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Episode 1450 - Joanna Gleason

2023-07-06 | 🔗
Joanna Gleason lives in a vibrant community of artistic people. In a way, it's what she's always known, growing up surrounded by the community of her father, Monty Hall, in the early days of television. Joanna and Marc talk about parents not having the ending you hope, making art that gives them the ending they deserve, and more art that allows you to process the grief. They also talk about her breakthrough performance in Into The Woods, the very show business way she fell in love with her husband, Chris Sarandon, and making her directorial debut with The Grotto.

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Like guy all right? Let's do this. How are you what the fuckers, what the fuck bodies, what the fuck next what's happening? How's everything going out, how'd your fourth of July go out did you get everything cleaned up for them, all kinds of empty firework. Casings in your backyard. Did you fuck up you ve then, with any of those men Museum based fireworks irony We still do those things called snakes. You, member snakes, we'd candlelight the top of this week miniature desk, like almost like a tiny hockey puck, and then this weird make of ash would happen. It would burn a pattern. Onto the sidewalk that wouldn't or go away, anyways, how life going how you doing on the treadmill what's happening where you are you driving, and I do have to give
special shoutout out. I was asked to do it, but I don't We think of everything. I don't always do this at the beginning of the show, but how's it going. On the farm. How are you feeling where's doing how's it going with the crops. I got a specific request. I'm a listener who listens when she's out in the field. he she they I'm not sure but they're out in the fields Listening to me ramble on about this in that, what's that, Everybody all right. today on the show I'm to talk to Joanna gleason, now she's great actor. But I also interviewed her father monti, hall on episode for twenty seven it we too have in that eventually came about because her son erin, the guitar player and musician wanna meet, in our view, monti, and then I didn't even know about Joanna who was one my favorite actresses, primarily
because of crimes, misdemeanours, shoes are I'm buggy nights. She played the wahlberg characters, mother, and she was in the original cast into the woods and she wanted to. Gone for that and she just directed her first. film the grotto and she brought over such nice stuff, in drink the booze, but that there is some sort of thing, tradition, that review. DE around, I believe It was pickles and she bragging. Brought me some olives and there was of a vote your shot involved. But I didn't do that, but she brought me seltzer and if I'm not mistaken, was it a? What was it was? There was something with by two, maybe with some sort of the canned fish or a herring or something and It was just some nice thing that her and her family did as some sort of ritual of some kind and it was very, it was very nice there. There sometimes or our guest said that they bring things, and I, like things,
I just said, melissa vs on your came over and she brought me a bunch of her artwork is very nice and it's a sent me a cat, a cat box, not a letter box, but funding for the cats makes me feel good makes me feel upon, created, but dad Joanna also maybe take a covert test in front of her now. Is it so weird that yeah, I don't know how much we talk about it anymore, but I don't know how much we remember. Just how we traumatized most of us were on a day to day basis with kobe and thinking we had it or didn't have a name once the test came out. Just add that that Canada, the anxiety in this sort of work- the test. Can you buy em? Where can I I am stockpiling testing, and just how I was you when yet it go dry, to the test in and then the testing kits happen. But
become. I do it now, which I have done it a couple times times it's it's. It's nostalgic and triggering because there is that moment as I do. I have a I think I have it? I don't feel great. I have a little sign, but do I and then just all that wave of panic- and from triggering it's real. It's interesting how little we talk about it. I don't know what we're supposed to be doing a who's talking about it where by so many things didn't, come back. Businesses meetings, jobs, but just the the day to day anxiety was lasting. I think it must have added years onto my life still have no sense of time clear. We are even know what data is today forth. A joy fuck me up, but but yeah it was a kind of a an honor. Talk to Joanna, because I really I felt that I felt connected to her I dont know what it was about, some of her performance I think it really is sure just so fucking good in
I'm a misdemeanours and die enter our knowledge waiter, brother and woody out. It was just idle. there's just something about some people that I feel connected to them and I fell to connect to her. So it was quite a nice chat and was it was kind of great talking to her dad, but dumb look, for those of you who are in los angeles or going to be here. I met dynasty typewriter on July, eleventh eighteen and twenty fifth? Those are tuesdays. and I'm back at largo on Thursday July. Twenty seventh them work shopping. I you know an hour of stuff, and see typewriters, very small room, so a date is kind an intimate experience, don't know who will be For me, I think I'm going to ask her hannah, in binder to do at least one of those dates I'll be at guys in salt lake city on august, eleven and twelve for four shows and helium
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What is my life, what is my life. What, You know what is important. However, I lived. well, you know. What am I doing there is a type of insecurity happening in terms of my work. terms of you know what I do that I thought was your kind of in a better place in it. Just me, I look I'll be honest with you, You know I'm turning sixty. Maybe that has something to do with this, but the vulnerable. Woody and all I've been doing is trying to kind of films. Up in in reassess things put your movies. I talked about that before I've been watching these old movies and I guess I don't theirs pardon me that feels like how did I never watch anything? How did I never do anything properly when I was younger? How? But oddly not my standup, I I've poked around from my old stand up and I'm always kind of
prized I've read some of my book to you the last time I was here and I don't have any promise. I don't have any real regret, sore or weirdness about my work, but wait? We when I watch things like how am I missing this stuff I mean I literally watched an old marilyn monroe movie the other night, and I'm not. I don't really that too often, but I've been doing a moribund, letting myself do cause. I always think, like I gotta keep working. I gotta keep thinking. I gotta keep cooking. I've got a fix, a thing I rarely really take the time like I'm doing now, to watch Great movies are old movies and. I watched a marilyn monroe movie and I dont know what what it is. I ve who doesn't know Marilyn Monroe, who seen. Marilyn monroe movies before For some reason. I don't know that I contextualized her as such as the reed actress that she is she's, unbelievable to watch and so good, like I was she's movie that she was Jesse was on her first movie. She was
supporting role in in clash by night? It's fritz weighing movie its- I guess it's, it's a quivered odette! It's based on a corporate odette play and barbara stand works in it. Paul Douglas rob ryan, rubber ryan, that guy, what a great fucking Do you always plays a sort of edgy kind of flawed yeah, bordering on on anger, like type a character down or beaten down. Guy who's got chip on his shoulder and so fucking good and I'm watching this movie and it still conceit of it, is you're. A woman comes back to hometown. After having a life of a relatively sordid life. That's barbarous day I. She comes back to her house where her brother now owns thousands of brothers dating marilyn monroe? Who is this sort of kind of young
san, who is like trying to find her own identity and stuff, and this is a movie from like nineteen one as the fifties. I think right. Fifty two, I guess feel more and- and here she she decides to your kind of work into this new base due to simple man of fishermen. bye, bye, Paul Douglas and she d it's too sort of merriam cushy thing said she wants. with that lifetimes barber sandwich yeah. This see this kind of em flawed sword, never happy person whose and have been on, the edge of of yeah, teetering on the edge and fucking her life up, so she marries is guys just a good hearted fishermen, guy and friend is robber. Ryan characters is based, what kind of a junkie aggravated never happy slightly
massage monistic? If not very massaging the guy- and you know they end up having an affair and issues like wow, I mean this is nineteen the two and I dont know why you usually you watch old movies. A new kind of put them into account If I go there's an old movies, so they talk. way in its framed a certain way and the actors are wake, as is back in the day, but I'm sorry to realize. I dont know why I didn't realize it before that these are grown up, fuckin themes, yo, if these characters are really written well, which I'm sure your debts play was obviously engaging, but the screen I don't know the guy who wrote the screenplay this Alfred haste fella, but it's like this is real grown up. She had with flawed characters dealing with If that happens and dealing feelings had happened and the repercussions of of those actions and feelings, and just don't know why I never kind of food
I appreciated the humanity of some these old movies because, like I just We, the resonating in the way, the resonating. Maybe it's because I'm an older guy like I've said before or maybe it's never watched them properly, but but then it came to me in my buddy live site these were mainstream movies- that we know wherein movie theatres time for a long time that written by adults, about adults and about addle themes and I think that one of the reasons that the resonating with me there's a timeless the human condition that, if the explored? thoroughly and real thickly in terms of character, were, always be sort of evergreen and and a type of connection with the human, here at which on finding, but just a fact.
We have been inundated in terms of mainstream movies with infantilism bitch, I think we ve been sorted out. To think like these movies, if and when they happen, I saw them new, Julia, louis dreyfus, movie that nicole of centre film out you, it's called out hurt my feelings, which was a grown up movie about a grown up relationship. It wasn't you, it wasn't dark really. But but its and envy movie- and there is a world of those things, but these mainstream movies. It had full juice and am were designed as entertainment, I'm just now. Kind of noticing, and maybe it's the ones I choosing are the ones I decide to watch that they're fucking, deep man they they live. They live because the characters are We flawed but thoroughly explored, and I don't know why. I'm just noticing this now, I'm noticing it about so much of this engaging with like. I think I've been on some sort of fucked up hiatus.
or shut down. Obviously covered, we all watched a movies and obviously I dealt with a tragedy but I don't know how many years it's been going on. For that, I don't you thoroughly engage. Maybe it's cousin, you know, there's a as some sort of vulnerability happening. As I get older, where everything is having this effect on me and- connecting me to art of different times, a different way, but you Christ, man, I think, on a base level it just there is not a lot of good. of shit out there and I'm not sure how many Thus, our emotion, we or psychologically or culturally really seek? That's. without or our necessarily grown up, but to be able to fact on yourself, through film and through art and kind of place yourself. Time you live in and have that experience of the human spirit is, is important and nourishing and good for the sole mind and heart, and I'm
I'm kind of letting that happened and I am seeking it out, like ie like Joanna gleason heard her new movie. The grotto is an interesting film about grown up stuff about a relationship in a very specific type of of of rail of sorts it's just kind of mine blowing that maybe I'm isolated. Maybe I have not lived the life of a regular grown up. Maybe I've you know as my own psychological problems, and trauma have sort of bungled through life. Bounty Finding some grounding in in these older films in these these older. Separation of character has been very kind of rum. Fulfilling anyway, Joanna gleason is is on the show, and I and I loved talking to her.
if you're in or around aspen colorado, you can see Joanna in a special performance of the play mass class on July, ninth and tenth go to aspirin music festival com for more again, the movie that I just mentioned, the grotto there's a preview screening of of it in fairfield, connecticut on august. Sixth, that's at these sacred heart university community theatre, I believe this is her first film directing gig and when we talk about it, any what here's this is me and joanna folks it's time to put your pedal to the metal from the twisted minds behind dead pool and zombie land and executive producers. Will our net and anthony mackey comes to the new people. Original series twisted metal, high octane, in comedy, based on the classic video game series Anthony man,
these stars is John doe, a motor mouth outsider, who must deliver a mysterious package across a post, apocalyptic wasteland if he can survive, the drive with the help of a bad ass actual building carthage played by Stephanie, beatrice he'll face savage marauders and other dangers on the open road. Those days it just so happened to include sweet tooth Doreen, murder clown played by samoa Joe and will our neck and agent stone. A vicious highway patrolmen played by thomas haden church, buckle up people one's gonna be a wild ride. Twisted metal. streaming now only on peacock. The that was exciting day. I had not experienced the anxiety of kobe tests in a while and when you do it every friggin day or every other day. It's like nothing one I know, but there is like time I got young
I did it was you got me. A buzz is that some relief the moment of suspense. I never feel great, that's funny thing about when people talk about on covert. Might not enough I'd, know who would know. I know I don't I don't feel great on a day to, but that we do And he brought me some nice soured of bread and jewish stuff uninitiated me, pickles and pickles or good. Those are from your farmers market out here. You're way, he found one out here? The farmers market, this the other one? Third and fairfax are the real one. Yet I don't live out here. You know I live in connecticut, really yeah. I thought you were You know how long in connecticut seventeen years zero here at all a long time, not in seventeen years old? I lived a lot of my life here. I know, but also that's what so go out west for welfare old, which is like ten minutes from westport
that's where all the theater people go yeah connecticut week, there's like a whole community of strewn about connecticut now and we're all like best pals yeah, it's fantastic who well like old timers. There are some old timers care delay play. You know space odyssey, two thousand and one and his wife mia dillon actress, fabulous they're out there chirp jill a jill. I can Barry and Michael Tucker. They were on l, a law they're very close to us. Patty caliber big career, her husband, danny Gerald they're there yeah lynne, meadow runs the manhattan theatre company she's there, John toland, who wrote this brilliant had on a few sought about barbara streisand basement her underground, we're all called buyer and seller who know any rights for tv beer and his husband rob carry your act, a writer there in a way your neighbors neighbour, yes, everybody's within, like you, can hold your breath and get to their how any any parties in all other real all it. I'm cooking yachting.
Women, I always like my my first girlfriends mother. Why as in theatre in she lived in. I think it was it was. I was up in new york, but they ended up in westport cheese to date, Theodore but cal. Ok, I knew him yeah I knew him. I knew him because I knew him through the community of my ex late husband ok, okay, been I've been around yeah and I was in new york in the eighties and her name was, I think, Geraldine cannon and she knew she worked, she had a theatre in one of those small towns. I think Our king was the ark and boys. They grew up together, but it wasn't in connecticut, I'm chappaqua chappaqua new york right chappaqua and then there were up and westport. So I've been. I always envied this, though this straight exciting, entertaining engaged unity of theatre, people yeah it's of itself. It is
so we ve done new york join. We shall we ve done you. Certainly when we were younger, we get it I've decades. We have chosen chosen chosen, shows and then at one point you get older and you just say not so much for the city and we have kids and grandchildren and of course, the one bedroom apartment? No, unless you ve got like a classic whatever five or six, you will never forget it. The who has now have like four acres and rush reason land for what you can get a one bedroom apart in new york, so it became still no brainer. wow, so like a right. So what do you but- dad was money hall, indeed, I can. I met him like he was still pretty vital. The in the book your folks were alive was probably two thousand thirteen. I to the house. Yes, sap am I remember. Your mom came in met your mom, I'm talk to your father was great canadian juice yeah. I always like to hear about the canadian jews peg that's alive when a pig
still have family when a big quite a bit. I you know I I I can t. Shit about candid anymore, because I've applied for a permanent residence. How you see I'm just trying to learn how to I cocky yandah I can handle the call made to go. If I were, you think you can handle the call live, want them to process my paperwork so can handle it. No young think I can't I don't know yet ease into a jeff to start with connecticut. I was in new york for years, some, whereas in boston for years by the but the loom roman, an amazing manitoba calling not going I'm not moving a winner poking oak and either was it until I got two pounds lucky you yeah to leave as a refugee. I would hope not to me do But when I went I know winnipeg's like like the tundra, but you remember very well. We we do we, Did you live there? No, I I had family that I would visit my grant. My grandparents live there and then my dad moved them to toronto. Okay started his father in a who is a butcher in a in a business called the king, burger
King burger was the size of this room. She indicates, Otherwise, your big burger, big bird and people would drive through an order, hamburger or or corn beef on something and french fries. He my brother in me, I was eleven, my videos, nine working, this little stand. What who invented the king berger, I don't know somebody came along wanted to buy em out and my grandfather said no and who wanted to buy. Em out was mcdonald's. Come about it, cereal and other great decisions through king burger was a local franchise him. It was. This call burger. It was just my grandpa, his grandpa morris and then you're, okay, okay and he was the old guy. At that point he was maybe fifty sixties. Maybe fifty sixty that they just wanted to buy him out. So they could build a mcdonald's exactly he said. Well, you know we'll buy you and you'll become a partner visitor. No, no, not going to do anything smart with foresight.
I'm working, that's right, yeah and then well out is in then. Why did you were the family go after that? After can we moved from? We were in toronto, and they might make my dad set up my grant. His parents in palm springs in a little house in palm springs and then slowly had bought another house so that the all the frozen aunts and uncles gave him down in the winter where you never eat. As a family lived in new york, we lived We lived in mount vernon new rochelle. What was your dad didn't he was doing. He was doing monitor. He did on Saturday seated cowboy theatre. This is miles farther, hosted cowboy theatre in a flannel shirt likes, never been on a horse or sat with her at. We were actually just found a picture of him in a flannel shirt in my grandson in the same shirt and from newer shell. Where we live till I was about eleven. Then we drove across the country moved to l. That's we television basic? Yes right, he also win in member the scandal? The twenty one scandia,
he well. Everybody was sorting things out dead as a great movie. He came in as a temporary host for awhile oh, really, how they were sorting out. You know the quiz show hooligans exactly my guys, buddy When are we television? Are you? What are you doing? Get you out? Did you in the school. I'm I'm! You know I'm six, seven, eight nine ten years overdue, new devil sort, tv yeah. He never brought it home. This never brought you to it. Now know that was worth You gotta work a convincing, it's a broadcaster sensibility, it's not actors does not at all and he and he was a broadcaster. So he started radio in canada and then he started the tv in in the tv and the never brought his work home and even when, let's make a deal when he created that with his partner stephan hate us here, came, the thing it's it's still. The thing and and applications have mentioned have famous
everywhere. Every anyways. Like you know he was you know he was in a a a big presence in the culture in jokes and every yeah. The show was always referred to satirize satirized, and then there was in mathematics. There's the monty hall problem. The probabilities think it's a whole thing taught in universities really yeah it do you switch doors when you're, given the chance once you've picked one. It's a whole thing, interesting yeah. He loved that he loved that you know the Alex razzed him about this show because they thought it was a bunch of idiots dressed up stupid and in the end, in there welcome to america. If you watch the pilot, was nineteen sixty three or four things here? The pilot has everybody: is it a black dress with pearls in a suit and nobody is holding up signs. Dad's was very like a very extended dinner party. Let's play this game, so I guess that's what shows look like they're like even when I think about just watch reason quit from Groucho Marx's show. We're on tv they dreaded dressed out. Yet they were so.
So you just stay over time. Well, look what happened! Nineteen sixty four than the beatles come right allegation hand as it, and the war was a thing in the protests and becomes a thing in the head that that hippy movement starts. So to be. How do you attract attention and people started, bringing signs and people started wearing trotting out, I'm sure glad to do so. If it he said, let's, I'm gonna go get it. I mean we gotta, let go you have them. Do there's even have addressed goat anymore. Now, what's what the insanity rain, which made which actually made a bigger exactly so, are right but- like others. I talking do is away Brady. Does he do all we love wayne dad had to kind of her hand the mantle off when they were gonna get the show has been on in one form or another for sixty years, crazies nuts, but turn dad. Was because he owns a show here said who who who now
was years ago and they audition the couple. People and wayne just was a shining he's, just a shining guy or so tallies an actor and singer he's crazy and he took on this and he's just his cattle down he's kept it alive and fabulous here. Where is it indicated how they work. Why their eyes on the network still otis I wonder what network Dana would now be restarted. Syria has its, you know it's been, a couple of soberly started: abc no railways. You know what you got me art, so so come out here and now are you in the are group in the world of actors. Kids know now. Strangely, when I got to when they move to the house that you interview dad in beverly hills, tat house where they were in four fifty five years? They bought it in sixty three feet? First, they after first,
the that generation, stating those houses, Carl reiner I wouldn't have lay did they grew there forever right and then a lot of kids. It beverly hills. I square were showbiz kid you, but we were not really aware of who did as I say, dad didn't bring it home here. His their circle of friends were the comedy writers. The director's larry gelbard was a friend. I found the ashes to me he's in the pantheon indiana and allow them who wrote for Carol Burnett, you know and and all the variety shows come and this dad new but it was also a member of the un hillcrest country close around a showbiz people. You know they would come up to him, cary grant. got. Here's a story, cary grant dad says to me somebody's going pick up an envelope other going, just ring the bell and take it out to the car. I said why is that? Why I'm on a phone call- and I have to do that so that doorbell rings- I open the door and there's cary grant
and he's already older. Now has white hair and the black hum and the hum and the love for your dad. Who did that to you on purpose? He did it on purpose and, and he knew everybody. He was a president of the variety clubs showbiz. So yeah. we got to meet our frank sinatra, came up to me at an event and said I saw you in time magazine. I was, and I love my wife on Broadway, the I'm knew we were made time magazine the sudden. covering a song from the show I'm covering. I love my one area, did you want me to send it to you for approval a little better than any of these people completely tongue, to frank sinatra: sinatra: crane, there's ingrid bergman, my mom did a movie with her produced a movie that she starred in. So your mom was a producer late in life. She went to u c l a got her masters in film and fifty something she produced. She won an emmy yeah with joanne woodward and richard Kiley, for something about alzheimer's called. Do you remember love she got
ingrid bergman to agree to play golden a year, I remember there, so I pictures of my mom sitting in the directors share with the headphones on. Look the monitor area, it's the happiest. I've ever seen her. Really. I look. A picture. I looked it up. I put it in my book for my script. directing the grotto yeah? Now just a mom this funds for you, I get it. I watch a movie. You do yeah, it's like a nice movie through very bizarre story. It's a bizarre story It is an you just came up with that store. I did dragging threads of my life through it. Fix, analyzing parts at opening seems pretty rough men. It's rough! That's from your life, no Ok guys, not exactly from my life. Thank you. It was a very creative way to go. It's arresting yeah but then,
in the very next seen the tone shifts the little with the plight of the thing we are and you think How are we gonna do this? How are we gonna mix? What happens to this woman's life here with there's live music anders funny Anders grief and there's drama, the woman who played his mother briefly, caroline Erin: where is she she's related to if she were to emergency she just an actress, what a metabolite? Oh, my god, caroline I met when we started. We were in woody allen movies, that's alright, but she's not related to what he or she played his sister. She played her says the one that got shit on. Yes, oh is the best. Yes, this man deprecated on my sister, if I say to him, and he just as we all know, he says to me and learn how to get it on my sister and I share his line was to be so why No, you said why I just say why that's what my favorite movies and like unite, that's, where I became sort of mildly, obsess what your character does what what a mean attractive. Woman mean it
Actually he had a thing for, and you notice are all brunette mean attractive women yeah, and I think you were the best one. Thank you that much When you tell in order that you met someone so horrifying and you happy, I was so happy. Every was so happy get rid of this yet, but the victor thing about about woody in retrospect, given the accusations and in the tarnishing of who he was as you really start daily. You know you a recent victim in a movie but it's hard to look at it. That way, you know, but I still that that movies beyond genius, is, I think crimes misdemeanours is one of his great set for one year. That's why I don't get out of that when ya Hannah right you're and how and I'm in Hannah for ten seconds, my first movie ever and Hannah, because they were so beautifully. Crafted those three movies had outcries misdemeanours and husbands and wives. The younger, like any, can see many
where you can see many aluminum without being looking through the lens of everything. That's right, but you can't you they're not available there. Not now you can't find them because, like despite what you think of woody you're, all the performances in those movies in action. Pollack here and husbands and wives Michael came in wait, I at least in Hannah, I'm it's crazy gorgeous yeah, and it's like you. it is not available anymore. but anyway, so your film, yet the story of it, like I didn't know where was gonna go, is, can do but her by western, aiming at betsy grant the care who play as know she's great? I love during breaking bad, but the mother again that we're just talking carolina, she's, so good in three seconds in three seconds you get every horrendous. You get everything yeah, just a monster yeah,
if she delivers she's my pal and I adore yeah. Is she in new york too? Yes, you know: half that cast are people. I know well yeah yeah, yeah, yeah, so you're lucky when you get to make your first movie, that you call people and say we do this. They'd say yes, and what was that like? Why? Why now, all of a sudden? Now I just make a movie, we I mean, have you ve, been you thought about it before? Or did you like it? You know yeah things like a long time coming it s a long time coming, but it's not like. I started china. I I was on a show die in english produced called love and war, the adjutant review brown and I one went up to her one day. I had a role and that I set can I. on sunday I'd like to direct and persevere. She said comes with me in the editing, room and watch How can you area she gave me an episode of love and war here, three Louie Anderson had a deal for six four cbs a short order, shorts, daddy ashes and she's
three of them yeah. So actually Diane was the one who said you can direct. You can do this and then I directed off broadway and then I'm gonna drop a name, it keeps dropping people's names and they're all dead, so you can't verify it, but it's alright! We're not worried about it. Okay, but but mike said to me. You should be directing. I worked with my three times. So, but where does it like coming going back will come back around though I mean so where does it start for you? As an actress here, yeah I guess you know I I got to do some great roles for some great people, but like were you doing like we just you know, you're, just you in the making the round here doing bit. Parts and tv shows. I was once a couple series, and here the really early on Oh, my god, I was really start doing well. I was I came back from my broadway debut in seventy eight. I was praying my son with aren't you know, and I can back and there was no work and I had been on broadway big worked and I was pregnant. think how hello Larry was Maclean Stevenson wasn't maclean at four.
I remember that remember that will further where we went through three. We went through tommy dresen and we went through reason. If gorman cliff gorman was the first However, for the pilot I just injuries in in here. You did. I see him all the time. Well, I'm sure he doesn't bring up hello Larry as the first thing on his. He brings up frank sinatra: a lot yeah yeah, why he's backing I work at the commonest warranties backdoor sets over there and I didn't review and years ago, but now, but we start talking back state he keeps on these mob stories. Like you, ve come on he's mobster indefinitely and he's like, I don't know like they're all data its track. You walk in Jerusalem, exactly turn on the ignition yeah but okay. So that's okay, hello, wary with mcqueen Steven yeah. That was a nightmare, but it was a foot. It was a toehold in in doing did you study acting? Did you just do? Did you you know I did in high school? I did it in college seemed like a natural thing. I studied for a little minute with Nina false, remember, Nina foss, great actress, great yeah for ten,
then it's here then I just started. Knocking ten working here. It was enough you learn by the to of an acting teacher. Well, you get it or you don't you got it or you ain't. Think. That's true. So I do think that's true, not a lot that can be taught except to the rules, and the form randal end, and the behaviour and how to break down stuff. But I have never been one Overworking are over thinking. If the script is right in front of you and it's great yes, no research, sure what that's your approach. You got their thing may and I find that as time goes on, that I'm doing some acting, you know about if anyone's process is relative to how interesting you want to make it because Shooting tv is is kind of a tedious. Yeah. Oh shooting movies is peat is worse. So why if you're gonna spend five too? Sir eight hours in a trailer you in, and you need to bring a lot to those three minutes. Your onset yeah then go ahead,
make. It is interesting as you can't yeah, but the thing with casting is there if they cast you for that reason, knowing that you're just gonna bring it, you don't have to do much of anything. Of course I know, but you do you like to believe that some things in place, Yes, some things in place until you go to the premier and they've cut out your best scene, never mind that having bouquet, yes, you know, and the thing is the roles that came up in in in movies, apart from doing two for woody and doing boogie nights, which is like a big big deal His mom nother mean lady, another mean lady wow and in not a huge part, but you are a monster, a monster that terrified my my son did it. Where did that come in yeah, I said it's always been a pretty pretty intense and memorable yeah thanks yeah I did a few more plays great and I had a good time and then you're getting older and but that's a big deal. The man I mean that's what you're doing little ports in tv show tv and brought with it I'm dying to do a stage what
you know- and I and I'm not, I dunno how much effort I'm putting into it, but I keep talking about it and eventually someone will go like. Are you serious about that cause? I haven't done it since I was in highschool, but you didn't, you were doing big shows. Yeah I mean like Is it your in when we deal with what was your first white edward? Now I know I was here I mean I did everything inside opera here you know yet anderson and allay I did. I was at the center I did hamlet. I went on for a failure because she left the show with stacy kitchen and the whole gang, and I, how is like a very ella theater, I was doing log away theatre after I went to new york. I love my wife and came back have Aaron and then watch everything fall apart. I went back to me. the marriage. He out, then, what to new york and there was like ten really fat years of into the woods and doing the off broadway and do two woody allen movies and a set of this is where I get to find out. Can I do this ok with I can't write so before errand was born before the falling apart, you're just doing stuff, but it fell
I got a minor league, it did I mean the only judge was in my head, but I know it, but also there's a difference between long beach, civic, glide, opera, yes and doing a show in the we'll bury more theatre. That's right exactly, and at I, and that that show the Ethel barrymore theatre. Really, Oda was selling concessions in the theatre- and here I will tell yet every time I see him. He can watch me when I saw that chauffeur. four times because I was you know I was in the back cell and I didn't want a sweetie pie because I don't live there and I don't see enough theatre, but my producers, big theater guy resurrect come when he's growing up your like huge so here I had a fact that others are fat, part of my career and it was really visible and it was lovely and it was everything I dreamed of new york and broadway. But can you tell me that you know you just did tim is acting school and then you did some civil, quite opera stuff never took voice to us.
I did take dance lessons. Oh boy did. Oh yes, I had to yes, yes, great a great couple here: the sweet lands lie and sally in the valley. Oh yeah, oh yeah took from them and then somebody list elysium list, plan in new york. Here when I have to get ready to do my show, because I'm not I'm not one of those gifted cows just has these unbreakable, amazing instruments, you don't belted out. Like if they ever brought back crooning. You know they re. I sing fine. I just in front of our is sung finer. I've done well in the shows. No don't have that indestructible kind of and now with all the amplification and how big things are orchestrated. toby singing is really what you want. Yes for both cabaret, an musicals because it has personality, that's what I thought, had to offer- and it has been- it's been a good thing It was a good choice by soviet tat. I saw your terrified, but
into the woods like you know like what I mean. That was be a huge way. It was and you have, how do you get cast in something like that? I auditioned on my birthday, I was back and you have living in new york at the time and had done well at a few auditions because you're always sitting in the waiting room in those days, and you hear the one, the girl, with the trumpet voice, yeah she's in the room there and you're. So wonderful and I go in and I go ha I've got one song. I know from the civic light opera in los angeles, and I might like what no charts my dad's money. All oh, no, never never played that card because it was of no value in the theater. Much as I love him walked in and those you know, stephen Sondheim and and Jim lupine, who wrote the book on the great broadway conductor, Paul, gemignani and paul ford on the piano I have one song over one song is. What did I have that I don't have from on a clear day, which I did with Robert goulet, directed by sir Alfred Drake, hear the music center and in and in Texas
in seattle. We slept her. That's a good to interesting thing about life Andrews's at this. Talented people who end up here, but the theatre seem doesn't seem to feel vital. yeah. Maybe I just don't know: there's a there is a small what you would call off, broadway or off l a scene here and they bring in fantastic product like I saw Tracy what show where he ran la loma, Linda yo over here at the mark, taper I saw fantastic, oh yeah, yeah but I guess I should make sweeping stable I turn now going. It's not fair. It's not fair to allay we area and in so many people here they are Wichita, okay, so you're in there with sondheim and I I think this sign. It's a balance is really slumber singing it really the guy on the piano playing it incredibly slowly. I haven't really work this out too well and singing. Singing? And I'm just thinking I have just. I hope I don't wake them because they look very this half witted and when I was there they said. Did you bring it up tempo song and alone
wasn't me thought this is the fork in the road. I say no sorry so nice to meet you back out here or do something- and I said no, but I can this one really really fast and I looked at looked at the piano player and I said just as fast as you can play it so it became this crazed and they were laughing and then they so they said would like you to do it, and that was the greatest gift. I gave myself just take taking that little leap year it was, I was as literally as I was funny. It was a joke. It was a joke, so they needed funny yeah and they needed to know if I could handle a fast song and quick thinking well enough to that point. Like I mean you dirty down a bit a broadway right, yeah, the day I had done. I love my way right. I think, by that time I had done Joe egg with stocker channing india resembling a heartbreaking play. British play
and stocker channing and Jim Dale were the leeds and we did that off borrowing than it moved here too broad warehouse here when I did, I do a lot of off broadway stuff. But like what was Joe wegg about joint was about child who is born and and wheelchair barrier is she's, just talked about as as if she just an inanimate objects by the father mentally disabled, yes and the mother stockard, it is The one who tries to pump the hard and life in beer This is a human and this is our daughter, its heartbreaking. Any point: but no, I played the neighbors issues, those are the heirs of hirschfeld, of meat, holding a cigarette, long blonde hair and is finding it just. You know uncomfortable to look Is it kind of like that kind of thing? People like us, don't really want to see people like that. You know that kind of thing, and that was a big breakthrough role for me to do as dramatic actress yeah yeah yeah cause. Like my,
producer brendan says you re, like I burned appears and daddy buckley you're, like one of them, are equal I love, I love that, but let me just take a moment here to say that burnet peters has been at this since she was a toddler. It is one of the most gifted maggie deficit, beings on the earth and Betty Buckley. if you listen to betty bucklers recordings of her singing when she was doing two years on the tonight. Show there's never been a voice like yours is that it's just like all train you to sing like very back, even though you up and what is worse, appears what she up to bring that she comes eyes ass she does kind of go all over the world. Has a beautiful act that she does and causes or ties us? Yes, you can guess that's what I call it is. I think you're staying here these put together like a retrospective of her life insomnia and heightened cabaret. Yes, it's yes, sadly, because it's usually done in a big theatre, yeah. You know right at an end. Thousands of people want to come and see her an mandy potemkin does the same thing: man, you have tat
now he's just. I love him. Yeah he's like it's talking to excited rabbi. We had a very nice conversation. Yeah he's great yeah. So so you do into the woods, and you anyway tony right yet and so that change your life? It's the great asked risk after your name like donald winner, really cool. It's a point of identification for people and during this time you ve got infant issue. Kid I have errand is at this time about eight seven or eight years seven, eight or nine and and the fathers out of the picture. Yes with him, I'm still very close. His dad, who lives here. Yes, long long, separate from Paul and about See the fissures spread in my second marriage cause. I had married a lovely men Michael and when I moved back to new york. Oh you did yeah
away now, right away now, a couple years, our last almost ten years or so Iraq. In I do eight years and ten years I mean come on yeah, it's good. It's like you know, yeah I had to where marriages it lasted seven and eight years. This is a call this the car it's try yeah. I didn't have kids, though, so I don't have you know I don't ever have to see them again and they don't want to see me either really clean, yeah, totally yeah yeah, but the ok then our your single by the time you do- and I am single by the time left after the woods finishes, I'm still married, I'm still married and then Here comes this huge opportunity: growled, nick and nora. You mentioned that in your show. Higher one person show that I watch here. They doesn't sound went. Well, I don't know the story, the Andy! It's based and the thin man sure they'd make a musical about an economic, charles poker in there by now my marriage had to Michael had had broken up. I'm living alone and and Arthur lawrence wrote the book he wrote. West
story. He wrote the way we were here. The turning point and arthur says to me. This is It's amazing. This is a huge huge hit. I don't like your wig, you look like a shop girl in arthur. Let's try on some other wigs and things like that, so somebody felt better, last week was playing nick and I was playing nora. There's gonna be a huge thing. I mean these sunday new york times was Dave richards at the time of half of the page was me with asked of a dog. The little dog asked a glowing article here. Somebody feel cast I was originally a cast to play a love interest. A kind of year take her away from nick he. I guess the light of day and and bolted before, rehearsals and arthur said I'm meeting someday name chris random for dinner, ever worked with him. Denominate not never worked with him in but I'll come down for dessert dogged afternoon thursday afternoon. That's where I met Four should have won. The oscar yeah lasted two donor, george burns.
Oh god, sunshine boys sunshine, boys anchors, everybody thought it was gonna die and he lived another but of course, our best supporting nomination. Yet again sensational, as a heavy role since and brave. You know he was playing they opportunities gay lover and also a transverse yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah yeah, it's pretty the money to become a trans person? That was it that was it yeah some of ours so good, then it was a great movie. It's a great movie, John casals essays. John Cusack has great. I just watched that yeah. I I for some reason it's very fresh in my head. I feel, like I watched a bit of it: and then I watch godfather to recently that's what it was I went to the new beverly is our and your guy father too, but they had a coming attraction. I want to see the in laws on film and they had a coming attraction for dog afternoon yeah. That's right! yeah, my guy, I reset your husband was very good them movie aims. It is amazing, but you work with him. So he asked if you had worked with him and he said
as you know, and we started rehearsals I was separated and he is, marriage was kind of ending, but we nothing was not now nothing but just kind of fixed. him across the rehearsal run on anything. I can do this big hit and I have to justice. We can have a show manner that stupid, but he's not there. The webpage, Well, he is the threat to nick and Nora he's our threat to neck. Ok, here and one point: we have to do. I go to his nora. Goes to his own villa the hollywood hills year then he's got sexy, music on area comes toward her and they start to do tango. Will this had to be choreographed and in rehearsal? They took aside to choreograph me chris alone alone in a row right, and they heard these moves and this thing here, and I thought I am in such trouble. It really right that just stop thinking about this guy and we found
You know the show opened under I'm waiting in the wings one night and we know we're tanking it's just too long. As all my guy arthur never made any changes and everybody was fighting, the producers were screaming and charles strauss draw multi, wrote the score and the lyrics, and he can't do anything here. I was helpless because I did not have the radicalism knows how to defend herself voice. Yes, the one that would have said, cut the crap Ladies and gentlemen, the song doesn't work. I do not like a shop global with this bathing cap, we're going look like a sperm area along thing with a thing on area. I didn't I do that from here you are kind of a star. At this time I was a little bit. You could have done a little diva number yeah, but arthur was very intimidating, very, very it's okay, but I'm waiting in the wings one night to go back on balls, I on my toughness and and the desk, kathy morass, goes up put around me and she says you know all this nightmare that you and Chris her falling in love.
We can see it s pretty clarence you, so we just think all of us to think that you should get on. because you know you're, not young, but you were pretty young lives. Women together will be thirty two years air. So that's crazy, one so that not only do I once thought one stock. We stuck the landing what's so nice because, like Emmi, a bow often like you grant says something recently there I thought was very touching it in a weird way. Was you know cause he's become very kind of like give zero fox guy and it's kind of glorious, because he so funny but he's talking about what it used to be like on film sets and stuff where it's like. Used to be out having dinner and drinking and falling in love and having sex. Now just people sitting on their phone in their going it's their going home to these rights on twitter. That's right, like it did seem like part of the community of of being either on a film is set for six months or in a play
every year was it like? It was like vegas, so listen. We ought to play with o brien dirty rotten scoundrels. John, let's go, and normally watson and leather, first rehearsal jack, looked at all of us, and so I understand you're all looking around the room to see who you're going to have an affair with just like you say, but I think those days are gone of work to do right, yeah, but it was like that oh of course it was like that it be. It was bohemian. It was school year in the trenches together, including nobody really at that time was tied down and never had kids and price of things with. I have an apartment for two hundred. Seventy five dollars a month in new york right, a nice one. I guess it does have something to do with that, but you work, but that was of a generation me, that's like you. The further away like their abbot after the advent of technology and and computers, and everything else like before that you know people were pretty close to the source of this. I mean you know, you're like just this sort of stone wall happen in your life. So,
What really define the culture of new york and certainly cabaret, was gay culture which happened. You know in the sixty yeah right here. And it just it strikes me to like. You know that the notion of Yes, some of what you addressed in the movie in the grotto. You know there is a mention you know in it, which is still a mention of his generation of gay men, of the people that were lost during aids and then in in even in in the one person show that you did about your parents and about grief and stuff there's a cent This is a chauffeur that community and somehow he added that the nature of that type of performance yeah is of that I owe my career to game in. I do I'm getting me right, you know, and for knowing that it does not have to be our and soubrettes, and that, given that there are the kind of women that they appreciate, who are the who, the smart, sophisticate demeaning and can deliver the lie yeah and they come out for
haven't having to anyone done you and drag. One, but it hasn't on me. She he's put on the costume of the bakers, wife, very big area, but I just I don't know that I'm illimitable with regard to the right word, I'm illimitable by, but I a door. The gate dirty cause your support. Yeah I mean, but that sort of what yo kept you know it's just to, it's a weird thing. That's happening now, because you it's not going to last forever right the community will, but the nature of new york cabaret life, new york, theatre, level, more theatre, yeah, listen, the cavalry world, to my mind, is still purer yeah. what's happening in the theatre on that particular in the musical here. Is that and for lack of talent. However, the audiences to participatory, there's, no fourth wall anymore, it's encouraged
Well, it seems to be the stomping and the cheering and the singing along and the laughing enough. It also starts when you let them eat and drink. You know, and ah it's feel the same. It doesn't feel like they're there to see a story there there to be part of it two selfie about the fact that they have been there for your right at the park. Well Steve sondheim, said it much of new york has become like an amusement park. Much of the broadway scene has become like an amusement park. A tourist attraction when others were good sort of. I was talking to some comics last night as it was a random gaffigan last night and there's this sort of trend with these younger comics, where it's all crowd, work to fuel, tiktok, videos, and now the audience are starting to air swearing to expect it they are actively trying to engage like that, and we spend our entire career get trying to get them to shut the fuck up exactly now like everyone's do you remember the carol burnett show there would be times when the common unit
for TIM Conway would crack each other up and they fought. They fought against it. But you know what would happen. Is your audience would laugh and it was. It was tv and it was a half hour or whatever and you were you were thrilled and you were in on the joke right, but I've seen it happen on stage a comedy her where and pretty much if you're doing at eight shows a week- and you do at eight times awaiting us- is now something you ve scripted hasn't just happened here I get resentful because if you have a hand or let yeah, if you have to fake break like them there to let the art feel They on it right and break that. Fourth warrior. I think god damn I you know, I have paid a lot of money to come see this year. You deliver me the story there yesterday in it stand yeah. I guess maybe it's a demand thing too. I I think that you know if it's enabled yeah,
right yeah, like like you, said you do and eight performances a week, and if someone you know someone, so I have no one's telling you not to do that. That's where I get sloppy, we gotta laugh just saying hey: let's do it again: yeah fuck, accidental laughter, yeah yeah, and I think the minute you make this plan by the way, and I can tell if it's been a plan instead of unexpected, I'm out here as an audience from Yes and then my wrath runs white hot, About when you're in a shower that happens, What when you're gonna show have broken up on state you know what I mean when I have you ever been working with somebody that did on purpose and yet be woody. Doing I mean all kinds of reasons why they things happen. Sure sometimes you just have to let it go and if it gets out of hand or if it blows up to be too big or if he throws you off of your game, your storytelling, then you say something about it, but
How great is it when somebody's was as airlines on stage is not the most exciting ha ha ha ha you want to do. A play in new york mark this is what I wish me there's the prompter you know in a box like I like, when everyone started scrambling to get back to where it needs to be, it's happened where suddenly somebody goes and if it had been that he didn't want to go pick up page thirty, four of brand new back to consciousness, you watch his eyes are like little slot machine things that little jerry jerry jerry. It's hilarious, hilarious, but not funny. It's it's horrendous! It's rare! It's horrendous and terrifying. It's happened to me that I've lost a lyric in the middle of a song. Oh and had the conductor just like double over laughing and go what the fuck? What are you laughing about? I'm dying here oddly. That is tight rope of theatre in a way and in even if its notice.
There it is in unless a complete disaster, its human the us has humanizing and by the way, as you get older, that thing of all my own. Show that that show is seventy minutes right. Would you call that show out of the eclipse look at who you say about my parents, ia and all the funny thing there, times I'd be standing backstage of rehearsal. We've done it, we've done it for over two years. We've done it all over the place near did again last may that's the one that streets or do you have to bring your husband for on the whole tour for the one song he said: when can you do a version without the it'd be okay? If, like I've got a gig, you need do you need me so we've always we've written. You know like the alternate version where Chris doesn't come up, but it's kind of nice when he does true and we sing it's like a little next time. We do a project without he goes. You know, I'm happy, I'm happy to do it, but he need me yeah yeah, it's a small part. Very travel for a cameo ba
Yes, he is ass. We get older guitar. Did you? You just think that yeah you're doing a planet, has lots and lots and lots, What's the you did with clubman and tony randal, all there was a there was a special benefit of the odd couple right to raise. They tonight, what was that some decades ago occur jack had already had his cancer and it was already kind of like host cancer surgery for his throat and controlling, not much, but enough that he could make him say, would fight just fight fight it through and you could understand very he said, and tony and click on little wasn't it with getting choudhury, kate and- and I were the pigeon sisters- judd Hirsch has in everything Get em remains still in everything, god bless him need an old jew
judge, read easier, oh he's real he's. Ever he played my dad. He did on marin yeah, oh wow wow, just like he'll he'll work. He likes to work. Well, that's the thing you don't want anybody to say you know you're you're, sixty five. You have to stop but he's like ninety dude he's like ninety and he's got like a young kid I'd be. Ninety! That's crazy! It's crazy! I don't know I want to know the guy had so you with it. There was a great net was a great tonight, but they that they'd never done it on stage for right. They were not every day you not the two of them Sometimes we must be thrown away. She knew jack a little bit and he was spectacular. I tony a little better spectacular this great guys. These all got these old people. These oak comic actors, actors, and I were part of my childhood and they're all gone very they're all got. This is what this is really sad, because we usually do it. I think in the in the show really the year, that there is this there's a generational thing: yeah,
I did a movie of the weak with jack lemon. I played his mistress and the scene were on the couch and he's all asleep. He's got his hand on my black sea legs, clumsily with his hand on my breast and just before, every take say to himself he say magic time. Listening to jack, the first thing you before his domestic. I got to work with out of the generation. You know that in some way feels like the last boat out, because There's a new generation there's a lot of brilliant talent, brilliant shirt, but I theirs or something I don't know missing above the decorum or somehow about Really, the delineation, between being a child in an adult, has been blurred because young actors, don't really want to go into adulthood with all it means to them. If it's freighted with, I don't to be like my parents or I I need to stay endlessly young and the pressure put on young girls to you know and women to stay
I think it is also a smaller town and a smaller business here and I you know, that's what always come back to us like I don't know what the hell's out and I know, there's a lot of you know good. You know talented people and there's hundred. This shows that I'm never going to see that there was a time where we kind of saw the same people here they were a crew and they- kind of knew each other and it had a vibe man. That's right! The m Jim! You know the engineer. A group of people out there like the roast swag watched de martin roads. Yes, do you know the new? Yes, those were the guy. And those were the days and what are they? Those like now they serve just food is high tech right. It's the tec is incredible. Look there are shows like I want to go, see the life of pi. This beautiful movie has been made into with puppets with the thing I heard I heard spectacular there, the harry potter thing: we took two of our grandkids to see. Untasted was fantastic thereof, great storytelling and its also greatly visual, that's good yeah, but you
You did some little place, you didn't you do play with the guy who wrote the humans, stephen care yoga. Yes, we did. Oh, my god he's an amazing. We did sons of the press. and we did it in Boston. Then we came into new york off broadway and he's the kind of writer, and he was his young here I would say to me after Boston. What do you think I love it when an author went to a playwright or a composer, comes to you and says: what do you think yeah and I said to him: I think she says too much and I think you don't need her to Well, he said, I think, you're right. I want to cut back, I said, cut away cut away and I did and it became the the bits, play, but that I mean that I think that's the amazing thing about theatre is that there is a Wait where you know if, if they
are in previews, and therein is yet you have that freedom of of knowing your part of a workshop in practice and your input is, is needed, don't be crashes. If you look at the big overview how'd you like to know how you get enough while he ain't, they feel something. But I'll tell you an actor knows when. what they're saying is not essential yeah. Yes, I let it physically get tired in my mouth, and I have a speech that I just don't think I need to say yeah all the lows on my big toe and- and I just say, do we need this year? I can show you more than I need to tell you yeah yeah. I mean, I think, that's better yet and is always a weakened, active so so, the the movie you directed a little bit of television early on idea, Diane higher grimes a counter and suffer lifetime LEO called oh baby and play off off broadway in new york. But I I started to write this movie based on.
Fact that I know what it is for a woman to completely lose her bearings and be in her forties. This was has happened before I met Crispin placed it as a woman. Her forties marriages fall apart. There's a betrayal there's, a kind of fraud But this is an interesting specific portrayal. Yeah because it it's a it's complicated, because it you know the the implication. For I mean we can say like here. You don't want, you can say, warming the the idea that a man is living a secret life here with a lover of the same sack, yeah and and stung me wait to somebody or letting somebody else happens all the time right, but it's different, then a few just fuckin, some lady. Definitely it's a different kind of betrayal and it hurts a woman on their dignity. What it does and knocks the pins out of her self confidence and Also like you know, how is it it's like? It's almost there's a. its gas waiting by there's something pathetic about it. There
because he's trap bright, any care. He can and you look at how he decided to get out of his own predict as the opening of the movie and the opening. The movie is not that the movie has like a three or four gate, characters in a man but not a game movie. It's about the fact that there is a part of the gay community that rallied around her and law loved her india should raise your time entire, who she always sure, say her husband should have been just one of those kinds of friends to her. You know cause women need these gay man, I'm telling you that you can turn to them because there's no sexual agenda and no, you don't have to raise your cheek and put on a measure of its just like their theirs. there is a genuine, often authentic relationship there. So that's that's the pending of part of her grief, the as he is lost to her yeah and to himself and- left her, something of seemingly no value. That's this nightclub its place it. I guess what those almost a mythical place. I created an
yeah there was a movie, the song of bernadette europe in the forties. Well, I mean it's in the movie, it's in the movie here and it's a when I was a kid. I watched this movie, nice, jewish girl. About the song of bernadette and there is an evil, none who is sure that bernadette this peasant girl is lying when she says that a vision of the virgin mary has come to her and that she can Where is my, she can talk to and here's she goes you're lying you're not worthy or a peasant, none you're crazy, you just gotta, think and when twelve years old, the evil. none. Is your mother, wait. Mother doesnt matter your twelve year and she doesn't believe you and your heart is breaking in the garden variety stuff. This movies with me, but I had faith somehow as a kid I had faith there are miracles and I had faith led things can change and I saw signs in everything little wu. Yes, it is He was a kiss me as a kid, and now to this day, Y know gives its
that comes up again in the quips yeah the movie, though, and what action they regard see brand. She so good, wonderful which she was in these east, so she's here. Ok, so where's that movie at what's happening with it. We have now we are in, for which we ve been in, for festivals, were in for more than eight official selection festivals occur in europe when we ve won an award in each of the fast ok best feature. jury prize, best original screenplay and an betsy best actors, and we have former about two. I don't know when the areas air, but for more to come near so what's happening they ve played with. bay area the by you annapolis, indiana, you know, bearing in mind that the producers of asking these vessels are those we have scored major lee with the audiences and with the jury's in these are what we're hoping that a stream comes and says. Let will
I on this year, yeah yeah, oh good, that's where it belongs! So you'll see mussy yeah, I've, gotta go somewhere, I I believe it well that you can't have reviews. I got better reviews for directing and writing this movie than I forgot it's an aperture area just like wow, but there's plenty of streamers. It's just. It's always baffling to me that if something's complete and as yeah some pedigree and some skill and it's good to work for you, yeah yeah, it's like we're just put it on. That's right, just put it on so we'll see what happens alright, doing a screening this weekend for for the cast and crew and friends and family, oh good, who can finally see on a big screen, because we've all been watching it on these little monitor, haven't seen it no and the one person show like I thought it was like in that, having discussed grieving in on stage myself, and Isn't the point of view. It's obviously like we're talking up before we got on here said different thing when you your parents in their ninety, yes, and yeah there, but I thought it was very there's only
Specifically on outside the music and the recollections of who your parents are, and their habits, and one made them amazing people and so your own life threaded through it. The idea like there that there's something about the idea of people thinking, nay, you will be at each other. Sire an end and that the whole reality that when they were both sick at the same time, they couldn't do it. It's horrible horrible. I made a short film about just now, Fourteen than a film about my mom's last day and him having to be dragged into say goodbye. But what I wrote was the ending. I wanted them to have what I wanted her to have, but they were both so matter each other. I guess for getting old and frail really worrying. So seventy years is a long time I know, but like boat with they were incapacitated. That's why they can go down the hall run. They could go down the hall and mom. I watched mankind of shared by twelve things wrong with
but not any one was gonna. Take her right away said the doktor and I watched her just kind of go, I'm done and watch how stopped engaging star Eating we should we'd rally her at some point. The doktor said in a when she's very close to passing up cheerleading her back its head is stagnating. Here till I was mom, then dad who was on dialysis at home every night. He fought in here. was like I can't it's. Why is that? happening to me, and then I him just start to and when you just watch at first hand, you know what the prime differences we never envisioned our entire life with our parents good run. It was run yeah, They had almost seventy years together and you expect your folks to go the original you expected to maybe have a future. That's right and that's a very big thing terrible.
care like you, you never you really. even if you imagine something awful happening out for it or somebody you up, you know assume is going to happen and I would have never thought that was what happened have, but so they were. They were just mad that they were old. dad got pneumonia and to the hospital into like a vip room and he got over five days. Mom came every day with the superior jerry's gallery and the language was at his bedside. He goes home after five days. She gets pneumonia she's in intensive care for five weeks. She's in a crowd, quiet little black little room with all the telemetry she's pissed is. Why was he upstairs and why? that's? What I like about? I am not a vip you ve got the money and they ve got to see pap thing on earth. There draining her lungs and he didn't. We would get him to the hospital where he was. In a wheelchair users. Gonna realized
sit in her room and he'd fall asleep he'd inner room read the paper for not and falsehood and what she wanted was for somebody to go housing girl, hey. I was a little a sweetie, but yeah yeah and he didn't do it. He couldn't do it, he was mad at it. Why isn't she getting better she's, not trying she needs an anti depressant. Go dad you're talking crazy. It's always on fear. It's fear, fear you're going to lose her. But what what departure. She wants you to be her lawyers that weird he wanted. He knew it was you that before no as this man with such a soul and rock on us and eat, we is great and tender just a mush pot. Soft chewy elders enter the guy here, but when it came to her and ass. She was mad that he got her sick. It became this bizarre like, but like I'm just trying to do was together for my of that. So he was all those things, but when he came to do this overcoming his own south to be self was for her. It was always difficult.
yeah. I it was a little bit of her. How can you do this to me right? It's a it's! A self centeredness thing! and it was a shame, because when she died he surrounded himself in whose now bedridden in his room down the hall surrounded herself with the big blow up pictures from her funeral. he surrounded himself ass. I had them in the bed. Look how beautiful my most beautiful girl and she's gonna scum? How did he was found she passed? He had had a I mean here we go. This is where the family considerable laughed the laugh of the damned, but he shares upstairs. and he was on the couch downstairs, and I was there a christmas error, my sister, my brother, long brother, my niece rural kind, round with him. He had stopped taking his medication, we don't know, I don't want to eat and then nurse came down and said, MR hall, she she's trying to let go and she needs you to give her permission, and now this is already
to move my father to contemplate any any control over this or that on or or that he has any participation in her pass, huh yeah so we're, although yeah dad come on just say I love you. I forgive you please. Forgive me sorry. Whatever, though the thing is the ritual, No he's! I now is lacking, where no, no, no, no a madman on the eve of a dead dead. He was so outraged. We all into the middle of the street and world crying in school like what is calling on let her go. You were standing in the middle of the street with each other. Here we go back in dad, has a heart attack, so they take him. two cedars, then o roon cedars, even for the monti hall wing. Whatever is there, he have his name on the black. There's, no room no bets here, so they taken him to another hospital down on olympic and He is on his fine and that
stay at my sister's. My husband are a chair and sharon, at our door at midnight issues as my mom died, they just called I'm gonna go over there and make sure that you know instead go you go tell dad in the early summer morning. I gotta this hospital there. Nice linebacker barrier and I have to be one. I go. Ok dad how feeling well what mom passed last night, what I said. Yes, she passed later holy shit and something so deep in here that we access ear, he couldn't make it accessible to us. Just went like that. Then, of course he says. Well, I have to go to her funeral you ve just had a harder to people's lives and know what will people think I'm a debt with what they think. I think you ve had a heart attack, and so we got an ambulance and we got his clothes and we got him dress. I got my cousin was a doctor and in the ambulance and they then we get him and he did come
a funeral, but he was he was hollowed out. He was just hollowed out and then it was just a matter of interesting. Did you ever think that, like you, we had a heart attack to make it about himself? It certainly was a way not to think about her now look. He was ninety six. He was a sickly kid I but this in my area he was just six can be and he died on yom kippur. I was born on young people. There or a righteous man, oh good at it. Can I just say that that there does it article let it mark where, in common with russia's main, what have you die? Righteous man border debt, although dead I just now I don't know my both a minor hang it on my dad's, who was in his mind, and my mom seems ok about him, losing his mind or their da together. Oh yes, she isn't here as well. happy that his wife is still sort of managing, but
You know- and I know it's gonna happen at some point, no matter what you feel about your parents. You I just here is a thing. I'd like you to happen before me. I think that's a good idea. But it's interesting though, like you know windy, because how. How do you feel you know what was? most difficult part about talking about young in doing the show, because, like you had a lot of time to do so, let them in and watch this whole process was there things you needed to work out on stage? Is there something cathartic about it? Yet was very cathartic. For me it it was cut. It was cathartic because it was our testing That's how I liked to. I was like to be making me something the sort of story telling that were, I guide the narrative ryan. It's just not entertainment we haven't going. We hear your dad. I quote, as I want to do like better than, and I think, there's
to do what the waves in how I feel about I'm older now about the songs and meeting prison praising. How can I make it all come together and still be sentimental without being maudlin right about them, because what I sing this last song with a song in my heart, is about my grandson and my dad about how you lad what I've been such advice that I and the mystical thing: that's it in there you why grows on and he wouldn't accepted, but he would have loved it. I think they would have loved to show your stubborn, oh, very stubborn but an amazing and had to be stubborn. He had everything going against him as a occurred as a kid everything yeah, it's a sweet show. Thinking and you know what we know. We both talk about that weird mystical thing: Your wanting to be there something and but you play that against him, refusing it- with no magic, no magic moment, but her in the lights. Margaret I mean, I know the bird linen microphone hummingbirds any come on,
Yeah I mean I'll I'll I'll I'll go with you gotta go with it because you know what I go with it, because it feels it ok here The thing case in point, whenever my sister and I were together when I come out here, she used to have about in the show this wall of focus bushes, though, with the solar lawyer. They only ever in thirty years, went on at my mom However, when the guitar was playing here comes the sun, her favorite song, coincidentally, they never and they went to do that and everybody sodden everybody screwed up his song was not planned, not even know wooed. He told him sorry, I saw them I would come to California sharon's that I've never seen there not again but where to go. mom or together, I'm about to direct the grotto. Do I swear to god. We have around them, one light bulb with water in it cause it's been so old sitting. There not act it happened several times the night we wrapped the grotto my brother and I and my sister are standing on her back deck and richard said: have you seen the light again? As you know, it's happened a few.
I gotta go. The light went on again, ok, my mom I always referred to the house that I bought with Chris in l a many years ago. I dunno it's just so borax as a mom. What are you what are excited? This white starchy kind of, like bore, haven't we just. We would laugh, but because we had no idea what I'm My sister now flew out her to be with you. is the world. Yesterday war acts a word. Nobody even knows, and I put it and I got mom you stop with the lightest. Very word: it's nice. that conversation. It is there's no way to prove anything, but you are If you are in relation to or in relation to actively who's to say that the energy isn't sure around you, why not you know I yeah? Why not? Why? Why talk yourself out of it exactly yeah, exactly was good talking to you good talking to you too, as
there. You go back up jacket, deep, while ok again check out the grotto if you in a around fairfield connecticut on august sixth, it screening at this, good heart university community theatre with a few and ate with Joanna afterward and hang out from it ok look for full marin listeners. This week we posted another collection of third act, comedy segments from the earth. The days of wmd up, including this one with my dad- and I was thinking about if he's got this land and you've got some connections, you've got a few people that you want to get that you want to set up there near ruidoso, I dunno where it is near. You know you have to go out and look at it and you want to set up or access there and put up a play house and whatever little bits of that and run to run a shop ways out of there and then no way a radio personality which you seem to like the do you got
option here to do at large No, I mean things are interesting idea that that you know doing it out of my small garage behind my house, but somehow or another that if I had a lot of land that that would somehow make it better easier for me to to duration. just because I'm, mrs down the street, like the idea at that summit or another in your mind, look I'm got property near by so I figured my son, set up on a compound that yeah, maybe get just hijack some high, mrs signals or maybe, but who knows? Maybe call Imus, unsafe a one. I just run a wire from your place down, down to my house and well. You know just what I'll be on you. I gave you a secondary channel, have a bull rider called Don Imus, and then you get me in the conference me in and and then you can, you can be there too in case in case people are unclear about it so soon,
This idea we get the rodeo rider and we get died. I miss in you on the phone and you say: look don. My son wants to do radio randy rise both he's on the phone to somewhere, not near not enough from you, so I fear this It would be a way we can work this out. You know and after that they would, they will take you to the hospital. They will take you to check out the latest archive. Dive and the past year of bonus material in the full marin, by going to the link in the episode, description and subscribing or you can go to w pod dot, com and click on w tia plus I hears we'll psychedelic thing that I like these courts. I like em.
Our lives. Monkey in the fight against aids is everywhere. I screwed up a little one. Second, you want to review it anymore. You re doing.
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