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Episode 1446 - Tom Dreesen's Mob Stories

2023-06-22 | 🔗

Comedian Tom Dreesen was hanging out with Marc in The Comedy Store parking lot, telling stories of show business and organized crime. Marc had such a good time listening to Tom’s stories, he invited him back on the show to share some of them with WTF listeners. Tom talks about his early days working in mob-run clubs, touring with Sammy Davis, Jr., and an epic tale of Frank Sinatra saving Johnny Carson from certain death at the hands of Crazy Joe Gallo.

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All right. Let's do this, how are you what the backers, what the fuck bodies, what the fuck, a ruse, yeah, what the fuck a ruse, that's for team heidegger! They they kind of made fun of me an intro I did there. I did his show the other day that office hours live, and you know in the past the timid, Eric Contingent always maybe a little nervous, If I didn't know where they are not going to enter. a situation where, as being part of the joke, as the Joe without knowing it, but the thames grown up he's a nice guy.
I good time on the show anyway, what's going on with you people what is happening where we act. Today on the show, I talked to Tom Dresen again now tom As some of you know, I did a full wtf back in two thousand and nineteen. Episode, ten thirty, nine. We we talked about his whole life and career from his comedy team, with TIM read to being a labor organizer for comics to his friendship with David letterman And I wanted to have him back for a very specific reason. Not tom is of I'd, say not the generation before me, but the generation before that and he spent here's opening for frank sinatra, any each have been at the comedy, store lot and we just start talking in the parking lot any tells these stories, the one
really got me and he'll tell it here. It's just he's about the mob. That he's had personal experience with in show business in who doesn't have a mob fascination on some level I mean most americans were whether, through other sopranos or the godfathers or or the members of your family. They they have some kind of mob fascination. But these stories to me we're just your when they come from somebody first hand it's kind of, raising the humanist nation of mafia characters now I have not coming. attack with too many, but I have come in contact with a couple. And I'm wary to sort of going to it. There was a guy who ran a club who was in some way. I he wasn't mobbed up really by, but he had
actions. I remember meeting a guy at that club who was Guy and just the sort of flat vacation of his eyes, in the knowledge the beat to be in the past of someone you know is a killer, you're gonna project. What In a project, but there is, something there. I you you have to assume that killing a person for whatever reason, changes your vibe but it was cold and it was intense and I knew I didn't want to be around it. and when you see characterizations of the mob in movies and tv there there's something it there's something detached from that. the only time I've seen it really played correctly
was by rory cochrane in black mass, and I talk to you about that. You know I talked to him about that that movie and I just felt that that weird kind of callous lack, conscience or justification or whatever. I just. I felt that iran. I ended me of that guy that I met at that comedy club, his performance in that, and I think the Joe Pesci in moments or in goodfellas or has it it's it's, it's a deep thing and I dont think it can be faked, really and then another time I knew a guy who was had done A contract job on so? ready for the mob. I met that guide my drug dealers,
I was back in the day and he was kind of a kid, but just knowing that this is what they do, but the fascination with Tom stories is that the mafia was part of show business during the the sort of dinner, who have era that there are so many modern clubs and in he touched on it a little bit in the first conversationally habit. These, I think we ve got a few specific tales here about about them, Hub or will he have the big one being you know Joey gallo? Who that's it? That's it you can. Even I can't even imagine this character, I mean the way we sort of sense. In movies. I think Pacino did a good job with Donnie Brasco.
There is definitely moments of that darkness that you can feel in somebody that you know he's killed people for money or for honour or just as business. and I'm talking you know, obviously I've probably met people who were in the military, but I find this to be a different thing: a different vibe people in the military who have killed people in the line of duty. But that sort of the reason why Tom's back is to tell these stories because its it saw it somehow endlessly fascinating so folks, if you're in a way I'll be a dynasty typewriter this Saturday june twenty fourth and there are other, take it on sale there as well the July day, europe is going to be there three. I think three I enjoy eyes, while you gotta devotee of pod, dotcom, slash tour for tickets, that's all
sort of me. Working shop, working shop about work, shopping whatever I'm working on I'll be at largo on Sunday July. First for a music show with the band music musical comedy. I think the other guests will be out cole, bare and really Simon, who I like, I don't know, opening from you the saturday I gotta find somebody I gotta get on it but again you can go to deputy of pod dotcom, so ass to her for tickets. In other news, theirs, help hope in the world? You know I I had this experience, today. In the moment, it felt like a major thing, a major thing I ask
changing my cats, water and one of my air pods fell out into the cat water and near that moment, where you just know it's over, where you know you drop your phone in a toilet or what is very specific feeling where you're in immediate helplessness like fuck, I grab it out and dry it off completely just ready to get online and by a new set of pods. and put it in my ear and it worked and viewing a violation that I've got in, that mobile the feeling of elation. There came a like, oh my god. This is amazing. I wonder what guide this never abbots is the best thing that ever happened, still works. I could hear I can hear out of it: register. An amazing, like I felt like the luckiest guy in a world of like everything's turning around man turns out that airport browser pretty waterproof, but none the less. You can't take that
going away from me. It happened man, it happened. Tom treason,. He put out a book since the last time you saw called still standing my journey from streets and solutions to the stage and sinatra you get it wherever you get books, I really enjoyed talking to Tom I'm glad he did this, so this is me and reason I talking about having primarily mob stories, show business stuff folks, it's time to put your pedal to the metal from the twisted. My he's behind dead, poor and zombie land and executive producers. Will our net Anthony mackey comes to the new peacock original series, twisted metal, high octane action, comedy based on the classic video game series.
anthony mackie stars as John doe, a motor mouth, the outsider, who must deliver a mysterious package across a post, apocalyptic wasteland if he can survive the drive with the help of a bad ass axe wielding car thief played by Stephanie beatriz he'll face savage marauders and other dangers on the open road. Those dangers, just what happened to include sweet tooth, a deranged, you're, a clown played by samoa Joe, and will our net and agents stone. A vicious highway patrolman played by thomas aden church buckle. people, this one's gonna, be a wild ride twisted metal. streaming now only on peacock the I'm listening to this podcast bowed about sammy. Davis, jr and dean Martin Frankly there a lot, it's like in a part,
Series on them is a very great podcast called You must remember this about hollywood and it's really about the trajectories of dean and sammy. Revolving around early on jerry, louisen, then frank and then their relationship in the end, the rap pack and in, but you are too you work would sammy. I turned with him for three years for three year he claimed he discovered me you'd, say for years. I discovered tat. Andriessen really now. What years was this europe which have nineteen seventy seven? Seventy eight, seventy nine Now, when did he pass? He passed away. He was the first the pact to pass away here. Dean was second, of course, he I've been through pass away cash about wasn t twenty usual here But when you were torn with them, you do a lot of dates. Regional nowadays we do I'd. I took all over the country with em in around you all around
country, chicago them guaranteed, or the central theatre in detroit and then, of course, las vegas seizures palace on the time. He was a joy, the tour with the first while to sit in the wings and watch Sky, this guy, who who do all he could he can comedy as good as any committee, and I met he could do impressions to me better than any impression is out there. Oh yeah sing, he never frank Sinatra said he never heard sammy at a clunker. He could play drums, he played the trumpet, he could play the piano yeah. I mean it was nothing he couldn't do I s eight. It was a great watch how god you knew. How do you know why I wanted to talk with him when I did my first appearance, tonight you're a whole new world opened up for me, but I wanted to do sammy in company semi at a tv show, am I We most named ever more like a bug, negotiation. Tommy you doing all these other shows. Why do you want to do that? because I saw him do something mark it was the greatest. now, every year to this day, in my fifty years and years
TIM read, and I were a comedy teenager idle, a black white clarity, America's first like an like, we were doing a show in chicago called the black export, the black expedition one one week of nothing, but businesses are changing ideas and it accommodated in a big show. In an arena. Fifteen thousand people here and all the black acts in the country came to all the motown smokey robinson, the miracles gladys knight, the pips of the orgies, the derringer they all were, I mean to do three or four songs and leave it on all day. Shall we comedian from Chicago were in the wings in case they need to strike the stage to get up and do five minutes sure I was the white guy there now Sammy Davis comes in and in an ivory backstage what years? If this is nineteen, seventy one ok, also rhyme Sammy seventy two year and show me at that time. For months prior to that had gone to the white house, received an award from president Nixon and hugged him or sammy hug stop signs
it was said he sent me a hug, everybody. So when they hugged when he hugged him, that picture was taken put on the cover of jet, the cover of ebony are the black publications and sambi became persona non grata in the black community because they were very anti. Now. This is the first time is appearing in front of a black audience since that moment, this is when in the wings when everybody backstage Sammy Davis here he'd come thirty five miles from overseas somewhere we'll be there the empty It's a sage. Ladies and gentlemen by Allah entertainers can we change and more complete the sami, Davis, junior and the crowd began to boo and jeer and scream boo, get off the stage, get off the stage your uncle Tom and all kinds of swear word here. bowing so loud sammy couldn't get each I to get george roaches conductor into the countdown to drown out the booze, and roads had headphones in, couldn't hear so sammy stood there while a jeered and boot and screamed and boot amby wouldn't leave the state the m she comes back on distillation, german,
what is our struggle all about? It is about individual freedom. That of a man wants to be a problem. catholic, a junior democratic republic, getaway, isn't that what we are fighting for the right to have their privilege he's hid them came thirty five miles the sing for you. Doesn't it you deserve to be heard. Mammogram Everybody sat down. Samuel went over and change the sheet music. He did one song and got a standing ovation. I've never seen anything like this. In my life. All of us backstage had not in our stomach, bear this great Sammy Davis Jr being booed by his own folks. So thing, I gotta be me from the broadway play, whether I'm right, where roman wrong, whether I find a place in this world or never belong. I gotta be me How, god alone, if that's how it must be, I can't be right for somebody else. If I'm not right for me here, halfway through the song, we're gone you you could see, he's getting them back. Indian, a standing ovation
it's like, we still don't believe your politics, but that was pretty. Damn is his show pal. Well, yeah I mean to this day I've never seen a greater performance in my fifty two years in showbiz I never I've seen people take a tough crowd and back by the end of the show I've seen people in on a bed. I run a sure. I've never seen anybody take a hostile audience and in one song a standing ovation, that's the greatest perform. I think it's a good, example of how we can help people get up in their head. They don't really realize you're honest picture, you get a community meeting going people start saying shit but like when they, when the talents right in front of you when the and when you stand in front of a guy after talking your shit, you got a reckoning. That guy is different right there, because what they realizing. That moment is how much do of Sammy Davis. Now not what he did or what they heard or what they were told to do just like holy shit? Yeah disguise Sammy Davis? junior here he went on stage when he was to have usually is like a vaudeville act, but he was stuck with his dad forever. What his dead and
dad told me to sorry: we called him daddy sam. He toured with us for a little while really so he was back in the picture. He was just hanging hanging around yeah. He would he was the name of that trio. Who will mass then trail, yeah and will madison was supposedly sami's uncle, but he wasn't by biologically mere. He call him his uncle will sure and when I were a vaudeville act early on him and his dad well before sammy, it was Sammy's add and will mass in a dance act, and they did all these dance. We end when he's a little boy, his father got custody of em and sham. which, in the wings every night on an orange crate use. I liked three These are an orange create and he would watch it dad nurse uncle do their dance and they would close with a big fuckin wing, but power, but anyhow power and so sammy one night wondered out on stage and are closing them anyway imitate in his dead in his uncle doing to dance it the crowd, went wild sure uncle. Will he thought we got something here? Was child labour laws in those days so samuel
We do like one show an evening, so each They would at Sammy wonder out on stage and do this little closing thing with them Finally, the stagehands built sammy a rocking chair, so we can get one night, his dead, toes mysteries. Night sammy within the rocking chair and fell asleep, and now they were closing with their big buckin wing and samuel asleep Misha was dead, they finished a routine, is dead. Scoop them up and was taken back to the hotel and they used to put him in a drawer. That's us! he way slamming the door, sammy walker. In car and realise what happened in ITALY. at his father any said pounding him in the chest with his fist. You didn't let me too my bow his pal, you didn't. Let me take my bow sammy's father said, and from that day on, we never stop sammy from taking his mouth. He was born to be in show business it. Well by the time you work with the interesting thing about here in this this, this Some of this information about him was. He seemed a guy that was always into the mob from money. That's worth that's what she says nay in telling the story is that he was never grew
with money, so he always owed guys money, oh, you know, that's true. He runaway semi owed. He harrison I adore him? Homes eviction, bill, hara the arms and which, in the end, was or vice president Barroso Tillman Doug bush thousand. I I worked with him. He knows it, they adored him and he he packed the house. winter, so you'd be indebted them. Sometimes a couple of hundred thousand. Has he fast as you got one he spent near one day, we were working on the run theatre in chicago, and he once we want to have any magazine for lunch and I'm in a car with a minimal and we finish and we're driving down michigan avenue and driving pretty fast and sent me out stopped the car the guy slammed on his brakes were in front of gucci. He goes into gucci store. I want him, he was buying the package. He bought a five thousand dollar watch and this is nineteen. Seventy six and a five thousand dollar purse. I mean for his wife elders. He he just, but he he was always wife out to me. That was that would be his third if you're in this final, why fear villa
we are talking in the kazi interweave talk before, but like I'm, just fascinated with some stories. You got about the boys, you know and, unlike I have to assume coming up in chicago seattle. People really realises how young They ran the game right, it was, is the way it was. Where will you born and sixty three? I born in sixty three new jersey. I was raised in new mexico, so my proxy, the mob was very limited to one guy who owned a sandwich am claimed the identity he. He had pictures of him and and and dino, end and frank on the wiser diy idea, I'm one of their guy, like you know what he did. and but all I know is he was in Albuquerque and he his name was vinny and he owned a sub shop. So I I have to assume he was an active anymore. We call those guys wanna bes. I mean that in my neighborhood they want to be You know how you telling guys in the outfit or sent me, and we will let you know
If you tell me a tonio, will you do for a living and he would put his finger to us my gosh they're in you know, tony probably I worked for a bakery or drove a bread truck, but here's a guy who was in the outfit is connected. What we call connected air is a only what to do for a living tommy. I swear to god, and I saw my mother's life, I'm a real estate ice. This guy's can then We say they were contractors, That was what I learned. There was a guy that guy Vinnie had a guy come in I might have been run in some racket and in albuquerque a little one, but the introduce me to a guy that was deserves every site does benny. The contractor, I thought I'd always ease in buildings is, I know, now, contract killers, guy that puts the muscle you know, but when you're. So as a kid did, you know the presence very sea or I grew up at and this house had discovered suburb call harvey elena
still more in factories reason: taverns thirty, six taverns, and so, when you grown up, who is in charge I m j o connor order coupon they were there in that restoring our cattle in the city in the suburbs in chicago heights. Next to us, the suburb shook our guide in those the so called blue island duanan was again him and toughen ali babe definitely and in shook and I too again in Frankie laporte, so as we did when you grow up where I grew up at on the jew boxes they on every vending machine and they those guys captains who was run in the haug. The whole thing is a whole chicago mob. That to item was tonia cuddle really from from chicago Tyrker area. In india, later became sam gene cannot, of course, after that, you Jackie surround, who I know I did shows for india and Jordan. An embargo idea. They did it Is anyone around anymore,
Well, they are almost extinct anymore. I think there were, I think, one of the: u s a today a while back did something about the mob in in cleveland. It was two guys you know now you have you have the you have the filipino mob. You have the the black, the black gangs, However, that run the drug trafficking are here you have a russian russian oceans. The chinese in certain community january ebby armenian here korean yeah me armenian, yeah me so so now just the it's like it's like everything else. It's diversified and everyone's got their own little bubble. First of all, the legitimize Lalla stuff the mob did other than illicit drugs. Now you know what I mean, but sure I mean that that loan sharks and all this of you know the guy. with long you money in later times that we had to go to this
thanks wooden loan, you money right and if you need the money, but it was always the vig near you know they give you a hundred. That means you on one hundred and twenty filter now and if you miss that payment, but you can pay the vague. yeah. I don't have the junta, but here's the twenty one economic growth has advocated and for you not somebody is coming three o'clock in the morning near so when your kid, you know what you just did seem on the streets here's is the first time I ever became aware mia of mafia in color mafia in those each year on the syndic. I was ten years well shining shoes and all the bars in my neighborhood near was eight bars in my neighborhood. My mom was a bartender in the last bar yeah. She tended bar for frank policy, who is my uncle way later found out? my by right. Yeah yeah, that's all I'm italian yoga, but nonetheless huh in the bar when they brought my shoeshine by china's win and frank policy was in back. My uncle was in the bag having
and my mom and my and her sister, I am certain the customers, nay little sandwiches intervening and out in front comes a truck. Not let me digress. My uncle frank policy worked in a factory from There's a kingdom country and seven usual worked in a factory for years and what this bar, but here bought a seventy eight record player, a wolf, Sure you box, that he paid off The for that was his dupont syndicate. They put you boxes, in pinball, machine, lawless, have and all the bars air in that whole area on the south side. So he's got this year when he's open for a few weeks out in front, one issue in the back having much attract comes up any of this beautiful jubilee, two big eyes we look down. So we were, they bring an inside and apes said missus policy sign here. She should what what is it for the jupiter? She should I have a job I should know now that we supply the jukeboxes. She said: wait: Gina met. My aunt was your shy. She goes and gets frank. Political is a tough took note. Shit from nobody kind of guy. You here with an inward
bigger than me here, and he was a tough guy. I saw him. We teamsters are led by two at a time if the top guy here so he comes out, and he said what is it follows that memories weyburn of his mouth would and wears it for this admissible You sign here, for you said I gotta jewel box over there. They should not on mr tough, an alley sent the jukebox over. We supply alma bars with a dubai. restaurants, would you buy, he should get it out here. I already got it you back. They said miss implicit, we're gonna leave it here. We don't want parliament, he should get it out of here and he wouldn't he put it on a tutor markham that my wielded outside in dumping on the sidewalk it broke. Now they were oh boy. What a half an hour later you hear out outcomes three guys, including this. I bathed her finale, recommend a bar, a miracle comes along by and no getting his face in there going toe to toe. You know- and you don't do you broke I do, but she said I told you are going to get it out of here. I told them twice to get it now: they're going back and forth, and asia and so they're talking. I have to say in any happier and what he's basin
we told them, you know, look, I'm attain goodly met again to you by the way. That's an expression, italians, that again is derogatory to area. They couldn't say. American soulier retains would act of major metadata unease, another gandhi, actuated, good limo guns in muslim tomaso me and funny I only said I'll. Tell you what I'm going to do. You keep your jukebox in here. I ask your favor, you ever leave this business and you want a job. I want you to come and work for me and frank Pelosi said I'd, never work for the likes of you or my men in it now that's how tough this guy? What was my first encounter when you know that I knew that there with it. We are aware, and then of course, in the neighborhood everybody's he's connected he's connected but if you went to a funeral or wedding, they always at every funeral. Nobody wedding why? What this is public opinion cognitive, you into italian wedding. We ever I get it
there isn't. Any italian that grew up in my era that didn't have a cousin or know somebody here, and some of them were wannabes and some of them were the real thing. You know it's weird, because you know I I've only encountered a couple of guys when I was in new york. He uh coming up that that felt good, you know when you watch movies and stuff. You ain t no actors plain these guys, but when you meet him in person there scary, you kind, you know they're, not their scary, that it's not you, it's not theirs feeling to it now that you know you're in the presence of a killer and its heavy man? Why don t? I have I'm going to get into this. I'm going to tell you about some of the greatest scams ever pulled in las vegas at great scams at the mob, pulled before you do that when you and TIM were coming up in chicago with, did they still on the club.
Sure we terminate the first club we ever work was was in chicago heights illinois and but see even if they didn't own a club just like it. When atlantic city started having gambling yeah first thing they did was make sure there was going to be no mafia influence as vegas head in all those years. You know that they owned the casinos at one time here. You know that the amended before I get that will be the atlantic city. But to me the dumbest people, I've ever met if they own those casinos, those casinos make money. They could, as she went legitimate yeah, but they had to skim. He had to do something crooked. That's why they're no longer in existence sure they were dumb. I mean you, you got all that money, making your nose, casinos! You don't need to cheat. You know the the money Frank had a piece of that count, neither casino for awhile right with somebody and gone, and that's why they put him button before grand jury. He later owned a piece of the golden nugget. When I shall turn with how yeah, yeah But what will you do that wet, but at it but an atlantic city when they first
after should the first thing windows make sure, there's no mafia influence, so they made sure Everybody's record was clean, however, the union- the coroner unity mobbed up the union toilet mobbed up, you know so they they had had some little footprint in there. and each you know sure you know that that that wasn't bad looking guys when I first set in atlantic city too, but that There are always in inputs in your right. She some of those guys- and I can tell you about some of those guys that were reading these guys are some guys that were psychopath. They were really psychopathic. Who had really be careful because they could go off on you and your heart be clear. They were, they were, what kind of guy isn't strangled, if guys in an instant normal yeah. I mean sure another thing too about tough guys. I grew up with a lot of tough guys here where I grew up at I never saw intellectual combat in my life. I never saw two guys debate an issue. They went out They fought. If you are going about the cubs in the whites area outside
got me island and the whole neighborhood come on watching people get killed like yeah, I had my nose broke twice over sports It's in a box when I was in the navy here too, you know but aware and again that was a an epiphany for me. When I went in the service and I sat reading books, I said realizing when I saw people in the service we'd have a black guy from Detroit we'd have a jewish kid from new york. We'd have a redneck full year from alabama here and they'd, getting heated discussion aboard ship and either or they are going to throw it down, but they didn't air when it was over there too. You know something I never thought of it. That way. Here I had never seen that kind of a combat, sheer intellectual culture. So I know, I'm going back to my own neighborhood every there were certain guys you really didn't wanna. I am- we want to look at them sideway. Well, there was, there was a guy in my neighborhood. It was cheating in poker. Yeah first came out of the service and I caught him, but I wasn't about to.
I saw what he was doing, but I was about to accuse him, because if I did I but to be able to prove that- and even if I prove that he was a kind of guy that would not only want to kill you he'd want to kill your mom and your sister. In the end, he was one of them cycle kind of guys. So what I did I slowly told all the other guys in the game. If you say I said this, I'm going to call you a liar, but I'd get our lead game of one, here now it so when you, in terms of our work in these guys, they're just because I am listening to this and I kind of new- did you ever meeting sure beckley? offer dena am dean, gave the greatest advice at all about them. Wiseguy here he said, tommy keep him I length do not let them do a favor for you. If you do show for them and they pay you that's fine, but don't let them do a favor for you. He should be they'll, never get out you like francs, elaborate, with the last twenty years of his life. He rode the day. Did he ever made friends with those guys he said kiss tommy? They do a favor for you, you repay
twenty years later there some cause. You know my dad did a favor for you argue it twenty more using the grass and gentle my grandfather is it. He said you never Dean told me indeed was really strict about those guys you there was a light tee. What they who does it wouldn't ideas regarding didn't take any crap from them. The the right peck, frank, sammy and dean. The shows for the villa venetian for certain places year that the wise guys, one year and Frank, tells a funny story about it that that the devil, a venetian chicago the foreigner frank. I maintain that we shall be like a rehearsal. They were backstage and dean was watching. The fire marshal came and he was with a flashlight look at everything and dean said: I'm a polly you here when we too early the fires next week, ensure
if they brunette place down a week later. He knew they were pouring money into it, get money in the latin and greek but dean and at each other in a book or a guy from the f b I named John roamer was it to anyone, from our. We Emmi are here. He was in the fbi for years. He was also a good for Antonio Ricardo, even though he was head of the f b, I they they had mutual respect for one another, but but and they would communicate their money on Rohmer wrote years later about a wiretap they had when, when John it. He got elected sam g comment and this is in his book. Rumors work. Sam Gina kinda called johnny roselli from mike for florida. They had a mob down there. He said we finally got a connect in the white house here, and he said you know we can go there for favors and Sally said that and gene canister know the canary is going to be. That was the code word for frank, reactionary is going to
represents yeah. Time goes by and in the meantime does another show. Johnny was Sally's in a place with dean and frank and samuel all having something to eat. Afterward in january, challis reached over dean shoulder to grab some of his shrimp or dean slapped his hand and said I don't like people messing with my food when I meet dean backs diminution in the area and the servant in childhood. Stupid villa here, actually her name, a kid crush eddie yeah he can. He had began to and could fight here, frank Samuels guys they were not saying he wasn't a fighter frankfurter a scrapper beer dean was a fighter yeah and that's why Get such respect from here, but dean slap Johnny, roselli hand now fast forward in this wiretap four months go by and johnny roselli in the wiretap they establish. Angie
and he said what's going on, we aren't getting anything done and will surely I mean Jenkins said the canary won't cooperate, meaning frank will be here, for he came to frank franklin, I'm not gonna with with inhale sure he said the canary won't cooperate and and Sally said. Then this wet the motherfucker less wakeham. Here he should in his whack that son of a bitch a martin cause. I don't I don't like him. He said like the breakers Fuckin jaw. He said he. You know he shows no respect here. You know I would have loved a saber sally if you go out in the alleyway been alone. I'd love to see that fight back, but it isn't an interesting to me. Doc, as I realise is listening to it is that you know they didn't really. Love help is guys. They just knew that they can make money. I thought of tonnes him on yeah, but, like you know, in terms of like as men, mandating give a fuck about him yeah, I think let me take a boot. Sam gene cannot said the when they settlers whack frank sinatra. He said in a low,
move. It hid that they were fans of his music sure, but if they could use you here, I'll give the greatest scam, yet that the mob off for years and years and years unless a vague idea. This is almost a genius here's what they do say, there's, no matter who the star was it give with singers my in LAS vegas. In those days it like a mile on one side of the ship and back and yet to say every single hotel had a singer. Comic singer comic come again, some big, some, not so big. What cooper, Brad cooper. He said I was on a package month with him. He said so not yours. Star, I'm a name so friends treat stars and names are the two sides. day how big soon afterwards he sold out, users palace to shorten aid for fourteen three days in rural? And you know the marquis said what he's here say: free it didn't. You get one name up there. You were big deal, but
but there was a lot of guys doing the thing The reason was that why frank whistle popular the high rollers, the players, so that the frank sinatra, if I you give me five hundred I shall not revenge? You can have twenty thousand tom jones answering and humble invent, has frank speak or would they were gamblers yeah they, jewish I am irish Chinese sooner fans all over the world. They had me endowed. credit lines to me. Another kryptonite. Whenever francs, I too was in LAS vegas. The drop in the pit was enormous yeah. That was that the in those when the wise guys on the hotel here the first thing they said in the morning. What was the drop lesson here and which, when he was gamble that, with that term maturity? What was the drop? You want to go, see the show go, see the show. What do you guys want a room you and your wife? Yet what's something nina? How much can a gamble via the drop was always important and frank drew? it in one night in atlantic city, a realist guy last seventeen fifty thousand of sinatra fan and the next night, eight hundred thousand one fan lost
point five million dollars once and after a fan, and we were there for a week one man paid for everything for everything from hotel it at its seizures unless what you, a golden nugget, danny, schwartz, telling stories others at the school danny still alive, pay any sort of frank sinatra: fan and fan lost. Five million in one night, if a million dollars in one night, he was worth a couple of hundred million, but he and Frank went to see, win and said a kill. His friend. Can we give american gimme for half and danny to his credit, said no, I lost it. Now pay paid half in stock and half in cash, This is how soon after was powerful to those guys in the DRC the pit was enormously here. Not only his hotel, where francs the hotels around them sold out. You know when frank went to the golden nugget in atlantic city in las vegas area, that's downtown yeah. He stayed there two years I was performing with him. Then, when he came back to the strip, all the other hotels put big signs up he's back as an artist
it even though he wasn't there because they got the overflow general. So that's how powerful holy shit, I've, Where was always go more, that bulgarian tell us about the scant here's, the greatest scam, that in that a mom airport, its clashing, they would go and a singer be anybody, I shouldn't scene, because I don't want to implicate me. Let me know people who were who did it well, yeah David pulled a scam off and singers all the time they would go to a singer and they could do it the commission as well, but it from acts of aging what they would do. They would give the major rebel five I was, I want to meet this big singer right now these just there while level mobsters they can they were there monsters from like the head, the guy in connecting area the handle a guy in washington, okay, hitler in Jakarta should have a guy in all of the country, but they would do the maitre d got my mom here here, she's a big fan of his the singer hated. He would go backstage at a big tony from a from a hartford, connecticut yeah. It's a pretty big guy. Yeah he's a big fan,
What mammas a big fan they just want to mediate and backstage and sure enough. The guy was when I should bring his mother back their couple, guys with them. Take pictures. Thank you very much and in need leave, you ever think you're being kind of my my next day dozen roses in addressing them from big tony from heart, firmer, we're! Ok now it. Thank you very much for being kind of my mom. If you worked in vegas every four months so four months later, this singer is back in vegas and now big tony's there again in the senate, no backstage the maitre D again gets another five hundred goes back, tells him big tunisian town. Oh yeah, I remember nice guy sent flout. They come back, age and they got a couple guys with him and knocked down. Take your breath away cord. young girl near come alive whenever she smokin smoking, hot air. So she, then, actually, if everybody's utilize them before they leave the big isis, a thanks for being kind of my people. Again, a mom still loves you by the way Carmela thinks you're, pretty you're, pretty hot yeah while Kamala would then he is now now she sees
maybe you know come. I was with the singer and to weaken the weekend in everything in they go back in exchange numbers two months later comma gets a whole them. She should I'm in terrible trouble. I lie to you, I'm not twenty two, I'm seventeen and I'm pregnant. I am married. I got kids, you have got me. I know I didn't know what to do and now he hangs up now. If luck is with wise guy? He caused the wise guy. If he doesn't collar wiseguy the wise calls him What's this, I hear about come on you when you oh well yeah yeah. She I dunno shooting he should eat, don't worry about it. You took my family? Now big, don't you took my family? Don't you worry about here, nothing happened, nothing's going to happen to you a nice to me, the favourite believe me, your eye, anyway. Don't worry a buy it now about two months go by and they get a hold of the alias, and you know what told them from going to the catholic church.
Big charity and which I know is money for the orphans. If you'd come here and saying you are you kidding me, this guy saved your marriage, you this? you're goes there when does the show they make two hundred fifty thousand dollars for the charity? The mob takes two hundred thousand. Fifty thousand goes to the orphanage. The wise guys cut up the money and guess who gets ten then come at last. She was under from jump street here, yet they did that over and over and over and over four years time. The long con isn't it you know I just talking you're talking like between the first visit and then the pay off it's like almost a year that which is one of their hustle had other hustle like why yeah the other thing to when people talk to me about about fight that that they feel the fighter area. I box when I was in. I'm not an expert, but I I and all of them. I I what I can tell you. You won that round or he won that round. Here. You know it's hard to eat in the old days you could
it's a fight that a fighter would go down some when you're watching sometimes you say, you're supposed to ground and a fourth round, but a guy throws a punch at you and just by reaction. you fire and you might not this guy, how sure you're so the way they fix defined in LAS vegas. There's three judges. You pull one judge aside: and you should look his fifty thousand cash or whatever number. I don't want you to cheat If my boy loses the round, he loses the round. I don't want you to cheat, but if there's one round too close to call, I won't the shade, my guy- that's all I'm asking now I can wait and see or hear one that rounder, he won that real. But every does it a couple around us at times, but I dont know that could go eat away. How many of fights have you seen one fourteen one, thirteen. That was another way. It's you get to a judge nor any in. If you we reviewed the film you'd say well yeah it could have went that way. All they're saying is: if there's one round it's too close to call. I want you to shade my guy
if my guy gets knocked out. He gets knocked out of my guy. So that's just a gamble on the mobsters part too yeah. It is, I mean cause like there's nothing that guy can do and he can see when something's on the edge but he might lose their money by one but wait, but I do have to take in most cases in most cases is always one or two rounds that are too close to call and I've I've been as you go so you're, not betting. On the round you're betting on the fight. You went on to fight that fight here you know I was with the king brothers one night when they put Michael and roger king, one king world. They put two hundred and fifty thousand and the tommy hunter and I swear to god tat mohunes, one event and sugar ray letters. My friend, I love him that if we pay out together with ice ice tommy one at fight but tom, you didn't women apparently less by one point you so like in terms of like when you
With frank, I mean: did he talk about those guys? Sometimes when are alone, you know where, as when I first started would find he was the boss of this magnificent tour. A year later he became a buddy. He we'd hang around sure I picked up. I used to be a bartender. Nice took upon personal way, set eyes what I picked up a new money for that he didn't want another fan. He had means of fans. Sure you want your gush over here and we're times. I wanted to see damn frank with you just because he was great girl in this films, you wanted to academy me, but I didn't do that. I always stayed away from you. Being I am a lawyer in and then so we ve into the innovators more like a father to me soldier when I go stated compound down and rancho mirage we'd right around in the desert till dawn- you know heap, he never went the better. The sun came up
He was nocturnal whether we were on the road or off the road really yeah, and he wanted you to hang with him too, because he he stayed up till dawn here the hardest I ever made them laugh one night in vegas, we've been doing one nighters all over the country and we went into the desert in and after the second show here it's four thirty in the morning and he he does look. You can see he's going to go all night I got up on. The table was like four guys at the table: I'm going to go to bed, I got up, they will say where you gone as I'm going to bed she went for What are they going get brody in morning with a cemetery visit? Those guys guys, I said all those guys who died, trying to stay with you every night to elaborate so we'd ride around the car till dawn and those nights towards the end of his life when he didn't. He knew the end was near as he as the song goes. He said, opening up a little bit more about rigor. You earn and things like that in one of them was when he said. I rode the day that ever made friends of those guys they won't get out of your life. Twenty years
that was with the deal he made with gene kata in that and in the white house. So what you're talking about before yeah? That was that was that, because he knew those guys and they knew him, but then he wanted to be close to Kennedy and he really the way to do that was to be the middlemen, while they can him. Joe Kennedy came to him and when John Kennedy was running jill terry was an astute, astute politician. Yeah and all he ever wanted was one of his sons to become pretty native states. He wanted his first son who had killed in world war two and he came to frank. He he called frank to a meeting and he's tall frankie said my boy can't when my son came when he knew that they couldn't win. West Virginia was ninety five percent protestant. They were never going to vote for a cat, then they get those guys to it's mobsters to buy out the local politician, that's what they said and we can't win illinois here. He said the downstate republicans are going to beat us. We can't we. He said you know the guys who can go to them. He said I know I'm too, but I can't go them what they don't know about. The Kennedy would most we ve now
were bootleggers any earlier days and made what they did is they worked and went legitimate and put everybody and legitimate vision. So the irish. My was a pretty tough mob at one time and in the country before the italian mob in new york in Chicago and everywhere I go the irish. Why was that? There was a big eyes? You that's! What the saint valentine seem. Ass already realised that that Joe candies bootlegging businesses, what made see grooms now and yet, as it was legal in canada, so he was run in that shit down from in the old man was what was the guy's name bronfman was the egg rough and they had a secret was and that that they they're the ones are made that guy So that's what was over. They said the frank when he said it for frank. You know those issues. I can't go to those guys, but you can t in common those have zero. So what happened? Was they convinced? The the?
Unions in west virginia to a lot of contacts here. That Kennedy was a guy to vote for that he was going to be a pro hoffman pro union of him and protean and then the endowment. They also went to Chicago, where you know the old joke: in ten thousand dead people voted in Chicago. The area are used to save. If, if, if you want a campaign in chicago and run for office, don't go to a corner, taverns gotten cemeteries had for the boats on its budget, So now Kennedy wins the election, because any one that last stayed in Illinois swung that election year and so anyhow that the rumors, as he said there was at wriggling now meantime, you know franklin. John Kennedy is going to come and stay at his compound in rancho mirage. I used to data? So this is before my time, of course, why he doesn't go right here at the last minute, at the frank spent one point: three million at that time, like setting up like a hella,
I believe that, because the president of the united states was coming, he told his mother, he has Emma you and your dad can't you and dad came to this country from your In one generation the president of the united states we're just going to stay with one anyhow, a couple of like a week before Peter Lawford comes on and says you know, jack can't come here and be here Bobby says he can't come here and Frank should. Why would you talking about? He said because Bobby shit cause, you know those people here in frankfurt those people, those people his dad sent me to, because I know those people are. You know in any any he really got remarried and- and that was a real tough time for he loved jack Kennedy, but he was a little bit different about oh sure. Why may I mean I was kind of a I don't cry, emmy, I'm sure, there's plenty stories and plenty of books about the dynamic between those two brothers. And anyhow and the relationship, because I know that I guess it's pretty proven. a giant, connor and and Kennedy
You know we're sharing, mistresses and- and I think frank to her with Judith Campbell the additive. In the cabinet? Didn't it didn't end well for her, she was well. She ended up back to england and everything, but but that is supposed to there's rumour that that melanin row yellow and instead the encounter, and in that I dont know you know I'm before your time. Yet before my time people talk about it, but if I didn't see it and I can only go, would people tell me how the idea that, when people their eye witnesses that were there, yeah yeah yeah, I'm always what was francs bodyguard, new julius, joey yeah! You knew that guy real well, he jelly had a glass eye. He had it knocked out. I think in a fight he was a tough, tough guy from the bronx I heard that on this story that desire me Davis, jr premier, his glass eye at serious, yet the comedy store, yeah yeah, that's right, Yet, if I were, you know, you know every frank sinatra of strange since humor agenda. a glass eye and Sammy had a glass. I saw when christmas frank,
said binoculars saddam and happens when the julian when the sad effort. So I why I want to hear that story again about Johnny Carson. That thing is the best for construe. That's the best Sinatra story. We knew that means a lot of greece and exercise with this is how, all this happened. You tell I want in your show, at the one about johnny Carson. I love it yeah, but I put it in my book only because and the only reason I put it in the book- and I wouldn't not have done that, but because Henry bush can function our johnny Carson lawyer tried to take credit for saving johnny's life. Some crazy joy, gala right, you know in and at that time it was about twenty six year old attorney. There was no way in hell crazy, joy, gallo. What listen to a young attorney like idea, he he wanted to kill JANET carson. I really believe that frank sinatra, because frank Sinatra told me the story in chile to media. I was appearing on nato united sixty one a just was, I was always doing a spot and one time
on the two nature in a week night, and I was gone in the last vegas open for frank here at the m gm grand when I got there Julie sesame, she I saw you on the financial. And you know even mention that you were coming here as it. I put it in the credit, general, John innovations you I should, but for some reason about frank sinatra: jam james over the story. Sometimes sometimes it's here, we gotta tell according to say when you sit down and talk to johnny. After you do you stand up a give us some funny sure leading yes I'd see of I got a funny but frank and I in a bar one night and johnny would jump over that story show here that This is back in the eighties and and in the lady sir, six, eighty seven, we in any sort out- I tell you I suggest seen johnny at francs house in malibu and everything and frank like John, the johnny Janni like him, but jealousy for asia. Japanese got his strange relationship with Frankie's loan, overthrown, frank and juliet seeds, tell me this story here and this
story told me, and this is exactly the same story. Frank told me. Three weeks later Julie says that when Johnny Carson was a new talk. Show host in new york had been on the air about two years. Here it was a new young star, young kids. As you know, we went from a game show to being hosted the tomato earlier while he would not eat he drank he'd, gotten drinking we're after the shows would ed Mcmahon who was a good drinker johnnie by his own admission. His whole life was a bad drinker, a couple of drinks in he that, like high school sophomores, this is a naval officer, a college grad. well educated guy here, a couple, a drink and he acted foolish when was a bartender, my buddies. I we should watch him to drinks to become one three hours daily become rocky Marciano they to five billion, are the air rural
what do they want to fuck? Everybody? Employees are to become ribbon winkle and they just don't out all expect, reacted each one different. I know any johnny Carson was like that guy. You want to re run couple of drinks, so jolly tells a story that one night in we would digress a much crazy joy gallo at those days There are five dance in new york in her down of queen sit down a broken down in manhattan, different dance in the five tons of new york, and you could not hit anybody kill anybody anything according to mafia, alleging until you got approval from the You didn't do that on your own. You had to go out and get approval europe. No one gets whack unless they they all get together. Agree upon this year, Joe yellow, didn't give a damn. He did what he wants to do, that we're only and he brought black asian from harlem into run numbers and he was a renegade he they get through this after he did jail time right knee was like fuck, it yeah he was. He was
it was almost gonna get your. Unless what you really kind of crazy, they got that's why they call him crazy, gallo you earlier. We now what Where was the end? You know, I think, what they, I think, what they were saying. either with the gambino, it was. With a gambino, but he he whatever it was. He pulled out from them and he went on his own and he was doing everything on his own. It was only a matter of time sure, but but again he was crazy guy on the railroad crazy guys. So crazy joy, Gallo comes in and Julie's bar juliet a barn was forty here and that by all the Captain robbers are not a yea. I would commoner here. You know that the edge as I see it through, and that was I that was really go in there and you have the work outside well but there was a lot of lot of pekin in nearly area, especially in here, but luxury showed that of a celebrity sunlight though it was the place to go out and frank, went there of creating, and so
this particular night. Crazy joy gala comes in with two girls here: what we italians compromise if you're married if your single and you have a girlfriend sugar, and but he had married and you have a girlfriend she's you come on here and hugo mighty is really someone special commodities generally in scar waves, the joke, the wise guys had three birthdays: three holidays, guys St Joseph birthday, ST rocco's birthday and December twenty. Third, that was gomati christmas eve. Later I'll tell you the greatest commodity job, but anyway, he's in joy. Yellow comes in with these took him out and two guys and is it Julia need use the room talk to the guys in English? Then they go into the back room and the two grotto at the bar, many it's one in those years and is somebody in moments Johnny carson works and would add MC man and jellies had led to drink, so he
season. This way, Julie told me the story. He sees the girls in his wanting people set to recognize and he puts his fingers much and he sneaks up behind the girl. He puts his hand up her dress and she let out a scream. He puts his hand up her miniskirt near screaming, it got you know. She's screaming screaming clearly turns around. He sees it and he goes. Oh gee Julie jumps over the bar and he comes up and grabs johnny there were many should add. My men get him out of here. Get him the fuck out of here now we're. So the wherewithal to get china. Meanwhile, she can't stop screaming nego against upstream and so
crazy? Joey comes down to the funding, comes out of the bag and he's hyperventilating, who enjoys what's wrong? What's wrong, what happened with him and Julie, said: she's got a hoochie and he smasher joey smash and she hits the ground. She goes Johnny Carson reach up. Under my dress and grammy, he went out the door and Joey gallegos crazy tilt, legit two guys to go, find him. Go find him right now go go, find him, beat his fuckin brains and cut his cock off and stick in his mouth. Here I am saying: stick it in his mouth at sandbach bit and they ran out the door. He turned and jelly you son of a bitch, you let this matter gone. You know you. Let us go with my goma and deletion. Joy I didn't know I mean I am behind a bomb work in a meter I didn't know in and he's not he's pacing and he's going back and forth in these guys come in and in there the fullest, sweat they couldn't find him enjoy. He lives with him. Now the words Oliver manhattan, jenny's, the dead men- are chinese that the next,
dave, tebbit from and be she was a big guy. Would then vs comes in and jolly said, he talked to me said: Julie, Sullivan tom. What happened last night, you can you go talk. The joy gallo for me for johnny injuries me talk illegal defied downs of new york and talk to me. I want to talk to me. She could? U s. Frank Julie, of course, takes the frank, frank, we heard about what we are now Dave tab it to know. If you'll talk to greece So we go and frank says what julie said is me: the five tons of new york and talk. I'm gonna talk to mama singer ill anyhow long. So shortage johnny's, coming in with an incoming in which security having in hiding in like a week, goes by Frank's appearing in new york, crazy joy, gallop an analysis. Given well tell me to stand. Anything tell me seems very crazy. Joy, his family there to see the show and had a couple tables and after show brought everybody backstage and julie, said and are are visiting obedient frank signing, autographs and taken pictures of and early
and no one's left integration would Julie and frank enjoy gala enjoy, says to frank. Thank you for what you did. Thank you for treatment, I'm so so well by the bye and any said Anne elliot jijiu in and attain guy's name is frank. It's francesco or the kind of teach me every. He said I love you too. And in french it he said. If you ever need anything. Let me know, and frankly there is something not you, the visually she does choice. Gala goes up and he's sitting right next to francs face. He should name it and he opened his hands up, like name of open and frank, said: Johnny, carson and joy. Gallows eyes get any scraps francs mouth. He grew. his hand on his mouth and thanks my real hard and he's holding frank smile with his head like this, and he said you stick up for that piece of shit. That scumbag, who put his hand Michael bodies,
though he took his hand on Frank's face and Julie said you could see his fingerprints and Frank he's holding the voisin that hard there, and he said you stick up for the episode where magma and franks had Joey. He didn't know that was your comment is now, Damn I don't get caught up with whatever woman he thinks because he's got a talk, show because he's a he's a talk show host. He can do that, a women he should he's dead, he's dead and franks it. You asked me if I, if, if you could do something for me, he's. So sorry. He would come right now in his hands and knees you, but he knows you're a man of respect, he's terrified. He would come and apologize himself, but he's terrified and he said he is so sorry for what he did and he answered. He said I am asking you: can you give the kid a break? Can you just give them a break in the July, told his story and Frank told it the same way. He start pacing back and forth by the door. The time he stop stopped to look at frank and he's dead, pacing again and he went to the door, he opened up the door to go out and he turned round, and he said that to frank and jelly: he should you tell
johnny, Carson that he breathed, because he knows frank Sinatra. Any he slept as I like, to give us a window. Dunwoodie shift. You know he should tell him. He breathes casinos, frank sinatra and in an and that which it now six months go by and frank told a story to that. In those days get your crazy franco's, sometimes native cheerybles, yet through model of them all area boom, younger janni comes in at months. It's all play region in a boat with a girl at julie's bar and frankly, The cherry by underneath is both and when it went in the boom. You know it. There's an old watch. Reruns of the tonight show and there's one more jimmy or admin and says to agenda would you do less than usual? I went around the town hit. Somebody places. You said those guys Julie, a very strange sense of humour from that night. In the only way told a story here is for bush in the aid. As a young lawyer, he went and resolve this there. There was only friend,
Sinatra could have saved Johnny Carson, say I really believe that and then you think like, but you know he Frank was on the tonight- show a lot, but it was always a little weird, because Johnny knew that you know if, if, if did that for you mark. If you did some dumb thing when you're drinking one night and an end, we're gonna get in, and I did a favor fear is good I say we are you. Would you still feel uncomfortable around me or I would anyhow, I see it. I just feel uncomfortable. You know it, you know, is the oh, you know a giant noses at that. Guy's to real fucking deal right is johnny knew that if he could save his life, he get it. You you put that very well. You got in here, however, as a favor. Will you never had any problem with them ever with them idea in Chicago. I knew that guys I did shows for them. There was a charity call unicorn and it was an italian charity and every year they had often
year did hire a comedian yeah and it it asked me to do it one year and then the next three years I would get other comedians. I got Jay Leno, the gig johnny Campanella they'd, get that then they take care of you, but, and so the jackie's around at that time was running the chicago media, and so he he was with head of that. That golf tournament here and they'd come and talk to me and and when I work with Frank they they are always in the audience here and where they yeah two due to about one point: frank no longer wanted in that connection, but Julie kept the connection to the point that, even at one time frank, jolly didn't work with us for almost two years he went to work for peace, adore, erica's, barbarous and not to take the heat. Frank. Would do with it? They too will barber, doesn't want these guys backstage in
He was frank, the amis, where they re, so these guys would come and hang around seizures wherever we work that these wanna be guys and they would they would you they'd say to me they say tommy. What did you m what did you? Junior men have dinner attia. What did he have? I saw he had linguine and clam sauce and he and little garlic girls you earlier than they would go, tell anybody yet anyway, last night. He had led gleaning plants. I knew what they were doing there. So what did you do we, of course, where you redeem ultimately I just played golf a couple of times yeah and but I did the dean, martin roasts, you know, and then I did some shows with dean. You know he was. He was so great to be around dean, wouldn't say anything all day long and then they one line and you'd fall off the chair. He always had these clever lines. Dick martin-
The dean Martin was one of the greatest comedians of our time, even though he was not known as a comedian. Who was a very clever guy but frank, he made for frank made. Frank, laugh all attempts at a great story. We were frank was, the teller as you get older and life, he was forgetting lyric, so he would use it teleprompter and then it just knowing they were there. He he he would do the whole show sometimes and not even look at him, but sometimes if he felt that he would look at the tier sure, but he's trying to get dean to do that. Yeah dean was doing half songs in vegas, in that finishing the whole song and you're getting a lot of letters to the President of the hotel, really Bernie rob got that inhuman, dumped eighteen hundred letters and deems genuine, which had we're getting cause you deem would deal forget them or something like that, which is because he didn't give a fuck yet partially in part, because he'd have every couple of drinks or santa, but he so frank sending it to the teleprompters yeah. He said that they call each other dig showing a daigo.
Dig and by the way, I'm on a short while back a where they couldn't do that. Today so they can do it when they can call each other dig. I should why he saw no that's play. the incorrect. I should not like to be in a room we'd, be on the seventeenth floor. When you tell dean, Martin, frank sinatra: hey you guys can't call each other to open up a window you're going out the window a lot anyhow, so frank's on his ass and dean's ass to get the teleprompter year so funny. You were frank: in detroit at the fox theatre. We did a mat name and weren't as sweet and we're watching a football game and the phone rings and it's dean, Martin's manager, mort viner, and he says that dean used the teleprompters last night in LAS vegas and he loves them, He came off stage and said book me on a world tour. Yeah. These things are great here. Frank should just get him on the phone get him on the phone. You know he gets him and when he said aid egg diamond, I'm tellin you for years, the kids that use those plugs in your ears that you heard the lyrics in years. You know when I get any younger and I been after you for years- dammit you just hard had. Indeed, Dean got here, deems it
Why were you guys out? He said holding one second, to tell me where we, yet I shall we Detroit. He should weren't a trading, she did. You have to look at it can teleprompter to find out where you're afraid to the phone down on the floor. He said he got me again. He he he he of those stories was see any man, but we did it. I'm gonna take up a good good good. My stories and you're doing all right yeah, I'm doing real good yeah life is really good idea. I want to point out that I grew up. They attain people. My family were hard work in Europe. Here they hated mafia. He really hated the whole thing about it. You know the biggest problem was in.
We're going close with is the movie the godfather glorified yeah, what they did. You know the the the movie, the godfather glorify, what they did and after that all of a sudden everybody you know with an italian name. You know, thought hey, cool I'll, get more respect. If I you know, because he saw the movie the godfather, but it it it glorifies what they did with godfather three was the biggest mission, cover, what it should have been was godfather. Three should have been that now everybody is legitimate when Michael corleone, he got everybody Family in the legitimate businesses that should have been godfather three near now, they're all working for major corporations in america and they're, even in the f b, I sure to hit the family as in cia, but he got 'em all legitimate back off, but instead it was about the was about the pope breyer I can remember, but with we should have been was now what they find mrs weiler and legitimate businesses, though not much difference
mafia, they can kill you, but in a different way. She just kill your career. You destroy everything about you in, and so with that would have been than he would have said. Just when I tried to get out, he comes again because, even though they were in the gentlemen power structure of our country, there's also this option and whirling morally compromise exactly and did, you ever know guys that got destroyed by the mob, guys who got whacked by him, not wax or just you know, ruined. Well, I I first of all tony spilotro, the movie Joe pesci a casino here. It was some second line of whom I am and is whether Michael used to come to my shows when they did chin geyser, your passion played, and he told me something on cuba. She came to me before the before the did it and if you tell me, I know you knew him tell me some things about, because you is studying what how we could plan ere, he was mean
little guy, but when I was when I was in vegas. If he'd see me now, he was blackballed here, for he was on the blacklist. A black book he was blackballed from Moloch a senior in order. I saw him at wearing the casinos he he would advise he'd see me and he be with some guys who take tommy command. He and introduced me to the guys unity Tommy's from Chicago here. Isn't the job of pesci do a good job with him. He did a great job. Geez Joe Pesci is one brilliant actor forget about winning the academy award. Did when what what about comedy showed it just underline he'll make your horse down and when he placed on those guys as you know those guys to, but he also did cousin many here to have you on the floor now he's very funny. So as frank vincent, I can't oh yeah, can I get a queer to a pesci, sir I'm in the locker room and shaven, where at least that country club, a member and Joseph member there. Until it here in an enough to look away
so Joe John, I remember the same country club and I've known him even before yeah. He has been a fan for like two years, but he in addressing one day. They were gonna, do do cousin too too, but they do it could have on. The stormy did not want to do that. in one player she won the academy award for that character, but he'll show and shaven and Joe comes in at us in the men's room and say tommy. You should you know they may do cousin benito and if they do, I like to do him. Put some of my friends in the film sit down. I'm shaven, you should tell me you can act cancer and I put the region. I said Joe over forty years. At that time I ve been in the business and you say something like that to me. That makes me so fuckin Matt that you would ask me a question my dad ticket. You connect, he said tommy. I'm asking I said Joe I'm acting when goes, you goes. Oh Now there was an oppressor he's in any outside. If I do it- strangers. Had I have you come and read for apart, I should win mitchell cousin Vinnie.
I started the show I got to fucking read I gotta fuckin read in your the stallion big guy and I get rid. He said, tommy actors read for pirates. I said Joe, I am acting. He said, fuck you, you couldn't get a spot in this movie. If you finance movie? You understand that fuck you and he turned you only watch out and I go out, and I said Joe I'm only kidney said tommy imac, then yeah gotcha. He got me good talking to you again, youtube. Ok, that was Tom. Good stories right. The book is called still stand. my journey from streets and solutions to this age and Sinatra. Here too, dr bunnies are very complementary. The first appearance on the show he always comes up when he says I get more feedback from that than when I did Carson. But anyway it was nice to talk to tom, hang out for a minute folks,.
For all you full marin listeners, I answered a lot of your questions for a new ask mark anything bonus, episode that went up this week. Do you have any phobias doesn't need to be clinically recognises anything that particularly scares you or creeps you out? I don't. I don't like being scared by things in the moment, but there's very few things that I'm scared of in a way that is sort of ongoing. I don't like being startled. I in a wild animals, insects humans, but that that we have phobia. I would say that my longest and sort of pronounced phobia is of water. I cannot see the bottom of large bodies of water or even smaller bodies of water that are too deep for me to assess. I think I have eight eighth of fear
that I don't love flying, I'm afraid of it, but I've had due to accept and live with that one. I dont know our love, the idea of power getting out of the air. I have a terrible fear of being boned. In my car there was an accident that happened in Albuquerque, where a drunk driver was Narrowing down a side street, so fast ran a stop, sign and struck broad cited another car, but drove right through it. A hit it and soared over it and decapitated for people in a very being t boned in a car is, is really my. Data day. Most active fear is Adam, I'm not I'm not out on the ocean all the time. I don't like flying over what either that's a double whammy, I'm so afraid the combination flying and flying over large bodies of water is just horrifying to me. The idea,
crashing into the water and just being strapped into a seat at the you know, at the bottom of the ocean is, is probably metaphorically, the loneliest image I can possibly even think of even though all be dead, but that when really gets me real lotta, I gotta do a lot of fuckin me in the moment kind of stuff, a of self talk, fine over those large bodies of water, you can get that episode along with all the bonus material we ve been doing for the past year by signing up for the full marin. Just click on the link in the episode description or go to wmd of pod dot com and click on w e, F, plus and now. I'm trying to I'm workin on this the unknown velvet underground song don't tell anybody that that's that's what I'm playing it could be. Anything could be anything.
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