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Episode 1379 - Armando Iannucci

2022-10-31 | 🔗
Veep creator Armando Iannucci knows his job as a purveyor of political satire becomes more difficult as politicians become more absurd and cartoonish. In fact, just hours before recording this episode, the Prime Minister of the U.K. resigned after a tumultuous six weeks on the job. Armando and Marc talk about the unfolding news and also get into Armando’s career in comedy, including his early radio work, creating Alan Partridge, taking on U.S. politics, The Death of Stalin, and his latest show Avenue 5.

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A guy all right. Let's do this, how are you at the fuckers what the fuck bodies with the fuckin it? What the fuck in years what's happening? today on the show Armando unity yeah that genius. Now what we record this in london on the day list. Trust resigned as prime minister. It just happened So there is that energy going, but what a joy this guy The new season of his hbo series avenue five, but we about his early bbc, radio, stuff and television shows his work with. you ve, coogan, vive la more great talk, great guy so look folks. I don't. I don't really know exactly how to when this, but I'll tell the story, I can tell this story, I'm not I have been in my life, a mystical person. I have let my brain get
wait for me. At times I was in a fairly severe drug and do psychosis back in the day. It took a long time to real it back in, but I try to wrangle my mind as much as possible. does wonder. You know predictable places and patterns, usually not other worldly, just parent patterns just fear. Is neurosis anxieties and I'll, make some random connections occasionally and try to make sense of things that are beyond my comprehension, bite Drift, I don't want to be a conspiracy theorist. I don't wanna. don't you know, beliefs things I mean I've been delusional before I know what it feels like to lose your fucking mind. Ok, I know, but some, it happened in ireland. Ok, something happened there. as many of you know, though, tom I was there. I was with lynn, lynn, shelton we both had some
splain, draw two country. Some we'd both shared this weird connection to ireland that I see, We can explain for myself, but she could explain either really we both loved it held magical space for both of us separately, me beat before we knew each other It was actually something we found out, that we shared when we got to know we we just we both to be there? We wanted to spend time that we loved. I It was magic to us. We had the exact same vibe about it, so the trip that we Look there was, after we went to the home film festival, spain, where they showed sort of trust. I was given best actor at the festive was very exciting. We therefore a few days and then we went to ireland. We had this plan she had she She had been there once before in stated this house that we were able to rent again and we went into another place up and now, where were we
county, Donnie, gaol and and some other place, but we went and it was for almost two weeks and it was beautiful and it was the first. And sadly yo now, the only time that we really travel together, it was This time we were able to be a couple together out in the world. Occasion. It was the first we time, and I knew that going back. There would be tricky in way would be difficult. I knew would feel her absence. At the same hotel we stayed out in Dublin I've pictures of her there there's this weird kind of the old style. bench in the elevator, and have a picture of her laying down on it in the elevator. With her hat and her, It's your hat and her green leather jacket of which I have, but I have pictures- and I I guess Where I took the picture every day I was in that elevator I can. I could see her absence. I too
Picture of the bench where she sat empty I've both pictures now. Now. I've been ireland many times I've played vicar street alight like the venue. I like the crowd. Almost always always. Why say almost and they were great. last Wednesday night when I was there and something happened? Ok, so, as I made my way through the act. It was all going over great, I was gettin laughs I was ripping was great, then I came to Part where I switch tones. And go a bit deeper and talk about grief and talk about? passing and talk about my feelings around that it's funny, but it's a shift now toward the end. The main peace from that section which describes in detail, the day that she died and I talk about-
visiting her at the hospital after she had passed. And when I was talking about that, stage. Whites started to flush, wait. They started to go on and off not strobe. quickly, but like almost like in waves of like the baby, They come on and then they go almost all the way dark and come on in moscow, way dark like fluctuating? Go on and off right at the time. Talking about her being dead I mean it was jarring it was. It was beyond. The understanding and was one of those moments were the odds felt it. I felt it and it was happening as I was talking about her dying and it kept happening for like five minutes so in the moment I said hale in hi baby. Am I I started the clearing up?
The audience was emotional. I could see they were emotional. It eventually stop, but it was. It was pretty fuckin intense and pretty unexplainable am got off stage. The lighting person said that it has never happened before it was not something that happened. Some arms. so I was sitting with that you and I go back to my hotel room. I walked in. I swear to you. I turn on the lamp on the desk in the boat, I turned it on. It was in just fizzled out, and I was like oh my fucking god and I said: ok, When I miss you too, I'm glad you're here you wanted to be here. I mean I had to endure. These moments with the mystical meaning they commanded didn't. I I mean I had to look at them as good magic.
I had to believe she was young just saying hello, gist sharing her presence with me. I have to believe that I could just write it off, that was weird, but why. Why not believe it. That's where she resides now ireland, where she wanted to be and that is where she is. Why not why the fuck not right and they they demand to be contextual, I used in a way that we may not want to do it, but I'm gonna, I'm gonna, wear it! be I'm gonna. Let it be. come on things. I wonder throughout their a parade of termites
with wings and without wings of all sizes was making its way across my bathroom sealing the two times. Month they morning there all gone, I even think they collect their dead. What does that mean? I gotta get a guy. I gotta get guy over here, but are are they here? Are the eating my house or they moving on? Is this just exercises, a data, a military exercise, help me out the other thing drew Friedman, has a new book out now x and lunatics icons of under comics. These are portraits, of all the wizards and geniuses. That have made underground comics for the last, however long they ve been around? I it's quite a beautiful book if your fan, of drew. It's amazing, and if your fan of underground comics they're just great the pictures just great everyone's in here
everyone's it. If you're an underground, comic person there, all in your and half through and I'm pushing it is because I wrote the forward. I wrote the filthy forward for the the underground comic book that data produced, my brain to filth and blew my mind when twelve years old. So very proud of that forward. and I was also excited to hear from drew drew emailed me to remind me to maybe plug thing, but he said he Everyone loves your forward to the underground comic book. Every day I get raves about it, crumb roy and told me. It was pitch perfect there. You go our crumb, enjoyed my intruder. That makes me very happy. I have renewal that guy you have that guy's possible for about half of my disturb psyche or maybe a third laying the groundwork. How the parents, with oil, multi wiring, involve itself insanity young
I'm twelve years old, underground? Comics? Oh, my god. I want this to be my parents and look where I am. This is your eye, I blame underground comics and my parents- and you know, but there are some distant good stuff about both of those things. The is called mavericks and lunatics icons, brown comics drew friedman forward by mark marin. It's got a whacked out our chrome on the cover are here now for a minute, because I want to talk to you about stamps dot com. I've been telling you that I'm stuck com for more than a decade. That's how long they ve been part of the show and that's how long we ve been using them And I know I have a lot of listeners. You signed up for standstill com during those eleven years, but I also know that the one time of the year when mailing and shipping becomes the most intense. During the holiday season, so whether you're, an old stamps dot com user like we are or you haven't yet signed up now- is the time to do it sure your holiday, mailing and shipping is under control, whether you are small business where or age
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that the realisation or the information or what has been reported, that when can you found out that peat davidson as a tenant cock that his mind and now I semitism has increased noticeably? Because a clowns, cock, It's always a clans cocky causes the problems, isn't it but look you guys enough about that Armando iannucci, The current season of avenue five is airing on h, b, o new episodes airing on Monday nights. All previous episodes are streaming on hiv action again, this conversation happened in london On the day list, truss stepped out as prime minister. I within hours of that happening This is me talk into Armando iannucci.
So it's so now, Michael put a time organised at the prime minister has resigned after two like six weeks, six weeks and just two minutes before we started talking now because of your position in british culture. As somebody who understand there is actually no constitutional role that I fulfil I am, but we don't have a written constitution right, but traditionally I'm seen as the one who can medically can understand concrete. He understands- and indeed some would sometimes comment. Yeah interpret, please sometimes uproariously satirize what's going on, does that get more for culture as if we come slowly, the fucking impulsively only because they are, I mean they're there than that.
walking talking jokes themselves yet shamelessly I recently shamelessly, given I don't understand how they don't do they know that. Do you like? That's what, I mean the great theory. The great question people ask about someone like Boris Johnson is: does he know? Is he doing? This deliberately is all part of the Machiavelli and act to be all sort of write that oh gosh gosh bad performance, or I think part of him knows that, but I think part of him is going. I don't know what to do or say so I'll just do this for a bit until I can think of something, but the shamelessness around positions in doubling down on an completely unpopular or sometimes racist positions. Yeah. I have to assume. After a certain point, you you, you have to believe that they believe that I think they believe that thus porters will support it. But- it's still a hustle but yeah? Oh absolutely! Yes, because Liz truss came in saying she was going to do x, Y and zed, and then, when she did, it was terrible,
So suddenly she said, I'm gonna do one two and three. Instead as a recycling if that was all hope, is right. Her position. Yet this is a base to yeah, this is, you know, I've got, fifty year. Plan has a really what you're saying above, and she asked the the ante chamber to the hall to the room of horrors right that away Also they get kind of they forget that the people, voting for them is not everyone We owe a great just an assortment of very, very old people right yeah, you know and so they speak to that assortment of old people. Thinking. Everyone must be like that. If I keep on talking to them right, but then they get the press. Yet that brings in and may be a sort of radicalize as new, odd yeah, odd, sorted, yes, yes, and and and and they they find a voice of confidence. Yes, yeah nice for continued, but the press. You know a british press. Twelve
ago was saying list- trust is fantastic, a budget is the best I've seen in years reactor today, which is fuck off, right off lays truss lays fuck. That certainly have no shea by ship nope, no principles now. So no one any prince Albert has pretty soon I mean I witnessed, appoint I'll, be explored as wished, and nobody has a mean they don't. I think they have. The prince was beaten of them, just a kind of last another. What doesn't make you a question like I mean with I'm, so glad we've got straight into it. We haven't got any small talk, let's grow, I don't know yeah it's good for me, because it seems like it's complicated to me here. I can barely keep hold of whatever the fuck is going on. In my country, yeah, think what we learned- and I think what you see in what you know, vive sort of represents is that day, yet they ve always been sort of craven, though
I dont know that there has ever been a civil servant in written memory that they had it success because they wanted to represent their constituents fairly. yeah. It's all some sort of weird corporate sell out. It's a sort of you not to get to the higher up buddy. I can have the greasy pole as it were near. You have tat kind of make compromise. As to your own principles. this pop you this has, but once on their own principles or come flooding by yeah but of course, is taking so long to get that right you don't know what the prince was all that you ve compromise. In fact you for and most even if the law you there in the original ones might have been a posture. My absolute yes, I went into politics to direct the idea and enable now, if I didn't, I either twenty five years we'll just doesn't want to get some money from a lobby firm and some oil money would be. How do you know it there as time goes on you? I believe that that's you, because I don't know who would want to do it.
you don't think it's a self selecting thing on it. Just select all you have to be like a otto craddock luck wide or somebody who would have liked. But this is my grief tat. This is my hustle yeah. I can. I can write a money through me and in the uk, its people who they never watched television so they're. Just think television is the news and occasionally occasionally. You know that young advise, it would say. Oh dont, forget, put in a game of thrones reference here in your speech or a strictly come dance, you know just sit, but funding Actually, they just watch the news like the news, it's the news. I might you know my father watches. You know he doesn't know if there was a guy sitting at a desk saying jews are horrible as a jew, he'll be like nah. This guy seems to know what he's talking I think trust she's got she's, gonna and she's resigns she's now, and it just said. Did you see me on the news
Did you see? We are you? My mom, did you see me. I was on the news. I know stopped short. You got me. Why are you crying cry out just appears. Yes, so the very self selecting- and I mean what did research on vague and on think of it? It was like I would be things like twelve year old degrees in terrorism daddy's vs tone, you dynastic honey. What kind of basically telling a senator What the country's energy policy should be rising. But how do you know you're only unite them only like twenty one, trait some then when voting in the loop, some of them had. out to Iraq to help set up the constitution. So these are these this wish. Kid walk yeah from straight out of maybe a gradual programme. Us radicals- I doubt not yet they don't know what life is. Nobody think I'd. Somebody knows what policy is well but except the get off on policy. Yes affect the atomic power
ducked. Ok, do they do the comet product yeah, there are some very nice product from that think tank on energy caps very nice yeah, yeah, it's just a weird so we had kind of like. I don't know what the criminal is. It's it's a obsession with one thing which they treat like kind Toby or a past that Michael you like a nerd, isn't what are you don't like china for a queen night, some yea nitrite, exact, H, May the country in a world gasp its people's lives. You dont quite get that they just think. If I did this, if I sat down and make this equation on a piece I'm not sure any of em get it any more than I do that it has a real implications, or other, or else it is willing to sort of sea this problem part of their bottom line. That day why we're gonna lose a few You know there's that sort of like corporate think of liking and what's more cost efficient too
call the car or just take the hit sixty five but people will slam until wall beheld the fault I and we can afford the la staring. Cecilia lobbying the country. Five hundred people, that's a lot of yeah. I I feel with four of our space shuttles will at some point blow up trash yeah into the mood, but you know fundamentally yeah I every day for me as it is a struggle with my own discomfort and then you know I look at the macro global discomfort and it's just a navigating. You know how does a how does humor how's it going? What am I do if you don't feel you're some facilitator of of of changing mine, somehow yeah, then you just I fucking claus. I know,
when people avoid. You know the you like the person. If, if a couple of having a very serious conversation, someone comes up to them with a violin, and you just think just please not just indeed we are able to take some money. Don't tobacco with. Yet we already know it's sad, but we trust for me the area idea without aids. I know I know whenever I think of like a new subject that thing. Oh, that would be a fail. Martinis right, I do, automatically think, and it's a comedy not I mean I have to think. Is it a comedy or how did you get to space? What started as eddies at the current situation? How did how did you end up? Wasting space seems good space suits, I've always been a sci fi fan you and I asimov, and arthur c clarke, whilst I love that there is a real to have fun Batista Galactica? The radio but it was up but then because they made about politics and just gino huh,
Iraq is of power and so on- I didn't have aliens had the size, shirt, shirt, yeah, but it did. There was no magical, yeah yeah. You know, like kind of like that, hard sci, fi shirt, yeah, yeah, yeah yeah, the kind that seem like. Oh, this is sorta yeah possible. Exactly and most sci fi people who write sci fi will tell you it's really about today. It's not about the future sure it's it's about! It's just taking some aspect to stay in cracking up. I thought it would be interesting to. I was really more interested in group think and yeah, no leadership and falsely to shape and- sperry see he will always characters are not being so. I thought, let's think, of an isolate when I thought space. Okay, what about big cruise user space tourism was beginning to you know it was the height of a branch and musk and not moscow, yeah mosque, and Bees are resolved yet all can about out, yeah, launch each other who the fuck is gonna go to space. I know I don't like you if you can, it looks terrible what I can
verily handle, you know, are going to england, only because I'm so dug in. Like all right. I see you know I like any sort of mild we different. I have to deal with the adaptation. I why is the whole malls thing I can't you or the plant Is dying, you know we need above all, let's go to radioactive alice ball. Yeah where's, I see see if we can make that make it where the zeal seal the bubble properly white, Why do we dislike for all those resources into sorting the planet here before we to this because these guys, thinking this outrage radioactive dump. They believe in that they they know how to make money and our belief systems are your bankrupt, a ridiculous, her child, The thing we said to Josh god about the job that we both saying to each other is that aids is his character. He was probably got one thing right, which is
holidays and as a result, he therefore thinks I can do anything and that's that's. You know we have average. Here here, When I read through research for seventy five, I went round virgin galactic in there its or their officers say just what you like. No I applied and I said I'm doing a show about space tourism. Would it be possible to see you I will take photos by just love to get? Have you met branson? No, I haven't. No, he wasn't there but about the shortest wrong. I was like a kind of organised. There were five or six other people who all similarly asked to see for various reasons, so he has. It was the guy was taking us round and- and I remember someone in the group asking very specific questions, because a guy showing his ride was saying, you know the ideas on any shoe top you. You hate that point. Well, yeah gravity free, you ve got three minutes formats floating around. You could take your pictures, you can get you set and she said oh In those three minutes, what will
We've have been trained how to orientate themselves in encrypts. No, no! No. We want them to experience this first hand and she said: ok, I think the bulk of three minutes are gonna be spent with them. Just try it yet the right way up being a bit confused, and possibly going possibly ball but yeah, and he If what his eyes just wider went, oh Why I'm sure we'll be fine. he told me to. I don't think it's going to work and she and at the end of it she gave me her card. She was an astronaut she'd, been on the space shuttle that she does have been on space, station, the hero she knew what he was talking about. A rubber would enrich abandonment, really funny if trying to the future, but when he went up as ever mouse is on tethering sounds had floating around. You could see him desperately trying not to throw up, so he suddenly stir speaking, so he did his prepared cut off. Glorious fudge. hmm
yeah for like a minute, come back for you, haven't talked about it since I really have to go ahead with its authority like these. The people that you're talking to these are the the publicists. These are the the. What do you call him? The these are the people that represent the company company. Did you pick it up and innate, a sort of improvise. In the same way, politicians do oh yeah. First person, we came back at galactic. She came out introduced as said hello, everyone leia, name is acts and I'm a jedi. I ll try in the still jet I attitudes in they worked for a room. Looking, I got to teach us age. Digit doesn't exist,
fiction, it's star wars is not real. Oh my god, it's sort of all the same thing. It's all the same. It's like is that you know once you get past the the actual architects and engineers adding they were great right. It's the end of a bunch of bullshit artists, yeah, the best talking of which the bad at jet, the the jet propulsion laboratory in Pasadena yeah that was proper. That was engineers that was problems. That's all time shit I that we'll get it make him rockets for a long time right exactly so. They know you know gimme a problem. How could we get something out? Yeah, browns, at an back over here, going down there and can only added about of way right. We're not dare not worrying about how do food trace data down now on the table today, and I said what about long, you know voyages to mars and so how'd you cope with the radioactivity and they said human waste. Human waste is a very good absorber reda, so those ships
we go to let mars's they will be coated, they will be without a line aligning of of compacted human shatter and so so so that that can be part of it Anyone's on this issue is that did you cover that? So we cover that in season one? Yes, this was episode, others a puncture in the way that the wet suit the collar and shaped is flying out, and so cool or out to go out and see all the the the the pipe otherwise die what at the interesting thing about. I think science fiction and smart signs visa because, like it from you like even going back to your earlier. these stuff. It seem like everything was grounded really in in either you know modes of reality. They understand your genres, we understand or just regular life right, you drawing whatever sort of humor,
absurd or not you're from something that we all sort of experience so now you're kind of unfettered. Yet in space yet bite You know that you've done all this research so like. If anyone questions you about the shit thing yeah, you know you can sort of like. Well, you have to understand yeah. We had an episode, the first season, where they shoot a coffin out, but not with enough force for it to get away from the ship, so it curves can just orbits the ship, and I got it wheat from the science consulted on star trek, saying yes, through the night working, yet it works out. It works out. Here I did the bath yeah, I wouldn't know yes Yes, sir, he's our audience easier. Naturally, I please Call me out a friend I do my homework and do Do you find like in terms of like the way
brain works. I mean I imagine this is more liberating then almost anything is it because it space they space, but it's kind of ground. A dane, oh yeah yeah go up a hierarchy about it, behaviour the fake yeah yeah, all sorts of things. I do easier reveal at the end of the second seizing? Were there not inspire? Now, that's good! You didn't you, the one in the first phase with the passenger went out the airlock saying it's, not real association and just cap guy. no, this various other things happened, but but the deep bakery and and the second season. We ve got a tea the version dramatization of peat. What people think might be happening. Audio ship, ok, in fact becomes bore, I think, becomes more power, we love than the actual shit as an hour for people ship have to start behaving like how their represented on the gray eyes, tv. That's how on earth- and that's that, well, that authority that that head fuck
Well, that's the ets is the word out of its present, but I mean by it in the same were way that I think that good majority of intelligent people began Understand politics by watching deep right is that Edam most people, you know mean rated a golden age, rent politicians, things sauce of worked in a body, but even I got actively I'd find that most people don't understand anything you know and and their grasp on on how government works is is limited, so I think I need to produce for the weak Think the media does a very bad job of explaining how democracy works, that don't shoot the schools, but there's no you you know, I don't. I didn't really learn you now. Have we my fault? I don't know, I think people just are told that's what it is. They don't know anything they talk to regular people and they're. Like I dunno, what's going on, it's boring, it's boring and then, when you see the people in then you're like both course they're getting away with the sword.
like an arrow going, whatever other dig, fascism is digging in causing been there's a diligence to it. There thirty, so my dears, the thing about site I've gotta, be careful, I say here could be construed as controversial, but nothing. Fascism is its very, very clear, yeah you're sure it's it's p Will guide satisfactorily what's wrong. Those people are wrong to get rid of them. These people are right. We have them in power forever. Are you with me right, you're, not sure, and these people should be able to say anything, galicia or nothing. Yeah especially, they should be allowed to. Tell me why I can't say absolutely so: I'm gonna stop them from saying that it that you're just saying it doesn't but that's my run about iraq, the, but I mean that is why appealing it justifies everything and democracies complicated because different opinion, because of tolerance it for tolerance is
allocated allows different opinions, indifferent sure nuances and you have to. U have to respect the majority, no matter how you heard exactly what we're losing is that sense of neurons and tolerance once tolerance goes: there's no lubricant for democracy. They just like those just a clash yeah. Our senses like do just shameless. That's what doubling down on bullshit it where's down people, especially fragile people. Older people tell me a half the people who are saying the elect, was stolen, and there is no insurrection in january. The sixth do they actually believe that, was that's what I'm asking you to beginning. I think that like whether if I dont believe it, they believe in you know. Minority rule should exist by any means necessary and they're, just not going to either put that together for themselves or say it that that if they believe that that the propaganda is this was not an insurrection and the election was clearly stolen if they ve got that locked into their head. The f b I was just plain to take
backwards and how he had actually people leaving, but because there is right because there's none at all was happens reminded me of a joke, because guy Chris Kelly wrote about walking through the holocaust museum backward and yet it is the then do the joke, as I can then helped. Did hitler built these factories that manufacture jews of cop brilliant joke, but but the oh well, I mean I don't know whether they believe it or not, but they believe in the cause of fuck every because I was not yet if they have no. barometer for for journalistic integrity of milk, that the hoovering up people who just generally disenchanted, because and more on the right of a job or will I think we gotta be careful about saying that I'm out of them range of some prefer it I'm saying a large contingent of brain fucked. Morons were willing. You believe you and I believe anything because they're they're not grounded in
capacity for rational thought that google lies on logic group of people who are just now angry and they're, not just the euro. Four. try to everything else it as work. What do we do now? They want to feel that their anger satisfied somehow and if its by jove, putting max atkins on trucks or planes and sending them to liberal cities and getting a laugh, but I was, I was reading a terrifying thing today about the ban on trying to get a constitutional convention going apparently well, are you can rewrite you that everyone thinks the route amending the. U s. Constitution has to be done, two thirds of the Senate and the house, and then the two thirds of states is another way, apparently, which is to have a constitutional convention which could just rewrite it. They just need to thoughts of states too I just want these fuckers, who are just like all they do is sit around. These are the sort of more malignant adults of the kids that you were talking about that are needed. Nicole nerds
yeah or some of the kids even were going that way who are working for these loopholes that nobody ever thought to deal with them. You know too, undermine democracy exciting stuff So that's all in season two of absolute. So did you? Were you always politically critic? in the comedy? Like me, I was always. I was always interested in politics probably come from hundred ish, while only in that my father left ITALY in nineteen fifty, but as I as a young, sixteen seventeen eighteen year old, he wrote for an anti fascist newspaper and he became a partisan during the war, so he fought against the fascists and maturity. Oh yeah came to Britain, you know, for but also it was to get out a democracy in its wish to undertake to understand, like you know what it must have felt like I've been watching stuff yom one.
in this ken burns. Oh yeah about the holocaust, the america, the american, for you know what's going on here and how yeah it's not dissimilar to it. Even more anti immigrant. Then you have the like you after could even deal with the state department cause their religion, but I also watch there was a law at some point in the early twentieth century too, to expel chinese people all of them that their attitude, the wooden there was totally isolation. Yeah, yeah yeah I don't know like. If did you talk to your father about what the feeling was like when a little bit I mean he was always a bit and also he he died, but I was only about sixteen seventeen, so I never got that chance to have that- and this was in scotland. This was in scotland, yeah, but I was always aware of my god. Somebody actually put his life on the effort, democracy, rare and we take it for granted heads I always been interested, always loved. You know been drawn to the drama of american, politics yeah. I would strangely stay up very late into the the british night to watch
you really liked more so because when I watch parliament on my holy shit, that's exciting! Yes, I don't know what's going on but found that britain be grave. Your president had to do doubt that said it every when the l a I have two questions for bottle oh yeah, so it it always seems so lit up like that and when you see c span of our senators, half of them are gone. I know it since not only where it is so fascination so starting with what administration, let's see so I grew up on the honest when I can members probably edward heath food could serve to advertise. It became her wilson junior yeah, what about american of sir illustration I was already thinking we a day from what we call our government, so that much, of being what tail end of mick waxen resident. May I again just about remember the next thing. I remember too little yeah how'd, you I'm fifty eight be fifty nine on fifty nine others goes out. Yes, quite soon,
Fifty now right, so I congratulate yes, yes, so right behind it, remember sweaty nixon tail end of yet now I remember seeing the lahti show out: oh yeah, yeah yeah then Jimmy carter come again. He was gonna turn the whole thing around here. and I didn't I Didn'T- give us a pause. it is a break out of a bank ghetto has done quite well as an experts you're a wall of the. Sometimes you just need a break. Yes, you know we're having a break out of it sort of like what's right, arab, yes, since he would have as workers were appropriate, progressive process of electing the parties they like to two environment is minutes. Split second, is to happen today or tomorrow. How could going to be in the next five or six day? do you know who is in the news? I think everyone can do. I want this began yet or two absolutely stuffed into That's a fuckin problem with all of it is I who the fuck once it really wants to do it you're going to be left with readers and lunatic exactly so. You get the weirdest pestilent wurzel who's gonna, do it
so vague that going to be able to turn it around or just want. You just want the. should all seriously we might get bores Johnson again. Is it possible to use possibly as he still it mp. So he can still stand so that gonna, be like I don't know. I have no idea what happened here. I dont have people are happy? Are they happy? What is the gold? Everyone is furious, absolutely furious, because everyone's hurting ghetto they cost of living or through the roof. What list trust said how budget did not put the interest rates up here so bad via that It was mortgages gages quickly. Yes, it's absolutely! Yes! Yes, because it was awful created them just what the hell. you doing borrowing money to pay for tax cuts at a time Nobody has any money and not just so that that's very amerika wash the interest rates are so the money she was. Borrowing was actually borrowing at a higher rate of interest surgeon.
Came the loop. It became like a feedback loop. we are fortunate in that there is a it's it's a smaller country and early hour, intimate and in it seems like more of the population is somewhat engaged with the process than than my country. I senate, and everyone is not too far from the sea that they can walk into when things get worse. Everyone's made that lille journey on arap worked at the bottom of the sea. Oh yes, he goes as long as it voluntarily ever another week at nba. How can I go up like so in when you were growing up was the way in which they now did. Or did you see italian know by parents bogota areas to each other, and they brought us up just speaking english, I think, partly because they wanted us to fail. Fully integrated right and partly also because it gave them something to talk about products like money, yet up, yeah, yeah yeah? I urge you to do that with the british right. Yes, but did you did you hear
it is spoken in your notes. My grandparents image on urgency. I parents know they didn't cause. I be having heard you know, I I took it at school Well, that came quite quickly. I think, because I was used to hearing the row yeah, so yeah yeah. I know that yeah, but was comedy party or like yay radio, comedy specific lazy. That's what's so interesting, just the hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy just come on, and that was just like. I just thought all through the bbc through the bbc as a radio show, is not what I was thinking about this today. In terms of approaching the yo, your kind, creative evolution is that you know? Radio in america, europe? It was what led to tell if ya, where it stayed vital in the uk for at our it still is. It still is a lot of careers of grown up, comedy careers of started right here. But in that generation in amerika, was like the forties, yeah yeah yeah. I know to me. We know it still is so crucial. This guide was because you thought
not just jokes companies and just show yes right. Yeah yeah, it's story and its idea zia. You know, and you can make them finance- can come up with a funny idea and radio it the spaces, someone imagination, imagination, and then you can do some examiner yeah, it's so oneplus does all these shows like what other one there was a date there's a news. Chris was just a quiz of the weezer, and you know there was a show called the bow kiss way, which was like another surreal sketch show that just aid with foam on the idea. So I was a bit and then the united at school or university, I would perform and right comedy in an end up, a little bit of more stand up character rather than sucker. You don't like it. You remember your characters like, I had this slightly disturbed comedian called ken theft, yeah, very slowly the end. He did lots of visual stuff. He called himself
impressionist fascinates me. Would you like capital letter of the alphabet and he'd get area though this text one requires a volunteer, it's a dip song. I saw you know and yet and get them to actually mind being a w and stuff that, as is always the way, your brain or iii eyes. Just because I was a bunch of the eta armando Nicky? Shall right? Ok, because it seems to me that you are dug in to a british tradition of of comedy in terms of that into the presentation becomes a gourd sure. I think it's that kind of sound, sensible but say stupid things, while someone like a type of its absurd is maria and, like you know, I like the python yet but like ours. in genuine laughs and any an apparent, oh yeah I got it was great. I think primarily, because what we are talking about before at so much of it is, is planned. A reality that that yes accessible and it's not right.
historic enough, nor or just rapid, just play for rail, a slight usa sensation. Just one thing I just couldn't hold, the home for middle aged man right you just exactly so you can so you do, but but but but going back too early yeah I've been in a stand up presentation. You are able to do that by creating a character who, as a stand up, who does these peculiar things? in that was sort of the beginning of the evolution. That's right! Yes, then you're writing sketching college. Yes, with young people that we now know. No, I die but performed a lot with David schneider who have done stuff with all their budget shows, and we wrote death star. together as a result, so yeah yeah long time and I knew rebecca front yeah- she had a comedy- can double act. He added that term college, and would you call it
if so this was the oxford she was at ten, I don't know which color she was your accent. I was at university college, oxford, yes, and but did you did you was at graduate school underground regrettable. I stay for sixty excited undergraduate, yeah, I stayed on to do a phd in Paradise. Lost by john milt. You do. I d: did you ever? She didn't finish at all? No, because I I spent all my time doing comedy they point out the chemical. Am I realise that the opening line of paradise lost of man first disobedience and the fruit of that forbidden. Ba has the same rhythm scheme to seemed tuned to the flintstones of bans, first disobedience and the fruit of that bit tree and that support You know what I think more the comedy type in the academic. Because of that I have never realized get. Yes. That was a kind of domicile moment when I thought everything, because you could have wrote a thief,
that begun that I could have, then you could have taken you could have interpreted, paradise lost as As a comedy that no one really understood yes, there was one article I remember talking about humour in paradise lost and there isn't much of a right, but they called it. jovial ism Oh yeah you know you don't want to commit to the life of being an academic, it's very insulating life. I you know I know so when things, because I didn't really know what I wanted to die, I've always thought but doing companies, not a real thing is that such if it wasn't a real thing. Yet that's a whim. Isn't it that's a kind of I dunno, I dunno great if it happened right. Why remember, when you said you'd see it on tv or you'd, hear that radio and you're like how does that happen? there is a moment we realise like owed their. There is a path there is here, and you feel that out well by By coincidence, in that, as I was
king. I really ought to move on and to comedy properly ray scotland via was looking for some fresh young talent to present a music show I'm the most on kill fresh young person ever but anyway, but the rules give a company I sent them some of my staff here and they lighted? I went on chatted and wherever I go away, come back home and then I saw was presenting his music show on radio, scotland, lawyers with this issue sands, where these were, who listen? You remember that he can blow and will have an area, so deadly eighties. Ok, I was living my mom's because actually the bbc was literally down the road from I'm, not so sure made satins ya at and but writing comedy for the radio and act They being allowed to work with the sports journalists and the news generous to get them to do parodies of starfleet layer on with sound of facts. Here, a sort of like hey buddy, exact may do so using the studio and the facilities to direct people sums
training ground in doing following. You were generally really want. One who sows me yeah, but I would I would draw people I know, but I mean you another now comedic another now comedic conception answer now now cyrus day and that that I did that unite, do about five or six quite well produced bit see I've called body at once a week for by eight months. So, It's just an amazing, so you got that one attorney. They found a window for it. How long were they were they within the music show? Is that when you, yes, so that we drop it and the indian pitch that and they're like okay yeah, but I would to be light. Presenting the show sure who presented very sound, that was sad, deacon blue with speed. it was the name of a band deacon deacon blue yeah cause. That's a that's! A steely dan song- oh, I see right, huh yeah, so that's how it started. That's how it started and then apply to be a comedy producer for radio done at the bbc in london. Okay, and then I got that gig sold there. I was now making the programmes I grew up. Can a listing
really so, who was it that we're working down there when he first are well that when you're working with shortly no the astute and richard. I knew a universe because they were performing together as a separate team universe. but I got them to write for some of the shows I was making for radio free richard richard herring and surely he at least he does a podcast. I don't I don't know yet. I interviewed stuart near years ago, yeah we sort of life changing yeah, in terms of you know his struggle with audiences in area here to the point where you he quit yeah or wow you're right and then, but now he's become this like elder statesmen, oh yeah, but his like the thing that got me was that, like he realized, you know instead getting angry audiences, the which was sort of that comics way you fuck them are familiar, especially if you're doing stuff. That is difficult for the idea. Is that like
shifted into an apathetic position already realised. Like you know, I'm sorry. This was not the night you plan I get, but that's his solve carry to that he's developed here that the steward lee characterize develop. Let me, as I think it is honest and enable you to come back, is instead of getting angry at them. You know I can't you really don't know what you're getting at us. It was originally stir rule of law and dam and then Pretty others show on the hour, which was like a fake news, show with if coogan and chris are already starting first started working with coogan, that's right, yeah and we came up with Alan partridge to do the sports yeah and the idea was it sounded like a news program slightly. Bbc is slightly commercial, real yeah yeah, absolutely straight chris morris being very, very yeah yeah yeah, but as just talking nonsense all the way there was just maybe it was a sketch broken comedy show, but yea guise of being and actually doing,
so by radio style syriac, as I figure we all. You know where we were that generation who grew up with it, who grew up with it. He knew how you know. I didn't worked, and why do you think I like? Do you think it was because there wasn't a lot on television when you were growing up, or it seems crazy that a whole generation of very sophisticated creative young people were we're locked into the radio
yeah I mean I will it might be. I think at the time the only two types of comedy we had were either the sitcom or the sketch show, and that that was a you couldn't do anything else, which is why some of the hitchhiker's guide was so important because it was saying know what you could do, a narrative sure, a sort of a sketch, but was not really american tv coming in oh yeah, yeah yeah, but very limited, is coming through through the filter of the BBC right or a commercial. So there's only like three or four stay exactly so we're getting your mash right and it's interesting. So it was actually the radial jaw and wrote your mary tyler Moore, show and stuff at it. The radio was almost like punk rock in a way. Yes, yes, yeah yeah. That makes sense yeah, which is why you know Monty python was such a kind of bizarrely disruptive fake, when it came on because it just follow any of the rules. Do you remember seeing it for the first time Don't I remember watching it, but I must have been about about absent.
Perhaps I must have been about eleven or twelve year and thinking. I think I get but I'm not quite sure it was only what I was. I should become a student and I went back and this too I thought called this is great it was also you listen to it or you can watch it sorry washed away. Do radio first now not enough, but they themselves were right. The teams on various radio show. Okay, I can go talk, but I remember my son when he was about fourteen coming up to me going dad I've been on youtube. You've got to is a great though you love the said group on you, the cold monty python fly. I shall on us he's sort of discovered the by himself rare unreal, I still really good. Without anyone telling you didn't make a connection they did make. The connection didn't know that it was from a long time ago. Yeah. That's all he knew, and that's the great thing about stuff on you no sense of the euro, its from let's just no contacts. There's no country has again with music, Israel yeah
people sunday yeah, it's bizarre. I don't know if it's good bye John, that at either that there is a movement towards not having any context for anything like. I think I a bit once about how eventually you know you're gonna hear people say things like when hitler was the guy with the mustache right, sir. That's it that's the power without style that was upside of you guys, but you must have had a bigger must. Yes, that's right. That was rushing the russian guy here either. Smallness yeah. Yes, yes, yes, but I dont get it we'll have a conception of what twenty twenties music is. Yes, style. Tat is would we recognising discovers that saddle? You wait here by two years and I'm way I've looked at as looked at a roster for music festival like I dont know those fifty fuckin accents and I don't know any of em is just words any of em It's like, I guess, that's the natural order of things I can't keep up now so
So you do the radio and it was there. It was the dynamic with you and coogan and in areas morrison, Anne and yet all that team really that kind. Are you in to data because they became tv shows that we did on the iron? doing me knowing year without partridge, on the radio that Alan partridges serve this. It's an icon here, if you like, of a time re still around. Here. He is still does bardell, oh yeah yeah Did that resonate with their people? I think everyone recognizes someone like a bright like their dad recycling. Knowing will say it's me right, they'll, say stock, but the younger people, like my uncle yeah at random, like mad area so on, and we ve we kind of done partridge every four or five years rather than every year. So it had this and it Therefore, every time you revisit him, yeah it's a new format. You know here he's kind of trial,
you understand where the media's going then so nice Podcast security can be like it's. It's he's a proxy for people are Yes, yes, as you can kind of put your own sort of lots in yeah yeah, dost offers a radio thing. A law herring actually has a pretty popular podcast or oh yeah, from life from less square theatre. Rehab high calibre I've never met Guy, doesn't he should toward his show you doing out of me. all right now and I have asked him but there's a lot of times, because I feel out of the loop with british comedy and the more I talked people like you and I can learn the history of it, I still missed it is not yeah, yeah yeah. So like I sometimes I feel like it wouldn't be respect line, but I simply I you know have to stand up, though the other I wouldn't know, because it is just that thing of you can't keep up.
Hello, they all do you guys were also now you how to keep up with a terminator herman's. It I mean you they have to like there, the entire city, it is kind of been disrupted in that there are people that have can have tremendous success that absolutely nobody knows yes and and its just the way it works. The business is not what it used to be. You guys, you see, these late night shows disappear and no one gives a shit. You don't even know how anybody knows people When we were coming up, it was like war that guy's denote selling out an arena either was a period. I think when stand ups, would then get that tv programme indicates a smaller media. You heiress, when there were three channels, everyone was sort of on the same page and then when, when you know when it's over splendid when stand up scene exploded lose out. You know almost you could predict not all we're gonna get tv, show rice because doesn't work here. So then the stand up world was full of really
bitter standoffs, yeah, oh yeah, during your items about how they never got that tv show sure I will now they can just do it on their instagram things that are directly in exactly like fact, still hey guys high today I'm just going to open some lego and talk through as I open it up. I thought that's what I yeah exactly works follows yeah. Yeah yeah does fuckers, wizened? Let's go enviro help me. So if you like it, don't forget give me a review of the a cameo You want me to say happy birthday to your uncle and but now is I have to read out we're sponsored by right square space. Anti nappy, rash thing was the political thing the podcast show about american politics with some god was.
goods via the exhibition of people who do a port, create part pub public recast, america bless america or about ice. America somehow did the odd across amerika when we did not do so by dont know. There's you it's like you. I untamed lady, I think about the Democrats who have got to, but first of all, a you. Walden may maybe a bit worried about and urinating or not being able to hold a year with these nappies they're very discreet. You don't see a whole fisher about discrete managers yeah. Well, they are many and that guy, but back to the bitter, isn't what happened there? Well, you gotta sorta gotta pick and choose your spots. Yes, you have a choice, yeah and I'm so sorry they made that choice. You know we. I I'd never done that, he's not done yet I've. I've done a couple nah, nothing that embarrassed now. The abbey but know I do at we've got a phd, but you've got a few. Sure sure we we try not to yeah you know- you know where I live
we turned down, adds we get em like you might like this, not for my audience there not they're not going to buy into this. I don't want to do it such bull, products. While there was one called the man great, which was not, as you know, a kind of weird is not we're, but that it wasn't your medical. It was this thing you put on a grill to cook stay out of it. So It sort of a bro head item and I have when they were like they really wanted us to do. In my this is not my people now they're, not they're, not the you out cigar people and they were sort of like it's going to be great. We did one add near, I could do to work and will I now produce octave, will cancel the rest. Yet you know don't worry about it. But you know you got no your body, so once you start doing tv, because, like you know, in talking about american tv, it seems that you know your influence and your vases influence on american tv has been pro
and I dont even know that people really realizing line. I didn't really I know for sure between vp veep veep is singular right. You know, and the office is singular, and these are you sexually from british mines. You know and it is, it does have an effect. I mean there's always something that you like the wary Sandro show that sort of this sort of a dictator, hi bar and then people spend your decade trying to replicate it. Some when I was pitching vapor it's like the Larry santa show butter, washington, yeah. That's the way. It goes who did that year, the movie that young women american, which kind of was the foundation of a right. Yes, that's right, it was. It was brits. used by the americans to support a war that, in the end, was stupid right, as a result of that h, b, o said luke would be trying to do a washington show for awhile yeah? Do you want to have a go at it?
like that, it's also a sort of their idea. Yes and again, you know, I said while h, b, o I have done. I said you know I Larry sanders show for me is like you know it again. Yes, it was a sitcom except it wasn't ranked, was about you know unlike people swearing naturalism, what they should all within the show which is within getting into which it which happened is about the front in the back. Isn't it this evasion? Actually, it's a little different with it, because you don't you a fictional ionization, going on on earth that become more interesting than the actual events, whereas in very sanders it was like the behind. Yes, exact was more interesting wow, so objection, but I just thought that was and what they managed to put in. Oh, you mean thirty men s great with frontier with was I thirty thirty men? Yes, yes, how it twenty poppy, put the leather twenty minutes and thirty seconds, so we have reached so when you put it together, what was
in. In casting I mean you, Julia Louie. Dreyfus is a genius cheese from amazing the best and when you work with eight, you realize shoot you would if it would have you for physical moment, she'd, say Will that we could do there are three ways we can go with us, the do each but the three yeah each one of them hilarious and you thought there's someone with like her it's kind of work. A king knowledge of that that heritage she's had from some astounding on all we advocate a dirt such a natural gift in control yeah over her comedic instrument. it's all body its tongue a year every and how she thought about every moment. Every seen how silliness gonna do yeah yeah yeah, it's an just you to buy about fourth season, you think, surely and be anything new yet to see from then she will do this amazing. You know you say my god, the he just keeps going so fine. You know tat. So so we wrote that
as we wrote as a female vice president as the pilot script, without having any one in our view- and I think Julia had ass there the size of reunion she had come on for a while, but with hbo, should just sign out religion curb the seas. Okay yeah yeah yeah, so she was so h b o was saying, try her out, try it and I thought of course right. I'm on I met her in an early. We were dying to be polite. T three o clock right thinking, it'll be forty five minutes yet to be very polite. You just get to what we are, and it was just her. I just thought I'd be a whole group of people as it were arrived with. Just a honestly, we sat made each other laugh about four hours, she's great line and I had already mapped out where it could go, sit here and whatever,
I so rageous near where this is. It is yes, it yeah at in the broader. casting everybody is good. The I worked with Dan backed all right, yeah on a movie he's great it s, an all at samara. Troutina talk, the eye. Maize is great, but you know like some like you, lorry SAM, is the only one to his character. Rich spent, zero I'd, never swears ease he's a very nice, a well meaning you that'll centre of of comedies grid like, but you u is out of here, you go back with him. Not really I mean we'd always you know, I loved fry lorry has said as a to watch it result always hilarious and- and you know, I think he was aware of me in and light the shows ideas. You are all necessary a little bit, but not my not not ma
but he was not somebody. You are familiar with. Yes, oh yes, yeah and I I had been told he was a fan of vape and a heat finished house yeah. I thought, while I think he's great, so he just chatted and they came together and you how they did, how many seasons went with them. Why did for there were seven seasonality? I left after season, for you just split yeah, I'm just tired sort of- and I also my last episode was the electoral college tie. Ok- and I thought that's me- and really cause. That's. Why haven't you with interesting about that? Is it's like? I guess it's a mystery. The efforts for some people, but like in terms of british television, you are done. I was dug its oh yeah, right I forces in what you ve done, go wild episodes of something in the uk. You could have done this by season, for I was like this is unheard of. I've never done so many episodes of a show before before that, in that year there. What do you think TAT I mean because in
in america As you know now the veil keep something as is uploaded forever. What is your task daddy again and but there's something about maintain If something is good in the uk it sort of white becomes almost mythical good. because you leave on how I that's always engineer to leave. I yeah yeah yeah and you, they're gone. I thought I'd like to the right time because we would have liked to tie it was the show that got one the army for the first time for bed company. I thought this is a good point We too go mostly I've. Just so jet lag, and just I could. But how did you feel like in terms of the two, did two different styles of of business. I imagine like once a here you know with the television business said you are. A unknown, a known quantity, a senior producer in a way with a certain amount of Paul,
but also like you know, with with solid release. It just seems like a smaller business here. In terms of of Business is done here in it by your that business in this area to say yes, I do remember what I said to hbo guys. Don't together I go very well, but I do remember when etc. I do the journey movie reaction, made a noise they just want I suppose, but you say it's not it's not the damn thing. It's your men just carry on. Do you ve, brought out by said look you're, not You can carry on we'll get someone else saying we have those shows remaining so yeah. It was great. I just thought I said Steven do because he said: do you want to stay on, as I said? No because, you gotta know it's your show. Maybe, like you know the agony I wonder you mean the yeah yeah yeah. Well, I don't want to be like it's the
next door, the one who resigned, but I still in the vatican major you can also. I want to get involved fully fans of her to do that, so just get on with it. So when you went off and did the stalin who decided death of Stalin is a very funny movie, and I don't you take the idea this to find comedy in this sort of group revolving around this corpse. It would seem that it was, but it's part of, like one, it shouldn't literature is like that. Isn't it it's fairy, you know Gogol and it's all big cemetery coke ice, that kind of, but it's like a really dark, miserable cute, not miserable, but it's a kind of definitely cuba. It's a kind of laughing at her at the door. sure really yeah and a lot people said to me when I was researching it was out in moscow and speaking to people who'd grown up under Stalin yeah, and they said you know there were joke books about Stalin, that people had and you could be king,
if you told what are those jokes right, people felt it was the only way you could process what was going on interesting, but it so that a real thing by telling a joke about the uck as been been doing a joke on stage about you about people who are who do jokes, you're coming from a dark play, yeah, because there you have to it's a tremendous relief in it. Yes, it contextual things you now humans, we and I just say out loud. I say I know there must have been like hilarious people and our wits here I mean first of all, its all jews there, so we gotta right and then, like you, you gotta have one guys, like you ever see, Murray do the nazis so area. It is ok nails, so but there is also that thing of its it's sort of
it means you have some life left. If you're, making a joke about something to meet its mind, hasn't been control that that's right and also like it is it's not it's almost the companion, but but not to hope it's not yeah yeah, but it. But it's relief. Yes, an end its it's enough, they get you through a minute or two and annette. If you say something and lots of people laugh, we ass a kind of like human spirit but also the spontaneity there that the euro, the gods were. The guns have been able to to quash right, Yeah, I think that's why dictators don't like artists poet to be made on us is because you just don't like They don't like being in control of the result of other of mapping and controlled yeah yeah yeah. No, I think that's true. I think that ie, interesting because in hope with situations that your that humor, replaces hope, as as some sort of way
and also some sort of you know. Radical yeah fuck you the politicians to be wary of are the ones who doesn't. Are you having jokes about themselves so light? You know like trump. Every week after such a night lived another lame shau right really lame because it doesn't like people making jokes about, but that's it that's all terrible trade to have having to put that right. But that's how you know fascism, you know all the only jokes become at the expense of the oppressed and till they're gone and then there's just no humor just a lot of yelling and sport gifts. It's just all hackles. Yet at on aids it's scary. So do you feel like the us good with summarizing fascism, yelling and sports, or is fundamentally what is here. He asked a sort of
now there's a whole eroticism about. Fascism, though, do is just all that take a shot off and shows your muscle totally negative here. What's his name is it wilhelm, with rice, the therapy the renegade, a gate, therapists just talked about how it will just is totally based homer, erratic repressed, right, cluster forgets of men who get worked up about dinner. Fascism, yeah, but I am but deep, but do so you see what you do with satire, do except you know, is our partner satire was that wikipedia? But it's not what I mean. I think it's easy demanding did she shows that such I don't? I don't buy that exactly so I grant island partridge is because it is sort of a kind of We amplified version as high, but I came to think I just think what The next funny thing. I want to me
We're clear, though, in that but you'll your understanding of what the imperative of of the Stalin movie where it comes from. Yes, that the power of humor in the face of authoritarianism? Yes, and it was made At a time when I mean it was before we shot it before, tromp was even nominated. Yet when it was made, a time when you had like Berlusconi and imputing duanan, ok, no sense of you had any have well, but also these authoritarian people, elected but then using the rule, changing the rolls yet make it harder to get em out right, yeah, yeah so- and I thought this- a whiff of nineteen twenty nineteen thirties again yeah? So I want to do something about a dictator going into thinking. Maybe a fictional dictator today, and then the story that the book there was based on a graphic novel death stolen. We sent to me will there's the story. I mean I don't need to invent this territory.
it's already interesting with with deep to two to sort of review in a genuine way that the sort of a farce our kampala tax, yes, its powerful, but I got the either I like the idea of continue And put up this put it at the fascists ass. She not, yes, is, I think, that's going to challenge now because things yet come so tribal ized like how do you do that because, like you know, and what does it have of people living in different media bubbles? like if you're sitting there sat arising, something or or saint fuck, you did to the powers that be yet all the p. but follow them, don't even know your on told exactly. I know what happened if he had only you day that we just say: well, that's that's intolerable. You should be saying things like that yet whose watch they would take with watching that no one here, but there are no, I think of me. He said it again last week, how did it? Because you
He came up and says when I was very january fixing he said it s going to be cancelled. I think this week the big but see the thing is, is that people hear that and they don't have any context of what's going other world, so the four weeks don't think like was cancelled. Did he get can't without even checking What do we do? I don't know, do you know? I don't know: what are you working on just the space one I've just finish that I'm doing I'm writing. Recording script prefer said the world of social media? Oh good that'll do I know you ve got a fixed costs, just looking at where power lux die. It's like these guys who, from the age of twenty two, have been multimillionaires start in all thinking, well style thinking. I just want to set up a website that rate tower. what college girls are yeah? Oh no,
sort of work back. You know brutal. Reverse the narrative and say that actually I set up a network so that we can all communicate better yeah baby, five while billionaires owning all our data and our thoughts having a tremendous way on the brains of the yeah. Yeah their convince themselves that, because they are good people, therefore, the camp anything wrong with what they're doing here, they'll catch well that's the thing is I don't see how it's gotten away from them early and they don't, really have the moral infrastructure personal? No, they don't. You know within five years, have had to become law experts in ethics and democracy. Then there's people like Peter theil, who the artful fascist, yeah and just wanted to change it all yeah you'll, be and who the fuck are. These people that want to like these people buying bunkers in new zealand. I who wants to live in whatever world they
well. The people left alive are the head or social media organizations put on Jeff Bezos yeah yeah. What was that community going to be you've got a neighbor on the other island who owns that island? do. You think they ever will ever get together to like plan the christmas fair, and it's only going to get a few of them to show in weird mutants and tribal situations there's another one, we woke up, it was great talking to you there we go. I appreciate you taking the time we may have another prime minister by the time this goes out. I would think you would I'm not your. When we're one does the new season starts. I was just started, so we put other scrutiny to episode already out very pretty soon. So maybe you may also be waiting on a new prime minister will see talk. Any ok, oh, is published. as that was our mondo energy. What a great guy, what a smart guy! What would a funny guy
if five airs monday nights on h, b, o and then streaming on demand on h, b, o max. If you could, please hang out for a second warrior, would you would you, would you please? Okay. This special story is presented by amazon and a cask creative folks. I wanted de about gift giving like gonna by someone a shirt. by some one pants, by someone you know a set of spoons. That would be an interesting give. That would be a memorable gift but Ultimately, they d, like I don't use spoons, but marin semi spoons. It was weird, but those are the marin spoons. They show people, but they wouldn't use em. That's the point is I never know, to get people and the holidays only make it harder. It's a great season to spend time with family friends. But if you like me, the anxiety of getting the wrong gift can be overwhelming the ones gift being experiences stands out my mind as just terrible, it was with
I first serious girlfriend. I was in college. Her name was sarah and choose cut, punky but kind of him, but came from like westchester jean grow up like that no grows up like that for whatever reason I bought her a ralph lauren sweater. It was not achieve sweater, it had to be a four hundred dollar sweater. It was just a a cable sweater, a heavy sweater like a irish sweater, didn't it didn't reek of being ralph Lauren. It was like a nice sweater. I liked it and I gave it to her and it was like she'd might as well have opened the box and there was like a dead rabbit in there. and it was one of those moments where she's like Why would you get this for me? Do you? No me at all there's a lesson in all of this. Why you might not be able to find the absolute perfect gift. You can take a lot of stress out of the process of getting them, which is why using amazon makes sense for the holidays, the great thing about
it's about ordering things on amazon as gifts as well. You could just do it and then it goes there that you don't have to leave your house or wonder about packaging or anything else, and you can write a note with amazon news other than you. There are things you can do like when I order stuff off amazon. I don't I don't write a note to myself Ok man happy day by, but it's is exciting when I get boxes could actually never know. What's coming, that's me. So try, not distress out too much with the holidays. Coming up, you ve got give shopping at your fingertips with amazon. thank you for listening to this story, brought to you in partnership with amazon and a cask creative shy. The legendary deals at amazon now back to the show, hey folks, for our look back in the archives. Today, it seems appropriate to highlight the episode with Julia Luigi. this. This is from
I sold seven hundred done in two thousand and sixteen which was which was during the fifth season of veep, and she is the best the funniest comedic actress I think this world has ever produced. That's my belief. That is my we force into this clip. I got an overall deal. Imagine I know at warner, brothers, the television nokia, and so I developed a script there that too- and this is right after day by day, and it was a script for me to start in then these script came in and and they paid me money warner brothers to do this. The script came in and it was not when I had envisioned in didn't, seem fixable to me right, and so I said what to do. I can't do it and the and I had a window there is legally. There was a window which I could pull out of this sector and then about
Three days later, or even maybe not maybe like two days later, these four seinfeld chronicles scripts come to me. Ok from an from Larry and I read them. I sent them do where he did remembered you and you guys. We lag reallocating a friendship or denounce albania just send it right, and so he said to me and in two four scripts. I didn't really my character didn't really have very much to do and the two more so we're, but this is definitely a supporting role and the other show was like a starring role right, but I thought oh this right. So great mean I'm at was, well to recognise, resolve airy, I dont know what the writing credit is on their own and it took a question here now, but I mean it's definitely. maybe wherein jerry layer in chechnya death. I bet certainly berries voices in present, as at as a writer. for whom I had known thirty or it s now, and it was the same kind of tone
guys have a relationship it s. Now. Young europeans we have yea. I we'd bonded, over unhappiness. Oh yeah really, truly. So- and so I read this oh my god. This sounds really good, and so anyway, I got this. I went in and out with chair, we bomba that happened, but let me tell you something: what happened warner brothers threatened to sue me because they thought I had done something ill go or graduate morning with them. Now they were suspicious of the fact that I pulled out of my deal with them and then so quickly on the heels of that became involved with this gig, and I was terrified you know this is just you know, was like nothing. I was now. I was just a little person here yeah and this was a huge studio and they were threatening and they said they want their money back and- and it was a lot of money
mean it is a lot. It was seven until you right now to seventy five grand dear that's a lot of money should particularly back then it was a huge area but were- and I thought well, but I didn't do anything wrong I didn't do any. I didn't break our contracted and I got advice from one of my attorneys who said you gotta just give it back like, but if I do doesn't imply that I've done something right where's. He says you guys yeah, because I didn't do anything wrong right here and I called gary David Goldberg, his creator, family ties, you have been city and who is subsequently passed away, but he was a mentor of mine and a very good friend. And I told him that you knew from day by day. I did actually knew from before that, because I done this spin off her family title right and I told them that warner brothers was threatening to sue. What should I do- and I was so scared and an eye being told by lawyers- to give the money back and an here
you know what I dont respond well to bullying keep the money, and so I took his advice and I never have warner brothers I think it's that wild now is so scary- is touching unaware, its touching cause. I love gary Goldberg yeah he's a good man, oh my god, viewing at him. He would have died so there They will what they obviously didn't, have any legal grounds. They had no legal grounds and they were just being dicks there being decks and I got there were a great thing. Yet was a great thing. Actually members a good lesson: haha piano, I dont respond to bullying. Again that's from episode, seven hundred, which is available for free on all podcasting. If you want to get the archive episodes without ads sign up for deputy of plus just on the lincoln the episode description to deputy, have pod dot com and click on w e, F plus for food.
baron subscribers. I posted a spontaneous audio diary during my trip in dublin last week, and this We have more producer, it's going up including stuff that didn't make it into episodes with germ. strong and adrian blue, this week, I'm in Oklahoma city at the tower theatre on Wednesday november, second Dallas texas, at the majestic theatre on thursday november third, san Antonio, at the tobin centre for the performing arts for two shows on Friday november earth and houston at the cullen theatre at were them centre on Saturday november. Fifth, that I'm in long beach, California, the carpenter performing arts centre on Saturday november twelve. Eugene organ at behold, centre for the performing arts on Friday november eighteenth and bend oregon the tower theatre on Saturday november nineteenth in December, I'm in Asheville north carolina at the orange peel for two shows on Friday December second and then shrill tennessee, I'm at the James caple centre on Saturday December third and my each
special taping is a town hall in new york city on thursday december. A go to deputy of pod dot com, slash tour for all dates and ticket info. Ah, ok, ok, here's some simple booze!
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