will I under like I understand I will and this was not, I don't want to sit like this was not on going. You know, you know raper anywhere
anything like that, but it. But then what was really fucked up. I totally understand how people go. Through much worse versions of this and an hour when I have unable to talk about because then you know, with the whole it's true. I never got off the like now You see now on top of getting fucked with you clean up the fucking mess, and you know it has not fuckin right right myself. not just shame it's. It's you eat out. It shattering your entire reality in a way and also being seen completely differently, and you guys I victim, yeah yeah. I thought I'd like you liver, I you cannot talk like can't talk about it. You know I like it, It was funny because I know I that particular thing. I never really thought about. I am going to take on a art and I thought
I was gonna. This is the first time I ever talk to shrink and I talk about how my relationships were crazy and I really wanted to be a writer and instead of just this fucking thing came out of my mouth right thing that happened and realized that it was just sort of a living under their yeah, and you feel enjoy well, that you ve processed it now now no, I'm just like hacking through the jungle with a dull machete, like everybody else still have no I'm. Not I'm fine and I get it I had but a, but it takes a while to like sorted out and also think as you get older, you know in the the one thing I noticed about it in our having dealt with with some loss and also dealing with this getting older thing is that these random sort of like
means or or even longer than moments of of a most in just happen. Yes, and and you're just sitting in it did. It doesn't feel like a rat it out of nowhere but there is a heavy in others there is. There is almost like a well of of sir agnes, that that, that is, has had enough the like you're all filled up nasa. Is it still comes court now, occasionally right right ran in those moments. You have to be like what what is disconnected and and and you find those things right, you find these weird heart. Making things are right in your. My aromatic thing you can play, you can put you can put in you can put a name. It helps to put a name, I think so yeah and an end in that just part of it that is part of the unloading and by the everyone's dinged. everyone's every alliance, so
What happened? What jean Hackmen, He said I thought you were really good in the play and I was like well, you just made my life ah good you can get out of the shower and by the way I was in six grade, but either way are you recording gene? because I wanted. I wondered broadcasts. Let me tell you something real. What what made you ought to start acting gnp, whereas the sixth grade, hey jean you're, really good at acting, is because somebody with new and cause it. I think it's helping me why? What would you please grieving jean hackmen what is it about that guy cause? There's only there's a rare guy with the going through a little bit of it. I dont know armed and through I don't know,
just really realizing how crazy act acting is giza. I don't know I'm just more aware of how crazy it is or if I'm getting neurotic about it. I don't think I'm getting neurotic about it. I think I'm just realising what an insane thing- and it is there's some insane actors- oh oh yeah, but but I was going to this thing where alike leg there's something about when acting is just off right like you want to fuck and die right. Oh my god, you can answer. Why are you can't when you're watching acting that doesn't work we write or to play that doesn't work here? It's it's beyond just wrong. We like it's. a sour note, and you want to die here now
when you're doing it or you're in front of around out worse what you're doing right vote like an hour working with somebody. I know not where you're in the audience and just now a washing machine like there's nothing worse. Why is it so bad? It's because like when you're like rehearsing playing or even like just trying to be truthful on film I feel so elusive to like to get to that sir truthful finger and then you go outside its like, china begin, opera, singer or you're trying to be like a comedian and you walk out on the street and everyone passing you and the guy at the deli is richard fucking, pryor, they're, totally truthful, there's not a fake moment there, and then you try and do your stupid little thing and you're just friday, MC fuck fuck see he finally realized what a fraudulent endeavor you're involved in it. Just
it's just me, not only that I appear to be doing it for the wrong reasons. I imagine that's not unusual thing for actors experience and I noticed when I watch lately I've got a little more in tune to you, especially older actors, where you just start to see like us. Doing nothing. He does We have to acknowledge the fact that arguably, the greatest actor on the planet, moral and brandy area did not give a flying fuck you just now now there's no up great opera singer who doesn't give a flying around there's no Daniel. You can get away with act, get away oh absolute and I think, like the more I talked to you, there are some dudes that get into acting for the for the thing for the craft, and then there are just other dudes that just don't want to work and and and and and hope that hope they get like yeah sure sure they're just sort of like you know it's like kiss me. It's really what
fuckin you're in the trailer for ten hours? guy either. We talked about, though, as the book and trailer, but no, but there there are some dudes it like it's like look. I've got this thing. I can do I've got this con job I can run. I got this hustle and if I do the hustle right, I can do whatever the fuck. I want my life argument. The trailer on malibu beach again. You know like you'll, get horse. I can drive like when you see these actors liking the way the cold in there is a generation like Steve mcqueen that we're going to go drive race cars. That's why they act it's because they're, like you know, I I never wanted a real job and I've got this thing I can do and that people pay me to do it and I can go drive racecars, it's true. It's true, although alike Hackman clearly gave a fuck we totally, but he also had this kind of. Hurry was, I heard it could be rough
I already could be like you know- yeah difficult mindset which I fucking hate. I hate people who are difficult wide eyes. This fine difficult, I hate people that like will make an entire set of people, wait because there I've done eating or their cutting their toenails in their trailer? Would diva shit. I can't you, if someone's and not job and is at it with the director. I imagine I for a little while, but that it should the people that are. I just think, like everybody scared, this is hard. Nobody knows what they're doing and I find in my experience the people who are most precious about about their own re out, as are the most oblivious to everybody, but you know everybody else's and it becomes like a family where all the you know all the attention only added to them to the to the night, the first name on call she not always now, if you know I think,
said something somebody I remember who it was, but I always think about it about acting, he says he said dumb in terms of preparation. Yes, I know how to film myself up ray it's weird, they know cause. I do I really love that I I I it still scares me I love it. But it's weird for me to love, something I'm not sure that I respect What is it that, what's going on you having a crisis of respect? No I'm not! there's no way. I knew not feeling like you're fraud Oh! No! You just think it's ridiculous profession. I think it's pretty crazy. It's pretty creature like it's like it's! I mean, I feel so lucky I
I haven't like survivors guilt, given the opportunities you're good at it new again. You know you gotta intensity to get a yes, hang them that whitford gang yeah yeah. It's a teacher, gamey fuck you drama charm now, but this this is something the troubles me about. Acting its more interesting to watch walk in not say pay the salt than it is to see somebody who is aware of their gas bill safer. The shop insane is fond? very interesting to watch. That troubles me well well, yeah, but that's always decay. Yeah year me like you, can't you just can't captured that lightning in a bottle. You know I could have somebody truly nuts. You know just going along for the ride. Really I oh bagger hackmen. I think part of reason. Hackmen good is
he's got a little edge is got a little like contempt thing that the kind of gives him confidence out an a where it comes from I of that ilk yeah, there's a couple of those guys yeah. yeah and also I hackman just sort of like I'm done, I'm going to santa FE yeah yeah ride. My bike and paint pictures read: go fuck yourself, yeah write some books uncle, I'm good yeah, yeah yeah he's doing what what dream enough. You're not gonna. Do that, though you like doing what you do, I do. Stand. What comes down to me? Dude is, and I've enjoyed trying to do the acting united, a united desert Diana such as bores, you shitless. Why? Just
like I, you know. I just sit around trying not to eat everything so light tat. There. That's is sort of like it, whatever their crasser go, aggressors and in their image like I could bring us look, I'm guessing you sitting there in someone else's clothes. You can't be, you know with the it we're in among come here. I think you might suck whose robe exists. Why is there a better trailer than this one? How come it's always a vinyl couch? Can't they just make real couch energy, like I mean, also it's like the right. Don't if we talk about specifically before them? The excitement of it is ten minutes way, twelve hours to shoot do you think a few times I am I want to enjoy the process, but a lot of times I I don't think I'm going to suck, but I think I need to be doing more than I'm doing the last couple of times. I've acted. I've done some preparation, I've thought about the character and then, the time I get on set there. I know just what you just do your good you're gonna. My tiny really do. I know you're good. This were either
What are one thing I have spent a lot of my life in on going luckily sort a high and dramas right right, ongoing series think is really interesting. We all know that our attention spans or shattered by your fuckin phones right, but there Is this weird cultural compensation, this appetite for these? dickensian, sprawling, store ia and when you see tony come in, and bark carmel as yes and five. You like you ve, been through the whole marriage. He had you been in bed with them, yet it's very, very intimate nea and I don't know about you, but any time I've ever done a movie no fucking idea. If it's gonna work, you no matter what movie it area and yeah. You know I envy
fucking, comedian, the end and songwriters and poets cause. You can work on some for a week and go up while it doesn't work and off like like it. If you're making a movie about three years, and then you go to the screening and it's like it's a fuckin turd like you can, just fuck shit fuck you like we have to go through the whole process and promote it, and then we go on me like Jesus, x like you really don't know if it works at all, and if you you believe all up to that's what you're saying is that, like you have no control now you do your little thing like I'm, the only guy doing my little thing. Yes, I just gotta answer to me, but you put your heart into something then you're like okay. I hope you,
it made me, look bad yeah, like imagine imagine if somebody could magically somebody who owned you magically come in and fuck up your timing, yeah yeah, it's it's it's a! But if you're doing like a west wing or how long the show comes on and not everybody likes. It merely got your audience her and then acting becomes really interesting, because yet this long relationship with character long if you have, you know we're good writing at the show success of black and white. Ultimately, the big lesson for me ultimately with acting was to make choices liking I can I can the present butler if you are going to. I need to know how to say these words in this way and run it in my head. A couple of times then lose it right I see I always the longer I get to do this. I get I
so let the word cause. Everyone says: make a choice: make choice, make choice right, gotta, make choices yeah. They also say you'd, tat story, telling you how to drop that way. storyteller areas storyteller, that's that sounds kind of oh well. This is a whole thing. I was thinking about this lake. Great choice in our care finish. The choices think like it's like, You gotta make a choice like every acting school. It's a you know it's it's poor, its border learning learning how to act. I Actually the older. I get yeah. I got do a thing with? Is where I was just briefly. What, in a with moral streep and the anime like
as far away as the mike. You know, fear while she's doing this here this thing and I'm like oh she's, playing five pianos five piana here She is not me in a choice she is getting played its the difference between performing is seen in getting played a way. It's it's a difference between good acting in great acting like alison Janni. Someone, who's the sensation uses a movie with me? Oaks love her love, her love, her lowering, but but that distinction- and there is another distinction that I've that I feel between good acting in great acting is good. Acting is like, really well done, but it's like your in school great, acting like fuckin recess and often conflicting things going on their work. It there were.
Twenty different things going on in Austria, I just had an interesting thing, because the moss, who I absolute the door I ve never seen any body as an actor take more initiative in the overall storytelling. I I it mary Ann she's, doing basically sophie's choice. The series, so I was doing it's very difficult. Emotionally I like the handmaid's tale was marilyn. Amazon was Marilyn that now now, when I see what you're in the fifth season of the thing yea yeah. So and I got to talk about Margaret outward but but directing her and I ate, as an actor like, I have a really weird relations which like like, like with directors so like we about it fuck you, I suck. Ok, ok, what right
and add, like there's all these things, and I hate that, like that directors do like the worst thing is like that, like the girl cat. and then they just gonna come up close to you. It's just like inarticulate disappointment, it's like! I'm, not sure why, god? What is it, but man just does not work. And I I found myself of myself doing that, but, I yeah or just because you're you're you're, trying to be clear, it'd, be something you keep to yourself and just say like I've, I've haven't done that much acting but like the one that always me, but I think, is the best. Is this certainly won't do it again? I think we should go and do it again. Yeah yeah yeah you do it again here once again by or
we have this really exciting. Take. When I got to direct- and I know what I had said- the lizzie like- I was just but I am, but I I just screened on the said, I said pretend I just said something brilliant and do whatever the fuck you want here now I was joking and and she it was an extraordinary take with a lot of conflicting things are going and how may how many episodes direct just just what now got it just one, but it what interesting to me is This generally need direction, but if I had to old, her anything it was, She would have been playing my direction right and what are they raced all contradictory, humanity that that was that was in that it was happening that this character she'd been doing for years now to yet so she knows that
yeah, oh man. Yes, and it's very tough thing for directors and from the outside. Remember these guys, like you know come in and trying to erect a house and Janni and like your forum, where I took one director behind a flat. I was like she, she house, a pumpkin at it. It just let her go. and what is it? What is the vibe on? What was the vibe on the set now with survivor said? Well, I mean like, since the war- I guess you guys were already done by the time roe v wade got fucked none are now we know we were doing now. It's fucking like it. It's it's it's I oh, it's got it such a fuckin nightmare it's such a dark time. What one I was going to say about martyr out here, sergeant is at the reptilian brain stem of white nationalism. You know always
has been so, the show is unfortunately more and more relevant and I think the basic sort is if you wanna get academic bad at the sort of theme of the show is how do you remain and being in an inhumane world work, but you know canyon margaret out would was doing interviews- and I heard her say this thing that just fuckin shook me. She was talking about a you and I have grown up in or in a world where democracy is inevitable and inclusion the expansion of inclusion. The out you know, is inevitable she's like, It's an aberration. Rarely happens it stay; instead, it is the exception and you have to fight for it and protected. but she said, and she said I you know. I know this may offence and people are not saying saying it to offend them. I think it's something about human nature that we have to acknowledge. She said it's part of the reason that progressives are
at a disadvantage when facing fascists, and the fact is this: it was fun to be a nazi. I mean you know it's fine, to get five year, you know, sir, are there to be a be given d, given the lights in the licence, the licence to be a monster yet to hate and hurt Yan our own of all, while programme while progressives are going, we really need to be more just, and yet we are really need to take care of the ec turkey look someone's crying right. Yet right well without a given? But it's very you know it's very alive or someone's dead or whatever yeah yeah me. Let me that, but you, but getting back to work or time on terms of stopping or me retiring, like all think about dude? Is that, like you know,. in terms of like working in terms of being a stand up, as you are right, I know that my job for a certain
type of person is to provide some sort of relief. I can't anybody hope I can share the way I think of the world. I can create some sort of your dark world I had an executive is very funny. Where am I a show for fx- that we're trying to get them to make a series- and me my my partner micro writer, sam lips, I choose a novelist grit, yet so, where it notes with their dad was this robber. The chair, where, doing notes and nick grad says know. We just give them the story for a second script and he's you know, he's he's on zoom and he's like you know I don't have any specific notes, but if we just get it from bleak too dark and I'm like that's what I do. So,
from a whole chewing deciding radio right with so, but but but in a way you First of all, most people are are, are are d and you're, not dumb they're, just their ignorant and they're. Not paying attention is it. You can't call this. The g p anymore and until somebody starts talking about fascism for what it is in a real way in this country in a real way, because their acting. That way, it's a shameless combination of flat out, majority rule fuckers a bunch of christian weirdos who are now group together for the same cause and it's it's it's real problem and we might well price might lose. So in my mind, do I want to spend my life as a an adult artist error or whatever the fuck. I am doing what I do
the eu dealing with that question that you just said Margaret atwood posed, which is, can we be a human can. We still exist with the humanity within this system right and it's like it's going to be different, how it manifests here, but so when I talk about retirement or whatever I he's trying to figure, I cook I've earned I've I've. I've earned my spot in the world have contributed by contribute, You know, I don't know if I can facilitate change. I know I can make a certain type of overweight sensitive, progressive reactive person, you'll feel less alone right, but I, but like I'm, I dont have a platform big enough to to eat. I'm not leading people against the fascist on raising awareness. Well, I this brings up an interesting thing than I think about all the time. One of the reasons not only for the structural reasons, but one of the reasons why are progressives are at a disadvantage is the right because they are basic. Pursuing business
interests fuelled culture, war, yeah, that's basic! It's a business agenda, the right stands. What is, I think, is actually the truth, which is that politics is the way you create your moral vision. We think its culture, Culture is very, very important, but willing grace, won't help you, if you have a pre existing condition or you want to get married in your gag and and handmaids tail, won't help you. If you want an abortion, we we right. That's why I go. I tried to experiment this idea on stage the day. Words like we're having a lot of success in diversifying fiction, there's a lot of a lot of good stuff when terms representation and progressive ideas of action. That is exactly what I'm saying, but that's just a business and in whether or not that facilitate change in any way. I don't know, but but you know
the lit the mythological landscape of storytelling on our tvs is starting to look a little more colorful right right, while politically it's it's. It's whip sign when buying at away george fly dies. We watch this horror. We. Justifiably, even though we have seen a number of innocent blood men and women killed them. George floyd thing gets us on the streets and we do the diagnosis, which is absolutely necessary. You have to do the diagnosis, but it took that but where- there. You gotta stacy abrams, the treatment which we are kind of to cool for school. We don't want to run for the school board we dont and there using the levers of government, you know,
parry roving. You know twenty ten says the cup brothers gimme, what it was: seventy, seventy million, which is not a lot easier to them and I'll give you all the state houses. It happened. Wisconsin. well now like now that the other that was a long term agenda, but now this state houses, local governed, we don't have a long term agenda will need we need to fall in love. We need like Barack obama to come along the lines we all in love with won't aid, more civil servants and, like you said, no one wants to fucking, do that, but mostly craven idiots who to facilitate power of some kind. I got. I don't know what or or people that really I mean some of these. They really believe in this white nationalism. Thing visit full on, like you know like when we get yeah, we're we're we're outnumbered, I dare more, not fucking given up the ship, while they also they also were like amazed at their lack of shame. They think this is war- and
don't negotiable aid until the war's over right. It end in people. Forget that, like it psyche, there's part of our brains is for. If I can't understand these people take the do you don't have to other than they believe it well and and they're going to do whatever is necessary. Interesting them like one of the things we don't get. His leg like tromp like that, fucker imagine if I if, if if I, if I said on You'Re- ok good, this is what your audience needs to know about me. I'm incredibly rich nine phenomenally rich and the reason I'm so rich is on the greatest actor. Whoever if that enough, you saw my workin revenge, the nerds to homan nerds in Paradise, but I'm a genius. Like if I said that
seriously my stupid j d, whatever the fuck. This is business career would instantly justifiably over like like how an that shamelessness that that capacity for its hit, not for not having any shame it's like encountering. Someone is totally confident dick. It's it's like encountering someone who is not at the mercy of anything of gravity of em. The conscience real laws. He just just talk we even doesn't give a fuck em But but anyway, what I was trying to explain is that now I want to retire. that one that one that's the thing: it's like! You thought about a retiring. It's like work, However, my life is gone. You I dont have children. I've saved some money
You know I I you know. I have this gig. You know I like talking to people, and I think I add a lot to the world in what I do. I like doing stand up, but you know a few years from now. You know. I believe that you know living in california is gonna, become somewhat untenable. I die yeah. It was already when, when trump first became president, is afraid to travel as back on the road as if my point of view in certain places- because you go out into the world here. It's not like. I travel within entourage anyone's protecting me. I don't know who that guy at the front desk at a hotel is what he's gonna fuckin gun and we who is at the hotel, whose it like you shit, liberal, that's right but fortunately I'm not I'm not that on the radar, united mean I'm really not, which is fine. I can, and you in my audiences I'm not running. You know
rallies yeah. I have some mostly middle aged people, many of them women who were you know who just you know, enjoy what I do and I and I'm grateful menopausal democrats sure the same vms here My point is, like I dont know as I get older, you know what what have I got? What do I owe you So when I talk about retirement, it's not cause, I'm one, a life of leisure, I'm just I just fuckin. I applied through permanent residency in canada on the fucking around I dont know how enjoyable as it did, go out and like I'm doing the whole bit about like I don't give a fuck. If the mid west balkan ices into some christian fascist shit, yo yo we are for birth rate cultured nightmare because I'm not going there? I dont vacation in arkansas, but like it but then here's, the other side of that joke is like well. If it does become a country, and all these liberal jews, after weed california to movies were, can be stopped at the border in utah. There could be like every we been turned away before you, but that's, but but
point is like I'm just to figure out how? What is that rest of my life. Look like what is the fight for me. Do I need to fight? Am I fighting? Is there a fight to be won in or do we just be? Are we all just going to buckle and take it now? I think, there's I, I think, there's a fight to be won and I think that we have never been in this. We have been, I guess. I'm gonna use word privilege to be in a position where we ve never been challenged like this yeah of a lot of very spiralling people, basically everyone in civil rights movement would they were up against a lot fuckin worse a lot they were, but they were, they were actually in the streets doing something I don't know if it was a sure was worse, but I don't think it's been framed properly. Now it's pretty bad right now. I didn't understand when The rosy wade was overturned. Why? Why was? I was in canada and is in everybody on the streets like we were
or you know after the election, I mean by the way I do I do. I do have hope you do. I do I do, I know how fuckin you know seventy thousand votes three stolen to stolen supreme court seats, but third of our supreme court was now appointed by would clearly seems to be fuckin not only asshole, maybe even make those decisions right right, but it was there they took advantage of of one. Why, yes, where lay are since I think we are, I think people are wake- are waking up. My also think of my mom who you know lived lived through
spanish flu and earliest memory were, you know, was funerals and then the impression and then it looked like hitler was going to win and my dad's fighting you know over there and then the red scare and like like the shit, the shit bubbles up and it needs to be put the fuck down yo and I understand their young people, you know I'm in this quarter, quaker house, and my brother's a conscientious objector everybody we idolize was gettin killed on tv and the sixty mia, but I from my parents, internalize this unmistakable message that there was hope that think that the If was gonna, get better? I feel terrible because I dont think my kids have that I think they worry. Fascism, the planet's on fucking fire and I I Can't you drug safely anymore. Are you can like?
fentanyl was around when when we were fucking know hit Nach it I mean I mean I'm sober a long time, but like one line of like what you think is coke, it's over and he foaming at the mouth and it's over. Seventy. My daughter knows young kids. First your college in new york line of cocaine, LISA fetnah gagged, no yeah dead, dead, sweet. Soul gone so yeah yeah in ways I didn't mean to distract so you are concerned about this generation not having her right, and I I I you know. I want them to know that that is exactly what fascists wherefore I want you to be. They want to believe that your vote doesn't matter. They want you to believe that the detentions, don't how they can't can't hold up, and I
I honestly we do believe this is a reasonable fight. Why do I mean just framing I that now that you ve told me, but I downloaded retired, react like I'm a child making. You may like that's what they want me to think. Well, fuck, em, you're, not gonna, think much more on a MR hope. Not yet that's what the teacher little on me Well, the callback I know very familiar with them that you're going to cause nothing but trouble how these guys making light of child molestation for an hour- and I know I'm not, but I but I think I need to hear that I mean it's like I've had glimmers of it just effect applied for this sort of green card type of residency. It the peace of mind, even if I don't use it, even if I don't get it there. Just think about like I just I it's a jew thing I dont know by by, because some of this If is not going to be, that organised, it's gonna be random. There already shooting Jews they're all
The killing a black people here these are just the other. There are these credit, these christians, yet good bye year. They may use right wing jews, but vague just right. You like windows of the ring, become kill your neighbour that did it. It's happened before quick. That's what we're here! exactly you know, I dunno. We know who's going to broadcast that or when the the general tone changes yeah that type of- lack of conscience and shameless because what is Christian fanatics really think the Democrats, minor our say panic. On and on somebody warned me I'm on some key went on yeah, like Jeffrey Epstein. List so yeah you go to the island owes amazing amazing and you know I ran into the teacher the teacher Yes, as a good covered like that one
Yes, I feel to be on that list special, why father legates? I honestly have thought. Like I go back to you know I buy duns, I do political. I think, and you know like if you feel little differ. like you know you go on you, you know you're, some, like hollywood gas standing on the back of a pickup trail and they ve made europe had aroused her ass if they would think everyone's petre us, except for that I hung out with Jeffrey Epstein and ran big, give that guy pass dude yeah. They all know he imagined it. Give him a pass because he's like he's like the ramrod he's, like the you know, he's the he's, the guy that's going pounding the path. Daughter, came home and said obtaining this guy breaker. May I really rich, he runs miss teen. You.
If she gave that yeah. Oh, my god, yeah it'd be yeah, oh my god, but what, secondly, to hope with sound whose great albania great talking to you more away at it. You seem good by the way, amara something I know I can only the like your heaven, I was worried about you because do it like you you're in my ear, and you know I could I could relate the euro a place at that moment of were you thought you found, even Cynical as you are a kind of a happy happy ending right here, many tat horrible moment just because you're in my Eric alike,. I I really I ate ached for you, but I can feel you
Did you want to retire? I can feel feel, the joy you have and work yeah yeah. You know, I I think about it. A lot. You know her birthday was the other day and you know eh, it's it's a it's a it's a it's one, those things where. There's no explanation for any of that should and at its in and its that unusual, but you know living with it, yet you guys make certain we're choices just out of Need to emotionally survive. Somehow you know yeah. I bet I don't. It really, when I think about in those terms where, like you said, whoever the how I was for as long as I've been that I'd landed in this situation. It look like a right. You know it's gonna, this worked out, and then that goes. I got it's like it, so fuckin, devastating and so unexplainable you
you don't even know what to do with that. Then it's not like. I sit around thinking like Well, I am never gonna have that again or why me or any that it just part of my life, it's like the and I and my experience in their areas. not as dramatic as that. There is a miracle. I was like miracle of birth miracle of death. you're, not here. Yet let like, like our brain, can't decide part about that. Is you just leave all your stuff? It's like that's the worst part I gotta think about that all the time their unloaded, this shit yeah, like MR like your white, someone's gonna have to deal with all this shit. You know there was
lay the kazi bates was in a long time ago, and there was this I think ass. He was then, and there was this moment were somebody, I think somebody had died and they realise that they, the breath, was in a balloon where he had and it was. I forget my play vows and I did it is the end of the way they open the balloon. Yeah fair. Come in both its good yeah yeah, you just Anyway, but I appreciate that those Feelings- and I am glad you doing good to me- as that was interesting, right, bradley, whitford, hi I enjoyed that conversation, it's very streaming on hulu with you.
besides up now and new episodes every wednesday I like so now. I need you to just hang out for a sec, we're. This special story is presented by amazon and a cask creative folks. I wanted de about gift, giving like gonna by someone. A shirt by some one pants by someone you know a set of spoons, though That would be an interesting give. That would be a memorable gift but Ultimately, they d, like I, don't use spoons, but marin semi spoons. It was weird, but those are the marin spoons. They show people, but they wouldn't use em. That's the point is I never know to get people and the holidays only make it harder. It's a great season to spend time with family friends. But if you like me, the anxiety of getting the wrong gift can be overwhelming the ones gift giving experiences stands out my mind as just terrible. It was with
I first serious girlfriend. I was in college. Her name was sarah and shoes. Punky, but kind of him, but came from like you know, westchester she grow up like that. No one grows up like that. So for whatever reason I bought her a ralph lauren sweater, it was not achieve sweater. It had to be a four hundred dollar sweater. It was just a a cable sweater, a heavy sweater like a irish sweater, didn't it didn't reek of being ralph Lauren. It was like a nice sweater. I liked it. and I gave it to her- and it was like she'd might as well have opened the box and there was like a dead rabbit in there and it was one of those moments where she's like why would you get this for me? Do you no me at all there's a lesson in all of this. Why you might not be able to find the absolute perfect gift. You can take a lot of stress out of the process of getting them, which is why using amazon makes sense for the holidays. The great thing about.
it's about ordering things on amazon as gifts as well. You could just do it and then it goes there that you don't have to leave your house or wonder about packaging or anything else, and you can write a note with amazon news other than you. There are things you can do like when I order stuff off amazon. I don't I don't write a note to myself ok man, happy day by- it's always exciting. When I get boxes could actually never know what's coming, that's me so try, not distress out too much with the holidays. Coming up, you ve got give shopping at your fingertips with amazon. Thank If listening to this story brought to you in partnership with amazon and a cask creative show, the legendary deals at amazon now back to the show. Ok up now for full marin subscribers we posted another batch of producer cuts. This is from recent episodes that got cut for time or other reasons, monopoly hear them and hear brandons reasons for cutting them? We ve
stuff from the recent episodes of james a cast her bread, morgan and jerry Harrison go to the lincoln the episode description to sign a prey deputy of plus subscription, if you're not already a full marin subscriber or go to w E f pod, dot com and click on w e, F plus, and making of jerry harrison on Monday show. I talked to adrian dream: yeah, the tar player the amazing guitar player he and jerry doing a live concert of talking heads remain in light, but we talked about what a lot of stuff I mean Adrian goes back there are no employees guitar like that guy and he was defining and and certain things defined him zappa bowie he was crimson for years when prep of the men and in the head I mean like. It was great. The great conversation something to look forward to timor, night, I'm in tucson arizona at the reality theatre
that's a friday september. Sixteen that an end on saturday I'll, be in phoenix arizona, stand up, live I know the seventeenth bolder colorado at the boulder theatre on September. Twenty second for cod is colorado at the lincoln centre on September. Twenty in toronto ontario at the queen, the theatre on september thirtieth in october. First then, I'm in livermore, California, at the bank had theatre on october, sixth and carmel by the sea. California, at the sunset centre, on october seventh I will be in london, england, at the booms, re theatre, saturday and sunday october, twenty second and twenty third and I'll, be in dublin, ireland at vicar street Wednesday october. Twenty six. I have aids in november and December, in Oklahoma, city, Dallas, san Antonio, here didn't eugene, oregon, bend, oregon, asheville, north carolina and nash, tennessee and law beach get that law beach in their am I,
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