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Episode 1428 - Lily Rabe

2023-04-20 | 🔗
As the daughter of Jill Clayburgh and playwright David Rabe, Lily Rabe felt a lot of pressure not to become an actor, believing she had to stake out her own artistic ground. But while dance was her passion, her acting talents were undeniable. Lily tells Marc what it was like to get her big break doing Shakespeare with Al Pacino at the same time her family was dealing with personal tragedy. They also talk about her recent string of miniseries, including The Undoing, The Underground Railroad, and Love & Death.

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A guy, all right. Let's do this, how are you what the fuckers, what the fuck bodies, what the fuck what's happening, Where are we at what going on. I gotta say it's been pleasant it's been pleasant here, the wet it's been nice. I've had a little downtime this week. Which was much needed. I was burning out. I was frying. I was tired of hearing myself talk or, to put it, the more clear away sometimes I talk when I don't really want to talk, and it's not that often, but it happens, but I feel like I have talks are just keep talking, as that great it doesn't land it kind of? Just I don't know what it is it doesnt have very often, but it was happening brand. Noticed it out again, I'm talking egg is at all. I don't really want
I can just fishing around out loud and he It sounds like you're stabbing, jello factor I don't even know what that means, but it sounds correct. It sounds like What was happening, but a few days and and It really is about engagement. What are you engaged in and I was just talking too much and not engaging in enough and then the oil like, I gotta, talk about stuff, even if I'm not engage, but if you listen to the new bonus stuff, like it if Brandon and I get going like- we just talked about a couple of sopranos episodes and I was all of it up. How can he here too- and I got all that up- I mean I just have to go to where the hideous go to work The juices I gotta keep busy. keep busy to get engaged with the Jews? I gotta talk to you about something. I can't just read the news and talk to you about that shit. That's what crazy, because just a reactor, I'm just a puppet. I'm a you have my my
panic feed and I just a hyper. Can I just I share the panic with you: I'm tired of that get tired of it, so I got it I gotta go. I gotta keep doing things and also like, I've been a little hard on myself. Lately a little bit harder myself right. It's it's! What's goin pull back a second. Can we nay on the show, talk to lily rape and she's great actress You mean over american, our story, but I saw her in the underground rail road and- tender bar, so we booked here We look to because of that stuff than we have schedule like three times, because we both we're getting get different times. we are. Finally, we were finally able to make it happen with this with this episode, because she's promoting this newer, hbo, ex many serious, loving death with Elizabeth olsson jesse plans and the guy
from who played the kind most famous who I knew when he was a kid briefly onset. But it's great it's a great many series. She's great actress energy. It is fuckin david rape, the great powers, right, David rape. I mean I did a monologue for acting class from the bay the training of pablo humble and there are part with better dirty and brutal an unforgettable. He wrote hurly burly, he rode streamers, In the boom boom room. these are big ease. is. This is no fucking around play. Writing and she grew up in that so intolerable that but she's a forest of nature on her own, a really great actress- and I was happy- To finally get to talk to her, so you will experience that soon going happen soon. I did dad just reposed in episode with them. Commute darrell lennox. It was actually behind the pay. What there's not as many beyond
pay walser there to be, but this mama's from two thousand and thirteen darrell died on Sunday and it's quite harrowing tale, lost his eyesight, for the most part in his upbringing was it would have been devastating for most people, but he transcended it's a good episode and rest in peace, darrow lennox, said I am I'm not at peace. I guess eventually, I will be. I'm kind of it but I'm trying to I'm trying to get I'm trying to do. I gotta get stuff in my head. I gotta get the right frame of mind. what's up in my head, but I've been hard. I myself lately I'm afraid, I'm getting old. free. I am I am I worry about my memory Because my dad's got the problem, he's got the curse, whatever he's, got the demand to dimension
dementia songs and a freak out about that so I lay in bed just trying to remember things. For some reason I was a little hazy on kobe bryant, face last night I like pull that up. It's why it was almost odd desires. Getting like pictures that you get when you do a search on the eight I do you know where you just one when he like it was kind of it was almost him boswell twist What can I like francis bacon, painting, I'm not a basketball fan, so it's not like. I had him because we just we ve seen air and kit nigh, I liked the movie. I know nothing about basketball, but you don't need to for that movie. I like seeing those guys work and, like Ben I like in the mat I like seeing.
You know: what's his name see this what's happening if this is what's happening, jason bateman right come on. the movie, and I thought I was good. They really loaded it up with those songs from that time and- and it was it was, it was kind of funny because They really they got whatever they could get impressing condition from, nineteen, eighty four, that you can either snack on or have on your desk. They they nature they gotta close above and usually some kind of annoying, but it wasn't campi. I think there is almost stay. I think they are. happy? They were able the polish some of that equipment? No snacks in those boxes and things are recreate them to get them correct and its important man. It's a boy. get time periods correct and I nailed it. And I was alive during that time as I was all tat was just at a high school a couple years by and they were being campi about it, but they they were sort of like remember,
the monologue vat abatement has about listening to burst, Springsteen's born in the usa, tremendous, there's a lot of great parts in the stories. Great, I didn't know the story, and I wait in bed with kit and we're talking about Michael Jordan and about you how big p, god. Now you gotta be careful and then a comment about helicopters- and she goes oh honey- that that was coming I like oh, I know that, oh my god, I'm old, I know Kobe bryant died in plain, but for some reason I got them conflated. Michael Jordan's, alive code. Instead, I just sat trying to member copy brains face for five minutes. I got it, I pulled it together, but I just don't. Would you like here's? I gotta remember I gotta remember that you can't forget. What you never knew,
put pressure myself, you know we're all capped into this same kind of like active Zeit on donor in our palm. And I have a sense of a lot of things- I don't know speed fix about about things like of man. I you know I. I know Hitler was bad, but I've dates. I don't got dates A general sense of his resume you know a lot of. It was his the horrendous. Obviously, by but the same with american history and it there's a lot of stuff it. I never knew. I was not a great student through high school, and I was I just didn't- take it in until later, some of it, but I don't have it in my brain to forget the big moments of global history or of american history. I know them. I know they happened like in a world where to his terrible, and there is a lot of countries involved pearl harbor holocaust. You know the battle with a bold, I you I get it, but I I don't necessarily have them. Contextual lies
in any other way other than world war. Two and the Jews got fucked. So so you can't forget what you didn't know, and I have really got to remember that it was never great with cuba. dates in my head or or trivia per se. I know some things and I have a good memory for faces, not for name servers. That was why the coping kind of bothered me So now, all day long I've been just sort of canada, anime fest, Kobe bryant in my head. To make sure my brain is working properly There is not and is not a ton of shit that Locked onto in my life they have, I'm sort of historical. On tax, like I know things I know roughly where things happen, but sort of like a miss them, a speculative historian and I'll throw down. Sat. There sometimes was at around nineteen thirty three year way around there. you bet, I e a general sense. I gotta vibe, I gotta go, for history again,
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the perfect system for your home in just a few minutes, at simply say outcomes. Rice, w dia go today in claiming free indoor security, camera plus twenty percent off your order with interact of monitoring that simply If dotcom swash, w e F, there's no safe- simply safe. I go to the museum of contemporary art, los angeles, because I knew it is Henry keller giveaways air, and I knew that. I, like em retailers work and I ve drove down there and I drove around the block for fifteen twenty minutes to try to find a metered space into. I was I dude. The museums free just go park in the fucking, what is right down there by city also, I parked in one of the lots. It's your city hall lot and I just Park in the city hall, like one going through my divorce and having oh, my god when I got it, straining order was not great decision, If you think I worked at the cars around me to my most of these people are having a very hard day in the court house
there is no good day in the courthouse there. I guess areas, I guess, there's two sides, literally in most most courthouse business, some of them a good time. Maybe the guy was this horrible truck is He's really is: is gonna pay day in there maybe the subaru owners getting hurt or his time of these kids limited. I'm going to see art so park there, In the year in the lot and when I saw the Retailer exhibition called the the beside it was. Truly one of the best art exhibitions I've ever seen. what an amazing painter the power, the balls of is painting bold, the colors
Figurative but pushing the edge and loaded up. There's an installation there of the boy, Panthers, based on the black panthers, that is spectacular,. and all the paintings, every fuckin one of em, powerful, beautifully, execute, You got a really take em in. I can't talk our talk, but it politics. It deals with race deals with the love deals with them. pain and portraiture deals that moments out in there In downtown downtown your apparently but I you know I bought the catalogue, buy a lot of the catalogs there and do some reading in there. I want some new stuff. I want to know how other artists look at the world. I mean I do that about here.
But yes, sometimes I need to check in with the visual artists in the scene was just beyond anything. I could have expected really spectacular. ok, so lily rabies. is in this new mini series: loving death, premiers. Next, Can it be max? I thought it was terrific, its premiers anthem. The april twenty seventh, it's about the candy montgomery story about the murder and taxes they did another one. I think it was I'm cool with their wives. forget her name jessica bill, but this wednesday I didn't see that when this one spectacular, the actings tremendous so Oh I, let's talk to a lily rabies. So I know said the other day, though we're talking about the smell of books. I think it's actually writing paper
maybe so night. Yes, I know I love it. They're all up in my office, upstairs your dad's room of books has been massive. While this was that the head? I got with yours like when I the house that I grew up in from sort of like age, three, few seventh grade yeah, where was I it was in westchester was in his skull. Now, kids grow guy had a. Friend from that area. My first girlfriend from mount go unchecked. yeah. Why irresistible? What's the next? How no bedford chapa clash? Abacoa? That's it chappaqua fancy yeah, ass, the other house, it was like the garage was his office really yeah. David ray had to have a garage office. He loves the garage I have. I have when he's so got a garage around the house. You know your house, now. Ok, but like a bit
The thing was, like you know going over and like dad? It's? dinner here, unlike hope, in the area, have wondered what, like you weren't, bothering you yeah, like I don't want to in the the big writing but then the smell of like those yeah. I guess rotting bucks. What's the hair, but it's like a wonderful. It is it's like a live memory and I feel like it makes me feel very cozy yeah but they're so like what else did he have just a bunch of books in their duty of records? What kind of like would you it seems like you grew up with, a playwright as a dad. the great actresses as a mother in westchester. Well, I mean I hate to say that that was sort of like it feels like we were a sort of passing through. I was born. upper west side, and then I guess my mom when my brother with horn, how decker he's three years younger than me. Okay, I was three and she had like, or you know this, so I'm told she had a sort of panic yeah, bout,
needing space somewhere. Can we do this in a city and so they moved to west, sir here and then I think the whole time she was there. She was kind of like this just now, I'm this feels like totally in between like either want to go back to the city right or I want to go deeper, yeah to the country yeah and then, eventually we went deeper through the country where Lakeville connecticut, which is where my dad's still is where's. What's that it's the northwest corner of connecticut it's near the border of new york and massachusetts like right. There, it's right next to west Adams, atoms now that wes Adams, mass writer, its forty minutes from great bearing ten five mm it's from miller, ten, ok,
in two minutes from salisbury these places anyway, yeah I mean like audrey. I think I probably did comedy gigs up there in those in salisbury or great barrington. Probably probably I just know there were one nighters all over new england that I had to drive to at night and some of the towns. I remember some, I don't yeah we're closer to boston but thou to gear that far from Boston gets caught. It like it's like a two hour train right from me are so it's really up there. I thought there yet It's an country, it's beautiful, to dig it. Can you live in the country? Do you have in the country will not now I live unless faileth this week or permanently yeah, no more new york, don't say it. I mean I still have this ice of a tiny little place in new york that I hold onto that. Mighty family cannot fit in here now, but I do wonder just written it out now. I dont even you just how it's it's pretty new their right to be here I mean it. You haven't been out that lot right, isn't it I mean if I ever I'm truth far it sorted
it it it. It was another thing that kind of like crept up. I was out here shooting I'm going back and forth, but I was so doing plays and then, but it's been its I've lived in the house out here that I live in now, like six year, really yeah It's weird because, like I mean I see you in all these different things and then I look at all the things you ve done and I just don't manage my time. Well, Meanwhile, what are you talking about? You do a million things I doll. They had Ass my time while thou, but by you're busy. You make time ever work. Clearly, do you ve, never stop. Working. Thanks is good. I love to work here. work, but I love to network. When was the last time you didn't work, though
years ago now I feel like I had all these be. I was like pregnant beggar back three times, but I did I worked there. Most of my pregnancies, you dig you were, but we were pregnant on what shhh allow like some sort of like obviously pregnant and then some not but I shot when I was pregnant. With my first scared. I wish I shot him. Man, american harsh realities in and then I I can't do that. Just work in while some of them we didn't have to let go ahead. And then There was one season where it was like of american horror. American horror story where I was very pregnant, rang called- and I was like I'm going to be so pregnant and he's like oh great I'll, write it in and I was also doing
the underground rail road and bury what thought about writing it in two didn't end up: casinos like and, of course it in but then why? But then cove it happened. So, by the time you are actually shooting the season of our story. I had the baby agar let the baby had become like a very important plop points. So then I spent the whole season and oppress the really sort of like honouring the pregnancy that you would have to be very frank: we fake pregnant. Well, I mean I watch, Entire season of love loving death. Oh you dated idea more than me really I mean they sent me, but I'm very weird about watching. You are yeah super weird, but why would happen? I used to be I, unless it just out if something still being added area like watching something during. eighty are or, if your coming, you know, depending on what whatever area I love-
When I see bbc bits and pieces in eighty aren't, you are here you as you, it's like two or three minutes regrets about pretty good airlines. Seeing a rough cut. Em like yes, yes, yes, but in others, is something about like when it fine opened. The final thing that even if I do now, I just always feels like a lost to me in some way. I can see that what kind of israel yeah I mean you're, living it. But you know there are some. I guess there's some party words still moving in our and then it's always over is like the great I mean it is, and maybe maybe the reason I hate that so much or that it makes me so sad is because I started in the theater, where I never had to deal with, that I mean you'd and the rhine, and then I would cry for like do oh yeah I really would weep at the end of ever. There I mean theatre such I like it's. I mean it's kind of saying what I don't have any really have any experience in grown up theater, but I have a whim, experience on sets
but the one thing I knew even in college about theatre is that you know you really are you're part of a community and it said, depending where you are with theatre eat, you can have the post pardon depression of of joel, but everyone still kind of around where where you do a movie or tv show like everyone goes right. unless you're on a serious and managed to survive. Are we really close for now? the they're all around they're all around, but while you're doing at you just get to go and going go again again again, so you don't have to You don't have to give it away until you're, really giving it away and it's over, but like the you just I I love and I miss that, feeling oh yeah. When you go home with all that self loathing and like I wish I'd that you're like ours, as do I remarked,
Do you find it like is now so I guess the the this sort of depth. self discovery, and when you do a play over and over again, if it can be pretty pretty expansive right, then you can just make changes or or tweak things any ever over and over again and the audience is like this. You know it's like that are living, yeah but not, but because they inform saw my area they just do It is so wild how it's like that, come. This singular thing that you really are show you media reports like this audience fewer, but they're like one sing, When you are in a way, though, can nuclear pockets words were like nets? Greg yeah slave, like good eve, whatever they're not getting it totally.
In general they do kind of become this, like wonderful of me, by earth. How do I know you'd they have their own personality, sometimes on in a stamp show. I mean I can tell before I get out there. You know what's going on I know the vibe of it and where the we are not always correct or where you get your first, I'm is by well. I can't stand it. I can imagine, but like because it's not yes but you'd, but with you sadly you have your own here, because it often lansdown if there is like, you know a joke, that's not a there. It just become little things where you're like oh it's going to I. If we have them here or sure like oh no, we didn't get the there so we're going to write. what you have just like? You can and no one in their right, she's, ok, good job, yeah, it's fun. So we are your mother joke aberdeen is like, He was to be had place in my memory is a child because
the movie semi tough, I think I'm a like her and berlin reynolds kurdistan. Firstly, the bird convicts and your mom there's causes while the comedy and but then she was, its. If I feel like she was in so many movies during that euro right was that the mid middleweight seven I mean I was an. I fed that's what they tell me. They tell she's a big star, she's, a big star you're, like my mom liked her you know like she was like warn of the stars. The lady movie stars matters than silver streak. Yes, italy may live, then no, I don't think so. Gene wilder and richard pryor don't think I was alive, but I I'd have to. I don't think so, but it was like one of the first ones I was able to watch because it's like kind of pg, you know yeah, but have you what have you got back and watched her shoe alot of if you live in its see. I don't know how you would have to yeah Did you like start out, did you feel pressure to act?
Note to not act? I felt pressure than from from member from you both your dad rights, you fuckin heavy, plays I think I did a monologue from stream in college and some heavy shit totally think I was like three or something in the aisles of cause. He directed a production of her a burly. Now that I saw that on broadway of ours that might Nicole's directed roy, with william heard and was it was with her second harvey kite. How, like then, and we went in Amman, madonna idea on points on pan cindy an extended that yeah raising thing where she was doing all right. I just like a kid right yeah she was like walk it. So romantic she was like do the hurly, burly and walking to do
seen in the real thing and unlike mitt, somehow making it to both curtain call here, which is why, when anyone's likely, we aids a conflict, we can't we're gonna like. Let me tell you this is too bureaucratic a fish you feed here. If you want me to you at your word, so you remember, seeing not the hurly burly, not string. I didn't see the Y know but, like I was like, I think I was three I think it was. I think I was in just in the aisles of rehearsal. I have a memory of sitting next to me, dad and he's like a big guy, and I was little little here and then it's just like these everyone yeah on stage lake. Was it if I were you, I I don't know what it was it was like. I it was actually it felt norm like ours is like out me out. This is my family out of my valley, but do you, as you got older even now, have I I mean he rode three.
Vietnam, post vietnam, novel urban blaze voices. Springing serve, you talk to him about the year more and more yeah. It's he was it. hard core. While he was in here. He was to spent a lot of time in an office like and I working like in that in hospital and then He was also a guard yeah, so We could have been a lot more hard core, but our eyes. I was very hard korea. The army was yet air, yet writer and your mom. Past way, awhile back yeah, two thousand and ten, but she was sort of you house. She was like this. She was like, planet. We were all orbit around here would happen. She really did she get sick, yeah and I m Did you what made you how what
you gonna do if it wasn't acting? What was the plan? Well I wanted to for a while, I wise be valerie ballerina. Really, that's who, as I easy insane hard life pretty short career too. yeah was. Was it? Did you lock into the I loved it? I did it. I really. I started little at all year round here. At the same time, I was going to really really oh, if my dad at three I started doing valley- and I love- did I loved the discipline of it? was totally self motivated, like my mother, would take me here to the ballet Are you do your said about it? We had like andrea, whatever we would drive The city in sickness aim seats and I, it's from a very young age, just sort of transfer
yeah- and I will I loved it- and then I I wanted to do it and I did it. I was incredibly motivated- he's got a school for now, so them like what I mean I was. I did it through wit is somewhere in hydro because it was it just became too. You know you get to that moment where it's like you're, either doing this or you're, not Why? They? It's also other things, were the there's like a genetic component, almost yeah like it's like playing. My brother work is ass off at some point. You don't be can't you don't the natural I had. A lot of a state like I have leg, came hyper extended this unlike Utah and I'm tall, and I'm like my feet, there's something I think I could dance on a lot of my toes cause. I don't have like a you know, so I had a lot of that good stuff, but I It was, I also wanted to go to college.
Neighbours urchin and be of her thin, and then I would have no. I mean I don't they find I would have been a star, but I think I could have like danced, but I would have anyway do you like explained to me there way you, because, like it's one of these things where I dont have any context or appreciation for dancing, watch it and and an mba retain, I guess, yeah but in a modern dance. I can kind of see ya you up there, but not, unlike other you know, ancient traditions or at least classical art, yet there's a structure to it and everything right yeah There is a way to understand ballet. Yet do you have that? I U I moved me so much, but its funding like Hamish cartel sort of walk, arrows. Yeah we're not. but yeah whatever he s, the father of the germans and the your partner. My daughter, the other day like customize, ought to say, has been cause. It's like you're here for your people here,
I don't know where we are where at like a hotel arising as I was my husband is getting that and my daughter looks up me: does who's that see aversion to being married or at work that committee. After what you have three kids, I have three Kids together and I ve been a step daughter, ochre, yeah you're, just right. We're not rush to know well now fell out of the black, exactly, let's just say, isn't I'm thinking of it one standard inside the ballet, what I've got to say that my boyfriend, very daddy whatever when he health, has come in and I'll be like you know, he's like what are you doing on your focus, our like jump, sort of put my following rhyme, just like watching ballet rule hmm as a as a to make. You feel better yeah huh, it's just a the grace of it or the you know a something more as magic.
It's magic to me in in in with whole ballets there's will all them have stories right yeah, but it's not that it's like something like the aesthetic. I is probably watching great athlete, ever whatever yo yo yo cries all the time watching sport. So what you and I are, we, I don't that I am right watching most things you do, but not I don't have any sports in me. like I give very moved, you know using I use to, and after I had my first kid yeah. I find that I cry less really. yeah. It's not what you think. What make of that heavy first care decry less. Maybe it's less about you, maybe the cry, maybe you're, feelings. Are your emotions are so now connected to something. You know that you have You care for an hour, you don't you can't even understand the depth the love you have
the emotional connection. You have to a kid that, like crying when you're alone without children is spread of this weird selfish. I think it's a way to feel I think you're right, actually the first person I hadn't I had Totally er stood at my thought. I was like some survival, you know just some hormonal, I'm proud, because I remember being pregnant and watching some great, millions and I was crying, but I was moved but our eyes like what it's easy brought like what words where there's gonna. Have I closed my hearty closer, but I feel a sort of the opposite about everything I can feel like. My heart is opening up, but I think you're exactly right, yeah, it's a crying alone. Is a selfish activity, a break so I now it's like you. You know, you know you're feeling you know you're a. That your emotions are going the proper place in a way. You know, because there, with the kid or the kids, that's really nice. Huh
when I say I'm going to say that I think you're right, I do now. You gotta, ask your er. Why are you so selfish when you're trying at sport? Why do you have you cried sports, god I mean Derek jeter was Tiring later at year of retirement really was to slay went into mourning. Locked activity of is the right. I think you're, so you're you're into the ballet yeah the thing Parents, obviously I would assume, given there agree are supportive of the arts. The abbot I mean I was pretty young when it start when that stopped, and then I was like I loved writing in high school year and what are you were right? Would you write like I just I just I don't know what it's like to to grow up with parents who are in the arts and then a pressure of that or the non pressure of that, and I don't understand it.
Because my play writing, for instance, that like it's insane playwright totally like to create a new deal. I theatre, like like you, replace right where the fuck does discomfort yet you gonna, because all different language against the, especially like some, your dad's, poyser, r, r, R, there's a lot captain weirdness to yeah. It is like it's our language, yeah totally, so I just like you living in that house. Like I don't know like what were you writing? Do you tell you like? I never have written a play or even to write a play? No! No! No! I just loved writing short stories in school, so I kind of when I stopped dancing. I thought like okay. Maybe this is what all do and I really must performing being yeah yeah. Probably the thing I had loved so much about dance right, we'll get me initially just like that look. But not me where I like the way to you it's coming through you
do something: Oliver s your ex gap, and so disappear into something and all that stuff you did with, though, I feel that way with way the it's not about not about you, but it's like all of you yeah. So then I like started in addition, the high school play is here, I was teaching ballet in the summer and were in wearing in connecticut area in that tiny town, and they had like the older kid had a summer. Thank god. You wanted Do you wanna do like model emma anywhere. So then I but I dont want I get a camp near, a summer can't like eyes. I hadn't really done the theatre right, but I think. I don't know. If I talk about it honestly, I don't think it's like, and then I discovered it. I think I was stalling. Beer was so terrified and I
a lot of shame around it for some reason my regime in do what my instead or feeling like. I was just at the time you're in high school by the time you're. Having these feelings, I mean you've seen your your mom on stage, yeah yeah, yeah, wow What was it jane was just like nothing, be the good they're, so good, now yo, you, you felt unrestrained identified. I know I jane or just like. I hear you am. I give you one, those people that does what my pants right yeah yeah wanting to feed. like whatever I was doing- was earn and we are young people write like well you're young enough for that to be happen. Yeah that even then I got that even then, and then I also had you know like they had as all artists do, they're like it
the best he asked the worst right, and so that's in the house of like don't do this. It's hell. Don't do this, it's how, even though I'm watching my parents like or love what they do- and it's clearly only thing they could be doing but like they hate up and they forever enabling forever. the rejection element. Did you get that lecture. About auditioning, an old I was afraid of, but also a site like they were getting rejected all the time. you know, even in in their success, it was like, saw its two types of choice. You you get when you working people in europe, haiti is, I think me enjoyable when you look inside Jacob dylan you're making that decision, like I envious and your song, I and my colleagues what I asked you what, what it well to put on yourself holy shit and you're. Never like I'm desperate, gotta run and people who have idea that right
I mean. I didn't realize that your dad wrote this green paper, the firm, which is really the best grissom movie hatred. That's a great movie! I watch it a lot. I gotta get sitting pollack, even directed it. If I'm not mistaken, I care He wrote that movie, that's crazy, was he the only writer on it? No there's! Never a great, I feel like there was a there's, always yeah yeah yeah, so you decided to take the plunge and acting do you? How do you train? How do you get into it? yes about. I was like all in and I went to. I went to northwestern. What's a good for undergrad for undergrad verily, good programme. At the time I don't off its changed. We I get the time they dont have a grad programme.
think I remember hearing was a really good undergrad. Oh that's why it's so great the anagrams, because you're not compete area like you do everything you learn to deal with the snotty grads, there's no, but like you're. Getting all the good part, syria, there is its end in any any. It's like an inn it was sort of like a conservatory with in a liberal arts yeah. It was the only one that had a structure like that. Where are child, where huge school huge school again big tat, the chicago So are you going on seeing things? Did you go step and one, did you going. I would also like going to proper left my pocket. It's football, but then, as I got yeah I got my shit together would go to stepping off cause. You go to any comedy any second city and shit like that. Go to a little yeah. There is all that great comedy to all the improv stuff, yes yeah and there great. I mean I would have never dared, but I had friends who did, I think was called me out. It was like the idea of the improved
in school in school, were amazing yeah yeah, but you never did not know why I favour You don't think you're funny. I am funny actually said the king, May I see for if no secrets in our power, I can feel it. I am funny and iron death, your hysteria comedic part of her. I would love to do comedy, but that's different things. Then stand improv. Have you done much film comedy no cause. Everyone thinks I'm too serious, it's so frustrating. I link as I did shakespeare, but I'm like, but she no one's funnier than fuckin shakespeare? True like when he's funny, it's the funniest, that's weird, so you feel like type cast in a way. I just feel like. That you have also you know they don't make many comedies really there's nothin. Much that is true, and it does. It is like this. There is like a crew, a crew, but but in this cedar, I was doing
I was doing comedy. I heard the minutes, that's where it happens. And even in the drought. That's like that thing where I'm like as a drama, is common. I'm like what are you talking about? It's both of us, I mean so but I do think, there's lake. So it's annoying. I feel it. People. No there's some feeling of three areas. Now, maybe it's like my voice, sir, like I don't like you, really think about. I bet you like. If you told your agent look, man go, find When I mean they really don't shoot that many I give you I can and most of them are terrible. Do you know him he d, I do like a good cant, remember what I was crying about. Like ray romano directed and wrote his first feature, I watched it somewhere in queens. I think it's called and it's very personal story. I sat there and watched him with the girlfriend who apparently in quite realize it has a heart of stone and. Or maybe something out, maybe she's, just not selfish my gear.
you have made me a man she just like. Maybe she has a healthy emotional spectrum and she's able to emerge properly and not bottle it all up most My crying at commercials and movies is really sk as unlocking it down right and I'm looking for a release of some kind ray. I does yoga yeah, but I'm gonna, why a wary of it, but I got I happened today. I read an email from somebody any like of choked up. It was it, and I add that realization. I think I notice it more than ever like of this is the problem that in this the emu one over guy. You know that some has a talk about sobriety occasion, I'll get emails from people that they, like. You, really help me sort of neo make the moved it to do. That you're in there's something about the language of sobriety that they always gets me and when people in a make that choice- and he told me
that or he went to his first meeting and you know he gets it and is it just got me choked up at that seems appropriate yeah yeah, it's wild yeah. I I gotta figure out a way to get the to get it all out. Yeah we've got kids and that's not going to happen for me. I dunno how people do that, I'm sure good, I'm selfish panicky, don't you panic all the time you know I do. but not about them Woody everything else you think they're just the ok. I don't you good that healthy idea. When I picture having children like I picture, leaving the house and even if there were taking care of just being like what what's going on upon the thing. Heaving and away from the thing that picture every minute yeah I mean there's a lot of things that they climb up on and sometimes they fall off again. Now I have like a nice, I mean, I think it's it's because of its my mother gave.
some. I like peaceful I have a. I am able to have a lot of peace around parenting here, it's good so she was very grounded yeah, both of whom were yeah. Yes, they were, that's unique in the arts. I think I know yes, but my mother, particularly dear, and she did a type of work like she did not have a childhood. There was peaceful at all and it was a ton of conscious work and then so by the time you you're around yeah, it all paid off yeah. that's good, I mean I think so I can report that yes, so why Do you? When do you start acting for real. A real for yeah yeah. Like I mean I think I got my equity card like in college doing summer stock summer play is.
and then you get it you cast in summer stock. I think he got the equity. It think that's how I got mine a man I start. I just after college I moved to new york and I did I this year for play like wasn't like you know, every word you weren't. There are huge his daughter maxine, yeah, of course, that is like a little bit of that thing I did like there was something called which I think has changed nearer something called new leagues at night, a storm where it was like ten musical feed ten July musicals. No, no, I was in the non musical I'd love to me. It's musical and a comedy, I'd like to do musical comedy seems like this is available. I feel like you can do it. I think like let's we the more we talk about it. Let's just talk, you'll get a call, okay great, but It was like they had ten front,
I don't know whether that regular, the non ms non singing now musical the earth, then you go to new york and you like do a showcase, Zira and try to get like an agent and a manager, and things like that. and to cast yours at air, so it did that and then the imo. To new york. I was like nanny ang. I didn't. We tables. I was a nanny huh that seems more consuming them waiting tables yeah. Well, I think I were. I would have I don't know that I would have been an get it we I table he I drop. I like. I just drop your brother and drop area. Kids, you drop. You know now: well. I don't ask me to pass you your your pen,
financing that's like all day get attached guy and it was like to I've. I like fell into this manning me. She has. I was baby sitting. I was out of his busy for one set of twins and then, like I, don't know the twins parents to their like, although we have this so that I was sitting for two sets of when how you rehearsing? How do you do acting? No then? Well, I didn't have to op. I was just auditioning, okay and and then, when I got a job I stopped here for decades. the first job. My first John wise, tee magnolias without big, be cast broadway yeah, my crew, you working with delta work oh on earth there, and we have our lady. I met Actually, that's true who else she was so much fun here Christine ever saw ran eastern hagen, marcia mason, rebecca gay hearts. I think that's everybody
what twenty year twenty one so that's big, but you know I remember with that job I audition first, for I can remember, I think, I'll dish first for the shall be for the you know the movie. It's like. Julia roberts and then there's the darrell Hannah bureau and I had audition for shelby, which is the part that Rebecca Gay heard ended up playing and they were like now. I can remember why Let the reasoning wire, like maybe I was too young or something I mean you never know picture, but then I was like but the part I want to play is a knell which is the daryl Hannah part and they were like no you're like an ingenue like you can't plan was like lemme at it, and I remember like I like how do I look like this. I have to look kind. I like quirky mom, like watch and she was like tied like I was like on my door and she
tied like a handkerchief around my neck or europe, asia anyway, I got that part. Have you didn't get the party? Why are there and I got the part I want it, but they didn't want to see me for it. They really didn't wanna fuck. I really had a bag or have my agent gag if they like, she can be. You know weirder weird little do they know bet. So do you did you funny? It is funny to like it and you have to get mad. I never said I'm not funny, I believe you're funny Just tell me, I am completely convinced so did you were you able to. I think you did work with your mother right, yeah onstage. wish we done more of it. I was I was I was a wimp I mean- and I also you know there was something else, but I do have my dads and then I actually couldn't do it because the that I was doing like extended or the dates shifted and there was a legitimate then that I will clay of your dad's. Could possibly imagine
Nay. It was held in early history of fire, which was like a play had written when he was very young and then they did a production of it, but So I didn't do that and then there's like this there's this movie, that he road for my mom, that never got me that he gave me when she died. Sort of you know he was like. I don't know if, but but now I'm like the right age to play the part, and so what's the movie, it's called we're just married yeah yeah and you do we are now I mean what do you want to finance it? miss you. Anna guide I thought you know it's hard to guide there. That's what I hear I'm trying to get involved with with doing that myself, making a movie yeah and I've talked to me make movies and I've never
I'm a more immediate gratification, gonna person when I hear these people tat, it took us five years. My now five is to make something that might come out good up and most likely will not be seen by most re, even if it is really yeah yeah, exactly wholly how she I now turn to short yeah It really is right, but then also like it's just to shirk cause just there so much to do I e, I know a user. Likewise, like this Another drew out to provoke today like like our thinking, is like you get some walnuts that it really you re not bats. How well this is going on. You, like I wanna, gets who thought when I think of things all the things I want to do right, that's at the top of the list, but that's great, I think that's healthy yeah, yeah, cupid small, both fear like, are yeah. I want to get some walnuts and I'd like to win an oscar great,
that I think when you're fucked islam, you stop thinking about the woman's. Oh you If someone else do it I mean have, you people like it once again. The system like what would I do with my life their stand. I like going to three supermarkets in one day. I love it. Don't but imagine would free time, but I do know whenever I don't like it because I'm primarily alone in my life, the free time doesn't always pan out great. Because then there is no other times. Certainly I should be doing, but I think that I have, even though I am not very much not alone, there are just so many people around big and small around me all the time I still can do. Then we are like will have moments of liquid really been staring at the world, I have like forty five minutes. I I I was going to watch Heaven's gate the other night and my I don't have time in my life right to do this right.
Even though I know that as bad as they say it still three and a half hours of chris christophersen, which terrible. Now that you know it's a lot of time, yeah I know so when did you get, big break for you with like shakespeare right really still waiting for it. We talk emma, didn't you like weren't you, a pacino known a guy like that was like, oh, my god, yeah that was like that was a merchant venice that was merchant, venice, venice dear yes, where the fuck did you learn how to do shakespeare. It's a great question. yeah it's a great question. I was doing so that after sale magnolias, I did like another play off broadway and then I got
ass additions and got cast in this shaw play called heartbreak house also on broadway. This is coming back around the shakespeare, ochre Dan Sullivan, who directs is the great director, he saw that production and he tell he told me that he cast me as porsche them like we're out moment right but our know how many years it was like few years later. Right doing merchant we're all in the park in the park and I was, I think I am- it's done like some tea, tiny movie in the wilderness, where I was like doing my on here and make up and costumes? continuity and what is called in the wilderness now are no hard amateur. Really little literally were shooting into western. Here it was called letters or the from a big man. We're just in india yeah, maybe
skype christopher munch. It was about bigfoot anyway for major, I used to do that is interesting. interesting she gotcha hee hee soldier on the bigger and bigger yeah. Listen, and I also I like to do my own stance. So how do I get to go out so I was sitting in my car, unlike my rental in laurel canyon outside I rental I got this call like. Oh, you ve been offered porsche in numerous events. And I would like to like to addition signal. acknowledges You got it so then I did that in the park at any rate I mean it. Was there listen. My mom was dying during that, so it's all tied up with trauma.
It's a lot and you know our and my mom had been gather in there, when you really yeah yeah So, although we hide a huge kind of, it was very profound worlds collide asia think my ensuring spurs at their core and shakes where's. The corbett and I do think shakespeare and hay was in it and we weren't dating or any, but like that's where I got to know him ash really. It was a lot happening emotionally at once. What was owl checking in and we were out what was his I out. I didn't tell our that my mama sick and I I told Dan when we, because we simply director YAP here, so we did it production like in the park, really well, and there was. We run links of like, as this gonna moved, broadway. But we ended the run. Those runs are very short here engine,
I am like she there was. think there was a guy, it's actually call the transformation of the kind of transformation in her illness. It's like the actual name of what happened. What illness, cs allow which is chronic lymphatic leukemia but then there's a thing called the richter's transformation that can have a very small percentage people, so that she that happened like right as we were closing the play in the in the park, and it was just like a nosedive like it was so her health, yeah yeah, and I didn't really know could do, but she said I had two she was like. You have to do. Does she had seen me seven times in the park, so then I did it we too, for it to two broadway. I still haven't. I did tell dan, because I was like you ve gotta get me a great understudy.
Because I know you know I never message show but like I don't know I don't watch I don't. I don't know what's happening, get me early great understanding. That makes everybody very happy here. Yes, so I went out. I would basically go from in in rehearsals in entering preview. Here I would go from the hospital sleep on the floor. It go to I saw the show and then and then and then she died. We got where we went home, she died and then I was everyone around so I missed a week. I missed though it was like Was this funny moment there was this thing that happened with a nurse, and I just like looked into this nurse his eyes that I've I've sort of left me I'm talking about this, and I am I still making at european level because of the sadness yeah what
dinner eyes and I I just knew something was. It was just like a moment of eye contact with this woman that you knew work, I knew she was gonna die here for the first time here. yeah and the friday. And casino they don't. It's like her doctor had been her doctor for so long. He loved her so much. He wouldn't say your time and your, I've never watched. I don't know what the fuck I'm looking at you. So I like what is happening here. Some Tell me what's happening here and anyway we at her home on friday, thursday she died on Friday. I did the show on Saturday my god, we opened on Sunday. was a preview. I'd say Opening yeah
and then I did then we opened to that sunday. Did you find that bit it helped you get out yourself or whether the struggle it was like. The only thing I could do and an end. There was like some thing I remember being really upset allow everything was later by There was something like lily re believes the show for a week to to grieve the death of her, and I was like none at all. I m. The only shows I missed she was alive. I was with her when she died. I was on stage it. I didn't nowhere else to go. There was like what was I wasn't. Gonna say it was the only place for me to cover the only thing I could do, and you are the only thing I remember doing like I don't remember any the amber how they got to the theater. I don't remember. Hu I saw sleeping eating. I remember anything, but I remember doing the play was like this sort of current ria what the performance itself and the play like I it is it it
Had I don't know, I know that I don't have a porsche fell. Well, she's, amazing, yeah, I mean she started saved me here by shakespeare. It's shakespeare, it's like had it been something else. I don't know that I could have so you are able to capture, the eternal shakespeare thing, or he whatever. That is like you had ever that sort of lifeline else century. It is an eternal thing younger, just like this umbilical cord is here and that's where you are and how to do. Shakespeare yeah, so I opium falcon dan says he just new seeing me and that should play that I could play the, and I will say that like and then I went on to do like from porsche laughable. I did rossland here then I did beatrice.
I did image in lesser known, but in a in symbol in one of the great images like one of the great parthia, but I really kind of- played like it was like really a lot of greatest heads a lot of the great ladys one after the other- and I I don't know it just felt- it just made that languages makes a kind of sense to me that, like talking, doesn't but I mean and also must have informed like ear must have been like an enacting school I mean to innocence to do all the varieties of shakespearean. Women has got to expand your capacity and any does, and it does and that's the thing like that and that's why owl who was planks I, like you, played shylock and he'll want a place. I look again I'm sure here because you sort of like all you have to do is lock it. You just say the words here and you
lock into something really that but ours. It does all of that, and it is this kind of like expansion, and I think it's wire you know like. I would love to play all of those parts again. There aren't a lot of parts. I've played around like I'd love to. We can you, like you, many people revisit those yellow throughout their lives, and I imagine because of the genius of the language and and the structure of shakespeare at every age in reveal something different to you right now right. I would assume that, because you're, a soul is like your bringing I've when weeds hamish, I did what like a shakespearian guy right. He is he's that pass like doesn't it literally fanatic spear? He comes from. Actually I list to sam rockwell, I'm you're talking about studying with his mom ariston. Ok link later cause. She did this sum. She had this whole voice there
she's a voice teacher either via issues which either experience, person she was a wonderful voice, teacher europe and she had this technique called the link later tat, really indeed, but then she starts some shakespearian theatre company law, while she lay it was them. She live She didn't start it. There is this thing called shakespeare: company that he sort of grew up in that's crazy. So he has been doing since he like could speak aha anyway in in terms of coming back to the hardly like beatrice and vanity. We did it when we were. on the younger side and it's like before you were partners know without going. We were ok, but you know, when he says like the world. The world must be peoples, lot of a time when people play those parts. It's like there's, no done peopling lake therein there. there's or sixties baby right
it was so great to play it like. Oh, they think they're gonna go often can't the idea here, but then it also is so great of wires time with the with the very hard for me, suspend my disbelief around age and parts, fighting that were television, but what the theatre, I'm gonna, feared ok yeah right we're out here, but I just it's not it's not a regular part of my life and I'm sorry about that. I saw SAM and what did you just in american buffalo see that when I was in new york, I saw more assign try to go. We to go, it was like what we did we just go. I would even go to you the idea s, unlike what are we gonna stay tonight made the greatest thing I saw some in ireland. I want to be big theatre in dublin, was a great great. You ve never been. I know you got irish in you, you gotta go, I gotta go. Don't you have irish ema swell? I do. I don't know that its blood, though I have my it's like my great grandfather,
was like an orphan left on the doorstep raised then by mccord who are irish, but I can't say that that baby was the doors replay beyond doorstep baby, I it's sort of wild. Like is I I I talked to people about shakespeare. Why does somebody who doesn't know a lot about shakespeare and I've had in the I was actually hostile about it like I don't know about it and everyone is overrated. I wasn't that from because I can see that you once you if you can into the language in and surf that thing. Yet you know the the emotional availability to sort of x war is really profound right, it's profound and it's and it's bottomless and ceiling- was there, which is why it so amazing doing it outside yeah yeah. I guess the microphone ideal and I have to tell you
you need to learn about link later technique. You have to go. I support your voice. Ok, so that sam was talking about her, but you, but you done shakespeare with your shakespearian non husband partner. Rather of your chaos, so Like do you guys talk about shakespeare all the time we all die. We wouldn't come a conversation. Do you like about characters and about what it means you have it this kind of justice It just always relevant, like it's just a way. It's like so you would really have conversations like like news of the day you like well. This is like that play a part of designing a sound cell, no but now we are worried about shakespeare, it's the truth. It is, it is what's great annie, it's like it's. He can context wise. All human emotion that I and situations and politics, and I think both it. the generosity of it. Here of the experience. of being in the audience and of doing yes is
so profound, it's like an end of playing these parts. It rest I mean gratitude if, like the most over used ever, but you rarely not storytelling is ok. I won't say storytelling gratitude good. Gratitude is good. I guess it's not over use, but you just feel like I just feel like those saying those words and surfing, it is you're, saying like the EU. You're soul in your heart, you like expanding and then also they get a date like gets in terror cells. In a way that I do feel, I'm. carrying them around with me here, but I feel also that way about like hamlet, who have never played, but I sure you Vinos yeah we'll have to assume that you don't want you ve had
a well of experience with shakespeare. Doing apart like what's your name, betty that the name of the character and Larry, I add, is that you know, it must make room for those kind of. It must make room for all the characters. Yummy. if the language obviously not shakespeare, but I mean it must make your acting deeper. Really get it? It is just making it like it just makes more space here, because I, character of betty. It's it's a complicated character, and it's it's. You emotionally, you know there Her vulnerability is, is abrasive rights oh, you know you have initially a hard time empathizing because- but you see her insecurity so clearly, she's terrified, yet totally sister, Anne and you know it is so horrible the whole thing her life her mind, is so difficult
but like I don't know how you put together a character like that, like I, you know I don't know that I've ever really seen a characteristic that it there in in in my recollection that these many serious gives, gives you an opportunity to got pretty deep with these things, and you do a lot of them. Think here now limited series format, because you can go deeper or because you can really have an arc. It's like character egg is it's like any news like this wonderful kind of. You get more time and you join a movie you but you're, not like adding some six year, scary, lying by our bureau. I would imagine as an actor, though you know you, like. If it's well written, you can see why anarchism rushed exactly and you know it must be more satisfying as an act or to have good material. That's it finite, but its thorough, movies, have short totally
like even not have them. I was really walkin no time for that. But by but yes, cause. I me I saw you and other things. I saw the underground rail road that characterise not pleasant. In my recollection now that I loved her. You did that berries varies We are raising a guy's amazing. How is like that? The de facto everyone in the countryside that thing in processed. It was annoying to me saying I may as fuck and poetry that thing and it just kind of came and went to MIKE. How are you all missing so strange, fuck, a masterpiece, keys I agree, you know it was. I was really like that was ahead scratch her and it- scary to members. What like also scary that people weren't? Why was what why? Why? Why? Because People are babies, and
you know the you know it like it's. Why how we would exists is to create something something Your power, the ball, that's not going to be implicate people when they watch it and I think, The weight of that thing was too much for people makes maps that sure before tat I believe these are great. bar terrible babies great, make sure they don't turn into people gotta keep to keep babies. Third, there tire life. So and what about working I mean like. I was sort of stunned by all of the acting in this thing and I dunno, if I just haven't, been watching enough television or that I'm out of the loop, but lately I've been like. Oh my god, people are. I just watched Ali Wong and Steven you and I think he says name in it. I watched all ten episodes of their thing. This beef thing that's coming out and I'm like, oh, my god, they're acting the shit out, as is everyone just a great actor now what have another one but like the cast
of that thing. You're in love and death is astounding eyes a great cast, but I know that they did the story on hulu to right. Yeah data, I didn't watch that one I haven't seen it either. I haven't seen this one I mean like to know, but actually I saw the first episode we went to south by and I watched the the the first out. Often like really make some choices. Lizzie, yeah, she's great answer. Firstly, Liddy Elizabeth, a wizard: why don't you come on out every stir goddammit, so oh yeah she's, the younger one right Elizabeth as yet uneasy undermine the one that's backing with you. Yes, I keep contaminated, so Elisabeth just acts too far. Out of this she's great, it's crazy, good yeah. I was in the writing. Writing solid yeah David he's he's cause cause he's a third thing. I've done of his. I did the doing yeah that woman's guy like that one I no. This is the second thing I ve done. I'm doing the third thing
yeah the undoing and then this and then I'm doing something else right now that he wrote and his writing is just like great yeah, its right to act, its aid and there is a generosity in his writing as well, but I think because you said there's this other. You know I'm interested in. There was like that. The other version, of the shot like bait same source material same the story, interesting to me that people are like work about that are sort like, but it's been two. No, no, not that you were doing up a peep. Some heroic, what did they already do that, unlike do it like it. True story: how great that too, Two angles like when you know: did they already do him, like? I said it seen at once: it's not it's! What a wonderful thing to like shine, a light shine to lights on this story, why it seems like the focus of this one with having not seen the other one. Yet
This was in an entirely empathetic approach to this story, there is almost in an even he punch around the murder either, but it was about the humanity of the choices all around yet so by the time that happens, you know it's horrible and its disturbing, and yet how you feel about. candy montgomery after the fact, yet that everything that David Kelly put in to these characters in making them fully realized. He asked You know you really have to sort of yet it the there set villain. These are people with problems. you know, which is no easy trick in light of an ax murder. That's right, you know
I don't know what the other one did back for that, too, work, it was all in you guys. You know for that to work. You know the seem where young the day of the murder between you and Elizabeth. I mean They taught me how to do that. We shot that seem for four days with a weekend in between, and I was like super ignore the murder leader, so why did it take you so long to shoot it that that's when you it's a pretty complex, I mean pretty complicated I'd, they wasn't like we went over like we had all they had. That was what the social area we had the but lizzie and I were bombed that there was like a week and immature slackers sort of carrying this thing around and mike.
The sustain alien was like it's like this sustained it's like a long, sustained note kind of sequence. If I don't know where you found that character like I can't you know the the sort of the kind of you know brittle insecurity of that character. Oh my god. I can't you Those choices like what the key and she listen. She so. I am always so interested in when I, saying that. Might I really have nothing in common with the failure mike? I wanna do that here I, but I think you know her her fear. She has this just pervasive it. She does not feel safe in the world and it's really interesting because she was which we, I don't know how much we really sense of that in the show, but like they're from
kansas they're, not from that turn their from Kansas other, like they ve moved there. They ve like transplanted an arrow people, fish and also like she didn't up there is like a fish out of wire and In kansas, she was like the girl. Jerry was like the homecoming. She was like voted most likely to succeed. Everybody talked about her smile, she got a million, valentines was like it and I don't want to diagnose her or anything like that. I I just feel like she, someone who, at a certain point. She just needed, and I don't mean medication Joe needed some kind of support that she didn't have legally or whether it was just some outlet something there. Some way to contextual eyes, the feelings that she would have any human yeah, something you know sort of chain for her and she's can tear a fire of,
us, and I think it's like why, every time he leaves, even though it's kind of funny that she's in like a a panic very goes away for for three days or she has an affair at one point because he's our work trip. It's because every time, he leaves the door she's in an existential panic that he's not that he's going to cheat on her, but that he is going to die and never come back on her feet. of laws here is so tremendous and then she has this feeling that, like something, isn't right, road and she's right, so. I don't think it's that she has any idea what it is right, but she's, just I'm not safe. Something is an end something that I that was the and for me and the other man I can relate to. Feeling like I'm. I don't feel save wise every healthy everyone telling me it's something's, not ok, right here,
I thought it was great, and why are you? What are you doing now, I'm doing this. thing on presume in a sense which is david Kelleam. I'm a summit that and then when I go to a movie, I think this summer I just editing movie that I directed with Hamish code, directed it with your partner, who was our experience and was a million things, but that part of industry and tat yeah loved, directing with with up with that movie I have now eight we much annulled Called downtown outlets and adaptation of this truck classed remain too no check like you would be a fan we are, we talked years ago, yeah. What was it like was great. You he's kind of a an acerbic thinker. And a great guy who talked about music talked about some books? I like em, I always like deca, have talked him a few times:
funny you're very funny, but I think he's like us. I think he's got this or stuff the fire like he he's so yes, so acerbic so brilliant and how they definitely like his heart. Anyway. That's why I loved this book career so with the future of that You know he finished editing yesterday until you do the festival thing yeah, something like that and then you're going to do now, you're doing another movie too. I think I'm gonna go act in a movie that I dunno I haven't. I'm like closing me You haven't done a deal area will see what happens like it. and it's gonna work out yards. It's it's it's great! a really lovely actors and ogres direct a good deal I used to talk to you, I'm glad well, great, I'm glad we finally did it. I gotta say you got sick twice like I dunno. If it was ever going to happen, but we've made it and it was good
I'm so you feel good about it. I shall gray so nice, What a lovely talented person that movie raises the many series loving death premiers next week on hbo max thursday, The twenty seven and speaking of h, b, o hang out for a minute and I'll. Tell you what h, b o has to do with our latest bonus episode. Folks. I spend a lot of time thinking about stuff, and sometimes I wonder from thinking about the right things like is theirs out there. I should be paying more attention to important stuff. Here is something that can help there's a new I cast called make me care about created in partnership with the bill and Melinda gates foundation. You can find out about stuff that has a deep impact on the world, but that you may have never thought about before. Like bonds. Beans, I mean series,
How much do you think about our bonds or beans? Other then, when you have a nice, salad or some good? How miss, but apparently gar bundle beans are one of the best things in the world for proving got health fighting malnutrition in this, Jabez outhouse Jen hat maker talks to vanessa redirect at the bill Melinda gates foundation about the incredible value of car bonds, beans from our mental health to our immune system, carbuncle beans could be key to living a healthy life who knew well. Now you do to listen to this episode and others check out. Make me care about available where where you get your podcasts this week, for full marin listeners. Some surprise stock item, with brendan about some of our favorite episodes and why that show is still so satisfying more than two years later that fight like, almost all of them in the series, is Human as
it's the greatest a reminded me of DRC, the movie, the treasure of the sierra Madre. Yes like there is a bar fight in like the first ten minutes of that movie, that is so clumsy and so, unlike any other kind of like western bar fight. I always stuck with me and my cat. That's what would happen. These guys would fall on the floor as they're trying to take a swing they're scrapping at each other's legs. That this thing is is too out of shape, Animals, try and kill each other in a kitchen yeah it's clumsy as fuck yeah, it's crazy and you go. I even I've seen it three times and you're not sure who's going to win ready to rally sprays him in the eyes with a raid and then got he got one in with the skillet. He got that knife up. I mean that was like I was on the edge to get weekly bonus content, plus every wmd episode ad free sign up
the full marin by clicking the lincoln the episode description or go to w g, have pod dot com and click on deputy have plus next J Smith, cameron from accession is on Monday and the former show runner a deep david, dell is on thursday to talk about his new series, whitehouse plumbers, ok you're summer. Some. who s ball. Custom sound from that I play a lot differently.
The boomer lives, the bonda get angels everywhere.
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