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Episode 1475 - Les Claypool / Marc Ribot

2023-10-02 | 🔗
Les Claypool is the first guest who flew himself to his WTF interview. Whether he’s studying aviation, perfecting fly fishing or starting another band, the Primus founder and bass virtuoso is always doing new things to stave off boredom. Les and Marc talk about his origins, Tom Waits, Adrian Belew, South Park, Sean Ono Lennon, and the Fearless Flying Frog Brigade. Les also mentions that one of his favorite guitar players is the genre-hopping Marc Ribot. So the two Marcs sit down in the garage to talk about classical guitar, being at Woodstock, jazz influences, and Tom Waits again.

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the child on the spectrum, who were apparently stir Walking school saying what the fuckers, what the fuck nix, what the fuck stirs I was a kid. Not gonna get excited about what the fuckers come on I'm excited about it, but anyway, if you ve got Kids in the car It's your choice, I think this is all going to be filthy, but I think I guess sometimes you don't know it's coming right right, what the fuckers, what the fuck! Next? How about that kiddo about what the fuck? Next what is happening. How's it going out there. I am You know I'm I'm actually pretty good today in I'm. Recording this the day after birthday party. I had a birthday party I have not had a birthday party in a law time It was a very special evening and b. I can try to explain that to you. I don't know I will
into that. Second, let's do this: let's do this two guests on the show. Today clay pool a you, no less claypole, but he's best known as the founder of the ban. Primus but he's also been in many other bands like sausage, oyster head and less clear. Apple's fearless flying frog brigade, which is actually going back on tour this month, yeah he's done a lot of stuff with the Sean Lennon EAST and all that stuff, with a lot of people and actually ah les Claypool, and I share a birthday week. Less also turned sixty this week during the Talk with less money agree. Both came up a few times he's a guitarist. That's played with Tom waits, John Zorn elvis costello in a lot of other guys in gauss been a fan. His cause he's kind of a unique and kind of edgy guitar player in a very offensive
to him way. He has a new album out with a solo projects, ceramic dog and in we kind of put these together. It kind of made sense, so there you go. double header, their music out on the margin in away. You now begun go find it man, you gotta, go and you might know Primus, but do you know the other night the projects that he had. It has been involving Bobby, might no mark Do you know this? The anyway that's happening. Also, I'm in bellingham washington at the mount baker theatre for one show on Saturday october, fourteenth as part of the bellingham exit festival. If you're seattle light, I'm not going up in seattle and from the major cities till next year. So take a drive, come up to bellingham. It's not that big a deal. Portland oregon good news Added to show the fao It shows that I had were sold out months ago. I added a second show on the sunday.
October, twenty second, I believe it's a nine thirty show so that's happening boston. I met tea garden for comics come home on Saturday november. Fourth, I met the chemo theatre in albuquerque, new mexico, for one show on november. Eleventh hometown, show, I think, there's sixty tickets were for that day. For colorado, albeit the comedy, works south for four shows november, seventeenth and eighteenth, you can go to w p dot com. So I store for tickets. Maybe this week. I'll get up, get the This can be a lot of local small theatre d it's here at the a vision and at dynasty, so that's all happening. I I am a buddy sam lip site in town for three nights, which is great yeah? I talked to sam a lot and we you know, we don't get that kind of time. I rarely get that time. Even if I go to new york, you know we get a a day and we hammered but now we can, it had a nice, We usually few day.
Used to hang out because he came out from my party Brennan mcdonald came out for my party, my buddy David Klein felt, who have known since he preschool came out from the party when there are some people that flew in which was a very nice, you know I don't I do. I guess I just take birthdays for granted. Generally. and I dont know that I prioritize them or think too even celebrate in any real way. But first reason sixty has, from a gravity and definitely shifting my perception of myself and the world not in a bad way, so
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and here I thought. Well, you see I do a comedian party or I do a party. people there have made an impact on my life have no me a long time people, want to know better. It was just the idea was basically that I would invite a group of people that didn't cause me stress or annoy me some of them comics were invited, but many of them are on the road, but there representatives from my childhood who knew me way back there, representatives of people that new me you know since You have the nineties or people that have known me since you are over this, the arc of my life different. And come in, and then there was a bunch of new free and who were met recently and it was this the end. It was an interesting combination of people there, several movie director is there were several em novelists. There were a couple of committee performers actors and then the reserve, a buddy
on Daniel from the music businessmen buddy Dan from gimme gimme record's, my buddy Alan, who have known since he was I can who recently re enter my life. My buddy gave from here school I mean Dave, both worked, it Alan's, dad's men store when we were in high school. Obviously kid and she got the cake what an amazing, vague and cake we did all thing at the wayne a day planter on sunset and so Reagan was spectacular. I went to a party there. Why went to Alice embrace forty three I was just became it's a vegetarian mexican, placing its it was great and its it was great and have everything beautifully, but the injured The thing was: is that all these people, I feel very emotionally connected dwayne buried a few other people that were out working and of people can combat it with such a kind of an amazing a night because your face of all these people. The other actions, writers, directors, yo, comics, after it was. I just wanted everyone to get along and you
I get kind of exhausting to do a party, but it was just a highlight. It was a. It was an amazing night. Had I got some cool presence kit found an old. Promotion. For me in a newspaper in san francisco and frame that up, it was very much any any really worked out lovely party, very touched it so funny you and I the irish panicking the day before mike what if people don't come, his nerves. What am I gonna do with all the food was therefore left over tiger got hung up on food out, you re too much food. It all worked out. I m sixty in a very nice way with people that I I I respect, have deep feeling for and who were, who feel that came about. Maybe in I don't always realise that so I'm thrilled, I feel, ok, and it was- it was a great party. I'm all right look.
less clay, pool eyes going back out on tour with his band. The fear was flying frog brigade. They kick off again and on october, eleventh in oakland it'll be going across the country throughout the month. You can go to less claypole, that com for tour dates and tickets. You know I know less quite pulls the guy and I I need to know where they came from sir. This is me talking to less claypole the the base virtuoso. Oh folks, it's time to discover what now playing in los angeles. Let's start- food. I just had chef Michael Simon, tell me that los angeles is home to the best food in the country right now, and of course it is when you have so many cultures and diverse backgrounds, cooking up anything you can think of Could it not be? I like to go to scarfs, which is a persian, plays down the street Sometimes they go to joy in island park for chinese food, but you know,
it's just me los angeles is synonymous with show business, but arts and culture are more vibrant here than ever before, for museums to music to ST our two comedy art is every in l a thinking about your strip here go see a star ceremony on how we would boulevard or check out location tours of some, your favorite movie sites or head on over to the comedy store on sunset or you'll, see me most nights and, while you're here and allay don't forget to look up and soak in the legendary blue sky. That's a light that inspires d, actors around the world. Your face Dana lay is waiting for. You start here. Discover l, dotcom, that's discover, l, a dot com. The knife
think it's. I don't know. I e that the story I knew knife is a woman with sub letting an apartment. I hadn't york and her boyfriend collected knives, and you know her and I had a falling out. The knife is left yes, so I have the knife, hammer the broken hammer that gripper. of the river was just in a package of some sort. This is someone made this its of my dead cat. Someone made them. Ass bar someone made this thing with the cat. For me, it use The clutter used to match the old garage. Now it just seems very specific and demands. You know I gotta answers, but before in the old garage everything was cluttered. So just was part of the fabric of the place, but when you say the old garage, what do you use to do your ya podcast yeah in highland park yeah, the original garage was a was a thing as an old weird beat up place. I mean But I like it here so. I'll give you the journey. of the morning because it we got pretty exciting revolving around you know you are very hard to sort of crime claypole.
In crime. I really like you know, like I gotta get up to speed on clay pool that cram claim yeah yeah, because I should I name my kid cram and would have an amazing it's my name so backwards. As good as mine, synchronicity or crammed more synchronicity. So here's that so I'm trying to, because I know you I know some of this stuff. You can do all this stuff and no one can know all of the stuff. I know I'm hardly an yeah and some guy comes spinning out because I'm like you know how do I put this guy in the context these guys got his own zone, so you do I context, preserve your guy you're who s claypole so you'd, that's your that's the thing its own rabbit or some like what Do I go. I guess. It's kind of example can seems like worse route. It and then all of a sudden. I got this fuckin minds blast in my so fucking residents right, so I start using the residents which, having done years this morning,
Get to that. I get a snake finger and I get a poker. Now get to bavaria for some reason and bohemia, and I get to the illuminati so day. So, what's man on me, man, you take the long way around the barn motherly, and so that was sort of the the journey of the day. Is that I'm looking at Adam wise hopped on my phone and I'm thinking? I could all comes full circle. Man can spirit neuer, it's all in there, dude yeah this sums it up right here. I shall leave. How could find the man in a limited way, you're the guy, but what you. But where did you come from I'm an east bay, kid meaning northeast ay of san francisco zone and you grew up the whole life there yet born in rich men raised in banal else. Brandy, elsa brandy if you live, there he's out brownie, or he s daughter, lived in berkeley during my? U no wild year,
It's weird. They used to be a comedy gig in richmond I used to have in san francisco here. No there was there was a walnut creek punchline, but there was a one nighter. I think in richmond. That was not great. I yeah really. It is the boy a lotta, Hell's angels bars around. You know around that area. Yeah bridgman ox sam pablo, but I want to feel like through it. Where was the sunshine saloon? It was sunshine saloon and that's. There's bells ring and right dates somewhere in in the east bay sounds like one of my own a minor memoirs yeah so you do you have siblings I have a half brother and half sister and a step brother and stepsister, I'm quite a bit older than of my brother year, I'm nine years old, my brother eleven years, let my sister I'm a year older than my step brother in three years old. My steps
the oldest guy. I am the plow yeah. Yes, you said the one that they went holy sh. Actually I was pretty mellow kid, but my dad did call the cops on me once because they found a tiny bit of weed in my in my bedroom. seared god with that guy. That's that's going to teach the kid a lesson it worked. It might add so so my parents were married very well. They had me very my my almost seventeen when Osborne really was nineteen. My dad used, like to brag that when you nineteen he was a transmission mechanic. He had a mortgage on a house, a payment on a car and a payment on a wash and driver and its baby son so but be that he was. I mean he was like. My dad was like a cross between the funds and dennis weaver. You know right because you are like my age, so you aboard sixty three you're three days older than me. If you want to talk about doing some research cause, I looked you up wow two days yeah when in I've no kidding
yeah. So we're both. Are you a libra, I'm Libra yeah me too. It's weird right. I dunno what it means. It doesn't mean anything, but some people present it to you as if it doesn't when they say things that make sense. You're like oh shit. Well, it always pissed me off as a kid as it was boring. It's like my my cousin was, at the crab or you know it's like. I want to be one of those things. I want to be a ram gotta, be this this year, the ales yeah. So what does that even mean exept? Well, that's exactly the question of libras, alright, so, but that sixty three, in your dad's, like twenty in sixty three, nineteen, he was nineteen man. so you had this experience of. Like you know, for most your life, you have I really liked your dad was just a kid yeah. While he was like, I said he was, he was a r e retired, auto mechanic transmission mechanic. He was very, we were all we ve always been close. We still close. I mean we don't talk politics, he lives in idaho now, but the ida see really can't talk politics here
he always had the mustache. She had the pompadour he wore the cowboy boots, even always very very he was like the cool coolly area, but to him we'd was I may as well. It may well be heroin in really. that wasn't a thing for his generation right at that stage, because he had to go from being a nineteen year old too daddy arrow up right, you know If he came from that sort of conservative baby boom thing yeah, I always joke with Sean. You know shiner here in lenin, that you know my dad probably wanted to beat up his dad. really. I was impressed by the beatles. Are you like? I can't sing for shit in my day. Was not musical, but he has always been a great guy very supportive cargill along the way here cool cars we some cars. I mean I have a lot of cars now that you are all in various stages of of disrepute victim. I can,
to an extent when my dad yells at me, when I do cause he's gonna screw up your hands goddammit, what the hell you doing, I'm like all! If you didn't live in idaho, you come me me with their name things but would you up in northern california? I do really that's so beautiful their network. Down now wherein the coastal wine country sort of them between sebastopol and but egg obey mr, when I lived in san francisco briefly, I I never quite understood the city bases, I have up north. I used to like to go through bolinas and point reyes beautiful as the best. Well, I'm a little, I you know I I I keep my boat out in bodega bay yeah. So that's what I do. I'm like you've got a boat in deficient. Yes and you've got a plane. Now I do and he fly it. I flew it down here today. How long take like two and a half hours we now you must be per I, you know something. I feel like I'm busy, but I think a lot of times. It's just me thinking, but you seem to be doing things
I get bored easy and when I get bored, if I'm not doing something, I get a little depressed. I'm a peaks and valleys guy here, but I remember neil young years ago? Told me because he has all these cars here has his own boss, and he says got the travelling jones right and it's kind of me. I love you know. I got a couple of and boeing You got old cars but they're all besides it. we are all in various stages of in I'm lucky. They feel start at this point. Like what you there. So you have all these things in you. You seems like you just put bands together bring groups of people together and go way for a while and then just go play. Shoves, yes, It has another element of much more. I think they call it a. They have a technical term for adhd or whatever area, but in I I always say, and I've been with my wife for over thirty years now you know me, I say you know, but I'm muse lay very promiscuous, I'm a musical whore. Basically so
but their by it's weird, though, because domain. It seems to me that, like listening to other stuff, you play with outside of doing. yeah studio sessions, with other guys that that other musicians out when you're playing your stuff or or or your part of the court, You can always tell it's you back there. So it'd, be promiscuous, not a good thing or a bad thing. Great. Oh there you go. It's like a you're, a singular thing which is kind of mind blowing, and I imagine you have sort of like these fans, adder ino totally in the rabbit whole, know everything that you have to sort of deal with occasionally It's interesting. There are there's a there's, a podcast that I should know the name of it. That's the primus, something or other that these is run and we had. We were doing this vip thing. Last to our work on the frog brigade. Do you get to come and hang out with you in chit chat and we did a little game show and he came and did like a trivial show, and he knew more about me than me and oh and so
really a couple of things he didn't have right, but for the most part it- and it was it- was it was it's very endearing yeah more in terms of of things. You are involved with yeah, yo played the song. You've only played the song three times and you played it in ninety eight and it was. It was raining and there was no yeah. There was lettuce wraps on the on the writer. Is this is crazy stuff that he knew shit is an impressive. I do find it uncomfortable. I think it's because I was that guy. When I was a kid, I was always that guy that was looking for the that nobody knew about or that not too many people were into from what age you remember being that guy. As early as I can remember here, when you started playing music, I mean and before that you know when I asked you know, we're same age yeah. So when everybody was listening to kiss I'm listening to zeppelin when everybody started listening to Zeppelin, I was listening to rush and then I started finding you know like old peter, Everyone who the residents and snake finger in the end
public image limited and all these big I had the reason I found it was Kosovo guy worked at a record store like. I had this guy the same guy he was guitarist, in new mexico who did like red he had abandoned. once a year called jungle, red just him in this other guy. Guitar and noise maker and eight- and I remembered their final performance ceja. They were whirring, surgical, scrubbs undead, making vs aware with hammers. I like it here He turned me onto the residents fred for if briny, no john hassle, that whole world the music and then there was another guy, the same market store that determine the all the old arm be so two worlds going that can really read my brain around by. I knew something else was out there now debate. You must have the crashing waiver they hippy thing in the bay area. Do you remember that I mean I didn't really now you know I am. I
as I know, all the dead guys and a lot of its through their crew, because there's a sound the area and I know of the guys that help build this ball. A sound and stepping up on pearson, is no longer on the plea, brilliant and audio guy. Here. but I was never I've been decoupled dead when jerry was still sure, and I went to the fairly well, but they didn't they in fairly well. They kept on going with my buddy Jay sky plays with them, actually that he was an original for aggregate, as was Jeff committee who plays keys, but I I I just went down that rabbit or which ones did you go down? I was, I was a lunatic for rush when I was a teenager really. That was my whole world. It was oh yeah, oh my god. I when I first concert, was russian miss fears at the cow palace drank three warm loan browsing through open. The parking lot bought a bootleg. Take it further it's as much, even though it wasn't sold out cause. I didn't know any better. I bought a bootleg t shirt, which, years later I wore it would barely fit me. I wore it when we opened for russian
unlike alex check, this sounds like it's a bootleg really, oh, do not real merger, or my view known. There was nobody better than getty Lee when I was a giddy, leakers squire area, jumble jones. But then I discovered larry gram. Louis John, day after reading here. You know guys like boots E. He s like not just changed my world because rush. It was weird. I I had this beef with with right- for a long time. I had a as I I work for caterer in albuquerque new mexico, and I was in high school. I have fifteen years old and they were- and I was not a huge rush down, but I knew them. Of course you can avoid rush, but the case catered. The concert am reason: and was rehearsing on a classical guitar any found his dressing room to be warm my boss, who is the food guy? Had it didn't it wasn't his job outreach I wanted a fan because it was too hot from the practice
and my boss made me drive like a half hour up to his house to pick up a floor, fan for reason, and I told the story and then, a giddy. We made it made it right on instagram early, well, you know. The funny thing is this is our first, while our first gig whether rush was in albuquerque, but it was a ninety, norton to open up. Where was it the pit earth we had all? Bearing that? You know your first gig russia in first gave when we took with russia because we took with them a few times my daddy, but, Alex is literally one of the swedish. I know any other guys guy ever media. Yet he is, he is hilarious. Yeah you get a couple it was sentiment he can get a little of the column. I probably have a name for them. they're nice, any he yellow get, but it still in in good fun, but he's he's a hilarious, incredibly sweet human being but at the beginning, so you're you're you're playing base in one. Do you have the first band before, like
who were you playing with who you grew up in the same, where did you grow up? Albuquerque you grow up in Alec. I did that and why back then? and here nobody wanted to play the bass. Everybody wanted to be eddie van Halen, so I bought a bass. I was instantly in a band Men are funny thing. Is it all connects because I told you about how my dad they ve my stepmom found we'd, be drowned right. Call the cops, I mean to scare me which, which it did in the art, but the guy and my algebra class sold me that we'd and I used to go into my out Mr Kelly's out quickly, go in there and there's this guy. You know big thick pot bought a glass. the long hair and dirty white tee shirts here and it's it any roll up dime bags here. Indeed look at these guitar in magazines, a claypool man. This is the this. Is the guitar I'm getting you to show me his picture of the strat. I still remember the ad yeah yeah and would give me these tapes because you wanted me to sing for his ban here, because I was always sing in some aerosmith or some shrank, and I was tomb I would it.
And it turned he turned hendricks and ragged, and that person he's the guy that sold me the way that my dad found great kirk hammett come on yeah it so it, but it was her gun me into the whole. No hey there's a ban scene, and so I was too here to sing career. I click the silken cynthia and am so I but he also needed to base player. So I took my dad into loaned me the money to buy this little crappy base and he was like well if we're going to do. This is something you really want to do. Huh we had no money, we had a mechanic and I fifteen dollars, and so he loan me and we here Well, if we're going to do this, will Stewart writes go talk to owl? He had a buddy who one this music thing. We went down about this memphis pie base copy one hundred and fifty bucks, the weeds all summer to pay for it, and- and that was that was the beginning the beginning, so that must have been like. Kirk must have been almost in metallic, already know that,
accidents that he had just started accidents the act. I was in jazz band with Tom who not now not who out hunting and hee hee. Was the original drummer for exodus and they were starting exodus and they were kind of like an ac dc sounding band. That's a good, sound yeah! I like it and and so exodus was one of the local bands and like how was hammett a pretty inspired player when he was a kid He played a lot. He wasn't the best guy in town rhino, but he was that he was a good one. and he was the nicest guy in town and he always had a vibe. He always that every time he saw Kirk on stage he always had this vibe and you're like he is going to violence, The target is another he's, just a super sweet guy. I know got peter greens guitar. Now it does yeah greeny he's at that less Paul farmer fifty nine less Paul Peter green used on owes a original of wheat would knock records as some sort of hedge against him and he's got a lot of those types of things from what I hear as he should be
were you all still in town like so what was the ban? You were in playing in a ban called blind illusion, nice business cards. I don't know if it's kind of a progressive, progressive metal thing you know, and I went in and out of that ban for a few years. You know MIA Progressive metal yes like who is that After all, in the early days it was very rush yeah then, once metal actually started becoming metal near, like I, you know This was going in MID eighties and I didn't really. There was a whole different scene in the bay area called the world be seen right and I used to work for a bunch of those bands. I was rodion for an J ski whose with a dead now here I can promise at one point the ice used to work for those bands which bans he was in the freaky executives, which was basically like the time they were like alzheimer disco version of the time. That's but arm be really right. Well, it was Minneapolis fuck right, ok super aggressive. Yes, They were bad ass, but other babblings Zulu spear the looters.
It was a bank or the looters they should have been the next year. they were amazing, they had a vibe very, very political. They were the only banned from the? U s that was allowed to play, nicaragua that was back when the sandinistas we're doing all their shit and I went down into that. Was this whole big deal here, but the whole scene, fell apart. They hooked up with one say who was but this this manager guy who just kind of started calm down the wrong. You know if it was a cool, seen vienna guy came in who, who was big time guy and you started changing things and ruin the whole thing. How so but that was your. That was that the root of it was always going to Prague e. Yes, progress and then for me there then I've discovered and I went to Isley brothers and Larry grandma oaken calls and found a delicate? That's all that stuff, but like but jacket in fact, or in zambia fact. into Larry lawns world very heavily yeah guitars for yeah and I m so he his
favorite guitarists in the world, he'll tell you it was francs abba. jerry, garcia and eddie event Helen. tracing and on an idea and a mandalay marker bones and mark reversed and and he's one of my all time, favorite guitar. In fact my favor guitar solo. On favorites, but my favorite guitar solo in the world and I just played for billy strings recently. get guitar sallow on this chewing gum on the west coast, I spike record. Ok, it's Kurt Joseph on sousa phone no base and its mark robo playing tar and it is one of its it's. A short little salary is one of the greatest bits of guitar, so I've ever my life, I gotta listen to its evil Maybe you know most people would say I'm nuts, but it's amazing, What what is about because like there is like he seems too he's another guy that seems to chart his own world somehow an end in and its its unique We hear and it doesn't really align with like a lot of
extreme guitar point, which is great while he's like the fred? chris yeah, the yeah and the snake fingers yeah lose rice he's like that. He just looks at the guitar differently than most other people on the planet. I talked to blew that guy's great yeah. Have you talked I oh yeah what a nice guy he's. One of that he's actually literally one of an arms, keep saying this, but he's one of the nicest people I've ever met in the music industry. We just heard with her thin him. Yeah freiburg did did this last summer and they are on a good point, How is that have a great there were amazing he's. You know, like he'd, been their sort of in the back of my head and around my wife. Is this qatar guitar player that was like from outer space and then, he told me just this guy good natured, southern guy, now he's from outer space. Don't do it the first time he sat in with us. He was like I'm going to come sit in. I was like okay and it was a for I was one of my solemn, andrea and here I said you know we usually kind of you know where stuff on stage he shows up with.
At forty one, the wearing footie onesies that had, I think, dinosaurs on him and he had taken this viking helmet and pulled one of the horns off and turned it forward. So it just had one bighorn out the front and there he came bounding out onstage, and I was like this. This guy is no wonder this. Guy is one of my heroes. What about bucket. Had you never even see his head, I've seen his head and is it ok? It's fine There is another kind of wizard right he's a way yeah. You play with them a lot I at times no friend he's yet here over. If you bury a guy he's from down here, it is like you you're, hiding something. Why me is this thing? Is this this little short filipino guy? You know, as a thing has a thing, but I m, Just one of those guys us see him a bunch, I dont see him for seven I see I'm a bot if you like that everybody with that guy he's here
like a jackal up, but so, when Primus kind of, happens. That's interesting about the guitar player wieland because so he took because there is something about some of the orchestration of some of that stuff. That's kind of that, but you why it comes from him. Do you I'll, read music I mean I used to buy guys go, but do you couldn't like you? If someone put musing bernie canoe, I could do it. Gotta, take a long ass time. Where did you I couldn't sight read it? Will you around? Unless it was quarter note stuff right? Were you around as a proficient player when frank was still alive, I you know, I'm still waiting to become a proficient player. No, I'm just saying were you on his on his radar? I have no idea, you know he was he. He was buddies with my friend MIKE Borden, who is the drummer for faith, no more yeah and because he MIKE was good friends with with moon and
at eight I've, I've met dwindle and- and I in fact do weasels thing open for one of my new. Your shows the heat he's apoplexy up he's a very intense gauge, weasel and very sort of like you know, on top of his dad shit. Do you know I keep him play that stuff why it's funny, because we did something was kind brian years ago, and he was there with it. their comedy act on what was on fire I mean to ease, always seems pretty just focused and railways ba party, the error rate whereas on it's like what it was like: the tasmanian devil or something it was yeah, and they did this thing where they totally made fun of kenny rogers. While Kenny rogers was on the show it was. it was amazing, but it was. It was like cringeworthy amazing what I mean like you felt like ugh, yeah, yeah or canny, but are kind of like, but this is pretty bad yeah yeah yeah well just seems like he would have been one of the people that he would have asked to play with him
nosey played with a thousand people. I think by the time I have anybody knew who the hell I was. I was already yeah sick. So with Primus Did you anticipate? Obviously you didn't, I mean. Is that what was a ports What does that record with a had the when gold really quickly? First of all, we never thought we'd have any of this. I remember when we got on mtv kirk hammett was like how the hell did you guys get on mtv. We haven't even got on yet because we are on one hundred and twenty minutes a year, and I remember years ago having a meeting with far then attorney, and it was he was before we put out. Frizzle fry and somebody had offered us a publishing deal was- and he said you know for you to lose out on this publishing deal. You'd have to sell more than one hundred thousand records. Do you honestly believe you're going to sell more than one hundred thousand records and we're like holy shit? That's a lot of records and and we didn't take the deal. Thank god we ve sold. Millions are records, but its it work. What which were what you call a catalogue ban
yeah you get into the old technical term, which means which means we trickle out. Listen, doesn't it doesnt? We didn't. We but like with like ports, I saw them million records, but it took three years to do so rhino. So So a catalogue bandits like my friend John Daniel, said to me. I said like years ago, and I was like much younger- I said he's in the music business. He runs crush management. I said zapper make money he's like. If you have a been at the record store with your name on it and there's like fifty records in there. You may go o money while using right now like business cards. Sure by but that's what a catalogue! It's right like that, you're going you, you just keep putting out things, but is now, like the old days I know, may not even close lie. I remember I remember I always say that you know the cupcake was was the record sales year and then the frosty was, Moving on to her and rye sprinkles were tee shirts riot completely flipped around right. It's now it he sure tourists.
if the mind with a base in your hand, t shirt, sell them, damn he's written and then albums almost like business cards. You just make him too lila generate buzz mediator, some money to it, but it's not it's not like. It was not even close. How do you hook up a billy string? Some kind of inability strings run right now. I can't stop watching the girl, my god so billy, Handful years ago, delirium the panda have was shot shot. inner john lennon yeah. I talked to him he's good at greater We are playing this festival up and up and the sierras and my wife comes to me and she says: hey look at this set list. I'm am looking at the setlist, the first song on the setlist started with L. Second song started with e third song started with s for a song. Sorry was spelt out. My name, I guess, creepy, I was like by who the hell's votes, Billy, strings band and so on met the guys that night, I don't. I don't barely remember remit meeting in here and then I kept hearing
it was a big fan and my daughter she's gonna, hate, to tell a story she for me to get a instagram a cavalier, she's like you're getting old. Your fans are getting all they're, all gonna die off and there will be no legacy for me and I need to get instagram. So you get some young vans, I'm like ok, I get this instagram because to me, the earth social media was going on craigslist looking for chrysler parts but I get this instagram account and I what the hell do. I do with this thing I dunno. So I start posting fishing pictures. Of course, Billie's commenting on all my fishing pictures. So next thing you know we start chit chat and allow come on out to the house and and wasn't jam We did and we started working on record in we ve become really good friends. every time I go to record. We usually is it a bluegrass record? It's some sort of grass record, I'm not sure it's the combination is just eight is whatever you can imagine that the mesh of these two worlds would be, but its it is twenty. I called at wang record. So,
Did you do the south park theme? I was what I would have been was it after you Primus broke up, first time I was in the mid nineties- was the idea, so that ban was still functioning. Yes, we have a different drama was when we got our new drummer was after tim, alexander left the ban, and we have this guy brain and we just got this one day from these college kids? They just made this little video, those all over the internet that spirit a reliable way time. The idea and they wanted to one of the theme song, and so we did. We didn't think I was gonna get on television, let alone take over the world, but each you you did it that's pretty nice always I was cool, and so we did and it took over the whorehouse. Did you get compensated that we get a few bucks? yeah. I imagine that, may I assume Since its on a million times a month, even if you make a nickel
It's okay, it's route, but it's really not like that, because it's a it's a you know, I'm not like. I'm, not complaining digital cable. So you know it's not like you know my danny often gets that simpsons check every. I am fox public assets work right. So what about it? the often he's a guy. You do you like him. I haven't talked him in many years, but though we're we're we're bodies are for awhile cause, it seems he came into the list I went through when I was kind of thinking about you. was for some reason Church of the sub genius will be far, Whew pink floyd, wean weights and danny government gotta go to live, but often does it like I gotta, but evil can evil on their evil can evil. I had the poster you're much perseverance. I made why remember the disappointment and the strangeness of these snake canyon thing? Oh, let's talk about this. Ok. What was the big deal? climate for you. Well it
it. The whole thing I remember see either remember what year that was, but I knew like there was no way a motorcycle was gonna get over that thing. And I knew whatever the hell. That thing was that he had built to get over it. You didn't like you didn't look like, I was gonna, make it over and I just the whole thing like a poorly thought out undertaking and it looks like it was designed to fail, and then we need to see that parachute with there I ship right and thinking of it right. Well, I thought of a way different than I did. I was, I thought it was the greatest thing that I was ever going to happen in the world and it was on wide wild world of sports or something and they had and and you unless you bought the pay per view or whatever it was a circuit tv back. Then we had to wait. Weeks, to see it and and
my dad lives near twin falls- and I was driving over the bridge when Dana just a handful of years ago, at the helm like you, could the mound is still there that they had built. Then I used to draw those little ramps on my on my notebooks and shit, and my big dick has disappointment, and that was From what I remember- and this could be clouded childhood, may I thing, but it seems pretty is them out the water he had urinate himself. How could you tell your urinated of today say was that it was said. Somebody said it was a thing Maybe I'm wrong all these years before that in staying with me, this whole time like evil rebooted, but the guy had broken every bone in his body. I am sure that we leave is barely working as a body, but Like I get it yeah, I'm embarrassing! You don't want your. You know, you've, never seen getty Lee wet himself. You know, and I've hung out with that guy in some pretty heavy
that you haven't time we're all getting older. That's very true, but so but did in a south park sung, give you some freedom to condemn new the life you wanted to live with? now it is not even close to the nurse it it big like I said, because it was kay. I we got a little was nice, so nice little thing that pops in once in a while, but now I mean that's, I'm assuming that's why all these guys are on strike right now, because all that, of course, residual stuff's gone yeah, yeah now everything's streaming so yeah. I don't see anything from that, so Why? What is my look? I'm not complaining a first of all. They become wonderful, wonderful friends of ours. Yeah matters, it one of my favorite people yeah. We just did that thing with him in. It's been a wonderful association, it's a wonderful thing to guys that have been able open that many doors push that many parameters and become that huge. The world needs guides like that, and I am proud to say that my buddies.
I was there they should and yeah. Apparently, the show is still pretty good when it nails it. Sir there's a sister Maureen relevance that long. It's crazy! It's one of those things that, like I think it's a a rites of passage for kids. You know. I mean I wanna most awkward moments in my life was watching the fur one of them. So here's, if you got yeah I got some years ago. when my son was about fourteen vs in twenty seven. Now we did a gig and in brooklyn- There's mountain trade where there are more hanging out backstage and somehow they're talking about Kate starts talking about family guy, look at him and go oh. So what so? What you think of south park and he's like? Oh well, I'm not allowed to watch south part and it was like there ads were on the same servo. They just both went mean right at me like what the fuck dude and I'm all hey. It's getting a little warm in here, yeah so went home and cage got to watch his first episode of south park with me yeah
with my fourteen year old son, and it just happened to be that episode where one of the guys dad's a camera, which one would sneak off too to the the steam bath? The other, gave our once you get hurt in the ass. My another make area, and I might this with my forty years- I'm going you know, I'm gonna fuckin milestone I'll, get you some day, but it so you got through it made it through if you can get in my lap and my yeah, but he got some laughs and he you know it's just that's part. That's part of the thing we all have to that. Our kids are supposed to something that shocks the well you're a grievous generation, you're kind of a goofball you're, just not a dirty goofball angle, yeah, so like these different configurations of people that you name as bans is their liking. Deef, do you feel like they're, all fundamentally different, sick or do you feel like it has an extension? What you do? I think it's like it's like me,
having guys on the show on the elles. It sure every conversation is different right. You know, there's a third element, there's an others if there's a thread that goes through that's consistent, because here who you are right, but in our music is conversation right and the. The more varied and the more diverse the background or different from from from you that that that the converse another conversationalist is them more varied that covers its we're. Do us a new idea, claypole lenin delirium, because, like you know sean sounds like his dad, and you know- and I talked about this and this it seems like the way you guys play together. Word, structure, wizen in and in terms of the production, there is definitely no other than is is more than just add a beetles element to it. Do you feel that I definite do? But I'm also, so much anymore, but I was very surprised how much of his mom is in this stuff? Oh that's good!
now the actors cause she's, the one I mean she's, the one turn John into what he became that yeah she's like a sort of boss, artist, yeah she's, and they s cake, and you can see that in in china as well the area there have been moment so was one tankers. He doesn't really like to play the beetle stuff so much because and this is another thing I learned as you know, most of them people, and I was guilty of it as well. Look at some. Like china now harry waters is in my ban is, is reset, Just keep your son no kidding. I r and d. You think. like all the doors open for these guy now the polar opposite to wait? They get this vague, more scrutiny than any of us. That started from with a clean shirt and- and I saw that when we went saw Paulson played a little club, one place people that came to see serum PA mccartney and they got this guy, who was it was cool,
but but grungy. You know- and I could just see, unlike the apples far close to that tree. You know who I am sure shiner gets that to its this. If you're Mozart's what the hell are you going to do in terms of the a big shadow and when Harry is based- inside you. Never so dear. I talk to start like it. Who who said I was it was duncan jones. Bows kid said that it's kind of more club, because when I was talking to sham literally the phone rang- and it was Paul mccartney's, the wonderful thing about shiner and we ve become he's like my brother, we literally him in my kids late. You know they him in my suit my dog bigger with each other, like their siblings right, he's very close to my family and done so. Well, we were having a talk one day and somehow it came up about you know. Cause he's met my dad and I were talking about my dad and how close I was and what a good daddy was- and I was like
and I am- and I said to myself so for youth and who was who was like your five year here. Any kind of thinks about it. For a second. Does the big shiner big idea- and he goes you know it would problem We be like you know, either David bowe, we are Andy warhol and I was like, fuck says that you know what I mean like his reality. Growing up is so different than the rest of our reality. Yet he Is one of this one of the most humble down to earth. Approachable people in in any form of celebrity than I ever met there, and how do you with him, you guys go right at all. No yeah yeah and you just jam and figured out well, usually the whole thing started because he hear his band open. Firm ghost go some simply tiger opened for private media. One day I was trying to weigh on this tomorrow, base that I have and he had an acoustic return. We kind of when the ban the boston them interesting. Things were happening like it wasn't just
me. I wasn't just average shit here, he's it down! That's why I think the eu I think cause he has this angular stuff was coming out of yea. I was like whoa, and so I said, let's get together sometime about two rancho. I get my place: rancho relaxing visa and achievable what happened here any came up and we started working on the first delirium record and he brought in a few- songs and I brought in a few songs- and then we worked on a couple- songs together in that's kind of our formula is he'll show up with three or four things I have three or four things and we just start building on it and then in lyrical ideas off each other and says, we collaborative yeah, that way is what most of the band and on the band I mean a lot of the primacy of over the years at either came from me or it came from a jam may later years. Learn alone has been bringing a lot more stuff, which I think is amazing clear, because it makes me play differently here. You know it's like when I'm playing to support someone else's vision the esa much different, I'm more like a tony levin. You know it's much more, whereas if it's coming from me, I'm up front yet
also feeling all the little bits and pieces. The grace notes in between worry I'm supporting. I don't need to worry about that stuff. So in that it's weird because I mean it's the bases I think Fourthly, a support instrument. The area I mean that's the way it was well until, like guys like larry, Graham Catherine, you know stanley clerk and turned, and I turned it on its ear in ITALY, a holy shit like yahoo, gideon Chris squire right and flee flee. For sure- and I forget his name said- leave right now and from my thou I was always a big, really, guys, amazing, really yeah I just listen into. I want candy their cover. The yacht was near the base. It's insane, it's it's crazy idea, but I mean just I'm thinking about, because you did what three waits records and lighting, maybe more actually than that, and How does that happen? Well, so Years ago we had the song tommy the cat, and we had released
our first reading was lie, regulate put it out ourselves, my damn money, my dad left us and them with that money, we recorded frizzle friar for aerial record and we held off from putting the song tommy the cat on it, because it was our popular song and we added away. Till we had a major label here right, so we saved it. Or the inner scope release- and I remember talking to Tom Ali- who is probably the reason- I'm still here- he's from interscope yeah yeah yeah and he. I said. You know. I want to do something special with tommy. The cat, like maybe get someone like tom, waits to be the voice of tommy the cat and he's like well. Why don't we get Tom waits? What do you mean? You can do that? What do you mean? Why are you talking about it? So we sent him this. I wrote this note and sent it to him. We are recording and I came home laura and I were roommates- I hit the. It was back we have found yeah gesture hit the phone machine. Eyelashes is a tom Tom waits. I got your note haha yeah. It would be a wonderful thing to do this thing and my god, I immediately called learn you so he
was the voice atomic it. I ended up, moving up kind and we live in a similar area. He needed musician. So we became friends and I've. I've known you kid, since they were little and they're all and their neighbours, neighbours where I live, as with your within eight miles of each other. You know yes, but that's close here and he words at his place to write so there's like he may. He has a few different. He, since around, but there he has its little spot. Now, yes, but there is a possibility where he give you. I come over and play the thing. sometimes I mean splits been a little while since that call, but yeah are you together and do our things in the east. You he's a friend him at human kathleen are good friends of arts and as like, you're, both bandleader. So how does it work in the studio with him? I just sit there and just just go home. I got this amazing, It is time waves sure it does
Does he generally lay tracks now, with all the means alive with many different areas and sure he probably doesn't want me talking about it to him about his process? He's he's see likes to do his thing. You know, I know I'd love to talk to him, but he's not. He doesn't do this now. He's he's he's a he's. Tom waits he's Tom wait, yeah he's the sasquatch of music yeah. So ok, so what? What is the fry we're gave, it seems like it's. It's lasted informs is as long as primus in a way right. Spin around alone has been rather a long time, but you know four Brigade is sort of an ambiguous thing. It's ok, it's more of a continent idea, while it's mall, basically my solo stuff, but it it it it harker it it implies that we're going to do some of the early stuff, which was some of them, the fact the flight cover which we write and its entirety and them You do animals in its entirety correct
I knew that and you done twenty one twelve to write we did a farewell: the kings? Ok! So like animals is, like my favorite floyd record. What are really yet totally like, there's something the guitar on lacking pigs on the wing? I agree: that's like unbelievable I will listen to it all the way through every time. I listen to it, after the rules, I taught my kids that while my son would listen my daughter in care, the feathers in records you have to listen to there like movies yeah, you don't you don't watch DR strangelove in bits and pieces right. You have to watch it all with yeah and I and I do it fairly regularly with anna with animals. times a year anyway. Now what would we is it just your relationship with that record? That makes you wanna play? Did you play it? How much did you tweak it? Well, how much did we clay how much we intentionally twig it, Basically, what happened is Primus broke up and the end of the nineties
we didn't say we broke up. We said we went on hiatus bananas because we're to chicken shit to pull the plug but we were, we came very close to not playing yet, as we weren't get along and we used it, just was a mess here so well there. I am. I was scared as like what the hell am I going to do now. You know, and I had done this thing with became oyster head. I had done this jam thing for the cause, my manager. with galactic and he has into that world and they asked me to do a job, thing in new orleans will, that became oyster, have attracted stays, yo and Stuart copeland. A sudden I was getting asked by these these different festivals. To put, geller project for their festival. He added this one attention. They have like a deadline to adapt it again. They want something. You're like I do. Some new I got was a jam thing. They basically want jammy to call some of your buddies and get a good general jam. Okay and ok, and so and one for mountain air, and it was tim alexander. The original promised tremor jack irons, who every knew from the chilly peppers and
jam. Eleven and then my body mirvan guitar and sceptics on sex, and it was called the thunder brigade, but Michael Bailey was like I, you know, you're the Primus guy. The hippies are already gonna, be scared, don't you know you can't call it thunder brigade and as a frog brigade that is calaveras county, the famous jumping frog of calaveras one primus broke up north scare, the hypnotist gotta hippies. So when private, broke up yeah. I was scared. I had two little kids. I had a big ass mortgage and all sudden this thing I've been building since nineteen eighty four was gone, and so I said fuck this. If I sit around I'm just going to jump off the golden gate, so I got all my favorite musicians together, stuck in my old airstream motor home that I had. We drove up and down the coast plan bars where I got a keyboard us with Jeff committee, and I said, if I ever have a keyboard is I wanna play pigs because it's my favorite floyd song, so we learn pays well. Shit must learn. The whole record then went off the pain.
Winning band and was due to sad, see, that's how it all started, and then we recorded two years ago and it one of jamie and were available on record your animals. Yeah live frogs, set, ok but where are they going to release another version? Another because I think it's better now to be honest with your ear animals, the new the animals of this with this land. Well, first of all, this band is really spectacular. It was in this one it's John lennon Vietnam guitar this frog brigade, mrs fraga, here right now. This is the current nearing harry waters on keys, that's rogers kit correct, added is dead because I know rogers is married, the magdalen on whose were more, them for years. He plays crazy vibes and marimba tab learn amazing jack. Our project
for caution who's, that guy sector, whose he just a guy you met through I've, played with him for years. He was- and I met him through garage when when they open for head but head, but he plays with everybody, he's too have a banker billygoat back in the day that was pretty popular, ok and paolo baldi on drums, who I've been playing with for years, and he used to play with cake and he had a band dead weight and so and we are supposed to have scared like this in life insane sacks. Well yeah body, but he screwed up his back and couldn't the tourist holy shit cause he's my super solo yeah monster, We need that one and so shy. And Harry had to really step up on this thing, and I was little nervous because I'd only heard Harry play parts you know never jammed with them, yeah and shiner. You know he's always gonna. You know I'm not as good as bucket hat or whatever he says he's. Mr. Well, I'm a mumble both really have stepped up on the sheer it's a really amazing band, incredible ban best bands, I've ever had and you're doing the whole album again correct.
Only through this. Next to her we're doing evening. We just did it two month tour with an opening band, had fishbone on a part of that we had remained in light on a lot of it. Neo France is which your frances, he does add new orleans rock thing like that: guy he has a whammy bar on, is on it is is clarinet, which is really cool. Yeah yeah yeah so badly next time we're going out. We realized we. We want to do much longer set so we're just doing an evening with so you're going to get a shitload of of frog music. So not just animals, animals and then a bunch of other stuff. Yeah and when you did not have you heard from roger about your animals. Now I don't want to hear from roger- is about my analyst kiyomori anyway. Now I like homer the way he play Guitar now he's might look. Those guys are heroes of mine, of course, yeah
I think the are you a metal guy immediately now he, of course right as it sounds like the one right I mean it what is thy animals by mean in terms of I, that being inspiring summer, that good that basis, Oh yeah, I mean that whole album. Yes, I'm is hard to pick a bad idea why were you a barrett floyd guy to yeah? I mean not as much as my you what you grew up with the idea, but time but yeah. Of course, I'm I would like most momentary lapse of reason which which, which I get, for four when others are theirs. I too, like big songs on. There is no it's a grey record. I mean for tommy lemons on it so and we What's your relationship with crimson? Why obviously Adrian's and but right. Well me: sean play some early crimson in delirium? We do court of the crimson king, okay ham, and he cause he was always an early crimson. I turned him on to to eighties crimson. He turned me on to early crimson because I didn't really list too much you just wasn't a balloon crimson, yes, that ok,
my shit. We're now, do you leave you fly fish right. I do do terrifies. I used to you'll do amer Caesar just buy em, but you know I have all my flight times if I just haven't done in a long time. Go away worms, I'm What kind of shit with when we return in the early days we address motor home, and we do shows me in lower- were always wide awake after shows you how he would drive. And why are buddy I slept and we had a beat box between us with headphones. We actually listening to floyd here and he be driving and I would hang a mag light from the visor, the client my fly clamp to the green box lily. I flies all night use stoned out of my mind. I I did it a camp. Are you easter? you be careful because you can snapped the fly, induces a shred of garbage you like, if you wish it too hard, it'll pop the fly a part of our time.
Better than yeah it sounds like some. You know practice there, buddy yeah. I was a kid. Oh yeah! No! Actually, in fact this last tour that was one of the saving graces is after about six weeks it was getting a ban, but it was like a shit. I want to be home, but we had three days off in Montana and I a really good bodies who my buddy he used to have a tv show. He took me called fly fishing the world here and he has a fish camp there butte. I think it's a big hole, river, the area we spent three days in the inner came to, but do you like it? was amazing. Oh yeah yeah. He enjoys in a river or lake river. Oh, that seems hard. Did you catch any oh yeah tons? We were drifting. In fact, one might. Whenever I go through missoula, that's the ps, the blackfoot, whereas that's run, Syria's criteria that it norman Maclean all that stuff. That's that's! The fly. Fishing Paradise. It's pretty sweet, yeah,
So you just touring, that's! What's goin on any recording with Billy there's a half finished price. with billy, but, like I said, we always end up fishing and then there's more working. We're almost done with this delirium record. Actually, we just need to kind of get together since the fourth one also be the third third real one- we do the apple of covers, react, but them yes, so we we got a finnish sat up and mobile. That thing you did in support of the ukraine with Google bordello guy while so when all that was first going down, I would go back and forth with eugene A couple. Good friends of ours are from coal, and so there was this worry about poland's naxian. What's going on about the lion, their good bodies with eugene as well, eugene huts from yet odo somewhere one protecting back and forth, and I was kind of drunk and he was kind of drunk, I'm like we need to get here, because we were all blown away by Zelensky, just yeah. Just the fortitude of this guy
yeah, I don't need a ride. I need some weapons, gimme liberty or gimme death ass. We re good quote so you're joking. I was like how we should do a song. You know those guys got some big balls. You know he's got iron balls and so he's like. Yet let's do it We brought the song the man with the iron balls and shiners on it and again bally's actually on it as well so air, and we just did it and it can you're annoyed thing was that, like a reaction to the current political situation, I mean it's a reaction to I mean I don't know how it is with your friends or relatives in other sectors. Is people that I I it's gotten better now a wet, especially after dark. and immediately after covered, it was very very difficult to talk to some of my friends and relatives. And when you add friends who want Q, if they went q, but they went nino near p, they affect women who have when they went a little prick you here
just a lotta, just the all this conspiracy shit, that's not necessarily used in an inner emma. I ain't always amazes me because you know look I play the base. I can do a lot of other things. My dad said hey. This based thing is great, but learn a trade, and I know a lot of trades. I mixed auto pants. I was a carpenter, I did all kinds of ship bench tack, but you know what I play the base If you want to know anything about the base mark, you give me a call, and I'm probably can help you out vienna when, when I when all this coverage it was gone. I want you know I first I talk to my doctor, don't always agree with him. Then I call my buddy who graduated from colombia mad and has been a bit pediatric dock in oakland for the past thirty years ago, and I buddy of mine, whose a brain surgeon in manhattan and another buddy of mine, whose dad is literally a nobel prize winning research dock at duke university. Ok too far at what was gonna find out. What I should do you ever me and my family. There are the
They have devoted their lives to doing or what they do. I voted my life Yang debates, that's what I'm gonna rely on right now buddy surfer buddy, who read some shit on the internet? I'm just you know. I love him, he's great guy, but I'm going to listen to these other people and they may not be right. But neither more apt to be right, right or correct, and rightly so, That's right. I told my father, that's my dad. there are transmission mechanic for forty, some, years you're, the guy I'm going to talk to. You are a professional that you dedicated your life to what you do. Yeah you're, going to know more about this than just about any I'm going to trust Opinions can adjust you're, not gonna, say like which the how you feel about the vaccine wealth, but that you get me, point I dictator yea. I do get your point and now look it's paranoia was It was some of the things I was hearing and so I wrote it and it was actually much harsher when I first wrote it. My son, whose become a really great sounding board for me here was like you know, dad people are tired of this shit
we want to hear the shit and so it a little more light, hearted bill gates, putting microchip which airport pies and things like that right so and now it was the first time Primus have been together for oil. We ve been actually been around your word this year we took the year off. Yes, I can go to get a, let it breathe lawyers, because a idle be tired of it. If I'm tired of it is gonna. Know I'm tired of it. Not gonna go. What is it? How many the regional guys just stopped? however, while original is this subjective rise or herb? Eighth drummer by right he's the one. Everybody knows rainforest record. Ok, now you fly back We're gonna go, get some lunch and then I'm pop in the burden away. We go all three nano those guys just pick me up from the airport or brad pigment from and how long the fight about two and a half hours, but we might do some, I'm at the rate, so I've flew down with my see if I, because I got my paths licence
now I'm working on my eye far. I dunno. If you know the instrument flight reference, which means I can fly into clouds, that's what I'm working on. That's what I don't have that two practicing. Yes, so I brought my csi down, so I can do instrument flight which basically they put these goggles. I mean I can't see outside the plane. I have to fly it with just your house: oh your instructor, that's a certified flight instructor that stands for. Yes, he's hanging out the airport he's at the airport, we're going to be launched and then we're going to fly back and land at a few airports on the way back. So I can practice all this. Did you practice on the way down we wanted to get down here? It's pretty right must be beautiful. it follows on all I can see- is inside the damn right. But legislation like this, but you do for along the coast. Do it didn't matter? I couldn't see it. I thought you said you didn't, do it on the way down. Now I didn't do any we didn't do any stops? Can we just did from from santa rosa to burbank so I was doing it, but on the way back we're gonna hit. If you start I'll get some more practice. I'm glad I offered you this amazing.
opportunity, yeah man, taylor, a couple birds with one stone here, I get to arrest of the tour. Thank you. Much go less claypole right again, as I mentioned before, you get tickets for the fearless flying fraud, brigade, tour at west claypole, dot com and they will mark repo. I've been a fan of four years. Ok, so yeah. So like two weeks after I talked with less it just worked out here. just off the road. He has a new album out called connection that he released with his solo project. I'm a dog- and this is me margarita, you're, back with gibsons.
not a hundred percent, but for for the stuff with ceramic dog, I fly turned return. Swum upstream to west was spawned yeah yeah, why why why on that record, one way go what what makes a change me the entire spectrum of mark rebirth sounds? Will you know? I mean it's? It's not accurate I went back after that record to be ass, because just because, but when I tried to tour with it, I realized nothing else. Would do I've been you know like kind of resisting arrest straight ahead metal, sound yeah years, but then I thought why it's so much fun so, but its use? I got that record. It's kind of interesting. As you know, you ve got you ve done so much stuff over so long, a time so much difference But it seems like this record not knowing a lot of the solar records. It seems like
The peace on their of that represents everything that you do fairly clearly. because I read the book, and I can see where you're coming from, but it seems like every song that record is distinct and honour. Some part of where you come from it kind of wound up that way. I think yeah yeah by your own older than me, but you know I get the sort of jewish eastern european lorry side trip you're my grandpa spoke yiddish and it's like it's a very specific thing and I think one of the things it's beautiful about the book can also about the world. You came from an musically is at you you Respect is sort of MR gold reality of the worry side. You I mean it's it's more than that it's more than a year and address he had a kind of a year has a kind of place in them. solid re yeah, like you it's like it's not just music like it goes back right cause you do in the book. You talk about you.
This theatres, seven, all that big. I became very aware of that, but I don't know the specific history of a bit I felt like. I belong there yeah. I mean I didn't, know the specific history of it either and do you know when I, when I moved back, and the funny thing is like a lot of people. I said I moved back even though I'd never lived there. My grandparents had lived there sure, but it felt like okay, I'm moving back yeah yeah. I know and where'd you come from originally I am from new jersey, osborne and newark as more new jersey, city, right, homeboy sure, but you, with their. You grew up there, their I well my parents moved out newark, whereas pretty young yeah an orange. Well, I've been so far in georgia, but you, jersey, jersey, yeah exactly do you have jersey love. It would be a very strong and incorrect
word, I mean you know as soon as we say, yeah I'm from jersey, and I intend to stay that way. Yeah right, but you don't you don't live there. No, I don't live there and I don't know like again a place for my from my parents place to worm they like some idea of getting out of new york, they were from therefrom, brooklyn and the lower east side. Sure either you go to the island or you go to jersey right right, but it it wasn't a place in it's I'll throw isn't it was. It was a place where you can have. a bigger housing, and yet they imagined clean and they imagined getting away from crime and yet of but it didn't happen, well. Let's just say that the kids in my high school had better drugs than any put any anybody else. Anybody that I talk to new york- and there is also like a good protests in new jersey. That's what I remember to me
yeah tomatoes. They say the garden stay right: the beef steak tomato the big one year, the latter There must be an indifferent part of new jersey, though than we were from because I don't know farms or you're, not not too many, and I know if I would eat what they grew with it. There were many idea, the aren't my my grandparents lived in pumpkin lake. so yeah. That's that's true. That's a little more than a little bit a little bit, So when do you like it The journey of the guitar playing you, I talked to less claypole recently. and these at his ever gets guitar. So of all time is one of yours. It's on like its on chewing gum. Oh yeah, like diet like out of all of them? That's what locked him with that guy, crazy start playing guitar regular right, like normal guitar,
yeah. I started I mean when I was ten idea. What didn't Much going on style is there. although who knows so When did you start playing with people properly? When I was twelve, you know what I mean. I think you I learnt plague I talk about in the book, but, like my each year we had a classical guitar assuring very particular, on a classical guitars fry. casinos was there still known as the father of haitian classical guitar yeah he's the guy like I had to go, get turned on to him. That happened, yeah yeah. I know everybody should be turned off, but it's so interesting how that came about. I mean how did you hook up with that guy of all guy? Well, he was a friend of my parents and my aunt and uncle in the city yeah yeah. It's like it's like a a classic, knew you yes story because well it's a long story. My my father was Actor and right interned in harlem hosbrook I'd die. He
he harrow unknown kidney doktor, while yea guys, like you know of when I was kid like there was always these. He was doing research yeah. He did research on what later became Dialysis machines allow when I was a kid there We always had to know that stuff, era. Flip fridge, raider looks it may look like orange juice, but don't drink a hey, be very careful, anyways yeah, so he had a friend at harlem hospital where he was who is doctor, but who's, also a jazz pianist and so anyways. They wound up at a party. They met Franz Franz. Looking for a place, stay in my aunt and uncle connected him with an apartment and became lifelong friends kind of one of these. You know new york, new york,
displaced family. You haven't like his like what historians is is very interesting because he was sort of an exile right, yeah, not official, right in exile, but you know like like james baldwin talks about this about having had to go to paris in order to write about america, huh yeah, and so with france. It was kind of the same thing he he some. He knew he wanted to write to create haitian classical guitar yet which did not exist before then he kind I had to get out of is seen to do it. He he also he was like the son of like a mid level civil servant and he was in medic. He was in law school year in port au prince and, let us say his family weren't too happy about the fact he dropped that a law school early play guitar right so, for I think, a lot of reasons he wanted to get out of here.
He also. He wanted to come to the states to meet fats waller he enough. If that turns out, reside, fats, weiler died the year he arrived, but He always wore nice hats anyway, but it's so fortuitous in some, like eight like how that all works out, because whose who gets out appertain to learn that kind of guitar kid from new jersey, twelve years old, exact land in europe. There is a completely different approach to timing into rhythm and in east asian barking on some coffee. If journey that's ambitious, I mean there was this: one guy who was in Haiti and authorities who taught that whole generation to play. Ass calls made. It differ. What made it, what infused with some sort of caribbean sensibility? Well, he did the echoes. What what happened? I mean it seems super obvious yeah yeah, but this,
the time of the other twenty twenty late, twenties and thirty at a time of I may says, arm I maybe mispronouncing, but the nay gratitude movement would in the arts. which started this. You know in which both in the caribbean in africa are young artists were restore. You say, let's stop imitating the european scene and start looking to our own too. Our own. Ah folk, music, essen and our own culture, inspiration here. So so France did, you know for haiti. Would let you know lets a villa law Abbas had done with brazilian. Ok, he, as you know or Bela bar talk with hungarian. You know hee hee. start to look at haitian folk sources. You noted inspire him and when kid? How much of this is is related to you or is it something had a backward? Will? I'm
I mean I didn't know any of that I didn't know the intellectual, his area that all right, but it yet but like when I was a kid when I was six years old like eating. In retrospect France must have been bored because he he always the guitar did like family dinners and media would be sitting there playing, while other people were arguing about politics here and now, standing there listening to lay. I was just amazed by the whole thing here, so I just I don't know. I guess I just absorbed it somehow. So you, sir, you are how to play on a classical yeah here, but I didn't I didn't asked to do lessons with france, because I wanted to look. I wasn't interested in classical at all. At the same time, I was listening to radio sure I wanted to be Keith richards. I still want to be key. Who does he know? I've got three telecasts any. I get it there s, while junior over. There are five string theory ago, but what is a transition? So you out on these, been with him, were
I study with them when it to new york take lessons every week for about three years here, but by the a year and a half I was already got. Some cheap electric Tom was plain and garage banned in jersey, yeah. He jersey, that's where they have garage yeah, that's fertile territory, hearing of the garage ban movement it it's one of the necessary insurance, so you do in the classical thing in your learning, but then you just do in the head. Yeah. So I had you know my friends, my my band love gun. Yeah nineteen seventy some nor knows little before they're like how he s, except I made original, maybe changed the name to love gun later, but you are you have too, you know have to be like a fifteen year old, yet new jersey, kid in a garage coy about your band love, of course, were you play in our will. I remember the actually the first tools that we, first, to do that we will learn, were up boycotting the embassies
a green on you sure you know the idea and- and you have an organ player- yes, we did a while, yet yet all schwartz southward. What's he do? I don't know. I think he became a brain surgeon, but he's not playing, I don't think he's playing which organ. So So it's interesting given where you eve I'm with the guitar is that you you start off like traditionally other than taking lessons from france. That's my job is in your brain, but then you you're playing our bee hits and you you're. Getting that experience in just doing the road. So at what point start to shift for you in terms expanding you, how? approached the instrument right will allow
answer their question, but first year less less. I give the impression that we had some caught that I had some kind of taste year at the age of fifteen, via the third song we learned was in a guarded vita, okay. Well, that takes up a lot of salads yeah. But, to be honest with you, I still like that sure that fills out the set. You can kind of go all the way with that yeah half hour. If you want, oh, even longer, you know longer yeah, that's not bad. So, let's see so you go your play with our be banned. You talk about play with horns rage was kind of my blowing yeah That was a life change. Experience, why think well I don't know because you not heard these things on a radio birth, but in like the little bands I was working with the knowledge we we just we couldn't. Afford to have extra members playing whore, yeah right and also like. Well, to be honest with you like that, those particular that pretty
you were banned. I didn't work with the much I just sub substituted with that banning yeah yeah, but it was an arm be banned. Iain I've been working with, like you know, other white hippies piano playing should have whatever we could play. we tried to play stevie wonder tunes reacting, but but these guys, I think they were from georgia, yeah, I don't know what they were doing in manhattan touring. Oh yeah, yeah try to live. You sat in their yeah. Why I mean up? I was called the subsidy. The regular guitars could make it here, and so I don't know it's such a simple thing, really adjusted that I'd. Never worked with a horn, section variety and and it was that whole call in response thing you know like like, I felt ok, this is what it's about right. this sort of dialogue of music yeah, I think
it's not you know, I mean its communication between the players, but is also a kind of a theater I think, unite, and I noticed something that, like with blues based, hanging like usually the rhythm section is chugging along yet did it data playing something rigour, additive, yeah and usually it sounds a little bit like a train. Beata was like during the pier The blues based music was developed here. That was, what symbolized modernity? The abbot in music it it's kind of like that's fate, yeah, that's the In actual la thing, that's coming toward you. That train is it just keeps chow, in towards you hear that did it did it yeah yeah and then the soloist is kind of a art. Doing with it he I heard the soloists is trying to convince it to stop the heavy like you know, so so, there's using
every possible strategy threatening down. You know like or pleading your seduce seizure or begging, and then then at a certain point. The soul was realises that their screwed, The train is not going to start no matter what they do and then at that moment there's the the screen sure yeah, the built that the final thing, the final will, then it you know, then there's a little bit of whimpering yang solar energy area Well sure I mean that's almost like a hendrix kind of mastered that in a way absolutely and that scream could go on for a long time go to outer space with it, wake you're a kid who your prayers do well, I saw I saw I'm kind of embarrassing to admit despair like is it woodstock here nay and saw who I the oil schwartz. Yes, who I mentioned earlier, we were like
I know we were like fifteen or something anyone after yet, and I think there's a lot embarrassing aspects to this story, because one of them is that we paid in school we actually paid, and then we showed up on the bus with these tickets yeah. You know like, like I'm a jewish boys with ticket. Exactly you know, like yeah, you know the the the the section of love, gun and with our tickets, and there was no place to give and of course we do the brown acid immediately upon arrival a real end yet and like it, it was kind of a big disaster. So like we lost one of our sleeping bags and was like really saying no recollection of the music, you know why I remember a lot of the music, but by the third morning like we woke up and it was wet and like the place smelled terrible years. The sanitation wasn't really great and it was like muddy in the ass like bikers
in fact, a media throwing themselves into chain link, fences and pissing all over my girl anyways. We left and like as we will work in a way in which it ok, we love Jimi hendrix, but but but like if I wanted, if I wanna hear Jimi hendrix woodstock I'll. Just you know like get bucket a mud stick, my head in it and put some jimi hendrix on the record player and in the way, in the distance, we could hear an are real yeah as you're walking out as we were. So elo, I'm very sad about it. I didn't know we didn't know what would happen. Sure you know. Do you remember, did you she can't heat yeah may, there were great it's crazy dude, I mean watched always watching from other woodstock recently, just performances I can't he, but they were like a hell of a life. Then yeah they were. I could do it. So when do you sort of end? up your ass, a musician you in that world in new york, well as
a biological human being, I wound up in new york in nineteen. Seventy eight! You know it is on the bus and came back here and at the time, I just knew I want to work. I wanted to play guitar that was after you just been touring with rock band armband year, we had our local. You know. Bands, though I mean we, in jersey. No, no! No! This would this is up in may there won't. I asked data there for three years. What was was was great about. It was like you know we could work. We were pretty constantly right touring around. It was not great work. You know like it was like holiday in this way of whatever right, where we could get. I mean I've we'd play, parties out on some island. I remember waking up in a vegetable patch sugar yeah sure but I weren't you weren't you pushing the envelope known no I mean if, if we
in smart enough. We would have been a top forty band if we'd been smart enough to know what the top forty was yeah. You know we just played whatever we thought people wanted to hear over there, shrimp boats, yeah, you know great. On the other hand, we played for four sets a night and so changed. Yet you your ear flight yeah plant soap for playing five hours and nigeria develop does not develop in so you when you get to new york and seventy eight you ve got no real. You know like no way that already been happening right, yeah, a lot of things we already happening in a kind of a kind of. didn't get them to be As with you when I first irregulars you first hear it took me. It took me a few years: oh, who die first year when you got any, are well what I found got to new york. I would I was interested here. I went to see me gb here and I was checking at things out and I heard Richard hell yeah, you know young, I heard
I wish you hell in the void doors. I heard James chance yeah when I was in maine. We had the idea that, like jazz was the music of freedom. You know there were some like dyed in the wool, very good jazz player up their ia, and I took law since, with with one of them. I took about ten lessons from one one target: yea tony boffo here and what is well. He managed to condense, about three there's the berkeley school music into those ten lessons yeah. I guess I must I must have been pre ready to leah, yeah and so He show me the kind of stared approach to to be bought which is something that I never really anyways. I got what it what whatever I know of what it's about. I got for those and last year and of no particularly good at straight ahead, jazz play yeah, but you know I tried I practised and in our imaginations like
for those of us who had to play. The top forties have jazz seem like totally this other world of freedom and then, when I hit new york, to try to do to make that seen a different picture, presented itself because well, ok, it meant you go to these jam sessions. You have to know the standards where you have to know. You know what the real jazz buzz. We are the aspiring as balls and there would be a couple, a real jazz, both and most were bows. You know I think they're lying at the laughed I hadn't yet Wasn't immediately aware the last year this places like it was a club cod arbours where they would run. jam say ass. You know I wasn't particularly hip in other media. I wasn't listen the contemporary stuff. Here I was like listening to what aspiring jazz yours is hustle, but eventually
in the middle of that I started to listen to to go in here. These gigs lizards, ardor, lindsey, chancing, St James locked up that tree right. Yes, absolutely in a way yeah absolutely here. So I started you know, and I don't you realize man? The area a couple of things. One is that the word of jazz at the time. Mainstream gave very regimented sure, rather than being the you know, was like rather than being the music of freedom. It was. It was were regimented in terms of what you had to learn what you had to play right and wait. When do you start integrating yourself into the war? live improvisation, that's not. For me, I guess mid laid eighties well actually the well what is more, that it's the both free improvisation. When you talk about Derek Bailey, we're talking about
improvisational museum is different than free, jazz so guy I'll, be with both of them their music that involves process here, in other words its not just this is this thing on this record is this: is there glee beautiful thing that you're that that's their free, our admiration that are affected, no, what you get in those improvise music. Is you get a process? You get you get to hear artists working towards something getting you yet here and the red- the reward for listening to that process? Tat labor! Is you yet to witness the creation of something he s, not something that some composer worked out perfectly sherry forehand end or some effect yet has been done a thousand times before I get to witness the creation, something new yeah, so even if you don't get candy every thirty
second reactor earlier. It's a special kind of experience. We have. What point did you really submerged yourself in two creepy music world music, as it seems that you now in in the story of you that something Your fundamental shifted in your understanding of of rhythm well yeah, I mean I don't know. If I can. Say that there was a particular moment here? I mean first wallet Somehow france's is that aesthetic got in my garden? I brain yeah even though I wouldn't you know, I wasn't really aware of it. Yeah sure you know in everything that france did if was plain and for four somewhere there would be a little engine of three foregoing against it and vice versa. There is always some kind of empty.
I'd counter rhythm. Go, that's pretty key for you know four after a logical music here, but in another sense. Also, when I was living in new york like in the time I was living there like? south end and so on and yeah. It can be argued part of the mix, yeah, no sure either there you hear them whether you want to or not at least neighborhoods thou yeah, yeah yeah so was really it was around. It was in your neighbors. You know your neighbors radio, yellow on the street. Sure at block yeah. So I was there and also it was part of the c b gb mix to yet I was ok. I was playing rock you know, but some of the early c b gb bans were also influenced by other lorry side. Music, ah, ah
de ville, ok, yeah, we're deville yen. Interestingly enough, the only see babies band original. That was italy from the neighborhood the lower side, so they, super influenced by JO baton in this book, aloof thing earlier, which was like a kind of you no attempt to like in between our and b and saucer ere, you novia. So there was a lot of that. There was at the roots of rock, and Oh yeah yeah, but it's it's like, even though you you speak about rocking the how's that good part of your career where you are just you know, an astronaut and going far out there is. He could go with the right bands. Anybody rock the house, I'm telling you I mean, I remember with Henry grimes here with that spiritual unity with the energy and the late Roy Campbell junior in it and- and
shall I tell you- I mean I read- we had people in enough- austria and the like completely uptight Tyler Austria's shouting, how louis fixed idea like you got there here, the heir to the place. So It feels to me that, like you have a sound that there is in a way that you play that is uniquely yours, which is ultimately part of what gunning for yeah? Well, you know, like I'm really in a way? That's an after effect. You know, like I, don't know, people. I'm just trying to make whatever song on playing on at the moment sound sound, good here and and good meaning or I'm trying to make it into something I like so like if I'm working with the singer like Alice what the words are ia and what the
Words are supposed to me and I try to think of ok who are they? and where are they were what decade or they are they bar they standing in the middle of you know, are their standing in the grand canyon here and who would beast? Who. be the band is playing in that but pray regular bar yeah. Who would be the band you know or what? What's that answer. You am I supposed to be are happening in the grand canyon right you know so try to make. It makes sense like that and to whatever extent I play the same thing twice, which, admittedly I've I do a lot yeah, but it's a kind of a failure to be honest with you I like this idea that people go out like a little capitalist, building their brand yeah, like you know the style generating they own yeah try to sound good and rock the house, and then, if, if, if that I mean,
If I have a styles, mostly due to my limitations, will you that's great in a way, but I mean it seems like party or sensibility is kind of you know. A legacy of coming from sort of a radical jewish. Your post hippy place nick, placing it feels. Like you know, when you got to new york, there was still a few of them around here. You might because you worked with Ginsburg right yeah. Well, you know I mean when you just said that I I thought was thinking that how will know would be one person who tried to who kind of tied together. A number of generations of of radical new york yea some parties likely. I keep it. Some sort of archives with with a context yeah The context was like the three stooges, mostly here and there it was like way and two were yeah. He was sir in law,
with with pop culture, the fifties and six yeah, but also like when he bruce yeah yeah, and you worked with him a lot I worked with how a fair amount he's much missed. You know, We are using such an interesting guy. What made him so like interesting, musically? Well, you know, he just had a heel. What he liked to do was was cross pollinate. Different generations in slightly different scenes. You know so it. Also on that record that you mentioned the with with Work with against via you know, he got it he got a bunch of posts, punk people via a merger. As pbl of different generations in different scenes and put them in the same room and said, do something yeah yeah and we did yeah. You know I'm that that record, I think it's
it was reassured as something else, but the original title was the lion for real is one them very proud of here played on. So what about all those years with zorn like strictly speed as a player, I feel like I play better on other people's records. Are here I'm not so worried about. You know, there's a million things among other things, have to deal with my own record. So I think without question. So I worked with John for with fairer fur will decades the early- and you know we're still friends and work together occasion and I learned a lot from him is music is very challenging year. You know it's a it's a real stretch, I think I went blind from trying to read his charts that he writes with. I don't know if you it's like one of those brush
is weavers with one hair or something but and yet very very challenging stuffs? What I learned a lot- and I also think without- question and in a very protein you not, I mean us. This before but like. If I get it Do many film scores bay. I get one like I'll get it now. Like worry about it, every day for two months before I record it, yeah rights a fair out in life? You know really go crazy, John gets a film score. He wakes up a little earlier that day and the day the recordings reaction and rights it while he's watching tv and listening to another record, what I'm here yeah he has compiled, the jobs very rare ashes, say and an yeah he puts out Rodion, I don't know. It's a lot of work just to listen to
together, we listened, but I mean I again I yet there is a few workers here that I would just listen to you and I was just kind of my mind- was born here. We gonna rocks house with you, oh yeah. He always also manage to find great players and It seems to me that you worked with weights and helped the sort of defence his shifting sound. Do you think? That's true, ah, well was that rain dogs, real rain dogs yeah. I was on rain dogs Frank's wild years. Those are the kinds I really like. You know like. It seems like the end of the old weights, was probably a heart attack and vine and then shifted in closing swordfish trombones yeah, which I wasn't on. We, as was like, I think, first one where he really started to get into experimenting with a lot of different sounds seattle. Your guitar fit perfectly well, implants sort another. I'm rain dogs, but I'm rain dogs yeah. I really
I really like what he was doing it at times us ass, glad to get called out work is a bandleader well, first of all he's as as a produce, bandleader yeah he's great work because he can sets a vibe here or a mood yeah, maybe the time. Maybe a play, low percussion, but he'll get mood going basic rhythm guy here, and then he leaves it to us to come up with our part right and he's kind of like an editor. If it's not for him. He ll, let you know india and try something else, but you always very respectful musicians and gave us alive, space to develop what we're, what we, doing and yeah is also were, what the he works in the studio. Most people like they know. Somebody like way
as the artist airs and they see in the theater right or they here on the record book, but musicians no. No and and other artists to who in the studio, a role in their own production we know and as a produce. Yet so he was, he was the one who was like. Deciding on the sound ia and he's very fearless producer. not the kind of producer who, like Oh, what every microphone is year and knows you know every compressor said, ensure at all that, but he's the kind who says wanted to sound like this. Any just doesn't stop really gets a sound. He likes you so you know I mean you're talking about less claypole. Yet we ve all doug no music recordings and field record here right right, but weights. Just dig him. He said he took the obvious step, but nobody else did it.
says I want to ban to set up on my driveway. I wasn't there, but that was now. You know Now is the time when the greatest things ever heard when they had some one asked him what his favorite music was and he said aunt em radio across the street. Would you know that's? That is that's it. A kind of a deep comment, because it's something that that waits there. I think I haven't in calm area. Would waves? Is that you know some people are dealing with a history amuse but like more dealing. with the memory of it. You know, sir, Oh that's! Interesting! Yeah, like I remember playing, record another record, there was that's really cool. is a buddy miller, made a record majestic silver strings. You know bunch, Bunch of people were on it like
xl played on a bunch of it. eight musicians there- and I was and we made it down in nashville- we're buddy miller- lies of course, buddy himself, the fantastic victoria guitarist and and I was listening to bodies, tracks and and and bill for cells track. And they sounded like exactly like if someone had had gone into the master recordings, were nineteen late night in fifties, classic nashville huh session in and got the guitar sense, and I listened minded it sounded like this crinkled horrible things degraded thing and I realized their recording the hit, three of this kind of music according how I heard it on
the radio of my mother's chevy delay. Yet when I was four years old and got left in the car wreck, yeah yeah, that's a sound, yet So what are you you're out on tuna yeah I have been. I have been touring and I I dropped. I was in the neighborhood, which is to sales in minneapolis last night, oh yeah, and so I just dropped in to you know, talk to speak with you. I thank you for doing that. My pleasure, who you tournois thousand, what is it the trio idyllic occur. Other things there I played with a jazz bins too great I'm for arts man, the annapolis the best absolutely and for former home of the purple potentate himself. Yes, as for sure right, I also played with John the dusky. We didn't do. Oh yeah, yeah, that's great I hope this always worth it. Fine over whelps so far,
I think I think we got get your daughter sitting out in the in the heat, it was good talking to you, man yeah. Likewise there you go double header again, as I said before, you can get these ceramic dog album connection wherever you give music and the big music get hang out for a minute folks,. our people tomorrow for full marin subscribers will post the latest ask mark anything episode. We got hundreds of questions, so you can see if years made the kind, and if you didn't hear the announcement at the top of the show anyone subscribe to wmd have plus by october fifteen. We'll be eligible to win one of thirty signed to her posters, just click the link in the episode description to sign up or go to. Wtf pod, dot, com and click on wtf, plus and before we go a reminder that the show is sponsored by better help. It's a simple truth, no matter who you are mental health challenges can effect
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Moreover, the monkey,
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