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Episode 1476 - Larry Charles

2023-10-05 | 🔗
Larry Charles always knew he liked comedy but he also knew he liked being a button-pusher. Those preferences are on display in his writing for Seinfeld, his work on Curb Your Enthusiasm, and his direction of movies like Borat, Bruno, and his latest film Dicks: The Musical. Larry and Marc talk about comedy’s role in the world as a display of defiant humanity, their shared appreciation of John Waters, and Larry’s filmmaking experience with Bob Dylan.

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They'd folks, I've got something for you. I was, through my office and found a bunch of my comedy tour posters and he can't get any more of these are posters with original artwork from various places I performed throughout the years. So I figured why give them away to some w t have super fans. We'll start by In thirty signed tour posters to w t have plus subscribers to be eligible. You have to be subscribed to w t have passed by a tobin fifteenth. The drawing will take place to that date and winners will be informed by email, the post can only be shipped within the? U s we plan to do Were these so make sure you're subscribe to w p plus to be eligible, just go to the lincoln, the episode description to sign up for w tat was by october, fifteenth and to read the terms and conditions for this. Give away take my posters, please folks, what if I told you that, instead of what I am saying now, I could be talking about your bid,
yes, if you're in advertiser or a marketer- and you want me to do the talking for you visit a cast self service, add platform where any business can browse and book pod casters like me, tell your story in a way audiences trust. Sixty two percent of listeners make a purchase after hearing, strike me read and add head over to go down a cast, dotcom, swash sponsorships to launch your campaign. That's go dot a cast dot com, swash sponsorships all right. Let's do this, how are you what the fuckers, what the fuck bodies, what the plug mix how's it going? I'm mark marin. This is my podcast welcome to it when we get this right out the beginning, because I want people to know- and I can't I can't come out knock on every door. I can email all of you, I don't know who you are, but I do have some gigs coming up
primarily the one I wanted to tell you about and make sure you know about, is that I added a sixth show a sixth fucking mouth. Six I doing I was. five now I'm doing six have added a show in Portland Oregon. We then day. Wait show on Sunday october, twenty second, because nothing sold out so early of your in portland any want to go to helium go get a ticket, you can get tickets, a deputy of pod doc slash tour, I'm also in bellingham, washing, didn't amount baker theatre for one show on Saturday october. Fourteenth is part of the bellingham exit festival. These are pacific northwest gigs, if you're in seattle make the drive, I won't be back to seattle until spring. I won't be back to for windows, tome, probably the late so If I come back so these are shows that are gonna happen once in a year. I also want to clear up this this bit of business
and it might only be important to one or two people might be important to esa historians might be important to deep our does why bell fans it might be port into Alan's. Why bell? Because he texted me about it. So so I bow reached out to me in. I guess this has been well documented. He was all upset that that the chair didn't quite credit him forward during our conversation, and he took some credit for it. I believe, but the joke was the post office is about to a stamp commemorating prostitution in the united states, its ten cent stamp. If you wanna likud, it's a quarter. Was Alan's. Why bells joke and he was on the show he has featured on episode. Eleven thirty, five great guy, great writer, I told him I'd clear that up now its clear were good did mentioned today that, charles, is on the
a man. We are we, we gotta go in man and there's something I just lock into, and we definitely had a great conversation, he was a writer on seinfeld, then a director on curb your enthusiasm. He directed the movies boy, at bruno. The dictator, unmasked and anonymous is new film called dicks the musical and there are some guys I just kind of locking with, and we just go. Mary was definitely one of those guys. I've been wanting to meet him and talk for a long time. I always thought that he was somewhat of a mysterious character and might not be up. and who would like to talk to me or that I would be able to talk to, but it was I gather kindred its man. It was definitely a symbiotic kind of riff party slightly jewish in origin. I think, by the nature of how we connected there the mentally and genetically. In terms of you know, the guy
a man there's the eternal kind of Ash canasta, groove, they're, gonna, move, through the universe certainly through comedy in show business in everything else in the week. I think we're we go I've told you that, for an hour plus and who it A conversation but I do want to say something about this movie now: oki No, I dont know all the seinfeld episodes I'd ever locked in and then eventually end. I just went away I It's always available. Yo ad infinitum is out a way to use that forever. Somewhere there there's always a seinfeld episode playing somewhere at any time, but it was not my show and certainly I've, I've known about larry for years. I knew about his involvement will curb. I knew about bore at in this stuff and he always seemed like this interesting guy. That was able this kind of carve out here comedy life, but the point this movie guy. I don't know what I'm getting into when people send a
two made a watch, and I know this is where charles and I know, that he's a isa boundary pusher. I know that he is a comedic risk, take her when, given the freedom to do I had no idea what to expect no idea what to expect from this musical dicks. Now I assumed that the title men dicks night, dick, like you, know, dicks by still been no- and I gotta be honest with you, it is a filthy, crass, insane, legit, musical and in a way- talked about it? It came out of the minds of a couple of guys who improvised it Nathan lane. Isn't it megan malawi is in it it's a real musical, but it is transcendent. We filthy and I would say gratuitous we so why not I mean it. Is designed to be as filthy is it can within the sort of world that it creates and because its amused,
go and because it is sort of grounded in an idea, a conceit that is fundamentally a gay concede that there is a balance to the filth. because it is not really make. Fun of any body in a way that meaner vicious, but it certainly insanely dirty and- and I would say, provocative it It is a type of comedy that for me- and I and I talked to him they said they were there were times in the seventies, and he came up. he's a little older than me, but there was a type of comedy happening coming at a san francisco coming out of new york coming out of you, los angeles, to a great degree, I'm sure many major cities that would just you have fallen balls to the wall smut for this of smart for the sake of filth, for the sake of being already it with some sort of kind of reaction to The creative licence that lenny
created that robber crumb picked up on that even young people I Al Goldstein were were sort of on the pulse of. There was something happening, john waters for sure, where the comedy yet was, rightly secondary to how bad could the taste b and I'm not king bout taste in your mouth and saying this is bad taste shit, but there is a whole world of comedy that did that and there is a certain aggressive, just fucking dirty camp to it and I think is directly connected to waters and in this is something that I am. John waters would love, but there are some things that you can't even understand where they came from, but for some reason they make perfect sense in their completely fucking dirty, but they are rooted in something. There is some about gay culture in here. That is completely embracing, yet completely kind of not me in front of budget taking to the limit I guess they're making fun but because it is driven by gay. characters. There is there
a about Stu! I don't, even though I found it to be kind of mine blowing and of all. It honours destroy sure of a musical It really! Well, somehow. I care really work. You know it. You get into view pour out new, like those movies that type a movie This one is so well thought out: it's not improvisational adventure, there's danced numbers, there's a full spectrum of dirty ideas in it and it should don't see this shit anymore, man, you know, don't see pure dirty well, our he waited well visualized, well, choreographed, good songs when it This too, to a year comedy, I would say there several trigger warnings, but the bottom line is it is a complete. Oh of filth in bad taste in a way that I have not seen certainly since john waters, and certainly syn, the seventys and-
certainly not with this kind of production value. I I loved it. And I- and I was happy that I did. And I could enter the conversation with what he was there to talk about me and we talked about everything but man that fuckin movie dixon amused. go see it. If you can end Let yourself be kind of mine blown by pure filth in the most uplifting and funny way. Possible work. People were in the middle of the fall, which means there are lots of fall activities. sighed the house, sporting events, pumpkin picking, harvest vests homecoming, it's a busy time when you're, not home, make sure your keeping your place secure with simply safe home security and the revolutionary homer during innovation. Twenty four seven lifeguard protection. If someone breaks into your home simply saves professional monitoring, agents actually see
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couldn't. I couldn't go on any more, I eat, you know it. It's broken the last we left off. It was still broken. I texted Alex. He said he was out of town. He would fix it when he got back. I have not from him and I've not stout again because I can't be- that guy anymore, it's ridiculous. It was a fuckin farce and I guess no harm no foul on some level. He was pretty dead set on fixing it. I think it is fair to me like it was a year. His wife's, it would be a defining moment to fix my refrigerator bite I can't do it anymore. I can't pastor the guy can't wait around, for something is not going to happen. I e it was it was a codependent relationship- and you I have closed it up with him. I haven't said: look I don't see you anymore or look. This is in working out or I'm moving on to other repair,
personnel I couldn't I could I just I just I just go stadium and I'm fucking done with it, because I'm proud to announce that I, just a new refrigerator that will be delivered later this month. it's basically the same model and ends going to fit the hole in the wall. Am I'm starting fresh I mean. I know that thing was fifteen or over fifteen years old and has been through a lot look man. It's not even the ice maker anymore. The thing is old, its yellow the that seal, the seals are getting kind of flag, It's yellowing around the seals, the plat, the plastic is drying out, and it's just a lot of things. A lot of things. It's a it was a beautiful piece of equipment I know Alex who have did I know that you know his feelings for, for the refrigerator were different than mine. You know he really thought that he could help it. He really thought that he could life in and make its. You know it's it's next few years you know not prosperous, but productive.
Worms of ice making, but a year he does, I think I can say, drop the ball back. Both giving up that happens in these relationships in this was really threesome in a way it was me, in this- and this old fridge It was kind can a running out of steam and its its days are numbered butter, I'll spend quality time with it. I am not going to tell Alex I'm not to tell the angry ukrainian repairman that his project, his wife project, that was going to send him off into the sunset the kind of thing that he can kind of put a notch on his belt for victories. in his life is just not going to happen and I'm not gonna marry and bring it up until maybe I'll get in touch with me in a few weeks ago I gets done dude. It's done that fridges, on your hated it anyways it's gone baby. So I will now goes when I let no, I dont assume hill
the emotional about it. I don't know, but he did what me that the new ones have too many computers am, which means on some level, because he is the license repair guy for thermidor ya. I imagine, will see Alex again down the line and will be, further convening over another refrigerator. That's more complicated, not as good but nonetheless that means it is a future for a new triad, me ukrainian alex and the thermidor. That's got too many brains, that's the name of the book. That's the name of the short story. That's the name of the fable! That's the name of the children's book. It's all happening! Folks! Okay, here we go so the on that Larry dead called dicks? The musical opens in theatres tomorrow, friday october six and will be expanding in future weeks the movie is being distributed by eight twenty four and it has an interim promotional agreement, would sag after
and this thing is a it's a fucking dirty filthy movie, it is a crass bit of provocative and really edgy humor, and it's definitely not. Everybody? But I don't know how that promotion. I dont know how that plug wheel. Almost everybody go see it. I'm going to stand by that this is me knocking the Larry Charles, may folks it's time to discover what now playing in los angeles, let's start with food. I just had chef my go Simon. Tell me that los angeles is home to the best food in the country. Right now, and of course it is when you have so many cultures and diverse backgrounds, cooking up anything you can think of how could it not be I'd like to get a scarfs which is a persian place down the ship? for me. Sometimes they go to joy in island park for chinese food, but you know: that's just me:
los. Angeles is synonymous with show business, but arts and culture are more vibrant here than ever before, from museums to music to street art. To comedy art is everywhere in l, a thinking about your first trip here goes star ceremony on how we would boulevard or check out location tours of some your favorite movie sites, your head on over to the comedy store on sunset, where see me most nights and, while you're here and allay don't forget to look up and soak in the legendary blue sky. That's a light that inspires d, actors around the world. Your face, Dana lay is waiting for. You start here at this ever allay dotcom, that's discover allay dot com. Noticing, I'm gonna be sixty next week congratulation or thank you. I made it so it isn't. I don't think you notice him until sixty. Really I didn't guy. You know
a didn't matter ever summaries and sixtys like back well can pretend I'm not gonna die anymore, that's right it. I think I was able to pretend that I was a mortal mind and that allow me do a lot of crazy thing right and suddenly. I have like a penny of light. While I could die like here, I need time and people we know or dying around us in any time. When I know logic, I know a yeah. I think, like I had this weird framework in my brain, that if you, if you made it you know tat. Twenty three, you! Ok, that's the first, many of you and then, if you make it like. I think I put it at like thirty four and your good men. If you make it past fifty five, you you can be proud in for a good run. Yeah yeah. That whole debate is true. I dunno I tell myself. Yes, I think we have to delude ourselves. That's the only way we get through this. That's all of it. Yes yeah! I you know, americans also. We have. We have the good privilege. The fortune of being able to
I spend time contemplating this stuff sure if you're in mogadishu you're just running all the time. You know who yeah yeah and- and I think there is something about the framework of that of the series that you did You know around that stuff there I want. I want to bring up, but it buncher. But personally The anxiety is directly relative to mortality awareness, yes, but my guy- and I think the anxiety for me is that I get obsessed with bull shit. absolutely I abstractions right we have to do. racked ourselves from arm are crushing reality at all costs. So you know, like I used to talk about earnest back or all the time about the denial of data is that if we not parties, they are so you and I are not believers Russell you know, so you wouldn't have we're not afforded the luxury of be feeling some parties.
bigger than our cell right that's mythological to define our existing yes, so it really has to be about. You know why the fuck is this coffee machine network? Will it also, I think, if I may, I ask our egos. You know a week we ve lost, we lost control of our egos along the way somewhere and now you know as work sort of facing mortality Egos sort of trying to fight us on this reality. You re right o, like the denial of death and all those things are the eagle holding on, because expanded my my vision of what the of what It is after death, it's like ok, maybe we are electrical impulses or where energy and somehow we go on, but mark and larry don't go on. I know is very now. However, ye go the reconstruction efforts analogy. I is gone rights of, but do you find comfort in electrical particles? No, I dont not at all it horrify history. I want Larry, never electrical particles when no consciously that's right, that's uplifting, yeah! It doesn't help us now, as I do
I vote for the good for the the cosmos sure, but not for us and be part of cosmic dust for eternity is something that's. Where are you going to get yeah? Well I mean I I've been doing this bit onstage about how, like I blacked out at the top of the mountain recently and a it's a it's a sort of a a kind of a multi level bit about you're. My my girlfriends passing about getting awareness by by but the eye you black out, have you blacked out recently? No, I have not have you ever mental think I should you know why drink tequila when I was a teenager- and I think I blacked out then the last time, but then people tell you what you did with vomit and we're still engaged in the world exactly exactly yeah, but no, I blacked out and I realize, because I stretched and I went down- and I was by myself and I came to my face on the ground, but when I was out there was nothing and it was comforting. Why? Because I realized like if I hadn't woken up, I was, I see the wiser and it wasn't, it wasn't horrifying. You know,
It was. It was, it was ok, I don't want it. but if it happens that quickly, god willing you're right. That is a kind of a way to look at it also like when it happens, it's going to be over and it's not going to matter what you think or feel or what anybody else thinks or feels you're going to not exist anymore. It's hard to wrangle, isn't that dangerous, because I went to a I went to an estate lawyer yesterday to redo my will and you're having this, You know they want me to do that, I'm about to start doing them myself. We have- and I put it off by the way, because I don't wanna like make- you know it statement about my death. Yes, that's exactly had been. That's that's the horrible thing. I'm sitting here with her and all paperwork work that you have to sign. It's all relative to you not being there that's correct and then that the sordid ego fight that happens in the moment is like a we. You know you, given this person on the other monies that our railway you and am I, influencers make on some make on some level, but then your brain does Michael. Do they deserve it? You're with that? But it's also like it's that if you die
it's like when you die. What are you going to do so that when you die that definitive thing is too overwhelming, and I have avoided that kind of conversation, my entire life, oh yeah, and she was very funny because, there's that to the medical stuff, like you know, if you're you're, on the machines or whatever hiring a medication- and she says I think you should raise. This is important today to dinner. Did today you gotta do hackler, who knows when you lie what you're getting hit by a bus, as though I know that is fuckin scary to bin laden, pardon the curse. I mean, I know it's a curse or you want ok, so I guess we're just This study that had a conversation about you know with with my producer, you're kind of like trying to process certain stuff. Like I watch dicks, I watched the new film and it's it's. I have an amazing movie. Thank you, and relaunch- and it's amazing gear for all the reasons that you know you ve sort of evolved as as a guy who is going to create, stop that's jarring com.
pretty well balanced in terms of you know they it's it's. Not responsible in its crossness correct gratuitous. If not gratuitous ended its it's. It's sort of morally balance, a correct. It is It is also a weirdly, especially from me, a life affirming very human movie right at the choice to use a musical eyes the context anti it's a real, it's a real test of that genre. Yes, because you know you you, we went out your way too, sort of obviously higher the best in the brightest and musical racket. Yes, and so the songs, hold yeah and the actors are musical professionals. Nathan way mega malawi and the two leads, who I didn't know she'd, be by the way in new york are an megan the stallion now, but that was sort of fascinating about. It is the the meant that makes musicals ino heartening,
and powerful is, is all in place with a sort of ridiculous, an eel, yo kind of and balls to the wall, you know offensive fest. Well, you know it's. A musical is unique. At least a modern musical. This musical was a unique opportunity, at least, as I saw it to the musicals, such artificial for musical existed before you chose to film it. That was an existing musical. No, they have a review at the. U c b, that was about thirty minutes law. Ok, that were they played all the rolls soccer and it was a kind of a short little short story, sketchy version of what we wrote. What became this movie? You know and it took about a year to really develop into a script that could be shot, but I love the form of the musical being artificial, so artificial that you can break the fourth wall, that you could talk directly to the owners that you can interact with the audience, and I drew on a lot of influences from stanley down in and jean Kelly and
the town I mean you re, it's the musical is what it is, but it's also a deeply dug in John the film. Yes, that you know is as important in the history of film as any other there's only a few yes, and it was a you know something oddly, that became very popular during the worst times in our country. Interior. I arrive. Absolutely I've been post world war two's really when the musical starts and flourish the anna and so ok. So when he saw tat, you see be wiser, an improvised exercise was a descriptive think they have been doing it they had been working is a word feel like five years already by the time I saw it on tape and and so it had been evolved. But it was just always the two of them playing all the parts, and there was a lot of other things going on in the in the review that we didn't wind up using in the play, because we had to sort of Screenplay thou it actually has some structure and can lead to some place and have a little bit more of a story than the rule.
It does the review, because thirty minutes long they didn't, worry about narrative and things like that issue. Once you realize that you're the way you set it up to a you know with the with the one liners or the you know, the idea that these are two gay guys playing a guy. I can remember how YA ya frame tube to gay men first time game and of ever written anything that he has wisely idea and then playing straight man, so yeats, already kind of ridiculous, but by the time the conceded the thing unfolds it began, more and more absurd bite. But there is because You know when you say you should be. I have to assume that the idea I have sewer. Boys came out of an impromptu, probably so, and I I don't even know their origin doesn't matter, but you you decided, you had to manage that manifest. Yes, that's right! Yes, as soon as I read the sewer boys or heard them talk You don't see them in the play and you know the vagina, the play, but as soon as I saw, those things are being talked about. This embody vagina and the sort of
for the movie. I mean I love science fiction. I love horror, I love making. We'll scream and a movie theater leading to laughter. So I thought those are gonna, be fine, it has to goldman's for the movie if we can manifest them in some way, but obviously as a riff as something that spoken. You know it just functions as a joke, but once you realize it visually, it becomes a joke, but it also becomes something grotesque, and in and an envelope pushing and all. I love that I love those threats and synthesis between the grotesque and the horror and the comical yet, and I like the naked fight and bore. As you know, these things we were showing their asses and were showing their balls and it's kind of gross and hello funny, you view laughing despite yourself, but that is giving to that point- is a very cathartic moment that you're not as but with bore agnew in most of those things in it its visceral in the sense that it is just human flashing people doing something vulnerable and am bizarre, but when you're out
creating. You know, props like it, but there was a there's a precedent for all of it. I mean the vagina precedent is the plant in exactly in little shop, all hours rate opera horrors liquor. Mass of musical yeah get your musicals that I loved ass. A kid lay, a little shop horrors funny thing happened on the way to the form, because with super funny you know that a few musicals really spoke to me aura. You know rockefeller enough, well, fiddler. I knew because my parents were so into it like my bar mitzvah. Album has be like, with the sunrise sunset or through the picture at all, so yeah, I'm aware of those kinds of shows, but it wasn't into them right now course yeah, but it's part of the tradition exactly right, but the story is really these identical twins that don't really work alike who didn't know they were identical. Twins, coincidentally, live next door to each other work at the same place and then realized identical twins in their both in the authorities may decide that they know they figure out that both the parents were were separated.
And they didn't know about each other and that they're going to try to get their parents back together again there's a twist in terms of of how the the brothers relationship evolves, correct You wait for me well put by the way been doing this awhile for for me, you know the the distorted your life of the idea you because, Nathan wayne to play a you know a kind of dirty mouth their gay man. Who is fine with that and then the the idea of the sewer boys being there. There is also something that the sword boys is not just absurd correct. and the implications of certain things and mother and the wheelchair that might not need the wheelchair vagina fella it seems absurd- but for some reason it reads as as human and and provocative in a deeper way. Yes and then to have boeing Yang as as slightly, I would say, came be bordering on drag
guide correct. Why cant, by the way camp, the sensibility of camp, he s a big role in the movies, while for sure, if people were people before people like people, today I don't really know a camp even is and sober able to introduce those elements. This was that the guys used to call this they're doing straight yeah, you know they're playing straight mandates, campi for them to place great man enough. Well, how do you define camp we'll camp, I think, is an is generally the gay culture, exaggerating the street culture. That's how I would I would it is this that so that was in your mind from the beginning, ass, very much, because we come right out and say these, because that's what the movie really is. It's too guys playing streak eyes that tell you right at the beginning and people laugh at that and that also helps relax people when you get it right at the top people start to relax. they can cannot be more open to what's. Gonna come like an bore out again to go back to that. The opening has the kazakhstan tv station logo and people just laughed
that and then they were able to accept in flow with us. Then it becomes a trip that we're all on together right right. It is very different, though, because, like I was thinking about the humanity at the at the heart of of all this stuff, because that was a conversation I had this morning in terms of you know uh. Where do you put comedy of this type? You know with Bora there The vulnerability comes from his em. Paper, normal people, yeah, really yeah he's a innocent, really right, and so all his initial gives you promise Shouldn t go very far with the humour, because he doesn't know any better and hear all because it's gay guys playing straight guys. You could go for stray politically. What type of human rights, as you know, it's a comment on that. Rather than dialogue cannot rudy rooted in any sort of shock value fuck, you were wrathful whenever, but with bore it, though a lot of the humor relies,
on the vulnerability of the of the mark. Correct, correct people were very patient with them, actually which helped with the humor too large. But also it creates a sensitivity and an empathy with, but with people that we judge harshly as a group as being your terrifying him in should be the end of a democracy. Yes, that's right. also, if you know, as well as the director in those situations, I found myself even having sympathy, sometimes right for the white supremacist somebody, because I knew we knew more than they did you know, is one and with much more ammunition that they knew we had so they're kind of a little bit at a disadvantage in those dynamics, and sometimes I feel bad for the poor. it's like wow. They really have. No idea what the fuck is going on with that sort of question that, like you know, is kind of you know in my mind about you, you know what what comedy is for you know in on the series. were you a sort of go to all these war torn countries, our thoughts, authoritarian countries and do doc? worries about what is
happening there in comedy once you calling it larry Charles dangerous world of comedy idea. It was four parts right yes, here is that you Is that about because, like it or not, I'm not asking that I'm just thinking out loud in the sense that, like I, was trying to figure out when you approach these people, these dupes these footsoldiers of an ideology is that, where I come from in terms of my approach to comedy and into the audience is that, like all these people obviously had childhood mother, misguided who has your brains, don't work correctly. You know that they may not necessarily that their salvageable by it. It can be said that it, but after a certain point in no longer does become sympathetic, but by their that. My approach is therefore people yes right, you're right, they are, but I but there's a mindset when you shooting like bore out of like it's a killer, instinct,
no no, but I'm not judging now, where I'm. Judging is why you judge casual by the eternal? No, I I it it's fine, you know- and I understand that, there's a killer instinct, but somehow or another it still balance itself out, because I know you've got to get He will sign off on this year. So but my point this is like. How do we fix it? whereas you know, I think that your comedy doesn't deal with that right and that going back to the documentary hurry gus is, I think, what we find out Talking to Raoul peck about you know growing up in These countries, where you know, authoritarian Women and war is a constant from day, one of your existence, you ve integrated, that experience in to your being is away life it s. Now we don't know that is americans, but what I I understood this morning is not its not that when you say comedies, courageous in these environments, certainly it is because of what its up against
but it knows fundamentally on some level, is not necessary to facilitate change right, but but what it does The facilitate is the defiance necessary to maintain your humanity correct, it reflects reflects their reality and that resonates with the people that are listening and watching what they're doing, even if just doing it on their iphones like in places. Liberia, which are war torn places. You walked down the reach in the middle of monrovia, liberia, half the people are amputees. Missing eyes or whatever, and the fact the commonly conduct emerged almost like hadda, a surge in the wake of the civil war and Ebola, is is the power of comedy there. You know at a kind of gay people a place to turn a little catharsis, a little connection to their community register their humanity after having it's true
The way by all these are the things that vat is the thing that you know like when you talk about the the effect of lenny Bruce or the effect of a type of defiance in the face of of poles. Goal, narrow, mindedness or or bad legislation in how it relates to free speech and whatever that sort of from fight right that you know that it's not date that monies humanity was in present most of the time in an even more so as he got less funny? Yes, why? But I think my misconception in thinking about it. Your previous to this morning was you're that that comedy somehow your serves a point in in fighting a fight which are not necessarily does what it does. The fight its fighting is the the portal through which, People can maintain their humanity as opposed to become sort of dead idea
bees or our carrying stooge right- that's right will even in this country you think about your airline right out george was trying to do that as well. You know, and but the sad thing is when I watch george from a video from ten years ago. He's talking and stuff that hasn't changed. It's still like that today, you know why he's commenting, but the changes that you're talking about don't really wind up occurring as they don't. Not only do they not occur, but you know for some reason, because of the entitlement and the the the comfort that we have here. Surely if you want to call that side of you being fundamentally distracting and disabling people's ability to deal with a most anything right, the pot, the culture that that you know car one at that point, the only way they you know he became falander. That is to really gives zero fox. That's right! That's right! media today are having trouble doing that and that's why you're, having this kind of this,
companies in a weird transitional phase right now my point of view on it is it's: it's it's. It's transits janine into something bad, Ok, I was an actual about that one. No, I mean, I think it's become tribal eyes, and in my point of view is, is there once the the sort of the fight of whatever it is anti cancer culture or we can what we want we want, which is tolerable, I agree with, bins. With these pseudo libertarians You know who make comments that are provocative, but their egos feel like their full. Servers and have social momentum and that their leaders of men. Now that you know what happens
Is there not deep enough to realise or being collected by a fascist ideology, so there being used there? They are pawns in the same game right absolutely people I'd Russell bran there being used at the same time. They are you employed, but yeah. Well, there's the drift at the place of it and there's the protection that speaking too, that if your speaking the people that are intolerant and don't respect vulnerability, or apologizing, then you ve, he's got a livelihood and as long as you don't apologize and by returns patrol that's a trump philosophy, but that but the open the door to die. But what I'm saying is that that these egos, that belief their fighting, some good fight. Are being duped. but there are also making a lot of money. So I don't that they give a fuck that are being duped. So in there you getting into the capitalist system itself, also reaches what would lose a lot of people. You know they think there. it can progress. They think they are helping to think they're, making change, but right you're right, their part.
The system, really that perpetuates they're, making money and in their mind winning, is money the curve? ten and end at once. That becomes part of comedy. It gets washed down and then that the thing that I notice recently that bothers me, the most is that once these troops are set by the reigning voices in comedy and in an ideological contact is to which is anti woke or free speech is then you have found. Thousands of hacks crew who decide that like. Oh, I guess I gotta do my transmit for you. Now. It's like night out row, there's four of them but warrant those people all. So doing. You know sort of cheap common, back in the seventies it when I was selling jokes, from the communist or you know, I used to watch all those commitments get up on stage and it was only a couple of convenience who were brilliant. No, no. Hackers have yeah, but but when that the troops of happiness become, You know focused
and any sort of dismissive of established ino, marginalized people or feelings where you like you, get past sat you feel like you, the junk like so like theirs. We ve been hacked windows. The hack become part of them, the dangerous culturally will. I think happened to us happened in the seventies and eighties, led to all those bad sitcoms. You know maybe they're coordinated sitcoms, it's not you know like it's. Not crystal knock know, that's true. It would be interesting if it was it'd, be a good tick. Yeah yeah, there's like that. There was that show like here: heil hitler, I'm home or when he was a english sitcoms, are hereby on yeah, like hitler lived boost next door to a british family and it lasted like one episode but what is going on? What's your point, that that that the hacks led to a sort of media
chris status quo. Yes, we had we had a period. I knew a lotta communities at that time who weren't very good, who weren't trying very hard. We didn't have any vision, didn't really have massive. We didn't have a griffith yeah, it is. was a white. It was a lie thing. Yes, white male thing to a large degree as What's changing now. Is it's not ok, my email stirring in your answer? Yes exactly, but the the french stuff was very hard. I mean I think, richer prior becomes important, that kind of sailor. A course ease the transition from from the obscure to the mainstream, the attic and exposing people and carlin and all those people were influenced to him and so that expanded the language and that allowed good comedians to explore more interesting things, and comedians to make more cheap, jokes sheriff It seems to me that, what's happening with dick, this new film is that you know we are in a moment in this country that year
he's alluding most people, but it's real is that you know the threat is real. It's almost seemingly unavoidable at this point, whether its authoritarianism, org or climate disaster and and yet what what I saw dicks as in this context- and this goes back to the there's two things that happen- is that like. Sometimes I don't know how to context wise John waters, but you eve if if dicks was not done professionally, what was not done with real actors? be a nineteen, seventy something John, what is correct, chess and- and so I'm a massive fan of my wing you be, but what what what happens is in light of what we're talking about is the humanity that your? U defending an end and speaking, the voice of defiance in this movie Oregon Actually, the
people that are going to be first against the wall. Yeah, that's right! Well, that's what makes this movie so, I think, liberating possibly because we are sort of like a throwing the gauntlet down to all entire audience. You know a man, brother, whose a trump supporter watch the trail, and he actually loved that and he shouted to his friends were rolled from support, his back and long island, and they would do. and my premise is always a whole movie yeah. My prayers it's because they don't know they're. Looking for something too that's funny yeah, they don't really care about the the the things that happens on the show specifically, so they don't care. You know I'm worried about that. I'm not worried about when you know that you went out of your way to balance that last musical number, with with the fact of of boeing, yanks jungle- yeah, so so, but they're not going to read that you're. Just like what you say right, they don't care that doesn't bother, you know it does it because I can't control at once. It's out there like, when you make a joke on stage, you
I can't control whether the one is going to laugh or not, and this is the same thing in a movie theater to me once the move is done, and I have coffee as in the movie itself. I let it out there and people are going to get what they get out of it like a painting, hopefully, they'll, look at it and people will see different things and they'll go back. It's a very dense movie, because I want people, like a great album to go by. And listen and watch again and again because all stuff that they missed as well- and so that's me- is very important here to sort of provide something that can sort of. actually seems like an obscure esoteric thing, but that actually you have a mass massa is, I believe, a movie like this can appeal to everybody because why it's funny? It's actually, we can sing too. It's got great songs. Those two things my mother would love this giardino, not sure kids are going to be doing the music. Well, anybody over the age of sixteen can see the movie. It's true. I we call it a fact. We call it almost a family film zero, because
I guess under the age of sixteen may be parents, my my kids could see it, but I understand why people might have some restrictions, but the truth is it's really for everybody sure, but the combination of of defiance in the face of oncoming fascism in in support of marginalized communities, be lgbt. Primarily unity. But even then there is the presence of Megan the stallion and her number, and it is not I'm not overlooking that sure, but but I'm on top of that, is that what you get? And I think what you like and probably before you were a more evolved person, just zeal trunk, I am sure we all our by that The closing number is one of the great musical fuck use. Yes, who half the country? Yes, there's a there's, almost an n, a more conventional ending before that moment, and it's seemed to us that it was wrong before the brothers right.
There was a way to ended. There would have been more conventional people would have. Girl is an idea, but that was an interest of interesting to me. I want to push pass that and see how uncomfortable it can make people while still drawing them and at the same time, but I felt that way with with the you know: Nathan's presence in bowen's presence in an even megan only to a certain degree and they're sort of total commitment to this. Yes, you and playing it straight as as musical performer. Yes, that Sadly, it felt like I know kind of, like you fuck you too. What going through, because you know all your on some level- and you know this is just if it becomes popular enough- is going to feed the fire of the the book burners and the abortion deniers and the gay haters. Yes but they'll see the movie and like it. Then they burn the books and no burn the and they'll hate the gaze, but the after the matter. Is I can't control apart, and I get that you know a bit bite but considering it that in turkey, member
we're talking bout of working with an authoritarian What's your possibility of it is that that doesn't matter because the courage of those people that you documented in your series was they may be killed for this. Yes, air or it may not be noticed, or maybe steamroller appropriated by the day in paradigm of of authoritarianism? Yes, yes, but it's the fuck. You is necessary here will in those countries that a country like say Liberia, where there is such a chaos and there's no currency and there's no. The breakdown of the government people make their art the way they can and they reach each other. The way they can. We have what kind of such a media monopoly system here that that in itself is A kind of an authoritarian, big brother sort of thing that we they figure over the years I don't have to like it'll make you the scary scare you they have to seduce you,
so we're all seduced by great tv shows and great movies and we're distracted by those things then indulging in that same capitalist system and there's no way it's going to change. But as long as we do that, but but that's fine. You know if you, but the difference is, is that if you can get the funding right, it makes a little money, then you can work within which is also the problem. We I don't wanna go with that by the way I am, I try to make things like like dangerous comedy or even this move. This moves are very low budget movie, I politically for me ethically. For me, I find it sense of when movies cost two hundred and fifty million dollars and the world is in a state that has said yes, so that's the imo looking to make a statement in the way these things are made. You know, and using an integrated crew, for instance, which is almost a precedent of in my experience behind the scenes, so I'm trying to make those points the combined behind the scenes, also too The movie work on that level to buy
What we learn about capitalism is. Is that how how how easily symbiotic it can become with ashes absolute zero, but but in that, in the grey area there you know the capitalise system in the form of media companies are still willing to take risks. If we can convince them that it's going to make money and if you correct it for no money, they're like well fuck it it's a win, win yeah! That's right! That's the worst! That can happen. Is we pull? It all goes into the toilet yeah. The way I can make a radical work is by saying I should do it for a little money and the way they say yes to it is because they think, oh, that radical little work just cannot get across their money is going to make money absolute that is the system you know I haven't figured. I haven't been there, I've been doing stuff on youtube. I betrayed figure out a way to get out of that. To move out of that, its very, very difficult to you know cause youtube is owned by somebody. You know Instagram is owned by somebody everything you know it's very hard to get your word out, get your thoughts on the outside of that year. You know the the amount of effort it has to take. Even if some
whose fifteen it's it's your whole life to try to get, it's something to surface on the yeah yeah yeah and we as old guys. You know just on an energy level and also on that are being savvy to the language of how most platforms work. we're a little at odds. Yes, we we've allowed. Don't you know that the government has allowed those regulations to fall by the wayside, so these companies can can operate, any supervision whatsoever, and they are an people, think they gotta be discreet or somehow self regulate. But we see that's not the case green he'd overtakes everything I can always that's why the skies on fire exert heavy, and I don't know I don't. I fully understand the blind spot, even on behalf of corporations that are run theoretically by human beings at what point where aids I talked about and when my special that there's this idea that will adapt to idea that you'll have to the case. Yet we fought everything up by Let's get some minds on this and figure out how to make money. We will adapt.
We fill a predicted in whatever the book was where the people living on mars, oh yeah, and they had the perky pats had to take the hallucinatory drugs yeah. That's how we're going to adapt. We we're going to wind up. Just being you know, in a complete tv environment way to learn whether it actually we're almost there. He was saying that we were living. You know that our modern life was a delusion and we're actually living as slaves of the monopoly. That's like a right now that sort of a man turkey thing, but it's also the window, it's between reality, and that is that you know we're just going to make this planet mars. Correct! That's right! That's exactly! What's up! They even have that tv show now stars on mars, oh yeah, so they have that already going back to show us how it's gotta be sure yeah, thank god. We need why wire yourself, I'm going to be gone. I think I always said that, but now it's sort of like I guess, I'm going to sheep the beginning run: let's hang out for awhile, but but going back to you know in the seventies, because I see you because you had the the
If it is being slightly older than me, you were able to fully appreciate this sort of explosion of insane filth and and a certain type of lifestyle in new york and the seventy. Yes, no patriarchy aside, you know What was happening comedic lee was was pretty my Well, yes, I agree. I read burying prior. There were the law, we'll comedians new york plain those clubs I mean I didn't. I wasn't even old enough get into those clubs We see them on local shows and stuff like when you grow up in a long island in brooklyn
right. So you were yeah. You grow up trump village trump village. Just er. Did you see the old man? I saw the old man quite a bit yeah. He would come around make the round yeah. He looks like a satan, yeah he's very strange guy and he would bring Donald along when Donald was like a teenager yeah, and there was Donald he's looked exactly the same. It looks today same vibe, same vibe, same hair, yeah always have a long coat and were they doing there, they weren't they weren't, fixing anything where they do. The lending money to literally yeah they used to the little league field was going to open. So they came to the opening of the little league field or there was a new thing at the building and they would come to do something at that time and again by the sisters. I have a young brother and then I have jumpy. This review is cool guy. Only as a greek, I that's what I mean it's like when you talk that for me, I've talked to so many people who I would disagree with vehemently things. I realise, as you were talking about before there was you manatee there, and I'm only
curious about the amount of one on one. You can see the vulnerable. Absolutely I do now when they can just act anonymous when social media platforms or go to rallies becomes a different or actually vote for the wrong person. Sure so that's bad to show that there is a right person anymore by the way right dry I understand what you're saying, but, but may I think what's more disturbing is, is you know how manage their mind. Yes, how do you our mental eyes, hates with you the evidence. This interest is an interesting phenomenon. I think so, when you when you're growing up? What are you doing? You're you're you're, already a comedy fan early on I was owed. My father was a failed comedian who was at his name, his name or his professional name was psycho the exotic neurotic came out. He came out of world war. Two, like a lot of guys, did buddy package emory, all those guys wanting to be committee. You know a lot of merit that whether John burger book yeah yeah yeah and is also the e learning bruce book. Also the opera golden book talks about
hansen's and all the little budget, but it just talked about that there was an explosion in neighbouring eyes. Do in each other's acts. There were three: there is like a least a dozen guys performing and uniform absolute anyway, just ass. It was a racket at the knife while they use the g. I bill to go to the american economy, a dramatic arts and try to become actor and he failed. A damning failed at the comedy and eventually fell out of it, but he was always at home on all the time. So I was exposed to a lot of records. No, we didn't have records actually, but he knew all the stick and he was constantly doing stick causes to have saying that you do your homework. He would like. We watch public enemy. He asked me like a treaty the oh really yeah. So so what it is the end up in he was here. I drifted through a lot of businesses. He eventually became like a hospital accountant and then eventually towards the end of his life. Had like a medical supply business, a small thing. Did he live long enough to see your success?
but he was kind of competitive with me. Sadly, they always are yeah, and so what is it? How does that manifest itself? he would say I saw you on tv look fat. You know, like that, non competitive. That's a that's! A passive aggressive drag you down to his level. You know you can't succeed. If I, if I made all that I'll, tell you a perfect story about my father and fame, my my success. working as I felt my father came to California, which rarely do here and he said to be right from the time he got he arrived. You said I once had a picture jerry yet, and I said and I don't ask people for favors yeah yeah, that's how I get by in life. I don't ask anybody for anything. I don't owe anybody dunno me he's like. I really want that picture, I'm like I'm, not I'm not going to do it. The week went by he kept our hockey me about it on friday. The last day he was here he's come on. I want to take that picture as I relented and I brought him to work in studio city
and I went up to jerry, he's a very graceful yeah, I say: hey my dad's here, you can take a picture with you he's like yeah sure we went outside to take the picture before we took it So you know a lot of the the three of us right, so we took up here. The three of us that my father to get one which is just me and jerry. So we took well with him and jerry also about a year later on in his house in long island, on the mantel, is the picture of him, a jar. Of course that says it all about who he was and what are your mom? My mom was a saint shoes, sweet lady. She killed in a dark. She was like at the joining her life in florida and she was killed in a car accident and like the nicest put my father, who was kind of a prick near to be ninety one, my mother was cut short and so unfair and and one that I will retired already yeah you're, my father had just retired really play where together they were
not together, they had broken up by my stepmother and my mother died the same week and that kind of broke, my father, I think, to some degree sure, and he started to kind of drift after the air it so it's you know it is the big pay off his knock. No, no, the and also the that's another illusion that we sort labour under is like the peaceful death. Now. It just doesn't work that way. You know you not usually in bed, sir, by your family, it's like you passed out, in their on that mountain that could have been. If you know, alone alone are fundamentally julian assange. Yeah yeah yeah is I always plenty of options to think about. That's right and I think you and I are the kind of people that think a lot about them. I really try not to, but there are moments where like. If you go deep with the You know like I do have moments like going to bed now my visit Am I going about the middle of the night, and I we right now, but but if I
we go deep with the existential terror you you know, It is literally unnatural and that something clicks in that that stops it, and yet that dread is a completely appropriate reaction to all I was, of course, if their dreadful I plan to every year, and I think that filter really works. I mean it's right, that's a reality for us. You know that kind of keeps us grounded in other people that that that sort of programme themselves to to not experience it in in light of their own selfish. Civic world. So not comedians. Now now- and I have some of them like, I think they are the well balanced comedians. I think they're I've learned over the arc of of doing this show and talking to many of them. There are few well balanced comedians, but there's more well balanced people who come out at sketching him right. They know how to work with other.
Right, that's so true, I mean the solo quality of being a stance. Gotta be a fucking lunatic, yeah, a person, rightly aid that love However, I also believe, having worked with a lotta comedians to that, experience being on stage and having the love from the audience is like a chemical law. Jeopardy potions it away, but I'm not unlike you- and I am from what I hear- I'm not unlike Larry that that I would differ. That love you I got a year whatever I'm looking for. I am may be to honour what I was presented with as a child as well, but I don't buy it right and and I'd much rather, you know as soon as they like me create some discomfort correct, and alienate them somehow sure. But there are plenty, a comic suggests: the eat it up. exactly and I think like, like I'm friends, Billy crystal somebody, I remember seeing george burns when I was young. I used to referendums, time breadwinners? When I was like you know, my team there and,
He would take me to the tonight show or things like that. I'd be johnny, carson stuff and I'm george parents before he went on, he will be sitting in a chair like he was ag doc here and they go elysium and george burns up to life one hundred years old he was, he was, he was rocking. You know as a grey there's something about that wave of love. Even if you are rejecting it, it's still permeate connectivity yeah. You know it's being seen yes and and having a an inexperience. It's a public experience and your being you know your yeah a I have a hard time framing. It is love, but something Yolanda, psychological element, but there is a chemical elements which are of course, of course, very openly rush. Something like that is going on me because of how I do it. There's no autopilot soviet union never more connected yeah, then yeah. The stage in that diner yeah? Well, the great regret communities like jazz players, you know, and so you are going to adjust and play and feel and lead.
that shall be different than the next show. Where the last show I am somehow yeah. I agree, I suppose half and half ripe some people really get stuck in there in their acts, but really and it's social. You know I look. I love paul mccartney. I know he's been on the show paul Bob Dylan the editor, but Bob Dylan. You will never see the same song perform the same wage John and we're palmer carney. He could still nail to beat recordings. You know, and that's kind of the two ways to sort of look at that live performing thing: yeah. Well, there's there's, there's big, show business yeah and then there's the little fuckers like hey, yeah and and also while Dylan's fucker yeah and he's in big show business. Yes, but but yeah. I I think that he defies all these rules by the way. I'm sorry, but I I think it's wrong to think you are have to give him credit as being one of the great comedians in so many ways. I completely agree with your most people, don't get his tea so funny
most people, don't really get as europe the ideas of the things he doesn't care. Of course I think that you made about whether it there's a moment that for me we stood of nails him. It's rolling, thunder movie, whatever the hell that was now Rinaldo, clara yeah, but no they won that desk or say he did all right. What is your direction home right? What is it a moment it where he gets off stage after the first performance right, and I think it was reported- goes a Do you feel any goes about what yeah yeah? That's exactly are you know I spent two years with him in writing this making this move and my own in don't look act as a great moment where girls came running up to the limo and I get your autograph and he says I give see if you needed as a lonely driver were here, you know how he has oil, I haven't hips. I had people come up,
to him all the time when we were doing the movie and they go. What was it like, going, electric and and he's like? Oh, what was left for you yeah yeah right and then they don't have an ass when he walks away- or he also has another thing- says: socratic brain fog, my god he will do things like you'll. Ask him a question about me. I actually wound up having a good rapport with him, but I'd see people asking russia and he would just not We, I mean what do break all the dvd Ripper jerry's yeah, does as now yeah, but but nobody, living about dylan. Is that like, if you, if you go back far enough, if you kind of know where he is, and you know who he is he's like. You know this sort of disorder even that guy displaced jewish kid who grew up a you, know, worshipping people, and then he would approach. create them yeah and then kind of near put it through the dylan no kind of evolve. But now you have for me I'm gonna, weird about it in that, like you
it puts out whatever these albums are. The last record I was like do I do. I need a fucking eighty minutes song that mentions don henley, that I got hung up on that. I'm like we gotta bring don henley and I got another henry b y c in the fucking song and then but but but there's a point where it's look man who, if, if anyone wants to die on a bus and so be it yeah I think he's ok with his somebody who has come some terms with this All these questions that were asking he has kind of send it in every song. There's like yours, like this, like nine or ten pivotal dylan songs were you know, he's dancing around the question you elaborately yeah, yeah, absolutely o, always always exploring from different aspects. rough rowdy ways which is the last I'll bet on talking about victor kennedys murder most foul. That's where you mentioned the fuckin head, yeah. I see I love that song guy there was, something that really I'd.
Down heavily aside. Ok for a second, the idea of him sort of recounting I almost like a board like retelling of death John Kennedy. I found very moving. I think he's talking about the conspiracy. He's talking about all the realities surrounding the death and how the country has basically gone downhill since then, and he's written some version of that song a yo every ten years. That's true, and he that's something that really kind of plagues him. I think on some level his way the country has sort of evolved, but that movie, you know, is difficult for most people, yes, that most people don't even know it exists and which is interesting and then they see it again. It provokes in very good ways, also areas also more pressure, and it's like actually kind of prophetic, ironically and inadvertently today, because it really talks about the various again like we're talking Broad george garland? We talked about things in that movie that still exist today. The power the homelessness, all that kind of the deep crew king fascism of the country, a third
world america control I'll buy. You know you're a spots he ended. His genius is like it's it's delivered to him and I think that, like you were, you were given the privileged through either persisted it's time to to do appreciate the fact that, like the jewish guy can interface. That's right exactly. Ultimately, we had that connection. Yes, very simple, really in the way yeah and he gets it yeah. You know a but but there's a couple of went with him, where the other moment done on the grammy's, where channeling, oh yeah, that's one of the most that's when the best comedic moments. were seen in my life, where you know Nicholson is presenting dylan without lighter achievement award and they're they're both dead, we have Nicholson's high rent dylan's, like you know, pausing recycle was, like my dad, always said. You know and then just I'll, buy you a lot of things and then I like the most awkward moment in any. They go to commercial channeling comes vanion says I was just backstage bogged down in jail
nicholson, we're just as we discussing how that they should do more television yeah well, I think the grit, the figure meyer. So much so much about bob is that he does not give a shit no it's great to have these awkward moments. These embarrassing moments he's had more looking humiliations and failures than any popular person he's still you're doing any doing a lot. Yeah he's welding things, because I call me going I called rose and you know it. like you know I was trying to get Dylan on whatever the thousand episode raw and Are we d I and ii and the books were lying himself? One maybe you're right, I'm a letter and I wrote a letter like a fuckin schmuck an empty it's I want. You call Jeff and I and I'd met him before and that's great yeah. So I called rosen up, and I and I do this whole spiel and I'm like look man, you know you. I think you know the show. I bet you before. You know we're doing this. Thousands have the sort of interviewed, alighted president's and whatever yeah, you know it'd just be a real honour. If I could, you know get bob to do thousands of episodes anyway, what were the chance
happily regos zero, even stray river yeah yeah, but you know the thing is bob as a kind of person that he'll go, you don't like it, mcferrin you're right, I am on the shift from a dounia he'll. Do weird stuff shares just kind of structure. brixham in the moment, yeah yeah, so back to the seventy suit. Your dad's doing his stick in what an idea, but you getting the comedy well, what'd. You know I was really it's a comedy. As watching tv, I was the kind of person that used to memorize the comet, writers credits, yet like non laugh in and see. If you re my favorite jokes at the back, a parade magazine de member, then I because my father and get the daily news really at the new york times. So I did not read, but I used to watch the community and it's all a vision, and I was very into it. I loved getting laughs and school Yang, the client kind, and so I didn't know how to break it. Woody Allen really was the person that that kind of gave me an insight into a path
yeah, which was he was from the same neighborhood start writing. Jokes. Were people right I felt that might be a way that I can get in vienna by writing jokes, and when I came out to California, when One was this. This was like seventy seven. Seventy six of doing stand up. No, no, I wasn't doing anything yeah, but I was writing jokes yeah on a yellow pad your handwriting yeah for comedian yeah, and I would go to the comedy, store and I'd stand in front of the comedy store seventy seven year and I would say: hey you want to buy it. If I recognise the comedian Tom Dresen, Joe, steve. Oh yeah, all these obscure comedians. At the reasons back, he yeah he's yeah he's a survivor and but they were I'm, never look at the joke and made by each of the one day when I was the first one: the really bought a joke. For me he saw give ten dollars if it works on stage here- and you know how the communist or as you could watch, and why we have the right- and I saw the thing it allows. I got the ten bucks and I started a person that you can come to four jokes and how I was like t here and
it's one of the comedians was a guy named darrow, I guess a black comedian and he got cast on the show fridays right and he I was back in new york at that time, I kind of quit l a and I came back again and he had recommended me for the show fridays and I went and I got the job and then I may Larry David. There so you didn't do stand up. I did so and appear in there. I was not you really have to be thus version of yourself on stage by me variously. I want you to give it a chance but like where I dont give it a chance. Always your angle, I used to come out like I would do things like. I redress, like a ha seed and wrap it around to fill in you I mean I was like. I went yeah. Whatever I tell you, I did bits, but I wrote good jokes for some regime has ever to right could jokes. I was able to sell those and I so much my stand. Career was, I was working places like your mom fleece, like John on place on vermont these to be these,
secure little clubs, all over the city eyes before my time. That's when I used to go on stage in those kind of places, and I never I felt that I was really doing the best version of one. Who is that who is around at that time that made an impression on you that you were seeing live, that nobody knows, though I was able to see prior at that time. There were a couple. There was a guy named tim heavy who won the committing suicide. There was a number comedians who didn't make me a general and theirs some guys ever really super funny and just couldn't keep the shit together. He s hearing about lady, Annie Schulz back in new york, and people like that is healthy. I believe the eu is unique. Even additives yeah yeah yeah. He worried I can keep it should together. I have used them human incarnation of filthy k. That's true! That's true! I guess it was inaugurated. Call that's true. His son was coming around for a while and what he was doing really does almost Sharif son came to the screaming. I thought that was content,
yeah they're around these kids right exactly but one that was that was an unsuccessful, nip obeyed, sure yeah, you they re glow, exerts, outnumbered that successful ones, but but but that's a fairly priest, an end date, responsible, the thing to realize that that you know you have this talent and you don't have to do this it's killing, Pierre yeah, yeah, so being on stage made me fuckin sec. I couldn't I was with vomit before I went on here, and I thought this is crazy. I don't want a beauty like. I can't do it, but I do much more to myself now so a more comfortable kind of like talking to and since that for yeah. So so you you, you get pulled into fridays and you meet wary and you run into Michael richer. Like a richard yeah, there were some other people The crew about can't remember who they were what happened to them, but I remember watching I desire everyone I gave it s no person than you like. What's this thing, They don't know what you're doing here. We have some great
the bands also? I used to to me that was almost as exciting as anything to hang out with the clash smokey splits with the clash hero or the boomtown rats, a couple of really cool bands on that show and way out what was the first day, interaction with larry first riders meeting he's about ten years old them and so on. Our first writers meeting he stood It's talking and I could tell he was from Brooklyn yeah. I didn't know anything about him here and we immediately just kind of gravitated towards each other in that first writers' meeting yeah and connected yeah, That was that we became friends are really more heed. My comment or to me yeah, because I was a parking. Before. I got that job. That was your yeah. I was a poor cars. A century city places like that, so he kind of help be become a writer he can. It showed me, the discipline and the craft a little bit of how to take my ideas, which were good and focus and make them into a coherence.
it. Should you go, do stand up with them? I watch them. I watch them do stand up. I saw him storm off stage many times you know and spit. I isolate or yeah I spit at the audience. The bells are a lot also. I was at catcher. I was at catch a lot of sweet guy. Oh, he was great yeah yeah, another inadvertent mentor. To me I mean he was just really always very paternal to me. I was lucky Those guys were so nice to me and so generous to me. Let me sort of, watch and observe and absorb for they. There too. Office did their opposite sides of the same coin is we're bells, are sort of eighteen, o connor? Let a roll off him an indian day. You invest is personally where yeah yeah, yeah you're Larry was wrote. You know, there's more generous person, I'm sure yeah. So I always fat generous with the show on an ad again, because. He had used the other person you haven't got on, that's crazy. Well, you know, I made a documentary during covert. I actually shot a documentary with Larry. I did it like a two hour a four hour. Conversely,
here, then I cut him with clips over. There was great hand. They. for reasons. I'm not gonna get it you. Now they pulled it day of the premier so as their remit as was to be an h b, o like in january, the subtle. I had an issue with them. Also we actually have spoken since that also is on him. aye aye, sir he's got. Ok. Ok you with we want to maintain the mystery exactly. I act, that's exactly what happened in which wasn't the way he was he's kind of a kind of through that realm, at a more than he was a one time so you re fridays in turning away you're learning how to construct in india, seeing through the writing about anything that I feel like which has credit. I, if I want to do a science fiction, parity me or a movie patent. Whatever was, I could do it. It was really fast. but when do you, when do you sense, These three larry, you do not know materialise material, a person? When do you sense that you know you? are are come compelled to push buttons. That's a good question.
I you know it's interesting, I think long before I got to the tv show, I was somebody that enjoyed pushing buttons than enjoyed fucking with people that joy using my verbal skills to manipulate. I think I had a sociopath a kind of tendency to take advantage of whatever my skills were so I liked pushing a button I like seeing people upset or throwing people or fucking repeat, I always ensure that even as a kid and in my neighborhood it was a very cut throat, neighbourhood and the inside doing and the abusing was part of the dynamic of growing up and also, I think, when you have sort of a grandiose, narcissistic or steam rolling father, the other. There is only a few instinct war ways to get into that sets the virtues. While everyone thought about that actually You know that their like I. Why do I really thought by resuming the conversation with some guy who quit comedy recent,
that you know when you have that overbearing thing in these guys at her controlling one way or the other, maybe not disciplinarian, but just erratic emotionally and yes needy. but by black here but big rye, relentlessly needed right here, just to keep them at bay, gotta be able there without talking about my father's ego is completely unchecked, yes and since he had no satisfaction of fulfilment of his life it and even its grew in very perverse ways. I so that to do what that white, that skill of of of fucking with people, as you will space yeah and it's it keeps you from being consumed by whatever yeah I'm safe inside my own head, yeah, yeah and here are my defenses. These will protect you as my fuck yourself, and that was an armor to your horse, especially in brooklyn was the survival texture you know, and and so when do you like? When do you start noticing that
immediately. I guess it was private seinfeld, where you want to? U pushy. will help a little bed and in something you know that the collective kind of harnessed you, maybe a little while you know I was never somebody that was only into comedy, I think, like you, I have very eclectic too, so I didn't know what I didn't wasn't thinking about a career, even when I got that when we enter. I was its it looks. I thought I was going to wind up being like a bukowski, like writer writer of short stories, yeah work in the post office. I would have been pretty cool with the actually right. Then I thought well, maybe I'll just be a comedy writer I'll just sell jokes and be freelance. At that time you can still be a freelance, If the person you know yeah, there was a way to do that. As a writer and I flick to coming back yeah, I would write oh yeah right exactly, but I would write articles. I wrote. I wrote a porno for porno humor for sex magazine. I wonder how was going to bring up an owl because the way I saw no relevant inadvertent mentor. Of course you know
and that's why I said at the beginning your patriarchy aside. At the time I saw Goldstein he was working at jr cigars, oh man yo. He was. He was like a fixture at jr cigars and I think it was primarily because he could just smoke golf and it was broke. Pendula wasn't helping him out. I dunno I was but he took it before too but but screw magazine was sort of ever present in this weird way in any kind of a maintained, its underground status. Yes will and for me it was like. It was very transgressive frank. Yet. I am like my friends were very transgress event so to make friends laugh? I We were into sick humor. You know like what We accuse linnea that we thought was historical, dead, baby, jokes or whatever it is almost lenny. You gave the culture yeah right, sorted. It took off through through filth, bag right and with the right is with with Friedman as well,
and and restrict free measure, jerry stall. Jerry was riding for those magazine that we're is honourable friend of yes us by debt, but see like you of that to me that was the heyday of of stuff in in both you know as it evolved the left and the right began to have a problem with it. Yeah- and you know I get it, but but it's amazing. To me, you know that it's it's very hard to. sure, the menace of of a small, or cultural world that those things held for people who were, gravitated tourism, but also, as you know, touch points in the culture worlds to react. walking down the street in brighton beach avenue when I was when I was in elementary school I'd like a little bit like a quarter is something a fifty says and there used to be used bookstores along brianna, and I would I went into one bookstore and liked the cover of catch twenty two and it was a quarter yeah and I bought
The book like in sixth grade and read it, and you know those kind of blew my mind. It's like you can be funny talking about death. You can funny talking about all these forbidden verboten type of things or that for some reason it takes one thing that blew my mind. For me: it was looking at a collection of underground, comics and it'd, be gotham bookstore. Absolutely I add some spain panel and also the markram stuff, and I was like- oh my god, yeah the ark. After being a mad magazine person to Jeremy to the lampoon that was yeah, it was my lenses and zap zap comics, totally that Those were all so these were all, as in the seventies, everything was kind of blowing up like that yeah I wrote the foreword for drew's book either portraits of the underground comic art. I love the. I love choose work, but I was with I would see K like one day: it's fucking around the village. We went into a black buster and there was a bargain been, and he I saw him by the hut me swap road
never heard of roads and it changed his entire fucking appropriate. I only those movies in the theatres yeah used to go into manhattan and you can see putney swell Greece and greece's palace was called the other move year of his or you could see pink, flamingos or okey, horror or italian movies. You know like raw sweeney or goods. I was a godard free sure. You know I mean I want to see things that broke the rules and, I think all that's just kind of I absorbed, and that became my sensibility. Somehow like this movie on on a very real ways, is in homage to waters absolutely you know, when I was in high school, my parents got divorced removed. My mother moved us to florida, yeah. I went to high school, oh yeah, and I met a girl. Finally, and I had a diet. Finally, with a girl, I was like really lonely and I took her on a date to the movies and I took her to see and female trot and she never spoke yeah yeah, but I was
not a john water yeah that has so much of an impact on my life, the ash all waters sensibilities I well how do here, because I used to think to myself back and broken. How do these people get this? These movies bathed? He got his parents to. Actually a finance pink flamingos, we as good, but it is still shocking to me that you can go to a movie, theater and see device. You dont show me. I couldn't believe it. You know, but I I wanted the kind of guy that sort of just like the moon land yeah. That's right! That's right! It was so my lawyer couldn't believe it yeah yeah. I couldn't believe somebody would do that and I could visibly filmed it and I could be sitting in the movie theater watching it, But it's interesting because it's not you know it. You know given your skill set, it's not funny per se rose it's just a just fucking. You know ballsy year in an insane and and completely counterculture Yes, exactly all those things that appeal to be here, but could I add oh
I had a wave of laughter to it. You know, could those there were balls, you now and shocking, and even disgusting lee, to massive laughs that's what I started to tat. I wanted to do things that warrant wanting to make fun I wanted to do the about things are more normally funny right being, but you are enabled to to write like many of the best early seinfeld, and you know you were rewarded for that. Yes, but ultimately in the architect where you stay there like six seasons for for where we, who did you feel tether? Did you feel yesterday? Yes, I did I mean at the beginning I was. I was simply grateful, but remember larry. One day when I was struggling with a story. I never really thought of myself ass, a comedy writer me, so they would. You told me that before you do so so I used to try to find premises that wouldn't normally and but the great thing is I used to have a joke writer. Yes, yes, I wanted to make sure they were funny. I wanted to see if I can make fun of such
wishes. That would normally be funny like death and things like which I brought a lot of that. I had like cycle killers can organise a murderer near horrible things, hatter disciples, but there were funny all right now, so that where you are now and jerry and larry were luckily for me again extremely encouraging they didn't try to steer, mean the direction they wanted me to do. My version of seinfeld, which was great- maybe they would change earlier, but mainly those shows, are fairly intact- the ones that I wrote, but they also knew that you were a specific talent and you are inspired and they knew ultimately that, like we can changes, but also there was a joy for me. There was a good george harrison quality was, which is how I started to feel a little more. the four seasons yeah, because I want to get more. My songs on the albums me Asher and I was never going to be able to do it with Paul mccartney and John lennon being in charge here. You know- and so I had to I left the show, even though it could have stayed forever. I left the
jokes. I needed to do something else I needed to took to exploit. One know the part of myself but by so so how that go, because you ended up doing more tv writing. I did. I did because I was I wasn't really like focused on. I had given up the dream I have. what about being a director a lot on seinfeld? I would stand with lowery during the rehearsals and I would say to him, because the director was a very conventional tv, direct yeah and they call you that you should cut over to this. Guy will get a close up on him, was doing a lot of the area, but I thought as I left side felt, that you'd always being offered a lot of money to be a show, run area to do that kind of work, and I had a family and I thought to myself. You know what I have to give up on the dream of directing here and I gave up on it. A couple of tv shows found. still super unhappy You know what you want. A mega did matt about. I mean it was it was. It was nice, and they were great, but I didn't I was, I was tortured they out louder and I did the tick
and I did a couple other these things over, he did the delaware dilbert. What are you going off duty people going off these days. You know something in the air: it's like the invasion of the body, cetera and he's a brilliant guy and he's a fun guy. I really enjoyed my time working with here and he Call me a lot of interesting things, very your unique original mines, but I think he kind of he kind of slipped into that that trumpet I started to believe zone hype to some degree when he teacher well, for instance, he told me that when he was a engineer at the bell bell, telephone would write everyday fifteen times. Gilbert is gonna, be ahead to tilburg yeah, and so I did Bora. I thought I'm going to try that affirmation and I would write every day for like a year you borrowed is a phenomenon borrow had a phenomenon aboard and it worked I was it well
I you know I gave you the confident. Yes, it manifested my energy, a wager that I did everything I could to make her work, so it it held some insecurity of day. That's right. He also looks at things he. He had a great ability to look at things from another angle, no I I appreciated his unconventional way of thinking about things, and you haven't engineers approach to life. He always was looking for a solution. you know and the solutions. I think is what led him to some of the weird rightwing stuff he's gotten into sure you're. He seizes logical. He sees everything. As it's gotta be logical, we asked what he bade them history, the x factor, even though these into all that he said looking for he. He probably bought into the they're kind of decaying of american civilization, because of entitlement
programs, and that is why I like it. I can try and figure out how a guy with logic would buy into you know something that he's probably sort of of the libertarian bent very much. So I think that that would explain a lot. Actually I'm so so so you do like said so you the first one you do as the dylan movie, the directing or you do dear curve, the first thing I do and again how did I become a directory of two haven't given up on what larry starts doing curb and he says to me you you should do one of these should direct one of these yeah. I said okay and then I was a director for having a lot of a while, but I only did one before the bob Dylan movie. Okay, I did one episode and then I and then I was working with bob Dylan for a year. Writing cubicle in the boxing germ there and I would go home and I say to my my now ex wife, as a you know. I should really directors, but I am too barris here to really ask is until he get anybody to direct directors, but I should really directive said she said:
ask him aside the next year when innocent unabomber really. I really think I should direct air. He was okay and I was it so I was what you know he probably walked away, go that guy's gotta come and that was gonna. Take him for a ride. Yeah yeah! Well, nobody probably wouldn't take. This was again another tunisia. These were both to the movie that's out now and that movie will twenty days shoots year, which is incredible to think about. When movies took a year to shoot sometimes my job I like in terms of how that movie come out and you you frame it that you know it's something you go back to an eventual you'll get. If you can find it and watch it, but I mean how much did bob say I do thou wolf russian, getting. He said I won't tell you, I'm never gonna watch spoke, there was one of the first things said to me: yeah, so I mean he he wants to do all kinds of he was he was he wanted the whole movie with dance like all the all the action,
it's the easiest him he's just riffing he's riffing all the tire he wanted. He was trying accents on me avoid an article. Why? Why why? Knowing knowing that he didn't give a fuck, he didn't give a fuck and even his real voices, those voices yeah. You know what I mean the real him really knows that he's a protean personality which we all are to some degree but he's very conscious of those many mess. Most of us don't want to float that's right yes, he's kind of got used to it here, because you grab something. That's right and it'll be a signal given something that's why I interesting so say. Then you you go back after that. Do both more curbs the answer knocking out. If you move, because I'm I failed. As my first movie I failed. I thought of this could be the beginning of my movie career to start getting offers you to make movies now, and I had nothing you know- and so I went back to curb. Fortunately, curb was great. Great fun. I learned a lot had a good time additional logical.
the episode and also I guess you learned how to handle real improvisation. Yes, with a camera but yeah, it's helpful yeah, I'm working with sausage came naturally to me to some degree. Also, I think, but also with curb I was able to expand in terms of we re able to do? I was executive producer produces the esa, so we did some real the cool shows again exploring you know. Can you make fun of all, across the arab league. Looking at what you would humor can handle, yet what humor can hold whole right? You don't I find again like the lenny bruce inspiration. I find all the very I have a job and he was willing and also you understood how very thoughts- or you know where you are going to end up exemplary for before that the structure became almost a hacker
correct, correct now, a very it's it's so derivative now for years. There's so many things that are like that. Why became derivative of itself, as you can just refill? It yeah borrow borrow. So it's like eastern shore, but it's interesting that something like that. That was so radical because he saw this sort of the kind of your voice. I drove the sensibility seinfeld yes doing its thing in its purest form at us, but then there is no way it. It couldn't become exactly what sign that was this right, which was a successful franchise, yeah repetition, yeah, that's right, we'll all tv series or sequels the eight hour week you going back. It's almost like church sure people want to hear the same prayers and sing the same psalms yeah. You know there's something about that repetition added ivy. Will you have tabled? Yes exactly? I can never when I want. My problems is a stand up, even if I have good mature
I couldn't do the same bit twice and they eventually you get bored of them once they work it's sorta like. Why do I gotta keep doing this yeah? I could never. I could never lock into my act and make it sound spontaneous the next time. The trick is really as if you would have stuck with it is as once you once you get a new five minutes in that, in the middle everything else kind of perks up again, that's how I see I see I didn't learn that lesson time yeah it's like he got the new chunk and then you get the juice from the new chunk and then you can Canada right away. The old yeah, maybe it'll even involve the old stuff or else yeah. If you, if you, that kind of writer yeah alright so but but once you do your boy, which is huge, you're a boar and only happened. I had met such a couple years before area and he's part of the movie were taught philips actually here and they didn't get along phillips laughed and they came from in seven should be interested in doing this. The end I loved, or from the algae show, and I news could be funny.
To me that guy was a gifted fucker. Oh my god. Well we also agreed at the beginning. We want to make the funniest movie ever made like. That was the aspiration you know, and he was at that time ready to go for it. You know he had no inhibitions at all yeah, even though he's a very conventional person, I never had an interview with hey. I did oh okay, yeah he's a very conventional person, a lot of ways, but but intellectually brilliant. and really I made out of its conventional or british right. Well, that's a that's a that's a distinction! That's interesting! Yeah yeah, but I mean he's a family man here, it's like sure he's not bruno he's he's like he's able to really immerse himself yeah. It's an amazing thing. I felt like after you're done, Bora like that was, Oscar worthy performers like a changed, acting the way morland branda did and on them from here. You know you can really he's acting with real people and its credible here. You know I thought that was really kind of one, the miracles of the movie, but he wasn't.
Recognised for that which I thought was kind of one for its also the height of of perfecting improvisation. Yes, exactly because he doesn't, we don't know what the other person could sure executive and then stay in interest, but yet he had in his pocket baby told you this. He had a book of translations that actually had material in it. So if you've a question: if he forgot sire they had, he had his little, he would ask or what what other houses had. I look up the word any clever, so we hope that he was in death it wasn't immersed in a method. Why would he was he was? He was be bm, my own. He knew he was still fate. He was able to maintain that duality sure which wishes, which is tricky in those kind of situations. You're sure the new type of egos that you had to sort of engage with. Really means that you have a fund
mentally codependent person- yes ever further, so that you know that, but that is really deal with bill Meyer for even more than a day, I'm sort of a herculean task. I know I have had to make your work. I work with valid kilmer religious, religious with bill. Sure you did that because you thought it was ideologically up your alley. Yeah I asked the boy: I was done. We talked about doing a sequel to Bora, and I had this idea bore at because a religion and kazakhs there was the worship of the hawk, and I felt Maybe they should find the new religion for kazakhstan and he would go around the world Explore new religions- and we would have some fun with I am he didn't want to do that so bright? I myself, while religion. I am this I thought about all the movies and all the pop culture answers, and I saw that movie and then I was told that bill was also working on. It movie, that was about religion, we met with the first time we met,
even though who had a million mutual friends like you in our programme. and we re synthesizers, two movies into one movie It's ok experience. It was great lot of fun. I had, I guess, we're out of a van full of people that was it and bill. and we just drove around ruin. The envoy he's one of those guys the funny thing about him I think in in in, and I don't really necessarily love what he's become writers controversial, certainly but but but if you can disarm him he's he's he's kind of just a kid yeah exactly I always I always got along with her marriage. I mean he was. I found to be much more open, flexible person that he comes off well.
Hey persona. You have all well he's out in the world and easy heavily written forgot yeah. Oh, he probably needed you dear dear dear. He trusts toward him. He added trust me and we were in place. It is easy to travel. You know it's up to his foreign countries. Are so he's already sort of lilith and nervous yeah yeah, so he would get out of the van. Do the thing get back in the Van gogh beyond? I would take the crew and we because shoot stuff. You know. So I had a great time, five interesting and then light, but an bruno in the dictator were very specific kind of characters to to sort of get it something more specific and bore yeah. Although you are the funny thing Bora, because with such a success, success breeds kinship vehicles breeds camaraderie here. You know success real love the august kind of superficial level. But will you do failure. Everybody goes
funding for the ship and lame yeah, so Bruno was a much more complicated. I think it's like it's like up Paul's boutique comparative law so too ill yeah. How complicated to move you re. There are people that, like it better than I thought well, yeah I dunno about that. Actually, but boutique is definitely got it right. It's it's. It's grown sure. It wasn't really love at first sight, but license deal is a punk rock record. You know born to change. The face of hipaa right will be Bora to be as much where the punk rock movie and bruno is much more of the Paul's boutique, where it's complicated, which we didn't set out to do with the movie became we to have this funny gay character. Yedo do these things but a turn that america was so homophobic. The movie the very dark turn here, and that became much more interesting movies, but not as funny, maybe right. Yet absolutely and the dictator, we just like a very sort of broad. You know attack
This is where really yale long conversation with sasha studying the before yes and that that was his. That was his great before yes, was that care it right, but because I wasn't something he had worked on four year were with bore out here you knew the underwear he was wearing oxy what he had done, pocket yeah. He didn't have that kind of time, with the without dean, the dictator So he wound up it. Well, being joy, ass, detail right as I've been in here a second part that I didn't have time to work on enough and so that second part, the prince in the pauper type a story had to de emphasise to a large degree, rice or the movie had a much more epic quality early and a kind of what wound becoming another verse. of the one man show, which is, I think, really hurt the movie and also changed my sensibility again, because I was a big.
budget movie me our pressure from the studio, and I didn't get the support, and I vow to itself. I would never make a movie like that again and I wouldn't yeah. I would never make a big budget crazy thing like that, but they're the army of one was a scripted things. It was a semi scripted, semi improv, with nick nick emperor. I had improv and how it s for you loved neck nick as well as people that will go to the matter with you. You know right, we had each time together is great. I love em. a member so brand played god, and that movie yeah yeah yeah helping them now. No, no, I haven't, I haven't posted in the clips here. Three I would invite yeah go get freely I liked that he had a fight with that yeah. I thought about it for a second, because I loved the movie and the movie. Nobody any he's great and I do like to fuck with people of course, why why? Why hit a guy when Russell brand could take it? Not now it s, not just that, but I also had a great experience with him by the way, I should say sure
it was a charming great he's one of the great intellectual giants, yep, maybe a sociopath. Maybe you know the issues yeah, but really really, with my interactions with him were just nothing but positive, so Now, because it seems to me I'd after that, film ravine. Then you going back the directive now, but this seems to be the dicks the music seems to be the most realized film. I grew you ve done and in that year the collaboration. You are as high as older, wiser guy were able to. who you clearly wet people do their job yeah yeah, I'm also allow you know, because I worked on the scope of the guys and gave them a lot of notes here and even wrote one of the drafts yet that mabel to idle. I will only take material that I feel, like I put myself into somehow, Well sure. You know I'm involved with the movie from the very very inception of the movie, and so I wanted to reflect the things that I'm thinking about as well, and it was able to
do all those things you out of work on all those levels and with massive talent we basically Luckily you need a vein. I should definitely it became. Finally people realize he's a national treasure. Yeah I mean he's been great for so many years yet so maybe this is the movie that will people for him he's one tony's she's been angels of america. I dont know so I want to be remembered feeding the sewer boys, but I do appreciate the fact that that's baby to be as most famous seek, I like the outtakes or what but yeah I dunno. If that'll be, I mean the songs or songs yeah and in malawi, you're, saying the shit out of the sheet. Did you know that she had a voice? I yeah I mean she the stormy josh an error, and that a gay icon here and the broadway. I really wasn't aware of this as much as broadly.
She is great and she Nathan had worked together before so all that really kind of came really built really built that weirdo character completely completely end, and I This is something I guess I'm about to tell you they wanted to. They didn't like what she was doing at first year, the producers and they came to me and they said we may have to let her go and am I what are crazy, he's she's created? This is early in this shit. That's a weird and short sighted, because I find this happens. Sometimes it's like she's an actress well. You know I'll, listen to what you say and if I agree with any of the adjustments she'll do them. Yes, exactly and that's exactly how he did it would not let them let her go, it would have, it would have closed down the movie and then there would have been the end of the year and the I had faith in her.
he was committed yeah, and I knew she had something on her mind that could work create here and it wound up being like one of the highlights of the movie her formal yeah. It is great, it all worked out great yeah, and I appreciate you coming on matters pleasure to meet you yeah great yeah, thanks man, of course, What kind of gm session was that? What kind of rip party with me unwary right? What engage conversation. I enjoyed that immensely dicks, the music. opens tomorrow expands across the country in the weeks ahead. Please please, people hang out for a minute. Hey people, this episode is sponsored by better help. Listen. I know that working out for me, but a lot of time my brain tries to talk me out of it. I know I should go to the gym, but my brain just gets in the way that can happen with therapy too. I know that it's good to go
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I answered your question this week on the full marin in the latest asked mark anything episode. Thanks for all the questions you and including this one? Can you expand about why the knight of the chevy chase roast with such a bad night? For you personally? Well, I can. I had accepted you the rest. I am not really a roast comic. I don't really know how to do it. I still don't In really know how to do it, then I not not very good at insult comedy. a genera. You know I can be funny, in an insulting way, but I didn't really know the format made me nervous. I d a bunch of jokes. My ex wife metion wrote a couple jokes and was before that the ropes were really a thing, but the bottom line was it. It was a huge deus. There were just It's you mike a hundred people on it. Many of them had nothing to do with roasting. The audience was
huge who is at the hilton, I think in new york city and they were eating and it was just a flat night chevy, didn't really want to engage or be there. Everyone was bombing, and I just had a very our time bombing. That hard in front of that many people and my peers, and it just kind of sent me spiralling into a kind of not a nervous breakdown, buddy, it's it was embarrassing it in it with it was hard to bomb that hard look. They made it look good, but we just felt like a very public humiliation. Granted any bomb is that in a way, but you do get used to it. It just felt like a very, dismissive room. Chevy wasn't fund, there was nothing fund about it and once the joke started crying out, just like any other bomb. It was just a big one and I felt like it made me look bad. I felt like everyone was judging me,
even though everyone else was balmy, except for maybe a couple of people it was humiliating and it made me doubt myself in a very deep way to hear The bonus episodes on the full marin subscribed by going to the link in the episode description or go to deputy, have pod dot com and click on w e, F, plus and before we go a reminder that now is the time to get home security and you can get them security that was named the best of twenty twenty three that simply safe has twenty four seven per action with all the advance features you need. W e f in get a special twenty percent off any simply safe system. When you sign up for fast, protect monitoring this special for his for a limited time, so visit simply save dot com. So I w e f that simply safe dot com swash w e F there's no safe, like simply safe. Here's me play my new guitar
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