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Episode 1453 - Cillian Murphy

2023-07-17 | 🔗
Cillian Murphy knew he wanted to become an actor when he saw A Clockwork Orange. Not the Kubrick film, but an avant-garde theatrical production in a nightclub. From there he left his dreams of being a musician behind and began his acting journey. Cillian tells Marc the lessons he learned from directors like Ken Loach and Christopher Nolan, with whom he’s collaborated on six films. They also talk about Peaky Blinders, 28 Days Later, and trying on the Batman suit. This interview was recorded on June 27, 2023.

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all right. Let's do this, how are you what the fuckers, what the fuck buddies, what the fuck nix what's happening? I mark marin. This is my gas welcome to it it's been going on awhile, been going on awhile, You ve never been here, welcome it I've been here. How are you what's going on your right? the weather is not totally. Strategic, where you are I am in a way I gotta be honest. With you ass few days, the weather has been perfect if you're in, california for the california experience, the weather has been perfect a little hot, but not like oh, my god, I'm gonna die not that hot, which is good if you're out there. You know in front of studios with signs holding The line I want to show my son,
or give my support speak. My support to my union brothers and sisters I am in, I may do paying member W g and side after up, but the truth is, their demands are not being met. Their reasonable demands are not being met to earn a wage. Thou title them to make a decent o k living for the profession they ve chosen with the protection they deserve in the new media landscape. It's important, it does the art and the business movies and television and well. She's break it down a little bed cause. I had to learn myself and there are some things we can and cannot do on. They show now in support of the strike so sag after the actor struck, because the actors, we're not offered a fair contract by the alliance of motion picture and television.
ensures that's the trade association that represents the major movie studios, the broadcast television networks, the streaming services and some cable tv, works and it just work. There is so talk a week, or so it was a fact that these entities these movie studios, broadcast television network streaming services, some cable network really try to starve the writers out So the timing is good, supportive, it's a big day and a big weak and a beer. action for you, in general. In this business now hear the key issues. Compensation has been eroded with the rise of streaming, obviously rules be changed for both up front pay and residual payments, kind of got away with some stuff for a lotta years here now with no again for the writers and actors as official intelligence is used more in productions. A contract needs to protect. Identities and the work of union
where's going forward. Obviously I got Look, I'm I'm not at the table by dont know why this stuff isn't just declared out now animation, but maybe that's a conversation now The deal is sag after was not offered a fair agreement that addresses all the terms I just mentioned. While the union is on strike here at double Yes, we will not be booking anyone to promote anything. That's the product of the companies trade association, the you guidelines do say that any prevent precipice that was agreed upon and completed before the strike date of Thursday joy thirteenth, is permitted to air or be published We have a few interviews that are our bank from before the striking was still air, those interviews to discuss the guests life and work like, for instance, today's interview with the chilean murphy was recorded on june, twenty, seventh, now you have. This is a big deal because I don't I don't guess with people's perception,
of what we do out here in in how we would or just to say, or what we do in show business you're just how many people involved and what it means be paid fairly, I mean whatever your job may be and, however much you make. the union's are there to protect you somehow or another over the last fifty years or so the union, the union's of, have been demonized and broken down, but these unions out here our power, fuckin strong and they're. Not asking for anything a fair deal. It doesn't matter what you think of how much money actors maker, how much money writers make there's a lot of actors and writers that that make little that don't make much. are working to get by background actors, for instance, could get screwed entirely if they're not represented properly by the union by a deal they just be made up, they can just yet almost any actor just take their face.
In their body, and throw it into the magic machine and you can produce the a zombie version. I mean that big deal. I I I don't know much about it it's frightening, and I know that on some level submit our inevitable, but the deal, the deal needs to be fair and it needs to represent Stuff- and I hope that it will so I struggle sometimes for many years, did maintain my health insurance obviously, when I for years when I wasn't working in the union had a go, cobra had to go to keyser had either is something about being represented by a union that that does feel. like you have a voice like a protected area and its definitely I'm. The only way with professions that you have any traction against corporate blood, suckers and exploiters now granted in this particular issue,
and the exploiters are entertaining. You well we'd like to think as actor writers and creators who are represented in this union, that we are necessary. We are a necessary part of that and that we do. compensation that is relative to insane greedy cash grab streaming. Companies in their parent companies are getting its, it's really kind of an amazing thing, to see union action and to see it still alive. There is, I think, there's a bit of momentum. on behalf of a lotta unions postcode if we can get back to that, if we can bet get back to just you're trying to give people a fair wage and get some health coverage in a in a in a reasonable way in a safe way, it's a it's. The way it should be, but there are four It is within certain political factions business factions that will do anything not to do that.
I'll labour laws are being broken down in some states? Yeah, that's work goes. For big corporations, compensate their workers proper who were grown up trying to raise kids. Why not just get the kids into the fire Victory at the machines. Yeah eleven twelve. Why not? They have hands Why not lose em so maybe extreme, but that's what's going on so that that's the deal. I'll be a dynasty typewriter tomorrow. That said tuesday, joy eighteenth and also next tuesday july, twenty fifth at largo on thursday, Joe twenty seventh, albeit these lake city wise guys on august eleventh and twelve for four shows that The las Vegas wise guys on september, twenty second and twenty third also for shows and in October, amid helium in portland, Oregon october twentieth through twenty second ngo
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pests any time for no additional charge. Let there maybe your map, with better help, visit better help that com, slash wtf today to get ten percent off your first month. That's better help, h e l, p, dot, com, slash wtf, so I was in new mexico. I wondered if I really talked about that, but if I did, I say it again, my dad is is hanging in there. He hasn't changed since the last I saw a few months ago still tethered to the reality still Well, to remember things and engage had him laughing a lot. I remember. I told you that, but there's this story I forgot to tell you, which I think is, is something that has some kind of broader relevance that you know before my dad got. Years ago He was in trouble and It was one though things like. I couldn't really rat my brain around. You know what happening or or or what was going on with him. But
years ago. He was the prescribing. Doc At a at a pay management clinic that got busted, there was a big down on pay management in general, with the opium the epidemic and the one my father worked out was was was busted. By the the feds and and he was accused of prescribing I just never. It never sat right with me. My dad was just not that guy. You know I told them even when he years ago, he's gonna get into the business as prescribing doc. I should do it can be you're gonna, be dealing with drug addicts, and you should really know what drug addicts are, because they're going to be around and they're going to be. You know, wurman YA, and but pain. Management was is weird vague thing that was the gateway to the opium epidemic, but my dear was working in earnest and I you know I can't speak for his partner, but but when they
crack down. You're my dog dragged through the mud for prescribing in these numbers were liking, a ridiculous like they were completely ridiculous. Now so my dad no kind of went broke and with legal defences against civil law suits and what not and I just never could it just never. I e he always said he was guilty of not of now thing- and- and I you know- I d- just wasn't that guy so turns out and the part the story you they wrote an article on my old man in the goddamn paper and dragged through the mud and mainly apple them in his home town car Tremendous stress had to give up his license had to go bankrupt here. Did you know he? he was publicly shamed then it turns out his wife. I may I they tell me a story asked on here, but I heard it again- and I just I think it has broader implications- is that my my dad's wife reach out to the fbi
and he been vindicated totally decayed, like a couple years ago. They need informed. My dad, for my dad that, after a full investigation. He been totally vindicated, Because somebody stole the script pads matter, his partner colluded or not. I can't make any accusations, but it was not my dad somebody either sold all the script pads or just writing phony scripts and the b, I said he entirely not guilty but was there an article in the newspaper about that? No one any conversation about it, no nodded sure thing. A story is it. and I imagine that happens a lot. I imagine Just fade back into ground and there a real traction to vindication and it's just sort of hard-
thinking that this was the sort of last kind of massive. bent of his life revolved around this a situation Oh, you know his memory of it is fading and I guess if they are there, is any silver lining too dementia. It said you know things fade along with the bad things in along with with all things. But I thought I should tell the story: as no one else is going to tell it and I know that my my father and his and his wife, into the show, and I just think it's important. no that's the story, I dont know why the owl turkey journal didn't follow up after you know making my dad's wife walking how in the legal I dont know why the f b I didn't reach out in a more a quick fashion,
or to make sure that they knew that, given that he was in in the position he was in, but but I'll do it, I'll. Do it right here on my part, cast my father berry marin, was totally dictated from all the charges against him by the fbi. Alright, Skynet touching somehow fuckin sad story, sometimes life right, I look this killion murphy, in our view that you're about to hear, was again. It was recorded on june, twenty seventh. And we're gonna talk here, we go folks it's time to put your pedal to the metal from
twisted minds behind dead pool and zombie land and executive producers? Will our net and anthony mackey comes with a new path? Hocker regional series twisted metal, a hierarchy action, comedy based on the classic video game series Anthony man These stars is John doe, a motor mouth outsider, who must deliver a mysterious package across a post, apocalyptic wasteland if he can survive the drive with the help of a bad ass acts wielding carthage played by Stephanie, beatrice he'll, face savage marauders and other dangers on the open road. Those days it. Just so happened to include sweet tooth Doreen murder clown played by samoa Joe and will our neck and agent stone, a vicious highway, patrolmen played by thomas haden church, buckle up people. One's gonna be a wild ride. Twisted metal, streaming now only on peacock.
From my perspective, while we're can my first guitar, yeah like what you call it some burst. I get tobacco sunburn yeah, that's a good one! When did you get that ifor year I was I was. Like an eighteen or nineteen. I was working in like washing dishes in a restaurant and I knew guitar yeah. So I got them to keep it. me- and I worked I would like a year to get the guitar yeah was the white binding on it like around the edge that tobacco somebody with the war No, it doesn't have wife. Now it doesn't otherwise, but it's over the new fender. I guess I it's. I guess it's my bottom, so slight, thirty years old, you still got it. like my my someplace yeah. That's it you terry guy
No, I have a. I have an s g, I'm like oh yeah, like sg, that's good, like a newer one, but that's about twenty years old as well. That's a good! yeah. I don't have one of those old cameron. What is called the other. These, like it. Guitars you buy in the fifties in the I have only a silver tone, or so that's what it is. A silvertown yeah, I'm with the amp yeah hey, I didn't get the app. I just got to get out. Yeah they're, they're they're, a nice nice sound of those yeah, and I liked the way they look. Yeah they're, great they're, great looking so, but the the music thing obviously was a dream, some points. It totally. Wazir lineages dive But it's ok, it's a nice job to do go. Do something. Equally is enjoy
an lucrative yeah. It worked out for you. I think, in the long run, to succeed as an actor. A in general is even better than succeeding as a magician, a magician, a magician might that's a tough racket magicians, but as a musician, yeah musicians like yeah, they do for while but you re going to land that big money take. That's. man's game too. Isn't it yet if you're young man and you locking with enough people with a certain sound. You can certainly run that thing into a ground for, like thirty year, less certain acts yeah. but it's weird man- I don't know- We have been going back in no way two things in watching things that I saw a younger man and thought I understood and then I watch him years later. Am I carry out, even if I can get any of this dear totally. I did that with you to outweigh its that they didn't get them by.
you know you get so overwhelmed with you too, as a modern rock band, but if you listen to them First, you albums, did you say some guys plain and then, it goes away here, did you put them in their the totally, but for me it kind of started around Joshua tree. That was my you're right. That's when they're bigger than life yeah? I mean, I think, that's a perfect album I'd heard that absolutely perfect and it if it's actually with you, listen back to it here, it's a gasp record sure yeah sure it's all about the Jesus II, doubt, that a lot of their stuff's about the Jesus yeah, but this one, I think, is a little vague. It's very it's less on the nose yeah. I adore that record. I put it on regularly like I'm a drive yeah, it's just a magnificent wreck. A sure is, but when it came out was one those records that you could not avoid near it was. It was like it just became. MIKE oxygen for about six months, Do you remember them from when you were a kid that
that that was the introduction and thereby had that on cosette but they weren't around in ireland, huge and there are not two biggest thing yet, but they are over here. The aurora here like being family S, legs doesn't mean I go on busk, occasionally in bonn. yeah, hey those every christmas grasping at your does. To see to have one man show. I hear it's amazing good, you know, he's the guy, you know it's good, you know talk about his dad. But the music joy amazing, because it's all stripped down. He like he does like a handful of songs, but it's only like a cello player yeah, unlike a keyboard person and him, and that voice yeah yeah. Is he something? He really is? I read the book. I love loved, you, oh you did yeah did I read most of it. I ever I thought we were going to interview him, but then he surprised, you didn't I don't know man, you don't mean and I'm not magic. It's you get everyone else. You everything
to come around. You other some people, like I ran into you. I had no idea, you knew the show I and I I you where you come in or going to new mexico. Is that what it when we were, I was flying with chris then we we had shot in l a and we were about to start shooting in new mexico. That's when I saw you- and I didn't even know Chris or introduce myself or know enough you're a non believer- be cool yeah. We recognize used right away. I didn't even put it together. Did I put it together that that was Chris Nolan, I'm like I'm a fucking dude I don't know like who is who or what is water sitting directly across from me and then and then afterwards we talked a little bit and then you said that you said that and oh chris Thus he admired europe. Your boots, and they also admired your bag. Oh yeah, I tell him where I got them or did that's right? I told him filson. They were probably fills in that's right or something yeah yeah. We had a little conversation about that. Then, when you said yeah you're, the reframe there, which I didn't yeah yeah and then we- and that was it I went to-
So funny that, like I didn't even sure they say I knew you were because some point. You scared me so why have Zabel there? So I know that guy is scary gap and then and then like, I didn't, have a register criminal and I didn't know that you're going out there to do oppenheimer over the radical. You assume that be one. How you were there were up to speed up my country's chris god. My god is made a few movies, big movies. I saw that I saw up and oppenheimer yesterday and its say to see it in imax. I'm acts. Yes, I'd know thing on film, seven millimeter film, I max expiring. I haven't seen it like that you haven't now. Please could again do what you can get on the list. There was nobody there, he Jordan, Jordan peel was there and John favour only in an Elvis Mitchell and a few other reviewers. It was like twelve people in the room, that's pretty cool, oh yeah that those gay with what they got see the yeah, the there is work but
the movies great your great in it. Ok, it's quite a process. Man Yeah yeah I mean it's, I haven't seen it since january and it was a little overwhelming when I did see it. So I don't know my recall. Our kind of response to it is probably not really accurate. overwhelming it's an overwhelming movie, that's that. Guy makes I know, but this was right it so funny, because there's only second real bio pick. This focus I have seen in the last year and the other one was with their with butler, as Elvis, oh yeah, and it's so funny that the process like he couldn't he couldn't shake Elvis. I talked to him months after the thing and he's still having a hard time, shaking Elvis be you It seems like you, ve, gotten rid of oppenheimer well yeah. I feel like I'm pretty much back to myself. It was intense like it was. It was intense here and am I dont have asked me a question about it.
If a tab at that moment, regis what go up the scaffolding and go face to face with the first bomb yeah and he just stand there. Looking at the bar It's very quick that that peace guys with fifteen seconds, but imagine that was a big day here in We support what you were thinking here. I mean It was huge a lot of things about this film, though its thematic least so huge. We are and all the questions oppose all these huge ethical right, moral kind of paradoxes. It's kind of massive and it's it's very hard to They give soundbites about it. You know, Try and you know you try and do it as truthfully and as honestly as as you can and as respectfully as you can, but the the performance you envy, yeah and layout, and try to get yourself into that headspace, it's it's it was. It was a tough one. This one was very, very company you know the way a normal you playing a normal protagonists occurs
It goes from a to b and as a curve and there's an ark and Annie I end of summer. him. He was so ricky like He was kind of all over the graph in terms his journey and his arc and how he changed and went backwards and how he dealt with in a whatever he was dealing with in his head, we, I noticed me, I heard that say like when you talk about, or you have talked about the siegel my check off very right so that that there is something about there's something I weren't relatively late in my life about the way drawn the structure that that character has to transfer yeah, and I imagine that makes very engaging as an actor but but- oppenheimer give or take you know was struggling with things or or perhaps weighing things fluctuated I didn't get the sense that he necessarily your transform but the world profoundly
transform because of him. Yes, because of his actions, right, yeah, yeah, yeah for sure it's sort of a different game. It's a it's a! Yes! That's why it makes them a kind of an unusual protagonists. Yeah for sure and I'm trying to cut because his position I myself am chris, always talks about it like that he was dancing between the raindrops. Morally, that's one waved that was very useful to and interesting. You think we were shooting into the area, because this is up to the point. the trinity test here, it's kind of is clear enough causes neither the bad guys. We need to get a bomb, but then very muddy. You know in germany surrender and then no we do. What we can do is to make it yeah yeah we're we're in the middle of his say, yeah we're almost there yeah and that's when it gets very ever gets very interesting dramatically. What's that I think that you played it well, and that is this thing that you talk about him going back and forth is really like. You know what he's weighing, something that no mortal headway ever
and then, on top of that it sort of like how much is rationalization. How much was it a belief right? because all these nerds just wanna, you know see if what they think is correct right. Here theoretical a good right here. So it was rightly. You know that that sort of goes through the movie and what year he gets rid of, prosecuted or or or crucified for is moral compass but you know he had to somehow. Way in his head that. Well, we don't do it they're gonna do it. And it's going to exist, whether we do it or not the m. So let's do it here searched totally and again that, like you know, there's all sorts of ways I imagine they they managed to rationalize it or live with this yeah, of course, some of them, but I thought christmas, pretty smart in those moments like after yeah the moment where you speak briefly after the bombings
and you're walking through the crowd vague. You know you have like it very weird. Is an audience member to see everybody cheering because you I don't know what's. This is a disaster. you know you can get it, but there is actually, as an irish member, there, sort of a moral turpitude within you watching But as you walk out the walk through the crowd, his eyes oppenheimer. Clearly there are some people in the crowded we're not handling it will be here, but I think that was the very deftly handled by christmas. Evan terms, how do you kind of its again it s teams but the reality and the horror and the fuckin genocide, and all of that have right. How do you can put that in to film and- and and he did it in this way, that is so subtle I think, beautifully handles in the immediate aftermath, because this kind of job, this paradox or juxtaposition like celebration and right horror right at the same time. I am amazed at how do you do that? I thought you did it prudently, yeah, I'm
it's it's like, and also to make him empathetic if possible, yeah, but if the bottom line is or whether it's a big movie or not me as an american guy, is a guy who grew up in new mexico. He of course, I didn't know any that shit yeah I didn't read the book. I knew up in high murmured. They done some out there so that you know but less animals and all that was later, but I grew up knowing there was a lab area and I knew of course we knew that the missile testing therein there's a museum over there. Did you go over the topic regime was a cartoon. Therefore space is it there rashly? Maybe I didn't go to where they actually have models of the two bombs. Ok, now I didn't yeah yeah they I mean we went there when I was in swimming around europe and you went to a white sands, but was not. He didn't do it now, but I no, they built a fuckin town or him like I had no idea that history- and I grew up there made me feel stupid, but I I miss a lot of things. I I shouldn't be myself up. I dunno anything but but for me to learn
story, and I certainly didn't know the story outwards ain't even though he was a jew and I'm a jew, and I like no, when people are Jews You know that you're it. It is a fairly thorough telling that guy's story yeah. I think so you read the book I did yeah daisy had to. I didn't after you don't, like you know anything about like playing a real life character, which has really done before, certainly not an iconic figure like oftener yeah. There's that there's a wealth of archival stuff- you know you you can spend months and months and months, and you can see him talking executive body, but that was also could be slightly unhelpful because You know when he's giving those lectures not sure has quite performative. I don't think that's him like right, come again a candid setting the autonomy to his body so with I use them, but
But what I'm trying to say is that there's so much there that you can't if you spent all your time trying to absorb it, you're just lose him. You know, I think what you have to go after is the kind of humanity and that the person right and then ultimately the gripped as your main resource right. You know, critters version of events is what were telling yeah. I saw that became the other thing that I studied most of all and then Again, you know you know, when you're in seeing the elder other searching you everything you ve done, you can't just abandoned. And you're in the moment, with the actor, and it's all about what's happening right there in the moment sure and and you're trying to Be as human as possible in that, and so I've done all the preparation, exactly sort of trying to say is that it's it's not an intellectual process. At that point, it's purely instinctual emotional right but, like you know like for me, like in, and also like talking about the austin, butler and Elvis
that these are two characters like it's interesting at these are going to be. The huge bio operates in the last couple years, yet have fairly explosive. If you don't mind, you know Different types of explosions but nonetheless impactful and you know he kind of had this emerged himself in you know this this being him now, like you first we like oppenheimer. I imagine there is some sort of key You found to his humanity, like you know why going into it because, like even when I go into these conversations like. I have to find like some place to start, liking. Aware. Did you start with that guy in terms like? Who is this guy? Do you think that way? I do, of course, at the beginning. It was superficial, because I wanted to get the silhouette and the physicality
ok right university was if he had such a distinctive frame here and he was so slim and so like under way all of his life and he just existed on like cigarettes and martinis near so? We spent an awful lot of time with a yellow card costume room, so I the scope, like six months before we start shooting so while I was reading all the stuff I was flying out here and we would in camera tests and make a test and caught costume tat right. I really wanted to get that right, first and times now always that's away into interior. So for me this time in this particular care to the cell In the end, the look in the physicality was a good way in and then the voice. and then reading a lot about his kind of childhoods. and a his adolescent years there was quite how, for yeah
and you just gonna put that into your brain That is what yeah yeah I I don't like. I don't trust it, but I imagine for me. I don't trust myself in that. You know a guy, Think I'm doing I buy we're done enough acting to be convinced that I'm doing it you're right. I really struggle talking about acting sure talking about the process talking about what it is and has always like stupid, cliches like it. Alchemy and it's either an ethnic, but it kind of his kind of dont know what happens. You do all the work and I love research and I do it all, but ultimately you get on the floor between you and your partner director yeah, that's where it happened. Right Oh! That's why I don't love rehearsal is that's where it happens and I really really rely on instinct yeah. But that's all that's! after its clear because that's where the moments happened here wait like I like I, I don't know how much you know about the mere the show, but I mean I have sort of obsession with ireland.
yeah. I know you've been there recently so yeah I was there recently, but also like you know. There was a period there, I'm like I'm going to move there. but lately it shifted as I like. I realize it's too far away, I'm not irish. It's not like they're just going to embrace me now, I'm doing the whole comedy bit. Being that you're just a guy- in this sort of in the county, where I'm just to the jew who bought the farm and how locals are just watching me. Try to shear sheep and I'm chasing after them, they're going to go easy on the video so So I guess I've shifted a bit, but I'm still sort about your fascinated with how down to earth. The culture is an and the last, by took, I went to the theatre, impulsively go, and I don't do that What you know I I wish I went more, it's not part of my life but for some reason I was in ireland. I was in dublin and something at the abbe theatre. Mobile forget what just go watch it. It sounds interesting and
struck me differently than in my experience with american theatre because it felt like it was something that people did in ireland. Theater was vital. Somehow I am, I misreading that no, I think you're right definitely is very vital yeah. I saw that the solar bones. Oh yeah, that's an adaptation of a novel. Yes, that might mccormick novel and the guy without then we townsend thematic area, doktor yeah, great credit, and it's like a basically one man shown coup and it was it was that story the guy's dead. You know yeah, It's an hour and a half of him sort of isn't: gonna monologue, yeah! That's all it's all him exley. and it seemed interesting and then I want to read the book and then I bought the book and then I'm like. Maybe I should move to ireland either attire together by the expiry, of going to the abbey theatre there and looking at the people that when it wasn't like you know these the kind of audience you see an american theatre subscription kind of alyzia it seem like
people who are like, while this is something we need to do here think it does exist. I think you know it can always be better, but think there's grace is a great tradition of theatre in vienna and great festival in Galway, where I've done a lot of theatre, work, the outs festival and there's you know, there's the gates theater and is also the abbe that europe yeah, so it there's great theatre makers there so yeah, and and and does the dublin theatre as to whether in young people do go along. If that's what you mean like yeah, just it's not. Grey areas in the audience, will what did you like? You come from the family that you're? Not you not from a family of artists. No teachers and there, but that supportive- in what way, maybe I always feel I teachers or they're, not gonna, be sort of like what are you doing with your life depends:
the teacher, I suppose I guess that's true. I I guess I always think of them is as relatively progressive, yad Well, my moment ads. Retired now they're moon teachers, and then my grandfather was like a head master or that's different. It's their job to go. What are you doing with your way and then all my aunt he's an uncas. The majority of them are our teachers where'd you grow up, in our in cork, yeah, I'd, say it's the one presented by a man. That's the place ass, the best county. We say that no, it's it's beautiful cork and carry out my kind of favor part one. Does it dublin I drove over to Gawain, then we were up in donegall the api, that's where we would spend most of the time. Yeah, there's that stunning up there yeah not much up there.
with this kind of what may I give attractive way when you drive into towns like by happened here? I don't know, that's the right response, but it did seem a little isolated in some ways yet for sure but death. So what the goat like do you go about scissors, I'm the eldest of four four. then our any of em artists know my name especially my brother is an excellent penis. Chaz, oh yeah pianist here can do it is really really kurds and we used to plan abandoned me when we were kids. What has happened? We were called the sun's missed. green tiger? You go man, it's hard. They all say it. Now we were funds of the amount of the total, totally absent, avant garde, stuff, more of the kind of a contract that the fun answer. Yeah, that's the area
so, stuck with it. No he's he's now a product designer, in places the idea is really to go. So there's lots of books around there was. And we would go to a lot of music. Like traditional irish music, oh yeah, a lot of sessions and pubs that kind of thing those just seem exciting. I don't know a lot about him other than the the the the banshees in in issue is sharon. Your sharon, like that, seemed to capture something about that pub playing business. Yeah yeah that it wouldn't be the sort of session that I would accountant as a kid. As a very I idealized, stylized beautiful shirt for a very small pub version. Like there's twelve people exactly know the sort of sessions I would go, it would be a pub in the city and you'd fall asleep under the the the the band g on any betake, but there were great great great great music. Somebody in terms
like creativity, if you're asking sure it was around. and I was always from me from a young age. I was interested in story. I was interested in music and I was interested later on in film yeah, but so it starts with with story yeah. I love. I love stories like light. What your big reader yeah novel is mostly yeah? I wish once from any but do you remember like which one was there to my colleague shit? Is a fucking amazing, in terms of irish novel, but just in terms of any novel that might have blown your mind as a few liked. As a writer in ireland called John mcgahan yeah he's a stunning writer and there's a radical john banfield article, Claire Keegan these are like Do you know stories that I. Discovered and have always fascinated by story what it What do you think it is about, story is one thing but there's something
maybe I'm romanticizing it maybe I'm reading endure, but there seems to be something obviously heavy hearted about tat. I Where should the irish arts other than the music kind of but the story in the plays and they're just think about I don't know man. I just get this feeling that it's not darkness, but it's sort of like a melancholy, yeah or or an acceptance of the darkness is, is it is that sort of the type of boxes were perhaps That's always the stuff that I've been interested in the that's always the kind of story I've been interested in is that kind of naughty gordian. Weird can have like fucked up part of sight of our human psyche. Iran's always the stuff. I've been interested, yeah, It can build your brain. I wanted thus the most that it's the stuff, that's right for dry yeah good man's life is probably quite boring. Where was the
it's not it's not the most interesting stupid even exist. Well it for sure. I think a lot of those stories start out with a good man's life We find out that guy's, not so good, though it's interesting, he exactly so de started, were you? like writing was. It was the idea, like what kind of did you grow catholic yeah yeah year, not too hard core no and then kind of abandoned this one. As soon as I could you know, yeah a lot of people do yeah. Was it what what what was your moment like? I don't really no yeah, it was slow. It was gradual Maybe it was. It was just everywhere and ireland have you know you did you just did you went to mass and communion? You got information, you did. All of that you want to. I was taught by brother. It was just everywhere, but then see that has become a start to examine things a bit more closely. He began to question things, so the
and I imagine that the stories helped with that for sure yeah. That's that's always the at the good part about being a sort of sensitive interested there. Young person is that you start to realize. I now have this is bullshit yeah. Well, that's just of the great things about you know adolescence, isn't it yeah kind of yeah? And that's when you know the the fuck you have? It sort of starts to settle in yeah yeah. Who did you have that any fuck you billion, a very like I was in school. I we get our like get thrown out of class, but it was never militias surprised. I kind of like the EU can work you're, an outlaw, no, not really know what I was always interested in kind of was curious about artists thea. They never, to them. You know I never met any end, the idea of so many making a living from making art of whatever form
it was incredibly romantic yeah and I and they they seemed very alien to me, and I grew up in the eighties in ireland. So, like you too, we're doing it right. There was like Jim Sheridan, Neil Jordan and and a few, but gin generally- hard to make a living sure. You know you, don't you talk about the theatre or see now in our land and its vibrant yeah, but back in the eighties, is something that is very hard. The stuff, as an army tiernan around tommy tyranny has been around. I heard I heard your podcast: that's all that was excellent. Yeah philosopher, yeah yeah guys had a good old chin. Wag yeah. Well, you know comics, but you remember him from when you were a kid yeah yeah. He was famously on the late late show it he yeah. He was voted. The fuck you yeah, that was his brand for awhile yeah, but now he's now he's sort of the wise, older man. It's very thoughtful yeah yeah, it's interesting to see. Somebody evolve like that as a good actor too after you are
so you you start to realize what some people make a living but not most Actually, yet more else use go away. You know like people like like lemnius him? You know Gabriel burned you go away. So it didn't anymore, it's out there your party brands like I believe, for this work. That's it that's the kind of very common irish narrative area, like I went to london for fourteen years combined in and out? That's that seem to be very common here to go away and then come to come home. Why is it nature of a small country in a small scene is that you know you, you have a choice like. Are you going to roll the dice and become part the big scene here try to or you just gonna settle for your place, yeah, that youth work
or in the small see? I guess? That's it. That's a universal things in small towns, your small city. So what tat was so? When did you start acting official too? I, when I was twenty twenty twenty? What do you mark is first as the beginning, when you've got paid or when you got a real role, I made you do it. When you were a kid, I did a. I did a year of a law degree which is, it was a terrible decision and I failed like spec what made you aren't you that made you think he wanted to do this kind of her russia, china and interests me not quite figuring out. My path went right, but so and then I did a few plays and in college, like you know, amateur dramas them and then I there was this theatre company There were in cork city time and they the production of clockwork orange in his nightclub in city, and it was fucking unbelievable it was it it was promenade here like there was techno me.
Dick and all that I am all the actors who, like more here He mohawks here the other day Like it was, fucking blew my mind right absolutely blew my mind, so I then used to. I knew the guys around the theatre company on us to see them around in pubs and cork, and I we asked pastor them and eventually I got an audition for a play did the audition and about the part here, and I was play called disco pig's ear and that so we took that for a long yeah that eventually they made that into a movie. So that's out started so, added, though that's why you're, what nineteen or something like nineteen, twenty on that so they wasn't. It was a huge reduction or just a weird local production. It tiny was only two of us is me, and at Eileen watch my good pile and weed and and was directed by Pakistan is written by end while she still a good parliament's disco, pick correct yet, but the but the cockle garnishing well down tat was it was this.
It was just in. It was like I'm site specific, so they only put it on in that nightclub. So it was kind of this avant garde kind of thing yeah and it and it was like a like a happening like an event told, and it was fucking, dangerous, yeah, yeah, yeahs, dangerous and sexy and anna was just knocked out Ex I've never been to the treaties well, the sure you know, but what a great brings a half the like. I saw production of sam shepherds tooth of crime that was put on by a guy that I worked at the restaurant with in high school. crazy. I don't even know what the fuck I was watching and you like. Oh, my god, I don't know I understand this year, but to be part of this, somehow the exactly that's exactly what I felt visa and so go pigs. That was also a small production unit that started as a small production and then it toured we brought it to like the dublin theatre festival. Then we bought a to to the edinburgh festival in london and, what's that about the play here, is about these two teenagers that are
like, not related but bore, brought up side by side of the developed, this kind of patois this language de either that no I can understand and then relation it's very, very heavy and very intense than mine two wants to you know, take it the next level and make its sexual india, the other the car two dozen it's kind of about the frank of the relationship. Oh yes, so far contain very powerful, brilliantly written on a kind of exploded, the blade wait. What year was that ninety six and why do you think it exploded? What was speaking too think it was. The language is the writing and it was a brilliant production and a great soundtrack, and these are all you people around your age, the director in the writer, yeah, you're, costa rica and but is so didn't really study acting no
alba theater for me was not gonna laughing. I got my love. I live here and I know I'm, to me that like They started on the stage that was powers, universe, Did you write me? I was. I was learning all the time and you know you do a play. You do it silly relentlessly. We did that play for eighteen months, nonsense toward it all over the place, so you being directed you're working with other actors, yay for chiming in your open minded enough too. To take it in. let me put it felt for me. It was like a surrogacy by you know felt like I was kind of going on tour except the with a ban, but with these utter piles of mine and we are doing, play late at night and gonna drinking and have a great time, invest the sword I was having the same experience that I would have had in the ban that had just collapse except eating,
be like you know what you do. You miss that drums like to yell at your peers about fucked up notes, yeah, but how close with the band did you get to like being a band? We were offered a record deal, but then might like our various parent, intervened and because your kids Well, I was of age, but my brother was only sixteen or something and then a few, the other parents didn't proof, and it was a shitty deal. Wouldn't I worked out what kind of music whether it was kind of we were influenced by zappa kind of light and acid jazzed river ass, a journey. But where a bit later this year, but it was like long attire, solos and kind of you know why we're this. Oh, I played I've, read we retire. An amazing driver. in it wasn't commercial. It didn't also didn't it didn't horde very well know what I mean. Yeah sure it was good life, but it didn't work in a studio, very yeah yeah, and so I searched
broke up our a lot of different reasons, exactly okay, so you tour disco paid for what a year more a year around eighteen months and then you're in you're like this is it. This is the life for me I think so yeah and then but then I I got an agent. You know through that and then but then I had a year like ireland or where in ireland yeah, then I had a year just on the dole. You know just at home like making sandwiches after discovery yeah watching the telly? So how did that go for you? What was the reflection? What were you being sent out for by your agent in Where were you still in our mind, yeah, but I was that that was the shit is additional like. I was so I've the idea that's why I've never took of acting but is also listen to the worst mean I can imagine what you're going out for you know in in local Were you beings? I was an essential. It was now was in w commercials are all you want to double yeah, ok, but I was
so bad in a room I felt so in secure and sort of embarrassed by the whole atmosphere totally because you walk in there's. Ten guys. Revolt act of rage? exact same thing: you're gonna do have yeah. I I was just full of kind of I don't know. security, so I just I was terrible, but eventually you get one job here and what was that it was more than Just more data so that, but that's good right, yeah great. I worked with that this company in Galway actually drood he had accompanied did a few with them. It again was learning watching great actors watching great directors, and why what happened in the movie of disco big? We did about four years after the play and was at that. Wasn't movie no, I done little bits little parts, but that was a kind of first big kind, lead I think ai and out, and how is experience I loved
it is yeah I'd love to yeah and did the movie get any, did it get any traction did well yeah. I went to festivals and it was small, but I think you've got a good response. Was there anything happening to you personally and in terms of how you work I think this as as an art or that you know that the things that you are doing was a transforming you into something you as you got confident. Did you start to enjoy more in the way I love to be a love, as we would say, jive strangely, I've never felt nervous going on stage real. I felt really nervous on film. I ve. Never I always. Why isn't? That is because in whatever warped logic I had in my brain was that you go on stage, We don't have a very good show yeah, you can just fix it and tomorrow next day yeah and even if the show isn't going well, you can you can help it along and you can you know you can just want you to get.
Back by, whereas if you, if you're terrible on film your terrible forever- and I was the so I was found it really unnatural and then that you know that when they would say action and everything would stop and electricians and construction, guys yorick error, we just pause Diane everyone's folkestone uv. So when I was young, I found that horrifying sure yeah. But but there's always option as you get older, you rise at some directors right. Could we do there and they go sure, I find that to be a kind of unsatisfied worth the the stopping in starting. Yes with and television you have, because you can't really get a role going. You know you eat You realize you, like others, are going to be put together later you shooting at a sequence. All you can focus. on- is you know,
yup for the moment that your shooting yeah- and sometimes you do your literally shooting like three minutes in a day and it's hard to contextual eyes, it yeah, I'm I'm yet too for personally to find it totally rewarding. in those moments? He I think it I think, I think it can be, but you really have to I dunno have to be really What good people sure? I think that's what it is people that really push push you yeah and- and I find that once you kind of set that you're? Just given the raw materials, He was handing it over. and then they're gonna make it into something. Yeah rightly know that yeah, what was play the wind. It shook the checks, the boy also does a movie that was a movie yeah or what was that because, like that sounded pretty provocative, I didn't see it. Dives was a film directed by large and there it was said in cork yeah and it was about
while the war of independence in the civil war in ireland right so like this was the first time you had to do something that that was that connected. The history ia. But what was I like? Amazing, I mean he's. One of my heroes can lol greater equity, unbelievable in fact, making that film of profound really changed. The way I approach working on film, because It shoots everything chronologically, oh god, that's what a gift that isn't it I mean yeah. Every film should be made like that total. I can see we can that's the hardest part about being an actor. I think is why I work the last seen for because we have for the whatever in your eye what I need to know how this is gonna go yet or I find inevitably they pay. They shoot the loves you. on the first day, all my guiding so uncomfortably it so occurred, but that that movie. What was it about roach other than that that change? Will you you sort of because he- and I think I talked about this at the beach? any because it's not intellectual since thinks. Also because there's no,
gripped. You haven't been poring over it and making notes on making your pretentiously eyeglasses yeah you just just come in it. sometimes stuff was happening for for real that? I didn't wasn't aware of yeah and so you're just reacting completely spontaneously yeah. I completely truthfully right and you're not making a choice. Right, don't write, and I love that But you do you do my choices at some point, it's about you! I do here, but when you, when you feel that a spontaneous just your body reacting to that, that's what you want to chase down. I've film act, what they are, but did all sort of like find a place for you in this sense. It, like you, know, you're talking about the history of europe. Country yeah and and and its there still attention like did you did it connect you two yo something deeper yeah. I think so yeah, because I found a lot of stuff about my family, that they had been involve in this struggle. Like way back that, I wasn't aware of like what
oh lots of little stories. You know about cousins and my more recycling. Is it it had? It had a big impact? I find those stories up because when I'm out like years later, after a time the people were calling you and we was like yeah, I dunno. If you knew this guy exactly why, but also the thing without that movie, you know Civil wars are traumatic and the civil war in ireland and the like. The movie came out. I know when a movie came out, but up until that point thirty, it was still a lot of people that didn't talk. It split families, you know and A lot of people went to see that movie area and what kind of seemingly was made by an englishman yeah. You know he had a different perspective on it right. I am and a very tat we re entering the I mean that we beg you dirty been acting long time by time. You did that. I suppose you would- what would you consider the brittan? Your breakwaters was a twenty eight days later so yeah yeah yeah the
The non zombie guy That movie was pretty huge. It kind of reinvented the zombie zombie genre. Then it got quiet and I didn't realize that I think it, I think, didn't introduce us to the idea of the fast zombie. Yes yeah, I think, the first movie where they actually ran and yeah yeah like it was sort of like that. That day, that made me realize I can right now we're dealing with two types of the ones, you cannot run and then the way You can kind of poke fun at as you run away, yeah yeah and it also it wasn't a it was a rage virus to remember that was what was so distinctive about a quite clever yeah and when you, when you decide to do movies like what what are you deciding like? How do you decide just on the scripter? Oh well, let's have a god. I dunno not answer this question, and I am sorry to say that I welcome its nobody. No, so I was reading some of the robber Mitchell looks at any goes
at location and how many days off- and you know I mean some people- look at it like that. I wish I could be like that. No I I want to do this is the cliche. answer. You know. I want to challenge myself well sure people who share that is getting the truth. They never boys internet site. Where is it and how well and I wish I could feel like that, and you know you're in balto. You've got two weeks of well, not even the time off it's sometimes it's sort of like this is going to take a year yeah. I don't work in the movies a year. You know I've never worked in the movies as negative. How long did oppenheimer take we? We made that movie unbelievably quickly. We made it like fifty seven days or something come on yeah, I was insane the pace of that was in so covered, yeah yeah, see really knocked out, because, like an idea, I'm trying to remember when I saw you on that plane. How did begin how'd your relationship with no end again, so that was like twenty years ago. I, I think he'd seen twenty days later, actually, ok and then we and we
up here in l a and there he for some it wanted me to screen test for batman, which I knew- and he knew I was wrong for, but I do the test and then he saw something that and cast me as the scarecrow, and we continue to make an. Even if you knew is wrong. Your word that I don't think I'm quite the physical space with play bruce wayne but I mean but, like you know, a bail ease. No months is no giant yeah, but mine, hee, hee hee transformed himself into that role and he's done many many times. I think you define that role as batman. I wonder you know a guy. He he's your batman lavishly. He was your batman here, but in in all the bad man who do you like. Oddly there there's something about the way Michael Keaton did it that I really liked love those by he learned of because, like there is like he was like he's like a bad
it's doing the single his eyes, you know yeah, it was a. It was something he made this very defined toy yeah. He did. I, I love those movies. I like the way, wow kimberly. Looked baden love his back. I actually tried on the val kilmer seuss in the test, a really it was quite roomy. It was fucking operation getting into those things, So they have all the suits there you're with no one you like we're, which would have bad man. I think the kilmer one was the one that everyone was trying on. Ok special guys that are just there they're just batman suitcase. Yes, sir, though the deep around the suit and then Look at yourself like what are we doing here? I got accurately that it just doesn't doesn't fit. I know you didn't it wasn't rice, it wasn't rife but it was all I was there. I was just imagine this I'm getting to try. A about money? and the worn is last sure he was
in meant prisoner. That's all there. That's all my expectations were at that. I now was your first experience with him, yet and then you get the other world, the bag, guy role, the scarecrow. and you can add on that thing that was fun- and what about? What's it like hanging around bail with I have that many scenes together and it wouldn't cross paths that many times is that weird people don't realize that a movie set that, like I just did a movie with judwaa, didn't see him once I never thought that you can still say that you did a movie or two yeah. He was producing it he's the main guy only had two scenes, but I did by say I haven't, the time and I know like ages, there do but she's oppenheimer. That was a huge cast. It's a everybody's in that movie. I know it's it's it's incredible. I imagine this point in your career after working like wanting to work with great people that that thing was like,
it like they were all there. I know, and it was unbelievable. He had scenes with all of them and I kind of forget sometimes when I check the call sheet- and she Gary omens into our can brannan. You know it was at easy. Now, maybe I need to know Tom currently was still alive. Can't is so brilliant in it. Yeah so burlington and downey's great good to see downey in a role that he could sorta think is too. He said electric in that role. I think so, ship with, If no one is like six movies long yep, I mean what have you learned from that guy? Where how does he work? I think it's kind of like I think he might be the perfect director. You know he's got all of the facets that you need in the perfect directory amazing with actors he's incredibly really visually. He writes the things himself and their made for the theatres. You know there are like event movies boy. They challenge
I love the way. He presupposes eleven of intelligence in the audience It doesn't happen. Often know only knows the audience aren't dummies and you know the audience can keep up. nosey audiences wanna be provoked and challenged, and I love working with him he really pushes you know he expects the best from you and yeah he he is rigorous and everything and demanding, It's a huge too. I mean necessities, but here's the weird thing: this is a huge, but it feels like being on an independent movie does just Chris and the camera man. One camera always me unless there's some huge huge set piece and the boom often It is and there's no video village there's no monitors. There is none, oh really yeah. He doesn't use any of that. None of that and he's a very of analogue filmmaker interesting, you know even on dunkirk, man. Am I didn't see a frame this movie until I saw the first teaser
up and have you seen anything I've never seen anything on greece's films. Until I see the other trade or the finnish thing, really any any. Rarely does eighty or other six movies with him. I think I've done like four lines of aid. shit because he recalled sounder duality and he he believes in production in a production sound. Create an environment for the actors does no green screen is no none of us. I found it to be so like the guy there is who was oppressed. Greening so wasn't pact was premature in india,. But whoever was running is right. I this is a seventy, no a meter rent on film. The way chris wanted you to see. It expect I felt like it does make a difference. it was a highly aware of it for some reason in that movie. I know there's other movies that are shot like that. I mean tarantino shoots like that, because you're in imax, you know it's like you know it's different.
Different. I mean Chris says it's gonna like treaty without being three d I guess it to me just reminds me of like movies theatres, when I was a kid just a big old screen. You know where you like you really at an event here, but the opportunity, unlike for me like as look, I did one scene with deniro in passing in joker I you know in in in I'm sure he has no recollection of me. It didn't matter. I was you know, just whatever it was but you know there is an awareness and I imagine, even though you ve done, dozens of movies. At this point there is awareness, yet these are just bull, and certainly you know that actors are painfully people. Yes, I do, but you are aware that sort of like a game on I'm sitting here with casey athletic, we have to do this. And like I always like, seeing that guy yeah man, he so good in the movie. That was great. That was a that was a big scene, yeah yeah he came in and he was ready to go and it was again like it again ali
to put kind of analogies value, does raise your game. It does make you better when you're working with the best act as it does. It does do that and It's true- and this is a perfectly some point like you have these some my favorite actors in the world yeah, because they all want to work with Chris yeah, so they all come in and they play these parts and the other thing about the movie, I think, is because you got a lot of movie stars in it, but every time How do they play their very significant characters, so it didn't feel like cameos, if you're not a mean, because they're all playing these real life caters, who had a big impact, on the world, and also I didn't feel the movie sternness of anybody. sort of a miracle but it's just so interesting that you had to carry this movie in this in this case turn that that operates at a level right, the idea, you definitely have
you're holding onto this stuff that you're talking about and and his affectation is what it is which doesn't you know he is who he is all the way through, and then you, just all of a sudden these other actors, like you, gotta, deal with downey steps into this area, and I just I imagine that you're just holding on to the character you've. in certain moments. You have to be aware of that, like your sort of like ice just stay focused, suffer yeah. Of course but it was a joy man, joy, you working with these actors yeah. I guess I really felt a probably never get a chance to work with an ensemble of all. I gotta get it'll probably never happen. So I just I I enjoyed every minute of it and get you know we talked about like learning you look at all those amazing actors who work at all these amazing actors- you're, always learning you're, always figuring stuff out, and this was like just special and how about the like the piggy blinders like that's been on, like that's like a long running shown.
yeah. Well, let me the tv version is over. It was sixty six seasons, How does a movie happening? There is talk of a movie and but but that experience is gonna, be like almost like a family. Yes, Yeah, like a really violence, aggressive fantasy but did you I building a mobster Well, I've never had a chance to to like play a character and age with a character, I played it like. I start playing it when I was thirty five and I finished playing on earth fortify wild, whose cuff knots an end with the result that movie succeeded. Again, I think tv shows is because it's just an excellent right, yeah excellent mining there's some good riding. Sometimes here we're so, Hence our easy. I do immediately start working in. I love, not working as part of that, It is now part of why you got into it but I know some actors just have to work all the time and
I really miss your family right. I do yeah. What do you do with a family like? Did they come to new mexico and they didn't come to new mac? They came to l a when we were in l a yeah but again you know when you when you're working like that, it's not a grave invite. And you're just coming home, you're exhausted you go to bed and you stay focused. You don't want to talk about the work. You know what I mean and it's not it's not ideal. Yeah. We had some fun, but am now I just love doing for very boring things. You know I haven't well like, Me too, I can spend a day just trying to figure out what I'm gonna eat gets alone. Do not meet its the best day. I'll show you if you're going gonna, go, buy some stuff and I'm gonna see. If I can make this thing and then I'm going to eat it in forty five seconds, I'm gonna spend the entire day making something I do the exact same thing and I'll time. Able at say I'm all right. it takes me that long to get to the shop or am I got back, then I might have a bath yeah then I'll make some food, and it's for me, like a day, is if it's a full
days, work just enjoy my life. but I like it, isn't that, but that excellent thummim, I think so I'm trying to frame it properly. there's still part of me that sort of equity, german, You are nothing to do with it. I give you not careful. You start megan phone calls like what we got going here. You know, and it can you like is when I came in here. You're. Just like sitting outside and where you are your phone there Ain or just now, not yeah. I just watch the king crimson video, for some reason I am a little I have a phone problem. I think I watch that. Do you watch that bike mirror the nuisance I want some of them did you are shot one, this miseries one with Andrew scott, you- and I want to do you know that I have worked and under luvumba holy shit, he's good after my right, he's? He should watch that one it's going to make. You think about your cell phone differently. Did you watch them that lock, Henry tossing yeah, that's good yeah! That was crazy! That's good! Well, there's what
you never know who you targeting to by the white like that the ones that are just horror like? I don't love but the ones that are very close to the boy sigh five, where it sort of like oh that's kind of happening where I can kind of dignity. what can be felt like a horror movie it did by I Incidentally, oh sure there are all kind of like amazingly written, but like so what else? What else you'd do to fill your day? I can tell you how I do my exercise. I do to run, play the guitar? legal area. So I need to read more book yeah. Can you that's the one thing I have our time doing on its own is wrecked every man the phone has wrecked every sure. I used to sit down, and I would you know reader reader read a book for three What do you know what I did on the way over here, though, I read a full book on the plane on the way. What book I read sam Niels, autobiography? Oh yeah,
we just work with him right. Well, I worked with him for years and years ago and is just a gorgeous funny delicious book and it's kind of full of gossip and as his gorgeous you talk to him? His character was the under show sylvia man he's one of my one of my favorite people in the business you're right now, looking phenomenal Yeah he's just one those guys, like surprisingly kazaa away to an end and kind of like an enduring cynicism, because you know that that's almost surprising same with you grant I turn to you grandma and I was like, oh my god, these guys in hilarious, have you ever talk to that guy? I ve never met him. My my god, by hugh grant now worries like zero. Fuck guy doesn't exist so funny must be so liberating oh yeah,
I think that if you make it through all the hoops yeah and you're okay and you're unscathed- and you know where you're at and you can kind of be like I'm done with whatever you're expecting yeah and you just punched through it all sure, yeah yeah and he he he took some hits it's yeah, but he's all right. Yeah, you cook too, I do but, like I mean I've, a limited repertoire, but I could hear what are you cook it? What are you with the favorite thing? do you take. Do you take risks about really now now really you know the way. If you make one thing, while he just keep making that of course, especially if it's like healthy- and you know you can eat it all the time yeah I do that I've been I've been vague and lately so I've been trying to being an thing is: has icon, I miss channing. These are two different airily yeah. What about you? I've never been this guy? I'm not finding that I miss meat so much, and I kind of like the vague in thing because need a sort of figure out a bunch of variety. I think you have a better shouted variety than you would if you were just eating meat and the aid
for sure cause there's all different things you can eat, but I start to worry I'm like am I getting enough of this thing? Am I eating too much of that thing? What about vitamins I dunno? our brains got so fucked up about this, the the pyramid in the meat paradigm yeah I got a factor, have hike this idea that we need the meat but not miss, I don't miss the meese now I've been after me for a long time. I did have one kind of a relapse and I didn't feel any better. So I'm back! But again we on me what you re lesser venison, oh yeah, huh. Ensure that waste I was sort of an exotic meet her ear was very nice guy. I know I don't know anymore here ethical reasons, health reasons both now the beginning was just like it's. There was a lot of mad cow disease and all that stuff happens, some of the catering hall in fucking in move it was in england here was bad seem. So I don't I just don't. Do it now? Biogas
for the planet right. Of course you know if you're an animal person, you got animals, I got a cat and the dog and you have in ireland on a farm yahoo. No, no! No by receive an answer from you. So walk to the ocean? Yes, that's like life, but swim. So, where in ireland would you move if you're gonna move duties survey It is also more expensive there is it why at its an expensive, relatively everywhere, those, but in ireland we ve got a problem like housing and everything but which is not only where would you like to move and I can walk, I can make some calls. I know a couple people there. I need to get down to that area like carry you coast or yeah. An end your dublin's okay, but that was the other thing. I start to wonder about my fantasy. Each is sort of like I feel like theirs. sense of impending doom here that you know that you cannot sort of escape like you know, I'm not a meeting
they concern that I'm gonna be put on a train by, but there is something psychically happening, that's I feel, go away immediately. When I go anywhere brad and I spent a bit of time in Dublin and I drove around. I just find it all to be beautiful, but I dont know I really tell you where and I'm not even sure what I would do. There is always a question of you know: what do you do the second week? Are you ve made the job, and then people still start telling you? I just got way if you want to go just go rent the place try a month. That's a good idea, as you would happen, strike out. I would go in the summer time here. You know you might get a bit sad with the rain and none are minor items that are going out and then go on the internet. be less people around in the winter yeah, but go to court the west the other side of the atlantic coast there absolutely stoning or greater. I would highly recommended itself because I like, I believe that their that irish.
Poor are generally pretty down earthen and pretty d. people, I don't morally or anything else by my feeling for them is that this there's not this menace to them. You know this knowledge, a pretty lay back into it, so funny that, because in I've told this I've, I've made this observation for, because I spent years in Boston. In common in going to school and everything else, and I really had a car? I was very nervous. around the boston irish because they were scary. You know I'm not I'm generalizing, but there there. If there was a tough fuckin, irish character, In in Boston, I am sure, as you know, as you know when they were well here. The thing that, like the first time I went to ireland. you know, I saw the always irish people and they were kind of the same. It's I was kind of. verify it first and then, when there are all like, like. Oh my god,
totally different. What did america due to the hardened em up? I don't know I don't know. I don't know the opportunity of saying I didn't used. It isn't thing. I've never been to Boston. So really I can offer an appendage where they have never been that's right. That was that was sort of built by the irish ice ha. It was great talking to you, talk new mark, if feel good. Well thanks for coming. Of course, there was a manager. I love the show thanks and I'm going to give you a one of a kind mug. If he's gonna make it'll make it home because you even among hardener, thank you, as that was killion murphy in an interview recorded on june, twenty, and hang up for me.
So folks you'll be hearing a lot from sag after president friend dresser in the coming days and weeks, but if you're interested in hearing more about her life becoming the union president, you can hear my twenty twenty interview with her right now in whatever podcast app you're using relishing the fact that it finally at a place in my life, where Happy to be alone I find that I consider that, Major growth on my part or work, and if you like, a person that has has had issues with boundaries or or co dependency or over caregiving ages, Com is like a relief. At some point, once you have a certain myself acceptance to be like, I don't fuck need,
right to deal with their exactly right, and I know when I was getting better because people would you nice ran and myself with a basket cases. I needed to be needed right, you're, addicted to people, and now I have that need anymore. I want people. Is that some in their problem, once I was able to realise that It was my way of avoiding my own problems by giving myself a false sense of being together yeah and they made shit together, the air for other people, and once I was able to finally admit that I am in fact a busy why I, baby. You know, I can say, is fine as ever really good shrink and lay on the couch, and you know or figure it out. Who are You go for the jugglery away, fucked up what's happening, that's episode
thousand one hundred and thirteen with fran drescher from twenty twenty we tape there. We take that right before cope. Shut everything down. You can listen to that now for free and all podcast apps and before we go. A reminder that this episode sponsored by better help if you're thinking of starting therapy give better help a try. It's entirely online, designed to be convenient, inflexible and suited to your schedule. Just fill out a bridge question air to get matched with a licence therapist and switch therapists any time for no additional charge. Let there maybe your map with better help, just visit better help, dotcom, slash, w t have today to get ten percent off your first month. That's better help. Eighty LP dot com swash w E. Now, here's a song said deep, a deep cut. You know it if you know it.
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